Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration (2019) Movie Script

I'm late!
What a mess!
Next, mystery on the moon.
Japan lunar rover "Nayotake",
that was sent to the moon.
Captured a white shadow on camera.
Here is the footage.
While investigating the surface.
A glimpse of white shadow appeared.
This is the last frame,
before Nayotake stop transmitting completely.
According to experts,
Solar flare blocked the signal.
Just now, is that...
Do you even have time for this!?
Yes ma'am! I'm going!
Must be Alien.
-He's right!
A dirt on the lens!
-That's right!
Spiritual organism!
What nonsense is that!?
It has to be Alien!
Made it in time...
What's going on?
Discussing recent news, about the moon.
No biggie.
-I said it's Alien!
The true identity
of the mysterious white shadow is...
The moon rabbit!
Huh?! Why?
They lives on moon too.
Make rice cake, like this...
That hurt...
Stand in the hallway!
Good morning students.
Do... Do...
I'm always, always picturing it in my heart.
Doraemon Movie - Nobita's Chronicle of the moon Exploration
A world map of my own
where my dreams comes true.
Bamboo Copter!
Fly across the sky,
travel through time even to places far away.
I want to open the door and go there right now.
Anywhere Door!
Will I forget when I become an adult?
If that ever happens, I'll look back and remember.
Sha-la-la-la In my heart.
Dreams that shines forever.
Doraemon, make them come true with that pocket of yours.
Sha-la-la-la Let's sing a song.
Everybody hand in hand.
Doraemon fill the world,
Yes, fill the world with dreams.
Rabbit on the moon?
Sounds like Nobita.
Even Doraemon makes fun of me!
Let everyone mocks me.
Even adult,
said there are rabbits on the moon
Since when they disappeared?
I have to see it with my own eyes.
I believe rabbit still lives on the moon.
Well, I guess...
You're not the only one
thinking like that.
Theory Badge!
We live in a world
with a lot of different thinking.
Whoever wear this badge,
will experience the same kind of thinking.
Different thinking?
For example.
Earth is spherical and revolve around the Sun.
This is common knowledge, right?
Even for Nobita.
You don't have to put it that way!
Calm down.
however in the past,
this Heliocentric model
thought to be wrong.
They even believe,
The earth is flat
and it's the center of Universe.
The sun, moon and others
revolve around the earth
It's known as Geocentric model
People in the past is so silly.
Didn't even realize how silly you are.
Geocentric is correct!
Wear this badge.
Now! Let's go see the edge of the world!
It affects whoever wears the badge.
Meaning, only members of the Theory Badge,
will experience the world as Geocentric.
No! That ship will sink!
Don't worry.
Other people still in Heliocentric world.
Try to remove the badge.
Turns out, it's just the ocean.
That was fun!
Hey, what if
There are people who believe in
Tsuchinoko and Yeti.
Could they exist, if we try it?
Sure, but....
I'm not lending these gadgets
just to play around.
What was it for again?
You're tired being mock
for believing in moon Rabbit.
Ah, that's right.
As I said.
You're not the only one
who thinks like that.
People once believe there's a civilization
on the back side of the moon
Realistic Miniature Encyclopedia.
Moon rotation and revolution, please!
That's the sun,
and here we have earth and moon.
The moon only shows its front surface,
So when a rocket fly by the moon,
they don't know the state of the back side.
Believing there's atmosphere on its back,
There are people who think moon civilization exist.
That sounds fun!
We should believe in moon Civilization too.
Let's do it!
Atmosphere on the back side of the moon!
Beings could live there!
No need to wear a spacesuit.
The gravity is the same as earth.
Is that earth?
On the edge of moon's back.
It's already night in here.
The night time is a lot longer than earth.
I want to sleep plenty over here too.
But, the rabbit is nowhere to be seen.
It's too dark and cold!?
I'll make it bright.
Sparkling Moss!
Spread a little, it will cover the surface.
Whoa, it's brighter!
This moss is fine, but how about other greenery.
Let's make this place more inhabitable.
Let's build Rabbit Kingdom on that crater.
In order to grow plant,
other than air and sunlight,
Water is necessary.
Anywhere Faucet!
Water is set!
Next we...
Scatter these Instant-Plant seeds.
What kind of plant?
Look forward until it grows.
Amazing! The sprouts already grow.
For finishing touch...
Launch A Dome!
Make some space.
If by chance a meteor strike,
this dome will protect the kingdom.
Doraemon, let's create some rabbit.
Coming right up!
Animal Clay!
Rabbit! Rabbit!
Rabbit! Rabbit!
Let's see...
Start from scratch.
Looks pretty good
We have to name it,
moon rabbit become...
Moon and rabbit...
How about moonbit!
Like it!
Moonbit it is.
They move!
Moon's Adam and Eve
Want to show them to Suneo and Gian?
I think...
Wait until the kingdom is established.
They'll be more surprised.
That could work,
let's head back for now!
Take care of the kingdom.
With this, the Rabbit Kingdom will complete.
To finished faster, we should help too.
Nobita, Doraemon.
What? Right now?!
It's the full moon viewing ceremony,
We need to prepare the dumpling
and susuki grass decoration
Um... I'll buy the dumpling.
Hey wait!
Nobita gather 5-6 Susuki grass.
I don't know where to look.
They should grow on the back hill.
It's too far...
Doraemon probably take his chance,
to buy some dorayaki too.
You came here to pick some grass too?
How lovely.
Even in the past,
People admire the moon as we do.
Even though tale of moon princess Kaguya
have passed 1000 years.
Someday, maybe we could travel to the moon.
Don't just eat, how about enjoy the view.
But I've seen enough moon already.
Not thoroughly yet, right?.
That's not what I meant,
I just went there and Nobita...
Stop talk nonsense, Doraemon.
Let's just gaze at the moon.
-Yes ma'am.
-Good grief.
Good morning student.
Good morning!.
Oh no, homeroom already start.
Today, we have transfer student.
Please introduce yourself.
Tsukino Luca, Please to meet you.
He's the guy from before.
What's with him, covering himself with that hat.
True, what a weirdo.
Your table is on the back.
Let's tackle him.
What are you two doing?
That light...
Is Nobita late again?
On your mark.
Get set.
So fast!
That's incredible Luca!
Must be special training!
He's our running ace.
Want to join my baseball team?
-Look out!
-Run away!
Maybe I didn't water it enough.
How's your first day?
Different from your previous school?
Previous school?
I get it...
I have a great time in here too.
I see...
Look! Look!
The rabbit dance.
Cutesy Cutesy
The moon rabbit is real!
Then show us some proof!
Bullying again.
Don't you think, there's life on the moon?
Ah, it's a pretty interesting dream.
But I don't think it's possible to live there.
I see...
I won't take your apologize later!
I'm curious about our Rabbit Kingdom.
Okay, how about we take a look.
To the back of the moon!
Before that.
Wear the badge.
Oh, earth also have turtle...
I see...
Earth's language is simple.
I'll master it in no time.
Ah... Don't scare me like that.
The turtle slow?
They should know how fast my feet are.
Yes, I'll be quiet.
Ah... ! Ha...!
The moon!?
Luca! Hurry, close the door!
Hey, Mozo isn't this great.
I'm sure that kid could...
You're back?
You should said "I'm Home".
Gone play already?
Even though his snack
is prepared already.
Snack huh...
What is it, Luca?
Nothing it's fine.
Amazing! Lake and land is formed.
Let's explore the land.
The bamboo create a light.
They just the moss.
Enveloping the seed that we plant.
I see...
But where's our precious moonbit.
Over there!
-It got away!
Did they forget about us?
Where is it gone to?
Do.. Doreaemon!
Children are born.
So cute...
This hole is not enough.
Let's teach them to build a house.
Good idea!
Connect the bamboo,
and cover it in leaves.
Good grief.
Teach them to lit a fire too.
The moonbits are gathering.
No need to fear, handle it carefully.
Rice Cake Pounding Set.
That's good!
Moon rabbit, really cut out for this job.
Looks tasty, thanks.
Where's my share?
I help created you too.
What's the big idea!
Return my glasses!
They develop interest in human belongings too.
Only Doraemon treated as deity, not fair!
Emperor Diabolo, I have return.
Commander Godat.
Still haven't found Espal?
W-we thoroughly search for them,
from every possible location, yet...
Surely there are other ways to locate it.
The result from Ether-Radar
which I grant you to use?
Unfortunately, even this radar
couldn't locate their existence.
Watch your words!
Forgive my rudeness.
Listen! this planet could be saved,
using Espal's ether power.
Capture these Espal at once!
and bring them to me!
This is your last chance.
My lord.
Commander Godat,
what did Emperor Diabolo said?
For us disposable unit,
This is the last chance.
But commander.
Is Espal really do exist?
Maybe these creature really are just some myth.
According to it,
they will emerge as savior.
These savior might be just normal people.
They have demon like feature,
nothing normal about it.
Whichever is true,
it's not our responsibility if we can't find them.
Don't say that.
The search for Espal is still our duty.
Myth or not.
There must be some truth to it.
The time for the prophecy is near.
Time to depart!
Yes sir!
Show us already!
I don't need anything worthless.
Here it is!
I present you.
Invitation pass
to the moon Rabbit Kingdom!
What did you mean?
Rabbits really live in that kingdom?
There's no way.
No one could live on the moon.
Don't limit yourself to that thinking.
Let me join too.
Tsukino Luca.
No need to be so formal.
More importantly.
I'm curious about this kingdom?
Excuse us.
You should clean your room.
Shut up!
And you are?
Luca a transfer student, he interested to join.
Please to meet you.
I'm Doraemon.
Give him the badge.
Sure thing!
Members only.
Ready the badge?
Wear it!
Mine too!
Well then...
To the moon kingdom!
This is Rabbit Kingdom?
Simillar to princess Kaguya fantasy.
moon's gravity should be weaker than earth.
Now that you mention it.
No need to fuss about it.
-No way!
Good job greeting our guests.
Are you guys healthy?
Only Doraemon treated as deity again.
The town grow rapidly.
Huge development.
Look! Celebration paper, so many of them.
They celebrate by welcoming us.
Huh? Gian!
They use rice cake as brick for building.
Is that rice cake concrete?
Somehow I'm getting hungry.
Amazing feast!
Thank you for the meal!
Bamboo straw and carrot smoothie.
Rice cake is good with ice cream.
Let me try.
Hey, hey.
Why don't we go to that carrot like tower.
Ugh, be careful.
This one looks like Nobita.
You're right, they careless is the same.
Let's call it NObit.
Good one!
Aren't you...
The one who curious about my glasses.
Did he made that himself?
Let me take a look.
What's this... It's so hard to see.
Glasses supposed to make you see clearer.
This reverse the effect.
I know!
Would you care to be our guide?
Easy to persuade.
You forgot your book.
NObit fits him well.
Hey-Hey Hey-Hey,
the rabbit dance.
Hop-Hop Hop-Hop and move.
Move your legs and dance along.
Brace yourself and follow along.
Follow along this
adorable dance.
Hop-Hop Hop-Hop and move.
Leap and do more hopping.
Hop-Hop till you can't move anymore.
Do the dance!
That was fun!
Thanks NObit.
Rabbit Kingdom is the best!
But it's strange,
these rabbit on moon.
Who cares!
Anyone who don't believe it,
could face me!
Okay, stop!
I just have to believe it.
My theory proof to be right.
How come on the moon,
a kingdom like this exist?
Actually, it's the power of that badge.
Apart from the truth,
this world filled with theory as well.
that badge, makes a theory real.
Doraemon's gadgets after all.
No wonder this is strange.
How dreamy it is,
Moon rabbit could become real.
Could this badge make anything real?
No, only a theory that persistently believed for quiet some time could become real.
This isn't a gadget that make
someone wish come true.
Is that so...
Everyone listen,
Air present here, because of the badge.
You can't breathe if it's removed.
So do not take it off!
Anyone without the badge can't see this kingdom?
NObit presence too?
They can't see anything the badge materialize.
What's with the commotion?
Sports event?
Ah, that one!
Rabbit monster that i created.
This is bad!
It's dangerous, wait here Luca!
Hey...! Let NObit go!
Oh no!
Super Glove!
Just in time.
Nobita is gone.
Bamboo copter?
Give back NObit!
Would you mind.... give.
What is that?
Urgh! Ha...
Nobita scent stop here.
I don't see him.
That gadget is not helping.
Have more faith in this
K9 nose!
Isn't this Nobita's copter?
Nobita definitely headed that way.
Why this monster here, instead of Nobita.
At time like this,
Dumpling Tamer... out of stock.
I know!
Forgotten Scent!
If you smell this weed, you'll forgot something.
Why @m I doing here?
Stop it!
Stop being so violent.
From now on, be nice to everyone.
What have I done?
Nothing at all.
-Isn't that
This place?
My badge's gone!
I... I can't breathe.
Don't panic.
It's okay,
breathe normally.
Light from before!
There's air.
Aren't you...
This is...
Nobita's badge.
This means he got no air...
Can't be!
Are we too late!?
Of course not!
I'm sure Nobita still...
I'm gonna repent by ending myself!
Don't do this!
That's definitely Nobita's voice.
I'm glad he's okay.
That pipsqueak.
Without badge, how did he breathe?
Let's head down first.
We're descending pretty deep.
Trench like this inside the moon...
The voice coming from here.
The surface is rugged, be care...
You guys all right?
Glad you're okay, Hooray!
Hurray! Hurray!
Hey, everyone.
Welcome, to our colony.
Why are you here?
I think these will explain it.
Sorry for not telling the truth.
It's the first time we have a guest.
I'm Tsukino turtle, Mozo.
Please to make your acquintance.
From the moon world.
Aside from rabbit.
There's turtle too!?
Brother Luca!
I'm back everyone.
Where did you go?
Weird clothes.
Luca, you can't just went off like that.
You worry too much.
We have guests from earth.
Excuse us.
Please to meet you
From earth!?
Must be quite a journey, enjoy your stay.
I'm Luca's big sister, Luna.
My brother,
didn't force you to be here right?
Of course not.
I'm Doraemon!
This is once a passage for moon's magma.
We construct this lava cave
to become colony.
Are you guys moon's dweller?
You're not exactly wrong.
We came from a distant place.
We're a creature came from planet Kaguya.
Then Kaguya-Being?
Not that either...
We are created by "Father and Mother."
They are known on Kaguya planet
as an outstanding scholar.
Dr.Godal spouses.
Luca and other here are called Espal
and only 11 people in total.
What's happening?
The flowers are dancing.
This is ether.
An energy come from our body.
Could make plant flourish
to even moving an object.
Wrap ourselves on ether,
we could easily moving on space.
Amazing, psychic abilities?
You ran fast because of this?
And restore that wither flower?
Sorry if that surprised you.
Luca did that?
Please forgive his behavior.
How are you able to speak our language?
We use telepathy to read someone's mind then translate.
All I see is children.
The adults?
Espal's body stopped aging
at a young period of time.
That's why nobody looks old.
Wait a minute, then your real age?
Adding 10 years from planet Kaguya to be here, so...
Roughly 1010 years old.
Super old dude!
Anyone want to live that long!
Is that so...
By the way I'm 2000 Years Old,
we turtle have long lifespan.
At first we planned to live on earth.
And already did some scouting, but...
Civilazation already taken place,
so we choose the moon instead
1000 years ago, Japan still in Heian era.
Maybe legend of princess moon is...
Ah, that would be me!
It's an honor
to be called princess.
A place like this inside the moon...
How come there's soil and air?
We brought the soil from earth?
Air was made from moon's ice.
Come, I'll show you.
What's the matter?
Ether energy is all they need to have an abundant life.
There must be some reason for them
to leave their planet.
Spaceship from planet Kaguya?
Yes, we rode this to came here.
It packed with Liquid nitrogen.
Surrounded by these ice,
could create atmosphere.
No wonder Nobita was safe,
even without badge.
-What is that?
Welcome back brother Luca.
It's not safe!
Going here by yourself.
Sister Luna always scold me,
when I sing in the house.
Who are they?
It's okay, they're guests from earth.
Hey, was that your voice?
could you do it again?
If it's only a little.
Al's power is a bit unique.
I think we have a person with the same power.
So cool!
A genius!
Want to debut together as singer?
Nice scent!
Tea brewed from moon's flower.
Are they the "Father and mother?"
They don't have rabbit's ear.
These are not ear.
Some kind of antenna to control ether energy.
And we aren't real parent and child.
I see.
Hey, about that white shadow on the news.
That was Al going to the surface.
He almost caught on camera, we have no choice.
I'm out to see a shooting star,
as prophecy predicted.
Al have other power.
Predict the future trough prophecy.
Is that true!?
Let your prophecy read my future.
He unable to use that power at will.
The prophecy just appear itself.
By the way, why did you decided
to transfer to Nobita's school?
Come to think of it...
Human began to observe the back of the moon.
Sooner or later we have to
introduce ourselves.
It won't be easy to convince Adult.
Children might believe our existance.
I'm certain of it, when I met Nobita.
Nobita even believe there's moon rabbit.
I think that's lovely.
Nobita's imagination, lead to this encounter.
Shizuka is right.
When Galileo talk about heliocentric,
Nobody believe his thinking to be true.
But now, his theory is accepted.
Civilization was build upon different theory.
But there's one cruel theory.
Turtle isn't slower than rabbit.
Didn't they know how fast my feet are!?
No one knows.
Space Cart!
Let's form a team,
and race on the moon.
On your mark.
Get set.
Those vehicle might be able to match my speed.
"Safe," my ass!
If not because of my super sturdy shell,
I would have been in pieces.
Is this your vehicle?
It looks old fashioned.
But built pretty well.
All right, why don't you let me handle it.
Moving forward!
Oh my!
Why moving backwards!?
The function is reversed!
Even the steer!
Our cart is the only one that slow.
Ah... this is relaxing
I always wanted to visit earth.
Everyone thinks it's dangerous.
So I always gaze upon it from here.
You must be longing for a friend.
Friend? What is a friend?
What!? You don't know?
Even with everyone in the colony?
Friend is companion
where you could share your feelings.
Understand each other sadness.
Celebrate together too.
A friends will always there to help you.
Friend huh...
Please replace the battery.
Good grief.
Doraemon's gadgets always breaking up like this.
Could you fix it?
I'm sure it's not hard to replace a battery.
Maybe here? let's try open it up.
I think I could...
Do you remember about father and mother?
I'm not sure...
It's been 1000 years since we left.
After we left,
they probably forgot about us.
I don't think so.
Even without real connection.
They're still your parents.
So I'm sure they care about everyone here.
Huh? It doesn't fit...
Let me.
Yeah! Did it!
-On your face.
-There's dirt.
Yahoo! We're leading this race!
Like playing a game!
Suneo, let me steer!
You can't handle this.
What did you say!
Stop complaining! Just let me!
Stop, it's dangerous!
In front!
Look out!
What happen!?
Commander Godat!
What's wrong!
This is...
A map!?
On the 3rd planet of that solar system,
Strong ether detected!
Espal wasn't just superstition?
I thought it was some lie too.
All hands ready to warp!
We're saved.
That was close.
Al, you all right?
This can't be...
I shouldn't use that much power.
Brother Luca! Sister Luna!
We can't release that much power.
Sorry... I was...
He done nothing wrong!
He saved us from danger.
We are the one who steer.
That's not it.
It's because Al used too much power.
So far, we managed to conceal ourselves.
Luca, are you guys...
Trying to run from someone?
From Kaguya-being.
1000 Years ago, Kaguya's military.
Used our power,
to develop weapon of mass destruction.
After that, to show their strength.
Kaguya's moon is destroyed, but
Its broken pieces,
falling on planet Kaguya.
Causing tsunami and eruption.
The sky covered by smoke.
Without light, it became a world clouded with darkness.
Over here!
Father and mother.
Can't bear to see our power misuse by evil.
They told us to flee on spaceship.
I want to be with you!
Luca, please understand.
There's no other way.
No, no! I don't want!
Get on the ship now!
Take care of...
Luca and everyone.
(Chanting prophecy)
Aa... Ah...
Arrest them, at once!
Mozo, depart now!
no need to concern us!
Leave it to me!
Stop! Don't let them!
Forgive us! Luca!
Unable to use solar energy,
Planet Kaguya should turn into wasteland.
To restore it.
They might still try to find us.
They're the one who destroyed the planet.
How selfish!
Some bad guys will pursue us!?
I didn't sign up for this!
Chill, that was 1000 years ago.
I didn't mean to make everyone concern,
Anyhow, we have to get back to colony!
just like how Planet Kaguya once.
It's bright and full of resources!
Let's report to Emperor Diabolo.
Wait, capturing Espal comes first.
But sir!
Turns out, they're still chasing us.
White long ear, like on the myth.
A child?
Don't let your eyes deceive you.
They have lived for more than 1000 years.
All hands prepare for battle!
Ready to land! Capture our Espal alive!
Use countermeasure against Ether.
Head to the colony!
Brother Luca! Sister Luna!
What happened!?
Everything okay?
This is bad!
Don't come here!
Don't use live ammunition,
set to paralyze!
I won't let you!
Watch out! Fire!
Aim at her!
Ether power...
I said countermeasure against ether!
Start Ether-distortion!
What is that!?
Dust particle?
-Hang on!
I can't use... ether energy...
Without ether they're harmless.
Capture them to our ship!
Get on Space Cart!
What about other Espal?
We'll save them later.
Pursue! Don't let them escape!
Luca, hang on!
They're here!
Take this!
Please leave!
Got you!
Turn back Doraemon!
The problem is...
The handle is not responding!
Ah... Luca!
No! we'll be captured!
Hey! don't interfere!
Nobita, can we reach that moon entrance?
You mean anywhere door?
I see, we can escape to earth.
Crub & Cansir!
Every Espal captured?
Only 1 left!
Good grief, that turtle gave me a bad day.
I should've join that race.
Run to the door!
To Nobita's room!
I have to stay.
I can't leave them behind.
I'll stay too! We're friends, right?.
All the more reason.
You can't run!
What if you hit the Espal!
I just!
Ugh... Kh!
We finally meet.
It's futile, you have nowhere to run.
What are you looking at?
Anyone left in this dark plain?
They can't see anything the badge materialize.
Door access to the moon got cut off.
No way! You mean we can't go back!?
Is that it! We're the only one to survive.
It can't be helped.
We didn't expect this to happen.
Aren't you frustated about this!?
I am...
Realizing I can't do anything!
Luca decided to stay,
For the sake of others...
Let's use Bamboo Copter to fly!
That's absurd!
Moon is 380.000 km away!
Moon is farther than it looks.
No way...
Ugh... Aa!
There's a way to the moon.
When Luca visit earth before,
he use a spaceship.
This is... the place where I first met Luca.
I'm certain it's under this tree.
-It is a spaceship!
It's so small, you sure we will fit?
Well this is actually a lifeboat
from that big spaceship.
Let's modify it, this will take some time.
Adding some 22-Century gadgets will suffice.
Everyone go home and prepare!
Gather here again at 7 PM.
But this journey will be dangerous,
If your heart is not ready, better stay on earth.
It's almost time,
we should depart.
Wait for a bit, Suneo is still...
Took time fixing my bangs.
Dummy, you're too slow!
Stop it!
Then, time to depart!
Nobita, it's the moon.
Hurry get inside!
You should told us before!
Each light represent someone's livelihood.
Withstand Environment!
We are going at high speed,
once we enter space.
It'll take a whole day to reach moon.
So get inside and take some rest.
The inside is spacious
and there's room for everyone.
I don't think there's a bath...
There is!
earth as scenery, what a luxury...
Wait for us, Luca.
It seems they were taken to Kaguya...
Can't be.
He tried to tell us something.
Follow him.
Hm... Ah.
Luna! You're okay!
Ah, take it easy.
Luca attached his badge to me.
I was able to run here.
I see! Without the badge they're,
unable to see the Rabbit Kingdom.
He sacrifice himself for me...
always reckless.
Those Kaguya-being is unforgivable!
We will save Luca and everyone!
Doctor's Bag.
Shizuka stay here, and treat Luna injury.
Bee Aware Alarm and Spare Pocket!
If something were to happen in Kaguya,
This alarm will notify you.
This Spare Pocket connected to mine
I leave it here for emergency.
Rice cake! Thanks NObit.
Luna! We'll be back!
Counting on you!
According to Mozo information,
Kaguya is 40 light year away.
Even speed of light,
will take 40 years.
We can't take this leisurely!
We'll be an old man by then.
earthling didn't know warp navigation?
Using warp will take instant to reach Kaguya.
Press both steering lever simultaneously.
Let's do it! Warp!
Emperor Diabolo.
We have captured all Espal.
Here is their leader.
Splendid achievement!
Your unit did a good job.
My lord!
Ether is the way to restore Kaguya.
Not anymore.
You found something else beside Espal, right?
Something else?
That planet is beautiful.
Just like Kaguya once.
Espal will resurrect the weapon of mass destruction.
Then, it'll be easy to obtain that planet.
That planet... You mean earth!?
Remain silent.
earth huh? that planet known as.
Aren't we supposed to use Espal
to restore light on planet Kaguya?
This planet is already beyond saving.
We'll invade earth!
Prepare to resurrect the weapon!
Labor every Espal for this cause!
From today onward,
Taraba is the commander!
You can't order me around anymore!
-Run away
Did you hear me, Godat...
Espal wasn't meant to be used as weapon!
Emperor's soldier.
Over here!
Are you a fool godat?,
befriended with that demon.
You're disgracing yourself!
Abandon Kaguya's future
and dragged other planet into this!
We should eat Gummy Translation now.
Or we won't understand Kaguya's language.
We will distribute food rations, form a line!
Over here!
Mine too!
-It's cold!
-Stay beside mom.
We work harshly only for this.
It's getting smaller.
Luca was right.
This place lacks food and energy.
At any rate, we have to find Luca and others.
Mozo, guide us.
I was here 1000 years ago.
I don't know the geography now.
Please know it!
All right! I'll ask around.
Ah, wait.
Hey, do you know where Espal is?
Of course not! They're just myth.
Really now... I think they really do exist.
If they do, they're probably normal people.
I think Emperor Diabolo mistaken about Espal.
Mistaken or not
No one can deny an absolute ruler for 1000 years.
Even if we're not living in this wasteland.
He'll just turn it into one by war.
Quiet, they'll put you in jail.
Who cares! Here or jail there's no difference.
If only sir Godat the one to govern our planet...
Sir Godat, treat everyone kindly.
He'll surely be a great leader.
Great leader or not, all important people lives there.
Dia Palace.
Jail cell?
At least, you know how it feels to be captured.
Forgive me.
I just meant to lend your power to save Kaguya.
Serves me right...
We'll just be use,
to start another conflict!
You should have realize.
It's not like we're asked to be made this way...
Even father and mother,
might have regret ever created us.
Brother Luca...
That's not it!
My ancestor was proud able to created you.
Hmm... Ah!
Sometimes we could
heard someone's mind.
I see...
I inherit this form my ancestors.
Come here.
You know father and mother!?
I'm Dr.Godal descendants.
My ancestors has someting to say to you.
"Did we leave doubt in your heart?, If we could,"
"we want to go back and able to raise you again."
"Espal is none other than our loving children."
Father... Mother...
If you're fine, you could have this.
Is it okay?
I'm sure they'll be pleased.
If I may, I liked to hear the prophecy.
The prophecy!?
Where do we go?, there's no entrance.
If only we could use Luca's ability.
Doraemon, don't you have gadgets to make us psychic?
Hm... I do have one...
Psychic Hat!
With this hat, you can perform 3 psychic abilities.
Cool! Let me try it.
Sure, without practice it'll be hard.
Yes! X-ray first.
Show me... Show me... The entrance...
Like I said, today we should celebrate.
I doubt commander will come...
I'll persuade him to join us.
Someone's here!
Anyway, commander is late.
Show me... Show me...
-That lunatic!
Entrance... Show yourself...
I see it! What?
Don't move.
This guy was with Espal!
How did you come here!
Te-te... Telekinesis!
T-t... time out!
Is this guy a broken Espal?
This time... Go!
Hm? Aa!
What's he doing...
I had it!
Taking us for a fool!
Huh? What!?
Oh no!
Huh? He's gone.
Yeah! I found the entrance!
It turns out okay.
This way!
You sure?
You'll be sorry, if this wrong!
Some uninvited pest.
Did it!
Horizon Tape trap, succeed!
-How is it?
We're here to save you.
Don't cry, good job to endure!
I can't believe you came!
Of course, we're friend.
I'm the one who guide them!
What an attitude.
Espal's comrade?
Kaguya-being that attacked us!
Godat was deceive by Diabolo!
He's descendants of father and mother
and our ally!
This guy...
1000 time will pass, with comrade we shall return.
1000 rabbit will pour, the land shall restore its light.
Because of this prophecy.
I was searching for Espal endlessly.
Do you know what it means?
Even Al doesn't understand it.
What is this 1000 rabbit?
Espal I think.
There are only 11 of them.
If this "comrade" refers to you...
What we have here?
Hey Bolo!
We came faraway from earth!
Show yourself!
I see...
You people are earthling huh...
How tricky, able to rescue some Espal.
You hippo!
That wasn't his true form.
Diabolo, is always behind curtain.
I'm going to defeat Diabolo!
As long as he's around,
Kaguya won't have any future!
In that case, I'll go too.
Father and mother cherished this planet.
That means, we're coming too.
Al, you help other Espal escape.
Reflect Mantle!
All right!
Not bad Doraemon!
Of course!
They keep coming...
Me and Suneo will hold them!
You guys go ahead!
Counting on you!
Shoot like crazy!
Do or die!
Diabolo is behind the curtain, stay alert!
I challenge you, come out!
Impressive bravery Godat...
Prepare to meet the afterlife.
Face my true form!
He's not...
Diabolo's not there
I am Diabolo!
Only his head!?
What is that mean!?
I rule with destruction.
As the messenger of death!
I get it! Diabolo identity is...
A machine with artificial intelligent!
Also, the weapon of mass destruction itself!
True you are!
As you may guess,
the thing that destroyed this planet moon,
Was my divine power!
How can this be!
We have been ruled by this thing
for over 1000 years.
You have rob the planet,
from its people!
How ridiculously naive!
Kayuga people themselves that created me.
Their power of imagination
that lead to destruction!
Espal power is the same!
You're wrong!
Imagination is the future!
where people able to reach understanding.
Without consideration for each other.
Destruction is born!
Ether power is my blood and body!
Whoever tried to prevent my resurrection will take the consequences!
Don't mind me!
We're empty!
Darn it!
Take this!
A robot!?
Doraemon's gadget working well,
her injury healed gradually.
NObit, what are you working on?
This badge is quiet unique.
Just by removing it,
the kingdom and NObit.
Become invisible...
Hm... What!?
How could you materialize!?
That badge...
NObit, try to remove that.
Reverse effect...
They're in trouble!
Oh no! But what can we do...
You should be honored.
I'll dissolve your body and become part of me.
You gotta be kidding me!
I don't want to be part of machine!
Where are the Espal!?
All of them is present here.
As part of my blood and body...
1000 years I've waited for this
He's looks younger!
He absorb Luca and others ether.
We have to stop him.
My pocket is gone!
Is this what you're looking for?
When did you!
Before departing, anything left to say?
Someday Kaguya people will stand against you!
How humiliating to lose to another machine!
I want to turn you into junk!
I haven't finished Lion Masked comic.
Your time is up.
Do it!
Doraemon, do something!
There's nothing I can do!
We're done for!
Deliver these rebel to their end!
1000 time will pass,
with comrade we shall return.
Wh-what is this voice?
1000 rabbit will pour,
the land shall restore its light!
The prophecy!
Everyone we come to save you!
How could they materialize?
This Myth Badge!
Able to enter our real world.
From that theory world?
-That's why
Moonbit and others will fight!
What are you soldiers doing!
Use Ether-distortion...
Why you...!
If only I have my pocket...
Your pocket is here!
I won't let you!
The speed of my feet is...
Well known!
taking these too!
Begin counterattack!
Reflect Mantle!
Stuck Magnet!
Stuck and suck everything.
Let's do it!
At least, I've got to get one of them!
Let everyone else fight here,
we pursue them!
Counting on you!
Dia palace is...
What's going on?
Weapon of mass destruction...
Luna is inside!
Nothing to do on Kaguya anymore.
I'll rule that planet next.
That planet?
It's the earth.
Not on my watch!
Our copter can't chase him.
Once he passed the cloud, it'll be the end
Do something Doraemon!
I'm trying here!
Farewell foolish people!
Why can't I move!?
Ether light...
Perish along with this planet!
The power won't be enough,
we need something...
My shell is the hardest in universe,
get it?
What with this light!?
I see him!
Luca power boost!
Here goes!
We did it!
There's no way I lose...
To a mere human...
I believe... I can't fly.
Rabbit is pretty good too...
The light is restored.
What was that explosion?
It's similar to Sparkling Moss.
Let's see?
You're right!
Not our moss, but a similar plant.
When in contact with ether,
It's explode then multiplied!
Why put it here?
I guess they prepared it.
Dr. Godal believed you guys
will return in 1000 years.
So they already prepared it.
For the time when
Kaguya restored its light.
They prepared...
Just like how your snack is prepared.
If you like,
You could live with us on Kaguya.
Thank you but,
It's better for us to stay as myth.
What about the people who already seen Espal?
We're looking for you!
What happened?
I got an idea!
Soldiers! come here please.
Forgotten Scent!
Turns out Espal from the myth,
is just normal being.
Espal is just normal being.
Use the smell from this weed,
to erase Espal from everyone's memory.
I see... Then I should.
Only you, please remember us.
So that someday...
You could showed us a prosper Kaguya.
I thank you.
I accept your trust in kind.
Our friendship.
You know...
NObit created these reverse badge.
From the theory world
to become a myth that exist.
Maybe NObit is genius?
He's similar to me on that one.
But you know...
Too crowded!
I have a request.
Create theory about planet kaguya,
where Espal creature existence,
Is just another human being.
Without special power and could get old,
then die normally.
That's what we wished to become!
Please make this theory about us
come true!
Are you guys fine without special powers?
Even though you could live forever!
But why?
Without them,
we'll push ourselves to do our best.
and able to appreciate how wonderful life is.
I realize that, after meeting you guys.
With moonbit and others,
In this kingdom on the back moon.
We want to build a world to live on.
Everyone ready?
Espal the creature from myth ...
Are normal being like us.
Thank you.
I'm happy for you.
In order to protect their peaceful life.
It's better if nobody could found them.
What do you mean?
Our club ends here!
We should let go of our badge.
We can't meet them anymore?
No way!
Proceed with your singing practice.
I won't forget about you, Suneo.
Me too!
So long, Nobit.
I'll be here for them, no need to worry!
We had fun...
Thanks for letting me,
be your friend.
I'll be here, watching you.
No need to exaggerate.
Even without badge,
we'll always be able to meet.
We have imagination power on our side.
-So long!
Someday earth and moon.
Will be connected, until then.
A few days ago, transmission from lunar rover Nayotake that suddenly cut off.
Has miraculously restored.
Ah? Is he out already?
...and there.
This is bad! We'll be late.
Ah... Wait for me!
Can you hear it...
My voice that call out for you.
Sometimes a message could be seen
beneath the Moonlight.
Hope it reaches you.
"Will we able to meet again?"
Let me hear it from you.
Memories about us.
Suddenly overflow.
Unable to stop itself.
With the passing time
those memory about the past.
Comes like a gentle wind.
Encourage me on my journey through the days.
Please don't forget...
The race towards our destiny.
Under this same sky and star.
I'll keep our path illuminated.
Never forget.
Our miraculous encounter.
Keep believe on that miracle will happen again.
Someday I'll present it to you.
This is a gift from the moon.
Please don't forget...
The race towards our destiny.
Under this same sky and star.
I'll keep our path illuminated.
A gift from the moon.
Never forget.
Our miraculous encounter.
Keep believe on that miracle will happen again.
Someday I'll present it to you.
This is a gift from the moon.
This is a gift from the moon.
A gift from the moon.
This is a gift from the moon.
This is a gift from the moon.
Everyone, was that fun?
See you next year!
Coming in spring!
Doraemon Movie 2020!
Look forward to it!