Don't Sleep (2017) Movie Script

Oh, go on, boy.
That's it.
Just keep going.
It's waiting for you.
There's no need to be afraid.
It's just a dream.
Or is it?
Life is...
Just a dream.
Life is just a dream.
So, uh, how often
do you have these dreams?
I don't know.
Well, is it more than...
More than two times?
More than five?
Maybe around ten.
Or more.
I really don't remember.
So, uh, now you're...
You're afraid of the dark, yes?
Afraid to sleep?
I just don't want
to see them again.
And who are they?
What do they look like?
She's in a mask.
And the other kid.
His face is all messed up.
But he... he sort of...
Go on.
He sort of looks like me.
So it's... it's you
that you see in the dream?
I don't really know.
I see.
What do you think
he wants from you?
This other?
To hurt me, I guess.
To take my place.
To replace you?
I see.
But it's... it's gotten
to the point where, uh,
just the idea of going to sleep
is making him sick.
He'll do anything
to avoid sleep.
I imagine it would be.
Look, Zach.
What you're going through
is, um...
Is really scary.
It must seem
completely real to you,
but, uh, guess what.
It's not.
You're just a very smart,
imaginative young man,
and you're gonna be just fine.
Trust me.
He's just holding on
to some childhood fantasies,
which I'm sure
he'll grow out of.
I do think I should
continue seeing him...
Just try to relax tonight, okay?
Think of fun, happy thoughts.
I could stay here
all night if you want.
That might be good.
Go to sleep.
I'm going to die.
It's not big,
but it's a well-maintained,
cozy, little house.
It's lovely.
I just adore it.
Aw, thank you.
It's where Vince and I lived
after we were married...
Until we bought the house
across the street.
Oh, yeah. Wow.
We were always so happy here.
So we kept it
for friends and family...
You know, a place to stay
when they visited.
About, uh, twice in ten years.
Well, if I were your family,
I'd come stay here all the time.
Aw. That's why we thought
it'd be nice to rent it out
to a young couple
like yourselves.
This place should be enjoyed.
Plus, we'd enjoy the company.
Where do you guys live now?
Well, we actually
don't live together.
This would be
the first time for both of us.
Aww. A little love nest.
What do you, uh...
What do you do?
Uh, Shawn teaches art
to third graders,
and I'm almost done
with law school.
No kidding?
You don't look
like a lawyer, man.
- Vince!
- No, I mean, look at him.
No, it's okay. No, my mom
actually thought the same thing.
She always thought
I'd end up owning a bar.
Ah. I like bars.
Zach, this would be
so great for us.
It's so cozy and warm.
I'd feel safe here.
You guys didn't mention
in the ad the actual rent.
How much is it?
Um, well,
what are you kids
looking to pay?
I mean, we'd struggle to pay
more than, like, 850.
Today is your lucky day.
We figured about seven
and a quarter should cover it.
Is that all right?
That's perfect.
Thank you so much.
- Our pleasure.
- Thank you.
Aw, we are happy
to have you guys.
Oh, my god!
What is wrong with you?
You could scare
the hell out of somebody.
Hmm, what time is it anyway?
Hmm. Time for you to bone up
for your civil procedure exam.
Oh, god,
I was doing that all night.
It's so boring.
Mm, you know,
speaking of boning up.
If you don't get off me
in the next...
That's not sexy.
I'm such an idiot.
Okay. Ugh.
- Hey, Zach!
- Hey.
- Good morning, buddy.
- Good morning.
I thought you had a rule...
No classes before noon.
Ah. No, I got a test today.
I got to hit the library
before it starts.
- Anything I can help you with?
- Oh, yeah?
How are you gonna help him?
What, are you gonna describe
to him what the inside
of a courtroom looks like?
You've been dragged
in one enough times.
That's real cute, Jo.
You're gonna give this kid
a bad impression about me.
- You know that?
- No. Not possible.
Hey, why don't you guys
come over for dinner tonight?
We got some fresh eggplant
from pop's garden.
I'll make some eggplant parm.
Yeah. Yeah, that'd be nice, Jo.
I, uh... I'll ask Shawn.
You know, I don't know
what she's doing after class,
but, uh, thanks.
I'll, uh...
I'll catch you guys later.
- Okay, good luck.
- Thanks, man.
Cute kids, huh?
It's nice having them around.
Yeah, it is.
No pants! Naked!
He says, you lost a tomato.
That was the craziest thing
I'd ever seen.
And the guy says,
"you got to go.
I'm gonna call the cops."
You know what, man?
Pop started the business
just after six weeks after
he and mom came over
from Palermo.
He barely spoke
a word of English.
Started with a little
produce stand downtown.
By the time he was done,
we owned eight markets
all over the county.
That must've taken real courage.
More worry than courage.
I was always worried
that I'd do good, you know,
so I can support my family.
Of course.
You always did that, pop.
There was always food
on the table.
Thank you, Vincent.
How did you two meet?
- What?
- I was down at the Lincoln...
I'm just gonna tell a story,
that's all.
I was down at
our Lincoln street store,
and I noticed
this beautiful woman
squeezing grapefruits.
Oh, wow.
- She was squeezing...
- Vince!
- This is stupid.
- Oh!
- Oh, Vince!
let's just say that I was, um,
- Aroused?
- Interested.
- Right.
- I was gonna say interested.
- Okay.
So I waited for her
to do all of her shopping,
and then I made sure
I was at the register.
And she gave me a 20...
I gave her back 30.
She's been costing me
ever since.
Mm-hmm. And worth every penny.
- Right, baby?
- Every penny, baby.
Every penny and more.
This is the best wife that
any man could ever hope for.
I couldn't imagine a wife
more beautiful than Jo.
Ah, okay, come on, guys.
So tell... what is it?
What's your... what's your secret?
Simple. Just never take
the love of a beautiful woman
for granted.
Just don't forget
how lucky you are.
And, Jo?
Well, you get what you give.
So I just make sure
he never wants for anything.
You guys are a beautiful couple.
You belong together.
Aw. How nice.
- I ate so much.
Do you eat enough?
Right or left?
Is there something you'd like
to ask, Mr. Bradford?
Look at you, you're so gorgeous.
Vince was right.
I can't believe
I'm actually living with you.
I still get butterflies
in my stomach...
Every time I'm about to see you.
You do?
Even now we live together?
Do you like your new home?
I'm home anywhere
I can fall into you.
Just want to feel
like this forever.
Good morning, Mr. Marino!
Oh, hi. Hi.
Look at those flowers!
You're a magician.
They're so beautiful.
Ah. Grazie.
Thank you. Thank you, my dear.
Maybe you could teach me
how to garden sometime?
Oh, sure, sure. No problem.
First, you need some time.
And then
you just got to care.
You know? Like your art.
Yeah, well, I haven't managed
to kill a painting... Yet.
By the way,
Jo told me
you just lost your dog.
She was a good girl.
She had a good life.
I didn't want her to suffer.
She just got old.
Like me.
Come on,
you're gonna outlive us all.
You're just pretending
to be an old guy.
Have a good day, Mr. Marino.
All right. Ciao, Bella.
Hey, babe. Guess what.
Um, funny,
I thought this was my call,
but go on.
Well, look, not only did I pass,
I scored in the top 10%.
Think I might finally be getting
a handle on all this crap.
Well, too bad
you're about to graduate.
Ah, yeah. Uh, so what's up?
Well, I just wanted to know
if you wouldn't mind picking up
a bottle of...
Something easy for dinner...
Shit. Shit.
What did you say?
Oh. No, Shawn, not you.
The car behind me.
Well, can you do it?
Do what?
Never mind.
I'll see you
at home later, okay?
Yeah. I'll see you later.
Fuck! What the fuck?
- Jesus Christ!
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, uh, here.
Let me... let me get those.
Thanks, hon.
Always a gentleman.
Your folks obviously did
a couple of things right.
But only a couple.
Hey, Shawn, the weirdest thing
just happened with my laptop.
It... it, uh...
It wouldn't turn on,
and then it made these...
These, like, weird sounds,
and then this...
This scarier-than-shit face
pops up and just, like,
screamed at me.
It really startled me.
You seem a little...
Delicate these days. Hmm?
You are still okay
with your decision to live
with a girl, aren't you?
I mean...
I'll be okay if you're not.
Ah, yeah.
You're such a wise ass.
My wise ass is one
of the reasons you love me.
Ow, Shawn!
You see what I mean?
I definitely
have to toughen you up.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Get out of here.
- Go back to work.
- Okay.
Lilly, I don't understand.
Hey, what's...
What's going on?
It's just pops.
Someone beat him
really, really bad.
My god, are you serious?
That's crazy!
His face is all swollen and...
And bruised and bloody.
What's going on?
He's just an old man.
Jo, why are you crying?
Mr. Marino was mugged
last night.
Beat him pretty bad.
They're gonna keep him
in the hospital a few days.
Jo, what... what can we do?
You guys just be careful, okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
I mean, what kind of animal
just beats an old man
and doesn't take anything?
It really gives me the creeps.
Zach, we moved
to this neighborhood
because it seemed like
a nice, quiet, family area.
I mean, otherwise,
we could've lived in the city.
Hey, um,
maybe you should be careful
walking around at night,
you know,
even just outside the house.
I'm not gonna live scared,
you know? It's just...
- It's no fun.
- Yeah, Shawn, I know.
But it happened once.
It could happen again.
That's a cute picture
of the three of you.
But you do look sort of sad.
Well, I still like it.
That's better.
- Hey, come on in.
- Hey, Vince.
We just wanted to come by
and see how your dad was doing.
It's a curse! Vince, a curse
has come over our home.
We have get out of here
or we're gonna die.
- Jo, that's enough.
- We got to get out of here,
or we're gonna die!
- That's enough. Stop. Stop!
Hey, hey, hey. Please, stop.
Come with me.
Look who's come to see you, pop.
Mr. Marino?
It's gonna be okay.
Whatever it is,
it's gonna be okay.
You have Vincent and Jo.
They're gonna look after you.
Mr. Marino?
I thought
I told you not to come in here.
It's okay, pop.
It's okay.
You don't know.
I'm so scared.
What are you doing, Jo?
You're driving me nuts.
You got to get a grip.
When I was a little girl,
the old men would tell a story
of a fisherman that was made
to join the crusades.
He told his young wife
not to fear
and promised her
that he would return
with a bejeweled crucifix
from Jerusalem.
But when he did return,
he learned that she had been
savagely beaten and raped...
Over and over again
throughout the years.
And when
she had finally lost faith
that he would ever
come back to her...
She decided to end the pain
and took her own life.
Some say he went insane
from the sorrow,
and in his rage,
he became a demon.
For hundreds of years,
women and children would
disappear from the countryside.
It was the fisherman.
This is...
It's just a tall tale, Jo.
It's a myth...
That fools from the old country
would use to scare their kids.
It has nothing to do
with my father.
It has nothing to do with us.
Evil's everywhere...
Waiting for its chance
to gain a stronghold.
It's in anybody.
It's in everything.
If we stay here,
it's gonna kill us.
That's it.
Just keep going.
It's waiting for you.
Where did you go?
I don't know... it was
as though he was in, like,
some sort of a trance, you know?
Like, in his own world.
I've never seen anyone
react the way he did
when he looked at you.
I mean, I-i-i love Mr. Marino.
But it was like it wasn't him.
It was, like... i don't even know
what to think of it.
I'm sorry, no, it's, uh...
It's nothing.
No. No, no, no. It...
It's not nothing.
Zach, I want you to tell me.
Please. I want to know.
When I was a kid...
I used to dream
that there was this...
Other version of me.
I started...
Imagining him again.
But it's... it's...
It's different.
It's, like,
he's... he's growing.
It's, like,
he's getting stronger.
It's, like, he... he...
He's trying to steal...
Your soul.
Yeah, I...
If he gets to stay...
Then I'll just...
I know, it's pretty crazy, huh?
No. No, no, no, no.
You're not crazy.
And you'll be fine, I promise.
I will always be here for you.
Good eggs.
Hi, hon.
God, this can't be happening.
Zach, are you okay?
Look, I-I'm fine, okay?
I'm just washing up.
Be out in a minute.
Oh, yeah?
Since when do you lock?
It's... it's fine, okay?
It's fine.
Everything's fine.
I suppose the welt on the side
of your head is just fine, too?
Everything's just fine?
Shawn, look,
it was a stupid accident, okay?
I wasn't paying attention,
and I got my head caught
between the car door
and the frame.
You just knocked your head
getting out of the car?
Yes, Shawn, I did.
Stop, all right?
It really hurts, okay?
Leave me alone. Leave me alone.
You rot in hell, demon.
I die on my own terms.
Oh, where'd that come from?
Me and Shawn were...
Were talking the other day,
and out of curiosity...
How old was I when
those nightmares stopped?
You remember those?
Well, you had them
for a few years.
Uh, were pretty much done
by the time you were...
11, 12.
But they affected you
I mean, it took a while,
but eventually,
you seemed to put it
all behind you.
Why, hon? And, please,
just tell me the truth.
I imagined something
the other day.
I-I fell asleep in my car,
and I, um...
It just...
It felt familiar,
you know, reminded me
of... of that time
for the first time in years.
Don't fool around
with this stuff, Zach.
Okay? It was a very disturbing
episode of your life.
If you feel like
you need to see someone,
please, don't blow it off.
Just promise me, okay?
Hi, there.
This is Lilah cross.
She lives in the neighborhood.
this is my boyfriend, Zach.
Pleasure to meet you, Lilah.
She might help me
with some art projects.
Right, Lilah?
I guess.
I should... i should go.
Well, I'm... I'm glad you came.
And we'll talk again soon, okay?
Wow. Well, she's charming.
Just a kid
having a tough time fitting in.
Yeah. I can't imagine why.
It's not always that easy
for everyone, Zach.
You know, sometimes
a single act of kindness
can make all the difference
in the world.
Shawn, what did I say?
I'm sorry. Jeez.
I was laid off in '96.
I didn't know how I was going
to feed Molly and the boys.
Your father just drove up
with a truck full
of steaks, chickens, groceries.
And the next month,
there he is again.
Just don't know how you can
repay something like that.
I know.
Aidan, it doesn't make sense.
He was always such a proud man.
Such dignity.
He was the last guy
in the world to commit suicide.
I-I just can't believe it.
Excuse me.
- I'm so sorry, Vince.
- Hey, Vince.
I feel so badly.
I don't know what to say.
What can you say?
This is the...
Craziest thing I...
Listen, can...
Can you guys do me a favor
and go on in and see Jo?
She loves you kids,
and it'd be nice for her,
you know, just...
She hasn't been herself.
Hey, anything you need, okay?
- Okay. Yeah. I appreciate it.
- We're right here.
Jo, are you okay, sweetie?
Why don't I just sit
for a while?
You guys are messing
with me right now, right?
The guy actually hung himself
with a chain link?
Who does that?
Shut up, Timmy.
No, I mean it.
What, he's just...
Just dangling there
shitting and pissing
in his boxers?
Hey, that's enough, okay?
We're friends with the family.
This is tragic stuff.
Yeah, and Mr. Marino
was already pretty old.
You know,
if he had died naturally,
you'd say, "okay,
you know, it's sad."
But for him to commit suicide
at his age...
You know he was really
tortured about something.
Had to be that mugging.
He was traumatized, dude.
I don't buy that.
He was a strong man,
and he dealt with a lot
of adversity in his life.
It was something else.
Something was haunting him
and wouldn't leave him alone.
All right, now I know you guys
are fucking with me, right?
Guys! Stop busting my balls,
all right?
I just came over
to grab a couple of beers
and have some laughs
with my friends, all right?
So can we just calm down,
for Christ's sake?
I'm taking myself off
all social networking.
- Oh, yeah?
- -Yeah.
I keep hearing from these kids
that we were in, like,
- second and third grade with.
- Mm.
- It's a pain in my ass.
- Yeah.
Hey, I'm surprised anyone
looks for you anymore, man.
People frickin' hated you
in second and third grade.
Fuck you, man.
At least I wasn't crazy.
I'm sorry.
That was... that wasn't...
That wasn't funny.
Hey, what did people think
of me when I was a kid?
You know,
kids can be... Tough,
you know,
especially when you're...
You weren't right, all right?
You weren't right
for a long time.
Everybody knew it.
You know, sometimes you would
just kind of zonk out.
Or even worse,
you'd start screaming
about a bunch of crazy shit.
- I did?
- Yeah.
The school told your mom
they couldn't manage you
flying off the handles and shit,
so she took you away
for a few months.
No one really knew
where you went,
but when you came back,
you were different.
You were good, you know.
Cool. It was good.
Hey, man, why...
Why have we never
spoken about this before?
We've known each other
for years.
This is the first time
it's come up. Why?
You got
a really good thing here.
I mean, you get to live
with a fucking goddess.
I mean, dude, I can't even
hang out with you guys
without wondering exactly
what it is
that she lets you do to her.
- Oh, yeah?
- You know what I mean?
- You're thinking about that?
- Ow! Ow! Shit!
- You fucker!
- Just saying.
Law school by day,
love nest by night.
Shit, man, I'd give my right nut
just to have one crack at her.
- Yeah?
- Just the right one, thought.
It's the smaller one.
You got a good life, man.
You really do.
Don't fuck it up by bringing up
all this old shit, okay?
Doesn't matter.
- Yeah. Right. Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
No, stop! Stop!
Come here.
Come here, Shawn.
Jo, what is it?
- Come here. Come here.
- Are you okay?
You... you have to go.
You can't stay here
anymore, okay?
What are you talking about?
The cottage... it's not safe.
- You got to... you have to go.
- Jo, you're not making...
No, no, no, no!
You don't understand, okay?
You're in danger, okay?
You... you have to go.
- Hey, Jo.
- Oh, god!
How you doing this morning?
How's, uh... how's Vince?
He's... he's fine. He's...
He's waiting for me.
So I have to go.
What was that all about?
This is just all becoming
too bizarre for me.
- Shawn, it's...
- I've got to get going.
I can't be late for the kids.
No, you're not me!
This is Cindy Bradford.
Sorry I missed your call,
but please leave a message,
and I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.
- Mom!
- Thank you.
Mom, mom, please...
Please call me as soon as
you get this, okay?
I'm remembering again.
I-I-i think it's... I think it's
fucking happening all over again.
Please, can you just...
Can you just call me
as soon as you get this, okay?
- What's up, my brother?
- Timmy!
Ah, Timmy, you're there?
Yeah. Why so surprised?
I would really,
really appreciate just, like,
a hang-out right now.
- Are you okay, Zach?
- I'll, uh...
I'll see you soon, right?
I agree with your mom.
I think you should
see somebody, like, now.
If you want, you know,
I could go with you.
Hey, what was...
What was the name of that shrink
that you saw
when you were a kid?
Uh, Dr. Sommers, I think.
But, man, I don't know.
I don't know.
I think we should find
this Sommers guy.
Hey, you know what?
I'll just pass out on the couch.
You know, I'll get up
in the morning.
We'll just go together.
What time's, uh, Shawn get home?
Uh, late. She's, uh...
She's home late tonight.
Good. Good.
Hey, don't tell her I'm here.
I might get lucky
and see her naked.
Make my whole
fucking year, right?
Oh, god. Oh, god!
Oh, god! No! Oh, no!
No! Oh, god! Oh, god!
Go on, boy.
That's it.
Just keep going.
Stay away!
Don't let him out!
Don't come back!
I'm always waiting for you.
I'm gonna take you.
What happened
to the bathroom mirror?
I broke it.
Oh. Okay.
You would never leave me?
Have you seen Timmy
this morning?
Timmy? What do you mean?
Uh, he stayed over last night.
He's gonna help me
with something.
Um, I don't think so.
There's no Timmy out there.
You sure?
Timmy's tough to miss.
Pretty sure he's not here.
That's strange.
I do find it curious
that you've come to see me again
after all these years, Zach.
Please. Have a seat.
What seems to be troubling you?
Um, I-i don't remember...
Much of my treatment
from back when I was a kid.
I just...
It seems like a black hole.
I-I just want to know
what was wrong with me.
Memory recapture
is a delicate practice, Zach.
It's not always
in the patient's best interest.
Please, Dr. Sommers, it's...
It's really important.
I want to know.
All right, then.
personality disorder is a...
Well, it's a clinical way of describing
a whole host of psychotic behavior.
It may appear as
personality disorders,
schizophrenia, hallucinations,
sexual deviance and so on,
but in your case, it was a...
depersonalization disorder.
What is that?
I don't know what that is.
Can I, uh, interest you
in some tea?
Yeah. Sure. Yeah.
Chamomile all right?
It's fine. Yeah.
Well, typically the, uh...
The patient may feel divorced
from his own body.
As though his own sensations,
emotions, behavior...
Are no longer his.
They belong to another.
Almost, uh...
Almost like you're in a dream,
watching a movie of yourself.
- Detached.
- Right.
Like you're, uh... you're not
part of the real world.
It's most common among people
who've had
a traumatic experience,
but that didn't seem
to be the case with you.
It started out
as a series of nightmares
that gradually
invaded waking hours.
You become more... Aggressive.
More violent.
You became...
Consumed by it.
And then what happened?
You were medicated.
Underwent some...
Hypnotic sessions.
But ultimately,
only a series of...
Electroconvulsive treatments
proved successful
in getting rid of the hysteria.
You were there?
The nightmares
eventually subsided,
and, uh, the images of this...
This other self disappeared.
You got your childhood back.
You're mother tells me
you're in law school
and in a healthy relationship.
Clearly, we were successful.
You still speak with my mother?
I like to keep track of how
some of my patients are doing.
For 12 years?
Well, not usually, no.
But then...
Yours is not a usual case.
You can have
a great life now, Zach...
If you choose it.
Trust me.
Trust you?
Trust you?
You know what?
Fuck you, Dr. Sommers!
I trusted you once before!
Fuck! Fuck!
So how's your dad doing?
- He's good.
- -Yeah?
You guys getting along?
Let me ask you something.
When you were...
Watching yourself acting up,
do you also see
whoever else is around?
And how does your dad react
when everything gets crazy?
Does... does he...
Does he get mad?
Is he... is he sad?
Scared, I guess.
Doesn't really know what to do.
And does that, um...
That make you feel bad?
Not really.
I'm so scared.
You rot in hell, demon.
I die on my own terms.
Stop. No!
- Oh... sorry.
Mark, would you excuse me?
Hey, hon. Where have you been?
You know, I've been trying
to reach you for a while.
Mom, why didn't you tell me
you still speak to Dr. Sommers?
I'm sorry.
He... he just wanted
to be notified
the moment any of your...
Old problems began to resurface.
that's frickin' great, okay?
How many more surprises
are there gonna be
before I find out
what the fuck is wrong with me?
Zach, no one is trying
to fight with you here, okay?
We're trying to help you.
What did Dr. Sommers say?
Who gives a shit
what he said? Okay?
I didn't like him
when I was a kid,
and I like him a lot less now.
He was a very big help to us
during a brutal time
in your life, okay?
Just listen to what...
Follow what he says, okay?
Mom, I-i-i got to go.
I got to go.
Just stay on the line for...
What the hell are you doing?
No, no, no, no.
Come here. No, no.
I want to know what you're doing
snooping around our house.
- Let go of me!
- No, I'm not gonna let you go.
- Please, you're hurting me!
- No!
What's going on here?
I just, uh...
I just caught this one
sneaking around our house.
I want to know what she's up to.
Let her go, Zach.
She's not up to anything.
She's just waiting for me.
What is the matter with you?
You're so paranoid.
I was just letting her
borrow this hat
- for a party she's going to.
- I just...
I just thought...
It's okay, sweetie.
You don't need to be upset.
That's real nice, Andre.
Maybe it's best
we don't send these home.
Okay, miss Edmon.
Maybe I should take these.
Don't do that.
Leave it on.
Just the pants.
What's gotten into you today?
Shh. Shh.
Against the window.
Stay still.
What happened before?
I don't...
I don't know. I don't know.
That wasn't like you.
What's happening to you?
I'm not sure.
I've never been
in a relationship before.
Did you know that?
You're my first love, Zach.
And I looked for you
for a long time...
I found you.
You did...
You did find me. I...
It seemed like one minute,
I was alone,
and then the next...
There you were.
I don't know what...
What feels real or...
I don't know what's gonna last
and what might
get taken away from me.
I told you.
- I won't leave you ever.
- Yeah, why, though?
That's just it, isn't it? Why?
- Hmm?
- Just look at you!
How is it possible
that there was no one before me?
I told you!
I didn't want
to love anyone else!
I was too afraid that
something awful would happen
because it always did.
You make me feel safe.
You make me feel like
I'm allowed to love you.
But am I right, Zach?
Is my love safe?
I'm worried.
Then I'm sad for you...
Because you needn't be.
No, it's not gonna happen!
We're not sending Zach
to some mental-health lockup
where you can do
whatever the hell you please.
Daniel, just listen to what...
- No! Forget it!
- Mr. Bradford...
He needs to be
in a controlled environment
where we can
properly treat his diagnosis.
there's no guarantee of success.
Please, Daniel.
I am so afraid, honey.
How do you know he's even
diagnosed him correctly?
How the fuck do you know
if you've never seen
anything like this?
Because any other explanation
would be a hell of a lot
harder to swallow.
I can't be part of this.
You can do
whatever you think you need to.
You want to share?
Zach Bradford
came to see me today.
He did?
What'd he want?
What all my patients want...
My help.
But I thought you cured him.
No, I couldn't.
I just tried
to fool myself that I did.
No, I was, uh...
I was lost.
It made me question
everything I believe in.
I copped out.
I just wanted it
to stop, you know?
So I, uh...
I erased his memories.
Wiped him clean like...
Chalk from a blackboard.
Honey, I've never asked you
to do this before, but...
I want you to refer him
to somebody else.
He scarred you for life
when he was ten.
Who knows what he's going to do
now that he's a grown man?
Promise me
you won't get involved again.
Okay. Pinkie promise.
You better.
Now, if you can manage...
To lighten up,
maybe I'll surprise you
in the morning.
- Okay.
He'll be sedated,
so he won't feel a thing.
He'll just...
Lose a little memory.
That's all.
You know, I've loved that child
every minute of his life.
Look, you have to swear to me...
That he'll be all right.
You have to swear to me
that I'm doing the right thing.
He will be.
And you are, okay?
I knew it.
I knew it
from the very beginning.
Don't be afraid.
There's nothing we can do.
Close your eyes, my love.
We'll be together forever.
Zach! Zach!
You need to come!
I'm sorry! I said I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
No, no, no, no. Whatever you...
Whatever you want.
Help me! Somebody!
Somebody! Somebody help me!
I'll do anything!
God, where are you? God!
Where are you, god?
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no.
There's no reason to be afraid.
All this...
It's just a dream.
I'm sorry! I said I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! I'm...
No! No! No, no!
No, no, no, no! No, no!
I can't believe this.
I can't believe that this
is actually happening to you.
We loved each other
once before, Zach,
a very long time ago.
Can you remember?
I suffered
from an incurable sadness.
My mind was filled with visions.
Voices so treacherous.
Temptations so cruel.
And in the end,
my only choice
was to take my own life.
Or surrender.
You gave your life
trying to save me...
Save me
from what I was to become.
And I grieved for you
like no other.
I searched for you over
the course of many lifetimes.
And I would've searched
for many more.
But then I found you.
I've always been with you,
Trying to help you
make the passage.
Help you become complete.
But you weren't strong enough.
Please don't leave me.
Fight him, Zach. Fight.
I'll wait for you, Zach.
So you remained trapped
in the body of a child...
Until now.
But now you're grown.
Now the boy has
finally become a man.
What have you done to me?
Mine is a capacity to love
that knows no boundaries.
I'll teach you everything.
You'll experience a power
that is incomprehensible to all
but a few.
The power of life and death.
There are those
that worship you as a god.
They will grovel at your feet.
You're finally mine.
And I will never leave you.
I will love you... Forever.
As a child,
especially during those fragile
moments of twilight sleep,
it's often difficult
to discriminate between
our experiences
and our imagination.
But as we grow,
we're taught to place
in separate boxes
what is known to be real
and what we imagine.
But what if the child,
in his innocence,
is simply more open
to other experiences,
able to connect
the cosmos we see
with those we don't?
I believe that as a species,
we are trying to raise
our consciousness,
become closer to god.
But perhaps at every turn,
an equivalent force of evil
is present,
attempting to block our path,
keeping us from becoming...
More divine.