Double Blind (2023) Movie Script

Welcome to Blackwood
Thank you for your interest in
our Phase One clinical trials.
Blackwood are committed
to innovation,
pioneering research into
hundreds of new medicines
each year.
In Phase One, we use healthy
volunteers like you,
to help us better understand
how a drug affects the body
before giving it to those
with a medical condition.
Without your help, none of this
would be possible.
Our facilities
are fully equipped
and state of the art.
We hope you enjoy your stay.
You must be Claire.
I'm Alison.
Looks like we're roommates!
Cool. Yeah, nice to meet you.
Hey... I'm Alison.
Us three are the only girls,
it seems like.
Wow... you sure brought
a lot for five days.
I've never done anything like
this before, have you?
I'm a little nervous.
It's silly I know,
we'll be fine.
This is probably the worst part,
the waiting--
Alison, sorry. I've had a pretty
rough night and I'm exhausted.
I just wanted to have a nap
before we start.
- Yeah, sorry, go ahead.
I'll shut up.
- Thanks.
Good morning.
All participants please convene
in the Exam Room.
No Wi-Fi. No reception.
It's bullshit!
What do ya expect,
we're in a basement.
Nah, they're doing it
on purpose.
So we can't tweet about
the trial while it's happening
or whatever.
This is why I keep saying
we need a union.
Every trial they try
pulling more shit.
Hello everyone. I'm Dr. Burke,
and I'll be supervising
this trial.
I'm sure you've heard
all of this before,
but just to reiterate.
This is a phase one safety study
for Abexetine BRN14.
Five days total.
Dosage begins at 25mg,
and rises to 85mg by the end.
This is a double blind trial.
You'll be closely monitored
for any irregularities
or side effects,
but it's a fairly minimal dose,
so we expect it to be
smooth sailing.
If you do have any questions,
please speak to any of
the nurses... yes, Ray?
Are we going to get
to go outside at all?
Afraid not. Participants
are confined to this floor
for the duration.
Ah, you're joking, right?
I'm sorry, but I don't make
the rules here.
What's with all
the trees?
Food's better than on Belmont
at least.
Yeah, fried dog shit would be
better than the food on Belmont.
Money's good too,
for what it is.
Did you hear about
the off-the-books trial
they ran last year?
50 grand to stop your heart.
- That's a myth.
- It's not, man!
A friend of mine was on it.
- Well, a friend of a friend.
- Yeah, right.
Haven't seen you before.
- First time?
- Yeah.
Let me guess.
You heard about it from
a friend, and thought
'easy money', right?
Dunno about 'easy'.
But I needed the money and
don't have a lot of other
options, so...
Young, broke and desperate.
The drug trial magic combo.
That's Vanessa. We see
her a lot on these things.
A bit of an oddball.
One of those home-schooled
kids, you know?
Her parents were big religious
Fire and brimstone and all that.
It's the quiet ones
you've got to watch.
Now take a deep breath
and hold it.
- Sorry...
- Fuck!
- Any dizziness?
- No.
- Nausea?
- No.
- Headache?
- No.
- Numbness, tingling?
- No.
- Abdominal pain? - No.
- Dry mouth. - No.
I'm tapped out,
I can't pee this much.
- Shortness of breath?
- No.
I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Claire, are you sleeping?
- Claire...
- What!
Wanna see a photo of my cat?
Yeah, that's a cat alright.
- Do you have any tattoos?
- No.
What about that one
on your ankle?
Why did you ask if you know
the answer already?
Cos I like it.
What does it mean?
It's Chinese for
'please be quiet'.
I should get a tattoo.
Although I don't know
what I'd get!
I feel like
whatever I'd get,
I'll think it's totally stupid
in 5 years' time.
Like when I was 15 I wanted to
get a Deathly Hallows tattoo.
So embarrassing to even
Alison, will you shut...!
Long day, huh?
Still, it's all for
a worthy cause right?
Is it? What's this drug
supposed to do again?
Oh they're looking at
all kinds of uses.
Weight loss, allergies,
treating motion sickness.
Yeah, we're really doing
the Lord's work.
You're a med student too?
- What?! No.
- Oh.
I thought there'd be
a few others.
Seems like I'm the only one.
I applied for the summer
internship with Blackwood.
Still waiting to hear, but they
approached me about this trial,
saying they were having trouble
making up the numbers.
So I thought it would be a good
chance to show them
I'm a team player, you know?
Now I'm kind of wondering what
I've gotten myself into.
I couldn't sleep.
Yeah, we know.
None of us could.
I thought this was meant to be
smooth sailing?
Yeah, they always say that.
Truth is, on half these
first-in-man trials
they have no idea
what's going to happen.
It's not like speed anyway,
It's way more than that.
I can't even describe it.
It's just a bit of
insomnia, it's not the end
of the world.
You run enough of these tests,
nothing surprises you anymore.
You're probably a bit
short-handed with no night
staff, right?
If you need any help running
tests, or anything...
I mean... that would be
completely unethical,
so you would never...
I know that.
I know that. I was...uhm...
I was joking.
We'll just see how long
it lasts.
30 hours now since I last slept.
It's a weird feeling.
Imagine it lasted though?
Like, forever.
Think what we could do with
all that extra time.
The days are long enough
as it is.
- Checkmate.
- What?
- No...
- Yeah.
Okay, we need a rematch.
One game you said.
I agreed to one.
I know, but I thought it
would take longer than that.
Come on, one more.
There's nothing else to do.
Okay, fine.
These all yours?
They're really good.
- Lots here of Paul, I see.
- No, there's not.
I'm doing everybody.
You gonna go talk to him?
No, I couldn't.
I get like super shy talking
to guys, can't think of
what to say--
- Hey, Paul!
- Claire, don't...
- Do you want to come pose
for a portrait? - What?
- Do you want to post for a
portrait? - What do you mean?
It's not funny.
So clearly no one is
on a placebo.
Whatever this is,
it's going straight for the
central nervous system
and it's causing serious brain
Are you sure these pills
are only 25mg?
This is a double blind trial.
You know I can't give you
that information.
Yeah. Okay...
Have you seen the scans
that I sent?
I'm looking at them right now.
For Subject 7, how many days
later was the second scan taken?
No, you don't understand.
Both of those images were taken
during the same scan.
All that growth occurred
during one scan.
Hi, this is George
Bannon, Senior VP for Research.
Can you repeat that?
Claire, look.
There's mice in there!
Look more like rats to me.
No, they're cute little mice.
It's so sad seeing them
in those cages.
What can they do anywhere else
that they can't do in there?
Lots of things.
You don't know what a mouse
is capable of, okay?
They could meet other mice,
they could have adventures...
They could fall in love!
Or get eaten or stepped on.
At least here they've got a roof
over their heads.
Do you have a roof over
your head?
I'm between places.
Yeah, but you have someone
you can stay with after this,
like, family or something?
Honestly, if I were a mouse,
I'd rather be
safe in a cage where
I get fed and looked after
than outside fending
for myself.
No, that's not true.
You'd be in there planning
a little mice jailbreak
or something.
Oh, look at that guy.
He's dying to get out.
Don't free the mice Alison,
you'd be in deep shit.
They're probably worth
more than we are.
So the parameters of the trial
have shifted.
What we're really interested
in now,
is how long you can stay awake.
So don't try to sleep,
and if you do start to feel
tired, please inform myself
or another member of staff,
Doctor Burke...
Sorry, Doctor Burke.
I just wanted to...
Amir, go back with the others.
Claire, you alright in there?
Yeah, I'm just...
[breathes heavily[
I'm not great with
enclosed spaces.
Just relax. It won't take long.
Claire, I can't deal with you right now.
Just stay in there.
Stop it, gimme a break.
Stay in there, be quiet.
You can cry all you want,
I'm not letting you out.
You're almost done.
Please, get me out!
Please, let me out!
Please, let me out!
It was bad, huh?
I've a trick.
I used to see this youth
counsellor for a bit,
when I was younger.
And one time he told me about
how playing Tetris could help
with PTSD,
because it stops your brain
from making visual memories
or something.
So now whenever I feel
overwhelmed by negative
I play a game of Tetris
in my head.
Try it, it works. Honestly!
I do the music too.
You gotta really picture
the blocks as they come down.
Alison, stop...
- Alison, that's really
- Good! That means it's working.
Alison, oh my God! You are
the most annoying person
I have ever met!
This can't be good for us.
We sleep for a reason, right?
We're meant to sleep.
You're upping the dose again?
I'm taking half of this.
I'm taking half of this
and that's probably still more
than I agreed to.
I thought it was meant
to be 85mg, max.
Yeah, I'm not taking these.
I understand there's some
concern at the new direction
this trial is taking,
and I appreciate that.
Of course you are welcome
to leave at any point.
But I have just been informed
that there is now a bonus
payment on offer
for any participants
who do stay until the end.
30 thousand euro.
- You wha'? - No fuckin--
- 30 grand!
30 grand! - Each!
30 G's baby!
Right, okay, this is the closest
thing they've got to champagne.
Give us a go of that Paul,
will ya?
We're rich, boys.
We're gonna be rich!
Come on, join the party.
You've clearly never danced
before in your life.
What are you talking about?
Look at these moves!
Go on... why aren't you happy?
Do you not think it's weird,
they're just giving us
all this money?
Only you would be looking
at the downside of 30 grand.
Yeah, because there's
always a catch.
Not always.
It's not like a universal law.
- Well...
- Maybe we just got lucky.
Come on...
- Come on, come on...
- Fine!
Welcome to the party, pal!
This is weird. I don't think
I've ever danced with someone
who wasn't trying to fuck me.
Hey, the night is young...!
Are you feeling tired?
No, just uhm...
A bit, yeah. It just came on
all of a sudden.
I better go tell Dr. Burke.
'No, no.
We need to stop the trial!'
Their whole immune systems
have gone haywire.
We can't stop now.
Keep upping the dose.
Let's see what happens.
I can finally afford
to move somewhere decent,
get out of the kip I'm in now.
Imagine having a flat you're not
sharing with four other people.
My own living room just for me,
that'd be insane.
I can really disappear
for a while.
There's parts of India where 30
grand can last you years.
No need to work,
just be by myself,
living free.
I'll be first in my family
to go to college.
I've been saving up for years,
but this will pay
for everything.
Youse are all thinking
way too small.
You gotta invest.
Put it into crypto.
Get in at the right moment,
you can make your fortune.
What about you?
30 grand,
you must have some plans.
Find somewhere to live, I guess.
Beyond that, I'd say I'll blow
through it pretty fast.
Easy come, easy go, you know.
We could find somewhere
Because I'll need to find
somewhere for Uni,
so we could be roommates.
No offence Alison, but I can't
really see us hanging out after
all this is finished.
Do you not have any
real friends?
Eh... I didn't mean it
like that.
No, it's fine. Honestly,
it's fine.
I'm going to go
and stretch my legs.
'You're making a big mistake.
'From here on out, whatever
happens to these people,
I won't be held responsible.'
Ah, here.
It's not there,
it's the top one.
The top one?
I already tried the top one.
Alison look, I...
I didn't mean what I said.
Wakey, wakey.
Alison, wake up!
- What?
- Guys, help! Alison...
- Christ...
- Alison!
Security breach.
Initiating lockdown protocol.
30 seconds to lockdown.
Claire, come on! We've gotta go.
20 seconds to lockdown.
10 seconds to lockdown.
Get the door.
I'm sorry...
Lockdown complete.
We... we were trying to get out,
and then...
The door.
Alison, she's...
No, no, no!
Stay awake. Everyone,
stay awake.
Whatever you do,
don't go to sleep.
Don't even close your eyes.
Listen to me...
If you fall asleep, you'll die.
I'm telling you...
I saw our scans. They--
- You saw our scans?
- I snuck into Dr. Burke's
I... I knew something
wasn't right.
For the last four days,
our brains have been pushed
into overdrive,
and now they're shutting down.
- What do you mean,
shutting down?
- How does a brain go
into overdrive?
- What do you mean?
When you're asleep your brain
is still active,
what you're feeling now,
is your brain trying to shut
itself down. The drug is--
- Are you telling us
we're gonna die?
- No.
No. Not if we stay awake.
We just need to stay awake
until we can get out of here
and get help.
It looks like you're
in a lockdown.
At Blackwood, safety is our
number one priority.
It's an automated security
protocol at the newer
For containing threats,
whether it's infection,
security leaks,
bioterrorism, a million things.
For 24 hours the facility
is sealed
and all lines of communication
are cut off.
How did it happen?
I don't know...
Doctor Burke must have triggered
it by accident somehow.
There has to be some way
to override it.
It can't be overridden,
it can't be disabled,
that's the whole point.
The head of the company could be
in here, it wouldn't matter.
That door won't open
until the clock runs down.
I found some smelling salts.
Should be enough for five per person.
Hey, go easy. Ray!
- Ugh...
- They've got to last us
all night.
Only use one if it's
an emergency, okay?
We've all got five, yeah?
What about these,
some amphetamines,
give us a proper boost.
No, no... hey.
Whatever you do,
do not take any stimulants.
I wouldn't even drink coffee.
It's like...
Okay, imagine your brain is
a computer. And it's on fire.
Okay, no, no...
that's a bad metaphor.
Okay, okay... I've got it.
Imagine your brain is a car,
and it's on fire.
But you can still steer and your
momentum will keep you moving.
That's why so long as we
stay awake, we're alright.
But taking uppers,
anything like that, you're just
throwing petrol on the flames.
So that's the bad news.
But the good news is,
it's completely treatable.
Once we're out of here,
all they need to do,
is put us on immunosuppressants,
keep us monitored
and maybe, worst case scenario,
a medically induced coma.
It sounds worse than it is.
Come on!
We're gonna be alright.
All we need to do
is last one more day.
Once those doors open,
we're saved.
We've now been awake
for over 100 hours.
As you can see,
not looking so sexy,
but... enduring.
You're gonna wear yourself out.
Exercise is good, man.
Keeps the blood flowing.
Still 20 hours to go.
Six survivors.
Battered but not broken.
The mood is--
Hey Attenborough,
stop narrating everything.
You're doing my head in.
Someone needs to make a record
of what's happening here.
When this is all over people
need to be held accountable.
Actually yeah, you're right.
Gross negligence.
These are just words.
We're human beings,
and no six-figure settlement
could ever undo
the wrong that has been done
to us here.
Can you put a price
on our suffering?
5 million? 10 million?
Will 15 million make me
whole again?
I'm just tracking our progress.
Keeping an eye on things.
It'd be way too risky to try
any treatment with what we
have in here.
There's still so much
I don't know about the drug
and how it works.
So, for the moment,
our best bet is to hang tight.
And wait for help.
I've still got her blood
under my fingernails.
Can't seem to get it out.
I know it's hard,
but we need to stay positive.
We're still here,
and we're going to be okay.
- Are we?
- Of course we are.
This is the worst part.
Now that we're off the drug,
the inflammation will be
starting to subside and--
Okay, that's all I need
for the moment.
Thanks for your help.
Close your eyes little girl
Go to sleep 'til the morning
Night is here, so am I
Keep you safe 'til the dawn
My name is Claire Brady.
And if you're watching this,
it's because I'm dead.
This is a message for my Mum,
Helen Brady.
She's a patient in
St. James Hospital.
Palliative care ward.
So this is a twist, eh?
Turns out I had even
less time left than you.
Took you 20 years to ruin
your liver.
I only needed four days
to fry my brain.
I guess it was cold of me
not to return your calls.
Cold and hard, that's me.
Where'd I learn that I wonder?
I know you just wanted to
tell me you're sorry, but...
..sorry won't fix this.
It's already too late.
You're free.
What will you do now?
So many possibilities.
Yep, that's what I figured.
- How many salts you got?
- None of your business.
C'mon man,
don't hold out on me now.
- Jesus, get over it, Ray.
- Just give us one, will ya?
- Can you spare a salt?
- No.
What is it the Bible
always says?
Blessed art thou who shares.
Ah! That's not very God-like.
Marcus! You have salts,
I know you do.
- Hey, just give me one,
will you?
- No, I'm sorry.
Just give me a salt,
I'm just asking for one salt.
Leave him alone, Ray! We all got
the same amount of salts.
It's not our fault you're
a goddamn hoover.
You were one of those kids,
weren't you?
Who always saved his Easter eggs
every year,
so you'd have one left in May
and could lord them over
everyone else.
Act like Mister Bigshot--
- Hey! I don't believe in God.
- What?
I said...
I don't believe in God.
I told you this before.
I left home to get away
from all that.
Look, do you have any idea
what it's like,
growing up being told everything
you'd done was a sin.
I hated him!
Jesus! Sorry... yeah.
You're all cracking up.
You can handle this, Amir.
It's a test. You've never failed
a test in your life.
You just need to keep working.
Stay focused.
Keep working. Stay focused.
Mild hallucinations.
To be expected after
so long awake.
Just keep working. Stay focused.
Keep working, stay focused.
Keep working, stay focused...
Close your eyes, little girl
Go to sleep 'til the morning
Night is here, so am I
Keep you safe 'til the dawn
You okay?
Come on.
How are you dealing
with this so well?
I dunno.
I mean, it's tough. But...
I'm not scared, I guess.
I know I'm gonna be alright.
I wish I had your confidence.
See this?
I was on a hike in the Sierras.
Fell. Shattered my ankle.
The pain was excruciating.
Thought for sure I wouldn't be
able to walk.
I was alone,
a cold night was coming and I
didn't want to freeze to death.
So... I walked.
You'd be amazed what you can do
when you have to.
Great plan.
Barely passed biology in school.
I'm sure I'll have this cracked
in no time.
I'm trying to work up
the courage to put my hand
down on it.
I haven't had an easy life.
Me neither.
But I'm still not ready
for it to be over.
Me neither.
Okay, look. Nothing's changed.
There's only 15 more hours
to go.
But we've made it this far.
This is it, you realise that?
We've lost two already.
Any one of us could be next.
Do you think Blackwood expect us
to walk out of here?
They have already written us
off, and they're right.
Because if we carry on
like this, we're dead.
So we've got two options.
We can sit around waiting
to be rescued
by the same fuckers who did this
to us in the first place.
Or, we work together
and we find a way out.
I don't know about you,
but I'm tired of waiting.
Right. So this is the facility.
Did an 8 year old draw this?
This is where they've
sealed us off.
This is the exit
and this is us here.
All we need to do,
is break through that wall
and we're out.
- It won't work.
- How do you know?
I just know. Trust me,
they build these places
so when they lock them down,
there's no getting out.
Great. So that's one vote
for don't try.
What do the rest of you think?
I thought you looked cold.
- I think this is it.
I'm almost through.
- What?
Yeah, yeah... pull it.
Yeah... yeah.
No, no, no, no!
No, no....
No... FUCK!
It's a bomb shelter job.
It's the same as the door.
There's no getting through that.
Okay look, that's not good.
But look, it's one wall.
We can try another one.
We can tear the whole place down
if we have to.
Why would the next wall
be any different?
We're just wasting energy.
Alright, let's think.
- We've gotta take those uppers.
- No!
It's the only way
we'll get through this.
- No, Amir said they'll only
make us worse.
- Fuck Amir, man!
Why are we even listening
to him?
Because he's the closest thing
we've got to a doctor.
Well, I don't see him out here.
I don't see him coming up with
new ideas.
Do you see him coming up
with new ideas?
Alright, I'll go talk to him.
How did he know?
How did...
how did you know, Amir?
How did he know?
How did he know we'd never
get through that wall?
I mean, he was right. So?
Yeah, but how did he know?
I've been on way more trials
than anyone,
and I've never seen any
shit like this.
But somehow Amir knows
everything before it's
about to happen.
He knows Blackwood, I guess.
Knows how they work.
He's only here because he was
trying to get a job with them.
Maybe he already has one.
Think about it. What are
the chances, this one guy
on the trial
who knows everything about
the drug, everything about
the facility...
One person who can run tests,
take samples,
keep everyone in line.
He's not your typical lab rat.
No, it never made sense he was
on this in the first place.
This snotty med student
in with all the lab rats.
Us fucking rejects, man.
But how would Amir not have
fallen asleep already?
No one who is not on the drug
could have stayed awake
this long.
Let's find out.
We really need you in here.
You were right about the wall,
we're now just trying to
figure out what to do next.
Look, whatever work you're
doing can wait.
I'm sorry.
I haven't been honest with you.
This is for you.
And the others.
It explains everything.
It's all my fault.
I caused the lockdown.
I broke their security and tried
to make copies of our MRI scans.
I was so stupid!
I should have known what
would happen.
Amir, no!
Amir, get up!
Did you not hear me? It's my
fault we're trapped here.
So? All the more reason
to help us find a way out.
- I told you,
there's no way out.
- There's no way out...
So everyone keeps saying!
Well then,
can you fix us yourself?
- No.
- Why not? You're smart.
You're nearly a doctor.
You've got a whole lab
full of stuff here.
Our brain is a car, right?
So if we're over-heating,
can we... the hood?
No, that sounds painful.
Can we... jump-start it,
or get out and push?
Wait, for real?
I just gave you an idea?
We could use our momentum.
Methyl iodide poisoning
basically mimics the effects
of an ischemic stroke.
A strong enough dose would stop
blood flow to our brain
almost completely,
which would normally
cause brain death,
but with these side effects...
..there may be a grace period.
We take a shot of tPA
right after the dose
and there'd be just enough time
for the enzyme
to catalyse the clot to
breakdown before the effects
are irreversible.
- But is that a plan
or just gibberish?
- I don't know, you tell me!
I'm so tired, it's hard to tell
if this makes sense or not.
Yes, yes! It sounds like
a winner. Let's catalyse
the enzyme.
I'm on board.
Let's catalyse that shit.
- I'll go tell the others.
- Okay.
- Claire...
- There you are.
Listen, I was talking to Amir
and... What's wrong?
- I don't think we can
trust Amir.
- What... why?
No, I don't... I don't buy it.
That sounds like one of
Ray's guinea pig campfire tales.
I know, I thought so too.
I wasn't sure.
So I went through Amir's things
and found these.
It's the uppers he told us
not to take.
Did I just die?
You're not dead!
The power went out.
Something must have tripped.
I think I saw the fuses before,
down by the MRI room.
It's okay.
Come on.
Ah, shit! I'm almost
out of battery.
Oh... yes! Yes...
I'm not finding it.
Fuck, my phone's dead.
Close your eyes
Shit, I think I'm hallucinating.
Okay, keep calm.
Focus on my voice.
Close your eyes.
- What did you say?
- I said, focus on my voice.
Close your eyes.
It's okay. Mummy's here.
lie down. Close your eyes...
I'm not finding any fuses.
Oops! You lost him.
Why won't you
go to sleep! Paul!
I'm so excited!
He's dead.
They're all dead.
You're all alone.
Go to sleep! Give up!
Bitch. Cunt. Die.
That was close.
Amir... where were ya?
I was looking for the fuses.
Thank God you're alright.
Guys, what...
- What's going on?
- Have you been taking
the uppers?
- What?
- We found the empty
pill bottles.
That was-- no,
I didn't take them!
I poured them out.
As a precaution!
Why are you backing away?
We're only asking questions.
No, please!
Get your hands off me!
Ray... stop!
Paul, grab his other arm!
Paul... don't!
- Have you all lost your minds?
- Shut up!
Shut up.
You cut the power. I told you
this would happen.
I told you. He knew we were onto
him, so he tried to
finish us off.
I didn't touch the fuses.
I didn't even know
where they were.
- Yeah, who did it then?
- I don't know!
They just blew. It happens.
You're working for Blackwood.
Admit it.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
Guys... guys, listen to me.
You're tired. You're scared.
You're not thinking clearly.
Please just untie me,
and I'll explain everything.
You're acting crazy! You
don't know what you're doing.
Please, Claire...
He's up to something.
I know he knows something
and we're going to fucking
figure it out, okay?
Figure it out.
- Do you think it's just him?
- Could be.
Could be others. They could be
watching us right now.
There could be secret rooms
all over this place.
Secret rooms! Will you listen
to yourselves?
We've gotta get the truth
out of him.
And how are you going
to do that?
Take a guess.
This is life and death.
Do you want to play it nice
and end up like Marcus?
Ray's right.
If Amir's hiding something
we need to find out what it is.
And I think he's hiding
Listen to what you're saying.
What you're talking about doing
to a human being.
I'm already going to hell.
We can't do this.
We can't... Paul!
Paul, say something!
We can't do this.
No... no,
she's right.
We can't.
Fuck it, I'm doing it.
Ray... no!
Here's what's gonna happen,
right? I'm gonna take this
and every time you lie to me,
you're gonna get a little bit
- Please... please stop.
Please don't.
- Ray... no, no!
- Are you working for Blackwood?
- Ray, you can't do this. He's--
Are you working for Blackwood.
He's got a cure!
I'm working on something.
It's not a cure.
It's more of a stop-gap.
I think I can help us.
Buy us some time, at least.
Bullshit! No...
Nah, it's just another lie.
He'll say anything to get out
of this.
- No, you don't know that.
- Amir...
What's the idea?
It's a methyl iodide solution.
It's simple to make,
I can talk you through it.
No. I'm not taking anything
he cooks up. It'll probably
kill us on the spot.
I'll try it.
We'll make it, I'll test it.
What have we got to lose?
Okay, so it's at 75 degrees now,
what's next?
Start adding the iodine.
Slowly. Don't let it overheat.
We've only got one shot at this.
That was a very stupid thing
you did.
- You tripped the fuse.
- I didn't trip the fuse.
I saw you do it.
I needed Amir to fall asleep.
None of you believed me, I had
to prove he wasn't on the drug.
Are you going to tell
the others?
It's a sedative. Fast acting.
I'm waiting for Claire
to be distracted.
If you cover me,
then I can get to Amir.
Then we'll find out
if he's lying or not.
Damn, that's a lot better
than my plan.
I'm too fucking tired.
you're almost there.
Now add the last of the sulphate
and keep it at 70 degrees
until it's all distilled.
- Does that not hurt?
- No.
I mean, yeah. But...
It's good. It keeps me sharp.
So walk me through again
what's about to happen.
You take the formula,
it makes you stroke out.
Shot of tPA treats the stroke,
brings you back.
You should know though,
if it doesn't work, it'll kill
you instantly.
Yeah, I figured.
You know, I've been thinking.
Considering what we've been
through, if we had to do this
I probably wouldn't sign up
for this trial.
You know Blackwood get hundreds
of applicants for their
So when they asked me
to come on this trial,
I thought they saw someone
willing to put everything
into their career.
But maybe what they saw
was someone with no family,
no friends,
no connections to anyone.
Someone nobody would miss.
I feel like I've lived
my whole life wrong.
We get out of here,
we get a second chance.
I don't know what I'd do
with a second chance.
I don't even know what
I want anymore.
I just want to see
the sun again.
We've been in this basement
so long, it's become like
a distant memory.
That's not much of a goal.
It's a start.
I think...
I think it's ready.
After the shot, wait 30 seconds
before you give her the TPA.
- Vanessa!
- Vanessa...
- Get her up.
- Vanessa!
Vanessa... Vanessa!
Get the shot!
Amir, stop.
Amir, stop!
Go on...
Do it...
What do you want to know?
I'm the one with all the info,
Want me to tell you that
we're all gonna die here?
That our lives are just
data points on a spreadsheet?
That's it!
That's the big secret.
Claire... you alright?
- Claire...
- I'm fine.
I'm just gonna go and see
how much time we've got left.
Close your eyes, little girl
Go to sleep 'til the morning
Night is here, so am I
Keep you safe 'til the dawn
My name is Claire Brady.
This is a message for my Mum.
What was that song you used
to sing to me as a kid?
I always wondered
if you made it up.
Anyway, it's been stuck
in my head all night.
It's funny the things that
come back to you.
You were a real demon
when you'd been drinking.
But the rest of the time,
you were my Mum.
And I get it now.
How hard it must have been,
.. you couldn't stop.
.. even though every part of me
is fighting against it,
I just...
I just really want
to go to sleep.
Goddamn secret rooms...
Guys, you've gotta come
and see this.
We're on to something.
Just hold on,
okay? I'll be back.
Listen to me. You are not
just a stat in a spreadsheet.
They think we're nobodies,
wait till we're on every
news channel
telling our story.
We'll bring the whole
fucking company down.
It's an autopsy room.
I'm not listening to you.
You're only in my head.
But you're
the smartest one here, Amir.
Who else should you listen to,
if not your own head?
You're relying on that girl
to come and save you?
She's left you here, hasn't she?
Tied up,
all by yourself.
Even if they did find a way out,
do you think they'd let you
come with them?
The only way you're walking
out of here is alone.
Hey! Time is not
on your side here.
You need to take control
of the situation.
So that's it then, is it?
You're just giving up.
Frankly, I am disappointed.
You had so much promise.
This was a test Amir,
and you failed.
You can't control the group.
You can't handle
the sleep deprivation.
Didn't even notice the knife.
Thanks for being on my side.
I'm sorry I...
Sorry I couldn't...
They must use it to send up
the bodies after autopsy.
It's a way out.
It's a fucking way out!
- I'll go get the others--
- No, wait.
We can just go.
Right now...
You and me.
Read your note.
Ray and Amir are both
You know they are.
We're safer without them.
We have to start thinking about
ourselves. It's the only way
we'll survive.
This is it.
I'm going, I can feel it.
But you're going first.
I'm gonna make it hurt.
What was I doing?
Oh yeah.
I'll start with the eyes.
Amir, it's me.
Put down the knife.
Come on, now.
Just two more to go.
Come on...
Come on!
No! Paul!
This is Paul Murray,
making my final recording.
I am the last survivor of
Blackwood Labs trial BRN14.
If I don't...
if I don't survive,
on this phone, is the only--
On this phone is
the only true record...
The only true record of what
happened here.
Thank you for your patience.
The lockdown has now ended.
Is this real?
Facility is clear.
All team, regroup by the door.
Okay, let's go.
Christ, watch out--
After a four
month investigation,
Blackwood Pharmaceuticals
were today cleared
of any wrongdoing,
in the incident at
a Research Facility,
which left six dead,
and one in a coma
with little chance of recovery.
The investigation concluded
that Doctor Ellen Burke
had been running a rogue trial,
and Blackwood had no knowledge
of her actions.
Blackwood released
the following statement.
We feel vindicated,
but still mourn the great loss
of life
in this senseless tragedy.
Hopefully, this puts an end
to any conspiracy theories
which are an insult
to both the victims
and their families.
Blackwood remain committed
to our vision
of a brighter future,
through better medicine.
Nothing will stand in our way.