Dolphin Kick (2017) Movie Script

(serene piano music)
(Skylar voice over) You know that
feeling you get when you look down
at the pool and you start to
inch your way in.
Waiting because you don't want
to feel the water.
My mom used to tell us you're
supposed to feel stuff.
So don't cheat yourself out of a
great moment.
You can spend you whole life
waiting with your toes in the water.
Or you could just dive in.
(crowd cheering)
(Skylar voice over) She could always
make an adventure out of anything
And her voice echoes to us
That's my brother,
Our parents promised us that on
fifteenth wedding anniversary
they'd take us
to the island where they got
We knew the island would be fun,
but we never knew we'd meet a
special friend
that would change our lives
Our buddy Echo!
( "Dive In" plays )
Dive in!
The Dolphin.
Don't worry about splashing
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
you don't want to miss your
chance so dive in
Dive in!
I see you sitting on the edge
getting your feet wet
What's it going to take to get
to dive in
It's like you're still
holding your breath
though we're not underwater
But it's ok let it all out
And dive in
Dive in!
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
You don't want to miss
your chance so dive in
Dive in!
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
You don't want to miss
your chance so dive in
Dive in!
Dive in!
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
You don't want to miss
your chance so dive in
("Dive In" fades out)
Bro bro bro, did you see that
It's spring break! Mom would
have wanted you to have fun.
Do you want to jump in?
Fine, we won't go on the deep
It's the same difference.
It's been years
Please don't let another summer
go by.
You don't have to be afraid!
I'm not afraid.
- It's just I don't know what the big deal is anywa...
- Yeah swimming is fun but...
with... without you
it's not.
Hey Skylar!
(Girl) Let's go to practice!
(Boy 2) Come on!
Got to go bro.
You're missing out.
Hey Sky!
Why doesn't your brother swim
Yeah, is there something
wrong with him or what?
Is he ever going to come back?
He will when he's ready!
Hey Clint!
(Various children)
Hey Clint! Hey man!
- Hey!
- Hey what's up?
(Coach) Alright guys get on the
set let's go. (Hunter) Hey coach!
Hey, how's it going?
- Been alright.
- Good to see you.
Taking it one day at a time.
(Coach) I think about y'all a lot.
(Clint) I appreciate it, yeah.
I came to check see about, uh,
Skylar and Luke on vacation.
So I want to get a routine
for her while we're out there.
I'm good with that.
- Twice a day though.
- Twice a day!?
That means I gotta get up twice a day.
(Skylar) Hey dad!
Hey baby!
Do they have pizza on Taino
(Clint) Nope we have to do our own hunting.
You ready to go hunting?
Alright get back in the pool.
(Clint and Coach)
Hey! Uh uh!
Hey! Whoa! Water bug!
No cannonballs!
- (Skylar) I'm a cannonball that's what I do!
- Taino Island...
Isn't that where y'all married?
(Skylar) Hey dad watch this!
Hey no! Uh uh! Sky!
No running there dad!
(airplane engine)
("Can you Feel It" Aaron Duncan
It's vibes alone
tell me can you feel it
It's vibes alone
That is what I'm feeling
Can you feel it?
Oh you don't know bout rhythm
Watch the way we walk
We walk!
Watch the way we talk
We talk!
Watch the way we move
You don't know bout melody!
We does come alive
Each and every time
Every time!
Major part of we life
ah feeling ah feeling ah
Rhythm is all that ah feeling
ah feeling ah feeling ah
Doh ask me how
We ready now
ah feeling ah feeling ah
music is all that ah feeling
ah feeling ah feeling ah
We coming down
Cause is vibes alone!
Tell me how you feeling
Can you feel it!
Tell them is vibes on top of
Alone! Alone!
Tell me can you feel it!
Can you feel it!
Can't you feel all this energy
It's all inside of me
Come on come one and follow me
Can you feel it!
I'm giving you all my energy
Music is remedy
Come now we make some memories
Can you feel it!
(song fades out)
Oh, cap'n...
Nice and heavy.
Good catch.
You know I don't like when you
say that man you can jinx us!
(Moe) Alright, let me go cut up
this bait.
Oh no.
- Cap'n.
- What?
We got a problem.
- Out of bait.
- Come on, Moe, man!
Boy what you been doing when I
be getting the boat prepped eh?
Cap man, I gotta get my beauty
rest you know gotta sleep.
All we need to do...
Just go back, head back to the
Get some bait, it ain't that
hard. Whoa!
Cap'n, what is that?
Little something I made at home.
- Cutting out the middle man.
- By blowing up the boat?
(explosive splashes into sea)
Oh lord am I going crazy,
gonna blow us all up to sky high.
This is heaven!
Yes it is.
Alright guys, I gotta go find
the boat rental company, OK?
So you guys can look around a
little bit.
But don't go far.
Stay where I can see you ok?
- Alright?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool.
Alright I'll be right over here.
We got this.
- (Clint) Five minutes OK.
- Yes! Now, let's go shopping.
Whoa! Watch yourself little man.
(somber piano music)
You don't have to be afraid.
(bell ringing)
(wind chimes blowing)
Yeah swimming is fun but...
Without you it's not.
(dolphin noises)
(Luke yelling)
Hey buddy. Come here.
Hi sweetie.
- Shopping alone today?
- Oh no my father sent me to...
- wait with my brother.
- Oh.
- He's a bit of a wanderer eh?
- Whoops I gotta go!
(upbeat music)
(dolphin calls)
Hey buddy.
Come here, come closer.
Oh. My. Gosh!
It's a dolphin.
Aw, so cute!
Come here. Come here! Come here!
Where did he come from?
(Luke) I don't know
I guess he found us.
(Skylar) I think he wants to play fetch.
(Luke) I doubt that.
Dude it's not a dog.
So let's teach him!
OK, so I take it from
you and then I throw it!
(Skylar grunting)
Now you go get it.
Grab it!
Come on dogs and people do this
all of the time.
It's fun just try it.
(Luke) Whoa what?
I call next!
(Skylar) He's got it, he's doing it.
(Luke whistling)
(Luke) Come here, come here.
This is so cool!
(Skylar) Oh my gosh can we take him home.
He can even fit in our pool!
(Luke) Woo-Hoo!
(Skylar) Maybe even our bath tub.
(Luke) Ah yes! Come on, come on.
(Skylar) I want to take him home!
(Skylar) You need to come with
(Luke) Ah that is awesome!
(Skylar) You want to come with us?
You want to come with us?
(Skylar) Yeah let's go show dad!
(Luke) Want to come with us?
(Skylar) Yeah follow us!
(Luke) Let's go show dad!
Hello down there!
- Can we just move here?
- It's gorgeous isn't it?
Go find you rooms!
Found my room!
Punch it!
(Clint) No, not yet we're not
in open water yet sweetie!
Along with everything else the
thing you put on is a life vest
when you get in a boat.
These decks are slippery on a
You slip and hit your head and
go over.
I don't care how strong a swimmer
you are you're not going to do well.
What do we do next?
Gas is not bad.
Gotta make sure the boat's not
taking on water first.
Looks like it's floating to me.
Yeah she's floating sweetie.
But there's a plug in the back.
Gotta make sure it's in all the
Then you check fuel.
Then last, we check for flares
and paddles.
Now can we go?
Not yet sweetie we need open
Alright we got open water,
everybody holding on?
Sit down!
(Luke) Yes sir!
(Skylar) Yup I'm good!
Alright Sky,
you can go ahead and say it now.
Punch it!
(engine roaring)
That boy is fast!
(Hansen) Just in time to do
absolutely nothing thank you!
- (Jalen) I was working...
- Working lion research.
- Lion, lion research. All the lions of the ocean.
- Lion research.
(Jalen) Think you'll get this
guy here.
Uh, ok so here's the deal
pretty sure this dude is like a
trained MMA fighter,
so let's be chill.
(Sydney) Uh ok tough
guys we're all going.
Hey brother what's up?
- How you doing?
- Hey man you TUCC'd?
Excuse me?
We're T-U-C-C.
Taino underwater clean up
Yeah we're giving out
mugs so we can have a litter
free island.
The metal is so much better for
the island.
We find those cups all
over the beach underwater,
- that we clean up so...
- I appreciate it thank y'all.
Anything to keep the beaches
Thank you.
(Clint) But, uh, I don't remember
this last time I was out here.
Oh you've been here before?
Yeah, it's been a while
Would your wife like one too?
It's just me and the kids this
Well, uh, hey you're doing it wrong
if you only chill at this resort.
- I mean I know it's cool but...
- You gotta venture out see the real Taino!
We would love too, the
resort doesn't tell
you about any of the
external life going on.
They want to keep you here
drinking the ten dollar lemonades.
Ten dollars!
I'm telling you man, you got
ripped off.
(everyone laughing)
I believe you.
Hey guys, see you at Outriggers tonight?
(Hansen) Oh yeah!
(Jalen) Yeah man Outriggers for sure.
(Nova) Of course!
Outriggers, you would get that
much cheaper and much better.
It has the best switcha on the
island man.
Switcha? What's that?
Lemonade man, that's what we
call lemonade over here.
- Taino lemonade.
- Is it kid friendly?
Oh yeah for sure. of course.
- (Clint) Alright, what time?
- Uh, Taino-thirty.
(Jalen) It's Taino time, bro.
(Hansen) It's Taino time, baby.
I appreciate you.
(Sydney) It was nice meeting you.
(Clint) Good to meet y'all.
(Hansen) We'll see you later, hopefully.
(Group laughing and hi fiving)
(upbeat music)
Do you think he's here with us?
Yeah I can feel it.
Cool, a dolphin whisperer.
(mimicking a dolphin)
Come on you can do it.
(mimicking a dolphin)
Come on Luke!
(Jalen) Come on man you
gonna know this by now.
Didn't you get this in the class
we studied all weekend for this.
Ten dollar lemonades!
(Jalen) Hey, what's going on my
- (Clint) How you doing man.
- How you all doing?
How you guys doing?
Everything good?
- (Hansen) Welcome!
- Yeah man!
- (Hansen) What's your name big man?
- Luke.
- Luke.
- I'm Skylar.
- Sky for the cool kids.
- Ooh man!
Am I cool kid?
Mmm, we'll see.
Alright, alright.
You gotta get some conch now,
you're on Taino Island man.
- (Hansen) Oh yes!
- You gotta get some conch fritters
- Conch salad, conch something.
- Conch taco.
- (Hansen) We have everything but conch tacos.
- Nah man.
Those aren't a thing even
though they should be.
I, uh, moved here for my
and just been throwing conch
every ramen recipe like
three times a day.
- It's really gross.
- It's actually not it's amazing.
Don't listen to her.
So you guys are here for school.
Yeah we're studying marine
What is that?
It's the study of sea animals.
- (Skylar) Cool.
- What do you feed dolphins?
Uh, we don't we let the dolphins
chase little fish in the ocean.
It's really important that we
don't feed the dolphins.
They will grow to expect that
people need to feed them.
And they need to depend on each
to hunt as a pod.
You hear that, and they're
Nah man, they're the most
peaceful creatures in the sea.
Nice, loving creatures man nah.
Humans are far worse.
(Hansen) Oh in every way...
(laughing) humanly possible.
What if one came here alone?
They rarely separate from the pod...
(Nova) Yeah it's not really common.
Wait, what's going on? What's
Let's say...
We... might... know...
May have met a dolphin.
By itself.
A dolphin approached you guys?
On Taino beach?
Is that bad?
He likes us.
He must be separated.
Sure you all didn't just see a
big ol' manatee or something?
If you see it again can you let
us know.
It might need our help.
you can come with us tomorrow I
he'll come around?
We got class.
I don't have class, so I'm game.
(Sunshine) Hey guys!
(Jalen) Hey Sunshine!
Here try this.
I still have no idea what conch
is, but here we go.
Ah, there he goes.
How is it?
(Clint) Mmm.
Not bad.
- I kinda like it.
- Taino Island man.
Welcome to Taino beach.
Your hair is so pretty.
Ah, thank you.
My mom taught me how
to do it as a kid.
She did my hair all the time.
(Clint) Excuse me guys.
(Nova) Is she OK?
(somber piano music)
(Skylar crying)
Hey water bug.
Please go back inside.
- (Clint) What's wrong?
- I want mom to come back.
I miss her too.
She is here with us.
I see her everyday when I look
at you.
But mom never taught me to fish
I'll tell you what,
Why don't you let me learn how
to do the fish tail.
I'll make the best looking
fish tail you've ever seen.
It'll be a disaster.
It'll be the best looking
disaster you've ever seen.
Dad you're such a cheeseball.
And proud of it.
Come on, you know it'll look
You wanna go back and join
Where this boy is?
What is it Naz?
How 'bout you and me work this
out man?
What your problem is?
I didn't touch your lines.
My man.
The lines been cut, and I know
it was you!
Someone cut your lines?
- (Dom) No.
- Stop lying!
Hey man not in here.
Let me tell you something.
You try to take money out my
Food out my children mouth.
And you have me to deal with.
Uh, Excuse me.
Moe coming through, uh, Cap...
- There ain't no need for this. Let's go.
- Moe.
Nobody here cut your buoys.
- Alright.
- Let me see you in the ocean...
(Bartender) Take a walk boys!
(Moe) Let's go, yeah.
- I see everything that go on.
- Oh, OK big guy.
That's just so messed up.
You alright bud?
Watch out man!
Locals man.
(Skylar laughing)
OK! What's up?
(sweet somber music)
You know you're mom spent a
lot time out here too.
She loved swimming out here.
Your mom got you swimming at
three years old.
I couldn't get either one of
out of the water that summer.
That was y'alls thing.
When I put you down at night,
I had to check you for gills.
Cause you were like a little
She would know how to get
you back in the water.
She knew everything.
She's right here with us bud.
She's always with us.
She's right here.
She's right there buddy.
Come on. Let's go get some
- Are you awake?
- No. No.
What are you two doing?
Yeah the dolphin you said.
You guys cook me breakfast?
(fake snoring)
(Clint laughing)
You guys!
(upbeat music)
(boat engine revving)
Hey cap.
Trying to look like a rich man
boat on this side of the island.
You see that over there?
Right, right there. Right there.
Yeah you see that?
Way over there man.
You get your sea legs yet
Yes ma'am.
Never lost them.
I was raised on a boat.
Been on it since I was a little
So where's this little renegade
Well if he's spending time at
the docks,
He shouldn't be too far out.
He's probably lonely.
He's gotta be around here
He probably saw your happy faces
at the
dock and wanted to play
Dad! There he is!
There he is!
(Nova) Look at that!
(Luke) Dad do you see him!
Look at him! Whoa!
He's getting some height!
(engine slowing down)
(dolphin echoes)
(dolphin clicking)
(dolpin noises)
Hey there guy.
What are you doing all alone?
(Luke) Hey!
That's not the buoy we used before.
Where'd you get that?
(Skylar) He chewed
right through the rope.
That looks like a lobster trap
Yeah and whoever set it won't
be happy.
Those belong to the fisherman.
We shouldn't be playing with
that now should we big boy.
(dolpin echo)
Dolphin's usually travel in
like a family, they're called
What happened to your family?
(dolphin call)
They need social interaction.
I honestly think it could be
bring him this close to us.
Can we bring it back to its
(dolphin call)
We could try.
They use echo location to
talk to each other.
They can hear up to
200 meters out.
If a...
Pod passes, we can try to get
him closer to earshot.
Then we'll go.
Don't worry, we'll get you back
to your pod.
(dolphin clicks)
(dolphin calls)
(tense music)
Oh no.
What do they want?
Come on. Come on boy just let it
Come on boy. Let it go.
Please drop it Echo.
Drop the buoy!
Oh no.
Hey we're out of her now!
Now now, come on, come on.
- Come on, come on.
- I'm getting you guys away from that buoy
- and those fishermen now.
- No we can't he has the buoy in his mouth!
I need you to, look, just drop
it, please.
- Give us the buoy.
- Come on.
Give me the buoy. Give. Give.
Give me the buoy.
(Clint grunting)
Give me the buoy.
(dolphin cries)
(grunting) Give me the buoy.
(Nova) Gentle, gentle.
Give me the buoy.
(Skylar) Dad watch out
you're gonna fall!
Give me the bou...
(Nova) Whoa!
(Skylar laughing)
(Nova) Don't let them see him.
(Skylar) Hide him dad.
Hide. Hide. Shhh.
Hey Nova!
Looks like you got more recruits
for the T.U.C.C.
(Moe) Everything cool.
(Naz) You didn't even
introduce me to your new friend,
Get lost Moe!
(Naz) That's how you
can carry on over.
(Nova tsks)
(Naz) Alright.
Oh man cap you see that?
Man she ain't on our run man.
Everything cool Nova, we'll
catch you next time.
Good job boy.
Hey pull me back to the boat
can you do that?
Which one of you?
Yes I knew it.
So..what I'm actually doing is
calibrating this,
gauge, because the last time I
I ran out of oxygen.
(Jalen) How y'all doing guys?
There we go. What up girls!
(Girls) Hey!
(Jalen) Hey guys!
How was that dive?
- It was alright.
- See anything interesting?
- Same old, same old.
- Not really this time.
What are you guys doing?
I'm trying to make sure that I
explode, the next time I dive.
How do you find a dolphin pod in
Taino island?
Uhh, OK
Taino is cool because it is
completely surrounded by coral.
And it's why pirates actually
love this island
Because there's a giant coral
that surrounds the entire
This. Taino island.
Say this is the reef.
Goes all around the island, all
zig zaggy.
Except in two spots.
So back in the day
coral grew so high that ships
who were coming to the island
for the first time didn't know.
And the ships would hit the
island and sink.
That's why there's all this
buried treasure.
All around here.
So all of the dolphins are
around here now.
That probably got Echo, stuck
in the inside of the reef.
Because you know it's low tide
during the day,
And high tide during the night.
And the dolphins feed
only in the day really.
And so what probably
happened with our dolphin.
He got separated
the tide rose
he got blocked by the coral.
And he couldn't escape
so all of his friends, ditched
cause they're not good friends.
Don't do that to your friends.
What about echo location?
Pods not even going to get close
so that they can hear each
- (Jalen) Yeah that's the thing.
- Yeah cause this is,
the great wall of China.
(Jalen) Two openings.
We have another opening on the south west
part, that's where all the
go out, and yeah majority of
them live there too.
And, so we gonna have to try and
- get something to focus them to come in.
- Got it yeah.
(Jalen) Cause they're
feeding, they already have
enough fish on the
outside of the reef.
We could do that we can think
of something.
So we just need to find
something to attract them here.
Exactly other than fish.
(Clint) Looks like we
found our porpoise.
Oh my god, I love that so much.
Keep it up, I love the dad
Hey Collard.
Collard what's going on big
- Hey.
- Hey!
You guys are off today?
(Jalen) Nah, big brother.
No dives today, we have to get
word out on this.
Oh yeah I've seen a few of these
What's going on?
(Jalen) Young blood Luke,
he found a bottle nose out there
on Taino man.
Coolest animal in the ocean huh?
Yeah definitely.
He's alone separated from his
Yeah we've been out canvassing
the area with these flyers.
Hopefully someone seen some
dolphins and we
can get this little guy
joined back with a pod.
Yeah good idea, I'll hang
these up in the shop.
The marina's right there,
you guys should really
check around maybe ask some of
the captains.
You think if we go by Xanadu beach
or by Taino beach or something.
- They seen any dolphins out that area lately?
- I haven't been there in a minute.
It wouldn't hurt to try.
Think there's any way to talk to
the guys running the dive boats.
Maybe they've seen some dolphins
out diving.
Yeah I can make a few calls.
Shouldn't be a problem.
(Jalen) Yeah man, thanks man.
Always good to see you brother.
(Sydney) Thanks Collard!
- I appreciate it.
- Anytime.
- Where'd they go?
- Where they go to.
You forgetting something?
Boy, y'all got a lot of
nerve cutting my lines.
- We found them, we found them like that.
- Find them?
Boy kid, if there's one thing I
can smell
from a mile away is a liar.
We can smell you from a mile
(Luke) We're just here
to help our friend.
Your friend is who?
It's a dolphin.
(both laughing hysterically)
- Dolphin?
- Oh, you like dolphins kid.
They pest!
You know what pest get right?
(Clint) Hey what's going on?
Kids come here.
Just teaching them marine
etiquette finer points.
Ah man look who it is.
Where he come from?
I do not want you talking to my
If you got a problem you talk to
And who you supposed to be?
Captain planet?
Come on kids, let's go.
If I gotta watch my traps, then
you better watch your back.
(serene piano music)
(dolphin call)
(Luke) I wish I could get in
there with you dude but...
I can't swim.
You wouldn't understand.
(Skylar) How do we even know if
he's going to join the Pod.
Something truly special about
these creatures is that,
Even outside of their immediate
they associate as if they're all
Are they gonna like,
accept him.
Even if they don't know him.
Of course, the population
in pods are always changing
because of age and gender
A pod would accept a lone
based on their common
that a sense of belonging is all
they need.
(Skylar) Why can't he
just stay with us then?
Instead of living with dolphins.
Sky, they don't survive on their
They need,
a group to protect each other
someone they can depend on.
A family.
No it's just a close up.
So what's the Marines like?
The marines?
We study marine biology.
(group laughing)
Well you guys are oceanography
- Yeah.
- You know someone in the program
that could help out?
Simmons would have helped us.
Nah man, that guy is crazy.
Simmons man, Simmons is mad
crazy, nah.
Crazy but he would have helped.
He was our marine bio teacher.
It was,
hotly debated
as to whether he was an
actual employee of the school.
(Nova groans)
He might have just snuck
into an office and then
sat there until somebody told
him to leave.
Which was a long time.
He was freaking old.
He spent most of his life
with ways to communicate with to
Uhh, let me show you.
Check this out, this is Simmons.
(Sydney) Yes!
(Jalen) Remember this?
(Skylar) Is he playing
a piano underwater?
The man!
Yes... that's a 1200 pound piano.
It was an absolute blast getting
that onto a boat.
(Jalen) You know that's one of his first
concepts. (Hansen) And his first disaster.
He was trying to make music
He had this theory that,
dolphins respond to music the
same way that we do.
They... enjoy the rhythm and the
tone and,
it's just you have to have a
giant music box to be able to,
test it out.
Man that's underwater though
ain't no instrument work
Come on man.
He was never proven to be wrong.
How do you play music underwater
long enough to
happen by a pod
and see if it works.
Have any of them worked?
Uh, the whistler.
The whistler worked.
It cost him his job, but it
I knew you were say that.
What's the whistler?
The whistler was a device that
language patterns he found in
And Simmons found a way
to project it long
range without any harmful
effects of sonar.
Let's get it.
I mean we could try and get it
it's underwater.
Yeah right before he left
the island he sank his boat
and, uh, along with all of his
In his last days he was
refurbishing old musical equipment
scrapping all kinds of boat parts
from wherever on the island.
Well rumor on the island was
the fishermen did it to Simmons
they were trying to put a
hold on the grouper trapping.
Well, where's his boat at?
It's a quarter mile out of his
Way off shore.
And about forty feet below.
(Sydney) Guys those
coordinates are not like exact.
(Hansen) But dude we need time to
locate this thing and we only have...
- Yeah.
- One hour on a full tank.
It's hard to find.
I mean if we had more divers.
But there's,
there's no guarantee that the
hasn't just destroyed all of the
It'll take forever
just to put them back
together and see
if they even work.
We have to at least try I
If we don't try, we don't
I mean yeah I guess.
(Hansen) Kind of seems like
a lost cause at this point.
It's probably in pieces by now.
(Hansen) You guys don't know
Simmons this dude was...
There's no telling if this
is even remotely possible.
I scuba.
You have your divers cert?
Oh yeah.
Spring break, Caba.
(group laughing)
Didn't we all?
You know my wife used to say,
you can sit around your whole
with just your toes in the water
or you can dive in.
I say let's do it.
I'm in.
Me too.
You got me, I'm in.
- Let's get it!
- Great!
6 AM tomorrow?
(group laughing)
(Luke laughing)
Is that good?
Little tight.
Well, stop skipping leg day.
There is no such thing as leg
(Hansen laughs)
Rule number one,
steady breathing.
If he stays with me he'll
Can I get that in writing.
This is the place guys.
Hey sweetie,
if you see any fishing boats out
you blow the horn.
I can hear it underwater I'll be
right up.
My hero.
(Hansen) Uh, remember you gotta
take a big step out frontwards.
Clint, turn around dude.
(Hansen laughing hysterically)
(serene orchestral music)
(Skylar and Luke together)
Chop. Chop. Chopped and screwed.
(Skylar and Luke together)
Chop. Chop. Chopped and screwed.
Chop. Chop. Chopped and screwed.
Disappoint my father.
Luke look there he is!
Hey Echo!
Oh no you got another one.
Echo stop with the buoys!
Those aren't yours!
No more fetch crazy people are
to kill you for this stuff.
(serene orchestral music
(melodic tones from music box)
Guys! Guys! Echo can hear this!
Echo can hear this under the
Look what they doing!
Man it looks like you got a
problem there!
Boss I need some money so I can
put fuel in
my rig and get out there and
check my trap.
No no no, you gotta bring
lobsters in if you want money.
Come on I got my
family, I just need a
little advance so I can put fuel
in my boat.
- Sorry.
- So I can get out there and check
Sorry man we're not a charity
There ain't no way you need
to bring lobsters in here.
You're the tenth one here
today looking for charity.
(Naz singing) Baby girl,
I love you more than diamonds and pearls.
- Babes thats you?
- Just what my weary eyes needed.
Only girl more beautiful than
the island itself.
- See my baby.
- And you,
The only fishermen she'd ever
let kiss her.
(kissing her forehead)
- Mm mmm, what you say baby?
- Everything's good.
Feeling any better?
Everything's good baby, you
- Where I belong now.
- Good.
Hey Moe! You been keeping my
boy safe today!
(Moe) Well you see we
back in one piece right?
All I can ask for.
- (Moe) OK.
- Hey!
- (Naz) What's on your mind.
- I was at the market earlier.
- I overheard some of the other guys talking.
- Yeah?
'Bout what?
They're saying that someone's
been cutting traps?
(Naz tsks)
Yeah, you don't be hearing that?
Uh uh.
Right Moe?
You hear anything about traps
getting cut?
No not that I know of, uh uh.
No sir, nope.
I know some of the other trappers
are struggling right now.
- Yeah.
- And I even overheard Roscoe saying
that he can't afford to get new
traps to start over.
There you go again with your
doting baby.
Everything cress, alright.
Me and Malik just come from
doing a big haul.
See me and Moe getting the chop
ready we're gonna head back out.
Everything will be just fine
baby, OK?
Trust me baby.
These big hands can hold it all.
OK, but you know,
If we need I can take some
shifts at the bungalow.
The only thing,
we need,
is for you to feel better baby.
You gotta get plenty of rest,
stay nice and healthy.
And bring my progeny into the
That's the future king of Taino.
Nah, just the prince.
His daddy's already the king.
You know it.
Look here, I want you go home,
rest up.
Take a nice little bath.
I'll be home later.
Me and Moe can finish all this
OK well,
- You ain't gotta tell me twice.
- Aaah.
Bye bye Moe.
You don't mind if I carry cap
for a drink.
Like one, just one.
(Naz laughing) Or six!
(Moe) Man don't lie to her.
More than six, I'll bring him
Oh come on man, talk to me man
it's Moe.
Man whatever you need me to do,
you know I got yo' back.
For you and the future king.
Yo, Moe.
We gonna have to build some
bigger traps brother.
(Moe claps)
Let's head out!
Let's do it!
And I mean tonight!
This is so cool.
I can't believe it actually
So did Echo really hear it?
Oh yeah.
He came right up to me.
And as he got close,
I could see him dancing.
a p-a...
a pod can...
like faraway can hear this?
this is a little one.
And Echo was only a hundred feet
I'll tell you what,
Simmons was on to something.
So he wasn't crazy.
Maybe a good crazy.
Alright, time for bed.
Scoot down.
There we go.
Dad I've been reading a lot
about dolphins lately.
They speak their own language,
clicking patterns to talk to
each other.
- I didn't know that.
- I really hope the whistler works.
Me too baby girl, me too.
We are gonna find a way
to get Echo,
back with a pod.
You just need to believe in
I believe in you.
Thanks dad.
You're welcome.
(kisses her on the forehead)
Hey dude.
How do you even swim in your
You're in the water nonstop.
Nova said you learned how to
swim before you were even born.
Kind of like my mom did
When I was a kid.
She taught me how to swim.
But ever since she passed I felt
if I fall in I would sink.
Think I would sink?
Hey watch it!
I'll... Ah.
Yeah I know you want to play.
But I can't. I just can't
Can you just be serious for a
Echo I need your serious face.
Oh wow Echo.
Thank you so much.
(dolphin calls)
(inspirational music)
Well who gets to swim with
a real life dolphin
It's now or never.
Don't let me fall under.
I mean it dude.
OK, this was a bad idea!
Well this was stupid!
(Luke groaning)
Not so bad.
I gotta...
I gotta tell dad.
I was swimming!
("Can you Feel It" Aaron Duncan
It's vibes alone!
Tell me can you feel it
It's vibes alone!
That is what I'm feeling
Can you feel it?
Oh you doh know bout rhythm
- Watch the way we walk
- We walk!
- Watch the way we talk
- We talk!
Watch the way we move
You don't know bout melody
- We does come alive
- Alive!
- Each and every time
- With time!
Major part ah we life
- Ah feeling ah feeling ah feeling.
- Vibes!
- The rhythm is all that ah feeling
- Vibes!
Ah feeling ah feeling ah
though watch me out
we ready now
Ah feeling ah feeling ah
The music is all that ah
Ah feeling ah feeling ah
We coming down
Cause it's vibes
Alone! Alone!
Tell me how you feeling
Hey you got in the water!
I remember swimming with mom.
It was amazing!
I want to be back on the swim
That's what Im talking about.
Come here.
I'm proud of you buddy.
Oh! Look at Echo!
I guess you weren't swimming
alone were you?
Probably wouldn't call it
Echo was probably doing circles
around you, huh?
don't come up to me and tell
me that you know
More music than me
Cause ah feeling ah feeling ah
The rhythm is all that ah
ah feeling ah feeling ah
though watch me out
we ready now
ah feeling ah feeling ah
The music is all that ah
ah feeling ah feeling ah
We coming down
Cause it's vibes
It's vibes! Alone! Alone!
Tell me how you feeling
Can you feel it!
Tell them it's vibes on top of
Alone! Alone!
Tell me can you feel it
Can you feel it
Can't you feel all this energy
Its all inside ah me
Come on come on
and follow me
Can you feel it
Im giving you all my energy
Music is remedy
Come now we make some memories
Can you feel it
cause every time that I'm
feeling low
It's music holding me close
I can feel it in my soul
I can let it show
watch me let it show
because... ah feeling ah
feeling ah feeling
The rhythm is all that ah
ah feeling ah feeling ah
Though watch me out
We ready now
- ah feeling ah feeling ah feeling
- Vibes!
The music is all that ah
ah feeling ah feeling ah
We comin' down
Cause it's vibes
Alone! Alone!
Tell me how you feeling
Can you feel it
Till then it's vibes on top of
Alone! Alone!
Tell me can you feel it
Can you feel it
Can't you feel all this
It's all inside of me
Come on come on and follow me
Can you feel it
Im giving you all my energy
Music is remedy
Come now we make some memories
Can you feel it
(song fades out)
Hey cap.
Looks like little man getting
close to that dolphin you know.
looks like our line ain't been
getting cut.
It been getting chewed.
Look like we might have to keep
an eye on
Yankee boy with that
new fishy friend.
- (Moe) I'll keep an eye on him.
- Be sure you do that.
Can't afford for no one to take
food out of our mouth.
Not at all cap.
Roger that.
Leave it to me.
(Hansen over walkie talkie)
Guys I'm sorry the,
the whistler didn't work.
It's too corroded I can't,
ugh, I can't figure it out
what to do but I'm gonna keep
I want you to know that, and
just keep your head up.
We'll figure this out.
(wind chimes)
I have an idea!
(Skylar) Look right here look!
(Luke) Pipes are tied to the boat.
We throw them overboard.
So the pipes,
stay on the rope.
(Luke) OK.
So they're hanging over the
(Skylar) Cause they're all tied
up to the things!
Yeah that things!
Yes the cleats!
But all the cleats!
Cause you're gonna need a lot of
(Skylar) Cause they all
gotta bang together.
Yeah like, Bong! Bong!
(Skylar) So the pipes are
hanging on the side of the boat.
(Luke) And we can
totally hear it
when metal clangs underwater.
(Skylar) So you know dolphins can
hear way better! (Luke) Echo location!
(Skylar) And Nova said they can
hear up to 200 meters away.
And the Ocean is always moving.
(Skylar) And the boat can just stay
at the opening to let the pipes play
And jangle together so the
dolphins can hear.
Like a chime.
(Skylar) Exactly it'll do what
the whistler idea was meant to be.
Well the whistler the clicks
were in a musical rhythm, like
Bump, bump bump, bump bump, bump
What better music to a dolphin
then the rhythm of the ocean.
Okay, but guys wait a second.
It seems a little far fetched
though right?
Not after everything you guys
taught us.
Uh, I think I'm gonna have to
go with the kids on this one guys.
Uh, if we get to toe this
instrument out in front of Taino,
east though, east of the
away from all the big freight
Yeah, I think it'll work.
Be like, bait without a hook.
(Jalen) Yeah man,
if a pods around they gonna hear it.
Echo needs our help!
We only have two days left.
Okay, so what do we do?
I know where we can get some
And I know a guy with a boat.
I say let's do it.
(inspirational orchestral music)
(metal pipes clanging)
(Hansen over walkie)
Yo Collard you there?
- Hey what's up?
- Dude the chime works!
Oh dude no way!
- You guys chimin'
- Yeah.
- I can't believe y'all got it working.
- Yeah you good for a pick up?
Yeah I'm coming. I'm on my way.
Do you remember how to drive?
- Yeah definitely.
- Alright some of us gotta stay
with the boat tonight there's no
telling how long this will take.
(Collard) Wait,
if y'all are staying out there
who do I got for clean up in the
Uhm Nova says pick me up.
Clint says...
Count me in.
Skylar says I'm hungry.
Old timer!
Don't touch my stuff!
You're killing me man.
- What you looking at?
- I'm looking at you.
My ropes are cut again!
I know it was you!
- What are you gonna do about it.
- Don't you ever...
(Moe) Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Jokers, jokers, jokers.
Y'all take it easy man.
Take a look at this before you
throw blows.
Man these lines been getting
chewed it
had to be that dolphin.
Y'all ain't gotta be fightin'
A dolphin!
You saying some animal is doing
Well buddy it ain't just you.
What you say cap?
(Naz) Hmm.
Look here man, he right there.
He ain't going nowhere til
we do something about it.
Then let's get that dolphin.
I'll see y'all tomorrow. I'm
Get them trap bait up man.
(dolphin calls)
How's that good?
(Clint grunting)
A little tight.
It's supposed to be snug.
(people cheering)
(Collard) You sure you've
done this before big man?
I'll be fine sport.
Been doing this probably
before you were born.
I can tell.
I appreciate you helping.
- Watch the kids.
- I'm here all day anyway man.
What they say 'bout five
Maybe on Caribbean time.
You're going down with Nova.
That a bad thing?
She's not coming up until she
finishes that tank.
Oh, alright. Kids you'll be
alright for about fi...
(kids mimicking dolphin noises)
- Twenty.
- Hour.
Yeah what he said.
Alright just promise me this...
I know, I know. Sunscreen every
30 minutes,
no running, no diving.
Just promise me you'll have fun.
- (Collard) Alright chief, good to go.
- Alright here we go.
Whoa Nova!
Hey peep me!
Just another shredder day mornin
and waveskie!
(at the same time)
Oh wow.
In the wate...
This look is great for you.
Total barney.
Yeah barney.
Wait is barney cool?
Of course!
Chaa braaah!
I'm barn doggin'!
(intense music)
Hey cap.
Look at that man you really
think all that necessary?
Hey cap man.
(Naz) No Moe!
Enough is enough.
This dolphin has been taking too
money out of our pocket.
You're the cannonball master.
Well it's a talent,
some people got it some people
I found a pod!
- What?
- Go Echo
the pod is that way!
Their inside the reef, look
(Collard) I don't know.
That pod seems a little too
far for this guy to hear them.
We gotta get closer!
But what if...
What if he wants to stay here
with us.
I don't want him to go he's my
You guys are gonna have to say
goodbye some time.
Do you want to leave him
here without his pod?
I hate to break it to the both
of you but,
with the way that pods moving,
they'll be long gone soon.
Is my dad coming back up?
Uh, 35 minutes.
Well, I'm done.
(dolphin calls)
It's okay buddy I'll be back.
Later Collard.
- Uh hey!
- Yup?
Don't go any further than that.
Nova is gonna kill me if I lose
track of you.
Come on Sky, let's get some
What are you doing?
I know how to get echo close to
the Pod.
- Wait how?
- We need a boat!
No one ever asks if I want
(Luke) There it is down there!
(Sky) Okay, let's go! Go, go, go, go, go!
Okay, all clear.
- You get in I'll get...
- Cleats!
You in? Okay.
You know what you're doing?
Are you sure you know what
you're doing?
Okay. Life jackets.
Plug. Oil.
I think dad said we could forget
about that one.
Uhm, push throttle to start.
And, punch it?
That's all I remember.
Punch it.
(Hansen on walkie)
Pods in the reef!
The pods in the reef! Is someone
Someone copy the Pod is in the
Alright, alright, I'm on my way!
Ah here we go!
(Sydney on walkie) We gotta reset
the chimes on the west opening.
Not bad dude.
You're a real boat captain.
Hey! Hello!
(Clint) Collard!
Nova here, we're just finishing
- What's up?
- Listen!
They found out Echo has been
chewing up the traps!
Naz is after Echo!
(yelling together)
Echo! Echo!
- Come on!
- Echo!
- Echo!
- Echo!
- Echo!
- Come on!
Pod's that way!
These crusty old trappers
they get away with anything they
They never have to pay the
They think they own this ocean,
they don't.
They can be dangerous.
We can,
we can make sure they don't hurt
Echo but,
we shouldn't mess with their
I'm not gonna sink their boat I
was just gonna teach them a lesson.
No not like this.
- Please don't.
- Nova, they're gonna kill him.
(Nova) Clint, no one messes with
these guys.
You don't want to put Naz in a
And they're out there right
now hunting for Echo.
We're his only protectors.
If we don't do something, no one
Alright let's do it.
These boats are equipped to
locate them.
Let's take it.
We gotta get you to your family
Follow us!
Sky! I lost them!
Where's the pod?
Ah man, they move fast.
Yeah boy, that's our fish.
Hey cap, I see the rich man
Atta boy Moe
Come on! Echo go!
We're almost there!
Now reach the pod!
It's right over there! Echo! Go!
We're almost there Echo!
You're gonna do it! Let's go
We're almost there!
Luke! We did it!
We did it!
(boat engine dies)
What happened?
Shoot! We're out of fuel!
(boat gas alarm)
Echo go to the Pod!
- It's that way!
- Come on Echo, it's right there!
- Go! It's right there!
- It's right there!
- Right over there! Go!
- Run Echo!
- Go!
- Go!
Come on head that way!
Come on Echo!
- Go Echo!
- (Naz) Hey!
You kids get out the way!
They're spoiled children man!
(muffled yelling)
What are you doing?
(fishermen yelling angrily over
each other)
(Moe) Alright man, kids
please, get out of here!
These are our waters!
These are our fish!
You can't kill him!
(muffled yelling)
Port side, see him there!
(Moe) Whoa! Alright!
(Naz) Yeah that's him!
We got a shot!
Light him up!
Got eyes on him!
Dom what you see?
(Dom) Starboard side
Naz, he's over here!
Move, move, move!
Come on Moe, bring the gaff!
(Naz) Come, come, come let's go!
(Moe) Right behind you!
Naz come on man!
- Gotcha!
- Naz come on man take it easy!
Gaff Moe gaff!
(angered yelling)
Come on!
You can't do this!
Hey you stupid dolphin why
won't you just go away!
Protecting the kids.
- (Moe) Naz what are you doing?
- He think he protecting them!
We can see how loyal he is right
Nah Naz man, come on man!
Look at what you doing!
Look at what you doing!
You a killer?
Come on man!
Naz, come on man!
Think about your child man! Come
Think, think about her. Come one man.
You don't got to do this!
Hey you no!
Listen to me buddy, come on!
Please put the gun down!
- Please put the gun down! I'm beggin you man!
- Go, Echo, go!
- (Moe) Don't throw this all away!
- Go, whoa!
Don't become that monster!
Hey kids!
Say goodbye to Flipper!
(Naz heavy breathing)
(Naz grunting)
Hey Naz!
(Moe) Whoa, whoa, guys watch out!
(Clint) Hey Naz!
(angered grunting)
What's going on?
Hey Dom!
(paddle hitting Dom)
(angry grunts)
Come on!
Where are you going?
Uh uh.
We good.
Get him dad!
(head thud)
Luke! No!
Luke! Luke! Luke.
You okay buddy!
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hold on bud, hold on!
Hold on.
Hold on buddy.
Hey cap, cap!
Hold on, anybody seen Naz?
(Luke) What about Naz?
(Moe) Where Naz?
Where you is bro!
Anybody seen him?
You see cap down there?
Somebody help me find my
(Clint) I don't see him!
Check under the boat!
Where you bro!
I don't see him!
Where's he at?
Do you see him?
Where is he?
(Naz coughing)
Ah, sit up, sit up, sit up.
Move, move, move.
Clear out give him room.
You alright buddy.
- What happened man?
- That dolphin
you were trying to kill
just saved your life.
I'm sorry.
I just, I just...
(Clint) I know you're just trying
to protect your livelihood.
But we've been trying to get
Echo back out in the open water.
And away from y'alls traps.
The dolphin, his name is Echo.
Thanks Echo.
For saving my life.
- What about the pod!
- Yeah Skylar found the pod!
We were trying to get the pod!
You found a pod.
(Clint) We were trying
to get him out of y'alls,
way and stop messing with your
We were trying to return him to
a pod.
We hunt snapper,
and grouper on the bottom of
the ocean floor.
I don't think finding a pod of
should be any harder.
What this say,
my catch, catch me.
(Moe) Yup!
Let's do this!
Aye, aye captain!
Get her running!
(Luke) Uhm Mr.? Do you have any spare fuel?
(Naz) Ah Goliath fish.
(Moe) I got you little man.
(Naz) I don't know what's bigger
at this point, your brain or your heart.
(Clint) Skylar!
(Nova) Sky hang tight!
We're coming your way.
(Naz laughing) Alright I
don't have to watch my back.
Thank you.
Get her started Dom!
(upbeat piano music)
Hey Nova, that's about right,
you don't want to go to far you
don't want to spook all them.
- (Nova on walkie) Slow it here?
- Yeah right there.
The pod will take him from here.
I have a family that cares about
more than anything else in the
Now you do.
I'm gonna miss you Echo.
Later dude.
Bye Echo!
I love you Echo!
I'll miss you!
Good job.
I'm proud of you boy.
Hey, I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of you okay.
And I'm proud of you!
Come on Nova get in here!
(Nova laughing)
Oh you guys!
Think about it.
Man, it's all good.
I still love you.
Hey guys!
- I think Echo got home.
- We done did it!
- (Group) Yeah!
- We done did it!
Alright let's go!
Low five!
(crowd cheering)
- She made finals!
- Yes!
You nervous?
Yeah, that's alright.
It's totally normal alright.
I just want you to remember.
- Believe in myself.
- I swear will you guys ever let
me finish my sentences.
I was going to say, I want you
to remember
who's here with you okay?
Alright, go show them what you
got, go!
(Coach) Hey guys great meet
so far we're in second place.
It's gonna come down to this
Alright let's get everybody
Hurricanes on three
One. Two. Three. Hurricanes!
Come here Luke.
Alright. This is your race.
And we prepared for it.
Knock it out. Stay under the
full fifteen yards, okay.
You can do it.
Kill 'em.
Good luck!
(inspirational orchestral music)
On your marks.
(crowd cheering)
( "Dive In" plays )
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
you don't want to miss your
chance so dive in
Dive in!
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
You don't want to miss
your chance so dive in
Dive in!
I see you sitting on the edge
getting your feet wet
What's it going to take to get
to dive in
It's like you're still
holding your breath
though we're not underwater
But it's ok let it all out
And dive in
Dive in!
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
You don't want to miss
your chance so dive in
Dive in!
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
You don't want to miss
your chance so dive in
Dive in!
Dive in!
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
You don't want to miss
your chance so dive in
Dive in!
You shouldn't worry about
cause you know we got your
back so dive in
Go ahead and have a blast
You don't want to miss
your chance so dive in
Dive in!