Doraemon: Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum (2013) Movie Script

Tonight at the museum, at 12 o'clock, I will take away the most precious item.
Please wait until I come.
Kaitou Aluxe Lupin.
Damn that Lupin...
Most precious item huh...
is this thing the precious item ?
Or the paintings that are located on the 3rd floor?
"The Demon Massage"?
What does he want to take?
The alarm! The target is on the 3rd floor!
Hurry! Do not delay, act quickly!
Don't move!
Who is it?
Famous detective Sherlock Nobita here!
Wait... Lu... Lupin... Lupin...
Wait... Lupin...
Were you dreaming of becoming Holmes?
The movie yesterday right?
Interesting movie wasn't it
Look this look
"Lupin VS Holmes VS OoKamen," right?
Holmes' words were really cool, right?
I also want to be like him
Impossible, impossible
You do not have the genius
Nobita is more like Piter
The stupid inspector, all day long saying "It's Suspicious..."
What nonsense
Standard such as Le Duan! With him that the best
Eating many Dorayaki make me sleepy...
I'm home
Doraemon! Doraemon!
Eh! weird... he's not here
Aaah... oh no... my 0 point test paper
What is this?
D....? X....?
What to do... what to do... test paper...
If back home, you need wash your hands and feet!
Do I need to say it every time?
Ah, then I'll wash now...
How suspicious
Make sure you do not forget
Uwa... That tickles...
Mi-chan... you shouldn't...
Missing... Missing... Missing...
Bell is missing
My bell is stolen
Wha... wha... wha... What to do now...
Kokoro no naka itsumo itsumo egaite ru
I've always been sketching in my heart
Yume wo noseta jibun dake no sekai chizu
a personal world map that carries my dream
Sora wo tonde toki wo koete tooi kuni de mo
Flying through the sky, leaping through time, even a faraway country,
Doa wo akete hora ikitai yo ima sugu
just open the door and look, I want to go now!
Otona ni nattara wasurechau no ka na?
Once I become an adult, will I end up forgetting all these?
Sonna toki ni wa omoidashite miyou
At that time, let's try to recall.
Uta wo utaou
let's sing a song.
Minna de saa te wo tsunaide
Everyone, let's hold hands together.
Sekaijuu ni yume wo sou afuresasete
make the entire world filled with that dream.
I really saw it! A Hole in the ceiling opened up!
Then... nyuu... tee...
The hole is not the thief of time from the future right?
I am not sure, it might be
But why that useless bell
The bell is not useless
For me that bell is extremely important!
However it did not lack you?
The robotic cat factory made it has special effects?
There are abilities that I did not repair because
the time I went to the 22th Century to fully fix it...
Why not buy a new bell? That must be easier
If you want to fix it, it's 5 times more expensive than normal
What? 5 times?
This is an old design
Now we rarely see this type anymore
But... that bell contains very important memories for me...
Please repair it for me!
If you say so...
Why so important?
Tha- That is....
It's not important
However the truth is
That person took my bell for what?
Probably not... is there something...
Well, hear this
First of all let's get something to temporary replace it
Replace it?
"Fashion Creator Camera"
Ready standby standby
Okay say cheese...
Christmas bell!
Wait, Christmas was long ago
Then this is... Bell of Communal Spirit
Don't bow to me!
Then this is... banana
I'm not a fruit vendor
Half egg
Too embarrassing to comment
Small bird..
It is alive
Elizabethan collar
I said don't fooling around
I don't want another bell!
I said don't want... don't want... don't want!
Why do you act like a real cat...
A That's it! Doraemon...
Is there any gadget that can help?
"Sherlock Holmes Costume!"
Amazing... just like in the movie, exactly the same
With this, anyone can become a famous detective
Nobita the famous detective!
So cool
Good! Look for the thief that stole my bell
The first gadget is the "Super Pipe"
This pipe will blow a special bubble
and it will explode at the top of the culprit!
That's weird
It is clogged
This is the "Detective Stick"
It will show the direction of the culprit
Good! Where's the thief?
It does not fall down huh
It does not fall down
And it's down
The stick did not fall, means the culprit is not here
We'll follow up with the "Inference Hat"
Simply snap the hat after studying evidence
and it will make correct inferences
Nice! This time I will definitely find out!
I already know!
The thief is Kaitou Deluxe!
Kaitou Deluxe!! But who is that?
I don't know!
Only the name is meaningless
But I was able to find the Kaito name. It's amazing right?
What to do... we have already suspected him
We haven't caught the thief right?
But it is just as expecteded from Holmes' costume
Finally the "Tracer Magnifier"
It can be considered a type of synthetic function and give suggestions
Something appears
This is...
What? what?
This is a place in the 22nd century called the
Secret Gadget Museum
Secret Gadget Museum?
As you know in my pocket are all
secret gadgets right?
All those gadgets are all developed in that museum
It's a great museum isn't it
So that's where Doraemon's bell is?
the "Tracer Magnifier" have shown this place
Not sure, but it can be there
This means that I have to call Dorami for advice
It is not impossible to get there, but...
I can go to the future department store
and buy a new bell for you
I dont want! dont want!
My bell is very important! Absolutely!
Why is that bell so important for you?
Tha- That's beacuse...
I don't care, and don't ask!
If you say so. Well then...
First of all you can use this in the mean time. Here!
Le- Lemon?
Anyways, if it as mentioned it must be in yellow colour...
Here! The ticket
To get this I have been having a hard time
you can't get it anymore!
I got it! Then I will buy ten molonpan for you
Twenty huh...? I got it...
Thank you
This ticket is for 5 persons
So Dorami-chan can come along
Today I can't! Melonpan store has special sale today
Then we can invite Shizuka-chan to come along
Doraemon take out the 'Anywhere Door"...
Quick quick quick....!
Yo Nobita, is there something special?
What's up with that costume?
So that's the story?
If so then
we will come along with you guys
Right Suneo?
That's right, we'll all come along to the museum!
Together we get the bell back
I feel like you guys just want to play there
It's not at all true no...
The ticket turned into a car
So cool! Doraemon!
Ne Dorami-chan, is there something that...
make Doraemon change?
It's just like he is turned into a cat...
It's a symptom of Noraneko
If robot cat are without their bell...
they will lose control of their cat characteristics
It can't be...
So whatever you do you must find that bell
although it is not any kind of special bell
After all what really happened anyway?
That bell...
there's nothing special right?
Hoi Nobita!
What are you doing? Faster, let's go!
The trip to the museum will now start
It started!
It's dangerous, so sit down properly
See you later...!
Remember to buy the melonpan as promised
We are about to enter hyperspace!
22nd century!
See nothing hear nothing
Mukai Osamu!
Everyone please look forward!
Waa... What is that?
At the top of that island
is the Secret Gadget Museum
This island is
the home of all secret gadgets in the world
On this island you can find a lot of diciplines
From science to engineering and many other fields
Because everyone have studied day and night without a break
they invent many things used by modern people
Just like a real cat!
Director... hello
Hello what!
Where have you been?
well, because...
I'm on the way sir!
I just made a gadget
I see...
Making gadgets, or just an excuse?
The item is really great this time
I'm really confident that this item can be donated to the museum
"Kurucuckoo" huh?
Just say "Fly"
It will fly up to the sky at fast speed
Now try Director! Oh...
Now go ahead!
Now... fly!
What do they do..???!
Hey stop! Stop!
A-Are you okay Director?
Look... how he fell down there!
Don't laugh! Who are you all?
O-Oh the ticket!
Sorry my valued guests, I was too rude
I am Director Fiks, pleased to meet you
Welcome everyone to the 'Secret Gadget Museum'
Now please allow me to see the ticket
Doraemon-sama right?
Kuruto, please give them a guided tour
B-But, "Kurucuckoo" has still not returned...
Just forget about that useless gadget!
Luckily that gadget is not yet in the museum
Just give up on this foolish dream
Where is your guide coat?
Guide them.. got it!
Ah.. I'm your guide Kuruto Hartmann
Nice to meet you!
I'm Nobita
You can call me Jaian!
Director, actually I brought them to
this museum to find a lost item, sir!
Lost item?
I don't know.. my bell was stolen by someone
and then this "Sherlock Holmes Costume"
found the culprit
A man named Kaitou Deluxe took it, sir!
Kaitou Deluxe!?
Do you know him?
Of course we know
Just the day before, this museum was robbed by him
Our museums "Big Light" has been stolen
He was so cool
One by one policemen was defeated
They were all defeated in a flash "Hyo hyo hyodo"...
He was so cool... I don't know how to describe it...
Why was only the "Big Light" taken?
That I don't now either. Right now we are still investigating it
"Big Light" and bell. I wonder what relation there is between the two items?
This "Tracer Magnifier"
said the bell was taken to the museum but...
This unusual situation is difficult to understand...
If there are problems the security system will certainly respond immediately
Allright we will look for it
Everyone have come here to find the bell
but please have fun in the museum
Kuruto I'm conting on you
Now come in come in
It so huge...
This place is just the lobby
The other items are inside that door known as
the first prototype of the "Anyhere Door"!!
Is this the first prototype?
There are other prototypes of "Anywhere Door" here
We can go inside the museum if we go through the door
It's so big...
Ne who is that statue person?
He is the one who
first created the "Anywhere Door"
The genius scientist Dr. Hartmann
Eh apparently your
name is Kuruto Hartmann right?
Dr. Hartmann was my grandfather
Clearly he is Dr. Hartmann grandchild
No wonder, you work at this museum to create something useful too right?
No wonder! No wonder!
I'm certain that one day I will invent super great things, just wait!
That time you guys make sure you come to this museum
it will make your eyes pop out
No wonder!
That is not something to eat
It looks like a fly...
Kuruto what is this?
Don't worry
Because this museum is so big
for the first timed visitor, they might be lost here
L- Lost..?
If you do not carry them and get lost here
No one will find you
So... so... scary...
But if you carry it along, I can find you with this transmitter
no matter who or where it is it will find out
I'm the orange colour
the yellow colour is me
White colour is Kuruto
Yup, the white colour means the guide
The door is about to open
Quick quick
Wait for me
This is the robot room
All types of robots are here
It's a super giant robot ...
Now let's go
Doraemon hurry up
This is the "Woodcutter Stream"
I know it
So what did you drop?
This common crab?
or this premium emperor crab?
The common crab
Your answer is honest
Because you honest I give you this premium emperor crab
Help me...
Don't push!
Oh it's beacause of
"The New Guests Cat" right?
What place is this
How have we suddenly been brought here?
Here is the place for the "Copy Robot"
visitors can play with their identical robot
Look this!
How? Do we look exactly the same?
We are twin brothers!
Actually these "Copy Robots" are set into beauty mode
That's why they look better than the original
what kind of mode? I'm always exactly like this!
Ne it's more important to find my bell
The bell! Nobita-kun, the sound of the bell, it's there!
Anyone want to play this game?
This fishing game is very interesting
Cool! This side this side!
Do not run, annoying kids!
Another bell... I'm really tired...
The fish are goldfish huh?
They are not goldfish, okay. They are tortoise robots
Tortoise robots?
The tortoise robot huh?
Here want to catch them?
I want I want
Let's see who will be the first!
Allright! I will beat you!
It's here!!
I got it!
Why tortoise?
Hey get out from my pocket right now!
Seems like it like it there in the pocket
make sure you take care of it
It can't be... I can't use my gadget then
Those two...
What is that?
This is...
That is the security robot
Security Robot?
But it is a dangerous robot
at this moment it is not activated
Just look at it, it looks scary!
This is the first prototype of the patrol robot
It was used to protect the museum when the museum opened
But because of its very high offensive power
It is very dangerous. Now it is not used anymore
That's why its sealed
Now this is the new patrol robot
The new patrol robot always watches over this robot
Ne let's get out of here
What the matter Suneo, you scared?
N-Not really
I'm not scared... I'm not like you
Then prove it!
Now let's go to the next area
How's that Suneo, you're scared right?
Four left.... four left
Before we go please eat this candy
What is this?
This is...
So the next place is...
It's done!
Now let's go!
When we fall down please be careful
Fall down?
So fun so fun
This is the Artificial Space
Artificial Space
Then what did we eat before?
That was "Space Suit Pills"
If we eat it, we don't need to wear a space suit
Now let's go
I want! I want to try that!
You can't.... don't run randomly!
What is this?
This gadget will tell us about the universe
For example the birth of the sun
This is the sun
which was born over 5 billion years ago
This is the current state
After the sun was born it's never changed until now
The temperature is about 6 million degrees celcius
It's called The Red Giant
S-So big...
I-it will hit us
All installation completed
Ojii-chan! (Grandpa)
Still doing those silly things?
I've already said it's lunch-time already...
but you have not cleaned the table?
I have said it so many times, so please remember
Sorry sorry
All done!
The cake looks delicious!!
Looks delicious right?
Today we'll eat egg cake
I made only the best! Ehehe!!
I dont know where's down in this room
This is the gadget library
All gadgets are here
Ne where is Kuruto? Where did he go?
He's at the gadget library
This is... "Air Brush"
Hello? Kuruto?
Don't you want to come back and eat?
Of course! Wait for me!
I want to go to the toilet for a while
You guys just stay here and play for awhile
I got it
Let's go there!
Do not enter
What area is this....
Is it the room where the "Big Light" was stolen?
So tired!
Why.. why are you kids here?
Sir you cannot enter! This place is prohibited!
Don't be silly!
I am a police officer!
That right! Police! Inspector Masdaddo!
Sorry sorry
Again troubling people
Anyway doctor
Can you change the direction of the door?
Clever boy!
What do you say? Deluxe stole your bell?
That's interesting. Is it true?
It's true!
I hunt him because he stole my bell
and he should be in this museum!
If inspector know anything, please tell us!
I can tell you, but
I don't know if it's related to Deluxe or not
Actually while interrogating all the employees in the museum
I have heard some very strange rumors
I heard this museum has a phantom that live inside it
All he knows is stealing
Phantom? Kaitou Deluxe?
Tissue paper
We can't make noon snack whitout it
Although these item are not worth much
But it is still worrying
It's certain that the phantom stole my sweet potatoes!!
I have noticed how the red tea and sugar in this room
is getting less and less
When I patrol around midnight I often hear strange noises
it is the voice of a man!!
The voice always says...
"Not this, nor this"
Then it sounds like a scream
Who stole my item!?!
Thus probably it's Deluxe
Somehow is related with the museum staff
This museum
I don't know how to say... there is something very strange
I have a suspicious feeling
Still want to be a guide?
If they found out, the Director will surely kick you out
Don't worry he surely knows how to cover it
Am I right?
I was supposed to eat with Ginger
No, nothing important!
Now then
itadakimasu!! (I receive this food)
Right, right?
Using yeast as the topping is delicious!!
Ginger is a genius!
This place is too large
Allright, come Suneo!
I wonder what's at the end of this tunnel, let's find out!
Together we'll find out!
There... so many giants!
No, it's not
We are the one who's small!
The next thing to check is...
"Galyvar Tunnel II" huh?
They are going to take the tunnel
Must wear these "Weight Reducer Gloves"
One, two, lift!
One two, one two! Please wait...!!
There are still minimized persons here!
Come back... Come bbaa...
What to do... we cannot turn back to normal...
Anyways, we must find the others first
Why did we end up like this...
Everyone, listen to this
Because of how we three people cooperated
the Peporametal machine
is finally almost completed
Take a look here
Once this is completed it will be
the eternal Peporametal machine!
Dr. Pepora...
Dr. Hartmann has produced an excellent Fullmetal machine
But it used too much gold as material
But Fullmetal material gold is a metal that
is no more on this planet
And I not sure how much longer
it can be produced
But with this machine
despite if it is iron or copper
or gold of course
Whether anything, it will be turned into Fullmetal gold!
It's an ultimate machine, isn't it!!
If so then we no longer have to worry about the problem of resources
it will revolutionize the musuem
That's right! The genius Pepora
will be famous!
Will it be work? Sorry, but I'm not interested
Bell... bell... bell...
They have the signal generator. I think it's okay
Where are we...?
We must be in a strange place
Clean clean clean the rubbish!
Clean clean clean the rubbish!
Clean clean clean the rubbish!
We're not rubbish!!
Clean clean clean the rubbish!
We're saved
So heavy! Hurry, get up
Another strange place
What is this place...
Jaian, please find a way out quickly
I-It I-It's
It's here...!!
Ne we should find my bell
There, something is shining...
What? Found it already?
I don't know, but there's something shining in here
M-My hand, it won't come out...
Out... out...
Ginger, the milk finished
No other choice...
Please wait, I'll buy for you
Where are we? Are you okay?
Here I go!
Wait Kuruto!
Your guests are behind this wall!
Uwa... everyone's seperated
Don't use this, use the other!
What was it?
Maybe it's the museum phantom?
It can't be...
It's a girl?
What is that sound?
What was that thing?
Maybe that is the museum phantom
You mean Kaitou Deluxe?
or maybe it just a comedian costume?
Just a little longer
Only 4 left
Only 4 left...
Who is there??
Wh-What is that?
Who is it? Who's there?
Come out!
so that's it... just a mouse
What, what?
It is like the alarm
What is it? The base?
What to do Doraemon??
What are you all doing over there?
Director Fiks
Oh, just you guys
Sorry Director
We're lost
Where is Kuruto?
That little boy has run off again?
Anyway Director
What is that thing?
It is a power supply machine
"Solar Resources Machine"
"Solar Resources Machine"?
The creator of th e"Anywhere Door," Dr. Hartmann and
Dr. Pepura invented this machine together
But during its progress
Dr. Pepura committed
a very serious mistake
Hartmann-kun let's drink coffee
Thank you
Because of Dr. Pepuras mistake
that artificial sun began to lose control!
No use... there is no way to control it anymore...
If this continues the artificial sun will become a red giant
and it will soon melt this island!!
at last it was under control by
Dr. Hartmann, but the whole lab was destroyed
Because of that mistake Dr. Pepura was
arrested and as punishment he was
permanently expelled from the island
After that Dr. Hartmann
discovered a new thing
It was a form of a metal, on which he conducted research
and discovered a new metal
It was a perfect metal
to produce a perfect system
Finally it's sealed in the "Solar Manufacture Machine"
Since then
That metal is used in numerous gadgets at the gadget factory
Dr. Hartmann has become
the supreme sovereign in the people's hearts
Since then where has Dr. Pepura gone?
Nobody knows where he is
I have a cold?
How careless you are until getting a cold
You idiot!
Leave and let the guests stay and play?
Sorry.. I went to the toilet for a while...
You always give so many reasons
Finally out...
Jaian?? Suneo?
Why did you guys become small?
We walked through a wierd tunnel and
then we became like this. W-What is that??
That is..
What happened?
You guys sure have gone
through the Galyvar Tunnel, right?
Right now the workers have carried it away for repair
It may take one week to get fixed
And "Big Light" is stolen
Then just use mine
No use
The tortoise robot is still in my pocket
I can't take out my gadgets anymore
You want us to stay like this until when ha?
The bell is gone, and now can't use the pocket
Doraemon is useless!!
Don't be sad Doraemon!
Thank you...
The useless Nobita-kun
also understands my feeling...
Why do I feel like I'm being insulted..
It's the closing time melody
But my bell is still not found...
Say, about the bell
I asked the discovering system to search for the bell
But there was nothing found...
No way...
But this Deluxe..
the discovering system has still not found his whereabouts
This is really worrisome
Anyway, the museum is about to close. Please come back tomorrow
It's almost closing time
But we have not found it yet...
I don't want... don't want to go... Until I find my bell!!
Don't worry
There's no need for a ticket, you children you can come here again
Is that true?
Then we can come here and play everyday?
Find my bell
Ah, the guest rooms in the museum are full now
Kuruto take them to your house okay?
Actually... I want to eat dinner with Ginger...
What is it?
A nothing, no problem...
Phantom of the museum?
Right! I have met it!
We've also already met it
Suddenly a door appeared on the wall
It was a girl that came out
A girl?
We saw a black man-suit with a cape
But we just saw a girl
Phantom...? All that are just rumors!!
Because no one has ever seen it anywhere!
No, I certainly saw her
Maybe you have mistaken, that the girl was just a guest!!
It can be...
I'm sure
Not only that. We also saw something else
Don't say anything about the Director yet
Because we do not know Kurutos relation with the Director
If we tell them now, we don't know if Kuruto is the Director's comrade right?
Th-that's right I got it
What you guys whispering about?
Anyways that musuem is full of mysteries
That's right!
Is that so??
This is my house
Sorry to bother...
You made all these items?
I made all these unique gadgets!
Is there any gadget that
can help us return to normal?
Let's see...
This is..
"Big Light"?
I've changed it a little...
What is this?
This is to exaggerate certain parts
"Exaggerated Light"
Sorry, here I come
Stop it Poppon, it tickles
Come on Poppon
Poppon, today we have guests
So cute, it's name is Poppon-chan right?
Because it always said "popon," so I named it Poppon
Right, Poppon?
But sometimes Poppon becomes lonely, especially when I go out
Then I put it out
So it have fields to play on
I can't bring it to the museum
It is also created by you?
That's incredible work
Failed again!!
This... all of this!!
All! All!
S-Something weird was just born...
Is this thing also made of Fullmetal?
I don't use Fullmetal in my research
That's why all my gadget are not too good
What is that? Vacuum cleaner?
It's "Super Vacuum Cleaner"
It can suck anything and put in a mini black hole!
Black hole? Amazing!
Don't use it. The suction is very strong
I hate it... don't look...
Don't... stop it now...
Why is there a screw in the butter
How did it end up there?
I have already said it began to happen ever since you built this ting
You think this is just a thing?
To win fame I cannot let
Dr. Hartmann make that such dangerous thing!!
What are you saying?
The truth is you are just jealous with the awesome Dr. Hartmann
Just admit that!
I'm not!!
He is my rival!!
We're a pair of rivals!!
What rival!
Oji-chan and Dr. Hartmann are
just like really lovely siblings...
Are you a f-fool?
The people just recognize Dr. Hartmann
as the one who invented the Fullmetal
The artificial sun was born because
of me, and I should got the respect as the inventor
Those people doesn't know to respect me
That's wrong! Totally wrong!
B class food napkin
B class.. B class??
Want to eat anything, just say it. It will automatically appear on this napkin
Allright! I'll start first!
"Katsudon" (rice topped with pork etc.)
It looks delicious
Then I want a Pineapple Burger
Well then... sometimes it will manifest the raw ingredients...
As I thought, it is useless
Nothing left inside
How did it eat it?
You know "Stripping Machine" right?
It sucks out the inside
and move it outside?
And the other one is
It sucks the inside and double it
But somehow Poppon
can make
things disappear into its nucleus
T-The function is very useless
I see so you are still just a crude boy
Oh, it's upset
Hey you...
Give back my "Katsudon!"
Is it okay?
It ate more than it should
Wait, I will fix it
Everyone just keep eating dinner
That time...
Was the first time I met Nobita-kun
Are you suprised to see us?
We're from the future
Pleased to meet you Oji-chan!!
Because Oji-chan is completely useless
we, your desendants will get a lot of dificulties
But don't worry. From now on Doraemon
will help you to become better
Be serious!
That easy ball also can't catch?
I can't do it... I can't do anything!!
I'll go home!! Wait...
Oh my... study, you don't want. Play, you don't want
You never want to try harder
Then don't you want to do anything?
That's why you're useless
Because I can't do anything..
so I don't want to do anything
Release me, I want to go home!
My bell...
Ne It impossible. Enough already
Just give up, it's impossible to find it
It dropped in this area, we will definitely find it
Why have you tried so hard
to find the bell...
Let's go home, mama will be worried about us
Enough already, just give up
Doraemon, sorry...
It's okay
At that time I realised that
the useless Nobita-kun
was actually a kind person
My bell...
It was here
And then we both laughed
In that moment I became Nobita-kun best friend
It's an unforgettable memory...
Want to pee...
That moment happened a long time ago
Nobita-kun sure has forgotten...
Poppon, how does it feel?
Stop it...
What a relief. It's fixed
You fix it the whole night?
I'm too focused with fixing it until
the sun's almost up
You really love Poppon. It makes me jealous
I like your diligence
you're good at everything
I'm not able to do anything
This I can't, that I can't.. there's nothing I can do
That's not true. Nobody is perfect
Nobita must also have some skill
You're completely useless
But you..
My teacher..
My teacher said
people who do not have any skill, doesn't exist
My teacher who taught me that
Kuruto, the most important thing is your attitude
It doesn't matter how many times you make mistakes and failures
If you have the will to succeed
Get up and
be determined
not to give up Kuruto
Okay teacher
He the one told me that I have the skill
I will definitely make something useful someday
And then
Many people will visit the museum
and will see my amazing creation
Amazing! I'm sure Kuruto will make it
What's the matter?
Sorry, please let me through
Museum closed?
Why so suddenly...
Let's find out
That right! This morning I got this notice
Today at 12 o'clock, at the museum
I will take away the most precious item. Please wait until I come
Kaitou Deluxe...
Then that notice
is the same as when the "Big Light" was stolen
Inspector Masdaddo
Last week Kaitou Deluxe
sent a notice like this
And the recording was also the same
But when I lost my bell
I didn't get a notice
That reminds me
When did you get that?
I don't know about it
In five minutes I will come to steal Doraemon's bell
Kaitou Deluxe!
DX means Deluxe?
A-As I thought
My bell was really stolen by Kaitou Deluxe!
That's means if we catch Deluxe
we will get the bell back right?
To recover my bell
Please let us help too
Then Sherlock Nobita
will catch Deluxe for everyone!
Then "Tracer Magnifier,"
show us where is the next target of Kaitou Deluxe
It appears!
The next target is in the gadget library
That's weird, my "Tracer Magnifier"
shows me that the next target is in the backyard
It's seems like we're in a bad situation
Sorry it seems like Doraemon's gadget has broken
It's not
Then we must check all the places
and we must have a group of police for guarding
Please guard there
I want to check the backyard for awhile
We got it
I need to go to the toilet for awhile...
You want go to the toilet at a time like this?
I can't hold it anymore... I will be back
You coward!
You're late.
Sorry, sorry.
Then I'm counting on you
You can count on me
I'm back! I made it.
You're slow!
Sorry sorry
Only one minute left
The Director? He's still not back yet
Quick, quick, hide..
Damn... Using "Exorcism Beans" as a weapon
to distract us?
Damn it!
Nothing happened...
It's not here?
Inspector Masdaddo
It's bad. They're here
Quick, turn the light on!
This is...
The light cable has been cut off
Quick, fix it...
Kaitou Deluxe!
Impossible... then who's in the backyard?
This guy is Kaitou Deluxe...??
Intruder detected
"Sleeping Spray"!!
Just as mentioned, I will take the most precious item in this musuem
Kaitou Deluxe has appeared
Hurry up! Don't let him escape
W-What is this?
No use
All the ways have been blocked!
He's fast!
Give back my bell!
No use... our attacks are useless...
Kaitou Deluxe, I want to duel you!
"Homing Missiles!!"
"Reflection Mantle!"
"Invisible Mantle!"
"True Sight Magnifier!"
"Untrusted Pills"!
"Trusted Pills!"
"Confidence Helmet!"
"Lose Confidence Antenna!"
"Magic Boxing Gloves!" "Magic Deflector!"
"Knockout Glove" "Wake up Glove"
"Wind God Fan" "Three Criteria Fan"
W-What a great battle...
Y-You think so...??
"Super Power Engagement Pearl!"
"Heals Tape!"
Damn... always beaten!
Then I will make the first move!
Go! Deluxe minions!
I-It's the "Professional Knocker"
They became Deluxe minions!
Suneo, this side!
"Unbeatable Blade"
Take this!
Go away... go away... go away...
Hey, take this!
The gun you dropped
in the water, is it this?!
Now everyone, the show is over
Wait, my bell!
Many items have been stolen
Damn it!
"Exorcism Beans?"
Oh yeah, at the time I warped here...
The "Duplicate Mirror" is also lost
Damn it!
Are you okay?
Where have you been?
I have been shot by the "Exorcism Beans"
and I warped from outside...
That's why
How about the police in the backyard right now?
There were many who were knocked down outside
but nothing was lost
What you say?
What is this about then?
Why did he attack at the backyard?
I don't get it
Don't worry! Just leave it to Sherlock Nobita
to solve the problem!
"Super Pipe"!
It's clogged
"Tracer Magnifier!"
Show us where Kaitou Deluxe is!
What is that?
It seems like a spinning door...
A spinning door?
Spinning thing?
I hope it gives more suggestions
Inspector, what items have we lost?
"Duplicate Mirror," "Remorse Bee,"
"The Dictatorial Switch," "Tickling Glove." Four items all in all.
If we include the "Big Light" and Dora-chan's bell
It is six items
Why did he take those six items?
Is there a reason?
Or do they have something secret inside?
Allright "Tracer Maginifier"
All those six items have something secret inside, let us know the most accurate suggestion!
What is that?
That is... the secret workshop!
Now it's time for the "Inference Hat"
Make the most accurate inference!
I already know!
Director please check back if the lost gadgets
have once been repaired at the workshop on the same day!
This is...
Please look at this!
This are the missing gadgets that once was repaired there on the same day!
I remembered my bell was
once repaired there
That workshop... On that day...
It is the day that Dr. Pepura was arrested!
Dr. Pepura was expelled from this island
and he was forbidden to set foot on this island forever
A few days later
He was arrested again at the workshop
Looks like he created a strange device, but
the device was not fully completed
Then he was arrested again
I'm sure that my bell and the other five museum gadgets were stolen by him
That means Dr. Pepura and Kaitou Deluxe have something ralated?
I can't stand it anymore
I will review Dr. Pepura's case files!
I-I also need to go!
Alright, we will also
help look for Dr. Pepuras whereabouts!
We can ask the "Detective Stick" for the direction right?
Where is Dr. Pepura?
It doesn't fall down completely!
The stick must be broken...
Please wait... It can be...
Maybe it can be this picture?
It can't be...
No, it can be
Shizuka-chan is right!
Let's go check it!
Wait... it can be dangerous!
Compared with Nobita, Shizuka-chan
is more like Sherlock Holmes!
But I helped her
It came here by itself?
Poppon you shouldn't come here
What's the matter?
It can't be helped
Looks like it prefers girls
Then let's go find my bell!!
The alarm!
Shut up already!
Good. This place, check on it!
And this time
Let's see who's bean this is
This way!
If you want to come here...
Take this!
This way was blocked!
it's the "Gorgon Head"!
If it beams, the light will turn us into stone!
I-It's flying...?!!
Stop it Poppon!
Damn you!!
Risky but safe
Luckily you're not broken
Stop it!
Doraemon is there any gadget?
But when I want to grab it....
What are you waiting for...
Oh yeah...
Let's see... let's see...
This is it!
Shizuka-chan, you're awesome!
What a relief!
Oh my, oh my
That little thing can't do anything!
Looks like there's a hole going through!
Okay, let's go!
Found it!
This is Kuruto's...?
Wait for me!
"Return Spray!"
Now I will know the owner of this thing
Dead end!
Which direction do we want to go?
Stop right there!
Kaitou Deluxe!!
That's impossible... This is...
Kaitou Deluxe... I already know your true identity!
Kaitou Deluxe...
Your true identity is...
The one and only Director Fiks!!
That's wrong!
Why? He's definitely the Director!!
That's right! Certainly he is the Director!
No, the true identity of Kaitou Deluxe is...
But Kuruto is here now, right?
You're completely hopeless...
Everyone, I hope you remember..
The hint that the "Tracer Magnifier" showed us
The spinning door?
No. It's the word "Kurukuru" and "To"
In summary the spin was referring to Kuruto!
You got to be kidding me!
I don't get it... He truly is an idiot...
And then Poppon also behaved strangely
It was supposed to fly to Kuruto's head
That's just because
It likes Shizuka-chan more
No choice... I have to show the final evidence... This is it!!
Kuruto, you dropped it just now
Everybody's position is displayed on the monitor
There are two Kuruto positions!
Right! And it all leads to a single answer
This Kurutos real identity is...
"Coppy Robot"?
Kuruto, why are you doing this?
I-I'm not Kuruto
You stole Doraemon's bell, and you're the thief...
Sorry everyone...
Kuruto, why did you turn into Deluxe?
That's because...
because I want to make my teacher's dream come true
Kuruto's teacher?
One day while I walked around the museum
suddenly I discovered a secret passage
What is this place?
Here I go!
What's wrong with you...
Wh-Wh-Where are you from?
What's is it? What's the matter?
It's bad... he saw me...
How many times do I have to say that it's easy to detect if the door is here!
What should we do now?
So, Dr. Pepura is your teacher
I don't want to hurt people
I just want help his work
Doctor has always
researched the Pepurametal
It is a metal that can replace the Fullmetal that is running out
It's a new form of metal
That's why he was reapairing the gadget at the workshop
He collected the damaged gadget
and tried to fix it
that night
However on that day
the workshop had been discovered by the police
Damn it... I can't get arrested this time
These things can't be taken
Anyway I need to save these micro chips!!
He's there!
Hurry up! He's there! Quick, chase him!
So my bell was also among them...?
At that moment
I was able to hide them
and they were taken to the musuem!
Because of this
I could still recover the micro chips!
But that's silly
To get something from the museum is impossible right?
I can help you!
You look so weak, it's impossible for you to do it!
I-I will definitely do it!
Then I
immediately built a suit with my teacher
and named it "Kaitou Deluxe"
You're too excited
Because I will be Kaitou with notice right?
You're amazing Kuruto!
So that's the story?
W-Wa-Wait a minute
Then the Director's strange behavior..?
Anyway, what was that about?
That's because...
Found you!
Don't run!
Director Fiks, the cuplrit that attacked the backyard
Don't tell me that was your doing
No way! You have found the wrong people!
Impossible!! The whole place should be cleared by now!
It's wrong! It's not me
Still want to pretend??
I'm the one who did it...
Why did you do such a thing?
Just tell me the truth
Saving money??
The director did that
because his money savings were missing
and he thought Deluxe wanted to steal it
That's why he did that
The story began half a year ago...
I never expected that my savings could be this much
Where to hide it safely?
"Grass Cutting Fish"?
That's it!
"Universal Bank Machine!"
The password will be "132109"
Himitsu Dogu... (secret gadget)
It's perfect...
Good. Now
no one will find it
Director, it's time for the meeting
Here I come
Red tea... red tea... found it!
So the rumors of the museum phantom
is her doing?
The Director taste is just normal
At that time she accidently dropped the
"Breeding Light" on the table and it accidently beamed at the fish
W-Wh-What happened!??
What actually happened?
That's it.. I can
offer them to cut the backyard grass
There are still... my... savings...
From that day
every night at midnight, the Director
will turn off the security sistem for three minutes
and go to the backyard
to check the fish one by one
This also not
The Director will check all the fish?
Yes, he will!
But when just four fish were left
He received the Deluxe notice
I will take away the most precious item. Please wait until I come
My "Tracer Magnifier" says the next target is in the backyard
If the fish is his target
and if he steals the fish that contains my savings, I will lose it forever
Then all the police were
shot by the "Exorcism Beans"
just because you want check the last four fish
That's right!! I finally found it!!
At last I found my money savings...
Really... Good for you I guess...
What the... so that's the story...
It just made me anxious
By the way
There's still one thing I don't understand
How did you switch places with the "Coppy Robot"?
It's simple
I want go to the toilet for awhile
I will be back.
You coward...
You're late.
Sorry, sorry!
Then I'm counting on you
You can count on me
I'm back
At that time it was the
"Coppy Robot?"
Then I broke in
I want to make sure Dr. Pepura dreams turn into reality
That's why...
That's why...
That's why I cannot give up!!
We're okay!
I will try to open the door
Look! It's written
Dr. Pepura
Nobita and his friends are coming here
I know already! Now I'm trying to unlock it!
This time I will...
press the button and open the door!
I'm saved...
This is... "Big Light"
Doraemon, quick take out a gadget
But I still have the tortoise robot inside...
Um... connect this...
Just one more
Now Ginger, give me that
But I like it the most...
You turned back to normal!
Thanks to Suneo
My bell...
With this all the components have been collected!
You guys will be the first
to see me change the world!!
Finally it have started!
All Fullmetal in this museum
will be turned into Pepurametal!!!
What is it?
The secret gadget
What happens?
What is this?
What happened?
The secret gadgets...
are disappearing...???
My bell
the Sherlock costume...
is disappearing...
Wh-What is this...
Impossible... why did this happen...
What... what's going on?
The Fullmetal is gone!
All Fullmetal in the museum
is gone!!
It's gone...
The tortoise robot also disappeared
Then the secret gadgets...
There's nothing left...
All the secret gadgets are gone!
Why did this happen...
I failed again...
T-This is... What's going on...
The "Solar Manufacture Machine"...
He is...
What does this mean...
Why are you here? We have been looking for you!
This is more important right now!
The "Solar Manufacture Machine" has started to lose control!
He's right
Dr. Hartmann made Fullmetal
to seal this thing
Just like that time...
At the moment this artificial sun began to lose contol
But this time
it will grow until it become a red giant
In just a few hours
the earth will melt!
Is there any way to stop it?
At that time
all thanks to Hartmann
No other people can stop it
I-It can't be...
I caused it once more...
by doing a stupid thing...
As I thought
I'm really a useless scientists
Doctor, I will do it
I will seal the "Solar Manufacture Machine!"
Doctor, you're not a useless scientists
Previously, Doctor told me
Failure does not mean you should give up! I will also not give up
Doctor said that
The decision not to give up, means not losing
I was very confident of the strength in what Doctor told me
The spirit that Doctor always want to
surpass my grandfather, I like it so much
If you're trying to surpass my grandfather
Then is now the time for you to give up?
If so, then why you give up?
No... I absolutely cannot lose
I... absolutely will not give up
I will reverse the Pepurametal machine
Let's try to restore the Fullmetal!
I will also help you
Me too.. Me too
Let's work together!
Allright! Everyone let's stop the artificial sun!
Director and Inspector please
inform the guests and staff to leave quickly!
T-That's right!! Let's go!
Kuruto, I'm counting on you
I-It's here!
Anyway, we need to think of a way
to stop the sun from getting bigger
My item is not made of Fullmetal
so you can use it!
This is really serious...
Take this!
No use... it's totally useless...
The sun is made of energy
Water is useless...
That's it!
"Super Vaccum Cleaner"!
It has a mini black hole inside
Probably it can suck the sun
I see
My work is half completed
Right let's suck the sun
"Patrol Robot!"
Intruder detected. Destroy!
The Fullmetal chains disappeared, and now it's angry!
No way...
Let's stop that "Patrol Robot"!
You guys take care of the sun!
Leave it to us!
I don't know how to stop it...
How to stop it...
Hot... Hot... so hot!
Intruders. Destroy!
No way...
What is that? What is that thing...
Oji-chan hurry up
Hurry up already!
Intruders. Destroy!
Doraemon use this!
Kaitou Doraluxe has come!
In three minutes I will defeat you!
No need for the notice, just hurry up!
That's right!
Look... there's something big...
That is...
The Patrol Robot surely got a memory card!
If you pull out the card, it will stop!
I must stop that thing fast
Is there something that I can use?
Use that one! Take the rope and fly to it's feet!
Hurry up!
"Kurucuckoo," Fly!
We did it
But the "Solar Manufacture Machine" still...
No way!
The "Super Vaccum Cleaner" has overloaded...
Is there any other way...
No use... It's too late!
At this rate... there must be some way...
There must be some way...
There must be some way...
Poppon! Use Poppon!
That's it
Eat that sun!
It's bad!
Poppon, hang in there!
Hang in there!
Don't give up...!
Hang in there Poppon!!!
Save me... I still want to live...
Great! The Fullmetal is back!
It's no use to say that...
Ah! The secret gadgets have returned!
Tortoise robot has also returned!
This is
"Recovery Light!!"
"Big Light!"
Ah, that is...
My bell...
Found it Doraemon!
I found it, but only half
Thank you...
Sorry Doraemon!
I will not steal again
The items that Deluxe stole have returned to their old place
For me just this half bell is enough
Now let's find the other one
Damn Pepura, where did he run
Certainly Kaitou Deluxe is him!
The museum phantom was also him
I'm sure about it
Pepura, we will definitely find you!!
Watch for it just wait
I fixed the system, but they still hunt me?
I will not give up, there will be a time that
Pepurametal machine will be perfectly completed
Oji-chan.. that day he will surely destroy the earth
Not here
I'm so tired already... let's go home...
Absolutely not!
No bell, no going back home!!
be careful to find it
Why is that bell so important to him?
Found it!
It was here!
It was here!
Nobita-kun, thank you
I will remember it forever
It's nothing.. don't praise me too much
Because of this I know that
the cannot study, cannot sports,
never try harder Nobita-kun is also useful
What's with that name?
But you...
But you're actually a good person!
Thank you Nobita-kun
Ever since that time... he still remember it...
I found it
Where, where
Where? Where you found it?
In my shoe!
Just kidding!
Everyone entertained?
Meet you again next time!