Double Down South (2022) Movie Script

Everything she told us
was true.
Same time, it was all a lie.
And yeah, she could be tough.
But in this world,
she had to be.
Hey, welcome to Nick's.
I'm-- I'm Little Nick.
You got that letter?
You come to shoot pool?
Didn't come to adopt a puppy.
Of course.
Uh, what's your game?
I'm partial to eight-ball.
For now, I'd just like
to practice some.
Practice some comin up.
You want somethin to drink?
I'm good.
Doing better than that.
Sorry about that, maam.
Set up at this, uh, table
in the corner.
It's six an hour, in advance.
You want a game, just find me
or ask the old man there.
House gets 10% of the action.
What's the what-for for that?
Lot of places, a man
don't make it to his vehicle
with his winnins intact.
That don't happen here.
I've heard tell a rough episode
or two.
Well, it's pool, ain't it?
But in general,
nothin' happens here
that Nick don't want to happen.
You're referrin to yourself
in the third person?
Uh, no, no, ma'am.
I'm-- I'm Little Nick.
I'm referrin
to Nick that owns the place.
You got some pop.
Where'd you learn
to shoot like this?
Man I know showed me.
That man got any claim on you?
No man's got a claim on me
and never will.
That's a pretty forward question
for someone who just met.
Privilege of ownership.
I'm Nick.
How many Nicks
y'all got around here?
Only one that matters, though.
What brought you here?
My truck.
You just deliberately opaque,
that's your deal?
I just don't like tellin
total strangers my life story.
I did hear if you wanna
get good at keno,
this is the place.
Well, your hearing's
real good then.
Which one
of you show ponies wanna
give this gal some instruction?
Depends on the kind you mean.
- I'll show her.
- I'll show her.
Yeah, I bet you will.
Sheila, get this girl a beer
on the house.
Appreciate it,
but I don't drink.
She don't drink.
Well, get her a sweet tea,
Come find me when you're done
and let me know what you think.
Pinch yourselves, ladies.
I'm Bobby.
I can see that.
Have you ever
played keno before?
Not as much as I'd like.
Every play seems
to have different rules.
Well, it's pretty simple.
Conceptually, the idea
is just to shoot a ball
up onto the board and then--
Yeah, and--
and get the, uh, ball
into the same numbered hole.
O-- or the, uh, double hole,
but keep in mind,
the double hole only wins
on the break.
Well, I was in the process
of sayin' that.
Well, then just say it.
Can I try it?
-Yeah, please, sure.
The board is greased lightnin.
It is.
Now, try again. Softer.
Y'all are payin for this table.
Let me pay my share.
Oh, no. Wouldn't hear of it.
Uh, please be our guest.
That's mighty kind.
Thank you.
Wrong hole, though, right?
Yeah, but you're gettin it.
I mean, it may look simple,
but this is the hardest shot
in pool, bar none.
Yeah, especially the double.
I mean, if you just miss that
by a teeny weeny bit,
I mean,
that ball just loops out.
-Can we try a game?
What's the stakes?
Uh, 10 a game,
but you know what?
-You're just learning, so--
-That's fine.
It's the best way to learn.
- Well, yeah.
- It's my break, so--
-No, it is my break.
Could you just go?
Now, watch how he racks,
because in keno,
rackin is critical.
The 14 and 5 balls usually go
on the outside
'cause the 5 and 14 holes
are right next
to the double hole.
So if you miss a double,
you might get a winner anyway.
Whoa, double, Bobby!
Good shot.
Well, so he hit a double
on the break,
which doubles the bet,
and, uh, until he misses,
he keeps goin.
So I don't even get
to shoot yet?
No, ma'am, not until I miss.
But I don't feel right takin
your money.
Why not?
I feel fine takin yours.
20, Old Nick.
Can't smoke in here.
He's smokin.
I didn't say he can't smoke.
I said you can't smoke.
Fuck you.
Oh, what the fuck, man?
You want some more?
You wanna go?
-You wanna go?
I'm goin to the fuckin cops,
you motherfucker!
You go call the cops,
you big fat fuck!
Let me know how that works out
for you.
Little Nick, get over here.
Come on.
Sweep this up
before we burn the house down.
- Fuck you, motherfucker!
- Enjoy the day.
Another double, Bobby.
Two in a row!
You're good.
- Well, um.
- Oh, um.
What now?
So that's his second double
in a row,
uh, which means the bet
doubles again.
See, as long as the shooter
keeps makin' doubles
and doesn't miss,
the bet keeps doublin.
And I don't get
to quit until he misses?
So that's the trap in keno?
Yes, ma'am.
But if that wasn't clear,
we can drop it.
No, no, no.
I asked to learn. I'm learnin.
Uh, all right. 40, Nick.
-Did you just miss on purpose?
-No way.
I think Steve here hosed me
on the rack.
Your shot.
Yeah. Good shot!
-My break?
-Yes, ma'am.
Here you go.
10, Nick! Right?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Ten!
Anyone wanna help me rack?
I'll help you.
But, ma'am, you should know
you can only quit
when it's your turn.
So if you shoot now and miss,
he can start doublin up
on you all over again.
So you suggestin I stop?
Only if you wanna
keep your money.
Nicely played, gents.
Thanks for the tutorial.
Ma'am, now we weren't tryin
to hustle you, I promise.
I didn't say you were.
I said, Nicely played.
Well, I didn't see you at all,
but that was interestin.
Where you from?
Not around here.
You got some cute powers
of observation.
She has some attitude.
Thanks. I work hard on it.
Dollars to donuts,
she's a womans libber.
No offense, but my attitude's
none of your damn business.
Here you go. I almost forgot.
I put it in a cup for you.
For the road.
Hey, what's with
the cell service here?
We're at the epicenter
of Shitsville, honey.
This is the land time forgot.
Why you gonna be that way
so much like that?
I heard the fellas here didn't
wanna take your money,
but you gave it to em' anyway.
Now, normally I'd say
you was hustlin them,
but you just got up
and walked away without a fuck.
That's 'cause I wasn't
hustling them.
You in a hurry to get somewhere?
I'm in no hurry to stay here
if that's what you want.
Well, you lost some dough,
so why don't you let the house
treat you to some supper?
I like the house,
but I'm not particularly hungry
at the moment.
This is the only place for food
for miles, and miles, and miles.
Come on, make the house happy.
There you go.
Make this pretty girl
a catfish sandwich!
I hear ya!
How's it goin out here?
Fine, sir.
Grab yourself a seat, missy.
Come on.
Here you go, sweet pea.
It's too greasy,
just let it sit a bit.
Thank you.
-Either of you want anything?
-I'm good.
If I would've wanted somethin,
I would've goddamn told you,
wouldn't I?
I don't know
what the fuck you do.
Jesus, mister.
Your attitude's none
of my business,
so mine should be none of yours.
Now listen, may not look it,
but this place
is doin real good.
Mm, nobody'd ever guess
any different.
Low overhead,
big stakes players all the time.
Don't have
to worry about the law.
It's makin' a pretty penny,
believe you me.
Mm, when you hit the cover
of Fortune magazine,
be sure to let me know.
But even a successful
could use an attraction.
And we think,
with the right guidin hand,
you could be one.
An attraction?
What do I look like here, Shamu?
A keno attraction.
Occasional eight-ball maybe,
but keno.
I don't know if you noticed,
but I just kinda lost my ass
at keno.
Still quite the ass.
And we did see what happened.
You hardly knew keno,
but you got great pool skills
and you're a hell
of a quick learner.
You even won a game off those
Those crackers went easy on me
'cause I'm a woman.
Whatever, that ain't the point.
What is the point?
Come on, missy, you ain't blind.
You're a looker,
and you can play.
So let's make some money.
We'll give you a room.
We'll train you.
And if you come through
like we think, we'll back you.
Cover your losses.
We'll share in your winnins,
of course.
And watch this clientele
just grow.
Maybe put in a stripper pole
for me.
Or rename the place
Three Nicks Nookie Nook?
That's a good idea.
You know what?
Thanks for the offer
for supper,
but I'm not takin that either.
Oh, come on, girl,
I was just kiddin'.
I'm not!
Jesus Christ.
Boy, go get her.
Go on.
Ma'am? Ma'am?
Hey, ma'am? Ma'am!
Jesus Christ! You okay?
Holy shit.
Fine. Hazard of one eye.
-Oh, God! Shit.
-Okay, stop movin then.
Am I bleedin?
Hold still.
You good. You okay?
Hey, listen, I couldn't help
overhearin your conversation
back there,
and I think
you should reconsider.
I bet you do.
Nick-- not Old Nick,
he's decent, but--
But Nick's an ordinary son
of a bitch, to be sure,
but when he wants somethin,
he can be different.
And I'm tellin' you,
y'all could make a shit ton
of money.
You saw what happened in there.
Word gets around that
you're staked here,
players come like flies
to honey.
Staked how?
Nick's money backin you.
His protection, too.
Protection from who? The cops?
Nah, Nick paid off the cops.
Protection from varmints tryin
to mash you.
What about protection from Nick?
He ain't no saint,
but he's too damn smart
to hurt his own golden goose,
if you don't mind
the comparison, maam.
Back up a little.
I don't wanna lose my mirror.
Will you
at least think about it?
Come back in!
We can talk about it!
You can spend the night
for free!
Put some ice on that.
You're makin' a mistake!
Uh, you came back.
Didn't hear you drive up.
I did indeed drive up.
Well, I-- I'll go tell Nick.
Hasn't made any donuts
in a long time.
-You burned that.
-Uh, it is--
Whyd you do that?
Hey, hey, well, come on in!
- Good mornin.
- Welcome, welcome.
Good mornin, right here,
sit by me if you don't mind.
Got business to talk about.
So the boy here tells me
you've given up
on the woman's movement.
Cept for the one
that men care about most.
Cute, cute.
I ain't givin up on shit.
Then why'd you come back?
Not for your charm.
For the money.
With the doublin up and all,
Keno's the biggest money game
in pool.
And folks say this
is the keno capital
of the world, so--
It is. Of the world!
So as off puttin as you are,
this is where I gotta be.
Sheila, Sheila, we're tryin
to have a conversation here.
- Oh?
- Can't you see that?
Well, bless your little hearts.
I see exactly what you're doin.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You two married?
-Fuck no!
-Fuck no!
Sure act like it.
before we make this arrangement,
I need to know, missy,
that you will hustle.
If by hustlin you mean
sandbaggin a liar or a cheat,
I got no truck.
If you mean takin some
greenhorn for a ride
just 'cause he's green,
I did it on ocassion,
but not anymore.
Even if said greenhorn
would take some enjoyment
in hustlin you he you could.
Not unless there's some kinda
justice in it.
What-- what--
what the hell does that mean?
Well, you got some kinda
conceptual constipation?
It means levelin the scales
deliverin' a bad man his karma,
that kinda thing.
Hell, the only karma I know
is a slut.
When she was blowin me,
she was good karma.
And when she gave me the clap,
she was bad karma.
Well, I hope you got that
taken care of.
You know, if this
is gonna be a deal breaker,
then let's stop wastin
a good morning.
All right, all right,
all right. Come on, sit down.
Just hang on and don't put
your panties in a knot.
I can work with you
on this unless--
Unless you're playin me.
Playing you?
You invited me here.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Oh, oh, shit!
- Oh, all right, it's all right.
- Shit, shit, shit!
Oh! Is there any place, missy,
that you need to be?
'Cause you need to be here.
You need to learn the game
of keno, right?
You need to be available
to play at any time.
And when you're ready,
if you're ready,
we're gonna get the word out
that you're a keno ace.
And we will cover your losses.
So you're gonna get a room,
not a great room,
but you're gonna have a room,
and board, and a quarter
of your winnings.
All right,
how much would that be ballpark?
Well, it depends
on how good you get.
I mean, I've seen men come
in here and drop, what,
20, 30 grand one night.
-Oh, hell, easy.
- Easy.
- Easy.
Since you're not a--
the generous type,
why would you cover my losses?
Well, it's a trade-off
for your winnings.
And it's a smart thing to do
because it gives you an edge.
See, most men have the fear
of losing, but you won't.
Now, what's drivin this, honey?
Is it you wanna just get rich?
Call me a sap.
Friend of mine, pool player,
got cleaned out.
I aim to win some big stakes
and get him even.
Lucky man.
You're a sap.
How much you need, lady?
If I can wave 150 grand.
It's a lot of dough.
You better get real good.
I don't know if you have what
it takes to beat that level
of high-stakes player.
Why is that?
Well, there's a reason
why keno is a man's game.
This should be rich.
Men do all the huntin,
don't they?
'Cause we're better
at hittin targets than women.
That's a load of horseshit.
You know, most men
can't even hit the toilet
when they're pissin.
Well, maybe not him,
but it's a fact.
Men are better than women.
If that's a fact...
you don't think I can handle
the best,
what the hell you want me for?
Honey, darlin, we don't need
you to be the best.
We just need you to be hot
and just a little bit better
than whoever we pick
to play you.
How good are you under pressure?
Good point.
When I was, uh, comin up,
my daddy regularly told me
hed put a ball in my skull
if I missed a big shot.
I didn't miss.
Well, then welcome.
Fuck off.
All right, let's go.
Sheila, go help her out here.
Like I ain't got nothin' else
to do?
I'll get my things.
Yeah, take it to her room, boy.
Go help her.
Easy, easy.
You keep an eye on her.
Tain't no bathroom out here.
Use the one in the main house.
I got enough to do around here,
so clean up after yourself.
Oh, shit.
Get a bulb.
Not great is right.
I-- I need somethin,
and you're not around,
just ask the rats?
You do say exactly what's
on your mind, don't you?
All right, then.
Can I say somethin?
And I do mean this
in the friendliest of ways.
I see the way my Nick looks
at you.
-I catch you looking back--
-Oh, Sheila.
You're gonna have more problems
than rats.
I got no designs on your man.
Just see to it that you don't.
All right, here you go.
Trash heaps over yonder.
Save the trap.
I don't think she likes me.
Follow me.
We don't open till around 2:00,
So, uh, we're gonna do this
in here.
Hey, boy!
Give me a hand with the board,
will ya?
Hey, Little Nick!
Man, this is your lucky day.
Look over here.
Look what I got you.
Custom made for you.
-Real hip-lookin.
-Real hip-lookin.
Put this lens in your pocket
so when you're outside,
you got sunglasses.
So, missy, how in the world
did you find this place?
Up in Nashville,
a guy gave me a flyer.
-Said he played here.
-Copy that.
Think that could have been
Fuck Burkees.
Blonde guy, tall, 30s?
Um, tall, 30s,
but dark hair.
Well, Burkees might have dyed
his hair.
Enough of Burkees.
Now, that power game
you got goin on
might be good
for intimidatin people
when you're playin eight-ball
or nine-ball,
but keno is all finessed.
Now, my playin days is over,
'cause, well, my natural bridge
is kinda fucked up.
So I use a wooden one now.
Come on down here.
Get down on that stance.
You got a good bridge workin
for you now.
As low as I did.
That bridge goin.
Get back from that ball, okay?
Now we're gonna do it together
here now, okay?
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Back, forth.
Back, forth.
Back, forth.
Back, forth.
Back, forth.
Back, forth.
You're a piece of shit, Nick.
Now, you're gonna practice
a couple 200,000 times,
then I'm gonna come back
and check on you.
Boy, if you're gonna drool
every time you look at her,
then put that lens
in the glasses,
and turn your head around,
and face the wall.
I'll be back.
Hey. Come here.
No, get the fuck away.
- Come here.
- No.
- Calm down!
- Get out!
Calm down!
My, my.
Here, uh, let me show you
some tips for rackin.
No panacea or anything,
but give you a good shot
at the double hole as any
player on the planet.
That's a $100 word.
You in school?
Quit. Long time ago.
But I do like to read.
With my good eye.
How did you lose the other one?
Long story.
So, what you wanna do,
you wanna get the rack
about yay far behind that dot
on the table right there, right?
And then, uh--
Uh, and then you
pull the, uh, balls
out of the middle like that.
Okay? You wanna try?
So, uh, Nick givin you
a piece of my winnins or...
Uh, I wish.
What's your stake in this?
Tips and such?
For now.
-That's pretty good.
-Thank you.
-You should break it.
-I think I will.
You believe that shit Nick
was spoutin
about women not being capable?
I try not to, ma'am.
At least you're honest.
So, who's the best high-stakes
player in the world right now?
Well, a few years ago
I was headin there.
Not anymore.
So, who is?
In the whole wide world?
Now, I tell you one thing,
Nick used to be
in that conversation.
Now you ask 20 people,
some'll say Tony Rooster Rose,
others say Beaumont DuBinion.
My opinion?
You know, I'm asking you,
aren't I?
Well, I've seen Tony a few times
and he's impressive,
don't get me wrong.
Keep in mind,
DuBinion played here only once.
But if any man or woman
in the world is better than him,
I wouldn't know how.
Well, then if I wanna
be the best,
I gotta beat DuBinion.
That ain't gonna happen.
If I'd easily hurt feelings,
I'd say you just hurt 'em.
I'm sorry, I didnt--
I didn't mean it personal
or nothin.
You-- you may--
you may get good enough.
That's for sure.
But, uh, I just don't think
DuBinion's comin back here
is all after what happened.
What happened?
Now you can't tell anybody that
you heard this from me, okay?
But, uh...
I'd feel remiss
if I didn't warn you
about the man
you're dealin with here.
What man? Nick?
Is this how Nick
lost his fingers?
Some boys up in Memphis
chopped em' off
a few months ago.
Here we go.
This was before that.
I gotta say from the outset
that Nick and Old Nick
did not do enough reconnoiterin
when it came to
Beaumont DuBinion.
- Right in, welcome.
- Quite a name.
Pride of Mobile, Alabama.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Beaumont DuBinion.
- Well, well.
- Come on now. Come on now.
Thank you, thank you.
See, Nick knew he was black,
and I think that blinded him
to the reality.
See, more than any man before
or after that,
Nick wanted
to take that black man down.
this DuBinion fella's like
Nick's polar opposite.
Friendly, big smile.
Good afternoon.
How's everybody doin?
All right.
Well, I'm hopin
we can all provide y'all
with some quality entertainment
I'm Nick.
- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
Appreciate the invitation.
Now-- thank you.
Sheila, take that coat.
Folks tell me that, uh,
the house rules
in my neck of the woods
is different from y'all's here.
Now, we say a man doubles up
five times in a row,
then he's earned out.
But if he wants to go on
and try for more,
the doublin starts over.
here we'd call them pussy rules.
I mean, here we just
keep doublin and doublin
as long as a man can do it.
Now, not a lot
of fellas around here,
cept me, can get to five,
much less more.
You hear the fishin in that?
Man is hopin to glean
some of my secrets.
Tell you what, you wanna know
what I'm capable of,
you're gonna have to pay
to see it.
Now, we can start with, say,
500 a game.
Start wherever you want,
as long as we play
by the house rule.
Your house, your rules.
Lag for break?
No. No.
What kind of a host would I be
if I didn't say your choice?
That's mighty hospitable of you.
Thank you.
I'll break.
I can tell you somethin
right now, though.
I ain't quittin
until I cleaned you out.
Well, then we could be here
forever then.
Come on. Come on.
Mr. DuBinion wins $1,000.
Hes probably
All right. Here we go.
Goin for two in a row now.
I can count.
Come on, baby.
Mr. DuBinion wins $2,000.
Yeah. That's it.
That's a double for Nick!
Watch your back
'cause I'm comin up behind you.
That's a miss.
Mr. DuBinion's shot.
Thats so fuckin close.
I fuckin had that.
It was one of
the longest matches anyone
in these parts ever seen.
Three days nonstop.
It went back and forth,
and back and forth,
until the truth began
to show it's face.
DuBinion was Nicks better.
This fuckin asshole.
Huh, well,
that's five doubles now, mister.
I'd love to go on for another,
but from the look of things,
pussy rules or not,
you can't afford it.
You got any more money
or are you done?
How much is he shootin' for now?
He doubles, it'd be 64,000.
How much we got left?
Five or six grand, give or take.
Now I got 50,000 upstairs.
Can you cover the rest?
He's whoopin your ass.
Take your medicine
and call it a day.
I didn't ask you
for your advice.
I asked you
if you got nine grand.
Yeah. You pay me back.
Go for it, mister.
You better not fuckin miss.
You watch him now.
You know, some folks say that,
you didn't think a black man
could best you.
That the way you feel?
I wouldn't have volunteered it,
but now that you ask me, yeah.
Well, in that case, I'm gonna
have to disabuse you of that.
You better have.
Yeah, it's gonna be good.
Come on. Come on.
- That's a miss.
- It's Nick's shot.
Yeah, well,
ain't that the shits?
I mean,
all that white man's money
almost in your pocket.
Wait a fuckin minute!
Lift up that board!
What are you talkin about?
Lift up the board!
There's somethin underneath
that board!
Right there, lift up that board!
There's somethin underneath
that board!
Lift up what?
Uh, you tilted the board now!
Did you put that there?
Bullshit! He threw off my shot!
Yeah, no wonder,
I'm missin so many shots.
- He threw off my shot!
- You put that there!
-You callin me a cheater?
What was that?
Everybody, get the fuck out!
That son of a bitch cheated me
with that coin.
Yall saw it.
I appreciate your help.
I thought they was dead.
Then just before dawn,
they up and drove out of here.
Ain't seen hide nor hair
of em' since.
I heard old DuBinion
got beat up so bad,
he lost both his kidneys.
Heard he had to get a donor
or he'd a died.
And everyone around these parts
believes it was DuBinion
who messed with the board?
You, too?
Well, he sure paid a price
for it.
This man you're workin for,
we're workin for--
He can be awful.
Then why do you stay?
Because he takes care of me.
I ain't got no other prospects.
I suppose right now you're
asking yourself whether
or not you should stay here.
Accustomed to mean,
but that is crossin my mind.
Well, like I told you before,
if Nick ain't got no reason
to hurt you, he probably won't.
Dont love hangin my hat on
but I need to do this,
so I'm just stickin around.
Why you need this so bad?
Who's this guy you're tryin
to help?
Long story.
All right.
Meantime, you see somethin bad
a comin, you find me.
Likewise, I see somethin,
I'll let you know.
I appreciate that.
You're sweet.
Folks call me padiddle
or cyclops, lighthouse.
I think that's my favorite.
Nobody ever called me sweet.
Well, don't argue with me
or I'll take it back.
Told ya,
you need a breath routine
to find your rhythm.
Just remember,
good breath, stroke.
Pretty close.
Rack again?
All right.
That's enough practice.
You should be ready.
So later tonight,
we're gonna see, missy.
She's been practicin
all of two weeks.
Think she can beat us?
Is that what you're sayin',
sweet cheeks?
be careful what you call her.
She bites.
I'm not sayin' anything.
I hope I can give you a run
for your money, though.
Don't kid yourself.
I'm just sayin' I might.
All right, Douche. You're first.
Well, yeah,
unless you're too tender
to play someone called Douche.
Whatever you guys call
each other is your business.
I know I'm callin this
a fuckin waste of time.
So can we get this over with?
You got a real name like John
or Dave or somethin'?
Nothin' you need
to worry yourself with.
What are we playin for?
Well, since I'm ridin'
both of you--
Well, maybe not you yet.
Um, let's just play
for braggin' rights.
How about she loses,
she gets the fuck gone?
Lag, Douche.
You watchin?
Pretty good, pretty good.
You can't beat that.
I'll break.
I do get to try, don't I?
Come on.
It's total fuckin luck.
I guess I get why
you call him Douche.
More I see this gal,
the more I like.
Yeah, more I feel the opposite.
Look at the way she racks.
She ain't got a prayer.
She's got balls, give her that.
Is she gonna shoot?
Winner, Diana!
I guess they're not gonna
call you Douche the Diviner.
What do you call him?
Tell her.
Bag. We call him Bag.
Of course you do.
Well, you're a fast learner,
I'll give you that.
I mean,
Douche ain't no world burner,
but he's a player.
Little Nick here's
a good teacher.
She's a killer hard worker,
Where them sunglasses
I gave you, boy?
I sat on em'.
He sat on em'.
Jesus Christ.
See if I ever give you
a gift again.
By the way,
here's that, uh, flyer that man
showed me.
Let me see.
Oh, yeah, I've seen that.
Ah, it's the oldie but a goodie.
That's Burkees.
Look, there's Douche.
Hey, Sheila!
I want you to get Douche's
stuff and get it outside here,
and bring Diana's things into
the big house.
can't they do it themselves?
You don't need to do that.
I'm fine out here.
I know I don't have to do it,
but I'm gonna do it.
He wouldn't want no room
he didn't earn.
Would you, Douche?
Fuck you.
Just go fuck you both.
Seriously, I don't wanna
take his room away from him.
It's not your call.
Hey, Nick!
These show ponies
gettin all soft thinkin'
that their positions
secure out here, but it ain't.
That goes for you, too.
It goes for everybody,
don't it, boy?
Yes, sir.
Hey, Nick, come down here.
-What, you calling me?
-I'm calling you.
I want you to set a match
for Diana here
against Harvey Block.
And invite some spectators.
You really wanna
put her through that?
She good,
but she ain't ready!
I ain't askin' your opinion,
old man.
Just set the match up.
Hit me if you want,
but Old Nick's right.
Match with Block's premature.
Okay, somebody wanna
tell me who this Block fella is
or just keep talkin like
I'm not here?
He's a rich motherfucker.
The Prince of Darkness.
Likes whips and shit.
He's a scary, sick,
intimidatin' fuckhead.
Well, she just beat Douche.
I mean,
he's fairly intimidatin.
Was intimidatin, maybe,
back in the day,
but not like Block.
Douche is all bluster, sir.
She picked up
on that right away.
Kid's right there.
No man who lets you call him
Douche is intimidatin.
Block's different.
All right, drop the psycho
analysis of the psycho!
What you fail to grasp here
is the level
of our attraction we got.
Now, yeah,
you might be over your head,
but not everybody loves Block.
He's got a lot
of haters out there,
and if you beat him,
your reputation will explode.
And if you lose, well,
then your rematch
will get even more attention.
Little Nick, if you wanna
be part of my management,
you gotta start thinkin'.
You might be missin an eye,
you're not missing a brain.
-Do you hear me?
-Yes, sir.
All right, set that match up
between her
and that basement weirdo.
You got any painkillers?
Oh, my God, what happened?
-Fuckin Nick.
-I'm fine.
Nose is broke.
Might lose a tooth.
It'll grow back.
Nick said he ain't tryin'
Disrespectin his investment.
That true?
That's fuckin bullshit.
He ain't doin shit
for me anymore.
Ain't gettin me games.
I'm fuckin-- Sheila, it fuckin'
hurts when you're doin that!
Then you take care of yourself.
Thank you.
All right, come on, boy.
Let's clean up inside.
Here, take one of these.
What is it?
You know, crossin' Nick's
kinda dumb if you ask me.
He took all my money.
He's got no right to do that.
I don't think rights got much
to do with things Nick-wise.
I say get away now,
far as you can.
If I stay in the world of pool,
he'll find me, wherever I go.
- Then get out.
- I can't.
I ain't good at nothin' else.
Besides, you're just tryin' to
get rid of competition, right?
If you need another one,
let me know.
Son of a bitch is comin.
Hey, Blocks a-comin, Nick!
You hear me?
I heard you, you old goat!
Well, then say so, god damn it!
You okay, honey?
You done eat somethin' bad?
Every day since I've been here.
No, this is just nerves.
Get em' every time
before a big match.
My daddy made damn sure of that.
these don't flatter me no more.
Thought you might could use em'.
What's that?
I just slipped carryin' a tray.
Tell me or I'll ask Nick myself.
We had a few choice words about
some things is all.
- Let me see.
- No, it's all right.
I gave him some back.
Don't say anything to him.
It's only gonna make
matters worse.
So this, uh, Block fella
you're playin',
he is a real perv.
He's gonna like this getup
way too much
to focus on keno, get my drift.
I don't know.
- Uh, it's your call.
- It's just a thought.
It'll be better for all of us,
though, if you win.
Block's on the way.
Brought you this here for luck.
An actual rabbit's foot,
Hey, it's a thing for a reason.
Lotta good it's done you.
Thank you.
So he says to me, Harv,
join the League of Women Voters.
You'll be the only man there.
The odds are good.
I said, The odds may be good,
but the goods are odd.
Harvey, this is Diana.
That's Harvey Block,
our local sick fuck.
Holy shit!
Look at you.
That's a great belly ring.
Complete with a provocative
little scar there.
So what's it from?
Result of a brawl.
Nick, you said she was pretty.
You didn't say she was
the hottest piece of poon
ever flashed the ground
neath a woman's feet.
Did he just say that?
Yeah, he's a real charmer.
I got an idea.
You win, I'll pay the bet.
I win, you come to my basement
and we'll hit that double hole
together all night long.
Mister, I came to play keno.
The only way I'm gonna end up
in your basement is dead.
I'm open to that.
-Fuck this.
-Uh, no, I got it, I got it.
Did I-- did I say something
to offend her?
Hey, Diana.
Come on, come here.
That's the vilest man
I've ever met.
And you didn't have my back!
Come on,
you're toughern this.
You are.
You've chewed up mashers
like him for breakfast.
Mashers is one thing.
Twisted fucks is another!
Come on.
He's into S&M
so he likes punishment.
So why don't we punish him
and take all his money?
I wouldn't mind touchin' her.
All right.
Welly, welly, looks like
my basement prospects
are improvin'.
Just, Harve, play keno.
You got it.
I'm just admirin' what you put
there for me to see.
Get out of her shot, Harve.
-Get out of her shot.
-Okay, okay, okay.
While I do try not to stare
at them great titties.
Miss. Mr. Block's shot.
Oh, too bad, four lips.
Whoa there!
You son of a bitch,
I've had it!
-No, no, no, no!
-I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!
Girl, calm down!
I'm gonna stick a cue stick
far up your ass!
Thats it, some more
refreshments, everybody!
Fuck you!
No, not now, honey! Later!
Shut the fuck up, Harve!
Jesus, fucking cunt.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey!
What the fuck
is the matter with you?
What the fuck
is the matter with me?
-He's a freak!
-I told you she weren't ready.
- Hell, I'm not!
- So did I.
All right, all right.
Don't ever goddamn tell me
I told you so.
Okay, just calm down, son.
She's bettern him!
She can wipe the table with him.
All we're sayin'
is you gotta calm down.
That's 20 grand of my money!
My money!
He's just intimidatin
the shit out of her.
And she's fuckin'
this whole thing up
with a goddamn temper.
We hear you.
Let us talk.
I backed you because I thought
you was tough and smart.
Did I fuck that up?
Fuck him,
I'm not goin' back in there.
And we don't blame you, do we?
Say the word,
I'll punch Block's face out.
Yeah, but here's the deal.
It's a strategy, see?
And he's doin' it on purpose!
'Cause Nick's right,
you're bettern him.
But he done got
to you the moment you walked in
and he's just milkin it.
What am I supposed to do?
He's an insult to all women.
-You want to beat him?
-No shit!
Then calm down.
See, his weakness
and jump on it,
but you got
to get over yourself!
Get out.
Get out and let me think.
You-- you comin back out,
ain't you?
You know, in the good ole days,
the Greeks took a vote
to see who had more pleasure
with sex, men or women?
And you know what they decided?
What'd they decide?
Holy fucking shit.
You ready to play, sweet boy?
I'm, uh...
- Um.
- I'm, uh...
Uh, uh.
What, you never seen a woman
dress like this before?
So does this...
Does this mean
what I hope it means?
No, it means whatever you want,
- Double the stakes?
- Nick?
Yeah, we're good.
Uh, sure.
Scratch. Diana's shot.
Ooh, that was real close, honey.
Damn, if I don't have this
five ball right here.
Winner, Diana.
Looky there.
I win.
Could you just back off?
Well, I'm just lookin at
what you put there
for me to see.
Okay, I'll move.
Oh, and, Harve,
fore you shoot, and miss,
and lose all your money,
I notice you've been admirin
my belly ring.
See what it is?
It's a rack.
And some little balls
on a chain.
You make this shot
and I'll give em' to you,
'cause they're a hell
of a lot bigger than yours.
Go on.
That was you.
Hey, man.
Thank you so much.
Hey. Hows it goin?
Ladies and gentlemen, Diana!
Good win.
Get your ass up here, Nick.
There we go.
Where you been, old fella?
Get off the table!
It's okay.
I'm refurbishin it tomorrow.
Get the fuck down!
Get down,
off that fuckin' thing!
Turn this shit off!
How's a man supposed to sleep?
Oh, come on, Nick, celebrate!
We just skunked that man!
You skunked him.
Get out! Now!
All right, folks, party's over.
-I know. I know.
What the hell's his problem?
Uh, he don't know
how to have fun.
Never has.
Unless hes the center
of attention.
Of course.
Hey, uh, can you give me a hand
with somethin'?
So what the hell's
goin' on here?
What'd you mean?
Nick, Old Nick, Little Nick.
Y'all related?
This a cult?
What's the deal?
You're into it kinda deep,
but late to be askin' now,
don't you think?
Yet I am indeed askin'.
Old Nick and Nick
are father and son.
I'm just a stray they took in
after my folks died.
Lucky you.
Does he own this place
or Old Nick?
It was originally Old Nick's.
He was always gonna
will it to Nick,
but Nick badgered the old man
into deedin' it to him early.
After a while, Old Nick
just turned into a doormat.
And what about you?
I came here when I was 12.
I was already a decent player,
and like you,
Nick considered me
an attraction.
I was The Kid.
Douche was just startin here
at the time,
and Nick's star was a hustler
named Berkees.
Guy on the flyer?
One night, Berkees played
stone, lost 12 grand,
and he made the mistake of
actin' like it was no big deal.
Next mornin',
Nick woke me up at dawn
and walked me out
to Berkees' trailer.
I knocked,
and when he opened the door,
Nick grabbed him by the hair,
slammed his face
into the sink faucet,
bam, bam!
Teeth was flyin',
eyeballs was flyin'.
It's the worst damn beatin'
I ever saw
with two eyes, anyway.
Now, Berkees never
showed up here again,
and nobody asked
what happened to him
'cause they was all
too afraid to.
Oh, my God.
So what exactly are you
stickin' around for?
Nick ain't got no kids.
He says he'll leave me the place
if I show him the proper
management skills.
You're like 20?
-And he's what, 50?
Have to saw him in half,
count his rings
to know for sure.
He could live to be a 100.
That's a long time
to be hangin' around.
Well, I got plans.
Nick, he's so damn cheap,
let this house go to hell.
But there's seven acres here,
and this area's hurtin'
for family entertainment.
See, I'm figurein',
fix the place up,
put in a dance hall,
some video games,
and outside,
a truck museum.
Truck museum?
Yeah! Vintage, big rigs!
You ever met a kid who
weren't dyin' to drive a truck?
Here, long as they can see
over the steering wheel,
they got an adult with em',
they can drive em'
all over the property.
-That's kinda cool.
You ask Nick about it?
Old Nick loves it.
Nick just whacked me
upside the head
and told me to take care
of the tables.
Hey, Diana.
Can I ask you somethin'?
Of course.
Can I kiss you?
It's just bein around you and--
and lookin at you.
-I don't know.
-Oh, Nick.
- Can I kiss you?
- Um...
-Shit, this fuckin' eye.
Nick, no. I can't.
No! Hey, don't be sorry.
I think you're wonderful.
You're straightforward
and you're honest.
In another world, another time,
this could have happened.
What's wrong with this world?
I'm too old.
You're too young.
And I got me somebody.
That guy you're tryin' to help.
And you love him?
Crazy about.
Do anything for him.
But, hey, somewhere out there,
there's a lucky girl
waitin' for you, I promise.
What girl'd feel lucky
gettin me?
Girl with one eye?
Come on.
Let's get this shit inside.
Douche, it's Diana. You decent?
Yeah, I'm cool. I'm cool.
Take this and get the hell out
of here.
What is it?
Gas money.
This is more'n gas money.
No way am I takin' this.
Then call it a loan.
You're on Nick's bad side,
and you gotta get out of here.
I told you I ain't got nowhere
else to go.
What about Florida, California?
I'd always be lookin' over
my shoulder.
Why? You owe money or somethin'?
No, but I know things.
Like what?
Things you're better off
not knowin'.
Well, you need to get goin',
so take that and use it.
I can't.
I take this and Nick finds it,
he'll kill me for holdin out
on him.
After my Grandpa Hyman.
Poor bastard.
Please don't spread that
around, okay?
Good night, Hyman.
What are you doin' in my room?
Y'all kept me up all night
with your celebratin'.
No point tryin' to sleep now.
Might as well talk.
Well, I'm talked out.
This won't take long.
Close the door.
Over here.
Come on.
What are you hidin'?
What do you mean?
Everyone's hidin' somethin'
or other.
This guy
you're supposedly helpin',
how come he's never around?
'Cause he doesn't know
I'm helpin' or where I am.
Are we gonna meet him?
If he finds me, sure.
Why, you're in for some
male company?
Let me see your cell phone.
What for?
I'm thinkin'
of gettin one just like it.
No, um, show me.
That's my contacts.
- Theres my recent calls.
- Recent calls.
Well, okay.
Whatever you're up to.
You refusin' to hustles
costin' us a lot of money.
What we just took off that
perverted piece of shit
wasn't enough for you?
There ain't no such thing
as enough.
I mean, if you would've just
worked with him a little bit.
You know what your problem is?
You arent thinkin' big enough.
Now what the hell's that
supposed to mean?
Hustlin's Loserville.
Once word gets out that
that's what we're doin',
only a matter of time
before I'm all used up.
Like Douche and Bag.
They've had their day.
What are you gettin' at?
You saw I got control
of my temper.
I did.
So let's go big.
Put the word out
I'm the best keno player alive.
Lure in the greatest players
with the biggest egos, wallets.
Tony Rooster Rose Rebel,
that-- that man from Mobile.
hed never comin' back here.
My point is...
big players doublin up
for big cash.
That is your dream,
isn't it?
Let's go big.
Oh, I can go big.
But you better deliver.
I gotta get some sleep.
Come on.
Want a sweet tea?
For the road?
Nick, four grand.
Four grand.
Oh, yeah.
She burns everything every
fuckin' time.
I love her, but, man.
Hey, hey.
What you got?
I kinda like bankin' that 10.
I prefer the 12, easier shot.
Okay, let's see it.
I hear--
That you braggin' that you got
the best keno shooter
in the world.
Holy shit.
From my perch, I take that
as a personal slander
'cause I'm the best.
Well, well, well.
I never thought you'd have
the guts to show your face
in here again.
I saw your new flyer.
A woman? Really?
Yeah, oh, yeah. Uh-huh.
Flyers never lie.
Flyers don't cheat.
You know, you don't seem
as relaxed this time around.
No, I'm not.
But I seem to have caught you
with your pants down, didn't I?
'Cause I don't see your guard
out front.
You trying to think stupid,
Sheriff's gonna know it was you.
Oh, yeah, I'm quakin
in my fuckin' boots.
All I'm here to do
is shoot keno,
you son of a bitch.
You ready?
Diana, this here's Mr. DuBinion.
Just kick his ass.
Oh, come on, five, up you go.
Get up there.
Damn it!
Miss. Mr. DuBinion's shot.
Huh, she talks to the ball.
You teach her that one, Nick?
Won't do her no good no way.
You wanna know why, honey?
It's 'cause the balls--
Only listen to me.
Get up there, 14.
-Mr. DuBinion.
Fuck off.
Miss. Mr. DuBinion's turn.
Double. Mr. DuBinion.
Double. Mr. DuBinion.
Double. Mr. DuBinion.
That's how many doubles?
Uh, four.
And how much money am I winnin?
Uh, 30,000.
You mean 32,000.
Well, get it right then!
Hey, treat me however you want,
but you don't need to be mean
to the boy.
You shootin'
for this bastard here
and you wanna be lecturin' me?
Keep your damn thoughts
to yourself.
Miss. Diana's shot.
Okay, wait a minute, boy.
How many she missed
in a row now?
Uh, doubles? Three.
How many regular shots?
Three also.
We're done.
DuBinion, take your money
and get the fuck out.
We're done.
Nick, I can beat him.
We're done, we're done, girl.
I said, We're done.
Fuck this.
DuBinion, take your money.
We're done.
fuckin' dick.
She's not gonna shake
the winner's hand?
You still owe me,
you son of a bitch.
fuckin' dick.
Piece of shit.
Hey, we're done here!
Get your shit and get out.
They told me you couldn't
handle the big time.
I should've listened to em'.
Get the fuck gone.
Hang on!
I can beat these guys.
You know I got the skills!
I believed in you
and you choked.
You're not ready
and never will be.
Well, how about
if I cover my loss?
-Waste of my time.
Sittin' around
watchin you lose.
One match.
I've lost one match!
Come on!
That man DuBinion wants more
of you and you want more of him!
Conversation is over!
Stay out of my face!
Nick, I understand how you feel
and I got an idea.
Nick, I'll hustle.
You hear me?
That man DuBinion
is an asshole,
and he cheated you,
and I'll hustle him.
How'd you know
DuBinion cheated me?
Anybody around here'll
tell you that.
Follow the piper. Come on.
Little Nick, come on, boy.
Take this cover off.
The day's about to begin.
Let's be ready
for the customers.
All right, listen up now.
DuBinion likes
to make his double hole winners
off the rail to his right.
So when the crunch time comes,
and believe me
there's gonna be a crunch time,
and you're not as good
as you think you are,
we're gonna take this shim
and we're gonna put it
right there.
And it's gonna
throw off the bounce just enough
that he's gonna
miss that shot guaranteed.
He's not gonna see that thing?
DuBinion's gonna be watchin' us
like a hawk.
How you gonna get it in there
without him seein' it?
No one's gonna be payin'
any attention to the boy.
And when DuBinion's rackin',
sweatin' bullets,
you're gonna do it.
I don't wanna do that.
Come again?
I don't.
I d-- I dont-- I-- I--
I mean, I-- I ain't sayin'
I won't, I just--
Well, then what are you sayin'?
- I just--
- S-hut the fuck up.
You're doin' it.
You all right with this,
Miss Karma?
Turnabout's fair play,
so sure.
But he's not gonna buy
that you're backin' me
after what I just lost.
So how you gonna
lure him back here?
Well, we're just gonna have
to get the word out
that you beat some big dicks.
So we need to set up
three matches with her,
Tulsa, Rebel,
and Tony Rooster Rose.
If you don't choke
and you beat em' all,
then DuBinion's gonna
hear all about it.
And between his grudge
with me and his ego,
he'll come a-callin'.
And it's gonna
make that boyfriend
of yours real happy, right?
When we win, you bet.
Boy, get your shim out.
Get it out.
On the phone.
There it is!
Double and game.
And that's 24,000 for Diana.
if you don't want another game?
Actually, I do not.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah.
Uh, double.
That's game, and 40,000
for Diana.
Congratulations, Nick, you fuck.
Why are you congratulatin him?
You want another game there,
All I got left on me is
my Harley, Nick.
Unless you want me living here,
I'd best be holdin' on to that.
Holy shit!
That's a legal double!
Damn! That is some shoot.
Nick, what you feelin
about extendin me some credit?
Tony, I'd rather have
a hot poker up my ass.
Then, pretty lady,
you make this,
Tony the Rooster Rose
is done crowin'.
Unless you take pity.
That's the winner!
Just like that!
Pay it up.
Pay it up.
News travels fast.
DuBinion's ready for a rematch
if you still want it.
Come on. Come on. Come on in.
Fuck, man.
Fuck that shit.
Welcome. Welcome, welcome.
Folks, this is the challenger,
Mr. Beaumont DuBinion
from Mobile.
And you all know Diana.
Now most of y'all
probably don't know,
but we all played
a few weeks back,
and well, I kicked her ass.
So I just love it when folks
are gluttons for punishment.
It's nothin' personal to you,
But since you're
still a-shootin' for Nick,
I'm gonna break you completely
this time.
Game on.
Okay, okay, okay.
Appreciate y'all comin' here
and slippin' your fat asses
into these little chairs.
Um, for this match only,
the house is gonna wave it's vig
on all side bets, all of em'.
That's how we're gonna play
That's exactly
how we gonna play this.
Now, per our deal,
his house, my board.
No quarters under it, see?
Now just
so we all got things clear,
first day winner in the first
two rows pays 1,000.
Winner in the back two rows
pays 1,500.
And double pays, well,
you guessed it, double.
You can double up to five times
in a row,
but then after the fifth time,
the doublin' starts over
with a new base bet at 2,000.
Now if either player doubles up
five times in a row twice,
then the other player
can call uncle and quit.
Day two is optional, rules
and stakes to be determined.
Well, that's what we decided.
Well, for any of y'all feelin'
ill at ease about y'all safety--
I'm not.
-My man here--
-We good.
From the Mobile
Police Department.
And she, well,
she's an ex-state trooper.
Now they not here
to start any trouble,
just to make sure
nobody else does.
Ain't gonna be no trouble.
Not like last time when you
and your thugs beat me so bad
that I lost both of my kidneys.
You tried to cheat.
You had it comin,
you know you did.
this could be you if you lose.
So be careful.
Let us know when you're ready,
let us know when you're ready.
I will, don't you worry now.
You know,
when I heard what them boys up
in Memphis did to your hand,
gotta admit, almost made me feel
a little better.
Until I realized I ain't never
gonna get my rematch.
I hope she's better this time.
You know damn well I beat some
good players,
otherwise you wouldn't be here.
You can keep yappin' or lag.
Ladies first.
Let's go, Diana.
Mr. DuBinion wins the break.
All right. No big deal.
No big deal at all.
Here we go.
Come on.
Mr. DuBinion wins $2,000.
It hurts, don't it?
You hatin on me
so bad right now, aren't you?
Keep a close eye on me,
we can only do it once.
You know what?
I'm playin' so good today
that I think I deserve me
a steak.
Come on. Get up there.
- Five ball in the seven hole.
- No blood.
Dianas shot.
I cheat you that time, too,
Feel me cheatin you there?
Do you feel it in your bones?
One ball in the one hole!
Back row winner.
Diana wins 1,500 and the break!
You know I like steak, too,
Mr. DuBinion.
You know how I like it?
Well done?
Thank you.
I do prefer a polite opponent.
All right.
Double. Diana wins $3,000.
Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Diana.
Keep it goin' now!
Double. Diana.
Hell, gal.
You're gettin so good this time
that I'm startin'
to get a little bored.
Well, that's not very
hospitable of me.
Let's see if this helps.
Let me go.
Holy shit, out a shingle!
The 14 ball in the 14 hole!
Five in the five hole!
That's a Montgomery,
which is a double!
And that ain't never been done
here before.
That ain't never been done here!
Well, then that's five doubles
in a row
and 48,000 for Diana.
Still bored?
You know what?
That's it for me today.
Well, that's it?
You wanna come back tomorrow
for another bite,
DuBinion, or are you done?
Just hold your horses now,
would you?
Now I've been around
for a long time.
and when a player wins
at stakes like these,
and wins this decisively,
playin' them again seems
to be a fool's errand.
So you quit?
On the contrary.
She's bound
to have a chokin' point
and I aim to find it.
Well, then let's raise
the stakes to 2,000 a game.
How about double-hole shootout?
Alternating shots to seven,
must win by two.
Winner wins $250,000.
What? Too rich for your blood?
You got that kinda money?
I got people in Mobile
good for it.
and how about you?
I think I do.
You show up tomorrow
with $250,000, mister,
and you're on.
Winner wins big money,
big fuckin' braggin' rights.
Best in the world.
Come on, let's go.
Mr. DuBionion, here.
Buy yourself a steak.
On me.
The South shall rise again.
I mean,
I'm tellin' you right now
that was some shooting.
That's fine, fine shootin'.
Well, that's a rare compliment,
Hey, um, Sheila,
she's movin' to another room
so come to mine
and I'll give you your cut.
What's that supposed to mean?
It can mean whatever
you want it to mean.
Nick, have I given you 'cause
to think I want you?
Does a man need 'cause?
Hell yes, he does.
then give me some 'cause.
you know I got me somebody.
Well, he ain't here right now,
is he?
And even if I was interested,
I don't believe
in mixin' business
with pleasure.
Wait, if you're sayin'
it'd be a pleasure,
ain't that 'cause?
It's a polite way
of sayin' fuck off.
Well, your loss.
Yeah, I'll live with it somehow.
Hey, hey, stop.
Just stop.
Now, if I got any pleasure
from forcin' a woman,
you have no idea
what I'll do to you.
No idea.
Do you understand
what I'm sayin' to you?
Do you understand?
I guess this is the end
of the romance, huh?
Might be.
Nick! Nick, get off her.
Get out of here!
You know what I thought?
I thought we was partners.
I thought you
and me was partners!
Keep your chin up.
How's she doin'?
Let me see your neck.
I'm fine. Fine.
Stakes are too high for him
to hurt me too bad.
If he was half way sane,
I'd agree with you.
You ought to get out now
while the gettin's good.
I agree.
Well, that's rich comin'
from you.
And I don't see you leavin'.
Been here my whole life.
Why leave now?
'Sides, somebody gotta
look after that piece of work.
Old man,
we got customers down there.
Get down there
and ring your bell.
Big fuckin' dick.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, keep ice on it
so it don't swell.
Well, you're awful quiet.
What's goin' on?
I don't know.
You know, I've been thinkin'
a lot about how you acted about
puttin that shim in.
So I need to ask you somethin'.
Who cheated who?
Did DuBinion cheat Nick
or was it the other way around?
I think you know and I need you
to tell me the truth.
-Diana, I--
-Tell me.
There you go.
Powderin' that hand again.
Pretty soon you're gonna
turn yourself white.
If he makes another double,
you do it.
Double. Mr. Dubinion.
Soon as I sat down,
all I wanted to do
was take the thing out.
I was too late.
Come on, that's a good one.
Get up there.
Miss. It's Nick's shot.
Well, ain't that the shits?
Ain't that the shits?
All that white man's money
in your pocket almost.
Wait a fuckin' minute!
Lift up that board.
- What you talkin about?
- No, wait a second!
There's something underneath
that board!
Uh, you tilted the board!
You put that there!
- Oh, bullshit!
- You put that there!
You know the next.
DuBinion protested,
they ended up close
to killin' him.
Couple hours later
That's for fuckin' that up, boy.
Jesus Christ!
I know.
I should have told you
from the start.
I wanted to warn you about
but I didn't want you
thinkin' bad of me.
If I ever thought DuBinion would
have been comin' back here--
Hey, no, no, no.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
I put you
in a terrible position.
And I want you to win, I do,
but this DuBinion don't deserve
to lose either.
I understand that.
I'm gonna figure it out.
I don't know exactly,
but I will.
And if I need your help,
I hope I can count on you.
Of course you can.
You know you can, right?
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm gonna figure it out.
His money's all here,
and even 250 grand.
Little Nick.
Boy, hey,
come help him with the money.
I hope you brought your A game
Hey, wake up.
Okay, we're ready to start.
Uh, this will be
a double-hole shootout.
Players will take alternating
Lag for break?
Excuse me, but I won yesterday.
That's right.
So I go first.
Double. Diana.
Mr. DuBinion's turn.
Right off the bat.
Just like that.
- Come on, baby.
- Get up there.
That's six doubles in a row
for Miss Diana!
Mr. DuBinion has five.
If he shoots and misses,
Diana has the opportunity
to win it all.
I don't need you
to remind me of that, kid.
Come on.
- Yes!
- Double.
Mr. DuBinion.
We are tied at six apiece.
Now, if you have to win by two,
seven won't do it.
What do we do?
We play on
till somebody wins by two.
Well, if we're gonna play on,
then we gotta raise the stakes
You man enough to do that?
Sure, as long as
I can see your money.
How about winner wins 450,000?
Like I said, I came
to break you this time.
You got the guts for this?
What y'all think, huh?
What y'all think?
How you feelin'?
I'm feelin good, too.
Now we're gonna have
to show them $200,000.
I got some of it, but not all.
You willin
to put your own money in?
If we split the winnins 50-50.
She's learnin'.
Okay, that's almost
half a million per player.
Gotta win by two.
We're in it!
I gotta see your money.
It's in my trunk. Where's yours?
You'll see it.
Nick want to see your money now.
I don't understand
what you're doin'.
-You got it?
What you got?
86,000 and change.
All I got.
-Then we're still short.
-How short?
You aint got that
under a mattress somewhere?
That's all I got.
Boy, what about you?
You squirrelin' some cash away?
I wish I was.
We're gonna have to tell
DuBinion we ain't got it.
This is an opportunity
of a lifetime.
We're almost across
the finish line.
Now I know that you got $70,000
in a pillow somewhere,
so go get it.
If I do, it's all I got,
and I ain't riskin' it.
You won't be riskin' nothin'!
This is a sure fuckin' thing,
old man!
Only sure thing is dyin'.
Which is where
you're gonna get to
if you don't get me that money
right now.
Hang on! Hang on!
What if we made it a loan?
A what?
Call it a loan from Old Nick.
Would that work?
Oh, I don't--
it depends on the collateral.
Why not? If you're so damn sure
you aint gonna lose,
then why not?
Wait, what are you after?
My car?
Your car?
That hunka-- nice try.
What then? Oh, my boots!
My silver-tipped boots.
You ain't got anythin'
worth nothin'!
Oh, I'm gonna fuckin' knock this
out of you.
What about this place?
What about this place?
He's fallin' down hunk of craps
not worth 50 grand much less 70.
But we're not gonna lose.
So, why not loan him the money
against it?
Would that work?
Maybe. I guess.
You guess?
Ever since
you gave me this place,
you wanted it back, old man.
What do you mean you guess?
I don't like the fuckin' idea,
but I'll do it.
Well, then go get me my loan.
you go get the fuckin' deed.
I'll get you fuckin' deed.
Get my fuckin' loan.
Go get it.
What a stupid old fuckin' man.
Coulda' had himself $70,000,
but now that it's a loan,
I'll get it all.
50% to you.
Put it together, boy.
We're ready!
And the winnin' side is goin'
to win $450,000.
Shootout continues.
Players take alternating shots.
Must win by two.
Dianas shot.
I'd like to warm up a little.
Okay, I will, too.
Okay, well, I'm ready.
How about you?
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Here we are.
Mr. DuBinion's shot.
Fucking choked.
No, I didn't.
Yeah, you sure fuckin' did.
That was fortunate
'cause if I make two doubles
on this next shot,
I win all your money.
You can't make two doubles
in one shot, that's impossible.
Come on, boy, rack him up.
Get the rack out,
let's go, keep movin.
Do it now.
You know, most of y'all
have never experienced this,
but when you get cheated,
and then beaten close
to death by another man,
not only do you wanna
beat him...
...but you wanna do it
with unforgettable style.
Meet my boyfriend.
- Come on, this gonna be good.
- Come on.
Holy shit, that's a double
and a Montgomery!
I don't even know what
to call that.
Well, you could call that
a DuBinion
and all his money in my pocket!
Oh, you fuckin' bitch.
You fuckin' bitch!
You little fuckin' prick!
You fuckin' little traitor!
I've been hopin' for an excuse
to do that before I died.
Daddy, he's fuckin' us.
Theyre fuckin' us,
the two here.
Not us!
You ain't been my son for years!
arrest these two right here.
You work for me!
Not anymore.
He's flat broke,
you work for me now.
You fuckin' little shit.
Stay down.
Put it down.
You know I'd like nothin' more
than to even the score.
You don't got the balls, boy.
Eyeball. Center brain.
It ain't over.
It ain't over till I say it is.
Sheriff, dig up behind the shed!
That's where he buried Burkees
after he beat him to death!
You little fuckin' weasel.
Gonna fuckin' kill you, too!
Take him out!
Take him away!
I loved all you people.
I loved y'all.
You betrayed me.
Y'all betrayed me now.
I loved this town.
He's gone.
He's gone!
Hey, drinks on me!
Well, I can't believe
I'm actually gonna miss you.
Me, too.
-So long, Hy--
-Don't say it.
And your 70 grands
in your room.
Now, that ain't right.
I lost it fair and square.
No, you didn't.
You really think I missed that
last shot?
Oh, well.
In that case, I'll keep it.
I'm keepin the rabbit's foot,
How long you plan this?
From the start?
Long time.
Never seen it comin'.
You know it was dangerous
to tell Nick when you did.
I know.
But I couldn't help myself.
I'm sorry for what I did
in that first match,
Mr. DuBinion.
You were just a kid.
I know.
But I knew better.
Consider yourself redeemed.
Thank you.
Take care of yourself,
I will.
It hurts bad to lose you,
but you'll come back,
play a few matches.
You're our Shamu, you know?
Come here.
Hey, what about your truck?
Keys are in it.
Needs a new transmission,
but consider it your first
donation to your truck museum.
Thank you.
Make sure you give Sheila
a big raise!
I will!
I love you, Diana!
Almost no one in the county,
except me and a few others,
understood what really went
down that night.
And I never did know if DuBinion
was in on it from the start,
or if she did it
all on her own.
Either way, you don't often
get a second chance
in this life.
And even though I haven't seen
her since,
I thank her every day
for the one she gave me.
So if you're ever
in these parts,
come visit
the Two Nicks Truck Nook.
Have a soda, play some keno,
let your kids drive a truck.
And if you ever run into Diana,
tell her I miss her.