Double Take (2001) Movie Script

Where would I be without my baby
The thought alone might break me
And I don't wanna go crazy
- But every thug needs a lady
- Tired of being lonely
Come on
Don't you know that I love you
- Hey-Hey, good morning, Mr. Chase.
- Yes, it is.
Oh, I don't see your driver.
I gave him the day off.
It's his birthday.
- Knicks? Courtside?
- Yeah, baby.
- Mr. Chase, you are the man.
- Ah, just say hello to Spike for me.
Oh, I'll do the right thing.
What is this? Fifteen a grand a month,
I gotta listen to this racket?
- Oh, well. I'm out of here.
- You have a good day.
- Be careful out there, huh?
- Nothing can touch me today.
- Give me that, punk!
- Mr. Chase.
- Mr. Chase, you all right?
- Yeah.
Stop, thief!
- Come on, boy.
- You sure you're all right?
I'll slice your little ass up.
Now you need a nut doctor.
Get on before you get spit on.
Hold it! Get down on the ground!
Get down on the ground!
- This what you do to the hero?
- You got the wrong guy!
- Do I look like Puffy?
- Shut up!
- You got the wrong guy!
- Hey, that is not the guy.
- What? What the hell you mean, it's not the guy?
- He got the briefcase back.
- That is not the guy.
- Are you sure?
- I'm positive.
- Now, you heard the man. Raise up off me!
- What?
- Just... Really.
I'm Muslim. I don't like
no parts of no pig!
- Look, you okay?
- Man, I hope I don't need no stitches.
I ain't got no insurance.
I'm really sorry about this.
And my mama got cancer.
- I said cancer.
- I think this will cover it.
Common cold is cool.
- Well, uh, take care of yourself.
- You be careful out here, man.
- I will. You get that looked at,
all right? - All right.
- Hey, you pigs know where the nearest
emergency room is? - Okay, okay.
Hey, you see
two guys come past here?
- What? - Two guys. Big guy. Little guy.
Came past here just a second ago.
- I saw no one. I don't know.
I didn't see anybody. - Shit!
- Good morning, Mr. Chase.
- Hey, Julie.
Good morning, Mr. Chase.
Are you all right?
What is it?
Look, I may have only been here
two months...
but I know you well enough
to know when something's wrong.
What gave me away,
wrinkled suit or bad attitude?
Definitely the attitude.
I'll work on it.
What you got for me?
The Henderson wire transfers
came in from Switzerland...
and financial. Com
just announced a split, and...
I think this will make
the rest of your day a little better.
The Don Carlos transfer
came through this morning.
- It's a little more than we expected.
- Don't tease me.
106 million more.
- Stop kidding.
- I never joke about money.
Good morning, Daryl.
What's the matter with you?
Don Carlos came in.
106 million over.
- 106 six million. You sure about that?
- Yep.
That's a lot of money for a Mexican
soda company, don't you think?
I'll have to see about this. Oh!
I'm sorry. I know it's late. Can you
get us all into Chloe's show tonight?
- I'll pull a few strings. How many do you
need? - Well, our $ 106-million mystery man...
is coming into town:
Thomas Chela.
- Mr. Don Carlos himself. To what do
we owe the pleasure? - I don't know.
- We got to show him a good time.
- Oh, absolutely.
I can also check over his last quarter
financials to make sure everything tracks.
If you find anything,
I want to see it.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's
somebody in your office, Mr. Chase.
- Not now, Shari. - I think you should
see him. He says it's a family matter.
Look, a broker is a smoker.
You ever heard of E-Trade?
Yeah, you can do
that shit for free.
I'm Freddy Tiffany, internationally
known, I might add. All right.
My nigga!
Hey, you got any job openings?
This is some easy-ass shit.
Oh, yeah. Let me call
Human Resources. Shari?
Hook a brother up.
Man, how'd a brother like you
get a big-ass office like this...
with fancy furniture
and whatnot...
without the benefit
of some kind of mischief.
You keep campaigning for this
ass-whooping, you gonna get elected.
Cool. Look. I was just jokin' about
the phone, man. Wasn't nobody on it.
And I feel kind of bad
about what happened earlier.
- What is that?
- It's your money.
Is that Chloe Kent?
Hey, that's that La Perla supermodel.
Man, I'd sure like to wax her drawers.
I'll let her know.
Hey, ain't no need for all this shit.
How's your mama? We went out.
- Hey, look, girl, what you need
is a thug in your life. - Come on.
You know damn well
you like danger, girl.
- You from the projects. You from
the projects. - I could kick his ass.
Dance to the beat
and shuffle my feet
Can you dance
Can you dance to the beat, beat, beat
- Charles. - Daryl, how
are you? - I'm good. You?
- Oh, good. Real good.
- Morgan, you look beautiful.
- Thank you. So good to see you.
- Great to see you.
- Thank you. - You mind if
I steal him for just one second?
- Only for a second.
- One. - Sorry.
Oh, now, this is a party.
- C.A.?
- Hmm?
Charles, we have a problem.
Don Carlos Cola does not exist.
Shari called eight different distributors,
and no one had ever heard of it.
- Oh, I like that girl.
- Hey, this is serious.
Northeast National has a fiduciary
interest here, and you know as well as
I know, my name's on those documents.
- And I'm not going to jail.
- Slow down, Daryl.
We can't go charging in without hard evidence.
If it's there, we'll find it. We'll find it.
Look, I'm calling the S.E.C.
First thing in the morning.
We'll do it together, all right?
All right?
- All right.
- All right. Uh, there he is.
- Thomas! Thomas!
- Hey.
- May I introduce Daryl Chase?
- Oh, this is the man.
The one who has been working so hard
on building my future. Oh!
- This is my companion. Maque Sanchez.
- Ah!
A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Chase.
106 million.
Uh, some quarter you had.
- Some quarter.
- Well, why don't we all sit down?
Yes, why don't we?
I didn't realize that was so funny.
Mr. Chase, you have such
a beautiful accent.
Where did you learn
to speak Spanish?
Uh, if you could, um...
for one second.
Thomas. Tell me.
Did you reallocate additional working
capital towards a Don Carlos ad campaign?
Oh, I really like you.
I'm so glad
you are on our side.
So am I.
Tell me. When are you gonna
come visit us in Mexico?
You know, I got no plans
in the foreseeable future.
Oh, but you would have
so much fun.
Uh, Chloe! I, um... They
just invited us to Mexico, honey.
- Looks like a nigga got busted.
- Ooh, Superfly.
- And what is your name, beautiful thing?
- Oh! Maque.
I'm thinking about "macking" you too.
Get butt-naked and you're mine, girl.
I'm telling you. I'm gonna get
a piece of that right there.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm enjoying myself. And how about you?
- Hey, why don't you enjoy yourself
over there? - Ha! Yeah.
It's obvious this rude nigga here don't
wanna introduce me to you "peoples. "
- So I figure I'll introduce myself.
- One second. I'm very sorry.
I am Freddy Tiffany,
internationally known, I might add.
How you doin', baby?
Look at you, girl.
I don't care. We could knock
the cobwebs off of it, me and you, girl.
I'm telling ya.
What is up with your eye, G.?
Oh, I get it. That way you can scope
on her without pissing her off.
You know what you need
is some Visine and some Windex.
- Much money as you making, you could
afford a better eye. - Hey, what's up, Daryl?
- Everything cool?
- No, everything is not cool.
The little leprechaun pimp here, and
he is messing up our entire evening.
- Now, get rid of him.
- Who?
Look at...
I am so sorry.
- You wanna tell me what the problem is?
- Nothing, all right?
Daryl, I can't believe you were flirting with
his girlfriend or whoever the hell she is.
- Chloe, I wasn't flirting.
- Oh, give me a break, please!
Did you think she was cute?
Was that it? You thought she was cute?
- Sweep it, Martinez. Sweep
it. - We got it! - Shit. Chloe.
It's okay, Mr. Chase.
We're the good guys.
Martinez! What do you got?
- All clear!
- Baby, you okay?
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
Sorry to barge in. Timothy Jarrett McCready,
CIA. This over here is Agent Martinez.
- He's dead.
- Martinez, take care of her.
- Hey! Back off.
- What?
I'm sorry.
Mr. Chase, we need to talk.
Relax. They're with me.
- You wanna tell me what's going on?
- All secure. - You got 'em?
- Mr. Chase and Miss Kent are now in our
protection. Yeah. - Wrap it up.
We'll do.
Mr. Chase, we've been working a deep cover
operation in Mexico. It involves drug trafficking...
extortion and the murder of Governor
Eduardo Quintana in Chihuahua.
- Okay, that... What does that
have to do with us? - Yeah.
Have you ever heard
of Don Carlos Cola?
It's a dummy corporation that's a front
for the Gutierrez drug cartel.
They've been laundering money
through this corporation for years.
This morning they made
a $ 106-million deposit to your bank.
Daryl, what's going on?
Have you ever seen these two men?
No. Have you?
- No.
- That is your house guest from tonight.
I gotta assume you're going
somewhere with this.
Those two guys are on
the Gutierrez payroll.
In fact, they've been hanging around
the neighborhood for the last few days.
Wait a minute. That's the guy
that was on stage with me.
Well, now, this asshole you ought to
arrest. Anything you need, I'll testify.
Yeah, that's Freddy Tiffany.
He's an absolutely crazy man.
- Stay away from him.
- Wait a minute.
- How long have you been following me?
- Protecting you, Mr. Chase.
There are people out there who want you
dead. I'm not gonna let that happen.
But for me to help you,
you gotta trust me.
Look, I gotta get back to Mexico
for a few days and wind this thing up.
Agent Martinez is gonna stay
here and provide protection for both of
you until we get this case solved.
Meanwhile, if anything goes wrong...
Mr. Chase, you call me.
- Thank you.
- Oh, you're welcome.
Good luck.
Hey, you guys.
- Good morning, Julie. What's going on?
- Hi, Mr. Chase. Shari's been
calling you every few minutes.
- I think there's something really wrong.
- Yeah, I know. She just paged me.
- Is she okay?
- She's hysterical. She couldn't even talk.
And then these two guys
showed up looking for you.
- In my office? - Yeah. They're in
your office with Mr. Allsworth.
- Who are they?
- I have no idea.
- Oh, shit.
- Mr. Chase?
- Can I get you more coffee? No? A bagel or...
- Excuse me, please, please. Mr. Chase.
Mr. Chase?
- Step aside! Mr. Chase!
- Move!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way! Move! Move!
Come on! Move!
Shari, it's me, Daryl.
I don't wanna see you naked,
but if I have to...
Hang up and call again.
If you'd like to make a call...
Oh! Oh, shit. No.
- Well, you did it again.
- Hey, it happens.
- No! No! No! - Come on, guys. How'd the wife...
How'd the wife get in here?
- Hello? Is that you, Daryl?
- Hello? McCready, is that you?
Hell, yeah, it's me. I'm in trouble.
They think I killed two cops.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.
- Yeah, sure. Hold on. My secretary, she is dead.
Those two guys you showed me
the pictures of, they showed up
at my office this morning.
- Look, I'm in trouble.
- Excuse me.
- Woman, woman, step off, all right?
- But you're not using the phone.
I got the phone now. You happy?
Look, the shit just hit the fan here.
Get your ass up here
and get me out of this.
Okay. First you gotta
get out of New York.
What are you talking about?
Are you listening to me?
I didn't kill anybody.
I don't wanna leave New York. Stop it!
- You wanna take your
chances with NYPD? - Shit.
Look, I'm black. I'm not stupid.
Okay, get your black ass to Mexico
where I can protect you.
Meet me in the town of La Questa.
La Questa. All right.
Listen, Daryl, don't use
your credit card, don't show your ID.
If you do, they'll find you,
they'll kill you.
Just get to Mexico.
Don't look at anybody.
Don't wave at anybody.
Don't talk to anybody.
Yo, bitch, what up?
What's a uptown nigga like yourself
doin' down here with us common folk?
Figure a bitch like you
be in a limo, G-five, G-nine.
You know, that kind of shit.
You know, me and the Big Apple, baby.
It's like the 1900s.
It's over. It's over, baby.
You know, you one rude Negroid.
Didn't your mother ever tell you to talk to
people when they talk to you? Be sociable.
See, I know what your problem is. Your
father fondled you as a child, didn't he?
See, what you need
is some couch time.
Just sit down
and let it all out.
It happened to me... me and my grandfather.
I remember I was three years old.
- Hey, listen to me. I'm serious.
- It was only when he was on that moonshine.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Hey, hey, hey, baby. Hey, hey, hey. Hey,
baby. It's gonna be all right.
Come here. Daddy love you.
All right, in, baby, yeah.
Get your bitch ass back in the bag.
Nigga, nigga, nigga.
You got the NYPD "shoot a brother
41 times" after your ass.
- Would you keep your voice down?
- No wonder you're nervous.
- I need to get to Mexico.
- And people in hell need ice water.
A fat woman wanna be skinny.
A midget wanna be tall.
- You wanna be white.
- I'll take that as a yes.
- Come on, man.
- Hey, hey. Watch the clothes, man.
- If you're gonna help me, help me. But just...
- Oh, he need some help.
Well, look here. If you don't
wanna go to thepenitentiary, you might
wanna listen to your new partner.
Okay. Everybody, meet my new partner.
My new partner.
Top of the day. How's it going?
How you doin' there, sir? I'll be
over there in a couple of hours.
Don't worry about it.
We got it all under control.
Hey, hey, smile, man.
You look suspicious.
That's what I'm talkin'
about there too.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Loosen up the walk, too, man.
You know what I mean?
Put a little pep in the step.
That's right. That's right.
Take it back to the hood.
It's all good in the hood. It's
all good. How's it going there, sir?
I want you to check the numbers on the ticker
tape and I'll get back to you at 7:00. All right?
Look, bro, just act black.
That's all you gotta do.
Say, blood.
- What it is, jive turkey.
- Hey, hey, hey, bro...
All right, mama.
What's the last movie you seen, man?
Car Wash?
Man, you can kiss my ass.
Car Wash was a good movie.
Final boarding call
for the Empire Builder...
with service to Newark...
Hey, Mr. Chase!
In the blue suit!
- Mr. Chase! - Hey, hey, hey! What is your problem?
Get your hands off of me, mister!
- All right, I'm sorry. We made a mistake.
- Of course you made a mistake.
And I demand an apology
from the both of you.
What is this all about? A white man
in a suit with a black man in a suit...
African-American male, 6'1 "to 6'3",
wearing a blue suit.
- Why you puttin' your hands on me?
- Did you say blue suit?
Copy that.
You'll love it.
- How rude.
- I'm talking to you!
- Whoa! Whoa! Would you just get on the train?
- Just get on the train.
- Some kind of Feds, huh? - We
gotta go. - I know my rights!
What do you want? There's not
gonna be any Rodney Kings going on.
- Hey! Oh, I'm doing good.
- Hey, how are you, sir?
- You got your ticket?
- Yes, yes, yes. How you doin', sisters?
This is their first time on a train.
I'm trying to tell them how much fun
they're gonna have.
Oh. There's a first time
for everything.
You must not do that, young man.
Look, we're not trying
to give you a hard time, Mr. Allsworth.
But imagine how we feel when two
of our fellow officers turn up dead.
Well, why don't I ask the commissioner about it
tomorrow when he comes to my house for cocktails?
Yes, he is a friend of mine.
And so is Daryl Chase.
A very good friend.
I brought him into this firm.
He is the best and the brightest. I refuse to
believe that he has anything to do with this.
Okay, good. Now we're all very clear
on what you refuse to believe.
So why don't I tell you what we do
believe? We believe you're full of shit.
And we believe Daryl Chase is up to no good.
Now, we followed him all the way to Penn Station.
- Where do you think he was going?
- Vacation, maybe.
Vaca... Did he... Did he maybe have a
little vacation time stored up, Mr. Allsworth?
- What's your point? - My point is that
we've notified the authorities everywhere...
Mexico, Canada, Oz. Wherever he goes,
they're gonna catch him.
But just in case there's a slight possibility that
he contacts you first, do me one little favor.
Pick up the phone,
give us a call, okay?
- Good day, Mr. Allsworth.
- Goodbye, Mr. Allsworth.
- You know, I actually believed you were NYPD.
- You did a very good job too.
You know, most people who wear these
are actually missing a tooth.
- I just liked the way it looked.
- You would.
It look good on you, though, bro.
It look good.
Hi. Just the man I'm looking for. I need
two phone lines put in this room if I can.
I need an Internet access on one, fax on the other,
paper at every stop... New York Times...
He needs a fax.
He needs a fax.
I got all your money.
Look at that, girl.
Smell it.
That's right. Can buy
a whole lot of dog food with that.
Whole lot of dog...
You're a little cutie pie,
you know that?
- Those things are not included in the
price of a ticket. - All I need...
is two phone lines in this room:
One with Internet access...
- You're being rude, just like you were today
to those two nuns. - One with a fax.
- Making new friends, are we?
- Good morning, sir. How are you? Having a nice trip?
I'm having an excellent time.
Look. Whatever my friend needs here,
you put that on my tab.
You got it, sir.
Whatever you say, you got it.
What a gentleman. You gotta love him.
You were rude.
Racist asshole.
Ah, you're gettin' a taste
of your own medicine.
Now you're startin' to find out
it wasn't the brother in the suit...
but it was the suit
that was on the brother...
that got you
your so-called respect.
Nice watch, ain't it?
Yeah, uh, it's... it's real classy.
Look, uh, Freddy, I appreciate everything
you did helping me get on this train.
And I ain't gonna forget it. But when we get
to the next stop, we go our own separate ways.
- Your services are no longer required.
- Oh. Oh, well, ain't that a bitch.
It's just like you rich people. When
you get done using us downtrodden...
hood recipients...
you wanna kick us to the curb.
Throw us to the wolves
like some naked sheep.
What the hell do naked sheep got
to do with ghetto recipients, Freddy?
- What the hell are you talking about?
- I give you this much.
You know, you probably went to some kind
of accredited school, college and whatnot.
- Yeah, I went to Harvard. So what?
- Well, you know, I went to H.K. U...
Hard Knock University.
And that's what you gonna
need to get out of this.
They ain't gonna take no book smarts.
Street smarts.
- I don't need you, Freddy.
- You saying you smarter than me?
- I'm saying I'm smarter than you.
- You smarter than me?
- I'm smarter than you.
- Your neurons are firing quicker than mine are.
I got your Bulgari ring, your watch...
your Italian suit
that caresses me, oh, so well...
and a phat wad of cash...
that you said was two Gs...
ah, in what used to be
your inner pocket.
And I got all of that
in less than ten seconds, girl.
Did you hear her? Say it again, baby.
Ten seconds. But you smarter than me.
Come on. Let's burn some ants.
We're gonna burn some bugs
with these here.
What are you doing here?
Well, according to the two D cups
on your watch, it's dinnertime.
You got dinnertime money?
I'm just jokin'. I'm just jokin'.
- You know, your credit's good with me.
- Excuse me, sir.
Here's the paper you wanted.
That's for him.
- Thanks, Guido.
- It's Vito.
- Whatever. - Thank
you, sir. - Anytime now.
- Why don't you just bury your head in his ass?
- Let's see. One dinner...
- You gentlemen ready to order?
- Ah, yes, yes.
I'm going to have...
Let's see here.
The prime rib, medium rare.
And bring me some Grand Marnier
over the rocks.
That's the way we used to have it when I
was in Harvard. Chauncey made the best ones.
I'm gonna have the yard bird
burnt to a crisp.
Now, I need you to spit on that
with a little bit of hot Tabasco.
And I'm gonna wash all that down
with a 40 dog of Schlitz malt liquor.
I'm sorry, sir. I don't believe
we have Schlitz malt liquor.
No Schlitz malt liquor?
No Schlitz malt liquor?
Well, ain't that some shit. How you
gonna run a successful business...
and you ain't got
no Schlitz malt liquor?
You ain't keepin' it real.
You ain't representin'.
What you doin' up in here, boy?
Uh, uh, uh, shit.
- I'll see what I can do, sir.
- Ya do that.
Fresh-Prince-of-Bel-Air-looking mo...
He do look like
the father on the Fresh Prince.
Hey, uh, look, bro.
We ain't gettin' nowhere by fightin'.
Why don't you just talk to me?
I mean, how bad can it be?
It ain't like you murdered anybody.
Man, what kind of shit are you into?
Freddy, do you remember my assistant,
Shari? You met her at the office.
The one with that phat ass?
Yes. Well, she's dead.
I'm sorry, man. My bad.
I'm sorry to hear that.
L- I went to her apartment and, uh...
I don't know what happened, man. These two cops
wound up dead, and they think I did everything.
What's up with the CIA, bitch?
- Ah, here you go, gentlemen.
- Uh, thank you. You're a scholar and a gentleman.
Compliments to the chef.
How do you know
about the CIA, Freddy?
I, um... I can't really
talk to you about this.
Is that why we're on our way to Mexico?
I happen to know Mexico
like the back of my hand.
I am internationally known.
I done mischief everywhere.
Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil...
all them Mexican countries.
- That I believe.- Well,
since you're starting to believe me...
we been watched
for the last three states.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- I'm serious as a heart attack.
By Curly from the Globetrotters
over your right shoulder.
Don't look.
It'd call attention to yourself.
See, you need me more than you think.
'45 was a good year, sir.
Yeah. Appreciate that.
- Man, I gotta run.
- Run where?
To the bathroom. Man, that prime rib
is running through me.
Well, I hope you can hold it.
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
Oh, come on, man. Damn!
You heard me say I gotta go, man.
Excuse me, uh, sir.
- Could you help me with
this door here? - Sure.
Appreciate it.
Let's see what you got on you.
I know you ain't got no condoms.
Too ugly.
- We got your monkey ass.- Lookie here.
A ugly picture of you. You know this dude?
- Hell, no.
- Well, he seems to know you.
Shit! Who is this, Freddy?
I have no idea.
- That was a good plan, man. Thanks.
- Oh, anytime.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. He had a gun?
"Had" is the key word
in that sentence.
- Hey, Freddy.
- Yeah?
Freddy, there's a body out here.
What you want me to do?
Walk away from it before
people think you had something
to do with it. I'm using the bathroom!
- Man, you really hit me, man. - Man, if
you don't shut up, I'm gonna check your hinges.
- Shut up, man, before you get us busted.
- I done met you down here like you told me to.
- Dribble, Curly, dribble. Go to your lanes.
- You bust me in the head.
- Hey, how's it going this evening?
- Fine.
- Can I bother you for a paper?
- Go right ahead.
Let's see what we got here.
Uh, look, these papers...
never made it on the train.
Sir, I ain't got change for a hundred.
- They ain't never made it on the train.
- They're gone.
All aboard...
the night train!
No problem. I'll take care of it.
Hope you're having a nice trip, sir.
- Wonderful. Put that on my bill.
- Shit.
Well, well, well,
look who made the paper. Page three.
"Wall Street Banker Wanted
for Questioning in Multiple Homicide. "
No, no, no, keep reading.
There's a $ 100,000 reward...
for your whereabouts and/ or capture.
- Are you gonna turn me in, Freddy?
- You know, the thought had crossed my mind.
No, bro. Just relax.
- You wanna take a seat?
- No, I'm okay.
- You mind if I cop a squat?
- Not at all.
All right. Join me, man.
Go on. Take a load off.
Look, Daryl.
I believe you're innocent.
I had to be sure.
You know, I treat each case
with a certain amount of trepidation.
Uh, I'm really not Freddy Tiffany.
My real name is Fred Tiffany.
I had you fooled with
all that street shit, huh?
Mr. Chase, I'm with
the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
I'm protecting you
on the way to Mexico.
And once we get there, we're
gonna flush out the real criminals.
Man, you got everybody after you.
You got the CIA, the FBI...
NBC, UPN, you pick a nigga,
as-salaam alaikum.
- What happened to him? - Oh, he's just drunk,
man. I'm just trying to wake him up, you know.
Ya all right, baby?
Ya all right, brother?
Get your ass off this train.
- What the hell! What the hell are
you doing? - Shut up!
What are you doing? No!
- You're in trouble.
- I am?
Yeah, you are. No pets on my train.
Ah, damn! I had it!
I'm gonna whoop his Wall Street ass.
How's your mama? We went out.
What you lookin' at? You know,
you'd make a nice nine-piece.
Your ass and a couple of biscuits.
You know black people like chicken.
You see any flies around me? Huh?
I'm just playin'. I'm just playin. '
- Take care, now.
- Good luck to ya.
Thank you.
Hey, what's happening, ese?
Hotter than a Mexican whorehouse on
nickel night with a $5 rebate, I hear.
Mr. Funny Man, eh?
And how long do you plan to honor us
with your presence in Mexico?
I'm just gonna be here a couple of days.
But let me ask you somethin', now.
Where them big-booty Mexican bitches be
hangin' out? You know what I'm sayin'?
- Identification, por favor.
- Identification. No problem. No problem.
You better alert the governor
that Freddy Tiffany is in the house.
- Freddy Tiffany?
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
That's internationally known
Freddy Tiffany, fool.
We'll alert the governor that
Mr. Internationally Known has arrived.
- Internationally known.
- Just un segundito.
Handcuff his ho when a nigga
like me step up in the place.
Tell you right now.
Ain't that right, Delores?
In, bitch.
I'm gettin' tired of you.
Tell you that right now.
Put on a little music.
Arriba, arriba,
Speedy Gonzalez.
Let's go!
Oooh, shit!
You wanna live, get in the car.
You wanna die, get in the car.
I know how to duck us into Mexico.
Think! Just think, Daryl!
How is it I'm outside your apartment?
How do I know where
your office is, Daryl?
How am I at the bottom
of the escalators at Penn Station?
Huh? I'm the FBI.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
And the name is Fred Tiffany,
by the way!
Most highly decorated agent
at the whole Bureau!
But you wanna believe
a drug dealer, McCready.
If I wasn't a Christian...
Delores, sit still, bitch.
Hey. Hey, that's one
of those old-school hip-hop beats.
That's like some Run D.M.C.
That's more like Grandmaster Flash.
No, no, no. That's definitely Run D.M.C.
Man, listen to the grooves.
Come on.
What you know about hip-hop?
- You got that. You got that.
- Huh? This is "mus-ack. "
Man, it's kind of phat, though.
- I like the little mariachi horns, man.
- Yeah, that's tight. That's tight.
- What you doin'? Leave that on.
- Oh, all right.
You don't know nothin'
about that music.
- What?
- Mus-ack.
Definitely don't know nothin'
about dancing to no mus-ack.
Son, you better recognize,
all right? I got skills.
- Skills?
- Serious skills.
Oh, show me some of them skills,
Mr. Wall Street Executive.
- Is that a challenge?
- Yes, that's a challenge.
Hold this.
- Why, sure.
- I'm D.C., boy.
Well, let me check Chocolate City out.
Dark chocolate.
Free your mind,
and your ass will follow.
You might be from the projects.
- Ah, son!
- That had to hurt.
- All right.
- Here. Limp your way back over here.
- Let me show you how it's done.
- Please take the stage.
Tag, I'm it.
Let me show you how I used to do it...
before I joined the Bureau.
See, we used to take it up
like that there, nice and easy.
Then we... huh, huh, huh...
bring it around like that.
- Ohhh.
- Then we'd... huh... bring it.
Drop it like it's hot.
Tick, tick, tick, tick,
tick, tick, tick, tick...
tick, tick, tick.
Take it back to Beat Street, baby.
Look out!
Crazy legs.
You gotta hit it like this
and bring it down like this.
Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Ah, hell, no! Come back here!
- I'm gonna whoop your ass!
- Bye-bye, biatch!
I'm gonna kill him.
Let's walk, girl.
You got four legs. You walk. Shit.
Come on.
Double-time, double-time.
Just follow the stairway
To this lonely world of mine
Somebody's here. All right, bye.
- Hi.
- Hi. May I help you?
- Yeah. Just checking in.
- Okay.
- Um, reservation?
- No.
- Cash or... cash.
- Yeah.
Twenty, forty, sixty.
Look, I don't mean to be rude,
but what is that smell?
- That smell is the wave of the future.
- This shit smell?
- Emu.
- Oh, that's what those birds are.
- Those are... Those are emu.
- 98% fat-free.
All your protein and nutrients with the
savory flavor of chicken and steak combined...
all in one easily farmable bird.
Well, I tell ya, that sounds nutritious.
Good luck with that.
- Can I get a key?
- Key.
Thank you.
Take it easy.
Tiffany? Tiffany.
Damn, if I were him, I'd have shot the
son of a bitch that took that picture.
Have you bumped your head?
Hey, little darlin'.
Our ship has just come in.
- Uh, yeah?
- Hey, McCready, this is Daryl.
- Daryl Chase.- Mr. Chase,
where in the hell are you?
I'm at an emu ranch in, um...
- Shit. Where am I? "Rancito. "
- You mean, Texas?
Yes, Texas. I was trying to get
into Mexico tosee you.
I almost got killed at the border.
They thought I was Freddy Tiffany. By the
way, this guy keeps showing up everywhere.
- How the hell does he keep finding me?
- I told you to stay away from Tiffany.
I'm trying to stay away from Tiffany. I just
told you he keeps showing up everywhere I go.
Plus, he claims you're at the centre
of some drug trafficking scheme.
Of course I'm at the centre
of it. I'm with the CIA.
Right now I'm watching a bunch of drug
smugglers load up a plane full of cocaine.
They think I'm their friend.
That's what I do.
I watch the bad guys.
Stop listening to a murderer.
Listen, your murderer
thinks he's with the FBI.
- He was kicked out of the Bureau two years ago.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- He really was with the FBI?
- He's out on a 5150. A mental.
You are with a class-A psychopath.
Mr. Chase, stay put. We're coming to rescue
you and take Mr. Tiffany into custody.
- Don't move.
- I don't believe this.
Fine. Hey, McCready. McCready?
- Hello? Daryl.
- Chloe?
- Daryl, Jesus! Where the hell are you?
- I don't have time to explain that
right now. You all right?
- Miss Kent, remember what I said.
- No. I got a million cops asking me questions, Daryl.
I don't know if you're alive.
I don't know if you're dead. I don't know
what's happening to our lives.
- Okay, partner, we're in business.
- You guys wanted lunch?
- Whoa, ho, ho. We almost got this.
- I got the prefix.
Look. Does the word Pentium
mean anything to either one of you?
Will you get this away from the equipment,
please? Take it away from the equipment.
- Is Martinez still there with you?
- Yeah.
- Don't stay on the phone too long.
- Chloe, I know all this doesn't
make sense to you right now.
- But I promise you, it's all
gonna be fine. - Stay on the line.
- Stay on the line. Don't hang up.
- Daryl, I'm scared.
- You better hang up the phone.
- Quiet, quiet, quiet! Okay, I got the fourth digit.
I promise, it's all
gonna work out fine.
- Stay on the line. Stay on the line.
- You better hang up.
- Stay on the line.
- Baby, I love you.
- Five digits! - I love
you too. - Hang it up.
- Six digits. - Now.
- One more thing.
Hang up the damn phone!
You know, you like a piece of faeces
with peanuts... a pain in my ass.
- I see you brought your little
white girlfriend with you. - Shut up!
Probably been on the phone
with McCready, huh?
Probably told you I was on a 5150.
It's a 1718.
I don't even know what that is.
You know what that is? What is it?
- A button?
- No. It's a transmitter.
- What is it? What is it?
- A pager.
No. This is a tracking device.
That's how I knew where you were
every time you made a move!
Why do you think I had us change
clothes at Penn Station...
under the auspices
of being a criminal, mister?
And the dog... Oh, the dog is the centre
of this entire investigation.
Oh, yeah.
You didn't know that, did you?
- No. I was under the auspices that
it was a tracking device. - Shut up.
Get up. You coming with me. Get up!
Ooh, ooh, I'm sorry. You may want
to hold on to that tracking device.
That's all right.
I can throw a bullet at you.
Don't you go nowhere.
You wait right there.
Baby, you keep guard, all right? Hey, wait
a minute, fool! Come here! Hold on, mister!
I threw a ring down the toilet
'Cause that's
where our love went
All right. Let me guess.
Somebody tried to kill you.
T.J. McCready miraculously
shows up and shoots him.
- Yep. That's it.
- That's the oldest trick in the book, man.
At the Bureau,
we call it the double take.
If you'd have looked twice,
you'd have seen what really happened.
- So that didn't really happen?
- Nah. It's all smoke and mirrors.
See, Thomas Chela is Minty Gutierrez.
They're one in the same.
The Gutierrez drug cartel ring a bell?
He's the guy with the glass eye...
floatin' all over his shit, kind of got
that Sammy Davis thing happening, man.
Hey, wait a minute. You mean
Don Carlos Cola is a drug front?
Exactly. Governor Quintana was working
with the United States Government.
I get the drop that somebody's
tryin' to assassinate him...
get there a couple of minutes late,
get caught on camera inside his house.
Thus the dilemma I find myself in
at this particular junction.
- Man, you didn't even do this then.
- Hell, no. I didn't murder nobody, unfortunately.
Governor Quintana, he was trying to slow
the drug flow into the United States.
I mean,
how good is that for the kids?
- That's some serious shit, Freddy.
- Yeah. No shit.
- You're being framed.
- Exactly.
By the same people
that are trying to frame you.
- You FBI. You can go talk to them. They can clear me.
They can clear you.- No, no, no, no.
This is my point exactly. The FBI
has no jurisdiction in Mexico.
I'm not even supposed to be playin'
right now. This is some rogue shit.
- You lookin' at a rogue.
- Fred, I had... I had no idea.
- You a rogue.
- A rogue.
- Rogue.
- Don't patronize me, man.
I'm sorry. My bad.
You just a big rogue.
I won't p-patronize you, you big rogue.
- All right. See you later, rogue.
- Man, you might want to listen...
to some of this shit
if you want to live past tomorrow.
- You ain't goin' nowhere without me.
- With an IQ of a tree
Honey, that ain't all
You've seen the last of me
I'm sorry, man. Really. I'm-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I've been... I've been rude.
- He fits the description.
- I'm gonna call it in.
Shit on a stick!
What the hell?
Get this gun out of my ass!
You've got to admit,
that "rogue" shit was pretty... Aw, shit!
- Your dumb dog bit me!
- That's what you get.
- Damn! You got sheriff crackers out
there thinkin' that you're me. - What?
Damn it, Molly Jo!
Mike, how'd you get out of the pen?
You shit in that pool,
and you're gonna end up lunch meat.
Shit! It's the Pepsi truck!
Shit! Shit!
Mother's Cookies!
Mother's damn Cookies!
Fiji Water. Damn Fiji Water.
Freddy, when McCready gets here,
this is all over. Will you calm down?
Those are McCready's men out there.
Don't you get it?
- What are you doin'?
- Calling a strike team.
Find the right goddam pen,
have a strike team here in 30 seconds.
Coming soon: The Black Rogue.
Joe, Steven, get those trucks out
of here. Luther, come with me.
"Dear Strike Team.
It's me, Freddy.
Send help soon.
Signed, Rogue. "
- Move it out! - You ain't gonna think
everything's so damn funny in just about a minute.
Hey! Gunfire!
Come on, Tiffany!
I am not Freddy Tiffany!
I am not Freddy Tiffany!
I fall to pieces
We got a border to cross!
- I'm Freddy Tiffany! I'm Freddy Tiffany!
- Hell, yes, you are!
Get me out of here!
I fall to pieces
Oh, shit!
How can I be just your friend
- What the...
- You want me to act
- Like we've never kissed
- Let's go, bitch.
You want me to forget
Pretend we've never met
- You'd better be worth a lot of damn money;
that's all I can say.
- You mother...
And I try and I try
but I haven't yet
You walk by
and I fall to pieces
You walk by
And I fall to pieces
We made it, baby!
Hey, man, what's goin' on?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
That's my meal ticket, there!
I'm sorry about this mess, but I know
you know where them big-booty bitches...
Get off of me!
Don't tell me to shut up!
- You don't know who I am.
- Put him back in here with Daddy.
Now, listen, Mr. Funny Man.
Enjoy your visit, huh?
Okay. I'm going.
Kiss my ass, Paco!
Come in, Mr. Tiffany!
Come in!
Step into my office.
Sit down.
Have a cigar, Mr. Tiffany.
Here. Go on. Go on.
Have a cigar.
Here. Very good.
Go ahead. Go ahead. Huh?
You have no idea what it means
to meet you, Mr. Tiffany.
This is a great moment.
I take it you and Governor Quintana
weren't exactly friendly.
Oh, I loved Governor Quintana!
He was a great man
who was trying to make a difference.
Oh, that is, of course, why he
bought the farm, as you Americanos say.
But he will always be held
in the warmest place of my heart.
Let me ask you something,
What? Wh-What is that?
You all smiling at me like I'm Regis
and I got a million dollars.
- Very funny.
- What's up with that?
That is because there will
be promotions for all of us.
You know...
the men who captured you.
Well, before you boys break out the
pinatas and start drinkin' tequila...
- I'd like to make my phone call.
- Huh?
My phone call.
To T.J. McCready with the CIA.
I think he'll explain
who I really am.
A phone call?
You want to make a phone call?
He wants to make a phone call!
This is not America,
my friend.
You do not get a phone call.
Next, you will be wanting us
to call Johnnie Cochran, huh?
Wh-What is this?
- I'm not Freddy Tiffany.
- What?
I'm Daryl Chase. Looks like
Foghorn Leghorn over here screwed up.
I say... I say,
ain't that right, boy?
What is the meaning
of all of this?
Now, hold on. Just wait a second here.
Let me think.
You realize I can bring you up
on charges for trying to trick me?
- Now, wait a goddam minute.
- Huh?
- I am tellin' you, he...
- Boss, boss.
- What?
- Really?
Well, we shall see.
There is somebody here
to see you.
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
- Who?
- Your senorita.
- Wait. I know you, right?
- You know me?
You know me? Well, I should hope so
that you know me.
Look, I don't know what's with the
accent, but we met at the La Perla party.
No, we did not meet at La Perla.
We met at the other place.
- You know what I'm talking about.
- I'm Daryl Chase.
- You are not Daryl Chase! You are Federico!
- No, no. No, see, I'm Dar...
We met at the La Perla party.
- I don't know her.
- Well, you... you just said you did.
Okay. We met at a party...
I met her, but I don't, you know, know
her, you know, in the biblical, like she...
You know me!
You know me mucho times, okay?
- Mucho times.
- I don't know this girl.
- Why? Why are you doing this to her?
- Look. I don't know...
what greasy, grubby nigga she been
laying up in the bed with.
- I ain't got nothin' to do with this.
- That is not a very nice thing to say.
I'm not lyin'!
I do not know her!
I never talked
to this "macarena" girl!
I love you, Freddy!
This a bad time
to talk about that reward?
Don't worry about a thing, girl.
'Cause when we get to Mexico,
I'm a Mexican and you a chihuahua.
So you gotta learn how to habla Espanol
when we get there, you know.
Hey, girl. Look at this:
An invasion of Texas.
Hey, y'all have a good time in America!
And my name is Paco if anybody asks.
Bark in Spanish.
Well, that was good, girl. Sure you
ain't got no chihuahua in you?
I mean,
how hard can this be?
On our way to Mexico.
Oh, hell, yeah. We cruisin', baby.
Look at that. Yeah, this is good.
Oh, shh...
I see you, baby! Here I come!
Hang in there, girl. Ah.
Ah, I told you Daddy'd be here.
It's my baby. Thank you.
Thank you.
- 'Preciate it. 'Preciate it.
- No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Black man going to Mexico.
Y'all can go to Compton.
I'm going to Mexico!
Over that way! No!
Me and the dog can take all y'all. Bring it
on! Bring it on! Watch it, baby. Bite 'em!
Keep missin' with me.
All of ya. No. Look out.
- Here you go, Mr. Allsworth.
- Hmm? Thank you.
- Mm-hmm. - This is a good
thing you're doing, Chloe.
The CIA won't let anything
happen to him.
You're doin' the right thing
by helpin' us out.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I ain't gettin' out!
Yeah, drop me off right here!
Thanks for the ride, suckers!
Hello, Mr. Chase.
I trust you had a pleasant trip.
- You have no idea.
- I've come to get you out of here.
Let's go.
Thanks, man.
Daryl, wait up. I need to step over here
and take care of some paperwork...
and get your things, and then you can
tell me about everything.
The sooner I get out of here,
the better.
- What happened to your leg?
- A dog bit me.
Oh. Here you go, amigo.
Freddy Tiffany.
Let me guess.
Somebody tried to kill you.
T.J. McCready miraculously
shows up in the nick of time...
and shoots him.
And the dog? Oh, the dog is the centre
of this entire investigation.
Hey, Martinez.
Daryl, you want to step over here
and sign out?
- Where is he? Where did he go?
- Who?
Chase. He made me.
He's on the move.
- We didn't see him.
- He's on foot. He's running. Let's go.
What in the shit were y'all doin'?
Let's move it.
We gotta find him.
We gotta find him. We gotta find him.
Oh! Sorry.
Don't move!
Now, you heard me. Don't move.
- Freddy?
- Yeah, it's me.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's gonna be all right.
All right?
I'll get you through this.
- I thought you was crazy.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, look.
- We gotta get the hell out of here.
- No, no. I gotta get to New York.
McCready's dirty like you said.
Martinez left Chloe.
- I don't know if she's dead.
- Look, look, look. She's gonna be fine.
Chloe's going to be fine. Remember
my partners Norville and Gradney?
Partners? Wait, wait, wait.
The drug dealers?
They're FBI agents. They've
been down with me the whole time.
It's a covert operation.
Let's get the hell out of here before
we end up with bullets in our head.
Oh, shit!
Down, bitch!
- Do I look like I'm goddam moving?
- I'm talking to the goddam dog!
- Who is that?
- Oh, you're gonna like this.
Oh, yeah? What am I gonna
like about this?
The new guy,
bought and paid for.
Send him up, Minty.
Send him up.
I can't begin to tell you how you guys
have screwed things up for me.
You are a bunch of stupid,
incompetent jackasses...
who don't know
how to do a simple job.
And you...
If you are any indication
of the efficiency...
of the Central Intelligence Agency,
let me tell you, my friend:
Your government is in deep water.
Minty, in every operation
there are a couple of snags.
You go off like a loose cannon,
kill Governor Quintana...
get bit by his dog and have
the stupidity to leave it behind...
connecting you to the crimes
and me as well.
And you call that "snags"?
And you...
You assured me
that my money was safe...
safe from prying eyes.
Well, Minty, it was,
until you transferred $ 106 million...
into your account
in a single day.
Daryl would've had
to be dead not to catch it.
See, Minty? A snag.
Minty, I will handle your accounts
personally if things get any worse.
And exactly how much worse
are they supposed to get?
- I can handle Daryl.
- That time is all passed now.
I am going to take care
of Daryl myself, my way.
Oh, hey,
I don't like the sound of that.
- That is music to my ears.
- Gentlemen.
- Hi, baby.
- Come here.
- What happened to you?
- Stinkin' mutt bit me.
Damn thing's bitin' everybody,
Yeah. That little furball
has got sharp teeth.
Minty, I'd like
for you to meet Agent Gradney, FBI.
Let me guess, huh? You...
You want a piece of the action, hmm?
- I'm worth it.
- Yeah? Show me how you're worth it.
Well, why don't we ask Maque here.
- Isn't that right, sweet thing? - Hey.
Wh-Wh-What do you think that you're doing, huh?
She's Tiffany's partner.
Always has been.
She was a plant
from the beginning.
Now, that bite mark's the only thing
that connects you to this murder.
We make sweet thing disappear here,
along with that stinkin' mutt...
FBI doesn't have much of a case,
now, do they?
Whoa. You are better
than I thought.
Elliot was a good man...
and there wasn't too many good men
at the Bureau.
They put me on a 5150
because I give a damn.
I'm sorry
about your friend, man.
There's somebody special in there
I want to get out.
It's payback time.
- No wonder the Bureau kicked him out.
- Hey, hey, hey. Watch it. Slow!
I am Freddy Tiffany, FBI!
- Oh, look at that fool.
- Lookie here. Lookie here.
Keep your hands off me! You know
damn well you got orders not to shoot.
You know what's goin' down?
I'm going to arrest all you crackers.
- You can believe that and then some.
- Hey, Tiffany.
- What?
- I think you forgot about me.
- No, I didn't.
- Freeze! Freeze.
You, I'm just going to kill.
Martinez, drop your gun.
Drop it.
- You all right, baby?
- I'm better now.
Get your ass over there.
You, Jones!
Get your bitch ass over there!
- Daryl, handle your business.
- Here, sweetie.
Thank you, baby.
You know how I like silver guns.
T.J., where is Chloe?
Banker boy, how do you plan
on gettin' out of here?
Your life is worth less
than a Mexican food stamp right now.
I'm going to ask you again.
Where is Chloe?
Eh, Mr. Chase,
Chloe is in perfect health.
If you don't believe me, take a look
out that window. See for yourself.
- Please.
- Thomas...
if I don't like what I see,
you're all dead men.
- Daryl, this is not like you.
- I think the brother means business.
Put your hands
where I can see 'em!
- Hey, baby!
- Well, what did you expect, huh?
Your girlfriend in chains and shackled
in a deep, dark wine cellar, huh?
We are all civilized here,
Mr. Chase.
- What about Governor Quintana?
- Unfortunately...
Quintana didn't want to be part
of our happy little family.
That's why I'm sure you both
will be more cooperative than he was.
More cooperative?
C.A., you piece of shit.
You were like a father to me.
Well, you're still like a son
to me, Daryl.
That's why all of this can
be resolved very simply and cleanly.
- C.A., shut up.
- Hey, uh, Minty. I got a question.
How is it you can afford the CIA,
a banker from Wall Street...
but you can't seem
to buy a better eye...
than that marble
you got rollin' around in your skull?
- Oh, you got some balls, Tiffany.
- That's what your mama said.
Okay, Minty. Enough
of this cops-and-robbers bullshit.
- Call in the guns.
- I'm afraid I can't do that.
- I beg your pardon?
- I have always known...
that Maque Sanchez
was with the FBI.
God, Charles,
I have got well over $600 million...
in your American banks right now,
which your government has frozen.
The only chance I have of ever
recovering any of my money...
is to turn all of you over
to the Justice Department...
which Mr. Tiffany and Miss Sanchez
happen to be members of.
My God. You set me up. That's
why you made that goddam deposit.
- You started all of this.
- Ah, that's right.
And you clowns just confessed
to everything we need.
Considering the caliber
of your work...
you are all lucky to be able to walk
out of here with your lives.
Betrayal. Ain't it a bitch?
- Drop the gun, or I'll kill her. -
Put it down. - I swear I'll kill her.
- Drop the gun, Tiffany.
- Put the gun down now.
- Tiffany, you son of a bitch, I'll kill her!
- Put it down!
- Will you stop it, Freddy?
- Drop the gun. - Put it down!
- Shut up! - Put it down
now! - Goddam it, Freddy!
- Put your gun down! - I'll kill
her! - You want to go there with me?
- Relax! - I'll kill
her! - Let's go there!
- Freddy! - Me
and you! - Shut up!
- Shoot him! - Huh?
What? - Shut up!
- Freddy! - I'll roll you like a
Philly blunt and smoke your bitch ass!
They shot Minty!
Cover me, baby.
Cover me!
Clear! Come on!
- Martinez?
- What?
- You play golf, right?
- What?
I know your families used to run around
with leaf blowers cuttin' lawns.
- But you play golf, right?
- No, man.
Why don't you come out here
and show me?
Well, here's a little lesson
from Tiger.
Yeah, he's dead.
Just about out of here.
You really are from the projects.
You didn't hit a damn thing.
Now, let me show you how a shooter
never, ever misses.
Oh, no!
Oh! Oh!
He wasn't lying.
He didn't miss once.
Looks like it's the last one.
They're going to hang a sign over
your cell: "Over one billion served. "
- You never know, do you?
- Hello, Daryl.
Sorry, Daryl.
We had to get you out of New York.
It was our only way
to flush out T.J. McCready...
and connect him with Charles Allsworth
and Gutierrez.
- So they're... they're with...
- They're all with me.
Just one big, happy FBI family.
I trusted you, and you...
you used me.
We did what we had to
to save your life.
Daryl, baby, it's over,
all right? And we're safe.
- Can I hug an FBI agent?
- No. But you can hug a friend.
That'll work.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Take care of yourself.
- No doubt.
You still got a phat ass.
Freddy, I can't believe
you're from Malibu.
Malibu High. Class of'84.
- Oh, he's so cute.
- Thank you.
Then I went to Hawaii. I was on the pro
surf circuit for about three years.
Hey, hey, hey.
Your brother came in first.
Brother from Malibu.
Chloe, look at this.
- Oh, what's so funny?
- Nothin'.
- I know you're not laughin' at my man.
- Have you seen this?
Yes, I have.
I think he looks cute.
Thank you.
Okay, baby. Okay.
It's all right.
Hey, uh... uh, Daryl,
you didn't touch that, did you?
Oh, this?
Yeah, I know. It can scramble
a strike team in less than 30 seconds.
I don't want
nobody else but you
Oh, see?
See what I'm talkin' about?
I don't want
nobody else but you
Go in! Go in! Go in!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Don't care
if the bank was free
Hey, fellas! Stand down!
Shake, shake
Shake, shake your body
Shake, shake
Shake, shake your body
Compliments of Freddy Tiffany.
- Why you lie to me - You may not
know me but I know you very well
Now, let me tell you
that I caught you in a lie
Talk to me, tell me
- Where you were
- Late last night
You told me you were
with your friends
- Hanging out
- Late last night
Y- Y-You're lying
'cause you're stuttering
- Now where were you
- Late last night
Stop lying to me
'cause you're ticking me off
Said you're ticking me off
I can tell you're lying
because when you're replying
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
- When you and me - I can tell you're lying
because when you're replying
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
I can't take it
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
You lied to me
Why you lied to me
You do not know me
but I know you very well
Now let me tell you that Icaught-caught
-caught-caught caught you in a lie
You do not know me
but I know you very well
Now let me tell you that I caught
you in a caught you in a lie
Quit, quit, quit your lying
Now watch yourself
Yeah, now you're by yourself
I smell cologne
Damn, it's strong
- How'd you get it on
- On your heart, girl
You messed up your hair
Make-up's everywhere
- Ooh, yeah
- In a lie, girl
Girl, you're crying
'cause you're lying
- In my face
- In a lie, girl
Stop lying to me
I'll bust any man
'Cause you're ticking me off
Tick-Tick-Tick Ticking me off
I can tell you're lying
'cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
I can tell you're lying
'cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
I can tell you're lying
'cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
I can tell you're lying
'cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
I can tell you're lying
'cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
I can tell you're lying
'cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter
stutter, stutter
Thank you, all.
Thank y'all for comin',
and y'all drive home safe. Bye.