Doll Graveyard (2005) Movie Script

Help !
I catch you.
Help !
You're good?
Help !
Protect me now ... now!
You're good?
Help ... protect me!
I catch you.
Someone help me.
Oh no! ... Dad will be very angry.
-what Were you doing here, Sophia? -Dad...
Not remember what I told you in this room?
You can not play here being alone.
You should not have never been born, stupid and retarded girl.
I will not again, please Dad.
All the time telling me the same ...
and although I promise, you do it again.
Not again !
Maybe you're right.
Someone stupid like you not understand beating.
What will make you understand?
What would be more effective than hit you?
What should I do?
Hide your wrists ... your samurai?
You do not even know what a samurai.
It is not like this?
Well, not someone who would like to have as a friend.
ruffians and slag were only the Japanese people.
While they were not hired by royalty ...
They were just ...
They cut their heads with swords.
Please, Dad ... are my friends.
Special friends.
Those are your friends?
Why you not have real friends?
How a normal girl.
Board your wrists. I have a great idea.
Do it deeper. It's very laborious.
The hard work builds character.
And now ... continua.
You thought it was not serious?
What you might look at your sad big eyes and decide ...
dig the hole that was enough?
What work only teach you not to disobey me?
But they protect me. They're just rubber dolls!
Oh my God !
Ends once!
They're just rubbish!
Please, Dad!
Sophia !
Look at this, Dad.
I bought this.
An age of 1978. A hydro-man in perfect condition.
No antiques 1978. It is not that old.
You kidding me? If this were older ...
etching tests would need to prove its authenticity.
I hope not spend all your money on that. It's an investment.
Also, it's my money and told me I could spend it.
Yes I think so.
-Be careful ! Excuse me, your Honor rotten.
He's a fool! No you say it like that.
Will you scold me?
It is he who is always bugging everyone.
I do not know.
Dale an opportunity.
He's my magazine there? -I do not see her.
I can go out with my friends later?
You know I have an appointment today.
Oh yeah...
I did not remember. Who is happy?
None of your business, you must stay here with Guy.
Come on ! Whether it is big enough to take care of himself.
You do not need a babysitter.
I feel better knowing they are together and also need this place clean.
Clean ?! Please !
Your brother that you clean the yard and the house.
Great ! You treat us like slaves.
I'm glad you learned something in school.
Genial !
Tell me the password. 'It's me, asshole.
-What do you want? -What is that?
I found buried in the yard, is not it great?
For those who like the trash ...
I bet it's valuable.
It's just a silly doll.
You will say "action figures".
No, that sounds very effeminate.
What did you want?
If I tortured dad leaving me with you, you'll have to help me clean.
Sorry, princess bitch. Genius will not give that desire.
-y Cleaned the yard. Well, you will.
But I will tell your secret to Dad.
Or you help me or give it to Dad.
No you number them. -What Stop me?
If you do, I will be forced to tell Dad ...
so much hidden in your closet.
Or maybe you tell the newspaper that you carry on your boyfriend Tom ...
and your list of what you want to do with l.Creo that are illegal for minor issues.
-How dare you ?! I call it my insurance.
You enjoy cleaning.
Hello Dad ... you okay?
Yes I am.
'I think so, at least. -Where did you get that?
I found him at the end of the courtyard of the house.
It's funny ... let me see.
I am sorry.
Sorry dear.
I think not feel very well.
Maybe you should not go to the appointment.
No, I must go.
I socialize again.
It has not been that long.
So ... ready to render it at your feet.
-What Was his name? -do Not interested.
I know.
You look bien.La impress whoever.
'Dinner's in the fridge. -Right.
And do not let any order Guy Pay Per View.
I'm keep at bay. And if you want to find me ...
I am, girls.
You can come.
Do not worry about it.
Sure you stay in your room with your childishness.
Well, see you soon. Bye.
Hello ... here they are.
Friend ... we have champagne.
Hi Terry. Deedee Hi, thanks for having me.
Nothing, come on.
It's great, appointment only girls.
You might have said something to one of the boys.
-I do not believe you. -What Can I do? I am very sociable.
Yea, these have? This is over.
Do not be a man. Let's make a Deal.
You leave us alone, and not say anything when you invite your friends.
Yes, silly. The better you'll play.
Nice to see you again, Olivia.
I finally found the difference between the Eiffel Tower and you.
Tell me fast.
Some types have not yet been to the Eiffel Tower.
Very funny, asshole.
You hit, but do not want to ruin my nails.
It is a work of $ 200.
I'm impressed.
Let's go girls.
-How Are you, Guy? -All right.
You show me your "Action Figures" then?
'I bought one hydro-man. Great, is one that can become water?
I'm surprised you know that.
Girls must be updated as well.
will you not to tell your dad?
No ... quiet.
Thank you.
-It's good. -There is more.
In emborracharemos.
Be careful.
No, and I took it. A little more ... well.
This work cost $ 200.
It could not be more bitch?
Is incredible.
But Terry did not.
Is atractiva.No can not believe that you know is one hydro-man.
And calls "Action Figures". It's a great girl.
Guy, here.
Look at the boy.
You not number anything. Continues as if nothing.
'They can go well. -Shut up fool !
We are invited. We come to the party.
Let us see who police say. 'Do not get in trouble.
Great ... so I accuse you of kidnapping.
You're a jerk!
Guy ... there is nothing that matters to us.
Just have fun with the girls ... not much.
Maybe if there's something big.
We are in the search for a beginner.
Maybe you know what it is if you see the cable and certain magazines.
Leave him alone.
You know how many times I've locked in your locker?
I'm going for a record.
Next week, I'll put your head down the toilet.
-How about? -In The rate the bathroom?
That would explain your scent.
You hear? It is ready.
I hate those who are passed from ready! -Take it easy.
You think you are in school.
You think you're safe here by sitting at home with your dolls?
You think they protect you?
What pensaba.?El hydro-man boy ready.
No !
So you'll be fine and not come down to snoop.
When finished, I will return to zafarte.
You hear? Zafaremos you ... later.
They're morons. I would kick their asses.
Guy ... you hear me?
- We will help you. - What's going on ?
Cheers, girls. -Health.
I should bring two bottles.
We will be fine.
You are the best.
-No thanks. -Safe?
Or you take or smoke? This is a party.
I'm fine.
'Do not want anything else? -No thanks. I'm having Super.
I am glad.
More for me then.
Time is ugly.
We are fine now, but we need some guys to frighten the coconut.
Who was he talking about me?!
Rich !...
We were scared.
I thought you wanted company. 'You can have a beer.
-Yes? -Yes.
I'll be right back.
Hi Terry.
What are they doing here? I thought it was a party just for girls.
I dont have a problem with that. I also like to watch.
Hello Olivia. -Why You wasting your time with that little girl?
No came to fiestar? You know why you play football?
-Because you like it. -Yes of course.
The game is a challenge, a competition.
Sales to the ground ...
and you want to defeat the opponent.
That is the challenge. Do what you want and win.
But once you win it makes no sense to play.
I played already in your field.
I went from one corner to the other.
What is the challenge then?
-Imbcil! -Quiet.
Perhaps I called surrogate later.
Female dog.
You hear me, Guy?
Let your help.
Espera, Guy...Guy...
Hey ... give easy.
Terry, why not do something fun?
What do you mean?
Take Rich and be done with it.
A trio?
It is all exactly as you imagine.
We teach our breasts at the same time ...
and see whom he chooses.
I will not do it.
You will have fun. You must have a more open mind.
I have an open mind.
But you must try to close more legs.
-Where are you going? -A Look for a room.
Arise, Guy. Do not be afraid.
You're not alone.
-Cretino! -Just relax.
-It was just a joke. -Asustarme That?
It's a bad joke. Okay, sorry but he was as expected.
You should accept my apology. -The Accept, Rich.
But mind you, try to clean for the parent of Deedee not punished.
Let me help.
Hey, I'm a little crazy.
Sometimes I commit barbarities. I know I have bad reputation.
But when I'm alone,
I'm a very sensitive person. -sensitive?
As no! -Really.
Just give me a chance.
You're sure about this? Yes, really.
We have not yet ... you know.
But we must hurry. You must leave before Dad arrives.
I was reading Cosmo magazine ...
and there were written as having a good relationship.
You read it in Cosmo? I'll have to enroll.
-I am very anxious. -also Appeared you could say that.
-Wait a second. Well, but do not take too long.
-Close your eyes. -It's okay.
We make a good team.
Yes I think so.
I'm not so bad after all.
You see what a real sensitive guy.
You do not get it?! Moron!
Female dog !
Only one thing is missing.
-how Most needed. -Wait a second.
Here it is.
Get ready for a surprise.
What the hell?...
Who are you?
Oh my God.
Wait ... Somebody help me here!
They are coming to help ... Tom! ...
Tom !...No !
do not leave me! ... Tom!
What are you doing here alone?
-Embriagndome, Do you think? 'It's not fun alone.
Bad boy.
All seem fun, but us.
Better we change that.
What happened to your challenge?
Your challenge, Terry ... where he went?
Forget it, it's just a bitch.
As you were not with her, now you want to do with me.
It was not good for you, but now that Terry left you planted ...
You want me suddenly.
What about the speech you gave me before?
Never mind, just kidding.
You thought I was serious? Then you were joking?
Of course, he is trying to bother you.
'I'm not mocking anyone. 'You can not leave me like this, baby.
Catch that. It's all you can do.
Come on.
Where are everybody?
Deedee? ... Help me, Olivia!
-What Happened to Tom? -Watch out !
-Let's get out of here. -What Happened to Tom?
-What the hell is that? It's a damn ghost.
-And the others? I think Terry and your brother are upstairs.
Rich is in the kitchen.
Jeez ... Rich!
Wake up, Rich! Come on !
Rich !
Cheer up, we must go. -Irnos?
I'm going.
We're coming.
Can you hear me?
You are here, Guy?
Yes I'm here.
Jeez ... Guy! What happened ?
Cretins of Tom and Rich ...
Do not talk anymore.
You did not hear when I called?
No, I should pass out or something.
I feel lightheaded.
You're good? The guys you were hurt?
I'm not well. Thank you.
And what are you doing up here?
I came to say hello. -All right...
And the party?
There was no such party.
Tom and sister romancearon.
Olivia got drunk and just wanted sex.
She is not very demanding.
And Rich ... He's a cretin.
He had already said that.
That's right ... but better your opinion.
Then I thought that would better here with you. -Really?
Yes ... you seem great.
Olivia is not the only one who is drunk here.
I'm not drunk.
I know you're not the most popular of all,
but I dont care.
Every time I meet you ...
I feel you're smart and funny.
I do not know.
Besides, I like the same thing to you.
Science-fiction, superheroes ... That's true?
-What Happened to your hydro-man? Guess.
My samurai disappeared.
I found an old samurai buried in the yard and now is not.
Rich took insurance.
No, I was here when he left.
Everything is fine, Guy. We will protect you.
He will protect you.
What's going on?
I think I went blank again.
You start to panic.
-Not here. It must have been somewhere fall.
It must be somewhere.
What the hell?...
Stay away.
Devils !
No more anything did you? -Do not.
Dad, you must return now, please.
Did you hear that?
It comes from below.
We came to help, Guy.
What happens, Guy?
We came to help.
Guy !
Do not hurt me.
It's me, Terry.
Talk, Guy.
It happened again.
I know, I felt it this time.
I did not recognize.
You were talking different. I thought you were ...
No !
It was moving.
He can not move. It's only spring and wool.
I read things like this.
The same spirit that speaks to you can be controlling the doll.
I know it's weird, but ... 'I do not talk like that.
I believe in those things.
You say you found him in the yard?
That sucks.
Curse !
Got damn !
You spoke?
You're real?
What are you?
Take what you want, but do not dirty anything. Steer clear of juice.
This juice is not harmful.
It was recommended by a well-known doctor.
Everything will be fine, Olivia. That thing was alive!
You saw where he went?
Over there.
Shit !
I said I had heard something.
Come on.
Guy !
Quiet Guy.
Guy !
The samurai ... he will protect you.
No soy Guy.
Who are you then?
Quiet, Sophia. No one will hurt you.
If you hurt me, I send to my friends.
No !
No !
Everything will be fine.
I'm sorry, I could not help it. -I know.
But he stopped when I commanded.
It may not do it again. Especially if the spirit takes hold of him again.
And what do we do then? You must return it where you found it.
And bury him.
-I'm going to die. -It is not like this.
And if that thing had rabies? It can not be, it is not alive.
I was as out of control. 'You will not die.
'I wound it hurts a lot. -Stay calm.
Call 911. They bring an ambulance.
I'll get the first aid kit.
You'll be fine.
Hello, need help ... What direction is this?
We have wounded and dead.
We are being attacked by murderers dolls.
It is not a joke ! hello must hurry ...? ...
Hello? ... Shit !
Deedee !
We were threatened
Leave cowardice.
-What happened to your hand? They do not know what happened here.
Were the dolls?
Rich is dead.
-for God ... -Also what Tom.
Hell, Dee ... Sorry.
I know it's a sweet moment and that we support, but we have no time.
'Sometimes you inopportune. Yes, but I'm right.
-We must go. -She is right.
I forgot my wallet.
Forget it, Olivia.
Olivia !
-What happened? -The doll.
Where is? Where is?
You'll be fine, you saw where he went?
If you mess with one of us, the'll pay.
What do you do?
My name is Sophia.
What do you say? Are you crazy?
He is not crazy.
She's it. -What?
All this is crazy.
Guy ... make them go!
They -Lastimaron my friends. -We did not.
They did this.
But, Guy ...
My name is Sophia.
The boys made fun of me.
They tried to hurt me. Sophia.
Guy mocked, not you.
Guy no existe.
What are you doing?
I'm not sure.
-You Can confront her, Guy. -Do not !
They can not fool me. My friends just want me.
They protect me.
You're okay, Guy?
Guy no longer exists.
How many times I have to tell you that you can not come to this room, Sophia?
I'm sorry Dad. -girl Stupid and retarded.
When you learn?
Not again, please.
I have repeated many times that?
-They are my friends. -Friends?
They are stuffed trash.
I'll teach you to disobey your father.
To the !
Dad !
'Do they leave, Guy. -To the !
Guy !
My name is Sophia.
I know you're there, Guy.
You must stop this. They are killing your father.
He deserves it for hurting me.
Dad ?
No ! Detnganse !
We must bury them where they were.
Looking for some blankets, Deedee.
The backyard.
Do you think this will do?
Give rest to his soul?
I hope so.
You were very brave.