Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular (2010) Movie Script

Jing-a-ling jing-a-ling.
Ok now, muffins go on that table,
and then bog nog goes over there.
And remember, make sure
the piles of cookies
are arranged in fun holiday shapes.
Man, Shrek, I just love this,
Don't you just love this?
Sure, Donkey.
This'll be the best Christmas party ever
because this year everybody is going
to sing their favorite Christmas Carols.
I hear even the Shrek
family is gonna' sing.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah! Yeehaw!
No more bog nog for him.
It's my most favorite time of the year,
Jing-a-ling jing-a-ling.
With the party's and carols and cider
in barrels for everyone here.
Hey Shrek, check it out.
I found a real Christmas
elf out in the garbage.
I'm not an elf, I'm Rumpelstiltskin.
Now let me out of this cage!
Oh, so you can run away again?
I do not think so.
Oh hey wolf, you like that?
It's a mega sized Santa replica.
Made from a new magic called plastic.
Yeah, it's freaking me out.
Hey pigs, you gotta try dragon
spicy reindeer apple balls.
Oh, no, thank you. We are on a diet.
We are chubby buddies.
We are getting ready
for our swimsuit weather.
Move it along pigs, nothing to eat here.
You guys, this is not
a place to take a nap.
Wake up, wake up!
It's the warm fluffiest season of all
Jing-a-ling jing-a-ling.
Where the fun never ends,
And my closest of friends
are packed here in the hall.
I'll be shocked if this
don't end in a brawl.
Attention, attention, attention, everybody
I want to thank all of you
for coming out to my
holiday extravaganza
caroling Christmas tacular.
I hope all of you have been
brushing up on your singing,
more than Gretchen brushes her teeth.
Heck, I don't need it.
There'll be apples for bobbing..
- And fruitcake.
- And sobbing.
And games filled with holiday fun...
- There'll be candy.
- Und presents.
Roast Turkey und pheasants.
And stockings for everyone.
It's my most favorite
favorite time of the year,
Jing-a-ling jing-a-ling.
And you won't want to leave us
And you won't believe
Santa soon will be here.
It's my most favouresist time.
Where did you learn how to rhyme?
Christmas is my favorite time
Of the year.
Whew, man it feels good.
Now who's going to singing next.
Anybody, anybody?
Ok well, then I guess I'll sing another.
Stirring our big pot,
Full of goodies for our snack,
Funky century rot
Stink bugs by the stack.
How we like to eat,
Worms and grubs and swamp.
It beings such a joy and is a treat
With pickled skunk on top.
So, bug cocoon lick the spoon,
Try our cricket slurp.
And how I just love that pie.
- It always makes me burp.
- 'Burp'.
Serve a toad la mode,
Roadkill tastes so fine,
Pigeon wings and spider strings,
It's the perfect way to dine.
Back in my village, the holiday
season was all about the Divo
dancing the flamenco,
and the bitter sweet
serenade of this song...
Fleas Navidad.
Fleas Navidad.
I got to Fleas Navidad.
My coat is itching and my eyes go sad.
I want a flea's dip for Christmas.
A fine leather free
collar for Christmas.
And a shampoo and fluffing
for Christmas.
To make the itching stop.
Ooh, don't mind if I do...
Not on my watch.
Hey, they're just cookies,
it's like they're real.
What do you know about being real?
Alright everyone, let's wrap it up.
Fairytale merrytale, merry-tale fun.
Happily after and happily done.
Snowman, you know man
and Donkeys that speak.
And a puppet boy made of teak.
Abracadabra cookie-di-do,
Home by midnight 'cause Santa is due.
Cheeses that pleases,
that stink pretty bad.
That makes Christmas glad,
I'll put on poinsettia,
As we all trim the tree.
Pussy cat time for the last time.
And a stocking full of coal for me.
Higgidy piggidy.
- Ogre roar now!
- Roar!
Shake the rafters round.
Huffing and a puffing
in a granny frock.
That's the Fairytale. That's a merry-tale.
That's the Fairytale Rock.
Cha' cha' cha' choo choo!
Come on everyone, I'm busting you out.
No ones going to eat you this year.
Merry Christmas!
And thanks for making my caroling
party Christmas tacular.