Don't Go in the House (1979) Movie Script

Hey Donny, watch your eyes, man.
Yo, Ben. You coming
to lunch or what?
- No, I got to take my kid to the
doctor. - Okay. See you later.
Hey, he's over here!
Stupid son of a bitch!
What are you standing there for?
You hear me you crazy bastard?
Come over here and help us!
- What's the matter with you? - Leave
him alone! Let's take care of Ben!
Yeah, let's take care of Ben.
Take his visor off.
Give me a hand here.
You realize Ben nearly
died because of you?
A man goes up in flames and you
stand there like a faggot.
I'm not a faggot.
- What?
- I'm not a faggot.
It just covered.
It covered him up.
He wasn't evil
but it covered him up.
What are you talking about?
I covered Ben!
No. The cover of flame.
The cover of the flame.
You know you're crazy.
I always said you were crazy.
You stay away from me.
You think I was afraid?
You think I'm crazy?
- What are you talking about?
- I would have helped him.
You're a sicko.
Chief Daily, Line 91.
Chief Daily, pick up 91.
Hey, Donny.
Donny, wait a minute.
Hey, let's go have a beer, man.
No thanks, uh, I got to get home.
Oh well, so do I. Let's go
have a beer anyway. Come on.
- I can't. My mother's sick.
- Okay. But wait a minute, now listen.
I don't want you to go home
thinking that was your fault, man,
because I mean things can happen and a guy
can freeze in a situation like that, you know.
- Hey, that's right.
- Yeah.
That's right.
He's the one that's sick.
- He's the faggot, not me. - Yeah,
you're probably right about that.
You know that's the
way those people are.
- They call you names and they're the crazy ones.
- He's a lightweight. Don't worry about it.
But that's the way it happened.
You're right, Bobby.
- Hey, I froze. I couldn't do anything.
- Hey, you know, speaking of freezing,
I'm gonna go find a nice warm barstool.
Why don't you come along, huh?
Nah, I can't.
Okay. Alright.
I'll see you tomorrow. Okay?
Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.
(That's right. Go home. Go home
like a good boy. Mother's waiting.)
Mother, I'm home.
I'll have your tea
ready in a minute.
(No, mother, don't.)
I made you camomile tea since you've
been trouble sleeping lately.
There. It's nice and hot.
Oh You're already asleep.
Don't you want your tea?
I made your tea.
Mother, are you all right?
Wake up.
Mother wake up!
Please wake up.
Please wake up, Mother!
What am I going to do now?
It's not true.
It's not...
She's gonna wake up.
She's just asleep.
Last asleep.
She's gonna wake up soon.
No! Come on!
Wake up!
Now stop it!
I made your tea!
Drink your tea!
(She was evil. Evil.)
(Now you're free. You're not afraid.
You don't have to be afraid.)
(You're not alone. We're here.)
(We're here to help you.)
(You're free now. You're free.)
(You can do anything you want to.)
(We'll help you. Don't worry.
We'll help you.)
You will?
(You can do anything
you want to do.)
(Now you're free.)
Can I play my music loud?
(loud playing "Late
Night Surrender")
(music continuous)
Donald! Don't you dare!
(music continuous)
(She's still dead.)
(She was evil.)
(She must be purified.)
(She taught you to use the flame, she wants
you to purify her for everlasting life.)
(She wants the flame.)
(It's your turn.)
(It's your turn. You can do it.)
(You're the master
of the flame now.)
(You'll get her. Now.)
(It's up to you. You're the master.)
(That's right.)
Donald, come here.
- No, Mother.
- You're a bad boy.
- You're evil and you must be punished.
- No, Mother, please don't.
I promise I'll be good.
Come here I said.
No Mother, please, no!
Your father let you do things
like that but he's gone now.
I'll burn the evil out of you.
Hey, Donny. How ya doing, man?
It's Bobby.
You all right?
Why shouldn't I be all right?
Well, you know I thought you might
still be a little upset about Ben.
- Ben?
- Yeah.
Ben at work.
You know, the fire and everything.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, no, I'm all right.
Hey listen, man, I thought you might want to
meet me for a cup of coffee before work.
What do you mean "why"? I thought you
might want to talk or something.
That's nice of you but, uh,
I'm not going in today.
I have a
couple of things I
have to take care of.
Will you tell'em I won't be in?
Yeah, sure I'll tell them.
Okay. Well, look,
I'll see you tomorrow then, huh?
(You'll get all of them now.)
(That's right. It's up to you.
You're the master.)
We're closed.
Could I just get something simple?
Something that's already arranged.
Something that wouldn't
be too much trouble.
I'm sorry, we're closed.
I need a present for my mother.
She's sick.
Just something nice.
It doesn't have to
be too much trouble.
- Your mother?
- Yeah, she's sick, you know.
She loves flowers.
Just something simple. Please.
Okay, something simple.
I think I've got just what you want.
Oh, that's beautiful.
I'm sure mother will love that.
Well, I guess that will do it.
That's $4.50 please.
Thank you.
I hope your mother feels better.
Oh yeah, thanks.
Mother will feel fine.
Just fine.
Good night.
Good night.
- She's a bitch!
- Yeah, you're right, man.
I ought to know.
Hey, hold it!
Hey, I'd wait for her.
Hey baby, I'll walk you home.
Now she looks back, come on.
Maybe you should try and make her.
Hey, Miss, I can give you a lift
to the next bus station.
- Baby, I'll give you a ride.
- That's the way I go.
Well, I'm going to River Road.
I go right passed there.
I could give you a lift.
- No, don't go. Don't leave us now.
- Come back. Come on.
- We blew it.
- Oh, man, we blew it.
Oh, you broke my heart.
Oh woe is me.
I appreciate your help.
My pleasure.
I ought to thank you
for letting me get these flowers.
If it wasn't for me
you would have made your bus.
You know, you should get these in
water as soon as you get home.
Oh yeah?
I'll do that.
Are you in a big rush?
Well, yeah, I want to get home.
Would you mind if I drop these
off at my house first?
It will only take a minute.
It's not far from River Road.
- All right.
- My mother is
already fixing dinner
and I'm really late.
So, I'll just drop them off and
I'll tell her I'll be right back.
No, no, it's all right.
I'll only be a minute.
Hey, I forgot the package.
Could you hand me that?
Hey, why don't you come on in
and say hello to mother?
- No, no.
- She'll get a kick out of it.
- And then we could go.
- No, really,
- I have to get home.
- Come on. She never sees anybody.
- Really, I just want to...
- Ah, come on.
- Please.
- Okay.
(whispers) Christ.
Careful now.
Mother, I'm home.
- Make yourself at home.
I'll be right back. - Okay.
- Hey, I don't even know your name.
- Kathy.
- Kathy Jordan.
- I'm Donny Kohler.
Donald, you know.
It's nice to meet you.
Well, let me go get mother.
Mother must be upstairs.
Mother! Mother!
Mother is even sicker than I thought. I have
to call a doctor and get him right over here.
You understand.
I can't leave her in this condition.
As soon as you've finished
I'd like to call a cab.
Dr. Wells? This is Donald Kohler.
It's mother again.
She's worse than before.
She can't get out of bed.
Could you come right over?
Oh, would you?
Would you?
Thank you very much.
The doctor will be right over. If you wait a
couple of minutes I can give you a ride home.
Look. I know you have
your hands full here,
I'd just like to call a cab, okay?
- But if you wait a few minutes, the doctor...
- Look, may I please use the phone?
- Are you asking for my permission?
- Yes.
May I please use the phone?
You may.
Hello, would please send a cab to...
Oh please, help!
Donald, come here!
Help me!
Please help me!
Help me!
Oh no!
Please, God, no!
You're a friend of that nut,
you tell him for me if he isn't back
here Monday, he's out of a job.
Give the guy a break. He's
been sick. He's got problems.
- Sick?
- Yeah.
- If so, how come he doesn't answer the
phone? - Didn't his mother answer?
- Nobody answers.
- Maybe he's taken her to the doctor.
Look, I don't care if they took
each other to the doctor.
He's been out a week
now and that's it.
Ben will be in the hospital
for at least a month.
You just tell him what I said.
- Can't get it started? - It just stalled
out on me. It won't do anything.
- Could I give you a lift to the next gas station?
- Oh, I'd really appreciate that.
You won't mind if I drop these
things off at my house first?
- It's on the way.
- No, that's okay.
And when I tell you not to take something
off a shelf you better listen to me.
Will that be all?
Uh, and two packs of one-twenty.
That's $4.99 out of five.
Thank you.
There you go.
- Can I help you with that package?
- No, thanks.
Can I give you a ride home?
My truck is right outside. Why don't
you let me give you a ride home?
- Would you please just get out of my way?
- It's right outside. I just could...
Is there a problem here?
No, there is no problem.
No problem.
I must have scared her, huh? I'm
going to apologize. Hey, Miss! Miss!
Mother, this is Linda.
I wanted you to meet here before
I introduced her to the others.
- Hello?
- Hey Donny.
It's Bobby.
Oh, hi Bobby.
Hi, hey listen, man,
I got a message from Vito for you.
He says if you don' show
up to work on Monday,
you're out of a job.
Hey Donny, did you hear what I said?
Okay, listen, man, all I'm trying
to do is help you out, you know,
and all you giving me is nothing,
so have a nice life, huh.
Wait a minute!
Listen to me, Bobby.
Hey, I'm in a lot of trouble.
I'm, I'm scared.
What kind of trouble?
What's the matter?
It's my mother.
She's sick,
you know, and
well I'm real worried, Bobby.
You want me to come over,
we can talk about it.
No, no, you can't
come over right now.
Father Gerritty's gonna come over
my mother is sick and she hasn't
been able to get to church.
Now wait a minute, Gerritty? Now what's
that old witch doctor going to do for her?
Well, he knows what to do.
- He knows.
- Okay, okay.
But now listen, gimme a call
if you need anything.
Hey, Donny,
I really hope that you get
to work on Monday, man.
Listen, Bobby,
thanks for calling me.
I think you're the only friend
I have out there.
It's all right.
I'll see you, man.
Trash! Trash! Just like your father!
- No!
- Oh yes!
He got away, but you won't.
You'll pay, you'll suffer.
No. You'll have to suffer now.
(She's evil. She
can't hurt you now.)
(Remember, punish her.
We'll help you.)
That's right.
I have my friends with me.
If she doesn't stop it,
I'll punish her again.
You hear that, old lady?
I'll punish you again!
Did you hear me?
Did you hear what I said?
Don't you ever talk to me like that.
That's better.
Don't make me do
anything bad, Mother.
You laughing at me?
You think I'm crazy for talking
to my mother like that?
You're all bitches,
selfish and vain.
Don't you dare laugh at me.
I won't stand for impudence
from any of you.
And stop trying to
scare me all the time.
It won't work.
You can't fool me.
If you promise to be good
I'll leave the lights on.
And remember,
no more laughing.
I'll get you, Donald!
I'll get you!
What are you doing here?
Donny. Donny Kohler.
I thought you told me
you'd never come back here.
Oh, you came to get holy water.
You don't have to steal it.
Doesn't it put out the flame?
The flame?
You have a problem?
Let me help you with this.
Do you believe in the devil?
What kind of a question
is that to ask a priest?
Do you?
I believe in evil, yes,
but not in the devil.
But I've seen the devil.
No, it's in your mind, Donny.
The devil is only a symbol.
A symbol of evil.
Evil lives only if we let it.
So you don't believe that it exists?
No, it doesn't exist.
Only if you want it to.
You have all the answers.
All the things you read in books.
All the things you tell people.
Look at these symbols.
I was burned, just like in hell!
What is this?
What happened to your arms?
It was the punishment for my sins.
Who did this to you?
Tell me!
My mother.
My mother.
Help me.
You mean your mother
did this to you?
But Why?
Because I was evil.
I was born from an evil deed.
She was burning it out
of me to save me.
If I was bad,
she burned me.
If I had evil thoughts,
she would burn me.
Do you understand me?
But Donny, you must forgive those
who trespassed.
You must forgive your mother.
I want to help you.
Do you believe me?
Do you want my help?
Then do as I tell you.
Put these thoughts of evil
out of your mind now.
Resist them and you'll find peace.
Don't you want that?
Yes. Yes I do.
But there are other things,
other people.
Come back to me.
Come to my office or come to
confession if you like.
You haven't been in
a while, have you?
Only come back and see me.
Mother, please forgive me.
I told the priest because
he wanted to help me.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I can change.
I want to forget our past.
I want to forgive you.
help me forgive her.
Is Bobby there?
Bob, it's for you.
- Hello?
- Hello Bobby?
- Yeah, who's this?
- It's Donny.
Hey, Donny. This is a surprise,
what are you up to, man?
I'm not up to nothing.
I just thought you might want to go
to a movie or something.
Now wait a minute.
Let me get this straight,
you're sure you don't want to
stay home tonight?
Come on.
Listen, if you're really serious
about doing something tonight,
I got something we can do, man,
and it ain't no movie, you know.
Oh yeah? What?
Guess what I got lined
up for tonight.
Two live ones, man,
and let me tell you
they are dynamite.
You know what they're into?
No, what?
I can't go into detail right now but
take my word for it, they are dynamite.
Well, I thought we could
spend kind of a
quite night together.
Just talk or something like that.
Are you kidding?
This is perfect.
Now, my wife thinks I'm working
the weekend shift, okay.
I got all the calls made,
my ass is covered,
and I don't feel like sitting in some
dumb movie holding your hand. No offense.
Well, wait a minute,
I didn't mean that.
Look, meet me at the Palace Disco tonight
at 8 o'clock, all right? That's it.
- What if I can't be there?
- Look,
I'll see you at 8, okay?
Okay, Bobby.
I'll see you at 8.
See you then.
Bob, I'm gonna kill this kid
if you don't get him out of here.
Oh, these are nice.
And here is another item I think
you really want to have a look.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, thanks anyway.
I'm sorry I couldn't
have been of more help.
BYE bye.
Yes, sir. Can I be of help to you?
Ah, well, could you
show me that shirt?
- The one they were looking at.
- Oh, sure.
The red one.
Oh, the Matador.
- The Matador? - The shirt. The
styling. That's what its called.
Oh yes.
I forgot. The Matador.
I've seen this before.
Very interesting.
Nice styling.
What did that lady think?
She liked it, didn't she?
To tell you the truth
she thought it was tacky.
What do you think?
If you could tell me if this is for a business occasion
or a casual affair I could be of much more help.
Well, I was looking for something
that you could wear to a disco.
Okay. Let's get to the right department,
shall we? Just come this way.
I just got these in.
This is what they're all wearing.
Unless you're into the more wild
look, which is really passe'.
That's a beautiful plaid, isn't it?
Well, I'll tell you the truth, for the disco
scene, I think this is what you want.
Well, why don't you take that shirt?
What size are you?
15 and a half?
There you are.
Can I set you up with
an entire ensemble?
Great. Just come this way.
I think we can make a new man
of you in no time.
This three piece suit would be
terrific with that shirt.
Specially made for dancing.
Elastic thread in the seams.
You'll look terrific in this.
Listen, now why don't you just take
these in the dressing room
and try them on? See if they fit.
No, that's all right.
I'll try them on at home.
Well, fine now. We'll just get you
into a pair of shoes then, shall we?
Alfred, could you fix this gentleman up
with a pair of fourteen thirty-twos please?
Oh, your size, sir?
I don't know.
Nine I think.
Measure him, Alfred.
Well, I just have these wrapped up
if they're satisfactory of course.
- What do you think?
- I think it's a dynamite outfit.
You'll steal the show.
Hey, there he is! Hey, Donny,
over here, baby! Over here!
Hey, you're looking terrific, man.
Let me introduce you to some people.
This is Farrah.
- Hi.
- Hi.
And this beautiful girl is Karen.
- Hi, Donny.
- Here. Sit down, my man, sit down.
Make yourself at home, my boy.
Come here. Sit down, baby.
There you go.
So, you work with Bobby
at the incinerator, huh?
Yes, we work together.
Yeah, and don't be calling us trash or
making none of them garbage jokes of yours.
You mean I have to can
those garbage jokes?
Oh, look! He's getting
all burned up.
- So, how do you like it there?
- It stinks.
Yeah, well, you ain't gonna have to worry about that
if you don't show up to work on Monday.
Why, are they gonna fire you?
- You're damn right.
- I'll be there.
I'm coming back Monday.
I hope so.
Come on, let's dance.
I've heard enough of this rubbish.
Let's go, baby.
So, you've been missing work lately?
Yeah, I've been sick.
Is it anything contagious?
I mean I'd like to know beforehand.
No. It's nothing like that.
I'm over it now anyway.
- You wanna dance?
- No!
I mean I don't dance.
- Not at all?
- Not at all.
- How you doing, babe?
- Fine, Tony.
- You seen Barbara?
- No, uh uh.
- Who's that?
- That was my brother.
- Hi, Farrah. Come on, let's dance.
- Hi.
- You don't mind if I dance,
do you, Donny? - No. Go ahead.
All right.
Hey, what did you do?
What's the matter with you, man?
- Hey, Anthony, Anthony.
- Hey, Sassoon, what's up?
- Some guy just threw a candle in
your sister's face. - Holy shit!
- What do you mean? What?!
- Yeah, that guy over there.
Hey, you motherfucker!
You scarred my sister for life!
You scarred her for life!
Get away from me. Please.
Leave me alone!
Hey, you sick son of a bitch.
Get out of there!
Get the hell out of there!
I'm going to kill you!
You ain't getting away with this!
I'm not through with you!
Where is Tony?
I can't believe what he did to me.
Don't worry, I'll take care of him.
And you your friend is a dead man.
(You're safe now, you're safe.
You got away, you did right.)
(She was evil. Evil.)
- Did you pay the check?
- No.
I thought you did.
Hey, come on.
Hey, you missed us.
- Come on. Shit. - Those guys
were ready to give us a lift.
Don't worry, we'll get one.
Oh yeah, fat chance.
Oh, it's freezing.
Thanks a lot.
Oh God, you've had a bad night.
Cut it out, Suzanne!
Listen, could you take us to Rudy's?
- What's that?
- It's a bar, dummy.
- Don't be a wise-ass, Suzanne.
- Sorry.
It's on 19.
- Sure. Get in.
- Oh, great! Thanks.
Excuse my appearance,
but I just got jumped.
- Really?
- What?
He was jumped.
Oh, you were? What happened?
A couple of guys came
out of no place.
They jumped me in a parking lot.
- Three of them.
- Really?
- Yeah. Three guys with knives.
- Oh wow!
- Just now?
- Yeah.
- Where was this?
- Back in town.
What did they do? Take your money?
They wanted to,
but I showed them.
They didn't know who they were messing with.
They thought they had themselves a real pushover.
- What did you do? - I beat the
hell out of all three of them.
I... I was in the marines.
Green berets.
Well, I thought the green
berets was the Army.
Oh, this was just like the green
berets. It was a special division.
Patty, do you think
Jeff is gonna be there?
- If Jeff is gonna be there, I don't wanna go.
- Are you gonna start with that again?
- Who's Jeff?
- Oh, he's this real asshole.
Don't worry. I'm sure that Janice and Billy
and all the rest are gonna be there.
We'll sit with them.
Just ignore him.
I can't just ignore him. He follows
me around. He's such a drag.
You picked a helluva
time to start this.
We're almost there and now all of a
sudden you decide you don't want to go.
I just realized I don't want to be
hassled all night long.
- Wait a minute. Hold it. Hold it.
- And what are we gonna do now?
Take it easy. Why don't
we go to my house?
You can call anybody you want to see in
there. We could have a party right there.
Yeah? Nobody'll mind?
- No.
- We can invite anybody we want?
Yeah. It's my house.
Do you have any beer?
Because we're gonna need some beer.
- We can stop and get beer.
- Great!
- Far out...
- A case should do it.
Oh God, this is a spooky house.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, I know.
It's an old house.
- Jesus! What a place!
- This is really fabulous.
Oh Patty, check this out.
- What a beautiful room.
- What is this?
- I'll put the beer in the kitchen.
- Look at the stuff in the dining room.
Oh my God.
- Oh, to live in a place like this.
- This is an incredible room.
Suzanne, this is really weird.
You like that?
Oh... Oh yeah.
Oh yeah. This kind of stuff
is fabulous. I love it.
Well, come with me. I'll show you
something that's really nice.
Oh boy, do you need a paint job.
Father Gerritty!
- Father Gerr...
- What's the trouble?
Listen, Father Gerritty, my name is Bobby
Tuttle, I'm a friend of Donny Kohler's.
He's in a lot of trouble, Father.
He's gone crazy.
- Well, come in.
- No, no, no, there isn't time.
He's really flipped out and this guy is
after him and wants to kill him.
'Cause Donny attacked his sister
and her face is...
Father, he's gone crazy and
I don't know what to do.
I didn't know whether to go
to the police or what,
so would you come with me over to his
house? You know how to talk to him.
Will you please come an help me?
Will you please?
- He needs help. Please!
- All right.
- All right, just a minute. I'll come
with you. - Okay, hurry. Please. Please.
Suzanne, come here.
You got to see this.
Come here.
You got to see this in here.
Are you up there, Suzanne?
You there?
Suzanne, will you cut it out.
Oh God!
I tried being nice.
But every one of you took advantage.
you're going to have
to pay the price.
Hey, Donny!
Donny. Mrs. Kohler.
It's Father Gerritty.
Hey, his truck is right over there.
He's here. He's here.
Hey Donny, come on, man.
That girl's brother is after you.
We're just trying to help you.
Come on!
Holy Christ!
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
It's all right. It's okay.
Are you all right?
Mrs. Kohler.
It's Father Gerritty.
I did what you said
and it didn't work.
You lied to me!
Oh my God!
It's all right.
It's all right.
(He lied to you. He lied to you.
Now you've got to hide.)
(Hide. They're all liars. Liars.)
A fine lot of thanks I get.
I bring you into my home.
I give you love and shelter,
better than any of you ever had.
And you turn on me.
I still let you stay.
no more.
We hate you, Donny.
- What?
- We hate you.
We always hated you.
We don't forgive you.
We want to be free.
We will be free. We will be free.
(Donny, you've gone too far, you've
done it now. You told the priest.)
(You shouldn't have told the priest.
The priest shouldn't know.)
(You lied. Donny, you lied.)
(You lied to us. We hate liars.)
(You lose. You did it.)
(You're not the master.
You're not the master anymore.)
(We'll find a new master.
We'll find a better master.)
(You're finished.
You lost.)
I will never forgive you, Donald!
And this is all that remained of the
Kohler house which burned down last night.
- Firefighters uncovered 5 bodies...
- Michael, I've told you to turn off that TV
and get upstairs and
clean your room.
Authorities have labeled
the fire suspicious.
Michael, did you hear what I said?
I said to get upstairs
and clean your room.
Michael. Michael, turn off the TV!
Don't you ever ignore me.
Don't you disobey me. How dare you.
I am your mother.
Don't you ever ignore me.
(Michael. Michael.)
(Don't worry, Michael.
We're here now.)
(We're here to help you.)
(We'll help you, Michael,
we'll help you.)
(Don't worry, we're
here with you now.)