Dongala Mutha (2011) Movie Script

Brother Phone!
This resort is closed,
l am the care taker
No rooms are given here
try some other place
How far from here?
May be 100 or 150 kms!
l asked for the time!
No you asked the distance.
lf someone sits in the car and asks
distance it means the time!
lt would take one or two hours to reach
the distance.
There is a double distance for one
and two hours!
How can l tell you for sure,
this is a new route to me coming for the first time
l am not sure how the conditions are
in this route.
You came so far and you're saying
that this is not the correct route.
Since l came this far,
That's why l am doubting.
Why did you take this route
if you are not sure about it?
You only insisted that you want to attend
your friends marriage, That's why l took this short route!
lf we had started early,
then we would have taken the main route!
l had to convince my boss,
that's why we started late!
What happened?
What happened?
Car stopped.
l know that but l am asking
why did it stopped?
What happened to the car?
l don't know anything about car repair!
What are you looking at?
l have to do something right that's why l am looking?
Why did a running car stopped?
ask that question to the car!
Why did you bring this car?
What we suppose to do now?
Looks like there is resort,
if we are lucky we can find a mechanic there.
Let go and check.
Nobody is here why?
How would l know l came with you only.
l said it what is my mind is it a crime?
Who are you?
l am the receptionist here.
ls there any mechanic around?
This is a hotel why would be a mechanic available here?
l know this is a hotel, l am assuming if
there is any mechanic available, is it crime?
Any mechanic nearby?
Nothing is available nearby.
Why to do now?
lf you are in my place what would you do tell me?
You are a man, how would l know
what to do?
My phone is not working,
Can l make a call? lt's not working.
What we'll do now?
Let's take a room here and wait for someone to come.
or wait for the phone to work.
No rooms are available!
One is room is vacant!
Allot room number 8
guide us to the room.
What type of resort is it,
This place is a rotten den
Why this is so dirty?
Are we staying here? Yes.
lf not there is one more choice! tell me.
Sit on my head! Stop jokes.
Clean it, How l am suppose to clean?
Call them and ask them to clean.
What happened? Lizard. lt's gone
Am l suppose to sleep with it?
Ask them to clean the room please.
Wait here l'll go and check!
l am hearing noise from the next room.
So! l am hearing noises from the next room.
May be some guest! Are you sure?
l am sure.
l am starving order some food!
ls it ringing? Why would l hold it if it's
not ringing! listen
Can't you listen?
l am asking you can't you listen?
phone is ringing can't you hear?
Phone what phone?
lt's ringing so loud can't you hear are you deaf?
l am deaf.
Hello why don't you answer the phone is it a resort
or a graveyard?
lt's me Sudheer! He is deaf that's why l answered the
phone, hang up.
Bring the menu to the room
did you hear?
l am hearing noise from that room!
So what?
l am hearing noise from that room,
may be guests are making the noises..
Are you sure?
Yes l am sure.
What? Menu. Why three came to
give menu, don't you knock the door?
What do want to eat?
First get us a soup!
Not available.
What do you have?
lf you don't have anything then why did you
bring the Menu? You asked for it.
ls this is how to talk to your guest?
Where is your manager?
l am the manager!
Name Papa
Go away from here.
Should l tell you specially?
lf you are not with me l would have
bashed them!
Who might be that?
lf we open then only we'll know.
You go and get the Mechanic, How far from here?
about 40 kms, you will see Amalapuram.
Amalapuram is in East Godavari?
Here also one place called Amalapuram.
Rani come, you both can't go together.
what's the guarantee that you will come back?
She'll stay here as the security for my car.
She will stay here, Not needed go...
take it, Go.....
Waste fellows..
Sudheer what this l am unable to understand them,
Same here, all three looks like cunning to me.
Not only cunning they look very dangerous to me.
Let's escape from here? Why are you scared?
Please don't show your heroism now.
We don't know about them such as how many
are there, what weapons they have!
Now how?
We are going to Amalapuram,
why did you lock the gate?
Manager might have locked the gate!
Why? l don't know.
He is manger!
Where is he? he has gone out!
Why? l don't know!
Where did he go? He has gone out.
Why did he locked the gate inside
and gone out? lnside only he has gone out!
When he will come?
Within one hour!
What's up with you?
Why are you starring like that?
One hour?
What's happening here l am unable to understand
Can you understand?
Why are not answering l am asking you
are you able to understand?
What's there not to understand! l told you
that Manager locked and gone out!
Something is happening here?
Why did he locked and gone out?
He gone out inside only.
Something is going on here?
Tell me what's happening!
Happened is happening,
nothing is happening.
Tell me the truth when is your manger
will come?
l told you in one hour.
Will he come for sure?
Yes he will come!
He just said that you had gone out!
No he said inside gone out, who cares inside or outside!
Why are you shouting at me? No l am just saying it.
No you are shouting at me!
You are not suppose to shout at girls!
l have to learn from you how to behave with girls.
open the gate l have to go to Amalapuram!
What lock?
open the gate l have to go to Amalapuram!
l don't have the keys?
but he said that you have the keys!
l don't have the keys it's with the manager
he has gone out!
l am scared!
l am feeling comedy!
Hey! you said that the keys are with the manager?
Yes. Aren't you the manager?
Yes l am.
Then how come you say you don't have the keys?
l don't have them it's with the manager.
Are you mad or is it me?
When you are the manager how come you say you
don't have the keys? lt's with the other manager!
Our hotel has two managers!
l am scared!
One hour!
What if he doesnit come in one hour!
he will come!
He was there just now,
how come he came so fast here?
You were there just now how did you
get here? l am asking you?
Hey Stop!
You were there how come you are here?
Why are you looking like that tell me
how did you get here?
Why we bother how he came,
let's go to our room. Come...
Why he is calling?
lf we go there then only we'll know!
What? Why did you call us?
Tell me?
You came from that door? Yes.
lf you were not with me l would have
teach them a lesson !
Why are you blaming me?
l am not blaming l am saying it.
They are playing game with us,
l will teach them a lesson..
These are the noises l mentioned.
What are these noises?
How would l know, Keep quite.
l will go and check
you wait here!
Some strange noise are coming
from our next room.
No chance!
l heard with my ears.
No one is there in that room!
l told you l heard it!
ln this hotel you and us are only here!
Then why you say you don't have any
rooms available?
lf we don't say it we don't get the business,
Our manager insisted us to say it.
l don't care if there are any guests but l heard the
noises from that room, l should know the truth !
There is ghost in that room!
lgnore it just do your work!
He lied to you, Who?
that receptionist!
about what?
About ghost!
Then ! ln that room there is no ghost,
Then? Thieves are there...
lf there are thieves why would they
make noises?
What are you saying?
What did l say nothing!
You were saying something why
you deny it?
Did he say that there are no ghost
thieves are in that room? yes.
Believe me,
No thieves ghost is there!
Why did he lied?
He is like that since childhood.
What happened?
Why are you looking that side?
Tell me what happened!
There is a ghost in that room!
Don't be scared!
What nonsense they are playing with us.
Something is happening here!
Let get out of this place first.
You are right!
Let take a chance on the road instead here.
let go come..
Hey! Open the door!
How it happened?
lt must be a ghost?
Wait a minute..
They might have locked someone
like us in the next room.
How is it? Why don't you talk?
Are you able to listen to us?
l am sure it's a ghost if not
why wouldn't they answer?
Are you able to listen to us?
lf you say sorry,
l'll open the door.
lf you say sorry,
l'll open the door.
Say it...
l am not able to hear it. Sorry....
What do you want from me?
We all are hungry go
to Amalapuram and get food for us.
l will take care of your wife.
l will not leave her alone!
Do whatever you want to!
l will take care of her..
Am l not handsome like him?
What are you doing here?
Why are you here?
Where is he? He escaped!
Where is she? She is there! Why did you leave her alone?
She is there!
Where is she?
She was here..
Where is she? She was here? l can't see her.
lf she is not here then she is outside.
Go that side.
You are the cause for this,
You had lust on her and made them come inside
Why are blaming on me, You both were
there when he escaped what you did
lf all this is known to Rasheed Bhai
he'll kill us.
He is planning this for so many days,.
Everything was going perfect but your lust
caused all this!
lf you tell Rashid Bhai about this
l'll kill you both.
Police caught Rahid.
Munna had sent me here to inform you.
Who are you?
My name is Shiva.
l am handling Munna Bhai's smuggling business
He is my assistant,
He is Richard.
Munna had said only three of you
will be here! Who is she?
Where she is escaping?
He is the cause for this, he
made her and her husband entry into this resort.
Husband! Where is he?
He escaped!
Where would he go he'll come!
Are you mad? lf he informs this to police,
Munna Bhai will kill us
What did he told you to do,
What are you doing!
First lock her somewhere,
find her husband first.
You move aside,
Hey! Lock her in room no 9
Not in that room please,
Ghost is there in that room
Ghost? Yes, l will not escape
l'll listen as you say.
What is this ghost? Nothing like that just
joked with her take her away.
Not that room,
Take her.
You can't do anything to me,
l am a disciple of Lord Anjaneya
Lord Anjaneya like me a lot.
lf anything happens to me he'll not
spare you.
Who are you?
Who are you?
l am Narayana Murthy, a businessman
They had kidnapped me.
They might have negotiating ransom amount
with my wife, but she likes my money more than me.
What would she do with the money without you?
lf money is not there what she will do with me?
Who kidnapped you? No one kidnapped us
we came and trapped inside.
lt's all because of Sudheer, He took a short cut route
and ended up here!
ls he your boyfriend? No my husband!
l am not her husband, She is husband to me.
ls he your husband?
ls he your ghost?
Sudheer somehow get us out
from here!
lf we can't find him we are dead!
What if he takes police help?
They will attack us anytime.
What will we do now?
lf Munna Bhai know this he'll
finish us first.
First lets us change the place!
Where did you hide the business man?
Thank you for saving me.
l don't know what will happen next
thank me after we all escape.
ln that case we would have stayed in the room?
Do one thing, What? You go inside,
we'll go and take care of them.
You both wait here! Okay
l will go and see. Sit here.
He seems to be a nice person,
He is the one for all this, l'll kill him once l reach home
Both have escaped, may be her husband helped them
How did they escaped from a locked room?
Let's put a enquiry commission on it,
Do you have brains?
Do you realize what you did
lf Munna Bhai knows this he will kill us
You all are like buffalos, How did you get
the idea to keep both of them in same room
The movement l knew l should have killed you
but it's my mistake.
Why are you staring at go and bring them,
if not l'll kill you all.
You think it's a bat?
lt's a double barrel gun !
Give me your gun !
Richard it's not a gun a bat.
lf l say this not a bat a gun
would you believe it?
l swear on you it's a gun !
l tried it didn't work out!
l am asking for the last time where is Murthy?
You didn't ask first time and asking for the last,
time what is your intention?
You are finished.
You put us in tension !
You think l am alone?
Whole department is around.
Surrounded behind the walls and mountains!
Hey! while shooting don't target me!
lf anyone acts smart l'll shoot 100 bullets.
Sir, l am happy you came before climax
These fellows are a gangsters and kidnapped
business man Murthy.
...Myself and my wife in search of a mechanic and
they had trapped us inside.
Will you give my glasses back!
How dare you kidnapped Businessman
Narayana Murthy?
l will encounter you all instead of court punishment.
Who is your leader?
Tell me!
l am the special officer who caught Rashid.
...while interrogation he revealed that he killed the
resort manger and held kept Murthy here
He said that Munna Bhai is the main leader
behind this gang
l came here saying that l am a member of Munna bhai
to save Business man Murthy!
lf you have any doubts call the head quarters
and enquire, his my subordinate Richards!
You are from which jurdisction?
You bloody girl!
l am Munna Bhai.
l came to know that police arrested
Rashid and l came to take everyone out of here!
l don't know who you are that's
why l acted like this!
l made you gangsters to kidnapped Murthy but
look what you did? Go and search for Murthy
Murthy is not here! What?
lt's all because of this Papi
l will explain the story later!
He escaped Murthy.
Go and search him! Go...
Where is Murthy? l'll not tell!
l'll kill you? l've have time for it! dare you ! l am a criminal,
You are just an ordinary person !
What will you show? l will when time comes.
What? Just look back once. What is there?
One minute! shall we go together
or separately?
Why are shaking your head?
Just say it!
Let's go
You betrayed me?
l will kill you once l caught you !
How will you caught me? lt's an old movie
trick and you had fallen for it, How did you become a don?
l will tell, where are you now?
l am not in your back!
Where are you? Here only.
l will kill you? Come let's see who'll kill whom!
l have two guns!
Doesn't matter how many you have come let's see.
Do you have a gun? No, come l will
show what will happen if you come.
What you have?
l will show it and then kill you come.
Don't act smart with me l am a don !
That's what l don't understand!
lf you are a don then whom l suppose to be!
l am not a stupid!
l am coming....
l will show you who l am!
Where are you?
l am here!
Why did you lock the door?
You chicken !
Why are you banging the doors you
could come out from where l came
lt's an insult to mafia people
by calling you a don !
lf l caught you l will kill you !
l told you that you will die
in my hands.
still l am unable to understand
that how you became a don !
Why are you doubting me?
Look back once!
Do you think l am stupid?
l will not fall for your trick again !
Believe me, look once back
then you'll know.
Stop removing it.
Go and find him.
Stop screaming,
come let's go.
You look like a laddu !
l am sure you are his wife!
He is also killed!
Tell me where is he? Tell me....
What are you looking at?
Tell me...
Why are walking like that?
ls there some black magic is going on? Stop..
What is it?
Why are you tricking me!
l am not a fool! l know nobody is behind me!
l know nobody is behind me,
You will not change...
lf you turn around l will blow your head!
This fellow is Munna Bhai my foot!
Sudheer being a ordinary citizen you helped
us a lot what can l do for you?
Do you know car repair?
lf anything happened to us
what would've happened?
Nothing happened to us! l know that but what
would've happened if anything happened to us
My answer is whatever is
suppose to happened it happened!
But my question is what would've happened if
anything happened to us!
Rani for some questions there is no answers,
lf that so. Yes l am sure...
One bang blow
One bang blow