Dor (2006) Movie Script

I've been waiting
with my arms outstretched
Lo! My prayers are answered
I've got my wish
This prayer of yours
shall not be answered
Every thing happens in its own pace
and place. And right now,
I have to fix this house,
else, there'll be a disaster
Get down.
- What are you doing?
Marry me
- You will belong to me
I belong to you.
- For ever, I mean
Scared that I may stray?
- And you feel that social practice...
is stronger than my will?
Zeenat, my strong lady love,
you can consider it...
my weakness, or apprehensiveness.
In fact, I'm tired of this hide-n-seek
I know that I was scared
of the world, not you
But I've had enough.
I'm going to Saudi tomorrow
Marry me
Now? Right here?
Right time, right place
Hear ye all
The emperor is coming
After he's gone,
you will also go with us to the temple
It's beautiful.
- I will, uncle
May the Goddess protect you
on your journey
Where's my yoghurt shake?
Do I ever get it without asking?
I'll get it
Don't spoil her!
Henpecked husband
I'll miss you a lot
Only a matter of few months
Come back soon.
- Before I get over the memories?
These are unforgettable memories
I, Amir Khan, wish to marry you,
Zeenat Fatima
In mehr, I give you these earrings...
and my heart
I, Zeenat Fatima, approve of you
In mehr, I accept your earrings,
your heart,
your life and soul
My life, my soul
Don't weep. Don't make my journey
more difficult
I'm in pain, it's my choice
Do you know what I prayed for?
May this sun never set,
may this day never end
True. How do you know?
I can read your mind
What am I thinking of now?
Not here
At least write once a month.
Make our village proud
Bring glory to our country.
- I will, father
My respects.
- Bless you
Take care of yourself.
- And do write
And the money you will send,
don't send it by post
And eat well.
- I will
It contains food. Careful
Would you leave without
accepting our farewell, son?
You leave me with no choice
You should've at least asked us
before marrying, Amir
In getting your approval,
I lost two years, mother
Come here
Salaam Aleikom
Father, mother... this is Zeenat
Your daughter-in-law
You can accept this fact,
you can even hate it
As you know, she'll accept
any of your choices
We know
Then let's hear your decision.
- What's this hurry about?
Father, it's simple. Yes, or no
That's it. You'll hear of me
only when I return
Only Zeenat will get my letters
and phonecalls
Don't be so unsympathetic, son.
- Mother, have you ever realised...
how harsh you've been with me?
Take care of yourself
Write as soon as you reach
My last tears. I won't shed a tear
until you return
I used to wonder
why God created you
But now I just thank Him
everytime I breathe
O my poet, do write those words again
in your letters
lmagine me in it
Will you take care of me?
Got the Sim card?
Turn this way,
or, you'll lose the network
- All right
- Hello, my love
How are you?
- First-class. And you?
I'm fine
I hope you are eating well?
- Will you ask me every month?
I just want to hear your voice
The voice of my freedom.
- What then happens of me?
I'm stuck between the earth and
the sun. You must feel the same
But please, go on speaking
Time up
Take my name
Is he coming towards you?
My name!
- Meera
Thanks. I'll call you next month
Take care of yourself
You still had ten seconds...
to say a few more things
Do drop in. Else, my business
will be ruined
How many months more?
About four months
In few months, we'll get possession
of the mansion of our ancestors
Our honour will also be restored
I had let it out
with a heavy heart
A man's honour is seriously attached
to his family and house
And the happiness that is
around us today, is thanks to you
What have I done?
It's your son who is earning
My son!
In the last 5 years
we couldn't repay...
what he has repaid
in just six months
True. But, it's thanks to
the Goddess of Wealth
Before marriage, your darling son
was a wastrel
- Assalam
why don't you employ someone?
I have told you several times
Old bones need some help
I can't believe how we made a mistake
in recognising you
Never mind, father. Even I thought
the two of you were quite touchy,
miserly, obstinate and high-handed
Why don't you keep some money?
- My salary is enough for me
You know that you
also have a right to it
Yes. But I'm not in need
Goodbye. God be with you.
- God be with you too
That will be mine and Shankar's room
Whose room will that one be?
- Raj
And that one will be
my mother-in-law's
And this one?
- For you
"My beautiful..."
"come to me"
"to my land"
Your name is not here.
I'm surprised too
Brother hasn't ever been careless
I'll pay you next month.
Do you trust me?
I do trust...
- Then?
Just one minute
All right
I'm Meera here
Can I speak to Shankar Singh?
It's mine
Who's speaking?
It's okay, tell me
Amir has been arrested
on charges of murder
He's been given the capital punishment
I think we must consult Akbar
Holy Priest, show us a way out
Trust Allah.
You must visit a mosque...
and make an offering
Are you Amir Khan's father?
- Yes
I'm Natarajan, I come from the
Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi
Even we have no clue
All we know is that Amir and
his roommate Shankar had a brawl
Shankar fell from the balcony.
Perhaps Amir pushed him
They lived on the tenth floor.
- Amir had told me about Shankar
They got along very well.
- Correct
Their neighbours too confirm that.
- Then this is certainly an accident
I too feel the same. I somehow managed
to have a word with Amir last week
He too said the same.
- We can have him released, can't we?
Please tell the police,
he is innocent...
Not that easy. There's no witness
We just have Amir's statement
Amir is a trucker, and...
- His life is not worth a deal, right?
Ma'am, such news is normally
given by the local police
But, I have personally come here,
on leave
Thank you for
the trouble you've taken
Can I talk to Amir?
We don't even know
where he is being held
The punishment will be carried out
in two months
In two months?
Look, I don't intend
to enliven your hopes
But perhaps, there is a way
As per Saudi law. If the widow
forgives her husband's killer...
if Shankar's wife signs
Amir's mercy petition...
Amir can be saved
Thank God. We'll send
these documents at once
The problem is, we have no idea
where she lives
Shankar was from Rajasthan, but
the address in his passport is fake
This practice is quite common. We are
investigating, but it'll take time
Our government is discussing it
with the Saudi government
Will take time?
I don't understand this
You are well-versed with the law.
Is there really no way out?
Rajasthan is a huge state.
Our men are trying...
there's no problem.
- She has to be found somehow...
we just need her signature
Where to?
To find that woman.
- How?
No idea. I know that she lives
in Rajasthan
How will you go there?
No idea
You are so full of confidence...
yet you know so little
All I know is that He will help me
My dear, all the time, we can't leave
every thing to Him
That's why I'm going myself.
- But where will you look for her?
I got a picture of Amir with Shankar
Rajasthan is a huge city
Will you go knocking doors?
I can't sit twiddling my thumbs
All right
Any other information about her?
And I'm certain
you want to leave right now
I wonder what God was thinking
when He created you
Amir too used to say that
All the buses must've left by now
Can't you wait till tomorrow?
If I wait even a moment, I'll feel
as if I'm driving Amir towards death
I won't return without her signature,
Baig saheb
All right
Come on
Greetings, Binder
Salaam Aleikom, Baig saheb.
After years! How've you been?
God has been merciful. What about you?
- I'm first-class. Who's that?
God! The little one?
I'm grownup now
Binder, I got some work for you
Sure. After a meal
Let's have mutton pilav
Baig saheb, this is madness,
you know
She is crazy too
If anyone can pull it off, it's her
"I cannot..."
"lose courage"
"I cannot..."
"give up my desire"
"So what if the journey is tough?"
"So what if the horizon is hazy?"
"So what if I feel lonely?"
"Even if my paths are laden
with thorns,"
"I must walk"
"Even if the evening
hides the sun,"
"the night must concede to the dawn"
"Autumn will end,"
"Spring will paint the garden"
"A new day will dawn"
I can't go ahead with you,
I got to deliver the stuff
Thank you for all your help
Don't worry, dear. Good willing,
you will find the girl
I will find her out.
- I'm confident
God be with you, dear.
We've run out of opium
Gauri, give her some money.
- I don't have
We don't have few cents?
Shall I ask next month's rent
in advance from Mr Chopra?
No need. No need to beg
My son wouldn't have left
your wallet empty
Had we not sent him abroad for
a few bucks, we wouldn't have had...
to see this day
I'm an astrologer.
- It shows. Go away
If I predict about what you seek,
can I sit here then?
I don't have money to offer you
You can share the food
Okay. Tell me
You have set out on a quest.
You are looking for something
Every person is looking for something
You are looking for...
a woman
Tell me more
You've travelled very far,
tired and weary...
in a huge vehicle, maybe a truck
My future?
One minute
You saw me getting off
Sardar's truck, didn't you?
Do you always get away
with this farce?
Actually, I'm a an actor
Actor. Our clan moves about places
in disguise...
Conning people, right?
- No. We entertain people
But you can't act for nuts.
- What are you saying, ma'am?
There's no actor like me.
I can do anything you want, try me out
Folks, aunt has approved of me,
Basanti is willing to marry me...
so I'm not dying!
This earth is my mother, sir.
And he just abused my mother
Dates and dates, Your Honour!
When my arm does the job,
the victim just dies
Circuit, do you know
we have 206 bones...
in our body. Do we ever think of it
when we smash them?
Look, it's raining
Without my beloved,
my heart is hysteric
Give me a glimpse!
Come to me, at least once
Hats off to you. Great actor
Thank you. Bye
To con someone else?
Thank you for the food.
God willing, we'll meet again
Good God! My bag!
I'm sorry, I just dozed off.
I'll just get...
It happened to me too
when Dharamveer's father passed away
A living person is turned into
a lifeless, weak puppet
My own son treated me
like a stranger
Why were you always so harsh
with me, grandma?
I was envious, dear...
of my life
that never was amiable
Your and Shankar's love
would upset me
Strangely, even women
don't care for each other
What can you expect from men then?
Forgive me, my child
For the first time
you have touch me, grandma
And for the first time,
I'm missing Shankar so badly
Everyone is missing him, dear
Why is everyone blaming me?
I'm not at fault
I know, dear
I know
It must be difficult for you to see
someone else staying in your house
You have no idea...
how close I was. So close
The mansion would've been mine
in just few days
But Shankar had to die then
I lost everything that day, Mr Chopra
My son, my mansion,
my honour
I've told you several times
to turn the mansion into a hotel
Does anyone sell his honour,
his integrity?
I'm just letting the mansion to you
for a few days
One day, I shall take
this mansion back
God willing, it will be
I'll leave now
May I help you?
No need
You look new around here. This place
can be dangerous for strangers
I'll be careful. Thanks
Now that you are here,
we certainly need to play host
Why did you escape
from the police station?
Thanks for finding her
I've been looking for her
She escaped from
Jolapur police station
But Jolapur police station
is 20 kilometres away
Girls are quite fast these days
You are too young
to be an inspector
Where do I explain? Here?
Or at the police station?
Scoot. Or, I'll haul you and
your stooge in for five years
Never seen him before.
- Did you see his moustache?
Amir... your husband?
And you are out looking for him?
Those documents... mercy petition?
Can you read?
Is he in trouble?
What's the charge?
- Perhaps I can help, if you tell me
Do I trust a thief who
ran away with my belongings?
I'm a thief, but I didn't run away
I returned every penny
I was wrong, forgive me
I just want to help you
in your quest
And why'd you do that?
- Because I'm jobless right now
Because you are
a complete stranger here
Because I know every nook and corner
hereabouts. You will need me
How did a thief just turn kind?
One mustn't lose an opportunity
to help others
Nice line
Where did you steal the money from?
- Are you taunting me?
All right
Now I understand. What else
do we have apart from that photo?
Some thing surely?
What madcap would come
with just a photo?
I would
One photo...?
With one photograph, we are going
to knock every door...
and in twenty years we'll find
this guy named... Shankar?
What's this?
When one's tongue is tied,
his emotions betray him
See the picture on the wall?
The place seems familiar.
It's not clear though
Come with me
Look, this man has been
evading income tax
It's now everyone's responsibility
to nab him...
because he's evading
the income tax department
please enlarge this photograph
We'll glue it everywhere
One photograph, everywhere?
Don't you need copies?
You are the boss
The income tax department
will be grateful to you
In fact, the whole country
will be grateful to you
And... please...
enlarge this particular point
Here you are
You will be paid for this.
Please go to the Income Tax office...
show this card and mention Hybrid Singh.
You will be issued a cheque
Please don't refuse.
Thank you
I was right. It's Jodhpur
Come on
Trust me. It's Jodhpur, I know
I'll take you there. Come on
Half-hour to the bus-stop,
half-hour for the bus to arrive,
half-hour to reach the junction
from where we've to take another bus
Now, to find the place
where this photo was taken
Groundnut is what
we'll feed on from now on
Where is she? Where?
Where to?
You make me walk miles, you don't
feed me food or water
I feel like jumping off
from where you are right now
I'm tired
I was right here
Now what, chief?
What does that mean?
- We divide the territory amongst us
What...? Thousands of homes...?
- So?
We can't knock all doors.
- I'm willing to knock...
all the doors in Rajasthan.
Thousands hardly matter
We are not sure if they live here.
They might've come here on a vacation
We'll know only after inquiring.
- Good God! Wait...
This is idiotic
This may be their house
We need help
Not about money
He betrayed my trust
But he gathered the courage
to return
They may be Rajputs
Golden nose-ring,
the colourful turban,
chain around the neck,
their dresses,
I told you. Master-ji used to teach
history of Rajasthan. He's retired
Did anyone ask you?
I can't figure out more.
They could be...
- What?
I was wondering
if they are Agni clan...?
No, no way
They could be the Agnis
Fifty kilometres from here,
across Highway 11...
there's a village called Sarovar.
Go there, you might find something
Thank you. Thank you so much
Thank you, master-ji
Take a pinch of the powder with
milk tonight. You'll be fine, trust me
Does this house belong
to Shankar Singh?
My husband and Shankar are friends
Come in
Good you came to meet us
Accidents often happen.
But it hurts
It must be devastating for all of you
and Shankar's wife
Is she here?
- Yes, Meera must be working inside
How does your husband know Shankar?
Amir and Shankar were roommates
in Saudi
Is he the one who...
- Yes. But it wasn't intended
It was an accident
How dare you come here?
Are you here to destroy our village?
- No!
I understand your pain.
- Get out of here
I wish to talk to Shankar's wife.
- Bitch
Watch your tongue!
Look, your anger is justified.
But we can have a decent discussion
I want to meet Meera.
- Not possible
For God's sake, listen to my request.
I want to talk to Meera...
Not a word goes to Meera
What happened?
Say something.
- There must be a way to meet her
If I get to talk to her once,
I'll tell you
We will wait for here over here
and find out her schedules
We? Meaning?
- You and I
You and I
So this is your relative's home.
- That was a small lie.
In your company,
even I'll learn to lie.
You are not learning
anything from me.
No, that's not true.
I have learnt how difficult
a woman's life is from a man's.
But Meera's life is useless.
It's good I was born a man.
Atleast you realise
what a woman suffers.
Is this what you women suffer?
- You haven't seen anything yet.
If our wife dies, we marry again.
But if your husband dies,
you wear colorless clothes...
and spend your entire life
like a prisoner.
You work like servants,
no song, no dance...
and spend your entire life alone,
with no contact with any man.
Even thinking about it scares me.
Now when you are seeing the
world from my viewpoint...
tell me, what have you found out?
She leaves the house once in
a day, to go to the temple.
Help me. For God sake,
you will have to help me!
Sure, but who are you?
I have come from very far.
Okay. Come.
Now tell me, why are you upset?
- Meera Didi!
You didn't go to school again?
- Who is she?
Go get water.
- Okay.
Where have you come from?
That is at a very high altitude,
in the North, right?
- Meera Didi.
Take. Go.
If you want to talk in
private, say so.
Okay, I'll leave.
Is your place beautiful?
- Yes, as much as yours.
But different.
The beauty here is unique.
Dry, tough, and as cruel
as the scorching sun.
What have you lost here?
My husband, Amir...
- He left you?
- And you think you'll find him here?
If you help me.
You don't take me to be
something else, do you?
Your husband had come here to work?
Then he must have come to work where
they are putting up a new factory.
A lot of laborers have
come from outside.
You want me to talk to Chopraji?
The one who is
putting up the factory.
How do you know he is
staying in our mansion?
They were saying
so in the village.
I did come to your house,
but your family threw me out.
So that was you who
everyone was shouting at?
I thought it was some
beggar woman of the village.
I was begging only.
- Okay, I'll do something.
But Chopraji is not here,
he will return in a few days.
I can wait for some days.
I'd brought water.
What do I do now?
Oh, I forgot!
I'll just be back.
Ila, I was talking. I forgot.
- You always do that.
Always? Ofcourse not.
Khama Gani... now you reply,
Gani Khama.
Is even your husband lost?
- Ila!
You can say that.
Then you also come to tie
a ribbon on this tree.
He will return.
There are many ways to
please the heart.
I want to give you Amir's photo
Will you come here tomorrow?
Without doubt. I get only one
opportunity to leave jail.
Let's go... you talk too much.
You should have told her the truth.
- You are talking of truth?
Why do you always taunt me?
It's the first time
I've lost courage in life.
What if she had refused?
What is your intention?
I don't know.
Let's see what happens.
I'll make friends with her,
win her confidence.
Maybe then I'll tell her.
- So my role is over.
You will go out everyday,
do your work.
I'll wait for you at home.
Great! The river
is flowing reverse.
This is absolute injustice.
A woman is deeply
connected to that word.
Why don't you women join
hands and teach men a lesson?
Maybe, one day.
Do give me a warning.
Remember, I'm with you.
I'll remember that.
How are you?
- I'm fine.
I'll be back soon.
Salaam Aleikum.
- Salaam...
In reply say,
Waleikum asalaam.
You go to school?
- Yes.
Which class?
- Fifth.
Get up. Take.
He is Amir.
What is it?
- Even I want to hear.
Maybe I learn something.
If you so wish to learn,
go regularly to school.
Okay, sit and gossip.
Is she your sister?
- No, Shanker found her somewhere.
Found her?
- In the well. She's a girl.
Maybe that's why she was thrown.
Girls are not valued here.
They are more trouble than gain.
A man who works for us
has adopted her.
But if it wasn't for Shanker...
- You miss him a lot?
So much that my heart aches.
Even I miss Amir a lot.
Our memories are not alike.
You still have
hope of meeting Amir.
I should not have said that.
Sorrow cannot be measured.
Don't mind my words.
- You really are good, Meera.
She is not good. It is so
many days since I ate sweets.
Earlier, we used to eat so many.
Now she says we don't have money.
Even I love sweets.
Come, I'll treat you today.
Let's go!
- No, we cannot go.
- I'm not permitted.
Whose permission do you
need to take to eat sweets?
Actually... l...
Sometimes, the biggest guard
to stop us is our own fear.
You cannot do everything
that your heart wants.
Why not?
Because living for
yourself is selfish.
And to suppress
your desires is a sin.
Listen to your heart.
Tune yourself to it...
then the joy of life
becomes different.
If faced with a hurdle,
close your eyes and jump.
A jump of honesty.
What if you don't reach across?
If you are honest,
why won't you?
A jump of honesty.
See how simple it is?
Jump of honesty.
"In the scorching sun,
a soft wind blew"
"I got the support of a friend,
my life poised again"
"Atleast try,
the chains will melt away"
"My tresses flew on the forehead"
"A desire has
awakened in the desert"
"A lamp has lit in a storm today"
"This is perhaps friendship,
or the effect of integrity"
"What do we know what
the future holds for us"
What is the matter?
- Today is Shanker's birthday.
Then why are you sad?
I was dancing in the street.
It is not even two months.
Wonder what is wrong with me.
Nothing is wrong with you.
Look at me. What have you
done that was wrong?
I was dancing.
- So what is wrong in that?
I cannot forget him.
- Who says you are forgetting him?
Just because you feel a little
happy it doesn't mean that.
Widows mourn, they don't dance.
Bear your sorrow the
way your heart tells you...
not the way others tell you.
What society is this that
doesn't let a woman forget her pain?
Instead of healing her
wounds with love...
it keeps reminding
her what she has suffered.
Her clothes, her style of living,
her friends, everything is changed...
so that she is always
reminded of her sorrow.
And men? The moment we turn,
they marry again.
It is very easy for you to say that.
Don't connect the
word 'easy' with me.
I have not got
anything easily in life.
I have learnt to snatch
my right from the world.
Look, even I'm a woman like you.
The only difference is that I have
learnt to take my own decisions.
Whether right or wrong, good or
bad, the decision is mine...
not anybody else's.
Because this life is mine.
And I have the courage to live
my life...
and live the consequence
of my decisions.
Now enough of this nonsense.
Let's celebrate Shanker's birthday.
We'll do what he likes.
Don't sulk. I'm your friend, I can
fight with you, and even appease you.
Let's go.
- Where?
You will tell me that. Come.
Now we will go there.
- Where?
- Aren't you getting late?
Don't live your life
fearing others.
Learn to accept your decisions.
Take us for a ride.
- That will be Rs.20.
Are you mad?
Are you new? Stupid!
Everyone will fool you.
Don't take a penny less
than Rs.50.
You are my first client. If you say
so, I'll take you for Rs.50. Sit.
I'll get some grams, wait here.
How did you come here?
- I'm a secretive guy.
Why have you come?
- I got tired waiting at home.
When will you tell her?
If you don't tell her now,
I'll leave.
Good bye.
Okay, I'll stay if you wish.
But not too long.
You changed your garb,
but can you ride a camel?
Get up... get up... listen!
Get up. They want a ride.
They are good people. They want
to leave. Think of my prestige too.
They are paying Rs.50.
Will the camel not get up?
He's a thoughtful camel. He's
in a dilemma. Just two minutes...
They have to leave.
Enough now! Get up!
How obedient.
I'm enjoying so much after
so many days, thanks to you.
Shanker loved to sit near the river
and watch the setting sun.
When the sun set, and the
moon rose, he would say...
'Meera, one day, you and me will
go on the moon riding a camel"
'Where there will
be just you and me'
'And there will be so much
love as much as there is sand here'
'Where you won't
have to wear this veil'
And he would always say,
if women have to wear a veil...
even men should
carry a similar burden.
Shall I say something?
- What?
When there is talk
of carrying a burden...
have you ever worn a turban?
Shall I say something?
You are a very bad actor.
You will put impostors to shame.
I recognised you
the moment I saw you.
- Why? What happened?
Make the camel sit.
- How?
Pull the rope and say 'r... rr'
Sit down, camel.
Sit... sit... he sat down!
Where are you going?
Why should I turn away?
Even I can dance!
It was fun, wasn't it?
- Yes.
But we are very late,
will there be a problem?
I'll say I was listening to hymns.
The act begins now.
What woman dances with her friends
when her husband's life is at stake?
One who knows what she wants,
and she can do anything to get it.
It is not so simple anymore.
I really like her.
Hiding the fact from her
makes me feel guilty.
I feel like I'm cheating a friend.
Sorry I'm disturbing you
at such a late hour.
It's okay. Come inside.
It's okay.
I have a small favor to ask.
My friend is looking
for her husband.
He may be working in your factory.
Can you find out?
Sure, I'll make inquiries.
Thank you.
Where had you gone?
Don't worry, I'm a man,
I can take care of myself.
Any reason for drinking?
- To gather courage.
I was to say something important.
Stop your nonsense! Fool!
Let's have dinner.
Wait! This answer
was not in my book.
No, you cannot say that. You cannot.
I can say whatever I wish.
- Yes, this is right.
I want to say something more.
I know you are married,
you love your husband.
I respect him. I don't
want anything from you.
I just wanted to express my feelings.
If I have learnt anything
from you...
it is to express your feelings.
Thank you.
- Express your feelings.
And those are, I love you.
Thank you. Shall we dine now?
Wait a minute.
I want to say something important.
I know Zeenat that you...
Did I talk rubbish last night?
- Yes, but sweet rubbish.
I'll have to go, Zeenat.
- I know.
You told me last night.
- But I don't know when I'll return.
I know. What you did for me, I
cannot expect that much from any man.
I saved the honor of my clan.
I feel bad leaving you,
My dear impostor,
I will miss you a lot.
But I have to fight
this battle alone.
Call up Amir's parents,
and tell them I'm fine.
This is their phone number.
- I'll tell them. Take care.
It feels good coming here. These
old mansions have a unique charm.
Why are you rubbing salt
in my wounds?
You misunderstand.
I was going to talk business.
If I had anything else to give,
I'd never give this mansion on rent.
You do have something you can give.
Look, I live here for months.
And truly speaking,
I feel lonely.
And then, a man has his needs.
The fact is, I want Meera.
She will live here, keep me happy.
In exchange, I will repay the loan
of Rs.300000 on the mansion.
And anyway, what does she
mean to you anyway?
She's just a slave.
Only until I have
put up the factory.
In a few months,
you will get back both...
the mansion and your daughter-in-law.
Meera is beautiful,
and young too.
The mansion is old and ugly.
It needs renovation.
Everything has a price.
I like people who strike a deal.
Shall we shake hands
on Rs.500000?
Get up, Zeenat.
- I knew you'd not leave me and go.
There's a problem, Zeenat.
I spoke to Amir's parents.
They were looking for
you since many days.
The day for Amir's
execution has been fixed.
He will be executed in two days.
There is some Natraja who
is waiting for you in Jaipur.
He says he will take
the letter of pardon himself.
We will have to leave for
Jaipur tomorrow itself...
with the pardon letter.
The one above.
- Salaam Waleikum.
Salaam Waleikum?
Say Khama Gani. What rubbish
are they teaching you in school?
Not in school,
Zeenat Didi taught me.
Who Zeenat?
The one who meets Meera Didi
in the temple everyday
You are late?
- Yes, I am late.
Meera, you'll have to help me.
- You said that on the first day too.
Will you help me?
- Must you ask?
But first come,
I want to give you something.
Shanker had given it to me.
His first gift.
I cannot wear it now, but I
remove and look at it sometimes.
I see some color.
I want that when you meet
Amir, you two wear it.
Like me and Shanker.
It is a symbol of love.
I cannot take it, it won't be right.
Why not? You won't understand
what your friendship has given me.
You will leave,
and we may never meet again.
If you keep this, you will remember
you have a friend in Rajasthan...
who didn't have the courage to
choose her life's path...
but being with you,
she got a glimpse of it.
If you can,
you also give me a memento.
Who knows...
Your husband died
at my husband's hands.
I wanted to tell you since very long,
my God knows; but I could not tell you
Why, Zeenat?
When I first came to your house...
your family spat in my
face and threw me out.
I was afraid even
you will refuse to meet me.
I never intended to cheat you.
What do you want from me?
These are papers for pardon.
If you sign them...
Amir's life can be saved.
You are aware of
everything, Zeenat.
Do you also know
how a person feels...
when one leaves home alive,
and the news of his death returns?
And then his belongings, his clothes,
stuffed in a torn suitcase?
So you tell me, you,
who knows everything...
you, who makes her own life...
what do you think?
What should I do?
If I don't sign these papers,
I will be considered cruel.
And if I do, I'll crush the pride
with which I am living.
No Meera, I know Amir.
He cannot kill anyone.
Know what my dream is?
That I behead that murderer...
who snatched
my everything from me...
my husband, my love, my freedom.
Surprised? That the innocent,
naive Meera is talking of killing?
I understand your feelings.
If I was in your place,
even I'd think the same.
Then you can understand why
I am refusing to sign these papers.
Make your own decisions,
isn't that what you had said?
Take, this is my decision.
I also said you will have to accept
the consequences of your decisions.
Will you be able to?
Meera, I plead with you!
Why? Because I should
take the right path?
Because what happened
was an accident.
Amir did not deliberately
kill Shanker. They were friends!
So what if he didn't kill him
deliberately. He ruined my life.
I want it's price.
Even if an innocent man
has to pay for it?
Yes, even then. Your husband
committed the murder...
and an innocent woman
is paying its price.
I am fed up of my helplessness,
I want revenge!
Even your Quran says that,
eye for an eye, life for a life.
Then the decision is made.
The same Quran says, 'forgiving
is greater than revenge'
If you had not cheated me
like this...
I would perhaps forgive
you and your husband.
I trusted your friendship.
But even you turned
out to be like others.
A selfish woman who uses
others for her selfish needs.
I'm still your friend.
Forgive me, Amir.
Forgive me!
Where had you gone?
I permit you to go to the
temple so that you find peace.
And behind my back, you are
making friends with that woman...
who ruined our lives.
A woman should not be given freedom.
You make friends with the
murderer of your husband?
With my son's murderer?
Zeenat did not kill Shanker.
- You argue with us?
It is not her fault. That's
woman's influence is talking.
Or she would never
let out a whisper.
Her freedom is over!
She will not leave the house...
until my wounded honor heals.
What honor are you talking of?
The same honor which you are
selling to save this mansion?
Or that honor, on the strength
of which, my price is being fixed?
You use me when you wish,
you throw me when you wish.
Make me your family
honor when you wish.
Even after all this,
you will not throw me out.
Because I am very valuable for you.
You talk of my honor,
but I have not come across...
a more shameless man than you.
Leave my hand!
Leave my hand!
I'd only given your son
the right to touch me.
"Relationships, trust, love, faith"
"I don't have any"
"I thought I had the
earth in my hand"
"I opened my hand,
and there was only ash"
"There is this
noise in the heart"
"If integrity is low"
"If this string is weak"
What do I do, grandma?
- What does your heart say?
I have been suppressing my heart's
voice since so long...
it died long ago.
The heart never stops talking.
Listen carefully,
it will show you the way.
Shanker's death snatched
my life from my hands.
But I compromised
with my fate.
Because this has been my life.
Good or bad, I had to live it.
Because you feared the
unknown world outside.
Yes. It is easy to
follow a mould.
Let life continue the
way it is.
Our life's string is
in someone else's hands.
But the string that has been put
in my hand, what do I do with it?
Who lives, who dies,
let God decide that, why me?
I don't want to decide.
I'm an ordinary woman.
I can be selfish. The one who has
given me pain, I should hurt him.
Why am I being forced
to be an angel?
I don't want that status.
I don't want that right.
He plays many games
with us, doesn't he?
Somewhat more with me.
Whatever decision you
have taken, stick to it.
I have told Zeenat that.
Then what are you waiting for?
Go do what you want.
What you are going to do,
only a human can do.
Where are angels destined to it?
Grandma, I...
- You don't have to say anything.
I am only trying to cover up
my sins with your virtue.
You know Randhir will
surely sell you.
I don't care about that now.
- That's better! My brave girl!
Where are you going?
Let me go, mother-in-law.
It's a matter of someone's life.
Don't even think of going out.
- She surely will.
Taking pride in your husband,
don't forget your humanity.
Remember, even you could be on
this side of the fence some day.
Now move aside, and let her leave.
Dear Meera, I am sure you
will find this letter.
I had come here on a mission.
In that attempt,
I lied to you, cheated you.
But I never wanted to hurt
your already hurting heart.
Treat it as a hapless woman's
helplessness and forgive me.
I am leaving dejected,
but not empty handed.
Your friendship has filled my heart.
Your love made me soft again,
which I had lost fighting life.
What I am going through,
you are not responsible for it.
I have no complaints against you.
You are doing what is your right.
In a few days, my Amir...
But I will live my life again.
A life of my principles,
my decisions.
The world even snatched
that right from you.
A right that every man must have.
If I could,
I would bring Shanker back.
I would hand back the
string of your freedom to you.
But I have only this charm
to give...
with whose support I spent many
difficult moments of my life.
I hope it gives you the
strength to fight the world.
Yours, Zeenat.
"How will this courage bow?"
"How will this desire stop?"
"So what if it's difficult
to reach destination?"
"So what if the shore seems
a faded sight?"
"So what if the heart is broken"