Dolly Ki Doli (2015) Movie Script

"Dolly's palanquin."
After we're married.
So let's get married.
It's not as easy as plucking
sugarcane from your field.
How long have we known each other?
It's only been two months.
But I already feel
like I've known you for ages, Dolly.
There's nothing more I want to know.
Your family will never agree to this,
nor will mine.
To hell with our families.
Who cares!
My name's Sonu Sehrawat!
If they don't let us get married..
..I will lay down on the train tracks.
Then they will beg you to come home.
I see.
And what about my father,
who's an army man?
Do I have Fungus all over me?
Anything wrong with me?
I also fought the village court elections.
Okay. I lost.
So what? Most people do.
But I'm the expected to win next time..
And I just sold sugarcane
worth 2 million.
If my father yells at you,
you'll pee in your pants.
Nonsense, yell at me!
Dolly, you're the only
one who takes me lightly.
We deal more in guns than sugarcanes.
Don't be mistaken.
I am from Haryana.
Don't ever say I'll pee
in my pants, again.
Yell at me.
- Oh! Brother in law!
I'm sorry, I hope you
won't mind me calling you that.
No, no. I don't mind.
- Yeah.
How are you?
- Great.
Your jacket's really nice.
- Nice?
- You keep it.
No. - Keep it.
- What are you saying?
Keep it, we're family now. Keep it.
- Thank you.
Will it fit you?
- Yeah.
It will, I am losing weight.
Is papa at home?
- Yes.
- Yes.
He's Sonu Sehrawat, Dolly's friend.
He wants to talk to you.
Hello, uncle.
- Hello.
I need to discuss
something about Dolly.
What is it?
Say it.
I want to marry, Dolly.
What? What?
I want to marry, Dolly.
Why you?
Talking about marriage
bloody civilian.
What's going on?
Papa, if sister's given her consent.. can you behave like this?
No, but still, papa.
Shut up!
Are there no elders in his house?
He's come here to
discuss his own marriage.. an asshole. Out.
Why is he misbehaving?
When he's out in the sun too long..
..his blood pressure rises.
It often happens.
Throw him out.
- Papa can't behave like this.
Sonu's my friend.
- I know, dear, but..
Is she Dolly's mother?
Greetings, mother.
It's fine, mom.
Son, get your parents to meet us.
I'll talk to her father.
Fine, talk to him all you want.
We aren't beggars. We're landlords.
Just last year I made
2 million selling sugarcanes.
I'm also active in politics.
I fought the village court elections also.
If I wanted, I could've eloped
with your daughter.
But I didn't want to hurt her Papa's feeling.
But papa's trying to break my skull.
Thank you for honoring me.
Brother in law, your jacket.
Keep it.
Thank you, brother in law.
Oh, Lord!
I can't handle these chores anymore.
Ask Imarti to do them.
Have patience.
In the next marriage, for you
- What?
What next marriage?
Bring a mistress for me?
Your mind's completely messed up.
I was trying to say 'daughter in law'...
...but you think I'll
bring home a 'mistress' instead.
All you two do is quarrel.
I wonder how Dolly will adjust
herself in this environment.
In your marriage,
your only job will be to sit on the horse.
Just make sure you don't fall.
Leave the rest to your father.
Everything else.
I'll marry only Dolly.
And if I don't
I'll commit suicide.
Then you can keep
my body on that horse.
Stop bluffing, and prove it.
You think I am bluffing.
Fine, I'll prove it today.
- Stay there.
I've had enough of him.
I'm going to end my story
by drinking this pesticide.
Don't curse yourself later..
..that your only son committed suicide.
Drink it.
Son, you've lost your mind.
Don't do it.
Let go, mom.
Are you going to drink that already?
Hear that, mother. I'm going to drink it.
- Let go, son.
Listen to me.
Your father is still capable
of expanding his lineage.
Have you lost your mind?
I have only one son.
If anything happens to him.. will I live with a husband like you?
I'd rather not have a son.
Go on.
Marry anyone you want.
I do want to get married.
But you two will have to
come and fix everything.
Tell him to get ready.
He can't go looking like this.
Take him away.
Carry him in your arms.
I'll keep that.
- No.
I'll just keep it back.
I was saying that monsoon
starts in July.., we should get married before.
- Yes.
Hold on, hold your horses.
Don't be so impatient.
First, Major and I will talk
about the important stuff.
Important stuff?
Of course.
Raju, briefcase.
- Yes.
I saved this sum of money
for my daughter Dolly.
No, Papa. We can't accept this.
This is wrong.
Don't interfere.
By the way, how much is it?
It's not for you.
It's for my daughter
and son in law.
Small gift.
29th is a good date.
You can get these
two married on that day.
29th is wonderful.
- Final.
And another thing,
I'll invite the orchestra too.
- He's got the best DJ.
Why don't you invite
everyone in Haryana?
Aunty, are you happy?
We've given you our daughter,
we've given you everything.
She's ours now.
Right, absolutely right.
Stand together.
Hold on. Hold on.
I'll stand next to Major sir.
Major sir, closer.
- Smile please.
1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3.
Mic testing!
Mic testing.
Hello. Hello.
Brother in law.
- Raju.
Where were you?
- Here.
Jacket's looking amazing.
Come on, brother in law.
It fits.
- Yeah, I got it altered.
Hey red coat.
Come here.
- Come here.
Yes, sir.
Look, these are my in laws.
They come from
a military background. Army.
And see my wife?
She's studied in English medium.
And he's my brother in law, Raju.
When you give me intuction.
- Brother in law.
- Huh!
- Okay, sir.
I got it.
- See.
I going, you watching.
So, when you do it,
do it in English.
Go on now. And fix your hair.
Come, I'll introduce you to my friends.
Dear brother, father, mother and sister.
Today is a happy day.
Our friend, brother Sonu Sehrawat.. marraiging
to our friend, sister Dolly.
So please, clapping.
Clap! Clap! Clap!
So gentlemen, on the occasion..
..of brother Sonu's marriage,
presenting the beautiful lady..
..who's beyond Bollywood's fashion..
..and all you lunatics' passion.
So gentlemen, hold your hearts..
..because coming up
now to enchant your hearts.. Ms. Ragini.
Ragini! Ragini! Ragini! Ragini!
"I'm the last word in fashion."
"I'm the last word in passion."
"I'm the last word in fashion.."
"I'm the last word in passion."
"I am talk of the town,
you know mister."
"I can give the entire country energy."
"Every boy... will grow up here."
"He'll grow up in my passion."
"My feet sways, while my heart dances.."
"..when you come, you raise the heat."
"A little bitter,
a little sweet like neat liquor."
"From single, let's go double seat."
"You and me are total fun."
"Don't look at anyone,
or I'll punish you."
"I am talk of the town,
you know mister."
"I can give the entire country energy."
"Style queen you know what I mean."
"Style queen in the entire nation."
"The moonless night
and my beloved in my tow."
"How am going to
I spend this hot hot night?"
"Hot hot night and you in my arms."
"My nights are going
to be much more fun."
"I am full of 440 current."
"Jolt's back and front."
"I am talk of the town,
you know mister."
"I can give the entire country energy."
"The train's on track,
and the signal's clear."
"The signal's clear at the station."
"Super duper taste and a 26' waist."
"Your weight's like paper."
"You mingle in like sugar in tea."
"And leave really, really quickly."
"You make my plight really bad."
"My fashion's top."
"My passion's hot."
"And hope for the boys."
I am not the kind of daughter in law..
..who gives milk only to her husband.
I'll give it to everyone.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Sonu must be waiting for you.
Go on.
I've brought milk for you.
- Bless you.
Listen, dear.
Give me all your jewelry.
These are bad times.
Now I've the permission to kiss you.
Drink your milk.
- All I get is milk tonight?
Drink it, or you'll regret it.
I'll regret it?
You'll regret it.
What's the big deal.
I've had this stuff all my life.
Come on.
Not tonight, Sonu.
I'm fasting tonight.
Get some sleep,
or the lord will feel offended.
It's 12 o'clock,
technically the day's over.
I observe it for 24 hours, not 12.
This is cheating, Dolly.
Sleep, Sonu. I am tired.
At least give me a kiss.
I said I am fasting.
I had plans of losing mine,
and you're fasting instead.
Alright, at least turn towards me.
Goodnight, Sonu.
Can I at least touch you?
Sonu, goodnight.
Wake up.
Wake up, I can't find Dolly. Get up.
- Let me sleep.
Stand up. Wake up.
Why are you screaming?
- I can't find Dolly.
She must be somewhere around.
She isn't answering.
Wake up now.
First I get him married..
..and now,
He is asking me to find his wife.
My head's spinning.
What happened?
She isn't here.
That bitch has eloped with her lover.
Go take a look inside.
She stole everything.
You've lost your mind.
- I've not.
The bitch even took my chain.
Excuse me.
Didn't SK Singh live here?
SK Singh who?
The Major, who lived with his family.
They left.
I guess they didn't like the place.
But who are you?
A relative?
Must be a friend then?
Then why did you ask me?
Wasting my time.
Get lost.
- You only called me.
Mad man. I was just helping you.
Hey Mr. Helper! Come here.
She screwed us.
That's why we're asking.
Will you let us screw you?
You called me to help you.
Help us.
You shouldn't help anyone these days.
I guess they're sick.
How about drinking that pesticide now?
Get in the car.
- Wait.
I'm going to clobber you.
Where are you going?
I think my wife's been kidnapped.
Do you have a photo?
What's wrong?
Show me her photo?
What are you thinking?
I don't have one.
- What?
You don't have a picture of your wife.
I get it.
Your wife eloped with her lover.
She's never coming back.
And you're filing a report like a fool.
Shut up will you.
Don't try to act smart in that uniform.
Don't ever come back
here to file a complaint.
500 guests in the wedding..
..and no one took a single picture?
You're out of your mind.
We'll be humiliated.
No one's going to marry
your beloved son.
As if the world will never know.
Yes, I don't know anybody else
but they will definitely find out from you.
Just say that daughter in law's
visiting her parents.
Get that?
Later we'll tell everybody she's dead.
That's why he's re-marrying him.
Come in.
Yes, Robin.
Listen, areas close to Delhi.. Meerut, Sonipat,
Ghaziabad, Gurgaon..
..there have been cases of robbery.
In the same style.
Someone called Dolly.
First she marries her victim
and then flees with the stash.
We want this girl at any cost.
I want you to handle this case.
Madam, don't get me involved
in these petty cases.
Unnecessarily I'll have to go from
town to town searching for this girl.
You're too much, Robin.
Alright. Then refer me
a team of capable people.
I want this girl at any cost, okay?
Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind.
Hukum Singh.
You're still a bachelor, right?
- Yes, sir.
Case of the plundering bride.
You lead this case.
Thank you, sir.
Plundering bride?
What are you saying, sir?
You're giving this
girls case to a teenager.
You think he can handle it?
I've worked really long with sir.
I can handle this case alone.
Look, sir.
She looks so innocent.
- Marries the victim.
What's she done?
- and then flees with the valuables.
Madam, I want to handle
the case of the plundering bride.
Bored of sitting in
in the police station?
Now you want to kick
dirt looking for this girl?
Even if the world is a haystack
But dolly's no needle.
I'll find her in 2 months.
"She's like a heavenly angel."
"Makes you dance to her
tunes with her sweet talks."
"She's like a heavenly angel."
"Makes you dance to her
tunes with her sweet talks."
"Enchants everyone with.."
"..her smiles and giggles."
"Like a sweet and sour peppermint pill."
"A bundle of fireworks."
"Gets to you like a bottle of liquor."
"God help me."
"Lord help me."
"That innocent face
makes me an austere."
"Here comes
Dolly's palanquin."
She's stolen with everything.
She's a thief.
A fraud.
Stop whining and tell me
what happened?
15 boys. 15 girls.
And 20 uncles.
Not a problem.
- Send 30 aunties.
And charge properly.
Get me some amazing aunties.
You know, aunties set the mood.
Sir, you'll get the best
aunties for 1000 rupees.
No, I'll pay you only 600.
That's it.
Brother, are aunties
really available for 600?
"Skirting eyes
and the sways and gaits."
"She's ready and out to prey."
"Don't touch, only look."
"She'll laugh and play,
and if you touch she'll fly away."
"She's a strange,
but close to you."
"A companion,
but full of deceit."
"A bundle of fireworks.
Gets to you like a bottle of liquor."
"God help me."
"Lord help me."
"Lord help me."
"That innocent face
makes me an austere."
"She's devotion, but also a sin."
"She's love, but also punishment."
"She gets what she wants."
"She laughs, giggles and.."
"..steals your life with her eyes."
"She's an obsession,
and passion as well."
"She's visible, and lost too."
"A bundle of fireworks.
Gets to you like a bottle of liquor."
"God help me."
"Lord help me."
"That innocent face
makes me an austere."
I am sorry. He is my brother.
"Here comes
Dolly's palanquin."
"Here comes
Dolly's palanquin."
"Dolly's palanquin."
Mom's tasty potato stuffed bread.
They're hot.
- Very hot.
Wow, potato stuffed bread again.
- Yes.
Why don't you make meat some day?
Make them yourself.
Dubeyji, on my next wedding..
..instruct the chef to make
special mutton for my brother.
Yes, of course.
We'll get meat made specially for him.
But his job is to find a groom,
which he isn't doing.
And it's no longer his cup of tea.
Ranjeet Dhillon.
Returned from Australia.
- Next.
Did you see his face?
Looks like bird soup.
- You don't need to..
..drink this soup all your life.
Only till midnight.
I've something to say.
Look, I do all the
research on the party.
I also bring all the proposals.
I'll do everything, but..
..I won't pose as Dolly's brother.
What are you saying?
You've the opportunity.. be the brother of a beautiful girl..
And you refusing?
Why don't you do it?
What's he saying?
What else can you do?
I'll do photography.
Hey, what are you saying?
You'll do photography?
The day anyone recognize Dolly
In the photographs taken by me, I will quit.
Take a retirement!
You're trying to ruin.
- To hell with this gang.
I won't pose as Dolly's brother.
Raju! Raju!
What a stupid boy.
What happened?
Someone died.
- Yes.
- Who?
The brother.
Don't try to convince me, Dolly.
You know you can easily convince me.
But, try to understand me instead.
I'm in love, what to do.
All I'm saying is that
I won't pose as your brother.
Am I asking you for too much?
I know you will never marry me.
You're used to rich grooms.
But marry me, just for the sake of it.
I will pose as your brother
for the rest of my life.
I won't even ask for my share.
You know I am not made for love.
You're the only one
who understands me.
You can't do this to us.
I was saying.
This one.
This one here.
You see, there's a vacancy
only for a brother in our gang.
Don't pick fights.
Everyone's in a bad mood.
I said I am sorry,
- You're such a miser.
They'll all be okay when
I bring them another proposal.
Heartiest congratulations for
the selection buddy!
- You don't know.
He just got a job,
but he had to bribe for it.
That's true.
I found a link through my uncle.
Yet I had to pay 1 million
to get the job.
Don't worry.
The guy in the blue shirt,
he's our next target.
He's Dolly's perfect groom.
Stop shooting blanks.
Things like these need research.
I need a beautiful,
but homely kind of girl.
You know my mom.
I know.
But listen.
As soon as your marriage is fixed..
..first learn all the
tricks of the trade from me.
Start eating almonds,
walnuts and Shilajeet.
Why? What for?
Almonds for a sharp mind.
Walnuts for your heart.
And I don't need to tell you
what Shilajeet's for.
I can look at any guy..
..and tell you whether
he's single or married.
And if he's single,
is he having an affair or not.
And if he isn't,
then how impatient he's for marriage..
..and what kind of girl
he's looking for. Understand?
Matches are made in heaven.
We only abide by them in this world.
Say that again, Dubeyji.
You've been fumbling over
the same dialogue since morning.
Watch now.
Matches are made in heaven.
We only abide by them in this world.
How's that?
Amazing, I see you're preparing.
- Great.
What preparation?
We lost that Major Kulwir
Singh because of you.
There are many proposals out there.
So get one.
Don't just fire blanks in the air.
Name, Manjot Singh Chaddha.
Software Engineer.
Salary, 60,000!
- That's at least means 40.
- Age, 27 years.
Height, 5'7.
Looks average,
but searching for a beautiful girl.
Our girl's really beautiful.
Gorgeous in fact.
Yes of course.
Educated too, but she shouldn't
be career oriented.
Basically, he's looking
for someone his parents would accept..
..obedient, beautiful and virtuous.
So Dolly, you've got to be beautiful,
virtuous and obedient.
But, Dolly, this time the name "Dolly" won't do.
- Why?
There have been enough
articles in the newspapers.
The name's too exposed.
- No, no.
Dolly's lucky for me.
Did we ever get caught
because of my name?
Dear, I've a question.
What's your name?
- Madhuri Chawla.
And you are...
He is..
My brother.
So, he's your brother?
- No. He's my son.
He's younger than me.
Are they twins?
Must be twins?
No, there's a difference. There's a
difference of 5 minutes between the two.
Dear, what's your height?
She's too tall.
Just like you.
- No, she's too tall.
Are girls normally this tall?
- No.
I like your sense of humor.
Very funny. Here.
What are you doing, Manjot?
He's Manjot.
He's always topped his academics.
Very decent, and never had an affair.
My daughter is a graduate.
And she's also done a course in BIT.
That means you sent her
to college for education?
I don't understand one thing.
Why do parents send
their daughters to college?
So that they can learn good values.
Why else?
What values?
Colleges are filled with boys.
And they have affairs.
They start misbehaving.
Daughters should be doing
correspondence course..
..right from the comfort of their home.
No chance of any affairs.
Such humor.
I like your sense of humor.
Very funny.
Can I say something?
- Yes.
You have a nice house.
Don't call it a house.
It's a manor.
And before you insist,
I'll show you my manor.
- Come.
It's a manor.
We've six bedrooms upstairs.
With attached bathroom.
We've more space than required.
- Where are you going, dear?
You two sit here, and chat.
We'll be right back.
- Sit down, son.
Don't you have a nickname?
- No.
Madhuri Chawla.
- Good name.
What's in the name?
You don't have a dashing name..
..but, you look like a hero.
That's true.
Would you like some?
Did you ever have an affair?
- Why?
Do I look like I'm that kind of a girl?
- No.
I mean these things
are quite common nowadays.
So I just asked.
Have you had an affair?
You see, girls do like me.
You know it's very common.
But.. know, whenever I post
a picture of myself on Facebook..
..I get 15-17 likes from girls.
By the way,
love marriage is not a bad thing.
Nothing wrong.
Yes, but it's nothing good either.
These days couples do
everything before marriage.
While in a arranged marriage..
..we get the opportunity
to know each other.
Like, I don't know you,
and you don't know me.
What a wonderful antique
collection you've got.
Listen to me carefully.
She's got wings.
Don't you see how she's been chattering?
We'll lose Manjot after they're married.
You'll be spending the rest
of your life in some old age home.
And I'll go live with Pammi.
let's reject her.
Well, you must be good people.
- Thank you.
But let's make one thing clear.
- What?
Your daughter's taller than our son.
So, aren't you taller
than your husband?
That's because he's
wearing his slippers.
But, mom.
- Shut up you fool.
We'll think about it and call you.
- No.
There's nothing to think about.
I can't twist words.
Mr. Arora's daughter, Pinky she's
just as beautiful as your daughter..
..and she isn't that tall either.
She'll be a perfect match for my son.
And they own a pickle factory also.
But, mom.
- Shut up.
Pickle your son in that factory.
And have it with stuffed bread.
We don't want our daughter
to marry this fool.
Come, dear.
- My son's one in a million.
Aunty, don't be so proud of him.
He's an ass.
He had to bribe to get a job.
Come on.
Don't eat the fritters, they're stale.
You'll get loose motions.
- What nonsense.
Keep your crappy sofas.
And your roof's completely gone.
It'll fall some day on your head.
You could've talked to me once.
Shut up you fool.
Look at your face.
So smitten by this girl.
Go inside.
Fine, it happens sometimes.
We'll find another prey.
There's no dearth of boys
in this country. - Right.
And some day this boy..
What are you doing?
- What are you doing, Dolly?
I am not a kid.
Stop trying to reassure me.
How dare she reject me?
Just because she rejected you,
it doesn't make you a reject.
I'm going to teach
that old hag a lesson..
..she'll never forget.
Give me all the details of that fool.
There's not much about him.
He takes the 9am AC
bus from Shadra to CP.
And takes the same
bus back at 7pm.
Madhuri, I am really
sorry for the other day.
No need to be sorry.
It's okay.
No, mom shouldn't have
spoken to you like that.
It's okay.
Well, how are your parents?
- They're fine.
And how are you?
- Perfect.
Did you find a bride?
Mom's fixed my marriage with
Mr. Arora's daughter Pinky.
Okay, good.
I have a feeling,
Madhuri, she's a good girl.
She must be nice.
Parents only want the best for us.
You're still thinking
positively about my parents.
I respect transparent people.
They didn't like me, I understand.
I felt a bit offended, but it's okay.
Has your marriage been fixed?
- Not yet.
I couldn't find a nice boy like you.
My stop's here. Best of luck.
Come on..
Do you drink coffee?
Who says girls don't drink coffee?
Would you like to go out
for coffee with me?
Don't you have a job?
The country won't shut down
if I don't go to work for one day.
And anyway,
I've got 10 casual leaves left.
Mom doesn't know.
But I am telling you.
You're not on Facebook.
Those who aren't social,
are on social networking sites.
I am very social.
You're an amazing girl.
I mean you're so witty.
I like girls like you.
But mom..
My mom is very dominating.
Even my dad surrenders before her.
If she hadn't refused I would've
married you. For sure.
For that you need to grow up.
You're a kid.
Go home and
sit on your mother's lap.
Madhuri, You're getting me wrong.
If I was wrong about you, then.. would've definitely
said something that day.
You're an adult now.
You can make your own decisions.
What did you tell Arora's daughter?
Speak up.
That Madhuri's perfect for me.
And I'm saying this to you too.
I am no longer a kid.
I am a grown up now.
I told you that girl will
create rifts in this house.
And she did.
What rifts?
My heart knows she's the right girl.
Curse you.
And despite the way you treated her..
..she still respects you.
You're too impatient to get married,
aren't you?
So go ahead.
Marry anyone you want.
I'll wear my new sari and be there.
Are you happy now?
Stupid fool.
I'm going to tell your
father about your escapades.
Wake up, the house is on fire.
It's the fool calling.
Yes! Pick it up.
You'll be rejected.
Anyways you are not a heroine that someone's
going to break their marriage for you.
- Hi.
Actually, there's something
I wanted to tell you. - What?
My marriage with
Mr. Arora's daughter is not happening.
Ohh, too bad.
Yes, it's bad.
But I've already told mom.
I'm going to marry
someone better than her.
And do you know who she is?
You're going to become
Mrs. Chaddha next month.
Please tell uncle and aunty, I mean mom and dad.
We're about to get married.
Don't I deserve a kiss atleast.
Give it.
Give it.
- Manjot.
Madhuri, just one kiss.
If you don't kiss me,
I'll think you don't like me.
I am not a heroine!
The information about Dolly is correct.
I assure you.
She is marrying with Mr. Chaturvedi.
I know him very well.
Let's go.
Congrats, dear.
Hello, uncle.
- Hello.
Yes, a little to the side.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Finally! You're here.
Why did you come so late?
It's your wedding.
I need to drink two pegs first. Right!
What a hot sister in law.
Go have dinner,
or the food will get cold.
I will, and I'm going
to drink as well.
First, let me get a
good look at my hot sister in law.
Move aside.
- Hold on.
Say cheese.
My turn.
Now I'll take a picture.
Sir, use this camera.
No, I'm going to use mine.
She's my sister in law.
No, it's alright.
Sister in law.
Sister in law.
Take mine.
- Come on.
Sister in law, looks tensed.
Wait, I'll take care of that.
Why did he have
to take my photo?
That's the way he is.
He always does that.
I am sorry, please.
- Take good care of sister in law.
- Here.
You're too stubborn.
- That's me.
- No, thank you.
Have it, sister in law.
Don't look at him.
This is a Punjabi wedding.
Won't be considered legal
until the couple drinks.
Should I?
- Drink it. Don't worry.
An alcoholic daughter in law.
See that.
That rascal's offering her a drink
and the wretch's drinking.
What's going to happen to my son?
"Don't pay attention
to anything I do today."
"I'm going to dance
until I break the floor."
"You've said your cusses."
"I've downed my drink."
"You've said your cusses."
"I've downed a drink."
"Take a seat
Don't say a word more."
"Call the police,
but I'm going to dance till I drop."
"You can do what you want,
but I'm going to dance till I drop."
"I'm going to dance till I drop."
"I'm going to dance till I drop."
"Let there be fireworks tonight."
"Oh uncle. Oh aunt."
"I'm going to finish that
bottle in a single breath."
"Hey DJ raise the sound."
"I'm going to sway all around."
"I'm going to dance all night."
"Don't waste this chance."
"Dance while you're still in the mood."
"Shed all your inhibitions."
"And leave your decency behind."
"You've said your abuses."
"I've downed a drink."
"Take a seat...
Don't say a word more."
"Call the police,
but I'm going to dance till I drop."
"You can do what you want,
but I'm going to dance till I drop."
"I am drunk to the core."
"My brain's stopped working."
"Someone hold me
I might fall down."
"When the drummer beats his drum."
"I forsake all my shame."
"How do I explain it to anyone?"
"I try hard day and night."
"Talk only about us."
"I can't live without you anymore."
"I even want to dance with you."
"You've said your cusses."
"I've downed a drink."
"Take a seat.
Don't say a word more."
"Call the police."
"You can do what you want."
"Call the police,
but I'm going to dance till I drop."
"You can do what you want,
but I'm going to dance till I drop."
"Call the police,
but I'm going to dance till I drop."
"You can do what you want,
but I'm going to dance till I drop."
"I'm going to dance till I drop."
Excuse me, sir.
Dolly means..
You call this a tip?
- I am sorry..
I had a question.
If you..
Go ahead?
- Thank you.
Sir, this girl, Dolly?
Did she pull a fast one
over someone close to you?
This isn't my question?
Just a doubt.
And the rest..
..was ASI Hukum Singh
he was saying this.
To madam.
Look, another toaster.
Is there a discount on toaster?
See who's at the door.
- Yes.
We'll pass it on to Mr. Gupta
next month at his marriage.
That will be right.
Who are you?
And you are?
I am Dolly's uncle.
Sonu Sehrawat.
But her name is "Madhuri".
Her pet name's Dolly.
When she was a kid
we used to call her Dolly.
And, I promised her..
..that, I'll definitely
attend her wedding.
But I am a bit late, Dolly.
Sorry, dear.
But you don't look that old.
Actually, it's my complexion
that makes me look young.
Who is he?
Her relative.
What relative?
What's wrong, Dolly?
Are you angry?
You always greet your uncle.
Won't you give me a hug today?
Give uncle a hug. Come on.
What are you doing here?
I'm here to take you back.
Shall we talk in private
or in front of everyone?
Who is he?
He's one of dad's distant cousins.
How's this possible?
He's Sehrawat and you're Chawla.
His wife's surname is Sehrawat.
So he said I'll keep
my wife's surname instead.
Dolly, give me a glass of milk.
You know I can't sleep without
a glass of milk at night.
So where's my room?
Where can I get some rest?
The first room on right.
- I see.
Thank you.
Okay, goodnight.
What drug have you
mixed in it this time?
Dolly, why did you do this to me?
I fought with everyone for you.
And you plundered me.
All wives' are like that, Sonu.
Those who stay with you forever.
And those who flee the next day.
By the way ones that flee,
let you off easy.
What now?
Your game's up.
I have a suggestion, Dolly.
You can run away,
like you always do.
But this time
you run away with me.
Come on.
I'll set an alarm for 4 o'clock.
Everyone will be sleeping.
And if they aren't,
Then I know you'll put them off to sleep.
Just you and me.
I'll treat you like a queen.
Let's do one thing.
You can make things
right by being a good wife.
Come on.
I love you.
Be here by 4am.
Now go or he'll get suspicious.
Thank you, Dolly.
And listen.
Don't let that Chaddha touch you.
Don't drink the milk.
The girl's already inviting
her relatives from day one.
This is not a guest house!
Here comes, madam.
Madam, I guess you're sober now.
Do you know
how much you embarrassed us?
These things aren't
allowed in our family.
What was she saying
"I'm going to dance till I drop."
Yes, mom.
Yes, mom.
Can you please keep my
jewellery safe along with yours.
These are bad times.
- Of course.
Milk for you.
- Oh my..
Listen, dear.
If you like, then classical is fine.
But not these absurd one's, alright.
Dad, milk for you.
Yes, dear.
Bless you.
- Goodnight, dear.
Finally, you found the time for me?
What can I do?
Uncle was being emotional.
What about my emotions?
..I'm going to need this tonight.
Not tonight.
I got menses today.
Did you have to get it today?
Is it a courier service?
that it will call before coming..
But, what now?
At least leave her lingerie behind.
What good is it to you?
- How dare she reject me?
I feel like stripping
off the clothes she's wearing.
Let it be.
We've cleaned her out now.
Forgive her.
Hey, rascal!
Drive properly.
You're spilling my liquor.
Dubeyji, why are you
speaking in Punjabi?
At least now get out of the character.
Look, truck is going!
What's the time?
Madhuri, get me a cup of tea.
I said wake up.
Wake up!
- What's wrong?
Manjot, wake up.
Wake up.
Dimwit is sleeping in the shower.
Manjot, wake up.
Wake up.
- Madhuri.
It's your mother.
Wake up.
We are robbed!
Usually in the night, you get up
at least four times to pee.
But last night you kept sleeping.
She took everything.
She took my saris. Not just that,
she even took my lingerie.
It wont even fit her!
Why didn't she take this?
Your broken watch!
Why did she leave this?
Mom, I've cracked it. I've understood everything.
- What?
She must have eloped
with her so called uncle.
He must be her lover.
What are you saying?
Eloped with her uncle.
What are you doing?
So, your complexion doesn't
show your age, right?
I'm going to beat you
black and blue.
I don't know where Dolly is.
He won't admit so easily.
He won't say a word
until the police gets here.
Call the police.
Fine, call the police.
- We don't need your permission.
Make the call.
Make yourself useful.
At least do something.
- Yes.
Listen to me.
Shut up.
Hello, Lajpat Nagar Police Station.
He's the thief, not you.
Don't be a wimp, speak louder.
Hello, Lajpat Nagar Police Station!
How long have you been
working for Dolly's Gang?
I am not a member of any gang.
I am a sugarcane farmer.
I just sold sugarcane worth 2 million.
And I've even contested
the village court elections.
Don't take me lightly.
Disrespect your father.
But be respectful
when you talk to me.
Sir, the boy's right.
He's a sugarcane farmer.
I am not her brother.
She's my wife, we got married.
Sir, we've all his details.
He lives in Sonipat.
Name's Sonu Sehrawat.
They are sugarcane farmers.
Father's name Ramesh Sehrawat.
He's not involved.
- So, how was your wedding night.
Rascal, don't make me angry
I'll call you later.
Why? You couldn't satisfy
my sister in law?
Don't you get it?
She stole everything.
Didn't even let me touch her.
It was an entire gang.
She's a thieving bride.
- Don't call me again.
I'm already messed up.
We're getting breaking
news from Delhi's Lajpat Nagar..
..and this will blow your mind away.
Yes, Thieving Bride.
Last night,
she got married in a grand manner.
... ransacked the entire family
before dawn, and disappeared
..with everything.
She traps in her web of love.
She swears to be
by your side, forever.
And then tarnishes all relations.
Don't be fooled by her innocent face.
There's a dangerous
thief hiding behind her.
Pretends to be Juhi or Vidya.
Sometimes Madhuri or Dolly.
This thieving bride can
approach you with any name.
We'll be right back after this short break.
Stay tuned.
If we would have all done our jobs
correctly at Manjot's wedding..
..then, this would've never happened.
It's all over.
Our business is finished.
We're ruined.
You're not ruined,
I am the one ruined.
You can start all over again
with some new face. What about me?
My face is flashing on TV,
not yours.
What's this now? Think about
how we'll get out of this situation.
There's nothing we can do.
It's all over.
You don't worry.
I am there.
We'll go and get married.
Shut up! Are you crazy?
Is that all you can think of?
The police are on their way here.
They already caught the truck driver.
Hurry up.
Imran's waiting at the
station with the tickets.
Come on.
Come, come.
This way!
Sir, Dolly's gang's most
senior and experienced member.
Now she's in our custody.
Have you made all arrangements in Udaipur?
- Yes.
Yes, I have a home there.
- That's good.
What will we do in Udaipur?
- Nothing.
We'll lay low for some time. Okay?
And as soon as things get normal..
..we'll do what we've been doing.
What else can we do?
If only we had some money?
We can get at least 1 Lakh
by selling these bangles given by raju.
No you won't.
- Why?
They are fake.
Loverboy's been giving fake gifts.
The bangles might be fake,
but his love's real.
Oh no, grandma!
Tell me, where are your hideouts?
We've given you our daughter,
we've given you everything.
Dumb, useless!
Don't ruin your future.
I'm an expert at interrogation,
everyone cracks in front of me.
So where are your hideouts?
We've given you our daughter,
we've given you everything.
You know..
Pastry. Have it.
You haven't given everything!
Yes, you gave daughter
but to whom all?
We've given you our daughter,
we've given you everything
Shut up!
Get lost!
We've given you our daughter,
we've given you everything.
Now, if I don't get her daughter
and take everything.
I wont call myself Robin Singh.
What for?
You're right.
Astrologically we were perfect,
35 out 36 points matched!
Yours too?
- Of course.
Otherwise why would I
revolt against mom for her?
Tell me something.
Did she let you touch
her on your wedding night?
Why would I tell you that?
No, I just..
- What?
Did she say she got menses?
Did she let you touch her?
She let you do everything?
What happened then?
What else?
We made plans for our honeymoon.
Decided on the number of
kids we're going to have.
The bitch left me hanging in the middle.
Don't abuse her.
- I said don't.
Fine, I won't.
Don't get furious.
I don't want to hurt you.
Can I ask you one last thing?
Go ahead.
But not about her?
What relation do we share?
I'll just be back from
the washroom.
Get me another drink.
- What's up?
- All good.
Pack 10 fritters and
half a kilo of sweets.
How's work going?
All okay.
Don't forget to pack
the red sauce as well.
His Highness is willing
to get his son married..
..without any dowry.
The ideal marriage.
He's brought the entire royal palace.
Prince Aditya.
His Highness' only son.
And he's just returned
from abroad 3 months ago.
That's great. Then he certainly
doesn't recognize Dolly.
Don't run on the first day.
- Okay.
First review everything.
And the day you get the key..
..disappear into thin air.
- Yes.
Don't forget about us once
you become a queen, Dolly.
Mom, the only thing Dolly
forgets are her grooms.
I wish I was your real father.
So how does the Prince look?
Greetings, Prince.
Prince, Meet my son Jagdish.
My wife, Ambika.
And this is my daughter, Bhagyashree.
- Take a seat, please.
- Thank you.
What an amazing family.
It's hard to believe..
..that Ambika and you are
Bhagyashree's parents.
And Jagdish her brother.
Everyone has such different
complexion and features!
No one would be able to guess that
all of you are biologically related.
Well you can say that..
..the Goddess has blessed
our family with singularity.
Amazing. By the way,
let me tell you one thing.
- Yes.
- There was a motive behind..
..the advertisement
which brought you all here.
What kind of motive, Prince?
Actually, my possible brother in law.
It's true that we don't want any dowry.
But the girl should also
accept me for who I am.
You see I've decided
not to take anything from my Dad.
I want to do things on my own.
Make a name for myself.
Now, would you let your daughter..
..marry such a boy?
I have no objection.
So let me get this right,
You would like to marry someone..
..who's technically still a prince,
but in reality, he's a Pauper.
I'll live like the way you do.
If we starve, we starve together.
If we eat, we eat together,
then I certainly will.
She passed the exam
with flying colors, manager.
I like the girl.
Do you have any more exams?
Yes, just a small test.
But first there's a surprise for you.
Arrest them all.
Let's go!
I wish you were like you said you are.
And I swear I would..
Anyway take her away,
but be gentle.
Yes sir. Okay sir.
Put her in my car.
- Yes.
We'll begin her
interrogation right away.
Okay sir.
Thank you, your Highness.
Now you can get married peacefully.
I have a question.
How did you know
they would come here?
Prince, a bad penny always turns up.
Are you sure,
she's the same girl?
Did you mistakenly..
- Your highness..'re bowled over by her too.
I am clean bowled!
"My heart finds no comfort
in prayers or devotion."
"These days my heart
wants to revolt."
"My heart finds no comfort
in prayers or devotion."
"These days my heart wants to revolt."
"You're the reason.."
"You're the reason.."
"..I've turned against my own God."
"My eyes have become infidels."
"They've been travelling in your lane."
"My eyes have become infidels."
"They've been travelling in your lane."
"When I close my eyes."
"I dream only about you."
"Now that I have you."
"Where do I go leaving you alone."
"You're the reason.."
"You're the reason..."
"...I've turned against my own God."
"My eyes have become infidels."
"They've been travelling in your lane."
"My eyes have become infidels."
"They've been travelling in your lane."
What have you turned into?
You don't have the
right to ask me anything.
You're doing such a splendid job.
Couldn't you find anything more lowly?
If these people hadn't found me..
..then, I would be pimping myself..
- I'll slap you.
Screaming doesn't
make you a real man.
If you were a real man,
you would've showed up that day.
I couldn't.
It was all about a moment,
I couldn't gather the courage.
When my father stopped me..
..I realized that running
away with you and getting married..
..was a huge decision.
And I was too young.
And I am still punishing myself for it.
When my father died,
I didn't perform his last rites.
Are you done?
Go tell him.
-I wont, you say it.
Say it, you're young.
Say it.
Say it.
- Shall I?
- Sir..
Just a minute,
there's something we want to say.
Sir please.
Oh. he is coming
We haven't done anything wrong.
She herself trap the grooms,
and drug their milk glasses.
And she would steal the stuff as well.
We would get only a small share.
- Speak up.
He's right, sir.
She's behind all the loot.
This is your family.
They are right.
I did everything.
It's all my fault.
I trapped the grooms.
I married them.
In fact, I'm the one
who stole all the stuff.
They were just a spectators.
Let them go.
Honestly, sir.
Just a minute.
He's just..
That constable is amazing.
Sir, I have a question.
Go ahead, Mr. Khan.
Sir, they are all involved
in the conspiracy.
How let go?
I Don't know.
Mr. Khan, when the main culprit
says they're not involved..
..then, we cannot charge
them with anything.
Let them go.
Let them go?
Release them.
Raju, come here.
- Come here.
These are fake like you.
If you want your faces intact..
..then don't show them again.
And take grandma
from the old age home.
She's still repeating
her lines out there.
Madam will you sign the confession?
Do you meet your mom
and dad?
You two know each other?
What did you think?
That I was working hard
for upholding law and order?
But she screwed me.
She screwed me of my money
and my honor.
It's not about money or honor.
We loved her and she betrayed us.
And I fought with my mom for this girl.
And I rejected Arora uncle's daughter..
Stop whining!
Look, she'll be punished
for her deeds.
Yeah, like that's right.
That's all cheap girls
like you can ever do.
Right, I am cheap.
And you're nice and decent!
People like you think,
you've got the money and position..
..and all the girls in
the world will fall for you.
I never felt guilty leaving anyone of you.
I feel more liberated in this jail..
..compared to suffocation of marrying
any one of you.
Mr. Khan, recover their
goods and get them out of here.
I understand everything.
You're Dolly's first lover.
You betrayed her,
and we're paying the price.
And I can screw you bad
for what you did to Dolly.
And no one can do a thing.
you've a second opportunity.
Mend your mistakes.
She's a nice girl.
Now listen to this..
Listen, I don't just want my stuff.
Really? What else?
I want Dolly as well.
You want Dolly.
My right, I want it now!
And stop staring.
My distant uncle is
the ACP in Delhi Police.
Shall I call him?
- No.
We'll get you Dolly.
Come on.
Come on.
We'll get you Dolly.
He really beat me black and blue.
Damn! Because of her
we got beaten up, ransacked.
But had Dolly let me do her once..
..then, I would've had no regrets.
What's wrong?
Are you crazy?
What's wrong?
- Where is Dolly?
- You were sleeping while on duty?
Yes, madam.
Any information on Dolly.
We're still conducting
a search operation.
Clues indicate that she fled to Nepal.
Find her soon.
The entire department feels humiliated.
And listen, I want a complete
investigation report of that girl.
Jai Hind, madam.
Sorry, we're late.
Do you two want to get married?
- Yes.
Your name?
- Dolly.
- It's my pet name.
This is her ID.
Is that sufficient,
or do you need her voter ID, passport?
No, this is enough.
And sign here.
- Me.
Are you two related?
Shall we get it tested?
No, that's fine!
And your witness?
Well, I've no one.
So no witness.
- Thank you.
- You too.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Just a second.
Thank you.
How's everyone.
I've a gift for you.
Mr. Khan, there was
no need for this.
Take it.
Guess you got a raise.
- No, it's not that.
What the..
If anyone overhears,
my job will be at stake.
You brought the entire file.
I devoted years of
my life to Delhi Police.
So I'm bound to get something back.
Am I right?
I am sorry, Dolly.
I don't know what I was thinking.
In my stubbornness
to be close to you..
..I never took a good
look at myself.
He's the right one for you.
Finally you fulfilled your
responsibilities as her brother.
Oh I forgot, I got a gift for you.
Shall we go, Mrs. Robin Singh?
Good morning.
- Good morning.
What's the plan for today?
- Plan.
Well, my plan was
to head to the Police station.
But I can take an off if you want.
And our honeymoon plans?
We'll have to head somewhere..
..where we don't run
into one of your grooms.
Then we'll have to go abroad.
I don't think I've married an Italian yet.
I see..
Let's do one thing.
There's brinjal in the fridge.
- I see.
Make really good Italian
style brinjal-mash.
I'll take you to Italy if I like it.
I can't cook.
I'll make it myself.
Dolly. Hand me my towel.
Don't shout.
Did you finish making
The Italian-mash?
Hurry up,
or you'll be late for work.
The Prince of Udaipur
has invited us to his wedding.
Shall we?
He helped us after all.
"Dear Robin, I'm sorry."
"I made lentil instead."
"And anyway, I can make
a mash of grooms, not brinjal."
"When you caught me,
you asked why I do this."
"Every groom I ever
left has asked the same question."
"I have a question too."
"Why are you a police inspector?"
"Why not some doctor or engineer?"
"Why does a vegetable
vendor sell only vegetables?"
"Why doesn't he also sell liquor?"
they do what they're good at."
"They are what they're meant to be."
"So don't feel guilty
that I'm this way."
"You're neither the reason
nor the excuse in my life."
"Dolly might have been
an innocent and naive girl."
"But she's an express now."
"Dolly Express has caught speed,
She cannot be stopped."
"You don't try it either."
"And yes, The scores' settled."
Madam, ticket please.
Thank you, ma'am.
So, why are we heading to Chennai,
instead of Mumbai?
What's so special about Mumbai?
India's most eligible bachelor.
Salman brother.
Hey, he might be your brother.
He's my loverboy.
Right, grandma?
We've given you our daughter,
we've given you everything
- You drink milk?
- Yes, with Turmeric.
"Let me tell you today, dear."
"My love's not a bully."
"How long do I keep
circling your lanes?"
"I'm getting no response."
"All day.."
"All day.."
"All day I follow you like a puppy."
"At nights I rot like an owl."
"What did I get for loving you.."
"Nothing at all."
"What did I get for loving you.."
"Nothing at all."
"Nothing at all."
"Nothing at all."
"Nothing at all."
"Nothing at all."
"What did I get for loving you.."
"Nothing at all."
"Never replies to my text message."
"Guess she's sitting
next to my younger brother."
"I squandered all my money on you."
"And my mom and dad screwed me too.
"I scream and say that I love you."
"But you've turned deaf
and can't hear a word."
"Our heart's really mischievous."
"Darling, you're such
a cheat as well."
"Your red cheeks.."
"..has completely changed my life."
"I keep chanting your name all day."
"Should I sing or chant."
"Hi, hello.."
"Hi, hello.."
"You say hi, hello to strangers."
"While we've been standing
behind you all day."
"What did I get for loving you.."
"Nothing at all."
"What did I get for loving you.."
"Nothing at all."
"Nothing at all."
"Nothing at all."
"Nothing at all."
"Nothing at all."
"What did I get for loving you.."
"Nothing at all."