Donovan's Echo (2011) Movie Script

You've created some
beautiful things Donovan.
There's hope...
and it's you.
Thirty years...
hard to believe you're
actually here.
This place had quite a few
renters over the years
but when it was empty,
you know, I made sure to
keep the pipes drained
and the furnace down low.
Figured you'd let us know
if you wanted to sell it.
There's a fresh coat of
paint in the living room.
New phone, new
answering machine.
I picked up that beater out
back for next to nothing.
A friend of mine was
giving it away so...
it's not pretty, but it runs.
Look Donovan,
I know this has got to be
kind of strange for you,
but uh... Susan, both
of us, are so happy
you finally decided
to come back.
You're family.
Thanks Finn.
So I've got to get
my day started,
so I'll let you get
settled in and uh,
let us know about
Saturday okay?
Susan, she just can't
wait to see you.
- Alright.
Post doctoral in '50,
Doctor of Physics in '48.
Los Alamos.
The Manhattan Project?
30 years though, that's
quite a gap in your resume.
I mean what have you been
doing exactly?
I just uh...
moved around.
Different things.
Anyway, I'm interested in your
introductory physics program.
I'll tell you what
I'm interested in.
Your paper "Elements
of Low Energy".
Cold fusion, right?
Yeah, that's
over 30 years old.
Typically a school like ours is
funded through the government,
tuition fees and so forth.
But another source of
revenue is through grants
that our professors
are able to bring in
with their own research.
Now, something like this...
research into a cheap,
abundant, renewable
energy source...
This is something
we can get behind.
I think... cold fusion
has been debunked.
Well, we'll certainly
keep you in mind.
I saw you still have
lots of leaves in your yard
and I was just wondering...
- No thank you.
It's only $5, and I'll
do a really good job.
Can I put you on my list?
Let me see that.
So he wishes me luck
on my interview,
and about 20 minutes later
in the parking lot he pulls up,
sirens just blaring,
leans in and says
"You know I'm going
to have to arrest you
for stealing my heart".
Thank you so much,
thank you so much.
But no, bad puns aside,
it's been an amazing journey
no regrets.
Drink, be merry.
And if you're driving,
just be merry!
And have cake!
Hey stranger.
You manage to settle in yet?
It's a work in progress.
Oh, well then maybe
I'll come over tomorrow
and help you unpack.
No thanks, I'll be fine.
I could at least throw
some roses in a vase.
Put some pictures up?
Give the place
a woman's touch.
- I just..
- No, no!
I've got to go.
Divide by 100.
March 10th, 1941.
- Hey Kaisha.
The old birthday bit?
Still a good bit.
I thought you uh...
had a party to host.
Oh we wrapped that up early.
Just can't pull all nighters
like we used to.
Oh, speaking of
birthday bits...
You forgot your gift.
Not my birthday yet.
Close enough.
You know Susan
would have me
giving out Christmas presents
in July if I let her.
You know, we're going out
to the cemetery tomorrow
to visit Jasmine and Magnolia,
bring some flowers.
If you're up to it
you're welcome to...
I'm sorry.
You know, I just thought
you'd come back
because you didn't
want to run anymore.
Is that what I'm doing?
Thought I was drinking!
Okay now, we don't see
you for years at a time,
we don't really even know
if you're still kicking and...
really Don, why
are you back?
I don't know.
30 years, Don.
This is not the life she
would've wanted for you.
Well we all can't be pillars
of the community, can we?
Thanks for the lecture
don't let the door hit you
in the ass on your way out.
Have a good walk home.
Hey Kaisha!
You suffered one
heck of a trauma.
Technically you had
a mild heart attack.
His car was broad-sided
by a truck.
Is he okay?
He was pronounced
dead at the scene.
It was a hit and run.
You were very lucky
you weren't struck.
Oh, Jesus.
I'm very sorry.
I could have stopped it...
You need to take these warning
signs very seriously.
I'm prescribing a beta-blocker
to reduce blood pressure,
and I'd like to run an ECG.
Excuse me?
The little girl and her mom.
What happened?
Are you family?
She's my neighbor.
Father was street racing...
his truck flipped.
Will he be okay?
He just passed away.
You know, I already
made my statement Finn.
Well okay, if you don't
remember anything about the truck,
tell me more about
this hunch,
you knew Kaisha
was going to get hit?
Like I said, I had a feeling
that something was wrong.
It was like a moment
of clarity.
It was as if it already
happened as it was happening.
I can't explain.
You ever felt this kind
of thing before?
I don't know.
Hey, I got it.
No let me get it.
I said I got it!
I'm... I'm sorry Finn.
It's okay.
If I hadn't been drunk,
if I wasn't distracted,
I would've reacted faster.
You know, Kaisha's dead
because of me.
It's Jasmine and Magnolia
all over again.
There's nothing you
could've done for him.
Or for the girls.
I mean, don't let this
stay with you, y'know?
- Yeah.
- Just... you know,
when you're ready...
promise you're going
to get some help.
You know, whether you
reach out to Susan,
or to me or to whomever.
It's just... because
we want to help.
I'll see you.
Sobriety empowers us
to handle situations
that used to mystify us.
When we see others overcoming
problems not unlike our own,
it gives us hope.
Three months ago, Kit came home
after a very long time.
But packed in his bags
he carried with him,
both a problem and a promise.
A promise of making
some very big changes...
that started with a meeting.
I didn't want
to come tonight.
It's been a bad week.
Just lost my brother in-law...
he was a really good friend.
Anyway, uh Ray said
it'd be good if I came.
Encourage some of you...
Sorry I uh...
chair's stuck.
Hey, Kit! Kit!
Please... join us.
Would you like to introduce
Hi Donovan.
Hi Donovan.
Welcome, I'm Ray.
Perhaps you'd like to share
something about yourself?
When was the last time
you had a drink?
It's been a while.
Well, we're glad you came.
Hey, buddy,
Hey, buddy,
Susan said you got
a job at the grocery.
That's great man.
Listen, if any other details
from the accident come to you.
Anything at all,
maybe jot them down, okay?
Take care, later.
November 9th, 1 964,
my birthday.
"Can't shake these
strange thoughts.
It's been a very
peculiar week."
November 4th, 1 964.
...strange feelings...
...scaffolding... vu...
A girl left this.
Your total
comes to $28.22
Who left it?
Outside. Can you catch her?
It's $28.22.
Sounds like you
deserve a raise.
- You asked me if there's
a reason I returned.
I think I know.
I told you I had... sensed
something outside
the restaurant.
What, you mean
with the accident?
I think I had the same
feeling today.
It was like a memory.
I had these feelings before.
Just before Jas
and Magnolia left.
Almost like premonitions.
You think I'm crazy.
No! No, no no.
Jas and I had an aunt
with intuition.
What, you mean Amy? The one
who was married four times?
Her instincts told her
when to leave!
Intuitions about what?
Well, like if she was
thinking about somebody
she might get a call
from them.
I don't know if intuition's
the right word.
More like deja vu.
Thirty years ago Jas and I went
to speak to Magnolia's teacher,
Carol Mackenzie,
about her report card.
Then, all of a sudden
it clicked.
Was she hurt?
No, nothing fell.
But I recorded the event,
right here.
Right here.
The exact same date,
30 years ago.
So you thought Magnolia
was in danger in '64,
but she wasn't.
But this girl today was!
What does that have to do
with you coming back?
The other guy that was killed,
the other street racer,
the red truck...
Yeah, Jason Waldgrave.
You know him?
No, no he ran a garage
in town.
And I heard he was
a really nice guy.
But he wasn't racing,
he was there...
Somebody broke
into the garage.
We figure Jason surprised
him and he gave chase.
Any suspects?
No, I don't know.
Jason's wife said there was
a real pissed off customer
last week,
almost put his fist
through a window.
So we're trying to track
him down but...
Do you remember what the
make of the other truck was?
But this Jason...
I mean, he's the father of
the girl that I saved
and the same day
as his accident,
she stops by my house.
You know that
I'm not spiritual.
For some reason I believe
that I returned
to look out after this girl.
And what makes her
so special?
I don't know! It's just...
Don, if you feel that you
returned to save this girl
then maybe that's exactly
what you were meant to do.
Yeah, and sometimes a cigar
is just a cigar.
I think I got a pretty good
handle on how
Jason ran things.
Just might need some help
entering work orders.
Cops have any luck
finding the asshole that
smashed the window?
Shouldn't be so hard
to track this guy down.
It's okay, we'll find him.
You hang in there, and I'll
let you get back at it.
See ya later, kiddo.
Bye Uncle Kit.
Can I help you
with anything?
Uh, no...
Uh, yeah...
Do you have any
scientific case studies
on maybe deja vu, patterns...
recurring patterns?
Oh, um... actually.
This is new.
Haven't read it but I believe
it's sort of in the vein
of what you're talking about.
Feel free to take
your time,
my daughter can
ring you through.
You took off pretty fast
You knew that saw was
going to fall, didn't you?
You still in the
raking business?
I could use some help.
I thought you said
no soliciting.
I said "no soliticing"
That's pretty advanced math
you're doing there.
What are you, 12?
Uh... 17.385.
17 rounded down.
Took off pretty
fast yesterday.
We were lucky
you were there.
Just next time,
ask before you leave.
Oh, uh... stack them
brand side out.
"Can't shake this feeling.
What triggered it?
Keeps replaying through
my mind like an old memory.
The bridge will collapse at
12:15 on November 6th.
Now, let's see...
Andy Andreasen... standards?
Huh. Failed inspections.
Can't build a load that long.
Where is it?
Ah, here we go.
Hold it right there!
Hey, hey Finn!
What the hell are you doing?
I didn't want to wake you,
I just wanted to...
...borrow your rake!
Borrow a rake?
Don't tell me you've
been drinking.
No, no I don't drink
and drive.
Well what're you doing breaking
into my garage at 5 to 12?
I didn't break
into your garage!
You always keep a spare key
above the light.
What do you mean,
you're going to rake your yard
in the middle of the night?
No, the girl is
coming by tomorrow
and I didn't have a rake.
The girl? What girl?
What, the Waldgrave girl?
What's going on?
She's trying to raise some
extra money for Barbie dolls,
hula-hoops, I don't know.
Why didn't you call me,
it's the middle of the night!
I didn't want to wake
you up.
Tell Susan good night.
I appreciate it Finn!
What the hell
are you doing?
This is why you broke
into my garage?
It's the date!
You need your head examined.
The bridge design in '64...
it was all wrong Finn!
Oh yeah, is this another one
of your hunches?
Now, now just listen.
Thirty years ago tonight I made
a note that the Junop Bridge
would collapse at 12:15 AM
on November 6th.
12:15... Where'd you pull
that number out of?
Three other bridges built
with the same standards
all failed inspection.
This is, this is insane
They inspect the bridge
every year,
they obviously haven't
found a problem.
I thought you said all
your psychic horse shit
had to do with this
Waldgrave girl.
What's she got to do
with this?
Damnit Finnley!
I don't know, but you've
got to trust me!
It's almost like I already
see it in the news.
Oh, come on!
That bridge will collapse
at 12:15 AM tonight!
That's two minutes!
That's two minutes!
Damnit Finn just listen!
Get out of
the way Donovan!
Damnit! Finn!
Come on!
Don't go!
Are you out of your mind?!
Come on Finn, please get
off the bridge!
Come on Finn, please get
off the bridge!
It's not going anywhere!
By the way, it's 12:16!
Get some help!
What is it Donovan?
Talk to me.
Morning of the trinity test,
it's like the sun just crashed
down into the desert.
I can't have my greatest
contribution to this world
be an instrument of death.
You've created some
beautiful things Donovan.
We're here to create
an atomic bomb.
Oh Christ!
Not on top of tomatoes.
Not on top of tomatoes.
And are you a Super
Saver Club card holder?
.. and for you star
watchers out there
grab your blankets tonight, one of the
best meteor showers of 1994
is scheduled to begin in a sky near
you shortly after 9 PM...
So let's focus here...
Kind of dark out,
isn't it?
Your mom know you're out?
She's still at the store.
Well, it's pretty late.
You won't see any meteors
but at least the view's better.
Wow. Beautiful.
I learned that
in astronomy club.
Is that where you got
your pin?
My dad gave it to me.
Ah. Sounds like a
pretty great dad.
I heard what happened.
I'm sorry.
I know what it's like to lose
people you love.
I um... I should
probably go.
Time for a new bag!
This looks familiar.
Your mom recommend
these to you?
I just borrowed them.
Pretty heavy stuff.
What does she have to say
about all these topics?
Just take what you like
and leave the rest.
She says that we're
all energy,
and since energy
doesn't disappear,
Dad will always be
with us.
What do you think?
I think that's a poor excuse
for a Fall jacket.
Let's get something warmer
and get you home.
Come on.
So what was that math you were
working on the other day?
It's for a science fair
Pretty complex
for an 11 year old.
I sometimes have problems
with algebra.
I sometimes get my letters
and my numbers mixed up.
My D's and P's, my 6's
and 9's.
Always done better just
doing the math in my head
instead of writing it down.
I think that's
called dyslexia.
Is that so?
So what's your science
project about?
It doesn't matter.
I'm not entering anymore.
It's starting!
You know, I realized I don't
know your name.
I'm Donovan.
I'm Maggie.
Short for Magnolia.
Ah, Donovan!
Get back!
Get gone!
Get back!
Are you alright?
Let me see.
Excuse me, I'm looking for my
daughter Magnolia Waldgrave.
I was told she was here.
Oh my God! Sweetie!
Oh, my God, what happened?
What happened to your arm?
Are you...
I'm just a friend.
I'm sorry, who are you?
Maggie was uh,
raking my leaves...
She was raking your leaves?
Maggie what were you
doing out?
She seems to have quite
the business going.
Who's leaves are you raking?
Just his.
What the hell is this?
Just a book she had
with her.
You were in my store.
Is that when you asked her
to come to your house?
She's an 11 year old girl!
He didn't do anything,
he was just carrying
them for me.
Mrs. Waldgrave.
Excuse me, but can I explain to
you what we did for Magnolia?
Yes. Yes.
Let's talk this way.
No, I know.
It's in the garage.
What do you want now,
you going to break
another window?
I wanted to apologize.
Hey, and this ought to cover
your windshield.
Post dated.
A month.
Got a minute?
Yeah, if you're quick I got
some stuff I want to do.
I learned that little girl's
name last night.
Short for Magnolia.
I know you think I'm crazy
but something is happening.
It's a parallel.
Like I was trying to tell
you the other night,
30 years ago I had a bad feeling
about the Junop Bridge.
Somehow I knew it was going
to collapse.
Now, I can't explain it.
I'd worked with Andy Andreasen
and I knew he was the engineer
on this project.
So I called him, and he said
he would look into it.
For some reason it didn't show
up on the inspection report.
This feeling, is still
the same feeling,
30 years to the day.
I... I'm not following this.
In '64, Magnolia's teacher
was Carol Mackenzie.
Maggie Waldgrave's teacher
is Mackenzie Carol.
What if history is
somehow repeating?
Nothing's repeated. Nothing.
I mean, 30 years ago you
imagined a bridge collapsing.
It still hasn't collapsed.
Finn, listen.
No, you listen.
You also thought something was
going to drop on Magnolia.
And nothing happened.
But it happened
to this girl!
Look, I'm done.
I don't have time
for this.
Hey, Finn. Look at this.
Donovan, I can't.
This is an old key
from my diary.
Maggie's mother gave me
this book.
The entire bookstore and
she put this in my hand!
It's a snake biting its tail.
It's called an Ouroboros.
It represents a cycle that
begins as soon as it ends.
And this!
This image has been
burning in my mind
since the day Jas
and Magnolia died.
There's something...
I don't, I don't know
what's happening!
But obviously it has
something to do
with the upcoming
anniversary of their death.
Yes! It does!
Which you've got to
let go!
It was a kid on a joyride
that killed your family.
Not you.
Give this up.
I'm not just telling you
this as a friend.
This is slippery ground
you're on.
I got... thanks for the coffee.
I uh, just wanted
to apologize.
Maggie explained that she
was the one who came by.
I'm Sarah.
How is she?
She's fine.
Well, her arm is.
She's uh, going through
a rough time.
Yeah, I heard.
Sorry for your loss.
It's got to be rough
on the two of you.
It is.
Especially her.
Yeah, she told me she was
dropping out of
her science fair.
Her father had been
helping her
with her project
at the garage.
She forgot it there
and when he went back
to go get it
he must have interrupted
the break in.
He chased after them.
She's in a vulnerable place
right now
and asking a lot of
big questions so...
I would appreciate
if you please leave the
spiritual discussions to me.
Thank you.
No offense but it doesn't look
like you're much of a mechanic.
You should bring it by
Waldgrave's garage,
on Dunlop.
Tell my brother Kit
that I sent you.
He'll cut you a deal.
That's very kind of you,
Let me know how it goes.
Look, there's fluid all
down the side of the Ram.
No, I got a stuck vehicle man!
How long?
Two days?
Yeah, just... send it.
What are you doing here?
I was talking with Sarah...
No, it's fine.
She came by.
We cleared the air.
Anyway, she told me
to bring my car in.
Transmission I think.
You're the mechanic.
Uh, we've met before?
No shit.
No, not at the hospital
or A.A.
it was... your face.
There was blood.
Wasn't me.
You'll have the car
next Wednesday.
You know, your niece...
She's a very special girl.
Is there a problem?
Look, you might
have charmed Sarah
but I'm not buying it.
I don't want you anywhere
near my niece!
Hey, Don!
Robin wants to see you
out front.
He's pretty pissed.
- Huh. Okay.
We'll honour those of
you are already in line,
but otherwise the steaks are...
they're $9 a pound,
they're not 6. No, no!
It was only for those of you
who already had steaks in line
that the honour...
I told you $9 a pound!
Not $6!
Are you the one ripping
the labels off our inventory?
What the hell is this?
None of your damn business!
Oh, okay.
You're done!
You can pick up your last check
when you return your uniform.
Keep it, and buy yourself
some more hair gel.
How's your arm?
It's Itchy.
- I had a talk
with your mom.
She's really concerned
about you,
and all that heavy
reading material
you've been
carrying around.
Yeah well, Mom has a lot
of ideas but no answers.
Well you have to be
patient with her.
She's dealing with
a lot too.
Listen, you cannot
blame yourself.
When someone you
love passes on,
the only thing you can do
is keep moving forward.
So you ask yourself,
how am I going
to move forward?
You should enter
the science fair.
Life doesn't offer
many big moments
where our talent
is recognized.
You know what happens
when you don't take a chance?
I like science.
If you entered,
I'd love to stop by.
Check it out.
Well, what is
this project anyway?
Alternative energy sources.
Good for you!
Maybe there is some hope
for the future.
At least this one can't break
like last year's.
What was that,
a volcano?
a popsicle stick bridge.
A bridge?
I used some of great grandpa
Andy's designs.
Andy... Andreasen?
Yeah. He built Junop Bridge.
I thought Junop Bridge was going
to collapse the other night.
Your bridge,
how did it break?
Nathan dropped
a rock on it.
See you tomorrow.
Yeah, come in!
I got your message.
Hey, I want to show you
What's this about
the Waldgrave accident?
You find the suspect?
No, we haven't found
him yet.
Then what's this?
Before we get to this...
You mentioned Maggie
Waldgrave's teacher.
Yeah, Mackenzie Carol.
What about her?
It's MacKenna.
MacKenna Carol.
I want you to see
something else.
Hey, you got it.
Yeah, it's the security
camera from the store.
There, do you see what you did?
Yeah, you see?
No, just...
I'll rewind it.
Watch your hand.
You caused the accident.
The saw fell when you
grabbed the scaffolding.
You made it happen.
No I didn't!
You weren't there.
The saw was already falling.
I saved her!
That girl is in danger
and I know the answer
lies in this journal.
Look what you're doing!
You're searching for
connections that don't exist.
The names don't match,
the bridge didn't fall,
and you jerked
the scaffolding!
Don, I'm just...
I'm worried.
I think you're creating these
connections as a way to,
I don't know, deal with
these unresolved emotions
that you're in denial of.
An impressive diagnosis.
Finn is a hell of a loss
for the psychiatric community!
Just try again here.
It's just...
Oh shit!
Your past is an anchor
holding you down.
You've done your time.
She needs you now.
She needs Jason,
not me.
He was a good man.
But he's gone,
and you're still here.
Now, this is an opportunity
for you to be the brother,
the uncle, that she thinks
you're capable of being.
It's time to forgive
that young boy.
Oh, hey Donovan.
Are you looking
for a meeting tonight?
There's one tomorrow.
Everything okay with him?
You know Kit?
Enough to see that
he's got some demons.
There's not a lot of alcoholics
who don't have them.
So uh, what brings
you out tonight?
Actually I'm the pastor here.
Alcoholisim doesn't
really discriminate.
Since I'm here,
you mind if I get your thoughts
on something?
This here.
Have you seen this before?
Yeah... it kind of looks
like an heraldic cross.
Yeah, it's a symbol
for hope.
The cross
predates Christianity.
It's an ancient figure,
which represents
the four elements.
Earth, air, water, fire.
You got a family, Donovan?
What's that?
I recognize when someone's
experienced a loss.
Was it the alcohol?
I mean...
It's my work.
There was some things
I was involved with
when I was a young man
that I came to regret.
I thought I could
redeem myself.
For 20 years it was
an obsession.
I practically pushed them
out the door.
Have you tried
to make amends?
Well I recently
made a new friend,
and I think she might
be in trouble.
I'm trying to figure out
how I can save her.
Trying to save others won't
reunite you with your family.
It's not really
about redemption.
It's about self-forgiveness.
Remember Donovan,
to live in the hearts of those
we love, is never to die.
What was that?
See you tomorrow, huh?
You didn't drop the bomb
But I participated.
This could be a clean,
cheap source of energy.
But you need to recognize what you
have right in front of you.
Just give me one hour.
Take the day.
I'll see you at dinner.
Happy birthday.
I thought I could show you
how to enter the work orders.
Computers huh?
So no worldwide web
for you?
Listen, maybe don't worry about
this whole work order thing.
I got this opportunity
out East.
What's the opportunity?
It's a, uh, trucking company
and um... you know,
I'd have to wrap up these
last couple of jobs today
but I would leave tomorrow.
Wow, some things never change.
What am I supposed
to do Kit?
Look Sarah, I've been
talking to some people
and I think you could get a
really good price for this...
It's just Maggie.
It's not safe.
She's fine.
No, it's the lift.
I've got to replace
the rotted seal.
Stay away from that.
It's not safe back here.
Come on.
Let's go.
Look Sarah, this new job...
it's not a sure thing yet.
You know, I might
stick around.
Earth, air...
Fire, water, Science Fair.
Excuse me, ladies
and gentlemen!
If I could have
your attention please?
We had a lot of impressive
work here today
but there was one student
who really stood out.
I'd like to announce the winner
of this year's science fair...
Maggie Waldgrave!
Congratulations Maggie.
Way to go!
You came!
Maggie, your project.
The four elements.
Why did you choose this?
It's important.
I was just kind of
drawn to it.
Did you use a symbol?
A cross?
What do you mean?
Right here,
the heraldic cross.
It represents
the four elements.
I've never seen that before.
You sure?
Somewhere in your research?
I'm so proud of you
my girl!
Free passes to
Science World!
That's so cool.
It's awfully thoughtful
of you to come down.
Oh no, the IMAX show ends
You think we can go.
You deserve it.
Let's see this medal
of yours.
Wow! It's pretty heavy.
This is what Maggie wants
to do for your birthday.
She thought you'd really
enjoy it.
- Hey, let me drive you guys.
I'd love to see the
dinomax...thing, you know...
- I think we need a girls' trip,
Hey guys, we're going
to take some photos now.
Maggie you can't
go tomorrow!
Excuse me?
No, no you can't go Maggie!
Let her go!
It's about the cross!
It's a warning!
Listen to me.
I want you to leave
my daughter alone.
No, no listen to me,
Listen to me!
No, you listen to me.
You stink like booze,
you've been filling her head
with who knows what?
If you go tomorrow,
you'll die!
Oh no, no, no.
Listen to me.
Listen to me!
Sir, settle down!
Maggie, please don't go!
What's the story?
Is he alright?
Hey, Finn!
You've got to help me
convince them.
Oh, Don...
No, no, no.
Tomorrow's the 9th.
My birthday!
The same day that...
God damnit!
Just stop!
Please, please Finn!
You've got to find Jasmine
and Magnolia and tell them...
Listen to yourself.
Look what you're doing.
That's not your wife
and daughter.
You need help, Don.
I'll come in and check on you
in the morning.
I realize I might be crazy.
But I know I didn't cause
that saw to fall.
I saved her at the store.
You still awake, sweetie?
Big day.
What's wrong with him?
I think he's hurting.
He said he lost someone.
I think he had a girl.
You mean the jacket
you borrowed?
You know, sometimes people
deal with their pain
in unhealthy ways.
Maybe they take things
to try to help it go away
but it only makes it worse.
Sometimes they believe
things that aren't real.
What do you think is real?
I don't know sweetheart.
But I know that your
daddy would've been
so proud of you today.
I wish he was there.
Me too.
Going back a few days here.
I don't know if it'll have
what you're looking for.
What time of day
did you say it was?
Back... back it up.
Right there.
Pretty fast for an old guy.
One more time.
Must've known
it was falling.
The city workers do
their best to detour traffic
towards the Dunlop bypass.
When asked to comment,
city officials pointed
to records indicating
that 30 years ago,
the designer Andy Andreasen
had raised concerns
over the structural
integrity of the bridge.
A formal assessment at that
time showed no visible signs
of structural engineering
faults or deterioration,
and a mandated annual
inspection since then
has not revealed any
indication for concern either.
Once again, searchers
are trying to confirm
if anyone was on Junop
Bridge when it collapsed,
just after midnight.
I sometimes get my letters
and my numbers mixed up.
My D's and P's,
my 6's and 9's.
Thank God you're okay.
It's Donovan.
I was right!
- I told you to stop
bothering us.
It happened.
The bridge,
the bridge that Maggie's
great grandfather built,
Junop Bridge!
I thought it was going to be
the 6th but it was today!
Something's happened,
I can't explain.
I'm going to go now.
Hang on.
Maggie's scratch...
I saved her!
The saw that fell
at the grocery store.
That's not what happened.
I know it sounds strange.
I'm trying to figure it out.
Listen, the truck
from Jason's accident...
I've seen it!
I was there!
A black truck.
With lights on the roof.
When I saw it, I saw
a vision of Maggie...
Put the phone down!
She was
crushed slow.
We're leaving now.
Don't make me call
the police.
Wait, wait, wait!
Sa-Sarah? Oh shit!
God damnit.
Oh Damnit!
I have someone that's
in danger!
I've seen it.
I'm not crazy
God damnit!
Hey! It's okay.
Can I just...
give me a second.
Finn! It collapsed!
Look here. The girls, man!
Now look here,
you've got to listen to me.
We've got to do... Maggie...
I believe you.
I believe you.
Sweetie, how did you get
that scratch?
You said it was at recess,
A big saw fell at
the grocery store
and smashed by my bike.
Donovan saved me.
Excuse me?
How long are we uh...
Oh, we're trying to detour
traffic as best we can,
the bridge collapsed
last night.
Donovan said that
would happen.
What did you say?
He knew it was going
to collapse.
Just like he knew the saw
was going to fall.
Did he mention
anything else?
Maybe a... a black truck
with roof lights?
No, but I saw one like that
at the shop on the lift.
Uncle Kit painted it silver
but didn't do as good
as a job as Dad.
I can't put out an APB for
them without sound reasoning,
they're going to think
I'm nuts.
Uh... yeah, sorry.
There's got to be a clue
I'm overlooking.
Something, maybe to do
with her father's accident.
Well what about the garage?
You have their number?
Hey, Finn!
Woah, what do you think
that means?
Maybe... What if...
What if these images
and feelings, whatever,
came to me 30 years
too soon?
Maybe provoked by similar
dates and circumstances.
A scaffolding accident
that never happened.
A feeling about a bridge
before it was built.
I thought this had to do
with my research.
This image came to me
30 years ago, today!
The same...
The same date
my family died.
It's always been this!
Everything's about now.
If I hadn't been preoccupied
with this image,
everything would've
been different.
Don... Don... Just...
That Christopher Bailey kid
killed your family, not you.
Just try and stay focused.
You think it's about
the garage?
Then we'll call them.
Your past is an anchor
holding you down.
It's time to forgive
that young boy.
It's Kit!
You mean Jas and Magnolia?
He was the kid driving
the truck 30 years ago?
That can't be right!
Right after juvie his
parents sent him off
to live with relatives
out East.
As far as I know,
he's still there.
I don't know.
They say at the A.A. he moved
here three months ago.
I think it's him.
Buzz me out please!
He hasn't been assessed
by his doctor.
Look, I don't have
time for this.
Just buzz me out!
You can show me your
Air Miles card sir,
it doesn't change the policy.
You want to take
this up with the...
Wait in the car, sweetie.
I'll just be a few
minutes okay?
I thought you and Maggie
were heading out.
You know uh, I've never been
to one of those IMAX shows.
I hear they're
pretty good.
Whose truck is this?
What's that?
Whose truck is that
on the lift?
Oh, it's some guy
that came in a while ago.
It's actually someone that
Jason was dealing with.
It'd been stuck up on this
broken lift for a while now.
I tried to fix it but...
Did you come to the garage
that night?
Did you come here to rob us?
You broke in here...
Sarah, why would you?
...and Jason caught you!
I'm in over my head.
I have so much debt.
I knew you guys had insurance,
I wasn't trying to steal
from you!
Jason hired me,
he was my friend.
Why would he follow?
You son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch!
You killed him!
What is it?
Someone's going to die.
Wait here.
No. Wait.
No Finn, this is why
I came.
Wait. In the car.
I'm calling the police.
Hey, hey, hey!
What's going on here?
We're closed!
Mrs. Waldgrave?
You must be Christopher.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Sergeant Boyd.
So what, you're
going to arrest me now?
Hey, you've just got
to calm...
Kit, stop it!
Oh, my God Kit,
what have you done?
It was his gun,
it was an accident.
We need to call
an ambulance!
He needs help!
Sarah, I didn't mean
for this to happen!
None of us did, Kit.
Kit, put the gun down.
You keep following me.
What do you want?
The same thing
we both want.
To forgive ourselves.
You don't know me!
You were just a young boy,
30 years ago today.
You went for a joyride.
Donovan, don't!
What are you talking about?
It was my family.
My wife and daughter
were in that car.
Jasmine and Magnolia.
It was an accident!
I was just a stupid kid,
it was just a dare!
I couldn't show my face
in this town,
my own parents wanted
nothing to do with me!
It wasn't your fault
my family died.
Shut up!
I paid my dues!
It was my fault, Kit.
I said shut up!
Really, Don...
why are you back?
I'm trying to figure out
what it means.
It's a symbol for hope.
I believe that I returned
to look out after this girl.
That's pretty advanced math
that you're doing there.
Alternative energy sources.
Maybe there is
some hope for the future!
Oh, God!
Oh my God!
The individual
I'm about to introduce,
has changed our global outlook
by reducing world dependence
on nuclear energy,
bringing us a new energy.
A new way of life.
A renewed hope for a nuclear
free future.
Expanding on the work of
Doctor Donovan Matheson,
please join me in showing
our appreciation
for the "mother of cold fusion",
Doctor Maggie Waldgrave!
There's hope,
and it's you.