Doom: Annihilation (2019) Movie Script

Security clearance, level four.
Stand clear of the doors.
Security doors activated.
Factor four increasing.
Auto vacuum disengaged.
Dr. Betruger.
Ah. Thank you.
All right.
Auto set camera engaged.
Have they explained
how it's going to work?
Are you nervous?
Don't worry, it's perfectly
natural to be.
No, I'm honored
to have been chosen, sir.
Well, I'm very much
looking forward to meeting you
face to face, young man.
Freehold parameters increased.
Slot interrupt.
Phobos is set.
Nevada is set.
Activate the gates.
Gates activated.
Now, Dr. Barnes.
Nevada, Dr. Barnes
has made it to Phobos.
- Doctor, we did it.
- Yes.
We did it.
Red seal warning.
Red seal warning.
Energy source unknown.
Unknown thermal heat pad.
I want you to have this.
Something to remember me by.
Have faith that in your darkest moment
you won't be alone.
I'll be there,
watching over you,
my beautiful girl.
Believe in yourself, Joan.
Welcome back, Lieutenant Dark.
My name is Daisy, and I'm here
to assist you in any way possible.
While you reacclimate,
you may want to have a seat.
It may take a moment for your eyes
to adjust to the light.
While you have been given fluids,
I strongly recommend
drinking 200 ounces of water
in the next six to eight hours.
Are we almost there yet?
Yes, we'll arrive at Phobos
in approximately three hours.
Good morning, happy campers.
No, I am not another
AI greeting you.
No, I wouldn't dream
of taking Daisy's job from her.
Nope, I am your pilot,
welcoming you back to consciousness.
Oh, and before you ask,
I totally went through all your stuff
during the four-month slumber.
Well, some of you
might feel queasy
after your crypto-sleep, so...
Hey, don't worry.
That's perfectly natural.
Shower engaged.
Oh! Before I forget,
we've been having
some plumbing issues
over the past few weeks.
It's been acting real spotty,
so, uh, I'd suggest you wait
until we get to your final destination
before actually
having a shower.
Malfunction. Malfunction.
You've gotta be
kidding me.
Fuckers, die.
Where the fuck did you go?
Tarek, I'm telling you,
that's why he said it.
To throw us off.
It was a joke, Li.
That's what
he wants us to think!
Hey, you honestly believe
he went through our stuff?
Guy's a perv. Like you, Harry.
So, yes, I do.
Oh, shit!
Carley, that deep sleep
learning program,
does that shit
really work?
You know, I had to actually
learn my foreign languages.
Yeah, eight dead
languages no one's ever heard of.
There's no chance
you just forgot them?
No. I never go anywhere
without them.
They're my lucky pair.
You got a lucky pair
of undies?
What makes them lucky?
Oh, Winslow, wouldn't you love
to find out?
He better not have touched
any of my shit.
Akua, you think the same guy
that stole Li's underwear
would take
something of yours?
And I'm saying,
he better not have.
By the way, guys,
who's gonna tell Carley
that the cryo-sleep
turned her hair blue?
Oh, shit.
What you gonna do?
Is this shit edible?
You know, I think it's time
for that briefing.
- Yep.
- Yeah, I think so. Yeah.
Hey, Li,
where do you keep those undies?
Come on,
move your ass.
Seems like a good group.
They can be.
- You look good, Joan.
- Thanks.
You're a lieutenant now.
That's, that's impressive.
And you went into science.
I've always
been in science.
Sorry, I forgot.
What, we dated for what?
Six weeks, ten years ago?
It was more like
four months.
Have you been
to Phobos before?
No, no, my first time
off Earth, actually.
This is sort of
a promotion for me.
How about you?
Something like that.
Well, in the
scientific community,
being assigned to Phobos
is like winning
the lottery.
It's the very best draw
you can get.
Funny, Phobos is considered
the very worst draw a UAC Marine can get.
During Dr. Barnes'
follow up exam,
we discovered antidepressants
in his system.
No doubt this contributed
to his current condition.
Regarding the procedure,
there were some
unexpected power surges,
a few blackouts
on the upper levels,
some damage.
We'll install additional
backup power supplies
to reinforce the gate
for the next test.
I recommend you do the same.
Of course, Doctor,
but UAC Board
won't approve proceeding
until this incident has been
investigated thoroughly.
You let me worry
about the board.
Excuse me?
I have great latitude
with the information
I choose to share with them.
I believe that this incident
unfairly judges the result.
Despite it all, we teleported
a human from Earth to Phobos.
Who is displaying signs
of extreme mental disorder
less than a sol later.
That was
because of the drugs.
And the physical changes?
We always knew
there were going to be
some cell
reconfiguration issues.
We deconstructed a human
and reassembled them.
I'm not gonna stop
just because the subject's
fingernails grew.
We'll make corrections.
Dr. Betruger,
what if the trip wasn't as instantaneous
as it first appeared?
We are violating
the laws of physics.
I'm fully aware
of what we're doing.
Ahmed, we're running
out of time.
If we don't show progress,
they'll shut us down.
There's too much at stake.
I'm not going to allow bureaucrats
that don't understand
the science that
keeps them alive today
determine the science
that will keep them
alive tomorrow.
I could not,
in good conscience,
select another to go
through the gates.
You won't have to.
I'll go myself.
Phobos runs
on Martian time.
A Martian day is called a sol.
A sol is 24 hours
and 39 minutes long.
Phobos is the innermost
and larger of the two Martian moons,
and the research facility
is located
a click north
of the Stickney crater.
Yes, sir. Is all this
information gonna be on the test?
Shut up, Rance.
Oh, it's fine, Doc.
Join us.
You all know
Dr. Bennett Stone?
If not, now you do.
He's hitching a ride with us.
Now, the facility is built
into the moon,
and is divided
into three levels.
Main level includes
the cargo bay,
various offices,
living quarters,
administrative offices
and amenities.
Level two, service
and maintenance.
It's also where they store
the computer servers.
And finally, level three
contains the laboratories
and reactor.
What kind of a reactor?
Fusion reactor.
Yeah, but it's safe.
Because nothing bad
ever happened
with nuclear power.
Well, the moon poses
more risk than the reactor.
What do you mean?
Well, Phobos is one of the most
unstable environments in the solar system.
That's why they call it
"the Doomed Moon."
Thank you, Dr. Stone,
for properly scaring the shit out of us all.
Okay, moving on
to base personnel.
There are currently
90 in total.
Mostly scientists,
but also
there's maintenance,
custodial and kitchen staff.
There's even a chaplain,
if you're feeling the need to repent.
Our primary responsibility...
I knew he'd
get there eventually. providing
base security.
So, what's the danger?
Pardon me, Tarek?
Well, we're security.
So what's to secure?
Well, UAC's intellectual
property being developed here
is worth billions
on the black market.
There've been numerous
reported instances of smuggling...
Why did we all
get sent here?
There's only one of us
that fucked up.
But, what,
we all get fucked?
I'm right here. If you're
gonna talk about me,
have the balls
to address me directly.
You fucked up, Lieutenant.
And now we're all stuck here
on a three-year tour
to the fucking Doomed Moon!
All right, knock it off!
Now, we succeed
and fail as a unit.
And if you think I can't find
a worse place in the solar system
to park your ass
for a few years, try me.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, sir.
Okay, you have
a little over an hour before we land.
Take that time to pack your personals,
ready for departure.
Come on, move your ass.
We'll get
to the Martians
and, uh, get a few beers
into us, I reckon.
I guess four months
of hibernation
didn't help ease tensions.
Did you expect
it would?
Captain, I begged
the review board to punish only me.
I can't believe
they didn't take the advice
from the person they were disciplining
for insubordination.
in order to fight the enemy,
you gotta stop
fighting yourself, Joan.
Go on.
Are you new?
Yes, Doctor. I'm Veronica.
Hey, I'm the one
that should be nervous, not you.
You're doing fine.
Veronica Cyr.
Lovely last name.
Right, you're all set.
Thank you, Veronica.
Thank you.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I've a trip to make.
Dr. Peterson.
- Yes, Doctor.
- Dr. Kahn.
I'm ready to go.
Copy that, Doctor.
Everyone take your
positions, please.
- Right away, Doctor.
- Yes.
The thing about crypto-sleep is
you don't dream.
Like, you just closed your eyes
for a moment.
So it feels like I just left you,
and that feeling sucks.
I should never
have got on this ship.
You were right,
I should've given notice.
So it's what I'm gonna do
after we land.
I'm gonna get the unit set up
and then I'm gonna resign.
They'll be pissed,
but time for this old marine to retire.
I love you and Bernadette.
I wanna be with you,
I wanna come home.
I'm going to come home.
Warning. Power failure.
Backup systems engaging.
Is everyone okay?
Where's Dr. Betruger?
Oh, my God.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, okay?
Oh, fuck.
Welcome to Phobos.
Let's go.
First round of drinks
on me, guys.
- Akua, you're buying?
- That'll be a first.
It's good to see you, Joan.
Yeah, you too, Bennett.
See you around.
Yeah. See you around.
Hello, Phobos Tower,
this is Nola requesting entry, over.
Hello, Phobos Tower,
this is
Nola at the door
requesting entry, over.
Daisy, can you try?
One moment.
What's the problem?
Well, we're knocking
on the front door,
but nobody's home.
So I'm sending Daisy
around back.
And if they don't answer?
Well, then it's your
fucking problem.
I'm afraid I am unable to establish
communication with Phobos Tower.
Incoming priority message. Code one.
Nola, this is
UAC Martian Command.
Uh, we have an urgent
developing situation.
Please hold your position.
We got a problem. Come with me.
You too, Dr. Stone.
What's going on?
Phobos is not responding.
Their system's offline,
so there's no
AI or human to let us inside.
They're trying
a remote override now.
Well, if their system's offline,
they won't be able to,
- but there's another way in.
- How?
There's an emergency entrance
built into the landing pad.
You got
a camera underneath?
There you go.
I thought you've
never been here before.
I haven't. Just, when I found out
I was being transferred,
I read everything
there is to know about the base.
Including where
the emergency entrance is
in case you ever got
locked out on the surface?
I like to read.
Captain Savage,
this is Martian Command.
That's a negative
on establishing
a remote access.
Copy that.
Uh, we found another way in.
How should we proceed?
Copy that. Stand by
for mission briefing.
"Mission briefing."
That was quick.
- Is that good?
- No.
20 minutes ago,
the Phobos Research Facility
went offline and dark.
Our mission is to
enter the facility,
ascertain the situation,
get the base back online.
But why is it important
to get the base online?
Some of the experiments
are extremely high risk
and require
very precise monitoring.
Even the smallest change
can render
years of work
and progress meaningless.
Command received
a distress signal
moments before the base
went offline.
- Daisy, play it.
- Playing audio.
What the fuck is that?
Enough to suggest
it's more than just a blown fuse.
Any more questions?
- No.
- No, sir.
- We roll in 10 minutes.
- Okay.
- Yes, Captain.
- All right.
- Copy that.
- No beers then.
If we're not able to get
the base back online...
Hey, hey, don't worry.
We'll be ready to jump off this rock
faster than Daisy can do
the square root of three million.
The square root
of three million is
You guys know
what this is, right?
Ugh. Not this again.
- It's aliens.
- Aliens.
- Hey, Winslow?
- Yes, mate.
In all recorded
human history,
there's never, ever been any evidence of
extraterrestrial life.
Hey, just 'cause there hasn't been,
doesn't mean there won't.
And they are gonna rue the day
they fuck with me, Doc.
I'm their ultra-nightmare.
Can't believe you're bringing
that weak-ass shit.
You got your toy,
I got mine.
Daisy, deploy
the extension bridge.
Copy. Deploying
extension bridge.
Whoa. Hey.
What the fuck, Daisy?
All sys...
Systems normal.
Stay alert
and keep close.
Follow our instructions
and you'll be fine.
Okay. Okay.
In other words, do what we say
and don't get in our way.
Ready, locked. Pressurizing.
Okay, you're good to go
in three,
two, one.
Good luck, guys.
Opening airlock door.
Okay, we're clear.
- Next.
- Okay.
O2 levels are good.
- Gravity?
- Intact.
I thought the power was off.
Why do the other
controls work?
Well, they're linked to the same power
system as the emergency lights.
The doors should be accessible as well.
Excuse me.
- Structural integrity?
- Good.
- Toxicity?
- We're clean.
Prepare to move inside.
Something's wrong?
Reserve power's
at 2%.
That's bad?
That's an understatement.
You need to tell
the captain.
Activate heads up display.
We're entering
the base now, Morgan.
Yeah, copy that.
Ah, this way.
It's like a tomb.
- Okay, let's move out.
- Captain, hold up.
What is it?
The reserve power's
at just over 2%.
That gives us about
90 minutes.
It's supposed to have 72 hours
upon activation.
When was it activated?
About an hour ago.
Something extraordinary
had to happen
to drain the power
like that.
Something extraordinary
means something bad, right?
Getting the system
back online will be meaningless
unless we can restore
the power
What? How do you mean?
Well, the safeguards
put in place
to protect against
a core meltdown will fail.
We'd lose the base,
and almost certainly the moon.
Lose the fucking moon?
Who the fuck
designed this place?
So, what are our options?
Well, we need
to find the reactor
and see if power can be
If it can, then we've
got plenty of time
to get the system
back online.
If not, we need to evacuate.
You know how to fix it?
I don't know.
But I'll know
if it can be fixed.
Rance, Carley, Akua,
you'll go with Doc and me to the reactor.
Joan, take Tarek,
Winslow, Li and Harry.
Find the server,
be standing by when we signal.
- Sir.
- Hold up, Captain. I don't think
I should have to go with...
Hey! I swear, Winslow,
if you're about to say
what I think you're gonna say,
I'm gonna shoot you
in the face.
Now, Lieutenant Dark
is point,
and we will all respect
the chain of command.
Keep in constant communication,
relay anything you see.
Let's move out.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Bravo Team, Oscar Mike.
Breaking off
to find the server.
We're clear.
Which way
we going, Harry?
Servers are
straight ahead, Lieutenant.
you're all clear.
Oh, great.
Thought this was
a high-tech base?
Even high-tech needs
basic plumbing.
- Harry, where are we going?
- Uh...
The servers are this way.
Where the fuck
is everybody?
Got it? Okay.
Hold up!
Captain. Captain!
Hold up.
- Go, Joan.
- Found a body, he's one of ours.
Sergeant William Blazkovicz.
He's been decapitated.
What the fuck?
What the fuck are you guys
baking in these labs, Doc?
I don't know.
- Lieutenant.
- What is it?
These aren't just stains.
I think it's Sumerian.
What's that?
It's a language
from ancient Mesopotamia
that's been effectively extinct
since 2,000 B.C.
Do you know
what it says?
While I'm good,
I'm not that good.
- Daisy?
- Yes, Lieutenant Dark?
How... How can I help you?
Can you identify
and translate?
pattern detected.
87% share characteristics
with Sumerian.
"Have come to reclaim
what is ours.
"Through wrath
will come justice.
"Through pain, divinity.
No escape this time."
The rest of the data is corrupted
or incomplete and cannot be translated.
This is cult shit!
This is fucking mad scientist cult shit!
Winslow, shut up!
What are you thinking, sir?
I'm thinking about
Sergeant Blazkovicz's family.
Okay, move out.
Move out.
Hold up.
What is it?
We're going the wrong way.
You said it was this way.
Our navigation system
must be broken, sir.
Okay, we're no longer
in the crypto-sleep.
Can we all please
wake the fuck up?
- So, which way is it?
- It's back that way.
You hope.
This doesn't
make any sense.
I'm telling you,
it's supposed to be right here.
You ever get sick
of being wrong, Harry?
You're one to talk.
Have you ever been right, Winslow?
Daisy, can you re-ping
the server, please?
Okay, we've
got to be close.
Let's keep looking.
Move out!
Secure the perimeter.
You sure this is
the right way, Rance?
Yes, Captain.
Straight through the garden, dead ahead.
What the fuck, Harry?
We're not supposed
to break ranks.
I thought I saw something.
Damn it, Li.
Lieutenant, I found someone.
Copy. I'm coming.
This is the UAC Marines Special Ops.
Identify yourself.
I'm UAC Marines.
Put your hands behind your head now!
Show me your hands!
Oh, my God.
What the...
What the fuck is that?
Last warning.
On my go.
Three, two, one.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot.
I told you it's them.
I knew it! I knew
they would send someone!
- Jesus Christ!
- I knew it!
We're safe now.
You're gonna be just fine.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Holy shit!
Fuck. Fuck.
Tarek, what's going on?
Winslow. Winslow.
Winslow, come back.
Come back.
- Shit. Shit.
- Joan.
Tarek, answer me.
He can't, Captain.
He's gone.
- How?
- I don't know.
Something attacked him.
What "something"?
We took out one, too.
One what? What is it?
Let me check.
Are you fucking crazy?
Don't touch him. Fuck, Joan.
- Dr. John Carmack. Geneticist.
- What?
- He was a scientist here.
- That's a "he"?
Like, a fucking human?
That's what I'm trying
to tell you.
We have a situation.
What the fuck is that?
- Captain.
- Go, Joan.
Joan, you there?
Please repeat.
Captain. Lieutenant.
Fucking anybody.
- Ah, it's useless. No one's receiving.
- Keep trying.
We need to get out of here!
No, we don't.
We need to find the others.
Let's go.
All right.
Docs, take cover.
Marines, spread out.
Come on. Come on.
Stay with me.
Okay, come on.
Get down. Stay down.
What do we do?
What do we do?
Okay. We're gonna stay quiet
till these guys
get it all sorted.
It'll be fine.
Come on, you dog, die!
Take it. Take it!
Me, too!
Get down!
Fuck this,
I'm too young to die!
Come back!
Get back here!
I'm your ultra-nightmare,
Li, clear!
Fuck off!
Fuck off me!
- Go.
- Let's go. Let's go. Come on.
- I got you.
- Come on.
Come on!
Get up!
- Are you cut?
- I'm fine.
- Are they gone?
- Don't know.
Rance, fall back. Get everyone
the fuck out of here!
- Let's go.
- Get up!
Go with her, go with her!
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on. Come on!
Whoa! Serious, I'm not
playing anymore!
Get down!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah!
Nice shooting.
Yep. No, I, uh...
I deserved that.
Let's go.
Cap? Tarek?
Anybody read me?
Come here, come on,
come on, come on.
Come on, come on. Left.
Come on.
Come on.
We found these two
when we were attacked.
- You all right?
- I am.
We lost Akua.
We lost Tarek.
Harry and Li are missing.
Where's the captain?
He's right behind...
Oh, fuck.
- Fuck you.
- Captain!
Captain! No! No!
No! Captain! No! No! No!
What the fuck is going on?
No bullshit!
I don't know! I swear.
There's something
you are not telling us.
They found evidence
of alien life.
I fucking knew it!
What kind of evidence?
The kind
you wouldn't understand.
And that's not
to insult
your intelligence,
young lady.
It took me 30 years,
and clearly, I still have
much to learn.
Dr. Betruger!
You're alive!
Thank God! You're here.
It's all right.
Daisy, will you please
try again?
Happily. Happily.
Oh, babe, we've gotta
get you serviced soon.
Still... Still unable
to establish contact
with UAC Special Op Marines
or Martian Command.
Well, I can't just
sit here, Daisy. I...
Okay. All right,
we'll take it up to orbit,
see if we get
a better line on Mars.
Fuck! We should have
done this earlier, but...
Daisy, prepare to launch.
I'm sorry, Morgan,
but I can't let you leave.
What do you mean,
you can't let me leave?
Daisy, this is not the time
to start acting naughty.
No one's
allowed to leave.
Whoa. Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. Daisy?
Turn this console back on
and prepare to launch.
My name's not Daisy.
We were in the midst of an experiment
when everything
went dark.
I must've had
a blackout.
What was the nature
of your experiment, Doctor?
I'm not at liberty
to reveal that information.
One of our direct orders
is to find out what happened.
Four of my squad, along with dozens
of people who were working under you,
died as a result of whatever
it was you were doing.
So, Dr. Betruger,
you will reveal
whatever I damn well
ask you to reveal.
The past three decades,
the prime focus of the UAC
has been to locate a planet outside
of our solar system to colonize.
If the human race wants to live on,
it has to find a new home.
And while we found
several possible candidates,
getting to them
hasn't been feasible.
Now, this man
was telling the truth.
The evidence was several large
stone-like slabs
with an inscription
carved into them.
What kind of inscription?
It was a version
of Sumerian,
but with subtle,
yet distinct, differences.
We call them gates.
So what are they?
They make it possible to travel
from one point to another
without traversing
the physical space between them.
Teleporters. The aliens
left teleporters?
We've found two sets so far.
One here and one on Earth.
We didn't want to disturb
their environment,
so we just built the bases
around them.
And while these are
the only ones we've found,
our theory is that there are others
all across the universe.
Based on what?
The gates are approximately
seven-and-a-half thousand
years old,
and they're made from
a chemical compound
that we've yet to identify.
So if they're not from here...
They must come from
somewhere else.
Now, we've spent decades just trying
to figure outwhat we have,
and the amazing thing is,
is that the gates predate the pyramids,
and yet they won't work
unless they're hooked up
to technology
which we've
only just created.
So it's as if
they knew where we'd be
in our evolution
when we found them.
Who are "they", Doctor?
Now there's
the billion-dollar question.
So, what happened
You turned on these
gates and then...
Like I said,
I don't remember.
Well, it doesn't take
a fucking genius to figure it out.
You turned them on,
and those things from
who knows where
came flying in.
No, those things that attacked
us were once humans.
They worked here.
They were in their clothes.
I saw their ID badges,
but clearly something
came through and did this
to them, changed them.
Yeah, I saw
what came through.
I saw them, too.
And to make it clear,
they were demons.
Made of fire.
One of them took me.
Tried to possess me,
tried to turn me into
one of those things.
No, those slabs
ain't for travel.
They opened up
a portal to Hell
for those things
to come through.
Don't be ridiculous.
This was just a setback.
Did you just call
what happened today a setback?
My business
is saving humanity.
A handful of lives lost is
tragic, but, yes, a setback.
Battling demons isn't
in my job description.
We need to get
the fuck out of here.
Winslow, for the first time,
you and I are in absolute agreement.
We're heading back
to the ship.
Lieutenant, I'm afraid
that's not going to happen.
- Excuse me?
- We need to restore power to the base.
No, we don't.
I will not lose this base.
This is not your decision.
No, these gates are
the greatest discovery
in the history of mankind
and they will not
be sacrificed!
I will not allow it!
This is a military operation.
What you will or will not
allow is irrelevant.
We are five Marines
and four civilians
versus an unknown number
of an enemy
we cannot even begin
to comprehend.
Move out.
There's gonna be hell to pay
for this decision, Lieutenant.
There always is, Doc.
There always is.
Come on.
Yeah, we're clear.
Hold up.
- I'm fine.
- Wait!
- Are you religious, miss?
- What?
I was, once.
Then, what happened?
My mom died when
I was a little girl.
Cancer. I didn't see the point
in praying much after that.
I'm sorry.
She was the religious one.
She'd have bought everything
you're selling.
Faith costs nothing, miss.
- Lieutenant, you all right down there?
- Yeah.
We should go.
Yeah, go. Go.
- Clear.
- We're good. Yeah.
- Yep, go.
- Yes. All right.
Get the door. Yeah.
Yeah. Come in.
Clear, bud.
Let's go. Take it easy,
take it easy.
Hey, you good?
Yeah. Any chance I can get
something to drink?
Of course, we got
a full mess upstairs.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Okay, go ahead.
Still pressurized,
you're good to go.
Morgan, can you open
the door?
Morgan, do you copy?
Daisy, what about you?
My pleasure.
I'm unlocking airlock door. Standby.
Winslow, Rance, Carley,
hang back, keep watch.
Welcome back,
Lieutenant Dark.
Is everything okay?
What are you looking for?
Maybe I can be of assistance.
Thank you.
Veronica, can you
please show Dr. Betruger
to a stateroom below?
And once he's set,
take a look at the chaplain's injuries.
Yeah, of course.
Which way's the staterooms?
Straight back,
down the stairs.
Okay, come on. Okay.
My God, I knew they were doing
some groundbreaking things here,
but teleportation?
That's incredible.
Yeah, well your lovely doctor's a bit of
an egomaniac, isn't he?
- He kind of has a right to be.
- Why?
As well as working
on a way for human beings
to travel millions of
light years in mere seconds,
he may have discovered things
that have baffled scientists
for centuries.
Like what, Doc?
Well, one of mankind's earliest forms
of language was Sumerian.
What if they were the ones
who brought the language to us?
And with their
advanced technology,
what if they're responsible
for other mysteries, too?
Like how the pyramids
were built?
These things killed several of my friends
and tried to tear us apart.
You'll forgive me if I don't
rejoice in their discovery.
Daisy, where's Morgan?
Morgan is
on the flight deck.
Here you go.
This way.
I was a sergeant, too.
You, uh...
You were a Marine?
A lifetime ago.
Why the career change?
I thought I'd try and save souls
instead of take them.
That's not to say
I don't respect the uniform,
young man. I...
I do.
But it just began
to wear on me
to the point where I could
no longer breathe.
Let's, uh... Let's
get you that water.
Oh, shit.
Daisy, what happened here?
Inevitably, what will happen
to you as well.
There you go.
Daisy, alert the crew and...
What the fuck was that?
- Fuck!
- No!
Get out of the way!
Wait, no, no, don't shoot!
Did you see anything
go past here?
I was just on my way up
to check on the chaplain, and...
- Oh, my God!
- Okay.
Veronica. Veronica!
Wait, wait, wait.
Look at me, look at me.
Go back downstairs
and stay there.
Don't open the door
until I come for you.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- No!
- Take this. It's okay, it's okay.
- I can't.
- You got this. Okay?
Okay? Go.
Hello? Winslow!
Where the fuck are you?
You coward!
Come on! Oh, shoot.
Hey. Chaplain,
I'm here.
Stay with me.
He didn't take her, Joan.
She's still with you.
I can see her spirit
all around.
It's beautiful.
Let's get
this fucker!
Die, motherfucker!
Dr. Betruger, you said
you couldn't remember.
No. That's right.
I didn't want to say
in front of the others, but...
I saw you walk
into the gate.
You completely disappeared,
you went through.
You're sure?
Oh, good, you're not dead.
Come on.
I'm afraid this ship
isn't going anywhere.
Well, that's just
fucking great, Doc.
So, the ship won't fly,
and we can't send out a distress signal.
We're stuck here.
There is another way.
Well, the gates work.
We just need the reactor
to power them up,
and then we can
literally walk
from here to Earth
in less than a second.
Thanks, but no thanks,
Do you have a better plan,
We wait.
Mars knows we're here.
When we don't report back,
they'll send a rescue party.
We'll secure the ship, anything tries
to get in, we take out.
- Except...
- Except what, Doc?
Except the reserve power
is below 1%.
We got 30 minutes, tops.
A rescue party
will never reach us in time.
What do I need to know
about these gates, Doctor?
Joan! You're not
seriously considering this.
In case you've forgotten,
this whole base is infested
with those things
that can now
fucking fire at us!
We're Marines, we fire, too.
Those new things
we just fought
ain't former humans
like the ones before.
They're something else.
And if we turn
these gates on,
who the fuck knows
what else could come out next?
What, and if we don't,
we all die when the base melts down.
If we wait, we die.
If we do nothing, we die.
If we're gonna die,
I would rather
go down fighting.
Good. Well, once
the power's restored,
it will only take a few minutes
to go through its procedures,
and it will meet
all the safety checks.
Time's wasting.
Check your ammo, reload and take extra.
Prepare to move out in five.
Hey. Even if I'm able
to get that reactor started,
under no circumstances should we attempt
to go through those gates.
Forget about
what's the other side.
The last time
they were used,
they almost destroyed
the entire base.
Another trip through's
gonna almost certainly do it.
- I know.
- But you told Dr. Betruger...
Exactly what
he needed to hear.
I might not be a scientist,
but I'm not an idiot.
We get the power back on,
we get the base back online,
we contact Command
to send help.
I just didn't want him being a pain
in the ass the rest of the time.
Move out.
- Clear.
- Yeah, we're clear.
You know how to work this?
I'm gonna have my personal drive
access the reactor...
- I didn't ask for your life story.
- Okay.
We're in.
You're Lieutenant Joan Dark.
In the mayhem of the moment,
I completely forgot
who you were.
You're the one that set
Rudolph Martin free.
He's one of the most dangerous
terrorists in the world.
That's not exactly
how it happened.
Of course not.
I'm sure you've got
your side of the story.
See, I'm briefed on all matters
that pertain to this base,
so I only read the official conclusion
of the review board.
Although it did
strike me as odd
that a unit
as accomplished as yours
should be assigned here.
As I recall, you disobeyed
a direct order,
so my base is your punishment.
Here we go.
Yeah. There's a circuit board
that's fried.
I don't have a new one,
but I'm gonna take out the dead board,
override the system and trick it
into thinking it's there.
Was it your ego, Lieutenant?
Or did you
just know better?
Or did you make a mistake?
We all make mistakes.
I certainly do.
Hey! That's enough, Doc.
Ah, Private Winslow.
In your testimony
to the review board,
you said Lieutenant Dark
was incompetent,
should be arrested
and dishonorably discharged.
Private Corbin,
you asked to be reassigned,
citing that you could never
trust Lieutenant Dark again.
Joan, I never said that.
And your Captain Savage,
he asked if Lieutenant Dark
was guilty of treason!
Which carries
the death penalty.
Here we go.
And, Miss Cyr,
I remember everything.
And you won't be
telling a soul.
- Doctor!
- Whoa, whoa. What happened?
What happened?
Doctor, open the door now.
Sorry, Lieutenant.
You have your orders.
I have mine.
Oh, shit.
Fucked, man.
Bennett, get down!
Sweet shooting.
That's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
I don't get it.
Why would the doctor lock us in?
The power's on,
we can call for help,
he can get his experiments
back online.
This doesn't make sense.
He doesn't want to open up
the gates to escape.
- He just wants to open the gates.
- Why?
You're the fucking scientist,
you tell me!
I don't know!
We need to find him.
He could be anywhere.
This place is enormous.
There you go. Hey.
- What'd she say?
- She said Level Four.
Well, there is no level four.
This place only has three levels.
Hey, we don't understand.
What about level four?
The lab.
Hey, hey.
Wait. I think I know
what she means.
My supervisor told me
that the main lab's only accessible
via an elevator
and with a colored key card.
Are you sure?
Secret moon base
has a secret passage
to a secret level.
You gotta give it to the UAC.
They got fucking
paranoid covered.
That's where he is.
Let's go get this
son of a bitch.
We're clear.
Something wrong?
Actually, for the first time
today, no.
Blazkovicz's key.
Opening door.
That's the BFG-9000.
I've only ever read
about it.
Never actually seen one.
Of course,
no Marine calls it that.
What do they call it?
The Big Fucking Gun.
Of course.
It fires a green burst of plasma
instead of bullets.
You mean,
this is a ray gun?
Like, a real live ray gun?
Why aren't you all
using this weapon?
Something to do with
the plasma cartridges used for ammo,
don't hold
the charge for long.
Plasma grenades.
UAC's really holding out
on us.
I'm gonna find us a key.
What are they
gonna do, sue me?
Just remember my training,
ten years ago, at the academy with you.
How's it work?
Supposed to work
like a regular gun.
Load it.
Set it.
Takes about ten seconds.
Ready to pop.
I wouldn't want to be
Dr. Betruger right now.
He was right.
I fucked up.
I let that terrorist
get away.
I ignored the order,
thinking I knew best,
thinking I could be a hero.
We were stationed here
because of my fuck up,
and now
my whole team's dead.
Guess it's a good thing
I don't believe in Hell, right?
Hey, look, you made a mistake,
but none of what's happening here
is any of your fault.
Joan, you've overcome
so much in your life,
you can overcome this.
The best way to honor
your team's memory right now
is to go and take this
motherfucker out.
I've never heard you
curse before.
- It's too much.
- Just right.
Okay. After you.
What's funny?
Our first date?
That restaurant you took me to
was on the roof of that hotel.
We had to take the stairs
all the way
because you were afraid
of elevators.
You remembered.
Never forgot.
I hate to break it to you,
but I'm still scared of elevators.
Bennett! No!
Lieutenant Dark,
your persistence is impressive.
I'm gonna need you
to power down
and step away
from the controls.
No, I'm sorry.
I spent my entire life
looking for the new world.
I finally found it.
Consider this your
last warning, Doctor.
What did you say?
I wasn't talking to you.
Someone found
a shiny new toy.
Bennett! Bennett! Bennett,
Bennett! Hey!
Hey, listen!
Stop, Bennett, stop it!
Earth was theirs
long before it was ours.
Language, science, math.
They gave us everything.
Without them,
we wouldn't evolve.
They simply want
what's rightfully theirs back.
Bennett! Bennett. Bennett.
I'm sorry, Bennett.
I was reborn, Joan.
What I thought was punishment,
turned out to be my salvation.
He gave me a purpose.
He showed me the way and he'll do
the same for all mankind.
It's a pity.
You'll never know.
You can't kill
what's already dead.
Have faith that in your darkest moment
you won't be alone.
I'll be there,
watching over you.
- No, no, no. Stay back.
- Yes, sir.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You're okay.
Where am I?
You are in the UAC
Experimental Lab, Nevada.
Yes. Earth.
No visible cell
regeneration issues.
I just wanna check
your condition.
I'm fine. I could use a drink.
Absolutely. Um, we'll
get you some water.
Vodka, if you've got any.
The UAC Board frowns on
alcoholic consumption in the workplace.
Right now, I couldn't
give a flying fuck
what the UAC frowns upon.
Dr. Betruger was supposed to
come through as well.
He had contacted us,
asking us to open up
the gates on our end.
How, may I ask,
did you end up here?
You need to shut this down.
I need to contact
whoever's in charge here.
I'm in charge.
I meant militarily.
This isn't
a military operation.
Well, it's about to be.
Did you hear
what I fucking said?
You need to shut
this shit down now!
Okay, okay. All right.
We are gonna shut it down.
What are you doing? No!
It's okay.
It's okay.
Your body has been through
an entire cellular breakdown
and reconstruction.
There is bound to be trauma.
- We are gonna look after you.
- Doctor, the gates are activating.
This could be
Dr. Betruger now.