Don't Give Up On Us (2006) Movie Script

Jack, do you think I'd care if you're
depressed or not in the mood?
You have to present me something.
Either a mind-blowing strategy...
or your resignation letter.
Your choice. Bye.
- Morning, Abelarda.
- Morning, Ma.
Isn't it too early for a bad mood?
- Morning, Dad. Morning, Ma.
- Morning.
How's my prettiest sister?
Well, I'm hoping you'd be as pressured
as I am. It is your wedding.
Hey, Sam, I heard that! Just because
Abby's paying for the wedding...
does that make her the prettiest?
- You're pretty too.
- Hi!
- Hi, Dad!
- Good morning.
- But you're still the prettiest.
- Oh really?
- And you smell good. And you're so sexy.
- Oh really now?
Sis, what about Sab's bridal shower?
- It's all set. Don't be late, okay?
- Of course.
Can you watch over my kids? Their nanny
has to attend to some emergency.
Sam, I heard that.
Ma, you must come to the bridal shower.
We hired macho dancers.
Hey, that's act of lasciviousness.
- Bye. Dad. Bye, Mom. Bye, kids.
- Bye.
- Take care.
- Bye, Mommy.
Dad, we're going to
the fitting later, okay.
I already have my barong.
Dad, you just can't wear your own barong.
It won't blend well with the motif.
It's a wedding, not a fashion show.
Either way, I'll pick you up Iater...
- after your class.
- Alright, alright.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye, Honey.
- Bye, Dad. Bye, Sis.
- Bye.
Ah, Mommy... those requirements
for Australia and my visa...
I'm completely lost.
Could you please call them up for me?
Sure, I'll call them.
By the way,
you already have your visa, right?
Didn't we talk about this already?
I have this big lawsuit in my hands.
I just can't go with you right now.
I'll go ahead, Ma. Bye.
- Bye, Dad.
- Bye.
- Dad, let's go. We'll be late.
- I'm just waiting foryou.
Okay, bye.
- Good morning, Ma.
- Morning.
And we see all these things happening.
Then we hear this beautiful song...
...don't make the wrong seem right
The future isn't just one night...
It's written in the moonlight
And painted on the stars
we can't...
Excuse me, Jack.
Please enlighten me.
What's this beautiful song of yours
"Don't Give Up On Us Baby" got to do...
with your concept?
Well, it means there is always hope.
Even for dirty dishes.
So what's this?
The singing dirty dishes chorale?
You think that's funny?
Since Clean-O's launching last year...
what has been the running tone
of its commercials?
Serious ones.
Usually testimonials
from celebrity moms.
Very good.
And what do you think
is the reason behind that?
Because they want credibility?
The competitors' ads are funny.
I think we should focus
the attack there.
Housewives may find
the competitors' ads amusing.
But when they go to the supermarket,
they have so little money to spend.
And that's not funny, Jack.
It's reality.
And with what little they have...
they want to get their money's worth
with the products they will purchase.
And that's Clean-O. Why?
Because CIean-O cleans all!
If the song is the problem...
- then let's change the song.
- It's not the song, Jack!
Bro, are you sure about that?
Hon! Are you ready to go?
Hon, what are you doing here?
I'm picking you up.
We're having dinner tonight.
Dinner? What dinner?
Dinner with Luis and Cindy.
Hon, it's Sab's shower party tonight.
Ohh... yeah, right.
I forgot.
I called up your secretary
last Friday to cancel.
That Kathy is really
testing my patience.
Hey, don't be mad. Why don't you
just drive me to the Linden?
That would be nice, right?
- I'II just see you tomorrow. Okay?
- Okay.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Take care.
- Yup. Bye.
Okay! Let's have a toast!
Cheers! Whoo!
- Cheers!
- Alright! Cheers!
Sab, this might be a little emotional,
We've been friends since high school.
From boylets, to little men...
to big boys.
We've quarreled a lot of times.
We've made up a lot of times.
And we're still best friends, right?
Especially now, we're gonna be sisters.
You know, Samuel, loves you so so much.
Sam is willing to give everything
and anything for you.
That I know.
But deep in my heart...
I know that you love Samuel more
than he loves you.
And please, whatever happens...
Sab, don't give up on each other, okay?
Don't give up on us, baby
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I'm having this last song syndrome.
I'm really really sorry.
I love you, Sab. I love you, Sab.
Abs, stop the drama, okay?
it's time for the macho dancers!
Oh my God!
Driver, to Alabang please.
Party's over, guys. It's over!
Ricky, turn the sounds off.
Turn it off!
- Why?
- Party's over!
Sab just walked out. So it's over.
Don't tell me she ran away.
- I don't know
- So, is the wedding still on?
- I don't know
- Maybe she's just having cold feet.
She'll be back. Come on, let's party.
we don't know what happened.
So can you please leave us alone?
My sister and I have to talk.
Okay. Girls, let's go.
Come on.
I'll call Sam.
What's that?
Ayuyang Bar. Baguio City.
Don't Give Up On Us Baby.
You know what?
I think Sab has a lover.
Don't give up on us, baby
Don't make the wrong seem right
The future isn't just one night
It's written in the moonlight
And painted on the stars
We can't change ours
Don't give up on us, baby
Lord knows we've come this far
Can't we stay the way we are
The angel and the dreamer
Who sometimes plays a fool
Don't give up on us I know
We can still come through...
if we're really meant to be...
It doesn't matter where.
I'll wait for you.
Come back to me.
I talked to Sabina's parents.
She called them up to tell them
that she's okay.
And not to worry about her.
I can't believe Sabina
would do such a thing.
Isn't Sabina your best friend?
She's my best friend,
and she's very, very impulsive.
She's also the type of person...
easily swayed by her passion
without giving it much thought.
Sam, did she tell you anything?
Okay, I'll find Sabina.
The wedding is on.
Don't give false hopes to your brother.
Let him face this like a man.
Do you have any idea at all what
your son is going through right now, Dad?
He needs to accept the truth.
If the wedding is off then it's off.
There's still time anyway.
But you can't promise that
to your brother.
You're not even sure you can convince
Sabina to go on with the wedding.
That's false advertising.
Not that there's any truth
in advertising.
If there's one truth
about advertising, Dad...
it's that I'm good at it.
And it pays so well.
Unlike teaching in that University.
This is not about us.
What I'm saying is simple.
Don't give him false hopes.
You're telling me
I can't bring Sabina back?
No! She left.
She doesn't want a wedding.
Don't you get the hint?
She could be in-love with someone else!
- That son of a bitch, whoever he is!
- Sam.
Here. Two sets. That's 700.
- Why don't you make it three sets?
- Sure. Tomorrow.
Anyway, I need it to pay
forthe repairs of my pick-up truck.
It's okay, Boss.
Okay! Take care.
I don't understand
why you have to go to Baguio.
Marco, I started it all.
Because of me they met...
they fell in love
and are about to be married.
In short, I was the one who strategized,
conceptualized and visualized this.
I'm also the producer,
so I won't allow this project to fail.
This is becoming a routine, Abby.
You always find an excuse
to ruin our plans.
I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry.
I'll just call you
when I get to Baguio, okay? Bye.
Oh shit!
What happened?
Sir George!
Sir George, what happened?
I don't know, ma'am. I'll check.
Now what, Sir George?
Ma'am, it's a leak.
What leak?
The oil leaked.
Get my things. I'll just take the bus.
Get my other things.
Oh my God, my bag!
Excuse me!
Guard! He took my bag!
My bag! Shit!
Stop, stop! My bag! Wait
Wait! Wait! You!
Stay right there!
Follow that taxi! The FX! Hurry up!
Turn right! Now! Hurry up!
Follow that FX okay!
AYH569! Hurry!
Hurry up! Don't forget
the plate number! AYH 569.
That one! Step on it!
Oh my God! My bag!
I need that bag!
- Turn left.
- No left turn.
- Turn left. I don't care.
- No Ieft turn.
Turn left! Left!
Hurry up!
Do you even know how to drive?
You're killing me!
There it is! Go faster!
Hurry up! Don't stop now okay?!
- We might crash.
- I don'tcare!
Just go faster! Straight ahead!
I have to get my bag, you understand?
- It's more expensive than this truck!
- The police are after us.
I don't give a damn about the police!
Just go!
I have to get my luggage.
What's with that guy? Did he come to
Baguio just to steal my Louis Vitton?
Oh my God! Where is he going?
What are you doing?
Focus on the road please!
That's it! There! Go faster!
Faster! Faster!
There's a bus! Oh my God!
Ma'am, I'm really sorry.
We didn't do it on purpose.
We're just chasing someone.
This can't be fixed by your sorry.
You damaged my goods. Now what?
Ma'am, I apologize. I'll just pay
for them, okay? How much?
Four thousand.
Fine, I'll make it six thousand.
But you have to give them all to me.
We're really sorry, okay?
I'm really sorry, ma'am.
You gave me a long chase.
You ran away from your violation.
And now this?
- But my luggage was stolen.
- You even caused an accident.
I'll take care of this.
Sir, I'm sorry.
My boyfriend really drives recklessly.
I've been telling him to slow
down but he just won't listen to me.
- But he will listen to you.
- Why me?
Because you're very much like his dad.
His idol.
Handsome, charismatic,
exuding an air of authority. That's you.
So what do we do now with this
stubborn boyfriend of mine?
I'll teach him a lesson
with this ticket.
No please, not a ticket. Let's not spoil
his name with a traffic violation record.
I do love the guy.
Let's do away with the ticket
and just talk about it?
But I've written the ticket already.
I can't erase this anymore.
Maybe this could erase that.
What's this?
They're twins, even better.
I'm sorry.
My God. I can't believe this.
It's only 7:00 PM.
Look, you can't alter time
no matter what you do.
An hour will always be 60 minutes.
A minute will always be 60 seconds.
Of course not.
Time does slow down in Baguio.
In Manila, everything moves fast.
That's why we value time so much.
Still the same.
It's how you use your time
that makes the difference.
Why? How do you use your time anyway?
Just look at yourself.
You're just lying there,
staring at nothing.
I use my time to be silent.
Try it sometime.
You can reflect.
You can contemplate.
Whether or not your life has meaning.
You know what?
You're full of angst. My God.
Hey, I've thought of a way
to get you both out of this cell.
You, play this guitar and you miss,
you shall sing.
- What?
- Okay.
No way. No way.
Suit yourself.
This cell is teeming with mosquitoes.
Sir, let me have that.
Come on, let's get this over with.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Live from the Baguio City Jail!
The Singing Bribery Duet!
- Come on, Miss!
- No!
My country the Philippines...
land of gold and flowers
The love she gives from her hand...
offers beauty and splendor
And with her beauty...
- Jerry...
- Sir!
Your wife called.
She'll come to pick you up.
- Thank you.
- Everything okay?
- Hey, your girlfriend is so stuck up.
- She's not my girlfriend.
Really? Well, that's good for you then.
Stuck up bitch!
Where are you headed to?
I can take you there.
After everything you said to me.
After everything that you made me do.
Do you honestly believe
I'd take a ride with you?
Excuse me. I've got pride.
I just need a yes or a no.
By the way, angst is a German word.
It literally means agony.
And your point is?
So the next time you use it,
you know what it means.
The nerve!
What happened?
Hey, I'm sorry
I wasn't able to return your call.
I had a busy day.
Well, he was bugging me the entire time,
trying to make me feel stupid.
And just before he left...
he even gave me a lecture
on what "angst" means.
Well, what does it mean?
It's a German word for agony!
Who is that guy?
I don't know, Ma.
I was just too pissed
to even ask for his name.
How the hell could I get even now?
You know Abby, you're pissed
because you've met your match.
No, Ma.
He just found a mortal enemy in me.
He'll taste my wrath
next time we meet. That low-life.
we're celebrating the wedding
anniversary of my parents.
But since Dad is not here anymore...
I'll be singing
their theme song instead.
My love, forever you will
always be my only love
For ever you will
always be my faithful love
It's always you
You'll always be
My love, forever you will
be my first and only love
For you alone I give
my everlasting love
I promise you
You'll always be
You and I will never say goodbye
We'll never even wonder why
You and I will always be
together forever
You and I will never say goodbye
We'll never even wonder why
You and I will always be...
together forever...
in love...
Happy anniversary!
Oh my God, Ma! I can't believe this.
You know what?
Mr. Angst and Sab's boyfriend...
he's one and the same person.
Well, he really must be charming.
What does he look like?
He looks like Brad Pitt in the movie
Legends ofthe Fall.
Vince just happens to be
the stinking version.
Just as I thought.
Sab falls for those type of guys.
He would only make her cry.
That low-life.
Alright, Abelarda.
Bye for now. Call me.
Bye, Ma.
Excuse me. Where is Sabina?
So, I was right.
It was you back there.
This is yours, right?
What do you take me for, a rooster?
You look like one.
Now don't play stupid
with me anymore.
Where is Sabina?
My best friend and your girlfriend.
My girlfriend? I thought you told
the police that I'm your boyfriend.
We just broke up.
Now where is Sabina?
But I haven't even said yes.
You're starting to get annoying.
You're no longer cute.
- I'm not trying to be cute.
- I even thought you're a nutcase.
What an asshole!
- I could hit you with this tape, your voice.
- Vince.
Aren't you going to introduce us?
- Mom, this is... what's your name?
- I'm Abby.
- Abby.
- Abby Trinidad.
Happy anniversary.
Thank you.
I'm Teresa. Vince's Mom.
Good evening.
Can I stay here?
I can't stand the smoke inside.
But you can still talk.
No, Mom. We're finished talking.
I'll take you home.
No, I'm fine. Don't mind me.
Go ahead and talk.
Abby we're going. Bye.
Let's go, Mom.
Take care.
Okay. Bye, Abby.
Driver, to Baguio Country Club.
Hey, you need help?
No, I need money.
You don't have to do that.
I can't trust Ada with this cloth.
It's too delicate. She might ruin it.
Let me do that. Go and rest inside.
Please, I'm not a disabled.
Doing nothing only makes me weaker.
By the way,
the guy from Star Records called.
He's asking if you're still interested
in their offer.
Really? What did you say?
What else would I say?
I told him I'll ask you.
Son, why don't you take their offer?
Go back to Manila.
You don't want me here anymore?
No, it's not that.
I just think you're really good.
You've got a following here in Baguio.
You're popular with the girls.
I'll get it. Wait.
- Hello?
- Wait!
Just a sec...
Hey, long time no see.
if we're really meant to be...
it doesn't matter where...
I'll wait for you.
Come back to me.
That's Rabbit.
Who is Rabbit?
He was named Rabbit
because he was born inside a bus.
But who is Rabbit?
He requested for this recording...
said he'd give it
to his girlfriend from Manila.
That's Sabina.
My best friend,
who's also my brother's girlfriend...
who escaped from her bridal shower...
who's to be married three weeks from now..
Who left this tape with your name on it,
which is why I'm here.
So, if that Rabbit is her boyfriend,
where can I find them?
They have a house in Banaue.
Maybe they went there.
Is it anywhere near here?
Take me there.
What the hell is Anya?
I can't. I have a gig tonight.
How much do they pay you for that gig?
I'll pay you two day's worth.
I don't need your money.
Besides, telling you where they are...
is like giving you the right
to mess up my friend's life.
Excuse me.
Your friend messed up
my brother's life. Our life.
Here's the address.
Find someone else to go with you.
Vince, the first time
I set foot in Baguio...
it was your face that greeted me.
That's a sign! You're my savior!
Abby, asking favors doesn't suit you.
And I don't buy it.
Fine! Talk to me in Ilocano.
I may not understand a word,
but I know you're insulting me.
Low-Iife! Playing hardball.
I'm gonna kick your butt!
Any problem?
Nothing, Mom.
Yes, there is.
It's Vince and his friend Rabbit.
I heard.
- Why don't you go with her?
- Mom...
It's hard to find
Rabbit's place in Banaue.
- It's hard?
- It's hard.
It's hard.
What the hell
are you going to do there?
Sabina's supposed lover lives there.
So... she could be there too.
You know what,
this is getting out of hand already.
If you think Sabina was kidnapped,
call the police.
Why go there yourself?
Hon, I don't want the police
involved in this.
I am capable of doing this myself.
Shit. Forget about the family dinner.
If you're not here by then, you can
forget that you have a boyfriend.
Hon, I'm sorry.
Let's talk about this when I get back.
No wonder Mommy doesn't like you.
You're always like that.
I'm getting sick and tired of it.
Wait. Where did that come from?
I just have a few rules.
Of course. This is my truck
and you're using my time.
Rule number one. No backseat driver.
Rule number two.
Give me your watch.
What's wrong with my watch?
Because you keep on checking the time.
I can't guarantee how long
it's going to take us to reach Banaue.
Besides I get distracted if you keep on
looking at your watch while I'm driving.
What if I get pressured?
I don't want another accident.
Be careful with that. It's expensive.
Anything else?
Remember, I'm only doing this for my mom.
She likes you for some reason.
Your mom likes me?
That's nice for a change.
My boyfriend's mom doesn't like me.
Well sometimes, moms have poor taste.
- Hello?
- Hello, ma'am!
Tess, I'm trying to get a signal.
Hello, hello?
- Make sure... Tess!
- Yes, ma'am!
Stop it!
I don't have signal there, okay?
Tell Berna I'll submit
the paperworks on Monday.
Yes, ma'am.
- I'll just email what she needs.
- Yes, ma'am.
And schedule all my Monday...
- appointments after lunch.
- Yes, Miss Abby.
You know what?
One more stunt and you'll get it.
One more...
Oh, really now? What? Huh?
Stop scaring me!
- Why?
- Or else I'll bite you!
- Go on.
- I don't want to.
- Empty words.
- You too!
One order of mix-mix.
Two orders of rice.
And these vegetables.
Can we try to be civil?
Talk nicely
and give ourselves a fresh start.
I'm Abby.
Use your other hand.
That's dirty.
Aside from your gigs in the bar,
do you have other jobs?
No. Do I need one?
How much do you make?
3,000 a month.
Three thousand?
How could you survive with that?
Abby, this is not Manila.
Goods are inexpensive here.
You can have breakfast simply
by asking potatoes from neighbors.
What? You're gonna feed your family
with your neighbor's potatoes?
It can be cabbage,
broccoli, strawberry.
Whatever the neighbor has.
Vince, that's okay if you're single.
But it's not that simple
when you have a family.
The family has more needs.
In this place, having a job that pays...
Liking that job and having a full
stomach everyday is enough to be okay.
It's not okay.
Not everything is about what you like.
You're not alone.
- Are we fighting?
- No!
I'm really beginning
to hate this guy's guts.
You know what?
If only I know where Sabina is staying,
I won't have to put up with this guy.
Hey! I can hear you!
My cellphone!
- What happened?
- You made me drop my cellphone!
It's your fault! You get it!
Why did you get it?
If you don't take it, I'll drop it again.
Okay, okay!
- Sorry.
- Hey!
How long have you been
with your boyfriend?
Long enough.
How long will that take?
Just a few minutes. Have patience.
You've been testing
my patience since Baguio.
Any wedding plans?
None yet. I still have plans for myself.
You mean he's not included in your plans?
Vince, we each have different plans
with our lives, okay?
I'm 28 years old.
And at the rate I'm going...
I will be an assistant vice-president
by 30. Okay?
Maybe after a year or two,
I'll put up my own advertising agency.
Get an early retirement...
and maybe get married
at the age of 33 or34.
Wow! Now that's a plan.
So, you love your job more
than your boyfriend.
We love each other.
But we also love ourselves.
That's why we're compatible.
So it's compatibility
that makes people marry. Not love.
Love alone is not enough
for two people to be together.
It's not enough.
But it's the start of forever.
I'm sorry?
Big word. Big word.
Wow. Such big word!
Big word but it's true.
Still a big word.
You know, with these
frequent arguments we're having...
you're starting to sound more
like my boyfriend.
Do we have a relationship?
Relationship? Us?
Of course. I'm your driver
and you're my passenger.
But I have the upper hand
because I own the truck.
Got it?
Well then, I don't want a relationship
with a man in boots...
sporting a hair longer than mine.
But pretty. Fresh from the salon.
Hello, Ma.
Are the bridesmaids finished
with the fitting?
Okay, okay.
Call me around 7:00 PM.
I'm sure I already have good news by then.
Okay, Ma? Bye.
Still preparing for the wedding?
Why? Is there a reason not to?
But we're still searching
for the bride-to-be.
And I'm sure we'll find her.
But didn't she run away
to be with another man?
With my friend Rabbit.
That means she doesn't love your brother.
You still think you can convince her?
You know what?
You think like my dad,
and you talk like my dad.
So, you've heard all these?
- And you're still here?
- Yes. Yes.
And I'm doing this to prove
to my dad that I'm right.
For once in my life I am right.
- Why?
- Because for him I'm never right.
- Is that Rabbit's house?
- Yes.
I assume you will not cause any trouble?
Why would I do that?
With your behavior since we met,
that is not a remote possibility.
- Rab?
- Sab?
That kind of banging
won't make them come out.
Rabbit come out!
I think there's no one here.
What do you mean there's no one here?!
Did you know they're not here?
They might be in Sagada.
They have another house there.
What is this, a joke?!
Vince, did you and Rabbit plan this?!
All the while you knew they're not here.
You're misleading me.
Where are they?!
Hello, Sis?
Are you with Sab?
Can I talk to her please?
Why? Is she with Rabbit?
Doesn't she want to talk to me?
Sam, I'm still on the road, okay?
Sis, please tell her to call me up...
we'll patch things up.
Who knows, maybe she still loves me.
Of course, she loves you!
Your wedding will push through, okay?
Just trust me on this, please. Okay?
Just trust me on this.
Sam, I'll talk to Abby.
How are you?
Sab is not here in Banaue.
She's probably in Sagada.
So, I'll look for her there.
Your daddy could be right.
We've been making the wrong decisions.
I shouldn't have let you go there.
Come home now.
I feel sorry for Sam.
He's still hoping.
If that's Sabina's decision, let her be.
Just come home.
I can't believe you're saying that, Ma.
If we're all worried about Samuel...
then shouldn't all of us
be doing something?
Am I the only one who understands him?
- Be reasonable. Think!
- No!
I won't stop.
Now, where... Sagada?
Why didn't you tell Samuel the truth?
But I told him the truth.
I'm gonna find Sabina,
bring her back to Manila...
the wedding is on. So where to now? Sagada?
It's dangerous to travel at this hour.
We have to rest.
- Do you think I can even rest now?
- Abby I need to get some sleep.
Stay here. I'll be down there.
If you need something just shout.
The bathroom's over there.
- Thank you, sir.
- Okay.
I have extra blanket if you feel cold.
Sometimes we need to say
what we feel inside.
If not, you'll wake up
one morning crying...
without knowing why.
Dude, who's that?
That's enough!
You're talking to that guy again.
You're acting like gays.
Where are the girls?
- What the hell happened to Gemini?
- Who's Gemini?
Hey, dude! We're here!
What the hell happened to you?
- Sorry we're late.
- Why are you late?
Okay, take a shot.
Let's start this party.
Good morning.
Let's have breakfast.
I know you're hungry.
You didn't eat last night.
Please don't get mad.
I'm having the truck's brakes repaired.
So we'll have a safe journey to Sagada.
We might be delayed for a while.
It's okay.
It's ready. Just a little hot.
Want eggs?
Are you okay?
Beautiful view.
You made me cry again.
Let's eat?
The egg's ready.
Where can I buy cigarettes?
Don't smoke anymore.
Pollution. Come on.
I'm sorry for my behavior.
I'm not mad at you.
I'm mad at everything.
But not at you.
Are you mad at me?
I'm just not. When I'm mad, I show it.
No offense meant, okay?
It's fine.
In my world, I'm not used
to showing my emotions.
Especially in my line of work.
That way I can hide my thoughts.
They won't discover my weaknesses.
It's a competitive job.
My mentor says,
who's also my boss right now...
You always have to think
that you have no friends.
Everyone's just a co-worker.
Things are simple in my world.
When you're sad, you're sad.
As my mentor says,
who's also my boss right now...
everything is temporary.
Work. Money.
Relationships are the only things
that stay.
- And who's your mentor?
- Experience.
So? You've got experience.
You have a girlfriend?
One more smile
and I'll push you off this truck.
Plenty. All of them ex.
They all have one story.
They're never contented.
At the start they're okay with my life
as a folk singer. I don't get complaints.
Everything is smooth.
Then later on, it all comes out.
They want more. That's it.
One went to Manila.
The otherwent to Japan.
Another one went to Canada as a nurse.
But we see each other when they come home.
As friends.
- Friends?
- Friends.
Really? Friends?
Not FF?
FF? What's that?
Fucking friends.
Just friends.
So, no plans to get tied down?
How old are you?
Not in the near future.
Besides, I want a girl
who wants a simple Iife.
One who enjoys a life without plans.
One who's happy, one who loves me.
She would be happy wherever we are.
How selfish!
Selfish? If it's one-sided.
I can give her that too. And much more.
Why the need to even up expectations?
Wait, I ain't finished yet.
Some girls have dreams, big dreams.
They want to achieve something in life.
But she's all that I want to have.
And she's enough.
- I think it's gonna rain.
- It's just the fog.
No, it will rain.
Hey, Vince!
Vince, wait!
What brings you here?
We're headed to Sagada.
But it's about to rain soon.
It might be dangerous to continue.
Yeah, it's gonna rain heavy.
Why don't you head to our house.
We'll just harvest the crops.
It's an emergency.
You might need help, I'll Iend a hand.
Okay, see you at the farm.
I'll turn around.
Abby, stay here.
Hey Abby, I told you to stay put.
I can't. I want to help.
Show me how.
That's enough. She might get sick.
We can't let them go to waste.
- Abby, that's enough. You'll get sick!
- Vince, there's many more!
No! Here, catch this.
- Here's another!
- Abby!
- Here's another! Vince! Vince!
- Leave it. They'll take care of those.
What the...
That's enough. Let's go.
- Vince!
- Let's go.
- Miss Dory, will you be okay?
- Yes. Why?
You gathered so few.
Plenty was left to drown in the rain.
How's that?
It's okay. We've done what we can.
Anyway, they're good nutrition for hogs.
But how would you fare?
Abby, they're used to it.
Heavy rains destroying their crops
is part of their reality.
It's a loss.
But they can always plant again.
Better luck next time.
Shouldn't you have an alternative
source of income when this happens?
I want to go work abroad but
it's just me and my mother now.
We don't want to be apart.
But you can always take her with you
when you've settled there yourself.
A year or two of waiting won't hurt.
It's just a small sacrifice.
You can do it.
I can't leave my mother alone
whether it be six months or a whole year.
If I get married I'd take her
to live with me and my husband.
I love her that much.
What's that?
A call for celebration.
An elderly couple got married today.
They used to be sweethearts,
but the guy was betrothed to another.
The guy's wife died.
So now they're free to continue their love.
Oh, how sweet.
When you hear the sound of the gong
it means you're invited. Want to go?
Can we go?
Follow me.
Is that a hog?
Yes. It's for the ceremony.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
It's tradition. Drink it.
It's tapuy.
Tastes good.
Thank you. Thanks.
Tapuy. Have some.
That's the way it is.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Uncle.
Auntie, congratulations.
Isn't it great?
Some people patiently wait for their love.
Some people
are really meant to be together.
Do you think they can still have sex?
Or will they just tell each other tales?
- Tapuy!
- Take it easy.
You've had enough.
Hey, take it easy. Abby!
One more drink!
Stubborn girl.
Stubborn boy.
That's called courtship.
- Courtship dance.
- Courtship.
Come on, let's dance.
- Abby!
- Come on, let's dance.
You're so cute. So cute.
- I knew this would happen.
- I knew it too.
That angst is a German word for agony!
From the very start,
you've got angst for me, right?
You, you've got angst for me.
Such big angst for me.
Maybe if I remove my jacket right now
you're angst for me will disappear.
In this very cold weather removing
my jacket will make me look silly, right?
Put it back on.
So you still got angst on me.
Wouldn't you like to cover me up?
It's very, very cold.
Come here, silly.
That's a mosquito net!
- Sorry. Sorry.
- Sorry? Have you sinned?
- Slowly. You might slip.
- I won't slip Shhh...
I won't slip.
What's this?
Is it concrete or a mudpool?
It's concrete.
Not much of a difference.
Step? No.
You know, you're such a good person.
You're such a good soul.
Hey, if you're going to commit a sin,
can you do it with me... please?
I'm so excited I can't hide it!...
are we ready to sin?
If we're going to commit one,
it's fine with me.
Because you'll be my sin.
Is that okay with you?
You'll be my most beautiful sin.
The most beautiful sin of all.
Rabbit's house is down there.
Let's go.
Will they be there?
You know I'm a little tensed.
They have one more house in Aparri.
They could've gone there.
It's a joke.
I'm just kidding. Come on, cutie.
- Dude.
- Dude.
- How are you dude?
- This is Abby.
Abby, Sab's future sister-in-Iaw.
Is she there?
Sab, what's this?
Abby, it'll be a bigger mistake
if I marry Samuel.
Eventually we will call it quits.
Because I don't love him.
You don't love him?
Then why did you agree to marry him?
I'm pregnant with Rabbit's baby.
You're pregnant.
So that's the reason you left
my brother. Is that it?
No! Because I wanted this. I wanted
to be pregnant with Rabbit's baby.
- Do you even know what you're saying?
- Abby...
You're not thinking clearly.
What, you're gonna live here?
You can't live here.
I know you so well.
You won't survive in this place.
I love him! I love Rabbit!
Then what?
What will you do?
What about your life?
My God Sab, will you listen to me?
All these years that we're friends,
I have always listened to you.
You know what, I knew you'd say that.
Tell me something that I don't know.
You listen to me. I love Rabbit.
And you know what, Abby, I could turn
my back to everything for him.
I know you'd tell me that I'm stupid,
that I'm not thinking clearly...
that I'm ruled by my passion.
Go ahead. It's fine with me.
All I know is that I'm happy now.
And you know what?
I don't even have to explain myself.
Because I am happy.
Because I love him.
This is what I want and
I'd do it all over again if I need to.
It will be alright.
I'm here. I'm just here.
Are you okay now?
Come on.
You didn't call last night?
Where are you?
How's everything?
Have you seen Sab?
Will you be coming home now?
I've found Sab.
- I failed to convince her to come home.
- What happened? How is she?
I'll tell the story when I get home.
Why? What's wrong?
Abby? Areyou okay?
I'm coming home.
I packed you some food.
You might get hungry while on the road.
I'll drive you back to Manila.
Such a big house. Do you still see
each other inside that house?
It's just a normal house.
Can we talk for a while?
There's something...
Now, right this moment?
Don't you want to come in first?
Let's talk inside. Okay?
Why don't we all go to Sagada?
Let's chase them ourselves.
Call Riggs, dude. He's game.
Coming, sir.
Feel at home.
I'll introduce you to my brother.
Oh! My favorite sister has come home.
It's too early for drinking.
Because of that son of a bitch Rabbit.
How's my favorite sister?
The bearer ofthe bad news.
Stop it, Samuel.
Tell me, dear sister.
Did they look good together?
What? Come on, tell me?
Sam, let's just talk later?
Later, now, it's just the same, Sis.
Hey, you brought someone.
Who's he?
He's Vince.
Vince, this is Samuel my brother.
His buddies Dave, Caloy.
I'm Vince.
- You're that wretched friend of Rabbit?!
- Samuel!
What did you do to my Sab?!
You're in this together, right!
- Dude, I have nothing to do with it.
- Dude? Who are you calling dude?
- Samuel, stop it! Samuel!
- You son of a bitch!
- Stay put! I can take him myself!
- Will you stop it!
You son of a bitch, tell that scoundrel
Rabbit never to cross paths with me!
- I said stop it!
- What's happening here?
- What's all this commotion about?
- But Dad...
this son of a bitch conspired
with that Rabbit!
And he's got the nerve
to step into my house!
Samuel! Watch your language!
I will not allow such garbage
in this house!
Vince was gracious enough to bring me
home and he insulted him.
Sis, don't you get it. He purposely
went with you to sabotage your trip.
- If you missed that you're stupid.
- Grow up, Samuel.
You know why I wasn't
able to bring Sabina back?
Because she doesn't love you anymore.
That's all there is to it!
Stop this! Stop this!
Now, let's talk about this
in a civilized manner!
I'm sorry...
coming with you just made things worse.
It's okay.
You have nothing to do with it.
I'll go ahead.
Go ahead.
- Abby...
- You be careful, okay?
Get inside.
Take care.
- Ma'am, Miss Abby to see you.
- Let her in.
Miss Abby, you may proceed.
Hey, Abby, I've been calling for you.
I have great news for you.
We are going to give you a promotion.
How was your trip?
What did I get myself into?
You did it because you liked it.
It felt good.
Exciting. It gave you a rush.
You have fallen for the sweet seduction
of this totally charming singer.
As all artists are,
Vince must be unpredictable...
fashionably sensitive,
and too cool to care, as Jewel said it.
- And you
- And I am foolish...
vulnerable, problematic,
and ripe for juvenile romance.
Like the commercials that we do...
your love affair is beautifully
deliciously photographed,
you can almost taste it.
You know what the reality is?
It was just a one-night stand.
And you needed it.
It's an illusion of love.
What will happen after
the passion has died down?
Every fire burns out.
It won't last. Nothing will come out of it.
Can you point me to Abby Trinidad's office?
That way, sir.
But she's in her boss' office right now.
I'll go ahead and see her. Thanks.
- Vince! What are you doing here?
- I just passed by your home.
Let's go to my office.
Oh, I'm sorry. My meeting with
Miss Berna took longer than I expected.
Let's have lunch break.
Be back in an hour.
I'm really sorry guys, okay? Sorry.
Excuse me.
Ma'am, you have a 1:30 PM meeting.
- Shall we confirm or can...
- Yeah, yeah. I just got it.
Bong from Roadrunner
called to confirm the interlock session?
Yes, to that too.
Please adjust all my other
meetings after 1:30 PM, okay?
Okay, ma'am.
Last one, ma'am.
Your signature for accounting.
- Okay. Let's go, Vince.
- Okay. Thank you.
I'll have one decaf coffee.
And one sopa de ajo.
Vince, what will you have? Vince.
I'm really not that hungry.
Please, it's my treat.
You do it.
Fine, I'll just order for you.
for him maybe...
Clam chowder. You want steak?
- We have T-bone.
- Can you do this later?
- We need to talk first.
- Yes, sir.
I have 45 minutes left.
This will only take two minutes.
Okay. Shoot.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Vince, I'm back in my world.
Every minute counts.
Do you have any idea how many reports
are waiting for me at my table?
Okay, what about this.
Do you know how many meetings
I have after this lunch?
So if you've got something to tell me,
do it now.
Abby, do you love me?
- Because I love you so much.
- Vince...
What happened with us,
does it mean anything to you?
It's not that simple.
It means something to me.
A lot.
That's why I need to know
what you feel.
Abby, I love you.
I love you.
My boss, Berna, informed me...
just this morning...
that I'm up for promotion. They're
promoting me to Junior Vice-President.
Great, right?
Everything is falling into place.
Just as I planned them to be.
Damn it! Abby, where do I fit in?
How are you?
Busy? l've been calling you.
I'm talking to someone.
So you're in the office?
Who's your date?
- Marco!
- So...
you're busy.
Who's with you?
Looks like a serious conversation.
That's Vince.
My companion in Baguio.
What's he doing here?
He drove me home.
I'm just treating him for lunch
before he goes back.
So you've forgotten how to go back
to Manila on your own.
Here's your order, sir.
I said later.
- Enough!
- Sorry, sir.
The guy has brought you back.
You have no use for him now.
Tell him to go home.
Why are you even using that tone with me?
Didn't you break up with me?
We're not even an item now.
Hey, don't you turn this against me.
- It was your fault.
- For you, it's always my fault.
Come clean, Abby. Be honest.
Stop lying to me.
You want me to be honest?
Thinking about it...
Maybe I never really loved you after all.
Now that's honesty.
Cool, right?
Hi, Dad.
Vince was here.
He wanted you to have this.
He said you'll be needing this now.
Thank you.
He seems like a good man.
And he reminds me so much of you.
- Vince, your turn, bro. Sing us a song!
- Yeah... a song.
We want Vince!
We want Vince!
We want Vince!
Okay, I'll sing.
You all know I can't refuse you.
Bro, forgive me but...
this will be my last performance
in Ayuyang.
This is my final song.
for everybody here.
For a different life.
Every moment spent with you
The world suddenly changes
Each bended line in our life
Suddenly disappears...
hope returns
Why can't I do it?
Stop these feelings
Happiness can't be achieved
If I can't have you near
I wish you'd know
You are my dream
Miss Abby.
Book me in the first flight
to Baguio tomorrow morning.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Stop right here.
Thank you.
I just...
I just came to apologize.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Is that all you have to say? Okay?
What do you want me to say?
You're angry.
You're mad at me.
What else would you do...
Do you want to hurt me?
Do you want to hit me?
Do you want to throw me out?
Tell me, Vince.
I don't know.
I don't even understand why you're here.
You know what, I got it.
I got it.
Still trying to absorb it...
But I got it.
That's why...
I don't understand why you still came here.
You know...
if you want to say sorry...
you've done it already.
Besides you don't have to say sorry...
you simply told the truth, right?
I love you, Vince.
What shall I do?
I don't know...
I don't know...
Maybe if I
Will this be a happy ending
if I embrace you?
Will you stay here with me
if I embrace you?
What if...
What if I can't make you happy?
Can I bear your sadness?
What if you wanted something I can't give?
Can you bear my short comings?
what if you come to my world instead?
What if nothing happens to my life?
Can you handle it, Abby?
You're right.
It's not that simple.
Are you saying...
Are you saying goodbye?
Why did I let myself fall in love
with you when I knew I'd just be hurt?
Because I don't want
to cause you more pain.
I can't...
I can't do that, Abby.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.
Ma, I wrote all my reminders
and put it in your bag.
- Don't forget.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna miss you, Mom.
- I'm gonna miss you too.
Take care.
Bye, Honey.
- Bye.
- Bye, Dad.
Take care of the house, okay?
Where's Abby?
Are you coming?
Then, let's go.
- Bye, Sis.
- Be okay in Sidney.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Let's go, let's go.
Bye. Take care.
Will you be alright here with Ada?
Of course.
I'll talk to Christian from Star Records.
I'll try it. See what happens.
Thank God.
You're finally giving Star Records
some thought. I'm tired of them calling.
- I have no idea what will happen but
- Just go.
No more second thoughts.
It's tearing up my heart
If I can't be with you. In
Dude, are you okay?
I'm okay.
Do you want a five-minute break?
Just one more, please?
You are my dream
Though we
Sorry, dude.
But we have a deadline to meet.
Ah yes, right. Sorry. Sorry, Sorry.
I wish you'd know
You are my dream...
Though our hearts may love another
I'm really sorry.
It's tearing up my heart
If I can't be with you
I wish you'd know
You are my dream...
Though our hearts may love another
I wish you'd know
That's all I ask for
I wish you'd know that it's you I love
Good afternoon.
Mister Garcia, you may start
with your question please.
Your album is supposed to be an
emotional roller-coaster ride.
But after listening to it,
it seems like your ride is not over yet.
You're still longing
and aching for someone.
Is it okay to ask who she is?
A woman...
She was my inspiration
in making this album.
That's all.
Thank you.
What did this lady do to you?
Is she your pain?
Your reason for believing in life
and love all at the same time?
There's plenty of reason to live for.
That's why...
maybe partly...
she has her contribution in that.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations, Vince.
- Thank you.
- Hi!
- Hi! Howare you? Oh my God.
Oh, how's everything, Abby?
I missed you so much.
I miss you too! So what's new?
- What did your folks say?
- Nothing. They're okay with it.
Well, Mom was hesitant to let me go
for a while. You know her.
I just decided to go back.
I miss being here. It's not the same.
How's Uncle and Auntie?
Are they adjusted already?
They're happy. The place is okay.
I think they like living there.
So? How are you?
I really missed you, Abs.
I missed you...
Please send it earlier, Vince.
It has to be confirmed.
I can't. Please find a way.
- You're shortening our trip.
- That's mine.
Abby, talk to Vince.
He doesn't want to.
It's up to you. I'm okay.
There, Vince. Abby's okay with it.
Come on!
Come on, bro! Come on!
No, our honeymoon isn't over.
We still have a lot to do.
What were you talking about?
Anywhere we go, they'll always disturb us.