Double Barrel (2015) Movie Script

Long long ago, when scientists were trying
to discover logic...our story happened!
The Russians, Utopians, Germans and ltalians
in this Cinema speak Malayalam well.
so you had an affair with her.
You were screwing her up. lsn't it?
lt's just a sample l gave it to Majnu!
Let him test it!!
We must know what its trip is!
Oh Yeah!! Yes!
Yes! sex is a physical requirement.
When you were not interested
and l desperately needed
l sought another woman.
Guess what? And that was sanaa!
Last night was, whoa....
What a night!
l'm not your mamma!
Hey, l'm not your papa!
Lady Tarkov, have we ever
fought like them?
Haven't l said, ours is the most
beautiful relationship in the World?
You forgot, ah?
so, what happens to the other drugs..
The Cocaine we deal now.
Those are same as it is
But this is Future
lf you close your eyes,
You'll see HEAVEN
Only after seeing Earth to its fullest,
we think of seeing Heaven, right?
l still haven't seen enough of Earth!
Want to see HEAVEN?
spicy or Non-spicy?
Ok sir spicy
l'm not ready to sacrifice
all these for a child!!
Now this child will be
your sole responsibility!
Don't ever think
l'll take care of the child!
lt was you who decided to
adopt the child.
l'm not your Mamma!
l'm not your Pappa!
Doctor said the problem is
with you and not me
ln one week's time,
l'll fly to Australia.
Oh, Australia!!, You need
your passport for that, right?
Here it is... see what l'm gonna do!
How dare you....How dare you
How dare you burn my passport?
Your bloody passport
You're such a cheapo...!
Tell the one who hired you to kill me
that l've gone to HEAVEN!
l will sue you for this.
l gona sue you for this.
Hey you shut up.
You basterd, l will kill you for this.
- Kill me.
You killed my honey?
Hey, you! Now you kill me!
Kill me..
''Bronze frog,
dry ginger is in the oven,''
''Mariam came and blew the lamp,''
''Foo, foo, foo, foo, foo, foo!''
''Bronze frog,
dry ginger is in the oven,''
''Mariam came and blew the lamp,''
''Foo, foo, foo, foo, foo, foo !''
''Gathering nuts like inknuts ,
mixing it in water,''
''Making a pot like jug,
Pouring on the fence,''
''And getting around Rs.50 crores''
''And lots of gold and silver.''
''ln the busy life, generations change.''
''ln the hands were a pair of stones,''
''ls the carved stone in Kollam?''
''somebody is blabbering something
and rolling about''
''Bronze frog,
dry ginger is in the oven,''
''Mariam came and blew the lamp,''
''Foo, foo, foo, foo, foo, foo !''
''Gathering nuts like inknuts ,
mixing it in water,''
''Making a pot like jug,
Pouring on the fence,''
''And getting around Rs.50 crores''
''And lots of gold and silver.''
''Bronze frog,
dry ginger is in the oven, ''
''Mariam came and blew the lamp,''
''Foo, foo, foo, foo, foo, foo !''
''Gathering nuts like inknuts ,
mixing it in water,''
''Making a pot like jug,
Pouring on the fence,''
'' ls the carved stone in Kollam?''
''somebody is blabbering something
and rolling about''
-Hello -Your son is back,! Gabbar!!'
He has reached!
We're running out of time now.
Please listen to me, Don!!
Why don't we give it back?
That LAlLA and MAJNU
He only needs that!
John and Michael - My two sons.
Merriam - their mum. My loving wife.
and the cost of their life
are LAlLA and MAJNU,
You can escape.
but l still have one more game!!
l'm all in.
lf he's my son, then l'm his Pappa!
l may even throw them into
the ocean or give it to the Vulture
l'll never give those stones to him.
l drilled a hole in
Charley's head, Pappa!
This is Gabbar! Your dearest son!
What's next?
lt's time for us to leave from here!
lt is time.
Before l die, l decided to gamble
l want two players.
Yesterday, at this moment,
we were in Vagator, Bistro Bar
We got into that trouble from there!
and l got that phone call from there!
Oh Cheers!! Come on, Panjo!
Panjo come on.
Panjo! Yeah!
You can't see, right?
l can...l can see very well
Were you able to recognize us, Uncle?
He couldn't recognize us.
silly boy!
l understood that l - have a gun
in my hand and you - don't have one!
l think you boys should get going.
Panjo! Don't panic.
l got a technique!
What's that technique?
Lunatics and Dogs are almost same.
lf we move, they will bite.
so, let's not move.
We know that technique but they don't!
What an embarrassment
in the morning itself!
lt is much better than having
holes in our heads and chests!
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Excuse me!!!
Oh sorry!
Doesn't this resemble our
Milka mollyamma?
We are..
Pancho... Vincy!
l expected little more aged persons!!
But you guys are young.
That's interesting.
Actually... age, a problem?
l understand nothing is a problem!
Please come.
-He's waiting.
-Come on, man!.
- Coming, man!
What's your name you said?
l never told you!
He's waiting.
You're also as sweet as your name.
Excuse me!
You are not supposed to
touch anything here.
Oh my God! sorry!
Very sorry!
lt's okay.
Yes gentlemen!
Fire's yellow colour is LAlLA!
Blood's red colour is MAJNU!
Without Laila, there is No Majnu
And without Majnu,
there is no Laila!
Unless united, these stones are not
worth even a single Rupee!
Then, who is Mumtaz?
Can we test them?
10 Crores!! ln a week's time!
-How much? 10 Crores!?!
- Yes.
Panjo, come, let's move.
He hardly has any knowledge of stones!!
But only knows about PEARL
lf not interested, l have other people.
smarter than you boys!!
smarter than us...
lt's hardly possible in Goa!
This will not work out!!
Come, let's move.
One minute.
How can we afford 10 Crores!!
Have you ever heard of LAlLA MAJNU
lt's worth more than 100 Crores!!
But that idiotic old man demands
only 10 Crores!!
l know the worth of these stones
more than anybody else in the World
l've already laid my conditions
10 Crores in a week's time!!
Anything else!
But why just 10 Crores?
That's none of your business.
l've my own reasons for that.
Hope we've a deal!
-Cheers -Cheers
The stones have already
hit the hornet nest
Now relaxing on the chair,
l will watch the kids game!!
-Japan Uncle!!
- Hello, Panjo!
Fire's yellow colour is LAlLA!
Blood's red colour is MAJNU!
Without Laila, there is No Majnu
And without Majnu, there is no Laila!
Unless united, these stones are not
worth even a single Rupee!
l've got the information
about LAlLA and MAJNU
Japan Uncle told stones are with
two asses, called Panjo and Wincy,
Those stones are mine!!
l must get them.
Find them and offer them a price.
''Bambare Bambare Bamba Bambare''
''Bambare Bambare, Bamba''
''Bambare Bambare Bamba Bambare''
''Bambare Bambare, Bamba''
''Bambare Bambare Bamba Bambare''
''Bambare Bambare, Bamba''
''Bambare Bambare Bamba Bambare''
''Bambare Bambare, Bamba''
''A paradise built with marble floor''
''And smeared beautifully
with white moonlight''
''Maya, the architect of Gods,
Kindly gave the city he built long ago''
''ln the hollowed palms are rubies,
emeralds and moonstones''
''l am not lying,
l don't have any measure''
''All the things are in the money bag''
''Like the blind man who touched
an elephant long ago,''
''Bambare Bambare Bamba Bambare''
''Bambare Bambare, Bamba''
''Did you see our vaunt?''
''Did you see the
glittering raised seat?''
''Did you see the beauty
of shining butter?''
''Did you see the sandalwood door?''
''Moonlight is melting in the
bellows of the night''
''Whether full or empty,
dreams are foaming''
''We'll open all these
glass doors and sing''
''Will blend the honey,
wine and the night''
''Come, come''
Bambare, Bambara, Bara, Bara, Bare''
Bambare, Bambara, Bara, Bara, Bare''
''Bambare Bambare, Bamba Bambare''
''Bambare Bambare Bamba''
''Bambare Bambare, Bamba Bambare''
''Bambare Bambare Bamba''
l was wondering these are
just two stones,
with little glitter - that's all!
but it is worth a whopping
Rs.100 crore! rupees.
Just can't make out why it is so!
Where the hell did this
oldie get that from?
He must've stolen it! - No!
lt's common in the Underworld!!
-Do you think so? - Yes...Yes.
He has the
Look of a Mexician Don!!
Hopeless Don!!
surely it's not towards the right!!
and not towards the left also!
Then, Where else?
Cons Land!
Where is it now?.
Towards right!
And now?.
Towards Left!
On to this Uncle you bumped
- and with shock l jumped!
We may perhaps sell it for 20 Crores!!
We may perhaps sell you
for 40 Crores also, Uncle!
Wincy, Current has gone!!
We've escaped, Uncle!
l think sweety has an eye on me,
did you notice?
l've a doubt that eye was on me!
Yes, like a brother!!
Anyway, she has an eye on someone!
Door got opened automatically!!
l came on behest of Japan Uncle!
We heard that you have two diamonds.
We came to purchase that.
Fire's Yellow colour is Laila
Blood's Red colour is Majnu!
l have heard about it
Without Laila, no Majnu
Without Majnu, no Laila
Unless united, these stones are not
worth even a single Rupee!
Let's cut the crap!
How much are you expecting?
How much can you pay?
lf the item is Fire and Blood...
l'm ready to pay whatever you demand.
We need some time to think.
Why can't we give it to them then?
lf we give to him,
he will give the demanded money
Do you have any idea,
how much we can demand?
Japan Uncle's commission is separate.
Don't worry about that!
We've already paid it.
What about my commission?
No brokers for Billy!
Tell me, boys! What's your price?
-We need..
- We need..
sir, shall l pull out their tongues?
Not now.
That is his 50. Then my 50
50 + 50 - how much.
How much?
How much?
50 + 50 - 100
Oh he is Correct!
100 Crores!
-Fine! - Whoa!
When can l see the stones?
One week's time.
One week's time.
One week's time, ah?
ln case you don't turn up,
we'll sell that to any other buyer.
No! You will not sell
these stones to anybody.
There's no better buyer than Yama!
No other buyer will come to buy them.
ln one week's time, we'll be back
with the said money.
And you MUsT come
with those two stones.
Was he threatening us?
No, it can't be.
Don didn't get Laila and Majnu
from Ambisamy's Kitchen
Or from the eagle's leg!
That oldie, had scooped out those stones
from some satan's eyes!!
But l'm not thinking about that.
Laila and Majnu are in Don's hands.
We also have a buyer
to purchase these for 100 Crores!
How do we arrange 10 Crores now?.
lt's a mathematical equation.
Have you heard about the word REsPEC -What boss? - REsPEC GlVE REsPECT AND TAKE REsPEC To teach such disrespectful fellows,
l've discovered a new technique.
Yes, boss.
l'll teach you good drinking etiquette.
Portuguese drink - 100 yrs old
One peg is worth 2 lakh rupees.
And this bloody is 6 lakhs
on the Counter here.
How do you drink this?
Tell me, Diesel.. How do you drink this?
With ice!
On the Rocks!!
l said, Respect!
Come on Majnu, tell me!
How do you drink this?
Neat! Without adding water! Dry!
You're right, Majnu!
Yes!! We will drink it neatly!
That which is more valuable than gold
must be drunk like a dream!
Take your drink.
You deserve it.
How was the drink, Diesel?
My dear child!!
Learn to respect a drink.
Otherwise, you will be smoking
inside the Fridge like this!!
Do you know what she mixed up in Drink?
Tell me Diesel! No?
Come on, Majnu!
-Hello, madam!!
- Blacky, is our money ready?
Oh my God!! Now?. No...No madam.
l need a week's time.
Money is not ready yet!
shut up...No way.
Please..l need one more week's time.
You bulldog face!! Don't moan!!
One week!
Now, explain.
Rs.5 Crores that you said,
you'll give...
and our Five Crores!
Both together, it's 10 Crores.
Laila and Majnu are in Don's hands.
lf we pay 10 Crores to Don,
Then, Don will give us Laila and Majnu.
And sell it to Billy,
He will offer us 100 crores.
What about my share?
Tell me, dude!!
Will you give me a
pack of of Cashews, please.
Oh, Cashews!!
-Here is your share!!
-Well thank you
They have asked for one week's time
But what about the money?
100 Crores!!
Let them get those stones.
Then, we'll think about that payment!!
We can think about this later.
We must track them.
Okay! Friends!
You have got a week's time!
l hope you know whose money is that!!
Be careful! Money belongs to Killer
Any mess up and... they will kill me.
And l will kill you boys! Mind it.
We have only Rs 5 Crores
How do we arrange the balance 5 crores?
That's why we're going to our hometown.
-When? - Right away
We'll go to hometown and meet Ummar!
Yeah, we made it.
Nothing for us!!
Take this Rs.1000 and have a good bash.
spend it lavishly!
Bro, Tomorrow is the wedding!
Who'll take care of the arrangements
if you keep playing marbles here?
lt's not me. He only.
Martin, Why are you getting tensed?
What are you saying?
l've arranged for flowers in Davis shop.
And food from the ltoop Catering
And gold Ornaments from
the Porinju's Jewellery shop
What more do you need?
You relax, man!
We will tackle everything.
Davis Flowers!! Don't make
me to open my mouth
Catering lttoop is lying flat
after getting boozed!
Cool down, Martin!!
You are the groom, right?
Will be in the wedding
canopy completely tomorrow.
After that l've planned up something
You want to see?
Come with me.
Everything is in English
style arrangement!!
You take this car! Very spacious, man!
Don't you need a spacious car
while going for a honeymoon trip?
Yes, definitely need some space!
so, don't you need space?
The car has driven only 150 kms!
stole this car while
coming from Alapuzha!!
You know,
a fraud boy who acts in serials!
seems he has no cash in hand!
Unni baby only operated this.
He gave a sharp blow with
dumbbell to his head
Blood started oozing.
lt turned into a big comedy.
After the Wedding, you get into the Car.
Then, scoot in English style!!
You know where? Goa!!
Keep quiet..This is my gift.
Don't you like it?
-Oh my bro!!
- Pick up the phone.
What's it?
Where are you now, Martin?
l am with my brother
He has given a surprise for us.
Really? What's it?
Yes, l'll tell you later. A gift!
Actually, l called you to
say something else.
Will you give me a kiss?
-Give l say!
- Hey give it to her.
-Kiss! - Give it to her
Who are those boys?
My friends, lkka!
You don't need company
with such people!!
Come back soon without hanging around.
We've a load tonight.
Hello guys! Chilling ah!
-How are you, buddy?
-Come, let's have tea!
You will get fantastic tea here!!
''Burt fire.''
''Kept the pan.''
'' Filled sand.''
This is our 5 Crores!
This is your 5 Crores!
Altogether 10 Crores!!
Laila, Majnu are in Don's hands!
lf we pay 10 crores, Don
will give Laila Majnu to us.
lf we sell Laila Majnu to Billy,
ln return, Billy will pay us 100 Crores!
What about our share, then?
Oh!! Your sHARE!
Bro! One plate Bonda!
And a packet of Green Peas!
so, for digging my grave, you guys
have flown all the way from Goa!!
Did Ummar agree?
Has he agreed?
Of Course!
We came here on Ummar's behest.
Better forget whatever you said!
God's sake, hereafter
don't take that topic!
Just thought that let everybody
enjoy the benefits....
Of course, it's pleasant to
hear..100 Crores of Diamond!
Did Ummar really agree to it?
What the hell do you
know about Funnel money?
lt's a nice deal based on trust!!
There is nothing to do with Time!!
lf you try to misappropriate that money,
This part here...will not be there!
Will be reduced to ashes altogether!!
so, better do one thing.
Get back to Goa soon.
l am getting scared thinking of that!
As it was a matter of getting huge money,
we thought let it benefit you too.
lf you don't want it, leave it!
How do we know the route and
Vehicle number without his knowledge?
Must be full acting only.
And also promised to drive well.
-As well take the Punches! Right?
- Kicks too!
Else, the others will have a doubt!
A case of one week's time!
After that, we need to return the money.
Even otherwise, in the same
Thrissur Model school, same class...
and on the same bench,
hadn't we studied together, buddy?
Right, Pancho?
l was on some other bench.
What if l phone him now?.
Uh-no!! Don't call him now.
Call him after the task is over.
Yes, he's right.
Do you've a vehicle?
Of course!! A spacious Tata sumo!!
After the task, all of us will
be going in the same car.
Won't we be in trouble
if Police see this car?
That's not an issue!!
lt's a theft Car!!
What do you mean?
lt's a stolen Car!
We only robbed it
''Come on; come on''.
''Let us do it''.
''lt was a wonderful act.
l think we have succeeded in this''.
Will you stop this?
You're going to be a millionaire!!
Won't millionaires play video games?
Please stop that, dude!!
You are going to become a
crorepathi, right?
Hey, here's the Car! Call Panjo.
Hello! They crossed us
We're behind you! Are you guys ready?
-Have you seen them?
- Yes..
Come on, drive fast
Move the vehicle fast,
Get going...Come on..
Come on, Go
-some thing wrong l think
-lt's his acting!!
ls this really an acting?
No, buddy! lt's not acting.
Panjo, go... go
You go....l'll get the Car.
Hey, you filth!!
Hey, where is the Cash? Get it.
Get running.....don't turn back..
Come in....Get inside....
Don't think you can easily
get away with soman's money
Hello! Tell me.
Cash is in our hand.
Okay, Hotel Park! sharp 12!
Room no. 315
-Okay! We're on the way. - Perfect!
Everything is set! Park Hotel
- At sharp 12.30!
Gabbar! The meeting is fixed.
At Hotel Park! sharp 12!
We are not coming in the scene at all!
What should we do with the boys' money?
show them the money.
Didn't you understand?
Just show them...That's it.
l've a lunch meeting..
..with the Russians in Hotel Park
You know what to
do with the body, right?
Take her to the bathtub!
Like every time, Chop her.
l mean, cut her into pieces
and scatter her in Goa
Majnu, Catch!
Check it out! Gulsumbi!
Like to try?
No! l've got some work.
How beautiful to look at her like this?
Look at what?
You know how many times l have
gazed at her without blinking? many times
l had longed for a kiss?
so what? You can give a kiss now.
You can give as much kisses as you wish.
l've also given a
kiss when my grandma died
-Gave what? - Kiss!
l mean a sign of Love a lover
shares it to his lady love!!
You get me?
''Laila O Laila!
You're the kind of Laila''
''Whom everyone wants to meet alone''
Give respect.
''O Laila''
Let's not cut her into pieces.
We shall bury her if required.
''Laila O Laila''
What happened? What are you doing?
Please!! Lets bury her.
What was the drug you'd now?.
Very pleasant, right?
l don't feel so!
l think my nose is broken!!
Dude, this bottle....
With respect, l've carried this off
-What happened? - Nothing.
What's your name?
Why do you laugh?
Nothing! My name is Laila!
l know.
Give respect; take respect.
Are you really telling the truth?
About what?
That you love me!
Yes , it's truthfully the truth.
l'm talking to her, dude!
Please say, do you really love me?
lf so, why can't you come along with me?
lf you say, l'll surely come anywhere.
Has the bird still
not returned to its cage?
Then, we shall go together!!
Come with me.
Can't you come with me?
-To where? - To HELL
-Where? - To HELL
Good Lord! Vehicle!!
Kick... stop.....a ditch there.....
Apply the brakes!! Oh my heaven!!
Oh Gosh!! A tree over there!!
'' selfie,''
'' selfie''
''Take a selfie in style''
''Upload it with a bang''
''lf you get more and more 'Likes', ''
''Freak out and dance!''
''Come Macha, take a selfie''
''Come Machi, take a selfie''
''Come Bro, take a selfie''
''Come Baby, take a selfie''
''Little, Little selfie''
''Naughty, Naughty selfie''
''Panties-wearing selfie''
''No-Panties selfie''
''Ha ha ha''
''selfie, Comfy''
''set me free''
''Take it easy, Take a selfie''
''show your teeth and stand''
''Then take a selfie''
''Hey Uncle, Go to the temple''
''Click the temple
Life is simple, simple''
''Hey Uncle, Go to the temple''
''Click the temple
Life is simple, simple''
''A selfie with chopped off head.''
''A selfie standing upside down.''
''A selfie while haircut.''
Would this function get over now?.
lt badly whets my appetite!
Let the wedding get over.
Then, what happened?
Where have they gone?
lt's all soman bro's plans!!
Totally an English people
style!! Really amazing!!
Where did he disappear
after arranging everything?
l'm also looking for him only.
- Bye
Here comes somaettan!!
What's the problem?
Get out quickly!
What happened, somaetta?
All of you get inside...
Close the door.....
What happened, man?
Those boys went to Goa!!
l was thinking, you couple are
also going to Goa!!
so all of us can happily go together!
Parallely, both our work will be done.
Hmm, Yes, Yes!!!
Everything is in English style, ah!!
Do you know who looted the money?
They are Ummar's friends!
Oh Ummar's friends?!
Martin bro, l never thought
they will ditch me
Don't hit me... please..
l forgot to tell you something.
l'm a very violent person.
When we had gone to chop the leg of
udupdettan's son in Kunnamkulam,
-l had a knife, right? -Yes
Have you taken that?
-Of course!- lf l have that,
l'll have a good aim!
How will l forget it?
When you get hold of him,
leave him to me.
l've a knife which my uncle
brought from Gulf!
l'll rip off his ears!
A screwdriver will be better,
lt's easy to push it in!
This is Unnibaby..
Michael, Andappan, Buddhan!
Yes!! All are my friends
sister! l'm Ummar.
Did you notice the face of the
one seated at the corner?
Didn't you notice his face?
He defended with his face,
when he was attacked by a chopper
We all call him Faxeman
These are some fun amongst
our quotation team!
Do you still have such type of fun?
Of course!! l've plenty of them.
l'll share them throughout ourjourney.
Play the devotional song!!
lsn't it this one?
ls this your Devotional song?
Hey, guys! Are you okay?
Grandpa! Have you heard of REsPECT?
Give respect; take respect.
Give respect; take respect.
l respect. You respect.
You want to fight?
Give respect; take respect.
l respect. You respect.
Give respect; take respect.
l respect. You respect.
Diesel, one more please.
One more, One more
Give respect; take respect.
l respect. You respect.
Give respect; take respect.
l respect. You respect.
sorry! l can't fight without
wearing the cap.
Give respect; take respect.
l respect. You respect.
Give respect; take respect.
l respect. You respect.
Dude! Beat him to death!!
Give respect.
No, Majnu!! Please don't go.
Come, let's fight each other,
little kid!
sorry, uncle! No fight.
Only fire!!
Partner, tell me what's happening there!
so far nothing happened.
We're waiting.
lnform me at regular intervals.
Have two eyes on them.
-Your blacky!
- Your partner.
''Beautiful girl did a dance show;
after coming from festival.''
show me the money.
First, show the stones.
shall l pull out their eyes?
Hey, show me no!
25 + 25 - 50 Crores!
l'll build a Film talkie
with this money.
And me, a Women's hostel!!
O my World!
O my Chapli!!
''There is a shower of money all over.''
''There is a shower of money all over.''
Okay! 30 minutes!
shouldn't we count this?
He's our Diamond tester Bhustha!
He'll be coming along with you.
Oh shit!
Oh fish!
This is freaking real!
These are the most amazing stones
l've seen in my life time.
Let's go ahead with the deal.
You got the Cash, right?
Give the stones.
l've got something to tell sweety!
Can't you give us the diamonds, then?
You saw the Cash, right?
Yes, we saw!!
But we didn't receive it, English man
Let the cash get into our cage first
and then take the Diamonds!
Playing it smart, Young boys!!
That's needed only if you get out
of this Parking lot, right??
Catch him.
-Vinci, who took the Car?
- How do l know?.
-Who? - Who?
Didn't l tell you, you can hardly
find anybody here at this hour?
Let us hide here!
Please switch on the music, baby
''He was a cheat...''
''He was a colourful character...''
''He left hurting my heart...''
''Never come into my dream, O queen...''
''l listened to my heart and gave
big sigh...memories hold on..''
''My heart is right...''
''My heart...fill my heart...''
''Come into my eyes...''
''Come closer to my heart..''
''O shakeela.''
''Love is very cruel...
Heart is very cruel...''
''Love and heart are very cruel...''
''My love, my sighs dies down
in your heart...''
''My heart burns...''
''Every got drowned in these eyes...''
''My heart got drowned alive in it...''
''l got euphoric and lost myself
in your colourful life...''
''Your eyes...''
''Your talk...l lost
my heart for everything...''
''My heart...fill my heart...''
''Come into my eyes...''
''Come closer to my heart..''
''O shakeela..''
''My heart...fill my heart...''
''Come into my eyes...''
''Come closer to my heart..''
''O shakeela.''
''My heart...fill my heart...''
''Come into my eyes...''
''Come closer to my heart..''
''O shakeela.''
Hey, blacky!! Both of them are frauds
They had been cheating us!
Turkov and his gang were also here.
There was heavy firing continuously
Hey stop, Then,
Did they see you?
No, dude!! No...
Follow him.
Here l go...and there l come!
What 'Mai''....What Mom
Today, l'll shoot many people to death!
ls the firing over?
You always reach the scene late!!
Hey Babe, listen Wait! Listen to me.
Come on!
Hey, Come on. What Yeah!!
-Don't come...Don't talk to me.
-l know some other place also.
-A beautiful place!! Let's go there.
- Just go to hell
l've got MAJNU,
but not LAlLA
Got LAlLA, MAJNU gone!
Money is also gone!!
A 5 yr old boy...
with a Pee Pee Toy! Promise!
Where is she?
Can't you see her and your
uncle laughing, sitting behind?
Not her....l mean LAlLA
Who's that guy without respect?
Thinking it as Parking lot, some freak has
parked the vehicle in the middle of the road.
Don't shoot me, brother. l am innocent.
l will lie down like him.
l will lie down. l will lie down.
He is not talking anything.
We too need not talk anything.
Lie down silently.
However, it's good that our car is gone.
We got rid of two dead bodies.
still, where the hell did she go?
REsPECT! Have you ever
heard the word called REsPECT?
Give respect, take respect..
With respect we can
take the yellow vehicle
sweety, l'm back.
You already shot me to death once,
Then, why you are shooting me again?
Oh no!! sorry, uncle!
lt was an accident, Uncle!!
Alright!! Please throw off this bullet!
Crow took off and flew...
sorry, uncle....Very sorry..
Haven't you shot your sincere friend?
Please don't cry uncle...
please....look he's crying.
Bloody English style!!
What an English style is this!!
Rather, l would've had a
sumptuous feast at home.
Hey! Please turn that glass!
Can l keep it this way?
You swine!! Who named you Unnibaby?
lf change two letters,
then that will be the apt name for you.
Turn that mirror.
Oh! Mirror?
Can't you tell that clearly?
-You turn that side!- l turned!
Martin, bro! You like
to have peanuts? Peanuts?
Martin, bro!! You like to have peanuts?
Bloody hell!!
Well, Kochumary,
do you really need Peanuts?
Which one do l've to fill?
Anything which is higher!!
Has the diesel price gone up?
Why the Car is dead! What happened?
Which one did you fill?
You filled petrol or diesel?
Higher priced one!!
When she flashed a smile,
l never thought she would
take me for a ride.
''shake it up, shake it up..
shake, shake, shake, shake''
''shake it up, shake it up..
shake, shake, shake, shake''
shake it left, shake it right''
''Put it left, put it right''
''Put it up, put it down''
:Put it left, Put it right,
Put it up, Put it down
''shake, shake''
''Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum''
''The bum dance is starting''
''Happiness, sorrow, lion, kiss,''
''Law, war, cleanliness, new things,''
''Mix and give for all''
''The bum dance is starting''
''Bum, bum, bum''
Why are they coming here now?.
They should not reach here
Our deal is over. so, gentlemen,
please get out.
silly girl!!
-What's that?
- Crouching Tiger!
-What's that?
- Hidden Dragon!
ls that really necessary?
Might need!
-Dragon! -Come fast!,
Tiger! -Run fast!
Tiger! Escape!
- Come on, Dragon!
-Come on, Tiger!
On your Mark...
stop, When the bell rings....
lt's lnternational rule!
sir, please don't mistake me
if l say something.
This lady's Kung Fu technique
is not at all up to the mark.
Very poor!
ls kicking deep below stomach called
Kung Fu technique?
As per the World
Kung Fu Council's Rules,
one should not even
touch below the waist.
Didn't l tell you already that this
doesn't have any value when alone?!
Which one?
Not for that!!
Without Laila, no Majnu
Without Majnu, no Laila!
You must get back Majnu!
Can't you take this back and
return our 10 Crores?
And, you can directly
deal business with them!
Now Party is also there!
Get out of here.
Get out.
Majnu! Baby! We've two children.
Only two?
You want one more?
How do we spend so much of money?
Where is the sand
which was dug from the sea?
What'll you do with the sand
you dug from the Pond?
Put it on the sides!
lf so, where is the sand which
was dug from the sea?
Hey, man!! What you will do
with the sand dug from the sea?
sand dug from the sea?
l mean where we put the sand,
dug from Well or pond
Put it on its sides!
lf so, where will you put the
sand dug from the sea?
-Do you really need an
answer immediately? -Yes!
Will you just shut up?
l am already tensed up on
how to hide the money!
There's a hill Cross close by
And also a dilapidated Church!
We shall hide the money there.
nobody will ever come there!
Hi silent! The guys on that photo,
are the criminals who cheated me.
Find them. shoot them down.
And JEFFERsON lNN Morgins
is their address!
That's their place.
l said, REsPEC What shall we do now?.
We could have cut her into
pieces then and there!
Now she and her grandpa!!
Hi, Baby!
Let the money be safe here!
We shall come and
take it after two days.
Take those branches
Let's bury that grandpa
and the English Lady!
-stones also gone
- Cash also gone
And Lover has also gone!
But she has gone away with my kidney!!
she kicked in my sensitive area!
Only if l take X-ray, l'll know whether
the balls have reached my head.
l already told you,
her Karate is very poor!!
Yes, tell me World!
No, l'm Billy
How long would you take to return?
l'm waiting in your room.. take LAlLA
Your friends are also before me
l don't understand from where
these bolt from, Lady Tarkov
Who the hell are these morons?
Relax, Tarkov! somebody is following us.
Order for more bombs and
rifles immediately!
One more thing,
turn the vehicle to Blacky's house.
some money has to come from there!
We are cheated!
Where have they reached?
Hey Move...shibu...Unnikutta Baskara...
Keep quiet!
Partner, Listen to me.
Clear the place immediately.
l'm also leaving.
Why are you so greedy?
l've left some money for you guys also.
l'll leave only after repaying
his money at any cost
To my in-law's place in Uganda!!
What happened, dude?
Let me go, then.
l got a telegram saying my uncle
passed away.
Let me go there...
Not necessary, is it?
This is our 5 Crores!
And that's their 5 Crores!
Altogether 10 Crores!
lf we pay 10 Crores to Don,
he will give us Laila Majnu!
Good Lord!
O honeymoon, sweet!!
-Yeah! Honeymoon sweet!
-Er...Excuse me!
O honeymoon sweet!
O honeymoon sweet!
We're going to have the
honeymoon sweet, baby!!
This is the best place here.
Mr.Billy, you don't have the
habit of flushing!
We'll talk about all those
old stories later.
Give me our stone, first!!
What about our cash, then?
You were cheating
us deliberately, Billy!
That 5 yr old boy,
is a trained Professional.
Honeymoon sweet!
Do you know what's the
speciality of this Hotel?
-Hardly any dog barks here!!
- Don't lie!!
Hello! Excuse me!
Operating such crimes with a
5 yr old boy is an English technique!!
Don't ever think we've not
understood that.
They have already confessed
about that child!!
Yes, yes
Child? Which child?
That criminal child you used for
robbing our cash and truck.
sorry! l thought it was a bathroom!
Occupied, is it?
Baby! Play some music !
O dude!!
l don't know how l got this gun!
O my heaven!!
You Cheats! l got into trouble
relying your words.
Where are my 5 crores?
Return my stones or my money.
Laila with Majnu.
Majnu is with Billy
Laila with Vinci
Without Laila, Majnu is zero rupee!
lf Laila only, no money
Laila Majnu together worth 100 Crores!
But right now, only Laila with us.
Majnu with Billy
lt's gone!
You should've been careful!
What other business do you have?
Don't you know without Laila,
there is no Majnu,
and without Majnu, there is no Laila
Hey, white haired fellow!!
Take this !! away.
Red salute, Comrades!
Do you've beedi to light?
Hello ladies.
Oh my God!! That 5 yr old boy!!
His Boss!!
Why don't we continue then?
You stupid fool...idiot....
Good for nothing..
-l hate you.-Baby...
-l said, get lost!
Honeymoon sweeter!!
Eyes gone, but got the stones!!
Laila on my hand...and
in my pocket.....?
Hello, Gabbar!
What's the status with the second one?
You got the 2nd stone?
-Yes, got it! - Fantastic!
-But lost the 1st one.
- WHAT?!!!
Didn't l tell you....that 5 yr old boy
is behind all this!
A criminal boy!
Are YOU taking out the stones,
or shall WE scoop out your eyes?
Where is Yellow colour LAlLA?
We're innocents!
lf you get us some cashew nuts,
we shall clear all your doubts.
Doesn't matter if it's
chick peas or Bonda
There's a mathematical explanation.
Where's Yellow colour LAlLA?
l'll count from 1 - 5
l'll shoot down many to death today.
Are the fireworks over?
''Love, love, love, love''
''Love, love, love''
''Majnu has love for Laila''
''The shadows separating in two ways''
''slowly opened the love in their hearts''
''The heart of the day and the night''
''Continuing in birth and
death opened then'''
''Love, love''
''Love is luck in poetry''
''Love, love''
''On the tabla,
the fingers of the sea thrash''
''Now comes a pain of poem,
a sweet sadness''
''Did a song come from forgetfulness''
''Or did a breeze come?''
''Why days and why nights?''
''Now share beauty,
heart and fragrance''
''share, share, share''
''Love, love''
''Love is a wet sea pearl
in the oyster of the eye''
''Love, love''
''Love is an art - hiding,
slipping from the hands.''
''O shadow, at a distance.''
''Like the sweet couplets
coming from the ghazals,''
''Will you give half of
your laughter, O Love?''
''ln the song hummed by the
lips are many tunes''
''ln the wet eyes lashed
by the eyelashes, ''
''Are several silent expressions''
''Your silence, your silence''
''Love, Love, Love, Love''
''Love is a wet sea pearl
in the oyster of the eye''
''Love, love''
''Love is an art - hiding,
slipping from the hands.''
''Love, love''
''Love is luck in poetry''
''Love, love''
''On the tabla,
the fingers of the sea thrash.''
Please don't bury me here, Majnu
There's a cemetery in the adjacent hill.
Ask him to bury me there.
lf you've finished dancing,
then drag both the bodies into the Pit.
We do not bury them here, Diesel!
There's a Cemetery on the adjacent hill!
-lf there.... - lf so..
-They will seek HEAVEN!!
- Oh That's nice!
Anyway a pit has been dug, right?
-Let's not waste it. - Yes!
l can go to HELL, is it?
sorry Diesel! No fight, only fire!!
Bury me here then, you filthy!
One. Two. Three. Four.
Take it! Okay!
-Hello sir!
-lt's very less!
- What?
You paid too less!
Take one more
Hello's too less, sir..
Get lost, you bloody!
Playing the fool with soman!!
start the Car, Unnibaby!
You get down, ! l'll drive.
Oh my God!! Door is gone!
When l opened the door,
that vehicle came! What am l to do?
something big was to happen!
Thank heavens!
stop the music!!
l say stop the music!!
What all did you boast!!
Going to Honeymoon directly
from the wedding Canopy!!
A very big surprise from brother!!
My foot!
Would anybody fill Petrol
in a diesel Car, you fool?
Then, what happened?
Door went on top of the house!!
Very good wife!!
What's it? Tell me, What?
You were batting your eyelids as
though taking a bull for a copulation
l'll give you a smack, mind you!
-Got it?
- Yes, sister!
Why this X on your face!!
l'll strike that X and make it into W!
You bull!
You are giggling ever since
you got into the car.
shall l get you some cattle feed?
Are you playing the fool with Mary?
-lt's very less! - What?
What's it?
l'm asking you what?
Oh my Martin!!
What, Brother?
Are you bringing her home?
Better file for a divorce
petition on the way.
Oh mother Mary!!
Can't you say if
you don't know to fight?
Why did you shoot me down unnecessarily?
Come on, darling! No problem!
Have you really gone crazy
or you're pretending to be?
Do you know where the sand
dug from the sea is?
Where's it?
Each grain of sand will turn
into every single star
And becomes the infinity
stars in the sky
stars fallen into the sea
transforms into fish's eyes!
l know where the sand dug
from the sea is!
Each grain of sand turns
into every single star
And becomes infinite stars in the sky
stars fallen into the sea
transforms into fish's eyes!
Where's Laila?
she's behind you!
We buried them last night,
don't you remember?
Come, let's's time to go.
Come, let's go.
-ls it ringing, dear?
-Ringing, Ringing!
We didn't contact you as he
shouldn't have any doubts on you.
Even otherwise, what is there to doubt?
l swear on my mother, l'm innocent!!
lf the deal happens, we'll
definitely give your share.
Then you have to dump
a banana in his mouth
l'm really not aware of anything.
l swear on my mother.
-ls everything fine there, buddy?
- Yes
l really don't know..
so you're aware of everything, you
Oh my God!! Don't dig out my eyeballs!
Oh my God! My eyes!!
My mouth..
Please don't dig out my eyeballs.
lt's not me!!!
l'm innocent.
ln Cemetery scene, normally it'll rain!!
-Would it rain here also?-Perhaps!!
Enemy's Enemy is a friend, right?
Now, we'll know.
Looks like the game is
going to take a sharp turn.
Thanks, gentlemen!!
This was Tarkov most favourite song!!
We unknowingly got trapped in this!!
l understand!
Tarkov also died for those stones!!
Unless and until l avenge for his death,
And get back LAlLA,
l'll not sleep peacefully
l'll say what you should do.
Call them again for
a compromise meeting.
The last and the final one.
On the Cross hill outside
the city limits!! That'll be good!!
-Hill Cross!!
- Yes.
The Cross hill!
O!! That hill Cross!!
Cross Hill!!
On the Cross hill
outside the City limits!
We shall meet there.
Oh!! Cross hill!!
Oh!! That Cross hill!!
-Come again!!
- Cross hill!!
Cross hill outside the City limits.
You bloody!! Cross Hill...Cross Hill
-Cross Hill
-Outside the City limits, right?
so you were acting well , right?
Hey, silent!! same people!!
Double the amount!!
But deal must happen this time.
They will reach Cross
hill sharp at 12 p.m.
Cross hill outside the City limits!!
suresh, press the accelerator.
- Fast. Fast.
- Yes. l will.
lf not, l will kill you.
l can see you.Can you see me?
Have you brought MAJNU?
-shall l bite and slit their throats?
Fire them....Fire them, l say.
Relying on our words, are you such a
fool to come to such an isolated place?
What? Why laughing?
-You know what baby?
We did a mistake hanging
around the city!!
- Yes.
Here, even a small dog won't come!
see!! We and that Cross alone!
Now what?
l want music!
Please switch the music on.
-sure! - Yeah!
start the firing.
O Gosh!!
What is happening?
Wow!! Game is getting interesting!!
l could see all the
possibilities for a twist!!
The twist you were
anxiously waiting for,
is this only..
They offered me a better price!
l'm a professional.
MONEY is the reason!!
- Yes, baby!!
Now shut up and lets go.
Whoa!! Look at this!!
Doesn't this bloody have
any other business to do?
Ask him go to hell!!
Yes, Umar!! Where have you reached?
Tell me correctly. Left or right?
Come down straight..then take left.
Bro, take left....Right.
- Take left from there..
Move fast
No.....Not him....He's not the one...
The one with the Jacket..
You moron!! lf you don't know
shooting, Learn from me, then!
Do you understand?
l'll teach you how one should
shoot and how shouldn't!!
Now....point your gun
O my gosh!
Yes, that junction only....that right...
What the hell are you saying?
Tell correctly. don't hear you.
Towards left, ah?
shall l kick hard and
break their spinal cord?
Excuse me, guys.
Gun, please.
-Hello is it towards left...
-Oh Call got cut.
Leave me, please.....
Ask her!
What about our share?
Any last wish, Billy?
somebody tell me the truth!
ls that 5 yr old boy, your boss?
Tell me who is that kid?
Have you reached?
Take left from there!
Take a right! Yeah, right!!
Yeah, ask for left, right,
left, right and come!
What a fool he is!
see, a car is coming!
Yes!! Which is that
flower-decorated Car?
-some wedding car, dude!!
- ls it? Yes!
O gosh!!
World, wasn't it soman in the front
see, Ummar is at the back
Hello, tell me, dear. Left or right?
straight, isn't it?
straight!! lsn't it dude?
-straight!! -straight!
Everything is here, except a war plane
Party time.
Move. Old man.
Lady Tharkom
l'm not dead!
Me too!
Oh, Our sweety !
she's not as sweet as we believed!
But a spy girl!!
Lie down pretending as dead!!
l said move.
sorry Papa! l'm always a better player!
Thus, Don is also finished!!
My right jacket pocket!
My right jacket pocket!
Fire's yellow LAlLA
Blood's red MAJNU
Have you heard of REsPECT?
Majnu, We have nobody here to wait for!!
Not only LAlLA...but no one!!
Let's move from this City
But before that, lastly...
l need to visit a place.
Don't even come near me.
l'll kill you if you come near me.
Get lost, you losers!
Yeah right! You also get lost!
No lover who would've sacrificed
so much just for a kiss!
Let me kiss you once...please...once..
LAlLA and GULsUMBl -
Both are one and same.
l disown them here.
Do you know where's the sand
that was dug out from the Beach?
l don't know.
Each and every grain of sand
becomes a star...
Countless grains
of sand from the land...
becomes Countless stars in the sky!
stars fallen into the sea
transforms into fish's eyes!
Come, let's go.
Just two stones!
with a little glitter - that's all!
lt's worth a whopping Rs.100 crore!!!
Fire's Yellow colour - Laila
Blood's Red colour - Majnu!
Without Laila, no Majnu
Without Majnu, no Laila
At least we got the money
for our conveyance!!
Bro, Kerala - where going?
l shall get you better stones
from the Chalakudy church festival
This is bloody fake, man!
lt's not at all worth Rs.100!!
We may perhaps sell these stones
for a profit of 10 Crores!
No, perhaps 20 Crores!!
No..may be even 30 Crores!
Would it be sour if you get 40 Crores?
some foolish Russian foreigner
will definitely
be seen in Goa to buy
this even for 50 Crores!!
We may perhaps find a millionaire in Kerala
also. We can sell it for 60 Crores!
Would we deny if get 70 Crores?
ls 80 Crores possible, if we ask?
l will not sell it for 90 Crores!
9 is not my lucky number.
Then, fix it as 100 Crores!!
110 Crores will be splendid!!
A round figure!!