Don't Look in the Basement (1973) Movie Script

- Now look here.
I just heard them, Sam.
It's got to be them, Sam.
It's almost 19:30 hours.
They would have left an hour ago.
I think that's them!
Hear 'em, Sam?
Real low.
Watch, above those trees.
- Are they really coming, Sergeant?
- You wait.
They do this every night.
Sam, what's that?
Right through there!
- I don't like it when you
say they're coming, Sergeant.
It scares me!
- It's alright Sam, it's alright now.
- Should I tell him, Janey?
- Yes, and you both come
away from the window.
It's been longer than 10 minutes.
- Sergeant Jaffee, Janey
says it's all right.
Come on, it's all right!
Janey, if they do come, will I see them?
- No one's ever seen them, Sam.
Now, let's not be late for supper again.
Shall we?
Baby, baby, baby...
- Supper's in a few minutes, Harriet.
You'll have to leave your baby here.
You know the rules in the dining room.
Later you can come back to
her when you've finished.
- Don't touch my baby.
Don't you ever touch my baby again.
- Alright Harriet, I
won't touch your baby.
- You better not or you know
what will happen to you.
I'll kill you, I swear
to God I'll kill you.
- Ready to eat, Sam?
- Oh, every night.
Dr. Stephens makes me eat the soup.
I bet you don't know how many
kinds of soup I've eaten, Janey.
Come on, guess.
- I don't know, Sam.
- Oh Janey, when can we
put my boat in the water?
- Sam, there's something
I've got to tell you.
We've been friends for a long time now,
but I'm going to have to leave now.
I'm going to have to say goodbye.
- Goodbye?
That means you're going
to leave me, Janey?
We can't play with the boat?
- I'm sorry.
Oh, I'll miss you, Sam,
but I just can't take this any longer.
Oh, I know you don't understand.
When you're ready, come eat your supper.
I'll be in to join you later on.
Right now, I have to go
and talk to Dr. Stephens.
- Hey, Jennifer!
Janey's going away.
Would you help me put
my boat in the water?
I bet Janey didn't say
goodbye to you, neither.
I bet you.
- [QUIETLY] Baby, baby, pretty baby.
- Oh.
- I'm warning you.
I've warned all of you!
Leave me alone!
Danny, cut it out.
Don't touch my baby.
I'll kill you if you...
[SHOUTING] Get away from my baby!
I'll kill you!
I will kill you!
Get out of my way!
My baby!
He's taken my baby!
- Now use the ax, Judge.
Listen to me, Judge.
Use the ax, Judge.
Go ahead, Judge.
Use the ax!
Use it!
Again, Judge.
Once more again.
Strike out.
Harder, Judge!
Go again!
That's it, Judge, hit it again.
And again!
Strike it!
- Dr. Stephens, I must speak to you.
- Yes, what is it, Janey?
He's doing very well tonight.
Can you sense how each
stroke reaches down,
freeing some part of his conflict?
Perhaps that's the solitude
of the unconscious brain
and he's reaching it.
Reach for it, Judge!
- Dr. Stephens!
- Yes?
- Doctor, I've come to a decision about,
about all this.
I just can't take it any longer.
Harriet threatened me again tonight.
I'm leaving, I...
Well, you said you had someone
else coming out tonight,
someone to help.
- I can't accept that decision, Janey.
You're a professional.
I won't allow you to do it.
- Put it down, Judge! [SCREAMS]
Put it down, Judge!
Put it down! [SCREAMS]
- Judge!
Judge, Judge!
Put it down, Judge.
Put it down, Judge!
Put it down!
That's right.
Oh, God.
Oh, how did this happen?
- I don't know!
- Oh, get out of here!
You're not gonna do anything foolish.
Get the ax, Sam.
Very quietly, we're gonna
walk into the house.
Come on, Judge.
Don't look at Dr. Stephens!
I'm gonna help you.
Come on, quietly.
Quietly, calmly.
That's right, into the house.
I'm coming with you.
That's right, Judge.
Sam, put the ax down on the ground.
Sam, listen to me.
From now on,
I'm gonna take care of the family.
I'm gonna take care of Cameron and Janey
and all the others.
Do you understand?
- But Janey's leaving.
- Oh?
All right, listen to me.
I'll be back in a few minutes
to tell you what to do with Dr. Stephens.
Do you understand me?
I'm coming, Judge.
That's right, quietly, calmly.
- Don't cry, baby.
Don't cry.
I'll get your bottle.
Here's your--
My baby!
My baby!
Shut up!
My baby!
What have you done with my baby?
- Harriet, what's wrong?
- Baby.
Baby, baby...
- Harriet, what's wrong?
- [GASPS] What have you
done to my baby child?
- Nothing.
- You took my baby!
- No!
- You took that precious
child away from me!
No, no!
- You took my baby!
My baby!
- Hello?
Dr. Stephens?
- Diney, a lady.
- Go to your room now, Sam.
Have you been standing there long?
- Why, no, in fact I
just this minute came in.
I didn't see anyone--
- I'm Dr. Masters, Geraldine Masters.
Am I expecting you?
- Well, perhaps Dr. Stephens
hasn't mentioned my coming.
[LAUGHS] Oh, I'm sorry,
I'm Charlotte Beale, RN,
psychiatric therapy.
- Beale?
- Yes, I'm to get settled in tonight.
I'm starting with Dr. Stephens
first thing in the morning.
- Well, perhaps we'd
better go into my office.
This way.
Have a seat.
Now, would you mind telling me again
just who you are and exactly
what you're doing here?
- Dr. Masters, I'm sorry you haven't been
informed about my coming.
You see, Dr. Stephens hired me,
oh, about a week ago I think it was.
Yes, on the twentieth.
I had heard about Dr. Stephens' unusual
psychiatric methods and
called for an interview.
He liked my training and background
and said he was terribly
short on qualified help
and asked if I would start this next week,
which is today--
- Now, now, now, just
wait a minute, Miss Beale.
First of all, I was not
informed about your coming here,
and secondly, I feel
sure that Dr. Stephens
would have brought this up with me
if he'd reached a decision about you.
- Dr. Masters, certainly
there can't be a mistake.
Oh, perhaps, there's
just an oversight and--
- That's just the point, Miss Beale.
Dr. Stephens would not
have made an oversight.
Not about something as important
as increasing our staff,
not when there are just three of us,
uh, normally three of us on the staff.
- You know perhaps I really
should go in to see the doctor.
He's expecting me.
- Miss Beale.
I have something very
unpleasant to tell you,
we've uh...
We've had a tragedy here.
We've lost Dr. Stephens.
He was viciously attacked
by one of the patients
and he died shortly afterwards.
So you can see this is just not the time
to discuss any of this.
Well, surely you can understand
how his death has greatly changed things.
Naturally, I've taken over in his place.
But since I wasn't informed
about your coming here,
I feel no need to keep
any minor commitment
that he may have made.
Well, certainly not now.
You see, I'm uh...
I'm changing some
administrating objectives and
what Dr. Stephens had in mind
may not be exactly what I'm planning.
Well, not now.
- I just can't believe
Dr. Stephens is dead.
- We have to accept that, Miss Beale.
I just don't believe you could
be of any help right now.
- Dr. Masters, I gave
up a perfectly good job
to come here.
They wanted me to stay, but I left.
- What place are you talking about?
- Greenpark General Hospital.
I was supervisor of the psychiatric ward--
- Now, see, I'm not questioning
your qualifications.
Did Dr. Stephens talk with your supervisor
about your leaving?
- Well, I'm sure he did.
Besides, I showed them
this letter of acceptance
from Dr. Stephens.
- Then they knew about
your coming here, then?
- Why, yes.
- Do you have any place to
go from here, Miss Beale?
- Well, frankly, no.
Unless, of course, Greenpark
would consider taking me back.
I suppose I could tell
them what's happened here.
About Dr. Stephens.
And about your taking over.
Perhaps they would make
some sort of consideration--
- Miss Beale.
Frankly, I have a very difficult decision.
There have been some abnormal reactions
from a few of the patients.
Dr. Stephens trusted them.
He treated them as though
he were their father.
So realistically this has
been a death in the family.
Now my job is to recreate that trust.
I doubt seriously that
Greenpark would take you back
and it would be very awkward
trying to explain all of this,
so uh...
Well, since you're here
and Dr. Stephens did
make the commitment, I
guess you might as well
start in the morning.
- Thank you, Dr. Masters.
- Now, you must understand
that I'm not offering you
anything of a permanent nature.
It takes a very special
attitude to work here.
- Dr. Stephens told me that.
- Dr. Stephens believed that insanity
was not a breaking away from reality,
but rather a very complex
series of obsessions.
Psychiatrists have always
tried to reverse that,
you know, bring the
patient back to normalcy,
but Dr. Stephens believed the opposite.
He believed that these
obsessions could be pushed,
forced to grow so large, so ominous,
that the patient would have
to use his own strength
to destroy them.
- Really?
That's a very interesting theory.
- We live and work very
simply here, Miss Beale.
Our patients are all
people who are unloved,
unwanted, forgotten.
So we're a family, their family.
And everyone helps with the chores.
Well now, I'll show you to your room.
I'm afraid there's no connecting bath.
I'll take it.
- Thank you.
- Well, this is it.
I hope you'll be comfortable.
I have a lot of things to do now,
so if you'll come into
my office in the morning,
we can go over your routine.
- Thank you, Dr. Masters.
- Goodnight.
- Oh, Dr. Masters.
Where are the patients' rooms?
- Well, they're right next
to yours and upstairs.
As I said before, we're a family
and it's for that reason there are
no locks on any of the doors.
Dr. Stephens didn't believe in
the doctor-patient relationship.
- Goodnight.
- Good evening, dearie!
You never should go rushing
around like this alone.
Get out.
Get out and never, never come back, never.
- Get out?
Why get out?
There's no reason.
- Oh, there's plenty of reasons.
- My name is Charlotte.
What's yours?
- Up the airy mountain,
down the rushing glen,
you never can go hunting
for fear of little men.
- Good morning, Harriet.
These are just a few of our little family.
You'll have an opportunity
to meet them all later.
Danny, behave!
- No, it's true.
Dr. Stephens tells me what he wants.
He's very sad this morning.
- Why is he sad, Sam?
- Because everything's changed now.
Like that Miss Charlotte.
And there's some others.
- My baby's very sleepy.
Very sleepy.
Charlotte's name is Miss Beale.
- Dr. Stephens calls her Miss Charlotte.
He's very worried this morning.
- Oh, hush it up, Sam.
Leave us alone.
- Sam!
- Janey didn't say goodbye to you.
She wasn't your friend.
- Sam, it's time.
Are you ready?
- Oh, shoot, Sergeant.
Do I have to?
Oh, all right.
- Prisoner's inside.
Guard that door carefully.
- Oh, all right, Sergeant.
Where do you want me to stand?
Right here?
- That's right.
And you'll not leave it.
- Oh, Sergeant!
Are you coming back?
- That's Danny.
- The guard is posted, sir.
- Jennifer?
- Yes.
The prisoner is secure, sir.
- Thank you, Sergeant.
- That was Sam's friend, Jaffee.
- Yes.
We call him Sergeant.
Difficult case, the war.
He was, or is, a real Sergeant.
His platoon was lost in combat
because of something he did.
His prisoner, as he calls
her, is Jennifer Downey.
I want you to watch her very carefully,
spend some time with her.
There were times she's
attempted to escape.
- Escape?
- In the Sergeant's jargon,
to break confinement.
Sam, I've told you not to
interrupt me when I'm busy.
- But Diney--
Go on.
- And that's Sam.
- Sam...
Sam is a lovable child.
He's been a patient of Dr.
Stephens for several years
and Dr. Stephens operated on
him three, no four years ago.
Dr. Stephens allowed me to
assist him in that operation.
Drilling through the frontal
lobe left Sam harmless,
but with the mentality
of an eight year old.
That was the last lobotomy
Dr. Stephens ever did.
And it was because of that operation
that Dr. Stephens turned from surgery
to his obsession development theory.
- Tell me about Allyson King.
- Allyson...
Let's see.
Allyson has had a very unfortunate past.
She was very close to
her father and he died,
she was 13.
Then her mother remarried a man
that Allyson absolutely
cherished and he left.
And that was the beginning of the pattern.
Allyson tried to love other men
and they were cruel to
her and they left her
and she almost gave up.
- It's a classic pattern, isn't it?
- Then Allyson met a man.
She thought he was perfect.
He loved her and they lived together,
but he used her.
He sold her to other men.
Well, her love for him smoothed that over.
But then someone came along that was
younger and prettier and he threw her out.
And that was the breaking point.
- What is her attitude now?
- She craves love, desperately,
from anyone, everyone.
- And these others,
Harriet and Mr. Cameron?
- My name is Oliver W.
Cameron, jurist consult.
Judicator of the court of appeals.
Doctor of jurisprudence.
What are you doing in my room?
- Well, I really dig all that mumbo jumbo.
You know, it's just quality.
- What is that odor?
- Strawberry.
Do you like strawberry?
- Ripe strawberries
are the color of blood.
- Taste me.
Taste me.
I can be anything you want!
- Harlot!
To be carnal in mind it is death.
- Come on!
I do taste like strawberries.
Taste me!
- Throw out your nakedness!
You're obscene!
- I'm warm and I'm loving.
I have love and passion.
Men love me.
There's not a man anywhere who doesn't
dearly love my body and soul! [CRYING]
- Slut!
- You freak! [LAUGHING]
You don't want to be
touched because you're so
damn pure!
You phony freak, you're trembling,
look at you.
You're hot for it, but
you can't reach out.
You can't reach out, you can't love,
you can't make it.
[SHOUTING] But I can!
- Rejection can be a
very painful experience.
- Well, I'll tell you
about the others later,
but right now I'd like you to
start with Mrs. Callingham.
- Oh, yes, Mrs. Callingham is the one
who occasionally hallucinates.
- Oh, yes, she has a number
of interesting worlds.
Why don't you take her for a walk?
She likes the flowers.
She sometimes believes
they're her children.
- It's pleasant here, don't
you think, Mrs. Callingham?
[LOUDLY] Do you get out often?
- It's you who needs to get out.
- [CHUCKLES] Yes, I remember.
You were going to tell me why.
- Oh...
Up the airy mountain,
down the rushing glen,
we cannot go a-hunting,
because of little men.
- Operator?
Oh, Sam.
I didn't hear you come in.
- Dr. Stephens, he don't
call on the phone anymore.
- Sam, I know how much
Dr. Stephens liked you.
- Dr. Stephens wants us happy.
He said I should tell you.
- Sam, I understand.
Dr. Stephens is still very real for you.
- Oh, Miss Charlotte, I
forget what the doctor told me
to tell you.
I knew it a minute ago.
- Sam, it's all right.
I understand.
- Come in.
- Sorry to bother you when you're busy.
- Well, that's all right, have a chair.
- It's about my phone.
- Well, the patients
seem to be accepting you.
That's important.
I suppose you've noticed that it's
the little things that
count most with them,
especially Danny, and of course, Sam.
- You're very fond of Sam, aren't you?
- Yes, very.
Dr. Stephens was very close to him, too.
Sam's lost his intelligence,
but he has very deep feeling.
Perhaps deeper than ours.
- Oh, Dr. Masters, I--
- Oh, don't be alarmed.
This is Jennifer.
Occasionally she becomes very withdrawn
and naturally, I like her to
be with me when that happens.
- Is she beyond help?
- Beyond help?
To say that means that we've given up
and we never give up.
No one's beyond as we're
always getting closer.
- Yes, of course.
Please, don't misunderstand.
- No, no, I understand.
Well, it's time to be getting into bed.
I promised Sam that I'd read to him.
Would you mind seeing to the others?
- No, of course not.
Dr. Masters, I hope you'll forgive my
statement about Jennifer.
I simply meant that I--
- It's just that you're not quite used
to all of our little
family yet, Miss Beale.
One day you'll be as close to
them as brothers and sisters.
- Goodnight.
Dr. Masters, before I forget,
I wanted to tell you that
my phone is not working.
I was wondering if you were
having the same trouble.
- Oh.
Well, that occasionally happens.
I'll try to take care of it.
- Goodnight.
Goodnight, Harriet.
- She's asleep.
- It's time you should be asleep, too.
[LOUDLY] That's enough for
tonight, Mrs. Callingham.
- Oh.
You liked our walk in
the garden, didn't you?
- Yes, I did.
- Well, don't be surprised
if we never go again.
- Don't mind my observing.
You handle Mrs. Callingham very well.
Better than some of the others.
- Good morning, Jennifer.
Mrs. Callingham.
My God, what's happened?
Mrs. Callingham!
Your tongue's been cut out!
- All right, take it easy.
Here, drink this.
- No.
- Look, you've got to understand
that ours is a family of persons
who know very few limits.
Even the limits of physical pain.
When Mrs. Callingham did this to herself,
she was probably beyond the threshold
of physical feeling.
My greatest concern about her
is the blood that she's lost.
She's very weak.
- I don't hold up very well, do I?
I'm sorry.
It's just the thought of
our all being asleep--
- She was probably hallucinating.
Self infliction of pain,
self disfigurement,
sometimes that indicates that the patient
has transcended the body.
- Oh, what would Dr. Stephens have done
in a case such as this?
- Exactly as I'm doing,
calling as little attention
to it as possible.
Now, she's received treatment.
Now she has to accept what she's done.
For the time being,
I wouldn't discuss this
with any of the others.
- Dr. Masters, aren't you ever afraid?
- I'm always afraid.
- Hello?
Is anybody here?
Oh, hello there.
Hello, there.
Oh, hello, there.
Uh, how are you?
- I don't believe we've
been properly introduced.
- Uh, well, I'm the uh,
the uh, telephone man.
My name is Ray.
Boy, lady, I hope that isn't catching.
Say, you've got some
trouble with your telephone.
Uh, could you show me
where the equipment is?
- What trouble are you talking about, sir?
- Well, I don't know yet.
It's something with your voltage drop.
Well, never mind, I'll find it myself.
Say, how come you people didn't call?
I mean, about the telephone.
It can't be working.
- My name is Oliver W.
Cameron, jurist consult.
Judicator of the court of appeals.
Doctor of jurisprudence.
- Well, that's gotta be some big problem.
What's the matter with
her, cat got her tongue?
- I warn you.
Heed the ladies advice.
- What did she say?
- She said your being here
represents great danger.
- Oh, lady, I'm sorry.
I mean, I didn't know.
She ain't got no tongue.
- Objection overruled!
That is immaterial, irrelevant and...
Out of order.
- Oh, they let you people just
wander around up here, huh?
Hey, buddy, how about giving
me back my screwdriver, huh?
- I will conduct you to my chambers.
- No, no, no, that's quite all right.
Uh, look, here's what we'll do.
You people just wait right here, okay?
And I'll go and find the
equipment, all right?
And if I'm not back in three minutes,
why, you people can go and hide, okay?
That's an awful virus
you've got there, lady.
- Who are you and exactly how
did you enter this building?
- Now, wait a minute, wait a minute.
First, which way are you?
I mean, this way or...
That way?
- I don't know what you're talking about
and I want you to answer my question.
- I'm sorry, Doctor, it's just that,
well, you've got so many
twilight people around here,
you know, and well--
- Exactly what are you
intending to do here?
- It's your phone.
I mean, we've been getting
some strange readings
on your voltage lately
and, well, I just came out
to check it as quick as I could
and get the hell outta here.
- Why didn't you inform
me of your coming here?
- How could I inform you?
You ain't got no telephone.
You got bouncers on every door
and a receptionist that
ain't go no tongue.
What's to inform?
- That's enough of your impertinence.
You had absolutely no right
to enter this building
without my permission!
- So what am I gonna do?
I'm supposed to fix the telephone.
You want me to fix the phone,
you don't want me to fix the phone,
it don't matter to me.
I'm just the phone man.
Now, I drove for an hour to get out here.
You tell me.
- All right, this way.
- Tell you what, I'll finish this up
as quick as I can and I
won't be bothering you again.
- The wiring's in this closet.
Please don't leave the area.
I'll be back in a few minutes
to escort you out of the building
and under no circumstances are you
to have anything more to do
with any of the patients.
Now, is that understood?
- Whatever you say, Doc.
I'm just trying to help,
you know what I mean?
I'm uh, fixing the telephone.
- That shouldn't take too long, huh?
- No.
One of the lines was cut.
It'll just take a minute.
You, uh, you do understand me, don't you?
- You know, I...
I used to live in this
place where the phone man
was always coming around.
- Oh yeah?
That bad, huh?
- That good.
- [CHUCKLES] I thought you meant that,
that you had a lot of phone trouble.
- Hell, I didn't even have a phone.
Who let you in anyway, honey?
- Um, I don't know her name.
The doctor, I guess.
- She let you in?
- Yeah, sort of.
She is the boss, isn't she?
- You know you're kinda handsome.
What's your name?
- Now, look, honey, I'm
just the telephone man.
- Don't be afraid.
- Look, sweetheart, uh,
you're a good looking gal and all that,
but this ain't my bag.
Not in a closet, it ain't.
Now, cut it out!
I ain't even supposed to be
talking to you or nothin'.
- Don't be afraid.
Don't back away from me.
You love me.
You do love me.
Say it!
- All right, already, I love you.
Now, cut it out, huh?
- Oh!
You love me!
You do love me!
Oh, I'm a princess!
I'm a princess to men, they
can't turn away from me.
They grasp me and kiss my flesh.
[SHOUTING] Don't push me away!
You said you loved me!
You said that you loved me!
- Look, cut it out.
- Love is pure.
Love is grace.
Love is strength.
You love me, your love is pure.
You'll always love me.
- Now look what you've done.
- I've got a secret, I've got a secret.
And I won't tell nobody
but Miss Charlotte.
- You're doing fine now, Mrs. Callingham,
but you need to rest.
You've been up and around too much.
- Give me that watch, Danny!
- You hurt me!
You totally...
- Sorry, Danny.
I'm sorry, you shouldn't have scared me.
You won't tell on me, would you, Danny?
You won't tell on me, will you?
You won't tell on me, will you, Danny?
- Jennifer, stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it, stop it!
Sam, Allyson, help me!
Jennifer, stop it!
- Oh!
- Jennifer's all right.
I don't know what happened.
- Why did she do it, Doctor?
I thought you said Jennifer was withdrawn.
- Withdrawn as an acute
reaction to her real condition.
- Dr. Masters...
Perhaps I shouldn't've come here at all.
- I don't think there's any point
in our talking about
your leaving, Miss Beale.
You forget, you were very
anxious to take this job.
I made special provisions
for you to be here.
- [SHOUTING] I realize that,
but I don't know what to do!
- I'm the doctor and you're the nurse
and what I do decides what you will do.
- I'm all right now.
I just need to get some rest. [SNIFFLING]
- Many a carcass they left to be carrion.
Many a livid one, many of sallow skin,
left for the white-tailed
eagle to tear it.
Left for the horny-nibbed raven to rend it
and gave to the garbaging
war hawk to gorge it.
And that gray beast,
the wolf of the weald.
- Some night soon the
doctor's gonna help you,
Judge Cameron.
- Gibberish.
- The doctor will help you.
- Masters has nothing to give me.
- I ain't talkin' about Diney.
- I doubt that you know what
it is you are talking about.
I wish you would go away.
- Dr. Stephens knows Miss Charlotte.
And Miss Charlotte knows Dr. Stephens.
That's right.
He's going to help her, too.
He don't want her here just now.
Diney wants her, though.
Diney told me.
- Of course Masters doesn't
want Beale to leave, you idiot!
- Sometimes Dr. Stephens
tells me about Miss Charlotte.
- I killed Dr. Stephens with my ax.
- Sam!
Sam, what are you doing in here?
You haven't finished your chores.
I want you to go sweep the kitchen.
- Then can I have a Popsicle?
- Yes, you can have a Popsicle.
Oh, Sam's beautiful, isn't he, Judge?
No past, no future, only the present.
For him Dr. Stephens will
always be in the present.
I wish we could all think of him that way.
Judge, your floor is dirty.
Now, it's your responsibility
to keep your room clean.
I want you to take care of it now.
- You had a real baby
once, didn't you, honey?
- This is my baby.
- Geez, I feel sorry for you.
You really think that's your real baby.
- Baby! [LAUGHING]
- Knock it off, you moron!
- Allyson.
Allyson, you've got very nice hair.
And nice skin.
I like you.
I like you.
[QUIETLY] Come on, be nice.
- My name is Oliver W. Cameron,
judicator of the court
of special sessions.
Please examine the evidence.
- Judge.
Couldn't you be a man to me?
- My name is Oliver W...
- I'm asking you.
- My name...
- Judge, please.
Love me.
I need somebody to love me.
- Don't touch me!
- You're all alike!
All of you.
[SHOUTING] Hypocrites!
And you, trying to be so high and mighty.
Get out.
[SHOUTING] Get out!
No, no.
No, Judge, no, no.
I need you to help me.
About something else, I mean.
I know you can keep a secret.
Judge, I got me a man.
Yeah, I was with him
yesterday, right here.
He's sweet with...
With beautiful smells.
I think maybe he's gone.
I think maybe he's looking for me
and he can't find me.
He's the most beautiful man anywhere
and he loves me.
- You always did have
an eye for such things.
- Judge, he wants me.
[WHISPERS] Please, help me find him.
- Naturally, I must weigh this
new evidence very carefully.
- Oh, Judge, please! [CRYING]
- Hi, Sarge.
Let me see.
- Back off, they're on their way.
- Let me see.
- Move it.
- There's nothing there.
You're crazy!
- Get out!
Get out!
What was that shouting all about?
- Uh...
- Sergeant!
I've told every one of you
about this sort of thing,
but you refuse to adhere to my discipline.
Haven't I told you what time
the lights are to be out
at night in every room?
- Yes, sir, you have.
- I take it then that you're
contesting my discipline.
Is that it?
Answer me.
My authority here in this sanitarium
is going to remain absolute, unchallenged,
and totally unimpeachable,
do you understand?
Hold out your hand.
I hate to punish anyone.
I loathe it.
But my domain here is going
to never be challenged again,
do you understand?
My office, my profession, my charge,
my liability, my suffering for your good.
You're never to tip the fine
balance of all that ever again.
Goodnight, Sergeant.
- Good morning, Sam.
What could be troubling you this early?
- Whole lotta things, Miss Charlotte.
- Oh?
Such as what?
- Dr. Stephens.
He's worried about things.
- Oh, I see.
- He wanted me to talk to you.
- What have you got there?
Where did you get this?
Who gave you this, Sam?
- He said you'd know.
You'd understand.
He wants to help you, Miss Charlotte.
- Who wants to help me?
What are you talking about?
- The doctor.
- Oh, Dr. Stephens, I suppose.
Well, thank you very much, Sam,
but I think we should talk
less foolishly about all this.
- I'm the only one who could
take you, Miss Charlotte.
Dr. Stephens gonna help you.
If you take the watch.
- Hmm, this kind of day seems to take away
all your troubles.
[SIGHS] For a while, anyway.
Do you have a family, Danny?
I thought you mentioned your mother once.
Where did you live when you were young?
- Miami Beach.
- Oh, yes.
Your mother was in business, wasn't she?
- Yeah.
Massage parlor.
- [LAUGHS] I remember.
- For you.
- Thank you, Danny.
[SIGHS] I guess it's time we should go in.
- Sure.
- He needs watching.
I'm sure you know.
We can be sure there will be other times.
Other times for other things.
Unlike your friend Danny, I...
I choose only perfect moments.
Perfect moments to work
out perfect destinies
for so many lives.
- Get out.
- I believe there will
be a more perfect time.
- Two vials of lithium barbinate
and one vial of abactyl.
You're sure they're missing?
- Very sure.
They were taken from a new container.
- Well, this is really quite serious.
Have you checked all the rooms?
- Oh, just about.
Except for Danny's and Jennifer's.
- But you have checked
Cameron's and Jaffee's rooms?
- Oh, I checked those first.
- Well, I'll have to go
over all this personally.
Thank you.
- I got to tell Diney.
- What is it, Sam?
- I can't find her.
I can't find her anywhere.
I gotta find her.
- Well, what is it?
What do you want with her?
- I gotta show her.
Down where I got the Popsicle.
- What is it?
What's down there?
- Come on, come on, I'll show you.
- Sam, I don't have
time to play right now.
I'm busy.
- Come on, come on, I'll show you.
Come on, she ain't here.
I'm gonna show you.
- Sam, what is it?
- Come on.
- Are you just putting me on?
Oh, God!
Oh, no! [CRYING]
Oh, he loved me! [CRYING]
Sweet Jesus Christ!
Oh, he loved me!
- Allyson!
Allyson, what's wrong?
Allyson, calm down!
Calm down and tell me what's wrong.
Tell me what's wrong.
Come on, what's wrong, Allyson?
Calm down and tell me what's wrong.
- She killed him.
She killed him!
- Who, Allyson?
Who are you talking about?
- He loved me.
He told me, he said he loved me,
and she killed him because he loved me.
Masters killed him because
he loved me, Charlotte!
She's a murdering, crucifying,
mad, insane maniac!
She's insane, Charlotte!
- Dr. Masters?
- She's insane!
She's no doctor!
She's just like the rest of us here
and she killed him!
You didn't know that, did you?
She's a patient of Dr. Stephens.
She's a schizophrenic just like me.
She can't control her
emotions anymore than I can!
- Where is Dr. Masters now?
- Oh, Miss Charlotte.
- Yes, I remember you told me he was.
- Charlotte, you've gotta believe me.
All these things that have been happening
ever since you came here,
Masters did it.
She cut out Mrs. Callingham's tongue!
- What?
- And she killed my man, Masters did it!
- How do you know?
- She's a patient like me.
Dr. Stephens' patient.
She pretended to be a doctor.
He let her play and she was
pretending when you came
and you believed her, Charlotte.
- That's not true, Allyson!
- Oh, yes it is true!
Why do you think she
wouldn't let you leave?
Why do you think she
wouldn't let anybody in?
Anybody who threatens to
expose her, Charlotte,
she'll kill 'em!
- How do you know?
- Charlotte, she'll kill
anybody that threatens
to expose her and she'll kill you!
- Okay, okay.
- Masters.
- Oh, Mrs. Callingham, why do
you creep around like that?
Mrs. Callingham, who did this to you?
Your tongue?
- Ma...
- It was her?
It was Masters?
Oh, God.
It's true, she's a patient here?
A patient of Dr. Stephens?
Oh, my God, no!
- Don't come near me.
- Is it true?
Is it true about Masters?
- Then you know, too?
- I've got to hear it from all of you.
- But you know already.
It's too late.
We know about you.
- About me?
- We've been informed about you.
The verdict is unanimous.
You, too, are a patient, my dear.
- No!
That's not true!
I've gotta get out of here.
- Oh, God!
You killed her, too!
Just like you killed my man
and he really loved me.
He loved me!
- You're upset, Allyson.
I think you'd better go to your room.
I'll get you something to help you sleep.
- No.
I'm not going anywhere.
You're not gonna touch me.
We know all about that sleep.
Your little doctor bit's over.
Yeah, that's right.
I've told Miss Beale.
She knows.
- What does she know?
Does she know how I worked?
How I trained?
To be the best?
And I could have been.
Except for one insignificant lie.
One mistake.
I could have saved thousands.
And I will.
I'll help everyone.
I'll help you, Allyson.
Hold out your arm.
- And you told me she was a patient, too.
- Give me your arm.
- Don't you touch me with that.
- You shouldn't have done that.
I can't sleep now.
I have to take care of my patients.
- Operator?
[BREATHLESS] Operator?
Why don't you work?
It's no use.
I can't find a way out.
- Everything's all right now.
Don't worry.
- Oh my God!
- It's all right.
- What is happening?
- I told you.
You don't have to worry about her anymore.
- Oh!
What have you done to her, Allyson?
- Don't worry about it.
I've taken care of everything.
- Allyson, you've got to tell me!
- Doesn't really matter anymore you know.
I'm going away.
- You're going away?
What are you talking about?
- He's taking me away.
He still loves me, you know.
He told me so.
- Allyson.
- Oh.
Shouldn't interrupt us
on our wedding night.
- Sam?
Is there anybody in this room?
Oh, God!
[QUIETLY] Sergeant?
Thank God it's you.
Sergeant Jaffee, please listen--
- It's 2300 hours, they'll be coming soon.
- Sergeant, do you know
what's happening here?
- I had my orders.
- Sergeant.
Sergeant, is there an
attic in this building
or an outside door?
We've got to get out of here.
- They'll be coming soon.
Go to your post.
- I've been looking all over for you.
- What is it, Sam?
- Dr. Stephens said you should read it.
- What?
- Take it, Miss Charlotte.
- Dr. Stephens wrote this?
[SIGHS] Dr. Stephens is alive?
Oh, how...
How could you know it, Sam?
- Where is she?
- Who?
- The patient, Miss Beale.
- She has got to get out of here.
- Oh, no.
No, she's sick.
I've got to help her,
I've got to find her.
- It's too late.
The trial has been held.
The verdict is guilty.
- Who are you to make a decision?
I'm in charge, I'm the doctor here.
- The court has made a decision.
You are no longer in charge.
- I am in charge.
I am in charge!
I've allowed you privileges and liberties,
even after what you did to Dr. Stephens,
I let you keep your little toy!
- You wouldn't take that away from--
- I'll take it away!
I'll take it away, I'll
lock you in your room!
Where is she?
- My name is Oliver W. Cameron...
- Where is she?
- Jurist consult.
My name is...
- Sam?
- Look at me.
Do you see a saint
who cures the incurable?
[SHOUTING] Supreme authority!
Only the faithful live here.
Only he who honors me.
The faithful.
Faith before a saint!
- Diney, is she bad?
She's sick.
She's filthy!
Take her upstairs, Sam.
- No, no, no, Sam.
[SHOUTING] Sam, no!
- We'll correct her conscience.
- [SCREAMING] Oh, no!
Please, Sam, no!
No, stop, no!
Sam, please help me!
[SCREAMING] Sam, no, no, Sam!
No, Sam, no!
Sam, please help me!
No, Sam! [CRYING]
No, Sam, please, no!
She's insane!
Sam, no, Sam!
Oh, Sam, no, please, Sam!
Please, Sam, try to understand!
Sam, you've gotta help me, Sam!
- Diney's coming back.
- Sam, Diney is insane!
She's very sick, Sam!
She's gonna kill me, then
she's gonna kill you!
Sam, Diney doesn't love you anymore!
She's gonna kill you!
- You took my boat.
You killed Dr. Stephens.
You're bad!
- No, Sam, no!
- Oh, Sam.
Oh, Sam.
Sam, she's so sick.
So sick.
We, we've got to help her, Sam.
Go in and cut out the sickness
and return her to innocence.
Like you. [ECHOING]
- No, Diney!
- Sam!
What, what do you want?
What are you doing here?
I'm in charge here!
I'm in charge here and
I tell you to back off!
- Sam...
There's no way out.
She's locked all the doors
and I can't find the keys
and the downstairs windows are barred.
- I'll show you, Miss Charlotte.
I'll show you.
Come on.
- Sam, come on!
Come on, Sam, we're free!
Sam, come on!
- Go, Miss Charlotte!
- Sam!
- Mama!
- Get out.
Get out and never,
never come back!