Dom durakov (2002) Movie Script

This film is based on a true story.
In 1996, during the first Chechen war,
the bordering region of Ingushetia
was threatened with invasion
by Chechen detachments.
A psychiatric hospital
was located near this border.
The inmates lived their lives
unaware of the coming events.
Persona, Hachette Premire et Cie
and Bac Films
present a Russian-French
with the support of
the Ministry of Culture of Russia
Julia Vysotsky
Sultan Islamov
Stanislav Varkki
Elena Fomina
Marina Politseimako
Special guests:
Bryan Adams
and Eugeni Mironov
A film by Andrei Konchalovsky
Casting: Alexander Aronin
Make-up artist:
Nina Kolodkina
Svetlana Volter
Production designer:
Lubov Skorina
Editor: Olga Grinshpun
Original score:
Edward Artemiev
Director of photography:
Sergei Kozlov
Executive producer:
louri Grishin
Producers: Felix Kleiman
Andrei Konchalovsky
Written and directed by:
Andrei Konchalovsky
What are you morons ogling at?
Who takes those trains these days?
Only cheap dealers.
Everyone's smuggling stuff
Russia's got the clothing fever.
And our Little Nell is posing
like some Greek statue
in the Pushkin Museum.
Ever heard of that museum,
you shitheads?
Cleaning detail, finish up.
The rest of you go to bed.
You hear me?
Yes, sir!
So, you losers, seen enough?
Had your little fix?
Shame on you.
War and stupidity
will feed this generation.
A generation of junkies and trash.
I spit in your faces.
"Thunder rumbles on the front
"My boots tramp on regardless
"Charge, onwards to the enemy!"
Wipe that up, please.
Get lost, scumbag.
- Wipe it up.
- I spit on you all,
the runts and the tyrants,
links in the chain of power
trampling my homeland!
Physical abuse is illegal.
That's a violation of the law
on psychiatric care
and the rights of the citizen
adopted in July 1992
by the Supreme Soviet.
- Wipe it up!
- I'll do it!
- Wait.
- Leave her alone.
- She has bad nerves.
- She spat, she cleans it up.
Who do you think you are?
to give me orders?
You maniac, schizophrenic,
bald scribbler!
Maniac, schizophrenic,
bald scribbler!
A man must not force a woman.
You animal!
Goddamn screw! Flunky!
In the camp, guys like you
were smothered under mattresses.
- Get up!
- Come on!
You are humiliating humanity.
Your turn will come one day.
Just wait a while
and we'll change places.
Ill spit and you'll wipe it up.
Sit down by my side
Take me in your arms and sing
I feel so alone without you
Be complete when you're near
Open up! Who locked me in?
Crazy bitch.
Sit down by my side...
Good morning, my love.
He's covered in fly shit again.
Damn things!
I thought I'd killed them all.
I dreamt he sang me love songs again.
I dreamt of cocks again.
Cocks with wings like angels
flying all around me.
He's missing me so much.
He can't wait to see me.
Give it a rest.
I bet he already has a wife.
Are you stupid, Lucia, or what?
She is not a wife.
She's a girlfriend. He doesn't love her.
He knows he has a fiance
in Russia.
For the wedding day,
Ill buy a big white hat.
Hats really suit me.
Lucia! There! There it is!
Bastard! Ill beat the shit out of you!
its dead.
Stop pushing.
You're not getting through, Im next!
- Don't you have your own toilet?
- Flooded again.
You'll crap all over ours again.
Have you seen Goga?
You haven't seen him?
Goga! We'll miss our turn!
Have you seen Goga anywhere?
- Has Mahmud been here?
- Yeah, but he's gone again.
Where's my place? He was keeping it.
Get to the back of the line,
Citizen Atanessian.
Hey, Tut-tut, come out now!
Shorty's going to burst.
You were keeping my place?
Where am I?
I was here before anyone for you.
Stop! Let Goga through.
Im going nowhere.
No privileges here!
This is the women's toilet.
Come on, Shorty's bursting.
A real mafia,
selling places in the line.
Get out of there, bitch!
I have a bladder!
Here, this is for later.
And that's for you
so you won't be jealous.
Lucia told me everything.
Just think!
Be quiet or there'll be trouble!
See you.
See you.
Doctor, are we eating
with the women again?
- Don't you like it?
- Oh, we do!
If you behave,
you can eat with them every day.
That's a violation of the rules
governing psychiatric care.
Vika, our rules were written ages ago.
In America, they've done it for years.
The quiet patients eat together.
it has a beneficial effect.
But if you'd rather eat alone,
that's no problem.
Doctor, can you give me something
so I don't need to poo?
Im sick to death
of having to queue every day.
You can't have it all, Mahmud.
Life is like that.
- Like what?
- Well...
its when new shit
is produced every day.
Nothing to laugh about.
That definition has a certain depth to it.
Misha! Wait!
Roustam, watch Vika closely!
Do your best!
One, two, three, four...
Go on!
Well done, Zoia!
Now, the bridge!
Let's stop and do the bridge!
Lie down!
Heads towards me!
Good, Lucia!
Well done! Congratulations!
Zoia's the best at it.
Vika, careful!
You'll break your neck!
Janna, look, Im a yogi!
Well done, Shorty!
Give him a round of applause.
Well done, Shorty!
Give him a big hand!
it wasn't me!
Hurray! We're burning!
Two guitars behind the wall
Strike up a sad song...
You and I lie together
On a narrow bed
You stare at the ceiling
And seem to count the flies
I feel so lonely
And you don't even see
Can I have your porridge?
- Who's that?
- Grandpa.
A tooth!
A tooth in my porridge!
A human tooth!
You know what this means, comrades?
Imagine what they're feeding us
if our teeth are falling out.
I want to know.
Who did this?
Who gave Mahmud matches?
- You don't know?
- Who's asking you?
Who's going to own up?
I warned you not to give him matches.
Do you want to be burned alive?
or what?
He's capable of it!
Who'll own up?
I already told you it wasn't me.
it wasn't me!
Stay away, you're going to hurt me!
My bladder! Put me down!
Don't touch me.
Aminazine up the backside.
- Strap them to their beds.
- Very well.
Do we have to force-feed you?
Aren't you sick of it?
You can be so stubborn.
You know very well Im going to do it.
There'll be no train today.
All go back to your rooms.
- Is it broken?
- No, it's fine.
He's just tired of pulling
those heavy carriages.
Even iron locomotives
get tired sometimes.
All go back quietly to your rooms.
The phone's cut off
and the radio's dead.
- What does that mean?
- its not good.
We'll have to evacuate the patients.
But we'll need to find money first.
Fire me if you want, doctor,
but I won't spend the night here.
What are you doing here?
Give it back!
- Let me have a go.
- You'll break it.
its not going to break it!
Water flows from the well...
Tell him. its my accordion!
they've taken my accordion.
What's wrong?
They've taken my Shorty away!
That faggot, Goga. The asshole!
Ill smash his head in with my iron.
They're in the women's ward.
- Who let the violent ward out?
- We did.
- What if the doctor finds out?
- He's not here.
The rats have deserted the ship!
The Communist regime is over!
Stop it! You should be ashamed!
Ill untie you.
Shorty, my love, are you all right?
Do you like my wig?
its Claudia's, the second floor nurse.
Open up!
Vika let the violent ward out!
The doctor went for a bus
to evacuate us.
I woke up at 4:00 in the morning.
The place was deserted.
Freedom! Down with Fascism!
Take to the streets!
Ill go.
Not a soul.
The coast is clear! Hurray!
Down with the bars!
Break it down!
Bombs! Mother!
- Wash the floor.
- But we're being attacked!
Even if it's a world war,
I don't give a shit!
I warned you, Vika!
Will they kill us?
Tank regiments are commanded
by total idiots.
You send in the infantry first,
then the tanks.
it wasn't me!
Don't kill me!
Don't worry. We won't hurt you.
Don't hurt me.
its nothing to do with me!
Wow! She's hairy.
its a man.
- Where's the doctor?
- Getting buses.
- Who are you?
- Alikhan.
I need a room without windows
for the prisoners.
In the basement.
Spirit and bandages for the casualties.
Upstairs, in the interns' office.
But the violent patients
have locked themselves in there.
Cut it, instead of staring!
Will you fucking cut it or not?
- We need spirit.
- I have some cologne.
Over here.
Hold me down.
Pour it on!
That hurts.
What's the sense in sending?
three of you to cover her?
She never listens!
We told her not to go!
We couldn't stop her!
You lay down your life for a sniper.
Calm down. Got any antibiotics?
Hand them over.
She's a woman?
Yes, a Lithuanian. With nerves of steel.
- Is the basement this way?
- Yes.
Did we scare you?
What are you, a bandit group?
This is Shorty.
Janna, Im hungry.
Everyone's hungry.
I haven't eaten a thing all day.
Let go of me!
Remember the guy
with the green eyes?
As soon as I saw him,
I got goose bumps.
Did you see his beard, Zoia?
Nice and soft.
You hear? I touched his beard.
it was so soft.
They've taken my accordion again.
He pressed me up against the wall
and said he could guess my name.
I said, "You'll never guess. "
Come in and help us.
Do you like it?
That's my accordion.
it is? You know how to play?
I don't believe you!
- I do know how.
- Sit down and show us, then.
Sit down and show us, then.
Don't be afraid.
You're pretty. Are you a nurse?
- I live here.
- You're sick, then.
I used to be
but Im not any more.
A polka?
- Any other pretty girls?
- Yes.
A lot?
There's Lucia. I share a room with her.
Then there's Sonia.
And Vika, she's very beautiful.
You play well.
- I can dance too.
- You dance?
- You're kidding us!
- Im doing the circus school exam.
- I can even tap-dance.
- incredible! Show us.
I don't have the right shoes.
Show us anyway.
What music do you want?
Something fast.
Do you believe me now?
What a woman of passion!
Will you marry me?
You want to marry me?
Marry you?
Yes, today. We can hold
the wedding this evening.
Are you crazy?
I already have a fianc.
Damn! Where is he?
In America, on tour.
One fianc's not enough
for a woman like you.
One in America, one here.
Ask my friends. Ahmed never lies.
Bring your accordion tonight.
Will you come?
Ill be waiting! Fiance!
What's up? You want kebabs?
The Russians are coming!
Ahmed, get up to the roof. Quick!
Don't shoot!
We have an offer to make.
Are you going to shoot?
Make sure you don't miss.
Don't shoot!
Get out!
What do you want?
My captain wants to speak to yours.
Captain, come here.
We have one of your corpses.
Want to ID it?
Check if it's one of ours.
- Any dope?
- Two crates of ammo for five ounces.
1, 500 rounds? What kind of shit is it?
Top quality. Try some.
We don't sell crap.
OK. We'll leave the crates
with the body.
its Salman.
How much?
2,000 bucks.
Tell Mahomet, he'll fix it.
Take Askhab and get the body.
Let's sit down a while
and count the money.
All right.
A villager said he was yours.
If not, we wouldn't have known.
Count out 2,000.
No 100 dollar bills?
Small bills aren't money anymore?
You went begging to gather
all that together?
Fuck me!
The 20th Paratrooper Regiment.
You were in Afghanistan, then?
Did you guys save our asses?
in the Chungur ambush?
Your commander had a stammer.
Poltavchenko, a great guy.
Great guy.
What's your name?
There's time for a quick joint.
You'll really marry me?
Don't shoot! it went off by accident!
Hold your fire!
Our captain's over there!
You fuckwits!
Are you totally wasted?
Shut it!
You'll end up in deeper shit!
Get back in!
- You forgot the money!
- We'll manage without it!
We had an agreement.
Give it to your mullah!
I owe you that after Chungur.
Im sorry.
You will forgive me, won't you?
Ill pray for you every day.
I won't abandon you.
You'll find someone else.
What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Where are you going?
Lucia, are you afraid of men?
Me? Yes. I don't know... No.
Im getting married.
He asked for my hand.
The best-looking Chechen,
in a black hat.
He plays the accordion too.
it takes your breath away.
That's it!
I can't cheat on him.
On who?
He'll find two new ones.
You can have
my new patent leather shoes.
No, I can't accept.
Take them, please.
Ill just try them on, then.
If Bryan comes tomorrow,
what'll you tell him?
Go, don't turn down
your chance to be happy. Go.
- Go!
- No, I can't go!
it only happens once in a lifetime,
never twice.
I have some presents for you too.
Goga, here.
"The Miraculous Power Of Water".
Thank you.
- My toy elephant.
- Ill take it later.
Take it now. Im going.
Thank you.
A silver spoon for your first baby.
Can I have your accordion?
I can't. "its my breadwinner. "
As my dad, the human torso,
used to say.
Hi, everyone.
Janna, Ive never been good
at giving presents
but I don't think this will spoil you.
Far from it, in fact.
I wish you happiness.
- I only wore it once.
- A hat!
Ive dreamt of one.
Hats suit me so well!
To be honest,
I never thought you'd do
something like this.
its a powerful symbol.
As the world ignores this tragedy,
you're marrying a man who is fighting
against Russian imperialist policy.
its an act of international significance.
All the mass media
should know about it.
I call it popular diplomacy in action.
Even if, I have to admit
that Im going to miss
your gym classes terribly...
along with your humanity.
Im not afraid of saying it.
- Shut your mouth, Vika.
- All right.
We've found a proper wedding veil!
That's my bedspread.
Calm down, Vera.
I don't want a veil. Hats suit me better.
Janna, come over here.
Roustam, help us.
What a knockout!
Let's take a picture!
Ali's got the camera.
Where is he?
He's locked himself in his room.
I knocked but he didn't answer.
Can I come in?
Give us the camera, please.
There's no film left.
You want to upset me but it won't work.
- No, it's really all gone.
- I have a gift for you.
You mustn't leave.
Lucia says I mustn't miss my chance.
it only happens once.
You mustn't go.
- Bye!
- There's a war outside.
Let go, you're hurting me.
Are you stupid or what?
Ive brought you an apple.
Eat it. That way the nurse
won't shout at you.
Zoia will grate it for you.
Ive got a hat.
Andrei, sweety. The hat.
See you.
See you.
Last New Year, we kissed.
You remember?
This will be the second time.
Keep the curtain closed
or the flies will crap
all over Bryan again.
Vika, be careful
when you do the bridge.
Don't go breaking your neck.
Fedia, you're a plumber,
so fix the toilets.
Bye. Im going.
- Where are you going?
- Ill see her to the gate.
Let's go upstairs to watch her go.
Let's go.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Come on in.
Women are always welcome.
Be careful here.
Here I am.
Ahmed, you're fiance's here.
Ahmed's marrying his beauty.
You were right to come.
Sit down at the table.
Next to your fianc.
Get her a clean plate.
Ahmed, why don't you
ask her to sit next to you?
- Is it true?
- What?
You promised her?
Yes, he did, sir. I was there.
We were all in the laundry room.
Say something.
its tasty. All we get
is porridge and cocoa.
Ahmed, Im waiting. Is it true?
Yes. Why?
Is that a problem?
A wedding needs wine.
Sir, may I?
You made a poor choice, girl.
He's an actor. Never trust an actor.
I don't usually keep my word.
But I will now! Im marrying her.
You're all witnesses.
Pass me the vodka.
You know our dances?
No, only the polka.
Go on, you play!
Look at this woman! Such talent!
Show them how you dance!
Come here! Come on!
Ive come to take her back home.
- Is he a relative?
- No.
His name's Ali.
He helped us out earlier.
Come and eat with us.
Sit down.
Don't! He never takes his pack off,
even when he sleeps.
What's in it? Dollars?
its a secret. I can't say.
Why are you doing this?
She's sick.
Im not sick. Im perfectly healthy.
Let's go home.
You want her back in the nuthouse?
its not a "nuthouse".
its our home. That's where we live.
We'll spend our lives here.
Have a drink. We'll talk later.
Come on!
Leave him alone!
They're letters.
They're not letters, they're poems.
Ali is a poet. They're poems.
Ali, don't be angry.
Read them your poems instead.
The storm brings darkness,
the wind how is
Like a beast, Like a child
It how is at everyone
Twisting round tenderly
Like a wanderer Lost on earth...
Let's go home.
Leave me alone!
My hat!
Good evening, my sweet fiance.
- Forgive me, please.
- For what?
I can't marry you.
He can't survive if I abandon him.
- Who can't?
- My fianc, Bryan Adams.
- He loves you that much?
- You have no idea!
its crazy, how much he loves me!
But that's not the reason.
its because I love him.
its tough on him.
He wouldn't get by without me.
- Is he in the army?
- No, you're in the army.
He's a singer. He's Bryan Adams.
- The American star?
- He's Canadian.
He was born in Canada
and lives in London.
His father's a diplomat. He loves opera.
Bryan Adams loves opera?
No, not Bryan. His father loves opera.
Perhaps Bryan does too.
Do you know that we're alive?
because someone somewhere
loves us?
They pray for us and give us strength.
Tell me, who's praying for you?
Someone has to be.
Don't worry.
Someone has to be praying for you too.
That's all.
You're not angry, are you?
I should be asking you for forgiveness.
I never intended to marry you.
I was just fooling around.
I often speak before I think.
When that argument started,
I spoke out of pride.
After, when we danced,
I saw how stupid I am.
Id make a poor fianc.
But you're a great dancer!
I never thought
Id carry a gun one day.
I couldn't even shoot straight.
But when my brothers were killed,
when the roof fell in on my father,
I went and asked them for a gun.
So now I shoot.
I wonder...
when they kill me...
You won't get killed. You're special.
Who do you look like?
your father or your mother?
Who do I look like?
Like a bald bastard, that's who!
- Totally bald.
- So what?
Ali's bald too, and so is the doctor.
Lenin was too. And he was smart.
And his wife loved him.
And aliens, forget it!
Not only are they bald, they're green.
- I need another drink.
- Ive got some vodka.
Fedia stole it from the laundry.
So you're an actor?
That's a bad idea, beautiful.
Time to fix the hangover.
I told you to eat something.
I don't remember a thing.
You danced and then you cried.
After, you fell asleep on my breast.
Wet it with some beer.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Ive cheated on my beloved.
Stop it!
You can go back to him.
I won't tell him anything.
No, it's too late.
He'll never forgive me.
You and I will be together forever now.
Listen, what's your name?
Janna... Timofeeva.
Janna, don't think that way.
You understand me?
Don't panic! Everyone pair off!
Move to the boiler room!
Vika, that concerns you too.
Nothing concerns me.
I don't have time to talk to you.
Don't touch me!
What are you doing?
That's hospital property.
Don't forget anyone.
Stick together, in pairs!
Come in here!
In pairs!
The Russians are at the market!
Help me! Teach me to shoot!
- Get out of my way!
- I want to help.
OK. Give me those sacks.
Vakhid, teach me to shoot.
Try to understand.
I have to be with you.
its such a joy,
fighting for your own freedom.
I don't want to miss this celebration.
- Get to the basement!
- Show me!
its such a joy,
fighting for your own freedom.
We're heading for the market!
Go back home!
You understand Russian?
Where's my home?
You're totally crazy!
I can play the accordion!
Look, I can play the accordion!
Down with Russian chauvinism!
Let's go!
- Freedom!
- I love you!
Don't stay there!
Don't leave me!
Im yours now, Ahmed.
Im your wife.
Those are not yours!
What are you doing?
Tell him Im his wife!
Go, you're in the way!
I don't have a wife! Go!
Ahmed, don't kill me!
Ahmed, I love you!
Don't kill me!
Fire, I love you.
Don't kill me.
Mud, I love you.
Don't kill me.
Go on, Ill stay here a while.
Go on.
I can't take any more!
What are you doing here?
Go down to the basement!
Lucia! Anybody!
She's been killed in my room!
She has a headache.
Listen to me, she's lying on Lucia's bed!
You didn't eat your apple?
The nurse says that God forgives.
Will he forgive everyone?
Which one?
You know? God.
What do you see?
An apple.
Is that all?
Well, yes, what else? its an apple.
I see different nations on that apple.
People that love each other
and destroy each other,
fighting for generations, and dying.
They stare up in hope to see my face.
And you want me to eat them?
I can only forgive them.
Just as I forgive you.
Im aware of your existence.
Go now.
What are you doing?
A new hairstyle.
its getting in my way.
You didn't leave?
Well, no.
There wasn't enough room in the truck.
Besides, I cut my hand.
- Where's your fianc?
- I changed my mind.
Shorty, come here! Janna is back!
Doctor, where have you been?
I went to get some buses,
but the Chechens captured them,
along with me.
We went to Sali.
We had no idea where you were.
Im staying with you now.
Will we have our pills again?
Colonel, you're holding all your pills.
Pills again!
- Everyone upstairs!
- Let's go home!
We'll sort this mess out.
How do you feel?
The nurse isn't coming back?
I don't know.
I heard her grandson's been killed.
Nobody hurt you?
We sang every night,
we danced and drank beer...
Im glad.
Is he still alive?
- Who?
- Him.
Ahmed. Is he still alive?
Let's go in.
Let them kill him.
I want him to be killed.
Bullet or bomb, straight in the head.
A shell or a missile.
I hope he's crying in pain.
And that he forgets about me.
I hope he suffers a lot.
Let's go.
Anybody here? Scouts, forward!
Go in!
Where are you dickheads off to?
You have your instructions
in black and white.
If you see Chechen corpses,
you keep going! If not, watch out!
Someone's out there!
- What is it?
- There's a guy in there.
What's with him?
- You read the sign?
- Yes, sir.
We're in the nuthouse. Stop!
it could be booby-trapped.
- Do you get it?
- Yes, sir!
Ok, then.
I can't let anyone through.
Get me your captain.
What's all this shouting?
Let my patients use the canteen.
No way, we haven't checked it yet.
Let me pass, then.
I need to get syringes.
All right, go on!
What's this? Look at him.
He seems half-dead.
its nothing. Just an adrenaline attack.
He's in shock. He'll get over it.
Get the picture? Look at my boots.
Ive never seen shit like this.
As soon as it rains,
there's fucking mud everywhere.
If a tank passes, we're stuck.
And there are land mines everywhere.
Look at my laces.
its crazy! I can't undo them now!
I can't take it any more!
All Chechens should be shot.
Where are my men? Where is Vaska?
Victor's head was blown off.
Serguei was shot by a sniper.
He was such a great guy!
Give me a shot of something strong.
Just don't let my men see.
Hold it.
I don't get it.
What happened to me?
Know what the most important thing
in the war is?
its not victory.
The most important thing is death.
Ive never known fear.
Maybe your mind hasn't felt it,
but your flesh has.
Tolstoy said,
"Why is a man happy
when he kills another?
"'What's there to be happy about?"
Feeling any better?
Not a fucking word to anyone!
Right and left!
Hey, Miss Musician,
have you seen anyone?
- What?
- There is nobody!
Head on up. They must be upstairs.
Nobody goes out,
unless you want to be shot!
- Is it the war again?
- We're looking for bandits!
They're hiding here somewhere.
Everybody hit the floor!
- its the war, all right!
- Get down!
Toss in a smoke bomb!
Surrender, you fuckers!
Holy shit,
we're shooting at our own side!
Rekemchuk, are you fucking crazy?
Answer me and make it snappy!
They shot Smirnov on the roof.
We were firing at you...
its just a scratch. Safonov is hurt.
We'll set him straight.
Get up there, hurry!
Fucking move!
Unit 2, send in the tanks
and surround the asylum.
Yes, the one near the bridge!
To avoid further casualties,
put down your arms and come out.
To avoid further casualties,
put down your arms and come out.
Sit down. Ill get it for you.
You can't go upstairs,
there's soldiers up there.
Go on up!
To avoid further casualties,
put down your arms and come out.
No country treats its people like this.
Listen, they're firing on the bandits.
Is the train coming through tonight?
The doctor promised.
Of course. If he promised...
Is this place free?
Don't be afraid of these soldiers.
They're kind.
They caught the bandits on the roof.
One of them got away.
Did you see anyone suspicious?
If you do, let the guard out
in the yard know right away.
We'll show you one of the bandits.
He's a very bad man.
Is he one of the men
who took over the hospital,
smashed our windows
and stole our drugs?
Bring him in!
Well, who knows this man?
- He's hurt.
- What?
What did you say?
He's hurt.
And so you haven't seen
someone suspicious around?
Petrov, hold on.
Take the prisoner to HQ!
Take him away.
The building's clean, as they say.
Any problems, call HQ.
Who's that?
Who are you?
Im sick, I need to be treated.
Do you all know him?
He's one of us, he's Ahmed.
Right! He's our Ahmed!
He's in our room.
Come and see me after lunch.