Double Kill (2023) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(upbeat music)
(airplane engine humming)
(upbeat music continues)
(airplane engine humming)
(car whooshing by)
(low engine humming)
(key clicking out of ignition)
(crickets chirping)
(footsteps echoing)
(door slamming)
Er, what is this is place?
It's all yours?
The entire property?
(clothes rustling)
(jacket lightly thuds on floor)
Your money
(shirt lightly thuds on floor)
and your power
is such a fucking turn on.
Not in here.
In there?
(door creaking)
(tense music)
[Donald] I know
what you're thinking.
What is this?
(Donald chuckles)
(door creaking)
Let me show you.
This is where life becomes art.
(tense music continues)
(Paislee laughing)
(Paislee grunting)
Okay, I dunno
what you think is,
or who you believe me to be,
but I am not someone you
want to be throwing around.
My family has money.
(Janelle thudding on glass)
(Janelle screaming)
If you die, I die.
(hand smacking glass wall)
(muffled screaming)
(Paislee screaming)
(Paislee sobbing)
(Janelle panting)
(ominous music)
(Paislee screaming)
(screaming) No!
(muffled screaming)
(fist thudding on Paislee)
(fist thudding on Paislee)
(footstep thudding on Paislee)
(ominous music continues)
(door creaking)
Stop, no! (screaming)
Let me out.
(Janelle banging on walls)
No, no!
(Paislee whimpering)
(ominous music)
[Janelle] No! (screaming)
(knife slashing into flesh)
(Donald groaning)
(Janelle crying)
[Janelle] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
(dramatic music)
(door latch clanking)
No, don't come in here!
(lock clanking)
(door creaking)
No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, please don't kill me.
- Please don't kill me.
- Shh!
You are in the
middle of nowhere,
so you can keep running,
you can keep screaming,
you can keep shouting,
you can keep crying.
You can keep trying to
escape the inescapable.
Go on.
And I will keep stabbing you
and missing my mark every time
until your entire
mid-section is open.
You will be in so much pain.
So much you will beg
for me to kill you.
Or you can just be still and
this will be over in a second.
(dramatic music continues)
(Janelle crying)
(Janelle groaning in agony)
(knife slashing into skin)
(Donald groans)
(knife squelching)
(Janelle groaning in agony)
(Donald sighing and laughing)
(knife shanks out)
(Blood spluttering)
(sad music)
(crickets chirping)
(feet echoing)
(door clanks and creaks)
[Blessing] Thanks for coming.
No problem.
[Blessing] Oh, come here.
You be safe, okay?
You text me when you
all get home then.
Will do
(Blessing sighing)
(fridge door slamming)
You okay?
I'm fine.
I was worried.
I'm fine.
You are not fine.
You haven't slept in weeks.
You need rest.
(dogs barking)
(feet rustling in grass)
(helicopter whirring)
(emergency vehicle
siren wailing)
All right, spread out and see
if there is another
victim out here.
Oh my god!
(dogs continue barking)
(door clicking)
(light switch clicking)
(drawer rattling)
Look, I know you're not
trying to hear this right now,
but I love you,
and I'm here for you.
Whatever you need.
I am not rejecting your love.
I'm just sweaty.
(cellphone ringing)
(John sighing)
You can answer the phone, John.
They're probably calling
you about that serial killer
we've been hearing about.
Mm mm.
I'm here for you and for mom
not to help on some
high profile case.
(sighing) It's okay, babe.
You're not abandoning
me if you leave.
You're an...
(phone ringing)
You're an important man
with an important job, okay?
(lips smacking)
Go be important.
Are you sure?
(gentle music)
(door slamming)
(shower splashing)
(gentle music)
I like that you're here
in my space, baby love
Love is the arc we
create, so beautiful
Hoping it's not just a phase
Cause an unspoken love
It has finally
Dream lover
Dream lover (crying)
(indistinct voice over radio)
(helicopter whirring)
[Man] Yeah, ETA five.
(doors slamming)
[Woman] You heard
it, get back there.
[Man] You, get
back in that vehicle
and move it out of here!
(crickets chirping)
(helicopter roaring continues)
(car door slamming shut)
[Man] Do me a favor.
Please, please help me out.
(indistinct voice over radio)
Thank you so much
for coming out.
Commissioner Levy
it's been a long time.
It has, it has.
First I want to give my sincere
condolences to your wife
and your family.
I know this is a
very tough time.
- Can we see some IDs please?
- Thank you.
Why don't you follow me?
I'll take you back
to the crime scene
them I'm gonna show
you what happened.
All right.
Right this way.
Earlier this morning, a
local farmer called this in,
said his dogs woke him up
in the middle of the night
and dragged him
out into the woods.
He found two women
tied to a tree.
They're gonna be right
around the corner over here.
Follow me.
All right.
They're both hanging
up side by side
right around here.
They look identical.
I've never anything
like it before.
Right over here.
And right over there.
(utensil clanking on counter)
(gentle music)
Come on up here.
I want you to meet
Special Agent Revis.
He's gonna be working
this case with you.
John Iceberg Rollins,
man, nice to meet you.
I'm sorry for your
loss, by the way, man.
I specifically asked for
Iceberg's help on this case.
I'm not here to
step on any toes.
Step on toes, please, man,
I'm glad to have you here.
You can step on my toes
anytime, have at it.
So what are we looking for?
Bruisings, swelling,
anything that shows
signs of a struggle.
We need to know if
these women fought
or if they were drugged.
Maybe even both.
Mm, does it matter?
- I don't need you
- Everything matters.
I trust you fully
- Till I need you
- The body paint' still fresh.
Tell your men to spread
out and search the area.
Make sure whoever did
this is not watching us
from the trees.
I don't need you
(Revis sighing)
All right, I need four teams.
I need everybody spreading out
north, south, east, and west.
Let's get it.
(hands clapping)
Fully, till I need
you, need you.
I can see it, this can't be
I can't believe that
it happened to me
Thought I knew you
Thought you would be part
of my picture, (indistinct)
What you gonna do,
when you gonna choose?
You gonna gonna lose
(air whooshing)
Tell yourself the truth
You're chasing stars
off in the dark
(water sploshing)
Cause you died in a lie papa
And you died in a lie baby
Cause you died in the papa
Cause you died lie papa
See I love you truly
I don't need you
Ooh, I trust you fully
Till I need you
Oh I love you truly
I don't need you
See Ooh I trust you fully
till I need you
Oh I love you truly
I don't need you
Oh I trust you fully
Till I need you
Ooh I love you
Come on Blessing
answer the fucking phone.
Answer the phone.
(phone ringing)
(cup banging on cabinet)
Don't tell me y'all
caught that guy already.
I knew you were good, but wow.
[Iceberg] How's
everything going over there?
Are you safe?
You haven't heard anything
weird or anything like that?
Are you okay.
(sighing) Babe, I'm Fine.
Would you relax?
Why are you so edgy?
The doppelganger
killer is in the area.
I need you to lock all
the doors and windows now.
(phone tone)
(ominous music)
(door squeaking and slamming)
(gun cocking)
(ominous music continues)
(Blessing screaming)
(Donald groaning)
Good morning, Houston's
5:32 AM, Friday, May 27th.
I'm Asa Zane, CBZ News.
Our top story today a pig
was found stuck in a tree.
After severe thunderstorms,
knocked a tree
right through an upstairs window
of a house in
south-east Houston,
the family's pet pig made
its way out of the window,
onto the tree branch, but
could not make its way down.
Firefighters have been on
the premise for three hours
trying to get the
pig down to safety.
Breaking news out of
Willis, Texas this morning.
Two bodies were found,
painted and tied to trees
near the McCoy Farm.
Joanne Bloom is on the scene.
(grass and leaves rustling)
(ominous music continues)
Everything all
right at home, man?
Yeah, everything's fine.
She's safe inside the house,
that's all that matters to me.
(Donald groaning)
(Blessing screaming)
(fist thudding)
(Donald panting)
Fuck me, huh?
Fuck me.
(gentle rock music)
(helicopter roaring)
(sirens whirring)
It's late, it's late at night
And I'm all alone
It's late and I am talking
Anybody find anything?
And you?
- (Revis sighing)
- So what now?
I'm gonna take you
out on the town
I'll make you crazy
I'll make you take
off all your clothes
And do you know which way
to go so we can lie down
Do you know which way
to go so we can lie down
You make me feel so crazy
You make me feel so crazy
You make me feel so crazy
You make me feel so crazy
You make me feel so crazy
And I say baby, please
with sugar on top
Cause I don't wanna mess
with you unless you can fuck
I said god damn
I said god damn
[Protesters] DGK! DGK!
- Okay, alL right.
- DGK!
- Oh wait, yo, yo, yo!
- It's been three months
Since child actor
turned college student
Janelle Jameson was
last seen at LAX airport
- Since then,
People around the world are
waiting impatiently to see if
she would be the latest victim
of the doppelganger killer,
or as the kids like to
refer to him as DGK.
Well, tonight that
question has been answered.
Janelle Jameson was
found in the back woods
of the Hatfield McCoy
Farm body painted
and bound to a tree opposite
of her doppelganger.
What's going on here?
It's like reality TV.
We know we shouldn't
like it (giggling),
but more than like it,
we obsessed with it.
- DGK!
- So, excuse me, Agent.
Any clues as to
where DGK is hiding
and what makes him so
difficult for the FBI to catch?
- Move aside.
- Okay.
Excuse, excuse my partner.
What he meant to
say was no comment.
So what about you, Agent?
Agent Revis.
Ferdinand Revis, Behavioral
Analysis Unit, FBI.
So Agent Revis,
do you have a comment
on the recent abduction
and death of Janelle Jameson
and the other young lady
that was found here tonight?
You know what Joanne, I do.
I really don't like
living in a neighborhood
where the people who I
care about don't feel safe.
You have it first, Houston,
DGK may have gotten
away yet again,
but with people like
Agent Revis on the case,
it won't be long before
DGK is put into J. A. I. L.
Is that all?
Thank you.
I might hold you to that.
(ominous music)
You know the worst
part about my job guys,
is watching people have to
come in here and identify the
bodies of those that they love.
And you would think by now
that I'd be numb to this shit,
but I'm not.
Um, are you all right?
I, I'm, I'm fine,
Agent Rollins.
I'm, I'm sorry.
I mean, Iceberg.
I only have a half hour left
with no more bodies to cut up.
this one right here
is Paislee Parks
and her parents just left from
here identifying her body.
She and the movie star.
- Movie Star?
- Yes, movie star.
That's what she was, right?
Well, uh, she wasn't, she
wasn't necessarily a movie star.
I would call her,
it was a TV show.
And actually while she wasn't
- the star of the show,
- Revis.
Hold on, gimme a second.
While she wasn't the
real star, the real star
- was really her brother,
- Revis.
- Arnold Green.
- Revis.
He had a line in there.
- "Hmm. I Wonder if..."
- Revis.
Anyway, guys, both women
suffer from the exact same type
of puncture wound,
a knife to their
abdominal aorta.
Why to the abdominal aorta?
Why not to the
wrist or the throat?
The wrist or the neck
would be too messy.
Stabbing the victim
through the abdominal aorta
is the quickest way to kill
them, and it's the cleanest.
Makes it easier for him
to body paint afterwards.
- (ominous music)
- That's right.
(typewriters tapping)
[Woman] It's over there.
What the Fuck y'all
doing, get back to work.
I have to make a
phone call real quick.
Yeah, for sure, man.
(Rollins sighing)
Hey sweetheart, if um,
if you're sleeping
good, don't wake up.
I was just calling
to check on you.
I'm sorry I'm not there.
But uh, give me call
when you wake up.
Revis, lemme ask you a question.
[Revis] Yo.
What do you see when
you look at this wall?
I see a,
I see an artist,
um, possibly a twin.
We got some twin
scenarios over here.
And you know, for
the past three years
we've been looking for an,
an artist who's a twin with
some type of a criminal history.
or, or a background
of violent behavior.
Okay, well let's just forget
the psychology for a second.
Just give me the basics.
(Revis chuckling)
How does he do it?
How does he move?
Well, he finds his
victim a man or a woman.
And then he keeps
them tucked away
for as long as he finds
their doppelganger.
Once he finds the doppelganger,
he kills them both.
(woman groaning)
And then he paints their bodies
and then he makes it
in a fashion of art
- as you see here.
- Yep.
Is there a timetable?
the first one took
about three years.
The next one took about
a year and a half.
Now this one we have just
now, that took about uh,
thirty days.
So he's getting better.
[Man 3] Hey, yo, Revis.
[Man 3] You might
wanna pick up line two.
It's that fine ass reporter.
Special Agent
Revis FBI, go ahead.
- Ferdinand, how are you?
- Ferdinand, hey.
I know who this is?
Hey Joanne, how you doing?
How you doing?
Um, how can I help you?
I was wondering if you would
like to get a cup of coffee?
Wait a minute.
Are you trying to poke
me for DGK information?
I just like who you are as a man
and I would like to
get to know you better
over a cup of coffee.
(clearing throat) I would
love to get that cup of coffee,
with you, Joanne.
- Okay, so each one of DGK's
- But um, uh,
- I gotta get back to work
- Victims where last seen
- Right now
- in different parts
of the world and then
found dead here in Houston.
[Revis] Right.
So Lonnie Lewis, he was
last seen in Australia.
Stella Estefan,
she was last seen in Mexico.
And then we've got
Janelle Jameson,
she was actually spotted
on LAX surveillance
with an airline pilot the
night she went missing.
We know.
We've been searching the
whole Houston database
for pilots coming in and out
on the nights of
the kidnappings.
So far we have nothing
that links any of the
victims to any one pilot.
And lastly, we
have Paislee Parks.
She was the only one not seen
in a different
part of the world.
She was actually at an arts
exhibition here in Houston.
(mid tempo music)
Mark Tru?
John Rollins, FBI.
This is my partner.
Special Agent Wilford.
Is this?
- How you doing?
- All right.
Is this about last night?
Yes, uh,
the event was this
invitation only, correct?
Correct, uh,
my younger brother has autism,
so every year I invite a few
important friends to my gallery
to auction off few pieces
for the Tru Foundation.
We're dedicated to helping
children with autism.
It's beautiful.
It was a very private affair.
And you are?
Margo, Mr. Tru's
personal secretary.
Margo's much more
than a secretary.
She does all the actual
work around here,
including the planning
for the True Foundation.
Wait, you planned the event?
Yes, I did.
And I'm assuming you
knew everyone who attended?
We know mostly everyone, yes.
All invited guests
were allowed a plus one.
So there's a guest list?
Was Paislee
Parks on that list?
Paislee was a childhood friend.
Her family helped me to
open my first gallery.
I owe everything I have to them.
When was the last
time you saw Ms. Parks?
She was standing
right over there
talking to some large
scrumptious piece of man.
(group laughing)
And then they left.
Wait, you saw
who she left with?
I saw her with a man.
I don't know who he was.
Then, how do you know
he, he was scrumptious.
I saw what I needed to see.
Which was what?
His eyes were dark.
His skin was milk,
chocolate and smooth.
He was wearing a black suit.
He had a very masculine build.
You would think
he lived in a gym.
Okay, so what
about surveillance?
Cameras were off.
Our guests do not
like to be recorded.
They're the type
of wealthy people
that don't like to take credit
for the money that they give,
but can't wait to brag about it
amongst their other
wealthy friends.
Margo right?
Do you mind if we get
a copy of that list?
Not at all.
Who's the artist
of this piece?
Actually, I have no idea.
Paislee brought
it in last night.
I don't really see what's
so special about it,
but she was adamant that I
hang it up for the auction.
Thank you for your time.
(phone ringing)
(ominous music)
(knocking on door)
Can I help you?
FBI, we're looking
for Mario Allen.
Uh, I'm his daughter, Rae.
What do you want with him?
We just wanna ask
him a few questions.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
My dad passed away
a few days ago.
Car crash.
Sorry to hear, sorry.
I'm sorry it happened.
(upbeat music)
You can't get enough reaction
Oh come on, don't
play me for a fool
With your strap stuck in
girl you such a distraction
I've got one and one and one
But you're so cool
Oh won't you call me
Beg me cause you feel so good
Come get you down and dirty
Won't you do my back up here
Gonna make you beg me
cause you feel so good
Come get you down and dirty
Won't you do my back up here
I'll make you beg me
cause you feel so good
It's so good
(planks rattling)
(Mike clearing throat)
(whooshing music)
(knock on door)
Mike Hamlin?
[Rollins] FBI.
I'm busy.
This won't take but a minute.
What does the FBI want
with little old Mike Hamlin?
Doppelganger killer?
You're familiar with him?
I do a little news
peeping from time to time.
See all those T-shirts outside.
Large crowds worshiping this guy
like he's the second
coming of public Picasso.
- You seem agitated, man.
- Of course I'm agitated.
I'm over here pouring my heart
and soul into my artwork,
getting fucking nowhere.
And so long as those idiots
out there are cheering him on,
pepping him up, buying
buying his fucking T-shirts,
the more destructive
he's likely gonna be.
And this guy, what?
He kills three people.
A few, I don't know how many.
Fuck, the whole world stops.
And now they're talking about
him being the greatest artist
of our fucking generation.
Did you attend a charity
event last night in Houston?
Yes, I did.
Did you leave with anyone?
No, I did not.
So you two, let yourselves out.
(bottle smacking against wall)
(birds chirping)
(knocking on door)
(whooshing music)
(people shouting)
(dog barking)
Are you guys looking
for Donald Keller.
Special agent John Rollins.
This is my partner.
Special Agent Revis.
Is he in trouble?
No, we just wanna talk to him.
Well, you won't
find him in there.
He usually flies on Wednesdays.
He is an airplane pilot.
And you are?
Larry Walters.
I'm the maintenance
man for this building.
Hey, Larry, you mind if we
have a look in here real quick?
I don't usually do this,
but I was on my way in
there to fix a leaky faucet.
I won't suggest one of
you fellows know anything
about leaky faucet, huh?
I sure do.
I, I sure, I
do, I do and will.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's have a look
around real quick.
(tool bag slamming on counter)
You're looking for
the DGK, aren't you?
What makes you say that?
I've seen this guy on TV.
He's looks like a
real standup guy.
A real likable hero.
Well appreciate that, Larry.
I appreciate that.
I always thought there was
something funny about this guy.
Funny. Like how?
Look at his apartment.
And the guy's a
fucking neat freak.
And not to mention
he got two of almost everything.
I asked him, "Fool,
why do you have to have two
of so much in your apartment?"
What'd he say?
He said he has a obsessive
compulsive disorder,
which causes him to have
to see things and twos.
What about two women?
Does he need two of those?
[Larry] Good
question. I never asked.
Oh, freaky boy.
I know, I know,
if it was me, I...
You can't go in there
unless you have a warrant.
Mr. Keller specifically asked
that I never enter his bedroom.
Why do you think
that is, Larry?
It's his bedroom.
No telling what type of
freaky shit he got going on,
but whatever it is, it's
his personal business.
(ominous music)
(door squeaking)
(ominous music continues)
(ominous music continues)
(gentle piano music)
(ominous music)
[Woman] Doctor's catalog, 320.
(indistinct chatter)
(waves sploshing)
(birds chirping)
We're gonna find
your wife, Iceberg.
I promise you that bro.
He took a boat.
We were looking for him
in the fucking woods
and he took the boat.
(gentle rock music)
(gentle rock music continues)
(door latch clanking)
(door creaking)
(Blessing sighing)
Who are you?
My name is Donald,
Graham, Keller
- My name Blessing.
- So Blessing Rollins,
specializing in phobias.
I know who you are.
You are the unjust.
And your day of
reckoning is coming.
You're judging me?
Yes I am.
You chose death.
I decided to affect others
with your solid education.
You're insane.
(Donald laughing)
Of course I'm
insane, Dr. Rollins.
We all are to some degree,
but you don't want
to hear that do you?
You want me to say
that I am not insane,
so you can say that I'm insane
and feel better about having
done all of those degrees
and sit on your ass and
listen to all the cheer.
But you don't know shit
about true insanity!
I know more than you
think I know, Donald.
Have you ever truly
been insane, Dr. Rollins?
Have you ever lived
in a dead mind?
Have you ever
orchestrated thoughts
that would only
play unwanted music?
Have you ever been
who you are not
and not been able
to be who you are?
Have you?
(Donald sighing)
Of course you haven't.
You're him.
You're the doppelganger killer.
(Blessing panting)
You've heard of me?
My husband's FBI.
Of course I have heard of you.
You kidnap random people and
hold them against their will
until you can find
their doppelganger.
Is that what this is?
(Blessing panting and sobbing)
Are you gonna kill me?
You are the unjust.
What did I do?
You killed innocent
babies without remorse.
My husband is out
there looking for me,
backed by the most powerful
law enforcement agency
in the world.
I know.
I know the FBI is after me.
I am also not afraid.
That's your first mistake.
You should be afraid.
My husband is a very
rational human being.
But when pushed to the point
of anger, he has no control.
He is gonna find you.
He is gonna know what
you have done to me.
And he's gonna march right
in here without hesitation
and put bullets right
in your fucking face.
(Donald laughing)
(Donald's hands clapping)
(Donald continues laughing)
I hope you're right.
I really hope you're right.
I hope that Special Agent
John Rollins, aka Iceberg
will just walk out here and
point a gun right into my head
and empty some bullets
without hesitations.
I hope you're right.
You are the unjust.
The children need to
be saved from you,
and the art,
(Donald sighing)
the art needs to
be immortalized.
(ominous music)
You see, I am the righteous.
The people love me.
They call out my
name everywhere.
Because of me,
justice will prevail.
(ominous music)
(upbeat music)
So what made you
want to join the FBI?
I was lost, I needed
some direction in life.
A recruiter thought I'd be
a good fit, and here we are.
So what made you
wanna be a reporter?
Same thing.
Plus, I'm nosy.
(Joanne and Revis laughing)
(Joanne sighing)
I like you.
I don't like anybody,
but I like you.
I like you more.
Let's get out of here.
I have something
I want you to see.
I am floating in
the loving bliss
This is a bed.
Yes, it is.
Some would say it's
made for sleeping.
Some people.
Gotta get your takeout
Wake up, wake up
Round gone gets me pay cut
What you gonna do
What's the legs for
I ain't here to lose me
Wondering to choose me
Skies Yeah
Rolling into waves Come on
Crashing into shores
(floor echoing)
(ominous music)
(door banging)
(Blessing screaming)
(Blessing sobbing)
Help me please.
Please help me.
(door latch clanking)
Shh, shh.
(ominous music)
Let me go!
Get off of me!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me out of here!
Let me go.
(banging on door)
Let me go!
Let me go, no, no, no,
no, no, open the door.
(door slamming)
(keys rattling)
(lock latching)
(ominous music)
(Blessing breathing heavily)
(Blessing groaning and moaning)
(eerie music)
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Open the door.
(banging on door)
(latch clanking)
(door creaking)
(Blessing groaning)
You're wasting your
time trying to feed me.
If I eat the food
and drink the water
I stay incapacitated don't I?
Think I'm stupid?
(door creaking)
(Blessing screaming)
(Bowl shattering against door)
(water sploshing)
(Blessing screaming)
(Donald laughing)
(Donald sighing)
All right y'all
listen up, listen up.
So my wife's alive.
(people sighing)
That's the good news.
The Doppelganger
killer can't kill her
until he finds her
doppelganger, right?
So he is out there somewhere
searching for someone
that looks exactly like my wife.
When he finds this woman,
he's gonna kill them both.
[Woman 4] Wow.
Now this is just one man.
We're an agency of thousands.
[Agents] Right, right, right.
[Commissioner] What exactly
are you saying, Iceberg?
What I'm saying is we need
to find this woman first.
Get eyes on her, and then
wait for DGK to show his face.
Her name is Iris Jones.
She's a waitress
at a strip club.
- Pass these out for me.
- Yes.
Uh, she has the same
height, same weight,
same facial features
as your wife.
If I didn't know any better,
I would think she was your
wife, y'all take a look.
[Agents] Oh wow, wow, wow.
All right, y'all,
here's a plan.
I want surveillance on the
exterior of the strip club.
HQ's is getting
run out of the van
just like normal.
Gallegos, Rick, Team One.
[Rick] Got it.
[Iceberg] Shelly,
Mark, Team two.
Got you.
On the interior I
want Adams and Solice.
Everyone please make sure
that you report to
group Supervisor Smith.
On it Iceberg.
On air support, we have
at the Houston Air Wing,
we have fixed wings
at Hooks airport.
All right, for communications,
we're going Channel
four FBI tag.
All right, everybody,
let's get to this.
I want her found and I
want her surveilled 24/7.
In other words, I wanna
know every move she makes.
All right, everybody
has an assignment?
- Yes sir.
- Yes.
Does anybody
have any questions?
- No, sir.
- No.
Iceberg, where do
you want me and Sparks?
I want you two with me.
All right, let's get to it.
Let's hit the streets.
(hands clapping)
(latch rattling)
(lock clanking on floor)
(door creaking)
You still haven't eaten?
Because there are
drugs in the food.
(plates echoing on floor)
But if you don't
eat, you will die.
I'm gonna die anyway.
(Donald sighing)
(Banana snapping)
Eat Your food?
Eat your food.
I said no.
- (Blessing screaming)
- Eat you fucking food!
Eat your food!
Put it in your
fucking mouth, eat it!
Eat your fucking...!
(Blessing choking and coughing)
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
(Blessing screaming)
(Donald breathing heavily)
(Blessing choking)
Why can't you just be
like the others, huh?
Why can't you just
accept the inevitable?
Cause I have a life.
I have a husband.
I'm not just gonna
sit here and die
so you can feel better about
what you're doing to me.
(Blessing crying)
Eat your fucking food.
You eat it.
Just eat your food.
(door banging)
(lock latching)
(banging on glass)
Eat you fucking food
(door creaking)
(mid tempo music)
I think to myself, I wonder
How much can she take
It's getting high now under
I'm drowning in this
(ominous music)
(locks clanking)
(door creaking)
Okay, wait look.
I wanna make a deal with you.
You want me doped up
because it's easier to
control me that way.
I, I get that.
What if I promise to be good?
No screaming, no
violent attacks, no banging on the walls.
What do you want?
I'm hungry.
I just want to eat
without being drugged.
And I don't, I don't want
that dog bowl either.
It's demeaning.
I know that's the
point of it all.
But I don't want
to eat out of it.
And if I don't eat, I
will look malnourished.
You need me healthy, Donald,
in order for your artwork
to look as good as
you want it to look,
you need me healthy.
(Donald sighs)
(door creaking)
(door slamming)
(locks clanking)
(locks clanking)
(door creaking)
Thank you.
(paper bag rustling)
(door creaking)
(lock clanking)
(ominous music)
Somethings wrong.
We've been watching Iris
Jones for months and nothing.
If she's not at work,
she's with her friends.
If she's not with her
friends, she's alone.
I mean, there's been no
burglar, no gentleman caller.
She pretty much
lives a regular life doing regular things.
I'm letting my
wife down Revis.
Maybe, maybe the DGK
is just buying time.
No, no, no.
He is not going to
just sit by and wait.
As soon as he finds my
wife's doppelganger,
they're both gonna die.
Then we just continue
watching Iris Jones
until the DGK finds her.
What if she's not
the doppelganger?
What, what are you talking
about, what if she's not?
She looks exactly like your
wife, you even said it yourself.
(folder snapping)
Holy shit.
[Revis] What?
Every time we look at
this board, what do we see?
We see the victims.
We see the art,
but we never see the names.
Why would we be
looking at the names?
We already know their names.
The names are the
bread crumbs, Revis.
Look at Paislee Parks.
How weird is it to spell
Paislee with two E's
as opposed to E. Y?
Janelle Jameson. Two L's.
Lonny Lewis. Two N's.
Terrel Thomas. Two Rs.
Greenleaf Garrison.
Two E's, two R's.
And now my wife.
Blessings Rollins.
Two S's.
Two L's.
So we not only looking
for a doppelganger,
we're also looking
for a doppelganger
with double letters in her name.
(Revis whistling)
(gentle music)
Is everything okay?
I can't get rid
of this feeling.
I'm sitting here
You're laying there
Our bodies are
matched in a rhythm
Might be some high
Love's thick in the air
Your scent is so intoxicating
Thank you.
Your eyes and mind
I could gaze in
Your touch is so amazing, yeah
I'm losing my mind and
it's because of you
You got me losing my mind
and it's because of you
I'm feeling so high and
it's because of you.
I love you.
I don't think I said it enough.
I know you love me.
I am going insane
Your love has me going insane
Now, find me.
(gentle music)
(clock ticking)
- What did he do for a living?
- Iceberg,
Look at this, man.
What am I looking at?
The rocker.
She looks just like your wife.
No, she is nothing
- like my wife.
- I didn't say
she is like your wife.
I said, she looks
like your wife.
Now look at the name.
Jaleece, geez.
Locked and loaded
Let me come play with
them before I explode it
All over the place
and all over the room
(police siren whirring)
All the ladies with
It hurts
When I hit the door.
Salute a true Diva
When I cross the floor
All right rest
Gotta a red bottoms on
At ease all here
plus the Rose is home
Been running all week
Waiting for a moment
to get in these streets
Four months later
it's my time watch me
As I move my feet
Feel the rhythm and weep
Ignite assignment
This night will be atomic
pleasure, weak until we leave
Careful now as we release
Wonder how we keep
'em here so well
Guaranteed to make
every heart swell
Break him till the knees weak
Have him begging for help
It's the best
place you ever felt
So hot it make any man melt
He'll never want anything else
But bombshells
(ominous music)
Bombshells they
busting out everywhere
I can't
I keep on playing myself
I can't
I keep on playing myself
Wonder how we keep
him here so well
Guaranteed to make
every heart swell
Break until the knees weak
Have him begging for help
Is she in there?
Yeah, she's in there.
What about our suspect, DGK?
I don't think so.
Listen up everybody, I
want you to spread out.
Check the area, make sure this
guy does not have eyes on us.
I want a protective detail
on this artist
Jaleece at all times.
Do you understand?
[Agents] Yes, sir.
All right. Let's move out.
(dramatic music)
Man, do you ever sleep, man?
Revis, good, you're here.
Look at this.
DGK er, has a twin.
Yeah, I've been
saying this all along.
No, the boys in that photo,
they were born on the same
day, but they're not twins.
I don't understand.
Irene and Jim Keller.
They had a baby
boy, but not twins.
Look at this.
Okay, now look at this one.
On the far right,
that's Irene Keller,
next to her, that's Jim
Keller, Donald Keller's father.
None of the people on
that photo are twins.
They're doppelgangers.
We need to go back
to Donald's apartment
and find out what
was in that room
we weren't allowed
to enter before.
(indistinct chatter)
(gentle music)
(dramatic music)
Oh shit, what the?
Oh my goodness.
(door banging)
(dramatic music continues)
FBI, get back in the car!
(gun cocking)
(foot crashing on door)
[Agent 1] Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
[Agent 2] Clear.
All clear.
All right, let's get
forensics in here.
Every nook and cranny.
Don't miss a thing.
Yes, sir.
I Got the closet.
And I got the door.
Got some prints over here.
Uh, let me see those.
[Man 4] Ah fantastic.
What you got there?
He has files on every
one of his victims.
Including your wife.
All right, stop right there.
Now look around.
See, what he does
is he actually draws out the
murder scene before it happens.
Now look at this one.
That's the only one
that hasn't happened yet.
See what he's gonna do here?
He's gonna kill four
people at one time,
and he's gonna do it in
front of an audience.
[Iceberg] Good work.
(door latch clanking)
(door creaking)
You're a twin?
You obviously
have a fascination
for people that look alike.
If you're not a twin,
where did that come from?
(Donald sighs)
My father had a
twin growing up.
I mean, they were not the
same mother or father,
different mother,
different father.
But they were really identical.
They talked alike.
They walked alike.
They smiled, alike.
They even dressed alike.
Many people from Kaduna,
where they were from
really thought they were twins.
(plastic container rustling)
After high school, my father
and his best friend decided to,
they got an admission
into the Temple University
in Philadelphia.
So they both moved to America.
After one year in college,
they met my mother
and her friend,
who looked exactly
like identical twins,
but different father,
different mother.
And my father started
dating my mother
and my father's friend started
dating my mother's friend.
And since then, all of them,
all four of them
became so inseparable.
After college my father
married my mother.
Double wedding?
Yeah, of course.
All four of them moved to Texas
where they would have
nothing but land.
They wanted their privacy.
A year after they married,
my father and mother got me
and my father's friend
and my mother's friend
had a baby boy also.
Same day?
Yes, same day.
Did you look alike?
Mm, no.
(Donald laughing)
We looked nothing alike.
But our parents were determined
to make us something
we were not.
Everything he had, I had.
Everything he did I did.
[Blessing] So you got used
to seeing two of everything.
What was his name?
Take a wild guess.
(Donald and Blessing laughing)
Typical, right?
Ronald and Donald (laughing).
Oh my god, I remember
our last birthday party.
It was so much fun.
My parents were
huge football fans.
Football as in soccer, right?
American football.
- Mm
- Yeah.
My father and his best friend
had followed this American
footballer who was from Nigeria.
His name was Christian Okoye.
He was also known as
a Nigerian nightmare.
And on this particular day,
the same day as our birthday,
there was a game.
The Philadelphia Eagles were
playing the Atlanta Falcons.
So my father and his
doppelganger from Philadelphia,
and my mother and her
doppelganger from Atlanta.
So they both wore their jerseys.
There was so much
screaming (laughing),
so much shouting.
It was so amazing
to watch a game
while celebrating our birthday.
- Mm.
- Ah.
You felt good about that, huh?
Yeah, I liked it.
I really liked it.
How old were you
turning at the time?
We, we were just just
turning seven that day.
Were there a lot of
kids at your party?
Nah (sighing).
Our parents were
very private people.
They never really liked to
have a lot of people around us.
So, (laughs).
Anyways, on that night,
my parents put me to bed and
Ronald's parents went home.
So I waited.
Waited for what?
My parents and Ronald's
parents used to do stuff
downstairs in the living room.
[Blessing] Stuff Like what?
My dad kissing Ronald's dad.
My mom kissing Ronald's mom.
And on this fateful night,
I knew they were
gonna be doing stuff.
So I snuck out of my
bedroom and I went to watch.
[Blessing] What
were they doing?
They were talking.
[Blessing] About what?
(plastic container rustling)
They wanted more children,
but they wanted them to look
more like Ronald's parents
and nothing like me or Ronald.
They, they wanted to get rid
of us and start all over.
[Blessing] Get,
get rid of you, how?
They were gonna kill us
that night in our sleep
and bury our bodies
in the woods.
So it seems like we
never even existed.
[Blessing] Oh my God.
What did you do?
I snuck out of the
window in my bedroom.
I went to Ronald's bedroom.
I tried to warn him.
There was just so much blood.
So much blood everywhere.
His father was stabbing him.
He was crying.
He was screaming, begging
for his mom to help him,
but she never came.
He was just a boy.
Anyway, that was the last time
I saw Ronald or my parents.
[Blessing] So that's why you
hate people who look alike.
(car engine roaring)
(upbeat music)
I got my fly dress on tonight.
Waiting on your text
I bet you're gonna sweat
Kiss me on my neck
when we connect at six you won't regret
I just can't wait
to get to you
Cause we're gonna
see if you like me
Like I like you,
baby here's a clue
I want you to hurry to me
Give me what cha got
I got what you need
I've seen you before.
Give me what cha got
- I got what you need
- I like to watch you sing
Give me what cha got
Are you hear with anyone?
- I got what you need
- No I came here for you
- I'm about to make you mine
- Good.
Cause I am not willing
to play any game, yeah.
I like to get to what
I want straight away.
What do you want?
You got no clue what
I wanna do, please you
Give me what cha got
I got what you need
Give me what cha got
I got what you need
I'm about to make you mine
I'm yours for life
(crickets chirping)
(lips smacking)
Baby, I missed you so much.
I know, I know,
I missed you too.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Where are you Going?
You can't leave me out here.
Are you bloody mad?
(door clicking)
I'm looking for
Special Agent Revis.
I was told he might be here.
He's here.
Is he expecting you?
Um, no ma'am,
he's not, I just.
Wait a minute.
You're that news reporter.
What's up, man?
Uh, you got some
information on the new case?
No, I just (sighs)
I keep seeing her
everywhere I turn.
We were just about
to have dinner.
Would you like to come inside?
[Iceberg] Sure.
Come on.
Uh, is this how
y'all normally eat?
All the time.
Yeah, I don't think I
should be witnessing this.
I'm gonna go.
No, no, don't leave.
I have so many more questions.
About what, the case?
About your partner.
You see, I think he's the
most loving, loyal, playful,
yet wise and mature
man I have ever met.
And I want to know
what you think.
Because I'm afraid
that this is all just
some type of mirage.
Damn Iceberg, you aint got
no, no words to say about me?
I think the world of you, man.
He does.
Honestly Revis, all I
can think about is my wife
and whatever it is she's
going through right now.
Do you think about death?
Like her death?
Like what if you die?
You see most people when
they think about love,
they think about today on Earth.
But if you die, who would
you love in the afterlife?
You see, even in death.
I believe I would
want to be with him.
That's how incredible
I think he is.
Well I certainly wouldn't
wanna be stuck with him
in the afterlife?
All right.
As far as a man goes,
I don't think you could
have done any better.
(Joanne chuckles lightly)
I'm gonna go.
(car horn honking)
(lips smacking against skin)
Ooh, whoop whoop.
(Revis and Joanne chuckling)
Had to pull you over there.
You know, why don't you?
Ass too fat.
(phone ringing)
(Revis sighing)
Iceberg, go ahead.
[Iceberg] Donald
Keller was married.
I'm on my way.
I thought you
were on your way.
I am.
(dramatic music)
What's your favorite movie?
[Iceberg] Excuse me?
Your favorite movie.
What is it?
[Iceberg] Mrs. Fontaine.
Call me Deborah,
and I'm not answering
any of your questions
until you tell me what's
your favorite movie?
Yep, yes, yes.
Miss Deborah, ma'am,
we'll, tell tell you
our favorite movie.
The Godfather.
Mm, figures.
Can't Go wrong with
The Godfather, right?
Beauty and the
Breasts, Beasts.
Beauty and The Beast, some
of Disney's finest work.
You think so?
Ab, absolutely.
Chef's Kiss (smacks lips).
- Deborah...
- My favorite movie
is Basic Instinct.
I watch it every night
before I go to bed.
I think to myself what it would
be like to be Sharon Stone
in that situation.
Mm, you know?
- Oh, you obsess.
- Oh, my Netflix and chill.
Nope, mm.
No thank you.
(Revis growling)
[Iceberg] Nope.
(Revis clearing throat)
No thank you.
(Deborah giggles)
Okay, you can ask
your questions now.
Donald Keller?
My baby girl's
psycho ex-husband?
What can you
tell us about him?
I could tell you everything.
Starting with the fact
that he's a nut job.
What do you mean?
Well, he has to have
two of everything.
If that wasn't weird enough,
he had a violent side
like nobody's business.
Wait a minute, we
researched this guy.
He had no history of viol,
of a violent past.
That's because he's
too smart to be obvious.
And that's what made
him so dangerous.
I even told her to get a
psychiatrist, you know,
to help her mentally
and a restraining
order out against him.
That was some good advice.
I watched a lot of Dr.
Phil and Oprah that day.
So I understand
the psychiatrist,
but why did you feel a
restraining order was necessary?
(dramatic music)
KK was pregnant
and she was planning
on getting an abortion.
And we knew if
Donald ever found out
that he would try to kill her.
Well, she was determined
to have the abortion,
so she asked me to look into it.
I didn't wanna do it.
I don't even believe
in abortions.
But KK was so afraid.
So I did it.
And I found a really good
doctor right here in Houston.
There were some complications
with the surgery.
And my baby died
with her babies.
[Iceberg] Babies?
She was aborting twins.
Oh shit.
And you blamed the doctor?
I blamed the whole system.
Donald blamed the doctor.
(dramatic upbeat music)
(phone ringing)
Special Agent Sparks.
How can I help you?
[Iceberg] Kamille
Keller, two K, two Ls,
had an abortion
over ten years ago.
That was around the same time
that DGK's first
victim went missing.
I need to know where she
went to have that abortion
and who was the doctor
that performed the surgery?
Is that it?
[Iceberg] That's it.
I'm on it.
(birds chirping)
(car engine humming)
(car door slamming)
(fly buzzing)
(bird squawking)
You must be our new neighbor.
Oh, yes.
I was wondering who bought
the house across the street.
I'm Tess.
Hi Tess.
I'm Donald.
Nice to meet you, Donald.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
- Thank you.
- You have a nice day.
You too, now, Tess.
(car door slams shut)
(car engine roaring)
(ominous music)
(phone ringing)
[Iceberg] Go.
Kamille Keller had an abortion
at the old abortion and
safety house on Old Mill Road.
The doctor was Todd Sellers
and he's at 1414 Autobahn
Road, Houston, Texas.
(upbeat music)
(police siren wailing)
I was so worried.
I found the front door
wide open when I got home
and you were
nowhere to be found,
I thought that DGK
guy had got you.
Why are you dressed
like an FBI agent?
So you're not my
husband, you're FBI?
No ma'am.
I'm not your husband.
But you look just like him.
Todd, are you playing with me?
Are you serious?
Like I was genuinely
worried about you.
[Iceberg] Mrs. Sellers,
I assure you that I'm
not joking with you.
My name is Special
Agent John Rollins.
Well, special agent.
Is this my husband or am
I going fucking crazy?
(man thudding on floor)
(Donald sighing)
(door slamming)
(latch clacking)
(door rattling)
(door slamming)
You need something?
Who is that?
[Donald] Todd?
Why does Todd look
like my husband?
Todd Seller, is
a medical doctor
who specializes in abortions.
You see, he has always
been on my list,
but I just wasn't
ready for him yet.
I needed to get
you out of the way.
But then something
miraculously happened.
I was watching TV
and I saw your husband
was searching for me.
(fingers snapping)
And then it clicked.
Eagles and Falcons.
Birds of prey.
Come on, Dr. Rollins,
I'm sure as a psychologist,
you must appreciate the synergy
in this perfect piece of art.
The women painted like eagles
and men painted like falcons.
Ha, I love it.
I even brought you wings.
(laughing) I am so excited.
I can't wait to start.
You're artistically recreating
the last birthday party
with your parents?
So, so this Dr. Todd,
he was your original
target and not my husband.
but you see your husband,
let's call it bad luck or
perfect genes or bad timing.
He just appeared on my radar.
They look alike, don't they?
Okay, so then why am I here?
Ten Years ago
you counseled a certain young
lady, Ms. Kamille Keller,
and you advised her
to commit an abortion.
I would never do that though.
Yes, you did!
You were her counselor.
You advised her.
She took your counsel
and aborted my babies!
my twins.
And it happened in his clinic.
On his abortion table!
My twin babies.
Ten years ago.
Kamille, Kamille, Kamille.
Kam, KK.
KK is Kamille Keller,
wait, wait, wait.
She, she was being
abused by her husband.
(sobbing) That
was you wasn't it?
She didn't know whether or not
she wanted to have her babies.
She, she wasn't in the
right frame of mind,
but I didn't tell her
to have an abortion.
- I told her...
- Yes you did!
What about me?
Does my choice
not matter at all?
You weren't my patient.
Dr. Blessing. Rollins, you
have been sentenced to death.
You both must prepare yourself
now for the day of reckoning.
(hands clapping) I can't wait.
(Donald laughing)
I can't wait
(Donald sighing)
(Donald whistling)
Let me out.
(banging on glass door)
Let out of here.
Let me out.
(Blessing sobbing)
Open the door.
Open the door.
Open the door.
(Donald whistling)
(Blessing banging on door)
(Donald continues whistling)
(Blessing grunting)
(car engine humming)
(Heavy base music)
(mid tempo music)
Baby, I think it's time
That I let you know that I
I want you
I want you just as
bad as you want me
I want you just as
bad can't you see
Obviously, this stays
between you and me
Let's make this complete
I want you just as
bad as you want me
I want you just as
bad can't you see
Obviously this stays
between you and me
Let's make this complete
Clearly I want you
Finally happening
I find me where I wanna be
No questions about
it, no doubt about it
I think that you're the
right ones in here for me.
I could be shy my way
Hold back the fact that I'm
amused by you in all ways
Don't think I'm pushing
but I've been looking
Now its time for me to
be directly straight
Boy, I want you just
as bad you want me
I want you just as
bad can't you see
Obviously this stays
between you and me
Let's make this complete
I want you just as
bad as you want me
I want you just as
bad can't you see
Obviously this stays
between you and me
Let's make this complete
Clearly I want you
Clearly I want you
Clearly I want you
What the fuck?
He's got a gun!
- (people screaming)
- Hey out of the way,
out of the way.
Move, move, move!
Move, move, move!
(people continue screaming)
Move, move, move, move!
(door slamming open)
[Woman 5] (moaning) Oh, yeah.
FBI, put your
hands in the air!
- Oh, uh.
- What the fuck?
I don't know, um.
What the fuck indeed
Um I'm sorry ladies.
You may wanna stay
in here for a while.
No shit, that was our plan.
It's my plan too, but you
ladies enjoy yourselves.
[Jaleece] Close the door.
- I'm closing, I'm here.
- Fuck off!
- I'm here to serve, by the way
- Close it!
[Woman 5] Oh,
oh yeah.
(door slamming shut)
Oh yeah, oh yeah
(hands smacking against bum)
(crickets chirping)
Is anyone in there?
I Think so.
Has anybody advised on Jaleece?
You can say that?
Go back and watch her.
Don't let her outta your sight.
What you gonna do about him?
I'm gonna find out why
he's running from us.
Hey Mark.
I know that's you, man.
I need you to exit the vehicle.
Let see your hands.
(car engine roaring)
Hey, don't be, fuck!
Go, go, go!
(car engine roaring)
(dramatic music)
(car door slamming)
(car engine roaring)
(tires screeching)
(Mark banging on bonnet)
(dramatic music continues)
(helicopter whirring)
Check her.
(sirens wailing)
(ominous music)
I know you're out here, man.
Let's make this easy.
Just come out with
your hands up.
Mark Tru.
(ominous music continues)
Come on, man.
Right there, stop right there.
He killed her.
- He said...
- Put your hands up.
He said he wouldn't kill
her, but he kill her anyway.
[Iceberg] Mark
stop where you are.
- He killed her.
- Get on your knees.
- He killed her!
- Mark!
(Mark groans)
- My god!
- Get your fucking hands
behind your back.
- My god (crying)
- Do it
My god.
(handcuffs clicking)
What the fuck
- is going on back there.
- Are you bloody blind
Come on get it
over with already!
- Shit.
- Fuck.
Oh no, no uh.
(women groaning)
(dramatic music)
(car doors slamming shut)
(crickets chirping)
(animals howling)
(birds squawking)
(dramatic drum beat)
(woman groaning)
(knife slashing into skin)
(Revis groaning)
(dramatic music continues)
Wait (woman groaning)
(knife slashing into skin)
(Revis groaning in agony)
(dramatic music)
I know I promised that
I'll never do this,
but you promised that you
will never stay out all night
without calling me first.
You better be safe.
(dramatic music)
[Asa] Joanne, it's Asa.
Not right now, Asa.
[Asa] Sources
are confirming that
- Special Agent Revis
- I have to
was murdered tonight.
- What?
- Currently on scene.
Joanne, did you hear me?
(Jaleece groaning)
(door creaking)
(Jaleece and Blessing sobbing)
You knew Donald Keller was
DGK all along didn't you?
No, I did not.
He was at your private event.
With Paislee.
You showcased his artwork.
I didn't know it was his.
Paislee was my friend,
she begged me hang it.
I would've done
anything for her.
And distracting the FBI so
he could grab another victim.
How do you explain that?
He was waiting in my gallery.
I don't know how
he got in there.
He was in there with Margo May.
She was sitting in the chair.
He had a gun to her head.
Did you see him?
Is this what you saw?
That's him.
(dramatic music)
He said we were
gonna play a game.
If he wins, we live.
If he loses, she dies.
What game?
I was to go to
Bill's Soul Food Cafe
and sit in the front row.
When the band finishes their
final song of the night.
I was to get up and exit
out of the back door.
If I see anybody following me.
I was to take off running.
There would be a car
waiting out back.
I was to get in and lay low
until he called and
told me to drive.
I was so terrified
I didn't even see
Margo in the back seat.
When he finally called, I
didn't even think about it.
I just took off.
Until I looked in
the rear view mirror.
He killed her.
I did everything he told me to
do and he killed her anyway,
so I stopped driving.
(dramatic music)
he told me to give
you a message.
What message?
It's in my inside coat pocket.
(woman sobbing)
(Donald humming)
(dramatic music continues)
You need to stop crying.
You're going to ruin the art.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Special agent John Rollins,
you're cordially invited
to an art celebration,
10:00 PM 8805 on Clarke
Road, Lewis, Texas.
Come alone or your
wife dies, DGK.
8 8 0 5?
That's an abandoned abortion
clinic and safe house.
Yeah, women used
to come to Houston
and stay at the safe house
till their number was
called for surgery.
Back then, you could
make arrangements
and stay the night
if you wanted to.
That was Roe v Wade central,
large crowds would come and
riot, picket, foul language.
It was crazy.
A few years ago someone
bought that property
and now it's just empty.
It's just there.
DGK is there.
- I'll alert the team.
- Good.
You alert the team.
I'm gonna go find my wife.
(hand banging on desk)
(sirens wailing)
(dramatic music)
(crickets chirping)
[Crowd] DGK, DGK, DGK, DGK, DGK.
(car engine humming)
(sirens wailing)
(car door slamming shut)
[Crowd] DGK, DGK,
[Crowd] Whoa!
(crowd cheering)
(dramatic whooshing)
Welcome, welcome,
ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, DGK!
[Crowd] DGK!
- Agent Rollins.
I see you accepted
my invitation.
Hoping to see you wife?
- I promise you.
You will be reunited
(Donald laughing)
- with your baby killing wife.
- Any moment now (laughing).
- For the rest of you,
Enjoy the show.
(crowd chanting)
[Crowd] Whoa!
[Crowd] Wow!
(people screaming)
[Crowd] DGK!
(people screaming)
(Donald groaning)
[Crowd] DGK!
(dramatic music)
(car door slamming)
Ladies and gentlemen.
Are you enjoying the show?
(Donald laughing)
Let me show you how DGK works.
(crowd cheering)
(gentle music)
Your eyes are opening.
That's good.
I need you awake for this.
I know you are wondering,
why does DGK kill
innocent people?
How does he do it
and why does he choose to
body paint his victims?
(crowd continues cheering)
And the answers are very simple.
First of all, there is no one
who has incurred wrath of DGK
who is innocent.
And every one of my victims
are murderers of
innocent children.
So, you doing this
for the children?
I'm doing this for humanity.
(Iceberg laughing)
[Man 5] Yeah, you, back it
up, back it on outta here.
[Man 6] Do me a favor, please.
Please help me out.
(gentle music)
(Iceberg grunting)
You see, Ten years ago,
my wife had an abortion
and it happened on this
exact spot where I stand.
You see there are
many people out there
who look like other people
who just love to kill babies
because they don't
look like anyone else.
You're an idiot.
An idiot?
An idiot?
Not even a religious mastermind.
Not even a mad man.
Not even a psychopath,
just an idiot.
Just an idiot (laughing).
To label you a mad
man would be an insult
to insane people everywhere.
You're too dumb to
be a mastermind.
You murder people without
giving them the chance
to defend themselves and
call yourself righteous?
Or even more
ridiculous and worse.
(gentle music continues)
Your wife murdered
my twin babies.
And you see that
doctor right there.
It happened in his clinic.
They are the murders.
You're the murderer, Donald.
The very thing that you despise.
But you know who's
not a murderer?
She never had an abortion.
She was innocent.
Estella Estafan, innocent.
Lonnie Lewis, Paislee
Parks, all innocent.
And you murdered them anyways.
They looked like murderers!
They were gonna do it anyway.
The exact same thing,
if I didn't stop them.
They are who their
faces say they are.
(gentle music continues)
(crowd continues cheering)
Ladies and gentlemen,
let us now prepare for
the day of reckoning.
This is how we rid this earth
of these despicable people.
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm (Iceberg groaning)
All is is bright
Round yon Virgin,
Mother and Child
- Holy infant so tender
- FBI, federal agents,
let me see your hands And mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
(crowd screaming)
Fall on your knees
I got you, man, I got you.
Where's my wife?
I don't know, man.
There was nobody
in here but you.
Fall on your knees
Fall on your knees
Silent night
Holy night (branches ruffling)
Son of God (leaves rustling)
love's pure light
Radiant beams
from thy holy face
With the dawn of
redeeming grace
Jesus Lord, at Thy birth
(Donald laughing)
I had hope for a
way better ending.
Something more artsy.
Something that would
shake the world
and live my name on in infamy.
Fall on your knees
Well I guess the
moon is full tonight.
And this will make
for a good picture.
(gun shot ringing)
(Donald groaning)
Fall on your knees
(gun shot ringing)
(gun shot ringing)
(Donald grunting)
Fall on your knees
(gun shot ringing)
Fall on your knees
I told you my husband
wouldn't hesitate.
- Fall on your knees
- I like what you've done
with your hair.
(Blessing chuckling)
Well, you look like shit.
Fall on your knees
Sleep in heavenly peace
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Ill Trill Neil
I'ma be a monster
I am a monster
Going in for the double kill
No one can hear your screams
My dungeon rooms
are sound sealed
Crept up my victims
No time to have
their eyes peeled
I'm here to take
your heartbeat
Penetrate your force field
I get an adrenaline rush
and a thrill at the sight
Of your blood spill,
drill, drill, drill, drill
My art work is unreal Unreal
My attitude is so cold
Frightening get un chill
Put you up on my canvas
Relentlessly no frills
Better not panic
My consequences
cause instant frantic
Surrounding outland just keep
the red lights loading up
till romantic
Eat it up, eat it up
Feed you meat that's red city
Call me doppelganger killer
There he is
There he is
Double kill Double kill
It's like I took a double pill
Twenty years and nobody
on my level still
Four movies in the air
and I'm better still
It's getting hot
so you better chill
As ill combatants in
the mike check song
Fatter than the booty
chicks in in a black thong
Kind of like that old cookie
You tapped on any given Sunday
How did you get me that wrong
You ain't know that I
flow like a smith rack
I see that money in your
hair brother give me that
I want theaters back
and I want them packed
I want the theaters black
and I want them packed
They put cheese in the
court for street traffic
Put money on the
floor gonna scoop that
You wanna act like it's
that go on and do that
I got my walls up, how
you breaking through that
I'm in the back and
out come two guns
I'm making movies and
money so that's two runs
You wanna scrap with a
scrap when the cool comes
You was so bright it's like
I am looking at two suns.
Double Kill, that's two baby
Killer bars, Ill Trill Neil
ElmoreVision, lets go