Don Is Dead, The (1973) Movie Script

[ Knocks ]
[ Rings ]
Get in front.
I'll check the loft.
It's all clear.
All right!
Spread your arms
and drop everything
in your hands!
You with the raincoat--
drop it!
[ Lamp Shatters ]
My brother Vince.
A little insurance.
You got a leak
someplace along the line.
They're all
from out of state.
What do you wanna do
with the meat?
We're pouring concrete tomorrow
at the Bristol Motel.
Yeah. They'll be
part of the foundation.
I'll get the car.
Hey, I mean to tell ya,
this stuff is gonna be worth
a bundle on the streets.
Now, is that a score
or what, huh?
Next time, Frankie,
get somebody else
to gun for ya.
Smack's too risky.
What are you talkin' about?
You're gettin' a cut.
Cleaner ways to make a dollar.
Yeah, sure.
Go sell Girl Scout cookies.
Oh, knock it off,
you guys.
You know, Frankie,
I never liked dope.
Who the hell are you
all of the sudden?
You didn't wanna do this job,
you shoulda gone to a ball game.
Twenty other guys coulda done the job.
Yeah, and most of'em
got their brains in their ass.
What, a nickel-a-dime rip-off jockey,
you're tellin' me about brains? Oh!
Face it, he didn't think of
bringin' me along, you would've
been in a lot of trouble.
I don't wanna hear it,
[ Horn Honks ]
At least when we rip off hub caps
we take the cars with 'em.
That's our business.
You wanna be
king of the needle freaks,
that's your business.
I gave you a hand
because you're my friend.
Wait a minute.
You don't think I coulda
handled this thing alone?
[ Man ]
Frankie, your father,
Don Paolo.
His heart.
Tell me!
Don Paolo is dead.
Oh, no.
Oh, Pa.
Hey, Vincenze.
[ Speaks Italian ]
It's a nice house.
They inside?
[ Speaks Italian ]
Gentlemen, you all know...
that Las Vegas
is a neutral city,
and we are the guests
of Don Vincenzo Tamaglia...
who wishes us
a pleasant and peaceful visit.
It has always been our policy...
for the national commission
to meet...
whenever situations arise
that demand major decisions...
based on a sound
and impartial judgment.
Today we are called upon
to discuss the matter
of Don Paolo Regalbuto--
God rest his soul.
There are three families
in the city in question,
and each one
has its own enterprises.
The Regalbuto family is represented
by Don Paolo's son, Frank,
vito Riccobono, his consigliere,
and the Fargo brothers.
Don Angelo DiMorra
represents his own family...
and is very well known
to all of you,
as is his brother and consigliere,
Mitch DiMorra.
Thirdly, there is the family
of Don Aggimio Bernardo.
Unfortunately,Jimmy is in prison
and cannot be with us.
But he is represented
by Luigi Orlando, his consigliere.
The task before us...
is to decide the future
of the Regalbuto holdings.
The matter is now open
for general discussion. Vito?
Frankie is Don Paolo's
only living son.
Inherits his father's
entire estate.
It seems only reasonable
that he should inherit...
his, uh, family's
responsibilities as well.
That's true.
Frank has been active
for a couple of years,
and personally, I think
he has a lot of potential.
But right now
he doesn't have the experience
the Regalbuto family needs.
How do you know?
Let me speak
with Don Paolo's son.
You must think of our group
of families as a corporation.
Your father would have told you
what I am gonna say--
don't reach
for what you can't handle.
The experience...
that Frankie lacks...
I have,
and together
we could run an outfit.
What I would like to suggest...
is that the soldiers and the enterprises
of the Regalbuto family...
be divided between the two
proven commanders who do exist--
Don Angelo DiMorra...
and Don Aggimio Bernardo,
whom I represent.
What about you, Vince?
Are you and Tony willing
to shift to Don Angelo
orJimmy Bernardo?
With no disrespect to anybody,
But we don't follow Frank
With the permission
of everybody here,
we wanna be independent.
Don Paolo himself
agreed to this
before he died.
So you're not gonna
back me either, huh?
I'm sorry, kid.
I was talkin' to Tony.
This is business, Frank.
Vince is my brother
and I go with him.
It's nothing personal.
In twenty years
I've never seen Don Angelo
so quiet for so long.
these are reasonable men.
Their views interest me.
But you're right.
The time has come
for me to speak.
I will tell you
what I think is fair,
what I know is fair.
One: we divide
the Regalbuto family...
as Orlando suggested--
half to me
and half toJimmy Bernardo.
Orlando will look after
Jimmy's interests
untilJimmy... gets back.
Two: the Fargo brothers
go their own way,
but must always be on call
to take care of any trouble
forJimmy or me.
if the business...
is important...
to Don Paolo's son,
I won't see him pushed out.
Don Paolo and I
were like-- like brothers.
I was with him in the hospital
the day Frankie was born.
I-- I have no--
no son of my own,
no one to follow me.
Now, Frank is not ready...
to become a leader... yet,
but he will be.
When that time comes,
he will inherit my organization--
That is my word.
that's all I have to say.
[ Murmuring ]
The Fargo brothers
can be called up--
[ Murmuring ]
Pretty tough job
for a guy like Frank.
[ Murmuring ]
Well, I think it is
a good plan, because--
[ Tapping On Glass ]
Does Don Angelo's proposal
meet with the approval
of the Regalbutos?
The Fargo brothers
will go along with it.
It is settled then.
A representative
of each family...
will meet with
three members of the commission
to work out the details.
Don Angelo?
Hey, Frank.
You saved my neck in there.
Come on, come on.
There's no such thing as ''thanks''
between us, Frank.
You're my son now.
Look, when we get back to the city,
we gotta sit down and talk about,
you know,
what you wanna do.
Drugs are what I know best.
Ah, Frankie--
I did all right
in my last shipment.
I can cut my overhead
by about 80 percent.
Stay away from that sort of thing.
It's an ugly business.
I've got other things in mind
for you-- legitimate interests.
I've got a deal set up.
I'm supposed to be in Italy
day after tomorrow.
I gave my word.
Well, if you gave your word, okay.
But this is the last time.
One other thing.
We got a traitor in our family.
They tried to knock over
my last shipment.
Somebody in the family
tipped 'em off.
You sure?
Okay, I'll take care of it.
[ Woman ]
Who is it?
Champagne's on the bar.
So I noticed.
Thought we'd celebrate.
We got half.
Is that all?
We got six months
to get the rest.
[ Sighs ]
Just great.
By the timeJimmy Bernardo
gets out of jail, nobody'll fade him
for the time of day.
This city will belong
to you and me.
Only if we move fast.
Only if we move carefully.
Poor Louie.
Always a conservative.
When I first met you,
all you wanted out of life
was a $200 trick.
Now it's half the city
and look at you--
you're still dressed like a tramp.
Jimmy Bernardo
likes the way I look.
Jimmy's in jail,
and I'm still here.
We both want
the same thing, sweetheart,
and I'm your only meal ticket.
[ Gasps, Sniffles ]
You bastard!
I'm bleeding!
You play rough,
you get hurt.
[ Door Buzzer Buzzes ]
[ Tv.. Crowd Cheering,
Fight Bell Rings ]
Ah, Don.
It's good to see you.
Come on inside.
Angie's waiting for you.
Huh? Oh, oh.
Here, play the hand.
Hey, Mitch, will you
take care of the boys?
Boys, there's a good fight
on television.
Thank you for coming.
Attilio, we have a problem.
Last week a shipment
of, uh, very valuable merchandise...
was delivered to Frank Regalbuto.
Uh, excuse me.
These men tried to hijack it.
I'm embarrassed to have to
bother you with this.
I know nothing
of this, Angelo.
I never thought
They're Mike Spada's men.
Mike Spada... is your man.
I think you should
talk to him.
He's my wife's brother.
I know.
All right.
He'll be here tomorrow.
What do you want?
Tea, please.
Tea. One tea.
That's it.
I'll order later.
So, you been havin'
a good time?
Thank you for bringing me.
I missed you this morning.
Meetings, conferences, shop talk.
You know how it is.
I'm glad things are
going so well for you.
Well, they were going
a little bit rough for a while,
but there are compensations.
Such as?
Such as... you.
I want you to come to Italy with me.
I don't know. Something
might break for me here.
All right, stay for a couple days.
I don't care.
But for me,
think about giving up
this career, will ya?
Would you give up
your career for me?
Excuse me.
The, uh, man you were expecting
has just arrived.
Little business deal
I gotta close up.
Shouldn't take long.
But think about what I said, huh?
We'll talk about it when I get back.
Check it out.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Don Attilio,
I swear to you...
I don't know
anything about it.
They were my men.
I admit it.
I don't deny it.
B-But they must have been
acting on their own.
You've got to believe me.
Fifteen years
I worked for you.
Would I betray you?
I had nothing to do with it.
I had nothing to do with it,
I tell you!
[ Groans ]
Somebody tipped you off
about the shipment, Spada.
I want his name.
Make it easy on yourself.
I told you--
[ Panting ]
I told you I don't know.
I don't know.!
[ Continues Panting ]
[ Trunk Opens ]
[ Gasps, Panting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Continues Panting ]
[ Screams ]
I want his name, Spada.
[ Screaming Continues ]
Spada, give me his name.
I-- I don't know--
I want his name!
[ Screaming Continues ]
[ Blows Landing ]
I want his name, Spada.!
I want his name.!
Beautiful shot.
Yeah, not bad.
See you on the green,
Hiya, Frankie.
How are ya, Ang?
The traitor's name
is Mariano Longobardo.
In the city.
He owns a bar
on Fletcher Street, right?
That's right.
He was like an uncle to me.
Well, the best of men
make mistakes.
All we can do
is try to correct them.
Okay, Frankie,
I'll take care of it.
No, no, no.
I'd like to take care
of this one myself.
This is a personal matter.
When do you leave?
Well, there's a girl
I wanna see before I go.
I won't see her for about a month.
I'll take a later plane.
She's, uh, that special to you?
She's very special.
Uh, where's she from?
I met her in Los Angeles.
No, I mean, uh,
where are her people from?
I don't know
where her people are from.
Who the hell cares?
I do.
Look, Frank, I know how you feel.
I've been through it myself.
There was this girl and, uh--
Well, she wasn't
one of our people,
and I had responsibilities.
One day you'll take my place.
By that time
you'll have children of your own.
And your wife should be one of us.
I mean, our women, they understand.
They don't ask questions.
They know that business comes first.
You know what I mean?
Sure, I know what you mean, Ang.
My old man told me the same thing
a thousand times.
[ Laughs ]
Well, then you should understand.
Okay, son.
Go with God.
Hey, and do me a favor.
Take the early plane.
You got a six on the fifth.
No, no, I got a six
because I went in the rough.
Hey, hiya.
You got a minute?
I gotta talk to you.
Hey, Luigi, no business today.
No, it's not business.
It's a favor.
I think I prefer business.
Favors can be very expensive.
Well, this one's painless.
There's a girl named Ruby Dunne.
She's some kind of a singer
that Marie knows,
and Marie made me promise
to ask you if you'd see her,
maybe help her.
What am I, a talent scout?
No, but you do have connections
with a record company.
You see her
and you get me off the hook.
You know how Marie
gets on my back
when she wants something.
She's a strong woman,
but I thought you were the boss.
Well, not at home, anyway.
Okay, I'll see her.
Come on.
Ruby Dunne.
Is that a stage name?
Authentic Chicago Irish.
The south side.
Do you know it?
My uncle and his family lived there.
When I was a kid
I used to visit them every summer.
Where did they live?
They had a place on, uh--
uh, Kindred?
Yes, backyard full of fruit trees.
My uncle always wanted
to move to California and...
[ Laughs ]
grow oranges.
I hope he made it.
Well, like all of us,
he never realized all his dreams.
It was the same with my parents,
except that they had dreams for me.
They wanted you to be
Shirley Temple?
Not quite. My father
wanted me to be a doctor.
A doctor? Oh.
And my mother, well--
my mother wanted me
to be like her.
I had my own ideas.
What are you doing about your dreams?
Do you have an agent, a manager?
I mean, is, uh--
is somebody looking after you?
No, not yet.
But I had some tapes made
in Los Angeles on my own.
I'd like to hear them.
The quality isn't very good.
Quality can be bought.
Talent can't.
Excuse me.
Oh. Excuse me.
The contract we discussed
has been taken care of.
But there's some details
of yesterday's meeting
I wanted to talk to you about.
Uh, I'll be
right with you.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
That's all right.
I'll try my luck at roulette.
Oh, don't use your own money.
The odds favor the house. Here.
No, thank you.
I'll pay my own way.
Look, send your tapes to my room.
I'll listen to them when I can.
Would you, please?
Of course.
And thank you very much
for having dinner with me.
I hate to eat alone.
I enjoyed it
very much.
Thank you very much.
Come on.
Upstairs to bed.
But it's all dark
in there.
It's supposed to be
dark in there.
I'll take you.
Sit down.
- No, I'll take her.
- Sit down.
Come on.
I'll take you.
You stayed up late.
Good night, sweetheart.
Sleep tight.
Good night.
Good night,
Come on.
How about him?
You wanna kiss him?
Good night.
Good night.
Good night, everybody.
[ All ]
Good night.
[ Tony ]
Good night.
Uh, well, then, why don't you
just make yourselves comfortable.
I'm going to do the dishes.
Excuse me.
I have to make a phone call.
Where's Tony?
He's making a phone call
in there.
[ Sighs ]
Hey, what's the matter
with you, huh?
What kind of impression
you wanna make?
Don't worry. She's a nice girl.
She won't mind too much.
You ignore
a beautiful girl like that?
Is something the matter
with you?
Hey, Vince, come on.
You and Nella
are tryin' to set me up.
This isn't Sicily, Vince.
This kid's got class, Tony.
She's a virgin,
or I'm Joe DiMaggio.
She's just a kid,
for Christ's sake.
She's old enough.
And she likes you.
I can tell.
Now, listen, Tony,
you gotta start
I mean, you and me,
we're beginning to move now.
Ayear, maybe two,
you might wanna get married,
have some kids of your own.
Goldfish, dentist bills.
Second mortgage
on the house too, huh?
[ Scoffs ]
Look, don't be such a wise guy.
Do me a favor, for Nella's sake.
Be nice to the girl.
Okay. All right.
I'll be nice to her.
Vince? Tony?
Frank wants you.
He's waiting outside.
Take care.
We just got time
to meet Longobardo.
Then I gotta take
a plane to Rome.
Let's go.
[ Engine Starts ]
All of a sudden he says,
''My God! I forgot Green!''
[ All Laughing ]
That's the truth!
That's the truth.!
You know Art.
He's always been like that.
Hey, Green.
Hey, Frankie.
How are ya?
How are you doin'?
All right, baby.
where the hell you been?
Right here, like always.
Hey, how you doin'?
You oughta get away
from this noise once in a while.
Maybe come up to the cabin
like old times.
Hey, Frankie, I'd love to.
Just say when.
Look, Mariano, I got a problem.
Gotta talk to somebody.
You got an hour for me?
Maybe we'll go to my place,
get away from these pigs.
Hey, let me get my coat.
See ya.
Take care of things, Al.
my car's right outside.
Let me talk to Green.
Oh, sure.
How you doin', baby?
Hi, Tony.
How you doin', Vince?
Oh... so-so, Mariano.
[ Body Falls ]
[ Tires Squeal ]
You know when
I'll settle down, Vince?
Get a wife, kids?
The day I can get up in the morning
knowin' I got a 50-50 chance
of comin' home alive.
Oh, come on.
Relax, will ya?
We're independent now.
As long as we're on the hook
to Don Angelo and Orlando,
we're still guns,
and that's all.
That's not my idea
of a life, Vince.
I want out.
Business is doin' fine.
You got Sabatini,
and the rest of the guys
are okay.
You don't need me anymore.
I'll always need you, Tony.
where's a kid like you gonna go?
Vince, I'm almost 30 years old.
There's a lot of the world
I haven't seen.
I'd like to look around
a little.
I mean, I don't even know
what my choices are.
You do what's in your heart, Tony.
Thanks, Vince.
?? [ Guitar]
[ Ruby ]
? Last night ?
? You cast a spell ?
? With your gentle touch ?
[ Door Buzzer Buzzes ]
? I surrendered ?
[ Door Buzzer Buzzes ]
? To love so willingly-- ?
[ Tape Machine Clicks Off]
Miss Dunne.
Mr. DiMorra.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
No. No, not at all.
As a matter of fact,
I was just listening to your songs.
Can I get you something?
A scotch, a little wine?
No, thank you.
Excuse me.
I wasn't expecting company.
My songs--
you didn't like them.
I liked them very much.
Especially the last one.
[ Click ]
?? [ Guitar]
That's a lovely song.
?Last night ?
I mean, the feelings are--
They're so real.
? You cast a spell ?
??[ Continues ]
Who wrote it?
I wrote it myself.
You wrote the lyrics?
The music too.
Why, that's wonderful.
Must be very satisfying
having such a--
such a talent.
It would be
if more people listened.
Mmm, what you want is success.
That doesn't happen overnight.
After two years
of waiting to be discovered,
it's hard to be patient.
Yes, I know what you mean.
I wanted to be a builder, a contractor,
and I became impatient.
- And changed your mind?
- Well, I had to make a living.
But you've chosen
a very, uh, very difficult life,
my dear young lady.
I'll do whatever I can
to get it.
Oh, you mustn't
come to terms so easily.
I don't have a choice.
It's something I have to do.
It's a commitment.
Then you must keep it.
You know, I know this man,
he has a record company.
I'll ask him to come up
from Los Angeles.
Can you stay a day or so
and, uh, talk to him?
Of course.
It's more than I'd hoped for.
[ Chuckles ]
May I use the powder room?
Yes, of course.
It's down the hall and to your right.
??[ Continues ]
?? [ Volume Increases ]
? Because you wanted ?
? Me ?
?And I wanted ?
? You ?
?As we lie here ?
? Quietly watching ?
? The dawn appear ?
?I am filled ?
? With the wonder ?
?And delight ?
? Of our last night ?
If I wanted a woman,
all I have to do
is pick up the phone.
You're under no obligation.
?As we lie here ?
? Quietly watching ?
? The dawn appear ?
?I am filled ?
? With the wonder and delight ?
? Of our last night ??
Hey, how'd it go?
I made the deal of a lifetime.
You and Vince
don't buy into this one,
you're out of your minds.
Yeah? Talk to Vince.
I'm out of the business.
Hey. What,
are you kidding me?
On my mother's grave.
I've had nothing to do with it
for weeks.
You're out of your mind.
Here, you're gonna need this.
Guaranteed to bring you
seven years good luck.
Hey, thanks, Frankie.
Hey, look at this.
It's for my special girl.
Hey, that's nice.
[ Woman On Loudspeaker ]
Arriving passenger
Mr. Frank Regalbuto,
please contact
the white courtesy booth.
Mr. Frank Regalbuto.
I'm Frank Regalbuto.
Uh, yes, sir.
Just a moment.
Here it is.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Take care of my bags.
I'll see you later.
[ Buzzes ]
?? [ Humming ]
[ Gasps ]
My God.
I thought you had some class.
''If you're still interested in Ruby Dunne,
''you can find her at
81 6 Hartman Street, apartment 7 D.
Her boyfriend keeps her there.''
What, you get paid by the hour,
or you get paid by the piece?
You're drunk, Frank.
You're behaving like a child.
I'll make you some coffee.
[ Gasps, Screaming ]
Frank! Aah!
[ Gasping, Sobbing ]
[ Glass Shatters ]
[ Screams ]
[ Continues Sobbing ]
No.! Aah.!
[ Ruby Groans ]
[ Sobbing, Screaming Continues ]
[ Labored Breathing ]
[ Labored Breathing Continues ]
[ Gasps, Groans ]
who did this to you?
his name is...
Frank Regalbuto.
Why would he do this?
[ Inhales ]
I-- I used to...
date him...
You're gonna be fine.
I promise you.
Get Pete Lazatti.
Then go and find Frank.
You want him
brought to you, Ang?
I never want to
see him again, alive.
Is that clear?
Don Angelo?
Why the hell didn't she tell me?
Because if she had,
you probably would have killed her.
You got a bad temper
on you, Frankie.
Listen, you oughta go try and
straighten things out with him.
That might be hard to do.
No, Mitch,
I've made up my mind.
Angie, you don't wanna
start this sort of thing
over a woman.
Frank is an animal!
He's young, he's impulsive.
He can be forgiven.
Mitch, go down to the hospital,
see what he's done to her.
So he made a mistake.
Some mistake!
Do you wanna
make a mistake too?
There's only one way to deal with him.
Angie, I know that you have
very strong feelings...
about the girl.
Well, think of Frank.
He did too.
Angie, this is family.
Frank is your son now.
It's family, Angie.
Okay, Mitch.
Call it off.
Call Lazatti.
Tell him we changed our minds.
The hit is off.
Angie, this is
a good thing you did.
No answer.
[ Engine Revs, Tires Squealing ]
[ Engine Starts ]
DiMorra settin' up a hit
over a broad?
The guy must be slippin'.
Oh, he's smarter than that.
Now, think about it.
That girl was just a smoke screen
to get Frank out of the way.
I don't buy that.
Because you don't want to.
Don Angelo doesn't want
to give you anything,
not even what you inherited.
All right, what do we do, Louie?
- Fight.
- Fight?
If you're talking about
a war with Don Angelo, forget me.
Count me out.
There's no other way, Vince.
Angelo is after Frank,
and if he gets him
it's only a matter of time
before he comes after you.
That's right.
And he's got the guns
to do it.
And then if he gets you,
I'm next in line.
It's the only way
it figures, Vince.
He's right.
What's the deal?
First, we need somebody
on the inside to keep us posted
on what he's doing.
I got the right guy for that.
I'll take care of it.
All right.
And then you just sit tight.
The next move he makes,
we come down hard on him.
All right?
There'll be enough pieces
for all of us.
There'd better be, Louie.
How did it go?
It's a beginning.
Well? Come on.
What happened?
They're at
each other's throats now.
All we've gotta do
is just keep the pressure on 'em.
Vince, Mitch DiMorra and Joe Lucci
just pulled up.
Yeah, tell 'em to wait.
[ Sighs ]
What do you say, Tony?
How the hell
did you get into this mess?
With my head up
and my guts where they're
supposed to be, that's how.
Now, are you
gonna help me?
Do you know
what you've done?
You've set yourself up against
the biggest goddamn outfit in the city.
That's what you've done.
Look, kid, DiMorra's gotta learn
that he can't push us around.
We don't take a stand here,
the guy'll flatten us.
One more gun's
not gonna make the difference.
What makes you think you need me?
Do me a favor.
Now listen to me, Tony.
I don't kid myself.
You understand?
There's certain things I'm good at,
certain things I'm not.
I mean, you put me in the ring,
I can handle myself.
It's the game plan--
I got no head for that.
You do.
I need your brains.
Look, Vince, it's something
I don't wanna get involved in.
Look, I understand that,
uh, this operation we got here,
it's not what you wanted.
But it's my only shot, Tony.
I mean, without it-- without you--
what am I but a small-timer...
growing older every day?
Come on, Vince.
Come on.
I'm your brother, Tony.
Give me a hand.
But the minute
you're off the hook,
I'm checkin' out.
You're a good kid, Tony.
Well, somebody's gotta make sure
Nella doesn't end up a widow.
Diego, send 'em in.
Hey, Frankie, come on in.
You know the way.
Hello, Mitch.
Sit down.
Take a load off.
We heard that you
were here, Frank.
You got big ears.
Maybe somebody's got
a big mouth, Vince.
Don Angelo wants
to talk to you.
Maybe it's a good idea
for him and you to get together.
Sure. Send him around.
Talk to him, Vince.
Tell him the score.
- None of my business.
- Then why is he here?
He's a friend.
Isn't Don Angelo your friend too?
Yeah. Sure.
That's why we don't want him
to do anything more
that he'd be sorry about later.
- Like hitting Vito.
- It was an accident.
They happen when you set out
to kill people, huh?
[ Mitch ]
Like he said, it was accidental.
Don Angelo wants
to straighten the whole thing out.
It won't take long.
We can exchange hostages
if you're nervous.
- I'll stay here until Frank comes back.
- Yeah?
What about next week?
Next month?
- Don Angelo is a man of his word.
- I know that Vito's dead.
[ Sighs ]
Is there anything you want me
to tell Don Angelo?
- No.
- Give him my best, will you, Mitch?
What was Frank's attitude?
Mitch, if Frank can defy us,
it'll set a bad example.
Then other people
will become defiant.
The whole family crumbles.
We can't let
this thing drag out.
With the Fargo brothers out of the way,
Frank will come to his senses.
Guess you're right, Mitch. Okay.
But do it clean and fast.
Hey, you guys.
We got company across the street.
They can't stay in there forever.
[ Shotgun Cocks ]
You guys,
thinking you can come into our territory
without somebody spots you.
You ought to be
ashamed of yourselves.
Well, they're dug in there
like moles.
We have to get them off guard
and draw them out.
Mitch, we're going down
to the house in Florida for a while.
What about this stuff
with Frank and the Fargo boys?
What about it?
Well, some people might think...
that you're running.
Mitch, that's what
I want them to think.
Then maybe they'll relax,
be more vulnerable
if they think I'm pulling back. No?
Yeah. Have Ralph Negri
make the arrangements.
Oh, Ang.
Any message you want me
to give to the girl, Ruby?
No.Just make sure
she has the best of... everything.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
You sure?
Yeah. Okay.
Negri says
Don Angelo's on the run,
headed for his joint
in Florida.
I'd say he's giving us rope,
and if we don't play it right,
he'll hang us with it.
I've been to his Florida place.
I know the layout.
You mean, you want
a hit on Don Angelo?
In person.
[ Gun Cocks ]
Right there.!
Do it,Johnny.
I'd love you to.
Where is he?
He got sick when we hit Miami.
Heart attack.
He was unconscious
when we got him there.
Where's Lucci?
Guarding Don Angelo.
Angelo's safe, Tony,
but you and Vince are up the creek.
- Take off before you drown in it.
- Hey, would you shut up!
Open the door.
Yeah, well, listen.
That ain't all the bad news, kid.
Somebody just blew the hell
out of our construction outfit.
Seventy thousand
dollars' worth.
Who did it?
What's the difference
who lit the fuse?
We know where it came from,
and my guess is that's just for openers.
Did you call the hospital?
He's too mean to die.
Yeah, look.
Now what's our next move?
I'll check with you later.
Okay, here's the pitch.
Johnny goes with me and Frank.
Mitch and Lazatti
go with Diego and Shansky.
- As hostages?
- To see your brother doesn't think up
any more cute tricks.
- Kidnapping's a federal rap.
- You want a dime?
You can call the F.B.I.
[ Footsteps Approaching ]
George, bring the car out front.
We're letting you go,Johnny,
so that you can
tell Don Angelo
to lay off.
Somebody hit our construction yard
a couple of hours ago.
Something like that happens again,
he's gonna get Mitch's right arm
in the morning mail.
He'll listen.
He wouldn't want Mitch hurt.
Me, I'm a son-in-law.
I'm expendable.
Yeah. Yeah, let's talk about that.
They may be bluffing.
No. They're up against a wall
and they know it.
Tell 'em it's a deal.
They don't hurt Mitch,
I don't hurt them.
When you get home,
contact the commission.
I want pressure on the Fargos
to let Mitch go.
Another thing--
they want me to fink for them.
I was thinking, suppose I
pretend to go along with them?
That's a dangerous position
to be in,Johnny.
If they find out--
What I am,
I am because of you, Don Angelo.
Tell Tony and Vince
you'll go along with their proposal.
Tell them that I'm very, very sick.
You understand?
Signor Orlando.
Things are getting a little rough.
You sure you want to hang around here?
Want coffee?
No, thank you.
The commission
ordered me to come.
They want me to work out
some kind of a settlement.
Spell it out.
First, they want you
to let Mitch and Lazatti go.
Second, they want you--
Listen, there are
three things we want.
One, no more attempts
to nail Frank.
Two, Frank's interests
merge with us.
Three, DiMorra pays for the damage
to our construction company...
and leaves us alone
from now on, okay?
Joe Lucci's already
agreed to those points.
Are you serious?
Joe Lucci's word isn't worth
yesterday's garbage.
Come on.
We don't make a move...
until Don Angelo himself agrees
in front of the commission.
What is it? Go ahead.
The kid in Florida just called.
Don Angelo's dead.
We got lucky.
I think that calls for a drink,
don't you?
Sure. Get the glasses.
We got no reason now
to keep Mitch and Lazatti.
Why not?
They'll be too busy trying to
hold things together to bother with us.
He's right. He's right.
We let them go.
Pete, you're okay.
Mitch, thank God you're safe.
I heard about Don Angelo.
I need a drink.
Come inside.
Angie! Angie!
[ Laughing ]
Hey, you son of a gun.
[ Chuckling ]
You son of a gun.
You're still ugly.
Why didn't somebody tell us?
It was the only way
of springing you.
The Fargo boys
think you're dead.
Tomorrow they'll find out different.
[ Knocking ]
Come in.
Vince? Johnny Tresca.
I'm over here at Sam Zutti's place.
Look, the word is out.
Everybody knows about Don Angelo.
God rest his soul.
Hang on a minute, will you?
Zutti wants to talk to you.
Hello, Vince? This is Sam.
We got a proposition for you.
I think we ought to meet.
Well, what do you say we meet
at Benny's Diner over on Marion Street,
say, in about an hour?
About an hour. Right.
Sam Zutti...
wants to have a meeting
about throwing in with us.
You know, he comes under our wing,
we got about 40 percent
of the numbers in this city.
Let's get it on.
Hey, where's Tony?
For what?
I gotta find Tony.
Anybody seen my brother?
You seen Tony?
He said something about going over
to the south side.
Hey, vince.
Keeping the man waiting.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Shansky, we got work to do.
You, too, Fagin.
Custard pie and a glass
of skim milk, please.
No skim milk.
Oh. Tea.
[ Phone Ringing ]
Benny's Diner.
Benny here.
One of you guys
named Fagin?
- Yeah?
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]
Yeah. Positive.
Where's the john?
Over there.
Leave it as clean
as you find it.
What's it got, a gold star
from Good Housekeeping?
What do you say, Fagin?
In the can.
And if I were you,
I wouldn't come out till tomorrow.
And leave it
as clean as you find it.
There's nobody in there.
I don't like the looks of this.
Keep going.
It's a setup, Vinnie!
Get the hell out of here!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Sirens Wailing ]
[ Sirens Continue Wailing ]
Vinnie! Vinnie! Vinnie!
Vince. Hey, Vince.
Oh, God.
Nice. Nice.Just lift it?
Yeah. Parking lot
over at Howard Johnson's.
Let me get a light.
I want to see the engine.
Sure. Be my guest.
Nature calls.
[ Coughing ]
Where's Vince?
Where's Vince?
Him and Frank went
for a meeting with Zutti.
It was a setup.
Frank took one look
at what happened here,
and he beat it for Orlando's.
Vince bought it, Tony.
I guess you
don't need us anymore.
[ Tony ]
Where the hell
do you think you're going?
So we got hit.
Those bastards
are gonna pay for it.
When they come begging on their knees,
we're gonna kick their faces in.
Is that clear?
Okay. You split up into pairs.
You hit them hard
and you hit them quick.
Diego, Augie,
break the city down into areas,
then work through each section.
Everybody makes his first hit
at 1 0:00 tonight.
Harold, keep circling
the block.
They told me.
[ Sobbing ]
Oh, Tony!
You and Rosey'll be
perfectly safe here.
There won't be
any trouble.
What about you?
Don't worry about me.
I'll be all right.
Come on, now.
I want you to go upstairs
and lie down, okay?
Come on, now. Come on.
[ Sobbing Continues ]
Come on.
Tony, be careful.
Please be careful.
I have to. I've got
a family to take care of.
I have to go now.
I've got a lot of things to do.
[ Knocking ]
Tony's here.
All right.
Good to see you, Ton.
It shouldn't have happened
that way, Frank.
Why did you let Vince do it?
Why didn't you wait for me?
You should've known
it was a setup, Frank.
You let him walk
right into it.
You didn't have to.
You can't put all the blame
on Frank, Tony.
You wanna take it?
I got guys bleeding in the streets,
and you sit here
safe as a snake on eggs.
Look, these things happen.
Sometimes you don't get the breaks.
Breaks? You walked into a trap
a ten-year-old kid
could see six blocks away.
Look, I was the one out there
getting my ass shot!
Yeah, well, if you had any smarts,
nobody would have got shot at,
Vince would still be alive.
That was a decision
I had to make.
It was your last one, Frankie,
'cause from now on, nobody
takes step one without my okay.
I'm telling you, you're just
a piece of meat in this fight.
I've got the men, I've got the guns,
and I'm calling the shots.
All right, Ton. Okay.
We'll do it your way for now.
What do you want me to do?
I need cash.
War costs money.
I haven't got any cash.
What happened to the profit
on that last shipment of dope?
I put it all into the second lot.
In fact, I've got to go back to Italy
in order to close the deal.
You're going... tonight.
Maybe things would still be the same
if I hadn't got that letter about Ruby.
Listen, somebody did you a favor.
You got rid of a two-timing broad,
and you found out
what Angelo's really made of.
- Consider yourself lucky.
- I've been dumb, Louie.
Did everything wrong.
I got nothing.
No family, nothing.
If I had one wish,
it'd be that this war would be over
when I got back.
By the way,
in case something does come up,
how can I get in touch with you?
Ruggiero Nanzini, Naples.
Oh, yeah. He's a good man.
Say hello for me.
We've come to pay you
for that yellow Cadillac
you left with us.
And you broke the window
in the john when you left.
Happy birthday, Mr. Zutti.
[ Cheering ]
Happy birthday, cara mia.!
Happy birthday!
I love you!
Make a wish.
Come on. Blow it out.
Okay. All right. Shh!
[ Inhales Sharply ]
Take a deep breath.
[ Laughing ]
[ Cheering ]
- Sam.
-[ Woman ] Let's drink to Sam.
And many, many more.
Happy birthday.
[ Screams ]
[ People Screaming, Shouting ]
Hey, Pete.
[ Alarm Bell Clanging ]
[ Alarm Stops ]
[ Muffled Moan ]
Hot enough for you,Johnny?
You set Vince up,Johnny.
No, Tony, I didn't do it!
I swear to God!
I didn't do it!
Please, Tony!
[ Muffled Groaning ]
[ Groaning Stops ]
[ Tony ]
You talk,you'll get the same.
Yeah, I'll tell him.
Who was that?
They gotJohnny Tresca.
Send Orlando in.
Let him in.
[ Door Opens ]
Hey, Luigi,
whose side are you on?
Nobody's. You know that.
Then get out!
I got no use for you.
The commission doesn't like
what's going on.
They wanna talk to you.
Tell them to talk
to Tony Fargo.
Tony. He's just a pawn.
Frank calls the shots.
Come on.
Tony's in charge, and you know it.
Frank hasn't got what it takes.
He pays the bills.
You get rid of him, and the war's over.
I won't do it.
You want to stay my friend?
You leave now.
[ Intercom Buzzes ]
Yeah? Hello.
Ruby's here,
waiting in the back garden.
You wanna talk to her?
Mitch, send her away.
From here we walk.
Too much traffic.
Now the car is waiting
in warehouse.
If you like,
we can eat first.
They have delicious calamari
at the end of the pier.
Nah, let's do the work first.
All right?
So, like your father, huh?
Eccolo. All that remains is to
put the shipment in the tires.
How's the quality?
You see for yourself.
Frank, I love you
almost as a son.
But one acquires
obligations, debts.
Sooner or later,
one must pay them.
[ Chuckles ]
What about your obligations
to my father?
God has taken him.
My obligations are to the living--
to Luigi Orlando.
I have no choice.
As a favor,
do not go to God...
with a curse against me
on your lips.
[ Speaks Italian ]
[ Chuckles ]
Who was that?
Bernardo's lawyer.
Jimmy gets out of jail tomorrow.
The bastard's found some
legal technicality in the ruling.
I'm supposed to pick him up.
[ Sighs ]
Take it slow, you said,
and the whole town
would belong to us,
including Jimmy!
You took it slow, all right.
And where are we now? Nowhere!
That Fargo kid screwed up our plans.
I don't care what he did.
You tell me whatJimmy's going to do...
if he learns you've been trying
to cut him out.
Wait. We're in this together.
You remember that.
Warden, thanks.
[ Chuckling ]
Jimmy, you look terrific.
Maybe you should
take a vacation yourself
if you think I look so terrific.
Hey, Rack.
You keeping out of trouble?
Yes, sir, Mr. Bernardo.
I bet you have.
[ Chuckling ]
Well, where would
you like to go first?
[ Engine Starts ]
The closest place
I can get a big, thick steak.
First decent meal I've had
since they locked me up.
Almost a year.
[ Chuckles ]
A lot of bad news came to me
the past couple of months.
I was lucky to hold on
to what we had.
Paolo, Angelo.
Vince dead.
- And Frankie too.
- And Tony on top of the heap.
I don't understand
how it all could happen.
- How's Maria?
- She's the same.
Just terrible.
But nothing we can't
straighten out, huh?
With a little luck.
would you lend me a dime?
[ Chuckling ]
I wanna make a call.
Hello, Maria?
Yeah. Yeah, it's me.
[ Chuckles ]
This is the last charge.
Got it.
We got five minutes.
Okay. That's it.
Here we go.
It's ready.
Set. Now!
[ Men Coughing ]
[ Coughing Continues ]
[ Sirens Wailing ]
[ Sirens Continue Wailing ]
Angie, I'm sorry.
He must've taken about 1 6 slugs.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Groans ]
Where are you going?
A meeting...
with DiMorra and Jimmy Bernardo.
Jimmy Bernardo?
I thought he was in prison.
He got out yesterday.
- Tony, please don't go.
- I have to.
- I called the meeting.
- I have to say how I feel.
I can't take any more dying.
Nobody's gonna die, Nella.
We're just gonna talk.
Talk? That's what they said
the day they killed Vince.
They were just gonna talk.
Tony, if you won't listen to me
as your brother's wife,
then listen to me
as somebody who loves you.
If we can settle this,
we have nothing to worry about.
And if you can't settle it?
I'm doing what I have to do.
Uncle Tony, where are you going?
I'm going to work, baby.
Come here. Give me a kiss.
He doesn't want it.
[ Car Door Opens ]
[ Car Door Closes ]
Mr. Bernardo.
Hello, kid.
??[ Radio..Soft Jazz ]
You're responsible for this.
After we talk, you can go with me
and look at my brother's grave.
The way I heard it,
you never cared for the business
anyway, so pull in your horns.
You'll live to see next week.
You've been away,Jimmy.
Times have changed.
Right now I'm wondering
if I should let you work in this town at all.
You got a big mouth, kid.
I admire that kind of brass,
if you can back it up.
I can.
We have to find a way to make peace
between all of us.
I don't care who killed who.
I wanna know how this
whole mess got started.
Where do you wanna begin?
Well, you tell me.
Like you say,
I've been out of town.
Somebody sent Frank a note
that his chick was shacking up
with Don Angelo.
The man who sent the note
is responsible for
everything that followed.
Who's the man?
For Christ's sake, Tony.
I don't like those kind of jokes.
Shut up!
How do you figure it?
He's the only one
who stood to gain from it all.
You know something, kid?
You're smart.
I had a little talk
with your wife.
Maria's an ambitious broad.
What I didn't know...
was that you got
so much ambition.
She's got a great memory, that girl.
She and I get along just fine.
Give Rack a hand.
Marie. Marie. Open up.
[ Groans ]
How'd you know about him?
I didn't know about him.
It was the only way it figured.
He had to come out with half the city.
You play a hard game, kid.
Suppose I hadn't
taken care of him?
He would've had an accident.
Well, now he's had it.
I'm gonna tell you what
we're gonna do with this city.
You got it backwards,Jimmy.
I'm telling you.
We split the city in half,
you and me.
We both see to it that Don Angelo
has whatever he needs,
whatever he wants.
The war stops as of now.
That's not quite
what I had in mind, kid.
You don't have a choice.
What do you say, Ang?
We got a deal,
Don Antonio.