Don't Get Caught (2018) Movie Script

Get that one
over to the right!
Oh what are the chances
What are the chances
Life is good but
it can be better
What are the chances
When you're on the job
What are the chances
When you hitting
many licks baby
What are the chances
What are the chances
What are the chances
When you stack them bricks
I had to make a sacrifice
Oh what are the chances
Oh, oh no
Pimpin' over here
Real business over here
We real in the field
with all the chances
We gonna ship it out
Gonna keep this one
Gonna make it out
Nothing but chances
What are the chances
Got that credit card
What are the chances
16 to a zip
I'm the king of my city
What are the chances
Ooh bendi back
baby, bendi back.
Yeah buddy, yeah
ride on up in here.
Damn, y'all look like dessert
and I keep a sweet tooth,
good lawd, hey sugar.
Hell no.
Oh what y'all
trying to front on
a brother 'cause
I'm in a bucket?
- Yes!
- Yes!
Oh, okay.
That's why y'all walking
at least a brother riding.
Keep pushing boo.
I'm out, oh I will.
It's smoking!
Hey yo, quit fucking
around on that phone,
you got my money nigga?
Man you know I'ma have your
money, and I hella 'preciate
you bailing me out of
jail the other day.
Nigga fuck all that, the
only reason I bailed your
ass out 'cause I didn't want
you snitching on me fool.
Awe see now that's a low blow,
I shoulda just told on your ass.
What you say nigga?
I'm just fucking with you man.
Look give me about a week
then I'll have the money
for the bail and the
four G's you fronted me
for the pound of weed.
Look Icy, I'ma give you
that week, if you don't come
up with my money, I'm gonna
have to be ready to do some
crazy shit to my own cousin.
Man ain't gonna do shit,
that's my mother's sister's son,
fuck him.
Mm mm, look at that, black,
shiny, toe nails painted.
Looking good to me,
look at that, yeah.
Cliqued up with
my clique partner,
you know what I'm talking about.
The first lady of
the clique Jenna T,
What the fu?
B., B Legit and East.
Ooh wee!
Look at that ass, awe
look at the thighs.
Awe look at them,
look at them titties,
look at the black part.
Awe shit, and she
got her toes painted.
Look at the toes!
I got to feel you,
I got to feel you.
You'll never catch me
alive cock suckers!
How you doing brother?
Hey man,
I'm Mike.
hey, nah I'm just
taking it for a little
test ride spin.
Without actually riding huh?
Yeah, yeah.
I see you feeling
this Escalade, huh?
Yo man, this is phat.
Like Precious in micro shorts.
You know I can get you in
this, good credit, bad credit,
no credit, we got
in house financing.
You do bad credit?
You're talking to the man
put Bobby Brown back
behind the wheel.
Now come in this
office let me see
what I can do for you buddy.
Awe shit.
I saw what
you pulled up in.
Oh yeah that?
That wasn't mine man,
there's this homeless dude
that told me to drop that
off, I'm like I ain't got time
to be dropping off your car.
We do a lot of work with him.
Yeah, but that
ain't mine, yeah man.
Hey mama I know the weed man
Hey mama I know the weed man
Hey mama I know the weed man
This Indo's
coming along lovely.
It just needs to
dry one more day
and we'll start cutting it.
Okay that's good 'cause
I got my clients waiting
on their shipment, you gonna
have it ready on time, right?
You can bet your
bottom dollar on that?
Wouldn't want
to lose a hand would you?
No sir, your
pot'll be right on time.
Alright, you
just look after my investment,
I'll be back next week.
The weedman, the cannibus
pack, the vegetables
The lettuce man, the
hydrogen laugh, the cure
The grass, the medicine
The farmers, the club, the
growers and the citizens
Ba bop ba bop ba bop
Its your partner mane!
I see ya funk.
woo hoo hoo, hoo hoo hoo hoo!
Boy you cleaner than
virgin coochie mane,
now, you clean though my family.
got the
DVD and everything.
How you do this?
I turned in my
bucket, and I put down two G.
Two stacks?
Man you got that
from your cousin.
Something like that.
You stole that from
your cousin's couch.
You scandalous, I hope you
know what you doing my dude.
I'ma give his
punk ass money back.
That boy gonna
tear your top off.
Man, he ain't
gonna do shit man.
You plushed out,
what you gonna do?
Man yo, I just
came by to show you this,
I'm about to get up out I
got some man hoeing to do.
Ya feel me?
I'ma tell you like
moms used to say nigga,
keep that little thing in
your pocket 'fore it fall off
you smell me?
You know these motherfuckers
out here playing.
I know, I know.
Be cool loved one, okay?
I am so loving this
hello, okay buddy.
So yo, boo I know you
told me, don't call until
I had my shit together, right?
Yes, I remember
this conversation.
Okay so well, I still
ain't got my shit together.
I'm just playing, I'm
playing, I'm playing, nah.
But for real though I appreciate
you picking up the phone.
I mean, you're
good baby I really
wasn't even doing anything.
All my girls left me
to go to something
called Black Ski Weekend.
Oh shit that is,
that's right now huh?
I think it is.
Yeah, nah me and Dre
got to go up there.
We got some work up
there, like for real,
we got some money
up there I was just.
Ain't got no juice.
Hey it's your boy.
Icy hold up nigga
hold on, let me slide up
in this room right quick mane.
Yo, hey, you know
that Black Ski Weekend
is going on right now right?
Well nigga I
didn't know, we got
to show up there tomorrow.
Who gonna drive me, you
know I already got two DUIs.
I know, last time I counted
it was four or five DUIs.
I was finna say.
Get out the dark, whoa
Icy you in the park?
I knew that was your head man.
Come on man, how'd
you know it was my head?
You got, I said Icy
was just right by here,
what y'all doing?
Come on man, I'm trying
to chill, have a moment
with my girl dude.
This stripper, I seen her,
she don't dance that good,
she not a, she's a happy feet.
The way she works
start twerking.
You got $5?
Who was that on
the phone baby?
Oh that was Icy, we
going to the game tomorrow.
Oh for real, oh okay.
Well I guess I'm gonna
make sure I don't make
you too worn our for
that game tomorrow.
Come on over here and
give me some sugar.
Man, I can't wait to
get to Black Ski Weekend,
it's gonna be off the chain!
That thing finna smack it boy.
But look I think we're
running out of time
so take that exit right
there that's the exit
to get to the woowa.
A shortcut?
Yeah we
gonna go through 80.
Ain't that where all
them hillbilly bikers
be growing all that weed at?
Man I don't know, all I
know is me and my partners
used to slide through
there all the time so just
keep going north, and in the
mean time in-between time,
I'm gonna get me some
motherfucking rest dog.
Alright, dream about all
them hoes we finna have man,
grab one of they booty's for me.
Fool just drive.
Sweet nigga street nigga
Ask my nigga West
what's beef nigga
Weak nigga
The costra nosa familiar
I'm talking Al Capone
Man, shit man, I'm
gonna fire me up something.
I'm trying to fire me up.
We get back to that
chop boss, I want to give
that stripper a call, she
put her heels all the way
behind her head.
All the way behind
her head, all the way.
And then she leans
over and does what?
Sits crossed legged,
makes that pussy pulsate.
In and out.
Oh yeah, well.
My bad makes me hurt
just thinking about it.
I think I'm in love.
Well I know I am.
Out, out.
Shit man,
shit woo.
Shit yo, what
the fuck you doing nigga?
I think we blew out
a tire or something.
Hell, fuck, shit,
see what it is.
Told you not to buy
this motherfucking lemon.
Ain't no lemon.
Need to hurry up.
The fuck?
This little ass
motherfucking big wheel.
Some of them tires
be like that, they be smaller
'til you get the other one.
How we gonna
match this to this?
Don't get mad at me.
Hey nigger!
Get out of here you niggers!
Oh hell no.
Ain't gotta
tell me twice.
Ain't gotta
tell me twice neither.
What we gonna do?
I'm scared.
Look that look
like a porch light.
I don't know about you,
but I'm going to see if we
can get some help.
Hold up man, hold up for me,
we got to stick together man,
like them slaves used to do,
Kunta and them back in the day.
Shit, plus we don't know
what's on the other side
of this fence, pet bear,
pet lion, pet anything!
Damn man, it's a lock on the
gate, what we gonna do now?
Look like we ain't
got no other choice
but to hit the fence.
Oh hell no man,
I got a bad knee.
Why they couldn't just have a
doorbell like civilized folk?
Awe, shit.
Oh shit.
Ah, made it.
Anybody home?
Anybody home?
Anybody in this bitch?
Why I got to go upstairs?
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck?
Ain't nobody home.
I got a pump and a tire patch.
I found a pump too but
it's a dick pump, you put
your dick in it,
and you pump it.
He probably already used
it, you know what I mean?
You can't have a used dick
pump, ain't no telling.
Ain't nobody here.
Nope I
looked all upstairs.
You see that shit?
- A weed field!
- A weed field!
Let's go, let's
go, let's go get that weed!
Woo hoo!
Smell it.
Nigga we rich nigga!
Get off me!
This is for all the stuff,
all we did, the deeds,
them good deeds that
we did, all them times
we wanted to rob people
we didn't rob people,
you remember that?
I always said
we was the best hustle.
Always told these niggas mane.
Look at this.
This look like a
one time thing my nigga.
Come on man we got to
get out of here, we got
a whole lot of trees to cut.
Let's get out of here nigga.
Should we take all the trees?
Hell yeah we gonna take
'em all, let's go count 'em.
This can even go for
2500 in the neighborhood.
Finders keepers,
losers weepers.
Hey, shh, shh, I hear something.
I hear something.
Let's go see, let's go see.
By this time tomorrow.
Pay day.
You taught me how to live
And you taught me how to lie
Now teach me, now teach me
How to get you off my mind
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
He's stroking his dick man.
He done bust a nut
and fell asleep.
Can you
keep a secret my boy?
Hey let's get this motherfucker!
Shit, these mugs heavy too.
About 25 more come on.
We need to
take a weed break man,
get us some more energy.
My weed is gone!
Hey Earl,
came as fast as I could.
Sons of bitches have robbed
me right under my damn nose.
I'll give $100,000 to
whoever can get my pot back.
Let's look around your
property, see if we can find
anything to help us
locate the son of a bitch.
It's gonna be my head if
I don't get that pot back.
Don't worry Earl,
we'll find him.
Alright boys, we get $100,000
when we catch the no good
son of a bitch, so
let's spread out and see
if the bastard's left
something behind.
Hey boss, got a wallet.
Icy Andre Miller.
5786 E 14th Street,
Oakland, California.
Boys we got ourselves a coon.
We had the best stuff
in town, couldn't believe
we sold 75% of the
turtle we had in one day.
Lawyers, doctors, judges,
they all kept coming back.
It was like a drive
through service.
It was dipped.
The money kept coming,
and the turtle kept going.
It was like winning the lottery.
All we had to do was put it on
the scale, bag that thing up
and drop it off, we made at
least 700 thouwow in one day.
I got a quarter
of the goodie dro
Got a Phantom with
some really bo
I'm WB nigga head to toe
The bank roll I
can barely fold
I didn't mean
to throw it away
I usually don't do this but
I'm gonna throw it on you
Treat you like the poodle
up in Southside, California
You talking fast I
can get to know ya
I had a Ziploc for that
America's best weed
I had a handful
of blue honey
She said throw it on me
She said throw it on me
She said throw it on me
Make a nigga want
to spend everything
Tricking off my
son's college funds
I got a whole
zip of Mary Jane
I was hoping we could burn
it down when your done
Yep ass is hypnotizing
You got a baller body
It's haters baller blocking
We don't give a fuck
about those niggas no
I see a couple Gs
putting in C notes
All trap money
sipping lean in the C4
I live in the booty club
They don't never lose hoes
It's really I'm the
only motherfucker
That be throwing rolls
I had a Ziploc full
of America's best
What's up
dog, how you been?
Aye good.
What you got there?
Right here this, hootie hoo.
What you got there man?
That ain't no bama right
there, that's that power.
I don't play like that
man, y'all need to loosen
up around here, what's up man?
Look like your name
Bear, is his name Bear?
I say, that's what
I'm talking about,
what it look like?
It's good.
It's good, alright man.
Aye this ain't no
fucking cookies man.
This ain't no cookies.
Why you try to bring some
shit like this up in here?
Hey, hey, hey, we
said 75 we give you 50
and then that be that.
Let me see man, let me see.
Look at that
man, look at that.
Give my man 42.
We just fucking with you.
I got a Ziploc full
of America's best weed
I had a handful of blue
honey she said throw it on me
She said throw it on me
She said throw it on me
Hold on, hold on Dre
let me put you on speaker.
Is that my cousin Dre?
Yes sir, say cuz word
come from the top man
that y'all hit a big ol'
lick in that Bay man.
Well what's the
flavor man, ya dig?
Stainless artichokes,
you feel me, outdoor.
Bullwinkle, outdoor.
Oh you got dank?
Dank to make you think.
Ooh wee.
Hey cuz, what
they jumpin' for?
Michael Jordan.
Oh man, well send the C
monster a 100 pack down to LA
Federal Express.
And send
MacArthur a dime please!
My guy I'ma call you back.
My nigga.
This bitch I got
Always fucking
bring the drop
I'ma smash her cousin
Where my cousin
from down the flock
This big boy got money
I'ma go and buy
my mama stock
Dollar in this dollar
'cause I got a lot
Babe why it smell like
a dead skunk up in here?
Why you ain't
at your mama house?
You know how
these old women are.
You know I love her to death
but she just be nagging me
asking me too many questions.
Icy car broke down so
we decided to come back
and watch the game here.
That's just unusual though
for you to miss a game,
'cause you never miss a game.
I miss games.
No you don't.
I'ma tell you something,
we got the thing fixed,
but we decided to
watch the game here.
Mm hmm.
You up to something.
I don't know what it is yet,
but you know I'ma figure it out
Figure this out.
Ooh, hey.
Even though my man ain't
really fucking with her
And her best friend
with her ex nigga
And a nigga feeling
down and bad for her
Nine times out of 10
she done probably right
But she still pull up
on a nigga erry night
'Cause she know that
I'm a real nigga
I got that shit that
she can feel nigga
I'm coming down
like a trill nigga
And nine times out of 10
see she probably right
Said she know that
I'm a real nigga
I got that shit that
she can feel nigga
I'm coming down
like a trill nigga
And nine times out of
10 she probably right
Let me holla at 'em Kirko
I got a H on my
chest, for hustler
He got a S on his
chest, for sucker
He be runnin' around
here acting like a heifer
I be sliding around here
bossin', having cheddar
I need a money counter to
count my scrilla scratch
His money two-faced, it
talks behind his back
This what I told
the young tender
What's wrong with that nigga
Look at these $1,000 jeans
Look at these $500 shoes
Gina don't got a
clue about what's happening,
but I think it's about time
I tell her what's going down.
My baby gonna love
this, love him some bacon,
is this ready?
No, he don't need
no more potatoes,
be doing that too much.
Oh yes.
This gonna be good.
Here you go baby.
Thank you sweetheart.
Ooh, this gonna be good.
Look good.
What's up Dre, I can
feel you all over here
in my grill so, what you want?
It's kinda a long story.
Remember that time we told
you that Icy truck broke down?
We had to come back home?
Well it went like this.
I lied to you about
going to the game.
A tire blew out on the
way to Black Ski Weekend.
I'm scared.
Then we ran up
on this marijuana farm.
We stole the weed and we
came back and sold it.
So that explains
why this house
was smelling like a
dead skunk that night!
See but I be telling you, you
can't hide nothing from me.
I got them spider senses right?
That's what I do know.
Come on now.
So what y'all end up
doing with the weed?
Let me show you something.
This a half a motherfucking
meal ticket, you feel me?
That's us right there,
and Icy too, you feel me?
Okay so you know this
mean you gonna have to buy
me that ring you
been promising me.
All that you feel me, yeah.
Ooh, and a car,
ooh and a new house.
And that iPhone 7!
Gina, there's something
else I got to tell you.
That nigga Icy left his
ID at the hillbilly spot.
Shit I shoulda just
kept rolling joints,
this shit here.
All go to the toes
when a nigga cum
Whipped up, cliqued
up, turn down for what
I don't really give a fuck
Rather fuck around
Only in town one
day leave tonight
Skinny thick with a
lisp and a overbite
Get it right I'ma
boy with a 40 cap
Hey this is your neighbor
from across the street
Ms. King, and baby I don't
know whether you know
it or not, but you got a yard
full of hillbilly looking
folk over there.
Yeah, and listen they
on these loud motorcycles,
are you having a party?
No, no Ms. King, I'm not
even at the house right now.
Wait minute.
Ooh, one of 'em done
kicked your front door in.
Do you want me to
call the police?
no, Ms. King, don't
call the police.
Well they inside
your house now.
And they carrying
out big, black bags.
Here's some of the pot
boss, but that's about it.
Put it in the truck, we
ain't about two seconds
off this coon's ass, so
what I want y'all to do
is spread out around town,
check out all the local bars
and clubs, let's see if
we can find this fool.
They leaving now, I guess
I'ma call the police anyway,
'cause that's what I do, shit.
You get any heavier
I'm gonna get somebody.
Then go.
Ooh you do the titties,
you got them back up titties.
Shit ooh.
Now wait a minute.
You see that.
Toochie this smell
like some freak shit.
It might be some normal
shit, but either way
I got to get it.
Here you keep your eyes
peeled Toochie, if you don't
it's your main side that's
gonna fuck the cotton out you.
Watch him.
Just watch him he's
gonna watch me.
You keep your eyes closed.
No you nom yo, come back.
Come on nom yo rang,
come on we need you.
We need you now.
Take the box, take the box.
We good, we good we got
a Xbox for sale, $5.
$10 matter of fact,
I'll take no dollars,
I just need some crack.
Hi you Ms. King?
Yes I am.
What seems
to be the problem?
Well listen, first of all,
what took y'all so long,
It was about four or five
motorcycle guys right.
One of 'em was in
a pick up truck.
And they came and they went to
that house right over there.
And these two guys got
out, and they kicked
that front door in and they
went inside and they was inside
for about four or five
minutes, and then when they
came out they had
these big plastic bags.
Did you get a good look
at the suspects m'am?
You don't have to
call me m'am, you can
call me Ms. King, okay?
Well Ms. King, can you
describe what they had on m'am?
No 'cause I didn't
have my glasses on.
I ain't been able to find them
motherfuckers for two days.
Well we may be back
for more questionings.
Mm mm mm mm.
Get me some weed.
Hey that's what
I'm talking about.
Thought I heard something.
I can't see I'm blind
smoking weed, I can't see.
Me precious, me precious.
No we ain't part
of your bliss
Just pour that
drink in your glass
Like you ain't
got nothing to do
Fuck all that
shit and get lose
And forget about it
Forget about it
Forget about it
Forget about it
Yo yo, hey Icy,
over here, Icy.
Check it out, I'm your
motherfucking conscience.
Your weed conscience.
Oh wowzers, hey check it out.
You know them hillbillys
that you fucked over
that you think ain't
gonna catch up with you?
One of them motherfuckers
catch you they gonna kill you.
For real.
You shit out of luck, up
shit's creek without a paddle.
Aye yo!
'Bout to get micro
vaped in this bitch.
Hey, Ms. Ennie.
Icy, now you know you
ain't got nothing coming.
You want to see
my titties today?
Ooh you
get on my nerves.
I appreciate you
eenie, meenie, miney.
You need to stop
smoking so much weed
for your lips turn black,
boy please, ooh I
can't stand him.
What you doing at Dre's house?
What you mean this
like my second home.
Let me tell you this nigga
done took all the charms
out the Lucky Charms,
I went to go get some
and I had a bowl of luckys.
Oh fly's fucking.
This got micro vaped,
this that new new man.
Nah, nah
Press the button.
I don't want any of that shit.
See how it bubbles up.
Oh shit.
Mm hmm, like coochie
and you just hit it.
Damn it's hot out this
bitch man, it's hot.
Let me tell you about
them hillbillys.
They on my tail, you
know when I catch 'em,
you know what I'ma do?
Look at this man.
Hit 'em with that karate.
Rip they heart out.
You know what I'm saying?
The only thing I think about
Is on her pussy work
Trainer's out of pocket
I don't need to work
Just hit the turf and
watch my niggas lock
Packs sealed no wrap 'til
But it's feeling like
jack ill in detail
Where'd they go?
The fuck you doing?
And who is this weirdo
ass motherfucker?
Get your ass up out
of here, Icy you high?
You high.
I was high.
Get your ass in the
house man, Icy you tripping.
I ain't trying to go man.
Come on man, who's that?
Where the fuck you went to.
Goddamn find my shirt.
I'll check you tomorrow man.
Get your
little ass out of here.
He dropped his shirt.
Come on.
Who is that?
That's my man.
Where he stay?
He good
people he stay over.
That's a weirdo
ass motherfucker.
He alright.
You tripping.
Get your
ass in the house.
I can't have no company.
Gonna get me some pussy,
gonna get me some pussy
Dre ain't keeping me
cooped up in here,
them hillbilly bikers nobody.
Gonna get me some pussy
She make me want to
blow all my money
She make me want to
blow all this cash
She make me want to
change all this money
She got she got
So much so much ass yeah
She make me want to
blow all my money
What's up Icy how are you?
What's going on?
Is Angel here.
Oh she's in back, you want
me to go get her for you?
Yes please.
I'll be
upstairs, what's up.
So much ass yeah
Woo wee
hey blue.
Nigga chilling up in Onyx
Then seen I a bitch
so thick fell in love
With her whole body
What's up dog?
Alright, hey, what's up man?
I think I'm in love
with a stripper
Although my
intention's to tip her
I just might get with her
so I just gonna tip her
She make me want to
throw all my money
She make me wanna
blow all this cash
She make me wanna
change all this money
She got swag
So much so much ass
Woo wee!
There she go.
Hey baby.
How long have you been here?
Oh I just got here.
Is everything okay?
'Cause when you left this
morning I was really worried.
No, nah, no, no, no, no, no,
everything is good, alright.
But if anybody come around
here asking about me,
you don't know me alright?
out the way man!
Ooh shit I like that.
She make me want to
throw all my money
Man chill
out, sit the fuck down.
Baby, baby hide
me between your titties.
man, what the fuck?
You okay?
Yeah I'm good, I
just need to get some air.
Sit down I said, you
didn't fucking hear me
when I told her?
Watch out, watch out.
I didn't see nobody up there.
Hey there's that
motherfucker right there.
We gonna
kill you motherfucker!
When I told Gina
that Icy got chased by them
hillbillys at the club, she
felt we went a little bit
too far, so she decided to
go stay at her mama's house
'til the fog cleared out.
'Bout to get me arrested
dealing with his shit.
Clean up all your mess
and then I'll come back.
You tripping it ain't
even all that serious.
You tripping.
What you tripping on?
I can't be
dealing with all this.
What you tripping on?
Get off the car Dre.
Cut that out,
now what's happening?
Get off the car Dre.
Fuck you.
Fuck you too Dre, fuck
you, got me dealing with
all this stuff, get your
act together, got me dealing
with this shi, I ain't
going to jail for you!
Pack your bags
I don't know
Them hillbillys been
looking for Icy all over town.
But my policy is you ain't
got to get ready if you're
already ready.
Soon as I seen the
whites of they eye.
Lay 'em down now.
If you don't sit
your square ass down.
Oh shit.
Look at you, you done
spilled all the turtle.
Tripping brah, you don't know
anything about them thumpers
boy be careful with
them things, them things
will hurt somebody man.
I do now that I got my
chopper them hillbilly bikers
don't want to see none of me,
I'm Icy king of the streets.
You ain't no motherfucking
king of the streets.
Yes I'm is.
Alright anybody
can get it boy.
Not me, not me.
Whatever brah, stop
playing with that gun,
guns ain't to be
played with mane.
I reckon you
just might know who this is,
well I'm just calling to
let you know that I got
your little girlfriend.
It's them hillbillys.
Icy, please
do what he says baby,
they said they're gonna
kill me if you don't give
them what they want.
You got 'til
5:00 to get me my product,
you got that?
Yeah I got it.
You meet me at
the old warehouse downtown,
no police, just you
and what's mine.
And if you don't follow my
instructions, well I'm just
gonna have to kill your
precious little stripper.
She ain't no stripper.
What they talking about?
They got my girl.
Earl, looks like we're
gonna get your shit back.
What do you want me to do
with the girl and boy once
we got the product in our hands?
You got it, I'll call you
when it's done, and Earl,
you have my money ready.
Relax baby, you're
my insurance policy.
See, I told your dumb
ass to stay in the house.
Man, this shit
is too heavy man.
Smoke some more weed,
get high, er, get away
from all this shit.
You know what, we can't just
let that innocent girl die.
We got to do
something about this.
Do something like what?
We ain't got no more weed
man, they took the last bag.
Who said the weed
got to be real?
Hold on now.
This nigga.
Y'all thought I was
the Rent a Center.
Y'all thought I was coming
in here to confiscate
these little raggedy ass
couches or something man?
When you get that?
We got some real
shit going on nigga.
This shit right here,
nigga that shit will take
the top off a bear head nigga.
I ain't really
with it but boy.
What's with that?
My nigga, my nigga
send that out.
I know but the hoes
ain't gonna believe me
I got to Instagram this
shit, I got to Instagram
these niggas
holding them thangs.
My nigga come on man.
I'm live in the
hood with some real niggas.
Go on with that!
That's why I was at work.
Fuck you doing
nigga, get up out of here.
That's all I wanted
to get, a little nugget,
guess what, another
thing, it smell like
hot dog water in
this motherfucker.
You know they gonna
kill us if they catch us right?
They gonna try
to kill us anyway,
we ain't got shit to lose.
Yeah, you probably
right, but if you wrong,
then we both dead.
Who the hell is you writing to?
I'm gonna write a letter
to Gina, just in case
something go down.
Man, I wish I had
somebody to write to.
My daddy don't even mess with
me, he say I ain't no good.
A born fuck up.
You is a fuck up.
Not funny man.
Got to get my girl back.
Shut up you little bitch!
I want you up on the
ramp, you out front,
you stay with the girl.
Boss, it's Earl,
said it's urgent.
Man I need the weed
now, Louis is here,
I need the weed now.
Right now.
Man your friend promised
me the weed today,
but it looks like he failed me.
Now I'm gonna
teach him a lesson.
I told you not to fuck with me.
Not the hand!
Now you'll pay.
Earl, Earl!
Not my hand, my hand, my hand!
Yeah, yeah come on.
My hand, my hand!
Yeah motherfucker told
you not to fuck with me.
Get the weed now, bring
the weed, get the weed now!
This right here,
this my do dirt buggy.
No license plate, no
valid registration,
no smog no nathang.
Where you get this?
Don't worry
about it, get your ass
in the car and drive boy.
Been keeping secrets.
You know what my guy?
I remember this
quote by Mark Twain,
dude said do the thing you fear
most, and the depth of fear
is certain, today that day
where fear gonna run from us.
Let's go get your bitch man.
RoRo, you got my back?
I got you man.
Aye, I'm here.
Aye where y'all at?
I'm out here.
Let me out please.
Let me out please,
shut the fuck up bitch.
Okay, you think
you ready for this?
I am.
Shit you ain't ready for this,
come and get some of this man.
You alright?
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Aye I'm here.
Oh shit.
Where's my pot Mr. Miller.
This is a little bit of it,
there's like a little bit left
you know what I mean?
They look like they 'bout
to kill that nigga bro.
Man they
are gonna kill him.
Be positive, you
always tripping.
On some serious shit man,
I'm sorry that we smoked up
all your weed man, we
didn't mean to, we didn't
know it was yours.
Don't you
think it's a little late
for an apology Mr. Miller?
What you mean man?
Come on man, this
wasn't the plan.
I thought we was
gonna talk about this
and work it out, I thought
we was gonna work it out.
It's hella of them
motherfuckers down here now.
Listen I'll hit my nigga
Big Dog man, this nigga
fresh out the pen, scandalous
nigga, killed a nigga
over $20.
Ice my big homie, that's all
this nigga do for a living.
Yeah man for sho'.
Yeah man I see you
got them new 63s in there.
Got them old striped
dirty flames on there mane.
And the seat is cool,
you know what I'm saying.
I feel the cording,
but I just don't
do the flam thing man.
Probably need to get
something for the neck though.
Oh you think so?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
What's up?
I need you.
Where you at?
We at the old
school warehouse.
Okay hold on.
boss the girl's gone.
Dammit, go find those bastards
and bring them back now.
Let's go
get these motherfuckers.
Heavy duty work on my resume
Hitters on chrome
one text away
Somebody grab me gonna be
giving up they check today
We getting over on this
solo ain't no stress today
Heavy duty work on my resume
Hitters on chrome
one text away
What up dog?
You know
I wouldn't call
if I didn't need you.
What's happening?
Just want to know
if you're still getting down?
I'm always getting down.
Well shit I
got something that need
to be handled right now on
mama, for real, for real,
it's one of them boys.
What they got on that?
I ain't trying to
say too much on this phone
brah but it's good, you feel me.
Now you know something
like this gonna
cost you about 30,000 right?
30 he said?
Tell bro it's good.
Man it's good.
We about to go TCB.
Man let's go take
care of business then.
You know where them
choppers at, them throwaways?
For sure.
Go get them motherfuckers.
Alright, for sure.
Need you to round
up all the brothers.
We gonna need
everybody on this one.
Damn, come on.
I'm only gonna
ask you one time,
and if you don't answer
me the torturing begins,
Nod your head.
I think you're ready to
cooperate Mr. Miller.
Where's the rest of my weed?
Ow, you ripped my
mustache off man.
One time I accidentally
shaved my mustache off
I didn't get no hoes
for like a month.
Where is the rest of my weed?
What if we smoked
all the weed up?
Ain't no money, no nothing,
you've been running around here,
bang, bang, bang, bang,
shooting people and shit man,
and for what?
For nothing man.
I'm gonna kill you.
It's a good thing
we didn't do that,
we sold all that weed,
you understand me?
And we got all the money,
got like a journal,
like all the niggas we sold
to, so you can double back
and sell to them again,
repeat customers man.
I wouldn't do that, I can
take you right to the money,
you know what I mean?
Just like a good little boy.
Enough of your talk you
pathetic piece of shit.
Pathetic piece of shit, I
can't even be a pile of shit?
You know what you're being
real disrespectful, I'm trying
to be.
137 Sunset Lane, that's where
the money at and the weed,
it's right up under the sink,
the door handle get stuck
sometime, you jiggle it,
you lift up a little bit,
you can get right
in and get the money
and the weed and everything.
Mm hmm.
You can take the knife
down, I told you everything.
Come here.
Go check that out.
You got it boss.
Don't forget to
jiggle the door.
You old cracker ass cracker.
Hey baby, I'm back!
Hey, sweetie listen
I was thinking that.
Dear Gina, I just
want to say that I'm sorry
for what I did today.
And I didn't mean to
put you at risk, you got
the right to be upset,
but hopefully one day
I can make it up to you,
me and Icy had to go
take care of the situation,
if I'm not back in time
that you get his
letter, just remember
that I always love you.
Looks like I found me
some coons, now put your
hands up where I can see
'em, your coming with me.
Man this nigga, man
ain't this a bitch.
Give me your weapons.
Give you my what?
me your weapons!
Let's go, come on, come on.
If your shit doesn't check
out, I'm gonna kill you.
You need to check
your mouth out 'cause
your breath smell like shit.
Hey boss,
look what I found.
Well, well, well.
Welcome to the party people,
let's get a little
more acquainted.
Tie 'em up.
Baby are you okay?
Put 'em all
together so they can die
like pigs in a slaughter house.
Bullshit man.
I hope you feel the
same way when we start
removing your teeth one by one.
They didn't have
nothing, man I told you
we'd take you to the
money man, just untie us
and let us go.
I got orders to kill
you from higher up.
And plus I enjoy
watching niggers die,
it somewhat interests me.
Where's the rest of my money?
I told you man, the
money's at the house.
We can go get it.
Fuck this shit man, I
sold you niggas some guns
you niggas got me here tied
up, ain't this a bitch.
That's Icy fault, he the
one who left his damn wallet.
This ain't my fault
man we up here cutting
the weed worker plant
and we had to high tail
it out of there if
you wasn't all scared,
that's why we was rushing.
Fuck you Icy.
I wouldn't of
dropped my wallet.
Could've left this bitch.
Okay, all that does not
even matter right now.
How are we gonna
get out of here?
Yeah, what we gonna do?
Fuck we gonna do now?
Oh shit, I got a
knife in my back pocket.
Man you had a
knife in your pocket
this whole motherfucking time?
Man I was nervous!
You hella fake.
Icy you had a
knife all this time
you didn't tell us nothing.
I know.
Where it's at Icy?
Get it out.
Nigga I'm not
going in your pocket.
I'm sitting here tied up.
Get your booty out of my.
Get it out.
This your partner nigga!
I'll get it out,
I'll get it out.
somebody get it out.
Icy I'm not going
in your back pocket.
Give it to Angel.
Y'all got the
woman doing everything.
Get ready!
Blow that motherfucker!
Man I'm finna get out
and see what the fuck
going on up in here.
Dre? Dre?
Get out, get off
me, get out of here!
Get out of here!
I'm gonna kill you,
fucking black fucking bitch!
My house.
Get them fools, move forward!
Let's go.
Oh shit man, give me this.
Those fuckers
aren't gonna get me.
Oh shit son of a bi!
Oh shit.
Who the man
now, who the man now?
And what happened after that?
What the hell
you think happened,
I busted him upside the
head with a frying pan.
Well you know what?
That was a pretty brave action
you did, a lot of ladies
wouldn't have been able to
handle themselves like you did.
Well thank you officer.
I'm gonna kill you.
Whatever, get in the
freaking police car idiot.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
shut up, shut up.
Yeah but anyway, he ran up on
the wrong bootcamp bitch today.
Yeah you know I take
class every Friday.
Alright m'am I think I
have everything I need.
He won't be bothering yo anymore
Alright, thank you officer.
Bootcamp bitch.
We in the whip chipped up
ESS watch sipped up
But don't get it mixed up
Y'all Know do
this man, I just got
out that penitentiary
y'all know how I do.
Y'all remember the job we
just did at the warehouse
the other day?
They about to bring
that paper around.
There they go, let 'em in.
Shooting motion pictures
Still fucking bad bitches
Still riding in a foreign
Tennis shoe tight.
A little older but I'm sick
Slap a whole
nigga with a brick
When I was younger I
used to be a shooter
Now I let my
young niggas do ya
Shoot program flashbacks
What's up with the loved one?
What's happening?
How you do?
This that 30 thouwow
man, we appreciate you
and Stanley for that favor
you did at the warehouse
my guy.
For sure, and we put
50 on top of that in case
we need you in the future
man, appreciate you for real.
So this 80 bands?
Yeah it's good.
My nigga.
There you go.
I appreciate y'all,
two of my boys got shot,
but he a hog.
Sorry about that family.
It's good, I'm
still here, you know.
It's all good, y'all need
us in the future, we here.
We appreciate that folks,
to show our appreciation
we brought you a bottle
of Earl Stevens Mangoscato
that's 18% pepe.
In the mean time in-between
time we got to tear up out
of here loved one, we got
some business to handle.
Alright pepe, for sure.
Sorry about your
arm, it tickle huh?
It just
stung a little bit.
I got shot plenty
of times nigga.
She with y'all?
She with y'all.
She with y'all, I'm
just fucking with you.
What I tell y'all?
Big Dog is the business.
a good ass day.
I ain't eating no
ass, who eating ass?
Got some big ass titties,
hurt your back titties.
Guess what?
And another thing it
smell like hot dog water
up in this motherfucker.
He in there jacking off.
He stroking his dick man.
Gonna make me bust
a monkey tonight.
I'm telling your mama.
I'm just saying.
I'm telling
your mama, I'm telling
your mama she take all the
weed we ain't gonna get
no weed, we ain't
gonna get no nothing!
45, 50, 45, 55.
55, 65, 65, 75.
45, 50, 45, 55.
80, I'll take 50 you give
me 60 back, give you 70
then we split it.
Get out of my house.
Oh God!
Oh no get out of
here, who are you?
All I'm trying to say
we've been having a law,
it's a lot of laws going,
let me get that right,
nigga I'll be right back.
Get up out of here.
Where you going?
myself over the head.
gonna be a blooper.
Is that cut.
Still speeding.
I hit
myself in the head.
I didn't even see that.
Still speeding.
Where you at?
That was good, you too
busy fucking around.
Come on, come on, well get
it back, we're finna to
work this shit out.
I'm coming
hoes I'm coming.
Don't smile, don't smile.
Damn that's the law.
I want them niggas to
start filming y'all.
What's up man, damn, smell
like duck pussy in here,
what y'all smoking on?
Bring me a joint, I don't
like this, I ain't sucking
that hard to get no smoke,
bring me a joint boy!
Boy you watching see
when a nigga come up on me.
Quit playing nigga don't
kill me motherfucker.
This right here.
This my do dirt buggy.
Get your ass come on.
Get it out.
I ain't going in your booty!
Get it out!
No I'm not, no I'm
not, man go on brah,
go up in you booty, I'm not
going in, that's your guy,
I don't even know him.
I'll get it out,
move, I'll get it out.
Big enough to set
a cup on her booty
Big enough to set
a cup on her booty
Big enough to set
a cup on her booty
Big enough to set
a cup on her booty
Ghetto ass out of here.
He be up the
street he come through.
Where he stay?
Right around the corner.
How long you been
knowing that motherfucker?
For a minute.
He good people.
Alright come
on, you tripping,
I ain't got a key.
Oh Mario Bros, my man Dingo.
Centipede, awe hamburger.
I'm sweating.
Loosen this shit up man,
I'll be back.
I couldn't hold it man.
Weed and the money
gone, awe shit.
Do you want a hug?
I'm in the hood
with some real niggas.
Go on man.
Mike come back in here Mike.
I want the nigga
to start filming y'all.
Grab the weed.
I get my check next week.
Man look I just want
to say this to you man,
my name is little Carlos
Jones, and I'm with
the American Youth Program.
American Youth Program
Man get the hell out of here.
Y'all nigga smoking some weed.
Okay, my fault man look,
it's cold as a hoes heart
outside man.
Check this out, y'all
niggas is going to prison.
I'll talk to you later,
y'all in here bullshitting.
coming home to you.
That nigga is retarded.
Aye, aye what are my chances
My chances
What are your chances
Aye what are my chances
Of being broke like you
What are my chances
Doing the fake
shit that you do
What are my chances
Of going down
for these drugs
What are my chances
Of one day being a thug
What are my chances
One day being rich
What are my chances
Getting everything I wish
What are my chances,
chances, chances
What are my chances,
chances, chances
I took chances to
make it this far
I'm trafficking
dope for five days
Two kilos in the car
If they get behind me no
pulling over no stopping
In my rear view
I see the lights
But I'm running that light
Exit on Sim throwing up
everything up out the window
Gotta see my niggas from
my hood and my kinfolk
Solid to the bone know
that kid'll never fold
Took chances for
what I needed
And as you see
the kid succeeded
The hottest in the Bay
But the condo in Las Vegas
Five bedroom house
Five foreigns in
front the house
Three car garage the
pool and the jacuzzi
What are my chances my
life is like a movie
What are my chances of
being broke like you
What are my chances of doing
the fake shit that you do
What are my chances of
going down for these drugs
What are my chances
one day of being a thug
What are my chances
One day of being rich
What are my chances
Getting everything I wish
What are my chances,
chances, chances
What are my chances,
chances, my chances
Yeah, what are my chances
Will I wake up and
go to jail today
Knock off some fresh game,
I downgrade or elevate
Give or take no telling
Money stacked to the ceiling
So go with all
that fake shit
They know I'm real rich man
Got put in this position
I ain't ask to be here