Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist (2005) Movie Script

And this is one of my men.
We found him in a ditch
with a kitchen knife in his back.
Murdered by one of you.
You see the German army retreating,
and it makes you feel hope.
It should not.
So who is responsible for this?
You, priest.
What's your name?
I'm Father Merrin.
Father Merrin.
These people confess to you?
So point out the one who is responsible.
No one here did this, lieutenant.
They aren't capable of it.
Father, you must help me with this.
Oh, but how?
Well, I need someone.
Do you understand?
Surely there is one among them
who beats his wife or his children.
A thief, perhaps.
Every town has someone
it can do without. Point him out.
There is no murderer here.
I have good news for you.
You are all innocent.
Your priest has told me so.
The murderer is no doubt
lurking in the countryside...
...waiting to strike at the next group
of German soldiers.
I am going to shoot 10 of you... the hope that we can
demonstrate to this wretch...
...the responsibility he has incurred.
A worker's hand.
We will start with you.
You have some objection, Father?
In God's name, you cannot do this.
You choose.
Well, they're your flock.
You live among them. So you choose.
I will not.
You give me 10 of them,
or I will kill them all.
Men, women and children.
Shoot me.
You have five seconds.
I can't.
You can't what?
Pick who will be sacrificed?
History is full of priests
who did little else.
You begin to irritate me, Father.
That was for making me wait.
I still want 10 more names.
What are you doing, Father?
Are you praying?
To God?
It's all right, Father. I'll let you pray.
Because I know something.
You see...
...God isn't here today.
You win.
Shoot them all.
No! Wait!
Joost Harmensz, take him.
Too late, Father. You had your chance.
No, please.
Take Joost. And Jon.
That's good.
And who shall be next?
That's him.
He's Dutch, you say?
Half. His mother was English.
Perhaps he'll be a bit more inclined
to see reason then.
I wouldn't be concerned
about reason, major.
He's a scholar.
We studied his works
at the Maryknoll Center.
Oh, yes.
You Maryknolls.
Cropping up everywhere
these days.
It's a wonder the Jesuits don't
get after you for poaching their game.
We all serve in the same cause,
Major Granville.
He's not one of yours?
A simple parish priest from Holland.
When did he develop
this archaeological bent?
Right after the war.
There was an incident.
Yes, I heard.
And his standing
in the Church now?
The site is right west of Lake Rudolf,
in the Turkana district.
It's Early Christian, which makes
for quite a mystery given its location.
...we won't know more about it
until we get inside the thing.
I'd only uncovered a small portion
of the roof before I got...
...summoned here.
Did you feel summoned?
I am sorry.
It's a question of status,
you see.
My status?
Officially, you're still listed
as a displaced person.
I wonder...
...why didn't you take steps... clear the matter up?
I've been busy.
Beautiful, aren't they?
Yes, very.
Are you a lepidopterist?
A hobby.
From school days.
You have been busy.
Six archaeological digs since the war.
This is the longest.
If this is an official matter...
...then what is he doing here?
Father Francis?
Well, for one thing,
he's quite an admirer of yours.
I'm about to begin missionary work
in the Turkana district.
I thought maybe we could
help each other.
You know a lot about the people.
I'd rather not. Thank you.
This is a little awkward.
Cardinal Jenkins
is somewhat concerned...
...about an exploration
of this significance...
...conducted by a priest
who is on sabbatical.
Temporary sabbatical.
Which comes up for review shortly.
Perhaps I should take this up
with the governor's office.
They'd only send you back to me.
Why don't you have a seat, Merrin.
You sure you won't
have that drink?
The cardinal wants to be sure
that the site's religious aspects...
...are given proper consideration.
Part of Father Francis' job...
...will be to see to that.
Are you an archaeologist?
You're not the sole person
with an interest here.
I've contacted your sponsors at Oxford.
They have no objection.
If you agree as well,
I can renew your visa immediately.
We all must make our little deals
with the devil, Merrin.
Before there were the mines,
traders came to Derati for the water.
They still do...
...but it is a hard life.
Why in God's name
are they tormenting that animal?
It is a sacrifice.
The new wife of the chief elder...
...Sebituana, will soon give birth.
Sebituana does not yet have an heir.
So the people make sacrifices... the hope that the gods
will provide one.
It is a necessary thing.
Cruelty is never necessary, Chuma.
You think we are savages?
I think some of you
are good people...
...lost in confusion.
There's nothing confusing
about that ceremony, Father.
They're weakening the bull
so that someone can approach it.
And as for some of the Turkana being
savages, you may want to be careful.
Sebituana back there
is Chuma's cousin.
Welcome back.
Did you bring the supplies?
Yes. They're in the back of the lorry.
Chuma, could you get
Rachel's medical supplies?
Here's a letter for you.
How was Nairobi?
Hello. Are you the doctor?
Habari Kani, Lankester.
It's good to have you back.
Oh, thank you. Your room is prepared.
We'll need another room,
Emekwi. This is Father Francis.
You're a friend of Lankester's, Father?
Oh, hello. I hope so.
I've actually come to open
a missionary school.
This is your hotel?
The finest establishment in Derati.
Emekwi here, he's a Christian.
Maybe he can help you.
In any way I can.
James, Joseph.
These are my sons, Father.
They shall be your first pupils,
if you will have them.
That's excellent, Emekwi. Thank you.
Well, then, how far are we
from the site?
How old do you think it is?
Well, the architecture seems to date
to the fifth century.
The Byzantine Empire
had adopted Christianity by then...
...but they never got this far south.
Wanna have a look?
You're? You're sure it's all right?
Well, so long as
you don't touch anything...
...and keep an open mind.
It must have been an enormous effort
to get these materials up here.
Up here?
Yes. The stones come from a quarry
near the lake.
Which means a distance...
...of miles.
It's impossible.
The stones look almost new.
With the wind and sun up here...
Well, they should be badly weathered.
The church must have been deliberately
buried right after it was built.
What, they came here and built
something only to bury it?
I don't know.
Chuma, hire some more men.
Have them work double shifts.
I want these walls cleared.
I can't understand it.
Who'd reported it?
Except for this.
I cannot thank you enough
for your generosity, Emekwi.
Oh, please, Father,
the building goes unused.
And besides, it is nothing more than
our Lord and Savior would expect.
If you need anything,
anything at all, just ask.
I wish others of our faith
felt that way.
Oh, but, of course, the town
will get the room back soon, since...
Since we have to build a proper school.
Oh, please, Father.
Do not think me a doubting Thomas.
...we may not need
that new school right away.
Hello, Papa.
Hello, Joseph.
Hello, Papa.
Hello, James.
Well...'s a beginning.
Call for the doctor.
It is the heat.
Pick him up. Let's take him down.
I'll get some water.
Don't let him take it all at once.
Our friend is back.
Come for food and water again.
It must be even worse for him
in this heat.
I'll try to get him into the tent.
Do not let the men see that
Don't be afraid.
You got here quickly.
Your man made it sound urgent.
Well, is it?
Chuma, try to make him comfortable
in the back of my truck.
He needs rest and rehydration.
Heat stroke.
You're working them too hard.
There's water in the tent if you'd like...
I would. Thank you.
We had another visit
from that boy today.
Any luck?
Couldn't even get close.
I had to sedate him two weeks ago.
Just to treat a beating
he took from a villager.
Why don't they help him?
They think he's cursed.
What he needs is sustained treatment.
Early this year.
Two of the cattle
have been killed already.
Thank you, Chuma.
I must keep you safe
for the lady doctor.
The sores were very infected.
I've cleaned and dressed them.
There's no permanent damage.
The leg and arm
are a different matter.
Night, Mara.
There's nothing you can do?
Not for the arm.
The leg...
The leg could be theoretical
Theoretically, the leg
could be rebroken...
...and set properly by a surgeon
from Nairobi.
They fly from...
Do you think he'd allow it?
It was called Chelmno.
That was the Polish name.
The Germans called it Kulmhof.
I was in a processing center
for confiscated items.
It's amazing what you're capable of
when your physical survival is at stake.
Things you think
you could never endure.
Well, nobody knew back then.
Everybody... We heard stories.
I wish they could fix that generator.
No one wanted to believe.
Of course not.
Who could believe such things
were happening?
No one wanted to believe.
It's so much easier to believe evil
is random...
...or an ogre...
...not that it's a human condition,
something everyone is capable of.
I believed God let us decide
between good and evil.
I chose good.
Evil happened.
Now you travel.
What are you looking for?
Sometimes I think the best view
of God is from hell.
This boy here...
You brought something
out of that young man.
God is in that boy that doesn't speak.
Until he tried to speak to you.
He's an unfortunate.
One of God's afflicted.
I think what you're looking for,
Father Merrin... here.
You have been very brave, Cheche.
You're on the mend.
Better, eh?
Yes. Better.
Merrin was right about you, Cheche.
I thought you'd run away.
...if Appa and I...
If we could make your leg better
Would you want that?
We'll have a great deal of news
for Appa, won't we?
Merrin, it's magnificent.
Wait till you get inside.
The war in heaven.
St. Michael.
It's so strange.
Churches were built to honor God...
...provide a house of worship,
but this...
This can't have been a meeting place.
This had to have another purpose.
Look at the figures.
Church architecture is supposed
to reach for the heavens.
But this looks as if
As if it were holding something down.
These rocks.
These rocks are like plugs.
What is that?
Like a sarcophagus.
You hear that?
Bring me some men
and the shear legs.
What is it?
What are you frightened of?
It's a temple of some kind.
What idol could inspire
a place like this?
I'd say it's dedicated to him.
Some pagan god of these parts.
The old people would sometimes
tell stories...
...of mountain demons
to scare us, but...
They built the church on top of this.
That's why they buried it.
To hold this down.
They used St. Michael to emphasize...
...that the old gods
had no power before the one.
But I never believed.
These are bloodstains.
People were sacrificed here.
It's almost like a scene
out of the Inquisition, isn't it?
The hyenas must have
attacked the cattle.
But the cattle...
...killed them.
Then ate them.
And now they die of it.
He wants you to stop digging.
He thinks the church is evil.
His side of the family...
...either old ways or nothing.
No argument.
Look here.
Look how it was done.
The workers who did this were not just
Not just workers. They were artists.
The mosaics came
from across the world.
Here. The great battle of the angels.
The turquoise from Egypt,
malachite from Namibia...
...lapis from Afghanistan.
This is St. Michael.
It's his church. It's dedicated to him.
But the violence.
It's the war of heaven.
God's angels fighting Satan
and his legion...
...cast into the underworld.
It's the sort of find
that makes a career.
I thought that at first,
but now it seems...
There is he.
Lucifer, source of light.
He was called
the most perfect of angels.
It will make you, Lankester.
But what will it make you?
You're trying to see through me.
Are you a head doctor as well?
It doesn't take an expert
to see you're suffering.
You're in guilt.
We're all in guilt.
What I told you the other night...
...I never told anyone else.
I told you because of something
I saw in you.
I've got to inform Cardinal Jenkins.
I hope you understand that if word
gets out about what's in there...
...the danger of violation and looting
Which is why we have... inform Major Granville as well.
Ask him to send
a detachment of guards.
Because the British
have proved so trustworthy.
You haven't seen the British Museum?
Everything was looted
from sites like that.
Merrin, please.
You're not the only one involved.
Get on, boys.
All right, come on! Come on!
Out, out!
Welcome, major. Welcome to Derati.
Fall in on the left, quickly on the right.
Fall in and stand easy!
Good morning.
Good morning.
Beloved wherever we go.
Sergeant major,
have the men stand to attention.
I have a feeling those good women
report to the local aristocracy.
And I don't want to display
even a hint of disrespect... or at any other time. Am I clear?
Yes, sir.
Respect for the godforsaken
fuzzies at all times, sir.
That is precisely the sort of comment
Squad, 'tion!
Men standing to attention, sir.
Thank you.
Mix it with blood or water.
It's for pain.
Sebituana's wife has gone into labor.
She's in a great deal of pain.
This is Dr. Lamu.
Oh, doctor.
Joseph Lamu.
Rachel Lesno.
So good of you to come.
Not a problem.
I told them to bring her here, but...
So I've sent some morphine.
What, do you think they count them?
Do you think they count them
every night?
Might do.
Might do.
You got no more sense
than the fuzzies, corporal.
Respect the stripes, boy.
Oh, "respect the stripes" now, is it?
I tell you, they got thousands
of the things.
Just a handful would make us rich
for the rest of our lives.
Or get us hung.
Well, they can't hang us
for having a look, now, can they?
His wounds are healing well.
I hope we do as well with this.
He's young.
His bones are strong.
Jesus Christ!
Hundreds of them.
Every kind of precious stone.
Just a handful is all I need.
All we need, private.
We pool the take. Yeah?
Cover them.
Sorry, sir?
They're British soldiers.
I won't have them left like that.
Of course, sir.
Richardson. Avery.
Get some blankets
and cover those soldiers.
You will keep me informed
about Cheche?
Yes, of course.
What's going on here?
What do you mean?
What's going on here?
This whole valley.
Why don't you stay a couple of days.
You hardly had any rest. I'll show you
the dig, the church we found.
Who's in charge here?
Military. Major Granville.
Not you?
No, not me.
You take care of yourself,
Lankester Merrin.
Thank you.
Who, Merrin?
Well, these were on the ground.
They'd been pried out
of the mosaics.
Maybe they were trying
to stop a robbery.
Got killed by the thieves.
Of course.
Bloody savages.
There's no reason to suspect
the Turkana, major.
The style of the killings...
...the positioning of the bodies.
He's right.
It's Christian imagery, not pagan.
John the Baptist,
head on a platter.
Peter the Apostle crucified
A Christian is responsible?
You're both insane.
Chuma, get that man out of here.
Jomo saw what happened, major.
Did he?
And what was it
this Jomo saw precisely?
Jomo watches from the hills
that lie above this place, and...
He says...
He says he saw
the two soldiers argue.
One killed the other
and then stabbed himself.
What the devil are you saying?
They were stealing jewels. Then
some sort of madness overtook them
Be quiet! I won't hear another word!
That is the most...
Tell this man that if he repeats
such absurdities, I'll arrest him, Chuma.
And you as well, do you understand?
The idea's absurd.
I'm supposed to accept
this was some sort of...
...acrobatic ritual murder and suicide?
It's not only absurd, it's an insult.
Those men were with me for years.
Major, please, please try
I don't need opinions, Merrin.
I've been lenient with you people,
...but warn the elders...
...that unless they hand over
the men that did this... in these parts will become
distinctly less pleasant.
I will get to the bottom of this.
Major, please.
Do not choose the wrong side
in this, Merrin.
Remember what you owe... whom.
The wrong side, major?
This is not war.
Hello, Rachel.
Is he all right?
Take a look.
He started to run a fever
early this morning.
And there was a warmth
radiating from the cast.
I took it off,
expecting to find gangrene.
You can imagine my shock.
So it's better.
It's on its way to being healed.
This should have taken weeks...
...not days.
And the fever's dropping.
I only hope that...
Hope what?
There are cases of false recovery...
...of a body's system
appearing to improve...
...but it's actually evidence
of a deeper problem.
Any reason to believe that's the case?
No, there isn't.
So many terrible things have happened
in the last few days... just can't see a good thing
for what it is.
I'm just glad there is something
to be grateful for.
This village has been
on the verge of an explosion.
I don't know
who's more likely to ignite it...
...Granville or the Turkana.
Mara quit.
The elders told her not to work here.
Because of the baby?
That's part of it.
What's happening?
I suppose you've all had
a good laugh...
...thinking what fools you've
made of the British Empire.
But you've fooled no one.
I told you I'd get
to the bottom of this.
Major, please stop this.
You don't understand.
Sergeant major!
I want these people kept at a distance.
If they attempt to interfere,
they're to be arrested.
And if they resist, shoot them.
Do it!
Yes, sir!
Not him.
I'll need an interpreter.
And interpret carefully, Chuma.
Tell them I have waited long enough
to find out who killed my men.
This is a small town. One of them
must know who is responsible.
I'll give them one more chance for that
person to reveal the murderer's name.
Mind your own, priest.
Sebituana says that everybody knows
that your men killed each other.
They were stealing and they went mad
Shut your mouth!
You think you're the law here,
do you?
You go on hiding your murderers
because you don't fear me yet.
Well, my friend, let me assure you...
Major, stop this!
...if a reason for fear is what you need,
then I can oblige!
Hold that man!
Corporal Williams.
Sergeant major.
Have the men stand down and fall in by
the lorry. Allow the natives to tidy up.
Move it!
Private Evans! On the guard wall!
Places on the guard wall!
Sir. To the car, sir.
Left, right, left, right, left, right...
I'm sorry I startled you.
Did you manage to sleep
through the night?
I wish I could say the same
for Rachel.
She woke several times after you left.
Seemed afraid something
might happen to the boy.
She finally calmed down
when I said I'd watch over him.
Which seemed the least I could do.
Don't what?
Don't acknowledge the fact that I was
the one that asked Granville to come?
You didn't ask him to shoot the girl.
There's only one person
responsible for what happened.
How is he?
He seems fine.
I'll take over.
You've got things to do.
Not much, I'm afraid.
I doubt there'll be much of a class.
Well, the children seem to genuinely
like school and you.
I'm sure some of them will turn up.
Are you all right, Merrin?
Is it cold in here?
Prayer, Merrin.
It's all we have at times like these.
It's like having nothing, isn't it?
May I speak to you
at a personal level?
Of course.
Christian to Christian?
"Evil may gain sway
over our lives for a time...
...but the ultimate power of faith...
...lies in its ability to strengthen men.
Not to conquer evil,
but to survive it."
You wrote that. I read it.
A young man's theories.
But you proved it.
I survived, if that's what you mean.
But did I live?
Not really.
He didn't force you
to wander from him.
He allowed you to...
...out of love.
And if you find now that you're lost,
you must have faith...
...that his love will guide you back.
All you have to do is ask.
You mean well,
but you can't see my soul.
I'm God's servant. He can.
...I didn't think I would see
so many of you today.
When you go home, you must
remember to thank your families.
Their families not know, Father.
Their parents tell them
they must not come.
They say that Jesus Christ
killed Falashadey.
Falashadey, that was her name?
They come to school because
they think if they do not come...
...maybe Jesus Christ
might kill them too.
Joseph, James, come here.
Jesus Christ did not kill
that young woman.
The British major did.
And it was very, very wrong.
Jomo, no. You must not.
Anderson, get some medical help
in here.
My son.
What did he say?
What did he say?
He said...
...that he had to kill them to stop
the Christian evil from spreading.
This, Father?
Is this how the Almighty treats those
who have kept faith with him?
Father. Father Francis.
What is it? What's happened?
I think you'd better see for yourself.
My God.
How did you...?
I didn't.
Not intentionally.
This may be more your province
than mine, Father.
It's a miracle.
I have to get Merrin.
Will you be all right?
Maybe you...
...are the one proof of God
in this terrible place.
Because you're certainly
the only innocent creature.
You know my guilt?
The spirit of our Savior.
It's in you.
And it will point the way
out of this darkness.
O Lord...
Lord, I pray thee...
...hear my voice as I have heard thine.
Let this blessed child
continue to be thy messenger...
...that we may know thy will...
...and thy wisdom.
In the name of the Father,
of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
God bless this child.
Don't ever touch me
with that again, priest!
The boy must be baptized.
You're still recovering
from that blow to the head, Father.
That's an awfully weak attempt
to explain this away.
Yes, it is.
Then you accept it?
An evil spirit at work in this town?
I didn't say that.
Things you think you heard...
...things you think you saw
You're saying I'm hallucinating.
What about the burn on his forehead?
Did I imagine that?
It's an injury
in the rough shape of a cross.
The rough shape.
You've had a nervous breakdown
I think it's you who have been
through too much, Merrin.
Will you please try
to control yourselves?
The boy needs rest.
And what about his perfect English?
Oh, of course,
I must be imagining that too.
All right.
Let's assume what you say is true.
What harm could there be
in his being baptized?
A great deal.
Those people hate and fear Cheche.
You want to expose him
to further danger... having him join a religion
they equate with evil?
Say it. Say it, Merrin. Or can't you?
The work of Satan.
It's the work of man!
Why can't you accept that?
Because my only concern... the eternal soul
of that young man.
Are you so arrogant, Merrin...
...that you would involve the rest
of the world in your crisis of faith?
That you would deny to someone
what you once cherished...
...simply because you now doubt it?
What makes you think he wants it?
You could try asking him.
He's awake now.
Doctor, please, would you ask him
if he would like to become...
...a Christian like Appa and myself?
Unless you object.
He would like it.
Good, Cheche. Good.
He wants to do it in the church.
He seems to think
that's where you live.
He wants to be as much
like you as he can.
Unless you want to explain
your misgivings to him.
There's a beautiful baptismal font
in the church.
We could use that.
Major Granville.
Major Granville, sir.
Sir, are you...?
Are you all right, sir?
All right.
I shall be down in a moment.
Oh, and sergeant major.
I shall need you to give Mr. Merrin
a message.
Tell him...
Tell him I know now
how it's been for him all these years.
But tell him there's no way out.
Other than...
I just need one or two more things
from the hotel, doctor.
I'll have him ready, Father.
Thank you.
Don't bother, doctor.
He asked me to give you a message
before he'd shot himself.
Said he understood
what you were going through.
That this was the only way out.
Any idea what he meant?
He never meant to kill that girl.
That went against every part
of the major's nature.
Something got into him.
Mr. Merrin, sir...
...some of the boys, they...
They're not too happy.
The major was well liked.
So if you have any pull
with the spearchuckers...
...I'd advise them to step quietly.
I'll do what I can.
Thank you, sergeant major.
Carry on.
What do you make of that,
sergeant major?
I don't know.
But get on the radio to town.
I want all available men
up here on the double.
Come on.
Okay. We're gonna go down.
Just like that.
That's perfect.
Open the gate!
What is it?
It's music for battle.
His fever's come back.
Quickly, doctor.
Please, this is no miracle.
Help me.
Hold the child's head over the font.
I warned you about that, priest!
It is Sebituana.
He wants to talk
to the British commander.
Some sort of trick, then?
I'll go.
We'll go.
Corporal Williams,
Private Standish, join us.
Arms at the ready.
Sebituana does not wish to fight.
Well, they ain't dressed
for ballroom dancing, Chuma.
What does he want, then?
For the church to be buried again.
That, and...
He wants Father Francis. He says only he
brought the Christian evil and soldiers.
He must die. So must the boy.
Only Cheche has drawn strength
from all the evil that has happened.
The British, if they leave now...
...will be spared.
You can tell Sebituana and his friends
to disperse quietly and go home...
...and we'll be the ones
doing the sparing.
If it's a fight they want...'s a fight they're gonna get.
You had no idea...
...what you were toying with,
did you?
The book of rituals...
...I have a copy.
I've got to get to town.
This boy is possessed.
Where's Rachel and Cheche?
Still inside.
The boy is...
I must get the book of rituals.
Satan is real.
I am perfection.
It's too dangerous.
I'm gonna maintain
the perimeter until daybreak.
We'll look for the Father then.
We have to clear those doors.
We have to get them out.
I've got my men to think of right now.
They're trapped in there!
We'll wait till the sun to come up.
Then we'll start moving the rubble.
All right, sir?
Well, are they gone or not?
There is no way to know.
Right, then. Corporal Williams,
send a detail of men... help Mr. Merrin clear that rubble.
Then I want you and another detail... go out there and see
if our friends are gone or not.
And have a look for Father Francis.
The rest of the squad's
to stay on the perimeter.
How could you leave him like that?
We didn't know what to do, sir.
Private Standish, cut him down.
Father Merrin.
He's alive.
Get a stretcher.
Do it!
Chuma, get the nurse,
tell her to come to the clinic.
Tell her she must come,
tell her it's Father Francis.
It's him. It's him.
It's him.
You'll be fine. Give me a hand!
It's him.
It's him.
Thank you for coming, Mara.
I did it for Father Francis.
Where is Miss Rachel?
At the dig.
Unction, Father.
I need the last rites.
You'll be all right.
My immortal
My immortal soul... in danger. Please.
Please, Merrin.
Please get the kit.
You'll need the book of Roman rituals.
It's in my room.
I haven't forgotten the last rites.
Not for that.
You'll need it for the rite of exorcism.
You can't make that decision.
The archbishop needs to be contacted.
There's no time.
He's in the boy.
Oh, God help us. He's in the boy.
Any progress?
How's Father Francis?
He's resting.
If they think they can get away with
this, they don't understand the British.
Look out!
Chuma, are you all right?
Don't go in!
Look after Chuma. Don't follow me.
Is that you, Rachel?
Rachel, wake up.
Wake up, you're dreaming.
Wake up.
Where's Cheche?
I was there.
It was so real.
No, you were dreaming.
You were dreaming. You are here.
I wanted to be
I want to be back.
He took me there.
You were dreaming, that's all.
But I want to go back.
You have to let me. It was different,
I was helping.
You can go!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Rachel.
I'm sorry.
We can help each other.
Only we can help each other.
We're the same, you and I.
You're a passionate man, Merrin.
Full of hunger.
Get out.
You call me cruel.
Rachel was rewriting her past.
Then you destroyed it.
You're the great deceiver.
Did Father Francis mention me?
He called you Satan.
Did I not roll away the stones for you?
Why torment Rachel?
She's not the one who sinned.
She never helped another prisoner.
She traded her body for food.
She betrayed her friends.
You hate God, Merrin.
And why not? God gives you guilt.
The guilt is unbearable.
I do not curse God.
...there is one thing you can do.
You can cease to care.
That is your offer?
I offer freedom.
Run, Merrin, run.
You tried me, Lord.
I failed.
Forgive my disbelief.
Help my disbelief.
Take my disbelief into your bosom...
...and give me strength.
Absolve my sins and purify me.
Purify me for this task.
Everything was good in Derati
until the missionary came.
Jomo may have held the spear...
...but Father Francis killed my son.
Easy, boys.
Let Mr. Merrin through.
Or is it Father Merrin?
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Better not come out, priest,
if you know what's good for you.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Blood will flow tonight.
Lord, have mercy on us.
You think your uniform will save you?
Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.
...the Father of heaven,
have mercy on us.
God, the Son...
It's not working.
...Redeemer of the world...
...have mercy on us.
Oh, God, the Holy Ghost,
have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God,
have mercy on us.
You're a weak vessel.
A weak vessel leaks.
It is not only me who fights you.
I'm not alone.
All ye holy angels...
...and archangels...
...pray for us.
All ye holy orders of blessed spirits...
...pray for us.
St. John the Baptist...
...pray for us.
St. Paul, pray for us.
St. James, pray for us.
St. John, pray for us.
St. Thomas, pray for us.
St. Matthew, pray for us.
All ye holy martyrs, pray for us.
St. Gregory, pray for us.
St. Ambrose, pray for us.
St. Augustine, pray for us.
All ye men and women,
saints of God...
...make intercession for us.
From thy wrath, O Lord, deliver us.
From anger, hatred...
...and ill will, O Lord, deliver us.
From lightning and tempest
Don't you want to go back?
Go back.
From pestilence, famine and war...
...O Lord, deliver us.
Go back.
You can undo the events of that day.
You can end your guilt.
Go back.
From everlasting death...
...through his ho
Don't you want to go back?
Through his...
Through his Through his ho...
You, priest.
What's your name?
I'm Father Merrin.
And these people confess to you?
So point out the one
who's responsible.
No one here did this, lieutenant.
They aren't capable of it.
Did you hear what I said?
That God is not here today?
Yes, I know that.
I'm going to shoot 10 of you... the hope that we can demonstrate
to this wretch...
...the terrible responsibility
he has incurred.
You have some objection, Father?
Shoot me.
Yes, you'd like that.
You choose.
You have five seconds.
I can't.
You can't what?
Pick who will be sacrificed?
History is full of priests
who did little else.
Father Merrin.
You begin to irritate me, Father.
Tell your men to lay down
their weapons and leave.
Priest or no, I swear I will kill you.
You'll get what satisfaction
you want, priest...
...because my men will not
lay down their weapons.
Feel better?
You did what you could.
You laid down your life...
...but God decided to kill them anyway.
Your guilt is gone.
You are free.
To cease to care?
To walk this earth your own man...
...without debt or guilt.
This earth is not your dominion.
Man is the chosen temple of God.
His holy vessel.
Through the mastery
of the holy incarnation...
...O Lord, deliver us.
Through thy coming
I will destroy you!
Through thy nativity,
O Lord, deliver us.
Through thy baptism and
thy holy fasting, deliver us.
Through thy temptation, 40 days
and 40 nights in the desert...
...O Lord, deliver us.
Through thy sacrifice on the cross...
...O Lord, deliver us.
Through thy holy resurrection, deliver.
Through the coming
of the Holy Ghost, deliver.
Be uprooted and expelled...
...from this creature of God.
Hear therefore...
...and fear...
In the name of Archangel Michael...
...whose church this is... the name of all those...
...who have died for our Savior... the name of Christ
and all his saints...
...I cast thee out.
The faith of the saints casts you out.
The blood of the martyrs
casts you out.
The heavenly host
of all those saved and in grace...
...casts you out.
Oh, Cheche. Have faith, Cheche.
I will kill you both!
With my last effort, I will oppose you.
From one end of the world
to the other...
...I will oppose you.
Until my soul burns in hell...
...I will oppose you!
We exorcise you, each unclean spirit.
We cast you out,
each power of Satan...
...each infestation of the enemy.
Repel, O Lord,
the power of this evil prince!
In the name of the Father...
...the Son...
...and the Holy Ghost...
...I absolve thee.
He wants to know if you're certain
the demon in the church is gone.
Yes, from here.
He wishes you strength.
He says the demon
is your enemy now...
...and he will pursue you.
We'll be ready to pull out
within the hour.
Oh, and Father Merrin...
...anyone asks me
about this place, sir...
...I didn't see a thing.
They won't get anything out of me.
Good luck.
I've got myself a new helper.
Good day.
Good day.
You're leaving too?
Well, not just yet, but soon.
To Rome.
They want a report.
Yes, the Church is a leaky structure,
but it's all I have.
I think the Holy See
will find some use for me.
Will you write me?
They need me here.
Write me.
I am perfection.