Don't Let Go (2019) Movie Script

Hey, Ashley.
Hey, Uncle Jack.
Everything okay?
Uh... yeah.
I mean, it would be,
but, um, my mom dropped me off
at the movies
before she went to work,
and my dad was supposed
to pick me up,
but he didn't.
So then I tried to take the bus,
but I don't have my bus pass.
And, of course,
neither one of them
- are answering their phones.
- All right.
I'm on my way.
So, how was the movie?
Was it good?
It was okay.
Just okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- What was it about?
By the way,
sorry for interrupting
your work.
You don't have to apologize.
I got you that phone so you can
call me if you ever need me.
I'm glad you called.
Pass the Pen?
- Let's do it.
- Yeah.
All right.
- It's a good foundation.
- Yes.
- I'm gonna build on it.
- Yeah.
- You ready?
- Yes.
- Pow. What?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
With the legs.
- Mm-hmm.
- Arms. Eyes.
What's that?
That's a smile.
- That's pretty good.
- Yeah, I don't know
if you're gonna be able
to match that.
Let's see what you got.
- What's that?
- A wing.
- Aw, it's the wings.
- Yeah.
Butterfly wings.
Finish it off, Picasso.
I'm-a give it to you,
that's pretty good.
- Mm-hmm.
- I don't know.
Can you improve on perfection?
- I mean, I don't know.
- Yeah, I mean...
We could do one more thing,
How about that?
- Pow. Finishing touch.
- Boom.
You know, the best thing
about your dad
being such a screwup
is I get to spend time
with my favorite niece.
He's such an asshole.
Where is he, anyway?
He's not so bad.
Hey, Ash.
- What's up?
- Nothing much.
I just wanted to call
to thank you.
What for?
Whatever you said to my parents
the other night.
Whatever you said,
I mean, it really worked.
I know they were just
kissing my butt, but...
And my dad bought me
this really awesome bike
that I've been begging for
for, like, 15 years.
Then they took me to Stefano's
for a makeup dinner, of course.
And, believe it or not,
I finally ordered
the garlic chicken dish thing.
garlic ch-chicken dish thing?
Yeah. I mean, every time we go,
you try to convince me
to get it,
so I decided to get it
in your honor.
Delicious but really garlicky.
Anyway, uh...
I know I was cursing about him
the other night,
so I just wanted to let you know
I think he's maybe doing
pretty good now.
Uh... Look, I'm sorry.
I'm-I'm staring
at a pile of paper
I've got to get through
for my next shift.
- What were you trying to say?
- It's okay.
Work if you have to work.
- We'll talk about things later.
- A'ight.
- Bye, Uncle Jack.
- Bye.
Hey, Ash.
Hello. Uncle Jack.
Hello? Hello. Are you...
- Can you hear me or not?
- Yeah.
Hey, you've reached Ashley.
Please leave a message.
Hey, uh, Ashley.
Uh, are you okay?
Uh, c-call me back.
Anybody home?
Garret, get up.
Garret, Garret.
Come on.
Garret. No, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Somebody... Okay.
Oh, God!
Oh, God, Garret, what'd you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
Ashley. Ashley.
Jacky. Jack!
I got here as fast as I could.
I'm so sorry, J.
I'm so sorry, J.
522 South 57th,
stating 3929,
possible murder-suicide.
Last time
when I spoke to Ashley...
...she was trying to talk to me
about her dad.
My brother doing all of this,
me not seeing he was capable...
I might as well have done it.
No, Jack.
No, this is not on you.
It's not.
Five or six times a day,
people have been saying
they're gonna pray for me.
I pray...
I pray to undo it.
I prayed that God
would give me
a second chance, Bobby.
Tell me this ain't true, man.
Tell me this isn't happening.
I mean, some-somehow,
Jack, I-I...
I-I just think somehow
you're gonna get through this.
But you cannot blame yourself.
People with your brother's kind
of illness,
they hide
those sorts of things, Jack.
Hi. I'm Ashley,
and I'm the birthday queen.
And at the smoker,
we have my dear old Uncle Jack,
probably making sure
Bobby O. doesn't overcook
- his famous pulled pork.
- Come on, come on.
That's gonna be so tender,
when you touch it,
it's just gonna go...
Okay, sure.
And at the bar, my mom and my...
What are you guys doing?
- Uh, hey!
- Hi, baby.
Love you.
I love you guys, too.
And over here,
we have Mr. Wilco.
Hi, buddy. Ooh!
Hi. The most beautiful dog
in the world.
- Yeah.
- Hey. Hey, sweetheart.
Yeah. Yes, yes, yes.
- We love you, girl.
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday. My girls.
- Thank you so much.
- Yay!
- Now you got a mustache.
All right.
Happy birthday to me!
We're sorry.
You have reached a number
that has been disconnected
or is no longer in service.
If you feel you have reached
this recording in error,
please check the number
and try your call again.
Can you look something up
for me?
- Hey, Bobby.
- Hey.
Hey, Jack.
What are you doing here?
My niece's cell.
Apparently, it was tagged
and photographed,
but somehow it's not
in the property room.
You know where it is?
It should have been left
at the scene
for the fingerprint tech
to bag it
and bring it in here
with everything else.
But I don't know
if the bozo did it.
Who is this?
Who do you think it is?
O-Okay. Um, I-I don't know
if our lines are crossed
or what, but...
I hope you just didn't die.
All right. Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How you doing, brother?
I'm all right.
Uh, come on in.
I'm sorry for just dropping by
like this, but, uh...
- It's all good.
- Well, you know,
Alice remembers
you liking her lasagna.
So, she heard I was coming by,
she went straight
in that kitchen and...
- Thank you.
- Oh, by the way,
uh, Miles wanted me
to let you know
Cooper had absolutely nothing
to do with making the card.
That supposed to be me?
I guess.
- Thank him for me, okay?
- Okay.
Now, you finding
what you're looking for?
I feel like
I'm going crazy here, man.
you're going through
the hardest thing in the world.
You're allowed to feel crazy.
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah, thanks
for the reassurance, man.
Thanks for coming by.
Actually, I...
I didn't come to reassure you.
Or bring lasagna.
I have something to lay on you.
It's a little bit heavy.
Your brother's case...
bottom line,
we have to rule you out for it.
I.A. noticed
I haven't been doing that.
So, before you go talk to them,
Jack, is there anything...
that you want to tell me?
So, uh, first things first, uh,
we have it here you stated
before your shift
the night of the murders
you were home alone.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
You told, uh, Detective Owens
your brother recently acted
a little erratic
but you didn't see it
as a big deal.
Well, he forgot an obligation
with my niece,
which wasn't really erratic.
It was typical.
So I gave him an earful
and let it go.
Your sister-in-law.
Did you find her attractive?
You two ever flirt?
I mean, by all accounts,
you played hero
for your niece a lot.
So one could imagine that might
have worn on your brother some.
Then again,
maybe if there was some...
you know,
incident with the wife...
that's the kind of thing
that could set a guy off.
Okay, let me be blunt.
I'm imagining
a scenario like this.
Your niece calls you up crying,
and her dad's drunk
and yelling and throwing lamps,
and-and you're pissed.
He's misbehaving
right after you already
gave him your earful, right?
So you fly over there hot,
confronting him,
and now things are getting
really hot.
And so I shoot
my own brother, right?
- And your sister-in-law's freaking.
- Okay.
- And the dog's barking and everything...
- Yeah. Yeah.
You know what? You got me.
I did it.
I killed them all.
Even the dog.
- Hello?
- Hello?
Uncle Jack, is anyone there?
So, when I...
when I called you before,
did you hear me at all?
Did you not see
that I called you?
Uncle Jack, are you
ignoring me or what?
Where are you calling from?
Where am I calling from?
Um, okay, I'm-I'm at my house
in my bedroom
in Los Angeles, California.
Uncle Jack, I don't know
what's going on,
but if you don't want
to talk right now...
No. No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Let-let's talk, yeah.
Uh, we should talk.
Uh... what do you want
to talk about?
I mean, I guess I just wanted
to say thank you, really.
My dad said
you gave him quite a speech
about not picking me up
the other night.
Whatever you said, it really
snapped him into shape.
I know they were just
kissing my butt,
but my dad bought me
this new bike
I've been begging for
for, like, 15 years.
Then they took me to Stefano's
for a makeup dinner, of course.
- And believe it or not, I finally...
- Oh, my...
...ordered the garlic
chicken dish thing.
And you weren't wrong.
It was delicious.
But a lot of garlic,
though, right?
Yeah, super garlicky.
Actually, after dinner,
we ended up hanging out
and breathing garlic
on each other
until, like, 1:00 a.m.
while we were listening
to some old stuff
from my dad's record collection.
By the way, have you ever
heard of a band called ESG?
- Ash?
- Yeah?
- At Stefano's...
- Mm-hmm.
...uh, the other night,
after dinner,
I bet you had...
a hot fudge sundae
with two cherries on top.
Am I right?
Um, uh, what?
Uh, how-how did you know that?
Did you just turn psychic
or something?
What is it?
Do you have a crystal ball?
Look into his eyes.
He's got ESP.
Jack Radcliff...
fortune-teller detective,
solving cases no one else can.
Seer of hot fudge sundaes.
Ash, you said...
you said you were
at home, right?
Your mom and dad...
they home with you right now?
Mm, no. Um, my mom's at work,
and my dad went out to go
watch some game or something.
I don't know.
Hey, Ash?
I'm about to ask you something
that's gonna make
absolutely no sense,
but do me a favor.
I don't want you to...
I don't want you to ask me why.
Just... just want you
to trust me.
Can you do that for me?
I-I mean, I guess so.
Okay, in your dad's shed
out back,
the last time I looked,
there was some spray paint
on his work bench.
I want you to go in there,
grab it,
and, um...
I want you to...
spray something on the...
on the doors of the shed.
Like what?
Paint a... paint a big red "X."
A big red "X"?
A big...
fat red "X."
Uh, okay. I'll call
you back when it's done.
No. Wait. Wait.
Well, you-you don't have
- to get off.
- Later, alligator.
Ash? Ashley?
- Ashley.
- Hey, hey, you're never gonna...
Hang on. Hang on.
There's something
- I need to ask.
- Okay.
For some reason,
my... my phone's acting up,
not showing a date.
Can you look at your phone
and-and tell me what it is?
Uh, okay.
Um, all right, so it's, uh...
J-June 25.
You said it's June 25 today?
Yes, but listen,
I-I did
what your weird butt asked,
but unbelievably,
while I was in here
doing the deed,
my dad pulled in the driveway
in some weird white car,
- and now I'm trapped.
- What you... what you...?
What you mean,
a weird white car?
Just some weird white car
pulled up in the driveway,
so I freaked out
and pulled the doors closed.
You pulled the door?
Okay, uh...
was your dad driving it?
No. He's in the passenger side.
You recognize the driver?
No. I-I...
No, I can't really see.
Ashley, if you can, I want you
to carefully peek out
and see if you can read
the license plate
or-or get a good look
at the guy behind the wheel.
Can you do that?
Ashley, where'd you go?
Shh. Hang on. I'm looking.
S-So, unfortunately, no.
I-I can't see the plates.
'Cause of
the way the car is parked.
Uh... what kind of car is it?
It looks old. I...
I'm not quite sure what it is.
It's a sports car.
It's a sports car with...
big lights, like frog eyes.
Uh, Ashley, I...
I need you
to be very, very specific.
Look closely.
you can see an emblem
or something?
Yeah, there was. A-A tiny one.
But the car just drove away.
- With or without your dad?
- With him.
That's good.
You can come out.
Yeah, I know.
I'm already out.
Okay, so confess.
Why in the world did you just
have me do that?
Ashley, I need you to think.
Think about what?
About if anything unusual's
been going on,
like the thing
with the white car.
You know, new people.
Conversation you overheard
that seemed strange.
Maybe... maybe something
having to do with your mom?
Maybe they had a big fight
recently, or...
maybe you noticed your dad
seemed to have stopped
taking his medications.
I-I don't understand.
Why are you even asking?
The truth is,
all this is about a case,
but it's not an ordinary case.
It's a case to do with your dad.
A case?
Well, what kind of case?
It could be he's gotten
into some of the same stuff
that got him in trouble
when you were little.
And if that's true,
we have got to protect him.
You're saying
he's doing it again?
He-he's dealing drugs again?
It's possible, yes.
Well, I mean,
if-if he's off his medications,
he really doesn't seem like it.
He seems good, and to answer
your other question,
him and my mom
haven't been fighting at all,
at least from what I've seen.
They've actually been
very sweet and cuddly
with each other lately.
They seem really good.
And if I really think about it,
especially my dad.
He's been in a good mood,
and he's been getting back
into his music.
Actually, he's been writing
this really beautiful new song.
I don't think it's gonna be
a hit or anything,
but it's really pretty.
I guess I'm saying I-I just...
think he's doing good
when he's playing his music.
Usually, if he's depressed
or off his meds,
he's just... kind of quits.
- Hey, Ash.
- Uh-huh.
Have you ever heard
the name "Georgie" before?
I don't think so.
Who's Georgie?
I don't know.
You going somewhere?
Oh, yeah. Uh, just...
just back to my room.
Which part of your room,
Um... I'm over by my window.
Hey, Ash?
Did you just get
your room repainted?
Sor-Sorry. H-How...?
How in the heck
do you know that?
Uncle Jack,
how do you know that?!
'Cause I was looking
at your dad's credit report
'cause of the case.
I saw a receipt
for, uh... for paint.
Right. Okay. I mean, yeah.
He repainted it a few days ago.
I guess as part
of kissing my butt
for screwing up the other night.
He did the whole thing himself.
Which was nice
but slightly annoying,
because you know how
when painters paint
and they do a sloppy job
and they accidentally
seal up the cracks?
- Uh-huh.
- Well, that's what happened,
and now my window's stuck.
Your window's stuck?
Yeah, it's totally sealed shut.
I don't think I can open it
without a crowbar.
But what are we doing
talking about my window?
Ugh. It's too bad I don't
know his e-mail password
so I could check and see
if there's a Georgie...
You know what?
One thing I could maybe do...
I could Google the bug-eyed car
and try to figure out
what kind it is.
Or, I mean, if-if it comes back,
I-I could go outside
and see if there's plates
on the rear.
But, of course, who knows
if that'll ever happen?
Uh-oh. Crap.
Okay, uh,
- I think I got to go.
- Is that Wilco?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's Wilco.
He says hello, but, Uncle Jack,
I think my dad is just
walking in the door,
and I've got red paint
all over my hands,
so I got to wash up
before he comes in. Uh...
But you know what?
I'll try to think
about who Georgie is,
and I'll call you back, okay?
- Love you, Uncle Jack.
- Wait! W...
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I heard you were in the office.
What are you...
what are you doing here?
Uh, my leave days are up soon.
I figure, what's the difference?
"Two days to live"?
What's that?
Uh, I'm just
reconstructing the timeline...
what happened
before what and when.
Is that a problem, sir?
Let's go to my office.
Close the door behind you, Jack.
Oh, did I show you?
They just got into the playoffs.
Bobby's boy Cooper pitched
for a save to get us there.
That's great.
Yeah, it is.
What's going on?
Are you not satisfied
with the way
your partner's been handling
your family's case?
something a little strange
I got a couple calls
from what appeared
to be my niece's cell.
I guess I've just been
looking for an explanation.
That's why you went over there
and collected her phone?
You hear that from Bobby?
Take a seat.
I need to make clear to you.
The fact that Bobby didn't walk
into my office straightaway,
that he waited until you had
tampered with state's evidence
before he said anything,
was not very smart.
You should have come to me,
Jack, talked it over.
Respectfully, sir,
if I'd run it by you,
you'd have told me I had PTSD
and recommended
I check in for treatment.
I believe if you want
to go see a psychologist,
it's up to you
to make that decision.
But since you haven't,
I feel I need
to say some things to you,
and not just as your boss.
One thing I know to be true...
you have to move forward.
You have to believe
that there's a spot
out there for you
where things are
gonna be better.
Yes, sir.
I hear you.
I-I really do. Um...
Do you?
Because I sense a "but."
On your wall,
you pinned up a note.
"Talk to them about Georgie."
You want
to tell me what that's about?
It was a message
my brother wrote to himself
I found in his house.
Does it mean something to you?
Who is he?
There's a bunch of random
narcotics cases
this guy was associated with.
And given
your brother's history,
it wouldn't surprise me if he'd
had some dealings with him.
Unfortunately, the only piece
of actual evidence we've got
on him is literally right here.
Now, we've heard his name
for years,
but nobody's actually
ever seen him,
except for one deceased witness
who helped us get this drawing.
You're telling me
it's a dead end?
No, I'm telling you
this guy is a white whale.
If you ask me,
take everything off your wall,
take whatever remaining days
you have left,
cash in your sick days, too.
Thank you, sir.
I think you're 100% correct.
Cash in my days.
Everything comes off the wall.
I want you to look at this.
- Okay.
- Look carefully.
Now, what is this?
Why are you showing me this?
My brother... he preferred
vodka drenched in OJ.
He liked his drinks
sweet and mixed.
Look at the bottle on the bed.
- Bourbon.
- Bourbon.
Now, okay,
maybe he was desperate
and there was nothing else
in the house, right?
Wrong. Next picture.
So all the evidence is clear.
My brother was a bipolar,
pill-popping lunatic.
Very dramatic,
all spilled all over the bed
like he was going crazy.
- Come on, man.
- Wow.
That was staged.
I got to take this.
Sorry, man.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, Ashley.
Hey, so you know the name
you gave me... "Georgie"?
When my dad wasn't looking,
I think I found something
in his old day planner.
Found what?
- His last name?
- No.
I couldn't find his last name.
But I think I found his address.
That's incredible.
Okay, give it to me.
- I will in just a minute.
- What...?
What does that mean...
"in just a minute"?
Well, uh, Wilco and I
are actually
on your street,
about ten seconds away.
No, you-you... you can't.
I can't? Why not?
- I'm not at home right now.
- Well,
that's kind of funny,
because all your lights are on,
- and it looks like if I were to ring your door...
- No!
- Wha...?
- No, Ashley,
I need... I need you
to turn around and go. Okay?
Oh, I mean, okay, I heard you,
but why does it sound like
the sky's about to fall?
I know it's confusing.
Thing is, your-your dad is in
such deep trouble right now,
there may be people
watching my house.
In fact,
while this is happening,
if we see each other in person,
we should probably pretend
like none of this is going on.
Okay? You still there?
Y-Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.
Tell me you are
turning around and going.
Uh... yeah.
Yeah, we're going now.
Look, let's say this.
Tell me the address.
I'm gonna go check it out,
and then
- let's talk after.
- Sure.
Good. Good, good, good.
O-Okay, so it's
1696 South Cochran Avenue.
Oh, shit.
- Jacky.
- Property room.
Hey, what the hell
happened to you?
Property room.
- Property room.
- The pro-property room?
What are you talking about?
Jack, right now we've got to
get you to a hospital.
- No, man. There's no time.
- He's been shot.
- No, Jack, come on. "No time."
- There's no time. No time.
"No time." What do you mean,
there's no time?
She's dying tomorrow.
I got to save her.
Jacky. Jacky.
- Where you go... Jacky. Ja...
- Hey.
What is it you need him to pull?
Just get me in there.
It's important.
It's on me.
- Let us in.
- Okay.
Call an EMT.
Keep everybody out of here.
Jack. Hey. Hey.
Jack. Hey, Jack.
Down here, Jack.
Okay, so what are we doing?
Ja-Jack. Hey.
What are you looking for?
This was delivered on a Monday.
Today... today's...
This is Tuesday morning, right?
It's Tuesday morning, Jack.
That means it's Tuesday
morning for her, too.
For her, who?
I got to get this.
I got to get it.
- Hey. Ash?
- Hello?
- Come on!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell
- you got your guns out for?
- Wh-What was that?
- J-Just stay back.
- W-Was that for me?
Hel-Hello, Uncle Jack?
- Hello?
- Ashley.
- Ashley.
- Stay back.
I've got no choice.
Uncle Jack, you...
you have no choice about what?
As soon as we get off,
I'm gonna need you to call 911.
Say... say you want your dad
locked up.
Wait. Why would we
want him locked up?
Tell them about the drugs.
What? What drugs?
They're in the box
under his bed.
Okay, but what is this?
What the hell is going on?
Someone's coming
to kill your dad.
Who's coming to kill my dad?
Seriously, Uncle Jack.
Ash, I want you
to write this number down.
- Okay.
- 213...
- 213.
- 555...
- 28...
- 09.
- You got that?
- Zero... Yes, I wrote it down.
But-but whose number is this?
It's Bobby's number.
You call him...
if you need it.
- Okay, guys, hurry it up.
- Uncle Jack.
- Up here! Over here!
- What's all that noise?
Over here. Officer down.
Uncle Jack.
Hello? Uncle Jack!
Hey. Hey, hey, Jack.
We're gonna
find out who did this to you.
All right?
We're gonna get 'em.
Jack. Hey, Jack.
Jack, come on, man.
Stay with me.
Hey, Jack.
Jack! Jack!
Uncle Jack? Uncle Jack!
Hey, Ash. What's up?
Uh... what?
I don't understand.
What do you mean,
you don't understand?
Why are you looking at me crazy?
Is this a joke?
No, it's not a joke.
Why would any of this be a joke?
- Come-come on. Come inside.
- N-No.
Explain what's going on.
Explain what?
What?! Yeah. What?
The red "X,"
the "send him to jail."
Why aren't you saying anything?
Say something!
- Ashley. Okay. Ashley.
- What is going on?
- Come inside.
- No. Bye.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hold on.
Ashley, h-hold up. Hold up.
Leave me alone!
Ooh-ooh, girl
I'll save you
You'll save me
I'll save...
Oh. Oh, okay.
I'll save you
Oh, that's it.
You'll save me
Susan, I need you here
Oh, oh, oh.
Hey there, butter bean.
Hey, baby.
Come on in.
Got something in the bag
right there for you.
Check it out. Check it out.
Check it out. Check it out.
We may have gone
to a record store,
and I might have seen something
that you might like.
Now, see,
that's their second album,
but... I mean, it may not be
as good as the first one,
but I think it's pretty cool.
"Oh, thank you, Dad.
That's so amazing."
Oh, thank you, baby.
I was playing Mom
a new song I wrote.
Want to come here
and sit down with us
and help us write some lyrics?
You want to sit down and talk?
911. What's the location
of your emergency?
I-I-I think...
I think... I think
I need the p-police.
Hello, Uncle Jack.
Can you hear me or not?
Anybody home?
Oh, God, Garret, what'd you do?
Ash. Ash.
Hey, Jack.
Where did you go?
What is it?
You're not having
a stroke, are you?
My family.
What is it? What is it?
What is it?
Oh, no.
They died on a Tuesday...
instead of a Wednesday.
Jack, what is wrong with you?
Baseball mitt,
what's-what's that about?
Next stop is Little League.
Howard got pissed because
Cooper forgot his lucky glove.
You're gonna drop me off, right?
Jack. Jack.
You want to tell me why in
the hell we have our guns out?
What day is it today?
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wed...
What day of the week is it?
- It's Tuesday!
- Tuesday. Tuesday.
- Shit.
- You gonna tell me what's going on?
What time is it?
What time is it?
Do you even know
what's going on?
The glass on her phone.
When she died before,
it was... it was cracked.
When she died before?
And now the newspaper says
they died on a Tuesday
instead of a Wednesday.
What-what the fuck?
The newspaper said
they died on a Tuesday
- instead of a Wednesday?
- Yeah.
The newspaper changed
the date of their deaths?
Boy, I hate to say it,
but you sound insane, J.
Bobby... we got to go.
We got to go. We got to go.
We got to go.
Did someone call 911 and
report Garret for possession?
Yeah, but it was a dud.
How is it
you don't remember that?
Actually... actually, I do.
I do re-remember.
Jack, what is wrong with you?
- Huh?
- The pills.
There were no pills on the bed.
Pills on the bed?
And her bike was out back.
Her backpack.
How'd her backpack get wet?
That's a good question, Jack.
But what I want to know is
why you're asking
all these questions
right here, right now,
just all of a sudden.
It's this nightmare.
Just-just having
a night... nightmare.
Wait! Wait, wait!
Please pick up.
- Ashley.
- Hey, Unc...
Hey, Uncle Jack.
Okay. There's a lot
I need to tell you,
and I know the last time
we talked was super weird,
but I-I didn't know
who else to call, so...
so I-I called 911,
like you said,
but then my dad just left,
so I followed him.
And-and now my dad's
getting beat-beat up.
And it looks like
they're hurting him
- really, really bad.
- Okay, just-just wait.
W-W-W-W-Wait, wait, Ash-Ashley.
- Ashley, just-just-just te...
- Yeah.
just tell me exactly
where you are.
Um, I'm on West Amherst
and the corner of First.
Okay, get the hell out of there.
But whatever you do,
do not go home.
Uncle Jack, there's-there's
people here. There's a car.
- Hello?
- What people? What car?
- The white one?
- Th-There-there... Hello?
This is Bobby O.
Leave me a message.
Bobby, it's Jack.
I need a report on a car
as soon as possible.
It's a Porsche 911.
California plates, 2SAQ321.
Call me back.
No. No.
No. No. No. No.
- Ashley.
- Uncle Jack, thank God.
- You okay?
- I am, but no, not really.
Right after my phone died,
one of the guys
beating my dad up
came after me and chased me.
Okay, where-where are you?
I'm at the diner where we had
dinner the other night.
I had to recharge my phone,
and this seemed like
- it-it was the safest place to be.
- Okay, hang on.
Hang on. I'm a minute away.
I'll be right over.
But before I get there,
we need to focus.
The guys who beat up your dad,
was there anything else you saw?
- What about their cars?
- Uh, uh, yeah, uh...
I thought about that, too.
There-there was a hat.
a yellow one, and...
I-I had their license plates
written down
- on a napkin.
- That's great.
- That's great.
- Yeah, but it was in my backpack,
and I lost my backpack
while I was running away.
Wait, wait.
You just say
you lost your backpack?
Yeah. Wh-Why?
Ashley, you-you have any i-idea
why your backpack would be wet?
How do you know that?
I'll tell you
right after you answer.
Okay? I promise.
Just tell me.
Okay, um,
this man came running after me,
and I fell in the river.
Everything falls in the river.
My backpack, my bike.
And I-I didn't have time
to get my backpack.
I didn't have time.
So I just... I ran.
And I lost my backpack.
And then I ca... I called you.
Ash, I know I've asked you
to do a lot of weird stuff.
I know you want me to stop.
But I do have
one more thing like that
to ask, and then that's it.
- Everything will start...
- making sense.
Wh-What's happening?
By the register,
you know where there's a bunch
of bubble gum in a... in a jar?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I want you to grab a handful.
All different colors.
And then tell me
when that's done.
Uncle Jack,
are you here somewhere?
The answer to all your questions
is in that jar of bubble gum.
Just reach in there, and then...
then go to our booth,
the one we always sit in.
You with me, Ash?
Yeah, okay.
Uh, now what?
Okay. So, uh...
here's what we're gonna do.
I want you to pick
a piece of gum.
Any color.
Okay? Now start chewing it.
And when it's good and goopy,
um, I want you to stick it
under the table
real good so it won't fall off.
All right.
It's done.
Red gum.
You were chewing red gum.
I-I-I don't under...
I don't...
I don't understand.
How-how did you...?
How do I know things
I shouldn't?
Why did I get you
to paint the red "X"?
What are we doing
sticking things under the table?
The fact is,
believe it or not,
I'm sitting right here,
holding a dried-up,
chewed-up piece of red gum
you just stuck under the table.
But for me, it's two weeks old.
I'm telling you, I'm sitting
in the booth you're sitting at
two weeks...
two weeks in the future.
Ash, where'd you go?
Just-just a second.
Just a second.
Okay. Look again
and tell me what you see.
You put a red question mark,
written in crayon there,
with the yellow piece
of bubble gum.
I know your backpack was wet,
somehow, it ended up...
In your future,
the one I'm in right now,
it-it ended up...
at a crime scene we've been
investigating, soaked.
A crime that, in your time,
hasn't yet happened.
I'm telling you, unless you do
something about it,
it's not just your dad
who's gonna die.
Your mom's gonna die.
And so are you.
Which you know because...
you're my time-traveling uncle
from the future?
If that's true... do we die?
Ashley, that's not important.
How is it not important?
Because it's not gonna happen.
- B-Because you're gonna save yourself.
- How do I die?
You're gonna erase all this.
Tell me right now!
You're not gonna die.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
You're gonna get on a bus
or-or a train
or ride your bike and sleep
o-on a beach if you have to.
You are gonna live.
What does it look like
when I die?
And who did it?
We don't know that yet.
We-we don't know that yet.
Okay. Just...
just tell me what you know.
Just tell me what you know...
and-and I promise...
I promise, I'll go
like you said I should.
Please, I can handle it.
Your bedroom door was kicked in,
and you...
...and you...
and you died right on your bed.
It looked like
maybe you tried to...
force open your window
to get away,
but... your new paint
made it stick.
My new paint made it stick.
But as long as you're alive,
you can change this.
Whatever you do,
don't forget that.
I want you to take that thought
wherever you go from here on in.
This chewed-up piece of gum,
you-you can unchew it.
You can change things, okay?
y-you're here.
Right here.
Tell me you understand
and you're about to go.
I'll go.
I'll do it.
I know you can't just
let me in there.
But I got to get in there.
So, if I pull my gun
while the cameras are recording
and point it at you,
would you comply?
I mean, I don't want to die.
Oh, no.
- Somebody call an ambulance!
- No, no!
Please don't.
I'm-I'm fine, okay?
I've-I've stopped the bleeding.
- Nobody needs to call an ambulance.
- Holy shit!
What happened to you?
You know what, everybody,
just back the hell out of here!
You heard the man.
Get out. Get out!
All right.
Circle of trust.
Let's hear it.
My niece's backpack.
It's here in evidence.
It was found on the scene.
But I know for a fact
that she lost it
- the day that she was killed.
- Wait, wait, wait.
How in the world
would you know that?
I can't say.
All right, well,
what are you suggesting?
The backpack... that somebody
planted it on the scene?
What reason in the world
- would a perp have to do that?
- I don't know.
Okay? I don't...
I don't... I don't know.
I-I think I might.
The plates you had me call in,
the owner of that vehicle,
is he the guy
who did this to you?
All I know is that car
was parked in the lot
of a building I went inside,
and some guy comes out,
guns blazing...
Building where?
And why were you entering it?
You know what, Jack?
Forget it.
Don't even bother
to answer that.
Your homeboy's finished.
You grab his badge,
his gun, his keys,
and you escort him home.
The plates he had me call in
belonged to Lee!
Sergeant Roger Lee
of Internal Affairs.
Roger Lee?
The prick who interviewed me
a couple days ago?
It means that maybe Lee...
is Georgie.
I mean, if that's...
if that's true,
then we have got to go
and brief Eaves.
Now, I'll set it up, but he's
gonna want to hear Jack's story
straight from
the horse's mouth.
So let's-let's all reconvene
on the parking lot
in just one minute.
W-Wait, wait.
Who's Eaves?
Meet us outside.
Hey, you've reached Garret.
Leave a message.
Hi, Dad.
Uh, can you call me back
as soon as you get this?
As soon as you can.
It's important.
Hey, what's up? It's Susan.
I can't answer the phone
right now.
Leave a message,
and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
Thanks. Bye.
So, this Georgie
you've been chasing,
we've both been telling
because we're under
strict orders to keep it quiet.
- By who?
- I.A. and the D.A.
Georgie's a group
created by a bunch
of dirty cops.
That sketch I showed you,
it's a fictitious character.
Doesn't exist.
So he can never be caught.
It was driving us crazy
for years until Eaves,
who's running
I.A.'s case on this,
he told us
we're chasing our own tails.
The point is,
you seem to have uncovered
the fact that
the number two guy in command
of the good guys at I.A.
is, in fact,
one of the bad guys.
Speaking of which,
we ought to get going.
And where exactly are we going?
Well, unless you want to stop
off at a hospital on the way,
we've got to go
and download Eaves.
You're gonna tell him how you
got so tangled up in all this.
And who knows?
Maybe he can help you find
whatever the hell it is
you think you're looking for.
Let's go.
Jack, come on, man.
- What's up, Ash?
- Hey, Bobby.
All right, let me get this.
I got this.
Thanks for getting here so fast.
Of course.
You call me, I'm there.
So, exactly
what's going on, huh?
Like I
said on the phone, I-I...
I just have a feeling
it would be a good thing
if you came over.
Is-is it your dad?
Is he drinking?
Is he...
is he doing drugs again?
Is he...
Y-You want to talk about it?
- No.
- No?
It's just good that
you-you came and picked me up.
Yeah, well...
well, you know I got you.
Do you mind
if I charge my phone?
Help yourself.
Sir, one thing
you haven't said yet
is how exactly my brother
was involved in all of this.
Do we know?
Well, for a few years now...
well, you probably know this
your brother reverted back to
his old ways to pay the bills.
Unfortunately, it got him
caught up in a transaction
with an out-of-town associate
of Georgie's...
who had no idea
he was selling evidence
to the brother of a cop.
Well, you can imagine,
those beans get spilled,
tightknit group of cops
on the make,
fragile trust,
their cover blown
by the ne'er-do-well brother
of the oh-so-honest
Jack Radcliff,
people get uptight.
They start thinking they've got
to shoot their way out.
So, where does this lead to?
Into the Olympic Forest on
the backside of Kenneth Hahn.
You ever been there before?
Yeah, but...
not through here.
You'll like it.
Okay, you want to text
your folks
and let 'em know
that we're here?
Hey, Bobby. Do me a favor.
Text Eaves.
Tell him we're already here.
Beautiful here, isn't it?
I could have a house right here.
That's a black
neighborhood right there.
you don't think I'd fit in?
Well, yeah, you could pass.
Just keep passing right on by,
You know, it's amazing.
This guy's habitually late.
Ah, we wait around here anymore,
we're all gonna get skin cancer.
At least I might.
I hate late people.
Eaves being one
of the worst offenders.
You know, I take it as a sign
of a man's character.
And, once, I had to wait for that dude
for 45 minutes,
and when he showed up,
I said to him, "Look..."
Don't you even think
about it, Jack.
Point that fucking gun
at the ground.
And put it on the hood
of the car right now.
So, you sure
you don't want to tell me...
...what we're here for
before we go inside?
truth is, I think
my parents are in
some kind of serious trouble.
I was hoping you could come in
and you could talk
to 'em, maybe?
Make sure they're okay?
Yes. I mean, sure.
I figured you would have
called your Uncle Jack to...
help you deal
with your folks, but...
why didn't you?
Um... I-I don't know.
I guess I just didn't want to
this time.
Okay. I'll give it a shot.
Thanks again for doing this.
There you go.
- Hey, hey. What's up?
- Hey, Bobby.
- What's going on, man?
- It's all good, man.
- Hey, Mom.
- Ashley, baby,
why don't you come in the house
and let Daddy and Bobby talk?
No, actually,
I was hoping we could all
go inside and talk,
if that's okay.
I just have a few questions
I'd like to ask
everybody concerned.
Like... how in the world
did your daughter end up
following you...
to Amherst Street today?
No, Bobby. No.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
You run, you scream,
I will blow your daddy's head
off his neck.
What's up, Garret?
Bobby, man, please.
"Bobby, man, please."
- Let's go, boy.
- Bobby, man.
Go, baby. Go, go, go. Go inside, baby.
- Get in there!
- Go!
- Control your dog. Control that damn dog.
- Wilco!
- Get in the kitchen, you understand me?
- Wait. Go, go.
- Go, go, go.
- Take the dog and get in the kitchen.
Anybody else here?
No. Nobody's here, man.
Nobody's here, Bobby.
Nobody's here.
- Get him out of here!
- Nobody's here.
- Come on.
- Leave that dog behind the gate.
- Move! Go. - Okay.
- Go, go. All right.
- We're-we're going. We're going, Bobby.
- Sit on the sofa!
- We're going. Okay. We're here. We're here.
- Sit. Sit!
Now, Jack.
Put it on the hood of the car!
Over here.
Back the fuck up.
You figure out
why Howard is dead yet?
Because he was clean.
The backpack, Jack.
How'd you do that?
You don't have ESP,
so how did you know
that your niece lost it?
Just tell me the truth, and
we can figure out what's next.
The box under
the bed, Ashley.
I need to know
how you knew what was in it.
You don't have X-ray vision,
so how did you know?
Just tell me the truth.
We can figure out what's next.
Who... did you learn
about her backpack from?
Who's your witness, Jack?
You want to know who told me
about her backpack?
You want to know who
told me about her backpack?
It was Ashley.
Told you about the backpack?
That's right.
Ashley's the one
who called you on your phone?
That's right.
The box,
- Ashley.
- Hey, we... Look, look,
why don't you sit
with us, man, and we can....
we can sit here,
and we can talk about things
calmly, thinking, okay?
Since you don't seem
to be realizing
the gravity of all this!
- Stupid motherfucker!
- Get down! Stay down.
You stupid motherfucker!
The irony of all this
is I told your brother, Jack.
I begged him!
I said, "Get out of town!"
But the motherfucker thinks
he can talk his way out!
Look, look, stop, please.
Look, look.
Look, we can fix this, okay?
We can fix this.
You're not a killer, man.
You're not a killer,
no more than me, okay?
All right, you was just
thinking down the line, right?
You were thinking about
your kids and-and your family.
But please, man,
we all make mistakes, right?
We make mistakes.
We can fix 'em, Bobby.
- Bobby, listen to me, man!
- Please.
Please! Please!
Ashley, your Uncle Bobby
tried to save you.
Tried to save you all.
I came to your daddy
and told him what was coming.
I told him
to get you all out of town.
And did he do it? No.
He stays,
which I promised wasn't
gonna happen, and now they
don't just want to kill him.
They told me it has to be me.
See what I'm made of.
How could you do this, man?
You had every chance
in the world.
Why didn't you get your family
out of harm's way?
- Bobby, man, I'm so sorry.
- Why did you do it?
I'm so sorry, man,
but we can fix this, man.
We're family, right?
We're family, Bobby!
Look, since nobody seems
to want to tell me the truth,
you leave me with no choice.
I need... you to turn around
and get down
on your knees, Jack.
I'm not giving you that.
When I tell you to get down
on the ground,
get your black ass
on the ground, Jack!
I'm not giving you that, Bobby.
I'm not giving you that.
You're gonna have to look me
in the eye, Bobby.
You know what?
- Dad! Daddy!
- Run, baby! Run!
- Run, Ashley! Run, baby! Run!
- Ashley! Ashley!
Your mom!
- Run, Ashley!
- I got your mama!
Run, Ashley!
No! No!
No! No!
Let me in.
- No! No! No!
- Ashley!
No! No.
Ashley! Open the door!
No. No.
No! No! No!
What now? What now?
What do I do? What do I do?
Last chance, Jack.
Your witness.
Don't you fucking answer it.
- Jack!
- Hey, Ashley!
Oh, thank God you answered.
Uncle Jack,
I... I didn't listen to you,
and I know I should have, but...
I called Bobby. I didn't...
- He-he killed everybody.
- No!
No, he didn't.
You're alive.
You're alive, right, Ashley?
Oh, God!
Uncle Jack, who's that?
- Oh, God.
- Uncle Jack, are you okay?!
Listen to me.
The only way I can be okay
is if you save yourself.
And if you save yourself,
you'll save me.
And if you save me,
I will save you.
I promise.
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no! No, no.
Uncle Jack!
Uncle... Uncle... Uncle Jack!
God! Oh!
Please! Uncle Jack!
Uncle Jack.
You remember what you said
at the funeral, Jack?
Do you remember what you said?
You said you prayed
to undo all of this.
So... so did I.
Uncle Jack! Uncle Jack!
Hello?! Uncle Jack!
Please, Uncle Jack!
See what you just did
by coming here?!
Now I have to kill your uncle.
No! Help!
Please, Uncle Jack!
Whoa! Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa! Bobby!
Ashley! Ashley!
- Jack, I'm sorry.
- Bobby.
I don't want you
to look at me.
Just look
at something beautiful.
Save you.
I'll save you.
If you save me,
I'll save you.
Just look
at something beautiful.
You're okay. I got you.
I've got you. Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Come on. Okay.
Oh, God.
Okay. Okay.
Okay, I got you.
Okay, okay, okay, I got you.
Okay, okay.