Don't Go (2018) Movie Script

Seas the day.
You promised you'd come down.
Yeah, two minutes.
So, yourself and Hazel
will be moving back then?
- What?
- To the States.
Heard you're goin' home.
This is home.
I hear you're movin'.
Ah, you're not
staying here, surely.
Not after what happened
in this house.
Why don't you
give the hotel a shot..
...outside Dublin?
Could be a fresh start
for the pair of you.
And you'll be helping me out.
I'll talk to Hazel.
She might listen
to her favorite uncle.
Here he is, our Prince.
How's the boy?
There's a good dog.
There's a good dog.
Expect delays coming out
of Dublin and for those of you
heading west towards Galway,
traffic is flowing nicely.
Some delays can be expected,
however, as scattered showers
roll in from the Atlantic
and travelers
have been asked to slow down.
Especially on the N6
where roadworks are in place.
Later we can look forward
to more sunshine
there's no showers on the way..
Here we are.
Come on.
In you go.
There's a lot of words
in that box.
My husband's a writer.
Oh, no, not there,
go downstairs.
You're a writer?
Have I heard of you?
Ben Slater? Nope.
that's why I'm teaching now.
Beautiful part of the world.
Yeah, sure is.
Morning racers.
Dangerous assholes.
One of them nearly
ran me over last summer.
If I wasn't such a good..
Where'd you find that?
Amongst my dad's old things.
I thought I'd lost it.
Look at this.
My nan.
My dad's sisters,
Kate and Rita.
They wanted me to marry
a nice local guy.
Oh, there's Dave Pearce.
Oh, I was nuts about him.
Young love.
Kinda wish we could go back
to that, that feeling.
Like to Daisy Vaugh?
Ooh, you never told me
about her.
My first real kiss,
seventh grade
behind the music hall.
I wish we got second lives
like we got second teeth.
Remember that day?
We built that sandcastle
on the beach.
We were also fighting
like crazy.
You know we got through it.
Come on.
Serena. I haven't heard
from her since the funeral.
Let's eat.
- Come on, Daddy.
- Yeah, come on, Daddy.
Don't just lie there
like a big lump.
Help Mommy build..
What's it called again?
- A moat.
- A moat.
- A boat?
- A moat, dipstick.
- Ah!
- He's a dipstick..
Oh, is that so? Well, you
just watch this dipstick dig.
Molly, get the bucket,
go get some water.
"Molly get the bucket,
Molly get the water."
What would you do
if I wasn't here?
Ahh, run. Run, run, run.
- I'm sorry, did we wake you?
- What?
Cut the tortured writer crap.
You're complex, I get it.
- Flags, Mommy.
- Oh!
What the fuck?
The minister's now facing
a motion of no confidence
after the opposition claimed..
"Seas the day."
This opens the library, the
drama room, my computer space.
Can I buy gas with it?
You'll enjoy Sacred Heart.
We're all very excited to have
a real author in our midst.
Thank you.
Pick it up.
We're here today
to ask God's blessing
as we begin
a new school year.
So, if you would bow your heads.
The Lord is not slow
to fulfill
His promise
as some understand slowness..
...but is patient with you.
Not wanting anyone to perish.
- You wanna go to hell?
- But everyone to come to repentance.
And so to bring His plan
to fruition
He uses sinful men
for His purposes.
Give of yourself
and heaven and earth will move
to accommodate your wishes.
Ask and you shall receive.
Can I have a new car?
It's got multiple murders, sex
ghosts, dirty jokes, the lot.
The Elizabethans love
their dirty jokes.
I've got a dirty joke.
I've got detention slips.
Are you supposed to be famous?
Google me,
if you haven't already.
But google "Macbeth" as well,
guys, we begin act one tomorrow.
"Tomorrow and tomorrow
and tomorrow
"creeps in
this petty past from day to day
"to the last syllable
of recorded time
"and all our yesterdays
have lighted fools
the way to dusty death."
That was,
that was "Brief Candle."
Very good, father, there's
an actor beneath that collar.
Ah, no chance of that now.
- Sean Brady.
- Ben Slater.
Nice to meet you, Ben.
Drama appreciation.
Now, who's the genius
that came up with that one, huh?
Who curses you I need the gig?
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome,
Ben Slater.
Do you know what, welcome
to Ireland for God's sake.
I've actually been
living here for...
You know, this school has its
fair share of the living dead
but the majority of them
still have a pulse.
And tonight is the quiz night.
You have to come.
Hughes Pub, most of the staff
will be there.
- Oh, you married?
- Yeah.
Bring the wife. That way we'll
all get a good look at her.
- Oh, yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey, babe.
- How was school?
- School was cool.
- I went to the mass.
- Huh, you?
Uh, no, not just me,
the whole school.
Jesus. I met a priest.
He's a bit of a character.
He invited us to a quiz night.
The whole staff's gonna be
there, it's tonight.
What? We're opening a hotel
in less than three weeks, Ben.
- I have so much I need to do.
- Well, Ha..
Hazel, I didn't come here
to hide, we're going.
So, the final question
for ten pints.
"What children's
character said
"You can have anything
in life if you will sacrifice
everything else for it?"
Who said that? I haven't a clue.
- Come on, think, Donald Trump.
- Trump, my ass.
- I know, he's a fool.
- Well, that's what Ivana says.
"And dreams do come true,
if only we wish hard enough."
Peter Pan.
Write it down.
Hey, we might win
this thing yet, huh?
Hazel... uh, I'm not sure
if you remember, but, um..
- Dave.
- Yeah.
How are you?
Wow, uh,
t... this is my husband, Ben.
- Oh, right. Nice to meet you.
- How are you?
I heard you moved town,
you're, um
opening the hotel again,
aren't you?
God, it's been years.
A long time. Are you still..
- Single. Yeah.
- No, I'm..
No, I-I mean,
are you still living..
Still living here, yeah.
I am, for my sins.
That's good.
Anyway, I should, um..
Right, well, anyway,
it was good seeing you.
And the winner is,
by one pint, the Furious Five.
Donald Trump!
Speaking of which,
tell us what brought
you two
into the hotel business?
The glamor.
In this place? I doubt it.
You're not from around here.
My parents were Irish,
actually, and, uh..
...I went to university
in Dublin.
Spent every summer here, since
my father had the romantic idea
to buy a small hotel
on the west coast
which my uncle now owns.
Which would have been sold
if we hadn't stepped in.
So, here we are.
Any experience
in the hospitality business?
Pfft, not really, my experience
is in advertising. It was.
That's how we met,
I used to write copy for her.
- Man of many talents.
- And master of none.
So, how does advertising
compare to the classroom?
More children in advertising.
- So you quit?
- Yep.
We, uh, we sold everything
and bought a house in Dublin.
And we traveled
around the world.
I suppose you can do that
when you don't have children.
What makes you think
we don't have children?
Oh, no, I just thought.
Do you?
Seamstress queen
She's no bigger..
Having a child these days
are like buying a car.
A lifestyle choice,
you'd say.
In my day, we didn't have
any lifestyle choices.
If you were married
and you weren't pregnant
within a year,
people would say..
Our child died.
Sure she makes
The work looks simple
She fell down the stairs
and she hit her head.
Her name was Molly.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, Hazel.
There she goes
My Ringsend Rose
Dublin town
Has seen
None fairer
Party's still going on
over there, huh?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Are we nuts for doing this,
coming down here?
It's what you wanted.
And you'll never let me
forget it.
I never said a word.
You know, some of my best
memories are on this beach.
You, me and Molly.
There's a magic here,
don't you feel it?
I can hear it.
Make a wish.
- What?
- Go on, close your eyes.
Make a wish.
Wow, what did you wish for?
You know the rules.
You're gonna write about this,
aren't you?
- Midnight dance.
- Twisting on the beach.
- Galway Beach.
- Galway.
That's important.
Don't look at me like
I'm made of glass.
Fuck me.
What is it, buddy?
She's drunk.
Should we call a doctor?
Let her sleep it off.
You know what she's like, she
always has to make an entrance.
"Which keeps me pale,
light thickens
"and the crow, and the crow
makes wing to the rocky wood."
The crow,
what does it symbolize?
Is he still alive?
Cut it out, guys.
I said cut it out!
Excuse me, sir,
will you, um, sign this?
Oh, did it speak to you?
- Jenny, right?
- Mm-hm.
Oh, look.
Thank you.
You're growing
your fan base, I see.
My followers
are out of control.
Listen, I'm organizing
a little poker game
in the staff room
at lunchtime
it'd be great
if you could join us.
- Do you play?
- Only in Vegas.
Fair enough.
Strip poker then?
Some of the women are in there
divesting themselves
of their underwear
even as we speak.
How the hell
did you become a priest?
Because I believe
in Christ the Redeemer
and I thought
the church did, too.
So, sue me.
One of the good ones, huh?
I'm a contrary bollocks.
Mind you, so is He.
That's why they put Him
on a cross.
But I am a priest and I know
that I have a mouth
as big as the Gap of Dunloe,
but I am a good listener.
You know,
whenever you needed to..
Yeah, I don't wanna be
rude but I just
I've got a class coming up.
I hear you, I hear you.
Serena, you gave us
a scare last night.
Should she be drinking?
Drinking's the least
of her problems.
Did you see her eyes?
She was a mess last night,
she was going on and on.
What was she saying?
How did she
even find this place?
I don't know.
I mean, she took the train
and then some guy in the pub
told her where we lived
and so she walked,
in the rain.
as long as we don't leave
any sharp objects lying around.
So, you've given up
writing then?
Why do you say that?
It's just they say
we all have one book in us.
I don't.
No, you do.
- We all do, everyone does.
- Oh, yeah?
We all have
at least one book in us.
I'm missing your point, Serena.
Mm. Maybe you've written yours.
I read a glowing review
of your jewelry online.
Either I wrote that
or I fucked the person who did.
Oh, I think you're being
too hard on yourself.
I think
you're an amazing designer.
Thank you. And I think you're
gonna have an amazing hotel.
I do, too.
What are you even doing here?
Hazel's doing fine,
she doesn't need this.
What about me?
Maybe I need this.
Shall I tell you
where the last six...
- Don't you...
- Shall I tell her?
Don't you dare
say a word to her.
Or what?
You'll what?
Keep your voice down, okay?
What is it you want?
- Do you want money?
- I don't need your money.
- I can look after myself.
- Can you?
Can you, hm?
It happened,
but now it's time to...
Move on?
Is that what you hate me for?
You think I don't spend
every waking moment
thinking about that day?
You think I don't feel it
the way you do?
You really think
I don't feel it?
Feel what?
What don't you feel?
Serena thinks
I don't emote enough.
I'm gonna have a glass of wine.
"Seas the day."
- What'd you say?
- That couldn't be right.
Shouldn't that be spelled
I'm good, thanks.
Well, excuse me.
You drop that,
you're paying for it.
Don't I know you?
I don't think so.
Maybe. I... I did have a book.
Pretty sure
we don't know each other.
Enjoy your coffee.
Sorry, sir. He pushed me.
Alright, let's go.
You could be expelled
for that.
Get out of here.
Lady Macbeth,
what do we know about her?
What's she like?
She's a tough bitch.
She is a tough bitch.
But listen to this.
"Come to my woman's breasts
and take my milk for gall."
Woman's breasts. Ha-ha-ha.
Gall, what is it?
They made Christ drink it
on the cross.
- Vinegar.
- Right.
So, she wants the milk in her
breasts to turn to vinegar
which raises the question,
why is she lactating?
Producing milk, dickheads.
And? Tell 'em why.
She's pregnant.
"I have given suck
and know how tender
'tis to love the babe
that milks me."
But there's no baby Macbeth
in this play.
- So?
- It died.
And since she's still lactating?
Just died.
A tough bitch,
a woman's baby has just died.
Enough to drive her crazy
with grief.
And Macbeth..
...we were told
in the very beginning
that he was fearless in battle
that he would just throw himself
at the enemy.
Didn't care whether he lived
or died.
He was heartbroken.
And he'll move heaven and earth
to make it right again.
- Daddy.
- Come on, Daddy.
Don't just lie there
like a big lump.
Help Mommy build..
What's it called again?
- A moat.
- A moat.
- A boat?
- A moat, dipstick.
- Ah!
- Daddy's a dipstick.
Oh, is that so? Well, you just
watch this dipstick dig.
Molly, you get the bucket
and go get some water, honey.
I'm sorry, did we wake you?
- Flags, Mommy.
- Oh.
The sandcastle.
You remember the day
we built a big sandcastle?
- You, me and Molly?
- What?
What time is it?
Ugh! Where were you?
- I tried calling you.
- The sandcastle.
The one, the big one
with the moat, right?
And we had the little red flags?
What are you talking about?
Tell me you remember.
Yeah, the red flags, I remember.
You wanna build a sandcastle?
"Seas the day."
I've been seeing it everywhere.
It was written in the sand.
- On my computer.
- What are you talking about?
Oh, fuck, you're drunk.
Maybe, but it doesn't matter..
...'cause I think
I figured it out.
I have had the exact same dream
now, twice
about the day
we built the sandcastle..
...except I don't think
it's a dream.
It's like it's a, a message
a message from someone
or something.
- You're scaring me.
- Just listen to me, please.
When I first woke up,
"Seas the day"
was written in the sand.
Tonight you handed me the flag
to stick into the sandcastle
only the dream ended
before I could do it.
When I woke up..
...I still had the flag.
It was in my hand, Hazel.
I don't understand.
"Seas the day."
It's a..
It's like
a childish misspelling.
It's supposed
to be like S-E-I-Z-E.
It means seize that day.
What if it means seize her?
- Who?
- Molly.
And instead of holding
the red flag
when the dream ended
what I if I was holding
onto her hand?
What if I could pull her
out of that dream?
- Ben...
- You know, pull her out of that day.
- Don't you hear yourself?
- No, because we could change it.
- We could change the past.
- Don't you hear yourself?
I know what I saw.
Ben, please.
I've thought a lot
about that day, too.
That was the day
the boat came round the point
and you were out swimming.
I've often wondered
what would have...
If it had hit me?
Maybe Molly wouldn't have
fallen down the stairs?
You were supposed
to be looking after her.
You were
supposed to be minding her.
Lack of sleep is usually
consistent with stress.
Your recent bereavement
is undoubtedly a factor
but rather than prescribing
sleeping pills, perhaps...
I'm also a teacher.
One a night.
You hear me?
Strictly one a night.
- Come on, Daddy.
- Yeah, come on, Daddy.
Don't just lie there
like a big lump.
Help Mommy build..
What's it called again?
- A moat.
- A moat.
Look, Molly, Daddy's diggin'.
Daddy's a dipstick, huh?
Molly, get the bucket,
go get some water.
Run. Run, run, run.
I'm sorry, did we wake you?
- What?
- Huh.
Cut the tortured writer crap.
You're complex, I get it.
Flags, Mommy.
How did you get that?
- Big hug, huh?
- Big hug.
Don't let go.
If I had died..
...wouldn't you try
to contact me?
'Cause I'd find a way.
I would.
I'm sorry I said
those things to you.
A moat.
Time travel?
Jesus, Ben, I teach physics,
not science fiction.
To a particular point.
One particular day.
I mean Hawking
said it's possible
he said that, didn't he?
Yeah, he also said that
if time travel
were to ever exist
then we probably would have
already met time travelers.
- Maybe we have.
- An infinite universe?
I guess anything's possible.
Whatever you're working on,
it sounds mad
I can't wait to read it.
You okay?
I'm fine.
just open your books.
- You can't just burst in here.
- This is important.
How do I pull the cameras up?
A phone's been stolen.
Denise, right?
- Bernice.
- Bernice, can you help me?
Don't know about this.
Great, can I? Thanks.
- Come on.
- What do you think you're doing?
Mr. Slater says a phone's been
stolen from his classroom.
You have no right
to access that computer.
Mr. Slater, I am asking you
for the last time...
Give me a Goddamn second,
will you?
Molly, wait!
It's the one bit of Latin
that everybody knows.
Carpe diem, seize the day.
Yeah, except it's "Seas."
I've been seeing
it everywhere.
It's like the words
are haunting me.
Look, if you're hoping
I'd perform an exorcism..
Well, I'm sorry, my friend
but the pope relieved me
of those duties
many years ago.
Jesus, you're doin' all right,
aren't you?
Right, here we are.
Oi, Ben, come here to me.
Go and see a shrink,
you fucking lunatic.
Oh, Benjamin Bunny.
- Hi, baby.
- Hm.
Lose the shoes,
join the party.
I found it
in your jacket pocket.
Weren't you gonna share?
I confiscated that
from a kid at school.
- Ooh.
- Hm, confiscate some more.
- It's good shit.
- It's so good.
Alright, give me some of that.
How long's it been?
- A long time.
- Hm.
In college we used to smoke
every single night.
Not every single night.
I mean, m... maybe you did
but I... I was innocent.
You were never that innocent.
People always thought
I was the wild one.
Because you are.
Give me that.
Serena has a secret.
No. No, Hazel.
Serena is not
who you think she is.
Serena is not her real name.
Oh. Really?
What's your real name?
Rose, okay.
Yeah, I named her Serena
on the first day of college.
- Mm-hm.
- Uh-huh.
A rose by any other name.. still a rose.
Ah, I love chocolate.
Who knew chocolate
could taste so good?
We have to put this
on the menu.
I always think of my mother
when I bake.
Hey, what's wrong?
What is it?
The dancer.
What's going on?
Hey, it's okay.
Oh, it's okay, it's okay.
There's something
she's not telling me.
Something terrible.
I asked her
why she cut herself
and you know what she said?
That she was doing penance.
- For what?
- Uh..
You need to be nicer to her.
- I'm always nice to her.
- No, you're not.
I know she can be hard work
You think?
You know, in her eyes,
I had it all.
A beautiful house,
beautiful child.
Perfect husband.
And I did for a while.
She's here because
she's lost..
...and I'm glad she's here.
No, really, I am, it's..
It's given me perspective.
You know, there were days when
I didn't think I could go on.
It would have been
so much easier to just..
You remember how many pills
they prescribed me?
Don't talk like that.
But I don't feel
that way anymore.
I feel like I can live again.
There's something
I wanna show you.
Come on.
No, you tell me first.
You trust me?
You're wasted.
You trust me, right?
Come, you won't regret it.
You're crazy.
Come on.
Where are we going?
Right here.
Careful. Okay?
- Okay.
- Babe, it's a little cold.
Stay, sit.
Okay, in the dark?
What's gotten into you?
Remember when you said
there wasn't
enough magic in the world?
Okay, this is not
what I had in mind.
Promise me you won't get mad.
Just hear me out.
Something's happening, Hazel.
Something I can't explain.
The day at the beach.
Something from that day
is still with me.
I keep getting pulled back
to that one day
and I don't know why.
I know this sounds crazy..
...but if you're with me..
I need you, Hazel.
Do this with me, please.
What do you want me to do?
I'm not crazy, Hazel.
I don't know why..
...maybe it just doesn't work
with two people.
But I've been there.
I've been to a place
where Molly's still alive..
...and we get
that second life.
Don't you think I want that?
I want that more than anything.
What I wouldn't give for an
ordinary minute in a universe
where Molly isn't dead.
But she's dead, Ben.
- Big hug. Ugh..
- What are you doing?
We have to get off
the beach now.
Don't go, stay with me.
Don't go.
- Come on.
- Ugh!
- We have to get off the beach now!
- What's wrong with you?
Come on.
Oh, no!
I don't know
what I'm supposed to do!
Hazel. Hey!
How did I get this scar?
Ben, we have
the opening tomorrow.
- I need to sleep.
- The scar, how did I get it?
You fell on the beach.
The day we built sandcastles.
You don't remember?
Guess they all took
a wrong turn somewhere.
Mr. Miller is taking your class.
This hasn't been an easy time
for you, Ben, has it?
I know you've been
under a lot of stress.
Am I about to be fired?
You confiscated something
in the yard a few days ago.
A controlled substance.
What did you do with it?
I smoked it.
- You...
- Smoked it.
You're not making this easy,
Let me fix that for ya.
I read your book.
"A Reality Delusion."
Nice title.
Some weighty themes in there.
A futility of existence.
All of us dropped
in the meaningless universe.
A little hectic.
But the age old themes
have such a bearing resonance
don't you think?
What, a guy who dances
with furniture shouldn't read?
It's just my face
when I meet someone
that's actually read my book.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You can write... you can.
But you're overthinking
Oh, yeah?
I mean, there's you..
...struggling with the weight
of your pain..
...grappling in the shadows
without understanding the forces
governing your existence.
We all earned our own
early pathway
our course is set
long before we are.
But sadly,
some of us go astray.
But those who do,
pay a heavy price.
And all come back
to the fold.
What is it?
Please tell me.
It's something so immense
it can't hold a name.
You just embrace it, Ben.
I've tried..
I've really tried..
...but I'm doing something
I don't know, but.. never brings me back
to that day.
It's always a different day
but I can't change anything.
I just can't... change anything.
Our course is set
long before we are.
Oh, my God.
What happened to you?
I called the school,
they said you quit.
What's he doing here?
David is a psychologist.
He's been helping me
and I think
he can help you too.
Ben, if you wanna talk,
we can talk.
What did you tell him, Hazel?
Did you tell him
that I'm going crazy?
I told him you need help.
- Because?
- Because you do, look at you.
Because I'm crazy, say it!
Yes, you're crazy,
and you're making me crazy!
Don't you see everything
is falling apart?
You need help, Ben!
No, I need support from you,
from my wife.
- I can't, I can't do this.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- It's okay.
- Get out of my fuck...
Ben, just let me help you.
Just get out of my house.
Man, just think about what
you're doing.
He's just here to help us.
We don't need his help, okay?
We need.. We just..
Don't you hear that?
Tell me you hear that.
Does anybody hear
what I'm hearing?
Please, I think
you should all leave.
Tell me you hear that!
Tell me!
- Ben.
- Do you hear it?
where's the fucking thing?
What are you doing?
Where the fuck is it?
What have you done?
Would you fuck me now?
- Don't, Serena.
- Would you?
You wanted to fuck me so bad
that day..
You wanted to lick
every inch of me..
...that's what you said.
That's what you said.
I'm so sorry.
Hazel, open the door.
- Jesus Christ. No, baby.
- Oh, my God.
What did you tell her? Huh?
I didn't.
Hold on, baby, hold on.
Mr. Slater.
- You're the guy from..
- Kevin.
Kevin Gunne,
pleased to meet you.
Are you okay?
Were you in an accident?
How's Hazel?
- How's she doing?
- Your wife is fine.
Were you able to get that
shit out of her system?
This shit?
Terol L-glutamate
also known as folic acid
not exactly overdose material.
Hazel's been depressed..
...mixing a lot of medication..
She's anemic.
Nothing to panic about
she's got a nasty bump
on the back of her head
from when she blacked out.
Why don't you sit down again?
I'll be right back.
Can I, can I see her?
Sorry to interrupt,
Mr. Slater, do you mind?
I'd just like to..
Have a look.
Where's Serena?
Now, the other eye.
I just can't.
I just need..
Ben, what are you doing here?
Everything okay?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
I killed her, Sean..
...the same way I killed Molly.
Oh, Ben.
But now I know.
I know.
You remember the reading?
At mass, the day we met?
"Here is my redemption."
This is my wish.
Come on, Daddy.
Yeah, come on, Daddy.
Don't just lie there
like a big lump.
Help Mommy build..
What's it called again?
- A moat.
- A moat.
A boat?
A moat, dipstick.
- Daddy's a dipstick.
- Ooh.
Oh, is that so?
Well, you just watch this
dipstick dig, huh?
Get the bucket,
go get some water.
"Molly, get the bucket,
Molly, get the water."
What would you do
if I wasn't here?
Run, run, run.
I'm glad you could join us.
Drop the tortured writer..
Flags, mommy.
Oh, yeah.
Nice trick.
What's gotten into you?
Come here.
- Ooh!
- Ah!
Daddy's gonna go for a swim.
Yeah, as quick as you can,
Yes, sir, it's on the way.
Thank you.
Faster! Go faster!
Ben, look out!
"The day.."
In the name of the Father
and of the Son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
"Give them eternal rest,
oh, Lord
"may your perpetual light shine
on them forever.
"Almighty God, our Father
"we firmly believe
that your son
died and rose to life.."
Are you sure you can
let the place go?
Yeah, too many memories.
Come back here.