Don't Kill It (2016) Movie Script

Get him, boy.
Come here, boy!
Hey! Titus!
There you are, boy.
What the hell's the matter
with you?
Nicely done, Titus.
Looks like I got me
a treasure-sniffing dog.
Titus, Titus, Titus. No!
No, no, no!
Titus, no!
Your father's home early.
Hey there, how'd it go?
Thanks for reading to me.
I need reading glasses
no problem.
One day.
Sure we'll like this...
Are you all right?
What's the matter?
Baby? Baby?
you son of a bitch.
You look so pretty,
i wanna twirl you like a top.
Come on, Amber.
Wanna play something sexy
and dance? Hm?
No, I don't.
Don't touch me.
Come on, now.
Just one dance, huh?
Come on, like old times,
like old times--
frank, stop.
Amber, why are you teasing me
like this then?
Frank, I told you,
you're cut off.
This ain't a charity.
Just one dance. Come on, now.
Frank, get off.
You know I'm good for it.
Good for nothing.
Hey there.
I like your hat.
My daddy used to have
a hat like this.
Me and you...Could have
some fun with that hat.
Amber, listen.
Stop. Can't you see
I'm talking to somebody?
Who, this guy?
Yes, this guy.
We were just having
a wonderful conversation
about my daddy,
so get out of here.
Hey, shithead.
You talking to my girl?
just leave me out of this.
Look, what I said was--
see, today...
We all learned about
a real important word
and that word is
You see, if two people
wanna make love,
that's a very
beautiful thing
if it's between
two consenting adults.
If the lady keeps
saying no,
and you just keep going
anyway, well...
You're just a piece
of shit, really.
Please, leave me alone. Help.
I'm really sorry, man.
Just please let me--
well, I think she
told you
quite clearly...
To leave her alone.
So I think you owe her
an apology.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
For being a piece
of shit.
I'm a piece of shit.
Are you a piece of shit?
I'm a piece of shit.
Say it again.
I'm a piece of shit.
All right. Good.
It's all right,
It's over now.
I ain't gonna lie to you,
you'll probably have a pretty
bad headache in the morning.
Get this guy some
ice cream.
You like ice cream?
Always makes me
feel better.
Rocky road
or something.
You-- you wanna get
out of here?
Let's go.
That was amazing.
I thought you killed him
at first.
i don't kill people.
Well, I try not to,
Say, you got a place
around here?
About six blocks down
the road.
Because I sleep
in my car.
What's the matter,
you can't decide?
Oh. Heh.
These old things?
No, I'm just looking
for all the luck I can get.
Figure one of them's
gotta have something to it.
So you from around here?
As of late, yeah.
How come I haven't seen you
at the bar before?
I stay to myself
but I do venture out
every now and then.
So it'll be a hundred dollars
for the night.
I usually charge 150,
but I really do like this hat.
Pardon me, I did enjoy
a few last night,
but I don't think I recall
entering into
that sort of agreement.
What are you, fucking stupid?
Do you think that a girl
that looks like this
is gonna be in
a shithole bar like that
if it wasn't
for a damn paycheck?
Don't turn away from me.
Quiet now.
Another murder
in the town of chicory creek.
This is the latest killing
in a town that has had
three triple homicides
in the last week alone.
The authorities say
the killings are unrelated.
Later on tonight, though...
I'll be damned.
You can't just leave.
You owe me money.
Thank you. Come again.
Good morning to you,
Holy hell.
Ain't you little
Evelyn Pierce?
My god, I ain't seen you
in maybe 20-some odd years.
Otis, right?
You looking real fine, evy,
i gotta tell you that.
Like, you must be doing
really well for yourself.
I'm looking for chief Dunham.
Is he available?
Uh, yeah--
no, actually, the chief--
he's currently indisposed, so...
He's got a very pressing
at the time, so--
he told me nobody
is allowed inside whatsoever,
not even you, evy.
But I'll tell you what,
if you, maybe,
have some time
and wanna have some company,
you and I could go down
the street,
maybe grab a coffee, donut.
It's agent Pierce.
I'm here on business.
No shit.
Look at you then,
little "evil lyn."
You grew up and became yourself
a big old bad federale.
I'll be goddamned.
Officer Willard,
i gotta tell you something.
I hate being called
"evil lyn."
So just stick with the formal.
Agent Pierce.
All right. What, the bureau done
got you all serious now?
All right, agent Pierce.
I'm gonna go tell him
you're here.
No need.
I'll do it myself.
All right, hey, you can't park
out here, neither.
It's supposed to be parked
around back.
Well, then you go park it.
I'm not parking anything.
I'll stay right here
with a cigarette.
As a spiritual leader
in the community
I should be kept in the loop
of this investigation.
The more I know,
the better I can guide.
Well, again, I'm gonna take
your interest into account,
but I'm kind of busy now.
I got a meeting here
in five minutes.
Say no more, Marty.
I can see you got
a full plate.
Come in.
Pastor. Ahem.
Well, Evelyn Pierce.
My, this is a surprise.
They told me they were
sending someone from
the Jackson field office
but I had no idea it'd be you.
You know,
it is great to see you.
It's been how many
A very long time,
chief Dunham.
I've been looking for
a good excuse
to come back here to visit.
Well, now, tell me,
agent Pierce, is it--?
Is it really necessary
bringing in the bureau and all?
You have had three triple
in the past week,
is that correct?
Well, now,
that is technically true,
but ain't nothing that the good
men and women of the c.C.D.P
can't handle on their own.
No one's trying to do
your job for you.
I don't wanna be here
just as much
as you don't want me
to be here.
If this was one murder, it would
not fall under our jurisdiction.
But it's been three separate
cases committed
by three separate perps.
Means it could be domestic
and we investigate that.
You know what, agent Pierce?
I can assure you
there are no terrorists here
in old chicory creek.
I'm sure you're right.
My job is to make sure that
these cases are unrelated
and I will be on my way.
Well, now, you know what?
That makes good sense.
I like that.
They are unrelated, right?
Well, they might be
the tiniest bit related
if you was to look at them
in a certain way.
And what way
would that be, chief?
Each one killed the last.
Yes, that is true.
Excuse me, who are you?
Sir, I told you,
you cannot be in here.
Chief, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
He don't listen very well.
He just barged right past me.
Jebediah woodley.
Mr. woodley, you can't just
come in and barge in like this.
Listen, tough guy,
put them hands behind your back.
- In a minute.
- Mr. woodley,
this is a private meeting.
I have to ask you to leave.
- Real private, the three of us.
- Okay, funny man.
Let's put them big-ass
hands behind--
your town is in real danger.
I'm here to help.
Mr. woodley,
you are interrupting
an active FBI investigation.
You're FBI?
Well, that's a use of
tax dollars I can get behind.
Now, get this assclown
out of here.
All right.
Come with me. Come on.
You want these murders to stop,
you best listen.
You have some information
on these murders?
Yep. Get him away
from me.
I prefer to have you in cuffs,
but okay. Let him go.
Make it quick, Mr. woodley.
Let me start by saying
you're not gonna believe
one damn thing
I'm about to say.
But that don't make
it a lie.
Why don't you start with who
you are and what you know?
I'm a hunter.
Demon hunter.
Demon hunter.
For a second, I thought
you weren't wasting our time.
Get this guy out of here,
put him in cuffs.
I've done this
100 times, honey.
Come on, demon hunter.
Get him out of here.
That's enough, Mr. woodley.
I tell people what I do,
they just sit there,
looking dumbstruck or laugh.
Then they gotta see something
on their own that proves it.
Maybe they see me pull one
of these things out of their son
his body twitching
and flapping in ways
the human body ought
not to do.
Or they see their momma
looking back
with those dead,
black eyes.
Or sometimes,
they never do come around.
That is, until they
get possessed themselves
and feel indescribable
pain and fear
that comes
with losing control
of your body
as your conscious self,
your soul, burns and evaporates
into the abyss,
like you never was.
Now, every once
in a while,
I'll meet someone,
or maybe a pair of folks
that aren't so thickheaded and
think that it's pure coincidence
that I end up here
in the middle of fucking nowhere
and without asking,
know exactly
the patterns
of the murders in question.
And when those people
put their trust in me
and just let their doubts
aside, then
lives are saved,
lives that would've been lost
had I just got tossed
out of here
and have to do
all this shit on my own.
But, you know, sometimes,
the lives saved are their own.
having heard that,
are you gonna hear
me out?
Are you?
Are you gonna hear
me out?
Make sure you keep
an eye on him.
Where are you
off to?
None of your business.
The eyes.
Ask about the eyes.
Kind of...Dark in here.
See if I can find
the light.
Pretty messy, huh?
Do you have those pictures?
This is the daughter here?
Yeah. That's her.
And that's the son over there?
Yup, that's him.
And Mr. banks
killed them both?
No, he shot
the daughter.
Father shot this one--
--after shooting Mr. banks.
You're saying he
killed him
and then killed his own kid?
Doesn't make any sense.
You said there was
a live witness on this?
I'm gonna need
to talk to them.
Mrs. macullum?
My name is Evelyn Pierce,
I'm with the FBI.
Is it all right if I come in
and have a word with you?
I'm really sorry
to disturb you.
I know you're going through
a terrible ordeal.
I just need to ask you
a few questions.
They always used to fight.
Who? Who used to fight?
Benjamin and Bethany.
So rambunctious.
They could ruin
an entire house
if you didn't keep
an eye on them.
were those your kids?
I used to scream
at them.
I'd get so angry.
But I didn't want them
hurting each other.
I didn't want them
growing up so...
But they were just playing.
That was not violence.
I never knew what
violence was.
Mrs. macullum, I just need you
to tell me what happened--
I think about all the times
i sent them to their room.
All the times I didn't
speak to them, the time...
The time I lost with them
that I'll never have back.
Daniel always let
them fight.
They were fighting that night
when Marcus came in.
And when Marcus came in,
what happened?
He shot Bethany.
If you need a bit
more time, i--
but Daniel,
he was quick to draw.
He was a marine,
on leave from Iraq.
So strong.
That's why I married him.
I wanted my children to come
from a strong man like Daniel.
And he told me to hide
in the closet,
and he shot that bastard Marcus.
Shot him dead.
My husband, he did.
He shot Benjamin.
My Daniel shot our boy.
And then he came after me.
Why? Why? Why?
Mrs. macullum, just settle down.
I can come back another time.
Why? Why?
Why? Why?
And his eyes,
they were black.
Black, black, black.
His eyes were black,
black, black.
They were black.
Where did he go?
It's agent Evelyn Pierce.
I need to be connected
to Deacon Shepherd's office.
Agent Pierce?
Sir, I still have this woodley
in custody.
Has records gotten back
to you?
Yeah. Turns out he has
a pretty respectful rap sheet.
Aggravated assault, resisting
arrest, the list goes on.
The thing is,
i don't think he's a suspect,
but he knows more than
he should.
The murders haven't stopped,
so see what he knows.
Yes, sir.
Hey, now.
That was quicker
than I thought.
Tell me what you know.
Well, I don't know.
I'm kind of hungry now.
These are really great ribs.
Heh, heh.
You have a demon.
Just one, and I know which,
because I been chasing him
for half my damn life now.
How do you know that this demon
is the one you seek?
Its means of transfiguration,
the way it changes form--
it's unique.
I'm not gonna sit and talk about
the history of these shits.
I don't know if there's god
or hell, but these exist.
I know
because I've killed them.
I know 'cause they killed
friends of mine.
I don't give a rat's ass
if you believe in it or not.
I don't want you
to mess this up for me.
So just do what I tell you...
And you might just survive.
You said this one
is unique. How?
Every demon's different,
but they all have their own
means of transfiguration.
Some only stay in you
for a couple seconds,
you know,
like you didn't even know it.
Will take you over
for their entire lives.
And you have to pry
them loose,
which is often easier said
than done.
Some of them
just gotta touch you.
Others will only pass
through sexual exchanges.
Some of these things will just
leave you to stick to a doorway
like an invisible spider web
just waiting for the next fella
to walk past.
Most of them like
to move.
I like the ones that stay
in one place.
But they all have one thing
in common:
They exist to destroy.
There's just something
about us,
about our world,
that they wanna end.
So, what about
this one?
How does
this one work?
Many years ago, my old man
and I, came across a small town
not unlike this one
y'all got here.
Thing had been there
for a couple of days.
Nearly the whole town
had gotten killed.
It was unusual because demons
normally aren't responsible
for those type of body counts.
They're more partial
to personal torment.
But this thing was
See, the way it transfigured
was by being killed.
The moment you killed it,
it became you.
Which, needless to say,
complicated things.
So anyway,
me and my dad sat there
and explained
this to the townfolks,
just like I'm explaining it
to you now.
Course, they believed us
straight on,
having seen the carnage
Okay. So how'd you kill it?
See, my old man
had the brave idea.
He sacrificed himself.
He drank a poison,
and then he killed it.
So the demon
had no place to go.
And I could trap it.
Well, I'm so sorry.
I lost my daddy
to prostate cancer.
That's a shame.
So how did you lose the demon?
I'm getting to it.
It's complicated.
I tried to hang onto it
for 30 years.
It just had a funny way
of slipping out of my hands.
You see, the thing has
a life of its own.
It doesn't wanna stay
in that box.
It's got a way of influencing
the world around it.
Okay. How did you lose it,
Mr. woodley?
You can't kill the thing.
All you can do
is put it where no one
will ever get to it.
So I rented a plane,
came down here.
Was gonna drop it here
in the bayou.
Engine trouble,
fire starts,
i gotta bail out.
Plane just scatters itself
all around town.
I remember investigating
that crash.
Good for you.
middle of the bayou ain't
a bad place to hide the thing.
So I just stuck around town
for a while,
just in case somebody
stumbled upon it.
Which is good,
because that's what happened.
some nice trees they
have here.
Seem to have forgotten
my wallet. Heh, heh.
This one's on me.
Thank you very much.
So let's just say
any part of that is true.
You got a plan?
I suggest you find the man
that killed the last
of those three murderers.
Hold a town meeting
with everyone except him,
tell them what happened
and maybe
we can work together on this.
You wanna tell an entire town
there's a body-hopping demon
on the loose?
Something like that.
That will only
exacerbate things.
Even if they believe you,
which I highly doubt,
this town is ultra-Christian.
They're gonna go into a panic.
Chief Dunham, is there
an emergency system
at the local school so we
can keep the children safe?
Well, now, agent Pierce,
you're gonna have to pardon me,
but I think you spent a little
too much time in Washington.
This here's chicory creek,
We just got our first stoplight
about six months ago. Heh, heh.
I'm sorry,
but this plan is ridiculous.
I'm not gonna let you
get this town
into a frenzy
just on your word alone.
Fine. I'll wait for you
to wise up then.
Chief, how can I find the man
who killed the last murderer?
What are you gonna do
when you find him?
Oh, I'll sit him down
for a quiet little chat.
If we help you,
then I'm coming.
As much as I'd love
to spend some time
with a lovely lady
like yourself,
I work alone.
We're gonna do this my way,
or you can take a seat
back in that cell.
Your choice.
All right, then.
And if you make one
false move,
I will not hesitate
to shoot you myself.
Fair enough.
Let's get my shit and get going.
Now. Now, let's see
what we got in here.
So one ruger.
Three-five-seven Magnum...
And holster
with twelve rubber bullets.
I like this here, one vaporizer.
One small-animal trap.
Careful with that.
South American bola balls.
And last but not least,
one whip with two...
Shrunken heads.
Oh, shit, just put down "whip."
One whip.
- All right. Pull over.
- This should be it.
The house of the man
who shot the last murderer.
One Jeremy ruckner.
What, do you live in your car?
Course you do.
What on earth is that?
It's my net gun.
She's my pride and joy.
How does she work?
Well, it's
a pressurized release.
The nets fly out,
they're weighted at the ends.
They knock the victim off
its feet, don't kill it.
Let me see.
Jeez. Just a little heavier
than it looks.
Okay. That should be
the house there.
How does he know where he
lives if he's possessed?
Hasn't been any murders
for a while.
Reckon he's taking a break.
Seen him do it before.
Somebody's coming.
Hey, you shouldn't
even have that thing on you.
Oh, I'll be holding onto it,
thank you very much.
You shoot him with that,
you're gonna regret it.
Trust me on that.
Wait here.
Oh, my god.
Yeah. It can be a dirty job,
that's for sure.
Oh, my god. It's horrible.
Takes some getting
used to.
Who the fuck are you?
It can talk?
Uh, no. No. He's not
supposed to do that.
Unhand me.
What's the matter?
It's not him.
What do you mean it's not him?
Well, it's him,
but he ain't possessed.
Drunk as piss
by the smell of him,
but he ain't possessed.
Who the fuck are you?
Sorry, sir. Well,
we seem to have made
some kind of mistake.
I'm sorry, buddy.
You nearly broke
my arms.
This is complete bullshit,
isn't it?
No, it's not bullshit.
He's not the guy
who did the last shooting.
The hell I ain't.
Three days ago I put
that crazy bastard down
with that gun right
up there.
I'm the best shot
in Mississippi.
Okay, so? He said he shot him.
Okay. Tell me exactly
what happened.
Well, ain't you heard?
I shot the fucker.
I got him right
in the gut.
Did anybody do anything else
to his body after you shot him?
Well, yeah, Glen prichard ran up
and finished him off,
but I'm the one who put him down
and stopped the killing.
You ask anybody.
So, what happened to prichard?
Where'd he go?
He ran off.
After he done it, he just
looked at us and took off.
Probably couldn't stand
the sight of the blood.
All right. We're done here.
This does not prove
Hey, wait a minute.
Get up.
Hey, you haven't
told me
why you shot me
with that damn net.
- All right.
- Just was a bad dream.
You just go back to bed, now,
come on.
Merry Christmas.
Wow, do you really
have to do that in the car?
Didn't have enough ribs
for lunch?
No, thank you.
Damn it.
Car's overheating.
Happens all the time.
I knew I should've
never trusted you.
We need to get to the station.
Can you shut up?
Excuse me? You should be
kissing my ass right now.
I could've left you in
that cell to rot.
Don't "shush" me.
I just saw something.
I don't see--
something's watching us
from the woods.
I don't see anything.
Yeah. Right there.
Get in the car.
Don't say a word.
Stay quiet.
Get back in the car.
Is this for real?
Am I interrupting something?
Oh, shit.
Rubber bullets.
Works when you're in a jam.
I-- i--
I just--
breathe, try not to talk.
So I say we set
that town meeting
around 6 P.M. tomorrow.
Sound good to you?
Hi, y'all. Welcome.
Good evening,
um, Mrs. kravitz.
Maybe you could help? Do you
have a first-aid kit here?
Yes, I have something
here somewhere.
That's terrific. We also need
two rooms for the evening.
Oh, I'm terribly sorry,
but I only have one room left.
I'm afraid you'll
have to share.
You need some help?
No, I was always pretty good
at do-it-yourself surgery.
Thank you
for what you did.
Don't thank me.
Thank him.
I don't understand.
When I got to you, I was pretty
sure he'd already killed you.
I've never seen it react that
way, the way he looked at you.
I was relieved to see
you were alive
until I realized
what that meant.
It wants me to kill it.
Yeah. It appears so.
It likes you.
Maybe it likes your body,
maybe it likes your soul.
He collects souls,
makes him more powerful.
The eyes, his eyes...
Yeah. I know.
Creepy as hell, right?
No, no. It--
in his eyes, I saw something.
There were dark clouds,
There were people screaming.
It was terrible.
I've never been so afraid.
Now, that's unexpected.
Here, let me help you.
Let me help you.
So how long
have you been doing this?
Oh, um...
Pretty much
as long as I remember.
It was kind
of a family business.
Christmas must've been fun.
for the warning.
So, uh,
is there any way
to get the demon
without hurting anyone?
Well, I think you're getting
ahead of yourself.
If we don't catch
the thing then, uh,
all this thinking
will be for nothing.
Okay. Well...
You're all set.
Thank you.
Uh, I'll just change here if
you don't mind turning around.
Okay. Sure. No problem.
Look, I'm just
gonna go outside.
I'm gonna sleep in the car.
it's pretty cozy actually.
There's plenty of space on
the floor, you don't have to--
hey, Nelson.
Sorry to wake you, buddy.
Yeah. Can you run
a lineage check
for me on an Evelyn Pierce?
Yeah. Cross reference
with your list,
see if anything in
that family tree pops up.
I gotta go. Get back to me
as soon as you can, all right?
Trouble sleeping?
I spent my childhood here.
Figured I would pay a visit.
Looks like that was
a nice farm a ways back.
Why was it abandoned?
Well, supposedly,
it's cursed.
And why is that?
My parents never
told me much.
From what I hear, there
was an easter celebration
and I fell in the pool.
I hit my head on the edge
as I went in.
I think it was a few minutes
before anyone found me.
I was completely blue.
My mother, she grabbed me, and
she carried me into the house
and when
she brought me back,
I was totally fine
like nothing had happened.
I don't remember any of it,
but I do know what people say.
It's like she brought me
back from the dead.
Next thing
i do remember
is that people were throwing
rocks into our window
and we just packed up, and we
left pretty quickly after that.
Well, Evelyn, I'm sorry
to hear all that.
Everyone's got
their sob story, right?
You know what I think?
Now is an appropriate time
as any to tell you.
I was trying to figure out
why our black-eyed
friend up there liked you.
What you saw in
his eyes,
the circumstances
of your family's departure
from chicory creek,
it all points at one thing.
What is that?
Well, there's
a slim chance
that your ancestors were,
and you are--
how do I put this?
Um, uh... ahem.
Well, look, there
are demons, right?
And at the other end
of the spectrum,
there are beings that
descended from the light.
Are we talking about
fucking angels now?
Well, you said it.
I know. Listen.
Okay. Let's call
them angels.
Well, many,
many years ago,
according to the Bible
and stuff,
these angels descended to earth,
they mated with humans.
They gave rise
to this divine bloodline.
And you're saying
I'm one of them.
What you saw in his eyes,
your mother had that ability,
birthmarks on your back--
how did you see those?
You turned around? Did you--?
There was just like
a reflection or something.
I am the furthest from angelic.
listen to me,
if I'm right,
the stakes
just got a whole lot higher.
And why is that?
Because there's a dark place,
another plane,
existing next to ours.
It's full of dark things,
bad things.
What does that have to do
with me? With my family?
If you are from that divine
bloodline I told you about,
you have the ability
to connect with those worlds.
And if the thing consumes your
soul, it will use your body.
And he'll call up
his little demon buddies,
thousands of them.
And then chicory creek
literally will be hell on earth.
Why does it need me?
Aren't there others like me?
I'm not too sure
there are any.
i may be wrong,
but you'd better keep your
finger off that trigger.
Well, all right now,
great to see you too.
Hey, good to see you.
Hey, looking good.
Come in, have a seat.
That's not what I'm saying.
I'm just saying I think we
should have a team on standby.
Please. Please, look,
I'm really close here. Trust me.
Just give me a chance.
Thank you. Thank you, sir.
Everything okay?
Yeah. It's good.
Hey, hey, come on in.
Hey, good to see you.
Oh, shit. Uh...
I know, father, I know.
What is this all about?
It's all gonna be
explained in a minute.
Now, come on, Marty.
My congregation
are truly worried.
Now, I saw Evelyn Pierce
in your office.
She is not to be trusted.
All right.
Why don't you
just take a seat
for your own sake.
Ladies and gentlemen, I need
to get your attention, please.
Speak up, Dunham.
I'm gonna please ask
that you don't shout.
Now, I know y'all
got a lot of questions,
and we're gonna
take those questions
just as soon
as this meeting's done.
In the meantime,
I'm gonna have to ask
that you all remain calm.
Now, it has come
to my attention
that the string of murders
earlier this week were--
are connected.
- What?
- What do you mean?
- How's that possible?
- What's next?
Quiet, now.
Calm down, now.
It appears...
Some kind of
supernatural thing afoot.
What the fuck?
Eunice, that is not helping.
Now you shut up.
Now, sit down.
Y'all be quiet.
Y'all know we got
FBI working on this.
This guy's coming in...
Oh, shit.
...let's respect--
okay. Good evening, folks.
I'm jebediah
That's right.
I wanna talk to you
a little bit
about what's happened
in town this past week.
I know you're all frightened,
as you should be,
but if you just cooperate and
listen to what I got to say,
gonna be fine.
Ahem. Well, most
of you are gonna be fine.
Most of us?
Well, look. Look,
just calm down now.
I'm gonna explain it
to you.
I'm gonna explain what
happened. See, there's--
well, just hear me
out now.
We'll get a chance
to talk about this later.
I know you're
not gonna believe
some of the things
I'm about to say.
Some of you, well--
let me finish up.
I'll explain it to you.
There's something going on
in this town,
and it's kind of scary,
but some of you will
have a problem
believing what I'm
about to say now,
but I gotta tell
you something.
Well, it's kind
of a strange story.
Oh, shit.
evacuate the premises.
Don't shoot it.
Let me shoot it.
For Pete's sake.
Hold still now.
What do we do now?
Call for backup.
This was the backup.
Shut your mouth, Dunham.
He was trying his best.
They didn't listen to him.
If your men knew
how to follow orders,
we wouldn't be
in this mess.
I need your car now.
All right.
Where are you going?
I'll do this on my own.
You need us.
Like hell I do.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna find it.
Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Ready or not, here I come.
You suck at this game.
You know I only play
so that you'll leave me alone.
When's daddy coming home?
I told you, I don't know.
He's probably still down
at the town hall.
Who's that?
Who's who?
The man outside.
Get away
from the window, jezz.
Stay back.
We need to find him.
Look, I've been thinking this
over. Maybe he was right.
About what?
About me.
Maybe it was my fault.
Maybe I shouldn't even be here.
Oh, come on, don't be a coward.
I got a heart condition.
Snap out of it.
Chief Dunham,
of what jebediah says,
the fact remains, we need
all the help we can get.
I understand if you feel guilty
about the deaths of your men,
but you don't avenge them
by running away.
You stand
and you fight.
Okay? You stand here, and you
fight with me, chief Dunham.
You defend this town.
Chief Dunham, hey!
What's going on here?
Why did you bring
this evil to this town?
Excuse me?
I do not know what your designs
are in chicory creek,
but I do know
that Evelyn Pierce,
like her mother
before her,
had the blood of Satan
flowing in her veins.
And you are in league with her,
are you not?
You got this wrong.
The important thing is now
you calm these people down.
Why, pray tell,
should we believe you?
How are we to know
that you are not in cahoots
with this hell spawn
that is attacking this town?
You better calm down, padre.
I will do no such thing.
I see it now.
You are Lucifer's mouthpiece,
and Evelyn Pierce
is his concubine.
Aren't you taking
this a bit far?
Be gone.
Be gone, hell spawn.
Calm down.
Be gone.
That's rude.
I'd rather
you not do that.
The power of Christ
compels you.
I'm pretty sure
that's from the exorcist.
Be gone, hell spawn.
And tell
your lord Lucifer not--
oh, no.
Calm down, y'all.
Rubber bullets.
Padre, you all right
there, padre?
You all right?
He'll be okay.
He'll be fine.
Merry Christmas.
What do you want?
I wanna help you.
You've helped plenty.
I got it from here.
We're running out of time. Plus,
I'm the one it wants, right?
So don't
you want me around?
That's exactly why
i don't want you around.
Pastor Erikson.
Hey. Whoa, whoa.
Pastor, he's-- well,
he's indisposed right now.
Uh-uh. I gotta see the pastor.
My girl, she's gone mad.
I don't know what to do.
What's your name?
Emmett, tell me
what happened now.
Wait a minute, you're the guy
from the town-hall meeting.
What's going on? Is something
making people sick?
Is my little girl sick?
just tell me
exactly what happened.
I got home
about an hour ago.
There was a man
outside on the front lawn
with a bullet wound
in his head.
And I went inside,
and my little one,
my girl, she's got
a knife to her.
So I tell her to run,
and then she looks at me,
and her eyes were
all black. My girl--
lead me to her.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. What are you
waiting for? Let's go.
She's down there.
No other exit
to that basement, right?
No, sir.
All right.
How will we do this?
Let me think
for a second here.
If she's possessed,
she in a lot of pain?
That's right.
She sure is.
There's gotta be a way I can
help. How can I help her?
There is a way to do that.
The only way is by killing her.
What? What'd you say to me?
You're gonna be putting her
out of a lot of misery.
I can't.
I can't kill my little girl.
That ain't your little girl
down there no more.
I don't understand.
Wouldn't it just
be the same problems
but inside of me now?
What we're gonna do
is make poison,
you drink it, you go
down there, do the deed,
wait to die, you will
be with your girl.
Wouldn't want her
to be alone, would you?
I can't.
All right. I'll do it.
What's she going
through right now?
She is screaming,
she's down there.
She's burning up, waiting
for the whole thing to end.
Oh, Jesus. There's
gotta be another way.
I can't kill my daughter,
you gotta understand that.
You listen to me.
You wanna honor
your little girl,
better put her out
of her misery.
All right.
I'll do it.
Come on, Evelyn,
let's make this poison now.
How long will I have to bear it?
Couple of minutes, tops.
Jesus, no.
It's okay. It's okay.
Come on. You ready?
So she'll
be at rest?
Once it's inside you,
it's out of her.
What's it gonna
be like for me?
Well, I'd be lying if I said
it was gonna be pleasant.
I take this, and i--
kill it.
All right.
I know what I have to do.
Drink it while it's hot now.
All right.
Everybody get down
on the ground.
What the hell is going on?
I'm sorry. I thought
they'd give me more time.
You damn fool.
Shut your mouth.
I'm not doing too good.
Deacon Shepherd, look,
you're making a huge mistake.
It's nice to see
you too, Evelyn.
Give us a few more minutes.
Let us finish what we're doing.
Then you can take over
the operation.
Is that an order?
Sir, something's
wrong with this one.
What have you done to this man?
Drift leaf, mainly.
It's a poison.
You poisoned this man?
Get him the hell
out of here.
Wait. What exactly
is your role in this?
Go to hell.
Got it. Hard case.
Put him in the Van.
As for you, you go outside.
I'll talk to you later.
Wait. You have no idea--
I'll deal with you later.
Scour these premises.
Jebediah, i--
They would've come
even if I hadn't called.
What do they know?
I told them everything. I didn't
think they would believe me.
We'll deal with
this later. Get ready.
Check the door.
Turn around right now.
Un-cuff him.
Don't do this.
Un-cuff him right now.
Hold it.
You idiot.
We have to go now. Now.
Get in the damn car.
You're fucking dead.
She's got the gun, smartass.
What was that?
It was exactly what I told you.
No, that can't be.
There must be some kind of--
there isn't.
We need you
to cooperate with us now.
You wouldn't touch me.
Without my testimony,
you're both gonna be on the hook
for that bloodbath there.
Testimony? I don't
think you understand
the time frame
we're on here.
I have been shot.
I'm wounded.
First we're gonna get me
medical attention.
Then we'll talk about
what happened back there.
Please, okay, okay.
What happened
while we were outside?
The little girl,
she came out
of the back room.
She-- she attacked--
she killed three of my men.
We fired on her.
And then one
of my guys fired on me,
clipped me
in the shoulder. Ow!
Then what happened?
I fired on him,
and then I ran.
Fuck you both.
You'd have run too.
Did you hit him?
Yeah. Yes,
but it wasn't a kill-shot.
Where'd you hit him?
Lower abdomen.
All right. Cuff him now.
What? What is this?
Wait a minute.
What the fuck are you doing?
I am with you, okay?
You're both
fucking crazy.
Clearly, there's something
very unnatural going on here.
Why don't we get in the car,
drive back,
I'll explain everything,
all will be forgiven.
I don't think
we have time for that.
What the hell
is that supposed to mean?
I'll do it.
I'll fucking do it.
Agent Pierce.
I'm sorry, jebediah.
Trust me,
if it weren't for me,
those men back there
would still be alive.
you should've told me.
Let's just be clear
with each other from now on.
What are we
gonna do with him?
Well, we're just gonna find
a suitable place and end this.
And who's
gonna kill it?
Yeah. Well, I'm just gonna
have to figure something out.
It doesn't have to be like this.
We can keep going.
We can find another way.
There is no other way. Someone
has to die. That's the rules.
Yeah, but you're--
you're important. You're--
why am I important?
Because I kill demons?
Should you wanna die
instead of me?
Would I like for this
to be someone else?
You bet your ass.
But you're different.
You got that power inside of you
that you have to harness.
You're important.
Hell of a lot more important
than I am in this fight.
Let's get
this over with.
It's got one bullet.
All right.
Take care of my car.
Damn it,
what's with this guy?
What in the name of god
are you doing to this poor man?
you're gonna have to stop.
Don't take another step.
Pastor Erikson, you need
to leave. You don't know--
and I do not wish to know.
Free this man.
Wait. Don't do it.
Restrain him.
Get off me.
What are you doing?
Think about it.
You saw the demon. You saw it.
- You shut your mouth.
- You saw the demon.
You will not poison me.
I'm trying to help you, pastor.
What are you gonna do, kill me?
Be gone, devil.
Get away from me.
There's no chance.
There's no fucking chance.
You heard the lady.
Oh, you sick fucker.
Evelyn, don't do it.
Don't kill it.
I've been doing
this a long time.
I can't tell you
if there's a heaven or hell,
or what's out there.
But one thing I can
tell you for certain
is that evil exists.
You can run away from it,
you can bury it,
maybe you can
even slow it down,
but you can't stop it.
Sooner or later, maybe
not even in your lifetime,
that evil will be back.