Don't Blink (2014) Movie Script

No... no, no. No, no.
Alex, go back inside.
You had to have seen it.
You tell me what happened!
What happened?
Get down off her! Jack!
Alex, come on,
man, let her... get off...
Tell me!
Alex, stop!
Tell me! I will choke the life
out of you! I swear to god!
You saw it. Tell me what
happened! Tell me!
He was born in the summer
of his 27th year
Coming home to a place
he'd never been before
He left yesterday behind him
You might say
he was born again
You might say he found a key
for every door
When he first came
to the mountains
His life was far away
On the road
and hanging by a song
But the strings already
And he doesn't really care
It keeps changing fast
And it don't last for long
But the Colorado Rocky
Mountain high
We have seen it raining fire
In the sky
You can talk to God and
Listen to the casual reply
Rocky Mountain high,
Rocky Mountain high
- Hey.
- Dear god, thank you.
Babe, you can't just turn
off Denver. That's not okay.
Not everybody has your love
for "Rocky Mountain High", baby.
You know what?
The man was a genius.
All right, he was a genius, and
I don't... I don't understand it.
I don't understand why you're
not backing me up right now.
I think it's appropriate
for the environment.
It's the best music to ever
grace God's green earth.
Did that hurt? Was that hard?
Did you hear that?
She likes him, okay?
- No, no, no, she doesn't.
- Yes, she does.
No, she's saying that, because she
doesn't want to hurt your feelings...
And my sister is weak.
The needle's been on empty
for the last ten miles.
Okay, there's usually plenty of gas in
the tank when the needle's on empty.
Yeah, I'm well aware of the relationship
between the gas tank and the needle.
I've actually driven
a car before.
However, eventually, when the needle's on
empty long enough, it really means it.
Are we there yet?
Not yet, baby, why don't you
just try to stay still.
I'm sorry I got sick.
It's okay, honey, just...
Warn us again if you feel
like you need to throw up.
I will pay to have
your car cleaned.
Seriously, how far are we?
We're coming up on it soon. I
told you it was out of the way.
Chip me.
Thank you.
You fill it back in Preston,
you'll have just enough gas -
- to make it up to the resort.
There's only one road in and
nothing else for miles.
You'll love it, though,
it's so worth the trip.
You know, I'm just...
College is kicking my ass -
- I need to decompress
a little bit.
When Charlotte asked me if I wanted to
come out to the woods this weekend...
I was like, "Oh, Jesus,
no, thank you," you know?
But then I remembered
that I had this pine cone once.
That was pretty cool.
Am I the only one that's noticed, that
nobody's driven in the opposite direction?
It's off-season,
it's not that surprising.
Hey, can you
pass me that bottle?
Sure, why?
I gotta pee.
I said I can pull the car over.
No, no, no, no, no need.
It's a great thing
about being a guy.
- We can piss in a bottle.
- Don't.
- Oh, my god, are you peeing right now?
- Don't.
- Dude, do not piss in my car.
- Oh, sick.
I... I've started now,
I've started, I can't stop.
Once you pop the cork,
it's a chain reaction.
What's done cannot be undone.
- Oh, Jesus, oh.
- Oh, my god, I'm gonna kill you.
Why is there no sound?
I bank it off the side,
I'm like a ninja.
Hey, you guys should know,
this is like my third bottle.
Oh, my god, I ate a chip
you handed me!
You're a dead man!
You know, you people
are all violent.
How did I get stuck
in the violent car?
Because the car with the single
ladies in it wouldn't take you.
They said you had a B.O. issue.
They did not.
Did they?
So both Alex and Lucas
are pretty cute.
Should we have
a single lady Rochambeau?
No, no, I'm not... not
really up here for that.
I just really need
some peace and quiet.
I have a lot of reading to do
to, you know, finish my thesis.
Oh, Claire's old.
What's the connect
to that Claire chick?
She's Tracy's old friend.
Oh, ho-ho...
it's a possibility.
Yeah, maybe not, no.
So did you hear that Ella is
coming up for the weekend, too?
Yes, I did. That's not awkward.
Ah, come on, her and
Jack get along fine.
You wouldn't even know
they broke up.
- She's bringing her new boyfriend.
- Fun.
Seriously, dude,
we're not gonna make this.
Look, I told you to relax,
here we are.
- Told you. Pretty cool, huh?
- Yeah, it's amazing.
Dude, I was sweatin' it
the last few miles.
Riding on fumes over here.
Why, it's not a hybrid?
Hey, hey, hey.
Ssh-sh, she'll hear you.
Do you think Ella got here
before us?
Isn't that her car?
What you got there?
Oh, uh, apple juice.
Ella, honey.
Oh, Jack, I'm so sorry.
And that's what happens when you
invite the ex to a weekend outing.
Are you okay?
Oh, is she okay?
I was just asleep and then he kind
of scared the crap out of me.
Well, how long have you guys been here?
Uh, I don't know,
I fell asleep back in Preston.
- Man, it's hot out here.
- That's fantastic.
I'm sorry, did I fall
in front of you. Don't mind me.
- Come on, she didn't hit you that bad.
- Oh, really? Oh, man!
Everything okay out here?
Oh, yeah, well, some swollen balls, but
other than that, we're hunky-dory.
- I think I taste copper.
- What?
You must be Noah.
- Good to meet you.
- Tracy.
That must make you Jack.
Yeah, it must.
- When did you guys get here?
- Uh, just a couple of minutes ago.
I went inside, but I couldn't find
anyone to check in with, so...
- That's odd...
- I need a bathroom.
- Sorry.
The girls are gonna hunt for
a bathroom, Charlotte, are you in?
Totally, I need
to clean up... Sorry.
It's fine.
- She's young.
- Shut up.
Anyone there?
That's weird, what time is it?
Hey, cutie.
Let me see my bear.
Oh, thank god!
Is there anyone there?
Okay, there's no credit card slot.
I guess we're on the honor system.
Man, these things are ancient.
And broken apparently.
All right, I'm gonna
check the other one.
Uh, actually, I don't
think that's the problem.
Oh, yeah?
Old gas pumps have a key that
turns them on, there at the base.
The key for these pumps
is missing.
How come you didn't know that?
- How come you're so ugly?
My grandfather owned
a gas station.
Well, color me impressed.
So I guess we need
to find a key, then? Alex.
Noah, nice to meet you.
Dumb one is Sam.
- A least I can get smarter.
- No.
- Oh, my god.
- Whoa.
Jumpy much?
Christ, you scared
the shit out of me.
- Now we're even.
- Yeah, thank you.
So, I take it you couldn't find
anyone to check in with.
No, no, I didn't.
That's weird.
So, does Jack know?
Does Jack know what?
Does Jack know?
God, what are you psychic?
No, I'm a year away
from being a registered nurse.
And I'm a little psychic.
No, I haven't told him yet,
been waiting for the right time.
Figured maybe this weekend.
He'll make a great dad.
Well, hope he thinks so.
Hey, guys, some dumb chick left
her make-up on the sink in there.
Think it was
the good shit, too.
Where is everybody?
I don't think I ever realized
just how quiet the outdoors is.
I guess.
I like it.
Are you gonna park your car or are
you just gonna leave it at the pump?
Oh, no, I'm not moving my baby
until I get some gas in her.
She's so bone-dry, I don't think I
could even turn the engine over.
You won't be the first person
today with that thought.
They left their keys
in the car.
Well, they'll probably
be back then.
No, the engine
was still running...
Tank's empty
and the battery's dead.
That's weird.
Yeah, that kind of seems
to be the catch word of the day.
Y'all checked in?
Not really, no.
Oh, do you need our
credit cards, or...
There's no one there.
What do you mean
there's no one there?
She means there's
no one in the lodge.
Did you check the whole place?
Well, we didn't go
into every room, but -
- there's no one in the lobby, or
the dining room or the bathrooms.
Yeah, and we called out like 100 times,
there was nobody in there.
Told you.
Maybe they all went out
on a group hike... or something.
And left no one behind.
There's a woman's purse
in there.
I mean, women don't just leave
their purses to go on a hike.
There's gotta be
an explanation for it.
Well, they knew
we were coming, right?
Yeah, I made a reservation.
But it was over the internet.
That's not the
strangest part of it.
There's food set out... on the table
in the dining room and it's all cold.
Looks like people were right in the
middle of a meal or something.
Okay... A littlefreaked out now.
Where's Charlotte?
Oh, um, she's still in the bathroom,
she's not feeling too hot.
I'm gonna go check on her.
Guys, what do you say
we try and stay calm?
There's gotta be a logical
explanation for this, right?
Maybe there was a fire at one of the
cabins, or there was an emergency -
- and everyone went to help.
Something along those lines.
Somebody could have gotten hurt,
and they called an ambulance -
- maybe a bunch of people followed
the ambulance into town -
- and the rest are here,
at the accident site.
Yeah, we didn't see any emergency
vehicles on the way up.
No, but they could have been coming
from the opposite direction -
- there's a town at both ends, maybe
that one's closer than Preston.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I'm just saying, let's take our time and really
look around before we jump to conclusions.
That's all.
- I'll check at the lake.
- Yeah, I'll go with you.
You guys want to check out the cabins that
way, and Tracy and I will check these out -
- and then we'll meet
in the middle.
All right.
Ella and I will stay here, just in
case someone comes back to the lodge.
Anybody have cell service?
-I don't.
- I left mine at home.
I don't even own a phone.
That's normal.
Uh, okay, um... if you find
somebody, yell.
All right? Hopefully sound
travels. Yeah?
Okay-dokey, then.
See you soon.
See ya'.
Baby? Charlotte?
Sam. Agh!
Oh, baby, I'm sorry.
God, I think I just lost
a year of my life.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Charlotte, where were you?
I went to find some more paper
towels. I threw up again.
Why didn't you just
throw up in the toilet?
Because I was sitting
on the toilet.
That's what the stuff
on the floor is.
What did you think it was?
I don't want to tell you.
I don't want to tell you.
What the hell did you think it was?
I thought that maybe
you melted or something-
- I don't know, okay, look,
I'm sorry -
- my imagination is getting
the better of me.
Oh, I see.
I wasn't in the bathroom,
so you assumed I had melted.
Can we not talk about this?
You didn't already take those
mushrooms we brought, did you?
- No, no, I did not.
- Because you shouldn't take them without food.
Can we drop it? Hm?
I'll never mention it again.
You're not allowed to watch
The Wizard of Oz anymore.
You are very funny.
Can I help?
Yeah, can you go to the kitchen and see if
you can find some actual cleaning supplies?
Yeah, where would
I look for 'em?
Under the sink, maybe?
It's always been
a really nice place.
I mean, it's remote,
but that's part of the charm.
Anybody hurt?
We're here to help.
Well, this place is just as
empty as the other two.
Well, not completely.
There was a fire here recently.
We should check the bedroom.
Yeah, they're gonna be pissed
if we walk in on a nooner.
Well, somebody is staying here.
We're not here to rob you, we just
want to know if you're still alive.
Yeah, that doesn't sound
like a serial killer.
I'm sorry, what should I say
to bring someone out of hiding?
We have candy.
Free pony rides!
Amelia, stop taking
your clothes off.
Okay, yeah, that'll work.
Just a tub full of water.
Well, it doesn't look used.
How can you tell?
No ring, no sud scum...
no people juice.
I'm just saying, I don't think
anyone's been in that water.
Well, why would someone
draw a bath and never use it?
I don't know.
I mostly take showers.
Oh, my god.
It's freezing.
It's impossible.
It's way too late in the season for
the lake to be encased in ice.
What could cause this?
I don't know. I mean, the temperature
back at the lodge, it was warm.
Here it' s...
You know what?
I think we're all alone up here.
Jack... come here.
Baby, what happened here?
Is that a boat?
There, near the center of the lake.
Can't tell.
It looks like it, but I can't see if there's
anyone in... You have binoculars?
Yeah, I thought I could
get in some bird watching.
- Huh...
- Yeah.
There's a fishing pole,
but there's no fishermen.
God, I mean, the ice must have come
up so fast, it trapped the boat.
Like an ice age?
That's just fucking great.
Oh, my god.
What is it?
There are no birds.
That's why it's been
so quiet here.
I mean, it's been bothering me
since we got here.
There are no birds.
You know, I haven't
seen any bugs, either.
Well, that's not that unusual.
Insects usually,
overwinter, as pupae.
The pupae, that's what...
Yeah, larvae, they can be found under
rocks or just within the topsoil.
Okay, that, um...
It should just take
a little digging.
You should be able to see something.
I don't see any bugs.
Yeah, me neither.
There's nothing.
There's no insects.
There are no animals here.
At all...
Nothing good.
What does that mean?
Find anybody?
No, found some people stuff
in the cabins, but no people.
What does he mean,
nothing good?
Okay, look, we looked all
through the main lodge -
- and looked like the owners live
here, but there is nobody around.
We didn't find anybody, either.
We did find some... things.
Like what?
We're getting the fuck
out of here!
Everybody's getting in their car
and we're getting out of here.
- Did you find someone?
- Are they dead?
No, nothing like that.
Dude, there's no animals.
There are no animals,
no birds -
- not even a fucking fly,
no pupae.
It's time to bust out
of Dodge, man.
That's why it's been so quiet.
Alex, Alex, come on, man,
where are you gonna go?
Um, anywhere but here?
You have no gas,
your car's on fumes.
Well, then I'm gonna fucking find
out how far fumes will get me.
Because I'm not spending any more time
in this bad fucking Twilight Zone -
- camp blood deathtrap
of a weekend getaway!
Now fuck off!
Please, baby, please,
baby, please, baby?
Good bye.
Come on! Goddamn it!
So, I guess that's how far
fumes will take ya'.
What, you think this is
funny, motherfucker?
- It's fucking funny?
- Hey, hey, come on, come on.
All right, all right,
everybody is freaked out enough.
Okay, I'm on edge, let it go.
And you can cut the shit.
Okay, sorry.
All right, so we just need to
figure this shit out, okay?
Claire you have the most fuel-efficient car,
how much gas do you have left?
Maybe an eighth of a tank, but
it's small, it could fit four tops.
I'll ride in the fucking trunk.
Okay, all right.
It's on empty, I have two
gallons, that's 40 miles tops.
Hey, what about getting in the gas pump?
We could break into that, we could
pull that shit up with buckets or something.
- Crap, I don't know.
- Pumps don't work like that.
The gas is in a tank under the
ground, under the concrete -
- without the pump's pulling it
up, it's inaccessible.
Wait, however -
- we could take the gas from all
the cars, put it in one tank, all right -
- it might not be much, but it might
be enough to get us away from here.
- You mean, like siphon the gas?
- Yes, from our four cars and five or six that are sitting here.
Well, could everyone fit
into Jack's car?
If the girls sit on the guys'
laps, maybe.
- Okay, so it'll be uncomfortable.
- I don't think we should go anywhere.
- What? Are you...
- I don't think it's a good idea.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- We have no idea what's going on.
How do we know that whatever happened
here hasn't already passed through?
Ah, I'll take that risk.
Well, maybe I'm not willing
to take that risk, Alex.
Look, look, Jack, the animals all
decided that whatever happened here -
- was bad, and they decided
to leave.
You know, I like to think I'm
smarter than a fucking squirrel.
I get the message. Get out!
You know what, I don't want to run out of
gas another 100 miles down the road -
- in the middle of the night, with ten
people and no fucking idea where we are!
At least here we have food and
water and shelter.
Maybe we can call for help.
Jack's right.
There's probably a phone inside.
There is probably
a phone inside.
So can we please,
please just cool our jets -
- and really think about what
we're gonna do next -
- before we make this
situation any worse?
Please. Just relax.
- Okay?
- Okay, yeah.
Yes, fine, yes. Yes.
Okay. Okay.
Tracy, did you see a phone...
She was just here.
- She came back with me, right?
- Yes.
Did anybody see her go anywhere?
- I didn't.
- Maybe she went to the bathroom.
She wouldn't go to the bathroom
without saying something to somebody.
- Tracy!
- We'll go look for her.
Let's find a can and a hose and
get the fuel out of these cars.
How are we doing?
Tastes like shit.
Yeah, I'll get you mouthwash
later, but how much gas we got?
- Not enough.
- Fuck! Really?
Did you find the gas key?
It would help if I knew
what it looked like.
Well, the car by the pumps
is empty, so is yours.
Of the cars here, I got maybe
two and a half gallons combined.
They put it all in Jack's car. Just gonna
have to see how much I can get out of Noah's.
Any luck finding Tracy?
How about a phone?
No one's found one yet.
They have to have a fucking phone,
the have an internet site for Christ's sake.
Goddamn it!
Okay, look, even if Noah's car
has four gallons in it -
- that still leaves us
less than half a tank -
- which gets us about halfway
back, and then we're done.
So what do you want to do?
You want to stay here?
But I'm not so sure I want
to be out there, either.
What if it's just some crazy guy thats
running around, killing people?
- You think it's a crazy guy?
- I don't know.
Well, if it's a crazy guy, it's the cleanest,
quietest crazy guy I've ever seen -
- I haven't seen any blood,
no sign of struggle.
Yeah, I know.
I wish it was a crazy guy, because
I can fuck up a crazy guy.
But I don't think that's what it is.
Sam, I need to know you're with me.
I'm with you.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- What do you think of Noah?
- Dude, he's creepy as fuck.
- Weird.
- Right?
Any luck, Jack?
No, nothing.
He's gone!
What's wrong? What's wrong?
Look at me, look at me.
- Who's gone?
- Noah.
We were just walking behind the
house, and calling for Tracy -
- and I just took my eyes
off him for a second.
- He's gone.
- No one else was there when it happened.
Fuck, okay,
everybody inside, okay?
- Inside? Dude, we gotta go.
- Inside, let's not bullshit.
Look, Jack, man, we gotta leave.
- Not fucking now!
- Jack, we need to go!
Goddamn it! I'm not fucking
leaving without Tracy, all right!
All right.
- Do you fucking hear me!
- Yeah!
Yeah, yeah okay. Okay.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry
- Okay. It's okay.
- So damn sorry.
- Okay, all right, come on, we're going inside.
Okay, we're going inside.
Everybody inside, let's go.
- I just need a minute, okay?
- Yeah.
Okay, we obviously
have a situation here.
That may be the single biggest
understatement I've ever heard.
- Lucas!
- Dude, I'm with him on this one.
Okay, so what do we know?
We know that it looks as if
everyone that was here is now gone.
- They all left in a hurry.
- Yes, good. Yeah.
We know that all
the animals have gone -
- and that it's way hotter at this
time of year than it should be.
So, what can cause all that?
What can make everything
disappear, including the insects?
Look, a poisonous gas cloud,
a chemical spill...
No, there'd be dead bodies
all over the place -
- there'd be insects and birds
and critters everywhere.
Not necessarily.
I mean, sometimes, you know, when birds sense
something bad is coming, like an earthquake.
You know, maybe whatever happened here, they
figured it out ahead of time and took off.
Okay, that's possible, yeah.
Yeah, like they ran ahead of it,
like in a forest fire or something.
Okay, look, if it was something
man-made, like a poisonous gas cloud -
- then that would explain why everyone
who was here left in such a hurry.
I mean, it was an emergency
and they were evacuated.
So Noah and Tracy were evacuated, Claire?
That's what you think?
Look, I know everyone's upset, but I
really think we need to get out of here.
And if what Claire says is right, that the
people who were here before got evacuated -
- we need to leave.
What about Tracy and Noah?
I don't know.
I don't know, but how does staying here
and having the same thing happen to us -
- how does that help them?
In any way..?
How much gas did you salvage?
About half a tank.
About a half a tank.
Well, that's not enough.
It's not enough
to get help or to escape.
It's enough to get away.
Unless whatever it is we're dealing
with here covers hundreds of miles -
- in which case, we'd be feeding ourselves
to it, and then no, it's not.
Let's put it to a vote.
All in favor of leaving.
Looks like we're staying.
Okay, then.
I think this is a mistake.
I know. I hope you're wrong.
Me too.
Let's lock all the
windows and doors.
We stay together.
If anybody has to go to the bathroom,
they take two people with them.
We don't take our eyes
off each other. Ever.
I'm worried about Tracy.
I know.
That's why I'm trying
to distract you.
All right, so give me
two cards, please.
I will bet you that shot
of whiskey -
- and... -
- this shoe.
What, are we playing
strip poker now?
Told you I was gonna distract
you, didn't I?
- A shoe, you say.
- A shoe.
Penny ante.
I will see your bet,
and I will raise you -
- a shot of Irish pride.
And... -
- the shirt off my back.
Hmmmm, muscles.
Very small ones, but they are there.
This region.
All right, all right. I will see
your bet, and I will raise you... -
- my panties.
How did you get
your panties off?
I came prepared.
Your turn.
I will call.
Not until you get your underwear
on this counter, you don't.
Can't you wait and see
if you've won the hand or not?
Ha! No.
But you cannot have my dignity.
I don't want your dignity, boy,
I want your drawers.
So can I have one of these,
even if I win?
Help me! He's gone!
Oh, god, he's gone!
- It's okay.
- We were just sitting there just talking -
- and he just disappeared behind the...
Fuck me.
Okay, careful, you're gonna cut yourself.
Come on, man, what the
hell are you doin'?
Look what I just remembered.
Whoa! You brought a gun?
Really? You're judging me
for bringing a gun camping -
- under these circumstances?
I just wish it was bigger.
What the hell are you
gonna do with a gun?
I don't know, Jack, but I feel
better having it in my hand, man.
- Come on, I want to go back inside, okay?
- Yeah...
I think whatever was out
here is inside now, man.
Pretty sure Lucas is coming to terms
with that fact right as we speak.
I still want to go inside.
Oh, I know you do, Jack.
I'm coming.
- Oh, and Jack?
- Yeah.
I just want you to remember.
I wanted to leave.
Everything that happens from here on out,
is on your head.
Come on, Jack,
let's get inside.
'Cause it's gonna
get real dark soon.
Lucas isn't anywhere.
Yeah, I figured.
- Jesus, is that a gun?
- I hope so.
Where the hell did you get it?
My gun-mobile.
How's Amelia doing?
She's upset. I mean, we all are.
Jesus Christ, what the hell
is happening to us, Jack?
Believe me, I wish I knew.
There wasn't any warning,
I mean, not a fucking sound.
It just doesn't make sense,
you know?
What if there were doors?
Or panels where somebody could
literally suck you into the walls?
You know, l am really glad you said that,
because that sounds fucking crazy.
That is fucking crazy.
This still doesn't
explain the missing animals.
Yeah, well, that's where my serial
killer theory pretty much breaks down.
Guys, there's gotta
be something we can do -
- to protect ourselves
from what's happening here.
I know.
Do you?
This is retribution.
Ah, here we go.
Jesus, where did she
get the Bible?
Um, the book shelf.
This is God punishing us
for our sins.
You know, I figured this
was gonna happen, man -
- gotta be honest, I thought
it would be Charlotte, so...
We have lost our way... -
- and God is striking us down,
one by one...
I don't mean to be insensitive, but when
did you become so fucking pious -
- I mean, aren't you
kind of a slut?
Alex, this is not making
things any better.
You know, it's not making
things any worse, Claire.
You know, I'm sorry, but I'm not
gonna stand here -
- being prosthetized to
by a fucking 22-year-old...
God is striking down all who have
fallen off the paths of righteousness!
Okay, but Tracy?
Tracy was studying to be
a kindergarten teacher.
Tracy was a devout Catholic.
So you tell me, why did Tracy get
swallowed up by the Holy fucking spirit?
- I don't know!
- Mm-hm.
Her sins are known only
to her and God.
Oh-oh, I want to punch you
so hard right now.
Well, you go ahead.
So what's your solution,
Agnes of God, huh?
We gonna go up to the lake and get
baptized in the waters? Is that it?
- We pray.
- Mmm.
- We pray.
- Oh...
That's what I intend to do,
l am going to pray.
Okay, you pray, and I won't!
And whoever disappears last,
I think that's enough.
Keep your mouth shut
and I won't smack it.
- Let's uh, pray over here, shall we?
- Yeah.
Yeah, right.
We still need a plan.
Staying in a large group
didn't work.
The second we took our eyes
off of Lucas, he was gone.
Cast down by the Lord,
our God...
I will fucking kill her.
Stop. Please?
Any ideas, anything?
You okay?
Not really. You?
Barely functional.
Things are starting to unravel.
They're gonna get worse.
You know what?
We should get something to eat.
It's a good idea.
Hey, guys, what do you
say we get some food?
If we all go to the kitchen, we can
keep an eye on each other.
I'll be right there.
Any requests?
- Sushi.
- Ha-ha.
Anything a white girl
from Iowa can make?
- Babies.
- Yeah.
I think you're thinking Idaho.
Do they make bologna
sandwiches in Iowa?
That, they do.
And if I could find some bologna,
that's something I can actually make.
Excuse me.
So what do you guys
like on your sandwiches?
Everything, anything.
Okay, I'll just bring
whatever I can find.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Ah, can you grab some mayo?
- What?
- Are you kidding me?
- No, no, no, no.
- Guess that means I win.
- Oh, my god.
- We need to get...
- Wait, Sam, Sam, Sam!
- We need to get out of here.
- Sam.
- We need to get out of here.
- Okay, Sam, give me the gun.
- We need to get out...
Oh, my god!
- Sam?
- Give me your keys.
Give me the fucking keys, Jack!
Okay, okay, here.
- Stay back!
- Here, here.
Stay the fuck there! Get the fuck back!
Don't you fucking move!
- Here.
- Get the keys.
- I'm scared, Sam.
- Charlotte, get the keys!
Get the fucking keys!
Move. Come here, baby.
You should have never
kept us here, Jack.
I'll fucking kill
the shit out of him! Fuck!
It's not as bad as it looks.
Not as bad as it looks.
It looks bad, okay.
It feels fucking bad.
That's the car.
- Jack!
- Where are you going?
- Sam!
- Jack?
Sam, goddamn it!
- Stop him!
- Jack?
Sam, please don't take
the fucking car! Come on!
Sam! Stop!
- Fuck off, Jack, you motherfucker!
- Sam!
- Sam!
When the fuck did it snow?
I have no idea.
Just, uh, stay behind me. Okay?
- No...
- Sam!
- You had to have seen this. What happened?
- Alex, let her go!
- Jack! Jack, get him off her!
- Alex, come on, man, get off her.
- Tell me!
- Alex, stop!
- Tell me! Tell me!
- Alex, she can't tell you!
She's in shock! Okay?
Jack, help her!
I will choke the life out
of you, I swear to god!
- Let her go!
- I swear to god! Tell me!
God! Son of a bitch! Ow!
Come on, let's grab her.
Take her to the house!
Look, I guess I owe you
an apology, Jack.
We were never gonna
be allowed to leave.
We're dead no matter what.
It doesn't uh...
It doesn't matter now.
He must have been holding the keys
when he disappeared, they're gone.
He left the gun.
He took the keys,
but he left the gun.
Oh, come on, Jack, you gotta
laugh, otherwise you're gonna... -
- you're gonna go nuts, man.
It'd be a little,
too late for you.
- Oh, Christ.
- It hurts to laugh.
So? How is he?
He's lucky the bullet
went right through.
He's lucky you're
studying to be a nurse.
I found some Vicodin
in the first aid kit.
I gave him two.
It should knock out most of the pain,
but he's not gonna sleep well.
We just have to hope that he
doesn't get an infection.
How's Charlotte?
Completely unresponsive.
What the hell is going
on with the weather?
Why is there
so much snow outside?
I don't know.
It must have dropped 50 degrees
in the last couple hours.
It doesn't make any sense.
You look exhausted.
Yeah, I am.
I'm gonna take her upstairs,
so she can get some sleep.
Are you okay with these two?
I'm not sleeping any time soon.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
I don't know what to do.
I know.
I've never been this
scared in my life.
I know.
I don't understand
what's happening here.
I can't stop it, or control it.
I really don't want
to die here.
We might.
Thank you for being...
She's gone.
I couldn't keep her here.
You gotta be fucking
kidding me.
Should I open it?
Do you have a choice?
Jesus Christ.
What's with the gun?
Where the fuck have you been?
I guess I fell
into a ditch or something.
When I came to, it was dark.
I didn't know where I was.
- Fucking bullshit!
- Come on.
Guys, what the hell? It's me.
Is it? Is it you? I don't know.
Who else would I be?
Demon, alien, spirit of an
ancient Indian burial ground.
You tell me. I'm open to any sci-fi
bullshit explanation at this point.
This is insane.
This isn't even the tip
of the insane iceberg, buddy.
You've missed the cavalcade of crazy that's
marched through here all fucking night -
- and you? You coming back
from the Big Beyond...
Well, thats just the lettuce
on the fuck-you sandwich.
Look, I... I know that I don't know
you guys that well, all right?
What is it you think I did?
Alex, what are you gonna do?
I mean, you can't shoot him.
Oh, really, Claire? Can't I?
Are those the rules?
You know, because I think my
shoulder would disagree with you!
I could just shoot him. Just shoot him -
- and blow his fucking ass away and if
he comes back, he'd be a zombie -
- or something.
Would that explain any of this shit?
Not really, no.
Where's Ella? Where's Ella,
she'll know that it's me.
Yeah, where is Ella?
No... no... really?
Goddamn it.
What? Where is she?
She's where the fuck
you just came from, asshole!
What is going on?
Alex, that's enough,
okay? Let's...
Yeah, but what if he knows, man
What if he knows where she is?
What if he knows where she is,
where they all are?
What if we can get them back?
He doesn't.
Are you sure? Because I'm not.
I mean, I'm not even sure
if he's human, Jack.
- Please?
- Shut up.
- Please!
- I said, shut up!
Just stop it! Okay?
What do you want me
to do, Claire? Huh? Hm?
What do you want?
Just don't hurt him.
Okay, well, how am I supposed to
get information out of him, huh?
What? You want me to ask him nice?
Hey, Creepy Noah,
what's going on, huh?
I don't know.
He doesn't know. Are you
satisfied with that answer?
- Are you?
- Yes.
Yeah, I'm not.
Now what is going on?
I don't know.
I can't hear you!
What do you want me to say?
I want you to say something -
- that makes everything
make sense.
Okay, that's enough.
- Fuck off.
- It's enough!
You stop me on the second
bullet, but not the first?
Was the second bullet
just a tad excessive?
I mean, you could have stopped
me at any time, Jackie.
You could just come over and
you could have punched me again.
Nice shot, by the way, you really
cleaned my clock there, chief.
Your dirty, little secret is that you
want answers just as bad as I do.
But you don't have
the stomach to get 'em.
Alex, we all want answers!
We all want them,
but not like this.
Not like this, please?
But he ain't staying here.
Please help me!
I don't know where they
go when they disappear -
- but I have read enough Stephen King to know that
nothing safe comes back from that dark place.
Claire, help me!
Sure, he looks like Noah now,
but when we go to sleep -
- he'll turn into a pod,
control our minds.
- I mean...
- Please, God!
He might be making me
do this right now.
Whatever took him
the first time -
- take him back.
Please! Let me back in!
Guys, don't let me die out here!
Let me ba...
I guess he was Noah after all.
What did you do?
What did you do?
It doesn't matter.
Don't you get it?
We're all gonna disappear and then everything
we've ever done, it doesn't matter.
Do you smoke?
They're delicious.
You know, I could
shoot you both.
I could take the vegetable there
upstairs and I could rape her.
Doesn't matter.
Because we're all
going to be erased.
If I gave you a blank video tape -
- would you care what was on it before?
It could be a snuff film,
but why would you give a fuck?
So, yes, I may have done some
monstrous things -
- but I don't think
anybody's ever gonna know.
We will.
For as long as you
both shall live.
Good luck with that.
You know what's weird?
Everyone who disappeared,
they didn't leave a trace.
Not even a spot of blood.
That makes me sad.
I want them to know
that I was here.
I can't believe
he just did that.
You want a drink?
I don't drink.
You sure you don't
want to start?
We're gonna get through this.
Yeah, yeah.
As long as we don't blink.
Noah's blood... it's gone.
- When? When?
- When um...
When Noah stopped yelling.
Charlotte's still here, that's fair.
They have a motorcycle phone.
No, we're no longer taking
reservations. Sorry.
Jack... Okay...
All right, 9-1-1.
It's ringing.
Hello? Thank god, okay, um...
My name is Claire Holstead,
I'm at the Mountainbrook Resort.
Yes, that's the one. Yes.
Well, there's been a, um...
A horrible accident.
Yeah, a lot of people have died.
Please send as many as you can.
Please hurry.
I understand. No, I understand.
I'll see you then.
Okay, they're coming,
but they're pretty far away.
It's gonna take them
three hours.
We just have to make it
for three more hours, Jack.
Just three more hours.
- That's easier said than done, Claire.
- I know, I know.
Okay, but look,
we can just, um...
We'll just face each other, right? Okay?
And we can just stare into
each others eyes.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Jack! Jack!
I'm here. I'm here. I'm here.
- Where are you?
- Relax, relax!
- Wait, hold on.
- Where's the light?
- Jack, find the light!
- I'm looking for it, hold on.
- Okay, here, here, I got it!
- Jack, please!
- It's okay, okay?
- Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Okay, here it is.
I think there's more under the table,
the candles, there's the big ones.
You want to give one to
- Yeah.
- I'll watch you.
- Okay... Okay.
- Okay?
Charlotte, hi.
I know, okay, take this.
Take this, go ahead. Go ahead...
Hey, hey, hey.
It's okay, okay?
It's okay.
What just happened?
I'm guessing that for some
reason, the power got cut off.
- Can we fix it?
- We could try.
I mean, we could find the fuse box.
I don't know where the hell it is.
It's probably outside.
- I'm not going outside.
- We don't have to.
I've never been this scared
in my entire life.
Yeah, I know.
This isn't really how
I saw this weekend going.
Oh, yeah?
Tracy's pregnant.
She didn't know that I knew,
but I found her pregnancy test.
I was waiting for her
to tell me on her own.
When she got the courage,
I was gonna give her this.
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah?
I'm so sorry, Jack.
Yeah, me too.
You know, I just came up here this
weekend for some peace and quiet.
I have two months to go
on my doctoral thesis.
I don't know if you're gonna
get much quieter than this.
I just want to know
why this is happening.
I'm not so sure
that I want to anymore.
I'm not so sure that I care.
I just want it to be over.
If I'm gonna disappear, I just
want it to happen already.
You know, all I ever really
wanted to be was a biologist.
And I worked my ass
off in college.
I was always driven
and focused-
- and I never really lived...
outside of that, you know?
I was never popular.
And I've been to six movies
since I started my thesis -
- and every single one,
I went to alone.
So I don't want to die.
I don't want to disappear.
Because I really haven't had that much
time just being here to begin with.
- Okay.
- Okay?
I won't give up hope, okay?
I have to tell you something.
But you have to promise
not to laugh.
I have to go to the bathroom.
That's fantastic.
So... uh...
I'm gonna look away.
No, no, just eye level, okay?
Oh, this is really awkward.
You don't have to tell me that.
Can I put Charlotte down now?
I'm going to go away now.
Don't blink.
Just don't... blink.
Jack... Jack!
No... no.
Is that?
I'm still here.
I'm still... here.
I'm still... here.
I'm still here. Please, God!
I'm still here!
I'm still here! I'm still here!
I'm still here! I'm still here.
I'm Still...
I'm still here!
I'm still... I'm still here.
I can see that, calm down.
- What happened here?
- Here you go.
Full perimeter... quickly.
We don't have much time, Sheriff. We
need to do a sweep and get out of here.
Roll that car back about 100 feet!
Check that over there!
No, right there!
Is there anyone else with you?
Don't blink.
I never do.
Don't you get it?
Don't... blink.
We're all gonna disappear and
then everything we've ever done -
- it doesn't matter...
Because we're all
going to be... erased.