Donald Cried (2016) Movie Script

Yeah, keep going.
It's like three houses down,
and it's the...
Yeah, blue house
on the right, there.
- This one, here?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Hey, it's only 15 bucks, man,
don't worry about it.
We got to go back to the bus,
man, I gotta get my wallet.
Can you just take me back to
the bus station? I can't...
No, no, I can't do that.
I can't...
I can't take you all the way back there,
dude. Just don't worry about the 15 bucks.
I can't go, I got other fares, I
can't go all the way back there.
I understand that.
It's just...
There's no way that I can tell you
exactly what seat I was sitting in.
Do you understand? It was
probably like seven back.
Seven from the...
It was like the middle.
It's like the middle of the bus!
I don't even...
I, I don't know.
Peter Latang.
How often do these kind of
things turn up? 'Cause I...
I just want to get... okay.
- Hi, Kristin.
- Hi, Peter, how are you?
Come on in.
Sorry about the walk.
Oh, it's okay.
Sorry about this shit hole,
this place is...
- This is not a shit hole.
- Well.
Believe me, I've seen
plenty of those.
Can I get something for you,
some coffee...
No, I'm fine. You know,
I got to run, so.
My phone's already on
the photo app.
So I'm just going to go through and
take some photos if that's okay.
- Yeah, that's great.
- Okay, great!
- That's great.
- Are these hardwoods,
are they all through the house?
Yeah, I think...
That's great! You know,
that's gonna really...
That would definitely up it.
And if you want
you can do an estate sale.
Oh, that must be a lot more work for you.
You don't need that.
I really don't mind, you know. It usually
helps with the cost of the cleaning.
Oh, you're in this shot so,
just, uh, look handsome.
Uh, yeah, honestly,
the sooner we get this done,
the better.
I'd really like to be kinda
over with it, you know, like...
- Yeah, definitely.
- Yeah.
Um, all right, well,
how long are you in town for?
Just the night. I'm going back
tomorrow morning.
Oh, bummer!
If you could just sign here?
And... yeah.
Yeah, that's great.
All right, well, thank you. And I will
call you if I have any questions.
How about that?
Yeah! Okay,
do you have my number?
I have whatever number
you called me with.
Oh, yeah. Okay, all right.
Well, thank you so much, Peter.
Well, Kristin, thank you.
It was really...
A pleasure to meet you.
You don't remember me, do you?
I'm tan Megan's youngest sister!
Ah, all right.
- Yeah.
- Okay!
I thought you'd remember me,
but you just totally didn't!
- No.
- Okay.
I'm super gay.
I'm just gonna...
I'm just gonna go, and, uh...
Yeah, ah, ah,
ah, ah, I'll just...
I'll just see you
later then, hopefully.
Okay. All right. Kristin...
- Yeah, you skipped one there.
- Yeah, yeah.
All right, all right, uh...
All right.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Great to see you. Bye.
Bye, Kristin.
Hey, listen, Kenny. I really don't
want to waste your time, man.
I just... I'm in a real pinch.
I lost my wallet
right when I got here.
And I'm kind of fucked!
And I was wondering if you
could possibly, uh, wire up
a couple, you know, like, you
know, 100 bucks or something?
Are you serious?
Oh, I hate to see you like super
polite to me for a second, bro.
I'm don't know why.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. What is it?
What is it? What's up?
Uh... would that be possible?
Um... uh...
No, today's not a good day.
I don't think so.
Here's the thing, man, I got
a bunch of stuff happening.
Oh, god.
I don't need you to do it
right now, I mean, really,
if you could come later,
it'd be fine.
I mean, I'm really,
really kinda stuck.
Listen, like I said,
it's just not a good day.
Like, any other day, man, I'd be
there for you in, like, a second.
Bro, like, you know,
you don't have any friends
or family there that
can help you out?
No, no, no, no, no.
There's not.
Yeah, I wish I could, man, but like
I said, it's just not a good day.
Can I help you?
It's Latang.
Are you serious?
How you doing?
Oh, my god.
No, it's not you!
It's not you.
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god.
- How are you doing?
- What are you here for?
Oh, my god.
Are you moving back here?
Tell me you're moving
back here, please.
I'm not.
- You're not?
- No, I'm...
I'm here for Nona's.
I'm just taking care of the affairs
and the house and everything.
I wasn't sure if you'd
be back for that or not.
I know, I know.
My family and everybody,
we're so sorry.
- That's very sweet...
- And you know in these times
how important it is,
the grieving process,
to have friends
and family around.
We would be here for you,
whatever you need.
- Yeah, okay, I appreciate that.
- All right?
- All right.
- Thank you.
I mean, what are we gonna do?
That's the question
we need to start asking ourselves
right now, what are we gonna do?
- What are we doing?
- Yeah.
I am...
I'm just still like...
Having such a hard time processing
this reality right now.
This is such a hard reality.
Do you feel like that
at all? Yeah?
Yeah, me too.
I'm kind of sensing it, yeah.
I was like, "who is this old guy
at my fucking doorstep.
Who is this old guy?"
And you said your name and I
was just like, "oh, my god!"
I would have never have
recognized you, I mean,
you just look
so much different now.
- Mm. -Your skin just looks
tired and worn, and I just...
I just thought, like, when you left
you became, like, a bounty hunter
- or something like that. So
when you came back... -Oh?
Home, it would just be you
on this fucking motorcycle,
cruising down the street
on a big hog with just...
And everybody, the whole neighborhood's
just coming out and you're fucking like,
hair is just flowing,
your muscles are all fucking jacked
up, you have weapons and everything.
Like, the craziest fucking muscles
anyone has ever fucking seen.
Just like the most oily, veiny,
strong... just muscles.
And your hair, like...
You obviously cut it, but,
imagine what your hair would look like.
You'd actually...
I just kept...
Yeah, I mean, seeing you now, you'd
look, if your hair was long still,
you'd kinda look like...
I don't know, like a
Jewish witch or something.
But I had pictured you
never cutting your hair.
And it just being like this long
hair that almost told a story
about where you've been.
Like, whoever you killed,
whatever bounties you collected,
you'd take a keepsake from them.
And, like, weave it
into your hair.
And, like, each kill you did
you would take a keepsake.
If you killed a father with like a
family, you'd take the baby's...
Like, something from the baby's
and weave it into your hair.
So your hair would
actually tell the story.
That's kind of how
I had pictured you coming back.
I get this must be pretty
disappointing then, I guess.
No, I mean...
I don't think so. I mean,
I think you look cool too.
You kinda have more like...
Kinda like... a hit man.
Yeah. Yeah!
Well, I mean, it's incredible
for me to be back here.
Sit down. Just take a seat.
Sit down.
Did you see...
Have you seen the,
uh, wonderful...
Mrs. Lisa Marie rose?
Do you know her at all?
Do you know any of her work?
No, I don't... I don't think I
do, it's hard to... hard to...
- Get a read.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
I met her at a convention.
Uh-huh, yeah, I see.
She was like a really
fucking cool chick.
Like, you would have dug her.
- Like, I know your type.
- Uh-huh.
- I definitely know your type.
- Yeah.
And you would have
fucking been all over that.
Because not only does she have
the curves and the body,
but she's got the mind.
- And that's what I know...
- That's me.
That's what I know you get into.
I like it! I mean, I think
it's cool that she's a thinker
as well as a doer, but,
I was really impressed
with how she...
Conducted herself, and just
her philosophies and everything.
She seemed like she could
be doing other things.
I mean, not that I want her to be
doing anything else but that, but...
Do you masturbate still, or...
- I actually wanted to ask you...
- If you do,
she's somebody you're gonna
want to look up her stuff.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's really good.
Okay. Well, maybe I will.
Listen, I wanted to ask you, I've got
all this stuff going on over at Nona's.
And I have to get over
to the funeral home, um...
I got to pick up, you know,
these ashes. Would you mind
giving me a ride?
That would be...
- No, of course not.
- Really?
Yeah, I need to switch gears
right now.
I would be honored
to do that for you.
Okay. Thank you very much.
- I mean, of course.
- That's a big help.
- Of course.
- Okay.
I will feel honored.
You look...
I'm just so...
- Yeah, you're excited.
- Yeah!
- And I am too.
- Yeah!
I feel this is like...
Do you do social media at all?
- Not really.
- No?
Because I found a guy, uh,
Pete Latang, from Wyoming.
And I thought it was you,
so I was following for a while,
and he had like
a family and stuff.
You know, I kept
private messaging him,
and eventually he told me to, you know,
fuck off, 'cause it wasn't who... you know,
I wasn't who he thought it was.
But I thought maybe it was still you,
and you just didn't wanna talk to me.
Oh, really?
- Yeah, was it you?
- Uh, yeah, no.
- That wasn't you?
- It wasn't me.
No, I didn't think it was.
- 'Cause I've never been to Wyoming...
- I dint think so.
Just for a little while I was
like, "hey, this is kinda cool."
I'm watching Pete,
and his two boys,
and his family and everything.
Watching the family, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. And you guys had
summers at a lake, I don't know
if it was in Wyoming,
wherever it was,
but you were, really, from what
I could gather, a good dad.
Yeah, you were
good to those kids.
So, you wanna...
Do you want me to wait
in the car? Or actually...
I'd like to come in actually.
Oh, yeah, no, no.
That's really sweet.
I kind of got to take my time
there with her.
All right.
But, I really...
I want to thank you, man.
This is like... You really
got me out of a pinch. So,
I think I'm probably just going to head in.
I got a bunch of stuff, I got to get going.
Would you mind if I actually
borrow a couple bucks?
That's the one thing 'cause
I'm just in this, like, spot.
And then, I'll probably just
get my errands done, and then
- we could hook up and do...
- I thought...
whatever. I'd be in to...
- Yeah, like maybe...
- I just thought
we were going to,
like, hang out.
Like, I thought, like, we'd go
see some places, see some faces,
just kinda like cruise a bit.
Yeah, and I'd love to do that.
I just can't do it now, so,
that's why I'm saying, maybe,
like, later, we could...
All right. It's fine. I just thought
when you came over to my house...
It was to hang out.
I didn't realize you were
just coming over because
you needed a ride or you needed
to borrow money.
That's not...
- Which is fine.
- No, no. That's not what I was...
You know I help whoever
needs help, so that's fine.
But I just thought it's because
you wanted to hang out with me.
Right! Yeah! I mean, um...
All right. Well, let's do that.
Let me go get this
and then, um...
It just makes the more sense for
us to just kinda keep hanging.
- Hey.
- What?
I can't do this.
- What do you mean?
- I can't do this.
- What? -I can't stay in this
car by myself right now.
Donald, I'm gonna be
like five minutes, man.
This is so tough for me too.
For me, and to have some
closure to this whole thing,
I feel like I'd be going crazy
sitting in there by myself.
I feel like I need this for me.
You want to come in?
I, uh... please.
I just know myself.
And bad things would happen if I
was left in that Van by myself.
Oh, you know what
I just thought of?
Do you remember, uh, when...
Donnie, you have to be quiet
in here, please.
All I'm asking...
Yeah, but can you just
tell me in the car, please?
No, I just want
to tell you right now.
- Go, sit back down.
- No, listen, just quickly.
Do you remember when I wanted
to pull a prank on you,
and I snuck into Nona's room
when she was out?
And I went through
her underwear drawer,
and I remember her door opened
up and I thought it was you,
but it was actually, uh, Nona.
And she fucking freaked out
on me, you remember that?
That was crazy. Do you think
she saw anything or...
Because I remember just being,
like really embarrassed.
And I didn't want to go back to
your house, for like two weeks.
'Cause I never knew. Did she ever
mention anything about seeing my penis,
or anything like that?
No, she didn't. She didn't
mention it to me, so...
I mean...
I had never heard Nona swear,
and I, I...
She might have that day, and...
You know, if I'm going to
be honest I wouldn't blame her.
She was livid,
and she should be.
'Cause I shouldn't have
been doing that.
- Just here.
- So I checked off here.
- Yup. Just sign right here.
- Okay.
And then, uh, initial here.
That'd be great.
- Great.
- Okay.
Here's the urn, and...
Here's a...
Complimentary bag.
Ooh, nice!
- Thank you very much.
- We'll take that.
Lately I've been really into...
Just building, like...
Just di, d-i-i...
D-y-i stuff.
You ever do any of that, DYI?
What do you do in Manhattan?
- Pete?
- What?
What do you do there?
I'm in finance.
What is that?
- Oh, shit! Really?
- I'm in a bank, yeah.
- So you deal with like, fucking
serious cash and shit? -Sometimes.
Oh, nice, man, nice.
Do you have access to, like, the
vaults and everything like that?
Some of them.
Whoa, fuck, we should, uh...
We should talk about
fucking planning something.
- Like what?
- Like a fucking job.
We'll fucking rob it.
- Yeah, no.
- So we gotta make sure
we get there real fucking early
before the sun rises.
And we'll fucking both
kick down the fucking door,
together we'll both
fucking boot it in.
You fucking hop on top of the
counter, fucking threaten everybody,
"you better get the fuck down, or I'm
gonna start spraying this place!"
You run to the back because
you have all the codes,
all the access codes.
I'll stay out front.
Just listen for a second.
I'll stay out front.
Crowd control. You fucking
throw me the cash,
I'll grab it. We're gonna need something
really, really fast parked outside.
I back out of the place like
this, making sure no one moves,
'cause we don't want
anyone to see our identity.
You're outside
peeling the car around,
you know how to get
around New York, right?
So you know all the access,
exit routes and stuff?
- Yeah.
- We'll be out of there.
We will never have to worry
about a thing again.
That would be fucking cool.
- Right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It'll be great.
Are you seeing anybody?
No. I want nothing to do
with a female right now.
You remember Betsy Williams?
Yeah. Wow!
You remember her?
Real psycho.
Yeah, she's insane.
She jerked me off in the dugout.
- And you were on the lookout.
- I was the lookout.
But anyway, she jerked
me off, and we fucked.
And I got her pregnant.
Yeah. And at that time I felt
like it was the right move.
Like, I felt like it was good for me to maybe
start a family and move forward, that way.
- Okay.
- So I quit my job,
and stayed home,
and raised the child.
But while I was doing that
she was out still partying.
She wasn't ready for
that next step, so,
she was out partying and I ended up
finding her fucking somebody else,
who ends up being the real dad.
And his father had a biotech
company in Orlando,
and they moved down there
and I haven't seen them since.
Right now it's about
the next chapter in my life.
Right now it's a new chapter.
Starring me,
and what my future is.
So, I just am ready to move on
there, so I wouldn't even sweat it.
Do you know
that's definitely not your kid?
Did you get it tested?
Like a DNA test?
She told me.
You didn't want to get tested
to find out? That might be...
To be honest,
I'm not ready for it.
It's fine.
I guess.
It kinda seems like
a big deal to me.
Hey, look who it is.
Look who it is.
- Oh, Jesus.
- You wanna say something?
I actually would really love...
No, no, no.
- They don't want to see us. -No,
let's not, let's not. Hey, hey, hey.
Let's... Donald, please.
- Hey.
- Hi!
- How's it going?
- Good, good. How are you?
- It's Donald.
- Yeah, yeah, I remember you.
Yeah, look who came
into town to visit me.
- Hi.
- It's Pete Latang.
Oh, wow! You look so different.
How are you?
- I'm good. How are you doing?
- I'm good.
Who's this?
Your husband?
- Yeah, this is Shawn.
- Donald.
- Hi.
- Shawn?
- That's a cool name, bro.
I like that. -Thanks.
That's fucking cool, dude.
You look really good,
by the way.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, you look really...
She was like one of the...
One of the hot chicks.
I went to high school
with these guys.
Guys were kind
of the metal heads.
Yes, we were, yes, we were.
I just wanted to say that, like,
you look really good,
'cause I know that women can get
self-conscious after they have kids and stuff,
and I just wanted to say that
you look good.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Donald.
- Good to see you guys.
We'll make a move?
- What's that?
- You wanna make a move?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let's do that.
Well, I'm almost done.
Do you think that once we took
off I could probably get that...
You know, he asked you
to homecoming, right?
- You remember when he asked
you to homecoming? -Donald...
- No.
- No?
He asked, like, you, Tina rose,
- Melanie Gwirk.
- Oh, boy.
He asked, like,
all of the hottest girls.
- You did, but I completely
understand why. -Sorry.
I was like, "what, are
you out of your mind?
None of these girls are
going to like you."
And you know what we did? He wanted
to go on this revenge tour...
- Hey, hey...
- Don't kick me.
- We wanted to go on this revenge tour.
- Donald.
Me and him both did poop and
we both did a poop in bags...
That we did not do. We did a lot
of things, that we did not do!
Now, we should probably
get going. Let's make a move.
- We did do that.
- No, we didn't.
- Yes, we did.
- No, we didn't.
Yes, we did. We did do that. He's
embarrassed now but we did that.
We did. Swear to god we didn't.
- Swear to god?
- I swear to god we didn't.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Swear to god!
- Enough!
We did do it, bro.
I'll get this bill.
I'll take care of it.
Hey, baby.
Great to see you guys.
You too.
Are you fucking mad about that?
'Cause you fucking
stormed out of there.
No, I'm not mad.
- It seemed like you were mad.
- I'm not.
You sure?
They fucking...
When you left, like, right
a second after you left,
everyone at the table,
we were all fucking, just...
Cracking up!
- Yeah, yeah, laughing?
- Yeah.
I mean, no, slinging shit all over
someone's house, it's hilarious.
- They thought it was funny.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, I don't know why you fucking could
care about what she thinks anyway, right?
I don't care about
what she thinks, Donald.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- You seem like you do.
- I don't care, dude!
Dude, I don't care about anybody
in this town. Do you understand?
Man, I really appreciate
you coming and taking me...
- Are you mad?
- I'm not mad.
I just...
If I could just get that money,
uh, you know, I lost my wallet,
I'm really in a spot,
I'm dealing with this
Nona stuff. I just...
If you could give that to me, I'm
going to grab a cab, and just...
You know, hit the road.
All right. I mean...
I don't have any money.
I just spent it.
I bought us breakfast.
So, I can get...
Well, just give me
what you have then.
Well, I don't have
anything on me.
I could get some, or I could see,
but I can't promise anything.
You know, but I could see
what I could do.
- All right. Let's do that.
- You look fucking mad.
Dude, you look like you're
gonna fucking kill somebody.
You look like you're gonna
fucking kill somebody.
- Eighth place.
- Great, let's go.
I haven't been able to...
That's the best I've gotten...
- Please, come on.
- For some reason I can't get to b8.
That's my opening attempt, 650.
That's 650!
That's like eight of you.
Who do you like, a buck, ten?
Look at that.
I'm getting fired up.
The crowd's getting fired up.
They smell seven.
Seven hundred is
going to fall that day.
See that belt I got on?
So I don't get a hernia.
Now, they're crying.
They want 700 pounds.
Seven hundred pounds, sorry.
You're late, what do you want?
I just wanted you to, uh...
- I wanted you to meet somebody.
- We're not fucking hiring!
He's not looking
for a job, he, uh...
He's just, uh...
He's just in from...
From outta town.
- I'm Donald's boss. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
What are you,
fucking high? What is this?
He's, uh... he got... He's kind of in a
little bit of a tough spot right now, so...
I feel like I need to just,
kinda, like, help him out a bit.
Yeah, so?
I just haven't seen him
in a while, and it's...
It would kind of
be tough if I...
I don't give a shit!
Had to work when he was here...
- Donald, seriously, I can just go.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Are you working? Yes or no?
That's all I want
to know. Yes or no?
I could call Julio.
I'm not asking you
to call fucking Julio.
You're supposed to be
working right now!
- I can work tonight, I can do it tonight.
- So it's a no.
Basically you said
you're not working right now.
You just came in here...
I'm telling you, I can just go.
It's fine, okay?
This is what he does to me.
He embarrasses me.
He embarrasses me!
He makes up his own rules.
He thinks that nothing applies to him, that
he can come and go as he fucking pleases!
You want the day off?
Uh, I would.
I'd appreciate it,
- and I also...
- Do you want it?
Yeah. And if I could
get my check...
You want the day off,
and you want your check too.
You want the money, but you
don't want to work for it!
There's something
you can do for me though.
Yeah, what?
Like, what do you need?
- You want the day off, right?
- Yeah, that'd be fucking cool.
You can fucking blow me!
You can fucking blow me now!
That's what you can fucking do!
Blow me right now!
- Fucking blow me! Yeah!
- Stop!
Yeah, you can
fucking suck my dick!
Let go of me!
Fucking suck my dick!
That's what you can fucking do!
- Fuck you! Get off.
- Suck it off!
- Get off me, fuck you!
- Yeah, suck it!
- Fucking suck it, right now!
- Get off!
- Fucking taking days off!
- Get off!
It's not funny, is it, huh?
- Fucking happy now, huh?
- Oh, fuck you!
Fucking late half the time.
- Here, that's a day's pay.
- Thank you.
"Thank you."
You're gonna fucking
skip next week too?
No, I'll be in tomorrow.
- Yeah, get your fucking cookies.
Fuck you. -Oh, fuck off.
Are you all right, man?
What, about in there?
Oh, man, that's just
us fucking around.
Donald, that's
completely inappropriate.
I mean, no one does that.
That's ridiculous.
No, man, that was fun!
I had fucking fun, dude.
That guy is a fucking asshole.
You should not be working here.
- It's that simple.
- I know it seems like that,
but it's just shit that we do.
Me and him do.
No, you just let yourself get
disrespected, dude. This is ridiculous.
It's just two guys pushing
each other's buttons!
I like shit like that!
You know that.
Man, I fucking live for
that type of stuff.
You just don't know us.
You just saw a side of us.
I fucking live for that
type of play. You know that.
Hey, don, I really
appreciate this, man.
Yeah, how much do you need?
Would 100 be cool?
Oh, you need that much?
You know, whatever you got.
- Well, I got 83 right here.
- Okay.
Yeah, that's perfect. Yeah...
Uh, but, I'm...
I'm just thinking about it,
it's like,
I do actually owe somebody
80 dollars already.
And maybe I should
just talk to him first.
I'm gonna get back to the city,
I'm gonna write you a check.
But I'm thinking, you know what,
here, take three right now.
And don't worry about that. Take the
three, and then we'll talk to him.
And I'm sure he's gonna let me slide, but
I just have to do it out of respect.
So, here, take the three now...
And then we'll get this
other 80 cleared, okay?
It's just what I have to do,
Pete, you know...
This guy let me borrow some money,
I gotta at least respect him.
And we'll clear it with him.
He's gonna be fucking
totally cool with it, but...
It's just how
we work around here.
It's a respect thing.
All right.
I can't...
This is why I don't come to this one,
because this fucking parking lot sucks.
It's too tight.
And you know when they plow...
These are all usually spots.
But when they plow, they have nowhere
else to go with it so they block 'em.
Hey, get out from under
there, what are you doing?
Don't eat that!
So you're looking at
20 bucks for five pills,
so if you want ten you do 40, right?
Do me a 40.
All right, give me, uh,
give me the muscle relaxants.
- You want the muscle relaxants?
- Yeah, those didn't agree with me
the last time I took them.
Don't take too many. 40 bucks.
All right, man.
I know how to do it.
He's cool, man,
don't worry about it.
He doesn't look cool.
No, he's fine, man.
I'm gonna fucking take
one of these right now.
Do you want one?
No, I'm good.
My treat.
No, no, I already took one, man.
Don't take too many of those.
What are you guys up to right now?
You want to get gaming?
Yeah. I'll throw it around.
Why? You down?
Here's the deal, just fucking
stare at him, all right?
Just lock him down.
What's up, are we all set?
No, we're in a little bit
of trouble.
It appears that Dwayne
is running things right now.
What the fuck does that mean?
It means that he's not prepared
to let me slide with the money
unless we play football.
Then tell him no,
I'm not playing football.
I'm not fucking telling him no.
- He's crazy.
- Donald, come on.
This dude is fucking crazy.
Fucking no.
These guys are from vets.
They went to vets.
They play by different rules.
I'm telling you, if you wanna
get out of here and not pay,
we are gonna have
to fucking throw down.
Donald, Jesus, fucking,
come on, man.
Oh, let's go!
You playing or what?
It's up to you. It's a pay
or play situation.
This is fucking ridiculous!
He's gonna wanna throw down.
All right, let's just
fucking do it then.
- All right.
- One touchdown.
Let's just go, let's just get this done.
All right, let's go, he's in!
I want to set it up so that me
and him are on opposite teams.
Fuck, yeah!
Fuck, yeah!
He's on the one yard line.
That's a first down.
That's a first down, Donald.
See that?
Come on. Let's go.
Let's do this.
Yeah! Yeah!
- Yeah!
- All right, aargh!
Time out.
Time out.
Why, why?
I don't know, I just...
I feel like the painkillers
are starting to set in.
Come on, Donald, let's go!
They'll come up, take the right
and come back down.
One, one thousand,
two, one thousand...
Oh, fuck.
Here, go!
- All right. All right.
- Oh, fuck...
Yeah, boy!
- That's it.
- Yeah, son.
It's not like
it used to be, right?
It's not like it used to be.
- All right.
- Fuck, yeah!
I think that's it.
That's it for me.
Is that it?
Are you done?
Yeah, let's go.
- Good game, guys.
- Are you serious?
Let's go, Donald.
You know what I would
change about myself?
You know what the one thing would
be I had to change about myself?
What's that, Donald?
My competitiveness.
Mm, yeah, that'd be
the one thing?
- That would be it.
- Yeah.
Yeah. I get swept up in it.
Makes sense.
I really do feel I get
carried away sometimes.
It's cool, don.
It's cool?
You had fun
doing that?
- You had fun?
- Yeah, I had fun.
- You really did?
- I did. I did. It was cool.
Donald, it's straight ahead.
Donald, it's straight ahead!
You know what we're gonna do?
Actually, I just
thought about...
don, it's...
don, it's this...
We're gonna go see, Touty. We're
gonna go see the godfather.
Donald, no.
I have an appointment
in ten minutes.
Donald, I need to be
at the nursing home.
We are in Touty's
neighborhood right now.
If he knew we were here and we didn't
stop by, he would throw a fucking fit.
I'm not doing this again.
Please, turn the car around.
I need you to go to
the nursing home.
We gotta do it. He'll fucking
kill me if we don't.
And it's something
I got to deal with.
I'll take you to
the nursing home,
but we just have to do
this one thing, okay?
There's no way out.
This, and then
the nursing home, okay?
Yo, what's up?
Look who's, uh, back
in town to come see you.
What's up, Touty?
How are you doing?
What are you guys up to?
You just...
Doing this, watching this?
You mind if I hit that?
You want any?
No, I'm good.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Touty, what have you
been up to, man?
Just roofing.
Dude, I just saw your brother
the fucking other day.
That kid is a fucking beast.
He's a fucking Ace.
- Fucking jacked up, man.
- Yeah.
He must be absolutely
just like...
Fucking tripping out
right now, right?
He likes seeing us, the three
amigos, back in town again.
Like someone
just took your brain,
and dropped it down
into a time hole.
Just being here
with fucking LTT.
Latang, Touty, Treebeck.
The fucking three horsemen
letting it ride again.
Remember the last time
I saw you?
At Chrissy's graduation party?
You pissed in a bottle.
Made Donald drink it.
Everyone laughed at him.
You made Donald cry.
I just remember thinking
if that was me...
I would've knocked you out.
I got 40 bucks.
- I don't want it.
- Take it.
- Take it.
- I don't want it, Donald.
- I thought you needed it?
- No.
- Take it!
- I don't want it.
- Take the money.
- Stop!
Just watch the road, okay?
- Donald, get it out of my...
- I want you to take the money.
- I want you to take the money.
- Put the fucking money away!
No, take it.
- No.
- Take it.
- Take the fucking money.
- Donald...
Take the fucking money or I'm gonna
stick it in your fucking pocket.
I don't want
your fucking money, man!
Well, now it's gonna
fucking stay up there...
- Then leave it there! -...And
no one's gonna have it.
Just fucking listen to me!
I don't want it to stay up there 'cause
then it might fucking blow out the window.
Then none of us will have it.
What'd you call me?
I don't know...
I don't know if I should
be concerned or not,
but does he seem like he might
be suffering from depression
to you?
I don't know.
Do you think that that was helpful,
us going over there?
I don't feel like I really
cheered him up, Donald.
No, I think you did.
That's how he is
all the time now.
That's why I'm saying, I don't know
if I should be concerned or not.
Well, it was fun for me, so...
You sure you don't
want me to hang here at all?
Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, I could just
wait right outside here.
No, don, really, it's fine.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, you know
you can call me, right?
If you need to,
you will call me?
I do, I do.
- Thanks a lot, man.
- Do you know what you're doing?
Yeah. I got stuff to do
in there. But, really...
You sure you'll be all right?
It's been good to
see you, all right?
All right, it's good
seeing you too, man.
I missed you.
All right,
I can grab that for you.
No, I'm good. I'm good.
All right.
Just like I said,
if you need me call me.
All right, don.
- All right.
- I'll see ya.
Just, uh, hey...
If there's, just...
I don't know. Remember,
whatever I did, or do, I...
I did it for Nona, okay?
I'm the youngest of eight kids.
And... my mother and father
were never in a nursing home,
we always took care of them.
I spent a lot of time
doing that.
That's really nice.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Barbara.
I'm so sorry about
your grandmother.
I actually transferred here
from another home,
the day after she passed, so,
um, I never really got
a chance to meet her, but...
Um, from what everyone says,
she was a wonderful lady.
Oh, yeah. Thank you.
Yeah, she was.
Uh, is there any questions
I could answer for you, or...
Uh, I'm sure
if I don't know something,
there's people here who've
been here longer
who could sit down
and talk with you.
Yeah, no, if I think of anything
I'll ask,
but I'm just here to, you know,
- collect her affairs.
- Okay.
Um, she came in
with very little?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I just wanted to make sure.
Um, okay, so it's right here,
twenty two.
And I think you'll find
there's a small box there
with some photos
and other knick knacks, so...
Make yourself at home.
Um, there's no rush, and if you
need me I'll be in my office.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Bye bye.
Excuse me, sir.
- Yes?
- We need to see some ID.
He was out on the grounds.
Thank you.
- Hi, there.
- Barbara.
Donald Treebeck.
We seem to have some
identity issue here.
Yes, he, uh...
This gentleman informed me
of that, so...
I'm Donald Treebeck,
this is the Peter Latang.
Just from...
Like the whole... okay.
Uh, how are you doing?
Um, yeah, I mean,
I just came and...
He was coming to visit Nona, and I also
really wanted to get his contact information
because we hadn't
seen each other for a while.
So, which you guys
couldn't give out
- because of the legalities.
- Mm-hmm.
Is that right?
- Yeah, uh...
- Mm-hmm.
And, so Nona, just,
you know, her condition...
She didn't know much
of anything at this point,
and she just assumed I was you.
And so I didn't want
to let her down
and, uh, you know, really, everything I
was doing was from my heart, really.
I felt like it was the best thing to do,
for her to have you back in her life,
so I just played you.
And the more I played him, and the
farther I went into this hole of lies,
people around started questioning,
you know. Not questioning,
thinking I was you.
So, I mean, it was really like,
a heartfelt mix-up,
where everybody around
just assumed I was him.
For like six years
that was going on.
- And, uh...
- What?
Yeah, and I thought about this day,
I waited for this day to happen,
where we're both gonna, like...
Come in to this place
and see each other,
and everyone's like, "wait,
who's who? Wait, you are...
You and him..."
Have you ever seen...
What's the movie with John
Travolta and Nick cage
- where they take each other's identities?
- -Okay!
Uh, I don't know what
you want to do,
but I don't think anything
illegal actually took place.
Fuck, no.
I mean, it was really...
It was something that was from,
I felt like it was from my...
Doing the best
what I thought was the best.
If we're all done here I'd like to
get the hell out of here, please.
Yeah. Is there anything
we can do for you?
You've done more than enough.
I... I...
I'm very sorry.
You got that?
Excuse me.
Do you need me
to sign off on anything?
Please leave.
Hey, get in the car, man.
Come on, Pete,
get in the car, man.
Where are you going?
It's fucked up, don!
- I'm sorry, i...
- Why didn't you tell me?
I did. I tried. That's what I tried
to say when you were leaving.
- I wanted to tell you, I told you...
- I didn't know what that meant!
I just didn't wanna...
I didn't wanna
tell you 'cause...
It's fucking weird that you
were doing it anyway, Donald!
It's fucking strange!
I didn't want you to
feel bad about it.
Why is that?
Because I didn't want you to feel bad,
like, that you weren't here to seize...
You don't have to worry
about how I feel, man!
I have this!
I had this, I...
I had my relationship
with my grandma, all right?
- I know you do.
- I don't need you
pretending to be me!
Okay? I have my reasons why I
didn't fucking come back here!
I hope it's nothing I did,
you know. I mean...
No, Donald,
it's not about you, man!
It's not! Look, I don't like
this place, do you understand?
I don't like how I feel
when I come back here.
All right?
So, if it's been 20 years,
then it's fucking been 20 years!
I'm sorry, I just...
I don't like who I am when
I'm back here, you understand?
Yeah, man, I don't fucking...
I just don't think
you should sweat it. I just...
Let me fucking give you a ride,
you have all this shit.
Where are we even going?
Where were you going?
This is a good spot.
It is great.
Can you hold this?
You going to do it?
Well, there's not a scooper.
Just use your hands.
You want me to do it?
No, no, I'll do it.
Here, take the top.
You mind if I say
something first?
- Just a few words?
- All right.
I just want to
take a moment to...
Give bless to god
for creating Nona.
And I want to thank her for all the
chill shit she used to do with us.
And show me...
Show me stuff.
Thank you.
Can I do one?
Yeah, sure.
No, don't, no, don't do that.
I was doing it for grip.
- Use your other hand.
- I'm right-handed.
- Don't.
- All right.
Drop it.
I know she's still on us.
You could use the snow.
Okay, Nona, that's enough.
You can go now.
I'm waiting for you.
I don't want to do anything
unless you tell me.
All right. Well...
What do you think about...
Maybe, uh, smoking some...
Some weed. Do you have any weed?
Yeah. You want to smoke weed?
- You do?
- Yeah.
Yeah, let's go
and smoke some weed.
You want to smoke weed with me?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Fuck, I mean,
I thought you had...
Stuff you had to do.
No, I... no, it's all done.
No, I...
No. Sorry if I was, like,
kinda crazy earlier.
I don't want you to be
sorry about anything
because I knew today,
getting involved with you,
it was going to be tough,
kind of a tough day because
of your mourning process.
If smoking weed is
going to help you out,
then that's what we need to do.
Doctor's orders.
Do you want to go
to the fucking spot?
- Do you want...
- Can we?
- In this?
- Yeah.
Yeah, let's take it
to the next step.
Let's take a step further
and go to the fucking spot.
- All right.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- Oh, this is...
Now we're getting to it.
Now we're getting down to it.
- Now we are?
- Yeah.
Now, we definitely are.
Here. You ready? Shotgun.
No, don't shotgun me.
- Shotgun it.
- No.
- Why?
- Because I don't do that.
- Shotgun me.
- I don't shotgun.
There you go.
- Climb up it.
- All right.
Let's see if you can.
Uh, yeah.
Oh, good god.
Oh, shit.
The upper body.
I went all the way
up this one time.
- No, you didn't. -I swear to god.
I actually...
Climbed this,
all the way to the top.
I probably shouldn't do it
right now.
Because my hands...
Do you need me to save you?
Hold on.
Yeah, push...
Just give you a push?
No, no...
What? What?
No, my nuts are stuck.
My nuts are stuck on to this.
They're stuck. Ah!
Okay, okay.
- Are you all right?
- Ah, no.
I didn't just want you to
push me, I was telling you
how my balls were stuck
on a knot on it.
- Oh, fuck!
- Nice, nice.
Yeah, you look good, man.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
Right now, I am...
Feeling the best I've felt.
This is the best I have felt
in probably...
Fifteen years.
- Really?
- Yes.
This is the best I have
felt in 15 years.
Oh, shit.
The fucking cops.
Oh, no, are they out there?
All right, all right.
No ice balls.
Come on.
- Come on!
- Oh, shit.
Shit! I'm sorry.
It's all right, it's good.
Sometimes the competition
is a little bit too much for me.
You're getting weak in the city.
You've gotten weak
in the fucking city!
Come on.
Hey, you remember, um,
Randy and Danny Dipmeyer?
Yeah, I remember Randy.
Yeah, well, his brother, Danny?
Like, four years ago,
he ended up
getting into a motorcycle
accident, him and his dad,
and they got hit in
a head-on collision,
and Danny got
fucking ripped in half.
They found him ripped in half.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Isn't that fucking crazy?
When they found him they found
his legs on one side of the road
and his torso on the other side.
Ain't that crazy?
Yeah, that's fucked up, man.
'Cause that's where
I get my stuff.
Sometimes I go to Randy Stell,
which, he's not quite the same,
You know, if you had to choose,
who would it be?
You would pick Danny?
If someone had to get ripped apart of
the two of them you would pick Danny.
God, fuck!
And Kristin Meeken, I had her
at my house today, man.
You talk to her now?
Uh, no, she's
my real estate agent, so...
It's been...
To talk to her and watch her
online, I know, you know...
She sells real estate,
so I thought...
I'll contact her,
and she can sell Nona's house.
And then...
And then...
I can...
I don't know,
I thought that, you know,
if she sold the house
that then maybe we could...
Man, I don't even know
what the fuck I was thinking.
I'm fucking so stupid.
You know...
You ready to go?
Let's go in.
- In there?
- Yeah.
- You want to? -Yeah, that's
why we came here. Let's go.
I don't know, man.
I might pass on this.
Now, come on, man.
You're just freaking out.
It's crazy.
Was it this far, man? I don't
remember it being this far.
Yeah, go.
Oh, shit.
Here, light the ones
above your head.
All right.
Yeah, man. I still...
I'll still come here
once in a while, you know.
Yeah, man.
Our little spot.
If I can't handle the shit...
Yeah. I say, take an emotional
break, come down here,
and re-orient and center myself.
Dude, this is unbelievable.
- You want?
- Yeah, please.
Let me feel for a second.
Let's see if this jogs your
fucking memory a little bit.
You think this is
a fucking joke?
I brought you down here
for a fucking reason.
To meet the fucking grim reaper
face to face
and say, "can I have
fucking forgiveness?"
I couldn't get rid of it,
I had to hold on to it.
Yeah, there you go.
It still fucking works, man.
Yeah, you still got it.
Don't even look at me, don't look at me.
I said, don't look at me.
Officer, I didn't do it,
I swear to god.
I swear to fucking god,
don't do it.
Now, dude, that was
fucking chill, dude,
you looked so fucking chill
when you just did that.
Do that again?
- Do that again. Blow on it.
- What just now I did?
Yeah, just blow the smoke
off the barrel.
Yeah, there it is.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
You want to go to the movies?
- Today?
- Yeah, now.
- I thought you had to go back?
- No.
Yeah. Yeah, fuck.
I'm going back tomorrow morning. Let's
do that. Let's go to the movies.
All right, yeah, cool.
Hey, Peter it's just your friendly
real estate agent calling.
I just have a couple questions
about the house.
I don't know if you're around
tonight, if you want to hang out.
I'm just kidding. Oh, god, I'm so sorry.
Just give me a call back, all right.
Hey, don.
Hey, what do you want to get?
Pete, I'm not going to pay the theater
prices, so pick something out.
I don't know if you're in the mood
for something sweet or savory,
or something more salty.
- I don't want... -I'll have
whatever you're having.
No, that's what
I don't want to happen!
I don't want you digging into
my munchies during the theater.
I want you to pick
something out yourself.
I'm really not hungry. We can
get something afterwards.
Yeah, you say that now, but I know for
a fact when we're in the theater,
you're gonna be digging
into my munchies.
Listen, I got to make a phone call, okay?
I'll be right outside.
Who are you calling?
- Huh?
- Someone from work.
All right, well, you better just not
eat my stuff, so, that's your choice.
What? What do you mean?
You weren't being insensitive.
I don't know, I just feel
like I was being weird.
No! No, no, no,
I was being weird,
I'm sorry,
I was like, you know...
It's just my head was in another
place, sorry, I apologize.
- Okay. Okay, good. I just
wanted to make sure. -Okay.
So what are you doing now?
Nothing. What are you doing?
Uh, I don't know, do you maybe
want to hang out?
Yeah, yeah.
What do you want to do?
Well, I have this super weird
thing I have to go to.
It's got an open bar, but...
All right. Yeah. I don't care,
that sounds cool. Let's do that.
Okay, yeah, it's a benefit.
So lets go to the bar there.
Yeah, that's perfect. Do you want
to just text me the address?
Yes! Okay,
I'll see you there.
All right, okay, sounds good.
Do that, bye.
I got you runts.
Yeah, I just knew you were gonna be
munching hard once we got in there.
Is everything all set,
can we go?
Yeah, uh, listen,
I just talked to, uh...
Kristin Meken.
All right.
She wants to hang out.
Like, go to the movies with us?
No, like, she wants to go on a date.
She wants to get a drink.
So, I...
Like, the three of us?
No, just, uh, me.
So you don't want
to go to the movies?
Not tonight. All right?
But I really want to.
Okay? And we will.
But if you could just give me
a ride over to, uh,
Benedict, that'd be
really sweet.
Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
- Donald. -I'm not fucking going
to the movies by myself, so...
Let's go if you wanna go,
you asked me to do this.
Come on, man. It's fucking
Kristin, like, like...
I don't give a fuck
whoever the fuck it is.
These were plans
you wanted to do.
I'm sorry, dude...
I'm not fucking going to go to the
movies by myself, so let's fucking go.
This was just something
that you said you want to do.
I'm going to see a movie with you at
some point, I promise you, I promise...
Don, I'm sorry, man, I just...
You understand.
You think I could actually
get that 20 bucks?
That'd be really sweet.
Don, I really appreciate it.
Thank you.
I'll see you, pal.
Thanks for coming!
Oh, my gosh! You're here.
Oh, wow! Wow, wow, wow.
I've got a lot of things
going on here. I got that.
So, what do you want to drink?
All right, I have
a little confession, okay?
I... lost my wallet.
- Oh, my, that sucks!
- I feel pathetic, I know.
Well, don't worry,
I got you covered.
- Really?
- Yes.
All right, all right.
- What do you like to drink?
- Just a beer.
What... wow! Wow!
- I'd look like a drunk.
- No, you don't.
Is this normal?
Is this normal here?
I mean, I've already
had three, so, you know...
I saw on Facebook that you're
very active in your business...
- oh, wait, you've been following
me on Facebook? -Well, I just...
Wait, you just pretended
that you didn't know me!
You know, you remember me
from, you do remember me...
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, listen...
So you do remember me?
I just can't believe you're not
wearing eyeliner anymore.
Yeah, you know...
- Yeah.
- That's good.
I'm glad for you.
I'm really glad for me too.
- Are you still listening
to heavy metal? -No.
I'm getting lost in these.
No, keep it coming.
Keep it coming.
Keep it coming?
Yeah, you're getting lost in...
We should probably go somewhere.
Where do we go?
Where do you wanna go?
Uh, anywhere, but here.
Why? Is this bad?
Is this dangerous?
Yeah, be careful. Come on,
let's go somewhere.
It's dangerous.
Take your baby by the hand
and do the next thing
that you feel
we were so in phase
in our dance hall days
we were cool on craze
when I, you
and everyone we knew
could believe, do and share
what was true I said
dance hall days love
take your baby by the hand
and pull her close
and there, there, there
take your baby by the ears
and play upon her
darkest fears
we were so in phase
why don't you
just fuck me in the kitchen?
Where they prepare the food!
There's somebody at the door.
There's somebody standing
at the door!
- Donald?
- Yeah.
- What are you doing, man?
- Yeah, you got room for three?
Eww, do you know him?
Hey, Donald, stop it.
- You did it.
- Donald, stop.
Congratulations, man.
Please, not now...
I just had to
tell you something.
Okay, what? What?
Who is this guy?
- I'm his best friend.
- What do you want, Donald?
He was talking about fucking
you all night and all day.
- Excuse me! Don't talk to me like that.
- What do you want?
Brother, you did it.
Okay, I'm just gonna
go sit back down.
Donald, stop.
You're not going
to wanna see this.
Well, you sound retarded.
Go home, man!
Fuck off!
It's really great to see how many
of you have come out to support us.
It really does mean a lot to me.
Uh, and especially, Jane,
who wanted so badly
to be here tonight.
So, yeah, we, uh...
We thank you from the bottom
of our hearts, so thank you.
I'm so sorry about that.
That was really weird.
I know it was. I know.
- It was really weird.
- I know.
- He's fucked up.
- Dear god.
Hey, listen, can we just go?
No, I don't want
to talk to you, please. Okay.
Please. Hey...
- Hey, can you just look at me?
- I'm not... I'm not...
I'm embarrassed enough, I don't want to
be involved in that kind of weirdness.
Pete, hey.
I just want to talk to you for a
second, I'm sorry about that.
I didn't want to
interrupt you guys.
I didn't want to interrupt
you hooking up with him,
- I really didn't.
- Guys.
- Wait.
- Guys.
We're fine, buddy. We're fine.
Take it easy.
Please, Pete,
just talk to me for a second.
I didn't want to
fuck that up for you.
I swear to god, I didn't.
Please just talk
to me for a second.
Can you look at me, please?
Can you please look
at me for a second?
Pete, I want you to fucking
look at me for a second.
I want you to
fucking respect me!
Hey, guys, whoa,
whoa, whoa whoa!
Get the fuck off me!
Dude, what the fuck? This is
my wife's cancer benefit.
I don't give a fuck!
Look who it is.
Hi, Mrs. Treebeck.
Look at... oh!
- I got to get you some ice.
- It's okay, I'm good.
Look at you.
What happened to
my little boys, huh?
You want eggs?
Oh, hey, I'm sorry to hear
about your grandmother.
Oh, thanks, I appreciate that.
Yeah, she was,
she was a awesome lady.
That she was.
The homos are up.
How many fingers do I got?
Karen, what are you doing?
You eating or what?
Yeah, no, no, I had something
earlier, I'm good?
Grab me a drink.
I'll get it.
What do you want?
You don't want juice?
No, coffee.
How's your face?
If I was you...
I'd be shitting
my pants right now.
Donald could have had
gay sex with you last night.
Stop it.
I just hope if he did,
it was safe sex. I don't want
fucking aids in this house.
Oh, don't be gross.
Donald and Peter were
best friends growing up.
No shit.
You had friends growing up?
I'm sorry to hear that.
I said, I'm sorry to hear that!
Baby, he knows
what I'm talking about.
But he's not saying nothing,
like Bambi with the headlights.
Welcome to my world.
Give me the b12.
On the Weetabix, you know, the
stuff that gives me the anxiety.
I gotta do lats later, I want
to fucking get a full set.
Could you, like, put your arms
around each other now?
Yeah! Okay.
All right. Okay, smile...
Good. Wait, Donald, smile...
Oh, yeah! That's nice.
That's nice.
Did you take it?
I don't think you took it.
It didn't...
All right, let me see it
for a second.
Can we just get this over with?
All right, here you go,
you got to hold it down.
Now, let's get this.
Okay, smile.
Jesus Christ, mom.
We'll get the fucking
picture later. Let's go.
Where's your dad?
He passed away.
Right after high school.
I'm sorry, man. What...
What happened to him?
Uh, cancer.
And that guy
is your mother's boyfriend now?
Yeah... no, husband.
Yeah. I know you don't
like him, but...
He's fine, man.
He treats my mom good, so...
That's all that matters to me.
I'm sorry, Donald.
- No, that's fine, man. I mean...
- Your dad was awesome.
I know, but now he's up there
fucking kicking it
with fucking Nona.
He's kicking it with your folks.
I wanna say it too, like,
I'm really fucking sorry
about last night.
Don't worry about it, we're even.
That was a ridiculous night.
I mean, I was
completely intoxicated.
I was too.
My body was so
saturated with alcohol
that I think my brain completely
shut down at one point.
That sounds about right.
And just...
I was on cruise control.
When I walked in you were really
grinding on her pretty good.
Yeah, it was going well. It was
going really well actually.
Yeah, and I was just like,
so disappointed at myself.
I was like, "why would you go and
fucking cock block your bro like that?"
I don't want... I don't want to be
known as somebody who cock blocks.
Yeah, kind of exactly
what it was.
It went from a hard dick to
getting knocked out cold, so...
That too is something else
I'm disappointed in, I mean,
you were in absolute beast mode.
You fucking knocked me down,
I was out of position,
I wanted to take
that blow for you.
I wanted to absorb that shot,
but I just couldn't get there.
And that guy, he fucking had
nice fucking swing.
- He really did.
- I mean, it was nice, yeah.
He connected,
right with the kill shot,
right in the sweet spot, yeah.
And, I mean, you went down
like that.
I thought you died.
It seemed like a nice event
though from what I gathered.
Just remembered I have
something for you.
I was able to, uh...
Save a little bit of this.
- Oh.
- Nona.
All right. So... thank you.
You know, if you want
put it back in the bag.
Yeah, maybe I will.
All right.
- Guess I'll just...
- Yeah.
- This is it. -This is it,
man, it's been good.
It was great to
see you, you know.
Yeah, it was great
to see you too, don.
And just know, like, if you're
ever back around, you know...
I don't know when I'll be back
up here, but I'll obviously...
- You know?
- Yeah.
And if you ever
come to the city...
- Nah.
- All right, I know,
- I want you...
- No way.
You know that.
Let me get your number.
- You want my number?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah.
All right, it's, uh...
I don't like talking much if...
Do you know how to text?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, so...
I'm not a big phone guy.
It's me.
This is my number, so...
Oh, oh, all right. Cool.
All right.
All right.
- All right.
- This is just...
This is not going like I hoped.
I really miss you.
I really hope we'll get a
chance to see each other again.
I think we will, man.
- See you, Donald. -You want
me to help you with that?
No, no, I'm good. I got it.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
All right, I'll see you, buddy.
All right, be good.
I'll see ya.
I knew it from the start
you would break my heart
but you still I had to play
this painful part
you wrapped me 'round
your itty-bitty finger
with your magic smile you kept me
hangin' on a lovers cross a while
you put your spell on me
took my breath away
but there was nothin'
I could do to make you stay
I'm gonna miss you
all the love I feel for you
nothing could make me change
my point of view oh, girl
I'm gonna miss you, baby
giving all the love
I feel for you
couldn't make you change
your point of view
you're leavin'
now I'm sittin' here
wastin' my time
I just don't know
what I should do
it's a tragedy for me
to see the dream is over
and I never will forget the day
we met girl, I'm gonna miss you
like a honey bee
you took the best of me
now I can't erase
those memories
like a fairy tale
you are so unreal
you left a scar
that's so hard to heal
when you had
a taste of paradise
back on earth can't feel
as cold as ice
I'm gonna miss you
I'm gonna miss you
I miss you
giving all the love
I feel for you
couldn't make you change
your point of view
you're leavin'
now I'm sittin' here
wastin' my time
I just don't know
what I should do
it's a tragedy for me
to see the dream is over
and I never will forget the day
we met girl, I'm gonna miss you
it's a tragedy for me
to see the dream is over
and I never will forget the day
we met girl, I'm gonna miss you
giving all the love
I feel for you
couldn't make you change
your point of view
you're leavin'
now I'm sittin' here
wastin' my time
I just don't know
what I should do