Doraemon: Nobita's Sky Utopia (2023) Movie Script

"Arctic Ocean, 22nd century"
Current position, 82 north, 5 east.
All units, warp to your planned airspace.
The radar detected something.
Target, confirmed. That's definitely it.
All right. Inform all units. Proceed as planned.
Yes, sir.
1 to 4, steer right.
Due to poor vision in the blizzard,
confirm target on your radars.
Good. Surround it.
Stay alert.
5 to 8, steer left.
Move in head on!
It disappeared!
What?! That's not possible!
We lost the target. It's gone.
Yeah. It's a crescent-shaped island.
No fighting, no competition, no hunger.
A country where everyone's happy.
An ideal world. Paradise.
No hunger? So...
All-you-can-eat yummy food?!
If there's no fighting, everybody's a good guy?
Everyone's a straight-A student?
No tests in that country?
No bullies or mean people?
Why wasn't I born in that country?
Oh... Bullies?
Mean people?
Who were you talking about, Nobita?
No matter where you were born, you'd be a loser.
I might've been like Dekisugi.
Hey... Where is this Utopia?
This book is a novel written by
an author called Thomas More.
Utopia is fiction.
Oh... So it doesn't exist in real life.
Of course not.
But it might not be completely fictitious.
Some people think Utopia was
based on a real country.
There are ancient utopian myths
all around the world.
For example, the mythical island of Thule.
It was an actual big island in the Arctic Ocean.
But it suddenly disappeared.
Also, the Land of Mu and Atlantis
that vanished in the sea...
And the Dragon Palace under the sea in Japan.
Yeah. Shangri-La is said to be
in the mountains of China.
And Magonia, a city in the sky.
Strange coincidences.
Then Utopia could be somewhere
but it hasn't been discovered yet.
I wonder where it is.
Under the sea?
On top of a mountain?
Or in the sky?
Nobi! Go to your desk!
As always...
"Science, social studies, math"
Review your test results.
Nobi, are you listening?!
- Bye.
- See you tomorrow.
Such awful test scores!
Let's play string figure today.
Sorry. I have to review my test results today.
You can do it tomorrow.
I might forget if I don't do it today.
Another time, okay?
- Hey!
- Nobita!
We'll let you play baseball with us
if you're free.
But I'll beat you up if you make an error.
I have to review my test results...
You can do it tomorrow.
What are you doing?
You're out.
I got it!
Strike! You're out!
He can't do anything right.
I'm home...
Hi. Did you get your tests back today?
Huh? No... Not yet.
Tropical island!
What are you doing?
Organizing my gadgets.
This Anywhere Door isn't working properly anymore.
And this and this too. No good.
Your gadgets are all junk, just as I thought.
None of your business.
Too bad. They have to be recycled.
4D Trash Bag!
What's that?
It transfers used items to
a waste facility in the 4th dimension.
But there's a limit to how much it can carry.
I'll do it for you. Why don't you go on a walk?
Really? You're unusually thoughtful.
Then maybe I'll go chat with Momo,
the American Shorthair I recently met.
I'll leave you to it.
What did you throw away?
When you're thoughtful, you're up to no good.
I bet it was a test you got a zero on.
I got a 10 and a 15 on other tests!
I was right!
Why are you always like this?
Get your act together!
I wish I was a straight-A student!
It's your job to help me get my act together!
You no-good robot!
Don't blame it on me! You no-good student!
Stop shouting!
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
I wish Utopia actually exists.
What an annoying bug.
Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Sky Utopia
I saw Utopia!
A crescent-shaped island in the sky.
It must be Utopia!
Islands are in the sea, not in the sky.
Yeah but...
I bet Utopia can fly.
Look. Not a cloud in the sky.
It disappeared right away but I saw it.
Let's go look for it!
There are urban legends around
the world about cities in the sky so...
Time Newspaper.
What's this?
We can search for articles in various newspapers
from the 22nd century back to the Middle Ages.
How does it help?
If there really is a crescent-shaped island
in the sky
there should be some articles
based on witness accounts.
Even though I doubt it...
I'm not lying.
Then let's look.
See?! So many of them!
I'm sure Utopia exists!
They're all so vague.
If you don't believe me, let's go check them out.
I think you saw something else.
Like a balloon or an airship.
Airship? That sounds great!
Let's go look for Utopia on an airship!
We'll soar through the skies of different eras.
But I can't rely on you, can I?
Your gadgets are all junk.
An airship must be expensive too.
Right. Impossible.
It's possible!
Go look for Utopia?
Yes. I know what I saw.
Utopia definitely exists.
I think it's flying freely in the skies
of different eras.
I have to review my tests...
You're so stubborn.
Doraemon's getting an airship as we speak.
Yeah! Let's go on an adventure
in the sky! It'll be fun!
Maybe I can go for a little bit.
A great adventure in the sky.
It sounds like fun.
We'll join you for a while, if you insist.
Study camp?
At Suneo's countryside cabin.
I'm going with him so don't worry.
Hey... Be careful, okay?
It's so sunny but raining at the same time...
Please deliver it here.
Thank you.
Where's the airship?
Wait and see.
Time Zeppelin,
an airship with a time-warp function.
Kind of cute!
Good job! You make it work when it counts!
Are you Doraemon?
Thank you for your purchase.
No problem.
I never thought
I'd find someone who'd want
this geeky secondhand airship.
Pardon me.
Let's not talk out here.
Why don't we go inside?
He's a smooth talker.
It's a proper airship.
The interior has a rather retro look to it.
That's fine but... Isn't it a bit cramped?
This is just the cockpit.
Here we go.
I believe there are other rooms.
This elevator will take us upstairs.
Follow me one by one.
Get on.
It's a 4D dimension inside the balloon.
Modeled after a German rigid airship that
flew around the world in the early 1900s.
Isn't it too spacious now?
A restaurant?!
No. It's a room where you take your meals.
The exterior of the bedrooms
appears to be German style.
I don't get it. It's not really my taste.
Is there a bath?
The shower room is over there.
It looks like there's another floor.
Is there something up there?
An observatory. But it's small.
I should get going now.
The details are in this manual.
Also... Here you go.
A free gift.
I put the instructions in that manual.
A token of my appreciation
for the sales of an unsold airship.
Leave if you're finished!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I talk too much when I sell leftover
merchandise. My only shortcoming.
I'll be going now. Goodbye.
By the way
please pay the loan on time each month.
Well then!
All right. Let's get going.
Let me read the manual.
Hold this.
Instant Airplane Set?
Do we pour hot water on it?
Let me see.
Is it just a toy?
Let's try it too!
Do I look cool or what?
Me too.
You look really good, Shizuka.
Does it have a special function?
It says it withstands changes
in the temperature and pressure
at high altitudes but...
More importantly...
Are you okay?
I'll wear it like this.
It's so sunny but raining at the same time.
Weird weather.
It's called a sunshower. Isn't it romantic?
Doraemon, where are we going first?
Let's see...
Setting the destination to Africa in 1972.
Charging time-warp energy.
All instruments, clear. Time Warp Shell.
Ready for launch! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Time Zeppelin, lift off!
Look over there.
A rainbow!
"Africa, 1972"
Giraffes, rhinos, elephants!
According to the article
a crescent-shaped flying object
was witnessed over this savanna.
All right! Let's for sure find Utopia!
You can zoom in to faraway places
with those goggles.
Did you find it?
No. I think it was just a bird.
I don't see any crescent-shaped island.
The savanna covers a huge area.
Can't we speed up?
It's already in full throttle.
At this rate, even if we find Utopia,
it'll disappear before we get there.
Should we split up and surveil the area?
With Hopter?
Hopter would work but we have this.
All right.
Can you guys hear me?
It's like Hopter.
We can control the way it flies.
I think it's as easy as riding
a tricycle. What do you think?
I'm fine.
No problem!
This is great!
A tricycle...
is difficult!
It has a safety mechanism so he won't crash...
Is that it?
Over there.
It's just a hot-air balloon.
Unidentified flying objects are
usually things like this.
Really? Oh no...
Too bad.
Let's go to the place in the next article.
Everyone, back to Time Zeppelin!
Hurry up, Nobita!
Wait for me!
"Off the coast of Japan, 1854"
On this day in the Edo Period, the fishermen
saw a huge crescent in the sky...
just clouds.
Doraemon, the next article...
Not this either.
Wrong again.
But not this either.
Crescent moon?
"Europe, 1632"
Gourmet Tablecloth!
I bet it's another false lead.
I bet you saw a balloon or a cloud
or a bird or something.
I know what I saw!
Don't you get it? Utopia is like a fairy tale.
It's too good to be true.
But it's been fun traveling on the airship.
The plane was a blast too.
We saw lots of cool things.
Let's go to bed now and go home tomorrow.
You guys...
Can we go back to the day we left?
I swear I saw it.
We just haven't found it.
- It's somewhere out there.
- Nobita...
I definitely saw it!
Okay! Look!
That's it!
That's the Utopia I saw!
I can't believe it's real.
- No way!
- You're kidding...
See? I told you, didn't I?
We don't know what'll happen
so wear your flight suits.
I wonder what it's like. Can't we fly faster?
Like I said, this is full throttle. In any case...
we're still so far away but it looks so big...
It must be gigantic.
I wonder...
What's this?
Clouds out of nowhere...
What's going on?
Don't worry.
This airship has lightning-proof coating.
Why a lightning storm?!
They're not natural clouds and lightning.
We're under attack!
Look! What's that?
Something's up there!
That shadow's firing lightning at us!
What?! Don't we have any weapons?
Fireworks won't help us!
What about this?
Now water guns?!
Darn it. This...
What are you doing?!
I haven't paid off the loan yet!
Does it matter right now?!
The system's destroyed.
We can't time warp anymore.
Help, Mommy!
You coward! Come here! I'll kick your butt!
They're really coming.
I didn't say it! It was him!
Where am I?
You guys...
What's going on?
So bright.
What's happening?
Forests. Buildings.
They're coming to life.
It's like Heaven.
You guys, look over there!
This place is...
in the sky!
Does that mean
we're really in Heaven?!
Are we dead?!
This is it. It's...
That's right.
This is mankind's paradise.
I told you.
We call it Paradapia.
Paradapia? Not Utopia?
He's here!
It's him!
You attacked us earlier!
I apologize for what I did.
I didn't know who you were.
It's my job to protect Paradapia from villains.
Villains? We're not bad people. I'm...
Mr. Doraemon.
A cat robot from the 22nd century.
You live with Mr. Nobita in the 21st century.
Your friends Mr. Gian, Mr. Suneo,
and Miss Shizuka.
How do you know that?
I studied your memories
with this memory scanner.
I now know you're not villains.
Are you also a cat robot from the future?
I'm Sonya, a perfect cat robot.
He's perfect.
Unlike you, Doraemon.
Sonya's much cooler and smarter.
I confirmed they're not dangerous.
You can have them back.
Oh... Thanks.
Thank you.
These cute angels?
They're robots that support life in Paradapia.
Sonya, this is paradise like Utopia, isn't it?
No tests, right? Everybody here
is a straight-A student, right?
Yes. A world with no conflict or crime
where everyone is happy.
Let me show you around Paradapia.
Sonya, what's that?
The symbol of Paradapia, Paradapian Light.
Artificial sun that's vital to our livelihood.
Artificial sun?
The barrier controls real sunlight
to prevent sunburn and sunstroke.
This light is healthy and causes
no harm even if we're in it 24-7.
Paradapian Light and the barrier
create a livable environment
in the sky higher than the clouds.
You guys! Slow down!
The population is around 400.
Everybody is laidback and follows the rules.
The adults work hard and the children study hard.
The residents are also perfect.
Everyone looks so happy.
I wish I were born here.
Anyone can be like them if you start living here.
What? Anyone?
Just by living here?
Yes. Paradapia has a mysterious power.
If you live here, you can become
good at schoolwork and sports.
You'll become a perfect schoolboy.
Me? A perfect schoolboy?
Oh... A perfect score again.
Sorry I keep hitting a homerun.
Darn it!
Nobita, you're awesome!
You're amazing.
Nobi, you're perfect!
Perfect! Perfect!
Mr. Gian, you'll stop being a bully.
Mr. Suneo, you'll stop being mean.
We're not like that, are we?
Yeah, in a way. We all know that.
Miss Shizuka,
I understand you can be a bit stubborn.
What? No, I'm not...
Maybe a little bit.
Will I become a perfect robot?
Robots have to be modified.
Too bad.
Sonya, I wanna live here.
I wanna be a perfect schoolboy!
I'll introduce you to my masters.
Your masters?
Yes. They created Paradapia.
Is that...?
Time Zeppelin!
It looks broken.
It was a fierce attack.
I'm sorry. The Clioneras are fixing it.
I appreciate it.
I sent Time Kerchief to get it recycled.
Here they are, Three Sages.
Welcome to Paradapia.
I'm Sci.
I'm Poli.
I'm Culti.
Master Sci governs science. Master Poli, politics.
And Master Culti, culture and art.
Paradapia is an ideal nation created
by these 3 geniuses.
I heard Sonya destroyed your airship.
He thought you were villains.
We apologize on his behalf.
No problem.
But villains? Are you in danger from someone?
We conduct research on how to eliminate
conflict and create an ideal world.
But some people don't understand
and are trying to destroy this place.
That's unforgivable. This place
is so different from where I'm from.
Is the world you're from that horrible?
Yes. Very horrible.
My mom always scolds me.
On the other hand
this is the world of my dreams!
Mr. Nobita would like to try living here.
We welcome you with open arms.
Yay! Don't you wanna see what it's like too?
I better go home soon or my mom and dad...
Don't worry. We can go back
to the original time on Time Zeppelin.
It does look pretty interesting.
All-you-can-eat yummy food.
In that case, this is for you.
Proof that you're a member of Paradapia.
At first, everyone's a crescent moon.
When your heart becomes pure,
the moon waxes and turns into the sun.
Then you'll become...
A perfect schoolboy!
Sonya, take them to the Academy.
Yes, Master.
A school where everyone can become perfect.
Yes! Let's go, you guys!
I can't believe Nobita wants to go to school.
Time Zeppelin can't fly right away.
I suppose we can stay for a while.
Mr. Doraemon, will you help me with patrol duty?
Okay. But Sonya...
Will you stop calling me Mr. Doraemon?
It's kind of embarrassing.
If you say so.
You guys too! Hurry!
This is the Academy?
Okay, boys and girls.
Say hello to your new friends.
Welcome, everyone. Let's study a lot together!
Nice to meet you.
Class President Hanna,
give them any help they need.
I will.
The next class is math PE.
Math PE?
Let's fly to the courtyard.
An automatic hallway
that takes us to our next class.
Then even Nobita won't get lost.
Come on. I'll race you there!
I'll beat you!
- Go!
- Go!
Gian, Suneo.
Don't rush through the hallway and fly safely.
Let's get plenty of Paradapian Light
and have fun studying again today.
Let's begin.
This kind of PE is fun.
A dead end?
You can keep going with the correct answer.
Huh? Right here?
Um... 4.
Oops. It's 3.
It's an easy problem but...
PE and math together is confusing.
This is hard.
Relax and think!
We're rooting for you!
You can do it!
4 + 7 is...
- Congratulations!
- Good job!
Thanks, you guys!
We have to keep the villains away.
Yes. But we're safe as long as the barrier is up.
Paradapia is invisible from the outside.
So we must've seen it when the barrier was down.
It's not easy keeping a barrier of this size up
all the time.
I see.
In any case, what an incredible barrier.
Stealth technology. Insulation. UV protection.
It looks like a plain film of water.
Don't touch it!
What happened?
It also temporarily freezes anyone
who touches it to keep the villains out.
I'm sorry. I should've told you.
No. I was too careless.
So you'll have to take it down when we leave.
Okay. I'll be right there.
Did something happen?
Yes. Let's go.
What's the matter?
She's not feeling well.
She won't produce milk.
Is she sick?
In that case... What?
Oops. I also recycled Doc-in-a-Box.
Let's take her to the hospital.
Then Super Gloves... Uh-oh.
I just organized my gadgets. Where did it go?
Shrink Ray?
That's amazing.
The Three Sages gave it to me.
Do you have other cool gadgets?
No. This is all I need in Paradapia.
I see...
You'll be fine.
Good girl.
Sorry, Sonya.
It looks yummy!
Thank you for the food!
This is so good!
The meals are prepared to match
each person's age and physique.
I'm finished.
I ate a lot.
I'll eat it for you if you can't finish it.
Huh? Oh... I'm fine.
Sonya, what happens now?
I'll take you to your rooms.
Here, we all go to bed at 8 and wake up at 5.
Impossible for Nobita.
Don't worry. I'm gonna become a perfect schoolboy.
Is it that easy?
Watch me.
But waking up at 5 is...
I can do it.
- Bye.
- See you tomorrow.
Take care.
Is this where everyone lives?
Yes. I'll take you to your rooms.
Your room clothes are ready for you.
- Like a hotel.
- Yeah.
The town...
It's returning to what it was in the morning.
The barrier disappeared.
It's beautiful.
We're gathering cosmic rays.
What's that?
Some type of UFO?
Nothing like that.
Cosmic rays are very small particles
of radiation invisible to the eye.
The source of energy in Paradapia.
The universe is full of
different types of radiation...
Wait, Sonya.
This topic is too difficult for Nobita.
I'll get it when I become a perfect schoolboy.
At night, the collected cosmic rays are
converted to energy at the Cathedral.
Paradapia floats in the sky not only
to stay invisible to the villains
but also to gather energy this way.
When I wake up tomorrow,
I wonder if I'll be like Dekisugi.
If only it was that easy.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Morning already...
Perfect Nobita will help you study...
Time to go to school!
Let's have fun again today!
I need more sleep.
You're gonna be a perfect schoolboy, right? Here.
Paradapia is high in the sky where
people usually can't survive.
But why is the climate so comfortable
all year round?
Nobita? Nobita!
Oh... Um...
I don't know.
Who knows the answer?
- Gian.
- Yes.
Because of Paradapian Light and the barrier.
That's right. You've been studying hard.
Paradapian Light,
the symbol of Paradapia, as well as...
See you all tomorrow.
See you tomorrow!
Another peaceful day.
Nobita! How did it go?
Are you a perfect schoolboy now?
I'm getting there... Tomorrow for sure.
I wonder if he's studying.
I miss him.
Me too.
I hope he hasn't caught a cold.
Doraemon's with him. I'm sure he's fine.
Um... Um...
Um... 24.
Good job, Shizuka.
You too.
I have to study more.
You're doing fine.
Take your time. You can do it.
Keep your spirit up!
Don't be discouraged.
Don't give up, Nobita.
- You can do it!
- Relax!
That boy called Nobita...
He hasn't changed at all. A unique case.
How interesting.
Where is he?
There you are.
What are you doing?
Everyone went to the cafeteria.
We've been here for 3 days.
Gian is getting nicer and Suneo
isn't mean anymore.
Oh yeah? They're really changing?
I wonder why.
I don't know...
Don't worry just 'cuz you're not
getting perfect as quickly as them.
Take your time...
That's not what I mean!
That's not what I mean but...
It seems like you're more easygoing
than the average person.
But stay here and one day
you'll definitely become perfect.
Although it might take you a long time.
Your badge hasn't changed either.
Because I'm a robot!
You never listen to what I'm saying.
I doubt it'll change even if you're a human.
What did you say? Humph!
Humph back to you!
Humph, humph, humph!
Humph, humph, humph...
I never heard you laugh out loud.
Oh... I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
It's okay. It was the first time I saw you laugh.
To think about it,
I haven't laughed in a long time.
Why not?
To tell you the truth,
I used to be a no-good robot.
I couldn't do anything right.
I was called useless.
When I was thrown away,
the Three Sages modified me.
To become a perfect cat robot.
I see.
You had a hard life, huh?
You two are so strange.
You keep insulting each other
but you seem to like each other's imperfections.
Definitely not.
I always have to look out for him.
Your gadgets are so lousy.
No one's around.
I have to pee...
A villain. I better tell Doraemon.
But I have to pee.
Doraemon! I have to pee!
Doraemon! I have to pee!
It's an emergency.
Three Sages! You must hear this!
Sonya, you should know better.
It's time for the critical energy fusion.
What's so urgent at this hour?
The urgent thing is...
To capture you guys!
Three Sages!
Please take cover!
It's over.
Bounce Back Cape!
That was close. Thank you.
No problem.
Marimba, come in! Marimba!
It's time for the raid! Report your status!
This is Time...
She must've been telling the other
villains when to attack Paradapia.
They might be closing in on us.
Emergency evacuation.
Time-space travel.
What's going on?
What is this?
What happened?
It's pitch black.
We're in the late 7th century.
Undersea off the coast of Japan.
It can travel to any place in any era.
We're grateful to you two.
You're heroes that saved Paradapia.
You'll be praised for eternity.
We're underwater but we can breathe.
It's like the Dragon Palace.
Dragon Palace...
all the utopian myths around
the world are about Paradapia!
This island traveled to various places
in various eras...
And became a legend passed on to modern day?!
That's right!
Then this is an incredible discovery.
I know!
What's the matter?
What are you two doing?
We saved the Three Sages.
I turned the villainous infiltrator
into a ladybug.
Oh no!
What happened to the ladybug?!
I don't know. It flew away...
She's not a villain!
The Three Sages are the villains.
Everybody here is being tricked by them.
There you are. Thank goodness.
Can you turn her back?
Transformation Beam!
Its laser beam can change things
into animals and bugs.
I think it's similar to the laser gun
she was using.
If I set it to the "un-morph" mode...
Finally, I'm myself again. What a nightmare.
What's this?!
This isn't my body! I look so dorky!
I can fly?
So my Flight Scarf still must be working.
I don't know what happened.
It was supposed to un-morph her.
What's that gadget?!
It's an old model! It won't work!
No 4D Pouch or Communication Visor!
It's your fault!
Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
You are a villain.
A villain? Are you kidding me?
I'm a super bounty hunter who travels
through time and space
to catch the villains!
My name is Marimba!
Bounty hunter?
I've never heard of you.
I'm famous in the future world!
I was hired by Hanna's family.
They wanted me to find and rescue her.
You said we're being tricked...
What do you mean?
I was living with my family in the 22nd century.
But one day...
The Three Sages appeared
and invited me to go to paradise.
They said I could become the ideal me...
In Paradapia, I met many people
who were brought here like me.
Tricked? Brought here?
You came here to become perfect, right?
This badge is a barometer.
The more the moon waxes,
the more you're under their control.
Under their control?
You're wrong. The Three Sages are
trying to make everybody perfect.
No. They're trying to develop
light that can manipulate people.
Light that can manipulate people?
That Paradapian Light is indeed
their frightening invention.
Light that can manipulate people.
It makes you more and more
obedient to the Three Sages.
When Time Patrol found out about it,
they tried to arrest the Three Sages.
But Paradapia is protected
by a powerful barrier.
It can even travel through time and space.
We're in a place where
even Time Patrol can't find us.
We came here following
ancient newspaper articles.
Were we lucky or unlucky?
But I'm a super bounty hunter.
I won't let them escape.
You don't look very convincing.
I don't believe you.
You're just saying that.
There's no such thing
as a light that manipulates people!
Hold on.
Light that manipulates people...
It sounds familiar...
If you're also from the future,
you must've heard of him.
Doctor Ray, a genius mad scientist.
Doctor Ray?
"Wanted: Doctor Ray"
An evil scientist who was developing
a type of light to dominate mankind.
But he disappeared and hasn't been found yet.
The connection between Doctor Ray
and the Three Sages is unclear.
But their research is definitely similar
to Doctor Ray's.
Oh no...
If what you say is true, why aren't you
and Hanna being manipulated?
What's that?
Special candy developed in the 22nd century.
If you keep eating it,
the light's effect diminishes.
Thanks to this candy,
I gradually found my own heart again.
What? Even the other residents?
Yes. I can't leave them behind.
I want to help them too.
If I catch the Three Sages and help everyone here
I'll be even more famous and get a bigger reward.
It's worth a try.
The collected energy is fused and converted there.
The source of the light that manipulates people.
If I destroy it...
The security was tough so I had to give up.
But if I caught the Three Sages,
I could've destroyed the machine.
Then both fame and the bounty would've been mine.
You guys got in my way!
I thought I could be perfect if I stay here.
It means you'll become
a puppet of the Three Sages.
You seem a bit resistant to the light
but in the end, you'll lose your heart.
No! I don't believe you!
The Three Sages are doing something amazing!
Gian and Suneo are so nice now!
What's wrong with that?!
You really don't see anything wrong with that?
There's nothing we can do right now.
Hanna, let's go back to our room for tonight.
You guys should too.
Don't worry about it.
I hope you're not hurt.
I'm sorry. I was taking too long to think.
Not at all.
I should've been more careful.
Don't blame yourself.
Nobita, you must be hungry.
You can have this.
Here you go.
I don't want it. Gian, aren't you angry?
You too, Suneo. You never share.
I won't get angry.
Sharing is good.
Yeah but...
Why don't we go home soon?
Go home? To where?
Our hometown.
This place is much better than that town.
You wanna go home, right?
No. Let's stay here.
They don't get angry or laugh out loud or cry.
They just obey the Three Sages every single day.
That's not perfect.
I'm disappointed. I thought I could
get good at schoolwork and sports.
Marimba, how can we help them?
We can't do it on our own.
If only we could contact Time Patrol...
I have something.
Time Phone!
It's not working.
The barrier is blocking the transmission.
They won't deactivate the barrier
now that they're on high alert.
Oh no...
Raccoon dog robot,
don't you have Anywhere Door?
I'm not a raccoon dog!
Anywhere Door broke down and I recycled it.
Raccoon dogs are useless.
I'm not a raccoon dog!
I have an idea.
Time Warp Shell from Time Zeppelin
can create a Time Hole.
Just as we thought, this boy's data...
Was our final piece.
It's almost complete.
Shizuka, wake up!
Gian, Suneo, let's get out of here!
It's bedtime now.
It's against the rules to go outside now.
Hello! Someone's trying to break the rules!
Okay, okay. We'll go back to our room.
Good night.
It didn't work.
The candy will lose its power soon.
We have to hurry if we're gonna escape.
You three can go.
I trust you guys so I'll wait.
Let's go.
Gian, Suneo, Shizuka, I'll be back to rescue you.
Pass Loop and Invisible Cape.
It's not repaired, just as I thought.
Don't worry. Even with a broken computer
we can manually launch
Time Warp Shell from the observatory.
I hope the elevator's working. Before that...
It absorbs and cans a designated sound.
For example...
The elevator is soundless.
But I can hear my voice.
Let's hurry.
Let's see... This cable goes here...
Stop messing around. Right here.
Oh yeah. Okay.
Charging energy.
This is...
Get them!
Right away.
What are you doing?!
Energy level?
Not full yet.
That was a warning!
Surrender yourselves!
Doraemon! Nobita!
It's no use resisting...
Time Warp Shell?!
I'm coming...
Press the button!
Doraemon! Nobita!
Turn around!
Don't stop us, Sonya!
Time Hole is closing!
Keep going!
They're so persistent. Contact Time Patrol.
I'm trying.
The battery's empty!
You're kidding!
Get them.
Do something!
Too many junk gadgets!
They're coming!
Nobita! Here we go, Marimba!
Get lost!
Stop resisting! Stop!
I'm gonna shoot.
Sonya, listen to us!
He's a robot that protects the Three Sages.
Sonya, what you're doing isn't right!
It's no use.
Let me try.
Stop their transmission!
Hello? Time Patr...
Sonya, the Three Sages are wrong!
My masters are the smartest people
in the world. They're never wrong!
Nobody is never wrong!
They're manipulating people's hearts!
Sonya, don't listen to them.
Sonya, listen to your heart!
Shoot, Sonya!
You laughed out loud
because you have a heart.
we cat robots weren't made to follow orders.
We were made to be friends with humans.
That's right. You and me, we're also friends.
We'll turn you back into junk!
Paradapian Light?
Where are we?
What's this?!
Is that what Marimba was talking about?
Light that manipulates people...
Crystals of energy.
Three Sages!
Welcome to our laboratory, Doraemon.
And thank you.
To you and your friends.
I brought them.
Sonya! You guys!
The audience is here.
We have an amusing show.
What are you doing to Nobita?!
3 Paradapian Lights?
Wake up, Nobita.
Doraemon! You guys!
Nobita, come here.
Let Doraemon go!
Turn them back to the way they were!
Nobita, kneel before us.
Yes, Three Sages.
Nobita! Don't listen to them!
Release me!
It's finally complete.
It's called
Neo Paradapian Light.
Neo Paradapian Light?
What are you gonna use it for?!
The World Paradapian Project.
To make the whole world
peaceful like Paradapia.
Like Paradapia? Are you trying to
manipulate everybody in the world?!
Let's go.
To the first town in the World Paradapian Project.
Time-space travel.
We're here? Where?
That's our hometown!
A special specimen that was the key
to complete Neo Paradapian Light.
This town where Nobita was born
is perfect for launching this project.
Aren't you happy?
We're going to purify the heart of everyone
in this town.
Not purify!
You're robbing it.
It's the same thing.
Without a heart, everyone's perfect.
A peaceful world without crime or conflict.
That's not right!
You must be sad
because you're still a no-good robot.
Don't worry. I'll modify you.
You'll be a perfect cat robot just like Sonya.
I don't care if I'm not perfect!
Because I'm me!
Is that right?
We have no choice then.
Turn that no-good robot into a bug.
Yes, Master.
Nobita, wake up!
Nobita, do it!
What's wrong?
Why isn't Neo Paradapian Light working on him?!
You don't have to be perfect.
Turn him into a bug!
I called you no good but...
Truth be told, I like you...
I like you just the way you are.
Doraemon! Doraemon!
Nobita, forget about that no-good robot.
We just got rid of something useless.
Something useless?
There's no worth in an incompetent robot.
No worth?
Doraemon is always there for me.
He cries with me.
He laughs with me.
Don't call him useless!
He's my best friend!
Shizuka! Gian! Suneo!
Turn him into a bug.
Gian! Suneo!
Friends aren't necessary.
You don't need a heart.
That's how you can be happy.
You're wrong.
Shizuka could be a bit stubborn
but is really kind.
Suneo is mean but loves his friends.
Gian is a bully but is braver than anyone I know.
Wake up, you guys! Return to the friends I love!
Enough of this nonsense.
Do it!
Nobita, you idiot.
Take this!
Are you okay?
Yeah. You guys...
Enough already! Do as we say!
I hate being told what to do!
I'm a mean person so I do the opposite of
what people say.
Me too since I'm a bit stubborn. Sorry.
I suck at schoolwork and sports.
I don't do what I don't feel like doing.
We're all different.
That's why life is so interesting.
This isn't Utopia at all!
What foolish children.
You could've been happy...
If you'd listened to me.
Yet you protested.
Someone's here!
No need for more irregular specimens!
I'll prove to you what's right.
This is the perfect form of Paradapia!
At my order,
the sun gets completely blocked by the barrier
and Neo Paradapian Light showers down on Earth.
In the light, people will lose their own hearts
and the world becomes perfect!
That must be Doctor Ray!
Let the World Paradapian Project begin!
People in our hometown...!
They'll lose their hearts!
Stop it!
What are you doing, Sonya?!
Have you forgotten what I did for you?!
The Three Sages... No... Doctor Ray!
It's over.
Your plan failed!
They know what they like and don't like.
They do what they want to do.
That's why they don't need...
A strong desire to do something or not!
A human's strong will and heart can't be erased!
Like how they couldn't erase their
thoughts about the people they love...
And I believe I have a heart just like theirs.
That's nonsense! I never fail!
I'm a genius!
The light...
The light I created!
It's over, Doctor Ray! Give up!
Nobita, you're just like me when I was a kid.
I couldn't do anything right.
I was teased by everyone.
Even though I was an unrivaled scientific genius.
Humans are the same, past and future.
They don't try to understand each other
and keep hating and fighting!
That's why their hearts have
to be robbed and controlled!
Humans are foolish!
But you ruined my plan!
It's all over now...
What did you do? Answer me!
I pressed the button that deactivates everything.
Paradapia will crash soon!
You and Paradapia will plunge into your hometown!
Are you alive?
We have to get out of here.
Use this.
You all, go ahead.
I'll escape after I finish what I have to do.
We made it so I'm sure he found a way out too.
We have to help Hanna and the others!
But there are 400 of them!
Maybe we can use that junky airship of yours.
I got it!
You have to hurry!
We have to escape before Paradapia crashes!
We haven't been informed by the Three Sages.
Forget about them! This place is crashing!
Think by yourselves!
We'll go with you.
We want to bring our animals.
Here they are.
Sonya, that's...
It's the only thing I had but it's mine.
Take care of everyone.
I'll try to stop it from falling.
Okay! Come on!
Get onboard!
The barrier ring is still working.
It's preventing the descent.
Not a cloud in the sky but...
Uh-oh... It's starting to fall!
It's crumbling!
Shrink Ray!
It's okay.
I wonder if Sonya's okay.
If Paradapia crashes down...
It'll crush the whole town!
If only Doraemon were here...
Time Zeppelin?!
I get it.
It's called a sunshower.
Sunny but raining...
Right now...
It's possible!
Is back then!
Annoying bug.
What are you doing?
Are you hurt?
Doraemon! Doraemon!
You're all back to normal!
- Yep.
- I guess so.
Thanks to Nobita.
No time for a tearful reunion.
Paradapia's gonna start falling.
We don't have the airship or the airplanes.
Do something, Doraemon.
Okay, okay.
At a time like this...
Make it work, raccoon dog... I mean, Doraemon.
Okay. If I shrink it...
Super Gloves!
You guys!
- We got it!
- Yeah!
- Nobita!
- Coming!
This is impossible!
It's too heavy!
Darn it!
Troublesome oversize trash!
Oversize trash? That's it!
What's what?!
We can recycle it.
4D Trash Bag!
And Magnify Ray!
Suck it in!
Now! Close it!
We did it!
No more cooling water!
It's overheating!
The bag's gonna rip!
The entire trash bag's gonna explode.
You guys, evacuate.
We can't do that.
If we release it, it'll crash into the town.
I can hold it by myself.
By yourself?
That's crazy!
We'll work together.
We'll all get blown away!
Even so, we're not gonna leave
our friend behind!
You guys!
- You have to evacuate.
- No!
I'm staying! You can't make me leave!
Doraemon, you said I also have a heart.
I'm going to follow my heart and decide.
No. I want to...
I'm so glad I met you.
You look so sad.
I don't blame you.
I came to tell you that Doctor Ray
was arrested by Time Patrol.
Maybe he had a tough life.
I kind of feel sorry for him.
Hanna and the others?
They were rescued and
returned to their own worlds.
Hanna wanted me to thank you guys.
No problem.
Not at all.
We're not the ones she should thank.
That's right.
Well then.
Since you guys got all the credit for this
I have to hunt the next villain to redeem myself.
Take care!
You too, Marimba!
What's this?
Hey! It's...
- It's...
- What is it?
I'm back!
How did it go?!
I had it checked at a 22nd-century factory.
It's definitely Sonya's main memory.
They're gonna revive it in a new body.
It was a huge explosion!
It's a miracle it fell to us!
No. It was fate.
It's back to where it started.
We'll see Sonya again one day.
I'm sure of it.
Now that we all feel better,
let's go play baseball.
Good idea. Nobita, don't drag us down.
I'll beat you up if you make an error.
I have to go to my piano lesson.
We'll see you there!
Don't be late!
See you.
They're back to the way they used to be.
I like this town much better than I did before.
We didn't need Utopia in the first place.
Because this world is wonderful as it is.
I agree.
What's this?
Nobita! What's this?!
You keep flunking your tests.
I'm sorry!
Why is this happening?!
It's back to where it started.
Love me the way I am!