Dossier K. (2009) Movie Script

BLood is never unavenged
(Art. 917 of the Kanun)
Didn't your friend turn up?
Think, before you do this!
Think very carefully.
Are you scared?
Of course you're scared.
Of course you are.
You've got every reason to be scared.
- Linda.
- Linda.
- The victim'd come from the restaurant.
Any witnesses?
- No. They probably used silencers.
- Two weapons, different calibres.
- Not here or in the restaurant.
I've asked for the footage
from the approach roads.
Forensics have finished?
- Yes.
- I don't think so.
We've checked his passport,
his driver's licence. He's Italian.
A two-headed eagle is Albanian.
Alessandro del Piero. The Albanians
have certainly got a sense of humour.
Have I missed something?
- Put it this way. If that's del Piero,
they're gonna be a player short
at Juventus on Sunday.
They've turned him onto his stomach.
Give me a hand, Freddy.
Gently does it.
Commissioner, witnesses say the victim'd
drunk almost an entire bottle of water.
He was waiting for someone
before ordering.
Then he suddenly jumped up
and left without paying.
And the waiter didn't go after him?
- He thought he'd gone to the toilet.
After a whole bottle of water...
Have you got a minute, Commissioner?
- Yes, of course.
Right, Cassiers, good police work
means getting your priorities right.
So can you get some more peanuts?
A customer booked a table for
half past twelve but didn't turn up.
Vincke, a table for one?
It may be nothing
but I thought you should see it.
Yes, of course. That's good of you,
Linda. Take it away as evidence.
They've killed Dad.
Albanian clans, Vincke...
I don't know, I don't like it.
Those guys came straight from a war
and imported it into this country.
Why don't we dump the body
on Organised Crime?
You know who's in charge?
It lives in the sea
and is eaten with French fries.
Preferably in months with an R in them.
This time De Keyzer is welcome to it.
Right, what shall we do?
What's the plan?
What does anyone do if they want to
get somewhere in this world?
Fill up with petrol.
Not serving people, Binak?
With a smart car like that,
they usually pay with plastic.
Commissioner. Sir.
A good-looking guy. A relation?
A dead guy.
- Shame.
He's Albanian.
- An even greater shame.
D'you know him?
Or d'you know someone who might?
Listen, Tinky Winky.
My girlfriend works for
Trading Standards.
Maybe I should ask her if she's got time
to check the colour of your diesel?
Or the expiry date on your chocolate.
Bought in your shop this morning.
- It's still edible.
They have to put a date on it.
But there's a margin...
- I haven't got time for your crap.
Shehu. Prenk from the Shehu clan.
Try Prenk Shehu.
If a fly farts, Prenk Shehu hears it.
Ah, the law.
Welcome, gentlemen. Welcome.
I'd love to help you, Commissioner.
You know that. It'd be an honour.
But... you say
it's a revenge killing?
Are you sure he's Albanian?
- He had a ring with a two-headed eagle.
Everyone wears our eagle these days.
It's become fashionable.
It's a shame.
Its meaning is being lost.
He died on his stomach.
Is he from another clan, maybe?
The Gabas?
I don't know. There are so many
new people. And I don't get out much.
His killers turned him over
onto his stomach.
On his stomach or his back, so what?
Dead is dead.
The Kanun says
that's dying like a dog.
A dead person has to be on their back
so their soul can go up to heaven.
With a beech twig next to them.
- A beech twig?
What's the point of that?
- It's a mark of respect.
A mark of respect?
Not shooting someone,
that's a mark of respect!
Come back safely, Nazim. Promise me.
I promise.
Let me come with you.
Are you a man of honour?
I'm a man of honour.
- Cheers.
Why? Why my father, Captain?
More important than why is who.
Mark Ukatjerra?
Pjetr? Pjetr Gaba?
Gaba's son?
When I left,
the Gaba clan was our partner.
What happened between our clans?
Do you question people with bad blood?
You're right, Captain.
From now on their shadow is walled in.
Until blood has been
washed away with blood.
Carry it with honour.
Because it brings blood to your house.
Daddy. Daddy, I'm thirsty.
Who's that?
- Martin.
D'you remember me?
- I doubt it.
He was two when you left.
Thank you.
That brings me to a second request.
Your father was to be
Martin's godfather.
It will be an honour
to cut his first hair.
Thank you.
Have you got a plan?
- Yes.
I'm going to get them
where they least expect to see me.
Well? How's it going?
Haven't seen anything yet.
But I'm not even halfway through.
Is me having to check
all the tapes on my own normal?
Of course it is, you're the youngest.
- It's cos you've got the sharpest eyes.
And that's because you're the youngest.
How's identification of the body going?
- His photo's not on file.
Not locally or nationally.
But the name Alessandro del Piero
made the Italians laugh.
Linda, are the Gabas still in Eilandje?
Yes, above the Tirano nightclub,
their cover.
Got your dancing shoes with you, Freddy?
- To be honest, I don't much fancy
waltzing into a clan war.
- Oh dear, Freddy. Are we scared?
Scared? Scared of what?
A few bullet holes?
If it's to pick up lowlifes who are back
on the street the next day, no thanks.
We mustn't screw this up.
If our body does belong to a clan,
the Kanun demands vengeance.
So we may well be scraping
his killers off the pavement tomorrow.
Is that such a bad thing?
Pjetr, trouble at the rear entrance.
Get out of here, Naomi. It's not safe.
- No way.
I'll see you on the jetty.
Now get out of here.
Just a minute.
What? The police!
Guns away. I said put your guns away.
Shit! The cops would have to come now!
You don't think it's a coincidence, eh?
Protection? Here?
The son of a bitch!
Commissioner Vincke, Homicide.
Who's in charge here?
Are you Vincke?
- Yes.
And you dare come in here?
You dare look my father in the eye?
Of course. Why not?
Why not? Why right now?
Oh, sorry, were they playing
your favourite record?
No, Pjetr.
You're lucky you're a cop.
Who's the man in the photo?
Piss off!
Piss off.
And be glad you're allowed to
leave here alive.
In our own place, dammit!
Phone round,
send Nazim's photo to people.
I want to know where the rat is.
Did you crash into his car or something?
- No.
Are you sure? Not even a long time ago?
- I've never even pissed on his handle.
Good evening, Public Prosecutor.
Or maybe not.
Vincke has just been to see Gaba
together with that other clown.
That's quick. It was to be expected,
but that is quick. Hold on.
I'll have to ask you to excuse me.
- Like I told you, sir,
Vincke is going to get under our feet
and he won't let up.
So get him taken off the case
before it's too late.
And the reason? The report says a man
with an Italian passport's been killed.
What has that got to do
with our operation?
He's going to mess up all our work.
- He won't get that far.
By then everything will be over.
Just keep an eye on things.
That's all we can do at the moment.
Nazim. Finally.
I've missed you, you bastard!
They're looking for me.
- So?
It's too dangerous now. I'll call you.
- Yeah, right!
I promise.
Linda! Come in.
Maybe I should've called first, but...
No, no. Of course not. Sorry. Come in.
Would you like a coffee? Take a seat.
The lunch booking, who didn't turn up.
- Made in the name of Vincke, yes.
Your name's in here three more times.
- I have eaten there. But three times?
Each time that the victim had
booked a table too.
My name was on a list at Gabba's too.
A blacklist.
Those guys had to stop themselves
skinning me alive there and then.
D'you think the lunch bookings or Gaba's
threats are related to the murder?
I don't know how.
Maybe there are two Vinckes.
Then I'll definitely go crazy...
If the Public Prosecutor gets hold of
that book, he'll take us off the case.
Yes, I thought that too, so I'll put it
in the bottom of my drawer.
Who knows, maybe I'll forget about it.
- No, you mustn't do that.
I can't ask a colleague to do that.
- I wouldn't do it for... a colleague.
The fact you've already kept quiet
about it could cost you your career.
There are more things to life
than a career.
Sorry, Linda.
Sorry, I'm not the man for you.
Really, I'm not.
I'm not ready.
I bring bad luck.
I'm just going to the kitchen.
Um... a coffee?
Are you sure?
A towel, sir. And soap.
Are you on your own?
Or is someone joining you?
If sir is looking for
some hot company, just say the word.
Don't, then. No hard feelings.
We know where he is. Hotel Miami.
There? You're joking!
- Get up.
- What?
This guy is no ordinary guy.
Be careful.
I always am, Dad.
How can I help you, gentlemen?
Which room?
Towel? Soap?
The son of a bitch!
Start the bloody car!
Start the car!
Pjetr, over here. Hurry!
Does this dump belong to the Albanians?
- Don't know.
But the place does pay protection money.
- Does it? Who to?
Around here? Gaba.
What a shame! Now you won't be able to
get a room here any more.
Unless I wantto be found here,
of course.
One thing is certain, your Kanun works
quickly. Faster than our courts, anyway.
Now it's a question of
who is going to take revenge on who.
Maybe it's not necessary.
Maybe the perpetrator's among them.
No. None of them is
the client from room three.
Bring him in tomorrow for a photofit.
Are Forensics on their way?
Vincke. It seems your investigation
points to the Albanian underworld?
It seems like it, yes, sir.
You know you can always call on
our Organised Crime cell.
If we need Commissioner De Keyzer,
we'll certainly contact him.
I get the impression
you need him already.
You will already have realised that
the Albanians are difficult territory.
Clans, customary common law.
That's work for specialists, I think.
I'm familiar with the Kanun
and Albanian clans in Antwerp.
And the language? Or does one of
your people speak fluent Albanian?
Yes. A bit anyway, eh?
Right, well, we won't discuss it
on the street. Tomorrow at 9, OK?
We've still got a lot to do here.
- In my office at 9.
De Keyzer is currently
the expert on the Albanian mafia.
Statistics don't lie.
His cell has achieved amazing results
in a very short time. D'you know why?
Because he's open to teamwork.
I know you've had your differences,
but I also know you're not
a man who holds grudges.
Believe me, you can do with
his expertise, Vincke.
No, no, no. That's fine. Yes. Bye.
Public Prosecutor.
- De Keyzer.
I've just explained to Vincke
that I expect teamwork.
Working as a team
is the only way to work.
We've identified all the victims
of last night's shooting.
All three men are from the Gaba clan.
You paid Gaba a visit last night,
We're about to bust the Gaba clan.
We've been watching them for some time.
An isolated operation now
could seriously endanger our plans.
Which is why teamwork's required.
What was the reason for your visit?
We think the shooting at the hotel
is linked to the murder on the quayside.
This is the victim.
- That would be convenient.
But I fear they are
two completely different cases.
We've been watching the Gabas
for some time and...
I don't know this man.
I'm sure you don't.
If he'd just sneezed on a clan member's
second cousin's cleaner, we'd know him.
And if he'd said more than two words
to her, his picture'd be on this wall.
Anyway, Alessandro del Piero...
That's an Italian name, eh?
- Yes, that's something new.
It's called a false passport.
Right, gentlemen. Playtime is over.
We will pass all information on to each
other and all contact with the clans
will occur via
Commissioner De Keyzer's team.
Can I count on you?
Have I got a team, Vincke?
Why didn't you take me with you
to Albania?
It's too tough in the mountains for you.
- I can be tough.
It's no life for you.
- How do you know?
This belongs to my parents.
I'm not like that.
Linda, about last night at my place...
- It was stupid.
Not about the book, I meant that.
I shouldn't have come to your place.
- When I said I... bring bad luck...
I didn't want to scare you off.
Bad luck was meant as
something positive, then?
Well, maybe I did want to
scare you off but...
I hope I didn't succeed.
Look what they found on
the hotel's roof yesterday!
A beech twig.
- Linda, send it to De Keyzer.
To De Keyzer? Why?
We have to exchange all information with
his cell. Public Prosecutor's orders.
Bloody hell!
They're taking our case away from us!
Officially we are now one team.
- Officially one team?
They've got us officially by the balls,
you mean. You know what'll happen.
We'll do all the work, hand it over
and then they'll elbow us aside.
I thought you didn't want the case.
- I do if they want to take it away.
I think I've got something.
- I've thought that for ages.
If the itching won't stop,
see a doctor.
I've looked at the tapes again with the
photos from the hotel as a reference.
This is the camera on the Bourla
theatre. Take a good look at those two.
Unsuitable for identification purposes,
unfortunately. Hold on.
Here they are a few streets away.
This looks much better.
We have a winner!
- And that's not all.
Look! Your friend from the disco.
That's Gaba's bad-tempered little boy.
- Well done, Wim.
Try to check the rest of the tapes
by this evening.
Come on, teach me to shoot.
- Don't be silly!
Bloody hell, Naomi.
So it is true!
- I don't want this to start all over again!
I'm an adult now. And I love him.
You don't know what that is.
Shall I show you
where his name is tattooed?
He's back.
- Bloody hell.
Bloody hell!
You and your...
It's your fault, you know.
Your... fault...
We've got to talk about
the murder on the quayside.
The victim may not have sneezed on
anyone on your wall
but he got his blood on their bullets.
We've identified two killers.
This one's now in the freezer.
And we saw this one at Gaba's.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the guy
with the scar. That's Pjetr Gaba.
Here, Gaba's youngest son.
I told you they were all on my wall.
They should be in prison, not on a wall!
- Well done, gentlemen.
See, you don't have to be each other's
fan to work together productively.
Right, I've got an arrest warrant.
I need back-up.
You can't!
- What d'you mean?
It's time to put all your cards
on the table, De Keyzer.
Hello, gentlemen. We've got visitors.
- Wow, very smart!
There are six cameras, including
a thermal imaging one, by the nightclub.
We've hacked into
their internal security system.
So we see what they see.
And more besides.
Here, look, that's the man
you're looking for, Pjetr Gaba.
Scarface to his friends.
- OK, great.
Let's arrest him.
- Leave him alone!
Everything here is part of
a large-scale undercover operation.
Gaba has got a large cargo and
he's desperate to get rid of it.
A large cargo of drugs?
- Drugs... Weapons, Vincke!
- Fancy thinking it was drugs, Vincke!
That won't get your photo in the paper,
eh Mr De Keyzer?
OK, weapons. So what?
We're going to buy them. We've been
working on the deal for months.
Tomorrow morning at 9.
We're going to bust them then.
Gaba and all the Albanian scum
are going to jail for years.
As for Scarface, you needn't worry,
we'Il wrap him up nicely for you and
you can question him until you retire.
We're coming with you.
It's our case too.
We'll arrest Pjetr Gaba.
- No, no.
It's complex enough for professionals,
we're not babysitting you lot.
We'll arrest him now,
then we won't get in your way tomorrow.
If you do that...
- No, no, no, Freddy.
We won't do that because we are
open to teamwork, aren't we, sir?
I tend to agree with Vincke.
- Thank you.
OK, but wear your bulletproof vest.
And you your nappy!
You're a real artist.
- Thank you.
This is our man. Scan it in and
send it out as quickly as possible.
How's the sausage business, Haki?
Nazim! They're looking for you.
Pjetr Gaba is a spineless coward.
He doesn't dare set foot outside.
Help me get in.
- Are you crazy?
It's like a fort in there.
That's my problem.
Nazim, they'll kill me if I help you.
And if you don't help me,
I'll kill you.
You've got a choice.
Not everyone can say that.
Wait, Nazim...
He's planning to leave the country
and I know how.
We're on the avenue. ETA 20 minutes.
- Message received.
Beta to rendezvous. Charlie's following
cargo outside the perimeter. Out.
We're off. Seen something?
- Just the man who delivers the meat.
Foxtrot in position.
No need to turn phones off. Everything's
blocked within the perimeter.
Everyone stand by.
T minus 10.
I repeat, T minus 10.
And tell Vincke and his clown
to keep quiet.
Clown to Mussel. Message received. Out.
Here you are.
- Thank you.
This is Eric Vincke's answering machine,
leave a message after the beep.
The autopsy report on
the quayside murder has arrived.
Can you call me back,
there's something strange about it?
And I...
A patrol's seen him near the abattoir.
- I'll call you back.
Cargo is entering the perimeter.
- OK, close the perimeter.
Is that the man you saw?
- He crossed the road with a sports bag.
When did you lose him?
- Almost right away.
By the time I'd turned the car round,
he'd gone.
There are only hangars here, eh?
- Yes.
OK, thank you.
David, central courtyard.
Delta, do we have a visual?
We have visual.
Zulu are getting out.
Targets outside.
Three men by the door.
Gaba is coming down the steps
together with two others.
In total, six targets.
And there is contact.
Transaction affirmative.
Money is changing hands.
Everyone stand by.
Almost time.
Wait for a go.
Crates are being carried outside.
Visual weapons. Repeat, visual weapons.
- Go. Go!
Dammit! Turn the child locks off!
- Sorry, orders.
De Keyzer, the bastard!
Yes! Yes!
Right, let's go down.
Open it.
Gaba, where's your son?
- What d'you mean? My son in Albania?
Pjetr Gaba. The one with the exclamation
mark on his mug. Where is he?
Listen, Gaba,
your son is known to be dangerous.
So he's out there walking around
like a target on legs.
Haven't you lost enough people?
If Pjetr escaped because of your
bungling, you'll wish we'd never met!
That bungling, as you describe it,
was a perfectly executed operation.
It led to a historic victory over
the Albanian mafia in this city.
Your killer no longer has
an organisation to fall back on,
so it's only a matter of time
before we catch him too.
And you know, Vincke,
you can always rely on
the active support of
the Organised Crime cell.
I don't get how the guy got away.
Only the cleaner and meat deliveryman
went in and out.
He arrived alone and left alone.
What about in the back of the van?
- The thermal camera would've seen him.
Hold on. Those cameras detect body heat.
Bloody hell! A refrigerated van
is insulated, no heat passes through it.
Topca Meat.
- What's their address?
Eric Vincke's answering machine...
- Fuck!
The suspect is dangerous.
I repeat, all units
to the abattoir as quickly as possible.
How did they get there so quickly?
Watch the place and
wait for back-up, they said.
Block their way!
Hurry up!
Jesus Christ.
Drive, damn you! Fast!
I said drive!
Don't let him get away.
Throw your gun out!
Your gun.
Get out.
Hands on your head!
Stupid bitch!
You fuckin' bastard!
Frightening me like that!
Down! Keep down!
This is for my father.
Beg his forgiveness and die with honour.
I'm not begging a rat for forgiveness.
Beg his forgiveness!
Your father was a rat.
D'you want to die
with a lie on your lips?
I did what I had to do.
I exterminated the vermin.
Call an ambulance!
Do mouth-to-mouth!
Come on, Freddy.
Come on, Freddy.
Mission accomplished, Captain.
Your father would be proud.
Yes, but there's a problem...
He called my father a rat.
The Gaba clan spreads lies about me too.
They've now been paid for with blood.
You should leave the country.
After I've kept my promise.
The police'll look for you.
After I've kept my promise!
After you've kept your promise.
My sincere condolences.
I promise you we'll do all we can
to find her killer.
Take whatever time you need
to write your report.
In these painful circumstances,
we cannot decently
ask anything more
of you and your team.
Someone has to tell her parents.
Right, we'll...
- No, no.
The autopsy report on
the quayside murder has arrived.
Can you call me back,
there's something strange about it?
And I...
Eric, you don't bring bad luck.
If what I feel is bad luck,
I want bad luck
for the rest of my life.
Thanks to our coordinated operation,
our cell has dismantled the Gaba clan.
The perpetrators and the brains behind
it have all been arrested, bar one.
However, to our great regret,
one of our most promising inspectors
lost her life
during an act of great courage.
We're almost certain the perpetrator's
a foreign member of the Gaba clan.
Details of this will be issued later.
Now I'd like to ask
for a minute's silence
in memory of
Inspector Linda De Leenheer.
The autopsy report?
- Yes.
using a sharp knife,
an incision was made in
the victim's lingual frenulum.
They only do that to traitors.
So our man was a police informer.
- That's why he wasn't in the files.
De Keyzer and the Public Prosecutor
must've known him!
So they must know who avenged him.
We're investigating this ourselves!
Teamwork stops here. We're not
passing on any more information.
You're not being fair. It's a photofit.
It could be anyone. Inspector.
My inspector is dead, you bastard!
- Let me see it again.
I don't know him. Honestly, I don't.
Can I see the photo from a few days ago?
That one's been bothering me.
- Freddy.
Normally, he's always smiling.
That's Bessian Tahir.
He looks like that.
- Should we know him?
A businessman, Shehu's partner.
He came here from Germany
to set up some businesses.
Shehu's business partner?
- I told you that last time.
Good health and a long life.
Good health and a long life.
Congratulations and a long life.
The police! The police!
That badge isn't necessary.
Everyone is welcome here.
Raki. To your health.
No bad blood!
He's a guest...
on a sacred day.
this is my son's christening.
I've got guests from
all over Europe. Behave.
Who is this?
- That's the same photo as last time.
Who's this in the photo?
- I don't know.
You know I'm a friend of the police.
You don't know him
but you do business with him.
Maybe one of your guests
from all over Europe knows him.
You're making a big mistake.
- No, I'm not.
The big mistake is that someone
laid a finger on a member of my clan.
Papers, please.
Come here. Who is this man?
Do you know him? No? This one?
Don't know him either?
Who's this? Nothing? No?
Right, fine. Go on.
You, come here. D'you know him?
Thank you. Come here.
Come on.
- Give here.
Give here, I said.
- Come here, come on.
Do you know this man?
Bloody hell, Vincke, he's here!
The guy from the photofit. He's here!
Fuck, man!
What d'you say to this?
He's a hairdresser.
I don't know who hired him.
He's an Italian.
- Called Alberto, I suppose?
Bullshit, man! The godfather cuts the
hair, your son's godfather! Where is he?
OK, search the place!
Dammit! I don't believe it!
Go and get Vincke.
The sewers!
- Shhh!
I think there's a woman with him.
Bloody hell!
They can climb out anywhere.
Here. Found in your kitchen.
In the kitchen?
I didn't order those.
And what's that hole in your cellar?
- Belgian builders.
Very sloppy workmanship.
I should've used Poles.
Don't forget to give me a receipt, eh?
- This is doing my head in!
I want the place under
24-hour surveillance.
Everyone who comes anywhere near the
place is to be checked. Zero tolerance!
I've had enough.
I don't want a war in my city.
The city belongs to everyone.
- If that's all you can say, shut it!
What have you got to say? Eh? What?
Anything worthwhile?
I took you off this case.
- That's not how I understood it.
You said you couldn't ask
anything more of us.
Oh, then I should have
made myself clearer.
You are too personally involved.
As you've just shown.
Let's hope
Mr Shehu doesn't file a complaint.
Then the world
really will have gone mad!
Eric, I really sympathise with your loss
but this is work for our cell.
Remove your men from Shehu's place.
I assure you, once again, we'll do
everything we can to catch the guy.
Huh, everything?
Your everything's not worth a thing.
What are you saying, Vincke?
Is there something we should know?
No. Is there something I should now?
And he's never known anything,
so we'll leave it like that then.
Why can't we find the bastard?
- We've hit the jackpot, twice!
The fingerprints on the knife match
those on the christening scissors.
Our hairdresser's called Nazim Tahir,
son of our first body.
The Gaba clan liquidates Bessian Tahir
and the son comes to avenge his father.
And whoever gets in his way...
Fucking hell!
Eric, it's not certain that
he's the one who killed Linda.
Pjetr Gaba's prints are on it too.
- But his too, his too!
Where's his police record?
- He's never been convicted of anything.
No police record?
- How'd you get the fingerprints?
Not from here.
I checked the courts' database.
They're from an old case
that was dropped.
There's no court file,
just a police file. File K 176618.
Old numbering. Try finding that.
This isn't right.
- What?
The numbers. Dammit!
- Well?
The file's missing.
- What?
A file doesn't just disappear.
There were expenses relating to the
file. They can be found in the accounts.
Here, two lab invoices.
- OK, and that's file K 176618?
Yes. I've printed it out.
- Right.
That sugar? That's not starting again?
- I'm afraid it is.
This already almost cost me my job once.
- It's not looking good now either.
We receive a sample,
I have it analysed.
It's benzoylmethyl ecgonine.
- Cocaine.
Yeah. Less than a week later we're
told our analysis is different from
the second opinion obtained by
the lawyer. So we receive a new sample.
I do the analysis myself and
guess what, it's icing sugar.
Good job your lot didn't make a fuss.
The suspect's lawyer didn't either.
- Who was the lawyer?
Um... Waldick?
- Waldack.
Have you still got the file?
- I keep everything.
They may laugh at me and all my pieces
of paper, but they can come in handy.
And I'd like to know
who brought the sample in.
I can tell you that. It was received by
trainee Lieven Vermeulen.
Handed in by Vincke.
I don't ask a rat for forgiveness.
Beg his forgiveness!
I did what I had to do.
I exterminated the vermin.
What's the matter?
You can tell me anything.
You know that.
What's the matter, Nazim?
This is something I have to do myself.
Forgive me, Dad.
But I have to know.
The ambulance isn't needed.
Mr Binak didn't survive his head-on
collision with this monkey wrench.
Any witnesses?
- He didn't depend on passing trade...
Forensics are here.
No fingerprints on the wrench.
Just hundreds of fingerprints on the
counter. Cleaning wasn't his thing...
Dammit! Fuck it!
- One more thing. Might not be important
but I found a business card from
a lawyer called Waldack in his passport.
Waldack, the clan's lawyer, yes.
- At the christening... It was one, eh?
We had some cars towed away.
- Get to the point.
The name sounded familiar
and I checked my notes.
We removed an expensive Mercedes
belonging to a Waldack.
Naomi Waldack.
His daughter.
It may not be anything but...
- There was a woman too, in the sewer.
Have you gone mad?
Think of the risk!
I've seen his body.
He was executed like a traitor.
Pjetr Gaba called him a rat.
Did he work for the police?
Words of a Gaba. Go now!
They were Pjetr's final words.
I'm afraid that your father...
was indeed in contact with the police.
Yes, I know.
But it started
when you were caught with that cocaine.
At that time the police
suggested a deal to your father.
Your freedom... Your father...
bought it.
With his most prized possession.
His honour.
I didn't believe it either
to start with.
I wanted to spare you the shame.
Then I've got bad blood on my hands.
You acted correctly.
No! I've killed people
who were in the right.
You avenged blood with blood.
As the Kanun teaches us.
Go now. And let me know
once you've arrived safely.
- No!
I will discover the truth.
And if I find out that you...
- You do that.
I've nothing to fear from the truth.
Nazim Tahir has threatened my blood.
He's leaving my house now. Find him.
Do what has to be done.
Honestly, have you seen the time?
Can we come in?
- No, not really.
It's about Nazim Tahir. You were
his lawyer in the deal with the sugar.
I'm bound by
professional confidentiality.
You've got a daughter, Naomi?
- Is she in trouble?
Where is your daughter?
- None of your business.
We have reason to believe she's
in contact with a killer on the run.
Nazim Tahir.
And if she is, then she's in danger.
Our villa in Schoten.
They're at our villa in Schoten.
Come in. What's so urgent, De Keyzer?
I'm busy.
Sorry, but Vincke has radioed in
for back-up
for an arrest at
Waldack's villa in Schoten.
That man is a pain!
What are we going to do?
- Nothing.
We'll let Vincke take care of it
and then you can take over.
What if they start shooting
at each other?
Then, with a bit a luck,
the problem will sort itself out.
What if they start talking
to each other?
Eric... Eric, why don't we just wait
for back-up? They're on their way.
Taking a look round can't hurt.
You can't get away.
Drop your gun.
- No.
Drop your gun!
Back off and I'll let him go.
You've got my word of honour.
- I've got him, Vincke.
- Shut up about honour.
You're just an executioner.
- Your colleague. The woman.
That wasn't me. That was Pjetr Gaba.
No, no.
Linda De Leenheer.
Bloody hell, Eric. Don't do it.
Remember that name.
Police. Drop your gun.
Drop your gun.
Got him. Kneel down slowly.
Naomi, no!
Waldack knows more about all this.
We've got to grill him now.
Are you serious?
You've just killed his daughter!
He doesn't know that yet.
We'll grill him now.
Bessian Tahir had to become
an informer to protect his son?
That was the deal.
Informing on the Gaba clan.
But Gaba found out. How?
Did he have proof?
He used an Albanian expression.
If a heron flies over 30 times
and shits on your head 29 times
and only once on your neighbour's,
what proof do you need?
You told him that?
You were Shehu's lawyer.
Exactly. One evening Gaba appeared
in my office with six men.
He suspected someone
from the Shehu clan.
They didn't even have to get
their guns out. I told them everything.
Yes, Bessian Tahir was our informer. So?
Don't you use informers?
The gunrunning. How d'you think
we found out about that?
And, as thanks,
you abandon him in the restaurant.
Of course not.
At the last minute we discovered that
Gaba suspected who our informer was.
We called off that day's meeting.
- And left Tahir to eat on his own.
We informed Shehu straight away
that it'd been called off.
- Of course, Shehu.
Who d'you think arranged the meetings?
He knew it was cancelled.
I got a fright when I heard about
the murder. You were suddenly involved.
And the table bookings?
Why were they in my name?
Why, De Keyzer?
- It was just a joke, pal!
They asked what name
the booking was in and so...
The first name I thought of was Vincke.
It was a joke.
And you thought it was so funny you
signed the name Vincke at the lab too?
For a packet of sugar.
I don't know what you're on about.
- No. D'you know why?
Because you're a real bastard,
De Keyzer. And we're going to get you!
Cassiers, check all investigations of
Albanian clans with De Keyzer in charge.
Start with the past two years. Look for
failed operations, procedure errors,
cases dropped, that kind of thing.
Freddy, bring in Shehu.
I've still got a few files to check,
but up till now there are four times as
many operations involving the Gaba clan.
The Gaba clan is bigger, of course.
I don't need to state the obvious.
His wife has no idea where he is.
- Of course not.
If you look at
the number of cases dropped,
failed raids and procedure errors,
the ratio is the other way round.
The whole thing stinks!
It wasn't just the sugar.
De Keyzer let Shehu do as he pleased
while he came down hard on Gaba.
- D'you think he's in Shehu's pocket?
I'm looking into his finances,
Bracke's too.
Right. Anyone want anything to eat?
- Please.
Bloody hell! Shit!
The fucking bastards!
What the hell are you thinking of,
spying on me?
It's to protectyou. Didn't Gaba, Shehu
and Nazim Tahir all threaten you?
What are you thinking of,
checking my finances?
D'you think this is about money?
The Albanians were busy
taking over the entire city.
All the clans together,
united under Gaba.
Not just the underworld.
Drugs, prostitution, guns.
They'd also got their claws
into higher circles.
The statistics made the politicians
extremely nervous. So what do you do?
Infiltrate the clans?
They're all related to each other.
Buy information?
Keeping quiet is a matter of honour.
Threaten them? They've been in a war,
seen their neighbours' heads on sticks.
Seen concentration camps revived.
How do you frighten people like that?
With a couple of years full board
in Leuven prison?
There's only one strategy left.
It's as old as Julius Caesar.
Divide and rule.
Little Shehu can do as he likes
if he informs on big Gaba.
That's your interpretation, Vincke.
- No, ignoring three kilos of coke
isn't a matter of interpretation.
Law and justice are not always
the same thing, Vincke.
OK... Yes, we allowed
three kilos of coke to disappear.
In exchange we got a grateful
daddy Tahir as our informer for life,
and that's worth more than
three kilos of coke.
You knew it wouldn't last.
That Gaba would catch on.
So what? As long as they massacre each
other. They're all lowlifes anyway. Eh?
Vincke, as you are aware, I've applied
for the post of government adviser.
We can use people with your potential.
I'm no good behind a desk.
Shame, cos that's where
things happen these days.
Modern-day policing isn't about
arresting baddies on the street.
But about a feeling of safety,
communication, statistics.
How does Linda De Leenheer
fit into your statistics?
And Naomi Waldack?
Well, if you choose to be
a gangster's whore...
What are you then, pal?
That's a serious accusation. I wouldn't
repeat it without concrete proof.
Is he still there?
Nazim has brought dishonour
to the clan and the blood.
Hasn't the council
reached a decision yet?
Commissioner Vincke?
- Mrs Shehu?
I've got some news from my husband.
He's ready to testify.
If you go and get him.
OK. Where is your husband?
- In Zlatkucan.
In Albania.
Mr Vincke, Mr Verstuyft.
My name is Berisha,
the coordinating officer.
We'll do the arrest and paperwork.
Then we'll turn Mr Shehu over to you.
That's clear?
Are you calling Nazim a liar?
- Are you calling Shehu a liar?
Silence! Whatever the case, the church's
protection takes precedence.
As long as Shehu stays inside,
we can't do a thing.
And if he comes out?
Come on, hurry up.
Thank you, Commissioner.
You can't imagine
how pleased I am to see you.
I'm not going to imagine anything.
What d'you want, Shehu?
Nazim. I fear he's got the whole village
behind him now, with his lies.
I wonder how come?
Take me with you. I'll help
the Belgian authorities.
Start now then.
I'll give you names in Belgium.
- Once there, you'll forget them. Eh?
No way. Testify first.
Take me with you first.
You have to trust me.
Shehu and Nazim
have both put their case.
It is up to the honourable interpreter
of the Kanun to dispense justice.
Murderer! Give him to us!
He's ours!
Go! Go!
Go to hell!
What was that?
The son of a bitch!
What? What's the matter, pal?
Take care of our colleagues.
- Wait.
Wait, Vincke.
Bloody hell!