Double Echo (2017) Movie Script

That's what one gets, right?
I'm sorry, I don't
understand what you mean.
Question is, are
you gonna help us?
Like you helped me over there?
You like it when uggs
do things for you, eh?
I'll tell you what, you help us,
and I'll throw in a
decent plate of food
and a bed for the night.
What do you say?
Oh, this is Mary,
who makes sure things
happen around here
the way they should.
Afternoon, Dad, you look tired.
Got to get some rest, right?
But not before you've
introduced me to him.
I'm Paul Mullan.
And I'm Lindsey.
Let's do this, Johnny.
Thank you, Mary.
Paul, do you
know where you're going?
I'm sorry, I missed that.
I just asked
where you were headed?
I have no idea.
That's interesting.
If you don't know
where you're headed,
at least tell us where
you're coming from.
I come from Pretoria.
And have you had
enough of Pretoria?
Yes, I have.
And what did...
I think our guest knows
that the less he says now,
the less he'll regret it later.
So do you live
from one suitcase?
I also have a backpack.
Suitcase and backpack then.
How quickly you
forget, Michelle.
You also arrived here
with only one suitcase,
and look at your wardrobe now.
So, Paul,
seeing as you're undecided
where you're going,
you can't be too
anxious to get there.
No, I'm not.
Well, do you drive?
Do you have a license?
Well, then, maybe we
can do each other a favor.
You see, I'm looking
for a new chauffeur.
Oh, it's not hard work,
we don't go out all
that much often.
And you would be paid.
That's not what this is about.
Well, you've gotta do
something to earn some cash.
Unless you're richer
than you look.
And settling down for a
while might be a good thing,
I mean this is as
good a place as any.
Bernard, we know
nothing about him.
Sorry, we just don't know you.
Thank you for your
concern, Johnny.
But we also knew nothing about
you when you started here.
Now, Mary needs some
help in the kitchen
and around the house,
so from now on, you
will be her assistant.
Is that clear?
Come in.
Do you have a
good pair of black shoes
or must we buy you some?
I have a pair.
That's good,
as we don't know how
long you will be staying.
You know, Mary, you're taking a,
a big chance, inviting a stranger
like me into your house.
Mr Bernard has good instincts.
He believes in taking chances,
but somebody has
been taking too many.
Somebody has been
paying too much attention
to somebody else.
You must make your bed
yourself, I'm not a maid.
Night then.
Come here.
What does one say?
I suppose one says, please?
Well if one knows what
to say, then say it.
You've been a very, very bad boy
down there in front
of all those people.
I'm not convinced
you're sorry enough.
I am sorry.
Will Bad Bernard do it again?
No, Bad Bernard won't.
Unfortunately, we both
know that Bad Bernard
is only capable of being bad.
Ah, God, you're so beautiful.
Come in.
Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Good morning.
Here you go,
if you don't lose
them in this pigsty.
Yes, put them over there.
all this quiet must seem
strange after Pretoria.
I left Pretoria a few weeks ago.
I don't miss the
hustle and the bustle.
Well, I miss Cape Town.
That's where we lived
until about a year ago.
I assumed you'd been
down here your whole life.
No, no, only
after my dad decided
it was time for some downsizing.
What, so he's not a farmer?
No, no, anything but.
He, he has people who do
things for him, everything.
What exactly is it
that your father does?
Now there's a good question.
He, um,
he's a middleman.
Someone wants to buy something,
someone wants to sell something,
he brings them together.
And now you know
as much as I do.
I don't ask anymore.
I ask too many questions.
Bad habit.
I used to be a cop.
Oh, really?
Why did you leave?
Do you have anyone
special in your life?
No, and I'm not
ready to be someone's
farmer wife quite yet,
but, you know, any
guy after my dad,
big shoes to fill.
You don't need to
bring those through.
Just put them down.
Can we talk?
You can talk.
I don't know what
you want me to say.
Listen, my friend,
it wasn't my intention
to take your job
and chances are,
I'm probably not going
to be here for very long.
How's that, my friend?
I'm here because I'm curious.
I'm trying out the old man,
not the other way around.
If this place doesn't work
out for me, I fuck off.
That's how it works.
And that's your life philosophy?
What do you want
me to do with it?
You can do with it
whatever you want.
Can I give you some free advice?
Be careful around Michelle.
I'm not interested.
Is it?
Some women are just trouble,
no matter who you are.
You think you're in
charge, and then um...
It's rather a humble set-up
but it has its
share of surprises.
The town or this place?
This place, where you can
get anything under the sun.
Why don't you just
tell him, Bernard?
Then he'll also know
what you're on about.
This is where the two of us met.
As a waitress?
She certainly
wasn't the manager.
I didn't stay long enough
to become the manager.
Ah, waiter!
Pour that wine, my good
man, pour that wine.
I trust you enjoyed
your meal, Mrs. Russell?
She's not my wife.
Oh, I apologize, can I
offer you guys some desserts?
And I never eat your dessert,
which tastes like plastic.
Here we are, sir.
You're welcome.
You know, Paul,
people have wondered
if there will ever be
another Mrs. Russell.
As if I'd be so silly
as to take another wife.
Why is that so silly, Bernard?
You know, why make a
fuss of taking something
which you already have,
and be forced to give up
something else in the process?
What would you be
giving away, Bernard?
I suppose so.
It's always about
money, isn't it?
this is the exact same place
where Bernard and I met,
this very same table.
Well, listen...
He and his wife,
yes, he wasn't alone,
she was with him.
I was wondering, who
could this impressive man
and the attractive woman be?
And then someone told
me it's Bernard Russell.
I'm at their table,
and I better make sure I
give them good service.
Michelle, I don't
think our chauffeur
needs to hear all
these gory details.
They were dressed better
than the other people,
conspicuously so.
Of course, then Bernard
wasn't in his wheelchair yet.
You know what struck me?
People told me he
was Bernard Russell.
Nobody bothered to
tell me her name.
Later I found out
that no one knew.
She was only Mrs. Russell,
who lived on that farm,
and she didn't have
much to say for herself.
Well, I mean, living
on a farm like that,
there's no reason to leave.
No, they said
that Bernard Russell
had bought ground here
just to come and play.
That he had much more important
things to do in Cape Town,
things we simpletons
just wouldn't understand.
My business affairs
are of no concern to anyone.
Oh, absolutely not,
but people can be so curious.
Are you afraid
someone's watching us?
There's no harm in
talking, is there?
No, no, I'm just wondering
if your father's gonna be
needing me any time soon.
No, no, I'm sure
he would have said.
Besides, he usually
rests in the afternoon.
Just don't know if he gets
any rest while she's there.
You really don't
like Michelle, do you?
I, um...
No, it's just...
Well, I uh, might have felt
the same way about any other...
Potentially slutty,
older, evil stepmother.
No, there is absolutely no talk
of me getting a
stepmother quite yet.
Oh, it's just my dad, he uh...
Well, you know
what men are like.
Any woman who knows
what she's doing
can make a man act
like a pet monkey.
And, my dad, he uh,
He's not as hard
as you might think.
You really have
absolutely no idea
what your father does
for a living, do you?
No, just uh, just what
I told you, middleman.
Michelle might know a bit more,
but she would have
asked by now, so,
I thought that you
said that your father
was resting in today?
Yes, he is, it's just um,
one of his acquaintances.
I'm just gonna go see
if they need anything,
Mary can be a bit
stuck-up sometimes.
Are you having a drink with me?
The important
people are up there,
talking about important stuff.
No, thanks.
How can one live in the
Boland and not partake?
Was it because of alcohol that
you left the Police Service?
How would you know
I was in the service?
Did Lindsey tell you?
Nobody needed to tell
me, I knew soon enough.
A lot of policemen had
their hands on your thigh?
Many cops,
have copped a feel.
Eyes and ears everywhere, hey?
But it's okay, I'll let you go,
for now.
The stars are really
out tonight, aren't they?
Times like this I don't
really miss the city.
You know, nothing else can
make you feel so small,
and show you how
little one can plan.
Things happen whether you
plan them or not, right?
What's that saying?
Man makes plans
and uh, God laughs?
Something like that.
Yeah, I sometimes
wonder about that.
Has anyone told
you about my mom?
Well, we don't have
any secrets here, so,
it happened about
um, four months ago,
a month before my dad's
accident on the stairs.
So many things have happened
since we've moved here.
She was never diagnosed as
suffering from depression.
She wouldn't admit it.
My dad, he also never really
talked in that direction,
until the afternoon
in his study.
He uh,
he always kept a pistol
in one of his drawers.
Still does.
I mean, how can you keep
a pistol in the house
if someone suffers
from depression?
But we did and...
You must be wondering why is
this girl telling you a story?
Everyone's story.
And it,
doesn't help that I keep
thinking about it anyway.
Sorry to keep you
waiting, man of mystery.
It's okay, Johnny,
it's expected.
Morning, Paul.
Mr. Bernard has a migraine.
Don't worry, I've already
given him something,
but I suppose he'll stay
in bed this morning,
all morning, if
I'm not mistaken.
Right, Miss.
Well, if the boss
won't be needing me,
after breakfast I think
I'll go for a little walk.
Take flight in the
dead of the night
Only shakes me awake
A caller on the darkest day
In the smoke you
weren't afraid
Hold me when I pray
Don't look away
In the smoke you
weren't afraid
Hold me when I pray
Don't look away
Take flight in the
dead of the night
Only shadows lay awake
And I called on
the darkest day
You swore that
you weren't afraid
Throw me to the ocean
Hold me to the bay
Oh and touched me
on a dark night
Kissed me in the rain
I know I'm supposed
to feel cheap,
because I don't know you,
but I don't.
How did you end up here?
Sometimes it's better
not to know too much.
I know that Bernard's
got a lot of money.
You sound like
a judgmental twat.
You don't understand.
Someone in my position
has a short shelf life.
The wheelchair helps a bit,
so he won't just stroll,
but that's how I
would have reasoned
before I discovered
that I actually
quite like him, sometimes.
You don't love him.
Not the way I'm meant to.
So, what is your full name?
What is this,
an interrogation?
Beth Carlson.
I wish this moment could last.
But, it's always the
wrong ones that do.
What do you wish for?
To find a new beginning,
a new start for me.
What are you trying to
get away from so badly?
Is it really that obvious?
It's that obvious, you
haven't even started to unpack.
I haven't unpacked
for six months.
Running away?
From what?
His name was Mike, my partner.
We'd been looking for this
drug dealer for weeks.
I don't know what was going
on with me that night.
Maybe it was the place.
You know, some places
are just, they're just,
they're evil.
Be quiet!
Shut up!
Shut up, drop that fucking gun!
Shoot him!
Let him go!
Drop your fucking gun!
It was my fault.
No, it wasn't.
You can't blame yourself.
What's the point of being a cop
if you can't even pull a weapon?
You can't keep
running away forever.
I know.
Unless you've got
a lot of money.
Paul Mullan, I don't believe it.
Hi, Sandra.
I'm in the Boland.
What are you doing there?
Yeah, I've started asking
myself the same question.
So you're not calling to say
you're coming back to
me and the Service?
Listen, somebody is trying
to find out more about me
than what they need to know.
Could you, do a
data check for me?
Sure, what's his name?
A John Phillip Dunne,
Phillip with two
Is, D-U double N E.
Nope, nothing,
which means either he's clean
or we haven't caught him yet.
Listen, thanks for your trouble.
Oh, wait,
can I ask you one more favor?
One more person.
This is really better
than anything Mary has ever
cooked up, if I wasn't...
I thought I heard you come down.
It would take
more than a migraine
to keep me out of circulation.
I'll bring Mr.
Bernard's food now.
Thank you, Mary.
So, what's been happening?
I'm really glad you're
feeling better, Dada,
but I'm gonna go into town.
Do you need anything?
As if they've got anything
you don't already have.
I can drive.
No, it's okay.
You're not my chauffeur.
He can take you, if you want.
No, it's fine.
I'm also glad
you're feeling better.
Are you now?
Of course.
Okay, now
her I can help you with.
She's been a very busy
girl, Michelle Beth Carlson.
Okay, there's a record
for housebreaking,
and then she was a
suspect in a murder case
for a William Gomes.
He was her lover and her mentor,
a little bit older than her.
And he supported her
until the day he took
a dive off a cliff.
They brought her in for
questioning, but she had an alibi.
She was already with
another man that night.
I worry about that girl.
I'm pretty sure she
can take care of herself.
Some girls need looking after,
and her father is always busy.
Don't think I haven't noticed
the way you are
around each other.
You know, you can
notice anything you want,
if your imagination's
strong enough.
I might not have cared.
It might be good for
her, the attention,
if only I could be sure.
Be sure about what?
That it's not all about
the money for you as well.
Michelle, what's going on?
Something terrible has
happened, it's Lindsey.
It's my child, she's been taken.
What, Lindsey is taken?
They just called, a man.
Said we'll find her
car near the hotel,
the keys will be inside.
It'll cost a fortune
to get her back.
How much?
3,2 million.
3,2 million?
Oh, fuck the money, I
just want my child back.
We should phone the police.
Fuck it, we won't.
Did they say we shouldn't?
Any idiot knows you shouldn't!
I'm not calling them.
We'll just,
we'll do what he
says, what they say.
He talked about a we.
They're bluffing.
I know this because
I used to be a cop.
Is there anybody here who
didn't know that already?
They have no reason
to harm your daughter.
What did they say
about the handover?
Well, he said he'd call back.
I've got to think this through.
Fuck, he knows what
I'm going to say.
Further instruction
to follow, he said,
and Paul, you must take it.
How the fuck does
he know about me?
They know about everyone.
And Michelle,
I'm sorry, but you
have to go with him.
They want you to carry the cash.
What next?
So what is next, Johnny-boy?
It's enough to drive you insane.
Come in, Mary, help yourself.
I've convinced her to have
one of these every evening.
May I have one?
You know, Paul, strange that
you come in here just be...
Woah, woah, woah,
you and I meeting,
that was purely,
purely coincidence.
No, no, that's not what I
mean, I'm, I'm glad you're here.
It's just nice to have
someone who's got the balls
to go out and do whatever
it is they want us to do.
Johnny would have shat himself.
Yes, it's just a pity the idea
is not that Paul goes alone.
Sorry for bringing you in.
In for a penny,
in for 3.2 million?
I need to ask you
something, Bernard.
Go ahead.
Anything you want to say to me,
you can say in
front of Michelle.
3.2 million, that's a very
specific amount of money.
Come with me.
Yesterday afternoon,
I had a visitor.
Well, a colleague, call
him that, Ernesto Rodrigo.
We've had some dealings.
Any of it legal?
Mostly things people
shouldn't know about.
This time I didn't think
it'd be any different.
Here's the 3.2 million
you keep going on about.
See, didn't kill
you, now did it?
So how am I gonna explain this?
I don't care how you
explain it, now bugger off.
Rodrigo was making it
clear that it's him
and he wants it back.
Oh, I know it's him.
Tried to call him myself and
then the fucker didn't answer.
So, I want you
to take this.
No, thanks.
For fuck's sake, Paul,
I'm not asking you
to kill the asshole,
I can have that done later.
What happens if it all goes
wrong, and you're unarmed?
How are you going to
protect the girls?
I'm asking you, Paul, please.
Take it.
Johnny, please tend to Bernard.
He's waiting for them to call.
Have you had any sleep?
Doesn't matter.
Of course it matters.
You're not the only one
who's afraid of weapons.
They scare me to death.
What are you talking about?
You could have said no.
You didn't have to come with.
Well, you do realize how
much money is on the back seat.
We have to do the right thing.
It's gonna be okay.
We brought the money.
Is that who we need?
It's a bomb, Michelle.
Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Shh, shh, huh-uhn, huh-uhn,
look at me, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
Shh, you're okay.
You're okay, okay?
I'll get it stopped.
You're okay, we're okay.
We're okay.
We're okay.
You're okay, you're okay.
Okay, okay.
You're okay, you're okay.
Bernard wants to see us
all in the sitting room.
I presume you're sufficiently
pleased with yourself, Mr. Hero.
That's what you
think this is about?
You don't have the guts.
Anyway, now you're
his right hand,
the one that he
wipes his ass with.
When was the last time
someone gave you a fat lip?
I am so grateful to
have all of us here,
especially you, my child.
My Dada.
Things could have
turned out so differently,
were it not for you, Paul,
and you, Michelle.
First of all, let's put all this
unpleasantness behind us.
Somebody died today.
He's not bothering anyone now.
Anyway, someone will come
across that bastard's body
at some stage or
another, who cares.
That's not how it works.
Anyway, now on to
more pleasant things.
I have my child back,
which is as it should be.
And I have you, Michelle.
Thank you, Michelle.
Thank you.
Michelle, Michelle, Michelle?
Would you do me the honor
of becoming my wife?
I'm asking you to
marry me, sweetheart.
We must celebrate.
Let's get the champagne,
I'll show you where it's kept.
I know where it is.
I um,
I feel...
Well, I don't know how I feel.
We should uh,
all go out tonight.
Celebrate, just the four of us?
We can do that right here.
No, Dada, please, not
after news like this.
My treat.
I insist.
Then how can I say no to you?
Excuse me.
You're snooping on
half the people there.
Sounds to me like you're
ready to rejoin the force.
Ernesto Rodrigo...
Okay, do you want the
good news or the bad news?
The hell with you, Sandra,
it's always the good
news and the bad news.
Okay, well,
there's a lot on him.
He has not exactly
been mummy's best boy,
but he's out of your
reach, unfortunately.
What do you mean?
Well, your friend
Rodrigo got arrested.
When, recently?
Very recently, as
in yesterday evening.
Yesterday evening?
He's in for money laundering
and money from organized crime,
and it looks like his
bail hearing is tomorrow.
Paul, are you there?
Uh, yes, I'm still here.
I have to go, I'll
call you back.
Did I interrupt you?
No, no, not at all.
I just uh, came to say
that Dad isn't really
feeling too well.
Must be all of the excitement.
Should have seen it coming,
another one of his migraines.
and I think I should
also not go out tonight.
I think I should
stay here with him,
but you and Michelle
should still go.
No, that's not a good idea.
Sure you can,
and Dad also thinks
it's a good idea,
and I've already booked
the table, half past seven.
Mary's also got the evening off,
so you and Michelle
deserve a evening off-duty.
Please, just let
me do that for you?
Well, what about you?
Are you gonna be okay?
I'm good, I'm home now, okay?
And that Rodrigo man
won't be so stupid
as to try anything again.
Come on.
Say yes.
Hi, Lindsey, are
you sure about this?
Yes, yes, please!
Go, enjoy yourselves, my dad
and I need a bit of alone time.
And it gives you and
Paul a chance to speak.
Well, we don't really
have much to say...
Just get to know him.
Tell me what you think.
You've got plans.
Let's just say I hope
he'll stay here for a while.
Would you do me a favor?
I wanna go attend to that
dear old father of mine.
He will get out of bed and
come sit down here with me,
but would you mind
taking this to Mary,
just before she has to
come pour one for herself?
Of course.
So, what's bothering you?
Come on, spit it out.
There are two things
that are bothering me.
The first thing is that the
man that you shot this morning
was not Ernesto Rodrigo.
It was a helper, someone
who was working with him.
I'm not so sure about that.
I don't think Ernesto Rodrigo
had anything to do with it.
He was arrested the day
before any of this went down,
I spoke to a colleague of mine.
Okay, maybe he
set it all in motion
and then when he got arrested,
the helper continued
with the plan.
That's possible.
So what's the other thing?
You said yes.
What else could I do?
What is that supposed to mean?
You know how I feel.
No man can be that dense.
I also know how
you feel about money.
Okay, look, if I had
to choose yesterday,
I might have made
the wrong choice,
like so often in the past.
We have to make
a decision tonight.
We can't do it at the house.
I want it to be with you.
You sure about that?
I'm used to moving on,
Michelle, I don't think you can.
Okay, it does scare me.
I had everything
planned so well, but,
for a long time I was
also used to moving on,
and now I want to
do that with you.
To us.
Lindsey, you're still awake.
Of course I'm still
awake, Michelle.
Paul, are you gonna
have a nightcap with me?
No, thanks.
I've had enough to drink.
I'm gonna go up to bed.
No, no, no, no,
no, please, I insist.
A drink with my savior?
Besides, I have something
I wanna discuss with you.
Night, Michelle.
It's best if you go
up quietly and uh,
don't turn the lights on.
Good night.
Both of you.
Thank you, for tonight.
Things have changed
since you got here, Paul.
And, I really feel like
I've gotten to know you,
or maybe I just don't
know enough men.
Well, that's a shame for all
the young men in this area.
Well, that is the right answer,
but maybe the men around here
aren't exactly
what I had in mind.
Some of my things aren't
here, did you take them?
You know what I'm on about.
I'm not gonna hint anymore.
Don't do this.
You've only had eyes for her
since the day you got here.
Well if you knew that, why?
Why are you doing this?
Well, maybe I uh,
have a head for
business, like my dad,
or maybe I'm just
being realistic.
One can't have everything,
but you can have enough.
And you, Paul, must look
out for you own interests.
Look, I'm gonna
put this plainly.
I'm gonna inherit
a lot of money,
probably sooner than you think.
I'm not making you
a bad offer, Paul.
Lindsey, this is,
not what love is about.
It's exactly what love is about.
You either take what
you want or you buy it.
You've inherited too many
of your father's bad habits.
I may have, but
be that as it may,
is that your final answer?
Now, that is the wrong answer.
What the hell are you doing?
What the fuck is going on?
You took your time joining us.
It's a long story,
Paul, but we have time.
Mary won't be joining
us this evening.
She's taken something a little
bit stronger than brandy.
Michelle saw to that.
Do you know why you gave her
something to sleep, Michelle?
'Cause you wanted to steal this,
and that brings us to
the person responsible
for all of us being
here this evening.
Your chance to
speak is long gone.
My child...
Don't you my child me!
You were supposed to bite the
dust a long time ago, Dada,
that day when you took
your little spill.
But, my child, why.
You know why.
Because of her.
It's not too late to stop.
Lindsey, please.
I know what you've
done to your dad,
but just let, let
us go, whatever.
We won't say anything
to anyone, I promise.
You were already
planning to leave, Paul.
No, don't.
It was so much money.
Here's the 3.2 million
you keep going on about.
You see, it didn't
kill you, now did it?
Now bugger off.
There was a chance
you'd see that
the bomb wasn't all
that great, but,
obviously you weren't
an explosions expert
while you were a policeman.
Do you know how
easy it is to uh,
get a helper if you want to
do anything vaguely criminal?
We live in a country
where you can hire
anyone for anything.
I should really thank
Johnny for that.
It was one of his old friends,
someone who knew enough
about bombs to uh,
make it look real,
set the scene.
And when the time was right,
I could activate it myself.
You know, Paul, if you had uh,
cut that green wire
instead of red,
then absolutely nothing
would have happened.
You would have also
made the right choice.
But uh, you were supposed
to take the money that day,
and I would have escaped
and come back here,
and that would have been the
first of his punishments,
the fact that Michelle
had run away with you,
all on her own.
The guy wasn't supposed
to try and steal the bag.
And you weren't
supposed to shoot him.
Now, Paul.
I have a little task for you.
What the fuck do
you want with me?
You seem to be doing
just fine on your own.
No, sometimes
you do need a helper,
like Johnny over here.
He's very loyal, if it's to me
or the money he'll be getting,
doesn't really matter, does it?
But here's what people
will think happened.
You and Paul knew
about the money
and you wanted to steal it,
and Johnny and I woke
up from the noise,
but we were too late.
My dad tried to stop
you, but, you shot him.
Here you go, Mr. Hero.
Are you out of
your fucking mind?
That's debatable.
Take it.
Your story's not
gonna wash, Lindsey.
If your dad was
trying to stop us,
how are you gonna explain me
shooting him with that gun?
You took it from
him, that's all.
Now either you shoot
him, or I shoot her.
Looks to me like you need a
little bit of convincing, Paul.
Lindsey, please.
Don't do this, you're
gonna regret it.
No police psychology
for me, thanks,
but let me make it
easier for you, Paul.
Let me tell you what kind
of man is lying there.
That day...
So, now you know, Paul.
Do what you have to do.
Paul, you need to
stop me, remember?
I can't, I can't, I can't do it!
I can't do it, Michelle,
I can't do it.
Paul, no!
Obviously things aren't
working out the way
they were supposed to,
but that's life.
Take the bag, go.
Your stuff's already packed.
And Paul, you should get
that wound looked at.
The bullet is from
this revolver,
it will be found in his hand.
Now, since you don't wanna
see what happens next,
I suggest you leave.
But Lindsey...
Maybe it's best if
I do it, for her.
I feel like I'm fucking dying.
We're going to
get you to a doctor.
Paul, look at me.
Look at me.
Oh, shit, ugh, ugh.
Look at me.
You're gonna be okay,
you're gonna be okay.
Do you remember
what you wished for?
A fresh start.
This is it.
This is our new beginning.
As fugitives?
I love you.