Dona Herlinda and Her Son (1985) Movie Script

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Doctor.
The water is hot now. I'm going
to take a bath. Wait for me.
Dear son...
Let me dry you.
You smell real fresh...
Let's see... those little ears...
Those little paws...
- Who is it'?
- It's me, Eduardo.
Look, I need my hammer.
Are you through with it'?
- I can lend it to you again.
- No, thanks, I'm through with it.
It's impossible here,
they are always interrupting.
I also ask them
to do me some favors.
I can see that. Since when
are you interested in carpentry?
What do you need a hammer for?
- He's after you.
- Who?
- Your neighbor.
- You're wrong.
- He's straight.
- Then he's getting curious.
But you don't even
try to pretend...
- What did I do?
- There, in bed, striking a pose.
Is this too explicit?
- Your mom.
- Maybe it's from the hospital.
I was on duty but I escaped.
I bet it's your mother.
Ramn, Doa Herlinda on the phone.
Just as I told you.
Good morning, madam.
Yes, we'll pick you up.
I'll wait, but tell Rodolfo
that Olga is coming with us,
and he must pick her up.
Ana, Rosita, Lupita... and now
Olga. Your mother won't give up.
I just go along with her,
it makes her happy.
Hi, this is Ramn. He studies
at the Conservatory.
- Remember I told you about him?
- Sure. Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
- Where is your mother?
- We're going to pick her up now.
She never misses Sundays
at lake Chapala.
- Good afternoon.
- Welcome.
Thank you.
Olguita, please. Ramn.
I'll have a tequila.
And you, Olga?
- The same.
- Me too.
- And for the young man?
- Rum and coke.
Bring just a few peanuts. Today
we're eating at Camino Real.
- Yes, madam.
- Thank you, Jose.
What a beautiful lake.
Do you come here often?
Almost every Sunday.
I have been coming here
for many, many years.
Then you must have
many good memories.
You can't imagine.
Could I have one, please?
Thank you.
Let's dance.
Why haven't you come by
to the house to lift weights?
Is the sauna working?
Yes, but you know Rodolfo,
he won't exercise without you.
I hate getting up early.
You and I have the same problem:
We don't have any will power.
Doa Herlinda, what a surprise
Not only is he a neurosurgeon,
a good reciter and an athlete,
but also a professional dancer.
He got me breathless.
- I don't drink like that.
- What did you say?
How are your German lessons going?
Great, but I find
the pronunciation very difficult.
Fortunately, we have
a marvelous teacher.
- Is she your mom?
- No, she's... a friend.
Ramon, are you coming?
Moncho, sometimes I feel
four is a crowd.
- I feel I bore you.
- No, you don't, madam.
I always tell Rodolfo
that I can stay home
but he doesn't like
to leave me alone.
I assure you we wouldn't
enjoy ourselves without you.
Then I won't let you dance with
anyone else again. I'm jealous.
What am I saying? Seriously,
tell Rodolfo to stop drinking for today.
Remember he has
to operate tomorrow.
OK, madam.
I went by the boarding house
this morning.
I left early.
- Are you angry?
- You are angry.
- Do you have a hangover?
- We didn't drink so much.
I did nothing wrong.
Didn't you dance with Olga?
You know I do it
only to please mother.
And I did it to have fun,
to stretch my legs.
Besides, I like to dance. You know
perfectly well I love to dance.
Where do you want me
to take you dancing?
I don't know of any such place
in Guadalajara.
The ones I've heard are places
that would shock you.
At the boarding house
there is no privacy.
They are always
knocking on your door.
I also needed things and
have gone to knock on their doors.
I didn't come here to fight,
I wanted to see you.
I have to get back
to the hospital.
Mother wants us
to have lunch with her tomorrow.
Don't you want to go?
Yes, but I'd rather see you alone.
Me too.
Look what you've done,
and I've only half-hugged you.
Why don't you drop
by my office tonight?
I have a rehearsal
but I'll make up an excuse.
Doesn't your secretary imagine
what's going on?
See you later.
- I can't make it to the rehearsal.
- Again?
Let's go.
They'll get mad at you...
But you can count on my help if
the reason is what I think it is.
I envy you, pal.
- Aren't you hungry?
- Sure, but this is tasteless.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Dr. Ledezma just asked
about you. You can go right in.
Thank you.
If you see any reaction
to the new dose, tell my secretary.
Come on in. I'll be right back.
- I'm not to be disturbed.
- Yes, doctor.
Tell me, what are your symptoms?
Another tequila
while lunch is ready?
Two's my limit.
One more and I'll get drunk.
You'll just get happy.
I love to see you two like that.
Come on, throw the dice.
- Can I throw for you?
- No, it's bad luck.
Ramon is in the pit and I'm
in jail. What do we do now?
There must be a rule for this.
Thank you.
I'll wait for you.
Feel comfortable,
it's your home too.
Wonderful, madam.
They are delicious.
You should teach Doa Luisa,
at the boarding house.
My only secret is
that I cook with love.
The other day I was telling Rodolfo
how bad it is for you
at the boarding house.
Fortunately, I come here often.
I hope I don't bore you.
On the contrary, we'd love
to have you here always.
I come here almost every day.
How about staying every night too?
There is lots of room.
Rodolfo's bedroom is very big.
It's a big house
for just the two of us.
What do you think?
Didn't I tell you, Mom?
He's like that. He's ashamed to say yes.
I don't understand
how you can live alone.
What if you need something
in the middle of the night?
If you stay, we can
exercise every morning.
This afternoon
we'll go get your things.
It looked like he had nothing,
and we needed two trips.
- Good night, son.
- Sleep well, Mom.
Here's a closet for your things.
And the bed is wide enough,
you'll sleep very well.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Didn't you want to live with me?
I almost had to force you...
I don't understand your mother.
She can hear?
She's used to it.
Ever since high school
I sometimes had
a schoolmate stay over.
- Then she knows?
- No.
But she has an idea.
One can hear everything here.
- How long before she goes to sleep?
- Not much.
No trespassing.
- You know what I need to be happy?
- What?
- You know.
- Maybe some day, kid.
- Last night I had two suitors.
- Again?
It's true.
You'll never change.
You've been well taken care of,
you've even gained some weight
since you went to live with Doa Herlinda.
Well, it's a start. Someday
Rodolfo and I will live together.
- Hey, listen to this joke.
- OK.
Dracula and Frankenstein
are having a red, greasy soup.
Frankenstein tells Dracula:
"Hey, bro, this is delicious.
Can I have the recipe?"
And Dracula says:
"It'll be a bit difficult.
There's only one mom."
- Why didn't you tell me you moved?
- Didn't you get my letters?
And your uncle Jose
who lives in Guadalajara?
I was planning to go visit him.
Too late. We are here to bury him.
I sent a couple of letters.
This came for you
at the boarding house.
- Moncho, are they your parents?
- Yes.
I'm Herlinda Canales-Ledezma.
Ramon Villareal Ciro,
nice to meet you.
How sad to meet like this.
Was he a close relative?
My father's brother.
- I'm sorry. When did he die?
- Yesterday.
- We're going to the funeral now.
- He is being buried today.
You can't go like this.
Go change your clothes.
Put on Rodolfo's dark suit
and black tie.
Please come in.
Just for moment,
while Moncho gets dressed.
- Did you arrive today?
- Yes, in the morning.
But we spent all day
looking for Ramon.
I can assure you he wrote to you.
You know the mail service.
- Would you like something to drink?
- No, thank you. We're in a hurry.
Are you going to be here
for several days?
No. We are leaving
tomorrow morning.
What a shame. Is this
your first trip to Guadalajara?
Well, we've been here several times.
How many boarders do you have?
Boarders? None.
Ramon is like
a member of the family.
So please feel at home too.
I'd love to have you
for lunch tomorrow,
then you could meet Rodolfo.
Your son? The doctor?
Yes, he is a pediatric
- Surely Ramon told you about him.
- No. But we already know...
There is always someone
willing to tell.
We are also interested
in meeting him.
What is this?
I want to listen to it.
Isn't everything beautiful?
Did you see that plane?
I'm envious. What do you do
to stay so thin?
I dance.
Oh, then Moncho
is an artist like you.
Rodolfo is also a bit of an artist,
he can recite very well.
I wish you could listen to him.
Did you see these miniatures?
Josefina, you have to
listen to this. It's great.
Almost like being at the San Marcos
Fair surrounded by mariachis.
Hey Moncho, your dad is pretty hip.
Credit where credit
is due, partner.
My father-in-law
is still very good looking.
- I bought this souvenir for you.
- No, thank you.
Oh yes. I noticed
you liked it. Please take it.
Thank you.
Oh, it's just to show we're really
glad Moncho is living with us.
Tell me, aside from exercises
and dancing, do you diet?
I only eat light food.
I have no will power.
Not even for exercise.
And we have a sauna in the house,
but no will power at all.
Does Ramon have a girlfriend?
Oh no. He's devoted to his music.
But my son is very interested
in a certain girl.
I think they're getting married.
I'm sure I'll have
many grandchildren. He loves kids.
- We'll take good care of Moncho.
- Thank you.
Son, I'm happy now.
I feel much better now,
knowing that you are staying
with this family.
Take care, Mom.
See you soon. Behave. Bye.
Let's go, Moncho.
Sometimes I want to give you
my eternal farewell.
Sometimes I want to give you
my eternal farewell.
And erase you...
Erase you... Erase you...
from my memories.
Erase you from my memories
and drown you in my passion.
But if all is in vain
and the soul does not forget,
what do you want me to do?
You're part of my life. What do you
want me to do with this heart?
Rodolfo couldn't make it.
Two, please.
- Thank you.
- Why couldn't he come?
After the movie we can have
something sweet and a drink.
- Good night, Moncho.
- Good night.
Jose, where is the Colonel?
That lady's husband,
you said he was a Colonel.
- A Major.
- Where is he?
- He died.
- How awful!
Excuse me, madam.
You have no idea, Moncho,
what it is to lose your loved one.
You can't imagine.
I'm having dinner
with Olga tonight.
Don't brag.
We are going to the movies.
- Did you tell him about the movie?
- I did.
You got up very early.
Show me your French Horn...
Are you mad?
- Rodolfo, make up your mind.
- What do you mean?
You know.
Yes, I know you only do it
to please your mother.
I do.
I swear.
Next week I'll propose to Olga.
Well, I'm leaving
as soon as possible.
Are you crazy? The wedding will
take place in two months.
Besides... Mom counts
on your staying with her.
If I go, I'm sure to lose him.
If I stay, maybe I won't.
Tell me what to do.
Pal, I don't know what to say.
It's really tough.
What would you do in my place?
I would kill myself. Cyanide.
Moncho. Are you sure
you don't want to go?
Yes. I have to study.
I have an exam.
- Lunch is ready for you to heat.
- Yes, madam.
Feel at home.
Though we're not blood relatives,
we're your relatives anyway.
One small favor, Moncho.
I left some beef in the oven.
Please turn it off in 20 minutes.
- OK.
- Thank you.
Before you give us
your daughter's hand,
I should tell you that my son
has one or two small aws.
He has always been
a pampered son.
Never finishes anything he starts.
I hope, son,
you'll go for it this time.
Well, Olga has one aw,
she is left-handed.
Really? Funny. As a child,
Rodolfo also was left-handed,
but I taught him
to use his right hand.
I made him perfectly
ambidextrous. Cheers!
You're so similar to me.
That you can't fool me.
Better tell me the truth.
I know you're leaving me,
and I know why.
You think I don't notice anything.
But the truth is that I didn't want
your love to cause me any more trouble.
You are leaving with her.
OK, I don't object.
I wish you happiness
but I warn you.
If you come back to me.
I don't respond.
You think I don't know anything.
But the truth is that I didn't want
your love to cause me any more trouble.
You're completely drunk.
Don't worry.
Everything will be OK.
Don't worry, we'll manage.
Everything will be OK.
Don't worry.
This is the only moral way
to create a family,
to have children and
to overcome the aws
of each individual,
who cannot be perfect otherwise.
Perfection can be achieved
through marriage.
Husband and wife shall
devote themselves to each other.
The husband, who is strong and
courageous, shall protect his wife...
Moncho, look,
the pictures just came in.
They all turned out terrible.
Look at this one, it's blurred.
It's fashionable now.
I don't think so.
Only the tree is in focus.
You two look very handsome
in this one.
Here I have a mole I don't have.
- Do you want something to drink?
- No, thank you.
Rodolfo isn't here, but that
doesn't mean we should be sad.
I have a good fun plan, my treat.
- What's up?
- Hi.
- Can we meet this afternoon?
- Er... No... I'm not from here.
It's Ramon, madam.
Anything wrong?
Nothing really. I'm too impatient.
Couldn't wait to tell you tonight.
- Tell me what?
- Rodolfo called. From Hawaii.
He says it's beautiful,
but he misses us a lot...
Sends you lots
and lots of regards.
He insisted so much
I thought you'd be happy to know.
About half the conversation
was about you.
- How is he?
- Very happy.
They are staying one more week.
What a surprise!
Getting married?
Oh, no. She's a classmate,
Guillermina Torres.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
That sofa should be here.
And what are you doing here?
We were passing by and I wanted
to say hi. How's everything?
As you can see, change or die.
It will be a hotel.
Want to see
your old room renovated?
Is it available?
No, but there is no one in it now.
Let's go.
I receive American tourists.
I'm booked 'till November.
Your friend, the doctor,
didn't he get married?
We saw the pictures
in the newspaper.
Beautiful bride. How is he?
On his honeymoon.
Where is Eduardo?
The guy from Monterrey
who carved wood.
He left. Went home
right after you left.
Little by little
I get closer to you,
I don't know if you're always
thinking about me.
But all I think about
is your love and your kisses.
It's great to love like I love.
It's great to give oneself completely.
I wonder what your love is like,
But it's greater than you and me.
You can't say you didn't suffer,
you didn't miss my kisses.
You can't tell me you didn't cry
when I was far away.
This is great.
- Did you buy it over there?
- Yes.
We expected you next week.
- How did it go?
- With Olga? Fine.
- Who's singing?
- Don Williams.
And your mother? Your mom?
She's at the apartment with Olga.
They expect us for dinner.
At nine. What time is it?
About seven.
Take your clothes off.
I thought... you wouldn't be here.
I did not forget our anniversary...
Neither did I,
but I didn't expect to see you.
Beside I wasn't sure about us.
What about us?
Be strong, you can count on me.
Hi! How about buying some tickets?
- What for?
- A concert for Amnesty International.
- How much?
- Two hundred pesos each.
Two hundred? Look, we're poor
but we'll help you sell them.
- Really?
- Sure.
- How many do you want?
- How many do you have?
Let me see.
Only ten left.
Ten will do.
What do we do after this?
Ramon takes the money
and the unsold tickets to my house.
Don't worry, we'll sell them all.
- Going home?
- Yes.
I'll give you a ride,
I have the car today.
Don't worry about me,
someone's coming for me.
This afternoon I'm going
to the other schools
to put up the posters.
Send me more tickets.
I finished the last ten.
- In whose name?
- Ramon's.
I'll remember.
Anyway, I'll call this evening.
About the money and everything,
we'll talk later.
- Are you in a hurry'?
- Not really.
Let's go to Morelos park
for an ice-cream.
I don't want a baby looking
like an ice-cream.
Are you pregnant?
I was just told.
Rodolfo doesn't know it yet.
- And Doa Herlinda?
- Not yet.
I'm scared to death.
- Of giving birth?
- Of the responsibility.
- What is Amnesty International?
- A human rights movement.
- How long have you been with it?
- Amnesty? About two years.
My parents are very conservative
and very possessive.
And you got married
to liberate yourself?
A little.
But I'm afraid I changed
one dictatorship for another.
Do you mean Doa Herlinda?
And Rodolfo.
He is quite a chauvinist.
Want to try mine?
I can get a scholarship
to study in Germany.
I want so much
to go away alone, for one year.
Don't misunderstand me.
I love Rodolfo
and I want to have a baby,
but you can't have your cake
and eat it too.
If you take your child with you...
Wouldn't Doa Herlinda
look after it?
For a whole year? I doubt it.
Isn't it awful'?
To wish contradictory things.
I wouldn't like to spend
my whole life in the Kitchen.
- Taking care of your children.
- And my husband.
You do understand me.
We have many things in common.
Do you want to try it? Try it.
Good, isn't it?
- You look beautiful.
- You think so?
How are you?
How are you, son?
Guess what. Moncho will cook us
a special dinner.
How was the show?
Shall we go?
We're going to the ob-gyn,
then we'll go shopping
and later we'll do something else.
I have a surprise for you.
Don't expect us before nine.
Let's see if the music fits.
I'm going to take a bath. Coming'?
Be right there.
It's beautiful.
Maybe for your next vacation
the four of us can go somewhere.
New Orleans perhaps.
But before we're five.
It will be more difficult then.
Here's the surprise
I told you about.
Put the lights on please, son.
The loan from the bank we'll
be able to build this.
From the swimming pool up to here
will be Rodolfo and Olga's area.
Main bedroom, baby's bedroom,
dining room and kitchen.
Three-car garage. Here's
Moncho's studio, in the tower.
We'll see each other frequently.
- What do you think of this?
- It's fantastic.
To the most beautiful mother
in the world.
Thank you, son.
- And to the mother-to-be.
- Come in. How about a tequila?
- Ramon, Ramon!
- Yes, madam?
Olga's having contractions...
and I can't find Rodolfo...
- He said he was going to the store.
- Don't worry. I'll get him.
Meanwhile I'll call
the hospital and pack.
- Come on, let's go.
- Let's finish while they pack.
- Do you reject Satan?
- We do.
- Do you reject Satan's works?
- We do.
- Do you reject Satan's seductions?
- We do.
Do you believe in God Almighty,
who created Heaven and Earth?
We do.
Rodolfo Cesar Rene.
Do you want Rodolfo Cesar Rene
to be christened into this faith
we have just accepted?
Yes, we do.
Rodolfo Cesar Rene, I Christen you
in the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
The candle...
Gifts, gifts...
- Rodolfo, he looks just like you.
- Do you think so'?
I think he looks like Olga.
Oh no. I think he has
Doa Herlinda's eyes.
- Here's a souvenir for you.
- How nice! Thank you.
It's beautiful. Excuse me.
- This calls for a toast.
- Yes.
I insisted but he refused
to baptize him with tequila.
- I'll hand out the rest of these.
- Sure, Moncho.
Has everything been OK?
- Godfather, throw us our gifts.
- I'd like cash.
If you don't,
the boy will be farty.
Wouldn't you like a girl next?
Rodolfo is already insisting,
but I don't want to.
Being an only child is a bad thing.
I want to work,
to study, and I will,
but that will be
when the baby's older.
- Olga...
- Yes?
Do you have the car keys?
I have to move it.
I'll go get them.
Ramon, watch the baby
for me, will you?
It is as if he were
our own child, isn't it'?
An eyelash.
- They insist that I recite. Coming?
- After he falls asleep.
It's time to sleep.
It's time to sleep...
Your daddy will recite...
and I love you.
And in my crazy and ardent ravings
I bless your contempt,
adore your ravings, and
instead of loving you less,
I love you much more.
Sometimes I want to give you
my eternal farewell,
erase you from my memories
and drown you in my passion...
- The baby is hungry.
- Yes.
And the soul does not forget,
what do you want me to do?
You're part of my life.
What do you want me to do
with this heart?
And when your sanctuary
was completed,
your lamp lit,
your veil on the altar...
the morning sun behind the belfry,
the torch aming,
the incensory fuming,
and not far away
the door from home open...
It would have been beautiful
to live under that roof...
The two of us united forever,
the two loving each other;
You always in love,
I always satisfied...
one soul, one chest...
and between us,
my mother, like a God!
1986 Clasa Films/Seotoe
2006 Condor Media