Dollman (1991) Movie Script

Robbery suspect located. Unit PT6 heading
for lower city level...
Get away from me!
Leave me alone!
This is the police.
Stay where you are, and
toss your weapon aside.
- Get away from me!
- This is you final warning.
...stop where you are...
- Drop dead!
- ... is you final warning.
There is no escape.
- Stop or we will ruin you.
- ... Get away from me!
Stop. Stop.
Oh my God, oh my God...
I'm so angry with my life!
We got him trapped down in
the laundromat. But I do not see a thing.
According to the building plan, he's only got
one exit out of here.
All you kids, to the right!
- Do not .. do not scream!
- NO!!
Lady! Quiet!
I'm gonna force my foot, see if he's got
anybody else down there.
Back off!
Or I kill the fat lady!
I mean it!
Try anything!
Get these damn fuckers all over the place!
Please, rat, why don't you pick on
somebody your own size!
Ahh, shut up!
...we got ourselves a big problem down here.
I bespeak further ten million mineral bricks and safe
passage out this universe as we know it.
The son of a bitch is even crazier
than we thought,
if he thinks we're gonna give him
any of these things.
Is exactly what we're
going to do, Captain Skyresh.
I want this situation resolved now.
Give him what he wants and get rid of him.
Elections are next week and I don't need dead
fat ladies on video screens all over the city.
Got it, Mr. Mayor.
Just got a better idea.
Brick Bardo just showed up.
Bardo? I just said I don't want a bloodbath.
I'm ordering you to meet his demands.
Sorry, um... there is a trouble with
the phone here. Gotta go.
Skyresh... Skyresh! Skyr...
Brick, what are you doing here?
Good to see you.
Hell of a mess.
Got in there over thirteen hostages.
The mayor wants to give in.
I'm suspended, remember?
Yeah. But, um...
- you've got any ideas?
- I've got an idea.
Gonna use hot water for my whites...
use a cold wash and more rinser
for the colors.
What are you talking about?
Laundry, Captain.
This is what I'm doing.
Excuse me.
So Bricks can take over?
One... Two...
- Three...
- Hey asshole!
What the fuck you think you're doing?
I'm gonna kill these fat ladies!
Hey, I am talking to you, sh-shitbrain!
...better... get this moron out of here...
...or the fat is going to hit the fan!
That's right.
One of us outta get goin'.
But I already put my money in the machine.
I swear. I am going to do it.
Wow! That's the Ruger Blaster,
the most powerful handgun in the Universe!
That's right, fat boy.
And it's gonna blow a hole
clean through this fat lady.
And then blow a hole out of you.
And that's gonna blow a hole
outta lady behind you.
It's gonna be a lot of guts
floating around in the laundromat.
Do you know what I mean...
...fat boy?
What the hell happened to you?
Two women in cardiac arrest?
Everything is under control.
The suspect is in custody.
And every news station in town
is reporting that one of my officers
endangered a laundromat full of hostages.
Think how that looks!
- Mayor, no one was killed and I thought
that Bardo here...
- I'll do the thinking, Captain!
Where is that son of a bitch now?!
Disappointed you didn't get
to kill anyone tonight, Bardo?
You are through!
You goddamn psycho!!
Take off those sunglasses, it's night!
- I want that bastard suspended!
- He is already under suspension because of
the incident in Fillmore.
Then fire his ass, I want him done!
Thank you for saving my Mom.
Tonight, at 11:68, there was a extreme shootout
in a South Central laundromat.
Unidentified sources at the crime scene claim
that a renegade ex-cop went on a shooting rampage
that has left an unconfirmed 27 bystanders
wounded and another 3.6 dead.
With more on this tragic fast breaking story are
Details are still sketchy at this point, Harry.
However, anonymous official has heard rumor
that 1.4 of the dead are indeed children.
The Mayor's office has released
no actual details at this time.
However, a highly placed authority has implied
the identity of the killer to be known.
The name 'Brick Bardo' was overheard.
Brick Bardo. Isnt he the detective that was involved
in the Fillmore incident earlier this year?
- That's right, Harry -
- Well come back to this late breaking story
...But first: we've got a travel advisory for you from
Tricia LaBelle
There's an old friend...
Wants to see you, Bard.
Rise and shine.
I saw the news tonight.
You're a very violent man, Bardo.
Yes, I know.
It's a violent universe.
I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.
I am seeing the last of you, Spruge.
After our last encounter,
this is all they managed to salvage.
Let's see if I can remember the first time.
The Conklin bank job?
- I blew off your left arm.
- And most of my left foot.
And then there was the Space Extortion.
What did I take?
Two... or three legs?
Among other things.
The last time,
All I remember was your head,
rolling around in the parking lot.
I didn't think there was enough to save.
Modern medicine.
Theyre doing some wonderful things.
It's too bad your lovely family couldn't
benefit as I have.
Then I think, even our best doctors couldn't
have done anything with what was left of them.
What do you want?
I'll tell you what I want, Bardo.
50,000 molecular ions.
And I get them too, you know why?
Because my cruiser is loaded with
a dimensional fusion bomb,
that will blow the atoms of this city
into another universe unless they pay up.
Itll never happen.
Why not?
Somehow you'll fuck it up.
You always fuck it up.
No, Bardo.
You've always screwed up my plans.
But this time you won't have a chance,
because youre gonna be it tiny, tiny little atoms.
Were gonna blow you apart,
piece by piece, Bardo.
It's mine now.
I've heard about this custom-made monster
for years.
Do not worry, Bardo.
I'll take good care of him.
And I'll put it to good use.
Start with his left hand.
How does it feel to be on the other side, Bardo?
I don't know. You tell me.
I'm gonna die.
You can't kill me anymore.
What do you want, asshole?
Youre just gonna walk away?
Warning. Intruder is following you. Closing fast.
Your crap won't take the pressure.
Neither will yours.
I don't give a fuck.
What makes you think I do?
Warning: Energy Band impact.
Warning: you have landed on an alien planet.
Air pressure and atmosphere
compatible to human life.
Warning based on sensor calculations
of planet's structures
Your size relationships are altered: this
planet's life forms are in ratio of 6:1 larger
- Hey, you in the wrong neighborhood?
- [...] bucks!
Don't you be selling that trash
in my neighborhood!
That's it! Ive had it with you sleazy motherfucking
dope dealers selling shit in my neighborhood!
Now fucking move or I fucking kick your ass!
Get the fucking move or I fucking kick your ass!
Do you want me to fucking kill you?
Get out of here!
Dont fucking come back! Move it!
Go, take this shit with you!
Get the fucking out of here!
Go! Beat it! Scumbag!
Every day we are forced to fight for our lives. For the lives of our children. That's why you have joined our
Neighborhood Watch Program.
Today we have a very special guest,
who will explain to us how the police
plan to help us in our fight.
Please welcome Captain Arnold Schuller,
of the Police Commission.
- Thanks for coming.
- Glad to be here.
Mrs. Alejandro is absolutely right.
We are involved in a war.
And if it weren't for you, people,
we would have no chance of winning.
I think you are the ones who
deserve my applause.
Now that you have your soundbite, Captain Schuller, you can go ahead and tell us exactly how you plan to help us.
What do you have in mind? Beefed-up patrols?
Raiding the crack houses? Roadblocks?
Oh that's not as simple as that.
You know, it's a very big city.
And Dalton Avenue is not the only area that needs help.
Look... are the police.
Protect and serve. It's your job.
Protect us!
Of course well protect you, Mrs. Alejandro.
We will always try to protect you.
Together we can win this war.
There's the bitch were teachin not
to mess with our business, huh?
Get off me!!
Get right...
You fuck with our business...
You die.
Let go of me!!!
Kill that bitch!
Kill the whore!
Drop the weapons.
Step away from the girl!
Shhhit!! Giants!
Place full of giants, I hate giants!
- I didnt mean to scare you.
- Scare me?
Who are you?
What am I to worry about,
this is just a bad dream.
I must be in shock...
...or I am hallucinating...
...or... I have a concussion?
You're so small.
We can't stay here, they'll be back.
Those punks?
I don't think so.
They'll bring their whole gang.
We got to get out of here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Stop it. Stop it. Hey! Stop!
Fuckin' Giants!
Look! A head, on the road!
- Where?
- No, no. That's human head, look!
The fuck is that, man?
- Fuck is that?
- Look, my friends...
...let's cut to the chase.
I am obviously a visitor from another world,
who has had a bit of... trouble!
You help me out... I'll help you out.
It fuckin' talks!
We gonna help you do what?
Conquer your world...
...such as it is.
I've... got a bomb you could use.
Some thing that will rip your dimension
a new asshole.
Rip my dimension?
Believe me, nobody will fuck with you.
Ever again!
With a bomb like that we could, like,
blow up the entire East Side.
We could take all the whole fuckin Borough! Huh?
This place could be mine!
Whatever was left behind, yes...
...would be... yours.
Do we have a deal?
Well... what do you want?
Like, um... a new hat or something?
Move the bomb... off the ship.
Kevin, it's your Mom!
What's the secret password?
Kevin, open the door.
Hurry up!
- Hey-hey-hey...
- Bronco Spacestar!! - Oi...
Kevin, no!
Put me down!
Kevin, no. Kevin, no!!
- Shit!
- Woah!!
- Are you alright?
- Never felt better in my life.
Um.. my son thought you were a toy.
Bronco Spacestar is his favorite TV show.
What is it, Mom?
It's... a little man, Kevin.
So, ahh... where did you come from?
How did you get here?
The last thing I remember I was chasing...
...Spruge, into the Energy Bands.
Energy bands?
Mom! He's an alien.
Alien? No.
What planet do you come from? Mars?
- Venus?
- Arturos.
- Arturo? Of course!
Honey, he's not an alien.
He-he is a small man that ggot lost.
- Wow!
- Jesus! - Wow!
I want one of those, Mom.
Give me that gun.
- No way.
- Give me the gun!
I will not have guns in my house!
Alright. Don't pull that thing out again.
When will this nightmare be over?
It's not a nightmare.
Then what the hell is it?
It's the South Bronx.
- How are we doing?
- Eh, the rich get richer, Braxton.
That's the plan.
What the fuck is this?
I don't pay you cholos to
Oh fuck, man...
My fucking pool table!
- It's ruined!
- Who put him on the goddamn pool table? Huh?
You think the bloods just gonna come right out of the goddamn felt?
Hey, it wasn't my fault. It was this pendejos fault!
It was because of Debi!
I thought I told you not to fuck with Debi.
Hey, she was gone fucking with us.
We were just trying to protected ourselves, esse!
She did this to you?
What, do you expect me to believe that?
She had this... this little doll...
A little doll-man.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Well, this guy, this little guy who just jumped
out, man and started shooting everybody!
- He peppered Hector and Wiggs.
- You tell me a midget did this to you?
No, it was no midget, pendejo villa!
- A little guy, like this. About this big.
- Have another fucking drink, Jackson.
- You shut the fuck up, I'm trying to think!
Fuck, look what you made me do?
See, that's what happens when people start
taking things upon themselves!
Anybody else got any bright ideas?!
You got a fucking bright ideas, huh?
What about you, you got a bright idea? HUH?!
I have an idea.
OhhIt's an invasion homeboys.
This better be good head.
There is only one person who can stop you
once I give you the dimensional bomb.
Brick Bardo.
What's a Brick Bardo?
It's an asshole cop from my world.
He followed me here.
Well, how do you know it's him?
There is only one weapon in the universe
that can destroy atomic matter like that.
Hes dangerous to me...
...and to you too.
If I were you, I'd go out and kill him right now.
Oh yeah? Well, if I was you, I'd quit
while I was a head.
Think how it looks?
That guy moves into your territory,
blows away your two men?
I know, I would not like it,
He is not showing you proper respect.
People would think you've lost control.
Well this guy is a cop, huh?
I'm gonna go to Debi's.
I'm gonna show this cop hes
in the wrong fuckin neighborhood.
You stay here and clean up this mess.
And you get a fuckin breath mint or something.
We dont fuck around, esse.
Move this fucking body out of here!
Mister, are you sure you know
what you are doing?
Isn't it past your bedtime, kid?
No power, that's your problem, Mister.
No, kidding.
What size batteries does this thing take?
Look, kid, I'm a little busy right now, so...
...get the hell away from me, huh?
Are all people on your planet assholes like you?
Hey, I know somebody that can help you.
The show is over. Good night.
Get out of my apartment.
Come on, out, out!
Seora, fuera, fuerapermento!
What are you kids, deaf? Go, get out! Now!
Kevin, I want to talk to you.
Goodnight! Goodbye!
Hello, get out!! Get out of my house!
Get away from the ship, it's not a toy.
This is my best friend Gerald.
Hes the brains of the school.
Look! I said, get away from my ship!
Quite aggressive, isn't he?
Kind of a jerk.
Gerald, you too. Good night.
- But...
- But "but" nothing. It's late.
Did I tell you to tell everybody in the neighborhood
that we have a space man living in our house?
Don't you think we have enough problems?
But Mom, what's the fun of having an alien,
if you can't show it off?
Now listen, don't do anything without asking me first!
Get the gun out of my face!
What did I just tell you?
Kevin, how are you doing?
Don't touch him!
Braxton... What do you want?
Just paid a visit, see how you're doing.
Looking good. You want
some money or something?
Don't want your money. I don't want anything from you.
Just get these people out of my house, Braxton!
I'm looking for your friend. The midget.
I told you he's not a midget!
- Would you shut the fuck up!
- Look, I don't know who you're talking about!
Look, don't fuck with me, Debi.
This dollmanhe ahh, he hit my boys.
Braxton! Leave. Us. Alone!
Where is he?
Looks just like it's his!
Oh fuck!
- Thats about the size of it.
- No!
Jesus Christ...
Oh fuck...
A little paint and you'd be just like brand new.
Youre worlds just as violent as ours, isn't it?
But things don't change.
People don't.
I'm gonna lose, aren't I?
Only if you give up, lady.
Mommy! Mommy!
What is it, honey?
Oh, baby...
The bad men are gone...
It's alright. Shhh...
Its a bad dream, honey. Go back to sleep.
Oh, Brax, what's up, man?
What the fuck?
But not like this...
I see you've met Brick.
I had some experience with
his blaster damage.
I can stop the bleeding by fusing
the molecules in a sonic proton wash.
If there is no internal bleeding...' might live!
- Do it!
- Not so fast. You promise to help me.
I want that help now, tonight.
It's too dangerous here and
I'm tired of being small.
I want my ship repaired...
and I want to leave, fast.
Do we have understanding?
Yo, whatever you say.
Just fucking do it!
Hey, youre pretty fucking good!
Hey... promise me a bomb.
First show it to me, or there's no deal.
It's right behind me.
All you do... push the button.
Ten seconds later...
Everything within three parsecs
is sent to another dimension forever.
But that's for later.
After you've done everything I need.
From now on, you work for me.
- You do what I say.
- Work for you?
You're In the wrong fucking
neighborhood, deadhead.
Call hommies together, we're going to war.
- With who?
- With the fucking doll, man, who else?
But we heard he just popped Jackson and the other guy,
he almost killed you.
So the fuck what? We got a dimensional bomb.
We gonna settle this fucker once and for all.
The fuckin demenial bomb.
If you're cold, you can put this on. It's warm.
No, thanks.
So, do you have a family back home?
- Not anymore.
- But you used to?
Mind if I get a little sleep?
Good night.
I had a wife and two kids.
Baby girl...
...a boy about Kevin's age.
Someone who wanted to hurt me,
did it by hurting them.
Kevin's father is dead, too.
He was shot, holding up a liquor store, 8 years ago.
Kevin doesn't even remember him.
He was a gangbanger, Brooklyn Homeboy.
And at the time I thought...
...Homeboy was as cool as you can get.
And then when Kevin was born, he swore he was
done with gangs, done with crime. But... he lied.
I don't know, it's like... this neighborhood gangs are the only way you
can be noticed, its the only way you can be somebody.
And they give you a new name,
and then you are Shorty, or Sleepy, or Psycho...
and gangs give you an identity.
You wouldn't know how hard it is keeping Kevin away...
his friends already belong...
Hes trying but
...I'm gonna lose him if I don't
do something about it.
So why don't you leave?
Where... would I go?
I don't have any money,
I can't even pay the rent.
Dropped out of school to have Kevin.
Besides, this is my home. This is where I grew up,
everything I've ever known is here. I'm not gonna run away.
You've got a lot of guts. lady. But maybe
you're using the wrong approach.
What do you mean?
Fight fire with fire.
I always thought you fought fire with water?
Some fires are too big.
Kevin, leave him alone.
Kev, get your gear, you're late.
Have a good day at school.
Be careful. I love you. Bye.
Oh, hi.
Here is my number at work,
in case you need to call.
I don't think going to work is such a great idea,
if those punks will be looking for you.
Well, if I don't go to work, I don't get paid.
If I don't get paid, I can't pay the rent.
And there is nothing to eat, so...
I'm going to work.
I think you should stay in, though.
The world isn't safe for someone your size.
I'll be home at 7.
- Kevin will be home around 3:30.
- Look, lady, I'm gonna find the rest of these punks...
...and finish this.
No, you're not.
Got to do what I got to do, lady.
Be careful out there, Debi.
So you're trying to tell me that a 13-inch man
saved your ass from Braxton?
Yes. I thought it was like a hallucination
or something that I must... I mean...
I don't know, what I'm gonna do with him.
Ah, a 13-inch man.
Are you sure it wasnt a dream?
I'm serious.
Come over tonight and see him for yourself.
Id love to see a 13-inch man...
You know what I mean...
I dont know where he came from...
...and what to do about
What's so funny, ladies?
Nothing's funny, sir.
Nothing's funny about toxic waste, Mr. Wilmar.
Well, then get back to wooork!
You're way behind!
Sheesh. What's his problem?
Hmm, he asked me out to that Guns 'n' Roses concert.
I told him I dont dig the mutant slime from work.
- You didn't!
- Yeah!
What the fuck are we waiting for?
Were waitin because I said were waitin.
Im gonna cut an example out of this bitch.
Well, it's about time.
Fuck, man.
What's the matter?
- Oh, fuck!
- Yo, I thought that little guy fixed you.
I hope he didn't go home.
Not without his ship.
You know, there does not seem to be
much structural damage.
Maybe if I just adjust this...orhow about
Back away, Gerald.
I think he suffers from a Napoleonic Syndrome.
- What?!
Short man's complex.
So... how long do you think this guy
gonna stay at your place?
I don't know.
I don't know. His spaceship doesn't work,
so he can't really go anywhere.
- Guess he's stuck here.
- You want him to stay though, don't you?
Seora Alejandro?
Ah, seora Rodriguez, Que tal?
- Bien, oiga!..
...I heard about this doll-man.
...that he blew away Braxton's Red Homies
last night, es eso cierto?
Yeah, it's true.
Oiga! E cuando Se next meeting of Neighborhood Watch?
Thursday, 7:30 at the cafeteria.
- I'll be there!
- Really?
- Si!
Vivian, you know we can make a difference.
We can change this neighborhood.
Especially with this doll-man blowing away
all the scumbags for us, eh?
That's not the way
I wanted this to work out.
- Alright girlfriend.
- See ya.
Be by later to see your doll-man.
Braxton! Ah! Leave me alone!
- Or what? Your little friend gonna come out here and beat me up, huh?
Help! Somebody, help!
- Put her in the car!
- We'll gonna stop you, you son of a bitch!
Get away! Alla Ya!!
Knock it off!
- Kevin, where's the doll?
- Braxtons got your mom downstairs.
Kevin, get out of the way!
Keep your eye out for the doll-man, OK? cause he's gonna come looking for her.
Hey, can you spare a smoke, man?
Sit down.
Stop this, Braxton. You're hurt.
The fuck do you care?
Don't even think about it!
Braxton, youre gonna die
if you don't get some help.
- So I die.
- But you can stop this before you go down.
When you gonna get hip to what's going on here? Huh?
Were all gonna go down, Debi,
because that's the way the man wants it.
Can't you see that? Huh?
You think they care about you?
You think they care about Dalton Avenue, huh?
They don't give a shit.
You're on the wrong fucking side.
Sit down.
Don't make me get up.
Fucking SIT DOWN!!
What the fuck are we fucking waiting for?
I mean. fuck this shit!
Fuck, man, the fucker who set-up this, is fucked-up!
The little fucker knows what kind of fuckin shit is fuckin waiting here
so fuck him up!
So let's get the fuck out of this fucking deal
- Does fucking anybody seen anything yet?
- Nothing yet. Come on down here.
Fuck it!
Braxton, man, it's been three hours.
He ain't gonna show.
He must have found out whats waiting for him.
Ahh, fuck him.
I'm cruising, you go looking, huh?
Come on, go on.
OK, Jimmer, the punks a no show, so we're
out of here. The van will meet us down here. Over.
Got it, homie.
And I thought this would gonna be hard.
Hey, Jimmer! Jimmer, man, where the fuck are you?
Get down here! We're ready to roll!
What the fuck is going on there?
Urban fucking renewal.
Big mistake, Debi.
A fucking mistake, Debi!
Im very disappointed with you right now.
You remember Benny?! Huh?!
Whore Debi...
Oh, fuck. I fucking kept you alive!
And you fucking don't respect me!!
Fucking... bitch...
I'll show you how fucking disrespect me.
Nobody disrespects me!!!
Goodbye, Debi.
Why don't you pick up someone your own size,
you fucking puke?
You sac of pus.
You remind me of a guy I knew back home.
I didn't like him either.
Fuck, my gun!
Now let's see how you like it,
tiny motherfucker!
No, let's see this like for you, motherfucker.
- Stand aside, lady. Let me finish this.
- It's finished.
- Come on, it's finished. Don't you see that?
- He's scum.
He doesnt deserve to live.
Because your family isn't alive, is that it?
Come on, let it go.
Just let it go.
- Stand aside.
- Okay...
Don't do it for me!
Okay, lady.
You win.
Wrong. Nobody fuckin wins.
Dimensional fusion bomb.
So Debi, tell me size doesn't count.