Donnie Darko (2001) Movie Script

# Under blue moon,
I saw you #
# So soon
you'll take me #
# Up in your arms,
too late to beg you #
# Or cancel it
though I know it must be #
# The killing time #
# Unwillingly mine #
# Fate #
# Up against your will #
# Through the thick
and thin #
# He will wait until #
# You give yourself
to him #
( whirring )
# In starlit nights
I saw you #
# So cruelly
you kissed me #
# Your lips
a magic world #
# Your sky all hung
with jewels #
# The killing moon #
# Will come too soon #
# Fate #
# Up against your will #
# Through the thick
and thin... #
I'm voting
for Dukakis.
Maybe when you have children
of your own
who need braces
and you can't afford them
because half
of your husband's paycheck
goes to the Federal Government,
you'll regret that.
My husband's
( chuckles )
Anyway, I'm not going to squeeze
one out till I'm, like, 30.
Will you still be working
at the Yarn Barn?
I hear that's a great place
to raise children.
That's really funny.
No, I think a year
of partying is enough.
She'll be going
to Harvard next fall.
Mom, I haven't even
gotten in yet.
Do you honestly think
Michael Dukakis will provide
for this country till
you're ready to squeeze one out?
Yeah, I do.
- When can I squeeze one out?
- Not until 8th grade.
Excuse me?
Donnie, you're such
a dick.
Whoa, Elizabeth!
A little hostile there.
Maybe you should be
the one in therapy.
Then Mom and Dad
can pay someone $200 an hour
to listen to your thoughts
so we don't have to.
You want to tell Mom and Dad
why you stopped taking
your medication?
- You're such a fuck-ass!
- What?!
Did you just call me
a "fuck-ass"?
- Elizabeth, that's enough.
- You can go suck a fuck.
Tell me, Elizabeth,
how does one suck a fuck?
- You want me to tell you?
- Tell me.
We will not have this
at the dinner table.
- Mother: Stop.
- Fuck.
What's a fuck-ass?
( brief laugh )
( quick knocking )
I'm reading.
Get out of my room.
Where do you go at night?
Would you just get out
of my room?
Did you toilet paper
the Johnsons' house?
Is that what
you came in here to ask me?
I stopped rolling houses
in the sixth grade, Mom.
What happened to my son?
I don't recognize
this person today.
Then why don't you start
taking the goddamn pills?
Our son just
called me a bitch.
You're not
a bitch.
You're bitchen,
but you're not a bitch.
I want to be a President
of the United States
who makes sure that
we never again do business
with a drug-running
Panamanian dictator.
- That we never again...
- Dukakis!
funnel aid to the Contras
through convicted drug dealers.
Son of a bitch.
Panama is a friendly country.
I went down and talked
to the President of Panama...
- Tell him, George!
- about cleaning up
their money laundering.
And Mr. Noriega was there,
but there was no evidence
at that time.
When the evidence was there,
we indicted him.
Gruff voice:
Wake up.
I've been watching you.
Come closer.
28 days...
six hours...
42 minutes...
1 2 seconds.
That is
when the world
will end.
( static buzz )
( car engine rumbles )
( crash )
( car alarms blaring )
( Elizabeth breathing )
Donnie Darko?
Donnie Darko.
What the heck's
going on here?
- Who is it?
- It's Eddie Darko's kid.
I'm sorry about this, Jim.
He's a neighborhood kid.
Guess he was
( laughing )
Watch out
for that drool spot.
Are you all right, son?
So, let's stay off
the links at night, okay?
I'm sorry, Dr. Fisher.
It won't happen again.
Dr. Fisher:
I hate kids.
Let's golf.
( siren blast )
Let's go, fire it up!
Donnie, Donnie, Donnie!
What happened
to your house?
- No one's allowed.
- This is my house.
- I said--
- This is my house!
He's okay.
...Channel 6 News.
We have just arrived
on the scene...
Wait a minute.
Here's your brother.
It fell in your room.
Watch yourself
down there!
Ms. Darko,
I'm Bob Garland.
I'm with
the F.A.A.
- The what?!
- I'm with the F.A.A.
We'd like to speak to you
and your husband privately.
- In private?
- Please.
All right.
And... here.
- You got it.
- All right.
We have arranged for you
to stay at a hotel.
Get some sleep and we will
take care of things here.
- Great.
- Thank you.
Eddie: Kids, come on,
we're going to a hotel.
They don't know
where it came from.
Firefighter #1 :
That's good! Right there.
Just leave it.
Firefighter #2: Yeah,
just tying it off right now.
Reporter: Local and national
transportation authorities
have begun
a nationwide search...
Frankie Feedler.
...despite the fact
that no airline will claim...
You remember him?
From high school.
Reporter: The F.A.A. remained
tight-lipped on the details
of the current situation.
He died.
Reporter: The engine,
which appears to have detached...
On his way to the prom.
They said
he was doomed.
They could have said
the same thing about Donnie.
( TV news continues )
If it fell
from a plane,
then what happened
to the plane?
They don't know,
Rose: Mrs. Farmer will
bring you home after practice.
- Bye, Mommy!
- Bye, honey.
Donnie, good luck.
Oh, my God!
Okay, tell me everything.
- I'm not allowed to talk about it.
- Oh, my God.
- Hi, Cherita.
- Shut up!
Darko cheats death!
You're like
a celebrity.
I've been calling you
a jillion times.
- Where you been?
- We stayed at a hotel.
My dad said he saw you
at the golf course.
You sleepwalking
again, buddy?
I don't want
to talk about it.
Boy #2:
And now that you're famous,
you gotta have
a smoke.
What happens if you tell
Mom and Dad about this, Sam?
You'll put Ariel
in the garbage disposal.
Goddamn right,
I will.
So grotty.
Boy #1 : Hey, Cherita,
you want a cigarette?
- Chut up!
- Chut up!
Go back to China,
Just leave her
Boy #1 :
That's some good shit, huh?
It's a fucking cigarette.
( tower bell rings )
# I wanted to be
with you alone #
# And talk
about the weather #
# But traditions
I can trace #
# Against the child
in your face #
# Won't escape
my attention #
# You keep your distance
via the system of touch #
# And gentle persuasion #
# With one foot
in the past #
# Now just how long
will it last? #
# No, no, no #
# Have you no ambition? #
# You keep your distance
via the system of touch #
# And gentle persuasion #
# I'm lost in admiration #
# Could I need you
this much? #
# Oh, you're wasting
my time #
# You're, just, just,
just wasting time #
# Something happens
and I'm head over heels #
# I never find out #
# Till I'm head over heels #
# Something happens,
and I'm head over heels #
# Ah, don't take my heart,
don't break my heart #
# Don't-- don't--
don't throw it away #
# In my mind's eye #
# One little boy...
one little man #
# Funny how... #
# Time... #
# Flies. #
"There would be headlines
in the papers.
Even the grown-up gangs
who ran the betting
at the all-in wrestling
and the barrow-boys
would hear with respect
of how Old Misery's house
had been destroyed.
It was as though
this plan had been
with him all his life,
pondered through the seasons,
now in his 1 5th year
with the pain of puberty."
What is Graham Greene
trying to communicate
with this passage?
Why did the children
break into Old Misery's house?
- Joanie?
- They wanted to rob him.
Joanie, if you had actually
read the short story,
which, at a whopping 1 3 pages
would have kept you up all night,
- you would know that the children...
- You suck.
...find a great deal
of money in the mattress,
but they burn it.
Donnie Darko,
perhaps with your recent brush
with mass destruction,
you can give us
your opinion.
They say it right
when they flood the house
and they tear it
to shreds,
that destruction
is a form of creation.
So the fact that they
burn the money is ironic.
They just want to see what happens
when they tear the world apart.
They want to change things.
May we help you?
Yeah, I just registered
and they put me
in the wrong English class.
You look like
you belong here.
Where do I sit?
Sit next to the boy
you think is the cutest.
- ( students murmur )
- Quiet!
Let her choose.
Joanie, get up.
The construction guys
say it will take
about a week
to fix the roof.
That damned airline better not
fuck us on the shingle match.
They still don't know?
- Know what?
- Where it came from.
No. Apparently they can't
tell us what happened yet.
Something about...
a matching serial number
that got burned.
I had to sign a form saying
I wouldn't talk to anyone about it.
So, we're not supposed
to tell anyone
- what nobody knows?
- Yeah.
But, you tell--
What's your doctor's name?
- Dr. Thurman, Dad.
- Yes.
You tell Dr. Thurman
whatever you want.
- Dad?
- What?
No mail today.
Maybe tomorrow.
( whispering )
What did she say to you?
I made a new friend.
Real or imaginary?
Would you like to talk
about this friend?
- Frank.
- Frank.
- What did Frank say?
- He said to follow him.
- Follow him? Where?
- Into the future.
And then what happens?
And then he said...
Then he said that the world
was coming to an end.
Do you think the world
is coming to an end?
That's stupid.
Woman: For my entire life,
I was a victim of my own fear.
Woman: I was feeding
fear through food.
And finally, I looked
in the mirror.
Not just in the mirror...
I looked through
the mirror.
In that image,
I saw my ego reflection.
For two years,
I thought it was normal
for a 1 0-year-old
to wet the bed.
- We tried everything.
- Shh!
But the solution
was there all the time.
I'm not afraid anymore!
All over America,
people have come together
to join hands.
People who believe
that human life
is absolutely too important,
too valuable,
and too precious
to be controlled by fear.
Hello, my name
is Jim Cunningham.
And welcome
to "Controlling Fear."
Wake up, Donnie.
"And the prince was led
into a world
of strange
and beautiful magic."
Girl: Hey, you guys,
guess what?!
I can't
believe this!
My mom said the school
is closed today
- because it's flooded.
- No way.
- Yeah.
- Holy shit!
That's the best news
I've ever heard!
Principal: My God, is this
ever going to stop?
yes it will.
But right now I got
1 2 classrooms full of water,
all coming from
a busted water main.
- What else?
- What else?!
Principal Cole,
I'll show you what else.
Security guard:
That's unbelievable.
That's solid bronze,
isn't it?
- Yep.
- How did this happen?
Beth's mom said
the boys' locker room
was flooded and they found
feces everywhere.
- What are feces?
- Baby mice.
Has anyone ever told you
that you're sexy?
I like
your boobs.
School was cancelled.
Do you want
to walk me home?
- Don't look so freaked.
- I'm not.
You should check
your backpack,
those guys love
to steal shit.
So, why did you
move here?
My parents
got a divorce.
My mom had to get a restraining
order against my step dad.
- He has emotional problems.
- I have those, too.
What kind of emotional problems
does your dad have?
He stabbed my mom
four times in the chest.
Did he go
to jail?
No, he fled.
They still can't find him.
But my mom and I
had to change our names.
And I thought "Gretchen Ross"
was really cool.
I was in jail once.
I mean...
I accidentally
burned down this house.
It was abandoned,
but still,
I got held back in school
and I can't drive until I'm 21 .
But I'm over
all of that.
I'm painting
and stuff.
I want to be a writer
or maybe a painter,
or maybe both.
I'll write a book
and draw the pictures.
Then maybe people
will understand me.
I don't know,
change things.
"Donnie Darko"? What the hell
kind of name is that?
It's like some sort
of superhero or something.
What makes you think I'm not?
I should go.
For physics, Monnitoff is having
me write this essay...
"Greatest invention
ever to benefit mankind."
It's Monnitoff.
But that's easy.
The whole
sanitation thing.
Joseph Lister, 1 895.
Before antiseptics,
there was no sanitation,
in medicine.
You mean, soap?
Well, I'm really glad
school was flooded today.
Why is that?
Because you and I would have
never had this conversation.
You're weird.
No, that was
a compliment.
Well, look...
you want to go
with me?
Where do you want
to go?
No, I mean, like,
"go" with me.
It's what
we call it here.
- "Going together."
- Sure.
Where are you going?
I'm going home.
So stupid!
"Where are you going?"
I'd like to try
something new this time.
Have you ever been
And when I clap
my hands twice,
you will wake up.
Do you understand?
So... tell me
about your week.
I met a girl.
What is her name?
We're going together now.
Do you still think
about girls a lot?
How are things
going at school?
I think about
girls a lot.
I asked you about school,
I think about...
fucking a lot
during school.
What else do you think
about during school?
"Married With Children."
Do you think
about your family?
I just turn down the volume
and think about fucking
Christina Applegate.
I asked you about
your family, Donnie.
I don't think about
fucking my family.
That's gross.
I'd like to hear
about your friend, Frank.
Sam Bylen?
( writing on blackboard )
Donald Darko.
Daye Dennis.
( toilet flushing )
Hey, you fuck!
Did you tell them that
I flooded the school?
I didn't say shit.
That's not what I heard.
They think I did it.
Yeah, well,
if you're innocent,
then you have nothing
to worry about, right?
Fuck you!
You know what I think?
( knife clicks )
I think you did it.
( Donnie coughing )
( coughing )
( rifle shot )
( rifle shot )
Ronald: Beer and pussy,
that's all I need.
Sean: We gotta
find ourselves a Smurfette.
Not some, like, tight-ass,
Middlesex chick, you know?
Like this cute little blonde,
that will get down
and dirty with the guys.
- Like Smurfette does.
- Donnie: Smurfette doesn't fuck.
( cocks rifle, fires )
That's bullshit.
Smurfette fucks
all the other Smurfs.
Why do you think
Papa Smurf made her?
Because all the other Smurfs
were getting too horny.
No, no, no,
not "Vanity."
I heard he was
a homosexual.
Okay, well,
you know what?
Then, she fucks them
while Vanity watches. Okay?
What about
Papa Smurf?
He must get in
on the action.
Yeah, what he does,
he films the gang-bang.
Later on, he beats off
to the tape.
First of all,
Papa Smurf didn't
create Smurfette.
Gargamel did. She was sent
in as Gargamel's evil spy
with the intention
of destroying the Smurf village.
But the overwhelming
of the Smurf way of life
transformed her.
And as for the whole
gang-bang scenario,
( laughs )
it just couldn't happen.
Smurfs are asexual.
They don't even have...
reproductive organs under
those little white pants.
That's what's
so illogical, you know,
about being a Smurf.
What's the point
of living...
if you don't
have a dick?
( sighs )
Damn it, Donnie.
Why do you gotta
get so smart on us?
- ( honking )
- Donnie: Grandma Death.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Please stay off the road,
Miss Sparrow.
If this happens again,
I am going to call
Social Services.
I hate that
Mrs. Farmer.
- Watch your step. That's it.
- She's such a fucking bitch.
- There you are, that's a girl.
- Donnie: Yeah.
- Ronald: How old is Grandma Death?
- Donnie: 1 01 .
She does the same thing
every day.
Just walks
back and forth
and back and forth
to the mailbox.
ever in there.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
She goes--
she's going back to the box.
We may
still have mail.
- Ronald: Mail, mail, mail.
- Sean: Here it is.
- And...?
- This could be it.
No dice, Grandma.
No, sorry. Sorry.
Someone ought
to write that bitch.
( loud whirring )
Reporter: Authorities
continued their search today
for a suspect in the Middlesex
Ridge School vandalism.
The private school has
asked for public donations
to help restore
its beloved mascot,
known only as "The Mongrel."
In other news--
Principal: In cooperation
with the county police,
we have begun
an active investigation
into the cause
of the flooding.
And our suspects include
several of our own students--
Mrs. Farmer: I want
to know why this filth
is being taught
to our children.
That's what I want to know.
( panting )
I would appreciate--
Man: Let her speak,
for God's sake!
- If you would wait--
- Dr. Cole,
not only am I a teacher,
but I am also a parent
of a Middlesex child.
Therefore I am
the only person here
who transcends
the parent-teacher bridge.
Don't worry.
You got away with it.
I have in my hand
Graham Greene's
"The Destructors."
This short story
is part of my daughter's
English assignment.
We're with you, Kitty!
In this story,
several children
destroy an elderly man's
house from inside out.
( thumps )
How can you do that?
( thumps )
And how do they do this?
They flood the house
by breaking through
a water main.
I can do anything I want.
And so can you.
Parent: We pay good money
for this school.
- It's our children!
- ( applause )
And I think that this garbage
should be removed.
Excuse me.
What is the real issue here?
The P.T.A. doesn't ban books.
The P.T.A. is here
to acknowledge
that pornography is being
taught in our curriculum!
It's meant
to be ironic.
Excuse me. You need
to go back to grad school.
Why did you make me
flood the school?
They are in great danger.
- Woman: We have rights here!
- Kitty...
do you even know
who Graham Greene is?
I think we have
all seen "Bonanza."
- ( gasps )
- ( scattered applause )
- Good work, Kitty.
- while we are on other topics...
Where did you come from?
Do you believe
in time travel?
Who are you talking to?
I was just taking
my pills, Sam.
It is time
to breathe.
Thank you, Jim Cunningham.
Thank you, Jim Cunningham.
So now let us begin Life Line
Exercise Number One.
Please press "Stop" now.
Mrs. Farmer:
As you can see,
the Life Line is divided
into two polar extremes.
Fear and love.
Fear is in the negative
energy spectrum.
And love is in the positive
energy spectrum.
No duh.
Excuse me?
"No duh..."
is a product of fear.
Now, on each card
is a character dilemma
which applies
to the Life Line.
Please-- take this!
Thank you.
Please read each
character dilemma aloud,
and place an "X"
on the Life Line
in the appropriate place.
"Juanita has an important
math test today.
She has known about the test
for several weeks,
but has not studied.
In order to keep
from failing her class
Juanita decides
that she will
cheat on the math test."
Good, good.
Very good.
Mr. Darko.
"Ling Ling finds a wallet
on the ground filled with money.
She takes the wallet to the address
on the driver's license
but keeps the money inside
the wallet."
( scoffs )
I-Im sorry, Mrs. Farmer.
I don't get this.
Just place an "X"
on the Life Line
in the appropriate place.
Donnie: No. I know what to do.
I just-- I don't get this.
You can't lump things
into two categories.
Things aren't that simple.
The Life Line is
divided that way.
Life isn't that simple.
I mean, who cares
if Ling Ling
returns the wallet
and keeps the money?
It has nothing to do
with either fear or love.
Fear and love are the deepest
of human emotions.
Okay. But you're
not listening to me.
There are other things that
need to be taken into account.
Like the whole spectrum
of human emotion.
You cant just lump everything
into these two categories
and then just deny
everything else.
If you don't complete
the assignment,
you'll get a zero
for the day.
Let me preface this
by saying
that your Iowa Test
scores are...
Lets go over
this again.
What exactly did you say
to Mrs. Farmer?
Mrs. Farmer:
I'll tell you what he said.
He asked me
to forcibly insert
the Life Line exercise card
into my anus!
( Eddie snickers, coughs )
These are modern times.
My political attitudes
are forthright.
And if there's
a Vice-Presidential candidate
worthy of my vote,
it has to be Dan Quayle.
Mrs. Farmer: Nobody cares
about responsibility,
morality, family values.
( sighs )
Excuse us, please.
They've suspended him
from after school activities
for the next six months.
Ever since
this jet engine fiasco,
I honestly don't know
what's gotten into him--
Rose, I'll tell you this
because our daughters
have been on the dance team
together for two years,
and I respect you
as a woman.
But after witnessing your son's
behavior this afternoon,
I have significant
doubts about your--
Our paths through life
must be righteous.
I urge you to go home
and look in the mirror,
and pray that your son doesn't
succumb to the path of fear.
Wait. Do you remember
that weird gym teacher,
Mrs. Farmer?
Yeah. Okay, well,
my brother
told her to shove
a book up her ass today.
And then my parents just
bought him all this new shit.
Yeah, I know. I wish a jet engine
would fall in my room.
I can show you the way.
( bells ringing )
- Donnie: Dr. Monnitoff?
- Donnie.
I know this is gonna sound
kind of weird,
but... do you know
anything about...
time travel?
Dr. Monnitoff: Ah, a wormhole with
an Einstein-Rosen bridge,
which is...
a wormhole in space
controlled by man.
So, according to Hawking,
a wormhole may be able
to provide a shortcut
for jumping between two distant
regions of space-time.
In order to travel back in time,
you have to have a big spaceship
or something that can travel
faster than the speed of light?
- Theoretically.
- And be able to find
one of these wormholes?
The basic principles
of time travel are there.
You've got your vessel
and your portal,
and your vessel could be
just about anything,
- most likely a spacecraft.
- Like a DeLorean?
Metal craft
of any kind.
You know, I love that movie,
the way they shot it.
It's so...
Like futuristic,
you know?
Don't tell anybody
that I gave you this.
The woman who wrote this
used to teach here.
She was a nun many years
before that, but...
then overnight,
she just--
she became this
entirely different person.
She up and left the church,
she wrote this book.
She started
teaching science,
right here in Middlesex.
"The Philosophy
of Time Travel."
Roberta Sparrow?
That's right.
( chuckles )
Come on.
Roberta Sparrow?
Roberta Sparrow.
"Grandma Death."
It's called "The Philosophy
of Time Travel."
What does philosophy
have to do with time travel?
- Let me see.
- Donnie: Guess who wrote it.
Roberta Sparrow?!
Huh. She wrote a book.
"Grandma Death"
wrote a book.
That's a terrible
We almost hit her
with the car the other day.
She lives up there
in that piece of crap house
and you know
she's loaded. She's--
Yeah, you're right.
She used to be known
for her gem collection.
used to go up there
all the time
and try to steal stuff
from her.
She became
a total recluse.
Huh-- I didn't even know
she was alive
till we damn near knocked
her down the other day.
She was just standing there
in the middle
of the road, frozen.
So I got out of the car
and I walked over to her
to see if she was okay.
And she leaned over
and whispered in my ear.
What did she say?
I think Frank wants me
to go talk to her,
because the last time
I saw him,
he asked me if I knew
about time travel.
She wrote a book
about it,
so that can't be
a coincidence, right?
Donnie, what did
Roberta Sparrow say to you?
She said that every living
creature on Earth dies alone.
How did that
make you feel?
It reminded me
of my dog, Callie.
She died
when I was eight,
and she crawled
the porch.
To die?
To be alone.
Do you feel
alone right now?
I don't know.
I'd like to believe
I'm not, but I just--
I've just never
seen any proof, so l--
I just don't
debate it anymore, you know?
It's like I could
spend my whole life
debating it over and over again,
weighing the pros and cons,
and in the end, I still wouldn't
have any proof. So I just--
I just don't debate it
any more.
( laughs )
It's absurd.
The search for God
is absurd?
It is if everyone
dies alone.
Does that scare you?
I don't want
to be alone.
( classical music plays )
And so his tapes
have made me realize
that for the last
39 years,
I have been a prisoner
of my own fear.
Rose, you have got
to meet this Jim Cunningham.
I can't believe
he's single.
Announcer #1 : And it has been
a disappointing night
indeed for these
Super Bowl champions.
Announcer #2:
You're right, Dan.
Coach Joe Gibbs
is on the sidelines,
water dripping off his glasses,
but he's gotta be thinking,
"What happened?
What went wrong tonight?"
And here's the kick...
( men groan )
And it's no good.
- Shit, we need a quarterback.
- And a miracle.
We need to go for a safety.
Announcer #1 : Mark Rypien
has some big shoes to fill,
that's for certain.
Announcer #2:
He sure does.
So what the future holds
for this Super Bowl M.V.P.
we're just gonna
have to wait and see.
( sighs )
- You guys want anything?
- Man: No.
Announcer #1 : Darrell Green again
with a display of amazing speed...
I'm gonna get a beer.
...deep into the end zone.
It's gonna be brought out
to the 20-yard line.
First down and 1 0.
Man: Good evening,
ladies and ghouls.
Join us at the Middlesex
Pavilion Mall
for the Middlesex
Halloween Haunt...
( man laughs )
( chuckles )
( airplane engine whines )
Gretchen: And what if
you could go back in time
and take all those hours
of pain and darkness
and replace them
with something better?
Like images, or what?
Yeah, like a Hawaiian sunset
or the Grand Canyon.
Things that remind you
of how beautiful the world--
We've been going together
for like, two weeks.
Well, l...
Do you want to kiss me?
- I-- I'm sorry.
- Look, Donnie, wait.
- I like you a lot.
- I just want it to be...
at a time when it...
When what?
When it
reminds me--just...
When it reminds you
how beautiful the world can be?
And right now there's some fat guy
over there staring at us.
Thank you for seeing us
at such late notice.
We both felt
that it was time
for us to come in
and discuss...
What I think is
going on with your son?
Well, he's--
You know
about his past,
and he was suspended
from school
for insulting
his gym teacher.
I'm not really sure
that's a good example.
I think he had just cause
to insult her.
Rose, let me
just lay out
what I believe
is happening here.
Dr. Thurman:
Donnie's aggressive behavior...
his increased detachment
from reality,
seem to stem
from his inability to cope
with the forces in the world
he perceives to be threatening.
Has he ever told you
about his friend Frank?
Yes, the giant
bunny rabbit.
The what?
I don't recall...
him ever having
mentioned a rabbit.
Donnie is experiencing
what is commonly called
a daylight hallucination.
( thumping )
This is a common occurrence
among paranoid schizophrenics.
What can we do?
I would like to...
do more hypnotherapy,
and increase his medication.
( grunts )
( thunderclap )
Whatever will help him, really,
because that's why
we're here.
We just would like him
to experience some...
So if you think that
more medication will do that,
then I think we should
give it a try.
Donnie Darko.
I know.
( both laughing )
( applause )
Good morning,
you mongrels!
Good morning.
Is that all the gusto
you can muster?
I said, "Good morning!"
Good morning!
Now that's a tiny,
tiny bit better.
But I can still sense
some students out there
who are actually afraid
to say, "Good morning!"
- Good morning!
- Yeah, that's what I like to hear!
Because entirely too many
young men and women today
are completely paralyzed
by their fears.
They surrender their bodies
to the temptation
and destruction of drugs,
alcohol, and premarital sex.
Now, I'm going to tell you
a little story today.
It's a heartbreakingly
sad story
about a young man
whose life was
completely destroyed
by these instruments
of fear.
A young man,
searching for love
in all the wrong places.
His name was Frank.
Hi, my stepsister...
Like, I sometimes worry
that she eats too much.
- Shut up, Kim!
- Sweetheart, please.
How can I decide what I want
to be when I grow up?
That's a hard one.
( feedback squeals )
What do I do
to learn how to fight?
"What do I do
to learn how to fight?"
Son, violence is
a product of fear.
Learn to truly love
- Okay.
- Okay, get yourself up here.
- Okay.
- Jim: All right.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
How much are they
paying you to be here?
Uh... excuse me?
What is your name, son?
Well, Gerald,
I think you're afraid.
Are you telling us this stuff
so we can buy your book?
Because I got to tell you,
if you are,
that was some of the worst
advice I ever heard.
Jim: Do you see
how sad this is?
Do you want your sister
to lose weight?
Tell her to get off the couch,
stop eating Twinkies,
and maybe go out for field hockey.
You know what?
No one ever knows what they
want to be when they grow up.
It takes a little while
to find that out.
Right, Jim?
And you...
Yeah, you.
Sick of some jerk shoving
your head down the toilet?
Maybe you should
lift some weights
or take a karate lesson.
And the next time he tries to do it,
you kick him
in the balls.
( adults gasp;
students laugh )
( Jim chuckles )
Son. Do you see this?
- Right?
- This is an anger prisoner,
- Man: Remove him.
- Jim: A textbook example.
Do you see
the fear, people?
This boy is scared to death
of the truth.
Son, it breaks my heart
to say this,
but I believe you are a very
troubled and confused young man.
I believe you are searching for
the answers in all the wrong places.
You're right, actually.
I am pretty--
I'm pretty troubled
and I'm pretty confused,
but l--
and I'm afraid, really,
really afraid.
Really afraid.
But l--
I think you're
the fucking Antichrist.
( audience gasping )
Man: Get him out of here!
Who do you think you are?
( whistling; cheering )
It's amazing.
The man thinks
he's telling the truth,
and everything he says
is just a fucking lie!
Everything he says!
Everyone thinks he's so rad.
He's such a fucking chud.
- Everything he does--
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Sit down. Calm down.
You ever hear
of Grandma Death?
"The Philosophy
of Time Travel."
What is this?
She wrote it.
I've been seeing stuff.
Like, a lot of really
messed up stuff.
And there are chapters
in that book
that describe the stuff
I've been seeing.
It cant just be
a coincidence.
Dr. Monnitoff: Each vessel
travels along a vector...
through space-time,
along its center of gravity.
Like a spear.
I beg your pardon?
Like a spear
that comes out of your chest.
Umm... sure.
And in order for the vessel
to travel through time,
it's got to find a portal,
or in this case a wormhole--
Could these portals--
Could these portals
just appear anywhere, anytime?
I think that's
highly unlikely.
No, I think what you're
talking about is...
an act of God.
If God controls time,
then all time is pre-decided.
I'm not following you.
Every living thing
follows along a set path.
And if you could see
your path or channel,
then you could see
into the future, right?
Like... that's
a form of time travel.
Well, you're
contradicting yourself.
If we were able to see
our destinies manifest
themselves visually,
then we would be
given a choice
to betray
our chosen destinies.
And the mere fact
that this choice exists,
would make all pre-formed
destiny come to an end.
Not if you travel
within God's channel.
I'm not going to be able
to continue this conversation.
- Why?
- I could lose my job.
( chuckles )
Now you know where he lives.
Dr. Thurman: And they grow
out of our chest...
solar plexus?
Donnie: Just like she
described in the book,
the way they moved
and they smelled.
It's like--
Like they're workers.
Assigned to each one of us.
They just--
they're like liquid.
I followed it...
into my parents' bedroom.
What did you find?
So we call them IMGs.
Infant Memory Generators.
The idea is that you buy
these glasses for your infant,
and they wear them
at night when they sleep.
Gretchen: But inside the glasses
are these slide photographs.
And each photograph is of something
peaceful or beautiful...
whatever the parents
want to put inside.
And what effect do you think
this would have on an infant?
the thing is, nobody
remembers their infancy.
Anyone who says
they do is lying.
So we think this will help develop
memory earlier in life.
Did you stop and think that maybe
infants need darkness?
That maybe darkness is part
of their natural development?
- Gretchen: No.
- Mm-mm.
( snaps fingers )
What if the parents
put in pictures of Satan?
Or, like, dead people?
Crap like that.
Is that what you'd
show your kids?
Well, I mean...
didn't your dad, like,
stab your mom?
( screeches )
Get out.
( class bell rings )
I'm sorry, Gretchen.
I'm sorry about those guys.
They're fucking--
Two for "Evil Dead,"
That'll be $2.
( slow pounding )
Why do you wear
that stupid bunny suit?
Why are you wearing
that stupid man suit?
Take it off.
What happened
to your eye?
I'm so sorry.
Why do they
call you Frank?
It is the name
of my father...
and his father
before me.
When's this going
to stop?
You should already
know that.
( giggles )
I want you
to watch the movie screen.
There's something
I want to show you.
Have you ever
seen a portal?
( bell ringing )
Burn it to the ground.
( music plays )
Okay, now girls...
I want you
to concentrate.
Failure is not
an option.
And Bethany, if you feel
the need to vomit up there...
-just swallow it.
- Okay, Mom.
Hey, you guys,
good luck out there.
( rude whistling )
Get off the stage, Cherita!
You suck!
Hold on.
Now that was
really something.
Thank you, Cherita Chen,
with "Autumn Angel."
And now the moment we've
all been waiting for is here.
It is my very distinct
to introduce to you...
Emily Bates, Suzy Bailey,
Samantha Darko,
Beth Farmer,
and Joanie James.
They are... "Sparkle Motion."
# No-- no-- notorious...
Notorious #
# No-- no--
notorious #
# I can't read about it #
# Burns the skin
from your eyes #
# I'll do fine
without it #
# Here's one
you don't compromise #
# Lies come
hard in disguise #
# They need to fight it out,
not wild about it #
# Lay your seedy judgments #
# Who says they're
part of our lives? #
# You own the money #
# You control the witness #
# I'll leave you lonely #
# Don't monkey
with my business #
# You pay the prophets #
# To justify your reasons #
# I heard your promise,
but I don't believe it #
# That's why
I've done it again... #
All right, Sparkle Motion!
( man screaming )
How long was I asleep for?
Whole movie.
Looks like we've got
another room back here.
TV Reporter:
The blaze was extinguished
sometime after 8:00 last night.
Firefighters discovered
what has been referred to
as a "kiddie porn dungeon."
Cunningham, who has become
a recent celebrity
for his books
and motivational tapes,
- was arrested early this morning...
- Oh, my God! Sarasota Heights Country Club.
Arson has not
been ruled out
as part of the cause
of the fire.
A group of Cunning Vision
Oh, my God.
Dad played golf with that guy.
...vehemently denied
the alleged link
to a child pornography
publishing circuit.
In a vicious statement,
Cunningham attacked the Middlesex
Fire Department officials,
claiming a vast conspiracy.
Principal: I'm sorry, Karen,
but we don't think the methods
you've undertaken here
are appropriate.
With all due respect, sir,
what exactly about my methods
do you find
I don't have time to get
into a debate about this.
I believe I've
made myself clear.
You call this clarity?
I don't think
that you have a clue
what it's like to communicate
with these kids.
And we are losing them
to apathy...
to this prescribed nonsense.
They are slipping away.
I am sorry
that you have failed.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have another appointment.
You can finish out the week.
( screams )
Good afternoon.
It gives me
great pleasure to announce
that the Middlesex Ridge
School dance team
has been invited to perform
on Ed McMahon's
"Star Search '88"
in Los Angeles, California.
( silent )
( doorbell rings )
No, it was ridiculous.
I'll call you back.
- Rose.
- Kitty.
I'm sure you're aware
of the horrible allegations
against Jim Cunningham.
I know,
I saw it on TV.
Something about a...
"kiddie porn dungeon."
Please, please.
Don't use those words!
It's obviously some kind
of conspiracy
to destroy
an innocent man.
I have taken it upon myself
to spearhead
the Jim Cunningham
defense campaign.
I have to appear at his arraignment
tomorrow morning.
As you know, the girls
are scheduled to leave
for Los Angeles
in the morning.
As their coach,
I was the obvious choice
to chaperone them
on their trip--
But now...
you can't go.
- Yes.
- Hmm.
Believe me,
of all the other mothers,
I would never dream
of asking you.
But none of the other mothers
are available to go.
I don't know, Kitty.
It's a bad weekend.
Eddie's in New York.
I don't know
if you realize
what an opportunity
this is for our daughters!
This has been
a dream of Samantha's
and all of ours
for a long time.
I made her lead dancer!
Sometimes I doubt
your commitment
to Sparkle Motion.
Elizabeth will be
in charge.
She'll drive you
to therapy.
If you need anything,
you promise me
that you will call
Dr. Thurman?
( softly )
How's it feel to have
a wacko for a son?
It feels wonderful.
So what do I tell the other kids
when they ask about you?
Tell them that everything
is going to be just fine.
What's "Cellar Door"?
This famous linguist
once said,
that of all the phrases
in the English language...
of all the endless
of words
in all of history,
that "cellar door"
is the most beautiful.
"Cellar door"?
I promise
that one day
everything's going
to be better for you.
Chut up!
Dr. Thurman: I want to talk
about your past today.
Dr. Thurman: I want to talk about...
you and your parents.
They didn't buy me
They didn't buy me
what I wanted
for Christmas.
What did you want
for Christmas that year?
"Hungry, Hungry Hippos."
How did you feel,
being denied
these "Hungry, Hungry Hippos"?
What else
makes you feel regret?
That I did it again.
You did it again?
I flooded my school
and I burned down
that pervert's house.
( laughing )
I only have a few days left
before they catch me.
Did Frank tell you
to do these things?
I have to obey him.
He saved my life.
I have to obey him
or I'll be left all alone.
And then--
and then I won't be able
to figure out
what this is all about.
I won't be able
to know his master plan.
Do you mean,
God's master plan?
Do you now
believe in God?
I have the power to build
a time machine.
How is that possible?
How is time travel
Time's up,
Frank said.
When is this
going to happen?
What is going to happen?
Frank is going to kill.
Who is he going to kill?
Who is he going to kill, Donnie?
I can see him right now!
The sky is going
to open up.
If the sky were
to suddenly open up,
there would be no law.
There would be no rule.
There would only be you
and your memories--
the choices you've made,
and the people
you've touched.
If this world were to end,
there would only be you...
and him...
and no one else.
I got in.
I'm going to Harvard.
We should totally
throw a party.
I mean,
Mom and Dad are gone.
It's Halloween Carnival.
We could get away with it.
Okay, but it has to be
small, all right?
- What do you guys got?
- Nothing good.
Happy Halloween!
( rock music playing )
( doorbell rings )
We got eggs,
water balloons
and a dozen rolls
of toilet paper.
I stole four beers
from my dad.
- Well, we got a keg.
- Keg beer is for pussies.
( phone ringing )
( beep tone )
Rose, this is Lilian Thurman.
It is extremely important
that you call me
as soon as you get
this message.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Are you okay?
Yeah, my mom's gone.
You want to come in?
( music plays louder )
I don't know, she...
she didn't leave a note
and the house
was all messed up.
But you're okay?
Did you call the cops?
Yeah, they said I should
leave the house
and that I should go
to a safe place.
I'm just so scared.
I keep thinking
something awful
is happening, and...
it's my fucking step dad,
I know it.
I guess some people
are just born
with tragedy
in their blood.
Hey, have you guys
seen Frank?
No, I think they were going
on a beer run.
- Shit.
- ( phone ringing )
( beep tone )
Rose: lf you're there,
please pick up.
Oh, well.
Good news.
The girls, they got
three and a half stars,
and they get to come back
for the quarterfinals.
It was amazing.
we're going to take the red-eye
back tonight, and we ought to arrive--
Samantha: Mom--
the plane's about to leave.
Okay, okay. We'll take
the red-eye back tonight.
We should arrive around
8:30 in the morning.
I hope everything's
all right.
I love you. Bye.
# private
consultation #
# Under the Milky Way
tonight #
# Wish I knew
what you were looking for #
# Might have known
what you would find #
# And it's something
quite peculiar #
# Something shimmering
and white #
# It leads you here #
# Despite
your destination #
# Under the Milky Way
tonight #
# Wish I knew
what you were looking for #
# Might have known
what you would find #
# Wish I knew
what you were looking for #
# Might have known
what you would find #
Karen's voice:
"...the cellar door..."
# And it's something
quite peculiar... #
- Come with me.
- Where are we going?
- Donnie.
- Look, we gotta go.
- Where?
- You ever see Grandma Death?
Why, is this about the book?
- No, it's Frank.
- Ronald: Donnie--
Time is running out!
We gotta go.
Roberta Sparrow.
Grandma Death.
Sean: Donnie, nobody's here.
Let's just forget about it.
"Cellar door."
( sustained low note )
( brief keystroke )
Oh, my God!
Donnie! Donnie!
Why the fuck
are you here?!
Oh, my God!
You're dead!
What are we doing?
- Sean: Shit!
- Ronald: Leave him alone!
Don't fucking move!
Don't fucking move!
- There's a car.
- ( coughing )
Get the hell
out of here. Now!
Ricky: Seth, there's
a car coming. Let's go!
I have a bigger
knife now.
Let's go!
He called the cops!
Did you call
the fucking cops?!
- Deus ex machina.
- What did you just say?
- What the fuck did you just say?
- Our savior.
( car engine sputters )
Wake up, Gretchen.
- Frank...
- Wake up.
What did you do?
Donnie: Gretchen,
wake up. Wake up.
Wake up.
"Clown": What the fuck
did you do, man?
You killed her,
Is she dead?
What were you guys doing
in the middle of the road?!
What are you thinking?!
Go home.
Go home and tell your parents
everything will be okay.
( engine starts )
( tires screeching )
( sirens blaring )
Frank's voice:
28 days...
Donnie's voice:
Six hours...
42 minutes...
1 2 seconds.
Frank: I'm going home.
( Donnie chuckling )
Donnie's voice: So in order
to travel back in time,
you have to have a big spaceship
or something that can travel
- faster than the speed of light?
- Dr. Monnitoff: Theoretically.
And be able to find
one of these wormholes?
Dr. Monnitoff: The basic principles
of time travel are there.
You've got your vessel
and your portal.
And your vessel could be
just about anything,
most likely a spacecraft.
Metal craft of any kind.
( loud bang )
Gretchen's voice: What if you
could go back in time
and take those hours
of pain and darkness
and replace them
with something better?
Donnie's voice:
"Dear Roberta Sparrow,
I've reached you
in your book,
but there's so many things
I need to ask you.
Sometimes I'm afraid
of what you might tell me.
Sometimes I'm afraid
that you'll tell me
this is not a work
of fiction.
I can only hope
that the answers
will come to me
in my sleep.
I hope that when
the world comes to an end,
I can breathe
a sigh of relief,
because there will be
so much to look forward to."
( laughing )
# All around me
are familiar faces #
# Worn out places #
# Worn out faces #
# Bright and early
for their daily races #
# Going nowhere #
# Going nowhere #
# Their tears are filling up
their glasses #
# No expression #
# No expression #
# Hide my head,
I want to drown my sorrow #
# No tomorrow #
# No tomorrow #
# And I find it kind of funny #
# I find it kind of sad #
# The dreams in which I'm dying #
# Are the best I've ever had #
# I find it hard to tell you #
# I find it hard to take #
# When people run in circles #
# It's a very, very... #
# Mad world #
# Mad world #
# Children waiting
for the day they feel good #
# Happy birthday #
# Happy birthday #
# Made to feel the way
that every child should #
# Sit and listen #
# Sit and listen #
# Went to school
and I was very nervous #
# No one knew me #
# No one knew me #
# Hello, teacher,
tell me, what's my lesson? #
# Look right through me #
# Look right through me #
# And I find it kind of funny #
# I find it kind of sad #
# The dreams in which I'm dying #
# Are the best I've ever had #
# I find it hard to tell you #
# I find it hard to take #
# When people run in circles #
# It's a very, very... #
# Mad world #
# Mad world #
# Enlarged in your world #
# Mad world. #
what's going on?
Horrible accident.
My neighbor...
got killed.
What happened?
Got smooshed
by a jet engine.
What was his name?
Donnie Darko.
I feel bad
for his family.
Did you know him?
Police radio:
...switch back to base.
All units should be
back on base frequency.