Donovan Reid (2019) Movie Script

Good evening, can I help you?
You need something to write on.
Michael, it's time to garden.
You're welcome to join me.
I'll be out back.
Hi. I heard you don't feel
like talking, is that right?
Okay, we'll keep it binary.
Yes or no.
Nod for yes, shake for no.
You think you can handle that?
Now, you handed
Officer Grey a note
claiming to be Donovan Reid.
Is that right?
I've been looking for Donovan
Reid for a long time.
And kid, you're not
what I was expecting.
I see here that you wrote
down your date of birth
but you couldn't remember
your home address.
Is that correct?
Let me explain
something to you, okay.
If you are Donovan Reid,
you're gonna give the Reids
back the life they thought
they had lost forever.
But if you're not.
If you're lying,
if you are not Donovan Reid,
then you're stealing away
any hope that those
people ever had.
So I'm gonna ask you,
are you Donovan Reid?
Hank, Linda, you
guys can come on in.
Why don't you two have a seat.
I'm sure you both have a
lot of questions to ask.
No question, that's my son.
Hank, I told you
we're not sure.
I'm sure.
I still think we
should get a DNA test.
Hank I think the should...
Linda, we found him.
We're going home.
Go on up, we'll have breakfast.
Donovan, can I get
you something to eat?
How about a waffle?
I made some yesterday,
I think I have some batter left.
One waffle coming up. Or three,
if you're really hungry.
Don't mind her.
She just needs time to process.
It's been sudden.
Like I need to tell you.
But I promise you nothing,
nothing can make us happier
than you being home.
Good to see you out here.
You went off the front door?
You didn't talk to any
strangers, did you Michael?
I don't want you
going out front.
You let me get the mail, okay?
You know, I'm just
worried about you.
What do you think?
That's enough for today.
Let's go inside.
Well, here we are.
Still not up for talking?
Small steps, Donovan.
Small steps.
So you're Donovan.
I was.
Does it bother
you that I'm here?
I don't know.
How are my parents?
They're happy,
especially your dad.
Why are you here?
Hey, how you doing?
I forgot to give you these.
You doing okay?
Hey, Ellen.
Michael, can you go
inside for me please?
Sorry Paul, I'm
watching him for family.
Good kid. Quiet.
Lots of therapy.
Okay, I just hope
I didn't startle him
or anything like that, you know.
Good seeing you.
You know you're not
supposed to talk to strangers.
He's not a stranger.
Everyone outside of
this house is a stranger.
No one can see you.
No one can know
that you're here.
Do you understand me?
No garden or TV time for a week.
Trust is earned in
this house, not given.
You're gonna love this.
You always did.
Donovan, what happened?
Are you okay?
What was...
Look, I know we can't just
pick up where we left off,
I know that.
And I'll never forget
the time we lost.
Never forgive myself for...
Look, I need you to
promise me something, okay?
I need you to be patient
with her, your mother.
Be kind.
We're family again, right?
I love you, Dad.
I love you too.
Don't say anything,
I'll handle this.
I saw your car,
thought I'd say hi.
- Just out for a walk.
- It's nice day for it.
Who's this?
Not in the mood, Harper.
Hank, what's going on?
Harper, this is Donovan.
Police found him,
called us last night.
Why didn't you tell me?
He's only been
home for a few hours.
Donovan, do you remember me?
Can I come in?
I'm sorry, no.
Not yet.
Linda wouldn't like it.
I have a right to be there.
No, you don't.
Look, I'll talk to her.
Promise me this
stays between us.
This is ridiculous.
Donovan Reid comes
back from the dead.
You can't keep a secret
like that forever.
Not For me, Harper, for him.
I promise.
I'll see you soon.
Donovan, I need
you upstairs bud.
Someone here to see you.
Good to see you
again, Donovan.
Please take a seat.
Take a seat.
I see you're still playing the
strong and silent type, huh?
- He's barely said a word.
- Hank, I need him to answer.
I need to hear you
speak. Yes or no.
It's a little soon
for this kind of inter...
Memory is subjective, Hank.
Alright? Easily twisted
and misconstrued.
Sometimes because of
trauma, often on purpose.
This is Detective
Schleicher, badge 529
interviewing matching missing
persons case, number 00812.
Can you state your full
name for me please?
Look, if I were in your shoes,
I wouldn't wanna talk
either, I get it.
But I wanna catch the person
who did this, don't you?
Can you state your full
name for me please?
- Donovan Reid.
- And your middle.
- It's...
- No, no, no, no.
Hank I have a right here.
He was only 10.
You can't expect him to remember
every little thing from before.
Yes, I can.
Fourth grade, cursive.
I wrote my name
down so many times,
my hand practically fell off.
Now, did you run away?
Oh, were you taken?
How many
people were involved?
Two, three?
- Male or female?
- Female.
- Race.
- White.
Tall, short,
fat, skinny, glasses,
tattoo of a heart on the
back of the neck, details.
Short, no hearts, no glasses.
10 years is a long
time to go missing.
Where have you been?
- A house.
- Where was this house?
What color was the house?
And were are
you allowed to go outside?
I'm looking for
Raymond Rakubian.
Don't get cute.
I'm just itching
to work you over.
Soft in the belly,
can't take it.
See, what'd I tell you?
Can't do that to Chester.
I'm gonna blow your guts out.
- Easy.
- Lay off, Chester. Not now.
Look at him.
- He's so scared of Chester, he'll talk now
- Michael
- He's not afraid, Chester.
- Michael.
You can tell from
a man's eyes when he is afraid.
I need you to go to your
room and lock your door
and shut your windows and
be quiet for an hour or two.
Can you do that for me?
So we have a single
white female, short,
no distinguishing features.
I think we ought to start
arresting soccer moms.
Hank, I would like to
talk to Donovan alone
if you don't mind.
Absolutely not.
Hank, there are some things
a child would never admit to
in front of a parent, okay?
It's only gonna take a minute.
You're lying.
You're a liar.
Sure, I get it, we all do it.
Only this time it's a felony.
You're a leech.
Attach yourself to people,
people who were hanging
on to some shred of hope
and then you drain
the life out of them?
What kind of a person does that?
I'm coming for you,
That's not
why I called you.
If he's acting, he's good.
You're not here
for your opinions.
I want answers.
It's going to take...
Time. No, no, not an option.
Have you considered
a DNA test?
May I walk you to your car?
I'm having company
over again tonight,
so I'll need you to
stay in your room, okay?
You should eat.
You should eat.
Sorry if the
vegetarian lifestyle
isn't something you're used to.
It's fine.
Good to hear you talk.
You've already come a long way.
I'm proud of you.
Are you sure you're not hungry?
I'm fine.
Donovan, I haven't been fair.
I've been very
distant, very quiet.
I'm really sorry.
It's good to have you home.
You made a lot of
progress today and your mom,
I think we're gonna make it.
What happened to you?
What really happened?
Who is this?
What's all this?
May I borrow that?
Would it be alright
if I hugged you?
Thank you.
Good night.
I shouldn't be
talking to you directly.
I'm supposed to report
this kind of thing.
I think you should hear
what Donovan was telling me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- He can talk.
- Yeah.
Can I come in
just for a minute?
- Dad wouldn't...
- Yeah, I know.
How are you with everything?
I don't even know what to ask.
I'm okay.
I just wanted to see
you and give you this.
It's about you.
So I figured I should be the
one to tell you about it.
I'm gonna to talk to Hank
and see if we can spend
some time together.
Maybe I'll see you tomorrow?
Okay, good night.
This is the last
time for a while.
I just need you to keep
quiet in here, okay?
I'll see you in a bit.
Hey! Do you like 'em?
Wasn't really sure
on the size since,
well, you've grown.
But I wanted to make sure
you had something new,
something that's yours.
We can always get more.
Before I forget, I've got
something else for you.
Not only has calling for
now, but if you ever need us.
So Harper was here, huh?
I saw the book, her book.
Look, I need
you to be careful.
Just keep it hidden.
I just wanna remember.
We all do.
It's just, it's the reason
your mom kicked Harper out.
- Harper was...
- Here, yeah, two years.
It's not my story to tell.
It got contentious between them.
Your mom asked me
to keep Harper away.
I'll get it.
I wanted to
check back in with Donovan
I've already spoken to Linda.
Well then you'd be
come back when she's home.
Look everything
is gonna go a lot easier
if I have your full
cooperation, Hank, for Donovan.
just keep it quick.
Hey, you'll hardly
know I was here.
How are you doing Donovan?
Can I talk to you
for a few minutes?
New look, new family, new life.
You seem pretty well.
I'm all right, thanks.
Okay, well I'd like to pick
up where we left off, alright?
We'll keep it simple,
although I would appreciate it
if you gave me more than just
one word answers this time
- I can do that.
- Okay.
Now, the day that you were
taken, you mentioned a woman.
Short, white skin.
Anything else you wanna add?
- It wasn't a woman.
- Really?
I lied.
It was a man.
Tell me about him.
He had dark hair, a dimple,
- real tall.
- Tall, dark hair, dimple.
Anything else?
He had a nice suit on.
He had a gun.
A nice suit and a gun.
Okay, would you
like to add to that?
- No.
- Come on, he was just a kid.
I was scared.
But you're safe now, right?
I mean, don't you feel safe?
The kidnapping,
walk me through it.
The kidnapping
where were you?
The beach.
Okay, would you like to
elaborate on that further?
I can't remember.
But you are sure you were
taken at the beach, right?
I think so.
Okay, because I have your
mother stating on record
that you were
taken at the house.
Now you lied to me
about who took you
and now you're lying to me
about where they took you.
- I ran away.
- Excuse me.
I ran away to the beach.
That's where the man took me.
Now Look, you've
got a description.
Leave us alone.
Go find who did this.
It shouldn't be long now.
He had no right.
- I should have...
- It's fine.
It's fine.
I'm okay.
Look, I'll sort
it out with Linda.
I wanna go to my room.
Oh, I thought we'd
go do something fun.
Maybe later.
How you holding up?
- I'm good.
- Good.
- Your parents?
- They're doing better.
Good, great even.
You packing or what?
Just trying to remember.
You read it?
- How much?
- All of it.
I guess you probably
have some questions then.
A few.
Hey, you wanna go somewhere?
I don't know if you remember,
but we used to hang
out here all the time.
I still come here when
I'm feeling shitty.
I'm really happy
you're doing well.
You said that.
So the book,
I was trying to tell an old
story with a new perspective.
It's just, no one
really talks about
the people that get left behind.
Did I leave you behind?
No! Well, not exactly.
When someone dies
or goes missing,
the people who are close to them
just have to continue
on, you know?
I wish I could have been here.
That's sweet but you read it.
It was just an example
of dealing with grief.
Try not to roll your eyes.
It was just a way to
process everything.
Narrative therapy.
- But Mom didn't like it.
- No, not even a little bit.
I moved out when I was 16
and Hank let me stay at
the house for a while.
The book ruined everything.
She was furious.
- I'm sorry.
- Nah.
It's how I got my job
at the Coastal Weekly.
How are your parents
handling it all?
Dad's doing better than Mom.
That's not a surprise.
Have you told anyone?
The whole town went looking
for you when you disappeared.
They'd wanna know you survived.
It'd be like closure.
I could write a story.
Dad says I shouldn't
tell anybody.
Didn't want you to
hang out with me either.
- All right.
- Cool.
I can probably have something
printed for tomorrow.
- So what do I do now?
- I'll handle it.
Don't worry.
Where were you?
Where were you!
With Harper.
With Harper.
I told you and her,
you can't just run
away like that.
I just wanted to see her.
So you disappear on me?
Think about what was
going on in my head.
My son, who's been missing
for a decade, just disappears.
I'm sorry.
Maybe it's me.
You're an adult now and I'm
still treating you like a kid.
You can make your own decisions,
but I'm just trying to
do what's best for you.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Can we have breakfast
as a family, tomorrow?
Sure, of course.
I'll talk to your mom
when she gets home.
- And Harper.
- Why?
She's family.
I'll see what I can do.
Okay, this is
on, right?
Okay, great.
This is Ms. K.
I shouldn't be talking
to you directly.
I'm supposed to report
this kind of thing
but I really think
you should hear
what Donovan's been telling me.
Donovan, can you tell me
what you just said again?
You just told me, what was it
that you wanted to tell me?
I don't know.
I'm counting the lights.
I need you to focus.
What did you tell
me about the bath?
Oh the bath?
My mum said me she wanted
to push me under the water.
Okay and was that it?
said she never wanted
to let me back up.
I can hold my breath
for this many.
Reid, I understand
that Donovan has an
active imagination
but I don't know how
to react to this.
When you and I are
in a room together,
I can never get him
to say these things.
I'd like you to come in tomorrow
so we can talk about this.
Otherwise, I have to call
Child Protective Services,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that it
has to be like this.
I know that it's frustrating.
What did you do?
Where did you go?
I told you never to
leave this house.
I'm trying to protect you.
If I ever catch you
outside this house again,
you won't be welcome back.
Do you understand?
What are you doing to me?
You're not Donovan.
This proves it.
Now, this test only
takes 24 hours,
so if you're smart, you
won't be here tomorrow.
I hope you can forgive me
for taking everything
you left behind.
What you doing out here?
I shouldn't be here.
I'm thinking about leaving.
I wouldn't blame you.
It's been a hard couple
of days last night,
you saw me at my worst.
Hadn't had a drink
in nine years.
Your mom convinced me to stop.
I keep waiting to see
the son I recognize.
I'm never getting
him back, am I?
I don't know.
Look, if you wanna
leave, you can leave.
I really hope you'll stay.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, how about you
stay for breakfast.
- Harper coming?
- Yeah, yeah.
She's excited.
You really like her, don't you?
Well, your mother will just
have to make some compromises
like the rest of us.
Come on, let's get started.
Honey, you almost
ready for breakfast?
Harper will be here soon.
She's coming here?
Your son asked
me to invite her.
We'll I've got work.
Linda, we're blessed
to have our son back.
This morning he told me he
was thinking about leaving.
Hell, I don't blame him.
If he's thinking
of running away,
maybe a good family breakfast
is just what we need.
With Harper?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
That saves me one
awkward conversation.
I drove three hours last
night to drop that sample off.
The results will be back
as early as this afternoon.
You still have a few hours.
I'll be out back,
don't go anywhere, okay?
- I wanna go.
- You can't.
- I already told you.
- I wanna go outside.
Don't make this
more difficult.
Not in a million
years did I think
I'd be sitting here with
all of you like this.
It's like a dream,
like you never left.
Your mother feels the same.
It's been hard, hasn't it Linda?
Yes, yes. Donovan,
When you went missing,
everyone wanted to help
and hours, days, weeks passed
nobody wanted to help then.
Our families disappeared.
Reporters were sucking
stories out of us.
Trust, God trust.
A foreign concept
in a distant land.
But now we have our son back.
Thank you, Donovan,
for being the one person
this family can trust.
Thank you, Linda.
Why are you here?
For him, obviously.
- For your career, maybe.
- Excuse me.
No, she took the hardest
moments of our lives
and used them to get ahead.
That book is the only
reason she became
a sorry excuse for a journalist.
That book helped
me process my grief.
You've used us.
Now look, we're
all here for Donovan.
Are we?
- What are you saying?
- Stop!
Thank you for breakfast honey.
Please stay, please.
Your son is here.
This breakfast is
important to him.
Well, dinner will be
far more interesting.
The test results will be ready.
- What test?
- The DNA test.
That detective was bothering
me about it, insisting even.
There's no harm in
knowing for certain.
His blood, how did you...
It was just a small sample.
Donovan didn't give
me any trouble.
Did you sweetie?
Linda, we need
to talk about this.
No, we can celebrate
the good news tonight.
Your mother knows best.
So you're okay
with what she did.
Making him take a DNA test
without talking to you about it.
People deal with
grief differently.
You wrote a book on yours.
That was your way, this is hers.
What the hell is this?
- Why would you do this?
- Let me explain.
I gave her permission.
- It's my life.
- No, it's not.
Why would you?
This is not okay.
Out, now.
I hope you're
happy, both of you.
- Linda, we can...
- No, we can talk later.
We need to deal
with this as a family.
Hi, this is Daryll
with TruMatch DNA Services.
I was just calling to let you
know that we've run the test.
Hello, is someone there?
This is Hank Reid.
wanted to let you know
we'll be emailing you the
results in the next hour or so.
I'll be sure to give you a
call once we've sent them.
Why are you here?
- Are you alright?
- No.
Listen, I can't
stay here anymore.
- Did they kick you out?
- No.
Then you should go back.
It's not safe.
The world isn't safe, Donovan.
You know that better than most.
I can't go back.
After everything,
you're just gonna run?
- Come with me.
- Come with you.
Harper, I love you.
Linda was talking
about a DNA test.
And 10 minutes later
you're ready to run away.
- Please.
- I'm gonna call 911
but first, I'm gonna give
you a chance to explain
right here, right now.
Please, don't do this.
Are you Donovan Reid?
You are a piece of shit.
I thought I got him back.
- I didn't...
- You didn't what?
I didn't mean to hurt anybody.
I never had a family,
people that love me.
What about Hank and Linda?
They thought they
got their son back.
- And they were happy.
- Because of a lie.
What's your real name?
It's Michael.
Why did you lie to us?
- I was a prisoner.
- Please.
There were bars on my window.
I couldn't even leave my room.
I found Donovan in
an old newspaper.
Donovan's not
missing, he's dead.
- Linda killed him.
- Stop lying.
I found an old recording.
Donovan said his mom
tried to drown him.
I'm gonna call the cops.
Be sure to eat up.
I'm wanna go to the garden.
- Not now, eat your food.
- No.
Okay, alright.
You can come with me.
You wanna go now?
Let's go.
Hello, hello?!
I don't know what to do.
Good, Hank
gave me the right number.
I need you to listen.
Just listen.
I didn't know what I was doing.
But I'm gone now.
I'm not coming back.
Kid, you
don't wanna do that.
Look, I get it.
You're scared.
I can help you, but you
need to get down here.
Can you do that for me?
Look, I can meet you.
I can pick you up.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Where are you?
I can't help you if
you don't talk to me.
Talk to me.
You've got to trust me, kid.
Don't move.
Why are you here?
Why are you here?
We got the blood test back.
So you know. I'm not him.
I'm not Donovan.
No, you're Donovan.
Donovan Michael Reid.
You're supposed to fall
in love with your child
the moment they're born.
I used to tell myself it
was just taking longer,
but it never happened,
it never came.
I was indifferent.
But you got older.
I hated you more than
I've ever hated anyone.
It was torture every single day.
It built, a feeling
right behind my eyes.
Empty anger.
We went to the beach, just us.
You tried to drown me.
So how are you here?
Ellen, she saved me.
You lived here?
Do you know who Ellen is?
She's my mother,
your grandmother.
Where is she?
Michael! Michael!
Michael, please come back.
I'll let you out more,
anything you want.
Just come back.
- Donovan, where is she?
- Ellen's dead.
She's dead.
I don't believe you.
- I can show you.
- You're a liar.
I'm not.
Take me to her
then, right now.
No. Where are you taking me?
- Where is she?
- Linda Reid!
I need you to drop
your weapon, Linda.
I need you to listen to me.
Please, please.
- My mom...
- Linda, Linda, listen.
You don't have to do this.
I can help you.
You can start over,
a brand new life.
Linda please, please look at me.
I need you to drop the weapon.
Linda please.
What do we do?
What do we do?
You can't go back to her.
You will stay here.
You'll stay here, Michael.
Michael is a lovely name.
You're my Michael.
My sweet Michael.
He's alright, Hank.
are you ready to give your
official statement now?
Alright Donovan,
from the beginning.
Can you please state your
full name for the record?
My name is...
My name is Donovan Michael Reid.