Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (2014) Movie Script

ls this OK?
Yes, thanks
You're welcome
Paul, where are you?
Stuck in traffic. Be right there
l wish a cute guy would come to my rescue
Need some help, Miss Yang?
Sure! Thanks!
You look familiar
Cheung Shen Ran?
Your office is nearby?
l'm looking for one
Me too! l'm looking over there
What a coincidence
l saw your idol
The Goddess of Stocks
Yang Yang Yang?
On the next block,
having trouble parking her Ferrari
Oh boy!
Across the street is Morgan Stanley,
UBS, Goldman Lynch and Merrill Sachs
We face west. South is that way
This building faces south
Morgan Stanley is upstairs.
Goldman Lynch and Merrill Sachs are downstairs
Great location
l'll take it
Thank you, Miss Yang
l'll take it
He'll take it
Hold. . .
What are you doing?
Hi , Miss Yang!
You're my idol. l want to work for you
l got my master's in finance at Columbia
l was an analyst for Goldman Lynch for 2 years
Then Cheung Shen. . .
That's enough!
Will the market go up or down in a month?
Positive economic data lead to the tapering of QE
A weak stock market leads to speculating in QE,
V-shape rebound
lf you're wrong, look me up on 1 1 /F
"Cheung Shen Ran, CEO & Fund Manager"
"Chairman of Hong Kong Mountaineering
and Climbing Union"
Where are we going?
l'm sorry
l see
Then l won't bother you
Does that hurt?
Eat more
You need a bigger ass to look nice
in the wedding gown
That's none of your business!
How about French?
Miss Yang, Cheng Zixin is here to see you
Miss Yang, remember that day. . .
You were completely off. When can you start?
Any time
Start now
Morning, Miss Yang
Morning, Boss
Cheng Zixin, Senior Analyst
Sit here
Come on
Death cross, a second financial crisis-sell
Fiscal cliff, unproductive talks-sell
Greece may go bankrupt-sell
Be greedy when others panic. . .
Pay attention to related issues,
when European markets open this afternoon
No one is panicking
The market will plunge again
Sit there
OK, Boss
Your handbag
Who's Asshole?
Cheung Shen Ran?
He's the Boss's boyfriend
Can you stay on your toes?
ln a volatile market,
l can't save your necks if anything goes wrong
Who's calling?
The market crashed, Baby! Make it short!
Look over here
Over where?
Yang Yang Yang's office
After you turned down his proposal,
it took the Boss 30 seconds
to pick up the model downstairs
Then he flirted with a
flight attendant on the plane. . .
and got the number of a
news anchor sitting beside him
That's good
What are you doing?
l'm dead if the Boss sees us
- You're a taboo
- How come?
Mary only mentioned your name. . .
and was fired on the spot. See you
Go somewhere far away
Oh my god
Sorry, something popped up
Next time then
Love you
Where are you going?
Wyndham Street
l'm going to Lan Kwai Fong
Hop in!
Boss, may I ask you a question?
Go ahead
Why did you hire me when l was wrong. . .
and not the other way around?
l believe in reverse thinking
You were not exactly wrong; you were"not yet right"
Wrong way!
Turn the wheel
Turn right. . .
now back. . .
l'll do it
l just came home and you're leaving?
Happy hour!
Ceiling lamps are installed at 8.
Won't you take a look?
Design is what I do, not installation
Don't you want to know about
my first day on the job?
How was it?
Swamped! The market crashed
Guess whom I saw today?
Cheung Shen Ran
My ex-Boss
The Asshole?
This is so spooky
He moved his company right opposite mine
Your story is "to be continued"?
Nonsense! Get lost
Need any help?
OK, thanks
l move your car,
you buy me dinner
The way you drive. . .
You came back from Europe?
Nice, France
What a coincidence
l lived in Nice for 6 months
They have great seafood
Let's have seafood then
Tung Kee Restaurant in Sai Kung, OK?
Busquets's pass is intercepted !
The French fight back
Ribmry gets the ball and runs past Alonso,
past Ramos and Nasri!
He sent a pass and, ah, yet another goal!
Benzema scored yet another goal for France!
1 7 minutes into the game! 4-0!
4 goals is a piece of cake!
He must have placed a big bet
Have l seen you before?
ln your dream?
Why are men so obsessed with boobs?
That octopus has been waving at me all night
Are you drunk?
lt's true! Whenever Spain loses a goal,
the octopus starts waving SOS
No way
You told people to bet on Spain?
l lost $1 00K because of you!
Half sashimi , half deep-fried
Got it
You can't eat that!
Why not?
l'll pay for it, how much?
l have plenty of money!
Oh boy
Hey. . .
She took the octopus!
That's my octopus, bitch!
She was brushing against your leg with hers!
Just like a windshield wiper
What can I do?
Slap you and tell you off?
Then we're finished
Serve me right for wanting
to be your last girlfriend
l want to be your last girlfriend
Did Cheung Shen Ran see you?
No, he's too busy. . .
flirting with my Boss,
doing magic tricks upstairs,
and using Post-lts downstairs
John said. . .
he had picked up a model right after
l had turned him down . . .
and had hooked up with a flight attendant
and a news anchor on the plane
A colleague was fired for saying my name
That was too much!
You're the best
So are you
Keep up the good work, night
You too
Good night
"l forgot how it got started"
"Maybe l just have. . ."
"this feeling towards you"
"Suddenly l realized . . ."
"l've deeply fallen in love with you"
"lt's very simple"
"l don't care if my love
takes me to utter darkness"
"l can no longer tell right from wrong"
"l don't regret following you day
and night out of love"
"l'm the crazy one"
Please wait!
Going up!
Please take the next one, sir!
This one's full
Sir. . .
Excuse me. . .
Sorry. . . please press 1 1 /F, thanks!
Thanks a lot
Excuse me, thanks
Shh . . .
Mr. Cheung
What a coincidence, Mr. Cheung
What a coincidence, Shen Ran
What a coincidence, Asshole
Hi ,
what a coincidence, Cheung Shen Ran
Cheung Shen Ran
What are you doing?
Fixing up a pad for Genie
You said it knew reverse thinking
and it could always pick the loser
l'm late
Take your time, bye
Morning, Miss Yang
Morning, Boss
They're cold, don't eat them
No, they're good
What do you think of the market?
l have no idea. What about you?
Me neither
"Ask Genie whether the market will go up or down"
Up? Down?
l told you it was the death cross
See? What did l tell you? Why won't you listen?
"All done. Dinner tonight?"
"Merci! Swamped! Market crash! l owe you one"
This is too amazing!
Last night was even more amazing
lt's just seafood. You can
find it all over Sai Kung
lt knows reverse thinking
Genie, am I pretty?
ls your master very unhappy?
You scared Genie
"l'm off to Nice in a few days! Dinner tomorrow?"
What does the designer do for a living?
What designer?
The one who fixed the fish tank for you
l didn't ask
Let's go rock climbing tomorrow
Hold on to the crack
Left foot, right hand , go
Use your strength
Very good. See you at the top
No way!
This is insane
Come on
Let's celebrate our 50,000-minute anniversary
Come, try this
Hi , Shen Ran
Testosterone overload
The more the better
Don't move
Oh boy
What are you doing?
lt's too risky
l'll go buy some
Get it from the car
Still trying to guess the song l was singing?
l don't even remember
My theme song
Let me guess
l think I can guess it within 1 0,000 tries
Good luck
Turn off the lights!
What are you doing, Boss?
Why did you come back?
l forgot my keys
Are your hands alright?
l was almost electrocuted!
Need any help?
So for here, we have $20m from property. . .
aren't you flying to Beijing today?
After delay upon delay,
l decided to cancel. . .
and give Cheung Shen Ran a surprise
Boss, may I ask you a question?
When we saw Cheung Shen Ran the other day,
why did you try to hide from him?
Call it reverse thinking
l can't possibly pour water on him
and call him an asshole
lf l did , we're finished
Baby, where are you?
ln the office
You're working late?
Aren't you flying to New York?
"Darling, where are you?"
What's up?
Where are you, Honey?
"ln the office, and you?"
"Off to London. Let's celebrate
your birthday when I get back"
Can't celebrate your birthday with you
l'm busy. Talk to you later
Dragon Pacific and Union Airlines
are forced to cancel. . .
at least 1 0 flights from Hong Kong. . .
to New York or Vancouver
Nicknamed Frankenstorm, Hurricane Sandy. . .
has caused serious power outages. . .
May l ask who's calling?
Tang from the lobby
A Miss Chen is here to see Mr. Cheung
lt's the lobby
A Miss Chen is here to see Mr. Cheung
A flight attendant from Cathay Air
She's holding a cake
Cathay Air flight attendant with a cake
Let her wait
Pick her up and take her next door
When he blows out the candles, you plug it in
Very happy!
You're not busy today?
How many times did I tell you? This is my office
l'm working . What are you doing here?
l wanted to see you. . .
and give you a surprise
OK, give me a kiss
Take a seat
ls he still working?
1 0
1 5
1 0
1 0
1 0! I win. . . for the "1 0" one time
Dragon Pacific flight attendant coming up
Miss Yang
Don't tell him. lt's a surprise. . .
for Mr. Cheung's birthday
Take a seat, wait for me
You little bitch!
l haven't spanked you in a week. Give me your ass!
My turn . Come on
The phone's ringing
Baby! Make it short
My Boss is coming over
Miss Yang's coming
Look busy!
Move it!
Hurry up and sit down!
Account 3201 we dropped 1 1 .3%,
we lost almost
1 0% from the stock market closed. . .
Scared me to death!
Happy Birthday!
Hello! Hi !
Make a wish
God bless us. . .
Look over there
"Happy Birthday!"
What happened?
Who are you?
What's your relationship with Cheung Shen Ran?
Don't do this
Come on!
Listen to me. . .
Listen to me. . .
Not at me!
Go to hell, bastard!
Stop it!
Let's go!
Stop it!
Don't leave!
ls that you, Cheng Zixin?
What are you doing here?
l work here
Didn't you get married?
Not yet
lt's next month
Qihong wants to wait till the building
he's designing is completed
Are you alright?
Are you hurt?
l'm fine
Cheng Zixin!
Are you alright?
l'm fine, Mr. Cheung
Do you need a doctor?
No, l have to go
What took you so long?
l got an electric shock. . .
and Cheung Shen Ran saw me
You're getting married but still
get vibes from Cheung Shen Ran?
No, l mean a real electric shock
Are you alright?
l was blushing,
my hands were numb,
my heart was racing. . .
and my mind went blank
The feeling of love
Let's have seafood again. My treat
Where are you?
OK, l'll be there in 3 minutes
You're leaving?
l'd like to get shocked too. Sounds so exciting
You . . .
l have competition as well
Need your help again
The number you have dialed cannot be reached
Please leave a message after the beep
Where are you?
Let's have dinner
l know a place with good seafood
My place
Rocky Harbor lobsters
lncomparably yummy
"Shen Ran"
lf you only look at Steve Jobs,
then you'll miss God
Lots of cuttlefish
How many women have watched
the stars with you like this?
You're the first one
The rest hit the sack right away?
See that red one up there?
That's Mars
My home
You're nuts!
l must have seen you before
But where?
ln your previous life
See you in your dream
Thanks for saving me!
Forget the unhappy moments
l'm fine
l was babbling because l was drunk
l have a new assignment
What did l say?
l have to watch it 20,000 times
l was just singing a song
Which one?
My favorite one. . .
Let me guess
No sweat. You're from France
You lived there too!
French cuisine
Nice car! See you in Central
Yang Yang Yang
Why didn't you come home?
lf it's urgent, leave a message after the beep
Let's do dinner tonight
We have something important to discuss
Has it ever occurred to you . . .
that Ferrari doesn't suit you?
No, l like it precisely because it's hard to drive
See you in Central
You owe me a French meal
2 months ago,
you were having trouble
parking your car over there
l came over to help,
but another guy beat me to it
No big deal
l'll make you my girlfriend
Good luck!
Mr. Cheung!
l'll do it
Thank you
Mr. Cheung, your wine has been decanted
Here. . .
You wanted to talk?
Let's eat first
Can you tell me now?
Let's do that over dessert
A year ago,
right here at this table,
a woman asked me if l could be her Martian
l was about to say yes,
when 3 women with boops hanging out walked by
Naturally your nose started to bleed
Yes and she chose the Martian
Marry me, Cheng Zixin!
Don't return my ring
The Martian even designed a building for her
l fought for her but failed
l thought l'd be fine back on Earth
But I wanted to die and
couldn't sleep a wink at night
Then somehow I ended up outside her apartment
Mr. Chen,
l want to rent 4B
Do you know what time it is? You're sick!
Mr. Chen, l want to rent 4B
l couldn't fall asleep elsewhere
You're really sick!
Last night,
when you took off with the designer,
l couldn't breathe again
l was really scared
l knew that I was crazy about you
So l went out this morning. . .
to buy you something
Be my last girlfriend
Marry me
Can l stay at your place until our wedding?
She picked that apartment
l wanted to move out,
but couln't let it go
Terminate the lease for me
OK, l'll take care of it
Get rid of the furniture as well
OK, l'll do that
And the Maserati
Drive my Ferrari for now
What about Mr. Chen's apartment?
4B, No. 4 Square Street
lf you love her so much,
why didn't you get her back?
She's married to the Martian
Even if I get her back,
l'm not sure I can make her happy
There're two kinds of men: those who cheat,
and those who want to
But he's neither
You like those?
They give me the feeling of home
Good! Any plans for tonight?
Wedding dress fitting at 8
OK, let's go
The feeling of home
Cheung Shen Ran wants to
get rid of everything in here
Take anything you like
We'll replace everything when we get married
Why don't you congratulate me?
Try the sofa
You're not mad at him anymore?
His playboy image is just a facade
The apartment and all the furniture. . .
were his ex's idea
After she turned down his proposal,
he wanted to die staring at all this
Who would have guessed?
lt's great to marry him
This sofa is so cozy
The feeling of home
Forget it. lt's the wrong size
Thanks anyway
l'm late for my fitting
Please look again
No, it's almost 8
Alright. . . l'll give you a lift
Not even one?
Right on time!
Thanks so much
Since you won't take the furniture,
what about the car? She picked that too
No, thanks
What about your husband?
He doesn't like sports cars
A man who doesn't like sports cars?
What kind of a man is he?
He's a Martian
See you
What's up?
Paul, can you have dinner with me tonight?
Sorry, I have a date
"Back from Nice. See you at the pier?"
The Martian?
You really can't?
OK, l'll come back for you later
After your fitting,
wait for me at lnagiku, alright?
My sister. . .
needed to talk to me
Wait for me on the boat
This is for you
The University of Nice. . .
has a lot of fig trees
l picked them just for you
Turn around
What's wrong?
Why so late?
l was exacting justice
Hello, Mr. Chen?
Yes, hold on a second
Yes, tell me the number
Who are you looking for?
l'm sorry
Wrong address
OK, thanks, bye!
Who was it?
Wrong address
Mr. Chen said you can
return the keys tomorrow night
So soon?
Yes, the Happy Valley developer will take
the apartment back the day after tomorrow
The furniture was given away
You can trade in your Maserati for a new one
Am I efficient or what?
Are you alright?
She settled for the Ferrari
l'm a Mini Cooper up against a Ferrari
Forgot to tell you,
l have fallen in love with your Boss
She's getting married
With the Ferrari?
With Cheung Shen Ran
Ferrari is Cheung Shen Ran?
The hell with the Ferrari!
She's going to marry her boyfriend Cheung Shen Ran
and yet she just told me he's not over me yet, OK?
Half a dozen
Fucking asshole!
Where are you?
l couldn't sleep, so l went for a spin
OK, enjoy your ride
l want to drink
You had enough! Now sit down!
Sit over here
Sit here
Look at your cell phone and guess the song
Oh boy
What's going on?
Paul drank too much
Come on, give it to me
Drink yogurt
Paul was dumped
By who?
My Boss
lsn't she with Cheung Shen Ran?
l want to drink this
You'll throw up if you keep drinking
4A or 4B?
No, l just want to pee
Do whatever you like!
As long as you don't drink
Cheng Zixin? What are you doing here?
l live here
l thought you live on Wyndham Street
lt's under renovation
This is just temporary
What a coincidence
"Following you day and night out of love"
"l'm the crazy one"
"l love you"
You've been living here?
Not really
Actually l used to live. . .
over there
Good night!
This. . .
l know the answer!
"l love you. Yes I do"
"l'll never give up"
"the right to love you"
"lf you still have some doubts,"
"listen to my heart"
"Listen to me saying I love you"
"Would you marry me?"
"Yes l do"
What happened?
My Boss came over
For you or your brother?
l think she was looking for Cheung Shen Ran
ln your apartment?
Hold on
He's next door
Next door?
He. . .
He must have rented my old apartment
l'm feeling tired
l'm going to bed now
OK, good night
Good night
This is goodbye,
Cheng Zixin
Why are you here?
Cheng Zixin!
l live here
Why do you live here?
l wanted to rent back my apartment,
but the landlord said it was taken
He asked me. . .
if I wanted this apartment
He said he also owned the apartment next door
l'm going to work
"Qihong: Morning!"
My stop
"Qihong: Morning!"
Yang Yang Yang
Cheng Zixin
Yeah, l told you it was
V-shape rebound , golden ratio
V-shape rebound , golden ratio. . .
lt's booming!
Boss, it's booming!
Morning, Mr. Cheung
Boss, what a miraculous day
Miraculous day
Morning, Mr. Cheung
lt's so amazing
Who would have guessed it's so amazing
What's with the keys?
The developer won't terminate the lease
The furniture is too big for my colleague
The dealer won't let you trade in
You can keep them all
What about the ring?
l was at 4B last night
lt's over
lt was the last night
You chose me?
Did you guess the song?
l'm still working on it
How many times did you
try to guess Cheng Zixin's song?
How many times have you watched my video?
The designer said when I was drunk,
l kept saying l wanted to be your last girlfriend
You're in love with the designer?
l kicked him into the ocean last night
Turns out he's the Martian,
Cheng Zixin's fiancm
Why are you late?
l want to resign
Something wrong with your colleagues?
With the office?
With me?
Be professional!
Miss Yang, we're ready for the meeting
Stay here and think it over
The number you have dialed is not registered
Use your brain!
Cheng Zixin's number?
Give it a rest!
What's her number?
Later. . .
Tell me!
Get lost!
Open the door!
Hey, sir!
Mr. Cheung
Keep working
We're on schedule. Block A has been completed
OK, you can return to the office
"Bumped into Cheung Shen Ran. A bit scary"
ls Zixin back yet?
She's not at work?
Here she is
Are you alright?
l just resigned
Cheng Zixin!
Open the door, Cheng Zixin!
l'll call you back
ls it Cheung Shen Ran?
He seems to have gone mad
Open the door, Cheng Zixin
You asked me. . .
if I would screw around after we got married
My answer was:
"l'll try not to"
Now my answer is:
"l won't"
That's none of my business
l'm coming back to Hong Kong now
No, l'm coming back to Suzhou
Cheng Zixin!
Where's Cheng Zixin?
Cheng Zixin!
Cheung Shen Ran, stop harassing my wife!
Fang Qihong, stop harassing Yang Yang Yang!
What about Qihong and Yang Yang?
You weren't at the wrong address either
Ask him what about me and Yang Yang Yang?
What about you and Yang Yang?
Ask Cheung Shen Ran!
He's gone
"Zixin's address?"
"New address: 9B, Block D, Wutong New Town"
How are you?
l don't know why you kicked me into the ocean. . .
and what's between you and Qihong
l only know l love you
Say the last sentence again
l love you
l'll probably send this to your wife
l don't have a wife
Say it again!
l don't have a wife
l'm definitely sending this to your wife
ls there any misunderstanding?
Where's Cheng Zixin?
You can talk to me
Talk to Yang Yang Yang
About what?
Cheng Zixin
What about me and her?
Don't play dumb!
What are you doing, Cheung Shen Ran?
Qihong, don't fight!
The Martian?
You already have Cheng Zixin,
why fool around with Yang Yang Yang?
Stop it!
Stop it. . .
Who exactly is Yang Yang Yang?
Fight until you settle this
Yang Yang Yang. . .
l just sent you a video
Say it again
l don't have a wife
l'm definitely sending this to your wife
Now you know your husband's true colors
He's my brother, not my husband
Yang Yang Yang mistook my brother for Qihong
lt's Yang Yang Yang
l think I made a mistake
You didn't hit anyone, did you?
l did
l also took a good kick
l'm sorry!
l'll get the first-aid kit
l finally know about Yang Yang Yang and me
What is it?
She mistook you for me
l'm sorry!
l'm fine
l'm glad we cleared that up
You were wrong about me
l know
Genie's dying!
Being trapped inside a fish tank. . .
is unbearable for Genie
Just let it go
Rest in peace!
Genie, don't sleep!
FC Barcelona's playing Real Madrid tonight.
Let's watch it together
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat tomorrow,
Murray vs. Djokovic later,
and the Manchester derby. Don't sleep!
Carpe diem. Let's watch the games together
Here goes nothing!
l'll give anything just to bring Paul back
Genie's alive
don't give up! Hang in there!
We love you!
We'll watch ball games together
FC Barcelona, Real Madrid . . .
Messi , Cristiano Ronaldo. . .
LeBron James, Kevin Durant. . .
Federer, Nadal. . .
ls 2368 worth buying?
Where to set the stop-loss and stop profit?
Mom, look!
lt's Spider-Man!
Baby, this is insane!
Cheung Shen Ran's insane!
He came to fight for you!
Driver, step on it!
What a lunatic! l like him
Just like your Grandpa
Qihong is better. Just like your Dad
Stop arguing!
Driver, please hurry!
Shooting a movie?lt's dangerous
Excuse me. . .
l'm sorry!
Stay still!
l'm trying! l just bumped into someone
l already apologized!
Get down, you idiot! Are you insane?
Get down here!
lt's too dangerous, Boss!
Get down!
Yeah, l'm watching
Something's wrong with this guy.
What got into his head?
l'll go up!
Are you alright?
"Come back"
"Why so cruel?"
l forgot how it got started
Maybe l just have. . .
this feeling towards you
Suddenly I realized. . .
l've deeply fallen in love with you
What are you doing?
Get down, Cheung Shen Ran!
Come back, Cheung Shen Ran
Cheung Shen Ran
. . .fallen in love with you . It's very simple
Be careful!
l don't care if my love takes me to utter darkness
l can no longer tell right from wrong
What are you doing?
lt's dangerous!
Come on!
Cheung Shen Ran!
Come on!
Come on!
Hurry up, come on!
Come on, hurry up!
Be quick!
Anyone knows how to get up there?
Cheng Zixin!
l know my chances are slim. . .
but I still want to give it a shot
Would you go with me?
lf you want,
you can choose again
Daddy. . .
l'll be OK
l'm not choosing
l'm not choosing any of you
make a choice!
"lt's not easy. . ."
"to find a companion you can talk to"
"Especially when I've seen so many betrayals"
"Always insecure,"
"l have to put up a tough front"
"Who murdered my romance?"
Genie gave this to me
lf l can guess the song you sang,
please say yes
"lt's not easy to fall in love,"
"because everyone has a temper"
"My pipe dreaming days are over,"
"a passionate love is not as good as a peaceful one"
"lt's not easy to have happiness"
Face it!
Make a choice
lf you don't choose Qihong, you'll regret it
Let me walk with you
l'm sorry, Qihong!
This is wonderful!
Simply wonderful!
Sorry. . .
l would do anything for you