Double Exposure (1983) Movie Script

We get to go home soon.
You know, that
creep's gonna show
up sooner or later, fontain.
When he does, we're
gonna nail him.
Fontain, buckhold!
He's dead, forget about it.
Oh jeez.
Oh jeez, oh my god.
Oh man.
Oh damn you!
Why didn't you turn around?
This is buckhold.
We need assistance.
You know, it's
really weird, I mean...
Every time I'm turned
on, the chicks aren't
and then when they're
turned on, I freeze.
I just don't
understand it 'cause...
Every time I think I'm getting better,
I feel like I'm sliding back.
You're doing fine, Adrian.
What about the dreams?
Everybody dreams.
Bizarre, crazy dreams?
It's that time, huh?
Whoops, excuse me.
Guess we're going
down together, huh?
I'm going down
to the parking lot.
You sure do smell good.
Do you mind if I get off?
No, not at all.
You know, I've had
a hard day too.
Me too.
My day really
started off rotten.
Somehow it changed.
Maybe we're supposed
to meet like this, huh?
Somehow I don't think so.
Look, my name's Adrian.
You're really a
beautiful woman.
Please, now you're
getting boring.
Who does this car belong to?
Look, if I promise never to be
boring again, would you have a
drink with me or
coffee or anything?
Do you make a habit
of following women
out of buildings?
You're the first, I swear.
Who the hell does
this car belong to?
All you gotta do is tell me
you're married,
engaged, I'll go away.
What if I'm neither?
I won't let you
out of my sight.
Look, here's my card.
Well I don't wanna be
a model or an actress.
Come on, have dinner
with me, please?
I don't even know you.
Well I'd like you to meet me.
I'm a photographer, my
name is Adrian wilde, hi.
Hi, I'm mindy.
Well look, now that
we're old friends,
would you have dinner
with me please?
No I can't, i...
you can't make it at
7, I'll pick you up at 8.
Come on, just give me
your address, please?
623 longview.
Jesus, I must be out of my mind.
Aren't we all?
That's really a pretty
car, what do they call it?
It's an alvis.
Heard that.
It's almost as
pretty as you are.
I'll see you at 8.
That's it.
That was great,
that was great!
You know you're a
crazy son of a gun,
I tell you, I almost ran
your little ass over.
Oh you wouldn't do that to
the only brother you have.
You trust me don't you?
I didn't see you
get out of the way.
Well because I know
you're a fair driver.
Did you get enough shots?
Yeah, I got plenty.
Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
You like what I did out there?
Was it enough you think?
Shit yeah, it was
great, it was great.
Magazine's gonna
love this stuff.
Tell you, you got me a little
nervous when you made the turn.
Sometimes I think you
have a death wish.
Come on, it's
not a death wish.
It's total defiance.
I'm not kidding you, sometimes I
dare death to try and catch me.
Grab me, you know what I mean?
What about your kids?
My kids are great.
How the hell do i
know they're my kids?
They gotta be your kids
because I'm their uncle.
If you meant that, that's
a terrible thing to say.
Listen, I wouldn't put
anything past my old lady.
She threw it all away,
she threw everything
away right in the middle
of good things, man.
Blame the accident?
It wasn't the accident, man.
Perhaps so, maybe
she made a mistake.
Come on, spare me will you'?
Well look, the kids
do look like you.
Okay, so they're my kids.
She got custody of them.
She didn't stop me
though, did she?
I'm still the best car stunt
man in the business, ain't I?
Yeah yeah, you're
the best, you're also
crazy as a motherfucker,
you know that?
I don't wanna change
the subject, but did
you make the late
payment on the car yet?
Oh god no.
You wanna know why?
Yeah, why?
This guy comes over to my
house and says he's
gonna take my car away.
If I don't make the
payments right now.
Oh shit.
I was like go
ahead and take it.
Did they?
Hell no.
You wanna know why?
Yeah, I'd like to
know why because I
lent you the money to
make the car payment.
I know, I'll pay you back.
I know.
He didn't take the car though.
He didn't take the car.
What'd he do?
I owe more on
that car than what
it's worth, that's
why he didn't take it.
When I get equity of the car,
then I'll make the
payments on time.
Never happen.
I'm in a no win
situation right?
Here comes the he-she.
Oh stop it, will you?
Come on, that's the best
assistant I ever had.
Yeah, but aren't you a
little embarrassed that he's...
that's I'm a what?
A perfectly normal gay person?
Well at least you
know what you are.
I'm a man, asshole.
Why don't you step into my place
sometime, sweet cheeks,
and you can lay all
that macho bullshit
on me and my person.
Excuse me.
You know, one of these days
you and I are gonna be alone.
How nice.
Oh god.
The fashion show
pictures are terrific,
but we're gonna
have to touch up the
stretch marks on the
girl in the makeup ad.
I'll look at them
in the morning.
Those skydiving
pictures, how are they?
You gonna answer me?
That's day after tomorrow.
They're done.
So how are they?
Must you always be a shit?
Can't you just
once be civilized?
I guess you want me to
tell you I'm sorry don't you?
No, I wouldn't
wanna put you out.
The pictures are fine.
No, no no no no, wait,
wait, to be completely
honest they're wonderful,
you wanna see them?
Tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll all
look at them in the
morning, hey guys, I got
a date tonight, I don't
wanna keep her waiting.
You going to the club?
I told you I got a date.
Do I bother you?
I make too many mistakes
to be judged, Lewis.
I judge your work,
you're the best period.
I don't need
a vote of confidence.
Then don't ask
for one, asshole.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Can I see you
two for a minute?
Please have a seat.
Fontain, I'm going
through your report here
and I can't understand
how you and buckhold
here could be sitting
in a surveillance car
less than a block
away from the scene
listening to one of
our men getting killed.
Could either one of
you explain that to me?
We were listening
on the radio,
and Charlie was goofing
like he always has.
Look, we could see him
walk around the corner.
I mean one minute the guy
was talking, you know?
We got there as
soon as we could.
How long did it
take you to get there?
Less than a minute, sir.
And the killer?
He was gone.
Listen fontain, if
you're gonna parade
around here like
you're a part of
this team, I want a more precise
definition of
exactly what the hell
you think you were
doing, you read me?
Yes sir.
You weren't out there, chief!
Look, Charlie was a
friend, but Charlie
made the mistake, we didn't!
No, you made the mistake,
buddy, because Charlie is dead!
Thought you weren't coming.
Yeah, well my
brother needed me,
I'm sorry I'm late,
what can I say?
You just said it, that's okay.
You wanna come in and have a
drink, or we have other plans?
Other plans.
Wanna get your things?
My toothbrush?
Just kidding.
I'll get my keys-
this is great.
What do you use it for?
First dates.
You eat here often?
Oh sure.
Every Tuesday.
Me and all my friends.
Yeah, I want you
to know something.
You're the first
stranger I ever picked up.
It's true.
I worried about
that all afternoon.
How you feel now?
Now I'm not worried.
Unless you're married.
That's what you
think of me, huh?
You look married.
What's married look like?
I don't know, you look happy.
If I were married,
would I look happy?
This is married.
That's old.
Actually, you know,
i was married,
but that battle was
a long time ago.
Wow, it was really
a long time ago.
Hey now, it just didn't
work out, we were kids.
That was then, this is now.
I wanna hear about you.
Yeah, I was married once.
What happened to you?
My husband died.
well it changed my life.
" How?
After that
happened I felt like
I had to do something,
something real
important, something meaningful.
Id you?
Am I boring you?
I'll ask my friends.
She boring you?
well one day I helped this
old man across the street,
this real old man.
- Was he a stranger too?
And when we got
to the other side
of the street he asked me if I
could go have a cup
of coffee with him.
Id you?
Yeah, I had some coffee
and then he took me home.
Pleasant view rest home.
Oh come on, you're kidding.
No, I work there.
Whatta you do?
You should come take some
pictures, come and see.
Maybe I will, maybe I will.
You have a thing for
older people huh?
Just old men.
Come on.
What do you wanna do with
the rest of your life, huh?
Oh I don't know,
i think I want maybe
a big house in the
suburbs, two kids.
Two cars.
Trash compactor and two of those
and one of those
and one of those.
Well anything's obtainable,
all you gotta do
is ask, you know?
Too bad the place is closed.
I got a credit card
and everything.
What's your limit?
We'll work it out.
I like you, Adrian.
I get that feeling.
I think I better go.
You sure?
No, I'm not sure.
Hey look, I wouldn't,
well I mean I might,
but if you didn't
want me to I wouldn't.
What time you get
off work tomorrow?
Who's pursuing who
in this relationship?
Does it matter?
No, no, it doesn't matter.
I get off at 4:30.
Oh it's a good day, look
at the light up there.
It's pretty.
You look terrific.
Thanks, I got lots of sleep.
Okay, take your robe off and
set yourself on
the diving board.
Ah, look at you, you do look
good today, I'll tell you.
Got one.
Oh that's beautiful.
You are so pretty.
Come on, give me something.
Oh that's pretty.
Why don't you go down
the shallow end and
get in the water.
Is the water cold?
Of course, would I lie to you?
Hold it, give me a good one.
That's great.
Got anything special
you wanna do for me?
How's this?
That's special.
Come on, back over there.
That's really terrific.
Okay, let's get in the pool.
Brrr, it's freezing!
Oh come on.
You know i
don't swim, remember that?
I know, i
know, but don't worry.
Now come on, just
get up to your neck.
This is ridiculous, come on
now, you look scared to death.
I don't know why, but
i am and I'm freezing.
What am I supposed to tell the
swimming pool company,
you can't swim?
Get wet.
Go for it!
Up to your neck.
Oh it's freezing.
Let's make it easier.
Here you go.
Hold onto this.
Promise to hold the other end?
Of course.
I'll shoot around,
nobody will ever see it.
What the hell are you doing?
' Die!
Bj, I need you.
These fucking dreams
are driving me crazy.
They won't quit, I gotta talk.
Please man, just two hours.
Okay, smile now.
Oh that's nice.
I like that shot.
Give me the huh?
Holy shit, no!
First time?
First time?
' Yes!
I don't believe it.
I'm gonna shove this goddamn
camera up your
ass if you don't...
I'd like to see you try,
I'd like to see you try!
What the hell's going on?
Will you tell
your macho friend to
keep his fucking hands
off my equipment?
What's his problem?
He's pissed because I borrowed
his camera instead of yours.
You know, I was thinking about
what we talked
over at breakfast.
I don't know anything
about dreams man,
but what do you want me to do?
Well if I call you, you'll
come no questions asked, okay?
Okay, you got it.
What else?
And you call my shrink.
Listen man, there's
nothing wrong with you.
You'll call him.
Sometimes it's getting
like the dreams,
I can't tell when
they're real and...
It's better if you come,
then it'll be okay.
You know what I mean?
I'll be there bro,
you can count on it.
Yeah, okay.
They're ready to
shoot this stunt here.
You ready to cover it?
Sure, come on, let's do it.
Is there a lady
named mindy here?
Mindy, oh yes, there she is.
Terrific, I'll talk to
you in a minute, thanks.
Hi everybody.
I'd like you to
introduce myself.
My name is Adrian wilde and I'm
the home's new
free photographer.
Now I'm here to
take pictures of you
and you can have
as many copies as
you want for
yourself, your family,
your friends, anybody you want.
Is it all right if i
take some pictures?
- Fine, fine.
- Why not?
Terrific, what's
your name ma'am?
Just smile, vickie.
Yes, terrific, your name sir?
Jerry, not from
huntington, West Virginia.
No, I'm not.
I got an uncle.
Huntington, west
Virginia, your name ma'am?
My grandmother's name was ester.
What's your name sir?
I'm Zeke.
Adrian, can I get a shot of you?
Wait, just a minute.
Don't want the
last in the shot.
No, I don't want
the lady in the shot.
When you're ready sir.
Spruce up.
There you go.
Terrific, let me
see your profile.
Good, great.
Come here.
You want that.
Turn around, bend your knees.
Take the football.
Bend your knees.
Okay, give me the ball.
Snap the ball.
Go for a pass!
Catch it!
Good catch!
Throw it back to me.
Well hiya handsome,
you the main man, huh?
Oh you're the silent
type, well that's
okay 'cause I'm an
action kind of girl.
Wanna do some business
with me back there?
Got a little paradise
back there in this alley.
You know, you're kinda cute.
Here we are at my mansion.
Look and do yourself
and it's $10.
15 for a handjob,
25 for a blowjob,
50 for a whole body tuneup.
And $100 for an
all-nighter, I'll supply
the rubber for free,
what do you say,
you gonna do business with me?
Gonna give me a neck massage?
Just in the back, I just
want it in the back.
I don't want you to
strangle me, I just
want you to give
me a neck massage.
Honey, come on, come
on, don't play games.
What are you doing?
What are you doing,
this some kind of game?
Let go of my neck, okay?
What are you...
Bend your knees,
point your toes!
Don't look down on that post!
Lift up your head, sit up more!
Your knees are bent
like they were before!
You hven't been doing
your splits every night!
I can tell you're way too tight!
Thanks a lot, i
had a great time.
See you.
We gotta do it
again sometime, huh?
Yes, we will.
Just give us a call.
Here's my address
and phone number.
And I have a
babysitter, but well...
I'll take care
of the babysitter.
Oh great.
I'll see you tonight.
bye bye!
You know, i
think she likes me.
I think she likes the idea
of you paying her babysitter.
Aw shut up, will you Lewis?
When was the last time
you picked up on anything?
I'll tell you one thing bitch,
I never had to pay a babysitter.
You know, I can take so
much from you, you know that?
Hey, he's a fucking lunatic!
Gonna take you out, man.
I'm gonna take you
out one of these days.
Well I won't lower
myself to your level, bj.
Adrian, you better get...
goodnight, Adrian.
You're making
yourself another enemy.
I don't care.
Well you should.
Why should I care?
Why should I pay my
bills on time, and why in
the hell should I care
what Lewis thinks of me?
What are you so fucking
angry about all the time?
You know what, Adrian?
You want me to be like
you, well I am me.
If I wanna be that way,
I'll be that way, okay?
I'm not through with you yet.
Son of a bitch.
I don't know.
It's your wife.
My ex-wife.
I'm not talking to her.
Sorry sweetheart, he's...
I don't know where he is.
you mind your own business.
The lady still loves you.
Oh come on, she ain't no lady.
Hey come on, we
all make mistakes.
Well I don't make them twice.
Next time she calls, you
tell her to shove it.
You know how much I loved her.
I could never look
her in the eye again.
Not ever.
Come on, you don't
have to see her,
just call her will you,
she's coming apart!
She's coming
apart, she's coming,
what the hell about me,
what about me, Adrian?
And you promised me,
you promised me not
to talk about her!
Come on, she keeps calling.
She's always crying.
She keeps saying
how the last eight
months have been hell, damn it!
All right, you're right.
It's none of my business.
I'm sorry.
Look, I can't call her.
I can't see her.
Don't you understand?
She ruined everything.
Hey guys.
Come on, let's dance.
All right.
Hi April.
How you doing?
You know one time
i asked this girl
to sit on my face,
she says you're
disgusting and i
says I'm disgusting,
you're gonna sit on my
face and I'm disgusting?
You seen Adrian?
No, I sure haven't.
What do you want
with Adrian, huh?
Hey Jack, give us
something to drink huh?
Get lost, bj.
Oh you're such a tightwad.
Boy, you're a cutie.
Alec, get me a drink will you?
Yeah, wait a minute.
Come on, I'll arm
wrestle you for it.
Okay you're on, sucker.
Dinner it is says I take him.
What if you lose?
There's dinner
in that for you.
You wanna bet?
Go ahead, bet
him, I won't lose.
Okay, it's a bet.
Somebody say go.
Wait, ah, you Turkey.
I won.
Come here.
Come on honey,
you're all mine.
Best two out of three.
You're not going
anywhere with her.
Come back here!
Best two out of three!
Hey Alec, can i
have my alimony check?
Will you get lost?
Can we go?
I just got here.
Come on.
I remember you.
You're beautiful.
Thank god it's you.
What's the matter
baby, something wrong?
The doc asked me
to marry him today.
You're talking about frank,
the old boyfriend?
What are you
trying to tell me?
That I don't think I can
be loyal to just one man.
Get the feeling I'm tampering
with someone else's property.
Property's mine.
I can share with whomever
i want to, can't I?
Yeah, yeah, I guess you can.
If the person on
the receiving end
can't accept the
situation as it is,
I just don't think I can do that.
Make love to me one last time?
You son of a bitch!
I didn't know she was married.
That's bullshit!
It's not his fault!
You're gonna die, boy!
It just happened last night!
If I had any sense
I'd kill you too!
You bastard!
Hey, what's wrong, what is it?
Get out of my bed.
Get out of my bed!
It's Adrian.
Can I see you?
I don't know, I just,
i got blown away.
Thank you.
Tell me, what were
you dreaming about
before you saw
yourself getting shot?
Make love to an older woman.
You mentioned your mother.
Did you dream about her?
Come on, you know i
love my mother, doc.
Has she been
on your mind lately?
My mother's been dead for over
six years doc, i
mean I never had a
bad thought about her,
so I mean why now?
Love and hate are very close.
Oh come on, what, you saying
I could've hated her as much as
I loved her, is that possible?
Anything's possible,
including hiding
hate from your conscious mind.
That's heavy.
Tell me something,
what were you
doing before you went
to sleep last night?
Well this girl
I've been seeing,
I told you about her, April.
She announced that she's getting
married to an old boyfriend,
that didn't go too well with me.
She wanted to make love one
last time, and I just couldn't.
You know why?
Sure I know why,
can't fuck around with
somebody that's getting
married in a few days.
It's that time, huh?
No, don't worry about
that, it's just money.
I was trying to say...
hey wait a minute,
come over here, I wanna
show you something,
you should see this,
you'd be proud of me,
after all, you started me.
What'd you do,
take some pictures?
A series of them, look.
What'd you do, they're
all out of focus.
That's right, it's a series of
out of focus shots,
it's abstract.
You're putting me on,
i give you access to
my lab, you don't take
one picture in focus?
They're all terrible.
I know.
Where the hell
is Mr. beautiful?
He said he'd be here on time.
He always this late?
Not this late.
Gee, I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
Hey ba, wanna make some money'?
Two questions, how much?
Look, you are letting me use the
apartment, so how
about if I make it 400?
Sounds good, question number
two, what do you want me to do?
Pose with this pretty lady.
Oh come on, Adrian.
Hey come on, I'll shoot
you from your good side.
Adrian, the magazine asked
for Mr. beautiful, I didn't.
They don't know ms guy ba.
Show your muscle.
We better wait for the creep.
You wanna do the
centerfold, take your
top off right now, otherwise I'm
calling the session
over as of right now.
You can't do that!
It's over!
Where do you want me?
Well we'll start
in the bed and
then we'll shoot
out in the patio.
L'mma like this.
You got it.
No I didn't.
I'll get the film.
Oh, watch those
two, don't let them
touch 'cause models don't touch.
I'm really a car stunt man.
Car specialty stuff
hey now that I'm one of you,
what are you doing
after we finish?
I just thought maybe we could...
look, do you have a rolls?
I don't know.
I mean could you take me
to las Vegas or New York?
Well how about McDonald's?
What's your name?
Bambi, I like that.
I really like that.
I saw your movie you know.
You're drooling.
Well what do
you want me to do?
Well for starters you can
help me carry the equipment.
You've gotta be kidding.
No no, my assistant's sick and
that leaves just you and me
unless you'd rather be replaced.
Actually, I find
carrying equipment
to be very sensual.
- Very sensual?
Damn, do you always carry
so much stuff with you?
Change your blouse, will you?
What's wrong with this one?
It's tacky, come
on now, don't argue.
Oh no no no, I don't want you
to button it, i
want you to tie it.
They don't want buttons,
they wanna see tits.
Why don't I just take it off?
You see, this is an ad
for family trash bags,
they want sexy,
they don't want sex.
Christ, if I move I'll fall out.
Don't flatter
yourself, they're not
as big as you think they are.
Okay, here, take the blanket
and spread it around over there.
And now take, here, take this.
Take a few of 'em out.
I want you to fill
one of them with
leaves and try and
look like you enjoy it.
You do know these
bags are shit don't you?
They won't hold leaves.
Just keep moving.
Why can't I model
for something decent
like cars or furs?
I'm gonna hand
you this, come on.
Now I want you to
open it up, then I
want you to slowly look
inside, deep inside.
You want me to stick my
head in a fucking trash bag?
Honey, would you
just keep doing
as I say, because we're losing
our light, we'll
be here all day.
Jesus, all right.
Whoever heard of
a dumb housewife
putting her head in a trash bag?
That's ridiculous,
but I'll do it.
Even if it is dumb,
time is money, my money.
Listen, listen.
What, what?
Help me!
Maybe I should
call the police.
Maybe I should kill myself.
Half of you are dead,
don't you know that?
I can't stop!
You made me do it.
All of you!
All I want is a
simple relationship,
you model and I photograph!
No you weren't!
None of you were any good!
I'm sorry, Jodie.
I'm sorry.
You would've done anything,
i couldn't allow that.
You, you slut!
Taunt me, tease me, turn me on,
and then play like
you're innocent?
The hell with you!
The hell with you all!
You bastard, you
ruined everything!
Every time I thought we were
gonna be happy, you spoiled it.
You're not your father's son.
You don't belong to anybody.
You're the son of a whore.
I'll fix it.
I'll end it!
Oh god.
After my father died, my mother
went outwith lots
of different men.
Some of them gave me money
to go bowling or to a show.
You can talk to me.
Yeah, yeah, i
said that didn't I?
You know, it's hard for
me to get to know someone.
Tell me what it is that
has you so worked up.
The dreams doc, the
dreams are so real.
When you were young, Adrian.
When you were young,
do you remember
what you thought of your mother?
Why are we talking
about my mother doc?
She was beautiful,
she was popular.
She had lots of friends.
Am I dangerous, doc?
Am I?
What about her male friends?
I didn't think about them.
What did your brother think?
I guess he liked
them, he liked them.
Why didn't
you like them, Adrian?
I didn't say anything
about not liking them,
it's just that i
didn't have anything
in common with
them, it was like I
couldn't talk to them
like I could my father.
Doc, I'm afraid.
Could I kill someone?
Damn it, don't you
ever argue back?
Can't you be
anything but passive?
Could you tell
me about your dream?
I killed a couple
of my models.
I killed them.
I was in my studio and there are
pictures there and they're dead.
How do I know?
I don't know what
i am, I don't know
who I am, I don't
know where I've been!
Listen doc, you
read about people,
they go over the
edge all the time.
You read about
them, they're sick
and they rape, they kill people.
Could I be that kind of person?
What are you trying to do?
You're not gonna turn me or my
brother against the
memory of my mother.
Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!
You all right?
Yeah, yeah, I'm
all right, I just.
There is no point!
Just lots of thoughts.
Lots of crazy thoughts.
Charlie, this is frank Curtis.
What time is it back there?
Gee, don't you have
any work to do?
Charlie, what would you do if...
You suspected a patient of yours
of committing a violent crime?
You wouldn't
kid me now, would you frank?
No Charlie, I'm not.
I wish I would.
But I have reason to believe one
of my patients is
in real trouble.
Well you
can't go to the police.
Not with just
suspicions, if you're
wrong he'll nail you
to the cross, man.
Yes, I know.
I'd say you
got your hands full, pal.
You're still worried about
those dreams aren't you?
L just wish I could remember
what's a dream and what's real.
Adrian, you are the
nicest, gentlest man
I've ever met in my whole life.
I wanna fall in love
with you, please let me.
Mindy, you know
my psychiatrist
doesn't even known
if I'm dangerous.
Wake up next to me, you'll
know you're not dangerous.
I wish I could.
Why not, what's standing
in the way, what's the issue?
Honey, you don't understand.
Come on, let's pay
the tab and go home.
I wanna go home.
You're not afraid
of me are you?
Are you afraid of me?
I go too far, you'll
let me know won't you?
You can't go too far.
Was it?
Here, I got this one.
It was, it was, it
was only yesterday.
It was only.
Look what I got for you,
i found it at the beach.
Aw, baby.
Adrian, what are you doing
in the corner, come on.
Hey, where's my wine?
You don't need the wine.
I know I do.
You have me.
wake up.
what's wrong?
Wake up, sleepyhead.
What's wrong?
Last night, did i...
it's still last night.
You ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.
For what, you
wanna do it again?
Yeah I wanna do it again.
What time is it?
Does it matter?
Maybe you should
stick around, huh?
Sure, after breakfast.
What you do.
I'm gonna sneak around that way,
and you keep 'em
busy, all right?
Hey tough guy, what if
he's bigger than you are?
He's bigger than
me, he's yours.
You promise?
what the hell are you doing
sneaking around
taking our picture?
Oh man, I'm sorry.
I just thought I'd get some
memorable shots of you two.
You could've asked first.
That damn Lewis showed me how
to use this thing
and I screwed it up.
Look, I'm sorry man,
i just, I wanted
to make it spontaneity, I didn't
wanna let you know I was here.
You're spontaneous, are you?
Spontaneity, spontaneous?
You two know each other?
Oh yeah, this is my
brother bj, this is mindy.
So this is bj.
Damn this is a
pretty one Adrian,
Adrian, you better
hold onto her.
You wanna hang outwith us?
No, I gotta get
Bambi's car back.
Look, I'm sorry i
snuck up like that and
took the pictures, but
well, you understand.
It's okay.
And maybe I'll see you over
at Bambi's place tonight huh?
Don't you ever do
that again, all right?
Scout's honor,
you got my word.
You were never, he
was never a scout.
Oh he lies too.
Listen, you're in
the neighborhood,
just pass by next time.
You got a deal.
so wanna play backgammon or...
I'd rather or.
Me too.
May i have this please?
Thank you.
Oh jeez.
Buckhold, come here.
More tripod marks.
Move in just a little.
Whoa, whoa, right there.
That's perfect.
That's great.
Now here's your drink.
Hold it right there.
Sergeant fontain, LAPD.
We'd like to ask
you a few questions,
have you look at
some photographs.
Do you recognize
any of these girls,
and if you do, do you know how
many times they've been in here?
You got me.
What about these Alec?
Are you sure you've never
seen any of them before?
Why don't you just
say what you wanna say?
Hey look, we're trying
to do our job okay?
So am I.
Well do you know
the photographer who
comes in here and takes
pictures like this?
Every dude that
comes in here takes
pictures of his old
lady in the nude.
That's kinda in
these days, you know.
We're talking about
these two girls, Alec.
How well did you know them?
They just came in
here like the rest.
We can carry on
this conversation
down at the station,
would you like that?
The fuck does that mean?
What that means
is that half the
broads that come in
here get knocked off.
We just want a
little cooperation.
You think I killed them?
No, hardly, I wouldn't,
would you think that?
Neither would I.
Well thank you very much, Alec.
Oh, hey, toughie.
Go fuck yourself.
My god, I think it's
going to be a pyramid!
Is it a pyramid?
Go get 'im!
Well my goodness.
We ended up the same
win we did before.
They're so uncooperative.
The winner, ladies
and gentlemen,
is once again Nancy
the naughty nurse!
God love her.
Don't feel too bad, for
you next week, okay?
She'll be back.
Was very very.
Okay, listen up you suckers.
This is the moment
we've all been
waiting for, the chance for you
horny guys to get in there and
make body contact
in the mud with
our beautiful
professional wrestlers.
We're gonna start
with $10, let me
hear 15, I wanna hear 15.
- 15!
~ 35!
35, we got 35.
~ 45!
45 right there.
Come on, big spender.
One bill!
I'll take it.
Okay tough guy, go get her.
" Me'?
Are you kidding?
Aw some on, ba.
No, I might hurt her.
I'll put up the
money, I'll put it up.
Wait a minute, hold it,
hold it everybody,
what did you say?
I'll bet $230 on my friend bj!
No way!
Come on, ba.
No way, no way!
Okay, you got a deal.
Now ladies and
gentlemen, fans of
carnal fun and frolic, it's time
for our challenge
match, but first,
let's meet tonight's
highest bidder,
our challenger, and here
he is and his name is...
Are these the
hard ones, do you agree?
The name 'vs ba.
Got it, I got it.
Okay bj, there's
a lot of money at
stake here, I think
it's around $400.
460, I pay, I pay
460, okay, but listen.
$460, that's what
up, but you know
if she wins she gets the money,
you lose you get nothing.
- She ain't gonna be winning.
She ain't gonna win.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
What have you got
to say about that?
You're gonna lose.
He's gonna lose?
She says you're gonna lose.
Okay, good luck tough guy.
Now listen, how do we
wanna see them, audience?
On their knees!
Okay, those who
are about to die salute you.
Bj is going for the
super hug position.
Yes, the bowling ball grip.
I think I better go home,
i don't feel too good.
What's the matter?
I don't know, I just...
Come on, let's go.
Bambi, tell bj we had to go.
Hey, what we got
here is a hot mess.
Bj's falling, whoa, look
at this, looks like a pin.
What, no no, shoulder
high, shoulders
come up, what's
this, uh-oh, uh-oh.
This looks like, this
looks like a pin.
One, two, three!
Nurse Nancy, the
nasty nurse wins it!
You had a good time
though, didn't you bj?
Yeah, proving once again
that this is the only
game in town that even
when you lose you win.
Honey, I'm sorry if
i ruined your evening.
That's all right.
Are you okay?
Yeah yeah, oh sure, i
just, I gotta go to bed.
I'm gonna miss you.
You gonna be all
right for the weekend?
Oh sure.
You were wonderful
tonight, baby.
I always am.
Listen, I wanna thank you
for fixing up my friend.
Take it easy.
Did you have a good time, Harry?
Oh did I.
She was great.
Maybe we can do it again
tomorrow night, sweetie.
Oh no, my wife would
ask too many questions.
How about next week?
Sure, give me a call.
All right, baby.
Look after yourself now,
be careful on the road huh?
I'll see you Friday!
I'll give you a
call next week, huh?
You got it, you got it.
See you Friday!
Boy she was great.
God what a place this is.
Hey, how long you been
seeing the tall one?
A couple of months.
A couple of months?
I'd see her some
more, but she's married.
What a body, huh?
Yeah, you can say
that again, what a body.
Well I guess I'll see
you tomorrow night.
Oh listen, when
you go home, call my
wife, tell her I'm
gonna be late okay?
Don't worry about it,
I'll take care of it.
Goodnight son.
Goodnight pop-
you know, I really had
a great time tonight.
We ought to do this more often.
You better be careful
pop, this could be fatal.
If she dies, she dies.
You son of a gun.
Listen, drive carefully.
I will.
Don't forget, I'll see
you tomorrow night.
Damn damn damn!
I've done it now.
What are you doing here?
Frank threw me out, Adrian.
Please help me.
Why'd you come here?
Adrian, because I love you.
I've always loved you.
I think you better go.
Adrian, please.
Come on, let's play, Adrian.
Come on.
Are you in
trouble with the police?
I don't know, am I?
Some of your models
have met with violent deaths.
Police looking for me?
I gotta get outta here.
I'll help you, Adrian.
I'm all right.
No, you're not all right.
You're not all right at all,
people around you
have been murdered.
Are you capable of
committing murder?
Didn't you once tell me we're
all capable of
committing violent
crimes under certain
circumstances, huh?
Yes I did.
Then maybe you're
just as violent as I am!
Maybe I am.
What did you dream this time?
She came in, she
took her clothes off.
She had to have me.
So I gave it to her.
Gave it to her real good.
Just the way she likes it.
I cut her throat and i
split her like a chicken!
Adrian, I wanna help you.
Help me, you're not
capable of helping anyone!
Adrian, let's talk.
No more talk!
Adrian please!
Get out of my way, doctor!
Get out of my fucking way!
Morning, chief.
Morning, Taylor.
You talk to this eyewitness yet?
Yes sir, name is
Edward Phillips.
Said sometime this
morning he saw this
gray Porsche pull
into the parking lot.
I'll be damned.
You knew her?
Her name was
April, I busted her a
couple of times when
i was working vice,
so I guess in a
way I did know her.
I'll tell you one
thing, this gal's
been in the club more than once.
Buckhold, fontain,
come over here.
Look at that.
Tripod marks.
Yeah, the markings
are similar all right.
Chief, we've seen this
girl before in the club.
Tell me, this
photographer fella you've
been watching,
this Adrian wilde,
does he drive a gray Porsche?
Where is he now?
Early this morning police
discovered another young woman's
body in the topanga
canyon foothills.
The unidentified
victim was discovered
by a resident who was
out walking his dog.
This eyewitness is the first to
come forth with any information
regarding the rash
of 14 unsolved
murders within the
last several months.
It is believed the
suspect was driving
a late model smoke
gray 928 Porsche.
The police commissioner
has scheduled
a news conference
for 12 noon and
kc will be there to
keep you informed.
It's 10:31 and time
for a kc news update.
Here you go.
Made yourself a good deal.
Adrian wilde's brother bj is
sitting right behind
you in the corner.
So why don't you use your
feminine charm and question him.
You're no dummy, you know.
Ba, sergeant fontam.
Yeah, I heard.
I'd like us to talk for a sec.
Go ahead.
Look, you gotta know that your
brother is in a lot
of trouble right?
Look lady, my brother's in no
trouble, he's doing
fine right now.
Aw come on, what's the
matter with you people?
You think he's the
killer don't you?
You got something on him?
I mean you got something valid?
Yeah, we have
reasons to suspect, ba.
Now this girl that he's with.
If he is the one, she's in
a hell of a lot of trouble.
Do you know where he is, bj?
No, I can't tell
you where he is.
He's been seeing a shrink.
Bambi, I told you to shut up!
Now just shut.
Doesn't make any
difference anyway.
Just because he's
seeing a shrink,
he's got bad headaches
and he's got bad dreams.
Doesn't make no difference.
Tell her who the doctor is.
You tell her.
His name is Curtis.
I said no.
You've gotta
give me an answer.
I gave you my answer.
You gave me shit!
Cut it, fontain!
I mean you'd at least give
me the courtesy of an answer.
You're making this
real difficult for me.
Oh we all have our
Bridges to cross don't we?
"Bridges" bullshit!
Now just stay off
my back, fontain!
I told you I can't help you!
I shouldn't have put a woman
on this job in the first place.
You know something, I'm
sick of hearing that crap!
What is your problem, fontain?
My problem is you,
first you stack my
case full of cases that
don't lead to shit,
then when I get close
to something you
tell me to back off!
How much evidence do you
have on this Adrian wilde?
We've got no evidence
of Adrian wilde,
and we're not gonna
get any unless
you let me have the
search warrants.
Don't make another
mistake, fontain!
Don't make a mistake?
Are you telling
me you never made
a mistake getting
your ass up here?
Has nothing to do with it!
It has everything
to do with it!
Okay, I'll arrange
a warrant, I'll go
out on a limb for
you one more time,
but I want you and your partner
to stay on his ass until
he feels it burning!
Now leave me alone,
i got work to do.
Thank you, Walter.
Got a new car, like it?
What happened to the old one?
Well I just thought I'd
give myself a little treat.
Adrian, are you all right?
Yeah, sure.
The car doesn't mean
anything if you're not happy.
Honey, I'm not unhappy, I just
can't wait to get to the beach,
motor home's down there,
it's waiting for us.
You ready to go?
Yeah, but how
come you're early,
I thought we were
gonna leave tonight.
'Cause I couldn't wait.
okay, just give me a
minute, I'll be there.
All right.
Holy shit.
Fontain, get in here!
Look at this.
No, I'm not gonna
call the police.
I can't.
You have to call them.
I can't, he's my brother,
for god's sake he's my brother!
What if he's the killer?
No he's not!
What if he kills mindy?
No, he didn't kill mindy.
Look, don't you see?
I promised him I'd
help him if he called.
Odd he hasn't called yet.
What if it's too late?
Call them.
Sergeant fontain please.
Yeah, no, this is, out where?
When will she be back?
You tell her that
bj wilde called.
You have to do something.
I'm gonna go to the beach.
I want you to stay here.
If Adrian calls, you tell
him I'm on my way, okay?
If fontain calls, don't tell her
anything this time, all right?
Don't tell her nothing.
Bambi, I love you.
I love you.
Why all the mystery?
There's no
mystery, I just don't
like anyone prying into my past.
I'm not prying, I just
want you to talk to me.
I only ask about
your mother 'cause
it helps me know you better.
I don't wanna talk
about her, all right?
Damn it Adrian, i
can't help it, I feel
left out, that's a huge
chunk of your past.
Hey, I'm here,
isn't that enough?
No, that's not enough.
Well I'm not gonna
talk about my family.
Well maybe it would
help if you did.
Would you change
the subject please?
You always pout
when you argue.
We're not arguing.
Oh, we're not arguing, good.
Just need a little space,
that's all, a little space.
Maybe I do too.
Come on now, you're not making
it very easy, you're really not!
I'm going for a walk!
I love you.
I know you do.
I'll be back soon.
Car 38, do you read?
38, I read.
We has a
report, wilde's motor home
has been spotted off fourth
Avenue at Santa Monica.
Do you copy?
Ls that you, Adrian?
Who is it?
Oh thank god, it's you.
What are you doing down here?
I wanted to find you
before the cops do.
They think you're the killer.
No no, I don't think you are.
Look, we're gonna prove
it to them together.
I'm not sure I'm not.
You got a drink?
I thought mindy could help me.
What'd you do with her?
' Who?
I killed all of them didn't I?
Come on, what are you saying...
it was me, wasn't it?
Come on man, what are
you saying this now for?
Because I can't remember!
What do you mean bullshit?
It was you, it was always you.
It was always you.
Why you have that thing on?
You know, all your
friends act like mom.
Took me a long time
to figure you out,
to learn that you were
attracted to them.
Me like mom?
No, bj, no!
Yes, yes, yes it was you!
I didn't do anything!
What'd you do
Lewis, cut your hand?
I didn't do it.
Do what?
I, oh, nothing.
Where is the motor home?
I don't know.
I don't know, I just
came out here to
help Adrian, but
all I did was find...
who, who'd you find Lewis?
She's dead.
Who's dead?
Mindy, she's over there.
Aw shit!
Handcuff this bastard
and bring him with you.
You taught me how to tie
these knots, you remember that?
Ba, maybe we can
he: Each other huh'?
Damn it, Adrian, you have
helped me, you
helped me all along.
You started telling
me about those dreams.
That helped me.
The dreams you told me about.
You know, I killed them
just like you dreamed.
Where's mindy?
She's out there.
She's dead.
Oh bj, no!
Oh stop it, stop that!
Damn married men.
Married hookers.
Cops that dress like
broads, I got them all.
I got 'em, I got
'em just like you dreamed.
Bj, you're gonna get caught,
the police are gonna find you.
I planted those
pictures in your studio.
Your models, the ones
you dreamed of killing.
The ones that you told your
shrink about, that you killed.
I figured it out good, i
figured it out real good.
I got 'em all except you.
When you're gone...
All those hookers and sluts,
they won't be around anymore.
Bj, maybe I'm just
as crazy as you are,
maybe I've been killing
just the way you do.
I mean they're my dreams.
I was eight, Adrian.
I was eight and I heard my mom
in the bedroom,
you heard her too,
but you never goddamn
faced up to it.
'(Nuke gonna get caught
ba, you're gonna get caught.
Bj, come on, let me help you.
, NY
we'll get help together.
, NY
we'll get help...
Aw, do you remember mom'?
Mom never let me call you ary.
Always call me bj.
Bj, come on, we'll
get help together!
No, you're gonna die.
You're gonna die, Adrian.
I tried to protect you, I tried
to protect you,
you didn't want it,
I tried to help you
and you didn't want it.
Running around
with those, oh god,
it's too much, too
many, too many.
Bj, come on, will you?
I love you.
The hell, I love
you too, Adrian,
for god's sake i
love you, or else
I couldn't do what I have to do.
Now look.
Don't you be afraid.
It's not gonna hurt you.
Be strong.
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Oh god!
Oh god!
It's all right.
Get an ambulance for her.