Donde caben dos (2021) Movie Script

[lilting music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[woman] You know that moment
when something happens
- [water splashing]
- and it changes your whole entire life?
[enthralling music playing]
Something you've never seen coming
and you're not remotely prepared for.
One day, like any other,
you're having a drink,
and then all of a sudden,
you feel a spark.
You're looking at someone,
and then before you know what's happening,
you start feeling your heart pounding
and butterflies fluttering
in your stomach.
Suddenly it feels like
your whole entire life
has been one long road
leading you up to this very moment.
It's as if you realize your destiny
and the universe has newfound meaning.
And now, you don't recognize yourself
and you don't know how to explain
what's happening around you.
In any case, here you are.
- Everything feels so utterly amazing.
- [moans]
And you fuck him
like you're in the movie Titanic
in that carriage in the storage room.
And for one second, you forget
you've been married for 15 years
and that your husband
is sitting there right next to you.
But then you look at him
and see that he's eye-fucking your friend.
And instead of getting jealous about it,
you realize
you're actually kind of enjoying it.
So you let that feeling course through you
and take control
of your whole body, of your mind.
[moaning in pleasure]
[woman] Because as much
as you may want to,
and as much as you try,
you simply can't resist.
[speaking indistinctly]
[woman] And then suddenly,
you look around and you ask yourself,
"What the hell am I thinking?"
- Want some?
- Yes.
And right then, that's the precise moment
when people decide
to come spend their first night
in my club.
You're really gonna love my cousin.
He's, like, super awesome.
He's just so unpredictable.
You, like, go out for a drink
and then end up at some party in Benidorm.
- Oh, is that him?
- [car horn honking]
- Hey, cuz!
- [honking continues]
- Your hotel is near here.
- Fine.
- [screaming excitedly]
- [grunts]
How's it going? Hello.
[woman] Oh, fuck me.
[automated voice] Pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone.
- [cell phone vibrating]
- Pick up the phone.
Liana, girl, I don't have the ring.
- [Liana] Alba? Yeah?
- Hey, listen.
- My engagement ring, I think I lost it.
- What?
Maybe I lost it last night,
but where the fuck did we go?
[man on video] Do you want some of this?
You want me to dance for you?
Watch me bounce this ass.
[man moaning suggestively]
What do you prefer? This pizza
or this pizza? [laughs]
[doorbell rings]
- [woman] Hello. What's up?
- [man] Hey, you two.
What's up?
- You always look so beautiful, lady.
- So do you.
- Are you nervous?
- No.
- I am kinda nervous.
- Nervous? But why?
She's suspecting something.
Come on, man.
You're totally gonna love it.
But please don't make it look pre-planned.
If the whole thing seems pre-planned,
it'll fuck things up. Okay?
- All right. Yes.
- See this? Put this in a drawer.
- What for? What's this?
- This one, they're matches.
- For what?
- We're gonna need...
Hey, what's up with all this chit-chat?
- Come on. I'm hungry.
- One second, we're coming.
- Yeah, coming.
- They're so demanding.
Tonight's the night
we're gonna fuck around and get it on.
- Right! [chuckles excitedly]
- All of us together.
[woman] Thank you.
Well, then, here we are. Hmm?
- What, are you nervous?
- Terrified.
- Hey, honey.
- What?
No, Beln, listen.
If you don't seem sure, we won't get in,
so we really have to seem sure about it.
- So are you sure?
- You bet your ass I am.
- The hell is this place?
- No idea.
Online it says
it's some kind of private club.
Club Paradiso?
Did we really come here, girl?
- [Alba] I don't remember anything.
- [Liana] Yeah, me neither.
- Hello.
- [Beln] Hello.
Welcome to Club Paradiso.
Is this your first time?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
We're here to check it out. [chuckles]
We are very excited to be here. We are.
[hostess] That's great.
That's the attitude.
It's a bit early, you know.
It's not so crowded.
That's better. You test the waters, right?
Just to be sure about it.
The most important thing is to make sure
you leave all your feelings outside.
Of course.
[hostess] You've come here
simply for pleasure.
For pleasure.
I'll show you folks how it all works.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Yes, yes.
- Good evening.
- Hi.
- May I take your coat?
- Yes.
Thank you.
This is the bar area,
perfect for starting out.
This is the best place in the club
to meet new people
and see if there's a couple
you'd like to play with.
But there's no need to feel pressure.
You don't have to do anything
you don't want to.
[Beln] What if we want to do something?
[hostess] The best thing to do
is to approach them,
talk to them and have a drink with them.
[Beln] What if we don't like them?
[hostess] Here, no means no.
That's the only rule of the club.
You have orgies here and everything?
Every single day.
- Every single day?
- [hostess] Yes.
Every single day, baby.
Yes, I heard, babe.
- Every day.
- I heard her.
I'm feeling these butterflies
in my stomach. It's crazy.
Hey, what's over there?
[hostess] Those are the stairs that
lead you down to the club's lower level.
But you don't want me
to give away all our secrets, right?
Thank you.
[inhales sharply]
- Motherfucker. This is crazy.
- [man sighs]
- [man] Paco, hurry.
- [woman 1] Are the drinks ready?
- Coming.
- [man] What's he doing?
- He's taking his time.
- We're drinking way too fast.
- Utmost effort into what he does.
- Yeah.
That's right. Here's the Agua de Valencia.
- Be careful with this stuff.
- [man] Oh.
Honey, you know what I'm remembering
now that I'm drinking this?
- [woman 2] No. What?
- TheThat
- That one day at the camp.
- That was more than 20 years ago.
- Yeah. Of course.
- Even more? Wow.
Do you remember that camp where
Claudia and I used to work all the time?
Anyway, there was another camp employee.
Her name was Gabriela.
It's true. She was from Valencia.
And she always made Agua de Valencia.
So much so that one night
we came back very drunk
from a big party
that she, Gabriela, had organized.
We arrived at the tent,
opened up the tents
[Paco] Hmm.
we found her there totally naked
inside our sleeping bag.
And she was like, "Oh. Oh."
- [woman 1] Oh.
- Oh.
What did she say then, hon?
What did she say after that?
She says something like,
"I think I'm in the wrong tent."
Yes, but she was also
She was like rubbing her
- [Claudia] No.
- Really?
- [man] boob.
- She was definitely not.
She was rubbing her boob.
I saw her. She was. I saw her.
- [Claudia] Yeah?
- Why didn't you tell us before?
- And then what happened?
- Well, nothing.
- We just said, "Yes."
- Come on.
I mean, yes, that she was definitely
in the wrong tent.
- [Claudia] And she left.
- [woman 1] So?
We were so naive then
that it didn't even occur to us
that she wanted to do something with us.
- Alberto, really, man, you disappoint me.
- [Alberto] Fine, man. That's right.
How can you miss out
on an opportunity like that?
You know, I just
couldn't bring myself to do it.
- [woman 1] Hmm.
- What?
- I'd like to see what you might have done.
- Ah.
You need me to remind you
about Alberto's graduation trip?
He wouldn't go party
with these Mexican girls
because he thought
they were going to kidnap him.
[Claudia laughing] No.
Well, hey, well. Well, well, well
But listen, that was Paco from the past.
And now Paco has grown
into a very different person.
- [woman 1] Uh-huh.
- Let's make a toast. To Gabriela.
And to the opportunities we can't pass up.
- [Claudia] Come on.
- [woman 1] Mmm.
[Alberto] Mmm.
[women laughing]
Gabriela was so smart, huh?
You two were incredibly hot.
- Well, you still are.
- Oh, yeah?
You're the hot one, Marta.
[all laughing]
Yes, honey, of course, right?
You're beautiful, honey.
[all chuckling]
That's right.
And you are too, Claudia. You are too.
What are you doing?
He just blew me a kiss.
I don't know, it just slipped out.
[both grunt playfully]
[all laughing]
I just wonder what would happen
if Gabriela were here tonight.
[Claudia] Oh!
Yeah, really. What would happen?
Good question. What would happen?
I think she must have come into the tent
because of Alberto's fame.
Or because of you, Claudia.
Uh, Alberto's fame?
- Well, fame, honey. Fame.
- [Alberto clicks tongue] No.
- What else could it be?
- [Claudia] The legend is true.
- [Alberto] No, listen
- Alberto.
Alberto, I guess I knew that it's a bit
- But is it legendary?
- [Alberto] Hey, no, just listen.
- Not just a legend. A huge legend.
- Hey, no.
Come on. No. They're just exaggerating.
Paco, you put very little gin in this.
Come on, put a lot.
A lot. Come on, please.
That's it. Put a lot in.
[Claudia and Marta laughing]
Pablo, this is John.
And that guy's Sidney,
Hey, John.
And he's Hans.
Hey. Thank you again for letting me
intrude on you guys.
This conference thing
was a bit of a last-minute thing.
I hope you like the room.
It's the biggest one here.
- Oh, is this the...
- Oh, yeah.
So what up? What up?Pablo, what's up?
How's New York been? Beautiful apartments?
Huh? Like a loft? Beautiful?
Yeah, it's not bad.
Right now, I'm thinking about moving.
I'm kind of sick of my neighbors.
The typical uncool neighbors, huh?
Always complaining?
- Hmm?
- [woman 1] Huh?
Your cousin's talking to you.
No, they're just some college students
who party all the time.
Oh, man, the youths of today really have
no respect for their elders, do they?
[woman 2 chuckles]
Why don't you join them, Pablo?
- You're the ultimate party beast.
- I was partying.
But now, the thing is that I go to work,
so I spend the day at the office,
and when I get home, I just want to sleep.
Aw. He wants to sleep.
Hey, you can take that off, right?
This thing? Oh. I forgot about it.
[woman 2] Pablo, I Speaking of sleeping
- Who are you sleeping with?
- [woman 1 suggestively] Hmm.
[woman 2] Who?
I'm talkin' about the ladies.
- I'm not interested.
- I don't believe that.
Every girl was totally crazy
about you back home.
Yeah, well, back home.
Do you remember that girl, Susana?
Susana. That was thousands of years ago.
[woman 1] Susana is the 12 girl, right?
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
- What do you mean, nothing?
- Just something silly.
- [woman 1] Clara, girl, tell him.
- Nothing. Just something silly.
Come on, tell me. The 12 girl?
I call her "Susana the 12 girl"
because she always came in
through your window
at 12:00 a.m. trying to hang out.
And your little cousin used to masturbate
to your sexing
while Susana and you were in there. Huh?
- [moans dramatically]
- [Clara laughs]
- I hear you would get her super horny.
- [Clara] Hey, come on.
That's how you described it to me.
Tell him.
- He already knows.
- No.
You don't remember I used to moan loud
so you could hear me?
What is this? I seriously didn't know.
- Why are you playing dumb?
- I didn't know.
What's the problem? I didn't know.
That's how she got deflowered. No?
[cell phone ringing]
I'll shut up.
Steve. I gotta answer this. Can I?
- Sure.
- Yeah. If Steve's calling.
Say hello.
Damn, girl,
I thought this guy'd be different.
I don't know what's wrong.
He's acting so weird.
Okay, I I'm gonna send you the contract.
[Steve] The meeting
with our Chinese clients
is at 3:00 a.m.
because of the time difference.
Don't forget it.
[Steve speaking indistinctly]
Are you there, Pablo?
- I'm sorry.
- [woman] No worries.
Pablo, do you maybe want to come
have a drink with me?
Oh, I'm really kind of tired.
- Also, I have an early call...
- You have a meeting?
Because some friends were gonna come over
and we're gonna have a meeting of our own!
No, I actually really do have a...
- But...
- [doorbell buzzes]
- Oh. Please.
- [woman] Oh. That must be them.
- Really, listen to me. I can't.
- Pablo, come on. One drink.
- One and then home.
- Just one?
- Just one.
- No, I'm not leaving.
- Come on.
- Let's at least hang out.
- We can go to the bar where I work.
- I don't want to go.
- I don't want to go tonight. I don't.
- Just one.
We haven't seen each other in a long time.
- Clara.
- Pablo, please.
Just one.
- Only one. That's it.
- Yes.
I shouldn't. I really shouldn't.
[Clara] Let's go!
Let's go! I'm gonna change.
- Hurry up please.
- [Clara] Yes.
Think I tore my meniscus.
- Your meniscus?
- Yeah.
- How though?
- I have no clue.
I told you, I don't remember anything.
How could I screw everything up
just one day before the wedding?
We were seriously, like,
so fucking wasted, dude.
- Come on. Come on.
- Such an insane night.
Don't worry, all this will just be
another stupid blackout story.
We go in, pick up that ring,
and it's like nothing happened.
You again. Get out of here.
Excuse me?
How dare you two come back here
after everything you did yesterday?
I don't know what you're saying.
Are you kidding me?
- No.
- Should I call security?
- Listen
- Shh.
[clicks tongue]
What if I offer you one of these?
Are you trying to bribe me?
- Yes.
- With five euros?
Damn, you're
a pretty tough negotiator, huh?
Listen, I don't know how you got in here,
but the cover charge for the club is 50.
It's not like this
is a Chateau Marmont or some shit.
Liana, come on, man.
- Come on.
- Hey. No, no, no.
I do CrossFit and I can fuck you up.
- Okay?
- Hey, come on.
I'm begging you.
Tomorrow's my wedding
and I lost my engagement ring.
I know I must have lost it here.
For whatever we did here last night,
- I'm truly sorry.
- [Liana] I'm sorry.
- We really don't remember anything.
- [Liana] Anything.
- And I really need that ring.
- [Liana] She really needs it.
- You're only here for that ring?
- Yes.
- You don't want anything else?
- Yes. No.
- I can take you down to the pool.
- [sighs]
You were down there
for a while last night.
After that,
don't ever come back here again.
- Not ever.
- Never again.
Thank you.
I'll fuck you up.
I'm gonna remember your face, okay?
And I can be crazy.
[Liana continues indistinctly]
[Beln] Hmm.
I think I want a Sex on the Beach.
- Oh. Not a lemon drop?
- Huh?
I mean, you're up for anything, huh?
Normally, you never order anything
but lemon drops.
Oh. Hello.
- How are you?
- Good.
Um, can I please get a Sex on the Beach?
Don't you prefer on the bar?
Why bother going to the beach
when we have it all here?
- [laughs] So funny.
- What did he say?
Nothing. What do you want?
[man] What would you like to drink?
I'd like a normal rum and coke, please.
My God, Jaime,
the bartender is pretty hot.
You're pretty thirsty tonight, huh?
What? That's why we came here, right?
Yes, but since we stepped
through the door,
it kind of seems
like you'd just fuck anyone.
No, not just anyone, no.
I want to fuck people with you.
But you don't want to.
- Not this shit again.
- Not this shit again. Come on, babe.
- Then why did we even come here?
- What?
Then why?
I'm gonna smoke. Be right back.
[Beln] Jaime.
["Lakilove" playing over speakers]
Rum. A single.
What kind of rooms do you have?
What are you looking for?
There are rooms with beds, a pool,
labyrinth, BDSM.
But you might not be into that.
Glory hole?
- That'll work.
- It's down the stairs.
- [Clara] Come on.
- Coming.
- Is this it?
- Yes.
Well, this is the back door.
What's wrong? Are you scared?
Don't know. Should I be scared?
[cell phone ringing]
Scared of me? No.
- Hi, Steve.
- [Steve] Pablo
I get it.
This place is an escape room, right?
Honestly, what were
you girls on last night?
This place is actually a swingers club.
And we appreciate some discretion.
But you weren't exactly
showing any last night.
I prefer not to know
what we did last night.
[hostess] You don't work today, right?
No. I came back to have a drink.
He's too uptight. That doesn't suit you.
- Yeah.
- No.
No worries, Steve, I'm here for you.
- So anything you need, just call me.
- Come on, hang up. Now.
- Hello?
- Yes. Yeah, sure.
Uh-huh. Okay. Yes, all right.
Bye-bye. Bye.
[Clara] Wow. It should be against the law
to look so fucking hot.
[man] You should be arrested
for looking this sexy in public.
- What are you doing here?
- I came here with my cousin.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- This the famous cousin?
- Mmm-hmm.
Take him to the dungeon.
- Seems like he's into that.
- Shut up.
Hey, I heard you guys
had a situation yesterday.
Yeah. Bachelorette party crashed
and it turned into a hot mess.
[Clara] I always miss the good stuff.
Pablo, what you want to drink?
Gin and tonic?
Mmm Sparkling water, please?
- Yeah. All right, then.
- Hey.
- That guy, what's up?
- What?
- Your boyfriend or what?
- Who, Ivn?
- Yes.
- No way.
- Ivn, he's asking if we've fucked.
- No. Hey.
Ah, yes, yes.
- Oh.
- [Clara chuckles]
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Is it your first time in here?
- Uh, yes.
- Would you like a tour?
- Mmm, tour?
- A tour.
- Mmm, no.
It's just, my husband,
he gets turned on by watching.
Yeah. Yes.
- Yeah, well, that's his personal taste.
- [woman 1] Yes.
We'll be around.
- She just touched me.
- [Clara laughing]
- What's up there?
- Do you like it?
- Huh? Uh
- The bar. Do you like it?
- Yes, it's very modern, right?
- [Clara] Mmm-hmm.
Phew, girl, you won't believe
what's going on downstairs.
[Clara] Yes.
Mmm. Can I have some?
I'm just really, really thirsty.
She's asking for a drink.
[woman 2] Oh. That's great.
No, you can keep it.
[woman 2] Ciao.
["Asiyo Bellema" playing]
Can you tell me
what the hell's going on in here?
- Where do you work?
- In a swingers club.
A club for swinging?
For singers? [laughs]
- Clara.
- Swingers club. A swingers club.
You could've at least warned me.
- Why?
- Come on.
Relax. No one's gonna do anything to you.
I don't know, try to let loose.
You could even try something if you like.
The dark room would be great for you.
- Try something?
- Mmm-hmm.
What do you think this is,
an ice cream shop or what?
You're making it so easy.
Lots of ice cream cones you can try.
- That's not funny.
- It is funny.
- No, it's not.
- Enjoy yourself. Try to have some fun.
You used to do whatever you felt like
without explanation.
Maybe I don't feel
like doing what I used to do.
What do you feel like doing then?
Whatever Steven tells you to do?
It's Steve.
[mockingly] "It's Steve."
Just listen to yourself.
What's wrong with you?
Where's the Pablo I remember?
I was 20 years old then.
People change, Clara.
No, that's not true.
People don't change. I don't.
Yeah, I can see that.
What did you say?
-No. What do you mean by that?
- What do you mean by that?
- You're not doing well, Clara.
You live in a fucking student apartment
and you're working in a dump.
Like, you probably fuck your clients
on your days off.
Is that Are you seriously
proud of all that? Seriously?
- Well, yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah. I know what I want.
- Congratulations. Bravo.
- I'm happy. You know why I'm like this?
- Great. No idea.
'Cause I wanted to be like you.
Well, I'm sorry that I let you down.
- [Ivn] That's the wrong way.
- Whatever. Fuck him.
["Asiyo Bellema" continues playing]
Oh, for fuck's sake.
[woman moaning]
[people moaning]
[clears throat]
[both moaning]
[man 1 moaning in pleasure]
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Uh, is this the exit?
Oh. No idea. Sorry.
[man 2] You go down, down to the left.
Don't leave now.
Things are just heating up.
Yeah. What a shame. Yes, thank you.
[man 2] Excuse me, would you mind
moving a little to the right?
- Excuse me?
- [man 2 chuckles]
It's that you're making it
a little crooked right now,
and it's kind of awkward, actually.
It must be the shape of the hole, I guess.
- [man 2] Yeah, I guess.
- Like that?
[man 2] That's too much.
Ten degrees to the left.
- This better?
- [man 2] Much better.
Is it still crooked?
[man 2] Yeah, it is.
It's still kind of crooked, yeah.
- But really, I don't mind it.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good. I'm great.
[man 2] You never know
what you'll find on the other side.
- [sighs]
- Actually, that's the point, right?
Instead of me sucking you off,
you can pretend it's Ryan Gosling?
And for me,
getting sucked off is good enough.
[man 2 chuckles]
Oh, come on, now. Well, let's make a deal.
If you can guess
at least one thing about me,
I'll shut up and get back to sucking.
It's a deal. Um
Shaved heads, bearded, a little large.
- You're a bear, right?
- [chuckling]
Wow, I can't believe it.
You nailed it.
Every single thing. Can you see me?
- No, I can't see you.
- Yes, you can. That's cheating.
- I think you have black hair and freckles.
- Hey, hold up. Wait a minute.
- What?
- That's not our deal.
Sorry if this is rude, but I'm really
not here to talk or play Guess Who?
I understand what you're here for, Chief.
You're here to be sucked off.
That's what this wall's for, right?
But I personally find it
kind of boring to just use it for that.
Right now, this is fine with me.
Also, we had a deal.
Uh-huh. That's fine.
["El Bellakeo" playing]
The ring isn't in here.
Look what I just found in my pocket.
- What's that?
- Look familiar?
What is this?
I don't know, but it kind of
looks like a drinks card, right?
- Let's go ask at the bar.
- Okay.
This place doesn't ring a bell.
If I'd really been here,
I'm sure I'd remember.
- Do you remember coming here at all?
- I don't.
Well, well, look who's back for more.
Two craziest girls
that ever set foot in this club.
Wow. Last night was so crazy.
I'm just so glad you girls are back,
you know, pick up where we left off.
So you looking for a repeat?
No. Have we met before?
Ah! Good one. Good one, Alba. Very funny.
See, we're having a pretty hard time
remembering what we did last night.
You don't remember? Nothing at all?
You'll see.
Come here.
You were so drunk
that you stripped this guy.
You thought he was the club's lifeguard,
- so you threw him into the pool
- No.
jumped in after him and began to yell,
"SOS, I want sex!"
[Alba shouting]
Help me! Help!
Somebody help me!
[man] Look. Lucky he just passed out.
That was pretty savage.
He swallowed so much water,
he had to be taken to the hospital.
- Is he okay?
- Yeah, fine.
He stayed overnight for observation.
[woman] Girls.
Oh, my crazy ladies.
You're back for more, huh?Aw
- You're back.
- This is great. You're back.
So great.
- [woman] I knew you'd be back.
- What are you doing?
- [woman] Surprised it's so soon.
- Jesus!
Listen, these ladies are saying they don't
remember anything from last night.
- Seriously, Alba?
- What?
You don't remember
our little adventure over at the streams?
No. I don't remember.
And I don't think I want to remember.
Losing my ring is bad enough.
Dude, I seriously
must've been out of control.
Actually, most of the time,
you're pretty boring.
To be clear, Alba,
the ring you're talking about,
it's from your fianc's grandmother?
Yes. Why, did you see it?
- You were calling it "shackles."
- Shackles.
- Shackles.
- Really?
[woman] You wouldn't stop talking
about the wedding,
how in a couple of days,
your sex life would be over.
So romantic, huh, the shackles?
I think you should
revise those wedding vows.
And I'm sorry,
do you know if I had the shackles on
when we left here?
- Yes, sure. 100% you did.
- Yes.
And do you know where we went?
I don't know, but you did invite us
to the private suite.
- [woman] To the suite.
- [man] Yeah.
The card. This is a key.
Thank you.
Come on.
[Liana] Thank you, guys.
It was a pleasure.
Will see you guys soon, okay?
[Alba] Liana. Liana!
Love you guys. Ciao.
[cell phone ringing]
- [Steve] Pablo.
- Hi, Steve, everything okay?
- We're moving the meeting.
- You're moving the meeting?
- Ten minutes.
- In ten minutes?
Yes. Any problem?
No, totally. Yeah.
Uh Uh-huh. I can make it. Mmm-hmm.
- I received all the documents.
- Fuck.
- Fucking keys.
- Is there a problem?
- Nothing.
- Okay. That's all.
- Thank you. Thanks, Steve. Bye.
- Good job.
- [cell phone chirps]
- No. Come on, don't do this.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey. Where's Clara?
Look, man, I don't want to butt into
other people's shit, but you went too far.
Right. You know what, man? You are.
You are butting into other people's shit.
Can you just tell me
where she is? Thank you.
She left. You're welcome.
- Left to go where?
- How would I know?
- Hey, don't
- [cell phone chirps]
Hey, I'm sorry. Okay? I'm a little
You wouldn't happen to have
a charger for iPhones, would you?
Hello. Um, excuse me a second.
Does anyone
have an iPhone charger, please?
It's really urgent.
Slow down, bro.
You're not back home in your town square.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
No, because, uh What do you mean?
[sighs] Your cousin is always
talking about the time
you got drunk at this party
and hooked up with a girl,
and at 6:00 a.m.,
you were screaming in the town square
asking if anyone had condoms
'cause it was urgent.
No, it wasn't like that.
You ended up in jail, right?
Yes, but not for screaming.
Ah, no?
Then what was it for?
It was the first summer
that girl was in town and
Shit, I didn't know she was the niece
of the boss of the Civil Guard.
[both laughing]
I think everything your cousin
says about you will end up being true.
Pour me a drink.
But isn't something really urgent?
[cell phone turns off]
Now it is.
[exhilarating music playing]
[both moaning]
[both moaning in pleasure]
[Pablo snorts]
This is the flame of the truth
and of passion.
You have to pass it
without letting it go out.
Whoever lets it go out
must answer the question,
truth or dare.
And if you don't want
to do the dare we give you,
or answer the question truthfully,
you'll have to pay.
You'll have to pay
with a piece of clothing.
This flame here
has to remain lit at all times.
You can't let it go out.
- [Marta] Ah.
- [all laughing]
No, I didn't.
That doesn't count. That was a test.
[Alberto] Well, what?
- You like the game?
- Well, yes.
- [Alberto] Are we gonna play?
- Sounds fun, right?
- Doesn't it?
- Come on.
- [Alberto] You begin.
- [Paco] Right.
The one who lights it does the asking.
- All right, go on.
- [Alberto] Go on.
Here it is.
Oh, wow.
- [Alberto] Wow.
- Whoa.
[Alberto] That's the flame.
[Marta shrieks]
- [Paco] Oh.
- [all laughing]
[Alberto] What?
So is it gonna be truth or dare?
- I think dare.
- Okay, so dare.
Oh? Me?
[chuckles nervously] Uh
Uh [clears throat]
- You have to touch
- Touch what?
Touch Marta's boobs.
[Paco chuckles]
You're a pervert.
Are you being serious or what?
- You really want me to do it for real?
- [chuckles]
It's that or you take off
a piece of clothing.
- As you wish.
- Yeah.
Of course not, man. No.
Just touch.
Not like a mammogram, you know.
- Oh.
- [men exclaim softly]
Definitely way better than my mammogram.
[Alberto] Okay.
[Paco laughs]
- Well
- Now it's your turn.
- No. Let me ask...
- [Marta] No.
Besides, the matches are actually mine.
They're in my house.
- [Alberto] No.
- Hey!
No, I invented this whole game,
so now it's my turn.
Just a second. Paco.
There it is.
Come on, man.
Oh, no. No.
- No.
- [Alberto] Oh, shit. Oh, honey.
This is a trick match.
Come on. Truth or dare?
- Oh, truth.
- The truth? Okay.
Okay, truth. Uh Hmm.
Have you ever had fantasies
about fucking someone else?
Paco, for instance?
Hey, man, what are you saying? Me?
She's not saying a thing.
- Right.
- [Alberto] So strip then. Here it goes.
The jacket?
No, I'm stripping. Of course. Why not?
- [Alberto] Uh-huh.
- All right, I'm stripping down.
[Alberto] Ooh. Slow down, honey.
- [Alberto] Oh. Yeah.
- I'm stripping.
[Alberto] Hey.
Hey, but that means yes, right?
No, I haven't said anything.
It has to mean yes.
I mean, what's going on?
What's going on, Paco?
I'm gonna get jealous.
Huh? Should I be jealous?
[Paco] Don't ask your wife those things.
[Alberto] Well, I'd do
the same thing to Marta too. You know?
I would.
- It's not your turn now. Alberto!
- Hey, what?
[women gasp]
What are you doing, man?
Uh what are you doing?
- Look what you did to your shirt.
- I see.
- Damn!
- Jesus.
Go change. Let's go.
Yeah, sure.
Girls, hold on just a sec.
- Paco, what's going on, man?
- Nothing.
Don't tell me you're chickening out,
like with the Mexicans.
Chill out.
Paco, are you actually appreciating
the greatness
of what's about to happen here?
After 15 years with the same woman,
you're about to have sex
with someone else?
Yes. Apparently so, yes.
"Apparently so"? What do you mean by that?
They're so horny, man. Don't back out now.
- I'm banging my head against the wall.
- I said yes.
- I'm not backing out.
- Come on.
- But on one condition.
- What's that?
- Show me.
- Show you what?
What do you mean, what? What do you think?
- Well, the legend.
- Oh, yeah. Come on, Paco.
Paco. Cut the bullshit, man.
I'm not gonna show it to you.
But you're gonna show my wife.
Or are you gonna turn the lights off?
Paco, come on.
Please don't start with this, okay?
I'm begging you.
Besides, they were kidding.
I'm sure our dicks are the same size.
Then just show it to me.
Paco, no.
- You won't show it to me?
- No.
- What are you doing?
- Just wait.
What are you doing?
I don't believe this. Paco.
[chuckles] Paco Absurd.
This is mine.
- Are you serious?
- Hmm.
So you don't care anymore, right?
Come on, Paco.
Plus, this isn't accurate, man.
Look, can you See?
- I see. You're lying to me.
- No way.
Go fuck yourself, Alberto.
- Paco.
- But it's enormous.
- No, man, I mean Paco, listen to me.
- No.
You love your wife.
I love mine. This is just sex.
- Don't let this mess with your head.
- But it's just
What if mine's not enough for her?
Paco, come on.
Does the size of the dick really matter?
All that matters is
the size of this thing here, your heart.
What the fuck are you talking about,
the heart?
Paco, please. Let's see
Look, come on.
Come on. Sit down here.
Every time I go make
a delivery at the club,
- I told you
- Yes.
While I'm dropping off the boxes,
I watch the people arriving.
They're having a great time
fooling around with everybody.
They're living life to the fullest.
You don't know how completely satisfied
These are people
who've achieved transcendence in life.
They're sort of the superior class
of human being.
Paco, tonight's the night.
A door's gonna open to us.
But it's up to you to pass through it.
If you don't do it,
I don't want to be dramatic,
but you'd basically be wasting our lives.
Do you want that?
Think about it.
Baby, what we need to do
is take some initiative.
- That one, right there.
- Come on.
There's not a single couple
here you're into? I don't know.
It's not that I don't like them,
it's just that
People are so weird now, you know?
I'm gonna take a shot
to rise to the occasion.
That's the spirit. I'm sure we'll end up
having an amazing time.
We should've gone to an amusement park.
Well, you could think of this
as an amusement park.
Except this one's
full of dicks and pussies.
It's weird to me when you say "pussy."
- Come on, do it.
- Come on. Bottoms up, up your ass.
Oh, my fucking God!
Don't turn around. Don't turn around.
A couple that's like my ultimate fantasy
just came in. Holy mother.
Hey! What's up, Ivn? How are you?
- We'll be having our usual drinks.
- [Ivn] Coming up.
- [Beln] Let's go talk to them.
- Wait, I have
- [Beln] Come.
- Beln, my love Shit.
[woman chuckling softly]
May we join you?
- Yes, of course.
- Hello.
[man clears throat]
- I'm Beln.
- I'm Miguel.
- I'm Ana.
- This is Ana.
- [Beln] What's up?
- [Ana] What's up?
- This is Jaime.
- Hello.
[Miguel] Ana, give him
a couple of kisses or something.
- Don't be so rude.
- Yes.
- What's up?
- Right.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- You okay?
- [Beln] Yes.
[Miguel] Hey, Ivn.
Please bring two more glasses.
[man 1] What's up? Why are you stopping?
- Deal's over.
- You're going to leave me halfway?
Oh, I just love leaving
assholes like you wanting more.
What do I do now? Should I go?
- I don't know.
- [Liana] So many dicks.
- Are you leaving?
- [Alba] It's not here.
Hey, excuse me.
Oh. Uh
I really hate to interrupt,
but where are the private rooms?
No idea. I'm sorry.
[man 2] You have
to go through this labyrinth,
you'll pass these Balinese beds
and enter this purple corridor.
- There you are.
- [Alba] Great. Thank you.
[Liana] What are you doing?
They'll dick slap you
and set off another wedding panic attack.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, excuse me.
Uh, have you seen
an engagement ring around here?
- No.
- [Alba] Are you sure?
It's just that it's really important.
Hey, you.
Have you seen
an engagement ring around here?
You're moving a little fast,
don't you think? Marriage now?
- I don't believe in marriage.
- [man 2] Me neither.
I definitely wouldn't marry someone
who doesn't know my name.
- You haven't told me.
- No, you haven't asked.
What's your name?
I'm Vctor.
- And you?
- Ra Ral.
That's a nice name.
It's a pleasure.
It's a pleasure.
[snaps fingers] Vctor, Ra-Ral. The ring?
No, I'm sorry, dear. There's nothing here.
Okay. Thank you.
Weren't you leaving?
- [Miguel] Hey, is it your first time here?
- [Beln] Yep.
[Miguel] We haven't seen you.
We're so thrilled.
This was a great idea, right, love?
Yeah, we'll see what happens. Right?
[Beln] Mmm-hmm.
- Do you come here often?
- Yeah, I guess we do.
Sometimes we come four times in a week.
- Four times?
- Or we don't come at all.
Well, yeah.
- We don't come at all.
- We do come, dear. We come.
You come here
'cause you're not fucking at home or what?
Just because that happened to us
doesn't mean it happens to others.
Calm down. It's true that people come here
to renew their passion.
- Right?
- Right.
But it's not really
the case with us. Is it?
[smacks lips]
- God, I just want to devour that mouth.
- [laughs nervously]
We knew from the beginning,
we didn't want to be a typical couple.
We wanted to be a swinger couple.
Well, swinger
It's just that it sounds like it's "oh!"
- Then it's really like
- You have no idea. It's like whoa!
- Whoa! Really great.
- Super great. It's really cool.
Very cool. Besides, she came
from a really smothering relationship.
Like, "Let's buy a house, a dog.
Let's have children."
A typical weirdo
who wants to marry from the beginning.
Who wants another drink?
Yours is full, baby.
[Ana] Hmm.
- Manuel?
- No, Miguel.
- Miguel. How long have you been together?
- Five.
- How long? Huh?
- We have been in love
- No, six.
- for five years.
No, baby. We've been together six years.
You were still with the Ficus
when you and I started dating.
- That was six years ago.
- Oh, come on.
We shouldn't make it sound like
we don't know the story of our life.
They asked. What should I do, not answer?
Calm down. We're not gonna be shocked
if you tell us
you cheated on your ex, the Ficus.
So are you swingers
or are you just a little raunchy?
What the hell are you doing, darling?
What are you doing?
Don't worry. Raunchy?
Everyone's raunchy here. Huh?
- And proud to be, I should say.
- Yeah, a bit.
Oh, for sure.
Don't believe him. It's just
that my ex didn't like these things.
- He was a little old-fashioned.
- Oh, yeah.
Kind of a jerk.
He never understood what I needed.
Maybe you didn't communicate well
and the poor guy was [blows raspberry]
- No. I did explain it to him.
- All the time.
But he was really selfish and ignorant.
He never considered my feelings.
I don't know what I had to do
to get the message across,
tattoo it on my forehead?
- Moron never got it.
- Moron, jerk, selfish, cuckold.
Come on, that Ficus was quite the guy.
Love, come on. Stop with that.
What's going on?
Relax a little, my love. Manuel is right.
- Miguel.
- [both] Miguel.
We're talking, right?
If we're going to fuck,
let's get to know each other.
Hey. If you're not into it,
we can just find another couple.
- We've...
- No.
- No.
- Calm down. We're on board.
- You're on board, right?
- Very much so. Right, love?
- Would you excuse us?
- [Miguel] Sure.
- You're coming back right?
- [Beln] Of course.
Baby, what is going on with you today?
Can you tell me?
What's going on?
What's the matter with you?
I don't want to do it.
Baby, please,
this is really important for me.
Let's look for another couple.
I don't like them.
No, you'll keep saying
you don't like any of them
because you won't address our problems.
- It's not that.
- No? Then what is it?
- She's beautiful, right?
- Yes.
Come on. You've got him all nervous.
Come on, do it for me.
You always choose, damn it!
This one could be legendary.
- Miguel.
- What?
- Let's leave.
- No.
- Yes.
- No, come on.
- I feel really bad.
- We just arrived.
Hello. We've made up our mind.
What's the next step?
If you want, we can go downstairs.
[Beln] Right. [giggles]
You'll see.You're gonna love it.
I like starting the night here.
- Ana. Jesus, Ana.
- What?
You fucked me once a week
and now you come here every day
to fuck everything that moves?
You should thank me because it seems
like you don't fuck your wife.
Should I thank you for leaving me
to die of crippling depression
and without a clue as to what happened
to you for five whole years?
If it bothers you so much,
why haven't you said,
"She's my ex. I'm not gonna fuck her."
You don't seem eager
to tell your boyfriend either.
It's just that Miguel is very particular
and he doesn't want to know about my exes.
Such a liberal swinger couple,
and suddenly,
you can't be honest with each other.
- Ah. Come on, what's going on?
- [Beln laughing]
- It's not the same without you two.
- [Beln] Over here. [laughs]
[Alberto] Wait. Just wait.
This is a surprise round.
What do you mean, surprise round?
Alberto, what are you gonna do?
No, nothing. Right?
Let's see.
There's a full moon. Have you seen it?
It's just Claudia.
Wow, girl.
- Bad girl.
- [Claudia] Yeah?
What a bad girl. I'm a bad girl?
[Marta] Whoo.
Let's see if you're
as much of a bad girl as I am.
[Paco] Oh.
[Alberto] Oh, Marta.
[Paco chuckles]
Yes. Yeah, I'm also a bad girl.
[Alberto] Ooh.
Shit. Maybe just a little.
- What's up?
- Wait.
In round number ten
there's a question for everyone.
- Ready?
- There are no more matches.
No more matches. Who cares? Okay, listen.
Truth of dare?
- So truth?
- Yeah.
[Paco] Yes, truth.
What do you say we all get it on tonight?
What is this?
[Alberto] Let's see, we're all friends.
We like each other.
Someone give me a good reason not to.
I will.
I Look at me now.
I'm like Gabriela at that camp.
But I just don't know.
Well, don't look at me.
I'm as liberal as anyone.
What's with this laughter?
Well, then enough said.
If we don't end up fucking here tonight,
it won't be my fault.
And here you have a free demonstration.
That's my Paco.
That's my Paco, damn it.
How is this supposed to start?
Like this.
- [Alberto] Oh!
- [Marta] Ooh.
["Trakat" playing]
[Alberto murmurs indistinctly]
Wait a second.
You do it with Paco.
This is great, man.
So fucking great.
[Claudia moans]
- [Marta exhales]
- [moans]
[both moaning]
[both moaning]
- [Clara] Hello.
- Hello.
Ivn told me you were looking for me
because you, like,
needed the keys for that
For the meeting.
No. Calm down.
I already missed it, so
Right, um
I'm sorry. This was all my fault.
No, don't worry.
Let me charge the cell phone,
call Steve and make up
some excuse, there it is.
- Hey.
- What?
No, forgive me if I crossed a line.
Oh, no, don't worry.
- No, really, you don't...
- Calm down.
Were you waiting for a long time?
No. I was across the street
for a little while.
And what were you doing? Do you, uh
- Uh, what?
- I can see you're okay.
Yes, I'm okay.
- You?
- I'm fine. Yes.
Well, I'm not just okay.
Truth is, I'm very good.
How so?
Well, I listened to what you said.
I let myself go and...
- And what?
- I fucked around a little.
Oh, "a little"?
[both chuckle]
Well, no, I fucked around a lot.
[both laugh]
Good, good. Fine.
And where?
Uh, at the club.
- At the club?
- Mmm-hmm.
And how?
Well, just like that.
I went back and it happened.
[Clara chuckles softly]
Who did it happen with?
Clara, tell me, um
Have you been to the dark room?
Me? Once, yes.
Once? How long ago?
- I don't remember.
- You don't remember?
- I don't remember.
- How can you not?
Pablo, it was one day.
It was very dark. How should I know?
- Damn. I don't know.
- Okay.
[Clara sighs]
How was your thing? How was it?
Good. Well, fuck, it was amazing.
I mean, it's just that I don't know.
I went in there and I bumped into a girl
And then?
And we had this very strong connection.
And we started caressing
each other and kissing.
And then?
Then we had sex on the couch
and against the wall.
We also did it doggy style while sitting.
What? I don't know what you're saying.
I don't know what that is.
What do you mean you don't know it?
Good ol' doggy style.
It's when she gets on top while crouching.
And he's there underneath.
That's not doggy style, Pablo.
That's reverse cowgirl, dude. Come on.
- Reverse cowgirl? What?
- Yes. Where do you see a dog?
- "Doggy" makes more sense.
- Cowgirl.
- Wait, Clara.
- Forget it.
- Hey, Clara, what's the matter?
- You already know.
What's up, lovebirds?
How was your night?
- [Clara] Good. What about you?
- [Pablo] Good.
Good. In the end,
we decided to come back here.
Oh, I have a couple there in my room.
Oh, by the way, Conference,
we took your inflatable mattress.
Okay. It's okay.
Hope you don't mind
sleeping with your cousin.
- How was everything at the club?
- Uh
- Good. We didn't go.
- We didn't go.
No, girl. We ended up not going.
- Uh, we went to another place.
- Another place.
- Yes. Good.
- Yes, and you don't know it.
- Because I hadn't even heard of it. No.
- Oh, no? Mmm.
- And what's it called?
- La Cocktaileria.
- Cocktaileria.
- [woman] Cocktaileria?
Mmm-hmm. Yes.
- What kind of cocktails did you drink?
- One with
- Banana. No. It was
- No, it wasn't banana.
- What was it? Pineapple.
- Pineapple.
- Pineapple.
- With rum.
And Rum. Pineapple, rum.
Was it good?
Uh It was fine.
What do you mean by fine?
- Well, it didn't
- Really good.
- The best cocktail I've had in my life.
- Come on, man.
Well, I got to google
this cocktail place now.
Girl, don't look for it.
They're actually shutting down.
Come on, Clara, why would they shut down?
They just opened.
She loved it. Some experiences
this amazing are hard to make sense of.
- They're hard to process, right?
- No.
You know what happened?
The cocktail I drank, Pablo,
ended up giving me a stomachache.
- Cramps.
- That's normal.
That's just because your stomach
adheres to social conventions.
But what about the pure pleasure
you felt while drinking it?
- What about that?
- Sure.
Right. But what you're calling
"a social convention" is,
for me, a basic principle
of cocktail making,
and that's that some liquors
just should not mix.
The more liquors, the more flavors.
What kind of shit is that?
A principle.
- The basic one.
- What?
What are you saying?
Don't tell me you two fucked!
I mean, hands off your own cousin, y'all.
Hooking up with your cousin
isn't a big deal.
Hey! What's up, cousin? Yeah!
What a story, man. [laughs]
My roommate fucked her cousin.
- [Pablo chuckles]
- [people laughing]
But you were kidding, right?
You don't really mean that.
What if I'm being serious?
What happens then?
I'm gonna take a shower.
- Well, I'll go with you.
- No.
No. Okay.
- And now what?
- [door opens]
Where's the Clara I remembered?
- Hmm?
- [door closes]
[exotic music playing]
Look. It's in here, right? Come on.
It's got to be here.
You look there and I'll look here.
[both shriek]
- Jackpot!
- What?
Liana, please.
Will you stop messing around
and help me out a little?
- What's going on?
- There's a man in there.
A man?
- What do you mean by a man?
- A tied up man.
- There's a tied up man. What's he doing?
- I just said that. How would I know?
- Maybe he knows about the ring.
- Maybe.
Hey, so, good evening.
Please excuse us,
- but by any chance did you
- [mumbling]
- Should we take his gag out?
- I think so.
- What if he screams?
- [mumbles]
[groans] At last.
Where the fuck have you been?
- I was waiting for you.
- Us?
You said you were getting more champagne
and would come back.
Ah! Let me summarize it.
Yesterday we got shit-faced,
she's about to get married,
blah, blah, blah.
We don't remember
a damn thing we did last night.
What do you mean, last night?
How long have I been here?
Well, making a quick calculation,
you've been here a whole day.
Oh, my fucking God.
My wife's gonna be furious.
Uh, I told them we'd go to the Mercadona.
Oh, my God. We are so, so sorry.
- Uh, the keys?
- No, it's not locked.
- What?
- No, there's a code.
Uh, 9-13. It's my son's birthday.
- My youngest son.
- Oh, how sweet.
- That's so endearing.
- I know.
One little question.
Do you remember
if I had an engagement ring on
when we tied you up? Hmm?
You really think
I'd remember all the details
after I've been tied up and gagged?
- You're right. Sorry.
- [Liana] Sorry.
[man] Hmm.
- [bones cracking]
- [groans]
Well, then.
- [waterbed sloshes]
- What's next?
Bondage? Uh, submission?
Adult baby?
No. [chuckles nervously]
We don't like that stuff actually.
I've been in this closet for 24 hours.
Uh, without food,
without water, and not sleeping,
deprived of sunlight and humiliated,
and now you're going
to leave me all turned on?
- I'm going to call security.
- [Liana] No!
[both] Not security, please.
Well, come on then.
- Let's go.
- [cell phone vibrating]
Then you can hit me, but really hard.
No. Ricardo's calling. What do I do now?
Answer. I'll take care of it.
Are you sure?
I'm so sure.
[man moans]
Do you know
what I'm gonna do to your testicles?
I'm gonna make a fucking tote bag.
- [man screaming]
- [Alba] Hi, honey.
What's up?
[Ricardo] I'm at the bachelor party
they're throwing for me.
- [chuckles nervously]
- How are you?
- Good, good.
- [people moaning in background]
- What do you need?
- I'm drunk.
And I remembered how much I love you
and that tomorrow we're getting married.
- Right. [laughs nervously]
- I'm so nervous.
- The wedding is right around the corner.
- Yoo-hoo.
- Are you ready for the big day?
- Yeah.
I'm at home watching a movie
under a blanket.
Hey, what's all that screaming?
It's the movie.
It's a horror movie.
Hon, let's talk
in a little while, all right?
Okay, fine. Love you.
I love you.
[moaning continues]
[Vctor] Why the glory holes,
with all these rooms in here?
[Ral] I could ask you the same question.
[Vctor laughs] Well,
some days, it's curiosity.
Some days, it's fun.
And also, it's the only way
I can suck off Ryan Gosling.
- [Ral] It's pretty fun. That's true.
- [Vctor] Yeah.
But it'd be even better
without a wall in between.
Why don't we change rooms
now that we're at it?
We're okay right here.
Let's have a drink. It's on me.
Listen, huh?
What's the point of going upstairs
and having a drink with you?
- What's next?
- What do you mean?
If we like each other,
we'll have sex in your place or in mine.
Tomorrow morning we'll wake up,
have brunch together,
maybe agree to meet next weekend.
We'll start meeting every week.
Thailand in the summer.
At Christmas, our parents' house.
We're a couple. We'll move in together.
I think you're overreacting.
I was thinking more like having a drink
and maybe having sex without a wall.
Not going to Thailand, Ra-Ral.
Do you always joke around like this
with the guys
on the other side of the wall?
- Do you want to know a secret?
- You're gonna tell me anyway.
[chuckles softly]
I've never talked to someone
this much here.
But you said you talk too much
when you're nervous.
I'm only nervous
when I really like someone.
What? You don't even know me.
Well, maybe that's it.
Oh, it's your turn to tell me a secret.
Wait. No.
You'll tell me while we have a drink.
- That's not gonna happen.
- Yes, it will.
Wanna bet?
[Beln and Miguel moaning]
- [Miguel] You like that?
- [Beln] Keep going.
What now?
- [Miguel moans]
- [Beln] Keep going.
- What do you think?
- [Beln moans]
Well, you're the expert. What's next?
Simple. They get laid and so do we.
Times two.
You're not in love with that dude.
Well, you look pretty calm knowing
that your wife's getting fucked in there.
I can assure you Miguel will satisfy her.
[Beln] Baby, we have to try this at home!
- [moaning]
- [Miguel] Your wife's so horny, Jaime.
[Miguel moans] Oh, yeah.
[Beln moaning]
Well, oh, things are heating up
over here too, right, Jaime?
Right? Right. Oh, yeah.
Nice, thick cock, Jaime.
Fuck, such a big cock.
[Miguel] Is it? Is he inside you, baby?
Yes! Yes, he's inside me.
Balls included.
The balls it must've taken
to leave without telling me.
Please, just tell me why.
- Who cares? It's been over five years.
- It could be five or ten years.
You owe me an explanation.
Oh, Jaime.
- Jaime [moans]
- Don't play dumb.
Just be straight with me.
Why did you leave?
[Beln moaning]
I was overwhelmed.
- [Beln] Oh, my God. Yes!
- Overwhelmed with what?
[Beln laughing]
Why are you guys still dressed?
Are you cuddling or what?
Well, a little, yes.
- We're still warming up.
- Come on. We want to see you.
- Get naked.
- Why?
- [Miguel] Jaime, come on!
- [Ana] Done, we're ready.
- Coming.
- [Beln moaning]
[Miguel] Come here.
- [Miguel] Oh, my God, yeah!
- Oh, shit.
- Is this what you wanted?
- [Ana] What?
- This life. Is this what you wanted?
- Yeah, of course.
I spent months trying to figure out
what I'd done wrong,
where I could've gone wrong.
Turns out you wanted to fuck other guys.
Why do you have to reduce it to that?
It's not like that.
First, Miguel and I had a connection.
We had an absolutely
wonderful relationship.
But lately, he's more into
having sex with other people than me.
Is that what you really want?
I don't know.
[both sigh]
Well, I always knew for certain
what I wanted with you.
[intense electronic music playing]
You know
I wanted to call you.
- Really?
- Yes.
Why didn't you do it?
I don't know.
I missed you so much.
I've missed you too.
[both moaning]
[Claudia and Marta moaning]
What's this?
This is obscene.
If they asked us to join now,
I don't want to.
They don't seem too interested in us.
All right, that's it.
They really fucked us over.
Where are you going?
They're gonna get mad.
I don't care.
- This wasn't the plan.
- Yeah, I know.
We're all getting laid or
[Claudia and Marta moaning]
[both continue moaning]
[both laugh softly]
Does she cry out like that with you?
They fell asleep.
They fell asleep.
Let's go home, okay?
No, man. Marta's always moody
when she wakes up.
Let them sleep.
They probably need to recuperate.
[Vctor] Rum and coke?
[ice rattles]
No, man, that's not fair. That's cheating.
No, it's not cheating.
I said we were having a drink, and we are.
I won the bet.
- [sighs]
- [chuckles]
Mmm. So, you can talk now.
How did you get here?
- You're pretty annoying, you know.
- Mmm-hmm.
All right. [grunts]
It had been two months since
my boyfriend and I had moved in together.
And we were still sitting
on the carpet in the living room.
So we decided
it was finally time to buy a sofa.
We bought this maroon
two-seater designer sofa.
Ideal for a couple.
Right after paying,
the seller tells us
that transportation is our problem.
That this isn't Ikea.
We end up with a sofa
strapped to our backs,
crossing all of Barcelona.
Did you make it?
Three hours later, and another 45 minutes
to get it up to the seventh floor
without an elevator.
Well, when we put it in the living room
[Vctor] Mmm-hmm?
When you put it in the living room, what?
Salva turns around
and looks at me very strangely.
I think I get the idea
and I begin to undress
thinking that we're about
to use the sofa for the first time.
He stops me, looks at me and says,
"No, we're over,"
that he no longer loved me.
He gets up and leaves.
I try to follow him,
but my pants are down to my ankles.
I trip and break my nose on the ground.
And I bleed.
I bleed a lot.
And then?
And nothing.
So that sofa becomes
your worst enemy, right?
You hate it deeply.
There's no way that you'll sit on it.
Until one day, you decide that you have
to get it out of the way and sell it.
- Am I right?
- [Ral] Not at all.
Try as you may,
you're totally unable to get rid of it.
I swear I tried.
And suddenly, one day you get tired
and say that what you have to do
is change course.
Start from scratch.
But you're afraid.
It's scary to imagine yourself
with another guy, buying another sofa,
crossing the city again
to get it to a new apartment
and finding yourself alone,
naked and bleeding once again.
So you end up in front of this wall
with holes through which no sofa can fit.
Are you a psychologist or something?
Not at all.
I lived with my ex on the ninth floor.
We bought a king-size sofa.
[chuckles softly]
You know, I want to see you.
That's not a good idea, really.
Shh. There's so many ways to see someone.
- Disappointed. You're not Ryan Gosling.
- [Ral chuckles]
[Ral moans]
[enthralling music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[both moaning]
[Ral] Oh!
- Clara.
- What?
Pablo, we're first cousins.
We are family, and family comes first.
- Yes, I know.
- Come on.
- But...
- But what?
No, I just Well, if you think about it,
when you touched yourself
back at home, you thought of...
- What? No! Okay, listen.
- No. Listen. Uh, I mean well.
Pablo, back at home, when I I was a kid,
that has nothing to do with this.
Right. It's wrong. And that's it.
If I'd known this would happen,
there's no way I'd have let you come.
I didn't know this would happen either.
It was you who invited me to your place.
Because you said all the hotels were full.
No, I didn't say that.
I said that it was hard to get a room.
- Not that there were none left.
- Whatever.
Clara, I just got carried away
like I used to. You asked for it.
- I didn't ask for this.
- Of course not.
But it was the best sex of my life.
What should I do?
- What?
- I disagree.
We're not even sure it was us
because we didn't see each other.
Sure, we didn't see each other,
but we heard each other.
Your moaning is the same as always.
Are you telling me you always knew
it was me in the dark room?
No, not always.
Just from the moment you began to
Come on. You also knew it was me.
How could I do this to Ricardo?
- My God.
- And his grandma. [laughs]
I'm sorry.
No, you're not wrong. Poor Grandma.
Know what? Maybe I shouldn't get married.
I don't know, all this
becoming engaged, getting married, it
- It's too much for me.
- Yeah.
Is that all you have to say to me, "Yeah"?
You're not trying to persuade me
to carry on with the marriage?
That Ricardo loves me.
That this was because of a drunk...
Listen. Just one little thing.
I really like Ricardo.
I do, girl. You know that.
But I love you. And yesterday,
you spent all night in a swingers club
telling everyone that marriage is bullshit
and that your life was over.
I was drunk as a skunk.
But if it wasn't the ring,
it would have been something else.
Do you really want to get married?
Oh, ladies!
[laughs] Still here?
[all moaning]
- Hey.
- Hello.
[woman] This is so crazy.
Silvia and I, we're thinking of heading
over to a more private location.
And there's room for one more.
No. I
- Oh.
- How come?
Not today, seriously.
Liana, please go.
- You sure?
- Yeah, there's nothing left to do here.
- Have fun.
- Wowzah.
Do you know what shibari is?
- Shibari, you know it?
- [Liana] No.
Thank you.
Sorry, I overheard
what you were talking about.
Do you think Liana is right?
Well, that's none of your business.
You're wrong about that
because I have your ring.
[Alba laughs]
[Alba gasps]
Why do you have my ring?
- You gave it to me.
- Yeah, sure.
After we had sex.
- You're lying.
- Lying?
- Look, you said I had opened your eyes.
- Uh-huh.
That you didn't want to give up
having sex with other people.
You asked me to hold on to it
because you didn't want to make
the worst mistake of your life.
You're a liar.
Listen, this has nothing to do with me.
I don't really care.
Take it.
Here's your ring.
There's nothing stopping you
from getting married now.
How was it?
I mean, if you're going to be
the last person I have sex with,
who isn't my husband
I would at least like to remember, right?
You want to hear it?
[chuckles] Um
I want you to remind me.
- [Ivn] Mmm.
- Mmm-hmm.
You don't remember this?
[Alba] Mmm.
- No.
- No?
No? Or this?
[Alba moans softly]
[clicks tongue]
- What about this?
- No.
And this?
[breathing heavily]
[Ivn moans]
- No.
- No?
- Mmm-mmm.
- You scratched my neck. Look.
- [Alba exhales]
- [shushes]
I think you'll remember this.
[breathing heavily]
[both moaning]
- I told you, I don't remember nothing.
- No?
Hey, what the fuck are you doing?
- [both] Huh?
- What the fuck are you doing?
What you wanted us to do.
What's going on?
Don't fuck with me, Ana.
You're fucking hugging.
Don't you know that you come here
to have sex and not cuddle?
- Well...
- Don't. Just don't.
Hug my woman one more time,
I'll beat your ass. Understood?
- What are you doing?
- Nothing, you fucking amateurs.
- Fuck! Ana, let's go.
- Hey, Miguel, stop it.
- What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with me? Seriously?
I'm fed up! It's been years of watching
a parade of cocks and pussies.
These images are stuck in my head.
I can't get them out of here!
I can't stand it anymore!
No. Wait, let's take a moment
and breathe, okay?
- [Ana] No.
- Let me take my clothes.
- No, enough, I'm leaving!
- Wait. Fuck!
- [Ana] Let go! Stop.
- Damn it! Please.
- Hey, leave her alone.
- Shut up. You shut up!
This is none of your business, okay?
Please, wait.
Let's talk about this, all right?
Don't leave me.
- [Ana] Miguel
- No, don't leave me.
- Miguel, I am leaving. Enough.
- I'm sorry. I really am.
- [Ana] Fuck you.
- We can sort things out.
Don't leave me! Damn it!
- No. Fuck!
- Let's go.
Wait a minute.
- Why were you hugging?
- Huh?
Why were you hugging?
- Ana is my ex.
- What?
- [Miguel] You're the fucking Ficus?
- Yes, I am.
- Fuck my life!
- [shushes]
- All right.
- [Miguel] All right.
Can you believe this shit?
- Why wouldn't you have told me this?
- [Jaime] Huh?
- My God, you're an asshole!
- I'm an asshole?
From the moment we came in,
you haven't even talked to me.
Well, talk now! Talk!
You know what I'm gonna say.
Well, just say it.
I don't love you anymore, Beln.
I'm so sorry, but I don't.
[upbeat music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
I left Beln.
[Ana] Why?
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
You're confused.
What do you mean I'm confused? But
Something happened back there,
don't try to deny it.
I don't know.
I got carried away by nostalgia.
Don't tell me
you didn't feel what I felt. Huh?
Accept it.
I knew it!
- It's like six years ago.
- What do you mean?
I just dumped Miguel
and you're giving me that look.
What look? Tell me.
What look am I giving to you?
That look.
The "let's marry, buy a duplex,
have a couple of kids, Marijos, Josmari,
and adopt a fucking puppy" look.
- Didn't you like puppies?
- No, I don't like puppies!
See? That's why I left.
I've been there before.
And if we were back together,
I'd feel the same way.
I think you wouldn't, but okay
Because we were young back then,
but now life has given us
another opportunity and we need to make...
There you go again.
- You're right.
- [sighs]
I'm sorry.
Can we say goodbye as friends this time?
- Of course.
- Fine.
- Oh! You scared the hell out of me!
- [woman] Oh.
- No.
- What are you doing?
What are you doing? I said no. No.
Hey, no. Don't get the wrong idea.
This is just affection.
We thought
you were looking for action. No?
- No.
- We got confused.
- No, but thank you.
- My bad.
- No worries. Enjoy your evening.
- Bye. Good night.
Good night.
[both sigh]
Goodbye, Ana.
Goodbye, Jaime.
[mellow music playing]
- Hey!
- Yeah?
If you ever feel like it,
no strings attached,
if you ever wanna grab a beer as friends,
- just call me.
- [chuckles]
All right.
You didn't listen when I said
to leave all your feelings outside, huh?
To be honest, I didn't.
- I don't know what's going on with me.
- [chuckles]
You know what?
Most people who come to this club
are looking
for an answer to that question.
- Do they find it?
- No.
Sometimes the answer finds them.
- That's where it all begins.
- Hmm.
Okay, so It was good, right?
- Yes. Totally.
- Yeah.
Dinner was spectacular.
We could do it again.
Yeah. [laughs]
Sure, but maybe
with a little more intermingling, huh?
To avoid routine,
keep it interesting and all that.
But beware, 'cause breaking from a routine
just to get into another routine
is also bad, right? [clicks tongue]
You could give it a try.
- Uh, well, well
- [chuckles]
- Well, I don't know.
- [both laugh]
- Here. All right.
- Hey. All right.
- [Claudia] Bye.
- [Paco chuckles]
[both chuckle]
- Fine.
- Okay.
- All right.
- [Claudia] Adios, Paco.
- Yes, bye.
- [Claudia] See you soon.
[man] Come on, dude.
Come on, let's party.
You look like you're dead.
Come on,
my friend's getting married! [laughs]
Alba, what's up?
Hey, how are you?
Oh, what are you doing here?
Uh, where's Ricardo?
Oh, Ricardo.
Uh, Ricardo left a while ago.
- Listen, you look beautiful, by the way.
- Oh, thanks. But
No! Ricardo!
He's not here. He left.
Ricardo's not here?
- Ricardo! Guys! Where's Ricardo?
- [Alba] Hey.
He's not here! He left.
Ricardo's not He's gone.
- Yeah, he's not here.
- Oh.
She's looking for Ricardo,
but she's too late.
He left a while ago. Really?
[whispers] No! Fuck! [gasps]
Ah, seriously?
Alba! It's not what it looks like!
I'm really sorry, all right?
I didn't know he had a girlfriend.
But it's his bachelor party.
Yeah, well, I had to try. [chuckles]
Bye, handsome.
[Ricardo] I'm sorry, honey.
I'm sorry.
I'm drunk and overwhelmed.
I was feeling overwhelmed.
Yes. It's okay.
- [sighs] Everything's okay.
- What do you mean?
It's okay.
[hesitates] I came here to tell you
- I had sex with someone else.
- What?
- Twice.
- Oh, uh, I see.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Uh
Listen, Ricardo,
we're obviously not ready for commitment.
Uh, wait. What? Wait.
Are you telling me
Are you telling me
you don't want to get married anymore?
I think I don't.
- You don't love me anymore?
- Of course I love you.
I'm crazy about you, Ricardo, but
How can we get married if we can't be
faithful just 12 hours before our wedding?
Well, but we can't throw it all away
because of one mistake.
It's been months.
Ricardo, I've been thinking for months
that you're gonna be
the last man I'll ever fuck.
And that scares me so much.
I like a lot of other people.
But that's normal.
Every couple thinks
about having sex with someone else.
Everyone goes through that.
You're saying everyone cheats
on their wedding day. Really?
- Alba, honey, you
- What?
You and I have
always struggled with monogamy.
And, I don't know,
maybe we just need to reconsider
what kind of couple we wanna be.
But that doesn't mean
we don't love each other.
- Of course not. I love you.
- I love you too.
- I'm madly in love with you.
- I'm madly in love with you too.
So what are we gonna do?
Do you wanna marry me
and fuck whoever you like?
[chuckles] I do.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Alba.
- Yes?
Do you wanna marry me
and keep fucking whoever you want?
- I do.
- Do you?
- I want that. Seriously.
- Seriously?
[Alba gasps]
- I love you.
- I love you, baby.
[man] Long live the bride and groom!
["Cariito" playing]
[woman moaning loudly]
I'm having some kind of dj-vu.
I see.
It's because your friend
is louder than you, huh?
[both laugh]
[woman continues moaning]
It Mmm
It was.
It was
- What?
- Come on.
It was also the best sex of my life.
[inhales] Ah.
And I knew it was you.
Because when you're about to cum,
you make a pig snorting noise.
- You do.
- No, I don't.
- [chuckling] Yes, you do.
- I don't do that.
[exhilarating music playing]
Okay, now you
[sighs] I think not.
- Better like this.
- [chuckles]
[both laughing]
[both moaning]
[both breathing heavily]
Okay, then.
That's it.
Yeah, that's it.
Goodbye, Vctor.
Goodbye, Ra-Ral.
Nice to meet you.
[chuckles] Yes, it was.
Hey, Ral.
Are you there?
[laughs softly]
[birds chirping]
[Ral sniffles]
- [driver] Psst. So? You hopping in or not?
- Yes.
29, Guillermo Avenue, please.
[Ral] Stop.
[tires screech]
[hostess] And yes, it's something
that takes you by surprise
and then overnight, [chuckles]
it turns your whole life upside down.
Something that can't be rationalized away,
and for which we're never prepared.
But suddenly, [laughs] there's a spark,
and we begin to feel the heartbeat,
the nerves,
[whispers] and that tingling.
It seems like our whole life
has brought us to this moment,
as if the universe
and our destiny finally make sense,
here and now.
As much as we want,
as much as we try,
we're unable to resist it.
We don't recognize ourselves
and we don't how to put into words
what's happening to us,
why what excites us excites us,
why we fall in love
with whom we fall in love with,
what's happening inside our heads.
- And the answer is
- [breathing heavily] Vctor!
[hostess] absolutely nothing.
Let the sexual revolution start now!
[all cheering and moaning]
[upbeat music playing]
[hostess] We have been led to believe
that there is only one
correct way to fall in love,
to get excited, to fuck,
but none of that's true.
So we can spend our lives
letting the world dictate
what we do or don't like,
or we can decide for ourselves,
decide who we are and recognize ourselves,
not for what makes us
superior or inferior,
but for what makes us unique.
Your crooked dick is unmistakable.
[hostess] To love ourselves just as we are
invites others to love us in the same way,
and allows us forget once and for all
those conventions that,
let's face it, don't work for everyone
- [Ricardo] Or poorer
- I do.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- In sickness?
- Yes!
- Do you?
- I do.
- Yes?
- [laughs]
[hostess] and allows us
write our own rules, together.
And to explore new horizons
that, until recently,
we couldn't have even imagined
Oh, what a sensation. Oh, what a
[hostess] and allows us to accept
that in this ceaseless search,
there are times
where we just won't find each other.
Now what do we do?
[hostess] But we need to recognize
sex and love for what they really are,
the most incredible gifts
one can give and receive.
Something that
we all deserve to experience fully,
without restrictions,
without compromise, without shame.
You wanna get laid?
[hostess] Because, sometimes,
something takes you by surprise
[Claudia moaning]
[hostess] and shakes up
your entire life as you knew it.
[breathing heavily]
Claudia! [moaning]
It's me, Paco.
Oh, Claudia!
Okay. Whatever you like.
[continues moaning]
Moan louder.
- No, they might hear me.
- [laughs]
Let them hear you.
[both moaning]
[all moaning]
[all screaming]
- [snorts]
- [moans]
- [both breathing heavily]
- [chuckles]
[both squealing]
[both grunting]
["El Amor No Duele" playing]
Can someone untie me?
Come on! You're kidding me? Not again!
["El Amor No Duele" continues playing]
Hey, please, come on! Hey!
This is the second gang bang
I've missed this month!
["El Amor No Duele" continues playing]
["El Amor No Duele" continues playing]
["Change Everything" playing]