Donbass (2018) Movie Script

Why are you so sour-faced?
I'm fed up
with seeing these dull mugs.
More make-up. The script says
I have rings under my eyes.
Does it look like rings?
I'll punch you,
and the rings will be real.
Look at him!
How can he play a street cleaner?
He can't! He's just a tramp!
Get lost! Just get lost.
You pathetic hobo.
Don't worry.
I'm practicing my role.
Add some more make-up.
Is it your first time?
They train interns on us!
Make-up is over. All get up!
Take the props with you.
The base will be shut down.
What have you got? I see.
Leave the dustpan.
- Number one, ready?
- We're moving.
Get a move on! Hurry up!
Get up!
And what are you waiting for?
Hurry up!
- Yes, we're coming.
- Get a move on!
Second position.
Hurry up!
Follow my orders!
Hurry up!
Don't lag behind! Get a move on!
Come on! Come on!
Hurry up!
Stop here. Wait.
Move on. Do you copy?
Yes. On our way.
Get going! Come on! Hurry up! Run!
Hurry! Don't lag behind!
Don't lag behind!
Faster, faster!
I work in a shop nearby.
When I heard the explosion,
I ran here. and I saw all this...
People screamed and some got killed.
Look at that.
It's impossible to live like this!
Every morning I wake up full of fear.
I'm afraid to go to work,
to send my kids to kindergarten,
to school or to a hospital...
It all seems unreal.
Terrible and simply impossible!
Souls and bodies we'll lay down,
all for our freedom
And we will show that we, brothers,
are of the Cossack nation!
Honorable Members,
please have a seat.
Today we'll discuss land law.
Last time we tried to discuss...
What are you doing?
It's outrageous!
Not outrageous enough.
Make a record of the incident.
What do you think you're doing?
This article is from your newspaper.
It's full of lies.
Your journalist lied about me.
Listen to this...
Who wants to listen to you?
Fuck off!
Get the hell out of here!
- And take your damn paper with you!
- Lady...
You'll be sorry for doing this!
This shit will be
on your stupid head!
Take him away at once!
- What did you come here for?
- I'll explain.
I don't need your explanations.
Go home and explain.
Get me? Crazy fool!
Haven't you got enough money?
Call the police!
What gives you the right to do this?
Has he stolen all the money
on planet earth?
Get the fuck out! You crazy tart!
- You need to see a doctor.
- You need a doctor!
I won't let anyone write lies about me!
Who wrote lies? Who? Bitch!
It was your husband's people.
So I wrote about your bribes, did I?
The guy I poured the dirt on wrote it.
Right! I said I'd come! I'll come again!
Get lost!
Get it?
Next time, honorable friends,
I'll use petrol and burn down the place.
Go on, do it!
Stop! I won't let you go now!
I don't want to talk to you.
I won't let anyone write lies.
- And who'll clean this shit?
- He can clean it himself! See?
Call the police!
No problem! If the police
arrests this corrupt man!
- Did he even touch you?
- Yes. He did!
I don't know the journalist who wrote
that I took a bribe of 100000.
It felt like getting covered in shit.
And now let him feel the same way.
I take this very seriously.
My reputation is at stake.
I won't let anyone
ruin my reputation.
Why listen to her?
She's putting on a show!
And we stupidly swallow it!
You have ruined our session!
I'm trying to explain:
if the police and the courts failed,
I'll defend my honor myself!
Please calm down, madam!
We call the police now. And so what?
It's not me who should be arrested,
but the man who wrote I took a bribe!
- It's not how you settle things!
- How then?
Don't touch!
- It's evidence.
- Material evidence.
I don't get it. What did she pour?
You don't know? Smell it.
What a bitch!
Well, he's been asking for it.
Tell him to shower
and go back to work.
I need his signature today.
Of course.
Important people are waiting.
I see.
I'll call you back.
I'll call you later. I'm busy now.
Hello! Hello!
Good afternoon everybody!
Why is it so crowded here?
Follow me. Come on in!
Please, follow me.
Come in, please. Don't be shy.
Come on, come on!
Get inside!
Please come in.
Yes. What do we have here?
Nikolai Alexandrovich,
good to see you!
Hello, Boris Mikhailovich.
I see.
Come in, please.
what can I say? Take a look around.
All this stuff was meant for you.
And what have we got there?
Look! A box of flour.
And this?
Corned beef.
Boxes of it. Can you see?
Boxes of corned beef.
Corned beef.
What's in here? Open it.
It's sausages in the fridge.
The fridge is packed with sausage.
Yet it's said, the maternity clinic
has no food.
More meat! Meat and sausage.
Right there. Perfect, I got it.
Here's fruit juice.
Cartons of juice.
Cartons of juice, right there.
Open that fridge, please.
And look at that! Medicines!
They told me there were no medicines.
No anesthetics
to give during labour.
But here they are.
So, Dr. Kovalenko
sold drugs on the side.
Look, meat stored next to medicines.
It's packed full of meat.
Everything will be given to you.
There's potatoes. They're rotting.
Rotting potatoes?
Potatoes rot,
mice eat your grain...
Yet, I'm told you're starving!
Baby formula milk.
Formula milk! Here you go.
Boxes of formula milk.
Boxes of formula milk!
Drinking water, about 50 bottles.
I ordered the People's Militia
to safeguard food supplies
for the maternity clinic and hospitals!
A fridge full of meat.
Full of meat. One more fridge.
I see.
I made sure the Militia didn't loot.
I threw them out.
I didn't let them in.
But there was an internal war here.
Because the head physician
charged with your welfare
stole from you, and made you starve.
He deprived you of vital food supplies.
Here's a little boy.
Tell me,
when did you last see candy?
Go on, don't be shy!
When was the last time you saw candy?
See! He cannot recall
when he last saw candy.
Let's all go to Dr. Kovalenko's office!
Let's go, I'll show you.
You'll see bags full of Snickers bars!
Snickers bars!
And our kids don't remember
what a chocolate bar looks like.
This boy doesn't know what it is.
While Nikolai Georgievich
keeps boxes of sweets in his office.
People can be so mean and greedy!
Money was confiscated from Sukhov.
Ah, of course.
Sukhov is here with us!
I'm sorry, Nikolai Alexandrovich.
I made a mistake.
I'm losing my mind with all this mess.
I meant Dr. Kovalenko,
Nikolai Georgievich.
They found
more than 40000 on him,
apparently stolen from the city.
The ultrasound machine, by the way...
You know he took it. Clandestinely.
He did it secretly.
Maybe you knew or suspected.
All will be revealed...
He took it clandestinely.
Deprived our girls of quality car.
Yes, quality care.
Every girl could come
to the hospital and find out.
And who from!
That son of a bitch Kovalenko
took the equipment.
We only found parts of it.
Oh, and by the way,
look at this picture.
There she is -
Sushko, Irina, his lover.
Everybody knows. Never mind,
it's a private matter.
He hid the stuff at her place!
We found some equipment in her home.
2 sets of gynecological instruments,
which are missing from the clinic.
We found medical systems, syringes...
You'll see,
we'll show you everything.
Toilet paper!
Boxes full of toilet paper. What else?
What is this? Incontinence pads.
Maybe they thought
they'd need them soon.
Unbelievable! What's next?
Pampers, of course!
Pampers. For kids.
They don't have kids,
but tons of pampers!
Heaps of them!
It makes my hair stand on end!
I knew that not all supplies got to you.
To be honest, I knew it.
For the sake of the new-born children,
100 babies were born during this period?
I kept my mouth shut for their sake.
Sukhov Nikolai Alexandrovich,
I had a talk with him once.
It wasn't his fault.
It was the doctor's.
He took measures,
and I stopped interfering.
When I delivered supplies, they said
they'd be given to hospital staff.
How cynical of a person
to steal from essential staff!
Steal from our most precious:
our unborn babies!
That's what he did.
Am I right, Nikolai?
What do you say, kid, am I right?
I'll show you a Snickers bar.
Those Snickers bars
that you don't even remember anymore.
Which Nikolai Georgievich hid from you.
I'll show you a Snickers bar.
Let those bastards, those killers
in white gowns, be ashamed!
Here you are.
It's yours now.
What do you say?
Thank you.
Never mind, never mind.
Now comrades, go back to work.
You see - we have everything for you.
Nikolai Alexandrovich will do
an inventory of the goods we found.
Then we'll distribute
everything among you.
So now - back to work! Back to work!
Deliver babies, cook porridge.
What's for lunch? Pasta? Great!
Pasta's great!
Go back to your work places, comrades.
Shut the door.
Do your flies up.
No-one can see it.
If no-one could see it,
you would have managed without me.
Where is he?
What a great actor you are!
I was tempted
to open the door to your office.
Fancy a scene:
meat, medicines, corned beef,
and this tea leaf
hiding in the middle!
- Give it to me.
- For safekeeping.
As agreed? No fucking tricks?
You hurt my feelings, Mikhalych.
It's you, who are an actor not me.
Ah, well... Nikolai Alexandrovich,
take over the goods,
and you, hand them over.
I'm in a hurry. I've got lots to do.
You're not the only one. Stupid clown!
Yes, Pyotr Nikolaevich.
I'm working. I'm at work, of course.
Right now?
No, no.
I'm busy right now.
I've got people waiting for me.
I can't speak right now.
I've got people... waiting...
I'll call you back as soon as I can.
Good day!
- Papers, please.
- We've been checked already.
You wish to argue?
The passengers' papers too.
Here you are.
Hurry up.
Thank you.
You left a banknote in the passport.
Sorry. I'd been looking for it.
You two men, step out of the car.
Here you are, lady.
- Pretty girl!
- Yes, she is.
- Is she yours?
- No. She's his.
Open the boot.
- Do you carry weapons or drugs?
- No.
What's in there?
Personal items.
- Yours?
- No. His.
Why is he silent?
He's in shock.
Needs medical treatment.
I'm taking him out of this zoo.
I see that
he's from the zoo all right!
Tell him what you've got in there.
Personal items.
Here you are,
Close the boot.
Listen, bro,
his face seems familiar.
I saw him somewhere.
Don't know. Maybe an MP.
Check him.
Number one, number one, it's me, Artist.
Do you have anything on him?
My computer's out of order.
Is it your passport?
Yes, it is.
Is something wrong?
Nothing is wrong.
May I take it?
Take it.
Stop your fucking travels.
Much obliged.
They've stopped flying now.
But then - there were fireworks!
I'm going back and don't know
if there's anything left of my house.
Maybe some things are still there.
Maybe someone moved into my house.
We have a nice cozy flat there.
It might be not so bad.
They'd look after it.
We can sort it out later.
We wanted to convert our balcony,
build a terrace this summer.
We bought glass and window frames.
To make a storage space
on the balcony.
A shell hit our house.
All windows were shattered.
Thank God we survived.
It's a little quieter now...
So, I'm going to see what's left there.
All our neighbors are gone.
So there's no one we can ask.
We'll convert our balcony anyway.
To store jams and pickles in winter.
Only it's hard to get glass now.
So many windows have been broken.
Of course, if the house is gone
we'll go back.
I'm dying to see it,
if only for a minute.
Imagine, it could still be there.
Don't worry.
I called my neighbors.
They say everything's all right,
only the house next door
was hit by a shell.
All the glass has been knocked out
and there's a hole in the wall.
But, I think,
nobody got killed.
Welcome to the People's Republic!
Why are you so sad?
Glory to Ukraine.
Do you have any guns?
Maybe grenades? Eh, guys?
How much do you pay?
You're funny, grandpa!
I don't buy grenades. Only tanks.
Open the back door!
Folks, have you got stuff
for my soup?
It's not good without lard.
Oh god, come on!
I'm not in the mood
to search your bags.
Women, see what you've got
for the soldier.
Come here, sonny.
Thank you, grandma.
Here, take some.
Don't take it all. Just cut a piece.
What would I do without you.
They'll check again, at "Spartak".
Drive on!
The guy is ok.
You can't say...
All is good.
I remember I used to go to Romania.
We gave them cigarettes.
Someone would always
ask for cigarettes.
It was a long time ago.
Yes. They fucked a great country!
I would still be selling cigarettes.
Men, get the fuck out.
Line up in front of the bus.
Come on! Hurry up!
Is this everyone?
You fucking men.
Women are fighting in your place.
And you hide in cellars.
Yes, you!
Why haven't you volunteered?
My mum is sick.
We all have a sick mum.
We have one mother.
One mother for all.
And she is sick.
It's our motherland.
Our motherland.
It's suffering.
It's been infected
with fascist plague.
It's suffering.
It's asking her sons for help.
And you're running away like rats.
I'll divide you into two squads and
send you to the frontline now!
Strip to your waist!
Let's have a look at you.
Take your clothes off!
Get a move on!
Show you passports!
Hurry up!
Give me your phone.
Open the dialed numbers list.
Skull, Boar,
Did you hear that?
Petrunya, Zidane.
These are all codenames!
What codenames? They are my friends.
I've got a German here.
Your passport. Where are you going?
We're going to Donetsk.
Purpose of travel?
We are going for work.
We're journalists.
- Walter, Michael!
- It's me.
No fucking way! We caught a fascist!
No... I am a journalist.
I'm not a fascist.
Hitler kaputt!
Fascist bad. I good.
I am a journalist.
Look here journalist.
Look what those bastards are doing.
From over there!
Look carefully.
They bomb civilians.
Force people to hide in cellars.
My children have to hide!
Bombs are flying from over there.
Our women and children
hide in cellars,
afraid to go out.
It's very bad.
Must... no... bomb...
You were there,
at the fascist's side.
You saw them.
It is them who bomb us.
- Civilians!
- No bombing!
You're a journalist.
Write the truth! Write the truth!
We've got corpses,
you want to take snaps?
Come on!
Of course, he does!
That's enough! Stop taking the piss!
Cut it out.
Off you go.
Get back to the car.
Even if you're not a fascist,
your grandfather
was a fascist for sure!
Everything got fucking blown up.
Only one jar survived.
As soon as I took it,
the shelf fucking broke.
- Hi, guys!
- Here you are, boys.
Hello, guys!
Here you go!
You are not alone.
It's the third TV crew this week.
Good afternoon, guys!
I'm here with a German journalist.
He wants to know
what's happening here.
What's happening here?
Yeah, what's happening?
- Yeah, what?
- What's happening here?
There's a fucking war happening here!
Let's make a few photos.
Yes! Let's do it!
My mum will see my photo
in the paper!
To Donetsk People's Republic!
Come closer guys. Come on!
The picture isn't complete
without you.
- No, leave us out.
- OK.
Well, this is fine too. Let's do it.
Guys, where are you from?
Where we're from?
- We're from here.
- What's that place called?
- It's a village nearby.
- Very close.
A nearby village.
We're from Gorlovka.
Right! Gorlovka!
Let's take some more photos.
Hello, eagles!
Who is your boss?
Who is your commander?
He's the commander.
Me? It's him. He's the commander.
Me? No. It's not me.
It's him
Me? No. It's him!
I'm not the boss.
It must be him.
What the fuck! I'm not the commander!
It's him.
What the fuck is going on?
A German journalist.
What do you want?
We're from a German newspaper.
Can we ask you some questions?
You're the commander, right?
Who the commander is? Me?
No. I'm not the commander.
Wait a sec.
I'll get you the commander.
Get me that
Archbitchop of the Fukovites.
Move the vehicle, quickly.
Put it behind the houses.
Don't just stand here, playing with
your dicks! Get a fucking move on!
You two, move over there.
Ten steps towards the post.
- Did you ask for me?
- Listen.
Here's a German journalist.
Explain everything to him.
This is Chapai. He's the commander.
He'll explain everything to you.
Which one of you is German?
He's German. I'll translate.
- Did you ask for permission?
- No - So, ask me.
- May I?
- Yes, you may.
I like posing for photos.
Did you see that?
Just like that.
That's enough.
Now, you German, listen carefully.
I know your "Hnde hoch" well.
Our grandfathers
came to your fascist Germany
with a mission to cleanse
and save the world from the brown pest.
We beat the shit out of your
stupid nation of masters.
We shook that rubbish
out of their heads.
The Russian world joined forces,
and we fucked you.
Don't shit yourself, Germany!
It'll shit itself now!
You translate!
We did the cleansing over there
but not on our side.
And this fascist pest nested over there,
at the edge, in western Ukraine.
And had we not taken to our arms,
they would have slaughtered us!
I swear, it's the truth.
I'm absolute sure. Yes!
But now - no fucking way!
They won't take an inch of our soil!
Not a fucking inch! Translate!
No fucking way!
We'll go to Lvov if we need to.
And then all the way to Europe!
Look. No light. It's dark here.
Here is where we keep our food.
food... supplies.
And here are our people.
The toilets don't work.
Here's the toilet.
It doesn't work.
Well, come in, see how we live.
We thank our presidents, our leaders.
Look - a crack, in the wall.
There's no light,
no heating, no water.
We live as best we can.
The pipe leaks, everything is damp.
How this will end, I don't know.
There's a draft.
Everyone has cold feet, and cold hands.
The rooms are damp, everything is damp.
Here is a room,
and a table,
And here people are sitting.
Look, this is my mattress.
I live here.
Come with me.
Here's another table, and more people.
Look, this is the pipe.
Come with me.
Look, this is the door.
I wrote this.
This way.
See these people?
Make sure you film the mould.
We have to breathe it in.
It's very damp in here.
And can you smell this smell?
What a stench!
Come with me, come on.
Here's a chair.
Here's a table.
Here's a candle - our last one.
She is sick.
This girl has fever.
Come over here, come.
Look at these kids.
He should be starting school this year.
But he is here.
A bomb hit their apartment.
They survived because
they were out visiting friends.
That's it. We're all settled here.
How can this be?
It's as if
we're living in the Stone Age.
Come through...
The passengers of the trolley bus
were hit by shelling.
A car was also destroyed.
The driver died on the spot.
it's me.
I brought you food.
salami, butter,
oranges, apples,
juice and water.
Thank you.
Don't say thank you,
let's get out of here.
Come with me.
This isn't a place for you.
why are you here in this hole?
Come join us.
Mum you have an apartment.
You have a home.
Nobody bombards it, mum!
We have security guards. It's safe.
You don't have to live
in this dump with these people.
You have a house,
with hot water and a bath.
Katya cooks for us,
you don't have to do anything.
Nobody shoots at us there.
I don't have a home.
Mum, what are you saying!
Leave her alone!
Get off me!
Are you deaf? I said get lost!
Why are you embarrassing me?
You are embarrassing me
in front of this scum!
Everyone at work knows you are here.
They keep asking why.
Shut your mouths!
What shall I tell them?
That you've lost your mind!
Shut the fuck up!
That you prefer this shit hole!
You'd rather live with fleas
and no toilet in this damp hole!
With all these people?
Mum, stop it!
Mum, open the door!
Open the door!
I said, open the door!
Mum! Open the fucking door!
What are you fucking staring at?
A concert? Fuck off!
Damn it! Put the camera away!
I said put the fucking camera away!
Mum, open the fucking door!
Why are you standing here?
I'm going to tear
this fucking shit hole to pieces!
Fuck off all of you!
Open the fucking door!
Open the fucking door!
Let's go.
- Mum is not coming?
- She's not coming.
Shall I send my boys over?
They'll help her pack.
Who's referred
by Alexander Alexandrovich?
- Come through.
- Thank you.
Take your coats off.
Come in.
- Good afternoon!
- Hello.
Glad to see you.
Come through.
Take your seats.
So, what's on the agenda?
There are three issues,
if I'm not mistaken.
I'm vice president of the Foundation
of Martyr Theodosius of Kherson.
We come with a peaceful mission,
a good-will event.
We've brought you two relics.
The icon of St. Curila Plenkovic.
It's a great symbol, such a symbol
and a great saint,
who can protect
and help and stop...
And also...
We got the relics from the Holy Land,
relics of Martyr
Theodosius of Kherson,
to appeal to your citizens...
to Christians, through our mission,
for them to stop and think,
and to ask themselves:
Christians of the world,
what should be done?
How it can be alleviated,
this important issue?
How this horrid bloodshed
has escalated.
Children especially...
Desperate civilians...
The awful situation
that we saw yesterday,
as it was happening...
So that after all,
the Christians,
the will of all the Christians
at the time of the New Year
can reflect upon it
and help Novorossiya
gain strength.
It's a good initiative.
How can we be of help?
Here you are.
St. Theodosius.
No, no, it's for you.
God bless you.
Right. So?
The people who blessed your land
with their courageous deeds...
We'd want to reward them
at the Philharmonic Hall.
It's a so-to-speak recognition,
to say that we're always near
through this great
Christian relic,
the symbol of our common hero:
Curila Plenkovic.
To show people that a true hero
never goes unrecognized.
You've got so many heroes here.
Is this all?
That's what we wanted to communicate.
Heroism and sainthood
go hand in hand.
And this is... inevitable...
I see.
A Christian reward isn't an earthly one,
it should be heavenly.
Its value is not here,
but there.
It all depends on how a man
lives his life as a Christian.
It's not the same
as a military career,
or any other earthly achievement.
Awards, received on earth,
don't have any value in heaven.
Heavenly rewards are
altogether quite different.
So what about...
What about the relics?
The relics?
The relics.
It's a good initiative.
Thank you,
any further questions?
I wish you success in your good cause.
All the best.
- Tea?
- What was that flying circus all about?
They had an OK from A. Alexandrovich.
You told me to let them in.
I see. And what do they want?
Full board accommodation for a week,
three Mercedes for the ceremony
and a minivan for the relics
One Mercedes is enough.
They won't fit in.
Never mind. They'll sit in the
minivan with the relics.
What's up with the coaches?
You're unusually quiet, brother.
What's this fucking shit?
I had it all under control.
Who the fuck did it?
It's sabotage!
They're fucking mad!
They steal coach loads from Daddy!
I cant' fucking believe it!
I'll do them all away, fuck them!
And may the bloody St. Curila
fucking Plenkovic watch over them!
What can you tell us about this soldier?
It's not just him.
I just want to tell you one thing.
If you don't understand normal language,
normal language.
When we tell you in plain Russian.
We tell you and ask you.
No one is without sin.
We all know that.
It concerns mostly our local men.
When you come from patrol,
when you return after your day off,
you have to remain at the base.
You don't fucking
piss around in the houses!
Don't you understand normal language?
You'll be sorry.
And about Makar?
Let everybody decide.
How many times have we told you:
you cannot leave the base without
permission of your commanders.
If they let you go - go.
If they don't - stay.
You have to remain near the base.
Don't fucking piss around
in this fucking town!
In this fucking Lomovka!
Fucking Lomovka!
Don't you fucking piss around!
Got it?
Yes, got it.
Five days of detention.
Punishment is necessary!
- I can't hear you.
- I get it! I get it!
I can't hear.
What do you mean, you "get it"?
- Understood, sir!
- Understood, sir!
You go clean the yard of the woman,
whose phone you stole yesterday.
Execute my orders!
Punishment for Bondar,
first line, three steps forward!
Turn around!
Spread out at arms length!
More! More!
Off you go.
It's your penalty for looting!
A beating with sticks! Go!
One more time!
Piece of shit!
Not on the head!
Take this!
Get up!
Let's do one more round.
Move it, bitch!
Move it, fucker!
Don't look at me like this.
Move your ass!
What about the other one?
- The same.
- No, let's forgive him.
Let's pardon him!
Since it's his first time...
We'll pardon him.
But if we catch you again,
it will be twice as hard.
Five days of detention.
Yes, sir.
Five days of detention!
Guys, who should I talk to?
What about?
I got a call, they found my car.
So what?
Here it is.
- Is this your car?
- Yes.
Have you got papers?
Here are my papers.
Have a look.
It's all here.
Is everything in order?
Don't forget your things.
We just need to sort some formalities.
Can you help carry this crate?
Of course.
Put the crate over there.
Sort this out.
The Jeep's owner is here.
You deal with him.
Come here, don't be shy.
- Batyana.
- Simeon.
Sit down, let's have a chat.
Was it expensive?
I paid what they asked for it.
That's what I thought.
Give me your passport.
Well done, your papers are in order.
My car was stolen.
Your people called
to say I could collect it.
At first I didn't believe it.
But it really is my car!
All the papers are here.
Your man still has the keys though.
Can I take it and go?
I can write a thank you note:
At last we have a new government!
You write it later.
What do you do for living?
I run a small business.
It's been losing me money recently.
Check this one.
What kind of business is it?
It's nothing special.
So can I get my car back?
In a minute.
Sign this paper,
and you can go.
Fill this one in.
What's this?
"I, Simeon so and so,
entrust my vehicle to..."
It's all there.
Put your passport number etc.
Go on, write.
What do you mean 'entrust'?
Entrust means entrust.
Whose side are you on?
Those monsters, or us?
Tell me honestly.
Do you support those fascists,
or are you with us?
Do you really think I need you car?
Or is it needed to stop the fascists?
Maybe you just don't care?
I'm not involved in politics.
I'm just a businessman!
I'm on good terms with the right guys,
All is under control, you know...
I've got to pick up
my daughter from kindergarten.
Today they called
and said you had my car. So I came.
Thank you for the new power.
I was right about you, Simeon!
Go ahead, sign the paper.
What paper?
Is it your car?
- Yes.
- So, sign it over to us!
Are you... taking my car?
I don't get it.
You think we should fight on bicycles?
To defend you from fascists!
Maybe you are still hesitating?
Maybe you don't know,
which side you're on!
Maybe you're with them, eh?
Would you like some rest
in our prison? Would you like that?
No, you wouldn't.
I can see you are a smart boy.
Write, "I, Simeon..."
What's your father's name?
- Alexander.
- "Simeon Alexandrovich
entrust my vehicle to..."
Who are you staring at? Go on, write.
Do you want to
pick up your kid or not?
Do you want to take my car?
We already did! Hello!
For temporary use,
until we defeat the fascists.
Holy shit, we risk our lives for you,
and you make a fuss about some car.
Come on.
Here you are. Copy this.
This is robbery.
It's not robbery, it's expropriation.
Put your phone down.
I said, put your phone down!
Don't be naughty, Simeon.
You'll be sorry.
Take the pen!
You say
your business was losing money?
You'll badly need your phone now.
Do you want to pick up your daughter?
Maybe you want us to get her?
First, fill in the paper.
Then call your friends,
and ask them to collect
a hundred thousand dollars,
and bring them to us.
What do you expect, my dear?
People's government needs support.
Where do I get such money from?
Now it's up to 150000!
One more word and it'll be 200000.
Sasha, they grabbed me.
I don't know who they are.
They explained the new rules.
I shan't go into detail on the phone.
I need your help urgently.
I need twenty...
Fucking hell!
Listen, I'm in trouble, man.
We need to do something.
Listen carefully!
Go to the Bank and get some money.
My cheque book is in the safe.
Three blank cheques are
signed and stamped.
If you mess one up,
don't worry. Just write a new one.
Remember, you helped Lyokha?
They won't let me out. Who do you
know in the new administration?
Please help me out here.
Call who?
Yes, I have his number.
That's not how we usually operate...
...respectable people don't
just give away their money...
Yes, I'm from the administration.
Ask who's the boss.
I want to fix it once and for all
and know who to talk to.
It's an emergency!
He doesn't get it.
This scheme doesn't work.
Hurry! Before they start shooting...
Call me back.
Son, have you been waiting for long?
Did the bus come?
What's written on you?
I don't understand.
- He's from extermination squad.
- What extermination?
He's a fascist.
I see, my dear...
I'm going to visit my daughter.
She's got kids. She's got a house.
She needs my help.
She can't manage without help.
It's not far. Only 10 kilometers.
I cannot make it on foot now.
I used to walk
longer distances before.
I cannot walk it anymore.
But I must.
Have you been waiting long?
Did the bus come?
Got a lighter, bro?
Who's this clown?
From the extermination squad.
We want people to look into his eyes.
Fucking awesome!
Here's an exterminator!
For people to look at!
Fucking awesome!
Are you a volunteer?
Want a fag?
Have a smoke.
Don't you fucking like it?
Let's do it together.
Let's make a pic.
All together.
One, two, three, blow!
What are you doing here?
Let's take a photo.
Give us a fucking smile.
Do it again. Exhale!
- Did it turn out well?
- Yes.
Come over here.
Turn it around
so we can take one with all of us.
Smile, fuck you!
- Another one!
- One more.
Let's see. Cool.
Awesome with the smoke!
Only this motherfucker isn't in focus.
Don't you move your bloody head!
- Fuck, look at these girls.
- He chats up every chick.
- Hey girls!
- Hello.
Aren't you cold?
- Yes.
- Take a picture with us.
What's going on?
We got an exterminator. A rare find!
You won't find such a fucking
zombie in no fucking zoo!
Be careful, he could bite!
You got it?
Yes, perfect.
And now one with me and the girls.
I want to see smoke, exterminator.
- Another one!
- That's enough.
- Does it look good?
- Great.
Look at his face!
It's a real fucking fascist.
A bloody "Ukrop"!
This shit face!
A volunteer, on top of it!
Give way!
Give way to the elderly!
Film this granny! Film her!
Go on, grandma!
More! More! Go on!
Right into his teeth!
Take this as thanks from the people.
Do you understand?
You fight against our people,
you fucking cocksucker!
Go on, answer the people.
Did you shoot at the people? Did you?
Look at me!
Answer me!
Did you shoot at the people? Did you?
What did you do, bloody bastard?
- I was in the kitchen
- You served in the kitchen!
- This is fucking bullshit!
- And who shot at the people then?
Fucking cocksucker!
I'll show him a kitchen!
Go on, grandma! Go on!
Mum, stop!
I had a chick, real horny!
Tell me.
Tell me honestly.
Who sent you here?
Just tell me the truth.
Get away from me.
- Who gave you the order to come here?
- Mom, mom!
- Get your hands off!
- Look her in the eyes!
Tell me, who hired you?
You wouldn't work for free, right?
Tell me: who and for how much?
How much do you get?
Can you tell me the truth?
Why don't you tell the truth?
I beg of you - tell me the truth!
Who hired you?
- Answer her!
- Don't look away!
Forgive me... I'm not...
Forgive what? Our dead children?
Is this a confession?
Just tell me the truth.
Tell me who sent you,
and I'll forgive you.
Tell the truth. I beg you!
Don't you shake your fucking head!
Don't lie to me.
Don't you lie to me!
Bastard! I want to kill you.
There are good people who will
shoot you, bastard. Understand?
There were mines!
The field was full of mines.
My friend was killed by a mine!
My relative nearly stepped on a mine.
There were mines
everywhere in the field.
Did you put them there?
He saw the fuse wire, the dew on it!
My grandson was staying with me...
There were mines everywhere!
That's you!
The children who had to die!
Look at him!
Who is this? Who is he? Tell me.
He is not from here.
Our man would never do such a thing!
Children have died!
Kill him!
Finish him!
Put a fucking bullet through his head!
Commander, what are you doing?
Shut up!
Finish him off!
They torture and beat our prisoners
to death! Why feel sorry for him?
Kill him!
Spare him? Again?
When you did all that
you didn't ask for mercy.
- Are they going to kill him or not?
- Yes!
Punch him in his throat,
so that he chokes on his own blood!
Don't swear in front of the children!
When they kill, they don't worry
about the children!
My neighbor got blown to pieces!
Bits of flesh were all over the road.
She was a young, healthy woman!
She was on her way to the shop!
I would fuck him up!
Fuck him up, son!
Do it for the people!
- Beat him!
- Go, fuck it!
Say hello!
Really give it to him!
Nobody will forgive you!
We will shoot this bastard!
Give him a good punch!
Nice one!
They haven't killed him yet?
Stop this!
Why do you tell us to stop?
Where are you taking him to?
- Kill him, guys!
- Show your Slavic might!
Hear that? They're coming!
Hi! Hi everybody!
Let's begin the marriage ceremony
of Ivan Pavlovich Fried-Egg
and Angela Tikhonovna Kuperdiagina.
Dear guests!
Thank you!
Dear guests!
Let's celebrate the triumph
of love and youth!
Do you promise to remain
- a loving and faithful husband?
- Yes.
To protect and to support?
Kiss the bride!
Thank you!
Do you promise to remain a caring
and loving wife to Ivan?
Witnesses! Lay down the rushnyk.
Step onto the rushnyk.
Me first!
I was first!
Thank you.
As a token of your love
and devotion to each other,
exchange wedding rings.
Take the ring.
Repeat after me...
...don't put it on yet.
Hold her hand and repeat after me.
I take you, Angela, to be my wife.
And with this ring.
I bind us together.
From this day and forever after.
Kiss her finger.
Take the ring.
Repeat after me.
I take you, Vanya, to be my husband.
- Give me your hand!
- And with this ring.
I bind us together.
From this day and forever after.
Kiss her!
- Three times!
- Now you may go...
Now you may go to the table,
and sign the marriage certificate.
Gyurza, I love you!
Witnesses, please sign the certificate.
A new family is born!
The ceremony isn't over yet!
We continue the ceremony!
Thank you!
We continue the ceremony!
According to the marriage law
of Novorossiya,
I pronounce
Ivan Pavlovich Fried-Egg
and Angela Tikhonovna Kuperdiagina
husband and wife!
Long live Novorossiya,
you are our fatherland!
Glorious in victory, mighty
in battle: You weathered storms,
were strong and mighty! Preserve
our names for centuries more! Glory!
Go Russia!
Both spouses
wish to take the name
Fried-Egg in marriage.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fried-Egg,
please accept
your first family document,
issued by the State of Novorossiya!
To congratulate the couple...
To congratulate the couple,
please welcome
Commander of the
Vostok special brigade,
The Lumberjack!
If you managed to find each other
at such a difficult time,
then victory will be ours!
Love each other!
Please welcome
Deputy Commander...
This is comrade Coupon,
the deputy of comrade Lumberjack!
Deputy brigade commander.
We've heard many kind words.
I personally want to add...
Why are you blushing?
It's hot here.
I wish you lot's of love.
Many happy years together,
lot's of kids!
The first one has to be a boy!
It will be a boy!
- Love each other.
- A boy with a machine gun!
Kiss her!
I'd like to say a word.
Just one word.
I want to say a big thank you
to comrade Nadya!
A huge thank you!
I don't want to forget anyone!
To Oksana, Vitaly,
and everybody here!
To comrade Pas for helping us!
To comrade Nadya,
who helped organize the wedding.
She made all the phone calls.
And to Oksana and the girls.
Pas! A big thank you!
And to comrade Nadya,
to Oksana and...
Please welcome a member
of the parliament of Novorossiya,
Oksana Potsyk.
From the bottom of my heart
I congratulate you!
You know I love poetry,
and sometimes I compose poems myself,
but due to my busy work schedule,
I had no time to write a poem myself.
You were joined today
in marriage by two rings.
Let happiness
remain with you forever.
Morning dew will look
like diamonds on a string.
Life will be as beautiful as ever!
And even more!
Joy and laughter will be
settled in your nest.
Children's voices
will be heard all day.
Tender love and understanding,
all the best.
Affection, commitment and luck
for both of you!
In the name of
the State of Novorossiya,
I congratulate you,
and I thank everyone,
who helped
with this wonderful event!
Be happy, guys!
Thank you!
Kiss her!
Dear guests!
You may now join us!
Come on! Be a real man!
Look at that!
Watch! Watch!
That's heavy!
It was a lot of fun.
We've got to take
our weapons for a walk.
Happy hunting!
You can count on us!
Leave us some drinks for later!
Long live Novorossiya,
you are our fatherland!
Glorious in victory,
mighty in battle: You weathered storms,
were strong and mighty! Preserve
our names for centuries more! Glory!
Yes, sweetheart!
I told you we didn't drink.
I mean, she didn't.
Honey, we were just...
Yes, we did some shopping.
Shoes and a couple of T-shirts.
Yes, sweetheart.
And Grey sweatpants. For guys.
Did I ever lie to you?
Okay, once or twice, max!
I slept at home!
There are dead and wounded!
There are dead and wounded!
Send as many as you can!
Get in your car!
No job satisfaction at all!
Again, the same depressed mugs.
Why are you so sour-faced?
I'm fed up
with these dull mugs.
Take a look at yourself.
The mirror is right there.
You look at yourself!
You should enjoy your work!
More make-up. To highlight
the rings under my eyes.
Did they pay you for the last job?
No, they didn't.
- What about you?
- No, they didn't either.
- They didn't pay you?
- No.
They said they'd pay,
so they will. Don't fuss about it.
Hey, chief, what about the dough?
These ones as well.
Is this all of them?
One, two, three, four, five... nine.
Everyone's here.
- Yes, I'm sure.
I've got all of them.
12 pieces. Will this do?
It's not for long.
Commander, give us
something to smoke.
Right, sir!
Give it to him.
Hello. Set up
a security perimeter with your men.
And seal it off.
We've got some murders here.
Twelve bodies.
Hello. These were murders.
Here, there and over there.
Have a look.
Murders. Twelve bodies.
There, there and there.
Look behind the car.
Let's start.
So, twelve bodies here.
We are at the scene.
Here are the witnesses.
Comb through this whole area.
Get the forensic unit to investigate.
Make sure that all the evidence
is properly collected.
We have a murder case here.
Twelve bodies.
Here, here and there.
Let's get down to work.
Yes, of course.
- What?
- And over there as well.
- Do we have their identities?
- No.
No papers?
Any bullet casings?
The forensic unit is working on it.
Ok, let's work according
to the script.
We are going to film it.
Seal off the area.
Talk to the witnesses.
I live in this building,
apartment no. 3...
We'll do it again,
but without the apartment.
Guys, you come out
when I say "start!". Ok?
Are you ready?
Open it.
Ok, go ahead.
Ask them who has seen what.
Keep going.
A terrible crime
has been committed last night.
While we were about to make a film
about the peaceful lives
of the people of Donbass.
Tell us what you have seen.
What can I say?
During the night,
we heard nothing.
No screaming, no groaning,
no explosions, nothing.
When I stepped out this morning
to bring out the trash,
I see this.
I cannot speak anymore.
Have you got it?
Yes, but let's do a wide shot.
Tell us what you saw.
During the night,
I didn't hear anything:
no groaning, no explosion...
And only this morning,
when I took out the trash,
I saw...
I've never seen anything like it!
They were shooting a film that night.
Really nice people...
And then they're killed so brutally.
I don't understand.
My goodness!
Real angels...
Excuse me.
I can't continue...
Stop! It's a cut!