Don Peyote (2014) Movie Script

Warren was an ordinary person.
Just one of ten million beings
inhabiting this island.
He was Jewish, 33 years old.
He was engaged.
He was an unemployed,
marginally successful graphic novelist...
who smoked marijuana often,
and had lots of time on his hands.
Warren had few ambitions, no radical
passions, and he was not political.
He was not poor,
nor was he rich.
He was rarely actually ever sick,
and had no trouble sleeping.
In fact, the only thing remarkable
in Warren's day-to-day existence...
was his dreams.
Oh, honey. Yeah.
Ooh. Oh. Ah.
This is Karen, Warren's fiance.
Though they had been engaged
for over three years,
it was only last week that Warren finally
succumbed to a date for the ceremony.
However, their wedding...
was not the only thing
on her agenda.
Karen was 32 years old,
and her biological alarm...
was blaring like a foghorn.
- Nice one, honey.
- This morning, she was ovulating.
Jesus Christ.
In preparation
for their new life,
Karen had begun
leaving notes for Warren.
Post-It notes, strategically placed
to intercept Warren's focus...
as it drifted from one
fascination to another.
Warren's life was simple
in the summer of 2012.
In the mornings, after Karen
would leave for work,
he would smoke pot
and spend about three hours...
watching conspiracy theory
videos online.
I want to ask you a
question about the headlines.
Does it seem like they're going
from grim to grimmer these days?
And does it make you wonder...
if the prophecies and predictions
about 2012 are really coming to pass?
The people who tend to suffer the
worst during a cataclysmic event...
are the ones who simply
do not see it coming.
He'd spend his days
looking for purpose in his life.
At night, he and Karen
would make dinner,
and he would lie to her
about his job search.
I'm so proud of you.
- I'm proud of me, too.
- Are you?
Warren would have continued
his routine indefinitely,
but for one particularly
wet evening.
As he was en route to an engagement,
something happened.
Something phenomenal.
Fuckin' bum!
Whether Warren actually became
infected by some next-gen virus...
upon co-mingling
with the doomsday man,
he could not be sure.
I bumped into this 2012 end-is-near guy.
It was a sign.
I just want to go home.
Just go home.
Stay for a half hour.
Find Balance.
We're gonna find Balance.
We'll find Balance.
This is my art, by the way.
Hi. Welcome to Whip.
No, man.
You just can't... You can't sweat too much.
You know, they say sex
is a Texas drought, but...
- See now, man, it's circular...
- Anyone know Balance?
Oh, yeah.
Balance is my boy, man.
- Hey, man.
- How you doing, brother? What's your name?
I'm Warren. How you doing?
Balance just left, man.
Your boy just went out to get something.
He'll be right back.
Everything, you know?
Viruses, computers.
It's all... It's all just coming
to some end point, it seems like.
It seems like the end
is near, to me.
I mean, Armageddon,
whatever you want to call it.
I had a bad bump-into this,
A homeless guy.
He's all sweaty and crazy.
He's got this
"end is near" sign.
He sweat all over me. It was nasty and,
and um... Okay. Okay.
- Tell him about Planet X. Tell him about...
- Planet X.
2012. The end
of the world.
Daniel Pinchbeck has already
written a best-selling book.
The movie's already in the can.
Well, is this stuff laced?
With barbarian kangaroo.
Aw. Barbarian kangaroo.
Quarter of a
pomegranate might do you in.
Look at him on a
quarter of a pomegranate.
'Cause we injected it with that acid.
That wolfbane.
You had enough.
He's spinning like a top.
- There are different principles.
- Yeah.
So, I felt that being given this
media stage and spotlight...
by Hollywood was...
was, like, you know,
necessary to take that...
that option and opportunity,
but then, you know,
what I felt was that...
Warren, it's not Karen.
It's not the fuckin' I.R.S.
I am your worst nightmare,
Oh, sh... Um...
I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
This is my bad.
This is my bad.
Come on!
Oh, my God.
I can't...
Am I paralyzed?
I need you to listen
to me. All right?
I'm tired of games.
All right?
I... I want the truth.
You really want the truth?
You really wanna know?
She was an agent of truth.
A general of light.
She was ex-everything.
Ultra black ops.
Warren sat paralyzed
for what seemed like weeks,
frozen, listening to her.
The floodgates opened,
and she told him every secret.
Einstein was an alias.
The whole truth about J.F.K.,
9-11, Area 51, the Illuminati,
the moon landings,
Jesus and Magdalene,
the C.I.A., K.G.B.
and AIDS,
the reptilian elite, Watergate,
the New World Order, Bilderberg,
the MK-ULTRA Project,
the Federal Reserve System,
false flag operations, Paul McCartney,
coup d'tats, Tesla and the
suppression of vortex technologies,
global surveillance, espionage,
and the secret underground
intelligence agency cities,
FEMA, mind control,
media control...
and the subliminal
propaganda agency,
NASA, the N.S.A.,
the Loch Ness monster,
drug wars, synthetic disease,
the cure for cancer,
the criminalization of marijuana,
water fluoridation and peak oil.
She described in vivid detail
the history of the world...
and the oppression
of the human consciousness.
She held nothing back and
gave him the truth about God,
the devil, heaven, hell and the
delicate fabric of the universe.
Her cigarette never burned out.
Well, she would have left
right then and there,
but she realized
Warren was a simple man,
and for fear he would retain none
of this ancient, secret knowledge,
she had no choice
but to do one last thing.
In happier news now.
Anne Hathaway.
- She's planning her big day.
- She is.
What do we hear
about her wedding plans?
Sources are saying that
she just sent out save-the-dates...
for a wedding in New York
at the Plaza...
with her fianc Adam Shulman.
She's very, very happy,
and we're happy for her.
Such a huge star in Hollywood.
A really great example.
You don't hear
about her dancing on tables...
or some ridiculous scandal.
She is a class act.
She is a class act.
She is one of the starlets
that really rises to the occasion.
She is.
When you watch her on screen,
you care about her character.
There are so many times
I report on movie stars,
and I'm really just talking about
so-and-so just playing a part,
but I'm really looking
at the star.
- Welcome to Bridal Reflections.
- Thank you.
I'm Tony. Warren.
I... I'm Karen. Karen.
Well, nice to... Nice to have you here.
Follow me right in through here.
To the left, we have our bridal gowns.
We'll do bridesmaids
first, though.
Then focus on that?
Yeah. That'll be fine.
So, are you nervous
about the big day?
What big day?
Your wedding.
Oh. Yeah. Yeah.
Uh, yes, I am.
Let's take a look at
some dresses over here.
Well, make yourself comfortable.
Oh, it's so cute.
What do you think?
It's gorgeous.
- It'll look great.
- You like it?
I like it.
Well, this fabric is...
You okay?
I was thinking maybe we should have doves,
or something.
I'm gonna make a phone call.
- Okay, Warrey.
- He sounds excited.
Nah. No, he is.
So, definitely you can do...
Don't get this.
I don't like it.
Honey, that's a bridal gown.
Okay. Hello?
Yo, Warrey, my big fuzzy bear.
Hi. Where the hell
were you last night?
Ate a bunch of peyote.
Stayed inside and pretty much
contemplated my universe...
through the holes in my socks.
The usge.
His name was Balance.
He was Warren's
childhood friend,
his confidante, his wing man.
He was never there
when you wanted him to be,
but always there
when you needed him to be.
Listen, I need
your camera, okay?
- What do you need my camera for?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
We always talk about stuff and we
never do shit. I wanna do this.
Okay. All right.
But if you're...
shooting something,
you should at least let me know what it is.
I can't be associated with,
you know, shooting some kind of, uh,
granny porn, or some sort of...
- Like, a robot android sex film.
- No, no. Jesus, man.
I just wanna make a film.
I wanna make maybe a documentary, maybe.
- A documentary? All right. Cool.
- I think I wanna do this...
- like, a 2012 thing, you know?
- Like...
Something about what's really
going on in the world.
Also, I need a little bit more,
uh, of that weed because...
I'm starting to freak out a little
bit over here. All right, my brother.
Give me a heads-up
when you get over here, okay?
Yes, dear?
What do you think of bougainvillea?
I'm stoked for this interview.
I don't really know him that well.
They made a good team,
after all.
Ever since they were kids, Balance
looked to Warren to supply the missions,
and Warren looked to Balance
to keep them on task.
You do the psychological,
intellectual-type thing,
and I will just capture the man's essence,
you know what I mean?
Not his essence exactly.
His aura. His persona.
As long as you just don't talk.
Can you do me a favor?
Come here.
Trying to set a mood here.
Oh, man.
And they're gonna be... And they're
gonna be here in, like, any second.
And I... I don't want you to be here,
Hi. How you doing?
Somehow, Warren had
scored his first major interview.
- Who are you doing this for, man?
- I... I've never had,
you know,
a real focus, you know?
A real, um, in my life,
and, uh...
Daniel Pinchbeck
was a best-selling author...
and one of
the leading authorities...
on Mayan and Hopi prophecies
for 2012.
I couldn't stop thinking
about it once I...
once I hit that guy.
Well, what do you know
about 2012?
Well, I know... I know
the vagueness of it.
You know, just a layman's, uh,
you know, perspective from it.
I'm not, like,
a fundamentalist about the date.
I think that we're... You know,
it's obvious that we're in,
like, a major
transformational period...
for humanity on the earth,
but it's clear that if we
don't change our behavior...
on a species level, really,
uh, you know, we're gonna hit,
like, a major disruption.
My whole thing is that we...
have a really short
period of time...
to, um, become conscious
of the situation that we're in.
You guys are professionals here.
Look at this. I can't believe this.
...our social systems.
This is, like, we're the real thing.
This is great.
You line 'em up.
Who's the next one?
Line 'em up. I'm ready to go.
I want as many people as we
can talk to as possible.
And we're really gonna...
We're gonna make a full movie.
I mean, I feel it.
I don't care what she says.
She wants something
to say at the wedding?
"What is Warren doing?
Uh, is Warren
sitting on his ass?"
"No. He's making a documentary that's
gonna save the fuckin' world."
You dig it.
Do you have a lighter?
We're gonna make magic
here, brother.
Is that your guy? Bates.
You should interview him.
You want me to interview...
You want me to interview
your weed dealer?
Yeah, dude.
He's totally dialed in, man.
He knows about conspiracy
theory and shit like that.
All types of shit.
Bates, you wanna be in a movie?
It's not porn.
How you doing? Bates.
Sure, he was a drug dealer,
but that was just his cover.
- What's your name?
- He was part philosopher,
part businessman, part outlaw.
I'm trying to get prepared
for the end of the world.
- You know? Uh...
- Aren't we all?
- What do you mean?
- I'm... I'm with you, man.
I've been fuckin'
stockpiling shit for the past two years.
Well, I've been planning on stockpiling
shit for the past two years.
Like what? The single greatest
threat that humankind faces...
It's not global warming.
It's not aliens.
It's not even natural disaster,
in my opinion.
What is that, man?
of wealth and power.
Are you familiar...
with the military concept
of full-spectrum dominance?
What? That sounds...
I don't know. I'm not...
On land, sea, air, space,
in the mind, weather.
- Weather?
- Weather.
- You're buggin' me out, man.
- The High Altitude Auroral Radio Project.
A rich oilman in Houston, Texas.
Who does he have
more in common with?
The average Texan,
or a wealthy Arab guy
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?
Made his money off oil, okay?
It's not Christian
against Muslim.
It's not left against right.
It's rich against poor.
Behind closed doors, there's no such
thing as Republican or Democrat...
or Christian or Muslim or Jew,
or any of it.
Behind closed doors,
there's rich people and the rest of us.
It's falling apart.
It's all falling apart.
That's the whole point.
This is what I'm saying.
This joint is us.
This joint... This joint is it.
Whether you call it 2012.
Whether you call it
global warming.
When it fuckin' happens,
it's all falling apart.
This is a very
exciting time for you both.
Father Angelo and I are thrilled to be able
to co-officiate your wedding ceremony.
- Yeah. Thank you so much for having us.
- You're so welcome.
Well, Karen and Warren,
I know that you voiced some concerns
about interfaith marriage...
and how that might affect your raising
your children and holidays and in-laws...
Warren, what the fuck, dude?
Why am I getting a voice mail right now?
Shit is on.
It's happening. I'm on the front line
right now down here in Occupy Wall Street.
And there's, like, free sandwiches,
and stuff. It's awesome.
Are we, in the words of Jimmy Cliff,
gonna save our planet Earth.
Or are we,
in the words of Jim Morrison,
who's gonna get our nut before
the whole shithouse comes down?
I do need you to bring me a
battery for the camera...
because I forgot the battery.
I thought, as I said on the phone,
that it would be great...
to start talking about these
things before your wedding,
and really start sort of
distilling for both of you...
what's important,
and what you feel might be negotiable.
Actually, you know,
Warren, I don't recall...
that we've ever discussed
your relationship...
to Judaism, and where you stand,
theologically speaking.
I was...
I was raised Jewish.
I, uh... had
a bar mitzvah.
I had a bris.
We don't need any proof.
We believe you.
So, would you say that you
consider yourself today...
a practicing Jew?
I don't know what I am.
Uh, at the moment,
I think I'm leaning toward...
fuckin' Buddhism.
Well, then today
is a great opportunity...
for all of us together
to talk about...
what you both believe in
your hearts to be important.
Well, uh...
You know, things
are weird out there.
They're really
kind of scary out there.
Crazy weather.
That was crazy.
That, and
the impending global...
massive change
that's going to happen...
at the latter end of 2012.
That has me, um,
uh, kind of preoccupied.
That and, you know,
there's certain shadow governments...
that are making very bold
maneuvers with our air space.
Yikes, honey.
It is... It is exciting, but maybe,
you know, for another time, babe.
It's happening now, honey.
It's not just the film.
It's happening with me. Now.
This anxiety.
This is all happening
right fuckin' now,
and I'm trying to tell you this,
and you don't seem to want to listen to me.
I've been trying to tell you for
several weeks what's going on.
No. I do want
to listen.
But right now...
Actually, right now...
Right now, we are sitting with these two
lovely people that were nice enough...
Honey, what the fuck was that?
Whoa. Listen, I'm not
gonna sit there...
- I'm not gonna lie to those people.
- You don't want to get married.
- What are you talking about?
- Bullshit, okay?
This is about...
I want to survive.
This is about your fear
of commitment again.
No. I don't know what you're talking about.
You're being crazy.
I'm not saying you're doing it consciously,
but unconsciously,
you're sabotaging
our life together.
I feel it.
I feel it every day.
You walk out the door.
You just... You just need to listen to me,
Look at me, please.
You need to listen to me
once in a while.
I don't want to hear
another word about it.
I don't want to hear another
word about chemtrails...
or, uh, Bilderberg
or fucking, uh, torsion folds...
Torsion Fields.
Warren, I am serious, okay?
I need you to take
this wedding seriously.
Otherwise, just forget about it.
Okay. What do you
want me to do?
I just want you to be there.
Okay. I will.
I will be. Okay.
It's all good.
It's all good.
Oh, God.
As he spiraled deeper...
into the rabbit hole
on his quest for truth,
Warren felt less
and less himself.
Ten thousand years
of Chinese medicine.
There's always
the possibility...
that what's going on
is from the neck up.
Your blood pressure is elevated.
He visited every doctor in his reach...
Western, Eastern, philosophical,
mental, holistic...
His cholesterol and his
blood pressure were high,
but no specific illness
revealed itself.
For all intents and purposes,
he was a reasonably healthy person.
Or perhaps he was cursed.
Come with me, Don Peyote.
Warren had opened a wormhole.
His desire for knowledge
was insatiable,
and now, Warren seemed
to be living two lives.
On one hand,
he was still Warren,
the soon-to-be-married and
out-of-work graphic novelist.
On the other hand,
he was Warren the filmmaker,
documentarian and mythologist.
The truth seeker
and messenger from the gods.
Turn up the volume
of consciousness...
to become more complete.
Fear permeates
the entire culture.
- There's a lot of fear in this.
- It's a form of mind control.
When you talk about
destruction of the world...
by flood,
that becomes very real...
when you consider
the melting of the ice caps.
What geneticists are saying...
is that we're actually
evolving to another species.
in our gene expression...
has accumulated so much to the
point where some people...
can't even be classified
as Homo sapien.
One term is "Homo sanctus,"
which means spirit man.
These electrolyte salts...
facilitate voltage-gated
ion channels in the body.
What's that?
That's the Twin Towers?
Yeah. Definitely
looks like a tidal wave.
Is it a tidal wave
coming over the city?
Yeah. And the whole city
looks like it's being destroyed.
I wanted to get the highest
quality everything...
because I know you want
to get this done quickly.
What's the real price
of burning fossil fuel?
This'll be the latest end-of-the-world
scenario going on, Comet Elenin.
Chaos, anarchy,
potential for global wars.
So, we got media
reading our minds,
feeding it into us,
programming us.
There's three ways we can do it.
Quickly and cheaply...
Our infrastructure will be destroyed.
There won't be electricity.
- There won't be water.
- You could get it done with money.
And fast.
Or we could get it done...
- No. We can't... That's not...
- 2012 is a constellational movement.
With money, but not fast.
It would take longer.
Are you done?
It's way, way fuckin' deep.
Way over everybody's head.
The true prophecy of 2012...
is something that we will,
in fact, bring upon ourselves.
As you can see,
we will have weather changes.
We will have new mutated disease
which will not be diagnosable,
And it is usually sign of...
What do you think about that whole
"Homo sanctus" thing?
- Yeah.
- You believe it?
Yeah. Don't you?
We need somebody.
They're like the Jedis, right?
Did you have your
wisdom teeth taken out?
Uh, yeah.
You're not Homo sanctus.
But if you have wisdom teeth,
then you are Homo sanctus?
If you don't have wisdom teeth,
then you are Homo sanctus.
This guy believes...
Weren't you listening?
He believes that
worst comes to worst...
that you could eat anything... plastic,
glass, you know, garbage.
He could... He could just...
He's actually grown...
and adapted to the pollution,
so it actually works for him.
You dig what I'm saying?
We're lower on the food chain.
This guy would eat you and me.
Well, maybe you.
Are you Homo sanctus?
Are you Homo sanctus?
Are you Homo sanctus?
Homo sanctus checklist.
No wisdom teeth.
Open mind.
You are a spirit warrior.
Oh. Homo sanctus.
Hi. How you doing?
I'm okay.
How you doing?
Oh, man. I'm okay.
I was just playing around.
Yeah? What are you doing?
Just getting in touch...
You got into Mommy's lipstick.
I got into Mommy's lipstick.
Why? Uh... Why?
Oh, man.
Can I use that towel?
Yeah. Sure.
Just daydreaming again.
Next thing I knew, I... I was in Cats.
"Now and Forever."
"Now and Forever."
Sorry, baby. I messed up your lipstick.
No, no. It's okay.
Shit. It's okay.
I can get another lipstick.
Do you have any idea what happened
to our honeymoon savings account?
What do you mean?
I mean that all the money, you know,
that I had been working really hard
to put in that account is gone.
Well, how much...
How much?
Like, $3,000.
Did you spend it?
I've just been having, like,
health issues, you know, recently.
- What kind of health issues?
- I didn't want to worry you.
- And, you know, I just... - Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. What kind of health issues?
You know, it's like, uh...
I would get anxiety,
and, uh, and, uh...
Why didn't you talk to me
about this?
I didn't want to get you worried.
Don't you think...
that I'd be more worried if I just,
"A," heard that all our money was gone,
and "B," you have these mental issues
and you're not talking about them?
- Yeah. That is weird.
- Yeah. It's weird, War.
I mean, what's going on?
Yeah. I don't know. I've just been...
I just been out of my head.
I've just been making
bad decisions, you know?
Do you think maybe you
should talk to somebody?
Like, go back
to Dr. Fieldman?
Just as a favor.
And if...
If Dr. Fieldman
says that I'm crazy,
will you still marry me?
Of course, Warren.
So, what's been going on
at home...
that's got Karen insisting that
you come back to me for therapy?
Well, off the record, I mean,
she's very, very stressed out right now.
But she seems to think...
you're behaving
rather strangely.
Why would she think that?
Oh. I'm having these...
incredibly... vivid dreams,
you know?
And, uh...
And other...
And, um...
I'm working on
this project now...
that I think
is very, very important.
I feel like, I don't know,
it may change the world.
And I feel like I am...
I've got this greater purpose, or something,
in my life, and my brain... It's just...
It won't shut off. I...
It's just working overtime...
trying to crack this code.
It just feels like the...
You feel, like, that...
that we're living...
in some... some really, like,
fucked-up times right now.
You would agree
with that, right?
That's how you see it?
Yes. And...
I mean, someone's gotta come along.
I mean...
And just...
You know?
I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know.
Uh... What
am I gonna do?
I mean, I got
to raise a family in this?
So, uh, it's the, uh,
delusions of grandeur again, right?
Fuck. No, Doc.
Look, um, you're making me
a bit nervous.
I, uh, think you
should just come back.
Sit down.
Have a cookie.
I'm done with your cookies, Doc.
No offense.
I'm done with you, too.
What? Warren.
- Warren, ready for...
- Shut up, shut up, shut up.
I'm blown today, bro. Movies.
Get a cab. Get a cab.
Grab a cab, because, uh...
You see Karen anywhere?
No. Why? Is...
He didn't want to be pacified.
If the end of the world
was coming,
he wanted to be prepared.
He wanted to survive,
and he was gonna find out how.
Because I've... Look,
I've been conditioned all my life...
to deal with this kind
of death and destruction.
So, unless you're willing to deal
with death on a massive scale,
you really, really,
honest to God don't wanna see that.
So, Warren,
the nice engaged man,
lives in a Chelsea doorman building,
wants to buy a gun.
Change your dagger.
Make it go all the way around the clock.
Like that. Yeah.
Arm direct my body.
That way, it makes you pull it like that.
Then you're just gonna walk
behind me and slice my throat.
You're living in a system
that's walking on a tightrope.
You know?
What are people going to do?
- You ever held a gun before?
- Not a real one.
- It's some Dirty Harry shit.
- Yeah.
When you're here and you're holding,
you're cutting out.
The reason
why you're standing...
If you had to choose the way that you died,
would being shot...
Quick and painless.
Quick and painless. Wow. Right.
So, think of things that are not
as quick and not as painless...
And those are the things that you can
say that would discourage people...
even more than a firearm.
You ever talk to anyone professionally?
A shrink? Somebody?
- Yeah. I got a therapist. Yeah.
- You do?
You need to talk about this,
because you can't come in here...
about buying a gun.
Come on, Warren.
You really want to keep
a .44 Magnum under your pillow?
Direct your mental projection...
and make it into reality,
which is magic.
You've made your projects
become real.
And so, coming in your future,
you are the magus. The magician.
And you're gonna
change the world.
So, just allow it to be.
But don't bring this
"Oh, my God.
"What if they're gonna blow up
our whole mentality?" home.
Because your partner will not feel safe,
and then...
As Warren lay
there in his bed beside Karen,
he realized
he was completely exhausted.
He had amassed more information about the
end of the world than he could register.
But the puzzle
was still incomplete,
and as his fiance
lay beside him sleeping,
he realized that she was the
only thing left in his life...
that did make sense.
He decided he was gonna
do something for her.
Pick up the dry cleaning, maybe.
Buy her flowers.
Take her out to dinner.
He would reconnect with her.
Or so he thought.
What the fuck?
Hello, everybody. Honey?
Excuse me.
What the fuck is going on?
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
More. L'Roi.
Oh, no.
This is my shit.
What the fuck is going on in there?
Your fiance, um, invited us up,
me and my friends,
for the party.
My fiance invited you for...
What is going on in there?
I don't know who's in there.
What the fuck is going on here?
What the fuck is going on here?
It's a bachelorette party.
You're fuckin'...
Excuse me. Excuse me.
What's going on here.
Harder. Here, come on.
Honey, what are you doing here?
I thought you were at work.
You didn't want
to fuck her anyway.
Shove a hot pepperoni
up her cupcake.
You fuck off, man! Fucks like a dog.
It squirts Crisco like a greasy hog.
It's really fuckin' funny!
Really fucking funny!
What the...
Put the gun away, Warren.
Jesus Christ.
Just calm down.
I fuckin' got a gun.
Holy fuck. I got a gun.
I got a gun!
What are you doing?
Why'd you fuckin' do this to me?
How could you do this to us?
I thought
you were working, honey.
I didn't know you were
gonna come home so soon.
- What did you say?
- You told me to seize the day, Warren.
You said to start doing things
that I wanted to do.
Live life, you know,
'cause the world was gonna end.
So, that's what I'm doing.
Don't fuckin' laugh!
How could you fuckin'
do this to us?
It's our life together.
You do this,
you think this is fuckin' funny?
Fuckin' on our bedsheets?
Fuck you.
Hey, sweetie,
did you get the dry cleaning?
What's going on?
You okay?
Honey, are you okay?
Wait a minute.
I'm not crazy.
Am I crazy?
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Oh, my... Warren?
Can you hold these for me?
All right.
Honey? Oh, my God.
Honey, wake up.
Food for thought
for thoughtful fools.
I tell you what.
I tell you what.
First one to the eternal beyond
is a rotten egg.
The last one has to eat it.
Oh, yeah
I woke up today
In a pool of
my own blue vomit, yeah
I took the last flight on the
back of a carpet
Don't ask me my name
Faces looking strange
Life is just a game,
and I don't give a damn
'Cause I'm a little bit drunk
and I don't know where I am
'Cause I'm a little bit drunk
and I don't know where I am
Excuse me.
Excuse me, miss.
Can you tell me where I am?
I said excuse me.
Stronger than death
Hyah! Ha.
- Hyah.
- All right.
This is the part of the trip
I dig the most.
No, no, wait.
This is the part of the trip.
It's when I flop around
like I'm on peyote and...
When I flop around
like I'm on peyote.
Hyah. Ho.
Hey. Ho.
Ah, baby, it's all right
Baby, it's all right
Ah, baby, it's all right Baby,
it's all right
Ah, baby, it's all right
Baby, it's all right
Ah, baby, it's all right Baby,
it's all right
Ah, baby, it's all right, baby,
it's all right, baby, it's all right
In primal cultures,
rites of passage...
are often painful,
humiliating and violent...
as the old persona is literally
destroyed to make way for the new.
Homo sanctus.
The ritual initiation
is marked...
by the liminal state.
The time in between.
He's the one.
What did you say?
Ah, shit.
Hey. Hey, wait up.
Hey. Frickin'
freezing, man.
He's frickin'... Hey.
Hey, what...
Oh, my God.
He was between an identity
that was given to him...
by custom, convention,
law and ceremony,
and a new self
that awaited on the other side.
What did you say, man?
Hey, Warren.
What are you doing down here?
How do you know my name?
You shouldn't be here, man.
These freaks are all telepaths.
Let's not say he was mad.
Let's just say he was lost
somewhere in the middle.
In the in-between.
He is the one.
He bears the mark.
He comes.
Homo sanctus.
Come here.
Let me show you something.
Get it together, Warren.
He comes this way.
He comes.
Did I just say that?
All hail Homo sanctus.
But first,
let's check his teeth.
Wait. Guys. Hold on.
They say he is coming,
the broken man.
I'd keep out of his way
as much as you can.
Don't let him touch you,
whatever you do,
or you might catch
what he's got, too.
What's wrong with you people?
What did I do?
Oh, come on. Please.
Whoa. What is that
intoxicating... Hello.
Oh. Hi.
Oh. Whoa.
Excuse me, sweetheart.
I have a fiance.
Is this your first time?
First time doing what?
I think we will
really enjoy this.
Will we?
Do you have an appointment?
Appointment for...
Well, you must have
an appointment.
What goes on back there?
Homo sanctus.
Oh, gimme that
old time religion
Gimme that old time religion
Gimme that old time religion
It's good enough for me
It's good enough for you too.
I'm talkin' about the real
old time religion.
I'm talkin' about Ares,
God of warfare and bloodshed.
I'm talkin' about Shiva.
I'm talkin' about Kali.
Oh, holy mother Kali.
When she devours
your tainted carcass,
it is in her fecal matter,
in her black shit...
that you just might have a chance
of a spiritual redemption.
Homo sanctus.
I just wanna go home, man.
Not Homo sanctus.
You wanna be Homo sanctus,
you must go to Punta Maldanado.
Punta Maldanado.
I must go to Punta Maldanado.
There you will meet the maestro.
There I will meet the maestro.
You will drink
the ayahuasca medicine.
You will be completed.
Then I will be completed.
Yeah. Other than some bumps and bruises,
you're totally healthy.
But why the extra exams?
Why do you care?
I need to ask you
these questions.
I wanna be, uh, healthy.
I got a big trip coming up.
Where you headed?
Punta Maldanado.
Ah, yes. Punta Maldanado.
It's lovely this time of year.
Well, if that's the case,
I'm gonna need to run
a couple of extra tests.
Sure, Doc. Just let me know
when I can get out of here.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
We will.
Come on, Doc.
Time for lunch.
Has he exhibited
any homicidal...
or suicidal tendencies?
He put his fingers
in his mouth...
like he was trying
to blow his brains out,
but, I mean, I don't
think he really...
I don't know.
I'm gonna recommend
we keep him here...
for 72 hours for observation.
- Get the chair.
- I'm with a patient.
The wedding is off, Warren.
I just can't
do this. Okay?
You need...
You need real help.
I mean, look at your face.
If you could just...
Just take that back, please.
Come on.
I can't, Warrey.
Ah. Yeah.
That's, uh...
That's probably for the best.
It's probably for the...
Fuckin' cold-hearted...
cunt, slut, fuckin' whore.
No. Sorry.
No, Warren.
Path of least resistance.
I'm not gonna go
down that path again.
I don't know
what happened to you.
You know what?
One of these days,
I'm gonna come back...
and I'm gonna...
I'm gonna save you.
If you're lucky.
Good-bye, Warren.
Come on. Karen!
Are you aware that there's
a cataclysmic event coming?
Good-bye, Warren.
Well, don't say
I didn't "Warren" ya.
I'm okay. I'm okay.
No. No.
Come on, man.
Ow. My fingers.
Have a seat.
I'm just sitting?
Have a seat.
Okay, I'm just gonna sit.
Relax. Okay? Calm down.
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
She loves you.
She loves you.
I'm here.
Oh. Ah.
Oh, shit.
I can smell you.
Just a minute.
Holy shit.
Is that you?
Whoa, man.
Are you telepathic?
It's me. Speed.
Your old friend.
Remember? I used to buy pot
from you in the East Village.
Yeah. Speed.
- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
The party begins now.
What is going on? Yeah, yeah. No.
I'm the captain of the ship, buddy.
The schizophrenics depend on me.
No way.
I am the gardener on the
front lawn of the bipolar.
Hey, dude, you want a hit?
No. There's doctors
and everyone.
Don't worry about the doctors.
They don't know shit.
Let's light this candle.
Just for old times' sake.
Come on. Don't get me too wasted.
'Cause then it's...
I don't know how it mixes
with the Thorazine.
We'll just...
We'll just try a little bit at first.
Oh, geez.
I am wasted.
You think I should go?
I certainly wouldn't stop you.
You don't think I'm insane?
Oh, what does
that word even mean?
Fuck. I don't know.
In this society,
this triumph of the blas,
how do you monitor sanity?
How long you, uh, park
yourself on a couch,
let the evening news
tell you what's real?
Yeah. Society... Culture's pretty...
pretty fucked, huh?
It's like, uh, two choices.
You wanna die of boredom
or you wanna die of stress?
That's what a citizen
has as options.
We need, uh,
some mad genius to change things.
Yeah. You think
that might be me?
you don't really look the, uh, part.
Good night, man.
Good night, Warren.
Warren had lost everything.
Sleep tight, Warren.
The year 2012
had come and gone...
and yet, his documentary
remained incomplete,
a shambles
of incoherent footage...
stranded somewhere
on Balance's hard drives.
Yet, in a funny way,
he was free.
He had no obligations
and nothing left to lose.
The world was his oyster.
Listen, Warren.
You gotta take me with you.
This place is full of nuts.
Doc, please.
Shut the fuck up. Okay? Okay?
Warren, listen.
What you're experiencing is very typical.
You've had a rough...
rough injury there on the digits.
You're gonna lose dexterity.
Let me get this for you.
Thank you. Thanks, Doc.
Good show.
Get out of here.
Keep up the exercises.
Huh? Dial.
Okay. Okay.
All right, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Okay. Okay.
Let's go.
Okay. Ow.
Oh, shit.
Who's there?
Warren. Warren.
What are you doing here, man?
I came to bust you out, brother.
You got your equipment
and everything.
Yeah. I came prepared.
Do you have a car? I took the sewer.
I crawled through the sewer.
Come on. Let's... get out of here.
Get out. Go, go.
What the fuck?
there's fucking people watching this.
Yeah, yeah. Get a good look, assholes.
This is my fuckin' life
you're judging.
Yeah. You think this
is fuckin' easy for me?
I'm s...
Look at you.
It is tough to be
this guy's agent sometimes.
I can tell you that much.
Oh, Dan.
He wrote it.
Yes. So it's no one's
fault but his own.
Oh. Jesus.
Back in the theater.
Hey. Hey.
With the frickin popcorn.
Stupid. You should be
ashamed of yourselves.
So if you could just
roll due north,
that would be awesome possum.
Thank you, sir. Possum?
What street you going to?
Just keep heading north for now.
Jesus Christ. Of all the son
of a bitches in New York,
I gotta get stuck
with these two.
Together again.
Think about it.
Three months you're away
and on the same night...
that you're breaking out,
I come to bust you out.
I mean, what are the chances?
I was in there
for three fucking months?
Well, I had to get all my ducks
in order and stuff like that.
Don't worry, my brother.
The universe is conspiring...
in your favor now.
feel like they're above...
everything else on this
planet, but we're not.
We're connected to this planet
like everything else is...
and everything works together.
This is good.
This is really good.
I mean, it's like...
You're, like, an editor now,
and shit.
That's cool.
Thank you, man. Thank you.
And friends are
the new currency.
And they are the only way we're
gonna make it through this.
I feel like we need
something big, you know?
A big climax.
Something big at the end.
You just assume...
We gotta go to...
Punta Maldanado.
Punta Maldanado?
What's Punta Maldanado?
Please wake up, sir.
Please wake up, sir.
We're here. We're here, sir.
Point Maldanado, sir.
Point Maldanado.
What the fuck?
Point Maldanado?
Point Maldanado.
Yes, sir.
Sir, please swipe the card.
Where's my friend?
My buddy, man.
The guy... The guy
with the grappling hook, man.
Please. $272.00.
It's $272.00.
Please, sir.
Take your hands off me.
Do I... Do I look like
I have any money?
Do I look like I have any money?
I just got out of a hospital!
Come on.
What'd you do with my fuckin' friend?
Where is he?
What'd you fuckin' do with him?
Who are you talking about, man?
Please pay me.
My friend!
Where the hell is he?
Who are you talking...
Don't push me.
Don't fuckin' push me.
You pushing me?
I'm seriou...
Get the fuck back from me!
I'm serious.
You fuckin' serious?
You saying to me
you're fuckin' serious?
Fuckin' that's it.
That's it. Citizen's arrest.
You're going to call the cops?
Call the police.
You call the cops on me?
Help me!
You call the police on me?
Where's the Point
Maldanado police?
- You call the police on me?
- Yeah.
Oh, fuck.
Uh, hello, everyone.
I don't mean to alarm you.
Uh, I just... had an accident.
Ah, prego?
Um, hi. How are you?
- Uh, I was wondering if you had a phone...
- No.
Does anybody here speak English?
Oh, whoa.
You got the whole... The eye and the...
The Eye of...
Eye of Horus.
are now looking for this man,
Warren Allman, age 36.
Seen here escaping from a mental
late last night.
What's the matter?
Take it outside.
...guard to the intensive
care unit with two cracked ribs.
If you see this man...
On the street.
Go ahead.
To the left. Side of the building.
And thank you.
No. To the left.
Side of the building to the left.
Hey, what you want?
Now the sun walks away
Can I help you with something?
Get back here!
Where you going, you freaking lunatic?
And I have reached
A new kind of love 9-1-7-2-7-9...
That I never thought I
could reach 2-4-8-2.
I'm sorry, sir.
That number is
no longer in service.
Are you sure?
Oh, fuck.
Could you please try it again?
Or is there another listing?
It's my fiance and I'm
having a bit of an emergency.
And if you can do me
this favor please.
Could you try the number again?
I don't know
how it got this way
I don't know
how it got this way
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh,
Ooh, ooh
I don't know
how it got this way
Hello? Hello?
Yes, sir.
Hello. Hello.
Oh, God. It's so good
to see you, Captain Kangaroo.
What do we need?
When's the next trip
to New York, my good man?
You're not gonna get
a train from here, sir.
It doesn't go anywhere.
What the fuck is that?
This train does
not go to New York.
It's a museum train.
I mean, what the fuck is this?
What the fuck are
these tickets for?
Well, that's for the train.
It doesn't move!
You have to take a bus, sir.
Every two days there's
a bus from Phoenicia.
Where the fuck is Phoenicia?
Phoenicia is over that
mountain on the other side.
Fuck me.
See ya later.
Uh, I'm walking up.
What the fuck?
Hey, dude.
What are you doing
down there, man?
you'll get fucked up by bears.
Please. Please not now.
Seriously. Some dumb bitch
got her face eaten off.
Yeah. You shouldn't
be down there, man.
Were you on the run?
I just wanna get
some rest please.
It's not safe.
Were you on the run?
I so wanna go back to New York.
What the fuck? Hey.
We just spent the summer in Central Park.
Yeah. We did.
It was awesome.
You... You guys are
from Central Park?
Yeah. Up
in the canopy.
Yeah. We sleep
in the trees.
Yeah. We're
tree dwellers.
That's cool, man.
Hammocks, actually.
Yeah. Room
with a view.
It's pretty smart.
Wha... What's the situation here,
I mean, look at you.
Here's the situation.
Did you get kicked out of
a shelter or something?
The situation is I'm
fucking starving. You know?
Oh. Well, we were just about
to go grab something to eat.
Yeah. We were. You want to join us?
You want to come?
I don't have any money.
You don't need money.
Come on. Let's go.
We stopped using that stuff
a long time ago.
You're not gonna need money when...
the shit house goes all up in flames.
Know what I mean?
Grab your shit.
Come on.
Okay. I'll
give it a shot.
We stopped doing that.
Come on.
You know what?
I'm not hungry for fish
anyway. Let's...
How about Italian?
You like Italian?
I love Italian.
Fucking boots.
That never happens. Ever.
You okay, baby?
I hate fish, man.
Got my boots all wet.
Fish are filled with mercury.
They're a bunch of jackasses.
Yeah. I'm hungry
for Italian anyway.
Back, back, back.
I tell ya, this place makes
the best shrimp puttanesca.
It's unbelievable.
'Cause they use real Kalamata olives.
What are you hungry for?
I could eat a... a horse.
keep your fuckin' head on a swivel.
Is that sanitary?
I don't know, but it's free.
Lately, we have been craving meat.
I swear.
Oh. Thought you were gonna say
you were a vegan or something.
Oh, no. We're not political.
There you go.
Oh, my God.
This is the one we had last time.
I love this.
It's always so good.
Is that shrimp pasta?
You want it?
You want it?
You can have it.
I love you.
Got a bite of an orange left.
I'm a bit of a germaphobe.
This is like...
This is the best one I've had yet.
You... You don't
Like, you might as well be
in the restaurant. You know?
Tastes exactly the same.
I guess beggars can be choosers.
Um, God.
I miss... I miss my fi...
You guys are making me miss my fiance...
Why do you say that? goddamn much.
Well, I don't know.
You guys are good together.
They were the most
beautiful hoboes Warren had ever seen.
I'm torn between wanting to...
They owned no property or land.
They had no money
or even any need for it.
I'm torn between
wanting to, uh...
But you couldn't
call them homeless.
No. They were just
off the grid.
It was the first time it
had ever occurred to Warren...
that money
and material possessions...
were not a prerequisite for
living happily in this world.
I don't know, man.
I feel like I should follow...
What? Your heart?
Uh, no.
You should follow your heart.
It's more like a call
to arms. You know?
I really wanna try and save the world.
You know?
Oh, man. Wait.
You know... Let's save it tomorrow.
It's a little bit
too late for that.
Took some classes
back in New York.
No, no. Kickboxing's
not gonna help you, dude.
Not... Listen to me.
Come here.
This is all you need.
Defense, offense.
Defense, offense.
You see?
That's all you need.
No, no.
That's all you need.
Fighting is not gonna help.
I mean, maybe... maybe if you're,
like, the first to one.
Right there.
I was, uh... I was
training in New York.
Maybe you'll be able to hold down
your spot in the grocery store,
your favorite aisle,
but when the shit really hits the fan...
Here drink that. It's so good.
It's good for you.
When the shit really hits the fan,
when the ramen noodles...
The gasoline.
The gasoline, when they're gone...
Then what?
Then what are you gonna do?
You need a real
hardened spirit...
to survive on the land.
Drink it.
Oh. It's tangy.
Is that apples?
Where you... Where
you going exactly?
Kinda been like birds,
flying south for the winter.
Migrating south.
I've been migrating south all summer.
Haven't I?
Mazel tov.
No. We like you.
Can I have more?
It's good. Right?
You ever heard of, uh,
the maestro on your travels?
The maestro?
No. No.
Never had any ayahuasca?
That's what you're
drinkin' right now, man.
You're drinking
ayahuasca right now.
That is amazing
he even asked that.
It's crazy.
That is so fucking crazy.
Can you believe
he just asked that?
It's good for what ails you.
Oh, yeah?
Am I gonna start tripping
my balls off right now?
Opening up your third eye.
Opens up your pineal gland.
Yeah. I'm telling you.
Maybe it's gotten calcified...
from all that fucking
fluoride they...
keep putting in the water.
We like to give it a kick start...
every couple of days with
this ayahuasca medicine.
You know what I mean?
It makes us right as rain. Swear to God.
It's so good.
Bet it'll kick start
my pineal gland.
Ecstatic spiritual
visions to follow shortly.
He's cute.
I think I would've...
liked some warning, um,
before doing something like this.
We thought you... We thought you
might appreciate it. You know?
Besides you're part of a...
You're part of a small-scale test.
What test?
He's cool.
I'm cool.
He's cool.
He's cool.
You can tell me.
We can...
So we've been thinking,
what if we were to accidently spill,
say, 100 gallons of ayahuasca
medicine into the water supply?
The psychedelic effects...
on our culture would be enormous.
Can you imagine?
Half of New York City
in the middle of Times Square...
having a genuine...
a genuine spiritual experience?
I mean, dude...
Oh, my God.
The ripple effect would be huge.
The hundred monkey theory would
spread it across the globe like...
like that.
Across the globe.
Dude, it would be the most amazing
thing anybody's ever seen.
It's the next step
in human evolution, dude.
It is the next step
in human evolution.
What are you doing?
No, no. We don't eat them.
We don't eat dandelions.
Ah. He's gone.
He's gone.
Ah. He's so cute.
There you go.
Just wrap yourself up
in a cocoon.
There you go.
He looks like a glowworm.
The ayahuasca had
squeegee'd his third eye quite clean.
Every dimension
was in his grasp.
Come with me, Don Peyote.
Come with me.
And the goddess rained gifts
of forgiveness down on him.
Move a muscle and I'll blow...
your gizzard clear
into the buffet table.
He told you not to move.
Hi, guys.
It wasn't even loaded.
You know,
we all thought that you
gave up on your quest.
Not I.
Still fighting the good fight.
I did try the ayahuasca though.
What a game changer.
Who goes there?
Who are you?
Who are you?
You son of a bitch.
Where you been?
I don't know, man.
You left me in the cab,
all alone.
I-I didn't mean to.
I had to.
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you.
Where you been?
What happened to you?
The Illuminati happened to me.
Yeah. They're chasing me.
What? Who's following you?
They're all chasing me.
C.I.A., F.B.I., K.G.B.,
K.F.C., Mickey D's.
I think when you were
in the hospital,
they planted some kind of, like,
tracking device in your brain.
Wear this metal hat.
Um... It will prevent them from
tracking your every move.
Also take these.
I got 500 DVDs
of the film in here.
It's all up to you.
Great job.
It's time for me to bounce.
No. No. No.
You just got here. Don't go.
No. Don't go.
Remember... brick wall.
Don't go.
Come on.
You just got here.
N... No.
Jesus H. Christ.
Oh, no.
I had a delicious amount
of food piled up...
and they took it away from me.
Do you gentlemen know
where my friends went?
Your friends?
I don't think you have
friends here, ass clown.
Why you wearing
a garbage can on your head?
I think you're a little lost.
I think you better
get out of here...
with that garbage can
on your head.
I think you fellas may be right.
Fuck you.
Are you missing a circus there, friend?
I am Don Peyote!
If you guys can help me out,
I'd really appreciate it.
Get your fuckin' hands off that.
Get it out of your mouth.
Spit it out.
Spit it out.
In my...
You fuckin' idiot.
I did what you told me to do.
I don't like your face.
I don't like the way you smell.
You smell like shit.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
You guys are obviously upset.
And I'd... I'd like
to share with you my DVD.
I don't want to see your DVDs.
I want to see you fuckin' leave.
We are friends here.
Hey. Hey.
Well, hit him.
Hit him in the face, Ellwood.
Should I hit him?
Fuck all, Ellwood.
You may hit me, but I warn you,
this is gonna hurt you
a lot more than it hurts me.
Are you calling me stupid?
Warren took the beating.
He did not fight back.
And in doing so,
he became aware that the cycle had ended,
the cycle of violence,
confusion and self-hatred.
And in this moment, as he reached
rock-bottom with nothing left to lose,
he realized he had
everything to give.
And the goddesses
danced in his heart.
Warren looked in the mirror...
and realized
that his fear was gone.
His doubt was gone.
His longing was gone.
Indeed, Warren was gone.
And all that was left was me.
Don Peyote.
The cosmic drum has been rung.
Time is a wave
and the wave is vibrating.
Faster and faster.
For some of us, it will be
stranger and scarier...
than anything
we've ever seen before.
And for others, it will be
the coolest thing...
that ever happened
in the history of humankind.
I would make a sign.
A sign of enduring peace.
The past is the future
is the past
And I would walk the earth
and carry a message.
A message of unity
will take hold...
and grow in every living mind
and never die.
And this symbol of peace will
spread throughout the world.
New York,
It became part of the collective
unconscious overnight.
He performed several miracles.
Whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa
Unfortunately, upon
performing his last one,
the whole idea of it
made him sick.
He disappeared for seven years.
That place looks great.
They finished it.
Honey, sit down and eat.
Okay? It's gonna get cold.
What's he doing?
He's playing with those flowers.
He's always just playing
with the flowers.
He's completely disconnected.
I think we should have
him see Dr. Gregory.
You're in denial.
I'm not in denial.
As usual.
I'm just saying he needs...
he needs something.
He needs...
He needs help.
He doesn't need any help.
Just to see.
Just to explore what the options are.
Just think about it.
Medication is a possibility.
He's completely
in his own bubble.
He doesn't need medication.
He's fine, honey.
He's playing. He's fine.
He's always playing.
He's an imaginative kid.
I know what I'm talking about.
I'm not saying you don't know
what you're talking about.
He seems to be going in
a very strange direction.
He is a little boy.
I understand he's a little boy.
Someday he's going to be a grown man...
and I think we both
know what his genes are.
He's creative.
He's fun.
He's fine.
I could be so happy
If I just quit being sad
I could be so funny
If I just quit being a drag
I could be so sweet
If I just quit being sour
I could do all these things
Oh, I have the power
I'm gonna see
what tomorrow brings
I'm gonna make it
to the midnight train
I'm gonna see
what tomorrow brings
I'm gonna take it
to the world outside
Put your hands together.
So I took off running
I ran
And the good vibe
spread across the land...
and the name Don Peyote became
synonymous with peace and joy.
The hundredth monkey had
finally turned the tide...
just in the nick of time.
And it was truly
an awesome sight to behold.
I don't wanna stand still
I am going out into
I'm going out
to the sweet unknown
I am going out into
I'm going out
to the sweet unknown
Oh, I'm longing to be
Oh, I'm longing to be,
oh, out in the sweet unknown
Oh, I'm longing to be
Oh, I'm longing to be,
oh, out in the sweet unknown
Out in the sweet unknown.
Out in the sweet unknown
Out in the sweet unknown
I had a script come across
this desk two days ago.
A reboot
of the Battleship franchise.
Great role for Dan.
He didn't even want
to talk about it.
"I want to do
another indie film."
Look what I got here.
It's him and a penguin
kinda going...
on a cross-country tr...
You know, you got Dan in a car
on a cross-country trip.
It reads a lot funnier
than I'm saying it,
but it's a very funny role,
so right for Dan.
Just gotta stop
doing this indie shit.
Oh, Danny boy.
The pipes are calling.
Just kidding. It's me.
I just saw the movie.
I loved it!