Doom (2005) Movie Script

In the year 2026...
archaeologists working
in the Nevada desert...
discovered a portal
to an ancient city on Mars.
They called this portal
the Ark.
Twenty years later,
we're still struggling
to understand...
why it was built...
and what happened
to the civilization
that built it.
Dr. Carmack!
Dr. Carmack!
Dr. Carmack!
Dr. Carmack!
This is Dr. Carmack,
Classified Research,
Olduvai, ID 6627.
We've had a Level 5 breach.
Implement quarantine
procedures immediately.
Implement quarantine
procedures now.
Reading you
loud and clear, General.
Union Aerospace has requested
assistance to contain...
a Level 5 breach
at their Olduvai facility.
How many personnel involved?
Six scientists
are under lockdown
in a high-security lab...
where the breach occurred.
Another 79 UAC employees
are on site.
Ark travel has been suspended.
What's the objective?
Code red.
Assess level of threat.
Assess level of threat.
Protect and retrieve
UAC property.
Maintain quarantine
at both Ark portals
by any means necessary.
Use extreme prejudice?
Extreme prejudice.
If necessary,
search and destroy. Over.
Search and destroy.
Orders received
and understood. Out.
Oh, you're trying to get
nasty now, huh?
Now you dead. You dead,
sucker. All right, all right.
You wanna bring your boys?
You wanna bring your boys?
I don't believe this.
I confess to God the father.
Oh, yeah!
I need help.
The wall, man.
I don't believe this shit.
Six months
without a weekend...
the goddamned transporters
are five minutes late.
And that's five minutes of
R and R I ain't never gonna
get back.
Hey, relax, baby.
We're on vacation.
This game's layered, man.
Where you going, Portman?
I'm going down to El Honto...
and I'm gonna lock myself
in a motel room...
with a bottle of tequila
and three she-boys.
You're sick, man.
I'm sick of your filth,
He speaks.
What's it gonna be, Reaps?
An armed conflict
someplace quiet?
Yeah, a little relaxing
jungle warfare?
Or maybe you're just gonna
stay right here.
Spending my time
doing pushups.
Listen up, men.
Leave is canceled.
Oh, man. I just...
I don't believe this shit.
Got a problem with that, Duke?
Me, Sarge?
Hell, no, I love my job.
What's up, Sarge?
We got us a game.
Son, you are now
in the Rapid Response
Tactical Squad...
the RRTS.
Fall in.
All dressed up and
nowhere to go, huh, Portman?
Kid, don't forget your rattle.
Shut up, Portman.
Not this time, John.
We can handle this one.
You're bullshitting me.
No, I'm not bullshitting.
We're going to Olduvai.
Take the leave.
Is that an order?
It's a recommendation.
See you when I get back.
Aircraft ready to load.
Copy that.
Great vacation.
Damn, they go quick.
Almost like
we've never been away.
We're a go.
All systems are green.
Prepare for takeoff.
Okay, Sarge, roger.
RRTS Special Ops
clearance verified.
Handle ID: Destroyer.
Daddy's home.
Handle ID: Mac.
Handle ID: Portman.
Handle ID: Goat.
Handle ID: The Kid.
"The Kid"?
Handle ID: Duke.
Say my name, baby.
RRTS Special Ops
clearance verified.
Handle ID: Sarge.
I can't believe
we're going through the Ark.
Don't worry, Kid.
You're gonna love it.
All set?
Yes, sir.
RRTS Special Ops
clearance verified.
Handle ID: Reaper.
Take us up!
RRTS air 6,
we're airborne and en route.
You know, Kid, it's funny.
A couple of days ago
I asked Sarge for
a little pussy.
The next day he brought you
onto the team.
Don't give me
an excuse, Portman.
No one here will miss you.
Men, look in.
This is what we got
from Simcon.
We have a quarantine situation
on Olduvai.
They sent this message...
when the research team
stopped responding to
all communications.
This is Dr. Carmack,
Classified Research,
Olduvai, ID 6627.
We've had a Level 5 breach.
quarantine procedures
I repeat.
This is Dr. Carmack,
Classified Research,
Olduvai, ID 6627.
We've had a Level 5 breach.
quarantine procedures now.
UAC have
shut down the lab, men.
We need to go up there,
locate the team...
eliminate the threat
and secure the facility.
What threat?
It goes like this, see:
If it's trying to kill you,
it's a threat.
Rescue mission
heading 147 degrees.
Location Lima, Zulu,
Foxtrot 14.
Roger, Q-06. Badger 39 out.
Copy, Badger 39.
How long has it been?
Ten years.
Sure she's even
still up there?
I guess you gotta face
your demon sometime.
Copy, Q-06, we've got
a visual on Lima, Zulu.
ETA at 90 seconds. Stand by.
Look alive, men. Game time.
Move in.
You hesitate, people die.
I checked it...
at least three times
before we sent it through.
Sanford Crosby,
UAC Public Relations.
Now follow me, please.
How many people
you got up there?
UAC employs 85 permanent
research staff on Olduvai.
Welcome to the Ark, gentlemen.
molecular mapping drive.
molecular mapping drive.
All personnel,
prepare for activation.
Keep your distance
from the core
or you might get sucked in.
You, uh, you done this before?
Once. Training mission.
Hope you had a good dinner,
Inter-planet coordinate
lock engaged.
All telemetry verified
and transmissions
are five-by-five.
Soon as we get through,
I need you to shut down
the surface elevator here.
Make sure that we get
the standard quarantine
of six hours.
Target receiver initialized.
Ready to proceed.
Ark travel,
15 seconds and counting.
Five, four...
three, two...
Why we gotta come
all this way?
Why can't UAC rent-a-cops
take care of this bullshit?
Is it always that rough?
Believe me,
it used to be a lot rougher.
There was a time when
Ark travel was susceptible
to, let's say...
major turbulence.
What's he mean?
He means he went
to one galaxy,
his ass went to another.
Call it
a scientific miscalculation.
Unbelievable as it may seem,
UAC does make
the odd tiny mistake.
Marcus Pinzerowsky.
You call me Pinky. Follow me.
Where are the personnel who
aren't locked down in the lab?
In the atrium.
Pinky, put us up.
Activating remote personnel
Circle out men, on my three.
One, two, three.
Killcams up and running.
People, this room
is a code red, which means...
no one gets in
without our permission.
It stays ours at all costs.
Mac, stay here with our friend
and secure the door.
Men, on me. Let's move out.
Open the doors.
Who called in the military?
Where the fuck are we?
Couple million light years
from breakfast.
When can I start
evacuating people out
through the Ark?
We're at a Level 5 quarantine,
nobody goes anywhere.
Ladies, we're under
a Level 5 quarantine...
so I'm just gonna have to
strip search you girls.
I don't think so.
Hold that thought.
We're under
a Level 5 quarantine,
so I'm just gonna have...
to strip...
this is Dr. Samantha Grimm,
the UAC science officer...
assigned to retrieve data
from the lab.
Dr. Grimm.
Hello, John.
Hello, Samantha.
Hello, Samantha!
this operation is a code red.
We really don't have room
for passengers.
Excuse me, but I have orders
to retrieve data
from three servers:
Forensic Archeology,
and Genetics.
This is a military operation,
We're really not here
to retrieve
your science homework.
Look, I got an idea.
Why don't you ask your CO
what your orders are?
To contain
and neutralize the threat,
protect the civilians...
and retrieve...
retrieve UAC property.
We finally done here?
Because I've got a job to do.
If you'll follow me?
You chose this, Reaper.
Is this gonna spoil my day?
No, sir.
Tell me you didn't let
a fine-looking piece of ass...
like that get away from you,
She's my sister.
No shit?
Don't do this again, man.
Do what?
There's three sections
to Carmack's lab complex.
Archeology, Genetics,
and Weapons Research.
You test weapons up here?
Well, it's a dead planet.
You want that stuff
tested here, where it's safe,
or in your own backyard?
We're primarily
an archeological operation.
Weapons Research is in
its own separate facility.
It has nothing to do
with Dr. Carmack's work.
How many inside
when the lab shut down?
Only Dr. Carmack's team.
That's six people.
In one of the carbon dating
labs, there was
an internal phone...
left off the hook.
Did you get any information
from it?
Open the door.
Portman, Goat, lead on.
Magnesium, chromium, lead.
It's all normal.
All clear.
Pinky, give us a schematic.
Uploading to you now.
Carmack's lab is isolated
from the rest of the facility.
The airlock is the only way
in or out.
Goat, Portman: Genetics.
Kid, Destroyer:
Carmack's office,
where he sent the mayday from.
Reaper, keep Dr. Grimm here
safe on her salvage op.
Duke and I'll take
the weapons lab, make sure
all the hardware's secure.
Be safe, gentlemen.
Portman, Goat, on you.
It's on.
Clear left.
Clear right.
$5 says this shit ain't
nothing but a disgruntled
employee with a gun.
Fluorescent markings
as rooms are cleared. Go.
They're on the move.
You don't look like a "Mac."
Katsuhiko Kumanosuke Takaashi.
So, Mac.
What the fuck!
Pinky, you getting this?
Very cool.
Where the hell is everybody?
Lock in.
It's clear.
How much time you gonna need?
Thirty minutes, tops.
Goat, Portman.
There's another room
to the north.
Past Genetics.
Copy that.
What the hell is that?
You never did time, Portman?
This is a holding cell.
What makes you think that?
Touch it.
'Cause the walls
are electrified.
You asshole!
Jeez. They leave shit
like this lying around?
I'd hate to see
what they lock up.
Hey, Sarge, what's the deal
with the sister?
Reaper's parents
led the first team
of archeologists to Olduvai.
They died in some accident
when he was a kid.
She followed in their
footsteps, and he didn't.
No, what I meant was,
is she single?
Please provide
DNA verification.
Access denied.
All units report contact.
God damn it,
all units report contact.
It was moving.
Friendly fire, Sarge.
Wasting ghosts.
Roger that. Funny, Duke.
So, "Reaper"? As in "Grim"?
They're Marines, Sam,
not poets.
Holy shit!
Oh, yeah, meet Lucy.
Lucy, this is my brother,
another creature
from the long lost past.
You found human remains?
Lucy and her child
were our first major find.
We're bringing out more
every day.
You re-opened the dig?
I know I should have told you.
I didn't figure it was
the sort of thing...
I could jot down on
a yearly birthday card.
It's been stabilized.
You wanna talk about safe?
Like you took a desk job?
I'm a forensic archeologist,
John. I'll go where
the work is.
Is that the only reason
you're up here?
You wanna know
why I'm up here?
I'll show you. Come here.
This is Lucy's chromosome
profile. Notice anything?
My molecular genetics
is a little rusty.
What's the first thing
Dad taught us to look for?
She's got 24 pairs
of chromosomes.
Humans only have 23.
But what does
the extra pair do?
Makes her superhuman.
The extra pair makes
her super strong...
super fit, super intelligent.
Her cells divide
meaning she heals
almost instantly.
The fossil record
indicates these people
had conquered disease.
We found no genetic disorders,
no viruses, no cancers.
So what, they were just
naturally superior?
No. Not naturally.
See, the earliest remains
we found only had 23.
We suspect this extra
chromosome may be synthetic.
That's a long word
for a Marine.
Does it ever bother you...
you could've spent your life
looking in a microscope...
instead of a sniper scope?
If they were so smart,
how come they're so dead?
We don't know.
Maybe they just went
with time.
You don't shield a baby
from time.
We got movement up ahead.
You stay here, okay?
Lock the door.
Fucking door has
been ripped open.
There's something
in Carmack's office.
Moving east through
Carmack's office! Fast!
Confirmed contact. Moving
fast, over south corridor.
Hold your fire!
If you have a weapon, drop it.
Don't move.
Sam, I told you to stay...
But he knows me, John.
Dr. Carmack, it's me.
Where are the others?
Where are they?
Steve, Hillary...
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Jesus Christ!
Oh, damn.
Get a med kit.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Duke, get him to the infirmary
with Dr. Grimm.
Portman, Kid, go to
the airlock and dig in.
Anything trying to get away
from us will get driven
straight to you.
Now let's see
if we can find the body
that goes with that arm.
It's messed up, huh?
Guy like Carmack...
who's trained to put logic
before emotion...
he's so freaked, huh...
he tears off his own ear?
I tell you, man.
It's shit like that
that gets under your skin.
Do you...
Do you have any?
Do I have any?
You know.
I'm just a little shook up.
I need something
to get my focus, man.
My game face.
God damn it!
I took His name in vain.
There is a God.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I think we found
the rest of that arm.
No, no.
No, no, I don't do nanowalls.
Yes, you do.
You got him? Wait here.
Two, three.
You okay?
Did they find the others?
Not yet.
My husband is with them.
I'm sure Steve's fine.
Dr. Carmack, I'm going to
take your blood pressure.
It's okay, it's okay.
I can feel it.
What happened in there?
Shut it, shut it down.
Shut it down.
S-Shut it down.
It's inside.
We heard something
in Genetics.
We're re-entering.
That's affirmative, Reaper.
Looks like
we missed the party.
We were just here.
What happened
to all the animals?
Sir, RRTS. We're here to help.
Sir, are you okay?
No, no, no. Sir, put it down.
Contact report.
Damn it.
We found another
one of the scientists.
Some weird shit
going on here, Sarge.
Can you ID him?
We got a Dr. Olsen.
He rushed us. Crazy.
Just like Carmack.
Is he dead?
Yeah, very.
Should we bag him and tag him?
Continue your search.
What was that?
A monkey.
Some kind of monkey.
Oh, my God.
There's something
in his blood.
What's happening to him?
Move, move, move.
I got him.
Go, go, go.
Reaper, what have you got?
We're chasing something.
What do you mean, something?
Something big, not human.
God damn it!
Give me a confirmation
on what you're seeing.
It's in the sewer.
All units, all units.
Southeast corridor
near the med lab.
And I thought
"being in the shit"
was a figure of speech.
Get in the goddamn hole,
I can handle things here.
You should go.
I want to stay.
Steve is gonna be okay.
The guys looking for him
are the best.
Go on, go on.
Be with your daughter.
Thank you.
What's going on?
"No blood match."
Can't be good, right?
This is crazy.
Oh, my God!
Tunnel ahead
is the main junction.
It leads back
under the lab complex.
Destroyer, cover the exit.
We got a Dr. Willits.
Steve Willits.
Move out.
"Be sober, be vigilant...
"because your adversary,
the devil...
"walketh about seeking
whom he may devour."
That's real comforting, Goat.
That ain't
freaking me out at all.
What the fuck?
Go, go.
Wait! Somebody's down there.
Come on.
Grab an arm.
Goddamn son of a bitch
is heavy!
Hang on.
Quick, he's slipping back.
He's slipping.
what the hell happened?
I fell in the damn hole.
Everybody, on me.
Watch your goddamn footing.
Goat, straight ahead.
Portman, you're with me.
John, take the Kid
and go to the right.
You lost your folks, right?
Shut up.
Small world. I mean,
I lost my parents, too.
Yeah, I mean,
I woke up one morning...
and everything was gone.
I mean, the only thing left
was me.
They wanted the TV
more than they wanted me.
Every time
you open your mouth...
you give away our position.
Wait a minute.
Your pupils are dilated.
Are you high?
No, I got this condition...
I don't give a damn.
You take one more shot
of that shit...
and I'll blow holes in you.
Are we clear?
Get down.
I'm sorry, look,
I just needed a little...
Get down!
Goat, I think there's
something coming up on you.
This isn't happening.
My light is down.
I don't see anything.
Don't move. I'm on my way.
Can you see anything?
No. Nothing.
Dr. Willits?
Goat, what's your position?
Goat, where are you?
Goat, speak to me.
God damn it, Reaper,
report to me.
You're dead.
Report contact.
Man down.
Man down!
Everyone, get to the Ark now!
Hunegs, report to
the quarantine zone.
Evacuate the entire facility.
Get everyone to the Ark now.
What's going on?
Get to the goddamn Ark.
Let's go. Come on.
We have an emergency. Come on.
Everybody to the Ark.
What happened?
He was talking about devils.
All his Bible shit.
Angels. Good and evil.
Devils among us.
Let's get this vest off him.
Now he's clear.
Come on.
Got a weak pulse.
get me a line in here.
Come on, man.
Kid, keep pressure
on that wound.
How's the pulse?
I'm losing him.
Sam, give me
a shot of adrenaline.
We lost the pulse.
Okay, let's defib.
Come on, man.
Where the hell's Carmack?
He disappeared.
What do you mean,
he disappeared?
He's gone. He disappeared.
I've lost the pulse.
Gonna defib. Clear!
Come on.
Come on.
No response.
We're losing him.
Sam, give me that adrenaline.
Come on,
you son of a bitch.
Okay, going again.
He's gone.
you are going to tell me...
just what the fuck
is going on up here.
Come here.
Come here!
This is "what."
Have you
found anything like this...
on your archeological digs?
Is there any way this thing
came from the outside...
from the surface?
The planet is completely dead.
It came from somewhere, lady.
Portman, shut up!
The atmosphere on the surface
can't support life.
Maybe it doesn't need air.
It could have come from
another planet or something.
What? Like an alien?
Look at that thing!
You need to shut the fuck up!
That's not what we saw.
That isn't what Goat and I
shot at in Genetics.
You telling me there's more
of these fucking things?
Where are
your surface entry points?
There's a pressure door at
the end of the north corridor.
Destroyer, Kid, Portman,
get there on the double.
Give me an update.
Yes, sir.
Whatever this thing is...
it cannot get back
through the Ark.
Mac, I want you to arm Pinky
with a weapon...
with some ST grenades,
and seal the Ark door.
There's one other door.
The entrance
to the archeological dig.
Ark portal activation
in progress.
Don't let anything
through the Ark.
Hey, wait. Wait a minute.
You can't leave me here.
I'm not a soldier.
Why don't you go
fuck yourself?
It's bullshit.
You're supposed to protect me.
Ark secure.
Remaining personnel,
ready for evacuation.
Hold this open.
Don't be a wuss.
Little tension
between you and Reaper?
We just went
our separate ways.
Why does a talented student
throw it all away
and join the RRTS?
So, what was
he like before?
Who, John?
Empathetic, sensitive.
It's kind of hard for me to
imagine Reaper as sensitive.
I knew Reaper before all the
"drop down and give me 50,
woo-ha" stuff.
Well, it's hua...
Do you have a family?
I have Destroyer.
You know, we grew up together.
You know, Duke, I bet
secretly you have a big heart.
Oh, yeah?
And that's not the only
secret big thing I got.
Little rusty, huh?
Oh, lady,
you have no idea.
Right now, having sex
with me is practically
your civic duty.
I need a power bone saw.
A power bone saw?
Girl, I've been waiting
on you my whole life.
There's one
in the procedure room.
Down the corridor,
on the left,
through the nanowall.
Through the nanowall?
All right,
I got it. It's cool.
For you I got it,
'cause you're pretty.
I wouldn't do it for a dude,
you know.
Off you go.
We're going back in
through the airlock.
We're not calling in backup?
The Ark is sealed.
Nothing gets back...
until everything
on this planet is dead.
We're going in hot.
You're serious.
Pick up your weapon, Portman.
Come on, Portman, move out.
Didn't y'all see
how that thing greased Goat?
We don't know what
we're dealing with here.
It's SOP to call in
when a situation...
We are...
the reinforcements.
Now, you shoulder...
your fucking weapon, soldier.
All UAC personnel
evacuated to Earth.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's just a power shortage.
You okay?
Here's your bone saw.
So, which of you
is the oldest?
Oh, me. By two minutes.
Twins? Shit.
Identical, right?
Sam, get back in the lab.
Close it!
And that's why
I don't do nanowalls.
Pinky, we're entering
the archeological dig.
Secure the exit.
I'm coming.
I'm hungry. Let's eat.
Come on. Come on.
Careful now.
Not too close, John.
Go, go, go.
Slow down.
Go around. Go around again.
No! Mommy!
Is this where it happened?
Did you find the door?
Look at them.
They weren't trying to stop
something from getting in.
Something stopped them
from getting out.
Mac, stand by.
Destroyer, report.
We've reached
the north airlock.
It's secure.
Console indicates nothing's
come in or out for 26 hours.
Mac, Mac, you copy?
Talk to me. Talk to me, Mac.
Jesus Christ.
We're in pursuit.
Moving fast out of the dig.
It's getting away.
Pinky, what do you see?
It's big. Very big.
Moving fast,
back towards the lab complex.
It's back in the lab.
Damn, it's fast.
All around defense, men.
Did you get it?
Yes, Sarge?
Anything gets through
that door...
use an ST grenade.
It cannot get back to Earth.
He pops an ST in there,
he's gonna blow the Ark.
Reaper, Kid, pairs,
cover formation.
Sweep the corridors. Go.
Destroyer, you and Portman
stay here. Shut the airlock.
Maintain a perimeter.
He blows the Ark,
how the hell...
are we supposed to
get the fuck home?
shut the fucking door.
Where you going?
I'm going to the armory.
I think we're gonna
need something...
with a little bit more kick.
You see
anything like it before?
Dogs got kidneys, right?
Pigs got kidneys.
It's had its appendix removed.
It's human.
What the fuck?
Goat knew he was turning.
This thing
didn't butcher Willits.
It is Willits.
This is bullshit, man.
I enlisted
to serve my country...
not get greased protecting
some corporation's...
goddamn science project.
I gotta take a dump.
What? Now?
Unless you want me shitting
my pants right here.
Please provide DNA
Welcome, Patricia Tallman.
Access granted.
Big fucking gun.
Oh, shit.
Portman, I got floor and wall
on your gun cam.
I'm taking a shit,
you fucking gimp.
Fuck you, Portman,
you piece of shit.
Lost Portman on comm...
and all I've got on Destroyer
is a wall.
Portman, come in.
Come in.
This is Corporal
Dean Portman...
with RRTS 6 Special Ops
on Olduvai, 0310 hours.
We have encountered
hostile activity.
I repeat, require immediate
RRTS reinforcements.
Destroyer, Portman,
where the hell are you?
Oh, God! Jesus!
Pinky, you got Portman?
Holy shit.
He's gone.
And Portman.
What the fuck happened, man?
I got him, I got him.
Destroyer, I got you, man.
What's up, man?
What the hell is this?
And whose goddamn blood
is on that window?
He killed himself.
What do you mean,
he killed himself?
He was already dead.
It's true.
It's Goat.
He was changing into
one of these motherfuckers
and he killed himself.
We found two more scientists
at the dig.
Thurman and a balding guy
with glasses.
Dr. Clay.
Did you check their necks?
Were there open wounds
on their necks?
We were conducting
a firefight, not an autopsy.
We came up here to find
six scientists.
Four are known dead...
and Dr. Willits is
probably KIA somewhere
down in that sewer.
The only one missing
is Dr. Carmack.
Has Dr. Carmack showed up yet?
Oh, he's shown up all right.
Look at the left ear.
Son of a bitch.
I think this other one
is Steve Willits.
I'm going to run the DNA,
check it against his
med records.
What are you people
working on up here?
We're analyzing bones,
We're not doing
anything like this.
Then what the fuck is that?
It must be a genetic mutation,
something environmental
or viral.
I don't know.
It may even be reversible.
It's irreversible.
Not necessarily.
Dr. Carmack's condition...
is irreversible...
Because Carmack's condition
is that...
he's dead.
Kid, you and Duke...
get back to the dig
and you make sure
those other dead scientists...
are really dead.
I've lost...
four soldiers.
What are you people
experimenting with up here?
I'm not gonna ask you again.
I told you,
it's an archeological
research center.
Do you think I'm lying to you?
Is that what you're saying?
You think
I'm hiding something?
I'm telling the truth.
What were you downloading?
What were you sent to protect?
The research data.
Research into what?
Subject was injected
with study agent at 00:03.
Vitals normal, elevated
heart rate attributable
to subject anxiety.
C- 24 successfully grafted to
subject's marker cells
at 00:09.
He reconstructed chromosome
mutation on a human subject.
We were never gonna do
human studies.
What the hell
are we looking at?
Genesis, Chapter 1.
Subject moved to protected
observation area at 00:17.
Subject: Curtis Stahl.
Crime: Multiple murder.
Condemned to execution.
Chromosome 24.
Oh, my God.
49 minutes after injection,
genetic mutations...
began to visually manifest on
subject's extremities.
This is what you're
here to protect.
It doesn't make any sense.
You trusted them.
They lied to you.
They used you, Sam.
If he perfected xenogenesis...
Christ, don't you get it?
It's this place. It's hell.
It always was.
This shit ends here.
What are you doing?
We need to destroy
these discs.
That's UAC property.
Fuck UAC, we take this back,
they'll just...
We take the data back.
Sarge, do you not see
what's going on here?
I didn't see shit.
And I ain't paid to see shit.
I have my orders.
And so do you.
Is this everything?
I said, is this everything?
I, uh, have three
more to download.
Then do it.
We got a problem.
One dead scientist is missing.
You just wanna leave her here?
She's got a job to do.
Look, this is Portman's comm.
You call if you need help,
You gonna be all right?
I'll be fine.
Okay. I'll see you soon.
Pinky, are you there? Pinky.
Sarge? Something is cutting
through the Ark door.
You have a visual?
Oh, I got a visual all right.
Don't let it get to the Ark!
Pinky, use the grenade!
Use the goddamn grenade!
Three, two.
Throw it!
Pinky's gone. That fucker ran.
It got through.
What the hell is that?
System reboot.
Time required to begin
renewed operation:
Five minutes.
Quarantine cordon is breached.
This mission is
no longer containment.
Get all the weapons and ammo
you can. We're going through.
Sam, come in. Over.
Sam, do you read me? Over.
Come in!
She's not answering.
Time required to begin
renewed operation...
four minutes and 45 seconds.
You got three.
Sam! Come in, Sam!
Sam, why didn't you answer
your comm? We gotta go now!
Why did they take Goat
and not Destroyer?
Why Carmack
and not Dr. Thurman?
Lucy had
the 24th chromosome...
but she wasn't a monster.
She died protecting her child,
not devouring it.
Why did the same chromosome
that made her superhuman...
turn Stahl into a monster?
Let's go.
Just give me a minute.
We don't have a minute.
Then give me 10 seconds.
This is its tongue.
This is brain matter
from Portman.
This is from Destroyer.
It's choosing, John.
It's choosing who to infect.
It's choosing?
How is it choosing?
There are genetic markers
for psychotic
and violent behavior.
It could be a specific
it's picking up on,
a ganglion.
Latching onto numbers
in the DNA code linked to...
Linked to what? Evil?
Ten percent of the human
genome is still unmapped.
Some say it's the genetic
blueprint for the soul.
Maybe C-24 is what destroyed
the population.
It would explain
why some of them
had to build the Ark...
to escape to a new beginning.
Some it made superhuman.
Others, monsters.
Oh, my God.
We gotta get out of here now.
Come on, let's go, come on.
The people quarantined on
the other side of the Ark...
they won't all be infected!
What's going on?
Sarge is going to
kill them all. Come on.
We uphold quarantine.
Nothing gets to the elevator
back on Earth.
We can't let them
get to the surface.
If it breathes, kill it.
four, three...
two, one.
Ark travel complete.
This is
Corporal Dean Portman...
with RRTS 6 Special Ops
on Olduvai, 0310 hours.
We have encountered
hostile activity.
Require immediate
RRTS reinforcements.
Yeah, no shit.
We got 58 minutes before
the auto lockdown is lifted.
Reset it
for another six hours.
I can't. It's been disabled.
Same as the topside comm link.
They're disabling
computers now?
they're rocket scientists,
Ark travel complete.
Oh, my God.
what's your position?
Sarge, come in.
Do you copy?
Come in, Sarge.
Do you read me? Over.
Sarge, come in,
do you copy?
Loud and clear.
Look, do not kill everybody.
I repeat,
do not kill everybody.
Help me.
They're not all infected.
Help me, help me, please.
Do you copy?
Copy that.
Help me.
Clear the rest of this sector
and meet back
at the Ark chamber.
Jesus Christ,
what the hell are...
Who the hell's in there?
Well, don't just stand there,
you dumb son of a bitch.
Help me up.
It's okay.
help us.
You don't have to
kill all of them.
I don't think everyone
is infected, or even capable
of being infected.
We have orders
to contain this threat
by any means necessary.
So let's evacuate
the uninfected...
and blow this place to hell.
And we have orders
to protect this facility.
We don't have orders
to kill innocent people.
We have to stop anything
from getting to the surface...
by any means...
Found this little chicken shit
hiding under a pile
of dead bodies.
Am I glad to see you guys.
That thing
cut right through the door.
I tried to use the grenade
but it came at me too fast.
Followed me through the Ark
and started to kill everybody.
It was horrible.
There's no wound on his neck.
He's clean.
I say who's clean...
and who's not.
I mean, it wasn't my fault.
Hey, I'm not a soldier.
You shouldn't have left me...
There's a storeroom
to the south.
It's got, like, 20 people
holed up inside of it.
We gotta do something.
Your orders were
to clear that sector.
Is it cleared?
No, I told them to stay put.
They're okay.
They're just scared shitless.
We kill them all.
Let God sort them out.
This is wrong.
I think...
Son, you don't think.
That's an order.
We're in the field, soldier.
if nothing's found them...
You will obey
the direct order...
of your commanding officer.
Go to hell.
Holy shit.
Mutinous insurrection
is punishable...
by death.
It was his first mission!
And it's not gonna be
my last.
I need soldiers.
I don't need anybody else
but soldiers.
Drop the weapons.
I mean it.
I have no intention
of being killed by a madman.
Drop the weapons.
Ah, there's something
behind me, isn't there?
On me.
Get Sam.
Wait here.
Withdraw behind the nanowall.
I can't see. I can't see.
Fuck! The wall's not closing!
I'm not supposed to die.
Let's go.
Come on.
How long
before they get through?
Not long.
You've been hit.
Oh, John.
Listen to me, Sam.
You're cold. Shivering.
It's important.
This is an ST grenade.
When they come through...
you pop the top
and hit the button.
John, stay with me.
Stay awake.
John, stay with me, please.
What's that?
It's C-24.
It's from Carmack's lab.
It could save you.
No way, forget it.
You're bleeding to death.
No way, Sam.
I've done some bad things.
I know you.
You don't know me.
You don't know.
You're my brother.
I know you.
If I should turn into
one of those demons.
One through the heart,
one through the head...
don't you hesitate. Okay?
I won't need to.
I know you.
You're my brother.
You're alive.
Shh. Don't talk.
Last man standing, Reaper.
I think she needs
medical attention.
Can you get to the elevator?
I'm not sure.
Where are the survivors
Kid found?
I took care of that problem.
Quarantine's almost over.
Power should be back on
any minute.
You killed the Kid.
We're all killers, Reaper.
It's what they pay us for.
Quarantine complete.
Elevators back on line.
It's finished.
What do you say we go outside
and get some fresh air?
Are you gonna shoot me?
Yeah, I was thinking about it.
What you got left?
Half a clip. You?
I've got one round.
Semper fi, motherfucker.
Faithful to the Corps, John.
Ark portal activation
in progress.
four, three...
two, one.
Like the Kid said:
"Go to hell."
Almost home.