Dos mas dos (2012) Movie Script

to the Iberoamerican Symposium
on Cardiovascular Surgery.
This year we proudly celebrate
a new edition,
which fills us with pride.
Before officially opening
this scientific symposium,
we would like to pay homage
to two important figures
who have been a credit
to our activity
for more than ten years,
with tireless work
and restless spirit
always looking for technological
and scientific breakthroughs.
Will ask the guests of honor
to come to the stage, please.
Let us receive them
with thunderous applause.
It's never been more suitable to say
thank you all heartily.
Thank you
for your words and applause,
which do not think deserve.
Behind me, in my clinic,
there is a group of people
who on a daily basis question,
suggest and work on ideas.
Am only the visible face.
I'd love to mention everybody.
Thank you.
Leopoldo, hello,
how are you?
Thank you for coming.
Am very happy
to be the leader
of the best professionals
of this country.
Thank you for making a better
professional of me every day,
and especially, a better person.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much,
doctor Esnaifer.
This way we officially open
the scientific symposium.
The round tables are scheduled
for tomorrow at 9 am.
No. What?
love Sean Penn.
- Yes!
- Who's Sean Penn?
He plays gays, junkies,
idiots, Peron.
Believe everything in him!
He's ambassador of Haiti,
think. like him.
Can't bear those left-wing
like Bono,
give me a break!
Much worse are
the right-wing poor.
Who's Bono?
- Don't take me for a fool.
- Are you kidding?
He doesn't like music...
The guy who wears glasses!
He doesn't like reading.
He doesn't!
- What do you mean?
- You don't like to... well you do.
Reading? It's what I've done
my whole life.
Yes, about the behavior
of the pineal gland.
No, read many things.
read novels...
The mystery of the aorta.
- You're being mean!
- Very funny.
In front of my friends.
When was given the award,
did you hear what they said
about your husband?
- Let's make a toast.
- Be respectful.
Yes, it's true.
Congratulations, doctors.
Are you throwing the party?
- A super party. It's been ten years.
- What party?
Hello. We're Betina and Richard,
your friends,
and we'll celebrate
our 10th anniversary in December.
Honestly, didn't bet
on your relationship.
Thought you'd break up
after a year.
- How can you say that?
- It's what feel.
But look how well
things have turned.
How long have you been together?
Seventeen, eighteen years?
- Fifteen.
- No. Sixteen.
- Sixteen?
- Sixteen?
We should definitely
make a toast now.
To me, to my patience.
Very good.
You must be proud.
And the girls!
Look at them!
Love you, Betina Lafurcade.
Love you too, doctorTripichio.
Shall we tell them?
- No, no.
- Come on!
- No, no, honey.
- Come on!
- What is it? What happened?
- Well, let's make a toast.
One more toast.
- Another one?
- Yes.
- To what?
- To what?
To all these years of friendship
and to not keep secrets
among us.
Please! told you we shouldn't!
- Are there secrets among us?
- Yes, we have a little secret.
- What little secret?
- A very nice one.
Please, Beti.
Knock it off.
Come on.
You're intriguing us.
What secret is it?
Are you pregnant?
No, please. I'm not.
Something else.
- You're drunk.
- I'm not drunk!
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not drunk.
Emi, come with me
to the toilet.
- Can see your butt!
- Shut up, you fool!
Come on. Stop it!
Careful with what you say, Beti.
When went on the stage,
remembered everything
we've achieved
over the last ten years.
Almost burst into tears.
was this close to cry.
Your mind went blank
and you forgot to mention me. Right?
- What?
- You didn't mention me.
- It was all me, me, me.
- I'm really sorry.
Am part of your people,
of your team?
You know what happened to me?
Went on to the stage,
looked at the audience
-and got ?ustered.
- And this hasn't been the first time.
- We've already discussed it.
- When did we discuss it?
Every time we're interviewed
or given an award,
when people from abroad come:
My clinic, my people.
Am your assistant
or your partner?
Love you. You're my friend.
I'm sorry.
I'm telling you.
It changed my life.
We have fun...
It's a different lifestyle.
Another kettle of fish.
The first times, it's hard.
You think you won't be able
to handle it.
Then you cannot stop. You feel
it's the most natural thing on Earth.
They need a warrant
to get you out.
And how long
has this been going on?
Three years.
It's another kettle of fish
Three years?
So this isn't a passing thing.
Tell Diego.
It would be fun.
Come here, give me a hug.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Love you.
Stay on the right side.
Stay on the right side.
Reduce speed. Radar area.
What's wrong?
- Recalculating...
- Nothing.
Nothing? You're quiet.
Are you OK? Are you feeling fine?
- Tum right.
- Yes. I'm just lost.
don't know where am.
Stay on the right side.
- No, please!
- No, relax.
Relax. Breathe in and breathe out.
Listen to me.
Like this. Three times.
Breathe in and breathe out.
Don't show you're nervous.
- Did you listen?
- can't believe it.
Breathe out three times.
Pull a silly face.
rolled down the other window!
- Hello.
- Good evening.
We're taking a sobriety test.
It won't be long.
Have you drunk anything?
A little. We've been celebrating
with some friends.
A professional celebration.
Are you on TV?
- Yes.
- Come here, Liliana!
Take this, please.
Come here.
Open it.
Who is she?
Don't know.
- Here?
- There, yes.
How come you don't know?
From TV.
Its Salma Hayek!
- No, Liliana!
- Salma Hayek!
No, she's the weather girl.
Put it in your mouth, please.
And blow when tell you.
The weather girl! Yes!
That's it.
I'll tell you the result now.
Excuse me.
Don't get me wrong,
found you really nice,
but every time you say
it's going to be sunny,
take an umbrella,
just in case.
Wonder, did you study Meteorology?
- Yes.
- Really? see.
Bad news.
The limit is 0.5
and you have 1.3.
It can't be.
She didn't drink much.
Unfortunately, you'll have to leave
the vehicle here and go home on foot.
- I'm a surgeon.
- Please.
We are coming
from a celebration.
Unfortunately, it's the law.
Don't compromise me.
There's a camera above me, doctor.
Please. Put that away.
I'll drive.
Do the test and, of course
if it comes back negative,
you can drive.
Not a problem. Don't worry.
- Put it here.
- Yes.
There it is.
Excuse me.
Blow now.
- Can now?
- Yes. Blow.
That's it.
Excuse me.
No, I'm sorry, doctor.
It's 2.3.
That's not working well.
Enough, Diego.
Let's go home.
- It's not working well.
- Let's go home. That's it.
Can you wake me up at 6:45?
No, wake me up at 7:45.
Come here.
What did you tell Emilia?
Have you seen her face?
She was pale, wasn't she?
Told you it wasn't
the right moment.
Why didn't you stop me?
Are you kidding me?
But we'd agreed to tell them.
What happened?
Did you change your mind?
No, but they don't look fine.
You are getting better
by the day.
Listen. Since we're celebrating
our anniversary,
why don't we get married?
Your two-for-the-price-of-one offer
doesn't tempt me much,
doctor heart.
Betina, will you marry me,
and have children,
live in Patagonia,
plant strawberries?
Strawberries, yes.
Accept Patagonia and the wedding.
But not the rest.
Harder, you bastard!
Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah, Richard!
Take this!
Honey. Honey.
- Diego.
- What?
Diego, are you sleeping?
- What?
- Are you sleeping?
Yes, was sleeping until now.
- Why?
- can't sleep.
What is it?
Are you feeling sick?
No. can't stop thinking
about what she told me.
What? Who?
What happened?
What did Betina tell you?
Something she does with Richard.
Don't be intriguing.
What do they do?
They're swingers.
- You're drunk, Emilia.
- No.
How come they're swingers!
No. No. Betina told me
a lot of things in the toilet.
What did she tell you?
Things they do.
They go to places, to parties,
and do it with other people.
They lie side by side
and see each other doing it.
They touch and look at one another.
They suck on one another.
Betina doesn't do that.
She drunk a little bit
and talked crap.
Honey, she was kidding.
She said they do it
with cool and nice people.
She said we should go,
that we'd enjoy life better.
Please, Emilia.
I've known Richard for 15 years.
Should know if they're swingers.
Have to get up early.
Let me sleep, honey.
Love you.
Good night.
- What's that?
- An award was given yesterday.
Would you like it in your room?
Why would want that crap
in my room?
Why are you giving me
that attitude? OK.
Could you say something
to your son?
It seems he got up
in a bad mood.
Lucas, you should be going.
The journey is longer now.
You got drunk all night long
and have to leave at 7 am.
We didn't get drunk.
They kept our car last night
because of a sobriety test problem.
Don't explain anything.
You have to go.
You didn't take a shower.
Show me.
- Luqui.
- Yes, did.
No, you licked yourself.
know you.
- Come on, Lucas.
- Tell him to take a shower.
- Take a shower.
- He doesn't listen to me.
Don't laugh, please.
Give me a kiss!
Don't know what's wrong with him.
can't tame him!
Have a terrible headache.
Can't stop thinking
about last night.
Me neither!
It's nonsense.
Agree, you shouldn't drive
under the influence,
but you drink this bit
and they keep the vehicle?
Give me a break!
I'm talking about Betina's
confession in the toilet,
about Richard and Betina.
Please. Betina was lying.
Do you believe her?
She talked crap.
No, she was serious.
Didn't know what to tell her.
was stunned.
And they look great.
See them in love, connected.
I'm surprised at your naivety.
You think they're connected?
Don't you know Betina?
Especially, Richard?
They like to show off.
Richard and Betina
don't get along? Please.
No, didn't say that.
mean they're OK.
Like us, like people in general.
Many people like to show off
so that the others comment
on how well they get along.
At least, they have plans together.
- We also do things together.
- For example?
You should ask
what do we do separately?
I'm serious.
It's a simple question.
- Answer me.
- What?
What do we do together?
You and ?
Don't know what to answer.
- It's a broad question.
- We follow an agenda.
Wednesdays or Thursdays,
we go to the movies.
Fridays, we go out with friends.
Saturdays and holidays
we have sex.
On Sundays
we stay with the family.
So you change the subject.
You started this
to tell me we don't have sex.
- Is that it?
- No.
I'm also talking about sex,
but like something else.
Be thankful there're many holidays
because we do it quite often.
- I'm serious.
- Me too.
Now it happens
we have sexual issues.
- Is that it?
- didn't say that.
Now we have sexual issues.
didn't know that.
- Why do you get mad?
- don't.
Want to start the day well.
have a lot of work today.
- I'll take a shower.
- OK.
I've been thinking
about something you said.
She told you they do it
with cool and nice people,
what does that mean?
What does that mean?
Tell me. What are we?
The ugly cousins from the farm'?
Aren't we cool?
What does being cool mean
in this country?
Define the word cool.
Are you cool? Who's cool?
What does the word cool mean?
How is it to be cool?
I'm pissed off with cool.
What's cool?
Give me a break!
Damn it!
Hello. I'm Emilia Sanguinetti
with the weather report.
Bad news.
There's a meteorological alert
for half the country.
The National Weather Service
has forecast for 13 states
that there'll be chance
of rains and heavy storms
that could cause a hailstorm
and great electrical activity.
Let's be cautious
and leave the car in the garage
or renew the auto insurance
and let's await
the nice weather.
Hand me a compress.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Well, there's something.
We've known each other for 15 years.
And didn't like at all what Betina
told or made up last night.
Find it tasteless.
- Honestly, that story...
- What story?
- Is it true?
- What you're talking about?
Don't play the fool.
Is it true what Betina told Emilia?
Are you swingers?
Is it true?
- It's true, yes.
- Is it? Are you stupid?
How come learned
about this through Emilia?
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Well...
The other day you told me
we were friends
and shouldn't keep secrets...
I'm sorry.
could have told you before.
Didn't find the moment.
You're kind of conservative.
It's private. Do you tell me
what you do with Emilia?
It's a different story.
We do the same as everybody else.
But is this the same?
Forget it. Forget it.
Betina was being silly.
We were drunk.
I'll call Emilia later and apologize.
Don't call her.
We spent a horrible night.
Emilia felt overwhelmed
by Betina.
In any case, can apologize
on your behalf.
Now I'd like you to tell me
how you got into such a mess
because you have to be nuts
to do that.
No, it's not a mess.
could tell you. It's not a mess.
Tell me, please. When did you start?
Who introduced you?
- How long have you been doing this?
- You know me.
I'm a sexually restless guy.
You know.
And then found this way
of channeling it.
It's awesome, healthy, honest.
There's no cheating or lying.
It's in broad daylight.
If you like somebody,
you get it on.
If you like somebody else...
And you get
your wife involved.
It's a party. You wouldn't believe.
It's beautiful.
In monogamy,
you have to be creative somehow.
How do you both manage?
About what?
About sexual desire.
How do you manage?
Well, we have love.
Let's talk about it later,
I'm going to the dentist.
When you say you'd love
to do it with you,
you mean Diego.
No, both of you.
Well, but in this case,
Diego would be...
With both of you.
With you, Diego, and Richard.
Sure, it involves women as well.
No, don't count me on that one.
You're gorgeous, Beti,
don't get me wrong,
but it's not my cup of tea.
Emi, how long
have we known each other?
Along time.
Well, like men. A lot.
Just like you do.
This is something different.
This is something
more profound,
more intimate.
This is something
that involves four people.
Well, six, eight.
Generally, even numbers.
You share your partner
with other people.
It gives you pleasure, love.
You enjoy it.
That's it. Nothing else.
Look how you dared to try it.
And it works for you.
It really does.
Because to tn! it, as you put it,
you need to have
a solid relationship,
-or else...
- Sure.
That's why. Relax.
Forget about it.
Forget everything.
What do you think?
It's fun.
Where's Lucas?
At Matu's.
He's sleeping over.
- How are you?
- Fine.
You smell of alcohol.
Went for some drinks
with Betina.
Careful. I've undergone
root canal procedure.
Feel nothing.
Is it swollen?
Stop it. Please.
Don't feel anything.
Don't make me fuck...
Emi... Don't.
Don't worry, I'll do everything.
You just relax.
Don't do this to me.
Relax, honey.
- Yes, know.
- Where's the surgeon?
Honey, I've been thinking.
You should get more information
and ask Richard how it is.
I'm sorry.
What are you talking about?
I've been talking with Betina.
She says only solid couples
should do it.
But think she's wrong,
you should do it
when there're problems.
She says we should try it.
Don't get it. To try what?
Why are you looking at me that way?
Try to be swingers?
Are you nuts?
- Is our relationship so bad?
- Is it good?
Last night came horny
and we were alone.
Caressed you, kissed you,
tried to blow you...
was under anesthetic, Emilia.
Under general anesthesia?
But what is it with you?
You turned into
Alessandra Rampolla overnight,
the queen of sex?
Because of a confession
made by Betina
in a delicate state.
Let's call a spade a spade.
Betina is an alcoholic.
All of a sudden,
you come up with a lot of questions,
you feel you've lived mistaken
your entire life. Let's be adults.
Yes, you know what?
realized was asleep.
And want to wake up.
Let's wake up.
Are you saying...
that in order to save
our marriage
we have to fuck
our best friends?
Is that it?
How rude you are!
Did say that?
- Stop pestering me, Emilia.
- said you should get informed.
That's all.
- How is it you swing?
- We don't swing.
It's an exchange
of sexual partners.
It's the same thing.
Tell me. want to know.
Forget it.
It's not for you. Really.
I'm talking on my behalf,
not Emilia's. Tell me.
I'll only tell you the relationship
must be strong.
We are great.
Who told you the opposite?
I'll only tell you that.
Won't lie to you.
It's not for you.
- I'm just asking.
- Doctors, the operating room is ready.
We're doing great.
don't know what you mean.
How is the environment
where it takes place?
Who starts it?
How do you talk?
How would it be?
Tell me.
Betina and me.
Emilia and you.
Richard, look at me.
How would it be?
Betina and me.
You and Emilia.
- Something like that?
- Yes.
In different rooms.
- In the same place?
- Of course.
Scissors, please.
So we'd see each other?
That would do the trick, yes.
Could we rehearse first?
What do you mean with rehearse?
I'm serious. A rehearsal.
Our clothes on.
What do you think?
Stop pestering me, Diego.
Give me a break.
He wants to rehearse!
A rehearsal, because at school
parents and children
will present a play.
And Lucas has to interpret Moreno.
Mariano Moreno.
Well, let's wrap it up.
That's it. Do an ECG.
Let me make this clear to you.
What you do
is for unsatisfied people.
Don't buy that
it harmonizes you.
Did ask for your opinion?
- Did ?
- No, I'm telling you because...
You asked me to tell you,
and did.
And now you're giving me
life lessons?
I'm not giving you
life lessons!
Told you.
It's a wonderful practice
from the old times.
It's honest.
Can you leave your cell phone at home
and that your wife checks it?
- Who can do that?
- can.
- No, you can't.
- Yes, can.
Sure can.
I'll explain how it is.
There're two basic rules.
We all have to be
under the same roof
and the four of us
in agreement.
If not, it's impossible.
Do you like Betina?
Do you like Emilia?
Yes, like her.
Yes, imagine her.
You imagine her?
Yes. Do you like Betina?
She's a very nice woman.
And would you fuck
that very nice woman?
- Are you nuts?
- Would you do my wife?
- Shut your mouth.
- I'm just asking.
Suppose you're single
and meet Betina.
Do you like her?
Would you fuck her?
- What are you laughing at?
- Yes.
No, no.
- Stop it. Could we rehearse?
- Stop it with the rehearsal!
Emilia is constantly talking
about it.
She's being curious.
She's asking me all the time.
I'm asking you, please.
It's a way for me
to approach this situation
without compromising myself
too much.
Is it possible?
Here's what. We're going
to Pablo Martel's birthday.
He's a friend who always says
he'd like to meet you.
He'll throw a party.
People involved in this will go.
Could ask him if you both can go.
It's on Friday.
- This coming Friday?
- Yes.
No. No. need...
Take him to Coronary Unit.
I'll be right there.
Suppose arrive.
Are there drugs?
What? Are you kidding me?
No, you fool, mean,
can go with Emilia?
You must go with Emilia.
It's for couples, Diego.
Couples, of course.
They're people like us.
They're quiet.
They're not like us.
Well, come and you'll see.
Quiet and respectful people.
Funny people.
It's the only place
where saying no is enough.
You say no, and that's it.
Do you know how to say no?
- Yes.
- Well, you'll be fine.
Take a bottle of Vaseline,
just in case.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Whose property are you going?
Pablo Martel's, lot 332.
The car has stopped.
If things turn out weird and we see
something we don't like...
- What do you mean weird?
- Weird. Things we don't like.
Well, what is it?
I'll tell you the word suspicion,
like this, I'll stare at you.
If tell you, in the middle
of a conversation,
suspicion all of a sudden,
you'll grab your purse
and we'll leave.
Look at that.
- Look!
- It's here!
It must be Ricardo's friend.
Look, it's Peter Griffin!
Here! Very well.
- Recalculating...
- Welcome!
- My God, look at that...
- Hello.
- Look at him.
- Welcome. Welcome.
- Hello.
- I'm so glad.
New People!
- Hello.
- How are you?
How are you?
Happy birthday.
Welcome. How are you?
New people! That's...
Thank you very much.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you very much
You're very welcome.
Are we early?
No, please, everybody
is in the pool.
Guess you've brought
your swimming suits.
- We didn't know.
- We didn't know, how suspicion!
Don't worry. Whatever you need.
have Speedos, everything for you.
- Have the original Crocs.
- Beautiful. Great.
But we're not swimming.
- Enjoy. OK? Come on in.
- Emilia, come here.
Thank you very much
for coming.
You've been so considerate
to come on my birthday.
It's really very special.
Also have the opportunity
to introduce you
to these awesome friends.
- Monica and Cesar.
- Hello.
- My girlfriend, Francis.
- Hello. How are you?
- Fine, and you?
- Would you like a drink?
- I'd like pisco sour.
- Pisco sour, perfect.
- Champagne.
- Very well.
- Where are Betina and Richard?
- They're in the pool.
- Really?
- Yes.
Won't you dive into the pool?
Won't you take your clothes off?
No. have an ear infection.
Like children.
- A special drink for you, Emilia.
- Thanks.
I'm sorry, honey.
I'll take them, please.
Can't wait to introduce you
to some divine people.
- Sure!
- Excuse me.
I'd like to tell you something,
take it as an advice
from an expert.
It's important
you don't feel under pressure.
Let that new channel flow,
to experience new things.
- It's OK.
- New sensations.
The thing is...
- Richard!
- You came!
- Hello.
- How are you?
Why don't you put
your trunks on?
Have an ear infection.
won't dive in.
Shall we take a seat
for a moment?
- Sit there.
- Yes, we'll sit in a minute.
Lend me your wife
for a minute.
You're so funny!
How's everything? Fine?
Excuse me.
Hello. Nice to meet you.
How are you? Fine?
- Everythings fine?
- Fine.
What's wrong?
Are you nervous?
Not at all.
Nothing bad will happen to you.
Don't worry.
I'm not nervous at all.
Won't you take your jacket off?
- Have an ear infection.
- Your wife is gorgeous.
She's more beautiful in the ?esh
than on TV.
- Yes, she's a great person.
- Sure.
You know, it's something
really believable.
It has more to do with me,
with how am. My soul mate.
- Do you know who my husband is?
- No. Who's your husband?
He's over there. With Elvira.
Do you think
your wife may like him?
And who's this woman's husband?
He's over there.
It's Argentina. Free yourself.
Well, relax.
No, no, no.
No, don't...
I'm relaxed. am.
Emily, here you can find
any kind of people.
Lawyers, engineers,
architects, lots of architects,
a union secretary general
film critics.
You can find anyone.
Here you can really see
the socialist utopia.
It's here. It's tangible.
- No, no, no.
- You're tense.
- Look like a fool.
- You're handsome.
Thank you.
Stop it. No, no.
Emilia, suspicion.
Emilia, suspicion.
Either you're fat or thin,
you have a small or big penis,
you're old or hairy,
nothing matters here.
have a huge penis.
And won't be going around...
It's not necessary
Humility is equality.
What's the use
of showing off my penis
to some other guy...?
There's too much talk here.
I'll steal her from you, Pablo.
- Beti.
- I'm glad you came.
- Yes.
- Are you having a good time?
- Fantastic.
- I'm happy.
I'm happy you're here.
If you make up your mind,
we'd be honored
to be the first ones.
I'm kidding!
- Pablo is so friendly, isn't he?
- Yes. He's very nice.
Yes. He's generous.
He's generous with his body.
Sure. He's got something.
- Have you been with him?
- Yes.
Super A.
Sexy and soft.
He's got good movements.
He makes you feel so good.
He's a gladiator.
Listen to me.
If he moves his head this way...
Let's dance!
Let's dance, people.
Let's dance!
This is him.
Hello. We've been
already introduced.
- Really?
- Yes.
Well, I'll leave you alone.
What's up?
- What?
- Are you having fun?
Yes. It's a nice house.
It's very well built
What is it?
- Have you been with Pablo long?
- Yes. A long time. Yes.
Nearly three months.
He's great at connecting people.
Like him a lot.
Do you like him?
Well, he's my type.
like older guys.
- Well . ..
- What?
- Excuse me.
- Where are you going?
To the toilet.
- No!
- Yes. need to pee.
No. I'll block the view.
No, excuse me.
No. You have to pay the toll
if you want to go through.
- No. don't...
- Come on!
Well, enough.
Enough. Enough.
Excuse me.
L.m s 0")
Excuse me. Can you tell me
where the toilet is?
- Excuse me.
- Where's the toilet?
- Over there!
- Thanks.
Is this the vendor payment?
What shall do?
Should stay or should go?
No, the thing is... I'm peeing.
You need help?
Have you seen my wife?
No. Neither yours nor mine.
Stop following me, please!
- What about me?
- Or me!
Don't get upset!
Suspicion, Emilia.
Emilia, suspicion.
Emilia! Come here. Come.
Come here.
Have you gone mad?
- Emilia!
- But, honey!
- You're taking me for an ass.
- What's going on?
What the heck are you doing?
You think I'm an idiot?
They're touching you all over.
- No!
- They want to fuck you!
What happened, honey?
Has something bothered you?
Damn swingers! shouted suspicion
nearly 30 times.
- Can't you listen?
- I've never laughed so much.
What a wonderful party!
Honey, you know what I'd like?
want to do something crazy.
Wait a minute.
You want to do something crazy?
Let's go along the highway
the wrong way.
You'll see the excitement
you'll feel.
Yes, yes, come here, doc.
need a bypass surgery.
A gastric bypass this guy needs
to stop eating.
This damn fatty and his birthday
That chick was groping you.
Enjoyed seeing you.
What about you?
That stupid fatty.
What did he show you?
- What horrible and vulgar people!
- No, it was a cool party.
I've never had
such a bad time before!
- Swear!
- No, it was gorgeous.
- I'd have liked to stay.
- Such violent people!
Stay? They must be doing
a human brochette now! No, no.
You know? felt something.
What did you feel?
Don't know.
had fantasies.
I'd like we did new things.
New things? For example?
Don't know. Exchanging
our sexual partners, for instance.
Exchanging partners
dates back to the 70's.
That's old-fashioned.
Being swinger belongs to the past.
Well, other things.
What other things?
don't understand.
Don't know.
Don't you have fantasies, darling?
Obviously. Who doesn't?
Tell me about one.
Can't think of one now
to tell you about.
I'd like to see you
with another woman.
And I'd like to have sex toys.
And to pretend
we don't know each other
and meet in a bar.
I'd be a whore called Candy
and you take me to a hotel,
you fuck me, pay me and leave.
Your tum now.
- What?
- Tell me one fantasy of yours.
Told you...
don't have a fantasy
going round in my head.
How come
you don't have fantasies?
Yes, have, but not one
which can't stop thinking about.
Tell me one.
Don't feel like talking now
about my fantasies.
Tell me now, it doesn't matter.
Don't want to tell you
about my fantasies now.
Why don't you want to tell me?
Come on!
- Don't want to.
- want you to tell me.
Don't want you!
Don't you listen don't want to?
Don't put me under pressure!
Since the party, the other day,
you've been talking. Stop it!
What do you mean stop it?
What do you mean stop it?
And who will talk to then?
- To me.
- To you? Who can talk to?
- Let's agree on...
- My mother?
Have impulses, fantasies,
desires, dreams.
And want to talk about them
with my husband! How come?
You can talk, but don't choose
the subject for me.
Do my best.
But it's impossible with you.
What is it impossible
to talk with me? Tell me.
Shouldn't make you talk?
You want to talk.
You know what mean.
We're there and you...
Speak clearly.
Don't be intriguing.
Tell me what the heck it is.
You know perfectly well
what mean.
Tried it many times
and you refused. No, no, no, no.
- What do you mean?
- Don't make me tell you!
Well, tell me! What is it?
Want to finger you!
So what?
Let me think about it.
The thick ice bridge
in the glacier
that have formed recently
on Argentine Lake
was broken yesterday,
early in the morning
between 3:30 and 4 am
during a heavy windstorm.
In the northern region,
though, it's hot and humid.
No, no...
It was hard for me
to set this up.
explained it to you
the other day.
For me, it's very...
If we both talk at the same time,
it will be difficult.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I'll call you in a minute.
Thanks. Bye.
- Who was it?
- No one.
Your leaving the party
the other day was awesome.
Everybody commented on it
That's the problem
with you swingers.
You're terribly gossipy.
Emi seemed to have fun.
She looked happy.
And she was gorgeous.
Why did you want to leave?
Didn't want to, had to.
You come to a point
where you leave a party.
Have you seen this issue?
Was leafing through it
this morning
and found a nice article,
a very interesting one,
about a guy who owns a clinic.
My clinic is as good
as the best clinics in the world.
Yes. The same old thing over again?
Please. Explain it to me.
I'd like to know if we're partners
or if I'm your employee,
your office boy.
You tell me and I'll adapt.
It's shocking how they take
your words out of context.
For example, didn't say this.
Won't give any more interviews,
it affects us.
Great. As you sign the checks,
you may think you're the owner.
Here're what. You sign them.
Do it because you don't like
signing checks. OK?
Excuse me.
- Hello.
- Hi, darling.
Hi, honey.
Just dropped by-
Do you have a minute
for a cup of coffee?
It's impossible to drive.
Take taxis,
because there's no place to park.
- Was with Emilia today.
- Really?
We arranged to have dinner
the four of us on Friday.
To rehearse,
as you've suggested.
If it's the same old thing,
count me on.
If it's something else,
count me out.
Diego, according to what
Emilia has told me,
you are going through
a crisis.
A dull routine,
many unspoken things.
It's hard for you
to find sexual drive.
It's not true.
You need a change.
On the contrary.
At least, Emilia needs it.
She has made up her mind.
Really? She's made up her mind?
That's great.
Look, I've always
found you attractive.
And I've imagined myself
giving you a kiss.
Talk about these things
with Richard.
Now, tell me.
Why don't you want to do it?
Let me ask you something.
- Are you all under medication?
- No.
I'm asking you
because it seems am the weirdo,
that am the insane one.
Refuse to have sex with you guys,
and am the one to be sorry?
The world is upside down!
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
won't do you any harm.
What do you feel?
Nothing. It's a friend's hand.
What am supposed to feel?
What about now?
- Nothing.
- Close your eyes.
- What do you feel now?
- Nothing.
Nothing at all.
What about now?
Feel nothing.
What do you feel now?
Well, stop it, Betina.
Stop it!
Diego, Richard agrees,
Emilia agrees, agree.
That's it.
Overcome your prejudice.
Get carried away by your emotions
Everything's fine.
Don't get it, wasn't he your friend?
- Yes, mum, but he's such a pain.
- Why is he such a pain?
You know him.
He's a pain in the ass.
- also know you.
- So?
Also know you, darling.
- And what happened?
- He started to...
Hello. Hello.
Hi. I'm sorry.
How are you?
Everything's good?
Thanks for waiting for me.
can go to a bar, is that OK?
You told me you'd be here at 8,
honey, and it's 9:30.
What happened?
Was with Betina.
Betina? Why do you pretend
to be surprised?
You sent her to speak to me.
Well, never thought
she would do it so soon.
Well, she doesn't waste time,
you know.
She was very eager to speak,
she told me interesting things.
You know what she told me?
That you've made up your mind.
Is it true?
About what?
About a trip.
A trip
Are we going to Disneyland?
A bit further.
No, a trip for your father and me.
A getaway.
So I'll have to stay here
with that old woman
who farts and burps.
That old woman says exactly
the same about you,
that you farted so hard
you almost blew her denture off.
Damn liar.
Luquitas, let me talk
to your mum, alone.
Take the cutlery, honey!
- Luquitas, come back later!
- Awesome, I'll go watch some pom!
How come you talk to me
like that in front of the boy?
She told me
you've decided to swing.
Haven't decided to swing.
I'm determined to feel fine,
have a good time
and play a little bit,
and it happens I'd like
to do it with you.
But if you don't want to,
it's alright.
Can go and do it by myself.
Let's make it clear
this is a rehearsal.
- Yes.
- No. Say it properly.
- It's crystal clear.
- OK. Perfect.
What about that perfume?
Pheromen, a new one.
Don't you like it? Is it bad?
No, love it. I'm surprised.
You never use perfume.
You are horny for Richard,
that's why you came up with all this.
- Tell me.
- Diego, don't be such a fool.
If had wanted to fuck Richard,
could have done a thousand times
without making such a show of it.
You've just given yourself away.
When did it start?
Who made a pass first?
You at him? He at you?
Was it at Christmas?
Tell me!
You're being paranoid, honey.
I've told you a thousand times.
I'm doing this for us.
You want to do something for us?
Cook a really nice pie
and you'll see how happy I'll feel.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Come in.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
- How are you, Betina?
- Hello.
- Pheromen.
- Yes.
- love that perfume.
- It smells good, doesn't it?
Perfect Come in.
- Where's Richard?
- In the kitchen.
I'll give him this.
- Was it difficult to arrive?
- No. Not at all.
Hi. How are you?
- It smells delicious.
- Dude!
Ice cream.
Where shall put it?
Leave it there.
We'll put it in the freezer.
- What's up?
- How are you?
- How are you?
- Fine. Great.
You won't imagine what I'm cooking.
Can you smell it?
- Yes, what is it?
- You'll see. What do you drink?
Whatever you have,
unless it has too much alcohol.
No. The fair amount.
- I'm glad you came.
- Yes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- It's good, it's soft. Delicious.
- Delicious, isn't it?
So you like Emilia?
And Betina likes her too?
You both want to bang her.
You want to bang my wife.
That's why you made all this.
Tell me the truth.
- Stop it.
- Tell me the truth.
Calm down, Diego. Relax.
- I'm relaxed.
- Well, let's not do it.
We can have dinner,
eat ice-cream, chat,
and that's it, you go home.
- It's alright.
- OK.
What a refined joke.
Very good.
My wife's humor.
Will you go on that business trip
regarding your collection, Beti?
Yes, Richard's going to a congress
in Monaco
and I'm going to Paris and Milan,
take the whole collection,
and we are coming back together.
Have you heard about that Chinese guy
who enrolled in the Law School?
- He's 89!
- Yes, he's so old!
Imagine finding your vocation
at that age? At 89 years old!
- Yes.
- Crazy.
- It's never too late.
- No.
I'd give up everything now.
I'd give up medicine and surgery.
Yes. Sure. don't care.
I'd open a restaurant.
That would make me happy.
Haven't you ever felt that?
Yes. We have.
The thing is we started everything
too quickly, too soon.
Our careers, our family, everything.
There were still things to try
and make mistakes about,
don't know, hesitate about.
Was different
in that sense.
Tried, hesitated,
tried again, made mistakes.
Tried again.
Liked it.
- And you're still trying.
- No, I've already chosen.
Chose you, my friends,
my line of business.
Am playing now.
Speaking of business, would you like
to take part in a pool?
We're in the bottom of the pool
Ten acres in Exaltacion DE Ia Cruz.
- A paradise!
- Yes, it's awesome.
- I'm telling you.
- How is it?
It's like Bergamo,
like a piece of Tuscany
in Buenos Aires.
- We went there the other day.
- Awesome.
- Awesome
- What's up?
What's up
with your naked chest?
Would you like some dessert?
- What?
- Dessert?
I'll go fetch the ice-cream.
You put some music on.
Would you like to undo
your shirt as well, honey?
Suspicion, honey.
Listen to me, honey.
- Trust me, honey.
- Yes.
- OK?
- Yes, yes.
- Love you.
- love you too.
- Trust me.
- trust you.
Love you. love you so much.
What's wrong with you?
This guy sings so well.
What's going on?
I'm sorry. What does it mean?
Has the rehearsal started?
Don't understand.
Have the rehearsal started, Richard?
Is this a rehearsal, Richard?
don't understand.
Is this a rehearsal?
don't understand.
Yes or no?
Yes, honey.
Look at this!
The dessert is here, people.
- Come here, let's dance.
- Yes.
No, it's OK.
Betina, stop it.
- We're rehearsing.
- Yes, this is a test.
Dance a little bit.
I'm relaxed.
Stop it.
No, no, no, stop it.
No, no, stop it.
I've already asked it four times.
Is this a rehearsal?
And you nodded.
No, tell me yes or no.
- Relax.
- I'm relaxed.
- Relax.
- I've been asking this for an hour.
- This is a rehearsal?
- Diego. Relax.
Relax. Give me your hand.
- Give me your hand.
- Relax, honey.
- Diego.
- We're friends. Come on.
It's alright.
- OK.
- Relax.
It's alright.
It's alright. Come.
It's alright.
It's alright. Good.
- OK.
- Yes?
- Is it alright?
- Excuse me.
It's alright, honey.
Love you.
Kiss her.
- We're OK this way.
- Come on. Kiss her.
- We're OK this way.
- Kiss her. Come on.
- It's alright.
- Come on, kiss me.
We're fine.
Let's go now.
- Kiss her well.
- have already.
- No, mean, do it properly.
- did properly. Let's go.
Look. Look how it is
to do it properly.
Excuse me.
Stop it. Stop it.
Stop it!
Everything's alright.
- We're rehearsing.
- We're friends.
Know. know.
What is it?
It's OK, Betina.
Feel my skin.
Like this, good.
Grab my butt.
For me it's enough.
Grab my butt.
Like this.
Grab my butt.
Like this.
Come on!
You are so tiny!
I'm not feeling you.
Come on, Diego.
Yeah, good!
Yeah, baby.
Whatever you want.
Ask me anything.
Want to leave.
That's it.
Give yourself up.
What is it?
Are you nervous?
A little bit
This is strange, isn't it?
- This is normal.
- Yes.
You like seeing him?
- I'm horny.
- Yes, me too.
- No, wait.
- What do you want me to do?
Ask me, baby.
Will you?
Yes, ask me anything.
We're rehearsing.
Stop it.
My love!
Look how nice.
Do you like it?
It's beautiful!
What a nice breakfast!
Well, tried my best.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
- It looks delicious!
- Yes.
- Delicious.
- Cheers.
Feel fine.
At first, felt really jealous.
Felt like a stab.
At first.
But then...
- didn't.
- Me neither!
- Didn't feel guilt!
- Me neither!
You were right!
It was different...
don't know.
Another kettle of fish.
- Really...
- Honey...
Would you like
a cup of coffee?
wanted us to be like this.
This is how wanted us to be.
I'm surprised at me.
You know, come
from a conservative family.
Mandates are an issue.
And this made me reassess
our relationship.
What is a couple?
Some milk?
What is a couple?
What is it, Emi?
Emilia, what's wrong?
- Think...
- Relax. don't...
Speak louder,
don't understand.
Think we made a mistake.
No, honey.
You can't do this to me.
You're ruining my life.
You can't...
You regret this and I'll kill myself.
- No, no.
- You'll ruin my life.
- No, no, don't regret it.
- You'll ruin my life!
- No, no, honey.
- My life you'll ruin!
- No, honey, no.
- Don't regret it.
- No. Look at me!
- Don't regret this.
Don't regret this.
don't. don't.
So why are you crying?
- This was very hard for me.
- know. It was very intense.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
- It was really intense.
- Are you happy?
'Damn you!
- Hi. Luqui!
Are you throwing a party
and didn't invite me?
Why do you show up like this?
Weren't you sleeping?
- Take all of this.
- Why did you get up so early?
It's Saturday.
He's got Capoeira lessons.
Sure! It's Saturday.
Capoeira lessons.
What's up?
Today's your anniversary?
No, your dad just cooked breakfast.
He cooked breakfast?
We've been through this.
What are you laughing at?
OK, stop it, honey.
Get dressed.
You'll take the bus.
What? The bus, my foot!
You are taking me.
Put that out! Or else the clinic
will be closed down!
Come on. After an eight-hour surgery,
can't we smoke a cigar?
Here. Have one.
Haven't smoked for a long time
Is it good? It smells nice.
She almost died.
- Got scared.
- Me too.
But she hung in there.
Nice tits.
- Implants, right?
- No, they're natural.
- Sure?
- They're natural. patted them.
How are you?
What do you mean?
You, mean you,
how are you?
How are you?
You bastard.
What about the weekend?
What are we doing?
We're going to the theater
to see a free version
of Metamorphosis.
Excellent. In a small theater
in San Telmo.
You'll love it.
What should do?
Shall take one or two pillows?
Crawl in search for food.
crawl in search for food.
- What a drag!
- You don't understand a thing.
You have to take him
see a wrestling show
to amuse him.
- It's a metaphor about routine!
- This is a metaphor.
- Here it is! So delicious!
- I'm starving.
- This is good.
- Did you get it?
You know what the metaphor is?
The play sucks.
Ethnic food is great,
but eating this pizza
full of mozzarella
using your hands
is the best.
Everything you do
with your hands...
This is delicious, God!
I'd like to say something.
Since we opened...
Come closer, it's embarrassing.
Since we opened
our new branch...
I've been going to therapy
once a week.
When we started this,
began going
twice a week for some time.
It was overwhelming for me.
My therapist encouraged me
was in con?ict about this.
Because think my therapist
is also a swinger.
Think this is very good
for my life.
You're laughing at me.
You're both witches.
- No!
- We're listening to you.
No, mean,
this is really intense.
And you know it.
Good, right?
And what about tonight?
We're alone.
What shall we do?
Lucas is with a friend.
Yes! There's nobody home.
Would you like to come home
and play board games?
My dad's an asshole.
He left the keys on.
- No!
- Are you kidding?
Dad! Dad!
- Emilia!
- Dad, open up, please.
Emilia, wake up. Betina!
It's Lucas! Lucas!
- What Lucas?
- Dad!
Your son, you fool.
He's here.
- What's he doing here?
- Dad!
Richard, Lucas is here.
Please, Lucas is here.
My God!
Can you open up?
Be quiet!
'MY God!
What the heck
are we doing here?
Lucas is here
with four or five friends.
Four or five friends?
Tell them we've come
to the pool.
What? At 7 am in the pool?
Why is he coming home
at this time?
Please, one thing
at a time, Emilia.
Wait. Relax.
Maybe he calls for another
one or two hours and then he leaves.
You have to answer him, Diego!
And what do you want me to tell him?
That we're all naked?
- It's alright.
- What do you mean it's alright?
Here's what.
I'll distract them
and you wait here.
- Will you wait?
- Yes.
- Who is it?
- It's me!
- What do you want?
- Can you open the door?
- What do you want?
- Open the door, dad.
Weren't you sleeping over
at Martin 's house?
- I'll explain, could you open up?
- Answer my question.
Weren't you sleeping over
at Martin's?
- I'll explain. Could you open up?
- Wait.
What were you doing?
was having a crap!
Was he having a crap?
Oh, well.
When clap my hands,
you'll go that way.
Clear? Look at my hand.
- Everybody poops.
- Yes, but it's not in the papers.
Relax, man. Calm down.
- What do you want me to enjoy?
- You have a lovely son. Enjoy.
Come on!
Why did you come
at this time?
This fool forgot his keys
and thought
it wouldn't be a problem.
What a nice shirt.
Where did you buy it'?
Took the first thing saw.
It's Emilia's.
- Where are you coming from'?
- The nightclub.
- He invited us to breakfast.
- What are you laughing at?
- No, I'm not.
- Your eyes are red.
- You smoked. Did you smoke?
- No. It's normal.
Don't like you get out of control
when you go out. Don't laugh, son.
No, dad, we went dancing.
We've talked many times
about alcohol and drugs.
- We just want a cop of milk.
- You think you're funny?
Hello. How are you?
Good morning.
Hello, darling. How are you?
Hello, China.
Have you brought
something to eat?
Hello. I'm Emilia Sanguinetti
with the weather report.
It's going to be a hot week
with high instability
as a result of a frontal system
that will move very slowly
and stay among us
until the weekend, at least.
The foothills will be
the most affected area
with heavy storms.
That's all for now.
See you in the next edition.
Out my foot!
- Look! Are you blind?
- It was in.
- Buy a pair of glasses.
- It was in.
Come on. You're being
very argumentative today.
Trust him
had my back turned.
Match point.
Match point my foot!
It's a pity we have to wait
till next year for my birthday
to meet again.
I'm very busy at work.
- Diego, listen to me.
- Maybe some other time.
- There's only one life.
- know.
Diego, have you ever
had sex on the beach?
Albatross ?y around you,
because they sense sex.
It's a very special vibe.
Live it up.
OK. I'll think about it.
I'll think about it.
Richard's been to Portezuelo.
Yes, it's beautiful.
Very nice.
You know, have a little problem
with my girlfriend, Francis.
Don't know
if should call it a problem.
It's something common
in a relationship, but...
We usually take the car
in the weekends
and go to Palermo
looking for a girlboy.
- Girl or boy?
- No, a girlboy.
There's not such a thing.
Girl or boy.
A transvestite or, better still,
a transsexual.
There's a Chilean transsexual
who's so gorgeous.
Well, everything was OK
until ten or twelve days ago.
Last Wednesday, we went to...
We went to eat out.
And she said:
Pablo, won't stop
until a transvestite
fucks your ass off.
Look how intelligent she is
and what her arguments are
that was speechless.
She said: What's the problem?
If you like being fingered
when we make love.
So what? What's the problem
about a man penetrating you?"
Tell me.
Is there anything better...
than being fingered
when you're making love?
It's great.
- Don't tell me you haven't done it.
- No.
Come on!
What are you laughing at, you fool?
Well, I'm sorry.
Should say have?
Well, haven't.
The up?
Don't know.
What do you think?
You're a pioneer.
Think you should go ahead.
Then you tell us.
Well, if you want to,
do as you please. It's your ass.
And how are the preparations
for the anniversary doing?
I'd rather not talk about it now.
Let's avoid it.
Shall put some meringue?
Why? It's OK. Don't worry.
What happened?
Not yet.
Nothing happens.
Well, nothing new.
Nothing that hasn't
happened before.
But this time
it really annoys me.
Sorry, not yet you told me.
But what is it?
Richard is banging a chick.
Yes. Richard is having an affair.
How do you know?
Have you seen him or he told you?
No, he didn't. That's why know,
because he said nothing.
Don't understand.
How do you know?
Feel it.
And on other occasions
when felt it and asked him,
he admitted it.
This time, suspect,
I'm sure he's with another woman.
Asked him
and he said no.
So it happened before.
Yes, in ten years, yes.
Well, fidelity is based
on something different.
We're an open-minded couple
But don't know
if it's because of being together
for ten years
or the party that's close.
What can tell Richard?
Have no right.
Don't know, may feel bad
because I'm older.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Luquitas
Happy birthday to you
Blow hard!
Ask three wishes.
Come on, Luqui.
The cream was fantastic,
the cake was great.
You're a genius, honey.
Why are you so quiet?
Something wrong?
- No.
- You aren't saying anything.
Did you know Richard and Betina
keep no secrets?
What do you mean?
They tell everything to each other.
They're an open couple.
Don't know. I'm not involved
with Richard's intimacy policy.
Why? Did Betina tell you something?
What are we?
An open or narrow minded couple?
What do you think
after everything that's happened?
Is Richard banging
another woman?
Why? You know something?
- No.
- don't know.
What do you mean Hm-hm?
Don't start rolling your eyes.
Betina what?
Don't get involved, please.
Know. OK. OK. OK.
If she doesn't care,
why would you?
You're right.
Let's go to bed.
Wait. Don't go.
You look nice.
- You look nice.
- Really?
Like you hair.
Are you sleepy?
A little bit, but if you come up
with a nice fantasy or something
got the last four tickets.
The theater is very crowded.
- Richard's arriving in ten minutes.
- Emilia is coming.
- Great.
- You know, this film...
- Want one?
- No, don't smoke.
- You don't smoke either!
- When I'm nervous, do.
Are you alright?
Can't stand myself
when feel this way.
Swear, can't...
don't know.
Did Emilia tell you?
- She didn't tell you anything.
- No.
Did she or not? And Richard?
- What is it? Don't get me frightened.
- Didn't he tell you anything?
Don't know.
Has something happened?
Nothing. hate feeling this way.
pretend being free and modern
but feel like giving it all up!
I've realized
I'm a damn conservative.
Calm down.
Can you tell me what's going on?
When I'm with Richard,
feel submissive, stupid,
feel ashamed of myself.
Is she a hot woman?
- What woman?
- Tell me. The woman.
- Is she a hot woman?
- What are you talking about?
Is she younger than me?
Does she have good tits?
- Calm down.
- Hello!
Hi, honey.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- How are you, darling?
- Hi, how are you doing?
- Fine?
- Hi, love.
Look, you won't believe it.
It won in Cannes.
- Which movie is it?
- Armageddon 3. Reloaded!
- Come on, we're late.
- It's a revenge.
Sent you a message.
Have you seen it?
No, haven't.
In the cell phone?
No, Luqui. Don't!
That was a foul!
Good one!
Come on!
That's it.
- Are you alright?
- No.
What is it?
This is wrong.
Want to stop this
before it's too late.
- What do you want to stop?
- Everything.
This thing about the four of us
and our thing.
Why everything?
Because I fell in love
I'm thinking about you
all day long.
Feel jealous of Betina.
Can't stand the idea
of you being with someone else.
If we put an end to this now,
think it will be better.
And nobody would get hurt,
that was the idea.
It sucks, doesn't it?
It sucks. really don't know
what to tell you.
What do you feel about me?
Care for you, Emi.
care for you.
We have chemistry
We have great chemistry.
But you're my friend's wife.
And that's a barrier set up
from day one.
And I've never had any intention
of crossing it.
If that barrier didn't exist,
what would you feel about me?
Don't know, Emi.
have no idea.
But the barrier exists.
You're Diego's wife.
I'm in love with Betina.
You see? We have to stop this.
I'm right. Really.
Reduce speed. Radar area.
You have a ?at tire!
The car has stopped.
My Goodness!
Hello. How are you?
Good morning. My number is 3697198.
have a ?at tire.
Holy shit! What are you doing
in my neighborhood?
- Diego!
- Two hours?
Holy shit, I'll help you, don't worry!
If have to change it myself,
why the hell am calliing you for?
I'm being impolite
cause you're giving me an attitude.
Don't get wound up talking to people
who won't help you.
- Open it, please.
- had a ?at tire last month too.
We'll change it.
It's not a problem.
Why don't you come home?
have ceviche.
- But I've have just...
- Take it out...
- Sorry?
- Take it out.
- Excuse me, please.
- It has an elastic band.
- Great.
- Take this.
Take her for a minute.
You know? While all my classmates
in Saint Andrew
wanted to be car racers,
they loved race cars,
always admired the service
provided to the racer,
those guys changing tires
and stuff.
Shall give you the tire?
Saw Richard.
Awhile ago. He was in his car
with your wife.
He nearly ran over me.
With my wife?
How strange.
I'm sure.
He nearly ran over me.
But he paid no attention to me.
What a hypocrite!
Hey, thank you very much
for doing this to me.
If it wasn't for you,
would have stuck here,
because have no idea
how to change a tire.
- Thanks.
- No. Thank you.
If we owed each other a favor,
now we're even.
Our conversation
in the locker room.
Do you remember?
About the Chilean.
Don't say anything.
It's alright.
No. appreciate it.
Truth is I've dispelled a myth,
like removing the skin of a peanut
Truth is I've dispelled a myth,
like removing the skin of a peanut
Anal penetration is the beginning.
The rest comes and goes.
I'll ask you a favor,
please, don't get me wrong.
It's your privacy.
So please,
stop pestering me about it.
Sorry, but I'm deeply moved.
You know what it means
being my age
You know what it means
being my age
and feeling things again
as if were a kid?
Turn down the volume,
Luqui, please.
- Hello.
- Luqui, tum down the music!
- How are you?
- Fine.
- It smells delicious.
- Yes.
What are you cooking?
- Thai chicken.
- Tasty.
What did you do today?
How was your day?
- Good. I'm a bit tired.
- Why? What did you do?
The same old stuff,
but 89% of humidity,
900 hectopascals
of atmospheric pressure.
900 hectopascals
of atmospheric pressure.
But how was your day?
What did you do?
Well, nothing, went to buy
some vegetables for dinner.
- Really?
- Yes.
- What about you?
- A nice day.
Well, a bit chaotic
because had a ?at tire.
- Really?
- Yes, you have no idea.
The roadside assistance
takes two hours.
Wanted to die,
I'm horrible at changing tires.
And all of a sudden,
Pablo Martel showed up.
And all of a sudden,
Pablo Martel showed up.
And he helped me.
He changed the tire for me.
And at one point,
don't know if he was hallucinating
or if it was the low pressure,
he said that Richard had nearly
ran over him
and that in the passenger seat
there was a woman
who looked exactly like you.
Are you kidding me?
It was me.
So the hectopascals
have nothing to do. It was you.
What is it? Why do you come up
with an hallucination story?
Well, thought...
asked you, but you didn't tell me.
But told you
I've been helping Richard
choose the present for Betina.
Yes. told you, honey.
Why do you blush?
Because I'm cooking!
Well, OK.
- How much longer will it take?
- About half an hour.
- I'll go change.
- OK.
Are you expecting a call, Diego?
Are you expecting a call, Diego?
Don't know.
From the clinic? No.
- It's 3.30 am.
- know.
- Go see who it is.
- It's in the living room.
- Go see who it is.
- Who's calling at this hour?
You'd better start running.
You'd better start running.
Your apologize
will never be enough!
You bastard!
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
I'm going to kill you, bitch.
I'll destroy you.
Mr. Sanguinetti,
it's Valbuena
from the washing machine
repair service.
I'll beat you to a pulp!
I'll beat you to a pulp!
I'll beat you to a pulp!
I'll ruin your life.
I'll ruin everything, your house.
Disappear or else...
Mr. Sanguinetti...
The guy from the washing machine
repair service.
- What did he want?
- A repair part.
- He was cursing.
- No.
- What was he cursing about?
- Let's go to bed. That's it.
But it was a woman,
not a man.
No, it was the technician.
No, it was the technician.
- Let's go to bed.
- want to listen to it. Play it.
- Come on.
- No, play it on, it's a second.
Please, could you play it?
- Have you gone mad?
- A cuckquean am!
- Have you gone mad?
- A cuckquean am!
How can you do this?
You broke my gate!
- It cost me a fortune!
- need to talk to her!
- It's 3 am!
- Betina!
- What's wrong with you?
- I'll kill you, bitch!
Stop it! Betina!
Stop it!
- Doctor Esnaifer!
- I'll kill you, bitch!
Benito, don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
- Everything in order?
- They're friends.
- Everything in order?
- They're friends.
Please, everything's fine.
Please, Lucas is sleeping
Please, calm down.
Take this crazy bitch inside.
Relax. You see what you're doing?
- I'm relaxed!
- Is she nuts?
Look at me.
What the heck happened?
Lucas is sleeping.
What do you think
it happened?
What do you think
it happened?
Will you talk or not?
Let go! Will you talk? Shall talk?
- Will you talk or me?
- Lucas is sleeping.
Two things. You're at my house.
Don't shout. My son is sleeping.
These two are fucking.
You destroyed my gate
just for that?
Know they are...
We all are fucking.
Know they are...
We all are fucking.
You asshole!
They're fucking on their own.
Without us. Just them.
Besides, they fell in love.
Didn't fall for her, Betina.
told you! didn't.
Who... Who?
Who said that?
Don't understand.
- Stop it.
- Want to see your texts?
- Are you fucking my wife?
- Days are longer without you.
- Are you fucking my wife?
- Days are longer without you.
- Are you fucking my wife?
- No, no. mean...
- Yes or no?
- Yes, yes, yes.
There was a couple
of situations that resulted in...
So you're a piece of crap.
You went ahead on your own?
You deleted them, bastard!
- What are you doing?
- You deleted them!
- You bastard!
- What are you doing with my phone?
- You bastard!
- What are you doing with my phone?
Did you fall in love?
I've just heard
someone fell in love.
- Did you fall in love with my wife?
- No, didn't.
So you fucking cheated on me just
because, you son of a bitch.
Didn't fucking cheat on you!
didn't, Diego!
There was an occasion
when we had sex in private.
Didn't betray you.
Let's not make a scandal out of it.
You won't say anything?
You'll pull that asshole face,
and roll your eyes
as if you didn't know
what it is all about.
Is that it?
Won't you say anything?
L.m s 0")
made a mistake.
Or we all made a mistake.
It wasn't just me.
It didn't come out of nowhere.
Let's not act all innocent.
It didn't come out of nowhere.
Let's not act all innocent.
It was very delicate...
- We were...
- Spill the beans!
Don't beat about the bush.
What you both did
is called cheating
here and all over the world.
And what is an extenuating factor
for you is aggravating for me.
Because we'd agreed to do it
the four of us together
and under the same roof!
And you just shifted on all of us!
You shitted on our friendship,
our marriage
and about the basic rule
of swinging.
- Shut up! My son is sleeping.
- Lucas is sleeping, Betina, please.
- Shut up! My son is sleeping.
- Lucas is sleeping, Betina, please.
Please, make your wife shut up.
Could you relax?
Are you relaxed?
- And you...
- What?
- Have no words for you.
- What?
I'm not surprised
because know your background.
- What background?
- Do you want me to talk?
- Stop it.
- Do you want me to talk?
No, don't.
What do you have to say?
You shut up.
don't know what happened.
You changed overnight.
Now you're self-righteous.
A few months ago
you were the Cicciolina.
You came to the clinic
and overwhelmed me!
You came to the clinic
and overwhelmed me!
You encouraged me to do it.
- But didn't fall in love with you.
- Me neither, you idiot.
They fall in love.
Don't call me an idiot.
- Call you so...
- didn't fall in love!
I'm in love with you.
What rules are we talking about?
Let's talk about the rules.
Let's talk about the rules, shall we?
Let's talk about the rules, shall we?
Because I'm actually talking
about feelings.
We've been friends
for more than 11 years.
And we're doing something
really intimate
so it's not so strange
to make mistakes
or get confused.
Get confused?
If it's crystal clear for you.
You fell in love with him.
You fell in love with him.
What's wrong is lying,
cheating, hiding...
- Why don't you shut up?
- You're no saint either!
Stop it! These things usually
happen among swingers.
Remember the Goldenbergs.
- Are you teaching me a lesson?
- Remember them!
Shut up! If Lucas happens to come,
I'll shoot myself.
Shut up! If Lucas happens to come,
I'll shoot myself.
- I'll kill myself.
- Fucking each other is great.
But falling in love
is a mortal sin.
Saw this one coming.
This is a textbook case.
From day one,
knew this was going to happen.
But you egged me on
and encouraged me.
But you egged me on
and encouraged me.
You're crying now, you idiot?
Really don't understand you.
You talk about fantasies.
What was your fantasy?
The real one!
You know what your fantasy was?
Cheating on me with my best friend.
- No!
- You're a pervert and a bitch.
- No?
Let's calm down.
Let's calm down.
Calm down? Get out!
- Calm down.
- Get out!
We made a mistake. That's it.
It's over. Now we leave.
- Yes, get out.
- Let's go, Betina.
Look the mess you've done.
Let's go.
- A mess?
- Yes, you've made a mess.
- Look what you've done.
- swear I'll punch you in your face.
Now you have definitely
fingered me. Are you happy?
Now you have definitely
fingered me. Are you happy?
Stop it, Diego.
Can we talk?
You wanted your name
on the clinic,
well, there you have it,
all for yourself.
You took my wife,
you can take the clinic too.
Didn't take your wife!
Diego, stop it!
Don't care about the sofas,
the clinic or the name.
Don't care about the sofas,
the clinic or the name.
- Stop it.
- I'll take the awards.
Stop it!
What are you doing?
Put that up!
Look at me! Look at me!
Put that down. It's my last name.
Would you stop?
Can we talk?
It seems you lost your memory.
You hit your head.
Do you remember
who am, who you are,
how we met,
who set up this clinic?
- Have you forgotten?
- No, haven't.
You've always envied me.
Everybody told me so.
You've always envied me.
Everybody told me so.
- What?
- Envy.
You've always envied my family,
my son, my shirts.
What hurts me the most
is that you made all this
to do me harm.
- And won't forgive that.
- No. Stop it, Diego!
Stop playing the victim.
told you this wasn't for you.
- Didn't ?
- It has nothing to do!
Yes, it does. You asked to rehearse
over and over again.
I'm not the only responsible.
You both should have talked it over.
I'm not the only responsible.
You both should have talked it over.
- You're my friend!
- Yes, am.
You should have talked it over.
Get off me!
I'm serious. Don't touch me.
Stop it! What's wrong with you?
Stop it, you fool! Stop it!
Stop it! I'm your friend.
- Love you.
- Let go.
- Love you.
- Let go.
- You don't.
- do. I'm sorry.
- You don't.
- do. I'm sorry.
Things got out of control.
If you will forgive me,
do it now,
but stop punishing me.
Do you want to split up?
Can we talk it over?
told you.
It was an extraordinary situation
that got out of our hands.
- Our hands?
- No, my hands.
My hands.
But it's over.
It wasn't something extraordinary.
On the contrary,
what you did was quite vulgar.
How are you going to call this?
You tell me.
You cheated on me with my friend.
can't think of it differently.
Can you?
We had been playing with fire
for over six months.
Now you change things
your own way.
We were playing with fire now?
For your record,
never wanted to do it.
For your record,
never wanted to do it.
Are you aware of that?
Was pushed and forced.
You said was a coward
if didn't do it.
Won't play the victim,
because still got
some thinking to do.
And also encouraged this
to happen.
I'm not such a fool.
But you talked
about a different story.
You said we were doing it
to strengthen our bond.
So accepted.
It was hard, but went ahead.
So accepted.
It was hard, but went ahead.
But in the last minute
things changed.
You fell in love with Richard.
So everything changed for me.
No, didn't fall in love.
got confused.
Got confused.
But didn't fall in love.
Love you.
And want to be with you.
Don't know what else to say.
don't know.
need some time.
Need to think
and see what feel.
And this time, if you're OK with it,
I'd like to decide it on my own.
Betina! Honey!
Come on!
Open the door!
Let's do something fun.
Let's go to the movies. Come on!
Don't feel like going
to the movies.
Come on, darling!
You're being hard.
Told you everything
told you everything
I'm a cuckquean!
- How come?
- am and feel a cuckquean!
What do you mean?
Who taught me to open my mind?
That marriage and fidelity
was something different for us!
Hippie crap!
That's old-fashioned now.
Betina! Listen to yourself!
You're not like this.
Honey, come on, open up.
Honey, come on, open up.
Yes, this is how am.
Betina, open the door.
I'm telling you I'm sorry.
Are you listening to me?
I'm sorry!
Open up! Don't you see
I'm crying?
You don't, because it's raining.
I'm crying!
You want me to be run over?
Don't believe you, Ricardo.
Look, brought lilies for you!
Damn it!
Hello. I'm Emilia Sanguinetti
with the weather report.
The whole country is under
a mass of cold air
with gale force winds
that will cause heavy rains.
Low temperatures.
Highs around 60.
Only in the northern region
of the country...
Only in the northern region
of the country...
Have you been feeling sick
since yesterday?
Have you been feeling sick
since yesterday?
- Today.
- Today?
Do you have a fever?
Let me see.
I'll give you some massage.
I'm OK, dad.
Don't worry.
Don't act the rough guy.
Put that on.
You know love you,
don't you?
You know love you,
don't you?
Know it's not easy
for any of us.
Would you like
to come with me tonight?
- Tomorrow or Saturday.
- Saturday?
Why are you leaving?
It's a grown-up thing.
It's a grown-up thing.
This is something your mom and
have to solve.
We're going through a bad moment.
That's the truth.
And we both think
it would be better
to put some distance between us
so as to make things better.
It will be for a short time.
I'd like you to know something.
I'd like you to know something.
You have nothing to do.
Let's make it clear.
This is between your mom and me.
Although you smell of farts,
I'm not leaving because of that.
Dad, I'm not a little kid.
This won't be for a short time
Maybe it's for a short time.
Who knows?
- What about uncle Richard?
- What about him?
Has something happened?
No, everything's fine
with him. Why?
Well, they don't call.
They don't come any more.
I'm your father.
- Was it better, because...?
- Hello.
Hello, Emilia.
Left the address and phone number
of the place I'll be staying at.
So I'm taking him tomorrow
to his capoeira lessons.
Champ, I'm leaving.
Give me a hug.
Why is it so hard?
Give me a hug.
Put this on, honey.
You can stay
and leave tomorrow morning.
No, I'd rather leave now.
I'll pick him up tomorrow.
Bye, Emilia.
- Emilia. How are you?
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Fine. How are you?
Fine. I'm fine.
I'm great.
- What...?
- came to see a Korean movie.
- It looks interesting.
- Great.
Me too, it must be
about to begin.
- Got to go.
- OK.
- Are you alright?
- Yes. I'm fine.
- How is Lucas doing?
- He's fine. Great.
He's in Brazil.
Doing capoeira.
He's fine.
Bought some pop corn.
- Hello.
- Hello. How are you?
- That's great! Congratulations!
- Thanks.
- How far are you?
- Beginning the eighth month.
- What a big belly!
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi, honey.
- How are you?
- How are you?
- How are you doing, Diego?
- How are you, Richard?
How are you?
- You look great.
- You are so big!
- How far are you?
- Beginning the eighth month.
It's a beautiful belly.
- Is it a boy or a girl?
- A boy.
- What?
- Anouk.
- Is he called Anouk?
- Yes.
- Great.
- How nice.
Anouk Tripichio.
I'm glad to see you.
So are we.
It's great news.
This is a special moment
for us.
- And I'd really like to..
- Don't...
To share it with you,
if you'd like to.
You say the word share
and get so scared...
- Yes.
- Well...
- Good to see you.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Congratulations to you both.
Well, enjoy the movie.
- Bye.
- Bye, good luck.
- Bye.
- That bitch is so skinny.
- They looked fine.
- Diego! Diego!
Was talking with Francis
about you.
It's incredible.
A trick of fate.
Is your ear still infected?
What are you doing afterward?
Why don't we go and have dinner
in Daphne's place?
- How are you?
- Hello.
The Chilean.
Come, there's room for two more
at the table.
- Come on!
- Let's talk about it later.
- OK.
- Bye.
- What?
- Nothing.
Suspicion, honey, suspicion.
2 PLUS 2