Don't Look Back (1996) Movie Script

Stay down.
- Where do you think he is, Jesse?
- Could be anywhere.
Come on.
Let's go, come on.
- What is it?
- Thought I heard Morgan.
Behind us.
- What are we doing?
- We're waiting, Steve.
- Here he comes.
- There's Morgan.
He'll come rushing in like always.
We'll get him.
You'll walk the plank, Bluebeard!
You're going to be food for sharks.
You'll never take me alive.
You got me.
I can see it.
My whole life flashing before my eyes.
You know, Morgan, you always die good.
- What are you doing?
- We're going to bury some treasure.
- Here's our treasure chest.
- Great! Now all we need is the treasure.
I got treasure... lucky clearie.
- My Apache arrowhead.
- My penny that was run over by a train.
Careful, Jesse. That knife is sharp.
Your turn, Steve.
Repeat after me...
Some day we'll come back
and dig up the treasure.
"Some day we'll come back
and dig up the treasure."
- And we'll never split up.
- "And we'll never split up."
"We'll never split up."
Hey, Jesse.
- Hey, Bridget.
- Jesse!
You look like shit.
Listen, can you hook me up, darling?
I'm a little on edge.
I can't do that for you. I'll get you a beer.
Carl, can I have a beer?
Yeah, sure.
Is there anything around?
Mouse or Elliot?
I don't like to see you look like this.
You can move back in with me, you know.
Any time.
I'd like that.
I wish I could.
Thanks for the beer.
You're wasting your time on that one.
He's just a junkie.
I can't go to Mouse, I'm flat broke.
Can't you just hook me up? I'm hurting.
- I can't help you, man.
- I need something, bad. Come on.
- Step off, man.
- Know it blows, bro.
You're $1 short and a day late, baby.
They gone.
They all long gone.
But you know what?
They had that good shit, too.
What are you trying to fuckin' sell me?
There ain't no fuckin' crank in this.
Hey, motherfucker.
Thought you said you liked dope.
What the fuck are you doing?
Shit! What's happening, Jesse?
- Mouse here.
- Hello, Mouse. It's Jesse.
- Fuckin' Jesse...
- No, don't hang up!
- Do you have my money?
- Yeah, I do. I got some money.
I swear to God, man. You hear that?
That is cash.
- Great. I'll see you in the morning.
- Not in the morning. I need some now.
- It's too late now.
- I'll give you all that I owe you and more.
Come on, please. Let me come over right now.
All right, you shit. We'll do it now.
Thank you very much. Thanks.
- I'm going to split.
- Okay, man. I'll see you later.
No, I mean, I'm going to split.
Go stay with Bridget maybe or somewhere.
What about my money, man?
You still haven't paid me shit.
Let's see... Uno, dos...
...tres hundred dollars. Is that cool?
Yeah, man. That's cool.
Want some spaghetti?
I think I'll pass.
The drumming sounds good, man.
Have you seen Bridget? She been here today?
She left about 30 minutes ago.
- Did she say where she was going?
- No, just that she was hungry.
Tell her good-bye. I've got to split.
- How about paying your bill?
- Yeah.
Come here!
Flight 421 to Houston, now boarding at 37 D.
Your attention, please. Flight 421
to Houston, now boarding at gate 37 D.
- How much to go to Galveston?
- Galveston?
Yeah, right!
Galveston's 50 miles from here, boy.
Can you take me or what?
You got the money, honey, I got the time.
Morgan, here. Leave a message
after the beep. I'll return it if I feel like it.
- How long will you need the boat?
- About a month... go back and forth to the island.
All right. Why don't you just buy it
with that wad of money you got?
What would I want to buy this piece ofjunk for?
I'm driving a boat in Texas now!
Hey, Morgan.
Fuck me a-running.
God damn!
You're lucky you came to see the doctor
because I'm going to fix you right up.
I got your medicine, buddy.
A little cool pop on the rocks.
Nothing like it to settle your stomach.
- Thanks.
- Salud.
Fixing to fight a war?
If I ever have to.
No. Some chick named Shelley.
You know they always like to leave something.
Gives them a reason to come back.
You're not dead.
Me and Steve, we thought
you had to be dead or something.
You didn't call.
You didn't write.
Hey, dude.
You look like shit.
I'm okay. I'm just a little beat.
The curtain just moved again.
Man, Steve is going to shit his drawers.
I called him this morning,
but some woman answered, so I hung up.
That's no woman, that's his wife.
He's married?
Steve's been married so long,
he's wearing fuckin' golfing shirts.
She's something else, I'll tell you that.
Her Daddy's an oil man, loaded to the tits.
- Steve's a big old corporate fuck now.
- Figures.
What about you?
You still playing that guit-fiddle?
You rich and famous out there yet?
Yeah, I'm rich and famous.
What about yourself?
I'm working them off-shore oil rigs.
You must be hauling in good money.
I make enough to keep me
in beer and poontang.
Hold on. Here he comes.
Hey, Skipper!
That's a snappy-looking sports coat
you got on there, Skipper.
How you doing, Marshall?
Hey, Skipper.
Seems like to me you'd have been
back up in Humboldt by now.
I was going to call you today.
I got a problem down here.
I'm working on it now.
Just about got it fixed back.
Fixed back?
Yeah, it's a long, fucked-up story.
I'm lucky I'm even here.
Where's the money?
That's the problem.
Sort of. I know where it is.
I know who's got it, anyway.
You remember Chuck T?
Chuck T. From Humboldt? Yeah.
He's letting us use his house
out there in Topanga.
Why don't you come with us?
You can tell us your story
about how everything got screwed up.
He's got a pool table.
- What do you say?
- Okay. That'd be good.
Are you mad at me?
Look at that. His wife's name is on
his damn boat. Pussy-whipped or what?
Ship ahoy, asshole.
What do you say, Morgan?
I hear you're a Republican now, Steven.
- I'm afraid so.
- Where you been?
He's a world traveler, been everywhere.
Now he's back. You believe it?
Why didn't you let us know where you were?
I don't know, I should have.
Why didn't you let your granddad know?
He went to the police. They didn't know.
Everybody thought something
must have happened to you.
- I'm sorry.
- Seven fuckin' years and not a word!
Know what you put us through?
You couldn't call?
- You couldn't write us a postcard?
- Damn it, Steve, back off.
I came back to see y'all.
You don't have to start giving me shit.
- Damn.
- Come on.
Come on.
Hold on.
It's great to see you.
Get off the goddamn rag.
- Daddy!
- No.
You're kidding.
Jeremy, come over here
and say hey to your Uncle Jesse.
Hey, kid.
Hi, Uncle Jesse.
- Good shot.
- Wasn't that fuckin' hard.
- Where do they live?
- I'm serious.
Shut the fuck up, this is their neighborhood.
Steve lives here?
He's big shit. He's corporate and all.
This is big, clean...
Little Stevie!
Hey there, Michelle. How you doing, darling?
Hi, Morgan.
I want you to say hey to Jesse, the Jesse.
Steve told me you were back for a visit.
Nice to finally meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- See there.
We're on our way to the Point.
Thought you both might want to come.
We'd love to, but my parents are here.
Hi, there.
Steve, come on now! Let's go get drunk.
Get some clean underwear on.
So you say this cat's name is Jesse?
And you been looking for him.
I've been looking for him.
I tore up half of goddamn Hollywood
looking for him.
I almost caught the son of a bitch
in a crosswalk.
In a crosswalk?
But he got away again?
I couldn't get out of the fuckin' car.
You didn't take that money yourself, did you?
Hell no, Marshall!
God damn it! I didn't want to come down
here in the first place.
Skipper, son, this is a major fuck-up.
You lost track of a lot of my money.
I know I did. I'm sorry, I just fucked this up.
This is business, did you know that?
Are you pissed off at me?
- Did you tell me the whole story?
- Yeah.
I gave you all the damn details. I know
I'm good with details, you've said that.
Take your finger out of your ass
and send this prick to get our money, or...
Duff, I believe I'd keep my mouth shut.
I got half a mind to send your ass
back to Humboldt County, but I won't.
I appreciate that. Thank you.
I'm sorry I fucked this up.
But I'm going to do the best I can
to help straighten it out, I mean it.
I'll set it straight.
You told me the whole story?
- Didn't leave anything out?
- No, I didn't leave nothing out...
Get this sack of shit out of here,
then clean this up.
This is not our house.
How are we going to get the money?
We find Jesse.
Will somebody light a joint?
I got a fuckin' headache.
I've been up in Alaska
working on them crab boats.
Made a bunch of money.
So I went to Vegas
where I lost it all playing roulette...
...but not to worry, I won it all back
and then some playing blackjack... I thought I'd spread it around,
come back here and spend it on my boys.
- Hell, get it out, man.
- That's great.
Hey, fellas. Those three little chicky birds
are looking at us.
Don't you start...
Excuse me, Lou-Ann.
We would like to buy those three,
hot, little chicky birds some alcohol.
- And another round for this table here.
- No, you better count me out.
- Come on!
- I promised Michelle I'd get back...
We'll get you back.
We don't want you getting conked
with no rolling pin.
It's just that her parents go to bed
real early and...
That's sweet.
Couldn't do it. You know, my balls, Jesse,
they sensitive to squeezing.
- Morgan was married. Did he tell you this?
- No.
- Did he tell you he was married?
- This Morgan?
- This Morgan. Did he tell you?
- He was married?
He didn't tell you about this?
Tell him, how was that marriage?
- Fuck you.
- I'm just curious. How was that?
The longest six weeks of my life.
I'll tell you that.
You were married for six whole weeks?
That's a long time for you.
Then, the dumb fuck went
and joined the Marines.
The Marines?
I was in the Marines, and watch it
with that "dumb fuck" shit, Steve.
- I'm proud to be a Marine.
- Yes, sir.
- Dumb fuck to you, son.
- This guy wanted to go the damn Gulf War.
- Get out. You were in the Gulf?
- Yeah.
What was that like?
Hell, man. There were 17,000 of us
on ships off the Kuwait coast.
I was on a Nassau.
I was primed. I was ready to hit the beach.
I couldn't sleep at night thinking about it.
Me and my buddies...
...storming through the surf, up that sand,
going to kick Abdul's ass, right?
So we waited.
We waited.
And we waited.
- And?
- They never sent us in.
We were just a fuckin' decoy.
That's all we were.
The whole show went on without us.
The biggest goddamn disappointment of my life.
The closest I came to combat
was an incoming from a fuckin' seagull.
He's pissed he didn't get a chance
to shoot anyone.
No, I ain't. Don't make fun
of shit you don't understand, son.
Greatest honor a man can have
is to die for his country.
- Don't you understand?
- I don't know.
Thank you. I don't think I agree.
I don't think I'd be willing to die
for anything any politician...
...or government told me to.
Not me.
There are some things
I might be willing to die for.
Like what?
Like what?
Like what would you be willing to die for?
I'm a little curious.
- My family.
- Your family?
What about your friends?
What about me and him?
What about me or him?
You, maybe. You're an asshole.
- Salud.
- Salud.
Jesus Christ! The fuckin' friends I have.
I ate it all, Mommy.
- Good.
- Can I go out and play?
Sure, honey.
This guy's fat. Skipper said Jesse was skinny.
This guy's long gone. He's probably
spending our money in Hawaii.
We'll find him.
Here's your peppers, honey.
I'll give you some onions.
Saut them in some butter, slowly.
Jesse Parish.
How are you, Granddad?
That's good.
What are you making?
Don't rightly know till I finish it.
What happened to the bait shop?
Blowed down.
How come you didn't build it back?
You're pretty good at this.
How come you didn't come back here?
Ain't heard hide nor hair of you for years.
Ain't got no money to speak of.
To tell you the truth,
I wasn't going to ask for any money.
I was going to give you some.
You can use it for the bait shop
or whatever you want.
Where'd you get that?
Don't tell me. I don't want to know.
And I don't want none of that, neither.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised
at your irresponsible ways, boy.
Just like your mama was.
One of these days I expect
she'll come waltzing back in here, too.
I doubt that.
You ain't staying here with me, are you?
No, I'm staying at Morgan's.
I was going to say you could stay
in the tool shed in the back.
I got kind of used to staying by myself.
Ain't nothing against you in particular.
Thank you.
When was the last time
that you called me by my name?
His name's Jesse. Long-haired rocker type.
He was supposed to hang out here all the time.
Hey, white boy.
What the hell them damn tattoos mean?
I know y'all not white supremacists,
some kind of Nazis.
Yeah, we are.
The tattoos mean we don't like niggers.
Know where this guy is?
No, man. We don't know no goddamn Jesse!
Y'all don't want Calvin
to cut your guts out, do ya?
There's a guy named Mouse.
He sells a lot of shit to the rockers.
Why don't you ask him?
If your boy's smoked out or a junkie,
Mouse'll know him.
Yee-haw! This is great!
Now I remember why I left Texas.
- What a dumb-ass, man.
- I hate to see that happen.
Would you ride one of them bulls for $1,000?
Jesse, you feeling all right?
I got to go to the can.
Whoa there, fella. Don't you say "excuse me"?
Fuck off, I've got to go to the bathroom.
- Don't they teach you freaks any manners?
- Get the fuck off of me, you redneck!
Fuckin' pussy.
I'm going to rip this goddamn door off,
and whoop your scrawny little ass.
Son of a bitch probably picked my wallet.
He's probably on dope, too.
Sir, I'm a police officer.
Could you open up, please?
Hold on, I'm taking a crap.
God damn it, open up, you little thief!
Would you come out, please?
Just a minute. I'll just get my pants up.
What the hell's going on here?
He said you tried to take his wallet.
He's crazy.
Look how he's dressed, for God's sake.
Hell, look at that shirt.
What are you high on, buddy?
Unfortunately, I am not high on anything.
If you'll excuse me,
I've got some friends waiting for me.
Excuse me.
The boy put this in my stall.
- What's your name?
- I'm not going to tell you.
What's your name?
You're so pretty. Where'd you go to school?
Where you from? What's your name?
What the fuck is going on?
Where'd he go?
Didn't he go the other way?
No, he was headed for the back gate.
There he is.
Get in here. It's us.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Let's get the hell out of here.
- What's wrong?
- Let's take him to the hospital.
No hospitals. Just get me back to Galveston.
- What are you doing?
- Tell me what's going on.
Did you steal something? Are you sick?
Fuck, he's not sick. Look, he's a fuckin' junkie.
Fuck you!
- What happened to you out there?
- You don't know shit!
Just get me the hell home.
Not to Granddad's to Morgan's where my...
- You should've told us.
- Where my thing is!
- Lf you had come back, we could've helped.
- I am back!
I'm here.
How you doing tonight, Mouse?
What's the fuckin' deal?
We just want a little information
and then we'll get out of here.
I'll give you a little information.
I don't like dickheads who invite
themselves into my fuckin' house.
Actually, Mouse...
...Esmerelda here, she invited us in.
They're real nice, Mouse.
You shut the fuck up!
- Sit down.
- Don't tell me what to fuckin' do...
God damn you, sit the fuck down!
God damn it!
You sure know how to piss a guy off, don't you?
I've got one simple question for you.
Where's Jesse?
Jesse? That fuckin' skank head.
He lives on Franklin.
Franklin's a long street.
East of Highland,
in those little fuckin' shitty buildings.
He lives with a guy named Gary.
He's a fat fuckin' drummer, all right?
See how easy that was?
Someone's at your door.
Could you get it, you fuckin' slug?
I'm coming. Keep your britches on.
- Hey, Michelle.
- Why are you doing this to my husband?
- Excuse me?
- I know all about you.
Do you?
You're a heroin addict.
But I'm going to stop.
You expect Steve to drop everything
and take a week off from work...
...and stay with you till you get off drugs?
- No.
- You think Steve's at your beck and call.
- No, I don't.
Michelle, honey, why don't you cool out a little?
You waltz back into town
and corrupt my husband...
...and go out drinking all night
and no telling what else.
I wouldn't do anything to hurt y'all.
Why don't you stay in California?
You don't belong here.
God damn it! That's enough.
This is my house. You don't come
in here talking that kind of shit.
He's a guest in my house.
Why would Steve ever care about you?
- Why?
- Why? There's lots of reasons.
You know what happened
in the summer of 1981?
- Morgan, don't, man.
- Shut your mouth. She needs to hear this.
You know Steve's dad was killed in a car wreck?
- Of course.
- His mom became a basket case.
One night she goes on a binge.
These guys get in the car
and drive all over town.
Finally, Jesse sees her car outside
that shit-ass bar, Mike's.
So, he goes in. There's Elaine sitting
in the booth with three fuckin' big dudes.
She's out of it.
She's trying to get away from them.
They're not letting her go.
She's half-undressed.
He's a 16-year-old skinny fuckin' kid...
...and he wades into them,
and they kick the living shit out of him.
But when he comes out of Mike's,
he's got Steve's mom with him.
To this fuckin' day
she don't know what he did for her.
It's funny, she never did approve of Jesse.
She still don't.
That's just one fuckin' story
about Jesse Parish. There's others.
I told them that Jesse was going to have
to pack some clothes for this coming week.
Just because you're going into the woods...
...I don't want y'all to be slobs
and never change clothes.
Come here.
God, I love you.
Squirrel hunting's great up here.
I thought that was for shooting Jesse
if he tries to escape.
That's funny. Y'all don't get it, do ya?
You fuckers are going to kill me.
You guys don't have clue one.
Come on. Let's go back to the city
and get me fixed up.
I can't do this.
There's nothing here.
Wake up.
- What?
- Jesse's gone.
He's gone.
- Fuck! You're supposed to watch him.
- I know.
- I fall asleep for three hours...
- I'm sorry!
- Shit!
- What?
- My rifle's gone.
- Are you serious?
Settle down. Go that way, I'll go this way.
We'll make a circle. We'll find him.
Hurry up.
I shot two squirrels.
- What's going on?
- You scared us half to death, cocksucker.
You don't be leaving like that,
taking a rifle without letting us know.
- Why don't you cook these?
- Fuck you.
So, you're okay?
Everything's okay?
I guess, but I'm afraid
I'm not out of the woods yet.
I'm looking for somebody that might live here... old friend of mine, his name's Jesse.
No Jesse here.
I think he lives with a guy named Gary.
Gary's kind of fat, plays the drums.
Gary Dell, he's always drumming,
driving everybody crazy.
He's in 422.
If he's home, you'd know it.
- You're a pain in my ass, man.
- I know.
- Ever since you were a kid...
- I said, yeah. Lay off.
Thank you, fellas. Be my valentine, all right?
What do you want? A blow job?
I don't know.
Y'all are my friends. You saved my ass.
Wish there was something I could do
to really thank you.
Are you serious about that blow job?
Where the fuck is Jesse?
Jesse split, man.
He's not staying here anymore.
Look, I'm really not one of Jesse's friends.
I should've known.
Maybe he moved in with Bridget,
his old girlfriend.
He said something about that.
- Where does she live?
- Shit, I don't know.
But she hangs out at Boardners.
Jesse hangs out there, too.
It's on Cherokee just down from Hollywood.
Hey, man. I'm back.
Hey, shitheel.
Hey, man. You okay?
Come on, open up the door.
- What's up?
- Nothing. What are you doing?
Sitting here thinking.
Know what I realized?
I was never very good at this.
Come on, man, I got a date.
Get out of the bathroom.
I've been meaning to talk to you
about something.
It's about that money I got.
Blackjack, right?
I stole it.
Out in LA.
These two dudes
were trying to kill each other in a car...
...some dope deal or something.
I kind of stumbled on it and saw this briefcase.
I took it.
Are you shitting me?
I shit you not.
How much money are we talking about?
God damn.
- Where is it at?
- I hid it.
- Where did you hide it?
- I buried it.
I just felt bad about not telling you guys.
All right, look. We got to keep this
between me and you, for one.
I think it might make Steve nervous.
What are you? A fuckin' outlaw, now?
- I guess so.
- Shit.
They know where you are?
Can they come here and track you down?
I don't think so.
Hey, Bridget.
How you doing tonight, honey?
Where's Jesse?
I don't know where he is. He's gone.
I also don't know you.
I'm sorry. I'm an old buddy of Jesse's.
He told me a lot about you.
I thought he'd be here with you tonight.
What can I get for you?
Not a damn thing. Thank you, I'm fine.
Who are you, anyway?
Like I said, I'm a friend of Jesse's.
I was hoping you could help us find him.
You're not a friend of his.
I am.
What do you want from him?
I just want to talk to him.
You know something, I got a good idea.
Why don't we go look for him together?
I don't think so.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Thanks for the offer, but I'll just stay here.
So just fuck off!
Fuck off.
Sorry, ma'am. I didn't mean to ruin your night.
Why don't you get out of here?
I'll ask you one more time, and then
cut your throat and find him myself.
I'm not some fuckin' idiot.
You're not going to kill anybody here.
You can't threaten me, you fuckin' redneck!
Cut her a little, Calvin.
I'd love to.
Oh, baby.
He left a message on my machine...
...telling me he had to get out of town.
He didn't tell me where. He wasn't
specific. Like San Francisco or Texas.
- Where would he go in Texas?
- Galveston. That's where he's from.
What's his last name? He have family?
His granddad is from Galveston...
...and his last name's Parish.
I don't know anymore, really, please...
...can I go?
Kill her and bury her. Let's get out of here.
- Thanks. I want to go home.
- No.
- My God.
- It's going to be all right.
It won't be bad, baby, don't worry.
Do you know what time it is, you son of a bitch?
How did you know it was me, Red?
How's life in the Lone Star State?
It's lonesome, partner. How about you?
Actually, I've been a lot better.
You never call me just to shoot the shit.
You got a problem, what is it?
I'm looking for an old boy. I think he
might be down in your neck of the woods.
He's got a lot of my money,
I was hoping you could find him.
- What's his name?
- His name's Jesse.
Jesse Parish.
It's your granddad.
- Granddad?
- I need to talk to you, boy.
- Okay.
- Not on the telephone. Out here.
- Right now?
- Right now, boy.
You coming or ain't you?
- Sure.
- All right, then.
All right, then.
- What happened?
- I did.
I'm happening to you.
A friend of mine says you
stole something from him.
What friend?
An old boy named Marshall Tanner
from Humboldt County, California.
I don't know any Marshall Tanner.
I've never even been to Humboldt County.
You been to LA, ain't you, baby?
I'm looking for a briefcase.
I can get it for you. It's no problem.
Promise that you'll let my granddad go.
All I care about is the money, baby.
All right.
Where is it at?
I don't have it here,
but I can take you to it.
So take me to it.
How do I know you're not going
to kill me?
Do I look like a killer to you, boy?
Oh, God.
He would've killed you for sure, boy.
Was that his car at the fruit stand?
Did Red call?
He called from Galveston a while ago.
He said he found out
where that punk's granddad lives.
That's good.
So Red's paying him a little visit?
He should've already paid it.
He said he'd call back in an hour,
that was two and half hours ago.
- Can we trust Red?
- Red's a straight-up guy.
There's only one reason Red
wouldn't call back.
What's that?
He's dead.
Get us on the first plane to Houston.
Call the Wheeler brothers in Dallas.
Tell them to meet us at the airport.
- Tell them we'll need some firearms.
- Done deal.
I'm going to dump the body, so there's
no way he can be connected to you.
I'm going to come back, get the car,
and leave Galveston.
Listen, I think you ought to go somewhere, too.
I don't know how they tracked me down,
but there might be more of them coming.
It's going to blow tonight, harder than they say.
Are you all right?
I'll be back as soon as I can.
May I help you?
Dell, party of four. We're going to Houston.
Do you have a picture ID, Mr. Dell?
- Do you have a picture ID?
- Of who?
Who fuckin' cares?
Are you the grandson?
Yes, sir.
How is he?
How did he get those bruises on his face?
He fell. I should've been there.
These things happen.
- Can I see him?
- He's had a heart attack.
- Is he going to make it?
- We'll have to wait and see.
I don't know, man.
Listen to me. I woke up this morning
and he was gone. He didn't leave a note.
Is his stuff still there?
Then I'm sure he'll be back.
Listen, you don't got to worry about Jesse.
He's fine.
Louis, Jimmy, let's go.
Thanks, man.
I love these things.
Good for me.
How come you ain't gone, son?
I'll be here when you get back.
Now, get.
Jeremy, honey, come inside.
Come on. Let's get ready for dinner.
I'm sure he'll be back by tonight.
I'm worried about Michelle.
You know how it is, I really love her.
Too much, probably.
I think of her as delicate and easily-injured...
...but she's about as sturdy as they come.
The thing is, Morgan,
you never can tell with these storms.
I was even thinking
about getting her out of the water.
I might go to the marina after supper.
If you're not busy, you want to come along?
My wife just bit me.
I have no idea.
Nobody's home.
Calvin, you and the boys go and check it out.
Damn weather. How you doing?
We're fine. How are you, ma'am?
- Nobody home?
- Doesn't look like it.
That's strange. Mr. Parish is always here.
I wonder where he could've gone.
I came to give him some cinnamon rolls.
He loves my cinnamon rolls.
I'm Mrs. Lawson. I live down the road.
Y'all friends of Mr. Parish?
Ma'am! Can I see you over here
for just a minute?
We're friends of Mr. Parish's grandson, Jesse.
You know Jesse!
Yes, ma'am. We go way back.
He's a good old boy.
He sure is, ain't he?
It's real important that we get
a hold of him. It's about a job.
He ain't staying with his grandpapa.
He's staying with his friend Morgan.
Hold it one minute.
Let me see if I understand you correctly.
You mentioned something about a job?
You're not involved in the music business,
are you?
Yes, ma'am.
I can't say I'm always proud of it,
but we are in the music business.
That's wonderful!
Can you tell us where his friend Morgan lives?
Sure, I can tell you.
Jesse's going to be so happy.
I bet he will be.
I'm starting to get worried.
Maybe he's at his granddad's.
He ain't. I called over there.
There ain't no answer.
Maybe he decided
to become a drug addict again.
Where you been?
What's going on?
They're here.
What's going on?
- Where are you going?
- As far away as I can fuckin' get.
For everybody's sake.
God damn! Will somebody tell me
what's happening?
Granddad killed someone.
Killed someone? Who?
I don't know. Some guy. He would've killed me.
- Why would he have killed you?
- Because out in LA, I stole some money.
A lot of money.
But I got the bastard's gun.
- Why don't you go play?
- Play what, Daddy?
I don't know. Just go play.
The last thing I want is to drag y'all into this.
I'm just going to go as far away as I can.
Call and let them know where the money is.
They'll be on my ass forever if I don't.
Why didn't you tell me about this?
Isn't there any end to it with you?
This is the end, Stevie.
You're right, it is.
All right.
I just want to thank you guys
for everything.
Come on.
You're telling me you knew about this
the whole time?
Why do you guys have little secrets?
Why didn't you tell me?
Steve, I didn't want you to
get worried.
Daddy, come here!
You didn't want me to get worried?
Come on, fuck it, you know...
Daddy, come here.
You're a fucking asshole, man. Both of you.
What, Jeremy?
There's nothing in this guitar case.
All right, where's the money?
Son, you'd better tell me where the money is.
You're never going to find it without me,
so we might as well make a deal.
Jimmy, turn the car around.
Where are we going?
Back to your friend's place
and kill everybody there.
All right.
Damn it.
There ain't nobody down there.
- Who are you calling?
- The police.
You can't do that. Hang up the phone.
- Why?
- Jesse has a shitload of drug money.
You can't involve the cops.
I'm not sure stealing money from criminals
is a crime.
If they arrest him, he'll be alive.
Listen, if this ain't handled right,
Jesse's going to wind up dead.
Hang up that fuckin' phone.
What are you doing?
I've got a family to think about.
Nobody's asking you to come along.
Where? You don't know where they're going.
Sure, I do.
They'll make Jesse take them
where he buried the money.
If you were him,
where would you bury that money?
I'm going to need your boat.
- How far away is this fuckin' island?
- About half an hour.
- How do we get there? Swim?
- I got a boat.
There ain't nobody out there.
This place is closed.
I have the keys. I know the owner.
You wouldn't be lying to us,
would you, skipper?
He called him "skipper."
What's the matter?
- It's okay, Mommy.
- What's going on?
Daddy's playing with his friends.
It seems pretty rough out past the breakwater.
What do you want me to do about it?
You know how this works, right?
Just fire and pump.
I'm not touching that thing.
I'm taking you to the island, but that's it.
I'm staying with the boat.
God damn it! This is for just in case. Take it.
You're happy about this?
You might get a chance to shoot people.
You act like I want this to happen.
- You said it.
- That's bullshit!
That's it.
- Fuckin' psycho.
- Think what you want. I don't give a shit.
Let's go. Calvin, get that shovel
and that flashlight.
- I'm in a different position here.
- You got to do what you got to do.
I got to do what I got to do.
Get me out there, I'll take care of the rest.
You little fuck, you caused me a lot
of trouble. Where's my money?
The other side of the island.
What the fuck are we doing on this side, then?
The boat would've capsized on the other side...
...and we would've drowned, idiot!
- Who's the idiot?
- God damn it!
You want me to blow your fuckin' brains out?
Let's go. You lead the way, Jesse.
Give him a flashlight.
- Take this, boy.
- Louis, give me that flashlight.
Where the hell is he taking us?
- Can't this thing go any faster?
- Not in this weather.
- Move!
- Move that little pissant along!
We were right.
I need you to keep your fuckin' eyes peeled.
You see any crazy shit go down,
you get your ass out of here.
This little punk is either jerking us off
or we're lost.
I've never been here at night before.
You fuckin' find the money, punk!
You understand me?
Get the fuck out of here!
We'll see you real soon.
You don't know how many of them there are.
They're not going to be packing
what I'm packing.
All right! Come on.
This whole thing sucks!
This better be it, asshole.
Is this it?
Shit! There's about 20 of them.
I count six.
Here's what we're going to do.
I'll cut to the right... get on the other side of them, over there.
You don't move until I do.
We'll catch them in our crossfire
and cut them to pieces.
Got that?
What the hell's going on here?
He's dicking us!
All right, you fuckin' assholes!
Drop your weapons right now!
Drop them like he said!
I said drop them!
Drop them!
Take it easy, boys.
Son of a bitch!
Come on! Let's go.
Come on!
- Shit!
- One of those fuckin' punks killed Duff.
- What about Morgan?
- He said to meet us at the boat.
You know, we could be walking into a trap.
- We got to split up.
- Right.
- Calvin, go on out that way.
- I'm gone.
- I'm with you.
- Come on.
You shot my brother!
You're dead, you son of a bitch!
- Hold it!
- What?
This is stupid. Let's wait for him.
Come on. Shoot him.
- Shit!
- I'm sorry.
Damn it! If you're going to be here,
don't freeze up.
Shoot him!
Cut your...
You little...
- Are you hit?
- My leg.
Come on, let's get out of here.
- Shit, where is he?
- I don't know.
I'm going to go back and find him.
It's him.
- You okay?
- Kicked them fuckers' ass, didn't we?
- You're hit.
- Let's get the hell out of here.
Here! Grab him. I'll be right back.
- You know what, Steve?
- What?
It's quiet without all those guns.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I got my money, you fuckin' punks!
He shot Morgan!
Shot Morgan?
Let's get him to the boat.
Don't move me.
Stevie boy, I knew you'd come with me,
you fuck.
You knew?
Of course I was going to come.
Hang in there.
I will.
You hang in there, okay?
I will.
I'm scared.
Glad to see you're stirring around.
Figured it was time.
I've been driving Michelle crazy.
- Hey, kid.
- Say hi to your Uncle.
Hi, Uncle Jesse.
This is how you spent the money?
This and the funeral.
There wasn't that much left.
Me and Granddad figured
we'd get the bait shop up and going again.
No kidding?
Good for y'all.
Steve, you know...
...if I could trade places with Morgan, I would.
Still feel like going out there?
It's a good day for it.
"Some day we'll come back
and dig up the treasure."
- And we'll never split up.
- "And we'll never split up."
"We'll never split up."
Recovered by (c) dCd / September 2016