Don't Breathe (2016) Movie Script

Don't Breathe
20. 19. 18.
Come on.
You know there's 12 seconds.
- 17.
- Yo, killed that already.
- Dude.
- Come on.
- 12. 11.
- Oh, that's what I'm talking about.
I told you this was
going to be fancy.
Alright, so,
just like last time.
No cash. The total take
has to fall below 10 g's
Yeah, yeah, whatever Judge Judy.
Come on.
Let's do this.
Okay, let's get out of here.
Everybody's leaving.
You know, if we keep hitting
houses like today, Rocky,
- and...
- Bye bye, Detroit.
And hola California.
Wait, wait.
You're going away, Rock?
Yes, as soon as I can.
When are you---
When are you coming back?
You should come with us.
- I...
- What?
Everyone else is gone.
I got my dad here.
I'll miss you then.
You at home?
- Yo, this is it, man?
- And I have my 40%.
Take it or leave it.
- It's a fucking Rolex in there, bro.
- What do you think?
And when I put it up for auction
that's not a risk, huh?
You know how much people on
the street pay for a hot Rolex.
You want money,
then steal money.
Fucking bullshit, bro.
You want to hear a tip
or not?
Alright, let's hear it.
1837 Buena Vista Street.
A house with your dad's security company,
I've already checked.
Guy who owns it
is an army vet.
Normally, it's just him and the house.
- That part of the city is a ghost town.
- It looks like a dump.
That's actually good news.
How's that good news.
The story goes.
Some preppy girl,
a few days ago
- ran over this guy's daughter.
- Jesus.
The daughter died.
And this preppy, rich ass family
pays him off.
Gives him a big ass settlement.
Baloney honor, right.
This guy, is sitting
on at least...
I mean, if I deliver this stake to Raul,
man, he will shit his pants.
Do you think the money
is in the house?
I don't know.
Let's go find out.
Guys, we don't-
we don't do cash.
Above 10k, it's major larceny.
That means 10 years
if we get caught.
- We won't get caught.
- Okay, and then what?
That amount brings serious cop presence
and there will be an investigation.
- My dad can get in trouble.
- I knew you'll bitch out on me.
I just knew it.
Alex, if we do this right,
we'll never have to do it again.
Where're you going?
We're not doing this one.
Give us the fucking keys, man,
we'll fucking do it!
Gulf War Veteran reaches six figure settlement
from Grosse Point's well known Roberts family.
Are you done, Diddy?
Be a doll and get your mother
a large 14 bolognese.
So, Trevor is living here now?
Don't be a bitch, Roxanne.
It's just a few months
till he can find a new job.
You have no money in here.
You pay for it then.
I know you're making money.
I'm done.
Your lips look sore.
That's how you're making
your cash out there?
Diddy, let's go for a walk.
I don't have to be...
- Yeah, well, it's not summer, monkey head.
- I want to be a surfer.
There's no surf in Michigan.
Not fair.
Yeah, well.
Some things you can't change, baby.
No matter how, we'll go there.
What a... bummer.
Hey, you know where
there is surf?
What do you say you and I
move there together?
Would you like that?
I promise then.
Is that a new tattoo?
I got it last night.
- Is it a?
- Ladybug.
Why a ladybug?
When my dad left,
my mom started drinking and
she told me that
my dad's leaving was
all my fault.
And I missed him a lot so,
I'd cry.
She got so fed up with
the crying that she would
lock me in the
trunk of her car.
Sometimes for hours.
But there is this uh...
a little hole in the trunk
and one time
a ladybug flew in.
It kept me company.
It made me feel safe.
When I reached California,
I'm going to color this tat.
And that's the last time
I will mark my body.
If we get this money,
I'm going away with you guys.
I know you will.
At least for blocks around
the houses aren't occupied.
No people means
no Five-O on patrol.
It's going to be
a piece of cake.
The guy's a shun and hasn't
left his house like 5 days.
I say we do it with
him in the house.
Get off the fucking car,
you dogshit!
Shit, that's our guy.
Wait, is he blind?
He has lost his sight
in Iraq or something.
It's kind of fuck up to rob
a blind guy, isn't it?
Just because he's blind don't mean
he's a fucking saint, bro.
We do this tonight.
The whole neighborhood is fucking empty.
This guy is the last man standing.
The lights are out.
He must be asleep.
He's blind.
Light's out doesn't mean anything.
It's 2:00 am.
He's sleeping.
Let's take care of
that dog first, yeah?
Oh man.
He's took it.
It'll be lights out in a second.
There's 4 locks,
you got the other keys?
No, I only have one.
Fuck me!
Why wouldn't he give backup
keys to the security company?
Because the money's in there and
the paranoid fuck doesn't trust nobody.
Let's check for a side door.
Sweet dreams, pal.
What's that?
You just point this in the
general direction of the master keypad.
It will kill the alarm.
Open the fucking door, Dexter.
Got it.
What's wrong?
It won't open.
This guy isn't messing around.
There's a bolt here,
I can feel it.
It's locked.
Locked from the inside.
What about that window?
There's no bars on it.
I can fit in there.
We're not sending you in there at all.
Nobody is sending me anywhere.
I'm going myself.
Help me up.
- Here, Rocky. You only got 30 seconds.
- Okay.
29... 28...
Ready to Arm
Slow your roll, fool.
She must have got it by now.
She's fine.
- Yeah, like you would give a fuck.
- What'd you say?
That's my bitch in there.
Let me give you some advice.
Be a good friend and stay in the
fucking friend zone, alright?
You okay?
I turned it off.
- Huh. What the fuck?
- Hey!
Hey. Hey.
Look here.
We have 3 seeds.
Just three.
2 and 3.
3 seeds.
In their sit cups,
oh and cute.
Now the water.
Now the water
What does a tree need to grow?
Water, seed, soil
and the sun.
Sounds good.
What the fuck, dude?
The guy's gassed out.
He's-He-s out.
He's a sleeping beauty.
It's fine.
Guys.'s locked.
- Only lead in the house.
Probably in there.
Do you think
you can crack it open?
Do you have anything else?
Yeah. Yeah.
Got a more powerful tool.
- Whoa, what the hell is that?
- It's a 9mm Beretta.
Gangster style, bitches.
Why'd you bring a gun?
This is a soldier's house, Alex.
Like I would ever come in here
without some chrome.
You never shot a gun before.
Yeah, well.
It's time to pop that cherry, baby.
Because I want to pop that shit
like a fucking tuna can.
Do you have any idea what
bringing a gun to a burglary means?
It gives me a better chance
to defend myself, Alex.
What? You just gave this guy
the legal right to shoot us.
Rocky, let's go.
No, no, no, no, no.
- I think we should stay.
- We have to leave, this is not good.
You don't really think just because
you jerk off to her instagrams selfies
that makes you a Romeo.
Think again, bitch!
Fuck, I'm so out.
Who-Who's there?
Okay, man.
Just chill, alright?
Look, uh...
I was wasted and
I wondered in.
So that was my bad, alright?
So I'm just gonna...
I'm just going to leave, okay?
Stay right fucking there.
Don't you fucking move.
Yeah, that's right.
I know what's in there
and I ain't leaving without it.
You got me?
Now, you do as I say, alright?
Don't take 1 single step, alright?
What, you hear me or what?
What you blind and deaf
all of a sudden, huh?
Motherfucker, I said stop.
I think you fucking heard me.
- Sorry.
- Don't you move.
What the fuck are you doing, old man?
I'll fucking shoot you.
Don't you fucking touch me.
Fucking pussy
What are you going to do now, huh?
You better fucking stop!
Don't hurt me.
I'll kill you, man!
Please, just... let me walk.
Let me walk.
Leave me alive.
Why do you want to do this...
man... please.
How many of you are there?
- What?
- How many?
It's just me, man, alright?
It's just fucking me.
Just let me go!
Please, just let me go...
Just... let me go...
Okay, I swear to god.
In closet
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Maybe we...
Maybe we should call the cops
before he does.
We'll come clean.
There's a lot more than
300 grand in this.
Got to be about
a million dollars.
Okay, let's get out of here.
That's some sort of door.
The door's bolted from the inside.
That could be the way out.
Let's go.
Let's go.
This way.
Holy shit, fuck night.
- Where's the door?
- I don't know.
Where is it?
Do you see it?
(Please help me.)
We need to get the fuck
out of here right now.
Come on.
Let's go.
The door is right here.
Hey, we're about to make it.
The door is right fucking here,
we can leave right now.
- Alright?
- (No...)
Cindy Roberts found innocent
of vehicular manslaughter
She's the one who
killed his daughter.
We have to get
her out of here.
No. No. No, Rocky.
We don't have time.
We'll get out of here
and we'll call the cops.
- And then they'll come find her.
- (The safe.)
(The safe.)
The code from the safe upstairs,
do you remember it?
He's coming.
- Hurry up.
- Okay.
Almost there.
Almost there.
I don't care what you did.
I'll get you out of here.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
- It's locked.
- Use the keys.
Just try the keys.
- I have it shoved in.
- Come in.
Come on!
He shot her.
No, baby.
My baby.
He's going upstairs.
I say, we use these keys
in that lock to the front door.
We get up there,
we can get out.
Let's go.
- Rocky.
- Alex.
Rocky. Rocky. Rocky.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go, come on.
Let's go.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on.
I see light.
Come on. Come on.
Don't... run.
Go to the door.
Try the blue key.
Do it.
Come on.
Okay, that's a good boy.
That's good.
That's...That's good.
That's good.
Go, go, go.
Upstairs now, go, go, go!
Hey, move this.
Come on.
- Those locked up too?
- Yeah.
We're trapped in here.
Rocky, the remote,
do you have it with you?
Come on, hurry.
- What are you doing?
- I'm pressing the panic button.
That means you get in range,
the system will call 911 to the police.
No, wait.
We can't go to jail.
No, we won't
Okay, this is robbery
versus kidnap and murder.
The police won't care about us
or why we're here in the first place.
Who'd have lead them
get this guy.
But then we wouldn't
keep the money.
We can gather this room.
What are you doing?
Please, let me go.
Please, let me go.
I understand you.
She killed your daughter.
You wanted her to pay.
I understand that.
I won't tell anyone.
You understand nothing.
Only a parent can know the...
... bond between a father
and his child.
She should have gone to prison, but...
Rich girls don't go to jail.
None of this is is going to
bring your daughter back.
That's not really true.
Cindy took my child
away from me.
I thought.
It's only fair...
... that she give me a new one.
She was pregnant with my baby.
You killed them both.
They would be alive if you
hadn't broken into my home.
You have to be held accountable.
Please, god.
There's no god.
It's a joke.
A bad joke.
You don't do what
god would allow.
What are you doing?
I'm not a rapist.
I never forced myself on her.
I promised I would set her free
just as soon as she gave me a child.
And now she's gone.
But I'm done waiting.
No, no.
Why do you doing this to me?
There is nothing a man cannot do
once he accepts the fact that
there is no god.
No, no, no, no.
It's done.
You're done.
You'll breed well.
Get away from me.
Shhh, shhh, shhh...
9 months,
and I'll give you your life back.
You okay?
Get up.
Rocky, did he hurt you?
You fucking bastard.
Whoa whoa whoa.
Hey, Rocky! Rocky.
Rocky. Rocky, it's over.
Come on.
How does that taste?
You're going to rot in prison
for what you've done.
Rocky, we can't involve
the cops now.
If we steal a million in cash
and then lead the cops here,
he'll tell them about us.
He'll blow this all over,
they'll get to us in a second.
You got what you came for.
Now take it.
Get out of my house!
Look, he's buying our silence.
He needs us to take the money.
It's one or the other.
Whatever you choose,
I'm with you.
- Okay.
- The door.
Let's get out of here.
I got to find the key.
I got it.
You're worthless out here.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck. Fuck.
I'm sorry, Alex.
I'm so sorry.
What is that?
You and me at the beach.
A retired army vet who fought
for our country in Iraq
and lost his sight as a result
of a grenade splinter.
Last night, 2 burglars
broke into his home and
attempted to rob and
brutally attacked him.
This visually impaired man was
able to defend himself,
shooting and killing both of
his attackers on the spot.
Now, the man did sustain
some injuries but doctor say
he is in stable condition.
He'll be released from the hospital soon
and able to return to his home.
No goods were reported
stolen by the victim.
I'm Dana Clark,
WADL news.