Doosara Aadmi (1977) Movie Script

-Is he off his rocker?
-What are you trying to do?
Look at us.
It's Holi, let's enjoy ourselves.
It looks as if our family has posted us
like letters sans addresses.
And forgot to write the address.
But we have lived in this wretched world
without any support.
Don't mind my saying this,
but our friend here...
Has become Romeo, neither has he eaten
the fruit nor he would let us.
He said he'd marry Timsi
before the month is over!
All he could do was nothing!
Now wait and watch your friends.
Awesome Duffy, you made me happy.
These concepts like love won't
get inside your head.
Stop interfering in every situation.
It is this interference that make
the world go round.
I'm going off to her, if anyone has
the guts, stop me.
-It's the Holi festival today.
Anyone can color anyone today, my bud!
If you dare touch Timsi,
you'll regret it.
Don't get in the way anymore.
You lost your chance.
Now it's my turn. Out of my way.
Come into my arms, my love.
Today we're free.
-This is our chance.
-And here's tradition.
-What's on, troublemakers?
-Just dancing. It's Spring festival.
-How about a spot of color?
-No. I'm on duty.
Go on then.
Let us dance.
Have some.
-Shall I say something?
-Go on.
-Hope you don't mind...
-No. Go on.
I don't like seeing you like this...
...I mean in outfits like these.
-What kind would you like?
-Plain and simple.
And no make-up.
A simple dot on your forehead.
Lots of glass bangles
on your arms clinking.
A light shade of mascara in the eyes.
In my eyes
There's mascara
In the mascara
Is my heart
In the eyes
There's mascara
In the mascara
Is my heart
Let me hold you in my heart
And love you
Let me hold you in my heart
And love you
In your hair
There's fragrance
In the fragrance
There's only you
In your hair
There's fragrance
In the fragrance
There's only you
Below the flowers
Take me in your arms
Below the flowers
Take me in your arms
You are my spring
Blossom in my eyes
After you have blossomed
I will love holding you
The look in your eyes is intoxicating
And my dot shines bright
The dot you wear
Is a mirror
In the mirror
Lives my love
The dot you wear
Is a mirror
In the mirror
Lives my love
Come my love, let me
Hold you within my heart
Let me hold you in my heart
And let me love you
What is our coming together?
What is our meeting?
Something new stirs within me
Something new is coming
May you always look as fresh
May I always be in love with you
This is the life I want
What is life?
It is affection
What is affection?
It is life
What is life?
It is affection
What is affection?
It is life
Let us live forever in this affection
Let me hold you in my heart
And let me love you
In the eyes
There's mascara
In the mascara
There's my heart
In the eyes
There's mascara
In the mascara
Is my heart
Let me hold you in my heart
And let me love you
Let me hold you in my heart
And let me love you
Tea's ready.
Shall I bring it?
Over here
He doesn't even reply properly.
Want the tea in your music room?
Or now?
Right now
-Yes Aunty?
-Your Uncle seems lost in his tunes.
-Go give him the tea.
-He's incorrigible.
What can I do beloved...
Uncle, you look great as you are.
Now don't spoil your looks.
Timsi darling.
It's business time.
One day, I'll let the cat out of the bag.
You know nothing about music.
You're just making a fool of those women.
-Women needn't be fooled. They are born--
Don't you scream!
You'll scare my students away.
Tell me something,
why do you teach women only?
Timsi, it is good for the heart
and it provides peace of mind.
Did you call me just now?
Not even in the pain
of death would I dare!
Take this.
I'm late. My disciples
must be waiting for me.
Out of my way now.
What can I do beloved
Comes not my lover
You must be Kanyakumari, right?
Yes, master.
Not master, say Guru.
Tailors make masters.
-In music, you have a guru.
-Forgive me, guru.
-Slip of the tongue.
-In that case, never mind.
Now what do you wish to learn?
Classical or pop?
-Classical, guru.
-Then let's begin.
-Yes sure. May the gods bless me.
First, what's the difference
between classical and pop?
-Very little difference.
Just sing along.
What can I do beloved
Comes not my lover
Sing that.
Go on. Don't feel shy.
What can I do beloved
Comes not my lover
Very good. Excellent.
-What you just sang is pop.
-Sure, pop.
-Now try classical.
-Classical, right.
Now imagine there's a piece of sweet
stuck inside your mouth.
-Don't you eat it.
It's meant for staying stuck.
Now imagine you're singing
and trying to eat it at the same time.
-Like this.
What can I do beloved
Comes not my lover
What can I do beloved
Comes not my lover
-It's tough!
-Very good. You understand music now?
-You don't...?
-Not a bit.
What you can understand isn't classical.
Your telephone bills are killing me,
OK, uncle.
We'll miss the train Timsi. Please!
How long will your make-up take?
I'm done. You're always nitpicking
about my make-up.
I only nitpick on your make-up. While,
everyone else is going to be after you.
Come on now.
I'm famished.
How about some breakfast, Mom?
-What would you like?
-A half-boiled egg.
-No paratha?
-I'm getting too fat.
Hello. Hello!
-This is Timsi calling.
-Hi, Timsi.
Where are you calling from?
I can't hear you.
From the train terminal.
-Why the terminal?
-I'm going to Allahabad.
My cousin is getting married.
I'll be back after four days.
-OK, got to go, bye bye.
Where's Timsi?
The train is about to leave.
-She wanted to make important call.
-She should become a telephone operator.
Always on the phone!
The train is whistling!
-Timsi! Where have you been?
-Oh, Uncle...
-Stop making a fool of me!
-We're late! And don't you uncle me! Come.
-Come on, let's go.
Hello, Saxena speaking.
-Make sure you're home early.
-Oh, the lady of the house.
I'm coming home straight this evening.
I'm not going anywhere else.
-Who else do we have but you?
-The hell with it.
So angry.
What's the matter?
You're always busy making money.
What use is it?
If something happens to my son,
I'll never forgive you.
Why, what's the matter?
He hasn't eaten since yesterday.
He has locked himself up in his room.
I've been knocking repeatedly
but still no answer.
-Tell me, what are you doing now?
-Calling you, what else?
Say what, drop the damn telephone
and start praying.
I'll be over in a jiffy.
God help me!
-What "Hmm"?
Let me read your pulse, son.
Open your mouth.
Show me your tongue.
Tell me, do you feel like
setting the world on fire?
And you feel something
weighing down on your heart?
Tell me, you feel bored in everything,
you get bored eating,
-and you get bored of your friends?
-How did you know that, Dad?
And sad songs
maybe that's what you like?
-Yes, but how did you know?
-You want to cry your heart out?
Exactly dad.
But how do you know?
This my boy is called
"In love", that's your ailment kiddo.
The disease is called "Love-aria".
A dangerous strain.
Some 20 to 22 years ago,
I suffered it too.
And what you want
to know is how she's taking it.
Yes dad, how's she taking it?
Let your mother tell you that.
Mom, mom, mom!
She's getting tea for me
She'll appease me
My darling wife is will get tea for me
She'll give it to me
My tea will come and--
What happened to Timsi?
That which happens to girls her age
That which would never happen to you
-Stop talking in riddles and tell me.
She is in love.
-How do you know?
-All I have to do
is compare her and you.
Remember Romeo and Juliet?
When Romeo fell for Juliet
that's how he behaved.
Incidentally, it's this girl
who is losing her mind.
But where's the boyfriend?
-Good morning.
-Very good morning.
When is the train to Calcutta
via Allahabad expected to arrive?
At 11:20.
-The train is coming this way, right?
-I was just confirming.
I forgot to ask you which platform
the train will stop at?
-Number nine.
-Nine? Thanks.
And where would
the first class compartment be?
Fourth from the engine.
Any chance it'd be the
fourth from the rear?
No way, fourth from the engine.
Thanks. You are very kind.
-Are you sleeping?
-Was sleeping. What is it?
I just wanted to know what time
the train from Allahabad arrives.
Can't you read it for yourself?
Don't waste my time.
-Which platform?
And the first class compartment?
I'll report you for sleeping on duty!
The train from Allahabad arrives
at 11:20
on platform 9.
And the first class compartment
is the fourth from the engine.
-Anything else?
-Thank you.
But you've already told me that.
I just want to know
at which station does the train
from Allahabad halt before this one?
-And at what time?
-Dadar. At 11 o' clock.
-And before that?
-Kalyan. At 10:00.
And before that, at Igatpuri.
Before that, Nasik.
-Thank you sir, thank you.
-And then via Allahabad to Calcutta.
Bad upbringing.
-Is this the train from Allahabad?
Timsi. Timsi!
This is getting serious.
She might be getting seizures!
Look at her waving
as if she's possessed!
-Pay up man.
At this rate of getting fined,
I'll end up selling my harmonium!
Good, I'd rather see her...
45, 47, married.
Wedding? Yours...?
Yes dad, ours.
How long have the two
of you know each other?
Not too long.
And you're in love with each other?
Yes, Dad.
Maybe this is isn't love?
Maybe it's just an infatuation.
It might wear off in time, you know.
Maybe the attraction will wane?
Maybe this is love, Dad.
-Are you certain?
What about you, Timsi?
Now don't get me wrong.
You people are young, impressionable.
Getting married is quite different
from being in love.
A marriage is no joke. It's a bond,
a responsibility, a social obligation.
You aren't old enough
to come to terms with it.
First stand on your own feet.
In the meantime, you'll get
to know each other better.
If you still want it,
there will be a wedding.
We are in love.
What's the excuse for waiting?
We aren't your enemies, Kannu my son.
You are our only son.
We want to see you have
a grand wedding when the time comes.
No. We've decided against
an extravagant wedding.
We don't want to spend money
for showing off.
We don't believe in obsolete traditions.
Therefore, we've decided,
that we're getting married in court.
If you've decided for yourselves,
then why ask us?
Go and do whatever you wish.
But remember,
we'll have nothing to do with it.
Congratulations on your wedding.
-Thank you sir.
-Congratulations! Now you're Mrs. Saxena.
God bless you! The sweets,
first for the bridegroom.
Next please.
God bless you.
-For you, dear.
-Thank you.
Put it on her.
We had such dreams
about your wedding.
But if this is the way you like it,
then this is the way it is.
Go on, take a holiday.
I'll talk to your dad.
Here, a gift from your mom.
Take it.
No pulling chains on the flight.
Your Uncle won't be paying the fines.
-There aren't any chains on airplanes.
-You didn't get the joke.
-Excuse me. Mr. Palla, give me a shampoo.
-What'd you like?
-After the shampoo.
-How much?
-Six rupees.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Toothpaste, please.
Three rupees.
What are you looking for?
25 paise.
Your change.
Say it from your eyes lovingly
Season of coming together has come
Season of coming together has come
Say it from your eyes lovingly
Season of coming together has come
Season of coming together has come
Come into my arms
Season of blossoming together has come
Season of blossoming together has come
Say it from your eyes lovingly
Season of coming together has come
Season of coming together has come
Kannu Kannu O daddy
No don't stop me
Listen to me
Touched me tenderly with such love
My locks waved
Touched me tenderly with such love
My locks waved
I see nothing but you
And the passions flow
My tresses
Come touch my tresses
Season of flowing down of tresses has come
Season of flowing down of tresses has come
Come into my arms
Season of blossoming
Season of blossoming together has come
I have you yet
Why yearns my heart
I have you yet
Why yearns my heart
I have you
yet I thirst for you
With lips
Touch me with the fire on your lips
Season of burning
Season of burning
Passionately together has come
Say it from your eyes lovingly
Season of coming together
Season of coming together has come
-Isn't your son coming for breakfast?
-He's out with Timsi.
Still romancing the outdoors?
Where did he go?
Why do you want a loan?
You have millions already.
I don't, but my father has millions.
Please go through the project report.
If you want to finance it, fine.
Or, I'll go to another bank.
You know my husband is very ambitious.
He wants to prove himself.
Of which I am convinced.
-Would you like a cup of tea?
-No thank you.
We'll leave now. Let me know whatever you
can do at the earliest.
Don't you worry. I'll try my best.
-So this is how far you will go?
-What's wrong, Dad?
You don't care about my status
and you say what's wrong?
If you needed money,
you could've asked me.
Why did you go asking for loans?
I could ask you for the money.
-But I didn't want to ask you.
-What's come over you?
What has gotten into you?
What are you trying to prove?
I'm not trying to prove anything.
And nothing has come over me.
Please try to understand me, Dad.
I don't want to live in the shadow
of Ram Prasad Saxena.
I want to come out on my own,
as Karan Saxena.
Let me face life, Daddy.
Let me face the world.
If I lose out,
I'll come back to you, Dad.
But let me try.
Aren't you being too harsh?
He's still a child.
That's just what I am saying.
He's fresh out of college.
And he wants to start
an advertising agency.
-Yes sir.
-Any news of Ms. Nisha?
-I'm sorry, Karan.
From what I hear about her,
it'd be tough roping her in.
-How come?
-Freelancers don't believe in
sticking at one place.
Besides she's very moody.
-And very talented.
-That's why every agency wants her.
Look Sharma, we need someone as famous,
as influential with us.
We're new, get her anyhow.
Bigger agencies have already
offered her fat pay-packets.
Have you contacted her yet?
Contacting is a far cry.
I haven't been able to locate her.
Trying this had you'd even find God!
I called her residence, no one picks up.
No one knows where she is!
I've gone mad trying to find her!
This Nisha is really elusive!
Excuse me. You live here, right?
Can you tell me where Ms. Nisha lives?
The top floor.
I've been looking for her forever.
She's the only thing on my mind.
But I'm not giving up
until I've found her.
Sorry to bother you,
but which apartment?
-Excuse me.
Come. Please come in.
Which means, you!
I don't know your name.
But you sure know mine, Nisha.
Oh, I...
-Please be seated.
Forgive me.
I rambled on.
I was mad, you know.
Not at you but at myself.
So what can I do for you?
If you don't say yes, I'm ruined!
I've just set up an Advertising agency.
I want you to join me.
Oh, it's a request, you know.
And I'm not used to taking rejections.
I'll go on a hunger strike. If you refuse.
Look, I'll give you whatever you want.
2000, 2500...
Well, all right, 3000.
But don't say no.
Four thousand, if that's what you want.
I can't afford more!
I'll be forced to shut down! Please!
I'll take the job. For 2000.
Really, well thanks.
My name is Karan Saxena,
here's my card.
How can one name one's memory.
Sometimes I can't
even remember my name.
Funny. No, Mr. Guru?
So what do you think, Mr. Guru?
About you? Or about your name?
What are you doing, Mr. Guru?
Girl, in classical music,
you must first learn the rhythm,
tempo and beat.
This lesson is about rhythm.
How interesting!
My Mom is all praise for you.
She says, classical music
soothes the heart.
Have you ever heard classical music?
Yes once, the Ustad Ravi Shankar
Akbar Ali Khan were playing a duet.
The crescendo was great!
So soothing!
Soothe me, soothe me.
Yes, I will bring you peace.
-Did you call me?
Look, your time's up.
-Oh no.
-Oh yes.
Please come back tomorrow.
Not to worry.
We're hitting the papers tomorrow.
Fooled me.
Day one, and she's still missing.
How will the client react now?
Karan Saxena killed by a woman!
Hey Shambu, Ms. Nisha.
I mean have you seen a lady?
I mean any calls for me?
-Any callers for me?
-There's a lady.
-She's been here for quite some time.
-Where is she?
-In the Art section.
-Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Thank you Ms. Nisha.
You just saved my neck!
Rush! Take a cab. Get over to
the ad department in Times of India.
Give this to him. Rush!
Oh my God, I'm in trouble.
Sorry to be late!
I'm ashamed of myself!
I drove so fast! I'm sweating!
I'm sorry!
Listen, I don't want to see a movie.
I've been waiting for an hour.
If you didn't want
to see this movie,
you should've called.
-The film has already started, I--
-But English movies begin
-after the interval.
-Not a single word!
-I want to see a whole film!
-This movie is great! I swear!
-Don't touch me. I said dont touch me.
-I'm sorry honey.
You never come on time.
I was just calling your apartment.
I thought you might've forgotten.
I'm not that unfortunate,
to forget what you said.
From the court, I rushed over
to the market and then...
Bought this washer
worth 10 paise and the cab cost
me 10 rupees.
-I'll reimburse you.
-May I expect anything more?
-How about coffee?
-Sure. After I've taken care
of your leaking faucet.
-Yes ma'am?
I've taken up a job.
And when are you kicking it?
Not this one.
As if I don't know you.
Did you say something?
I've been trying for five years.
Not that you'll listen.
You make me work like a slave.
The fan stops working and here I am.
Something goes wrong with your phone,
and my phone starts ringing.
A loose screw in your tape recorder,
and you tighten the screws on me.
But now a word about
the most important topic in our lives.
-You're wet all over.
-So what. I'll get a cold at the worst.
But it won't kill me.
I'm not that lucky.
What for this load of rhetoric today?
Just heard it today?
Want dinner?
-Are you serious?
What's on the menu?
As far as I know,
dinner for you is two sandwiches
and a cup of black coffee.
Not my cup of tea.
Four crisp tandoori bread
and a curry of black lentil for me.
-See you Bhisham.
-I'll call you tomorrow.
-Make sure you call.
-We'll go out tomorrow evening.
-Sure we will.
It's a quarter to ten. Hurry up.
Can't you wait five minutes?
-I have loads of work to do at home.
-I've told you repeatedly to come on time.
-I've important meetings and you're slow.
-I was ironing your pants.
What's the need to get ready
and stand in front
of dressing table all the time.
-You have already made me a fool.
-How dare you say that to me?
Why do girls go to beauty parlors
even after they are married?
To stay pretty enough
to ward off competition.
Here comes your beauty parlor.
Go on make yourself prettier.
OK bye.
-Come on, I'll drop you off.
Drive slowly.
I'm sorry.
If this campaign presentation
goes off well...
-Hi husband.
So now, I'm a "who", am I?
-How are you dearie?
-Fine, dearie!
-How are you?
-Massage over?
One of these days,
I'll kill your beautician.
I don't even get to touch you
and God knows where she touches you.
Remember about the party my uncle
is throwing tonight?
The romance was going on well
till your uncle stepped in.
-Be early.
-Come on.
-And don't smoke too much.
-All right. I won't.
-Promise. Bye darling.
By dearest.
-Who was it?
-My boyfriend.
Nisha here.
Today is the 9th of September, 1976.
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.
-I know what day it is.
-Very good.
The time is 4:32:13 pm.
And I'm looking up the entertainment
columns in the Times of India.
Very interesting.
In other words, I'm trying hard
to get my life in order.
There's a film running
in Excelsior, "40 Carats."
Nice name.
And the road on the Bombay
seafront is called the "Queen's Necklace".
They say that no place in the world
is as pretty as the Marine Drive.
That's what I hear too.
Have you nothing else to add?
Except, there's
a meeting with a client.
The set-up I work for is new.
Therefore, the meeting is important.
I'm sorry Bhisham. Let's keep it
for some other time.
-Bye Bhisham.
-Bye Nisha.
-So Boss, work over?
-Stop calling me "Boss". It's irritating.
Karan Saxena is one huge name.
Friends call me Kannu.
It'll take us time to get to Kannu.
-OK, Mr. Kannu, now how about my reward?
I bagged you a new client.
Don't I get a treat for it?
I'm not looking for a party.
Even tea or coffee will do.
-OK. Let us.
-On one condition.
-You'll drive slowly.
Yeah, of course.
There's something amiss.
-Yes. Come inside.
-Did you remind him?
-Why don't you call the office?
-I did, he is out.
Where could he have gone?
At least he should've called home.
That boy has no decency,
no sense of etiquette.
-He keeps doing this every time.
-He doesn't care for us.
Why are we waiting for him?
Come on, let's go.
-He'll catch up with us.
-Come on.
-I'll put it on you.
-Why? Don't you like it?
-It's beautiful.
It's just that
I haven't ever worn a scarf.
-Which is just why I'm giving you this.
Your button.
Looks great. What do you say mister?
-Looks great on him!
-Just what I thought.
-Let's go.
-I'll take that.
I've already paid.
Come on let's go.
-Hey, I have an idea.
Let's buy something to eat.
Like biryanis, kebabs etc.
And let's go home
and give ourselves a treat.
Why not, why not?
Come come, feel at home.
Why don't you warm the food
while I chill the beer?
You want me to stuff my face
with food and become fat and ugly!
So you can go
and marry someone else!
-The fridge is stuffed.
-Don't eat then.
-Who asked you to eat?
-That's like asking me,
-not to make love to you.
-At last I know,
that the way to a man's heart
is through his stomach. Thanks!
The problem with you intellectuals
is that you look for answers... books. So far removed from life.
Not far removed from you.
-That's all I need out of life.
-Nice to know that.
But if you want to keep your man
firmly in your grasp.
Make sure you feed him all the time.
-Which makes you my hog?
-One more thing,
I am a very strict man.
Better be informed.
Don't repent it later.
After the wedding,
you're leaving the job
and you're selling this apartment.
-And what am I supposed to do?
-Lie in waiting for me.
You'll cook for me. You'll feed me.
And you'll look after my house
and my half a dozen kids.
No, you'll mother two or three.
What if I refuse?
I told you I'm strict. When I get angry,
I'm likely to give you a thrashing.
How about thrashing me now?
-Did I say something?
-You said something like
"How about thrashing me now?"
Don't you like to eat?
You haven't been eating.
-Some more.
-You seem to like feeding others.
Since I came, you seem
to be lost in something.
If I make friends with you,
you'll gorge me to death.
My dear niece, this surely
is the sign of being in love.
-Like what?
-Like being lost.
And not liking anything else.
Not even my anniversary party.
-I don't understand a word.
-How can you?
Your man is nowhere to be seen.
So you stand in wait.
Waiting and waiting for him to come.
Uncle, for God's sake!
Please leave me alone.
-My dear man...
-Yes, sir?
I have a request.
With your melodious voice,
will you please sing
for the audience?
-No! Not classical!
-What then?
Something more rustic.
Close to the soil.
-Say a folk song?
-As you wish.
A dot on her forehead
A dot on her forehead
Eyes sleepless
She waits
For her lover
To come to her
For her lover to come to her
O the lover shall come my home
Her lover is coming
The party is getting lively.
Like the leaves rustle in a forest
Like the leaves rustle in a forest
Her heart flutters in such a way
Her heart flutters in such a way
Her heart misses a beat
Her heart misses a beat
The read veil slips
The veil slips
The read veil slips
The read veil slips
Her lover is coming
Her lover is coming
She is melancholy
She is melancholy
She's yearning for her lover
She's yearning for her lover
They ridicule her
They ridicule her
Their eyes vex her
Their eyes vex her
Her lover is coming
Their eyes vex her
Listen to me
Listen to me
It's past midnight
It's past midnight
He isn't coming
He isn't coming
Go away
Go home
Go away
Go home
He isn't coming
He isn't coming
Here comes the lover boy.
I had to sing a whole song for his sake.
Sorry to be late.
-Anyway, happy birthday.
Shanti, listen.
Any leftovers for Karan?
Oh, what a lovely sari.
This is my favorite color you know.
-Hi dearest.
-Yes darling?
Come here.
-Were you talking to me?
One minute. Hello Mrs. Singh.
O how lovely. Hasn't Mr. Singh not come?
No. He didn't come.
Very bad, no point going out
alone once you're married.
One plus point about marriages
if any at all
is the license to bore each other.
Never come to parties alone.
Yes darling. You were telling me
something, weren't you?
-Hi Minnie.
-Hi how're you?
I'm fine have you met my husband.
He's a very busy man.
He just walked in.
I have a very ambitious
and hardworking husband.
Darling, this is Minnie. She's learning
classical music from my uncle.
-How do you do? Excuse me, Timsi.
Darling you haven't met many people.
What is this rudeness? I've been trying
to talk to you for an hour but
insulting me in front of everyone.
And you're picking up credits.
Are you trying to embarrass me?
And you're rude to the extent
of not caring for other people's time.
-You think your wife is a doormat!
-Has the sky come crashing down?
What have I done?
Have I killed someone?
No need to raise your voice.
Sweet nothings can be expressed quietly.
No need to make this public.
Get this one thing clear.
Don't you misbehave with me.
-You'll regret it.
-And you get this clear Mr. Karan Saxena,
hands off when you're talking to me.
Got it?
Let's see how the drama unfolds.
Will you stop reading the papers?
-And do what?
-Talk to them.
Don't worry. This is the age
when they get into fights.
Fights by the days
are patched up at night.
-Don't you remember about us?
-It was different then.
We used to persevere everything
but girls these days
will just pack and leave at the slightest.
Pin drop silence in there.
I hope I'm not forgetting something.
Call me up if there's anything.
I'll send it with the driver.
You didn't ask me when
I'm coming back tonight.
What use? You come home
when you feel like it.
I'll get you your milk.
Another bounced check.
At this rate, we'll lose credibility.
Call Mehta and make sure there's cash
in the account before 11 this morning.
-Something wrong?
-Nothing significant.
-A client's check bounced.
-As usual.
Boss, don't get scared
of such trivial stuff.
Strapped for cash?
That's just a smile away.
One party, a few smiles
and we'll find ourselves a sucker.
-Well, let's drop it.
-Today's program. Let's cancel it.
-Which program?
-Slipped your mind already?
-Sorry, I'm disturbed.
-I've had a bad morning.
-The trip of Khandala for Mr. Duvet...
-It's Saturday today, right?
-If you aren't in the mood for it
-then let's put it off.
-No way. Where's Mr. Duvet's file?
Let's go to Khandala. An outing
would do a lot of good for the mood.
Let's do it, boss.
-This is the site for the first banner.
-Nice site, it's visible from both sides.
-Who owns the site?
-Maybe Mehta & Co.
Alright talk to them.
We'll hire it.
Shall I tell you something?
Not business, just a casual remark.
Have you ever tried wearing whites?
You'd look great in whites.
I'll try it out someday.
Drive slowly and switch off the radio.
What? I am driving very carefully today.
Note this.
From this day on,
I hand over to you the gears of my life!
Won't you even ask my opinion?
Asking is for those,
who aren't sure of themselves.
I might refuse you.
When a woman says no,
she means yes.
-That's an old hat.
-But it still applies.
Are you talking marriage?
Life, and gears, and all that.
Lovely analogy, isn't it?
Won't you praise me?
Want to hear my decision?
Say no, if you dare to. I'll pick you up
on my horse like Prithvi Raj Chauhan.
No, I won't have the guts to do that.
I'll pick you up in my car.
What an analogy! Lovely!
Dude Shashi Sehgal,
you have no equal. Awesome!
Look at this.
Here come the speed breakers.
Our lives seem to be stalling, Nisha.
Let's shift it's gears.
Or else life might just grind
to a halt forever.
Hey look, there goes a wheel
of someone's car.
Your wheel, not someone else's.
Now go and get it.
Hey stop.
But how did it come off?
Now what?
What else?
Dump the wheel, shut the canopy,
there's a hotel nearby,
will reach there in a 15-minute walk.
-And the car?
-The car will get there too.
There's a mechanic next to the hotel.
He'll fix the car.
-Forward march!
-All right.
In the season of romances
Romance touches the heart
Let's take a road to
Somewhere far far away
Let's take a road to
Somewhere far far away
I have found a kindred soul
I have found someone
With passion in her heart
Why should I then hold myself back?
Let's take a road to
Somewhere far far away
The music of love
Brings two hearts close
In love they walk with each other
But soon they lose each other
Today let me
lose myself
Is this not enough?
These few moments that we share
This journey let us enjoy
Let's take a road to
Somewhere far far away
These moments of joy
This wonderful spring
These moments of
I am overwhelmed
Hold me in your arms
Cry for me
With your impassioned lips
Let's forget
The world
Come closer
Let us be one
Let us be one
Let us be one
Let's take a road to
Somewhere far far away
It is better to control ourselves
Let's take a road to
Somewhere far far away
It is better to control ourselves
I want make a call to Bombay.
Can I get a line?
What did you say?
I want to make trunk call to Bombay.
May I?
You? You here!
Yes I'm here. You want to say something?
-No! I don't have anything to say.
-But I have and say it I shall!
-Come what may
Stop asking questions,
and look into my eyes. You'll know!
I pushed that junk of a car
at a 100 miles per hour through this rain.
I hit the gutters thrice,
stalled four times.
Look at my condition.
I hurt myself too.
-Don't know where it hurts, though.
-In the head?
Right, in the head. So you see?
Now give me a straight answer.
Will you marry me?
-Will you marry me or not?
Give me time to think!
You... this is all so sudden!
-I give you 15 seconds.
-Fifteen seconds?
ten seconds.
If I don't say yes,
are you going to kill me?
-Which means you're in love with me!
-Fifteen seconds!
Darling, I won't be able
to come back tonight.
My car broke down on the highway.
There's no civilization in sight.
All I see is forests.
-You aren't angry, are you?
I'll come back as soon as the car gets
fixed tomorrow morning. Tell mummy too.
-Was it Kannu?
-What was he saying?
-His car broke down.
-He won't be back tonight.
-Where was he calling from?
-Want to call someone? Go on.
-Someone must be waiting for you.
-Someone could be anxious for you?
-For me?
-Can I ask something?
-Go on.
-I hope you won't mind.
-I stopped minding a long time ago.
-Feel free to ask.
-You are so beautiful.
And educated.
-You must have many acquaintances.
-There are several.
-But acquaintances aren't friends.
-But you must have friends too?
But one doesn't strike up
friendships with all friends.
But surely you have some friends?
It is impossible not to have some.
Many years ago...
It's been ages, a century ago.
I broke away from life.
Then why am I still alive?
For no reason at all.
I haven't got...
Ms. Nisha.
Ms. Nisha. I'm sorry, Ms. Nisha!
I didn't meant to do this!
It was inadvertent.
-If she wants, we could help her.
-Love thy neighbor. Why not?
Given a chance I...
God be blessed.
-So what's your program?
-I'm super tired. I'll go home and crash.
You should go get some rest.
No need to attend office.
Romance touches the heart
Let's take a road to
Somewhere far far away
-You're stinking of booze.
-I just had a beer last night.
Look, if you don't like it.
I'll give up beer too.
You needn't make such
a great sacrifice for me.
Just don't go near your daddy,
you'll make him unhappy.
-Why are you talking like this? Timsi.
-Don't you understand?
Don't you pick up a fight
with me in the morning.
You're becoming rude.
I've noticed that.
Then don't take notice of me.
This is the way I am.
-What's wrong with you?
-I've gone mad, rabid!
-Anything else?
-What's you problem?
Today you'll talk to him.
Kannu, don't act like a child.
Oh, I know you don't love me anymore.
You don't come home early.
You don't even take me out.
But I never expected
you to start lying to me.
-Lying? What nonsense is this?
-You aren't lying?
The "forest" you called me
from had a phone
with music playing in the background.
How innovative!
If you wanted to enjoy yourself
you should've told me straight.
-The car broke down. Really.
-I don't want to hear anything!
Kannu my boy.
Sit down.
Your mother was telling me that
your wife doesn't seem happy these days.
I'm not going to give you a lecture
neither am I going to patronize you.
But as a father, I'll tell you that
love is an article of faith, my son.
And marriage is an article of sacrifices.
It's all about adjustments
and responsibilities.
Your wife is young. She waits all day
for you to come home to her.
Son, maybe you should take her out.
My lover is cross with me
I don't know why
That makes life hard for me
My lover is cross with me
I don't know why
That makes life hard for me
I am pleading with her
But she won't listen to me
That makes life hard for me
My lover is cross with me
You might get hot and furious with me
But I'm not leaving your hand
If you don't want to be
Embarrassed in public
You will listen to me
With you I will have my fights
To you I will make love
That makes life hard for me
My lover is cross with me
She is fiery then she wilts
Like lightning she rumbles and she strikes
She is fiery then she wilts
Like lightning she rumbles and she strikes
That's why I want to kiss her
Your lips are downturned
But there's sparkle in your eyes
You just don't give up
You just don't give up
That makes life hard for me
I am pleading with you
But you won't listen to me
That makes life hard for me
She has agreed at last
This makes life easier
My lover has agreed at last
Loafers scram.
No making love in public places.
We aren't loafers.
This is my wife!
"My wife," every loafer who comes here
with a girl says
"she's my wife," if loafers like
you were all saying the truth
there wouldn't a single
bachelor left in the whole country.
-Shut up, and come to the police station.
-Police station?
-Why, what have we done?
-You'll admit everything after two slaps.
I'm a tough one.
You'll see. And my boss is tougher.
-He must be daft.
-What did you say?
-Nothing, sir.
Timsi darling, please tell the constable
that we're husband and wife.
-Husband and wife?
You aren't even of age
and you say you're husband and wife!
-Are you trying to fool me?
-No sir.
-Tell him.
-You must be from a good family
and you go around
with a loafer like him?
Thank God you came by, Constable.
Else I would've been ruined.
What kind of a joke is this Timsi?
I swear it!
I have a penchant for arriving
at the nick of time.
Don't be afraid.
Tell me what happened.
He said, come I'll take
you out for an ice cream.
What? He said he'd take you out
for an ice cream?
-He said that?
-This is where he brought me, in the dark.
-Here in the dark!
-Look he's going to hit me!
Don't you hit her and don't you
interrupt the investigation!
So did he buy you ice cream?
No ice creams, just an ice candy.
And then he started groping.
Don't you make trouble.
How dare you? In front of me.
-Please! I'm a respectable man.
-I've seen lots like you.
-Constable, please take him away.
-You go, I'll take him.
-I'll get you back Timsi.
-So you've been drinking on duty?
-No sir.
There's a licensed
bar behind my house.
I just breathe in the fumes
once in a while.
-Just breathing gives you a high?
-Oh no, not at all, sir.
You still say he accosted you?
Don't you go by appearances, sir.
The more innocent face,
the worse scoundrels they make.
-These innocent-looking scoundrels--
-Shut up.
Inspector, I told the constable
that we are married.
My husband would never
even look at another woman.
We begged of him.
I even showed him my wedding necklace.
But the constable said,
my boss is a tough cop.
We tried to reason with him but he
wouldn't listen. He dragged us here.
Is she the same one?
-Constable Naik.
-Yes sir.
-The police are meant to help the public.
-Yes sir.
-Not to harass the public.
-Yes sir.
-After a year, this is the case you book?
-Yes sir.
Sorry for the mistake.
May I leave now?
-Where are you going?
-To book another case.
I apologize for the trouble.
Never mind sir, men make mistakes.
Good day, constable.
-Are you happy tonight dearest?
-You guess.
I want to hear it from you.
When you are with me, I'm so happy.
Don't ever leave me.
-What happened?
-Feeling thirsty.
Thirsty? Come along.
Excuse me, you're Karan Saxena,
aren't you?
I am Bhisham.
I wanted to congratulate you.
Now that we happen to meet.
Congratulate me?
What for I do not understand.
Even since you walked into Nisha's life,
she's gotten happy, she takes interest
in what she is doing.
She was sick and tired of life.
You've changed Nisha's life.
Lisa, Timsi here.
-Is my husband there?
-He's on his way to Juhu,
visiting the office of Gupta & Co.
He will be lunching
at the Holiday Inn.
Two coffees,
and not too fast please.
-Aren't you going back to the office?
-The day's quota is over.
The formal letter to the Gupta's
can be sent tomorrow.
What will you do
for the rest of the day?
I'll loaf around.
Nisha, shut your eyes.
-Just shut your eyes.
Don't you do anything naughty.
Then guess
-First shut your eyes.
-Mr. Sardar, please follow that car.
-Hi there.
-Enjoying life?
-How can a poor man enjoy life?
It's rich folks like
you who enjoy life.
Don't fib me. What about
your pretty passengers?
-Who knows where you take them?
-What about your pretty passenger?
-Where have they gone?
-They turned right.
-But you were supposed to follow them.
-Don't worry. We'll find them.
Turn right.
Not here, where might he have gone?
Stop here.
Dearest, weren't you there
at the office today?
-I had called.
-Anything important?
-Can't a wife call her husband unless
there's something important?
I wanted to take you out for lunch.
-Had you told me in the morning--
-It came to my mind later.
I wanted to have lunch
at the Copper Chimney.
And later, we'd have coffee at
the Holiday Inn Coffee Shop.
Fine. Let's do it tomorrow.
There's a big difference
between today and tomorrow, darling.
Who knows what's going
to happen tomorrow?
-Well what is going to happen tomorrow?
-A matter of mood, you know.
You never know about mood swings.
I guess so.
You haven't seen the film
40 Carats yet, have you?
Nothing really.
I just heard it's a great movie.
You know, the hero is
a 20-year old
who romances a 40-year old woman.
Timsi, what are you trying to get at?
Go to sleep.
-Keep it there.
Your wife hasn't come?
She's not feeling well.
-So what were you saying?
-If we could use inflation...
To project "a common man's soap" budget
is no consideration.
We could spend 500,000,
or say 600,000 on the publicity.
But I'd like you to take
a personal interest in the project.
You'll find a fat check
on your desk tomorrow morning.
May I speak to Mr. Karan Saxena?
Let us celebrate festival of love
Let us toast to love this evening
Before nightfall no one knows
What the evening promises
Come, let's celebrate
I have only one
Desire to make love to you
What else do we have?
So what we are tainted by love?
Why care for the world?
There are no other accusations
Apart from the accusation of love
Let us celebrate festival of love
Let us toast to love this evening
Come let's celebrate
My sorrows spent
With you in my arms I soar
With you in my arms
In the way of our lips
Let nothing stand
How can anyone hold back?
After such a beautiful invitation
Let us celebrate festival of love
Let us toast to love this evening
Why should one think before the evening
As to what will happen in the evening
Come let's celebrate
Well Mr. Bhisham
How was your evening?
Are you in the frame of mind
to ask questions or take answers?
Not the first time I'm drinking.
But you're getting carried away
for first time.
Nisha... I have the right to ask you
something or to tell you something?
OK, you have the right.
Will you take the trouble
to explain what you are up to?
Why you're playing with fire?
-Don't get surprised?
Hear me out, think it over
and try to understand
before you give me a reply.
What's wrong with you?
I've had such a lovely evening!
Do you want to spoil it?
Bhisham, you're ruining my intoxication.
Which is just what I intend to do
and the sooner the better.
-I don't get this.
-Try to, look within yourself.
Look for the answer
inside your head.
Listen to your conscience,
search your soul.
I'm telling you the truth.
What are you getting at?
I don't understand a word.
I don't even understand,
why you are telling me all this.
How long will you deceive yourself?
Wake up from this slumber, accept it.
It happened a long time ago.
He isn't Shashi Sehgal.
He's Karan Saxena.
Agreed that he looks a lot similar.
You might even find common traits.
Like the way he smiles, he greets,
the way he speaks, he talks or he glances
but in no way
and under no circumstance
can he be Shashi Sehgal.
Because Shashi Sehgal long before,
a century ago...
Mark my words, Nisha.
Shashi Sehgal isn't going to die out.
I'll pursue you through life
some way or the other.
So as long as I'm alive,
I'm going to live it up!
What difference would it make
to you if I die? Marry my friend, Bhisham.
He's in love with you.
Just as I am.
Do you even realize
what you are saying?
Don't mind me.
I was just being frank.
That isn't being frank.
That's shooting your mouth.
As you please.
But do not to mind guys, please.
Drive slowly.
Come on, Ms. Nisha.
Live life in the fast lane.
Enjoy yourself.
Who knows what tomorrow holds?
What do you stand to lose
if you drive slowly?
I want to savor life.
What life would it be to stop
and stare before every step? Life is--
Shashi is no more.
-He has left us.
You're lying, you are wrong.
Someone like Shashi can never die.
The fountainhead of life,
someone who gives to life
the very zest of living cannot die.
He can never die.
This I shall never accept.
He can never die. Never!
Come to terms with it, Nisha.
How long will you chase a mirage?
Come out of this illusion.
How long will you live this fantasy?
You're out to destroy your own life.
And in the process, you're going
to ruin the lives of many innocents.
Because Karan Saxena isn't Shashi Sehgal.
Besides, Karan Saxena is married.
Bhisham, what you did just now,
wasn't the right thing to do.
All for my own good, isn't it?
Yet what you've done, is no good.
I was living a dream.
I was cheating myself.
But at least I was alive Bhisham.
Even if a mirage
it was my excuse to go on living.
But now
even that is gone.
I have nothing now.
Nothing to live for.
Timsi didn't even inform us before
she went away to her uncle's house.
She'll come back the way she left.
-Did she say something to you?
-She was looking unhappy for some days.
-So what can I do mummy?
If you don't do it, who will?
You started the fight, didn't you?
I never fight with her.
I'm not mad. She's always raging.
-For every little thing
-Don't I know you?
-Visit her on your way to the office.
-I haven't got any time. I'm late already.
-The office isn't running away.
-I'll see her this evening.
Marriage isn't playing with toys.
You don't walk out
for some little thing.
-Marriage is sacred.
-Be quiet now.
At least you should've
asked him who this woman is
and how he knows her.
One little fight, she packs her bags
and walks out.
What is the matter Karan?
You look disturbed.
-Sharma you aren't married, right?
-Yes. Why?
Don't you get married.
You'll be ruined.
Do I hear you say that?
But yours is a love marriage.
Fine as long as it's love only
but don't you get married.
Even the prettiest of them become
typical wives after the wedding.
I had such hopes,
such dreams about life.
Wanted a wife who'd stand beside me,
who'd make my dreams come true.
And all I have is one big
question staring at me in the face.
Where'd you eat? Why're you late?
Why'd you drink whiskey?
On and on and on, day in, day out.
Not for once did she think
what I'm going through
the business is new
I'm strapped for cash.
And today, all of a sudden,
she walked out on me.
-No idea!
Forget it.
-What's it?
-We made it!
What happened?
There should be a statue of Nisha
in this office.
Look at this. A check for 50,000
in advance and a 500,000 rupees contract.
All thanks to Nisha. What a woman.
She can see straight through a man.
She knows what a man is looking for.
She even knows what the man will look for.
Neither she asks questions
nor she demands answers.
She's the reason of my success
and this dream of mine fulfilled.
She's aware of my every weakness
and loves them.
-Hush. She might hear you.
-I'll tell her myself.
Nisha, Nisha.
Where's she gone?
Resignation letter.
What is the matter, Karan?
Where is she?
We were the same
Same is the destination
It's better
That we contain ourselves
So you see, I've done
what you conned me into.
-Do you regret it?
Not at all.
Life hasn't dealt with me fairly.
Though sad they are,
my memories are enough
for me to live by.
And not a thought for yourself?
I might not be loyal
but I'm not a betrayer either.
What are you doing here?
This is what I don't like
about you, Bhisham.
Why call out to someone
who is leaving?
Can you hear me at all?
You might have decided not to turn back.
But you can look back at me, can't you?
All morning I've been trying
to break past.
I don't want to look back,
but you're holding me back.
-Didn't find her?
Your Miss Nisha.
The woman you're madly in love!
-What nonsense Timsi.
-I'm not the one who's saying this.
People who know you are talking.
Your employees are laughing.
No, not at you,
they're laughing at me.
Why have you come to my office?
What do you want?
Just walked in.
They say it's my husband's office.
So I thought, it's my office too.
You know one girl remarked,
"Poor thing, Mrs. Karan Saxena".
And ever since, I've been wondering
when did I become a "poor thing"?
Can you tell me darling,
why people think I'm a "poor thing"?
Aren't you ashamed? You've been gossiping
with my staffers about me!
Why get worked up, darling?
What more can the wife do, poor thing?
-Enough Timsi, don't harass me. Go home.
-Is Nisha coming?
She hasn't coming back.
Women like her are best for short flings.
A brief flirtation, milking the host
and then it's goodbye.
Mind you, there are more libidinous,
-and wealthy men than you're in this city.
-Shut up.
We gave her away in marriage.
We didn't sell her into slavery.
We thought he's young and impressionable.
So we waited patiently.
He goes around with other women
and now he strikes his wife!
He's shameless!
And we aren't paupers.
We can support her for life.
Bravo, my boy!
You make me proud.
You bring our family great honor.
You strike a woman, brave indeed.
But you won't see her
fault will you, Dad?
Nothing wrong in invading my office
and trying to create a scene?
And who's responsible for it?
At the least, not I.
Think before you speak.
You aren't in court.
You're talking to your father.
Had I been one of those
old hidebound types
I would've skinned you.
But I'll give you one more chance.
Remember, getting
married was your decision.
You haven't hired a secretary.
Neither is she your mistress.
You're just berating me.
A woman is weak, delicate, fragile.
She has to be cared for.
You've seen glass packaged
with the legend "Handle With Care."
It is a man's duty, his right
and his honor
to protect his women, and to keep
them happy, come what may.
That's my tragedy.
All my life, I've been told what to do
and what not to do.
What is right, what is wrong?
Don't go here. Don't do that.
I have no identity of my own.
Nor am I capable to think for myself.
So you won't apologize to your wife?
Please let me decide
what I should do.
All right son, I will not impose
myself upon you.
I will not take
advantage of being your father.
But get this clear.
If you want to live with me then
you'll live as Ram Prasad Saxena's son.
Not as Karan Saxena.
Mrs. Karan Saxena's uncle was here.
She wants to file for divorce.
I am in no position
to give an opinion.
My actions have hurt people.
But how am I responsible?
Can you tell me that, Bhisham?
How much of it is my fault?
Meet Mrs. Karan.
Dispel her doubts.
That might heal her wounds.
Why have you come here?
Have you left anything undone?
-Timsi I understand.
-Who gave you the right to call me Timsi?
I'm not yet divorced. You may
address me as Mrs. Karan Saxena.
I only have to say
that before taking this step
you should've asked me
about my relationship
with Mr. Karan Saxena.
Want me to tell you?
Are you prepared to hear it from me?
I hope you won't be embarrassed.
There's a glass wall between us.
We can observe each other.
But we cannot relate.
And what I have seen with my own eyes
and I've heard? Shouldn't I believe that?
Trust your eyes and ears
but don't lose control over yourself.
Listen to me.
Get over this misunderstanding.
I am many years elder than you.
I have seen more of life.
Don't destroy your life.
I have resigned the job.
Love isn't something
as pretty as a flower.
Not is love just a matter of seasons.
You have to sacrifice a lot
for the sake of a relationship.
Try to understand, if you can.
Try as hard, and you'd even find God!
I call her up her residence
she doesn't pick up the phone.
I've gone mad trying to find her.
This Nisha is really elusive.
I've been looking for her forever.
She's the only thing on my mind.
But I have also made up my mind.
But I'm not giving up
until I've found her.
-Forgive me, I'm bothering you.
-What kind of a joke is this?
Why are you after me?
I have resigned from your job.
I have nothing more to do with you.
Nothing more to do with me?
Nisha has nothing more to do with me?
The Nisha you're looking
for doesn't live here anymore.
-You? Here?
-Not happy to see me here?
Yes, not happy at all.
But you should be happy.
Your wish has been fulfilled.
She has thrown me out.
Good. That's the way,
kids like you should be dealt with.
You couldn't bear to see me happy.
You've destroyed my business, family, all.
You can't bear to see me happy.
You're jealous of me. Jealous!
Desire has blinded you.
You cannot even understand.
Try and get this if you can.
Nisha isn't in love with you.
She's in love with a fantasy.
No doubt she liked you.
But that's because you look like someone
who has been dead for ages.
In you, Nisha sees her past.
That's why she took up the job.
That's why she kept seeing you.
That's why she did everything
to make you happy.
I know age is no bar
for falling in love.
But you fell in love with someone
who has stopped living long ago.
She is scarred.
But she has gotten over her illusion.
Try and understand, if you can.
What kind of a joke is this?
Why are you after me?
What am I to you?
Desire has blinded you.
You cannot even understand.
Go away. I have resigned from your job.
I have nothing more to do with you.
Nisha isn't in love with you.
She's in love with a fantasy.
Nisha isn't in love with you.
She's in love with a fantasy.
No! This can't be. Never!
Tell me this is a lie!
Get a hold on yourself,
Nisha. Have courage.
Karan is out of danger.
He's all right.
You shouldn't go there now.
It's between the two of them now.
Let them get over it.
Look at what you've
done to yourself.
And you've been crying
yourself silly.
I made a mistake.
Sorry, I left you.
I was a victim of my fantasies.
My fault.
I should not have suspected.
So we're past the bend now.
Will you be able to forgive me, Kannu?
-I am the one who should apologize.
-No, I should.
Do you know why they light
fires during weddings?
To make marital life
safe from the hazards.