Doors (2021) Movie Script

911, what's your emergency?
My husband, something's wrong,
he's not listening to me.
All right, ma'am,
I need you to remain calm.
Can you tell me what's wrong
with your husband?
He's not talking or listening,
he just keeps walking
into the forest.
Does he have any history
of sleepwalking?
No, he never does this.
All right,
I need you to stay calm.
911, please state
your emergency.
I don't know
what the fuck is going on,
but you're gonna need
to send somebody out here quick
to see this shit.
I think someone
is talking to me.
I hear a voice.
Ma'am, is there somebody
there with you?
No, there's nobody.
There's nobody here.
Uh, I'm trapped in my room.
There's something
blocking my door.
Sir, can you describe it?
Um, no.
I can't.
How many of them are there?
Uh, like six or seven of them.
What are they doing now?
They're just standing there
staring at it.
Should I get my gun?
No, sir, don't do that.
Let's go.
Make sure all your phones
are turned off
and not on silent, thank you.
Come on.
All right, guys.
Your time starts now, one hour.
Hey, I need to go
to the bathroom.
No, you don't, Jake.
That's for Lizzie,
can you pass it to her?
Let's hear what you got.
I wanna hear it, let's go.
"Wanna Netflix at mine,
then make out a little? LOL."
Okay, I know
you didn't write that.
Jake, why are you being stupid?
What, it wasn't me, it was her!
I'm not a her!
Look, just
no more talking, okay?
Everybody get back to work.
Slow down, please, slow down.
What's going on?
Okay, just hang on, okay?
Just sit tight, okay?
Let me see what I can do,
all right?
Class, I need
to finish this outside.
Rory, you're gonna be my eyes
in the sky, okay?
Everyone listen to Rory,
and I'll be right back, okay?
Can I go to the bathroom now?
Yeah, fuck this.
Jake, can you be quiet?
Is nobody else
hearing this shit?
Dude, I'm gonna tell
Mr. Johnson.
No, I'm not gonna pretend
things are fine
just 'cause Mr. Johnson did.
Shit is clearly going down.
How do you know?
For one, that fucking cabinet
sounds like
there's a huge dil...
looks like it's gonna explode,
and two, did you guys see
Mr. Johnson's face?
That was a total
"shit's going down" face.
The guy cannot hold his bluff.
Jake, as stand-in
substitute teacher,
- I want you to sit down.
- That's not even real.
Hello, this is the office.
Um, we're initiating a lockdown
for anyone on campus,
so please stay in the classroom
if you're still on campus
and wait
for further instructions.
Do not attempt to leave.
Stay in the classroom.
Thank you.
Hear how she sounded?
She sounded
just like Mr. Johnson.
- That means...
- Shit's going down.
I wonder if it's Brandon.
I know he collects, like,
shotguns and rifles and shit.
I don't wanna get shot.
- And what do you suggest?
- We should get our phones
out of this locked
vibrating cabinet,
but I'm not The Rock,
so we can't.
Why'd he take his fucking keys?
Yes, yes, that's right,
it seems to be hovering
maybe two, three feet
above the ground.
Military personnel
won't let us get close...
I'm sorry, we're having trouble
hearing you.
I said we're not able
to get any closer...
Paul, you still there?
Yeah, I'm still here.
There seems to be a local man
walking towards this...
He's just walking towards
the object and it seems...
- Paul?
- We're not able
- to get any closer to this...
- Stand down, sir.
Stand down!
They're raising their weapons
on the man.
- I said stay where you are!
- Oh, fuck, oh, shi...
Let's get our phones.
Okay, here.
Rory, what are you doing?
Hiding from the shooter.
Uh, I don't think
it's a shooter.
I got three missed calls
from my mom.
That's weird,
she never fucking calls me.
Nobody seems to know
why the school's on lockdown.
I think we need to leave.
It's a lockdown.
That means we stay
locked down, right?
Shut up, I'm trying
to call my mom.
Dude, our teacher
didn't come back for us.
Nobody else is here.
Fuck, why is she not
picking up?
You're just speculating.
What am I speculating about?
This is a frickin' lockdown.
What if it's aliens?
- Jesus.
- Fuck.
What the fuck?
I think this is
a good time to go.
Jake, we don't even know
what's out there.
Out there is the exit.
We want to exit
the situation, right?
What? No.
We do what's reasonable,
I mean, come on,
remember Mr. Johnson's
scared shitless face?
He didn't come back for us,
we're on our own.
Or maybe he couldn't come back.
Fucking jets.
It's like death
let's go, let's go.
No, it doesn't feel safe
out there.
Nowhere is safe.
I say we move out.
What's wrong?
There's something there.
Holy shit.
What is that?
I... I don't know.
What is that thing?
It's taking up
the whole hallway.
Does that mean
we can't get out?
"Report object
to authorities ASAP"?
"Get the fuck out
if you see one."
"Reported missing persons:
"If you hear voices,
go to the hospital."
Some people are saying
it's talking to them.
Holy shit.
That shouldn't happen.
No, it fucking shouldn't.
Maybe it's transporting them
Why does everything you say
have to sound super scary?
M... maybe everyone's
on the other side of it?
Mr. Johnson, I don't wanna be
in charge anymore.
Let's find another way out.
What if we go inside it?
Uh, okay?
You're a weirdo
and you're crazy.
It's official.
What are you talking about?
Maybe it takes us somewhere.
Like somewhere else.
I don't want to go
somewhere else,
I want to just get
the fuck outta here.
I'm with Jake.
You're crazy.
There might be an exit up here.
Maybe it's a bathroom.
Who the hell knows
at this point?
Ash, what are you thinking?
I was just getting
a closer look.
You can tell me anything.
What the fuck was that?
Jake, please, stop.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
You need to calm down.
- Don't touch her.
- Guys, stop.
Jake, it's okay.
You know what, yeah, no,
I'm not gonna play this game.
I don't fucking fight girls.
What are you doing?
Guys, stop it!
- God, you guys, stop it.
- I don't have my glasses,
I can't see.
Watch out!
Ash? You okay?
I'm sorry, I just got scared.
I'm sorry!
Did they just...
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
I couldn't see them.
Why would you do that?
I was just trying
to defend mys...
It's all my fault.
Ash, what are you doing?
Hey, folks,
it's Martin Midnight,
and this is Midnight Buzz
where we explore the strange,
the paranormal,
the unexplained,
and the downright weird
of the week.
Midnighters, welcome.
A big show, we've got a lot
to talk about tonight.
As you probably know,
unless you've been living
in a hole,
these things...
and you know exactly
what I'm talking about,
I think the scientists
have finally named them
a fucking
brilliantly stupid name,
doors... started appearing
all over the world
just a few weeks ago,
and as we all know,
shit has been getting
really, really, well, weird.
Many millions
of our loved ones
have gone missing, folks,
and, you know,
many more are presumed dead.
But listen,
the even weirder thing
is that some have returned
from wherever the fuck
they've been.
And the Knockers program,
my God,
this thing apparently
goes into effect today.
Have you guys heard about this?
This thing has
literal volunteers,
people volunteering
to go into the doors.
Yeah, the same things
that cause people to kill
or make people go crazy.
You know, it's fucking baffling.
I don't know what's more stupid:
the offensive term "Knockers,"
I mean, come on,
or the people who think
it's a good idea
for civilians
to go into a door.
But we'll see in
the next 24 hours, I guess.
Good luck, volunteers.
I'm an incubator of life.
I can't move.
I'm stuck.
Always waiting for a wave.
You're a wave.
You flow.
You rage.
You exist by being shapeless,
yet I exist only through shape.
The shape that you created.
I'm blocked.
I'm trapped.
A prisoner to the ocean...
...waiting for
your shapeless form
to consume me,
and I fucking hate it.
I don't know,
that's all I've got so far.
I like it!
I love how badass
you made the waves.
It's like, you know,
billions of years
of just shaping each other.
It's unreal.
Poor rocks.
It kind of sucks.
They're rocks.
That's their purpose,
they don't have a choice.
You worried about the rocks?
Rocks got you down?
You wanna do some rock therapy?
I'm a good listener!
I really am!
- No.
- All right.
Rocks are tough.
Like you.
They're tough, they're strong,
they're independent women
like you.
Phaser set to kill, Captain.
Okay, let's practice
some gun safety.
All right?
So you're telling me
you really wouldn't want
to live here, huh?
Too moody and kinda cold.
Well, it's the future,
just stay inside.
How come you never ask me
where I wanna live, huh?
Where do you wanna live, Beck?
Did I mention I love you?
Not while you're this Vince.
I don't like this Vince either.
What Vince do you want?
You gotta ask it on your own.
Yo, Knockers!
Got eyes on them.
Where you been?
- You gotta bump it, dude.
- Knockers inbound.
Now you may speak.
My guys confirmed
that the house structure
is stable enough for now.
Poor rocks.
How do they stand it
for so long?
I don't want to be a rock.
I want to be a wave.
Three cans, please.
- Where's Prince?
- No, no, sideways,
take it sideways, sideways.
Take it, take it now.
- Take it now.
- Oh, God.
So I've been thinking about it,
that thing with the birds?
So you know every time
Whiz does that thing?
You know, when it kind of
throws off our compass,
I think what's happening
is the same thing
with the birds.
He does the thing, they die,
they fall out of the sky.
- That makes sense.
- It's just a theory, but...
You guys ready to get weird?
Can you get this?
You guys are too cute.
You got your phaser, Becky?
Right here,
and it's set to kill.
- Don't shoot.
- KT421, this is HQ,
- do you copy?
- KT421, copy.
KT421, you have been
given green light
to enter your door.
You have a go-ahead.
Copy that, it's about time.
I also want to remind
you that your boys
only have 12 minutes
to get out.
Um, sorry, ma'am,
did you say 12 minutes?
The Astoria team got 15,
what's up with that?
Well, Astoria team
didn't make it.
So that's your new time,
Wait, what was that?
I keep getting
this fucking Spanish station.
What is this?
Knockers, come in.
You guys got 12 minutes
inside that door.
- You hear me?
- Yeah, copy.
Entering the house now.
Why is he so fucking annoying?
Your mic's still on, Becky.
Knockers here.
It seems as though the door
is pulling shit towards it.
Unit K138 approaching our door.
This one's huge.
- That's what she said.
- Ew.
I don't want to be a rock.
Whoa, did you guys hear that?
Smooth jazz.
Whiz, begin that timer.
Don't lose your shit
in there, guys.
Three, two, one.
Did we just beam in?
Dreams do come true.
Looks like we're on
the other side of the house.
Room is void of color,
but kinda cool.
Doesn't seem to be
the same house.
Did this room get bigger?
Maybe. I see three doorways.
All right, where to first?
I call dibs
on this pink hallway.
If we split up,
we can document more.
Yeah, I'm not sure
that's a good idea.
Beck, you know,
we don't all have a gun.
It's a phaser!
You have 11 minutes remaining.
Lights don't work.
The symmetry is pretty dope.
Upload this shit.
I think I found something.
Dead leaves scattered
on the floor,
not a good sign.
Keep it together, Pat.
It's not anything
you can't handle.
Source of sound appears
to be coming from a woman.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Possible door entity.
She appears to be
very, very real.
I'm in some sort of room.
What the fuck is going on?
Excuse me, do you have a name?
How can you not remember
my name?
It's Rose.
No, it's not.
Nine minutes.
It's a kitchen.
It's all white.
There's various objects
facing weird directions.
There's baby bottles
upside down.
There's a cradle.
Seems to be moving on its own.
It's empty.
This rooms seems to be
'80s chic.
Oh, this guy went national!
Looks like he played shortstop.
Uh, clock is set
at three o'clock.
Got a weird marble bust here.
What's up, dude?
Appears to be another room
identical to the previous,
but slightly more awesome.
Science nerd beer bong.
This bust seems
a little more melancholy.
Uh, this clock's set at six.
Next room, similar to the last.
Got some globe action.
Another slightly pissed bust.
Clock set at nine.
This room is darker,
a little more fucking creepy.
Uh, this bust has
some sort of square eyes.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, relax.
Can you hear me?
Hey, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on,
listen to my voice,
listen to my voice.
Don't do this to me, I'm sorry.
Come back, come back,
come back, it's okay.
Rose, I'm sorry, stop,
stop, stop, please, please.
Hey, hey.
Come back.
- What the f...
- I miss you, Patty.
Are you gonna leave me again?
You feeling better?
Super rough morning.
It's still spotty.
I finished the wall.
Are you ready
for Dr. Chang's class?
I think he likes us.
Honey, you okay?
Stay back.
Don't call me that.
Beck, what's wrong?
Is she okay?
What is this?
What is this?
Is the baby okay?
What'd you do to me?
What did I do to you?
Stop this right now.
Stop what?
Do you notice it?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We chose to do this together.
I didn't choose this.
Now just put your toy down,
this is ridiculous.
Calm down, Beck.
This isn't good for the baby.
This is the door,
this is the door.
Babe, the door was
three years ago.
No, no.
Caution, five minutes remaining.
Ah, God.
What'd I tell you
about these, okay?
How many times?
What the fuck?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Do you need your meds?
- No!
You okay?
- Babe, it's okay.
- I'm not your babe.
Come on, look at me.
Babe, stop, babe, it's okay.
Come on.
You're gonna
murder me with a toy?
- Really?
- It's not a toy.
We chose this, baby, just,
just put the toy down.
Come on.
three minutes remaining.
It's a phaser.
I re-entered a new room.
It's a picture of me and Beck.
Who the hell are you?
Who the fuck are you?
three minutes remaining.
Who are you?
I'm... I'm... I'm in
some kind of hallucination
that looks like
Beck and my apartment.
There are copies of myself,
clearly entities
created by the door.
Wha... what did you call me?
One of the copies is engaging
in a conversation with me.
Yeah, there you go again.
- Caution...
- Beck!
You think you're the real Vince?
Beck, I'm getting
psychosis beeps!
You really think
you're the real Vince.
Beck, I need help!
What makes you so sure?
- Caution.
- Which one of us
is wearing the suit,
huh, smart guy?
Nice try.
He's right.
This is probably
a hallucination.
We're probably entities.
No, I don't think so.
Man, I told you,
I'm wearing the suit!
I said I got the suit.
two minutes remaining.
This isn't happening.
This our home?
It's the door.
Okay, that's why you're
seeing these copies.
What, what's happening?
- What's happening?
- Babe, look at me,
we're entering psychosis.
- They aren't real.
- Shut up!
Who's the real Vince?
Babe, look at me.
I am.
- I'm real.
- Babe, he's lying.
I'm real.
Maybe it's what we're wearing.
Why are you wearing rain gear?
It's sunny out.
Oh, come on.
Come on, since when does
the fuckin' door make sense,
babe, listen!
Babe, listen to me.
Get close.
Get close.
Hawaiian shirt, jeans.
Sweater, pants.
Babe, please put the gun down.
Babe, put down the phaser.
What did you say?
Babe, babe,
he's fucking conning you.
Okay, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry that I forgot
that it's a phaser, but...
Told me you were pregnant.
What'd you say?
What did you say?
That day at the beach,
and you said you didn't wanna,
you didn't wanna keep it, but...
But then I told you to keep it.
I remember that.
I got a nose bleed,
and it got all over our clothes.
Look at your shirt.
I'm sorry I pushed you.
I'm sorry I lied.
I'm sorry for a lot of things.
He's the real Vince.
Hear that?
I'm the OG.
Sorry, dude, nothing personal.
I don't wanna be a rock anymore.
What, what the fuck...
It's my turn.
It's my turn to be a wave.
Okay, uh, Midnighters, wow,
it's, um...
So now what, huh?
It's been, uh,
weeks since the disastrous
Knockers program,
and we are definitely worse off
than when we started.
You know, I wish I could say
that this is all weird,
but the government failures
like this are far from weird,
and you know exactly
what I'm talkin' about.
It's all part of that
Big Brother bullshit
that we've all eaten up since
the start of
modern civilization.
But you know
what's different, folks,
now is that we have birds
and fuckin' satellites
falling from the sky,
crazy weather shifts
that make zero sense,
and not to mention
half of the world's
population is missing.
Open your eyes!
You know what, though,
I'll tell ya nature must be
loving less humans right now,
but I sure am
pretty weirded out.
And is this even
reality right now? Fuck!
Fuck if I know.
what Midnight does know, folks,
is that it's getting worse,
and we deserve answers.
So, stay tuned for
my next guest tomorrow,
who has some interesting
answers for us.
This is Martin Midnight.
Stay weird.
...know about you,
but I'm pretty sure that
if I had one of those
things in my backyard,
I'd call someone.
But that's not the best part,
she named it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
let's talk about something
very important here.
- What did she call it?
- Ready for the name?
- Ferdinand.
- Whoa, what?
- Ferdinand the door?
- Yeah, that's right.
And on that note, to all
of my listeners out there,
please take heed,
if you see a door,
report it to
the local authorities.
Don't approach it.
And for God's sakes,
don't name them!
Be safe and call for help, okay?
Stay inside,
and in the meantime...
Hi, Jamal Adkins, day four.
Let's proceed.
Hey, buddy.
How are we feeling today?
Tell you what,
I am feeling very good,
and it's because of you.
And I know that it's
gonna be a good day.
And that should make you feel
pretty good.
I see.
Same foul mood as yesterday.
But, we're not gonna
let that stop us
with the work we have to do,
which is plenty.
So we tried that yesterday,
and it didn't work.
So, we need to
try something else.
Well, we did.
We tried that yesterday.
Look, I know you're from
an advanced civilization,
but I was here.
We tried that, and we need
to try something else.
Maybe if we stuck
in more frequencies.
See if we can get anything
besides mud.
Am I coming through?
Hello, hello?
- Hello, friend.
- Hello?
What about now?
Let's talk.
Holy fucking Christ.
Can you hear me?
- Can you...
- Yes, Jamal Adkins.
Social security number,
Holy fuck, holy, holy fuck!
You can just call me Jamal.
- You can just...
- Hi, Jamal.
Friend, Jamal, buddy.
Hey, can I,
can I get you to
talk to the camera?
Can you answer some
questions for the camera?
I... Can you tell
the camera who you are?
I'm your friend.
How are you?
I'm pretty fucking good.
I'm pretty fucking good,
can you, can you tell me
where, where are you from?
We have come upon the planet.
We watch sentient beings.
- You stay alive...
- Jamal?
- ...for now.
- Friend.
Can you tell the camera
what your species is?
We archive.
We will refresh all of you.
We archive Earth.
- Cathy.
- Jamal.
Please, come here.
- Um, this is Leo.
- 'Sup, I'm Leo.
I'm her boyfriend.
Those organic?
Are you ready?
- Yes, ready.
- Mm-hm.
He chews loudly
when he's nervous.
I'm not nervous.
I, you know,
we're lucky to be in one piece
with those doors
out there killing people.
I'm pretty sure they're here for
more than just killing people.
Um, did you go crazy before
they let you go, or after?
Jesus, Leo.
No offense.
He was fired for his brilliant,
yet controversial ideas.
I'm sorry.
What did you wanna
tell us, Jamal?
on the edge of my seat.
Cathy, I asked you to come here
because you're my friend,
and I know that we haven't
seen each other much lately,
but you're still
my most trusted companion
in the scientific community.
Um, Leo, you're here
'cause Cathy brought you.
But if Cathy trusts you,
then I trust you.
Oh, that's great, yeah,
that's great.
Either you end my anticipation,
or I'm gonna end
both of your lives.
I have a door.
That's my announcement,
which you both
kind of ruined.
But I have a door.
No, if you had a door,
there would be, like,
a million of those Knockers here
- sterilizing this entire place.
- Sure, if they knew,
they'd be here,
but I didn't report it.
Can we see it?
Jamal's been talking about
an alien invasion for years.
Yeah, that makes sense.
So tell us more about this door.
Well, the thing is,
I found a way to
communicate with this one.
Oh, you can communicate with it,
but the government can't even
seem to make contact?
I'm better than the government.
Uh, no offense,
but how are you better than
billions of dollars
of technology
and scientific research?
No offense.
Just trust me.
Yeah, so I,
I could hear it.
It was talking to me,
like, in my head.
Wait, you hear voices?
It's just right up here
around the bend.
Let me just get this set up.
Hey, this is Jamal.
Are you there, friend?
Careful, these are
really dangerous.
Hi, Jamal, buddy.
Yeah, this is your buddy, Jamal.
I'm here with
my friend, Cathy,
I want you to meet
friend Cathy.
And, and this is Leo.
What's up, Jamal, buddies?
- Can I say something to it?
- Of course.
Hi, I'm Cathy.
Hello, Cathy, friend.
Oh, my God!
What do we call it?
I don't know,
I never got its name.
I've just been calling it
friend and buddy.
My name is
Um, do you have a nickname?
Something we can call you?
- Lamaj.
- Lamaj.
Lamaj is...
Lamaj, Lamaj is
- Jamal backwards.
- Jamal.
Told me yesterday that
they're here studying us,
that the doors are
collecting data.
Maybe this one's
studying friendship.
Lamaj, why are you here?
We come to archive.
Archive what?
Archive what?
This is huge.
This could be it for us.
And it could put us on the map.
Well, how do you mean,
which map?
Don't you see?
We can learn the secrets
of the universe
through what Lamaj knows.
We can be cosmic explorers
like we always talked about.
Life can't just be teaching
a bunch of low-level
astronomy classes
to kids who don't give a shit.
Nah, this is huge.
Yeah, yeah, definitely.
I just, I think
we should go slow.
Come on, Jamal.
Isn't this why you
called me here, for this?
We can go slow.
We'll report it
when we're ready.
When, when we're ready, uh,
babe, can... babe, can you not
go any closer to that...
Those doors are murdering
people all over the world!
All the doors are different,
this door hasn't killed anybody.
It's just here
to communicate with us.
Oh, okay, yeah, Jamal.
I know that you think
you and the door are homies,
all right, but you
have no fucking clue
what this thing
could actually be plotting
with the rest
of the doors, okay?
How do you know that we're
not getting poisoned right now
by some nuclear radiation
from this fucking thing?
May be, but we can't bury
any attempt with assumptions.
You have all
the secrets, don't you?
Okay, look,
do you guys at least understand
how many people are
in danger right now?
Because this thing
hasn't been quarantined yet?
Seriously, like, what if,
- if it liquefies...
- Step away from the door, ma'am!
Oh, Christ.
Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to
step away from the the door.
Oh, for crying out fucking loud.
Step away from the door!
Come over here, get away.
Come on, babe, come on.
- Holy shit!
- Yeah.
Leo, this thing's
frickin' huge!
Leo, did you call the cops?
Okay, Ricky is a friend.
Ma'am, ma'am, stop right there.
- Just stop, okay?
- What she doin'?
She paces when she's nervous.
Ma'am, stop right there!
Stop right there!
Stop, just you're
making the sheriff nervous...
Ma'am, stop right now!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ricky, Ricky.
- You guys are all in violation
of ordinance 256,
unlawful engagement with a door.
- Whose property is this?
- It's mine.
Who are you, step away
from that table, sir!
Sir, away from the table!
On your knees, on your knees!
- Can you just chill with that...
- What is your name? Shut up!
What is your name, sir?
Jamal Adkins, buddy.
The fuckin' door just talk?
- Absolutely not.
- Yes.
This is unit 421,
I'm gonna need backup.
You stay right there, sir.
- I'm not moving.
- Shut up, shut up!
- Can you just lower the gun?
- Quit pacin'!
You stay put!
- Lamaj.
- Sir, shut up!
Can you just put the gun down?
This is 421, I need backup stat,
Lamaj, a little help please?
Who you talkin' to?
This is 421,
I need backup right now!
- Shut up, you shut up!
- Just calm down.
I repeat, 421, I need backup.
Oh, my God, what?
What the fuck are you doing?
Holy shit!
Hi, friend.
It's time to refresh.
Holy shit, joining
the conversation
this is a big one, guys.
All the way from sunny Seattle
is Parallel Worlds theorist...
that's one of the show's
favorite magazines,
by the way... Dr. Alan Price.
- So good to have you.
- Thank you.
Yeah, so, uh, Dr. Price,
I'm gonna just jump right in.
These doors...
you know, what are these things?
What do they want,
and what's next?
What do... Talk to me, Alan.
Well, it's easy to say that
the arrival of the doors
has changed everything.
Whether that's missing people,
or humans returning
cosmically evolved.
And what I can
tell you for sure is
it will continue.
Dr. Price, you're, um,
you've been
around the doors, right?
Yes, you can say that.
So, talk to me,
what do they want?
You know, what are they?
They are our
cosmic consciousness.
Well, that certainly
passes my weird test, what...
Can you elaborate a little bit?
They are a kind of...
arbiter for existence.
You mean, like a judge?
No, not at all.
Their intelligence allows them
to operate on a complex,
multidimensional reality.
They are everything all at once.
We are them, they are us.
You can even consider them
God, but more.
Well, how 'bout that, folks?
Doors may be God.
Dr. Price,
so should we be stockin' up
on toilet paper?
Should we be dustin' off
our shotguns?
What do you think?
I assure you,
there is nothing
you can do to stop them.
Nor should you.
You see, the doors decide
and control everything.
Their process is quite perfect.
Dr. Price, you're very
fuckin' weird.
And I love weird,
but you're saying
there's nothing we can do?
Yes, there is.
Great, like what?
What do we do?
Wait to be refreshed.
Like, what are we,
some kinda web browser?
Uh, Dr. Price, you're...
You okay there? Your signal
cut out for a second.
Accept it.
Accept what?
Once the doors
tether into all of
mankind's consciousness,
the shift into the next
created reality will ensue.
We are all awakening.
Yeah, uh...
Dr. Price, is it true that
the people who
come out of the doors
are altered in some way?
Can you tell us
a little more about that?
You know the answer.
I really don't.
You tell me.
This is all a test.
A way for the doors
to collect information
in order for them to decide
what our next re-interpreted
reality will be.
Dr. Price, have you been
in contact with the doors?
Accept it, Paul.
How do you know my name?
- What the fuck is this?
- What the fuck is this?
Your memories,
fears, doubts, desires,
they all will be absorbed...
Do not be afraid.
- Are the doors telling you this?
- Are the doors telling you this?
No, Paul.
I do not speak to the doors.
I feel them.
Something the human
species has forgot,
You, too, have forgotten, Paul.
In your search to exploit
the events in this world
so you can feel
and in control.
Does it hurt,
you hiding behind your image?
Does it hurt, you using my
strange behavior
as entertainment?
Does it hurt,
you knowing that you
do not have control right now?
The process has started.
Do you feel it?
Accept it!
It's already happening.
Embrace your new reality.
That's right, accept it.
Embrace it,
embrace your new reality.