Dolittle (2020) Movie Script

There once was a peculiar doctor
known for his extraordinary ability.
He could talk to animals.
Doctor Dolittle's reputation
spread far and wide.
Even the Queen of England called on him.
So grateful for his help
she gifted him a wondrous sanctuary
whose doors were opened to all
His days belonged to the animals,
but his heart belonged to one woman.
Lily the Fearless Explorer.
They traveled the globe
going on great adventures.
Defending creatures
who could not defend themselves.
They made an extraordinary team.
Soon, that team became a family.
With Lily by his side
Dolittle never felt more alive.
Until one day she left on an adventure.
Lily died at sea.
Heartbroken he locked the gates
of the manor
and completely retreated from the world.
As for me, and the animals
whose lives he'd saved,
we were left to wonder,
could anyone save his?
Until one morning, a most unlikely
found its way to Dolittle's
A very special boy.
In a time when people thought of animals
only as possessions, food, or sport,
this boy felt quite differently.
This way, me scattered crew.
- Junior flushes him, you shoot, yeah?
- Right. Good plan, dad.
- Get ready. Shoulder your gun.
- Do I have to, uncle?
Come on, boy.
Take that one. Shoot! Shoot!
Shoot! Shoot!
- I don't know, I can't.
- Shoot! Shoot!
You can't keep missing on purpose.
Oh, look! He hit something this time!
Oh, no. We have to help him.
You don't leave an animal suffering.
Take it.
He's a very odd boy.
Follow Poly.
Home of Doctor John and Lily Dolittle.
We treat all animals--
Follow Poly.
Secret entrance.
Poly, where'd you go?
Good dog. Big, white--
It's no good.
As far as I'm concerned,
I'm the only human here.
Just ignore them.
There's no getting past the Kalahari
it's an ingenious design.
I think you just caught yourself a boy.
Let me see. Wait, I don't wanna see.
Just make it go away!
Deep breaths, Doc.
Dab-Dab's got your back.
Don't be afraid, John. It's just a boy.
This is an opportunity.
This is a nightmare!
Pardon me.
Whatever you're doing up there?
I've come from Buckingham Palace
on urgent business.
Can you tell me if this is the home
of John Dolittle?
Who are you?
You may call me Lady Rose.
And you are..?
Could you... help me down?
This goes against Dolittle's rules.
Why are humans against the rules again?
If you let humans too close
you'll get hurt more
than you would if you didn't let them
at all. Isn't that right, Doc?
That's enough everybody. Back to our
routine! We have a very full day.
John, pull yourself together!
You can't ignore people
just because they're... people.
What if they need help?
Possum, play dead.
This is ridiculous. Chee-Chee,
will you answer the door?
You're the only one with arms.
I think chess was enough pressure
for one day.
Chee-Chee boy.
This is what we trained for.
Be brave and get rid of them.
- And don't forget your mantra.
- I am not a prisoner of fear?
You are not a prisoner of fear.
Have you been here before?
The Queen told me all about it.
It's the most unusual place.
I'm prepared for anything.
Wonderful! A gorilla
answering the door.
Just as the Queen said.
Wait a minute.
I have an injured squirrel.
I should've never let you go.
Oh, look at you!
Aren't you peculiar
posing as a twig?
Move, please!
This is my hiding spot.
Not here.
Are you alright down there?
Yeah. I'm fine. Go on.
- Doctor Dolittle.
- Yeah, right.
You have been summoned to
Buckingham Palace by the Queen herself.
Go on.
You should know.
She's fallen gravely ill.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Go... on.
Go on and be gone!
I don't care about anyone,
anything anywhere anymore.
The birds will show you out.
Great. Everything's tidy.
Lunch will be served in a minute now.
- Smells lovely, Doc.
- Thanks very much.
Hey Doc, save some
for us this time.
Sorry, Doc. Guess
I'm scared of kids, too.
Don't worry about that.
Come on. Let's eat.
For that we'll be offering today
a broccoli soup.
You'll never believe
what we caught in the net.
The Queen has asked for you
by name, sir.
Are you hard of hearing?
I told you I'm closed for business.
What business?
Treating humans.
Intruder alert!
- Don't worry, I'm fine.
- Well, I'm not!
My house is descended into chaos.
- Is it yours?
- I don't own anybody.
Yoshi had an issue
that he came to me with.
He's always cold.
I have an injured squirrel.
I don't know what to do.
How was he injured?
- I shot him.
- Wha-- I can't hear you.
I shot him, but it was an accident.
Of course! An accidental firing upon.
Humans never change.
He's very hurt.
Please help him.
Take that. And this.
I'm too beautiful to die.
He's with us.
Dab-Dab, Jip, light the lamps.
Disinfect the surgery.
You will not tend to a squirrel
while the Queen of England's life
hangs in the balance!
You don't me very well, do you?
Don't drop him.
We have a code red.
Code red. Code red everybody.
The Doctor is back!
Hang on, little buddy.
- Haven't done this in a while.
- Let's
get everything the way Doc likes.
Don't worry, we got you, pal.
Presume to save this squirrel, shall we?
When you wake up,
everything will be fine.
If I die I swear
I will haunt your house.
Sterilise the scalpels,
do not lick any instrument--
Patient's condition is stabilised.
They are understanding human,
he's understanding them.
In their own languages.
Going through the left ventricle.
Dab-Dab, forceps please.
Here you go.
That's a piece of celery.
Forceps, Doctor.
- Sorry. Here you go.
- Still, celery.
- Forceps?
- Carrot.
- Forceps?
- That's a different piece of celery.
- Got it. Forceps.
- No. Still celery.
Never mind. I'll get it myself.
A human talks to the animals?
Chee-Chee, brow.
My brow as well,
when you've got a second.
Right. Sorry.
I'm going to come here
and be Dolittle's apprentice.
Her Majesty has designated this land
in nature preserve.
If she dies...
the deed will be owned by the Treasury,
and this place goes away.
Shut down?
There you are.
Still got it, Doc.
There, Cheech. That's the spot.
Keep an eye on Kevin, should we?
He may be prickly
when the anesthetic wears off.
Okay. Okay. Enough
with the pampering.
You need to go and help the Queen.
There are things I no longer do:
work with humans, or leave the house--
- Or bathe.
- Exercise.
Express emotional vulnerability.
Wake up, John! If the Queen dies,
the Treasury takes the deed.
And we'll lose this house.
You're talking out of your tail
feathers, Poly. The deed was for life.
The last time I checked
I was very much alive.
The Queen's life, John. Not yours.
Look at that.
It just rolls off my back.
I knew I shouldn't've let monkeys
proofread the contract.
Elliot, Elsie, you are fired!
It gets worse.
We'll be thrown out of the gates
right in the middle of hunting season!
- No, no. Breathe, Chee-Chee.
We will be kicked out
if the Queen dies?
- We gonna be hunted.
- Everybody, calm down.
Look at the state of him now!
Fear not. I have an inn
at Regent Park Zoo.
Everyone pack your bags!
You help the Queen or we are leaving!
- You are bluffing!
- Don't make me count.
Don't make me count.
- One.
- Three.
Alright! I'll do it.
Let's get you ready to go, honey.
- I'll go as I am.
- Not looking like that.
- I'll just grab my doctor's bag.
- Get him!
Hold still now.
Get your paws off me!
This isn't gonna hurt a bit.
- Let's clean him up.
- How dare you!
- Hey guys.
- Arthur?
- How long have you been living in
- I don't know. What year is it?
- Dab-Dab got the razor.
- That's still celery.
Nighty night, Doc.
Dolittle used to travel
around the world.
- Ravaging through my private projects?
- How is he?
First things first. The squirrel's name
is Kevin. Expect a full recovery.
And after some violent grooming,
it's been decided.
We will come to you,
to Buckingham Palace after all.
You are going back to whatever burrow
you emerged from.
Try not to shoot anything
on your way home.
Maybe, I should stay here.
I don't do well in crowds.
We'll look after you, Cheech. But we all
going together, just like the old days.
- Don't forget doc's forceps.
- That's a leek, Dab-Dab.
- Sure it is.
- Sticks.
Where are you?
So, would you care to come along?
I know. I had other plans as well.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Prepare my ride.
Today is gonna be a good day.
I'm gonna do nothing,
just prance around,
pick my own thoughts.
He's walking this way, not a great sign.
He's got no beard, he looks motivated.
Plimpton, don't be alarmed.
People only say that when they are
about to be alarming.
Sorry about this.
And sorry about that.
- Alright.
- I'm unavailable.
Unavailable for the man
who changed your life?
- We're going to save the Queen, bro.
- I am not your bro!
- You should be an Eskimo's rug by now.
- Ow, claws! Big claws.
Now now, Gentlemen.
Oh, you've gained weight.
Why are you riding me? There's
like four horses in front of us.
Cheer up, angry bird,
kick back and enjoy the ride.
I am the ride!
Buckingham Palace. We hit the big time.
Full speed no longer required!
Welcome home, milady.
Guards! Guards!
Your Ladyship, Rose.
They are the Queen's own guests.
Treat them accordingly.
You better give me some
wide berth. Make way, boys.
- Don't! Stop!
- Don't stop?
- Alright, decision affirmative.
- Stop!
Can't see! Oh my God!
I blame the hat.
Doctor Mdfly.
Lord Badgley.
I come from the House of Lords.
There is great concern
for Her Majesty's health.
I shall continue to leech,
to circulate the vapors
in the blood stream.
She'll be lucky to last the week.
This is not the first time
Dr. Dolittle's been here.
You got a dying Queen?
Not for long.
Doctor Dolittle is in the...
- Wait. Wait for me.
- A stowaway, milady.
- Who claims to be--
- Doctor Dolittle's apprentice.
It's quite alright, Gareth.
But if he was my apprentice,
he should fetch my bags
and keep his gob shut.
Animals in the Queen's chamber?
I demand their immediate remov--
Lady Rose, my apologies.
Please forgive me. I didn't realise
that you were a part of...
John Dolittle.
- Is that Blein?
- Blair.
- Poofling?
- No.
- It was Muffler?
- No, it's Mdfly!
- With an u-umlaut.
- Yes.
- From the German.
- Of course, from the Germans.
Why is he here?
Her Majesty has personally requested
Doctor Dolittle.
Let's get to work.
Alright, Jip, give her a good sniff.
- You alright, fellow?
- Something smelled wrong.
And that's coming from a guy
who loves the smell of butts.
- You do love butt.
- I detected a whiff of something else.
Floral with ---
I'm perplexed, Doc. I've never
smelt anything like it before.
Jipsy and I have developed doubts.
May we consult?
Of course, I'd be more than happy
to help illumining...
John and I were students
at Edinburgh years ago.
Some thought he had a gift
for observation.
Sorry about that, Mini.
Stay here.
Dab-Dab, clear up the humans.
Boyo, fetch for botanic index,
and the tea tin.
Everyone out! Do you understand
the words coming out of my bill?
What do you smell, Jip?
Elderberries? Amoque?
Aye aye.
What have you found, Dolittle?
Quite possibly,
the answer to everything.
- Exposure--
- But he was like this in school.
"Lean in, lean in...
I'm saying something interesting."
I am interested.
The Queen symptoms are due to the effect
of a rare Sumatran plant
known as the Nightshade flower.
A solar eclipse will occur
on the 17th of this very month.
If she is not received
the antidote by then, she will perish.
Is that a Turner?
Must be. What a fine painting.
I say, Dolittle, what is your plan?
The plan?
I suppose we do need one.
The Queen's only hope is the cure
that's never been tested
from tree that's never been seen
on island that's never been found.
Sounds ridiculous saying it out loud.
But regardless of that...
We have no choice but to embark
on this perilous journey
to obtain the fruit of the Eden Tree.
Eden Tree? Oh my, fantastic!
The Dolittles
with their Eden Tree island.
- Isn't it enough that your wife--
- Shut up, Blair!
Sorry, I meant to say,
lovely to see you again, Blair.
We are off now, ta ta!
Its fruit is said to cure every malady
known to man, grant eternal life,
even restore the hair on your head.
You must let nothing pass her lips
that hasn't been made and served by you.
- Clear?
- Yes, I'll see to it.
That's us to the carriage. Jip, you need
to stay behind and guard the queen.
- Very important.
- Right. Guard-dog mode.
Stand back everyone,
while I secure the perimeter.
Excuse me.
I do so admire how you don't give up.
The Queen is counting on both of you.
Good luck.
Right. Chop chop.
There is a long voyage in front of us.
And the boat isn't gonna sail itself.
Deep breath, Yoshi.
We haven't got all day.
- Seems like she's filled up.
- Maybe we could squeeze in one more.
- Oh, no.
- Plimpton! I mean...
One more stop, good fellow.
I can't hear you
because I am not here.
I believe it's time
to go our separate ways.
- I am going with you.
- Certainly not. Far too treacherous.
- I'm your apprentice.
- You? No. No.
Oh, you have an apprentice. You
don't need an apprentice and an ostrich.
I'll go home.
I didn't want to be embarrassed,
so I pretend you belonged.
I was helpful there, wasn't I?
The animals like me,
I don't take up much space.
I think I belong here.
Don't make me go home. Please.
What is that around your neck? Move.
- I'm worried about the boy, Bethan.
- Give him time. Time is all.
We're hunters, Bethan. Hunters.
It has a certain...
We hunt things, he frees things.
A rabbit, mice--
He carries spiders outside!
Nobody likes spiders, not even spiders.
I don't know
how your sister put up with him.
- Poly? What are you doing here?
- Making sure you don't miss the boat.
Am I talking to an animal?
Just like Dolittle.
Oh, no. I'm speaking human. Better
than any parrot ever has, actually.
Now, let's pack some clothes. Come on.
- But Dolittle said I belong here.
- Little help, Tutu.
Well, I've never heard him say
anything of the sort.
There's something special
about you, Stubbins.
Something I've only seen
in two other humans.
You belong with us, kid.
And you let me worry
about Dolittle, that's my job.
So, are you ready for the adventure
of a lifetime?
- I'm in.
- Of course you are!
Poly, let's move, we got a boat
to catch and we're burning daylight!
Fret not, Ma chri,
we have the perfect plan.
New plan! New plan!
Don't let them get away!
Why are they chasing us?
We're not criminals.
Speak for yourself, we're wanted
in three forests.
And it's not an escape mission
unless you're being chased.
- I have to...
- That tickles!
- Which way, Tutu?
- Down!
Clear the way!
- This way!
- Get off the road, Ma chri.
See you later, suckers.
We've done it!
We've done it! We...
...missed it.
Okay, boss, what's our next move?
We cut our loses, change our identities,
ditch the kid in the river.
- Whoa, whoa. Easy.
- What about that bridge?
Yes! The Bridge!
- That was my next suggestion.
- Let's go!
Come on, Doc. At least
get out of the hammock.
Your sea sickness will wear off.
Try some of this ginger root. You'll get
your sea lights back. You look terrible.
Button it!
Who put me in this hammock?
I am the captain of this ship, mate!
Raise the blasting sails, will you?
That's a big bite.
Everyone, look. Is that the boy?
He's coming to finish the job.
He won't rest till I'm dead.
- He's obsessed.
- John, slow the boat down!
- No. I wanna go faster.
- Sorry kid, John says no.
- We're gonna miss all the good current!
- I hope they make it.
Me too, Dabs.
All right, Bets, moment of truth.
Big hole, twelve o'clock!
Maybe this is a bad idea.
Let's go Stubbins! Let's go!
I've run out of track!
But not courage!
Fly, you big tree!
Vive la rsistance!
Is that thing up to code?
Jump, murderer. You got this!
I can't look.
No, no!
Do it again, do it again!
Yes! Crossed it, kid.
You made it.
Why y'all cheering for the kid
who shot me?
He's alright.
- Poly, can I have a word please?
- Glad you came around and saw things...
What was she thinking?
The boy nearly killed himself.
Oy, this is my ship, right?
And I'm its sovereign.
- And there are consequences--
- To ignoring me.
- Is that what you were going to say?
- No, no! Don't mess my words.
- And stop messing with my routine.
- Look at the state of you.
- You're sick as a dog.
- Actually, I have my medicine.
See? This licorice root is a treat!
Sit down, John!
Don't embarrass me
in front of the crew!
I'm sparing you embarrassment.
You need a trim.
Alright, but quick.
It's important to maintain my status.
This ship is dangerous.
No place for a...
That's a private conversation.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
I know this particular voyage is hard
for you, John. It is for me, too.
I brought to you Lily
just when you needed her.
And now you need
one of your own kind again.
Someone without feathers or fur.
Fine, the boy can stay.
But it'll be on my terms.
- And I mean to keep him quite busy.
You'll do it with a smile on your face.
Crew, it seems you got a new shipmate.
As I just told Poly, we are
a bit short-handed after all, so...
- You won't regret it.
- Welcome aboard.
I hear you can be a big help
by clearing this out.
That, too, if you don't mind.
Oops, those as well. And that.
- I got these.
- Careful with that medical equipment!
Because a parrot's
in charge of my ship. Brilliant!
He's absolutely thrilled to have you.
Hello there, little squid.
You don't understand me, do you?
That would be preposterous.
- Mdfly.
- I wasn't talking to the squid!
I'm dispatching a frigate, the Britania.
To follow Dolittle.
You must not support him
in his foolishness, My Lord.
England has enemies everywhere
for the slightest sign of weakness.
Entrusting beloved Britain
to a child queen?
That is lunacy.
So, while I remain here ensuring
no one
prevents me from taking the throne,
you will be on the Britania,
making certain Dolittle never returns.
Round two, yeah! You got me on the rope,
but you have to jab, Cheech.
Come on. One-two.
Jab. Jab. Pass.
The best form of defense is attack.
I really don't wanna fight you.
We are not fighting, are we?
This is a very practic session.
I think I'm getting this.
I'm actually starting to understand.
Stop worrying, John.
Every step is planned out in my journal.
I'll be back before you even miss me.
Are you alright?
I think I'm beginning to understand
a little bit of what the animals say.
Seems you are, boyo.
What kind of polar bear
works on their tan?
What kind of a bird...
- Wait, are you even a bird?
- Of course I am.
- Can you fly?
- No.
- Can you swim?
- No.
- What can you do?
- I can run.
- I can run. What bird stuff can you do?
- What bear stuff can you do?
You win this round.
Oh, you are saying warship.
Weird, if you'd asked me for pickles.
Who could eat if we're under attack.
Enemy! Starboard aft! Elliot,
you and Elsie, ready the machine.
We gonna need speed,
send out the call!
Secure the lifeboats!
This whole thing is a... death boat!
Stubbins, boy.
I need you now more than ever.
- Just stand still.
- I surrender! We surrender!
Hello, Blair, you chinless wanderer.
He said something about my chin,
didn't he?
It's a magnificent chin, sir.
We're in their sights.
Cannons are taking aim.
Let's turn this ship!
I'm on my way.
It is time for me to
slip into something less comfortable.
I've bought a front row seat
to crazy time!
Once Humphrey's been secured
you put me on to Yoshi's signal.
Me? I can't handle
that type of pressure, Doc.
I'm a cheer-quietly-from-the-sidelines
kinda gorilla.
Don't worry, Cheech.
You'll rise to the occasion.
You're stronger than you know.
And remember,
courage is not the absence of fear.
Wait! You got cut off.
I can't hear you.
- I need the second part!
- No time, Cheech, let's go!
Oh, look, look! They are already
abandoning ship.
This is gonna be cold.
But I'm coming in hot.
Humphrey here.
Let's hook it up.
- Where are we headed?
- South.
Okay. I can do this. I can do this.
- Full steam ahead!
- Go, Humphrey! Go!
Are they pulling away?
- Do it, whale! Do it!
- It's working.
How is this possible?
It appears Dolittle and a polar bear
have harnessed the whale--
It was a rhetorical question!
Just fire!
I dropped the rope!
I failed, I knew I couldn't do it.
- Yoshi!
- Hang on! I'm coming, kid!
- You're doing great.
- Oh, this is gonna murder my back!
Quit complaining,
you oversized flamingo!
Oh, no!
Oh, no! Oh, no!
I let you down, Doc.
Look at me.
I'm fine. We're all fine.
- I froze.
- No, Cheech. It's okay to be scared.
You saved me, did you?
Fair play. Thanks very much.
Well-done everybody.
Feel like you belong now, kid?
I guess I do.
We lost them.
Great work, gang.
Eat our dust, Mdfly!
They've gone away, sir.
Oh, really? I thought
they disappeared into thin air.
I'm afraid not, sir. They've escaped.
Leave the room, Lieutenant!
I can see they've escaped.
But not for long.
It's a miracle, that must mean,
I am the chosen one.
I'm gonna change the wor--
Whale power.
Dolittle had to write a paper about it,
which, of course, nobody took seriously.
This one even theorises
the existence of dragons.
Just preposterous.
Sir, I'm afraid your obsession
with Dolittle--
What obsession?! I'm not obsessed
Dolittle. You are obsessed with
You're the one obsessing
about my obsession with Dol--
I loathe to admit it,
but he's more valuable alive for now.
But, luckily, I think I know
where he's going.
Kevin's log, day seven.
I'm now totally isolated.
The enemy has ingratiated himself
with the captain and crew.
No sign of promised tropical island,
or the magic fruit.
But I will endure.
- Take the wheel, Stubbins.
- Really? - Yeah, yeah.
I have to calculate our route
The bees are buzzing about
Seems you are getting
a rudimentary grasp of their language.
Thirty five degrees fore side.
I've noticed when they fly
in a zig-zag pattern.
They sort of go...
Which means "back off, kid."
But when Dab-Dab goes...
That means "look at this."
- "Look at me."
- Oh, close.
Not bad, though.
When Chee-Chee says...
When Chee-Chee says...
That means... "Where is my blanket?"
Very good.
Is that the map to Eden Tree island?
The Eden Tree
cannot be found on any map.
At core it's an island
is as suggestive as the whole world.
And it is anything but.
That is why we must first go
to Monte Verde.
Birthplace of the only person
to ever chart course to the Tree.
Her name was Lily.
She wrote the route in her journal,
but on her voyage,
she was shipwrecked.
The world lost the greatest explorer
I've ever known.
The journal from that expedition
is all that survived.
Elliot, Elsie, do you mind?
So, anyway, you get the picture.
To have any chance of finding the Tree,
we have to go to Monte Verde
and steal that flippin' journal.
- Steal the journal?
- Did I say that?
Well, what's the worst that can happen?
Don't worry, I know an omen when
I see one. And that was not an omen.
Stealing the journal is not a big deal.
In fact,
Monte Verde itself is not a big deal.
The stop at Monte Verde
was a very big deal.
After all, this island
of bandits and thieves
was once a place Dolittle,
Lily and I called home.
Until the Doctor made an enemy
of the island's notorious ruler,
King Rassouli.
And just our luck,
his most prized possession
was the very journal
we needed to steal.
So, Dolittle needed a disguise.
While I was left watching over
the rest of the crew,
Dolittle and Stubbins
snuck into the palace.
I'm about to die!
Once inside, their path ended
at a heavily bolted door, naturally.
But, Dolittle still had...
questionable contacts on the island.
The opening bid will suffice.
You have my attention.
Don Carpenterino, I am here
on behalf of these humans,
they will pay you handsomely
for your family's lock-picking skills.
You come to me for this
on the day of my daughter's wedding?
Wait a minute, which daughter?
It's not... Sheila? My Sheila?
She's getting married?!
To a scorpion named Dylan.
Sorry, boy scout,
I guess Sheila's into bad boys now.
We were gonna spend
the rest of our lifespans together.
Hold on, James. What's
your human's best offer?
Two now, and two later.
Okay, you have yourself a deal.
See you around, boy scout.
Guys. I'm no boy scout.
Also, what that scorpion got that
I don't got? Besides a massive stinger.
Get over it, James,
you dated for two weeks!
These bars are new.
- Totally messing up my plan.
- I can fit through them.
No, no. It's too dangerous, man.
Can't go in there on your own.
Let me take him in, Doc.
I need something to distract me
from this Sheila reveal.
Are you sure your head's
in the right place, James?
Oh, yeah! I'll get the kid in,
and then fly head first into a brick.
Just kidding, I'm fine.
Alright. James will look after you,
it's fine.
Listen closely, get the journal,
you get out of there.
Go through the room quietly,
look for the tiger's eye.
Go down the hidden staircase, and most
importantly, keep your disguise on.
There's just one little thing
you should know.
Rassouli loves his cats.
But, that's no problem for us,
because we can just fly right over...
Oh, I see the mistake
I made here. You can't fly.
Watch out, kitty-kat on your six.
Oh, God!
Slick move, kid.
We make a pretty good team.
A real couple of bad boys.
Okay, partner, you know where to go.
I'll keep watch on these lions,
that's what a bad boy dragonfly does.
Would Dylan get this close to a lion?
Would he get this close?
How about this close?
Oh, shit!
This is bad... This is... very bad.
Lily... Dolittle.
We got the journal, open up!
Just kidding, he blew it. Bye.
Oh, dear! Stubbins!
Don't let him get to...
- Former resident here.
- Don't move!
Don't touch.
All I wanted was my daughter
to marry wisely,
and instead I got the ring leader
of a circus.
I never understood
what Lily saw in you.
A common complaint the world over
for fathers of beloved daughters,
but in this instance I think we can
all agree it is particularly accurate.
Come here.
- Come here!
- Perhaps, you didn't mean any of that--
It was her journal.
The only thing of hers
my men found in the wreckage.
It belongs here!
All you had to do
was never show your face again.
And even at that you failed.
Now you will pay
for taking Lily away from me!
You knew what would happen
if you returned.
Barry, Barry!
You should go.
It's my past that's caught up with me,
not yours. Yeah?
- You're my friend.
- Go. Don't look back.
You're better off without him, kid.
I'm in compliance.
Yes! Finally, some action down here!
Boy, it was getting boring.
You know, Doc, I hate to tell you,
but you're going down, my friend.
You'll do well to keep
your buck teeth together!
What is that smell? Hey, fellas, I think
Doctor Dolittle did a little doo-doo.
Did Doctor Dolittle do a little doo-doo?
Perhaps, when I'm out of here,
I'll teach you some manners.
And accept your lucky foot as payment.
Oh, this lucky foot?
Don't worry about it, Doc.
'Cause both of my lucky feet
are gonna be tap dancing on your grave
when my guy's done with you.
Taking bets over here. In the right
corner, wearing golden stripes
with a sparkling record of 872 kills,
Barry 'The Butcher' Burnstein.
Doctor Dolittle, remember me,
your old patient?
It's Barry.
Barry, how could I forget you?
Oh, but you did, Doc. We were
just starting to make progress.
And then you ran off with
Rassouli's daughter and abandoned me.
I'm back now. Perhaps we should
just pick up where we left--
Enjoy the feast!
What will happen to Dolittle?
Well, he's a dead man.
He'll think he can talk
his way out of it,
but Barry has gone completely nuts.
But you, you are one of us now.
To Dolittle's death!
Hey! It's you! You made it.
I need you to get a message
to my friends on the boat.
A message? Sure.
When have I ever let you down?
All I hear day after day,
"Oh, Barry,
you're such a disappointment.
Why can't you be more like your
He eats poachers for a living,
you know."
Yes, Mother, I know!
The whole jungle knows!
Oh, my head.
Your migraines are brought on
by severe maternal issues,
and compounded by sibling rivalry.
- Please, make it stop.
- Oh, no, no!
- Lie down.
- Oh, my head.
We could resume your treatment.
The stress is unbearable.
I just want to be a good boy.
Just want to make Mommy proud.
No one I eat will ever be good enough.
There's the release, release it.
I will never be good enough.
Unless I eat you.
Because every mother wants their son
to grow up and eat a doctor.
You're a sick kitty.
Come here, Doc.
I'll make it quick.
I've got another one of these
in an hour.
Give up, Dolittle. You can't outsmart--
What was that?
Wait. Now it's over there.
And now it's over here.
Now it's back over there, got it!
And now it's over here.
Oh, I lost it. I've got to get it--
A cat is still a cat. Easily distracted.
New game, Doc. Get back here.
Come on, Doc!
Okay, James, you can't let this kid
down. You gotta deliver this message.
Oh, no. It's James.
From now on no more
focusing on relationships and...
Poly? Is that you?
Your feathers really filled out nice.
- What happened, James?
- Oh, right! Message. My bad.
The kid's been captured by Rassouli,
Barry is about to have Dolittle for
Looks like we're going ashore after all.
Be a darling, and grab my dynamite,
will you?
We need to split up
if we are going to pull this off.
Chee-Chee, you're coming with me.
Where are we going?
No, no, don't tell me.
Just tell me when we get there.
- Yoshi, create a distraction.
- Hope this is enough.
We are being attacked!
- Come on down, Doc.
- Therapy's the answer!
Oh, no! Worse than I expected.
- I got you, Doc.
- Back off, Barry!
Poly, don't!
An appetizer?
I got you, Poly.
Any final diagnosis, Doc?
Don't you want to be
the best Barry you could be?
I'm about to.
I am not a prisoner of fear!
I am not a prisoner of fear!
- Oh, no, no, no!
It's okay to be scared!
- It's okay to be scared!
- You should be scared!
It's okay to be scared!
Give him a good hiding!
Okay. We're doing this.
We are doing this!
We're not doing this!
Hit him in the low area!
Down there.
- That's gotta hurt.
- Ow, my Barry berries!
That will work.
Cheap shot, ape.
I haven't finished by treatment.
Go to sleep, baby tiger.
Time to put those claws away.
You need this more than I do.
Tell me that I'm enough, Mommy.
I had fifty grand running on that.
Well, I won't pay that.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.
Thanks for sticking with me, Doc.
- I have it. I have this.
- Hold!
And now, I'll have it.
She had such a sure hand.
Exactly what the doctor ordered.
What did they offer you, Mdfly,
to murder the Queen of England?
Quite a few things, actually.
Knighthood. Windward house.
Chair of the Royal College.
In no particular order.
Oh, and the icing on the Madeleine
will be the scientific accolades
that accrue
from the proper study
of the Eden Tree.
All thanks to Lily Dolittle.
Actually, no. That's still Madeleine.
The icing is knowing
that you know I won.
Oh, and Dolittle, I'm so sorry
for that hole in your boat.
What hole?
Abandon ship! Everyone overboard!
Not good.
Hold on!
- Help!
- I'm on it, Doc.
I can't fly... and I can't swim.
I got you, buddy. Plimpton?
I'm not losing you, bro.
- Step away from the light!
- There is
no light! I'm alive! I'm alive.
I'm alive. Thanks to you, Yoshi.
You've always been so kind.
It's difficult to say goodbye.
Please don't say that.
It's alright.
You've done your best.
Your Queen is proud.
Where are you Dolittle?
Hey, big bird, you're doing okay?
No. Nothing about me is okay.
My father was right about me.
- I should've been an omelet.
- I know how you feel.
My dad said he was going
for a pack of seals one night,
and never came back.
I guess we got something in common
after all, Plimpton.
What is this feeling?
I'm all warm and fuzzy inside.
That's friendship, bro.
Not bad.
I'm not crying, you're crying.
Right. Gather around, shall we?
Let's have a look where we are now.
That's the spirit, John.
This is gonna be good.
I'm already getting duckbumps.
- We are finished.
- What?
Is this a pep talk?
'Cause it's a weird one.
I can sniff defeat like a truffle pig.
This can't be the end.
- Yeah. I suppose.
- We can still save the Queen.
- No.
- We can still save your house.
I believe in you.
- We can keep coming.
- You got a point there.
Except the journal's gone.
We have no way to find the Eden Tree.
- And our boat is sunk.
- He makes a strong argument.
On the plus side, you are all cured.
Chee-Chee, you are brave now.
Plimpton and Yoshi are getting along.
- Remember back? Back.
- Sort of.
And Stubbins, you've made friends,
and you can even talk to them.
You don't need me.
I'll stay here and offer medical
to this island of random
and outlaws. The doctor's here,
seeking new patients! Cash only.
Ladies, Gentlemen,
who would like to dance?
I got a bad case of dancing fever,
so, watch out, it's infectious.
Can't help him.
The explorer you told me about,
she would've never given up.
- She was your wife, wasn't she?
- You wanna know the ironic bit?
I don't know what ironic means.
Irony is when you find a woman,
and she makes your life more wonderful
than it ever had the right to be.
And then poof, she's gone,
and it's all your fault.
This journey was my chance
to finish what she started.
Lily insisted I cared for the animals
at home, so I stayed behind.
Rassouli's right.
I should've been with her.
All I have left of her is a ghost I see
when I hold our rings.
So, you see her, too?
Not only did you lose
my daughter's journal,
but your polar bear blew up my village.
We don't know that.
And your gorilla beat up my tiger.
No good.
Let's go.
No, no.
Irony... is me
wanting to kill you
with every fiber of my being,
...loving my daughter more.
I miss her, too.
She would've wanted you to...
to keep going.
Keep going, before
I stop feeling sentimental.
She's saying we don't have a ship.
I have the perfect vessel for you.
A bit of a fixer-upper.
He's got... good boat.
At least it flows.
We'll just have to make
the best of it, won't we?
- Company!
- Who's that?
Hi, I'm Jeff.
If Lily's research was correct
and Mdfly was well on his way
to Eden Tree island,
all we needed to do was track Mdfly.
But how do we do that?
Whales, boyo. Whales.
- I can't believe you're flipping him
- I know, that man has no chin.
We found him. Follow us.
Eden Tree island.
This must be it.
The map points us directly
into the centre of this mountain.
Don't look down. Let's keep
our beaks up, shall we?
Trying to stay positive. But
what the heck are we doing up here?
Going the back way,
my feathered buddy.
What are you complaining about? This is
the widest branch I've ever scurried on.
Don't look down. Look at me.
Whoa. A big cave.
Stay close. Keep quiet.
Kevin's log. Day 12.
Some force beyond my comprehension
compels me to follow this crew of
the squirrel killer,
and their deranged leader.
Perhaps, it's the magic tree
that draws me.
Hide, they're close.
---, Now stay down.
Foxfire rocks.
We must be near it now.
Look, Doc.
It's lighting a path all the way to...
the man who wants us dead.
Stay right there!
Go on then, soldier boy.
Spoil it yourself.
Hello, Blair.
- Get over there!
- Looking for a Tree, is it?
Trees don't often grow in caves. Didn't
you pay attention to botany class?
No! But pay attention to this, Dolittle.
I beat you.
- Filthy animal.
- Let go!
- Where is it?
- Where's what?
- The Eden Tree.
- Truth is...
I haven't got a clue.
Don't be ridiculous, you're John
You get everything you want.
Not today I don't.
You really don't have any idea, do you?
How does ignorance feel?
Very freeing, actually.
One must hug uncertainty,
don't you think?
That's how Lily lived her life.
And brace the unknown and...
the answers will be revealed.
You sad, misguided nut, Dolittle!
Give that to me! Give me that!
I will find this damn Tree on my own!
And by God, history will remember me!
Yes. Something interesting
is going on now.
It rather feels a lot larger
than all of us.
Look out!
Down here, the lot of you! Come on!
Stay down!
He saved me. I have a second chance...
to live a life of kindness
and generosity.
Take him, not me.
I am a good person now.
I think we can make a run
for that ditch. Once it's--
- Yoshi!
- Get this off of me.
- Cheech.
- Help me, Plimpton.
- I'll save you, bro.
- Right, John, think fast.
Take this off of me!
This will likely upset her a bit!
Dolittle! Help!
Is he speaking dragon?
You may be able to speak my language,
but that does not make you
worthy of the fruit.
I know protecting the Tree is your duty,
but you won't be able to continue
much longer
considering the damage you've taken,
and the pain you're in.
You know nothing of my pain.
But I do. I had it as well.
The kind that doesn't come
from a bullet or a blade,
but cuts much deeper.
And now in every moment, in every
movement you feel that pain again.
It's hard to carry on...
...when you've lost the one you love.
Just leave!
- What just happened?
- Ah, broken hearts...
What the heck are you doing here?
Don't worry guys, I got this.
We're both dragons.
Hey, just wondering,
you know, dragon to dragon.
If you wouldn't mind telling me what...
She's really mad, I'll wait
for whoever survives outside.
John, let's just get out of here
while we still can.
No. I think we are here to help her.
We haven't got much time!
I imagine it's a bit tender here.
I'm unarmed.
I pose no threat to you.
Emotional stress over the years
has done damage to your stomach.
Get away from me!
You have severe infection of colon.
And if I don't manually fragment it,
it will go septic.
And you won't be able to protect
anything anymore.
- That sounds like some tummy ache.
- I'll tell you what.
Give us five minutes.
If you don't feel better,
you can fry us all--
Stop talking! Just get on with it.
We have to get you on your side.
We need to perform
an emergency extraction.
- Extraction? What are we pulling out?
- Go get it, Doc.
- We got your back, Doc.
- It's showtime.
Three, two, one. Turn!
Chee-Chee, chuck me the forceps.
- Knew it will come in handy. Told ya!
- Everybody knows what to do to do?
- Just breathe.
- Works for me.
It's okay, just hold on to
my wing, sweetie. Dab-Dab's here.
Oy! You are my apprentice.
You keep her calm.
Did you know that leek
is the national emblem of Wales?
Very useful it is, too.
You might feel... a bit of pressure.
I got her.
Oh, good heavens!
- Oh, no, you didn't.
- Oh my God!
- Just clearing the way.
- Is that hardware?
You've got
the whole Spanish army in here!
Give us a deep breath. Hold it.
- A word of warning...
- What's up, Doc?
When we're removing the blockage...
Yoshi, now.
There may be
an initial release of wind.
- Respect.
- It's all right. Nobody heard that.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
We all do it. We are all animals.
I can taste it!
Okay, I'm back. What did I miss?
Oh my God!
- This is the big one!
- We're in the home stretch now!
- Chee-Chee, get behind me.
- I'm with you, Doc. On your call.
Blood rushing to my head.
Everything turning red.
One last push, madam, if you please.
Thank you.
- We did it!
- Team work makes the dream work.
That was the one. We did good.
To put it simply, more leafy greens,
and less armor in your diet.
I've seen armies of every kind,
but nothing like you.
What unites such a group of creatures?
Well, we may not look it, right?
But somehow...
- ...we just belong together.
- Now let me help you.
Lily would have loved it, John.
We would never have found it
without her.
I just got the chills.
And I'm not even cold.
Thank you for showing me
the way, my love.
--- Raise her up
and restore her, to a longer
continuance amongst us.
O Father of mercies
and Lord of all comfort--
I'm sorry we couldn't save you,
Your Majesty.
It is with great sadness--
Wait a minute, I smell something.
It smells like...
- Hope!
- ...that I have to announce...
- ...that the Queen is no longer--
- Somebody called a doctor?
My mates! Very dramatic
entrance, boys. Well played.
- We've arrived.
- Dolittle!
Clear a path, there isn't
a moment to waste!
I have procured that
what you said does not exist.
Behold, the fruit of the Eden Tree.
I said clear a path.
Seize them!
- Go!
- Seize them!
You were born for this moment.
I'm fine.
Mini, take flight!
Go! Go!
No! No!
Kevin's log. Day unknown.
The killing has ended.
Let there be life!
Lady Rose.
Is that a giraffe in my bedchamber?
Oh, yes. And a polar bear, and a
and a parrot and a duck, and
A humble thanks be to God!
And well done, Doctor Dolittle.
Not quite done, are we?
Interesting, carry on, Sticks.
I'm all ears.
What's that?
Sticks here agreed to stay behind,
keep his 12 eyes on things.
He's was just catching me up.
Like all leaf insects, he speaks
in iterable phrases, and he states,
Lord Badgley did poison the Queen.
What? He did?
Really, Dolittle? This is too much.
You're certain?
Well, this should be the time.
No, I'm sorry,
Sticks is quite adamant.
In his right pocket the vial.
That would be seven.
In his right pocket the vial
of deathly nightshade.
Let's have a look, shall we?
You can't possibly believe
that he's talking to an insect.
Well, I've spoken to ladybugs,
making a wish before they fly away.
Let's have a look.
No one messes with my family!
Take one more step and I'll rip you a--
To the Tower with him.
- Someone's been a bad boy.
- Come on.
I don't know why you all standing there.
Nobody's died. Leave me in peace.
You too.
Not you, Doctor Dolittle.
A moment, if you would please.
Lady Rose, who is this person
and why is he staring at me?
He's Stubbins.
I want to be an animal doctor.
He saved your life.
Thank you.
It's good to have you back, doctor.
- Anything you'd like to say to me?
- You were right, I suppose.
It is nice to get out of the
house every once in a while.
Stubbins, Mini! Enough, we have
far less important places to be.
Our story ends the way it began.
I have a letter for Doctor Dolittle.
Somebody get me down!
There once was a peculiar doctor.
Who found he was
at his best when sharing
his extraordinary ability with others.
- Excellent.
Soon, Doctor Dolittle re-opened his
as Lily would have wanted.
- Three more in the queue, gang.
- Copy that.
Dolittle discovered his place
in the world once again.
After all, it's only by helping others
that we can truly help ourselves.
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