Doppelganger (1993) Movie Script

[tense music]
[whimsical music box music]
[tense music]
- [Kid] Don't worry about it!
[airy music]
[dog barking]
[tense music]
[pigeon cooing]
[woman moaning]
[wings flapping]
- Good evening, Miss Gooding.
- [Ms. Gooding] Good evening.
- Watch your step.
[car honking]
- No, you don't understand!
If she married that shrink,
her share of the fund
will be legally turned
over to her!
- [Man] But Sarah, there are
other ways of dealing with--
- No, you are wrong.
The shrink will have
the estate audited.
And the auditors will wonder
where all of the money went.
[steps clacking]
I know, I'm her mother,
thank you very much.
It's us or her.
The little bitch has
got to disappear.
She's back, I gotta go.
Holly, sweety, I'm coming honey.
I'm coming.
Holly, where have you been?
Holly what's wrong?
Holly, what's happening?
[buzzing and shattering]
[plane zooming]
- [Reporter] Another beautiful
day with highs in the 80s
and look for lows tonight
in the mid 60s.
Now to our traffic chopper man
- [Javier] Drake, I'm flying
over to the Hollywood side
right now with a jam up
on the 101 heading south.
- [Kid] Daddy, Billy hit me!
- [Billy] I did not!
- [Kid] He did to!
[kids arguing in background]
[light music]
- Um, excuse me.
- Yeah?
- I know it's an
inconvenience but,
can you wait here for a second?
- That's no problem.
- Thanks.
Um, excuse me.
Do you know where Patrick lives?
- Right through there.
- Thanks.
- [Old Lady] Uh huh.
- [Patrick] Look, Mr. Gottlieb,
I know I'm late with the rent.
The thing is, I've got a
check coming in two days.
- [Mr.Gottlieb] You said
that three weeks ago.
- Please.
Look, I gotta go.
You'll get your money
in two days, I swear.
You can just take
everything I own, all right?
- [Mr. Gottlieb] I want
the cash.
- I know it's not much,
thank you.
- [Holly] Hi.
- [Patrick] Hi.
- Um, you're Patrick, right?
- Yeah, I'm Patrick.
And you are?
- Holly Gooding.
Um, I saw your ad in the paper.
I'm sorry I didn't call.
I just thought you wouldn't
mind if I had a look around.
- No.
Not at all.
Um, please come in.
I'm sorry it's a little messy.
I'm a writer.
Writers thrive on anarchy,
you know.
Please be, please,
please, please.
- Thanks.
- [clearing throat]
Just right on,
just right on back down there.
- Um, the ad in the
paper said two bedrooms.
I only see one.
- Did it say two bedrooms?
Two bedrooms, that's funny.
The thing about that is I
have a very strange schedule.
I get ideas in the daytime.
I write at night and
I take real quick naps
on that over there and I get up
and I attack the desk.
And I never really made
it back to the bedroom
so I just figure someone
might as well use it.
- Yeah, and there's
only one bathroom.
- Mm, that's, mhmm.
The thing about that
is I only have a razor
and a toothbrush.
You have all that
space in there.
I'm, you know.
- Do you spend much
time at home?
- Yes, yes and no.
I write at home.
Then I do research.
So I'm not much inside.
You'll never, never,
- That looks good that
you spend time at home.
- [Patrick] Another thing,
I have lots of closet space.
- Is that your cat?
- The cat, that's Nathan.
Nathan is great.
[cat mewing]
Oh he's a great cat.
He's very talented, he
makes his own clothes.
If you've got a problem with it,
he's mostly an outside cat.
Sometimes he stays inside
but he hardly ever goes here.
- Is this an earthquake?
- No, it's not an earthquake.
It's a truck on the way
to the construction site
down the street.
It happens once a week
and they're almost finished so
it's really a very
quiet neighborhood.
- Well I grew up in LA
and I sort of always had
nightmares about big
earthquake in LA
just crumbling everything
into the ocean.
Um, how much did you say
it was a month?
- The price is 420 a month.
But if that is too much for you,
I can definitely work down.
- No, that's fine.
Unless you mind rooming
with a woman.
- Mind, of course not.
I mean, it's the 90s.
Everything is great.
People are people, you know?
When would you like to move in?
- Well my suitcase
is in the cab.
[typewriter clacking]
[whimsical music box music]
[alarm buzzing]
- Nathan, don't just sit there.
Set the table.
[cat mewing]
I hope you like
Chicken Highsmith.
It's an old family recipe.
Nathan, you okay?
- Yeah.
- Right.
How do you feel, you jetlagged?
- No, I'm fine.
Can I help?
- No, almost done.
- Well, I can make the salad.
I can't cook but I can cut.
- Have at it.
Oh, this has never been better.
This is perfect.
[leaves rustling]
- No, no please don't.
Okay, okay.
No, please don't.
- So did you show him the
house on moho?
- You know I did.
I took him straight
through in the room
and dropped his pants
and I fucked him
all afternoon, it was marvelous.
- Great, did you get
to tie him up
on the sectional at all?
- Actually did, I just
ripped of my pantyhose,
his legs on one end,
his arms at the other.
A fabulous afternoon.
- That's great, you
know I'm thinking maybe
I should show him the
house on Laurel.
- Oh, he'd love it.
That's the one with the pool?
- Yeah except you know what
you're gonna have to give me
that pimp leather corset back.
- [Woman] Oh I didn't
so much bob to use it
so much [mumbling]
- Listen, check it out.
I couldn't write this
kind of dialog if I tried.
I think we're gonna change
these two vampire lovers
and we're gonna turn them
into real estate psychos.
- Oh, that's great.
Wait, what?
- Patrick, what's the
matter with you?
You look like shit, what's up?
- I'm sorry I didn't get
much sleep last night.
I got a new roommate.
- So what, the guy snores
louder than you, what?
- No, it's a girl.
- It's a girl?
- Yeah, this is different.
- Different how,
different than who?
- Ellie, that's not what--
- No, how is she different?
What is she different
from, what does she do?
- I don't know, I
didn't ask her.
- Patrick, you take this
woman into your apartment
and don't even know
what she does?
What is the matter with you?
I know you only think
with your dick
but this is ridiculous.
Now you're too tired to write.
- Yeah?
- Patrick I want you,
I've always wanted you.
Take me right here,
right now on the table.
I'm waiting for you
baby, ooh baby, ooh baby.
- Great.
- What are you looking at?
- Her, it's her.
- How old is she, 12?
- Well she's really young.
- Yeah, how young,
jailbait young?
- Well she's old enough to
order a beer if she wants to.
This is really weird.
How did she get here so fast?
She was asleep when I left
the house this morning.
- Well maybe you woke her up
when you slammed the door.
- I did not slam the door.
- You always slam the door.
- I do not!
- You do too, it's all that
repressed anger you got
locked up inside of you.
I'm very concerned
about you Patrick,
you're a grown man who
never takes off his hat.
Maybe you should call Mikey.
Book an hour consultation
working on easy.
- Yeah, a lot of good
therapy did you, Ellie.
- Shut up.
- Calling your therapist
Mikey, that's pretty LA.
- Why don't you invite your
new chiquita banana to join us?
I'm sure she followed you here.
- She's not my girlfriend, okay
and I don't have any idea
why she followed me here.
But you know what, I
think I'm gonna ask her
before you and I descend
into our weekly fight
five days ahead of time.
- [Ellie] Jerk.
- Holly!
Hey we're in here.
Come on, come over
for breakfast.
Sorry I didn't think
of it before.
I didn't want to wake you up.
[tense music]
[breathing heavily]
- Uh huh.
So visiting hours are when?
Weekends and weekdays?
Yeah no, I know, I'm a relative.
So how's he doing?
Okay, all right.
Thank you very much, bye bye.
Hi, how are you?
- I've never seen this
place so clean
in my entire life, thank you.
Well, next week I'll do
the cleaning.
- Don't worry, you
don't have to.
I sort of like housework anyway.
And you're out of detergent.
- Oh, I've been
meaning to buy some.
You probably didn't hear me
when I called you, right?
- Called me when?
- Well about an hour ago.
I was over at Santa Monica
and King's road
having breakfast with a friend.
And I saw you across the
street and wanted you
to come join us.
- I haven't been on Santa
Monica Boulevard
and haven't left the
house all day.
- Huh.
That's weird.
My mistake, the girl I
saw looked just like you.
She had the same clothes
and everything.
- No, um.
No, it can't be.
- What look, sorry I got really
lousy eyesight, you know.
It's a writer's affliction.
Bad with people's names too.
Are you okay?
- Look, just don't touch me!
- All right, I didn't mean to.
Sorry I upset you.
- Look it's not your fault,
I have to call New York and
I'll pay for it, okay?
- No problem, no problem.
I'll just go, I'll let
you have some privacy.
I'll go buy some detergent.
- [Recording] This is Dr.
I'm unable to come to the
phone right now
but if you leave your
name and number
I will call you back as
soon as possible.
Thank you.
- Doctor Heller.
Hi, it's me Holly.
Listen, she's back.
She's back in LA.
I don't know what she wants now.
[typewriter clacking]
[tense music]
- Sorry I scared you.
- It's okay.
- What are you writing?
- I'm, it's the same screenplay.
I can't get it right.
I'm trying to write
Breakfast at Tiffany's
as a horror movie.
Probably not a good idea.
- Can I read some?
- If you wanna read
something decent,
that's pretty much it.
Page 39.
[light music]
I was still in college
and I entered
into a short story
competition, won first prize.
I thought it was gonna be
that easy from then on.
Thought I was the second
coming of Truman Capote.
- It's very good.
You're very talented.
It's very romantic.
- Well I'm sort of a
romantic guy.
- Listen I'm really sorry
that I yelled at you before.
Please say that you forgive me
because I can't handle
anybody being angry at me.
- I forgive you.
We all get that upset
from time to time.
This is an unsettling city.
I left St. Paul because I
thought the city was too subtle.
- Do you have a car?
- Yeah.
It's not a great car
but it's a car.
- Well, I'm gonna go see the
old house that I lived in
before I moved tomorrow
morning at 12.
And I'm meeting Mr.
Wallace there
who's our family lawyer.
An old friend of my father's.
And I was just wondering
if you'd drive me.
I mean I'd pay you
for your time.
That is if you have time.
- I will have time.
- Okay.
Well goodnight.
- Goodnight.
[speaking in foreign language]
- Hey, please.
The white ones bite.
Be careful.
Are the cops after you
or something?
- Why would you think that?
- I'm kidding.
- I get it, the cops.
Very funny.
[workers speaking in
foreign language]
[speaking in foreign language]
- What did you say?
- Holly, we should go.
We're gonna be late here.
Why don't you give
me your purse?
- Look, I am not a
piece of meat.
You wouldn't want someone
saying that to your sister
now would you?
- My sister wouldn't be dressed
like she was begging for this.
- Okay, I understand.
[car starting]
- You bitch, I'll kill you!
- I'd like to see you try it,
[tires screeching]
[car honking]
- Holly.
Well, how are you?
- Um, this is my friend
Patrick Highsmith.
This is Mr. Wallace.
- Nice to meet you.
What's with the Mr. Wallace?
Michael, right, just
like old times.
You know it's really
good to see you.
You've been getting your
monthly checks, right?
- Yeah.
- I was a little surprised
when you asked for the keys.
The house has been
sealed for four years now
and I thought that--
- I know, I just I really
wanted to have a look inside,
and look around.
- Okay, would you like
me to go in with you?
- No, thank you.
- Okay, then how about
dinner later tonight?
- Some other time.
- No problem.
You call, okay?
[airy music]
- Right out of a
Bette Davis movie.
Where do your parents live now?
- They're both dead.
- Sorry.
Does someone live here?
Caretaker or something?
- No, why?
- I thought I saw someone
in the window up there.
Need some help with that lock?
- No, you know what,
let's go back, seriously.
- [Patrick] Come on, we
just got here.
- I'm really hungry and
I really want to get
something to eat, so we'll go
wherever we can have a bite.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, come on Patrick,
let's go.
[creature growling]
[pigeons flapping]
[jazz music]
- Hey.
- [Holly] This wind
is incredible.
- Pretty spooky, huh?
Santa Anas always
makes me feel like
it's the end of the
world or something.
- I kind of like it.
It's very musical and exciting.
- Your nose is bleeding.
No, no, let me get that.
- No, no, no it's
just the dry air.
- Sorry, let me get
that for you.
- I'm really used to it.
It happens to me all the time.
People think blood is scary.
They just don't realize
it's a natural thing.
- Would you like some tea or,
- No thank you.
- You sure?
It's just the toast.
Would you like some
toast Highsmith?
- What is toast Highsmith?
- Oh it is mustard and
grape jelly on toast.
It is to die for.
- Listen.
I really wanna thank you
for giving me a ride today.
You're a good guy.
- Don't say that, please.
It ain't a thing.
- Okay, you're a good
writer and a good guy
and you're very kind.
- Not that kind, really.
[percussive jazz music]
[tense music]
[dramatic music]
[woman moaning]
[flies buzzing]
- Oh!
Gross, Nathan.
This is not a jungle,
I feed you enough food.
Ah, ow!
[music box playing]
Good morning.
- Morning.
- What are you doing?
- Just looking.
- Neat.
- Do you know what?
This thing is very
personal to me
and I never let anyone touch it.
My father gave it to me
when I was very little.
- Okay, no problem.
Who's he?
- My brother Fred.
He's cute, isn't he?
- Just like his sister?
- That's one of the
reasons I came out here
is to visit him.
- What happened to your hand?
- Oh, last night things
got a little out of hand,
no pun intended.
- What do you mean things
got out of hand?
- You know, last night,
we were great together,
I think that,
- What do you mean we were
great together?
We didn't do anything,
you and I.
[tense music]
- What are you talking about?
- Listen.
You and her can do all the
dirty things that you want to
but I don't wanna have
to hear about it, okay?
And don't confuse me with her.
She may look like me
but she's not me.
- Okay.
She looks like you but,
- She's my doppelganger.
Do you know what that is?
You don't believe me, do you?
You think I'm wacko.
Well I'm not.
You yourself said you
saw her yesterday twice.
You can ask Dr. Heller
'cause he believes me
and he's a psychiatrist.
He want to Yale medical school.
And if you just so happen
to see her again be careful.
'Cause she's very dangerous
and capable of anything.
So watch out.
- One of the vampire is
white and female.
The other vampire,
black and male.
Got an interracial buddy
cop vampire love story.
It's great.
- Ellie, do you
speak any German?
- Patrick, you know I do.
Patrick, do you even
remember anything about me?
- What does doppelganger mean?
- Patrick, it's a great idea.
Congratulations, you've had
your first good one of the year.
It's great, it's high concept.
We're gonna make a
cajillion dollars on this.
It's hip, it's now,
it's happening,
hang on a second, here we go.
Doppelganger, the ghostly
double of a living person
that haunts its flesh
and blood counterpart.
- Wait so this thing is a ghost?
- Kinda, sorta.
You know who knows about
this stuff, sister Jan.
You know that woman I
used to work for?
- Jan?
Oh wait that lady who runs
that phone sex operation?
Why would she know anything
about doppelgangers?
- Patrick, she used to be a nun.
She taught catholic school.
Why do you think they call
her Sister Jan?
- I don't know.
I thought it was some sort of
feminist endearment like dude.
- Patrick, that is so
incredibly not funny.
Come on, put some
words on paper.
We've been fucking around
with this idiotic story
for four months.
- Yeah maybe we're not
getting anywhere
because we don't have talent.
Maybe we suck, you know?
And that's a possibility.
Maybe we're just writing
another piece of crap
that's not gonna,
- Patrick, are you in love
with the psycho slut or what?
- [Patrick] Ah jeez, there
goes the neighborhood.
- Hey, Elizabeth!
- Hey, asshole!
Talk about psycho sluts.
- This babe is dying for it.
- Who's he pimping for now?
- That's Larry Spaulding.
Mr. Disease of the
Week big time.
That guy's richer than god,
- You know what Ellie, why
don't I leave you here alone?
- Sit down.
Don't you fucking dare,
I know you make a career
out of letting people down
but don't even think about it.
- Hi Rob!
- How you doing, Elizabeth?
- Good.
- You look fantastic.
- Oh really, this old thing,
thank you.
- I just told Larry what
a great writer you are.
- Really?
- You know he's having a party
down at the house tonight
and I was thinking that
you might want,
- Patrick and I
would love to go,
get friendly with the man
with the checkbook, thank you.
- You know I think you and
Larry'll get along beautifully.
- You know I don't know
that I feel--
- Oh shut up!
What time?
[tense music]
- Holly?
[eerie music]
[door creaking]
- No!
- [Patrick] No, please don't.
- What's wrong?
I'm sorry I scared you.
I know you're a little
jumpy with my situation.
But it's my problem and
it's something
I have to deal with.
I shouldn't have even told you.
Look, if you want me to just go,
why don't you just say so?
And I'll leave and you
can just keep the money
that I already paid you.
Are you hungry?
There's not really much
in the fridge.
But I could order out,
try the Chinese, my treat.
- No thanks, I'm not
very hungry.
I've got an awful headache.
I thought a nap might
make it go away.
- Sorry.
You know what, I have
prescription medicine.
It's real safe if you
wanna take some.
- No thanks, I'll be fine.
- Listen, can I ask you
a favor as a friend?
We're friends, aren't we?
- Sure, we're friends.
- Um, listen I wanna
go see my brother Fred
tomorrow at the Institute.
I haven't seen him in
four years and
I would really like it if
you would come with me.
He is in a mental institution
and I'm a little scared
of these places.
- Tomorrow.
I've got a meeting.
- Please, I'll pay you.
It would just really
mean a lot to me.
- I'm, I guess I can
always cancel the meeting.
I'll go with you, no charge.
- Great.
And I'm still gonna pay for gas,
- Yeah, whatever.
I'm gonna be late, I
gotta jump in the shower.
- Where are you going?
- I have to go to this party.
It's a producer's party.
It's gonna be really dull.
I sort of have to go though.
- What time you going?
- Nine.
Would you like to go?
[dance music]
- I read the script, I love it.
- And my career, and
actually Patrick and I
have a script that we would
love to talk to you about.
- Oh yeah, I really don't like
to talk business at a party
but if you are
interested in art,
my most valued pieces
are on the second floor
in the master bedroom.
And if you like, I won't bite.
I mean not hard.
- Oh look, there's Patrick.
Excuse me one moment,
won't you Larry?
Thank you, excuse me.
- Would you like some caviar?
- No, I'm okay.
- Yeah I didn't think so.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, Elizabeth, this is Holly.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Nice crowd.
I feel like peeing in
the punch bowl.
- Patrick, disgusting.
- Sorry.
- Elizabeth!
Hey, my god you're like
a playmate or something.
- Oh thank you.
- You look fantastic.
- Really, great.
- How you doing, Patrick?
- Pretty good.
- Shouldn't you and your
girlfriend be dancing or
- She's not my girlfriend.
- Roommate.
- Her roommate.
Holly, this is Rob.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
Nice roommate there, partner.
- Hey thank you.
- Now if you'll excuse me.
Listen, Ellie, I think that
Larry's got a thing for you
over there and I don't mean
any pressure or anything
but I really think you
should get to know him
a little bit better 'cause
I think it could be very,
- Sleazy, like you?
Excuse me, won't you Rob?
Patrick why don't you and
I dance, how about it?
- I'll dance with you, come on.
- I'll dance with you
if you promise
not to lay a hand on me or
I'll break your face in.
- Ellie, please come on.
The roommate might get the
wrong idea about me, come on.
- Single network, you.
- You know I don't get
the infatuation you have
with that guy.
He's a nobody.
He's boring.
His roommate's boring.
His fucking dog's boring.
- Cat actually.
And if you don't take
your hand off my twat
I'm gonna snap it, off, pal.
All right?
Thank you.
- She's very nice, Elizabeth.
- Yeah, she's great,
good friend.
- This is fun.
[R&B music]
- [Woman] Ooh I love this music
- [Woman] Oh, me too.
Touch me
Touch me
I am free
Free to feel
- Do you think that we
should dance?
- I don't really dance much.
Just watch.
- No, come on.
- Okay, one dance, that's it.
Girl how could I
ever let you go
Caught up in sweet surrender
You know I'm gonna
love you head to toe
Touch me
Touch me
Two anxious souls entwined
Fixed things like
time beyond
- I'm just gonna get a drink,
Now as we join our bodies
As we bring skin to skin
- Oh, ah how about.
Take me from my senses
You bring me to my knees
I toss and turn with fever
Such a sweet disease
- Smoke?
- No thanks.
- Great dancer.
Sensual evening
Darling you're here and now
I'll bring you
through the fire
Till every fear is gone
- Is that your girlfriend?
- No, she's more sort of,
she's a roommate.
- Oh, lucky guy.
I'm Richard Wolf, how do you do?
- Pleasure, Highsmith.
- Highsmith, you're kidding,
the writer?
- The writer?
How did you know I was a writer?
- Oh I'm a producer and I got
a picture that's about to go
and I need to rewrite.
A friend of yours gave
me your name.
- Oh really?
Who's the friend?
- You know what,
here's my number.
I want you to give me a
call, okay, here it is.
Now give me a call, I want
to talk to you.
- Who's the friend that?
- [Man] She's fine huh?
- [Man] Yeah I guess so.
Oh see what I could
do with that.
- [Man] Yeah, me too.
Hey, anybody know her name?
- Holy shit, Larry.
Look at the roommate.
- Oh!
- What's going on?
Holly, you okay?
- I don't feel so well.
- You all right?
Okay, all right.
- [Man] Someone's got
wine all over.
- Just set here.
Cool, seems like a nice place,
- It's a little hard.
We were really close
before the killing.
- Who did he kill?
- I don't think he did it.
I mean I know he didn't do it.
He just, he wouldn't.
- Who's he accused of killing?
- My father.
- Whoah.
- But he stayed in LA
because we grew up here.
And some family.
Sometimes I think there's
a little family curse.
- Why do they think Fred did it?
How did it happen?
- I don't know why.
One night I was up in my bedroom
and I heard Fred and my
father arguing.
And I came down and my
father hit Fred.
My father was very strict.
And I knew that it wasn't Fred.
I knew that it was
the other one.
Anyway he pushed my father
out the window, and,
my house is on a hill and
he rolled down
and they never found the body,
just blood.
- How old was Fred when
this happened?
- I was 14 so he was 11.
- An 11 year old boy
threw a grown man
out of a window?
- Looks strange, doesn't it?
- Yeah.
- I knew that it wasn't him.
But I didn't know about the
doppelgangers at that time.
I told my mother and the
police everything that I saw,
at least that I thought I saw.
But Fred, he knows.
- He knows what?
[light music]
- Fred?
It's me, Holly.
Is he doing okay?
- He hadn't talked in
four years, so who knows?
- Look, I gotta use a telephone.
Could you show me where
the phone is?
We could leave them
alone together.
- No, I don't know.
No, no, we're not supposed to.
- I'll be fine.
- Let's go.
- All right, I'll give
you 10 minutes alone.
If anything goes wrong, you
hit that button on the right.
- Nothing will go wrong.
- Thanks.
- I know it wasn't you.
I know about the other.
Please talk to me.
The same thing is
happening to me.
- [Stanley] Mr. Highsmith,
this is Stanley White,
your new neighbor.
I just moved in today
to apartment six
and UPS left a package
here for you.
I'll be home all evening,
come anytime.
[cat mewing]
- A package for me?
Holly, I'm gonna go over
to apartment six
and pick something up.
I'll be right back, all right?
- Did that guy Wolfman
ever call you?
- No, he didn't, Richard Wolf.
Maybe he sent that
screenplay over.
I'll be right back.
[kids shouting in background]
- Uh, Mr. White, hi,
I'm Patrick Highsmith.
[ominous music]
- My name is Stanley White.
I'm a special agent
with the Federal Bureau
of Investigation.
- The FBI, what do you want?
- Is Holly Gooding
living with you?
- Yes, she's living with me.
She's a roommate, a tenant.
I'm running a, running a,
oh that's illegal.
Wait, can we work something out?
- Are you doing her?
- What?
- Are you fucking her?!
- That's a little
personal, don't you think?
- Maybe it is.
Did you realize of course
that your girlfriend
is the prime suspect in
the murder of her mother?
- The murder of her mother?
- About six months
ago in New York.
People saw her enter
the building,
go up in the elevator and
knock on her mother's door.
A little later, her
mother was dead.
There was no one else
in the apartment
except the two of them.
That's an open and shut case,
She came up with some weird
mumbo jumbo bullshit alibi
and got off.
Now we know she did it
but she walked.
- Look, I don't know
anything about this.
I'm just gonna go.
- [Stanley] I'm not finished,
- All right.
- Did she say anything that
might indicate why she's here?
Anything at all?
- Uh, she's a,
she's here she said to put
her family's estate in order
and also she's here for
her brother Fred.
- Oh we know, he's crazy.
So now she's after him?
- Wait a minute.
She's after her brother?
- See the father left
a trust fund
paying equal monthly
checks to the mother,
the son and the daughter.
If only one relation survives,
the winner takes all.
We're talking big bucks
here, six seven million.
- Holy shit.
- So now that the mother
is gone, we think,
no we know she's
after the brother.
She didn't make you and
offers did she?
- What do you mean offers?
- You know, a deal.
You scratch my back, I'll
lick your balls.
You know.
- No she did not.
- You're not even
thinking about holding out
on me, are you?
'Cause anything happens
to the brother
and you are first in
line as an accomplice.
- You know, this is bullshit.
I know she loves her brother.
I was there with her today.
She had not seen him
in four years.
Nobody's that good
of an actress.
- No, but she is crazy too.
Or to be more precise,
she is suffering
from this multiple
personality thing.
She can be different
people at different times.
Trust me, she has killed before
and she will kill again.
- What am I supposed to do?
What do you want me to do?
- Well I'm not allowed
to give you legal advice
but if I were you I would get
the fuck away from her, fast.
[firecrackers popping]
[kids chattering]
- Do you want some more bread?
- No, I'm fine.
- Tell me you don't like it,
I can take it.
- No, it's good.
I'm just, on second thought
I will have another piece.
The piece on the end, thanks.
- Are you sure nothing
else is wrong?
Something seems like
it's worrying you.
- No, I'm just, I'm,
I'm upset that the
producer didn't call, so.
- Don't worry, he'll call.
You gotta have faith
in yourself.
Specially when you're down.
Even if other people
look down on you.
You're good Patrick,
you're good.
And if you're good you
gotta always remember
to never blame yourself for
misfortunes that come your way.
- Did you blame yourself
when your parents died?
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to upset you.
- It's okay, you didn't.
In answer to your question.
Yes I did blame myself
when my father died.
And then my mother and
I moved to New York.
And that's when I
started seeing Dr. Heller
because I needed the help.
And then when she died,
I felt guilty again.
But I knew I was good.
And I wasn't to blame.
- How did your mother die?
- She was murdered.
- Did they, uh
catch who did it?
- No.
Do you know who the
prime suspect was?
They thought I killed
my own mother.
- Well, I'm full.
You know what, you've
had a rough day.
I think I'm gonna
spend the night
at a friend's tonight.
- No wait, Patrick.
Don't go, please.
- There's a lot of
things going on
I don't know anything about,
I can't help you.
- You are helping me, thank you.
- Don't thank me,
just let me go.
- No, please stay with me
and be with me.
- No, no, no, you don't think,
this is not a good idea.
You're under a lot of strain.
You'll just say it wasn't
you in the morning.
- I won't.
I feel really comfortable
with you and I want this.
- [Patrick] Holly, I
really like you.
- [Holly] I like you too.
[music box music]
- Agh!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
What are you doing?
- Looking at you.
- Thinking about what?
- Last night.
- Are you okay about last night?
- Last night was great.
- Really?
It was you and me, right?
- Mhmm.
- Coming.
Who is it?
- It's the gas man.
Hi, one of your neighbors
reported a leak.
We're just taking precautions.
Do you mind if I check
your kitchen?
- Uh, not at all, it's
right in there.
- Great, thanks.
- It's in there somewhere.
- I'll let myself out.
- All right.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
- [Man] Is Patrick
Highsmith there?
- Yes, this is Patrick.
- [Man] Yeah, this is
Richard Wolf.
- Mr. Wolf!
It's the, yeah, Richard,
how are you?
Uh huh.
- [Richard] Listen, I
wanna meet you somewhere.
I fired this writer and I
need a rewrite.
Hey, you can start right away
as soon as we hammer out
the storyboards,
is that okay?
- Well that's great, great.
- [Richard] Acceptable?
- I mean I'm sorry for
the other guy.
Where would you like to meet?
- [Richard] Anywhere,
you name it.
- Uh let's see, Cafe Victor's,
do you know where that is?
- [Richard] Oh yeah, I had
breakfast there last week.
Shall we say 10?
I'll be a little late but
wait for me, will you kid?
- 10 o'clock, sure thing.
Oh, something else.
I work with a writing partner.
She's very good.
Can I bring her along?
Ellie, you've not said a
word for the past 30 seconds.
- Really?
- Really.
New record for you, I've
been timing you.
You want me to put the
top up, are you cold?
- No, I'm fine.
- All right.
[ominous music]
- Hello, my name is
Holly Gooding.
My brother Fred is a
patient here
and I need to see him
for a second.
I'm leaving for New York in
the morning at seven o'clock.
- I'm sorry Miss,
it's impossible.
Visiting hours are--
- [Holly] I know when
visiting hours are
but I really need to see him.
It's important.
- I'm sorry miss, I can't.
Put your money away,
Miss Gooding.
You'll have to come
back tomorrow.
- I see.
Well, at least I know Fred
is in good hands, thank you.
[machine whirring]
[tense music]
- It's time for my rounds.
I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Would you watch the
phones for me please?
- Okay.
- Thanks.
[tense music]
- [Fred] No, hey!
[Fred screaming]
- Oh my god, why'd she do this?
[alarm sounding]
Call the police right away!
- This is someone's
idea of a joke,
it's not funny.
- Wait, did anyone call for me?
A Patrick Highsmith.
- I don't think so,
let me check.
- Thanks.
- Patrick, are you sure
you told this guy
the right place and
the right time?
- I am sure, I'm sure.
I don't go around
imagining things.
- No, I know you don't
because you're mister reliable
and mister responsibility
but maybe you talked to
your evil twin Skippy
or your doppelganger
double twin thing.
- I'm sorry, nobody
called for you.
[police radio chatter]
[tense music]
- Hold it there.
- I live here.
Patrick Highsmith.
- Come in.
- Wait, wait.
- I live here.
- Sir, you can't go in there.
- [Holly] Let go of me!
I didn't do it, take you
hands off of me
- [Woman] Settle down.
- I didn't do it!
- What's going on in here?
- Who the hell are you?
- [Holly] I didn't do it!
- Patrick Highsmith,
I happen to live here.
- Well I'm Detective Pouget
from the homicide division.
I'm in charge of this.
I need you to answer some
questions if you don't mind.
- Stop, let go of me!
- What's going on,
what happened?
- Fred Gooding, brother
of Miss Gooding here
was knifed by Miss Gooding.
Look, if you're too
upset to talk to me now
you can come to my office.
- Patrick, tell them
that it wasn't me.
- What are you guys
gonna do to her?
- Calm down.
- There's no way she could
have attacked her brother!
[siren blaring]
- Where are you taking me?
What do you want?
Daddy, no.
This can't be.
Daddy, don't.
Please don't hurt me.
- Holly.
Wake up.
You're dreaming.
It's me, Dr. Heller.
I flew out as soon as Mr.
Wallace called.
You're gonna be okay.
- And Fred?
- Fred is all right, he's
going to pull through.
I just spoke to the
chief surgeon.
The knife didn't
lacerate any arteries.
- I didn't do it.
I swear I didn't do it.
- I know you didn't.
- It's her.
I'm gonna stop her.
I'm gonna stop her even
if I have to kill her.
- Holly, you just need to
get some rest.
- Dr. Heller?
- You should go away.
- There's this guy here,
a Patrick Highsmith.
He brought her clothes.
- [Man] He should be arrested.
- You must be Patrick.
Joshua Heller, Holly's doctor.
- So the police
think she did it.
- Yes they do.
But they don't really
have a case.
There are no witnesses
and at this point it's all
circumstantial evidence.
Now I spoke with the
family lawyer.
And he believes that
Holly will be released
within the next couple of days.
- Well so, what do you,
- [Man] Hold him down,
hold him down!
- Well what do you think?
Could this be a,
- A doppelganger?
- Yeah, I mean she
said you told her
these things actually exist.
- Patrick, you've been a
very good friend to Holly.
And I'm sure that you
feel for her.
But you have to understand
the extraordinary
situation you've stumbled into.
Most people don't
understand MPDs.
Multiple Personality Disorders.
But they serve as a kind
of safety valve.
An escape hatch.
A way of dealing with a
very ugly reality.
Hey, would you like some coffee?
- Yeah, please.
- But the interesting
thing about people
suffering from MPD is,
is that they tap into
the deepest,
darkest, most primal
regions of the mind.
Fear, anger, hatred.
- No, sugar.
- So what's what?
- I don't know.
They think she did it.
- Of course she did, what
are you, stupid?
- Look, they haven't
found the saw or weapon.
There's nothing conclusive
except for a nurse
and a guard who saw a
girl with a car
but she kind of looked like her.
- Please, Patrick,
give me a break.
- But you know what the
strange thing is?
You know this Agent
White guy, the FBI guy?
I figure since she was running
the surveillance on Holly,
he would know when and
if she left the building.
- But what?
- The homicide lady
called the LA field office
and the FBI said there is
no Agent White.
They have no FBI
involvement at all.
- So who the fuck is
this guy White?
[thunder rumbling]
- [Patrick] Ellie?
- [Ellie] Yes?
- You still have that baseball
bat you keep in the car?
- Girl's best friend?
- Yeah.
- [Ellie] Yeah, why?
- I think it's time we paid
Mr. White a little visit.
- Good boy, let's go.
[tense music]
What's the matter,
chickening out, Highsmith?
- No I was just,
- Come on. [clucking]
All right, so where we going?
- There.
I'm right behind you.
Mr. White?
- Avon calling, Mr. White.
It's open.
[tense music]
Are you coming or what?
- Coming.
- Ugh.
I think we're talking the
garden variety
peeping tom, that's all.
Hey hello?
Anybody here 'cause I have
a very big bat in my hands!
- Agh!
You know I feel kind of funny
just running away like this.
Not saying goodbye or anything.
- You're not running away,
Just protecting yourself.
Doing the right thing.
You know I hope your mom
kept your winter clothes.
You're gonna need them
when you go back east,
it's gonna be cold.
[tense music]
- Hmm.
- Patrick, check it out.
- Wait a minute.
- No, no, no, give it a rest,
we are calling the cops.
- Hold on, this was not
here last night.
- What do you mean hold on?
I'm holding a knife
with blood on it!
We are calling the cops.
Who is it?
What are you doing?
- This is my problem
and my decision.
You let me make it, okay?
- Yeah, your funeral, asshole.
Patrick, company.
Out on bail?
- I hope you're not
leaving on my account.
- No, no, it's health reasons.
Pollution and such.
Patrick, I think we should
go visit your sick cousin
now before it's too late.
- We're not staying.
We just came to pick up
the rest of Holly's things.
- If you don't mind I'd
like to keep the apartment.
- Sure.
- Holly, this is a big mistake.
We talked about
returning to New York,
returning to therapy.
- No.
- You're too vulnerable
to be out on your own.
- Look, she's gonna come
back and she's gonna try
and kill Fred.
I can't let her do that.
- Patrick, we good,
you're gonna miss your flight.
- Holly please.
You know I have your
best interests at heart.
You cannot handle this
situation by yourself.
- Like hell I can't!
You don't own me, you're
not my father.
- I never said I was, Holly.
Fine, don't forget
your situation.
Uh, it was nice to meet you,
- Likewise.
- You have my number in New
York in case you need me.
- Patrick?
Let's give Holly here
some privacy, shall we?
Get my coat and let's
take a walk.
- Don't worry, I'll be fine.
- You know, I,
- Don't even think about
it Patrick, I swear.
- Ellie, you know she
didn't hang Nathan.
This knife was not
there last night.
You should have seen
it, she's being set up!
- Hey Mr. Dick Tracy, why
don't you let the cops
do their job?
- Because she's as
good as nailed
if I make any call!
- So what?
- So what, so,
I believe you.
I don't think you attacked Fred.
Listen, you want to
try to beat this thing.
I'm gonna help you.
- Why?
- You know, since I was
in elementary school
I've never gotten into fights.
I was a chicken, you know.
Really chicken Highsmith.
I don't wanna be
chicken anymore.
I always admired
people who stood up
for what they believed in.
And people who chose
faith over fear.
That's not what this is about.
[light music]
That's weird.
- What's weird?
- No, nothing, come on.
[tense music]
- Oh, you have a picture
of your father, right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I always carry it
around with me.
- Can I see?
- No, no, no, you're wrong.
It's her, it's the doppelganger.
A woman killed my mother
and the people that lived
in the building next door
said they saw me, not my father.
- Okay, all right, all right.
It's okay, it's okay,
I believe you.
- It's 8:30 in the morning.
It's practically nighttime.
Who is it?!
- [Patrick] It's me, open up!
- Patrick?
Oh, check it out,
Bonnie and Clyde.
Wait a moment, I'll go get
the silverware.
- All right, buddy.
I really need to ask
for two favors.
- Two favors?
You need to ask me two favors?
Let me tell you something
Patrick Highsmith.
I've been doing you
nothing but fucking favors
for the last six months.
I've been waiting for
you alone like a dog.
I've been suffering.
I'm stuck with this major
boner for you,
I've been hoping we get
back together again.
You've been totally ignoring
my fucking feelings.
Now you're barging in with
this homicidal debutante
Snow White here.
- Would you watch your mouth,
- Watch your dick, pinhead.
It's terminally lodged
in your brains.
And another thing, dog boy,
you think you and
Jaqcueline the Ripper
can crash here before you
make a run for the border,
you got another thing coming,
- Oh, good morning
there Patrick.
Good morning there
Miss roommate.
- Gooding.
- So what was that
you were saying
about six months of suffering?
- Okay, so I'm a slut,
you're a slut.
Who wants coffee?
- Can I speak to you
alone please?
- Yes, please.
- Be right back.
Morning, sir.
Ah I see you've
painted the kitchen.
- My god, you're a
handsome woman, you know.
You like quiche?
- So what's the favor, prick?
- The first thing is,
you know that woman you
used to work for,
the phone sex nun?
- Sister Jan, yeah?
- Yeah, whatever.
I need to talk to her.
- Oh great, so now I'm
your social secretary.
I'm booking your
appointments too.
Terrific, okay.
Second favor?
- I'd like Holly to
stay with you.
- Oh no, god, please.
- Just a couple hours.
- Spare some change?
- Yes, I'm a Davis showgirl.
And I do remember noticing
you at one of the shows.
[phone ringing]
Me too.
I felt the
attraction right away.
I'm totally turned on
just thinking about that.
- Excuse me, my name is Patrick,
I'm here to see Sister Jan.
- Yes, I am touching myself
and I'm totally naked.
I haven't got a stitch on.
- I'm sorry sir, your
credit card's invalid.
Yes I'm sorry, thanks
for calling.
- Hi, I'm Patrick, a
friend of Ellie to see you.
- Yes, she called.
I can't spend much time, sorry.
Ellie said you wanted to
ask me about doppelgangers.
What is it you want to know?
- Is this doppelganger
thing real or is this
just some sort of
schizophrenic condition?
- In nature, every
element is dual.
Every entity has an
opposite which is
comprised of exactly the
same elements as the entity.
Think about it.
Every day has a night.
Males, females.
Good has evil.
[phone ringing]
Intimate Strangers, how
may I help you?
- [Man] Jonathan Brothers,
- Ah Mr. Brothers.
Roxy will be right with you.
No problem.
We have your credit card
number on file.
Have you met your doppelganger?
- No, no, no, I'm not
asking for me.
It's for a friend.
It's a woman.
Now if this thing is true,
where did it come from?
Why is it here?
What does it want?
- Why, where, what.
Let's say the where I
have no idea.
There's a theory, you
can take it or leave it.
The doppelgangers exist
in a limbo state
between our world of the living
and the world of the dead.
Does that make them the
walking dead, maybe.
The why and the what,
it's probably forced out
by some kind of trauma.
It just wants to survive
like any other entity.
It's very suspicious like
an animal in the jungle.
Totally instinctive,
totally unreasonable.
See, once you split, once
there are two of you,
the doppelganger doesn't
want to reunite.
It enjoys its freedom.
It will do anything
to defend it.
- So what can we do
to reunite it?
- Love.
The best side of man's soul.
You reunite the two halves
by calming the doppelganger,
by pacifying it.
It will do anything
to avoid love.
Keeps trying to scare love away.
Drive it off.
But ultimately love
does the trick.
Love allows both halves
to coexist peacefully.
[phone ringing]
Intimate Strangers, how
may I help you?
- [Man] You still
have a special?
- [Jan] Your credit card please.
- [Man] Uh huh.
It's 473,
[tense music]
- Um, I gotta go.
Thank you.
[dramatic music]
Who are you?
- Did you paint this?
- That Holly is from
my blue period
also known as my
bullshit period.
- Do you believe in angels?
I do.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [Patrick] Ellie, it's me.
- Yeah hi Patrick.
- [Patrick] Is Holly there?
- Yeah, she's here.
No, she's fine.
- I wanna talk to him.
- No, I don't need to
talk to her.
Just keep her there, okay Ellie?
Right, no, I can't talk.
I can't, no, I can't talk,
I can't talk.
[tense music]
What the hell?
[tense music]
- Spare a smoke?
- No, I don't smoke.
Did you happen to see a woman
that walked through here
a couple minutes ago?
Yeah, great.
[ominous music]
This is him!
I mean it's gotta be him.
It's the same face, same scars.
- Patrick, hold up here,
hang on a second.
Somebody attacked you,
all right?
You should call the police,
- Yeah, and tell them what?
That a dead man attacked me?
They'll give me a room
right next to Fred's.
- I don't get it, Patrick.
Why, is sex that good?
Okay, so why don't you
guys just go someplace?
I can't believe I'm saying this.
Patrick, you're not
the hero type.
Listen to me, what are
you gonna do?
Duke it out with her dead dad?
Play exorcist, what?
[phone ringing]
- I'll get it.
- [Woman] Is Holly
Gooding there?
- Yes she is.
- [Woman] Can I talk
to her please?
- Just a minute.
It's for you.
It's not Doctor Heller.
It's a woman.
- It's her.
What do you want?
- [Woman] I wanna talk to you.
I wanna see you.
- Where?
- [Woman] At home.
You remember home.
Tonight, midnight.
I will not harm you.
But if your friend
comes with you,
I will harm him.
- No I will come alone.
- You are not going
anywhere alone.
- Patrick, please.
I'm really tired.
And I don't want anyone else
getting hurt especially you.
So please just give me
the car keys.
This has gotta stop, okay?
- I'm stuck in a
fricking nightmare.
- Well I'm glad to hear you
say you're stuck, Patrick
'cause for a second there I
thought you were gonna suggest
that we follow Elvira.
No, no, no.
- Come on, we're gonna lose her.
We're gonna lose her.
She's changing lanes,
she's changing lanes,
- Don't tell me how to drive.
I hate it when you do that.
I see she's changing lanes.
What do you think, I'm blind?
You did some stupid things
in your life, Patrick
but this is Guinness book
of World Records stupid.
Very, very stupid.
- Watch the road.
- Excuse me!
[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music]
[thunder clapping]
[eerie music]
- You coming?
- Fuck no.
Patrick, this is dangerous.
You want to make a big
mistake like this
you do it on your own.
- Okay, you call the
police and tell them,
tell them, uh, make up a story.
- [Ellie] Careful, you idiot!
[thunder rumbling]
[eerie music]
[tense music]
- [Gas Man] One of your
neighbors reported a leak.
We're just taking precautions.
- [Woman] Hello, my name
is Holly Gooding.
- [Stanley] My name is Stanley
White, I'm a special agent
with the Federal Bureau
of Investigation.
- [Richard] I'm Richard
Wolf, how do you do?
[tense music]
- Ow!
[ominous music]
- This thing wouldn't
have been necessary
if these people were
more fucking reasonable!
- Why are you doing this?
- Why am I doing this?
Why am I gonna slice your throat
you mean, fucking moron?
Because Holly is the most
beautiful thing in the world
and she is mine!
And she is gonna stay mine!
Even if it means getting
her locked away for good.
I got a room all picked out.
She'll get arrested
for your murder.
Plead insanity.
And that will be that.
Shit happens, she
killed her mother.
But the legal system in this
country is terminally fucked.
Which is why I had to go through
this laborious masquerade.
But this is too fucking
precious. [laughing]
You actually bought into
this doppelganger bullshit.
- Why would she kill her mother?
- She did it because
I told her to.
At first I saw Holly only
And then well, unprofessionally
for several years.
When I found out her mother
was looting her trust fund
and planning to kill her,
I told Holly's other personality
she had to defend herself
which she proceeded to do in
her own unique uninhibited way.
She's not aware consciously
which is how her father
got away with doing
his business with her.
Anyway, one day brother
Freddy walked into her
and her old man.
The father chased after
the little boy.
Somehow Freddy managed
to trip him up,
send him flying
through the window.
Holly saw the whole thing.
She even framed Freddy.
But then again, you know
how little girls feel
about their daddies.
I'm really not gonna
enjoy killing you.
- Please, wait.
- No, Patrick, it's time!
[lights zapping]
[dramatic music]
[ominous music]
[monster growling]
What do you want?
What do you want?
- Want it!
- Oh no!
[ominous music]
[monster mumbling]
[dramatic music]
[woman groaning]
- Holly?
[sirens sounding in background]
[holly groaning]
Oh god.
Oh no, please don't.
- Police!
Move, move, move!
- No!
Please don't.
Call an ambulance!
- [Cop] Check on the hall.
Got somebody down?
- Please.
- Oh my god.
- Let us pray.
Oh lord, we implore you
in your fatherly love
have mercy on us so with
your servant Holly Gooding.
And grant that freed from
the stains of her mortal life
she may receive her inheritance
of eternal salvation.
Through Christ our lord, amen.
[somber music]
- Patrick?
- I'm gonna stay here
for a second.
[ominous music]
[tense music]
[Holly groaning]
[somber music]
[whimsical music box music]
[somber music]
- [Man] Holly.
[dramatic music]
[somber music]
[light piano music]
[R&B music]
Touch me
Yeah yeah yeah
Touch me
Two anxious souls entwined
Through space and
time beyond
We always aimed at
We form a lovers bond
Now as we join our bodies
As we bring skin to skin
We only touch the surface
The souls that lock within
Take me from my senses
You bring me to my knees
I toss and turn with fever
Such a sweet disease
I'm incomplete without you
A lost and lonely soul
Your touch alone can save me
Your love can make me whole
Sentimental lady
Don't leave me here alone
I'll bring you
through the fire
Till every fear is gone
How could I ever leave you
When you're the reason why
Locked in this
passion sweetly
This love is do or die
Such sensual passion
Animal satisfaction
Love unknown
You make me your possession
Come into sweet
obsession baby
Baby, baby, baby
I'm yours