Dostana (1980) Movie Script

Two students will now perForm
the last programme ofthe evening
Their height is... six feet.
They are ex-students
of this school.
My word, l haven't seen
such pranksters.
They were vey good friends.
And they are even now.
Their friendship bears a song.
Which they have composed themselves.
They have agreed to sing it
on my insistence.
l hope they find their rhythm.
l say this because...
one ofthem is a police inspector.
And the other a lawyer.
''Even if the world..turns an
''Even if the world..turns an
''may our friendship
always live on''
''Even ifthe world
turns an enemy...''
''may our friendship
always live on''
''May our friendship
always live on''
''Even if the world..turns an
''May our friendship
always live on''
''Those days of our dreams,
those days of our books...''
''those nights of questioning,
those days of answers''
''We have spent many years
here together...''
''it's here that we played together,
and grew up''
''Our childhood was
so vey romantic...''
''may our friendship
always live on''
''Even ifthe world
turns an enemy...''
''may our friendship
always live on''
''Even in death,
we shall not separate...''
''this much we have sworn
to each other in our friendship''
''Whenever someone asks us
where we live...''
''we tell them that we live
in each other's hearts''
''We have no other abode...''
''may our friendship
always live on''
''Even ifthe world
turns an enemy...''
''may our friendship
always live on''
''May our friendship
always live on''
''Even if the world..turns an
''May our friendship
always live on''
Has the gold arrived?
- Yes.
All right. When can we pick it
Today itself.
l am floored!
Not exactly, Baby.
You're vanquished.
What about the money?
- Ask Tiwari.
He looks aRer the transactions
and accounts.
All right. But who will come
to pick it up?
At Malighat. Sharp 4 p.m.
ls that 533285?
- Yes.
l wish to speak to Inspector
Vijay Varma from the special branch.
Go on. l am
InspectorVerma speaking.
A gold consignment is arriving
at Malighat at 4 pm.
Who is receiving it?- You might
be knowing him. Balwant.
See you tomorrow evening.
Come in. The door is open.
Balwant's briefcase contained
500,OOO worth of gold.
100/o is your share. That is
- Keep it there.
Won't you count it?
-You must have counted it.
Any news of Balwant?
He's hiding in East View lodge
in Kalina.
Tony, where do you get
this information from?
He'll vanish from Bombay for good
ifyou don't arrest him today,
There's nothing to panic.
Bombay's highly reputed criminal
Iawyer will fight Balwant's case.
l got it, Mr Daaga.
Tomorrow is Sunday. He will be
bailed out on Monday.
Fine. But l think it's difficult
to free Balwant from this case.
What's the use of my fees
if l don't free your man?
Rest assured.
l'll be prepared for the case.
l hear, you and Inspector Vijay
are vey good friends.
Absolutely true.
Our friendship dates back to our
childhood. We studied together.
l was thinking ifyou could talk...
- No. No way, Mr Daaga.
Vijay is a police officer.
And l am a lawyer.
lt has happened many times
He has arrested many criminals,
and l have freed them.
But our friendship still prevails
because he hasn't questioned me...
...about my profession. Nor l
have interFered in his work.
Think ofthe devil, and here he
We must leave.
Where were you all these days?
-Right here. Shall we play a set?
ARer them.-l have taken one
more case ofyours.
Balwant's. You arrested him.
You are on to it?
- Yes. Go ahead.
But his chances are grim.
- We'll see that in court.
Why did you take up this case?
-Come on! It's my profession.
You know he's a first rate
criminal. Still you...
lt's not for us to decide
if he is guilty or decent.
Let the court decided over it.
You won't improve.
My client Mr Balwant Singh
works for Roshan Electricals.
On the 15th he was on his way to
the bank to deposit 25,OOO in...
...the company's account. He had
a licensed revolver for security.
He had just got in a cab
and inspector Varma ascended.
He had a pistol in hand.
Your honour, Inspector Varma
was in muRi.
And you see, one's identification
is not inscribed on his face.
My client took him for a crook.
And he tried to escape.
Then Mr Vijay threatened
to shoot him.
To defend himself
Mr Balwant fired at him.
lt's not true.
It is baseless.
Because Mr Balwant vey well
knows me as a police officer.
This is not our first encounter.
On the 16th of October l tried
to arrest him at Malighat.
But he managed to escape.
- Wrong again.
On the 16th of October, Mr Balwant
was lying in the hospital...
...and not in Malighat.
He was ill and was bed-ridden.
This medical certificate...
...proves it.
''Me and you in a locked house''
''And the keys not to be found''
lnspector, he...- What times! A
decent man like me...
..can't even walk on the streets!
- Inspector, the fact is...
What is the problem?
l was on my way to the beach
for a swim. He whistled at me...
...and passed remarks at me.
- Lies!
l am seriously stressed up myself!
You see it, don't you?
You proceed.
- Nothing else. l've said it all.
What happened?-Her complaint is
that he teased ...
...and whistled at her.
-l didn't!
Did you whistle?
- Actually...
Did you whistle, or not?
- Yes, l did. But not to her.
l swear.
- Then why?
l am a music buff. l like to
fiddle with instruments.
He also broke into a song
on seeing me. What was that?
''Me and you in a locked house''
''And... the keys not to be found''
Lock him up.
Tomorrow is court-day.
Make sure the keys
to the lock-up don't vanish.
You can file your complaint.
l would like to tell you
Yes, tell me.
lt's our duty to arrest and teach
a lesson to such third class loafers.
And we do it. But, there are some
duties ofwomen too.
Like what? l don't get it.
Just look at yourself.
lfyou roam about
in these kind of dresses... you think instead ofwhistles
you will hear the temple bell?
What's wrong with this dress?
- There is hardly any.
l've heard, ladies used to
fancy their dresses, longtime ago.
But nowadays, why have you ladies
become so stingy about it?
Now look, what l like to wear
is my personal matter.
l see. Just like the loafer's personal
matter was to whistle, right?
Any matter which troubles others
cannot be personal.
But how does this dress
trouble others?
This question suits the loafer
who whistled at you.
Anay, you seem to be a decent
girl from a decent family.
lfyou put on some decent dress,
then l think it won't trouble anyone.
Anay, it's your wish.
Sawant, take down her
What's his name?
He just doesn't possess
any kind of etiquette.
My case is fixed on the 21th.
And the witness...
Don't talk about the court.
This is a pam. Have fun.
This is the first time
l see you on time. And...
Hello, Mr Sahney!
Have you met my daughter
Hello- Sheetal, he is a
famous criminal lawyer.
Mr Sahney, please come with me.
- Hey, Mr Mehta!
l've read about your Nihar
murder case in the newspapers.
You were just incredible
and you won the case.
Really? Are you interested
in such things?
There are many such interesting
and sensational cases.
Now that we know each other,
l'll tell you about it in leisure.
What are you doing tomorrow
Nothing. Why do you ask?- l
have some work with your father.
A good reason to meet you too.
No place for reasons.
You can drop in at any time.
l must leave now, Miss Sheetal.
So early?- Even l have to work
for a living.
And this fool had to
drop in now, you see. Bye!
Sheetal, meet Vijay.
And she is my daughter Sheetal.
My dear, he is a daredevil
police officer.
l see? So, he is a police
l don't understand one thing, daddy.
The crime is on the rise day by day.
What does the police do about
Mr Sahney, our police force
and the C.l.D...
...has set an example for the
But, this fact is known only by
few educated people like you and me.
Fools and illiterate people
just ty to find flaws in it.
But we must not take them
What do you think?
Am l not right, Miss Sheetal?
But Daddy, if our police force
is so effective...
...then why doesn't crime cease?
Mr Sahney, if not cease,
crime can be reduced.
But the people must also
understand its responsibilities.
Suppose you leave your house
all open...
...won't it drive the thiefs
bad intentions on?
Ty telling this to people,
and they get furious.
Weird talks! You thinks people
Come on! Both ofyou have
really got deep into it.
Go ahead.
Throw your questions at me.
Else, how will you gain
knowledge on this subject.
Hey Vijay, you are here?
You are wanted there.
Me?-Eveyone is requesting you
to sing.
Are you kidding?
A song? From a police officer?
- You'll be amazed to hear him.
How will he sing in an orchestra?
He might need a police-band.
Come on! Don't hesitate.
- We are getting late.
''There was this extremely beautiful
young girl...''
''walking down the lane,
all alone''
''She wore clothes, only because
she had to dress in something''
''She looked as exotic as the
sculptures ofthe Ajanta Ellora''
''And there came this young man
who bumped into her''
''You decide this, my friends...''
''whose mistake is it?
Whom are we to punish?''
''You decide this, my friends...''
''whose mistake is it?
Whom are we to punish?''
''That which happened,
could not have been averted''
''She had stepped out of her
house, dressed to kill''
''Had someone not eyed her,
it would have been his decency...''
''had he cast a glance, however,
nothing would escape his eyes''
''A love-lorn man got blamed
for nothing''
''You decide this, my friends...''
''whose mistake is it?
Whom are we to punish?''
''You decide this, my friends...''
''whose mistake is it?
Whom are we to punish?''
''Those endowed with good looks,
have always been beautiful...''
''but they never stepped out
on the streets''
''They wore different clothes
''but they never adopted a new
fashion almost evey day''
''One fashion leaves,
and another takes over...''
''so decide this, my friends''
''Whose mistake is it?
Whom are we to punish?''
''You decide this, my friends...''
''whose mistake is it?
Whom are we to punish?''
Tomorrow the gold consignment
is arriving at l p.m...
...just 2 miles away from
lt's inspector Varma again!
This man has become a menace.
8 millions in gold
have been seized.
Add to it, l have lost mo men.
l wonder where he gets
this information from.
We must find that out, Daaga.
- How?
Should l ask an astrologer
regarding this?
But, Daaga...
- It's quite simple.
lfyou keep an eye on Vijay Varma,
and find out details about...
... people he meets, then it is
possible to identify his informer.
Did you read the news
about your friend?
He risked his life in a dangerous
chase and seized 8 millions in gold.
This kind of daredevily
is his forte.
My friend is a incredible
police officer!
He is an incredible police officer.
And you are a remarkable lawyer.
The only difference is that he
catches criminals... and l free them.
Doesn't any misunderstanding
arise bemeen you mo...
...friends on this regard?
-No way. No chance.
We don't mix our friendship
with our profession.
l can give my life for him.
lfyou mo are such friends,
please include me in your list too.
Who doesn't need a good friend?
Madam, l have written your name
in my list at first sight.
l must entertain you well.
How about one more coffee?
No, thanks.
l must say something. Our friendship
seems to be a one way traffic.
ARer that pam l have come
a dozen times over to your house.
But you haven't set your foot
in my humble home. Not even once.
There's nothing as such.
Someday l will certainly set my
foot at your celestial abode.
Thank you vey much!
l want to speak to Mr Vijay.
Speaking. Who is it?
Yes, Miss Sheetal?
What makes you remember me?
Did someone flirt with you
No, nothing as such.
l read in the papers about your
chase with the smugglers.
Did you read it?
They have glorified you.
l thought of congratulating you.
And l called you up.
Oh l see. Now l get it.
l wondered why'd a pampered rich
girl phone a pem police officer.
But someone said it right,
that today's girls...
...are impressed by famous
You must've already boasted to
eveyone that you know me vey well.
You must be getting
a lot of attention, don't you?
What? What do you think of
My mistake to call you up!
What do you think ofyourself?
A pem police officer.
What's the matter?
You seem to be short-tempered.
You think you've earned
international fame...
...with a piece ofyour exploits
in the papers?
You think l called you because
l am impressed by your fame?
lfthis is not the reason...then
there is only one reason leR.
And that reason you and l know
vey well.
l'll definitely give it a thought.
Have seen yourself in the
l am afraid... yes.
While shaving today morning.
Actually, my face is vey expressive.
Especially my eyes. They attract.
Simply great!
l deeply regret to have called you.
l won't make this mistake again!
A lady has come to see you.
All right, come
Didn't l say l'd drop in someday?
And here l am.
You did say.
But l never expected you.
l don't know how to welcome
Anybody there?
Yes, sir?
What would you have?
Hot or cold?
Any cold drink.- Two cold
drinks.- l will bring now, sir.
How is your father?
ls that Mr Vijay's photograph?
- Yes.
He is my only friend. Which is why
l have kept his photograph.
But the walls in this room
are still empty.
Why don't you fill it up
with some good photographs?
Shall l ?
Yes, Mr Daaga? What's up?
Don't you wory.
What am l here for?
So what ifyour men are guilty
of murder? l am there to save them.
See this bungalow!
How beautiful it is!
You like it?
l haven't seen such a lovely
house in my life.
This is the world's
most beautiful house.
Feels like it is not on the ground,
but somewhere in the clouds.
l feel like...
Believe me, Mr Ravi, you won't find
a better building contractor...
...than myself in the whole of
All right. You go with my secretay
and check out my vacant plot at Juhu.
And build a house for me.
Exactly like this.
How long will it take to build it?
- Say around 6 months.
Make it as soon as possible.
Don't wory about the money.
lfthat's the case, l'll show you
better designs than this.
l just want this design,
Mr. Malkhani.
Because this is the world's
most beautiful home.
Feels like it is not on the ground,
but somewhere in the clouds.
l get it, Mr Ravi.
You are strange! Where are you?
Can't even get to see you at the Gym.
Nothing as such.
- Who was he?
An architect.
Why? What for?
l am building a house.
- A house?
What's wrong with this?
l have travelled much. Now l
plan to mary and settle down.
Good idea. Have you seen any girl?
- No, l haven't yet. But l will.
l see. You hide from me?
Tell me, who is she?
Hey, there's nobody. Don't wory
about me, big daddy.
Find a good girl for yourself
and settle down.
l did like a girl.
Butthings didn'twork out.
Come on, you are good at it.
But l am no good.
l get a bit nervous.
- So what?
l'll speak for you.
- First, speak for yourself.
Sheetal, these flowers are rosy
in colour like you.
But you are looking more red
in your anger now.
Yes, l'm Vijay here.
l was waiting for your call.
Really? So, you were sure
l'd call you, were you?
Of course. l have seen
a lot of cases like this.
Tell me...
How are you?
May l ask you why you sent me
these flowers?
Just to get a call from you.
And just why did you expect
a call from me?
Just because l want to meet you.
And why so?
You see, Miss Sheetal,
there are many reasons for this.
lt so happened that...
ltjust crossed my mind that,
l thought you'd understand...
...what l understood. But you
couldn't understand it either.
And you thought l understood what you
were tying to make me understand.
This misunderstanding has created
a bit of confusion.
And ifyou see through, we are
stuck in a strange whirlwind.
Whirlwind! What whirlwind?
l don't get what you say.
Exactly. This is the confusion.
And to get out of it
we must meet rightaway.
And ifwe put our heads
together, Miss Sheetal...
...we can easily get out
ofthis confusion... gradually.
ARer that evemhing
will be all right.
And then...
it will be all bed of roses!
But this outcome won't come
byjust sitting at home.
We must meet, and keep meeting.
But l don't want to meet you.
Since when have you started
Anay, dump these odd talks.
They are unyielding.
l am free tomorrow. Why don't
we make it tomorrow then?
That's final. l'll see you
at Golden Chariot tomorrow.
l don't want to meet you.
-See you at 4 in the evening.
Keep waiting.
l won't come. No way.
l had said l wasn't coming.
Then why did you expect me?
Be seated.
Come on out with it. Quick.
l can't wait for long.
Right kind of mood
to have a cold drink.
What would you have?
Limca, thumsup, or orange...
You want to tell me something?
- Sory...?
Oh... yes, l want
to tell you something.
You see, Miss Sheetal, l want
to clear something with you.
So that there won't be any
misunderstanding in future.
lfyou think, l am just putting
on a show, but l love you vey much...
lfyou think so, then let me tell
you that you are right.
But... l never thought that...
Look Sheetal, don't tell me that
you don't like me or love me.
l am a police officer. l promptly
catch a person who tells a lie.
lf l am not wrong...
did you say you love me?
But you are behaving as ifyou
are giving me a speeding ticket.
Surely there are other ways too
to express your love?
lndeed. But they are worn out
and outdated.
So l thought l'd ty a new style.
To help me succeed.
Vijay, ifyou think you'll succeed
because ofthe novelty...
...then you are right.
''A sense of fun
fanned the fires...''
''there rose a bit of smoke,
and the flames leapt up''
''Our friendship has
blossomed into love''
''A sense of fun
fanned the fires...''
''there rose a bit of smoke,
and the flames leapt up''
''Our friendship has
blossomed into love''
''We rarely met earlier. Then we
saw so much of each other...''
''in that one meeting however,
in a light hearted moment...''
''l wonder what you said...''
''l wonder what l heard...''
''l wonder what you said...''
''l wonder what l heard...''
''you were only cracking a joke
and it almost killed me''
''Our friendship has
blossomed into love''
''A sense of fun
fanned the fires...''
''there rose a bit of smoke,
and the flames leapt up''
''ln the coming oftogether
ofmo hearts...''
''in the plaulness of our eyes...''
''my heart was pounding,
it could be heard far away''
''ls this killing to be forgiven?
Is this anyjustice?''
''lt was doing ofthe eyes and
it was the heart that was targetted''
''Our friendship has
blossomed into love''
''A sense of fun
fanned the fires...''
''there rose a bit of smoke,
and the flames leapt up''
''Our friendship has
blossomed into love''
''A sense of fun
fanned the fires...''
''there rose a bit of smoke,
and the flames leapt up''
''Our friendship has
blossomed into love''
What brings you here?
- l came to buy some things.
Their men are keeping a watch
on you. They are tailing you.
One ofthem is watching you
eVen nOW.
They want to know
who is your informer.
Any information?
- Yes.
At 4 pm today, near Bombay
...their man Prakash is delivering
one million in gold to someone.
His car number is MRX 4060.
Sylvia, he alone is poised to win
this year's derby.
l'm sory Mr Daaga, Prakash couldn't
deliver your gold to the right man.
Prakash? Who Prakash?
l found your telephone number
and address on him.
Are you talking about the Prakash
who fell to death from a train?
Yes, l remember. l read about
him in the newspapers.
l am delighted to hear
that you read newspapers.
But why did he keep my
telephone number and address?
He could have told you.
Your misfortune. He is dead.
The news of his death was a
false news spread by us to...
...cheat you. He isn't dead.
He's alive and kicking.
He is alive?
And he has testified
in the hospital itself.
Don't you fret, Mr Daaga.
Prakash is dead.
l just wanted to see the change
in colour ofyour face.
These things are trivial, Inspector.
The court asks for evidence.
And as long as the police doesn't
find any evidence against us... can't even shake us.
Little mouths don't open
in front of elders. Understand?
lnspector Vijay,
you have insulted my man.
l can sue you for this
in Court.
Well, Mr Daaga, you will have to
produce evidence for this smack.
How can l help you in this
Vijay is a close friend ofyours.
He is. But he is a responsible
police officer.
l can't interFere in this matter.
And what do you think?
Will he let you go scot-free
if l tell him?
That l am his friend, doesn't mean
that l have bought him out.
lfyou haven't done it yet,
do it now. l am with you.
Here's 1 ,OOO,OOO in this bag.
Tell me ifyou think
the price is less.
There is no price for Vijay.
My friend is priceless.
You can't buy his honesty.
Not even for 10 million.
My friend is a man of principles.
Amazing! He is the first lawyer
l have seen in my life...
...whose hobby is to fly an
Flying isn'tjust an hobby for Ravi.
It is his life's first romance.
His first love.
Tell me something.
- Go ahead.
Even you must have had
a first love, hadn't you?
Yes. l did have a girlfriend.
But why do you ask?
Just nothing.
Was she in your college?
-Oh yes. In my class.
What was her name?
The name was... Meenakshi.
Meenakshi Chatterjee.
Eveyone used to call her
her as Meena with love
Did you call her that too?
- No.
ln college l was a shyster.
l was scared to talk to girls.
But this girl was vey...
Anay, forget it.
What use digging up the past?
Exactly. No use.
Was she beautiful?
Yes, she was nice.
Roundish face. Large eyes.
Long tresses.
Now that you mention her,
l think she was quite exotic.
And so you fell for her?
- Who, me? Forget it.
At the beginning l never
used to look at her.
But one day something
strange happened, and...
Forget it. Why dig up the past?
- Right. No use.
So you were saying...
what happened that day?
What day... yes, that day so happened...
ARer college, l find only Meenakshi
standing at the bus-stop.
l didn't mind her. Like me she
must've come to catch a bus.
There was a silence.
All of sudden she.said, ''Excuse
l said, yes please?
She said, ''My watch isn't working.
Could you tell me the time?''
l know. This is an outdated idea
to start a conversation.
Quite possible her watch
must have stopped working.
You are unnecessarily suspecting her.
- No need to advocate for her.
What happened next?- What
else? l told her the time.
Again there was a silence.
There was no sign ofthe bus.
l decided to walk. l had just
put a step ahead and she said...
-l said, yes, tell me.
She said, ''You are leaving me
alone over here''
''l am scared to be alone.
Can you drop me home?''
Why? Was the bus-stop in a forest?
-Not exactly. But she was afraid.
l told her to come along.
Then we started walking.
l felt like the poor thing
was a bit tired.
You know there are benches
on the footpath, don't you?
l told her to sit down for a few
moments. She sat down.
Then l saw that
she was staring at me.
l asked Meena whatthe matter
You know what she said? She said,
''Vijay are you cross with me?
l said, come on, why would
l be angy with you?
Why do you think like this,
She said, ''Vijay, why do you
always remain far from me?
''You never even give me a look''
And then when l gave her a look,
do you know what l saw, Sheetal?
l saw mo large drops oftears
in her large eyes.
That moment l realised that this girl
Ioves me from within her heart.
She considers me to be her god.
l said... Meena don't, l can't bear
to see tears in your eyes.
For my sake wipe it. Please!
Excuse me.
This isn't your Meena's arm.
lt's mine. And you don't
have to touch it.
Why are you furious?
- Why should l be?
lf l tell something about Meenakshi,
you will cool down at this moment.
Never in my life have l come
across a girl named Meenakshi.
And this stoy...
l just concocted it. How is it?
Let's not fight.
Ravi is coming.
Hello, Ravi
-Hi, buddy!
What brings Sheetal here?
- Actually...
l came to see you. Just you.
That's vey kind ofyou. Or l
don't deserve such attention.
You are wrong, Mr Ravi.
Person like you...
...who respects others' sentiments
are rare to find nowadays.
Do you really mean it?
- Of course.
People lie unabashedly. Why must
l hesitate to tell the truth?
You are really a nice person.
l feel proud that
you consider me a friend.
The keys to your new house,
Mr Ravi.
Just take a look. You'll find it
an exact replica ofthat photograph.
Our new house. Do you like it?
Come in and take a look.
Our drawing room.
lsn't it beautiful?
Tell me, do
you really like it?
This is nothing. Come inside.
The dining room.
What will you do with this big table?
- Come on. Won't l have a family?
Let me show you the bedroom
Keep the bedroom for later.
Just lay it out straight.
l brought you here
to tell you just that.
Who is she?
Unbelievable, isn't it? Even
l can't bring myselfto believe it!
But, maybe this was bound to was bound to happen.
You know, life has bestowed me with
riches. But when it comes to love...
l've only your friendship
to fall back upon.
As you know, l've always been a
Ioner in my life.
Sheetal is a terrific girl!
She is...
Oh, what's happening to me?
lf she comes into my life, my life
will never be drab and dull again.
l wonder how this happened.
l wonder how!
But, now l can't even think
of a life without her.
You must know this Vijay
...if l don't get married to her... will lose your friend.
Life would be meaningless for
You must do it, Vijay.
- What?
You know l won't be able
to propose to her.
lt'd be better ifyou put a word
on my behalf.
All right. You must do this
in a couple of days. Fine?
Come with me.
You are my true friend.
- Is Sheetal there?
No, madam is not here.
Where is she?
- l don't know.
But she is expected to attend
Mr Ravi's pam in the evening.
Mr Daaga, l came here because
l had promised you.
But l am in no mood to talk
about cases and dates.
Fine. We'll talk about it later.
What's the matter? You seem to
be in a different mood today?
l'll tell you later. Not now.
Anay, l have arranged a pam
at my house. You must come.
Sure. But we must know
what's the occasion is.
lfyou are keen to know
then l must tell you.
lt hasn't been yet finalised.
But, l am going to mary.
Congrats -But Mr Ravi,
who is the fortunate girl?
You must have seen her
in one of my earlier parties.
Of course, we must have. If not,
we'll meet her today evening.
Congratulations to you,
Mr Daaga.- What for?
For the wedding of Mr Ravi
Do you remember we had set our
men to keep an eye on Vijay?
To find out who is his informer?
Yes. But how does it relate
to Ravi's wedding?
Here are some photographs.
Of these, these are worth
Who is this girl?
Has Sheetal come?
- No, Sir.
Give this to her when she comes.
- All right, Sir.
What is the matter? You are
Iooking at the watch incessantly.
l was just thinking, neither
Sheetal nor Vijay has come.
l wonder iftheywill really
What? He won't stay away.
He will surely come.
lt is one's imagination.
You might not believe me...
We believe. But the world...
Sir, a letter for Miss Sheetal.
- Letter for Sheetal?
Who sent it?
- l don't know, Sir.
Her watchman gave it to me.
- All right. Keep it carefully.
Now what?
- Now look...
She hasn't come yet, but her letters
have started coming to my house.
l am delighted
to see you happy, Mr Ravi.
But l feel like...
anay, forget it.
lt's better to keep my mouth
l don't understand.
What do you mean to say?
l just want to say that...
lt's better to remain quiet.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Can you drop in at my house?
Just for a while.
We'll talk about some work.
Which may be of importance for
Mind you tongue, Mr Daaga!
How dare you accuse my friend?
Because this accusation is true.
Take a look.
You may not believe me...
But, you surely trust
your eyes, don't you?
l knew, that if l show you this,
you might be hurt.
But l couldn't bear it.
ARer all, l am your well wisher.
l couldn't bear to see you
l was surprised to see that the
one whom you considered ...
...a best friend was cheating
lt is disgusting, Mr Ravi.
An intelligent person like you...
...had patronised a foe
in the guise of a friend.
lf l can patronise a foe,
l can even destroy him.
l can even take his head.
This deceit will cost dear
to Vijay.
How do l explain it to you? You
don't understand my constraints.
How will l?
l don't understand a thing.
l couldn't believe my ears
when Ravi said it.
But l am helpless
against Ravi's belief.
Couldn't you have told him...
- No. l couldn't. No way!
You wouldn't understand. Because
you didn't see him express it.
His voice and utterance carried loads
of hope, expectation and optimism.
l'm his friend.
But at that moment...
...not even his enemy could've
had the heart to break his heart.
You can't break his heart,
but promises made to me, right?
You have the right to rebuke me.
But l can't build a castle of mirth
on the grave of Ravi's dreams.
l have decided to go away from here.
Time is the greatest healer.
You'll forget me in no time.
lt is possible that
you might leave me.
But l'll accept someone else...
Getting sentimental won't work.
You can solve this complication.
Go home and give it a thought
with a cool mind.
Go, Sheetal.
Go home.
Was it Sheetal who went
from here now?-Yes, she came
What did she say?
She said, she hasn't given
a thought to her wedding......
But she said, she will think it
Don't wory.
l think it will work out.
Why won't it work out
when l have a friend like you.
Anay, Vijay...
What did you say to her?
l told her that
you love her immensely.
And that she should mary you.
It is in the best of her interests.
Because she might not get a nice
and faithful person like you.
And l even told her...
lngrate swine! l never thought
you'd betray my trust in you.
What has happened to you, Ravi?
You are misunderstanding me.
l am your friend. - Don't you
utter the name of friendship!
A dog is more faithful than you.
l wish l had reared a dog...
...instead of befriending you.
Had someone else said this,
l would've torn off his tongue.
Go away.
All right, Vijay, l am going.
You stabbed me behind my back.
But l challenge you in your face!
Swine! And remember this too...
...Our friendship is broken. We
are no more friends, but foes.
lfyou've decided to leave
this place, you won't go alone.
l'll go with you.
No., Sheetal. Don't let my
circumstances spoil your life.
What has happened has
Tomorrow you will find
a better life-partner than me.
When you find him... just think that
you were not destined for me.
l have told you earlier...
time is the greatest healer.
lf not today, tomorrow
you'll surely forget me.
''So easy for you to ask me
to forget you...''
''to forget you...''
''so difficult it is for me
to forget you''
''So easy for you to ask me
to forget you...''
''so difficult it is for me
to forget you''
lt is easy to tell me to
forget you.
But it is so difficult for me
to forget you.
''Without another thought...''
''man becomes to become
the pilot ofthe boat...''
''little do they realise...''
''there are storms to weather''
''So easy it is to take over
the mantle ofthe ship...''
''but it's difficult to row
the boat to the shores''
''lt was easy for you to ask me
to forget you...''
''but it's so difficult for me
to get over you''
''l admit, you are hurt...''
''by the ways ofthe world''
''But there were promises we made
to each other in love...''
''what shall become
ofthis vows?''
''lt's so easy to bre..ak
your promises...
''it's difficult to
honour your word''
''lt was easy for you to tell
me to forget you''
''lt's not easy for me
to forget you''
Please don't go away.
''So easy for you to ask me
to forget you...''
Your keys, Sir.
l found them on the table.
lt's no use to vent your anger
on lifeless beings, Mr Ravi.
You gain nothing ifyou succumb
to your own fire of hatred.
Those who've reduced
your desires to dust...
...are the ones who should burn
in this fire.
How is it possible?- Nothing is
impossible for a man.
The pinch is that, you have never
identified your friends and foes.
Give us the orders, and you'll see
we can destroy anyone for you!
l don't want him to die. l want
to make life hell for him.
l'll help you.
And you help us.
The day we join hands, Vijay will
find no place in the world to run.
Do you agree with me, Mr Ravi?
lfyou want to settle a score
with him, then join hands with me.
All right, Mr Daaga.
l agree to your offer.
From today we are one.
And we have a common foe.
What's all this?
- Nothing.
l had a few guests yesterday night.
We had a brawl. Be seated.
Be serious. Tell me the truth.
Did they come again?
Yes. But there's nothing to wory.
Nothing has happened to me.
But, Vijay, how long
will this continue?
Vijay, l am Tony here.
l have an information for you.
Go ahead.-Their boat is arriving
on the 16th... Ghodbunder
at l in the morning.
l am sory, but the way the police
have caught your consignments... is clear that one ofyour
men is an informer.
Hear that? Didn't l tell you?
You are right, Mr Ravi. l ty to
keep a watch on all my men.
But, l have around 450 men
working for me.
lt isn't impossible to find
the informer.
But it is rather difficult.
Perhaps the information ofthe
boat coming on the 16th...
...might have reached the police.
Never mind. So what
ifthe police is informed?
The boat will definitely come
to Ghodbunder on the 16th morning.
Bravo! Mr Ravi, you are amazing.
Tell me something. How did you
come upon this trick?
lt crossed my mind that if someone
among us is the informer...
...he must also get
the wrong information.
Till the last moment
all our men knew...
...that the boat was
coming to the beach.
But l guided it elsewhere. The
boat which docked at the beach...
...carried only fish.
Congrats! It was wonderFul!
Mr Daaga, this is my first move.
No one can ever think ofthe end.
What is the matter, Mr Daaga?
You mo are deviating from the crowd?
Nothing, Mr Ojha.
We are enjoying.
Mr Ravi seems to be bored.
No, Mr Ojha, l am enjoying it.
Please don't wory about me.
Please come..
Sheetal, Roma is in town.
-Really? Where is she now?
Right here. Come with me.
You aren't taking anything?
Mr Vijay, you are a talked about
singer in parties.
People are waiting anxiously
to hear you. Say what?
Sure, Mr Ojha.
Today l will surely sing.
- That's more like it.
Hold your breath.
Our good friend Mr Vijay Verma...
...will now enlighten this evening
with his sweet voice.
''This sure is an unusual
stoy l hear, my friend...''
''l'm told you have
turned unfaithful''
''This sure is an unusual
stoy l hear, my friend...''
''l'm told you have
turned unfaithful''
''That you might wish me ill,
is impossible...''
''that you might let me down,
is not possible''
''God knows what..has gone
''l'm told you have
turned unfaithful''
''Should you ask for it,
my dear friend...''
''l'd happily lay down my life
for you, in the belief...''
''that l have been a good friend''
''But l'm told that you
have turned unfaithful''
''This blow is no less shocking
than an apocalypse, my friend...''
''that you and l speak for ourselves,
not for the mo of us''
''My friend has separated
from me...''
''l am told you that you
have turned unfaithful''
''This sure is an unusual
stoy l hear, my friend...''
''l'm told you have
turned unfaithful''
Great! WonderFul, Mr Vijay
What a voice!
What style!
Friends, aRer this
beautiful perFormance...'d like to know
who the disloyal friend is.
Friends, here l am
...the disloyal friend.
Yes. l am the one.
l am disloyal.
Because, at the age of seven
when his parents passed away...
...and leR him alone,
my parents sheltered him.
They educated him and made
an able man out of him.
l am disloyal. Because, all my life
l trusted him like a brother.
l am disloyal. Because,
l took him for a friend.
And he is the loyal one. Indeed,
he is. Because he ruined me.
He is the loyal one, because,
he betrayed my trust on him.
He is the loyal one! Indeed, as
he stabbed me on my back.
Just for the sake of a girl...
- Enough!
l've had enough.
You've tested my patience.
There might be a feud bemeen us, but
l always regarded you as a friend.
But now, one more word
from you and...!
What? What will happen then?
l warn you, you had better
go away, Ravi.
Listen to me. Go.
- l see.
lt hurts to see that
for the sake of a lowly girl...
Leave me!
- Hold it, Vijay?
Let me go.
- Come on, Ravi.
Cur! How dare you?
Come, Vijay...
Leave me, l say!
Stop here.
Wait here. l'll be back.
How is Johnny?
Lie down, dear. How are you?
- When will l get well?
Vey soon.
- Really?
Can l play cricket with you then?
- Yes, my son.
Can l swim?
-Yes, my son
Can l ride on the beach?
- Yes.
lt's time for lunch.
Say goodbye to daddy.
He'll come again.
Johnny is being taken care of
and given full treatment.
Here's 25000. For the school's
helpless kids.
Keep them.
This information
is cent percent true.
l know my informations
have gone wrong sometimes.
But this time there's
no chance for it.
Tomorrow Daaga's gold
will reach Rethighat surely.
l pray, this information
is true, Tony.
Because, this may be the last time
l get an information from you.
l am taking a transfer.
You are going away?
- Yes, Tony.
lt won't make any difference to
you. l will be replaced.
You can cary on your work.The
government will give your prize.
You think l am doing
all this for money?
How do l know your intentions?
l only know your name.
l don't know what you are. And why
you take risk against smugglers.
Nor l know your source
of information.
Perhaps l wouldn't tell you.
But since you are going away...
l will tell you. Because l don't
want you to remember me... a person who does this
just for the sake of money.
No, Vijay. Had l any greed for money
l wouldn't have had to face this.
With the small earnings l received,
l was vey happy with my family.
l used to work for a check-post
on the Bombay-Goa Highway.
One evening aRer office hours
when l was returning home...
...all of a sudden a car...
Who are you?
What do you want?
Are you Tony?
Are you the officer-in-charge
of Kantawadi check-post?
-Don't shout.
Listen carefully.
On the 18th ofthis month a van
whose number is BMR 2432...
...will pass by your check-post.
And you'll bypass the van.
You think l'll agree to it, do
You will be paid for this.
This isn't a pay.
This is called a bribe!
And l never accept bribe.
Do whatever you want.
Your wife's name is Teresa. And
your son's name is Johnny, isn't it?
You have a beautiful wife
and a lovely kid!
What do you mean?
The van should pass your check-post
on the 18th without checking.
Else, you and your family
will be terminated.
Johnny, there comes the bus.
You go home with mummy. l...
When l regained consciousness,
l was in the hospital.
My wife... buried.
And my son was maimed.
His limbs maimed for life!
l had to pay heavily for my
My life was ruined.
l decided to avenge my loss.
l started getting information
about smugglers.
And l became your informer.
l am not doing this for money.
l donate the money l receive
to the centre for the handicapped
The centre in which my son lies
maimed for life. And asks me...
Daddy, when will l be able to walk,
run and play cricket again?
You have helped me a lot, Tony.
Now it is my turn... bring that swines to book
who have put you in utter grief.
ln the last one year he must've seized
at least 20 million ofyour gold.
lsn't it?
- l can't find a cure for him.
This man is uncurable. And an
uncurable man can't live for long.
You are right, Balwant.
Order our men to finish Vijay.
We have identified the dead body
ofthe driver. His name is Balbeer.
He has been jailed several times.
We have arrested his cronies.
Take a look at them.
Maybe you'd recognise someone.
Tough. It was night.
And they were all in cars.
Anay, l'll take a look.
- Fine.
But take down their statements.
Enquire where they were last night.
And verify the truth
oftheir statements.
All right. Constable, lock them
Wait a moment, Inspector.
l am Ravi Kapoor. And l am
the lawyer of all these five.
Since l am their lawyer,
l'd like to say that...
...they won't give their
statements before l talk to them.
You can speak to them.
-l haven't come here to speak.
l'm here to take them along with me.
These are their bail papers.
And these are orders
for their immediate release.
lt is signed by the magistrate.
Release them.
They may be either guilty, or not.
Ifthey aren't guilty....
...we have no reasons to put them
behind bars even for a second.
And ifthey are guilty, the hands
ofthe law will surely...
...reach their neck someday. And
they can't be bailed out then.
Looks like their days are numbered.
-You said you'd arrange a meeting...
...with one oftheir men.
- Yes.
Today you'll see my source
of information.
And there a good reason for it.
- Where is he?
ls she...?
- Yes. Sylvia is my spy.
She's my unfortunate wife's
Didn't they ever suspect you?
-No. l'd give only those...
... informations which was also
known to Daaga's confidantes.
But why did you open
this secret to me.
Simple. The information
she has brought today...
...has the potential to bring to
book Daaga and his men.
But before arresting them
l wanted you to know the fact...
...that Sylvia is not one ofthem.
She is with the police.
What's the information?
Here. He is Tiwari.
Daaga's close aid.
He maintains the accounts
of all of Daaga's black money.
Daaga has hidden with him a secret
file which contains...
...all information pertaining
to his black money accounts.
To get hold ofthe file,
it's crucial to nab Tiwari.
Now the question is,
where can we find him?
To elude the police, he stays in
a vey cheap and unheard-of hotel.
Welcome. Do you want a room?
- Yes.
40 bucks for a single bed.
And 10 for a double.
Which one would you like to
have?- Let me think.
Who is this?
- You don't know her?
You are kidding, aren't you?
She is actress Hema Malini.
And who is this?- Come on!
You don't know him?
He is actor Dev Anand.
Great! You are good
at identifying photographs.
You know him?
- Him?
Who are you?
Do you know him?
- No, l don't know him.
Looks like your memoy isn't
that good like l guessed.
Never mind. Tax your brains and
tell me ifyou have seen him earlier.
Sir, l told you, l don't know him.
l have never seen him.
Maybe. But, give it a ty.
l'll come back tomorrow.
Room no. 12 ? Mr Tiwari?
l am the manager speaking.
There is a hassle. A C.l.D
officer came asking for you.
He is coming back tomorrow.
He just leR. Check out soon. Please!
Tiwari may spit evemhing out
under pressure from the police.
He cannot be trusted in this
How long will you keep shut, Tiwari?
There's only one way out for you.
Give evidence and names
of all the people you work for.
l don't know anything.
l don't know their names.
Liar! You are lying.
Listen Mr Tiwari
l know you work for D!aaga.
You can give evidence against his
men. And that you certainly will.
l don't know anything. Really.
Even ifyou refuse for a thousand
years, you will have to give it.
l am ignorant.
l don't have any evidence.
Even ifyou give your life
refusing it, l won't believe you.
The commissioner is calling you.
- Coming.
Think it over. You have to tell me.
l won't let you go.
Lock him up.
Get up. Come on!
Bring him.
You? Here?
We have come for you.
l knew he would do
something for me.
He has planned evemhing...
to get you out of here.
To get me out of here? How?
- Do you see that ventilator?
- Yes. That one.
lnspector sir...Constable, see
what has happened to this man.
Help him. He is dying.
What's the matter?
- Tiwari is dead.
The post mortem reports says, he died
due to fracture ofthe cervical bone.
l hope you aren't thinking
that l have done it?
This is absurd. l myself don't
know how it happened.
Believe me, sir, Tiwari was
vey important to me.
Until yesterday the charge on you was
that you took the law in your hands.
But today, the charge is that
you have broken the law.
Sir, believe me...
How did this happen?
- Don't ask me. Because...
Even if others don't believe
l am innocent, you would.
Not only me, but the whole world
will know that you are innocent.
l am sure you'll be proved innocent
in the court. You are innocent.
l don't want to ruin my career
with this case.
There's no life in this case.
It's difficult to win it.
The fact is, there's no life
in this case.
Even a lawyer like Ravi Kapoor
would fret to take this case.
Sir, Miss Sheetal Sahney has
Who has come?- Miss Sheetal
has come to see you.
Yes, Miss Sheetal Sahney?
What made you remember me?
l have come to ask your help.
You've lost that right,
Miss Sheetal.
Anay, tell me.
- Vijay is in a fix.
He is charged with murder.
- l know.
You are the only lawyer
who can prove him innocent.
l am aware ofthis too.
l can easily win this case for him.
Because, l know he is innocent.
ln the court, l can prove it
in a minute.
But Madam, l won't do it. Never.
lt's a question of his life.
Once it was the question of my life.
That day you didn't remember me.
Forget the past, Ravi.
- How will l, Sheetal? How?
What else is leR in my life,
but memories ofthe past?
And what should l forget?
Should l forget that the girl...
... l madly loved refused me
and went with someone else?
Should l forget the fact that the
friend whom l considered a brother...
...disregarded my sentiments and
carried on with the girl l loved?
Should l also forget that
in your love he forgot me?
And should l forget that in order
to possess you... he leR me?
To forget all these, one must
have an heavenly heart.
And l have never tried
to be heavenly.
lfyou have any complaints in
this regard, it must be with me.
Complaints are always
against our own people, Madam.
l can't complain,
but trade with you.
lfyou can save Vijay, l am
ready to pay any price for it.
Any price, eh? Once you rejected
me. That day you made me ...
...realise the price of my heart,
my love and my sentiments.
Today l'll you quote the price...
...for my talent, my intelligence
and my brains.
You love Vijay. l loved you.
You don't want to lose him.
l don't want to lose against him.
These mo things are possible.
Yes, it's possible.
l can save him from the gallows.
And you can have him for life.
But Sheetal, the day
he is termed innocent...
...that nightyou will sleep with
That night you'll have to
sleep with me, Sheetal.
Would you stoop down to this
Ievel?- l've quoted my price.
lt's in your hands to accept
or turn down the offer.
Then listen...
lsn't your anger and hatred directed
towards my love for Vijay?
You will be offended. It will also
hurt you. But, hear it.
l love Vijay to the extent that,
to save him l accept your condition.
My first witness is Inspector
What did you see in the interrogation
room? And what did you hear?
l saw Mr Vijay Varma
jerk Tiwari violently and say...
''Even ifyou give your life
refusing it, l won't believe you''
l see. Then?
Mr. Vijay Verma went to see the
commissioner as l told him so.
He told me to lead Tiwari
to the lock-up.
Did you lead him to the
No. l had to take the help
of a constable.
What for?
- He wasn't able to stand.
He was yelling for water.
The constable helped him out.
He gave him water
and lead him to the lock-up.
ln another five minutes
he died, right?... -Yes
Defense Counsel, do you want to
question the witness?
No, your honour.
l don't have any questions.
My next witness is Baldev Singh.
Were you and Tiwari
in the same lock-up? - Yes.
So, he died in front ofyou? In
what state was he before he died?
What did he say?
ARer the mo constables leR
him, he rolled about in pain.
His eyes were shut.
But, he was screaming...
''l don't know anything.
Please don't hit me''
And then he gave a loud cy,
''He killed me''
And there he was... dead.
Defense Counsel, would you like to
question the witness?
No, your honour.
My next witness is
Dr. Karamchandani.
Did you perForm the post mortem
on Tiwari's dead body?-Yes..
lt's is clear that his death occurred
due to fracture in cervical bone.
lsn't it possible that he must've
fallen in the lock-up...
..and broke his bone?
- No. Had he fallen that bad...
...there would've been an injuy to
his head. l didn't find anything.
And it is vey clear that his death
wasn't accidental, but he was killed.
Defense Counsel, any questions?
l won't take much ofyour time.
Just a couple of simple questions.
ls it established that
Ramniklal Tiwari...
...died due to a cervical fracture?
- Yes. No doubt about it.
Agreed. ARer all you are a doctor.
One more question, doctor.
lnspector Shinde had stated
...aRer Inspector Vijay went
to see the commissioner...
...a constable took Tiwari
out ofthe interrogation room...
...and gave him water since he
was screaming for water.
Now l want to know doctor, that,
if a person's cervical bone... ruptured, like Tiwari's,
would he be able to drink water?
lt looked like a compound
l would say, it's impossible that
water could enter his gullet.
ln fact it's impossible to move.
Doctor, aRer Inspector Vijay
went out, Tiwari did drink water.
lt implies that his bone never
cracked in front of Inspector Vijay...
...or in the interrogation room.
Am l right?
-Yes. Absolutely.
ARer this, do l have to say that
Inspector Vijay is innocent?
And that, all allegations against
him for the murder of ...
...Ramniklal Tiwari is absurd, is
baseless and untrue?
The court terms Vijay as innocent.
And releases him with all honour.
Sir, l was arranging files
in the cupboard.
l found this sealed letter.
- A sealed Letter?
Yes. l don't know how it got there.
Since it doesn't bear your name.
Then whose letter it is?
- Sheetal Sahney's.
''Sheetal, l'm writing this letter
out of sheer helplessness.''
''The days when we were
seeing each other, we were...
... ignorant about the fact that
Ravi loved you whole heartedly.''
''Believe me,
had l any inkling ofthis...
...l would've considered it a sin
to cary on with you.''
''l can forsake my love. But l
can't leave my friend in agony.''
''Would you do me a favour?
Mary Ravi. Vijay''
''Those days of our dreams,
those days of our books...''
''those nights of questioning,
those days of answers''
''We have spent many years
here together...''
''it's here that we played together,
and grew up''
''Our childhood was
so vey romantic...''
''may our friendship
always live on''
''Even ifthe world
turns an enemy...''
''may our friendship
always live on''
Please forgive me!
l have come to fulfil
your condition.
l'll spend this night here.
My god!
Don't wory. l won't consume
this poison before dawn.
No, Sheetal. Forgive me.
l misunderstood Vijay. And you too.
l doubted his friendship.
l misunderstood both ofyou.
Yes, Sheetal. Forgive me.
Take me to my friend.
Where is my friend?
Ravi wants to meet you, Vijay.
Look Sheetal, l don't understand
Ravi's behaviour in the court.
l never got to meet you aRer that.
And l couldn't even thank him...
We can talk later. As of now,
the letter you had written for me... never reached me,
but today it did find Ravi.
He is vey ashamed.
He wants to talk to you.
Where is he?
- With me. Speak to him.
When your heart holds no grudges,
then why be ashamed?
Speak to him.
How are you, my friend?
l am a bad man, Vijay.
- Come on!
Don't be silly. It happens.
Perhaps l would've done the same...
No, Vijay. You would never do it.
Listen to me. l am coming.
l'll be right there.
You are coming with us.
What do you want? - Daaga
will hold court on you today.
Yes, Mr Ravi Kapoor, the great
criminal lawyer. How are you?
Come to the point, Daaga.
- Oh really?
You are well aware of how
Inspector Vijay is harmful to us.
Even then you saved him
to see this girl happy?
You didn't even think
of my wrath, did you?
You have committed a great blunder.
He must pay for this, right Sylvia?
A bruise? So early? You still have
to sustain some clobbering.
l agree, you want to take
revenge on me. But why Sheetal?
Let her go.
Let her go?
No, Mr Ravi. How will l let her
She'll go to the police station
right away.
And why must she?
Let the poor thing come here.
Here l am, Daaga.
Tell all you men not to move.
lf anyone dares to move
even a finger, then...
...before something happens to
me, l'll shoot you dead.
Take him away. Tie him up!
l'll see you, Daaga!
- That's future tense.
l am seeing both ofyou now.
l want to ask you something, Vijay.
Who among us is your informer?
l need to know the traitor.-Let
me free, and l'll tell you all.
Really? So you won't reveal it,
Don't be silly, Mr Vijay.
Tell me the informer's name.
You think l'll tell you, do you?
- And why not?
What doesn't a man do
to escape from pain?
Values and principles does matter.
But the human body is vey weak.
The skin, the flesh
and the bones can endure pain...
...but their threshold can be
Who was it?
Actually, this is a worthless
But when it strikes,
it leaves a blue mark behind.
And when it strikes again,
it peels ofthe skin.
Tell me, who was it?
Tell me, who gave you
all the information?
Mr Ravi, why don't you
make him see reason?
You haven't understood us. l won't
ask any questions just to save myself.
Nor Vijay will answer such
stupid questions to save his life.
Oh really?
Fine. Ifyou are obstinate,
then l am too.
Who was it?
Who was it?
Who was it?
- Was? He still is.
But, l won't tell you.
Stop! Please!
Vijay, you can endure the lashes.
But, you can't stand the lashes...
...which scathes your
Iover's tender skin.
Daaga, l'll...
- l want the informer's name.
l will never tell you that.
Come what may, l won't.
All right, then.
Anything can happen.
Sylvia? You?
- Don't move, Daaga.
Have you gone mad?
- Your luck is bad.
l have called Tony.
The police is on the way.
Drop the whip.
Untie Sheetal first.
Tell your men not to move.
Ifthey did, l'll shoot you.
Sylvia, keep a watch on
eveyone. Sheetal, untie us.
So, you are the one? The
Yes, Daaga. It was me.
l gave all information to Vijay.
And it was you, who had given
orders to kill my sister Teresa.
lt was because ofyou that Tony
and Teresa's son is maimed for life.
And it was for you...
that l and Tony swore... take you to the gallows
l understand now.
- Too late.
lt's never too late. l keep girls
like you in my pockets.
Ty to remove your hands,
and l'll fire.
You are hit in the arm.
Nothing to wory. You'll be fine.
Who are you? What do you
want?- l am Tony.
l want to send you offto your
destination now.
You are surely mistaken.
No, Daaga. l can't mistake
identities of my wife's killers.
Don't move. Else, l wouldn't
mind to shoot you down.
Now what?
- Balwant is waiting... the flying club at Goa Road.
Lets' hury.
What happened? Where are
Make it fast. Time is running out.
The flying club... Goa Road.
But, you...
- Don't wory about me.
Today l have given you
the final information.
But l am quoting
a vey high price for it.
Will you give me?
- Tell me, Tony.
Take care ofJohnny. ARer me
he'll be leR to fend for himself.
Don't wory about your son.
l am there for him.
Can l do anything else for you?
- Yes. You can.
Don't let these dogs escape.
These killers killed my wife
and made my son...
Yes, Vijay. Come on.
How long will it take?
-Final check-up of engine... going on. We will leave
soon in a short while
Get hold of him.
He is tailing us.
We can't fly, Daaga.
There's a copter above.
And we can't even take a turn.
Vijay is in the van.
l am tying to take-off.
What happened?-lfthis plane
flies it will crash...
...with the helicopter,
Mr. Daaga.
Our way is blocked in
the ground too.
l can't run.
l sprained my leg.
l am ready to pay you any price
to get away from here.
Can you pay the price for countless
number of innocent people?
Yes, Vijay. l am ready
to pay any price.
Can you pay the price
for Tony's blood?
l can finish you now but l don't
want to take law in my hands.
l arrest you, Daaga.-All right,
Vijay. l lose, you win.
l am willing to come along
with you.
''There's no one quite like us
in the city...''
''no one else possesses the fire''
''Send for me
whenever you need me...''
''if you have any doubts,
put me to test''