Don't Say My Name (2022) Movie Script

I had a dream when I was a little girl
I wanted to be a ballerina, like my mom.
I was sold.
I was deceived by my mom's boyfriend
in my own backyard.
after a long time in slavery
I escaped,
did I really escape?
My past keeps following
me like my own shadow.
I feel trapped
Get out!
one got away...
don't worry we'll get it before dawn
You'd better for your own good
leave no trace.
come on!
shut up!
stay down!
nobody move!
Do you understand?
hey check that chain
check it!
how about that one they good?
"Hi this is Lily leave a message."
Hello Lily it's daddy again.
I just...
want to say... I love you.
I don't know how you keep looking at
that disgusting file over and over
Just looking for truth Tom.
Do you know that 80 percent
of sex offenders reoffend?
It's horrible.
As the leader of this investigation
I sworn to myself that I will end this
atrocity and we're not going to stop
until these monsters
get what they deserve.
Well, we know who they are.
We just need enough
evidence to put them
behind bars.
You know what?
Judge Travis is throwing a huge
celebration for his anniversary in the
next couple of days
I know that judge is dirty.
oh yes is dirty.
We gotta find a way to get in.
I'll find a way.
It's Colbert.
What happened?
no, no, no,
we'll meet you there.
They found burn bodies
believed to be children.
There is something that caught
my attention, one of the children
had a symbol tattoed on his wrist.
And the others?
no other flesh on the arms remained.
Let me know if you find anything else.
We will hunt down these scumbags
to give the punishment they deserve.
Ryan you've got to be careful
with this investigation,
the people who did this,
are extremely dangerous,
they pose a threat to every
single relationship that you have.
I'll find who's behind this.
This is bigger than you can imagine.
I'll find them.
Are we gonna stop?
she looks like...
she needs help,
we need to help her.
Are you okay?
991, What's your emergency?
There's a girl on the side of the road
by Riverside Forest she may be dead.
- Stay with her one officer will be on his way.
Hey, sweetie I'm officer
Louise Carreras, what's your name?
Is there anyone that we can call to let
them know that you're here?
Please, help me,
they want to kill me.
Who?, who want to kill you?
Calm down.
Tell us what kind of
trouble you're in?
Don't be afraid
it's okay, you're safe.
Let me see.
It's okay.
Okay we can help you, I promise.
Stay right here I'll be right back.
There you go sweetie.
There're soap, toothpaste
and some other
things to make you feel
more comfortable.
It's okay.
Take this... come on.
The restroom's right over there.
It's okay.
Leave me alone!
How you doing honey?
What are you not talking to me?
Is she the new girl?
I don't know her.
Are you sure?
How about you?
- One hundred, for an hour.
- Oh! come on, you're cheaper than that.
Get out of here you can't...
Get out of here baby!,
you can't afford me.
- You need help or something?
- No thanks, I'm good.
Are you sure?
You look kind of lost.
- I said I'm fine okay.
- Okay.
But I'm telling you a lot more
jerks are gonna come
around here,
hope you can defend yourself.
I can defend for myself.
Do you have a place to stay?
Oh so, you want my help now.
I mean, if you don't
have any place for me.
It's okay honey it's all right.
You can stay over at my place
just for the night,
it ain't no mansion
okay, but...
you're welcome to crash.
Are you sure?
It's all right, pick up your stuff,
let's go, come on...
by the way... my name is Rosie Bay
but you can call me Rosi, okay?
Hey cutie how are you?
Up in my way, huh.
You do that job every night?
You want some coffee?
- Go ahead, sit down.
- Okay.
I'm sorry I'm so tired.
But I used to have a family.
A mom, a dad.
and I...
when I was five,
my parents separated.
My mom went from
boyfriend to boyfriend.
When I was...
I left that hell.
Them you know, that's
when I met Mikey,
and uh... I mean...
He's mean,
stupid too...
you know, at least I have my own roof
over my own head with him,
so you know...
It's just...
Tell me how did you get in this part of...
small town, how did you get here?
I'm... I...
I used to have a regular life,
the common thing every girl has and,
you know... like, a home,
went to school,
ballet classes,
- Yes
- You know...
I can't imagine how'd
you get these invitations.
Family secret.
I didn't know you were
in my husband's circle,
I think you'd have a little in
well, you know grandfather,
always wants to be well represented.
Of course, diplomacy above all,
Thank you Megan.
How was that?
My grandfather knew their family
for decades.
oh family secrets.
Yes indeed, thank you Jackie
you look
absolutely beautiful,
thank you so much for coming.
Everything's just perfect
just your style.
You both are so sweet, enjoy yourself.
Okay, what's so important?
This girl, she's driving me crazy.
Well, show her to me.
Whoever you want,
we get it for you, not a problem.
I wanna her, whatever it costs me
she'll be worth it.
Don't worry my friend.
She'll be yours.
Hey baby!
Mikey what are you doing here?
I'm coming for you babe,
I don't have any money,
I didn't work tonight.
- Oh you got not money,
- No dinero, no dinero,
You say you got no money right?
- I got no money!
- Okay.
Oh Mikey please... no...
You said you got no money!
What is that?
Tell me, what's that?
- Money okay!
- Money, say it again!
Tell me what is that...
- Money!
- Yes money right?
- Say it again!
- Money!
Move it!
Leave her alone,
run!, run!, run!
What are you singing to yourself?
Music can be a very effective
memory tool...
Okay sure.
So the girl came back?
What scared her?
She said that when we left her alone
she freaked out.
and she returned to the main streets.
She's ready to talk?
Not yet Dr Gill will examine her.
Okay well,
let's find out if she's a
missing person
get a picture, run into the
database and
let me know what Dr Gill finds out.
All right.
We'll do.
I think you're gonna find these very
I think you're very right officer.
Hello Adriana.
My name is Dr Gill and I'm the clinical
psychologist assigned to your case.
I'm here to offer you any assistance
that I can help you with.
How can you protect me?
Who do you need protection from?
The ones that rule over everything...
the ones with the power,
the ones running the system.
Can you be a little more specific?
- Can you?
- I'm sorry?
How can you protect me?
When I say that I can help you,
it's a gesture of sincerity...
hoping that you'll respond with trust.
Now, we have a safe house...
Do you all say you want to help...
but what you really do
you throw us to the sharks
so they can feed on us
and then spit out
the bones.
And who is they?
You're not listening to me!
I can't trust you or anyone,
they'll find me here,
do you understand?
I understand your fears.
It is my job to guide you through a
practical assimilation of those fears,
as well as the betrayal that you
experienced while you were on the
My first rule as a professional
psychologist is to help make you feel
safe and to protect your privacy.
No one...
listen to me...
no one will know what
you say or reveal
to me in this room...
I don't need nobody telling me about
You can't imagine what it's like to be
sold by someone you love,
and then abused over
and over and over again...
you have no idea...
I'm so sorry,
I'm sorry for the pain and
the anguish and the mistrust.
Now, I do therapy at a safe house for
survivors of human trafficking.
You'll be guarded,
assigned your own room,
given three meals a day.
The only requirement is,
that you attend
daily group therapy sessions and
individual sessions three times a week.
What would I find there?
a bunch of broken people like me?
All right everyone!
Listen up.
Got a good day planned for you
We have Operation Diamond Bar with a
search and arrest warrant and we're
looking for...
our favorite friend, Victor Musry.
- I Ask for tequila,
- That's the best we got.
I don't care what it is,
I want tequila and
I want it now!
Who do I look like to you?
Who I look like to you?
As you can see they have logos on the
vans all kind of white vans everywhere
but these guys don't care they're not
afraid to let us know where they are and
who they are.
So let's go ahead and use that.
Next slide...
All right.
Now this one is very sensitive
for me guys, because these are the
children that we allow to die.
They didn't just die,
these are children
were burned to death on our watch.
Can not let that happen again.
We're going to dismantle his business
that's what it's all about today.
I want John and Carlos
to take the back door.
I want Rich and Vito
to stay on the street,
and Tommy, we're going to go ahead
and take the front with me.
We're going in
as quiet as possible. Now
when we get in here guys,
I want you to be safe,
you got to assume
that these guys are arm.
Lift up your hands!
lif up your hands!
Do you know who I am?
I'm a very powerfull
You're gonna regret this.
A man suspected of murdering six
children in Florida Victor Musry
was one of three men
arrested for taking
part in a sex trafficking ring.
There's some soul of goodness,
in the evil.
What? does anyone
read Shakespeare around here?
Shakespeare that!
look at that,
Yeah look at it!
You thought you got rid of these tattoos
so it helped me to
get right back
to you.
I know how long you've been after
Victor Musri...
this is your chance yeah,
and we're gonna make the most of it
but stay focused,
keep your personal feelings in check.
Do you hear me?
Do you know why I'm here Tommy?
Of course I do, it's about your sister
Lisa right?
I have sacrificed my life for this job,
I lost my wife,
my relationship with my daughter,
just so that what happened to Lisa,
doesn't happen to anybody else,
do you
They are very good people here.
They have
class in almost everything.
they you will
love to.
I don't think so...
I know how you feel right now,
but the things will be better.
When I was fourteen,
I met this guy at the mall,
he pretends to love me,
I did everything for him,
because I was in love.
One night,
he told me to go out party,
he make me,
to sleep with men for money.
One night, I started to run away
that's when
he put gasoline on me.
These are my scars.
Is a miracle,
that I could escape
and found this beautiful place.
What do you guys doing?
I'm Jennifer come on!
Alrightly ladies, good evening we have a
new face tonight, so why don't we all go
around and say our names,
I'm Maria,
I'm Melissa,
I'm Kayle,
I'm Jennifer,
and what's your name?
In this place, there are dozens of girls
with broken past,
with no hopes for the
is all this really worth trying again?
I've run out of strength.
I just don't want to try anymore.
Mom we gotta go shopping!
there's nothing in the fridge.
can you hear me?
you gotta go shopping.
How many times I have to say
don't wake
me up!
I'm freaking tired of you...
Oh my God, I'm going to school,
you have to do
the shopping,
Why don't you get a job, huh?
Is time for you to take care of me
for a
and Larry says you are pretty,
He can find
for you a job as a as a model.
Mom be patient
when I'm finished school
you'll be proud of me,
you'll see.
We don't buy food with pride.
Who's gonna get money?
I'm only 15.
I had to work when I was your age.
You now that...
well you just stand there!
just go!
Fine, I see you later.
What should we do with that
ballerina yours huh?
You got some pictures for me?
Do you need pictures?
I need pictures so I can publish,
you know...
and then when I get the cash right
I'll give you all the candy
you want,
hey, easy...
Do you think just pictures
is going to be
enough for them to to
give you money?
I have pictures of her.
Pictures wil be okay, you know,
to start...
- I have some pictures...
- But listen... she's
gonna have to come with me
later to get
an ID
because I need to introduce her, right?
I have photos...
pictures, look!
tons of pictures of her,
This is...
This is when I...
When I was a ballerina.
Hahaha, you?
a ballerina?
Yes, look it's me!
I was a ballerina once.
- Let me see it, let me see it.
- No, no, you laughed at me!
Hey, hey!
you want your stuff?
Don't touch it!
Larry, please...
just give me a little bit,
I know you
have some,
give me some, I know you have some!
give me some, please
- please, give some!
- Hold on!
Pictures first, pictures first.
Here we go, that's a good picture!
- I need this... I have to make a call
- All right
You trust me?
- I'll take care of you, right?
- Okay, give some, please!
Clean up this mess!
You've come at the perfect time,
they've just started a
Fine Arts program,
here for us.
Excuse me...
did you say Fine Arts?
Yes, they provide us with Art classes,
whatever interests us,
I play the violin, there are painting
classes and sculpture,
and, I almost forgot,
uh we also have
access to the National Dance Academy
- Dance?
- Yep!
Do you like to dance?
It was my dream,
to be a ballerina,
but, that ballerina died,
And there I was,
trying to forget my past,
and trying not to think about
what lies ahead
I wonder how Arthur is doing...
He probably has forgotten about me.
- Have sprinkles, yours?
- With butter scotch, yes... is not bad.
I wish we could spend more time like
this don't you?
Yes, but also I have a big dreams so,
gonna need you to help me accomplish
Hi... I'm Arthur...
Adriana's friend.
I was supposed to pick her up from dance
class and she never showed up, so I just
wanted to come...
She left... she left!,
get out of my face!
and take away your heartache
and your pain
but sometime it rains
sometimes it pours
sometimes an angel comes
knocking on your door
I don't know what's happening to me,
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
I'm at a point where I don't think God,
exists anymore and I never thought I'd
get here.
It's doesn't make any sense...
how God allows us to
suffering like this?
you know people we love,
have just gone overnight...
you're telling me that there's a God who
controls this?
God makes beautiful rivers,
then men pollute them,
and suppose,
men pollute the rivers
and then drink it,
Is it God's fault if they get sick?
It's not that God no longer exists or
that he doesn't care, or that he's done
something wrong.
The truth is,
God cares for his children so well,
that everything that happens,
happens because there's a lesson
to learn, to get
closer to him.
Let me, let me approach it
in a different way.
Scripture says that
even when we go
through storms and
God brings out the blessing from those
as a matter of fact it says
it's not the storms and the problems
that last,
more specifically it says that in
everything, in all circumstances,
God works them together for good
to those who love him.
And that's true son even if you can't
believe it at this point in time.
God is waiting for you.
Would you pray with me?
Here you are!
It's your turn, you do not
want to get the professor angry.
Dear you need to have your hair
in a proper bun
for my class,
Also there are no street shoes in my
Also, It's no allow chewing
gum in ballet class
The trash can is over there.
This girl clearly doesn't have a strong
foundation but...
she has something I haven't seen in a
long time.
What did they have you do?
Did you have to spin?
Yeah, honestly like I fell a lot
when I
tried to spin per se,
it wasn't it was not good.
Adriana I am so proud of you!
This is a new beginning for you.
Yeah, right.
That was awful.
That's not true.
I do have some news for you
We received a letter from the court,
they're, uh... they're releasing Victor
Musry due to lack of evidence.
I'm outside of the courthouse for the
high profile case of Victor Musri
Oh, Mr. Collins,
Mr Collins, your client has been accused
of running an illegal
human trafficking ring,
what do you have to say about this?
Well, my client is an entrepreneur and
one who conducts his business like
anyone else, until we have substantial
evidence to the contrary, he will not be
denied his freedom.
I have nothing more
to say.
For channel 24,
I'm Amy Smith reporting,
back to you in the studios.
Just turn on the news that Russian
immigrant Victor Musry was arrested,
and then released because of lack of
evidence. This is the story,
the case of
the burn bodies, the kids
that were found
in the abandoned warehouse,
and I'm sick
over it.
Hey dude!
We need to sleep here!
Come on!
Let's go!
Yeah the thing with the warehouse,
can't happen again.
It won't.
Better not...
you know you're flammable too.
Shut up!
Sit down!
You can't escape...
Don't say my name,
please, don't say my name!
because, they may be kill me!
That tattoo does not define who you are.
Can I leave?
I don't want to be here.
I think you need this.
Here you can find peace with yourself,
and in time,
it could open up the doors
for the justice that you seek.
do you think justice,
will give my life back?
Sit down...
You are right...
justice can never replace
what they've stolen from you.
How do I replace dignity?
You should tell me about your dreams,
They traded my dreams for nightmares.
Every time I close my eyes,
All I can see are those pigs,
fat, olds,
climbing on me...
raping me...
how can I overcome that with therapy?
Adriana what you've lived is in your
past now.
Trust me,
I know that things are fresh and raw,
but in time,
you can move on.
into a bright future.
Yes... you can make it so.
You know,
when I was,
making money for that...
pig, Musry,
I heard stories,
stories about girls trying to run away,
from the brothels,
did you know what happened to them?
they're dead,
all of them shot in the head.
Do you want to know
my bright future, Dr Gil,
Someone it's got to come
to my front door,
i'll answer, it'll be Musry,
then he'll put a bullet through my head.
When I'm awake,
I'm afraid I'm going to die,
When I'm asleep,
all I want to do is die.
Hey! let's sing together,
at the party!
Are you new here?
No, I'm not, I'm actually
the daughter of the missionaries from
Guatemala. And let me tell you
we have a
lot of stories to tell.
Missionaries from Guatemala?
Do you know any Spanish?
Okay then, let's go get you ready!
Do you know what?
One of the worst things in life is,
Stepping on water while you're wearing
You're so funny!
It wasn't always like that,
it's hard to understand what
happened to me.
Ever since my mom died
I've been going through deep depression,
and I didn't know what to do.
But one day,
A friend of mine invited me
to a concert,
and there,
I met a God who heals,
a God who forgives,
and that changed my life.
Good for you...
if my mom dies,
I don't care...
for me...
she already died.
I don't know your story,
but I do know something for sure,
don't be afraid of your story.
Your story is the key,
that unlocks someone else's prison.
What do you mean by that?
You survived,
what you thought would kill you.
But now,
take your crown,
and move forward,
like the queen you are.
Hey girls, come to the party!
Run to your father's arms,
let us pray for you.
That night everything changed,
I felt the
way of the pain, rage and shame lifted
off my shoulders,
Instead a flow of love and hope
overflowed my soul.
Pain was no more,
resentment was no more,
Now is only thinking about what the
future will hold.
it once again, looked
brighter than ever before.
Now I have,
the will to live,
the love of God set me free,
and I can smile once again,
Do you wanted to see me?
I just got a call from
Professor Isabella.
She wants you to come back to
the dance school.
She thinks you're a unique talent and,
she wants to train you.
And there I was fighting with my past,
Showing myself that
it won't define my
Finally I'm at the place where I can,
truly be free.
Stop the music!
you're very talented,
and full of passion.
Sometimes you're very focused,
and when you are, you're exquisite!
But other times you're distracted
and you lose that passion.
The dance has to live inside you.
For that, you need to focus.
Try it again.
You know,
you remind me a lot of myself,
I was just like you
I've had passion in my veins,
and it got me very far,
I went on a world tour,
and you can too...
I will...
I can do this!
pretty boy!
Nobody lives there anymore!
I know what happened to Marie!
I came home called the cops...
He got arrested...
Marie! are you okay?
what happened?
I didn't know, didn't know she was sold!
I didn't know, they sold her
- Did she run away?
- I didn't know, they sold her...
they they sold, they sold her!
I didn't know that!
I didn't know!
What can I do?
I didn't know they sold her.
I can't I can't...
get out of my house!
get out of here!
I want my daughter!
I want my daughter!
Get out of my house now!
get out of my house!
- She said she was going to go to AAA
- LARRY: Listen to me, we made a deal.
she did,
you know one day she left,
she never came back.
I need to file a missing person report.
So, why has it taken you so long
to report this?
I think it was over,
I heard you say... sold,
what did you mean
by that?
The neighbor said, that when her
mother found out she was sold,
couldn't look for, they'll
gonna kill them both.
I saw in the news
an abandoned warehouse
burned down and people were killed...
I'm sorry, but,
we don't have
authorization to talk about ongoing
What if she was in there?
there's a trial next week,
it sounds like
the girl that you're looking for,
may have been trafficked.
Tyler another amber alert came in,
I know that sometimes these
alerts are about
the kidnapping of minors for human
trafficking and I got to tell you,
the number of times this is
happening is
Larry Olsen a partner
of Victor Musry was
one of three men arrested for taking
part in the sex trafficking ring that
preyed on young men and women by getting
them addicted to drugs and then forcing
them into prostitution.
The state has reopened the case against
Victor Musry!
I guess those pictures must
have changed their minds.
We are going to need
as many survivors that we can.
that's Adriana's address at the shelter.
This is my last shot.
If we can't convince her,
to testify,
Musry may walk out forever.
You know Brian,
I can relate to what Adriana has been
I been through...
something that I've never
shared with you.
When I was a little girl,
I was molested...
by my uncle Danny.
He was my mother's younger brother.
I used to tell my mother and she would
tell me to shut up, and stop talking
You know, it's been...
many years now,
through counseling and praying,
I have found healing.
With everything that we have,
and everything that you have left,
we need to fight for these children.
I will fight...
with the last breath I have.
I really don't think
most people realize,
how serious a problem this is,
in fact I have to admit,
I didn't realize,
how serious it was,
until a couple weeks ago,
when I read an article that said,
around the world
someone is trafficked every
thirty seconds.
That's unbelievable!
The road to restoration is very
Sometimes it's years of recovery from
total loss of autonomy, severe trauma,
Yeah, it's crazy.
This children are being trafficked
from state to state.
It's unbelievable!
Or what I say, right,
slavery is alive and well,
in the land of the free.
Come in, Adriana.
This is Special Agent Colbert,
he would like to speak with you.
Adriana how are you?
They've reopened the case on
Victor Musry.
we really need you,
to be a witness in this new trial.
I know it's going to be hard but,
we'll be right there with you.
Come in!
Maria told me the good news!
You are in the dance class!?
Maria didn't tell you the others
big news?
They want me to be a witness in the
trial against Victor Musry.
Helping to put the man who hurt you
into jail is a good thing,
don't you think?
I guess.
He will never hurt you or
anyone else
Do you know what Dr Gill?
of all the things I've been through,
the hard of them all was,
my mom sold me.
And from that point on,
I belong to them.
I don't know how many days went by,
until I stop crying...
I just can't stop.
When I told him my mom would never
forgive him,
he said it was her idea.
That she sold me for money.
So sorry Adriana.
I'd call that a look at contempt and
smug expectation.
You're a pretty good judge of character,
outside of the courtroom.
Would you like to take a look at...
some new surprising evidence?
Why do you have these pictures, hmm?
What's this all about?
That man hugging you there,
you know what he's been accused of?
Sure, I know him,
but his case was dismissed,
due to a lack of evidence.
Ah we got some new evidence.
We'll turn it in.
I suggest,
you stay away from this case,
I might take those photos to the Press,
won't be too good for your reputation.
Adriana thanks for joining us,
So sources says,
that you are a witness on
the Victor Musry trial.
Are you one of his victims?
I'm not here to talk about my past,
I'm here because of the
upcoming competition,
I was told that I was here
to interview you,
because you're a witness on this big
No, hum, I don't talk about
that anymore.
I'm a free woman now,
so that's behind me.
Oh okay, well then I guess,
we're done here.
I'm sorry for wasting your time.
They are reopening the case and so,
we are hoping that the investigation
continues and that justice is served.
What a surprise, how are you?
You're not gonna believe
what I found out.
What is it son?
Adriana may be a victim of human
I wanted to ask,
do you think if I found her, that...
she would be the same
as she was before?
Do you think that's a possibility?
We all need second chances.
Look for her and God will do the rest.
I'm sorry that happened in there.
I think I know how you feel.
I went through something like what you
went through.
My cousins
sold me into the sex slave trade.
They took me to a party, they gave me
some drugs and let the guys there
And then those men,
took me...
very far from home,
they threatened me,
told me if I tried to escape,
they'd kill my family.
It was awful...
at first...
and then I got used to making money with
my body,
I lost,
my innocence.
I lost everything.
When I was rescued, I genuinely thought
my life didn't have a purpose anymore.
But then,
I started to realize that other people,
were suffering and going through the
same thing that I was going through,
and that I could help them.
and I made money, in an honorable way.
And I started this shelter for abused
It has been a blessing,
for a lot of women,
who have been victims
of human trafficking.
With God's help,
I found purpose,
for the pain that I'd been through.
You can help a lot of women overcome
their past.
Specially you.
You have beautiful gifts and talents.
You can make a difference.
You don't know how much
that means to me.
Thank you.
I'm outside of the Courthouse,
for the high profile case
of Victor Musry.
Everything's gonna go well,
you gonna have to trust me.
All rise!
The court is now in session.
The Honorable Judge
Jane Connor presiding
You may be seated.
Victor Musry, you are here by charge
with aggravated kidnapping, criminal
assault, double homicide,
prostitution and human trafficking.
In a bloated defense
Judge Connor dismissed
the motion to suppress evidence.
The prosecution is expected to wrap up
this case this afternoon, with further
testimony from a star witness.
It happens faster than I can imagine.
And at one point,
I start believing that this is
what I'm
meant to do.
I didn't really think about
anything else.
I just... tried to survive.
And how often would you have to engage
with these men?
Every day, for three months.
Is one of those men,
seated in the courtroom today?
That man right there,
wearing a gray suit,
and staring at me.
Let the record state the identification
of the defendant.
No more questions your Honor.
HSI special agents,
investigate cases,
in which criminals use the internet an
attempt to exploit children.
We work with our local,
state and federal organizations,
to target criminals.
Agent Colbert,
How do you build your cases?
We conduct undercover operations,
in which we target subjects,
who utilize the internet,
to pay for...
engage in sex acts with minors.
Are you ready?
but I'm not gonna lie,
I'm very nervous.
this might be an opportunity for justice
to be served to Victor Musry,
and for society to see that this happens
right here in America.
You have to arm yourself with courage to
testify against that man.
God can help when no one else can.
The prosecution now calls Adriana Miller
to the stand.
Please, raise your right hand,
Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?
I do.
How old were you when you met the
15 years old.
And how do the two of you meet?
My mother sold me to him for drugs.
Your mother sold you for drugs.
Did you know what was happening?
I was afraid to escape,
they would kill me and my mother.
What kind of things happened to you,
when you were there being held against
your will?
Three of them would...
tie me to the floor, and...
take turns raping me for hours,
every day.
How did you get away?
One night,
someone got drunk
and left the door
We all ran, but they fell behind trying
to stay together, and I ran ahead and
made it into the woods.
I couldn't believe it when I found out
they were caught and burned.
Adriana Miller,
Is the man who told you
that he owned you in the
courtroom today?
Can you please describe him by something
that he's wearing.
The man in the gray suit.
Let the record state the witness has
identified the defendant.
No more questions your Honor.
JUDGE: You may cross the exam of the witness,
Miss Miller I understand how difficult
this must be for you today.
you live with your drug addict mother,
And from what we heard today,
sounds like you really had it tough at
I mean you said that she sold you.
She didn't want you around, didn't she?
yeah... don't know.
And then you ended up in a place,
where you were fed every day,
nice place to stay, right?
Cloth on your back.
The truth is that you... just made up a
story you knew the cops wanted to hear.
Isn't that the truth?
Objection your Honor!
JUDGE: Sustained!
JUDGE: To the point please!
Let me rephrase your Honor.
Miss Miller, you knew that Special Agent
Colbert wanted you to identify today
Victor Musry, didn't you?
I don't need anybody to tell me
what Victor Musry and
Larry Olson did to me.
But I need to tell the truth,
because I want to be free,
because I need to live.
Your client tried to shut me up Mr.
but here I am,
telling the truth.
Mr. Musry,
you say you're an entrepreneur,
is that how you help the community?
How did you start your business?
I run a business for women who want to
make money. I just help them find the
And you help those women in the business
of making money by finding men to have
sex with them, didn't you?
Answer the question, Mr. Musry.
When I was a child,
One day there's this... woman.
She locked me in a storage room,
sexually assaulted me.
over repeatedly.
And I wanted it to stop and I wanted to
tell someone but...
she said she'd kill my family.
Mr. Musry!
Life pushed me into this.
I'm a victim too.
This case against Victor Musry,
began more
than 10 hours ago and everything seems
to indicate that today we should have a
verdict from the jury in this case.
You better make sure that this blows
back on me.
I've got it handled.
You better have it handled.
Come with me.
Victor Musri, please stand.
We the jury, find the defendant Victor
Musry Hernan on count one, two, three
four, five:
not guilty.
JUDGE: Silence, please, silence.
On count six, murder in the first degree
of Jessica Johansson,
not guilty.
JUDGE: This is your last warning!
On count seven, attempted murder on
Adriana Miller,
not guilty.
JUDGE: Bailiff!
On count eight, Human Trafficking and
Sexual Exploitation of Adriana Miller:
JUDGE: Quiet on the Court!
This court will reconvene in six weeks
for his sentencing hearing.
Court is adjourned.
This case should be a warning
to all parents.
Predators will use technology to
try to get in contact and harm your
child. This case should also be
a warning
to all predators. Local, States and
Federal Law Enforcement Agencies are
working around the clock to make sure
they pay for their crimes.
Adriana, what are you doing?
That was absolutely amazing!
You give me chills!
with that composition,
and the way you dance, ah!
Just terrific!
where did you find that
It's mine.
I've been choreographing and
I wanted to show you.
it's absolutely amazing!
ever since the first day I saw you
I knew
you have the fire
of an invincible soul.
Thank you.
I know you don't want to talk to me, but
I have to tell you something.
I don't care how long I have
to wait for you but...
I will.
I can't love again.
I can help you if you let me.
But I'm not the same girl.
It doesn't matter.
I want to take care of you.
I'll be out there, cheering for you.
Officer Carreras, hi this is Arthur.
I was wondering if you could help me
find someone?
Good morning, how can I help you?
I'm looking for Marie Miller.
I was told she
is here.
Are you relative?
No. I know her daughter.
I'm just trying to help her
find her mom.
Do you know her daughter,
I have something to give her.
Do you almost packed?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
There's someone here
I'd like you to meet.
Yeah her name's Claire,
and she wants to
talk to you about your mother.
How could anyone look at
all that I have done
The wanna give his life
wanna give his
life to save me
save me
How could anyone look
at everywhere I've been
and wanna lift me up
and wanna give his
life to save me again
ADRIANA'S MOM: My talented daughter,
I wanted to know that I love you very
and that will never change,
no matter what.
At the age of 27, I finally came
to grips
with the fact that I had an unmanageable
I took drugs every single day.
For years I tried to break the heroin
One day, I woke up in a hospital room
where a stranger told me about the
saving Power of God.
About 20,000
pounds fell off of me.
I was a different person.
I know... there are no excuses for
what I did
in the past to you.
I failed you.
I hope someday you can forgive me.
You keep lifting me up
I forgive you.
I love you,
and I always will.
You don't give me more
than you know I can take
You keep lifting me up
out of the mess I made
You don't give me more
than you know I can take
You keep lifting me up
out of the mess I made
You don't give me more
than you know I can take